17 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. - * WHOLE NO. 13,388. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 187 3? QU ADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTOR! FOR ADVERTISERS* AMUSEMENTS? Fourth PACE-Pourth, fifth and sixth columns. ASTRO LO> I V ? Si xttjcntii Page? Fourth column. KIliLlAllDK ? Third Pace? Sixth column. BOARDERS WANTED? Fourth Page? V irst and second column*. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED? FOURTH Paoe-Scc ond column. BROOKLYN HOARD-Foi rtb Page? 8f con d column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Page? _ Seeond column. . BUSIN Emh OPPORTUNITIES? Thibd Page? Sixth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Ninth Pace? Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBAiX'o? Sixteenth PACE-Fourth col umn. v CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Pace? Fir?t and Mecond column* _ _ CLERKS and SALESMEN? Fifteenth Pace? Fourth column. CLOTHING ? Third Page? Filth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS ? Fiitkentb Page? Fourth. Mill and alxth columns. , , ? COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS ? First Page- Fifth and sixth columus. . COPARTNERSHIPS? ELEVENTH Pace? Filth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Fourtb Page? Second and third columns. DANCING ACADEMIES ? FoURTO Page? Fifth column. DENTISTRY? Sixteenth Pack? Fourtb column. Pry GooD.s? first Page? sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO I.ET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISH ED-Third Page? Second and third col uidiis. EUROPEAN 8TEAM8HIP8? First Page? Fifth column. EUROPE? Third Page? Sixth column. BXCH A NOli? Fourth Page? Third column. FINANCIAL? Eleventh Page? Fltth columu. POR HALE ? Second Page? Filth and sixth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third 1'agk? Third and fourth column*. FURNITURE? Third PA<)K-Sl.<Uh column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS-Sixtkentb P Act-First column. IIBLP Wanted? FEMALES? Fifteenth Page? Second and third columns. HELP WANTE D ? MALES? Fifteenth Page? Sixth col umn. HOBsks, CARRIAGES, AC.? First Pace? Second, third and fourth columns. HOTE1.S? Fourth I'ai.ic? Second column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? ThirtEfnto Pace? Sixth column. INSTRUCTION? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBO KEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Page? Third column. LECTURE SEASON? Fourth Page? Fourth column. LEGAL NOTICES? First Pace? Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES? Thirteenth Pace? Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND? First Pack? First column. MACHINERY? Second Page? Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS? Fourth Page? Fourth column. MATRIMONIAL? Sixteenth Page? Sixth column. M It DIC A 1<? sixteenth Page? Fourth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS - Twelfth Page? sixth column. WISOELLANI'.OUS? Fourth Page? Third column. MUSICAL? Fourth Page? Fourth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Page? Sixth column. NEWSPAPERS? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. PERSONAL? First Page? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? FOURTH PACE? Third COl nmn. POBT OFFICE NOTICE? Thirteenth Pace? Sixth col umn. PROPOSALS? Sixteenth Page? Fifth and sixth col umn*. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth Pack? Second column. PBOPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Page? Third, fourth and fltth col umn H. HEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Page? Fifth column. RBAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Pace? Fifth column. REWARDS? First Page? First and second columns. HALES AT AUCTION? Sixteenth Pace? First, second, third and Fourth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED ? FEMALES ? Fourteenth Page -First, second, third, fourth, tilth nnn sixth columns, and Fifteenth Page? First and second col umns. SITUATIONS WANTED ? MALES? Fifteenth Page Third and fourth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? First I'ACE-Second column. SPORTING-DOGS, BIRDS, Ac.-First PACk-SeC0nd column. BTaLIJ ON B? First Page? Second column. BTORAOE? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. SUMMER RESORTS? Fourth Page? Third column. THE TKADKS? Fifteenth Pace? Sixth column, and Sixteenth Page? First column. THE TURF--Fih.st Page? Sccond column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? TnttB Page? First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? First Page ? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOM8 AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Page? Fourth and Fltth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Fir9t Page? Fourth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? Second and third columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.? First Page? Fourth col umn. H BR AIiD Bit A M'H (IFF1UK? UPTOWS. DVBRTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD ICETVBD AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,M5 BROADWAY. WEST BIDE, BETWEBN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARB RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CBARGE OF ANT KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK ^ HER ALD. _ jyjESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER^ UAVB BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AOENT8 FOB THE NBW YORK HERALD. THEV WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. Annie o.-send address to -jim smith," box 142 Herald I'ptown B/anch office. Disappeared- from heiT home, Saturday morning, April f, suffering, it is feared, tinder te.m porary aberration of iniml, Mr?. K. Beard slev ; !>hc in ot' fair, clear complexion, grnv eyes, mixed gray h?ir, quite thin, height about 8 leet 2 inches, slicrhtlv built; age be tween 4 1 and SO; <iuict mannered and low Voiced : dressed lit blaok. Any Information rcgardins her will tie thank fully received an<l liberally rewarded hv her affiictcd friends, at 21tiSou'.h Fourth street, Brooklyn, E. I). EMMA? JUST RETURNED. MEET ME TO-DAY (Thursday) at name restaurant, an lie fore, nt 11 o'clock. il. o. i; EV EKE. 11>OK PETER OWENS AND MARY OWENS OR MARY 1 Dftlierty.? When Inst heard from *erc in Roekrlght, Delaware conntv. I w?i In Mullcugnr, county West meatli. Ireland. If they rbould fee this please writ? to ANN DOUEKTY. your lister, care of Mr. Mclver, 33 Mon roe street. New York. JPOB ADOPTION.? TO A FAMILY OF UNDOUBTED * respectability only, a beautiful, well developed and [>althy innle child, two weeks ol.l, of American parent age. Addreti RELIANCE, bos 129 Herald office. 3' ? SIT BOMB ON FRIDAY, APRIL 11? A BOY 13 J years olil, named Anson Steel; dark pasts, gray jacket. Innpeli tared with black silk ; gray cloth nat; lart'o ha?el eyes, brown hair. Any information concern ing him will he liberally rewarded by his parents, 1,235 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. ~ I2ZIE AND M.? t'OMK HOME FOR GOD'S KAKEi J before it is too late, l ather will not be harsh. SISTERS. I MR. H. S. HECK, FORMERLY ACTING MASTEIt ON I.' nited Mates sloop-of- war Portsmouth, or anyone knowing of htm, will co'ifer n treat tavor bv sending bis address to Mr. GEORGE TAYLOR, 710 E street, Washing ton, D. C. Mr." th omas j ames~s loan, engineer, is re spectlully asked to communicate with A. D., Herald office. Mary d.-i will meet tou Friday afternoon, 2 o'clock, Desbrossc* street leriy house, New York side (suro). JOHN <;osgROVK. QTMS-OOMS TO IS AT 2 O'CLOCK; IF STORMY, THE kj nextdnv. 11. The woman wbq did mb. hall'b washing, 24 Fulton street, Brooklyn, mav rail at No. 2 Cort landt street, New York, lor her pay tlii* week. WILL TOR CHARlllNO BLONDE IN BLACK, WHO recognised gentleman with white ovescont In Krlo depot, Jersey City. Tuesday afternoon, S and w ho took different train, write to ARDKNI' ADMIRER, box 123 Herald office! 5TH AVENIJK STAGE.? THE YOUNG LADY IN black, Accompanied by another ludr and gentleman, who got oiit ol Filth avenue siage at Forty-second street, ?boui K. M., yesterday, will confer a favor on gentle man next to iier by sending heruddress to ALiiEKK, Her ald Uptown Branch office. LOST AM) HUM). Lost ? on west btrekt car, between cort landt s'reet and Howling ?ir. en, on Tuesday alter, noon, a Russia Leather 1'urse, containing small key, Ac TIw tinder will receive $10 by returning it to HENDER SON BROTHERS, No. 7 Howling tireen. IOfT? OH I1FTB OR MADIhON AVENUE, BETWEEN J Forty -sixth and Filly -second streets, two Key*. The finder will lie suitably rewarded by taking the in to 43 East Filty-sccond street. LOST -ON MONDAY AFTERNOON, BETWEEN TWBN ty ninth and Eighteenth streets, a black leather Pocketbook. A liberal reward will be paid by returning it to 1U East Twenty-ninth street. OST? ON TUESDAY, APRIL 1& A MOSAIC BAB Tin*, set In goid. The fluder will be liberally re warded bv returning the wmc to 248 West Twenty-first street. Valued as a girt. * J~ OST? ON MONDAY, APRIL 7, A LADY'S GOLD AND J Enamelled Watch. It returned to No. 7 West Twen ty-eighth street^ n reward <^i S-} wjll Ije flv^n. T Mr-APBIL ML A G< ?LD BRACELET, MARKED ON ?Li inside, h Ellen L. Carter." The finder wilt be liber ally rewarded by leaving it at 124 East Twenty fourth st. I bsT?Bi'.rw e en rirrr-THiRD and forty-fi rfB A streets and Seventh and Eighth ovenut ?. a round ti Id HreaMpin, with gold fringe attached. A libera, rr v?ard will be paid upo-i its return to 318 West fifty-first street. ..... RBWAROl. A C REWARD.-LOST OB STOLEN FROM 119 FIFTH * "wdlum sized Scotch Timor Dog. An swers to name ol ( rib; brass and leather collar. kin .mbward.-lobt, in Vicinity or twenty S?1 .iJU! f "J. IlowUnd, Ho?ton,n to No 1 OrameTcy PMk! b? paW upon 1,8 '?turne<1 tT() PP-r.Ujtjj> ON THE lflTH INST., BB tweent hriatonher street terry and Washington MMre, a yellow Valise containing wearing apparel. fthovfi fCWAftl ^ ill be paid oh itc return to No i Norm Wellington equartf H 0 1 REWARD*. (ft! /? REWARD ? ON RETURNING TO NO. 3 RUTIIER. ?plu ford place, large black Newfoundland Dog named Beau. White points. DETECTIVE*.? FRINK A ACKERMAN, 39 NASSAU rtrcct, turnlsh reliable and experienced operatives tor all laxitlmate business on most reasonable terms; communications by mall or otherwise strictly confiden tial ; coreitpondcnts In United states, Canada* and Europe. A, d, however slightly, are enti apply to Dr. E. B. JACKSON, Navy, No. 4 New Chambers st. SPRCIAL. NOTICES, A -SPECIAL NOTICE. ? Having been abroad from the cltv, in consequence ot the dishonesty of my elerk, I would "inform the public that most ot the loan collateral* have been recovered, and that in any ca*e I hold myself responsible and will settlo all loans to thejiertcct satisfaction of in v custom ers. JAMKR P. MATTHEWS. Loan Oftcc. 697 Uroadway, corner Fourth street. ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICB. BROOKLYN, corner of Kulton avenue and Hoerum street Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday Ironi 3 to 9 P. M. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND cd, ruptured oi injured, tied to pension. Address or a late surgeon United states Navy ADAUIEH (PRICES RBDUCBD), 80 LB AOENT OF . Rovai Havana Lottery, 685 Broadway: box 4,009 Post office , New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. AT A MEETING OF THE NINTH CLASS ASSOCtA tioa of old Public School No. 14, held April 12, 1873, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted Whereas this association, havlnn learned of the death by the recent disaster to the ill-lated steamer Atlantic of our esteemed President. John H. Price; and whereas this sad intcllisence renders it necessary to pay a proper tribute of respect to the memory ot one respected by all; therefore, Revolved, That the sudden and unexpected death of our old classmate, who has been with us many years In social enjoyment commemorative of boyhood's days, lias lett a void which cannot be filled, and regrets that will tinge our pleasures witti sorrow. Resolved, That we will hold in lasting remembrance the many good qualities that endeared him to us all. Oitted,as he whj, with intellectual abilities far above the average, we shall proudly point to the institution wherein was laid tlifc foundation of his knowledge. Resolved, 1 hat, while wo how with humility and sub mission to the will of the Almighty, and recngnizc in this act an illustration of His warningi "Be ye also ready." we vet deplore the visitation which deprived a devoted mother and sifters of the light of their household and this association of an honored President, with whom the friendships formed In youth were strongly ce mented by the reunions of our manhood. In the last and eternal reunion above m.iy we meet again. Resolved, That we tender to his family our heartfelt sympathies, and, while we cannot pretend to realize the depth or extent ot their anguUh wo yet earnestly hope the anticipation of n meeting hereafter will soften and illumine their dark hours ot sorrow. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased, and that the same be pub lished ana also entered on the minntes of the associa tion. F. C. WAGNER, Vicc President. William Hus, Secretary. A? FURNITURE. FAMILIES MOVED IN CITY OR ? country; furnitnre, pianofortes boxed and shipped; storage for furniture, Ac. O. A K. BURNHAM, 116 West Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. A? HAVANA LOTTERY DRAWINGS ON FILF.? ? April 22 the extraordinary Havana. JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 190 Broadway, room 4. A? HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED AND ? information itirnishcd. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, room 31, first floor. DEPARTMENT OF TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS, 32 Cuamrkhs Stbekt, Nkw YoRK.Jan.fi, 1873. Notico Is hereby given that the Assessment Rolls of the Real and Personal Estate of the city and county of New York for the vear 1873 will bo open for inspection and re vision on and after Monday, January 13, 1873, and will remain open until the 30tli day of April, 1873, Inclusive, for the correction of errors and the equalization of the assessments of the aforesaid real and personal estate. All persons believing themselves aggrieved must make application to the Commissioners during the period shove mentioned in order to obtain the relief provided by law. By order ot the Board. B. F. BABCOCK, Secretary. I EUREKA STEAM MACHINE CARVING COMPANY, It 60, 62, 64 and 60 Cannon street. Rosewood, walnut, oak and aih Ornaments, Busts of all prominent men, Ac. Figure carving a specialty. IE AVI NO NEW YORK FOR EUROPE WE BID OUR J friends, acquaintances uiid customers eur sincere farewell and acknowledge thanks for their united patron age. THEODORE JANICKI, BEWbRlNA JANICKI. MEARES' EARKS' PARAGON SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to fit. Sent by express. 0. O. D., to any purt of the country, at the following price* 6 Shirts, Maconviile mil-din and fine linen fl'J 00 6 Shirts, Wamrutta muslin and verv fine linen 13 SO 6 Shirts, New York Mills and best linen 16 00 Boys' shirts ready ninde and to order. Fancy shirtings in great variety. Directions for measurement sent on application. RICHARD MEARES, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Sixth ayenuc and Nineteenth street, New York, OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. BXJITUeBV- EX1KA (UFI Sft 27V? ArRIL 16. 1873. 71, M, 19, 37. 36, 14, 66, 26, 10, 43. 31. ?4. 15. BrKTCCB*? CLASS KO. 2?0? ATBfL 16, 1873. e, 33, 7. a*. 6-1, X, 10, 66, 44. 38. 4H. 62, 74. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Co'vlngfnn. Ky. riHIT COLLICK? XXTBA CL4SSX0. 17'.*? 1PKIL 16, 1873. 76, 44, ?0, 66, *25. 68, 27, 41. 31. 80, 53, 21, 12, 54. fSIIITlfliror- flAtSXC. 1HII? ATRIL lfi, 1873. 34, 23, 17, 47, 19, 68. 1, 2fi, 9. 20, 46, 65, 22. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington. Ky J. CLUTE, Broker, IMi Broadway. Post office box 4,9,i9. PEAT MACHINERY ON EXHIBITION AT LUXTON'8 office, corner Palisade avenue and Congress (late Warren) street, Jersey City Heights, New Jersey. Royal Havana lottery.? the nextextraor dlnnry Drawing will take place on the '.'2d of April. 1873. J. B. MA 111 INEZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street. Post office box 4, <>85, New York. Royal Havana lottery. -the extraordi nary drawing will take place the 22<1 inst. Dealers supplied. Prices reduced considerably. S. SKRfA, 73 Wall street. R oyal Havana lottery.? extraordinary Drawing, April 22. R. ORTEGA. No 9 Wall street. Box 1,816 Post office. Sufferers from a certain secrkt practice skiliully treated ; treatment free to those who are poor. Call on or write to K. C. SHELDON, 107 West Fifteenth sticet. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.? NOTICE 18 HEREBY given that the undernoted certificates of Erie Rail way common itoek, viz:? Gi.153? To L. I*. Morion, Bemns A Co., 10 >liareii, of $100 cach, 1-I7.338? To Jonathan D. Copcman, 10 shares, ol $100 each, 1(17,339? To Jonathan D. Copcman, 10 share*, of $100 each, have been lout or de*troycd, and that the undersigned will apply in due course to the Krie Railway >'oni| unv lor new certificates in lien thereof. All person* arc cau tioned against negotiating the Mtld certificate*, a* their traiinlcr lias jeen .stopped. WILLIAM HI TLER DUNCAN, No*. 9 and II Saw street. WANTED? RESPECTABLE HOUSES, FOR TIIE >alo of Bicarbonate of o-la and superior Tabic Suit. Addrc**, post-paid, U. I'., General Advertising ottlcc ol' Nl.JGll * von oil. MAR, Rotterdam. &')D ROYAL SAXON GOVI'RNM 1'NT I.OTTEUV, AT O JU'ip?ic, Germany. No. 4.\72P, ?old through this office. drew, according to cable dcsi.at) h received, on the t)r*t day ot drawinj. fifth class, April 15, &0CU I'ru-n an Thaler*. The drawing will continue to May 3. Koa al Havana Lotlerr, Extra Drawing, April 21 First Prize $nn0,?!0 Hccond Prize JOO.OtW Third I'ri?o MUX*) Two Prizes, each ot 211,000 Four Prize*. each of P'.MW Twelve Prizes, each of 6,000 and other*. Total, lfi.000 Ticket* and 2,007 I'rize*. City of Hamburg and Brunswick Government Lotlerici. Prlzcii cashed und Information given. TiihuDoii zschoch, Post office bo* fi.iKW. 11# Nassau street, New York. $KQO n?(, M DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEO W i)nJ.uOJ Izcd Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky Circulars tree. Wyt cent* commission al lowed. Add res* HALEY A CO. (office established .'JO years), 174 Broadway. SPOIl '1 INC? DOGS. UIHDB, ?fcC. A -roll MLB. ALL KINDS OK KANCY DOGS, . Birds, Ac.; Medicine* 'or nil diseases, Prepared I ood icr mocking bird*, at B. ti. DOVKY'H. No. SGrcenc *lrect, near t anal. FOR SALE CHEAP-A SUPERIOR AND VERY large Watch I >oif . weighing I*) pounds- cross af bloodhound and uinstitl ; could wnr* tr. ad mill. ?v. WALK i. H, 2H l'rince street. PIOKON SHOOTING TO-DAY.? BALLS DRIVING Park. Cotiev Island road ; last day ot the tournnmeut; Paine, Tinker, Bogardu*. John-oil and two v. >11 known amateur*: (English ruh ?, 40 birda each, 27** vard* rise, 5 traps; $lD0en:ry; shooting promptly at 1 P. M. ; pletiiy ot birds. J THE Tl'tt P. POOL* SOLD AT JOHN-ON'S RF.8TAURANT, J,l?7 I Broadway, corner Twenty-eighth street, on K,-;o lute (I'hliadi rph:*i game, at Philadelphia, and Washing" ton and Baltimore's, at Baltimore to-day, at 'it- o'clock; each lilting recclrc.i by telegraph, T. B. JOHNSON, TO LET? FLEETWOOD PARK CLlH HtiOSS. AP ply at the park or ll'i Wall ?|reet. W. H, VANCOTT, Superintendent STAM.IO**. ~~ IJDWARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OK JOE ELLIOTT, a who trailed last Summer on Mystic I'ark in 2:13J< (the fastest mil" ever trotted, either ill public or private), also of Commodore Vanderlillt's Mountain Hoy. who trotted la 2sM&, and ol Jndge rnllertcn, who h:i* trotted in 2 fix. Will make the season at tho larin of William Keete.n, Mar Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For lurther particulars see the "ftirf, Field and'l'nrin." IIIIRNKS CAHHIACIE9, AC. A" LOT OF lloRRFH, FRESH FROM THE COUNTRY, ?old or exchanged foroorses ot less value; suitable (or ail kinds of business. Inquire at Ml Canul street. A ?FOR SALE, ONE VERY FINE COUPE HORSh, ? . vears old, warranto! sound and kind; al*o one trnck or draught Home, soVIHl, and a good worker : to t'C B:d oniy on account of Ucuth In the family. call at ol utb i jith areuue. HORUH, ('ARRIAttK^, AC. ^ At private sale-at ahcb. Johnson's NEW HOUSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 19, 21, 23 AND 2fl BABT THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIKTU AVENUE. iEAM (Bi?OWN AND BAY) EXCELLENT CARRIAGE norses, 7 and 8 years <>i?J, lfl hands high, and very stylish, kind and true, and warranted Hound. ELEGANT SORREL COUPE OK HADDLE HORSE, sired by imported Tr unlet', out ol a Glen Cove mure '.rained by Clement llill, Esq., of Upper Marlborough, Mil. ; 18 hands, Ayearg; kind and true ; very stvll-li ; nne galted, aud warranted sound ; an excellent roadster. COLPK HARNESS, NEARLY NEW. WESTCHESTER ROCKAWAY, IN PERFECT ORDER. TEAM OK BAY CARRIAGE HORSES, 7 A N D 8 YEARS old. 16 hands full; kind and true and warranted sound ; sold on account of owner going to Europe DOCTOR'S CARRIAC1K, NEARLY NEW. ROAD WAUON, BY STIVERS. TOP ROAD WAGON, BY MINER A STEVENS. CLOSE COACH BROWN MARE, 14),' HANDS HIGH, tj YEARS; ETND and true and warranted sound ; very stylish and can trot In 3 minutes sure. SHORT TAIL BLACK PONY, 14^ HANDS, A YEARS; kind and true; warranted sound; can trot Inside of 3 mlnu'es; an excellent saddle horse. SEVERAL GOOD WORK HORSES. PONY PHAETONS, TOP AND NO TOP; PONY PHAK tons, basket aud panel; 20 top Buggies, Express and Denot Wagons. Prices 2o per cent lower than at any other place In the Cltv. Call and examine. ARCH. JOHNSTON. AUCTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON (Lute Johnston A Van Taasell), OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 87 Nassau street, opposite the Post oftlcc. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE nOUBE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. 19, 21, 2! and 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the samo strict and honorable principles which liare always char acterized the dealing ot our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the public at large. REIll'LAR HALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries for sales may be made as nsual either at our down town house. 37 Nassau street, or at the Mart, 19, 21, 23 and 2fi East Thirteenth street LIBERAL ADVANCHS, AS USl'AL, MADE ON CON SI'iN.M i'.NTS. At auction. By WILLIAM VAN TASSELI.. AUCTIONEER. Horse and Carriage Auction Mart, lit), 112, 114 East Thir teenth street, near Fourth avonue. IMPORTANT SALE OF ENTIRE CONTENTS OP LIVERY STABLE AND CAIUUAOE FACTORY. WILLIAM VAN TASHELL WILL HELL THIS DAY (THURSDAY). APRIL 17, at lOUo clock, at 182 and 184 SUFFOLK STREET, TEN HORSES, ALL FREE DRIVERS AND GOOD workers. TWO GLASS QUARTER COACHES. TWO BAROUCHES and DOCTOR'S WAGON. EIGHTEEN TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS, NEW AND ?ccond liaii'l, some with Pole and Shalts. FINE DEPOT WAGONS. Twenty sets double aud single Harness. A TTENTION IS CALLED TO BALE THIS DAY OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION, BY WILLIAM VAN TASSELI* AUCIIONEER, AT 182 AND 184 SUFFOLK STREET, NEAR HOUSTON. A? MAJOR CHAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. IMMENSE CLOSING OUT SALE, on accountof the widening of Broadway, OF THE ENTIRE STOCK OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, AC., contained at BARKER A CHASE'S CITY A UCTION MAllTANDNEW YORK TATTERSALLS, corner of Hroadwuv and Tldrty ninth street, ON SATURDAY AND MONDAY, April 19 and 21, at 12 o'cloek. The stock comprises thirty head ol high bred trotters, roadsters, family und business Horses, just arrived Iroin Monroe county. Sixty Carnages, comprising Top and no top Wuttons, Park and Pony Phaetons; Depot, Express and Business Wagons, double and single Harness, Blankets, Robes, Whins, Halters. Ac. In fact, every tiling in Uie liorse line. Salcot Carriages, Harness, Ac., on Saturday. Sale ot Horses on Monday. Stock now on exhibition. Sale positive and without reserve. ^ J ^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction the various improve ments introduced by us during the past 1ft years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United states. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street tactory, ami are offered In slock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at priccs Uniterm to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a joint stock company ot carriage dealers who have adopted n firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation wc have made for the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms arc at the corner of Kllth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ? ol Mrootne street. A. ?OLD H0U8E OF BREWSTER. Established 1838. We offer a complete assortmcut of flrst class Carriage* at oar wnrerocuis. Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh street Wc beg to remind the public that our experience of over thirty-four years enables us to produce work which has no superior. and that we sell no carriages, directly or indirectly, but those made at our Twenty-tilth street factory. J. B. BREWSTER A CO., ot Twenty-filth street. At auction to morrow (Friday) april is, AT 12 O'CLOCK, BY WILI.IAM VAN TA8BKLL, AUCTIONEER, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASHELL), nt tlir old stand, lid, 112 and 114 East Tlilrtccntti street, licnr fourth avenue, ENTIRE FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT OF FAMILY going to Europe. VERY SUPERIOR TEAM BAY KENTUCKY CAR ringe Horses. if>!i hands, 6 nrol 7 years: kind nnd true in nil Harness; tree Trom vice ; very stylish and handsome; one can trot in .1 minutes ?>r better, or together 111 minutes; ure nfrnld of nothing | Ave in every respect a first elav* family or gentleman ? roail team ; and arc war ranted sound. Also LANDAUI.ET, FULL CLARENCE PRONT, LINED with brown satin and leather, cold trimming; tor lour persons i used anly short time; cost $l,AftO; made by Demurest ft Co. ; alio gold mounted Double Ilarr*? ', made by t ampbell. Also VICTORIA, VERY LIGHT, LINED WITH BROWN cloth, gold trimming, with polo and nlinttn ; used onh short time; niailc by Wood Brothers. Now on exhibition at Auction Mart. A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR SU.E-VKRY stylish chestnut llorse, 16 hands; sound and kind; an elegant Landaulet, used only lonr months; T Cart, made 1 v Turrell A Son, London: I ret of double and I coupe Harness, made by of London; also landaulet Humes*, city make : Blankets, Robes, Whips, Ac. Tno ownercan lie wen at stahtes, 1M !?: a f t F 'iffy -seventh street, near Lexington avi n:.e, irom 8 to 10 A. M. and 4 to 7 P. M. T PRIVATE PALE ? VERY STYLISH, WELL matched tair of Mcmbrino Marcs, 7 and 1 years; lfl.3 hands high; fine steppers and kind In harness. Can be seen at 18 West Thirteenth street. A \? FAMILY CARRIAOKS.?IMMI5N.SE STOCK OF . every style Park and Pony Phaetons. Depot, Ex press and Bnstnors Wagons, Harness nnd Whips, cheapest pluee in elty, at mi wn Broadway, near Canal street AROCKAWAY WAOON, IN OOOD CONDITION, lor sale cheap. 1H Morion street, in stable. A BUSINESS wagon, Ml; DO.. $100: TOP WAOOIf, new. $l">0: do.. $176: Pony Phaeton, with top. $l?i: do.. $i00, $230; Rockaways, Irom $100 to $ 1 .K) : open Ponies, $100 to $1114; Harness of all grades, nt I,4:t0 Broadway. JAMES JENKINS. \iAkue assortment of pony phaetons', top and no top, at prices to suit the times', two top side bar seeond hand Wagons, hung low; Sulkies and Ske'eton Wagons, Depot Wagons, Rockaways, extension top I'lmetons, Victorias, six-seat Roekaways, 10 Express Wagons, Harness, Blankets, Ac. WM. 11. GRAY, 20 and 22 Weo?tcr street. AN ELEGANT EIGHT SPRING LANDAU, MADE BY Wood Bros., for sale: been very little used. Can be wen at private stai.lo llfi West Fiftieth street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF COUPES HELLING AT great sacrifice, to close out; Landaulet*. Landaus, reasonable' Carriages; several sriond hard CiuTiagcs taken in exchange. H AM, 10 Enst Fourth street. A FAMILY WISH TO DISPOSE OF T.IE1R ENTIRE Tar Bout, consisting ot a fine iair ol imv Burses (black points', a Landau, Summer Pbaeton, two sets of double Harness, one single ?et, Blankets. Han be seen at private stable 152 East Twenty-second street, botwecn 10 A.M. and 2 I'. M. A llRIVED? J. PRANK CAMPBBLL, WITH 70 nKAD VY of driving and work llortcs; selling of! elicsp to Close Otlt. at NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH ST. WANTED? TEAM, CARRIAGE, AC., COMPLETE, ? worth liom $1, ADO to $\000, in exchange lor city real estate Address, with lull particulars, HEAL Kh TA1 B, box IS) Herald office. A? FOR SALE, A LIGHT BUGGY WAGON. WITH ? lop; also llor-c and Harness; must be sold Imme diately, as the owner is deceased. Apply at 2in Canal street, bedding store. AT NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. Ltuht Carrleges and Harness. No Bfdflawny jxi;^nsesi no Hw adwqr profits. Work warranter! a* rep resettled. AKCII. JOHNSTON. A -FOR SALE? PROM THE COUNTRY, A TEAM OF ? driving Horses. 15 hands hinh, kind and gentle fur lad v to rldo or drive, kind In single or double Darness. tl nnl 7 veins old and warranted sound and to trot l'i three minutes; also a teamot large work or truck Horses, weight 2,000 pounds, warranted sound, kind and true In dovblo or slnglo harness; three days' trial allowed. Ap ply it III Bowery, corner of Third street. A pair of well Matched horses, about mu, 7 years; warranted si nnd and kind in all harness and under saddle; will be sold low, together or singly, by a gentleman leaving the city. Also, one of I g'.vrcnee s patent-wheel Ku.gv, with i>ol? and siwifts and double harness, t an be seen at ANDERSON'S stables, 112 West FHtlvih street A STYLISH, RANGY .AND VERY FAST DARK trray Kentucky Gelding, Hi hands and 7 years old: ean ln aU3 minutes: is a resolute and slashing galled horse and will trot fast with training ; must be sold, as owner leaves tor Europe next week; lowest prlee $?*),. worth three tlmss that Also light lop hall spring Wagon, bv Duliols, and light four wheel Dog Cart, pole and snaits , singly or together Inquiit vi JOHN, at private stable 01 East TMrti third sUctV Hoaist, UARaiAGEI, ?C. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD W AO ON 8, EX press. Grocery and light Bushier Wagon*; alao a I second ha ml top Buggy. SH West Twenty-seventh street, between ivlghth and Ninth avenues. A? WOOD GIBSON COACH HARNESS, BIT ? Utile used, in bUiKrb condition, for sale low, by A. S. KLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and i? k ?? st Eighteenth street. A CITY BUILT ROAD WAGON AND DOG CAKT, very cheap; no use tor ttn'in: must sell immediately. Seen at stable, 106 We*t Fortieth streot. A KINK BAY HORSB. IV, HANDS, 7 YEARS; prompt driver; excellent disposition; just from owner's farm; a bargain; warranted sound and bind. Mineral water depot, Htl Amltr street Brewster <of broome street) second hand Wagons.? Top and no top Wagon* of the above cele brated make, In prime condition, tor sale bv A. S. KLANDRAU, Nos, 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street. /"1ARRIAGEP, HARNESS AND HORSES-SIDEBAR \ ' top Wagon*. Road Wagons, Pony Phaetons, one light Coach, by Brewster ; ten t?i> and no top Depot Wagons, two six-seat Phaetons, tiiree top and three no top Express Wagons, *luglc and double Harness of all kinds, one ele gant Side Paddle. N. Y. HAI.KS AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY- FIFTH ST. (1ARRIAOB8? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED', QBBAT BAR. ) gains; fan lanes, new aad second huad, of every de scription, at low prices; now is the time to purchase, be fore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS* UNION, 638 Broadway. (CARRIAGES I CARRIAGES I J An elegant assortment of seasonable Carriages, superior in style and workmanship, for sale nt reason able prices, by A. S. FLANDItAU, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street. LiOR SALE? TWO GLASS FRONT COACHES, ONE P Doctor's Phaeton, one six-seat Rockaway, top Bug gies, one Clarence ; all In good order. II. lil'RIt, M8 Mereer street I jlOll SALE? A VERY RANGY, STYLISH BROWN 1 coupe or coaelt Horse: IB. I hands high: also a Mack six-year old pole llorse, lft.3, sired by I'nnce Bashaw out ol a Star mare ; promises great speed. Can he seen from ? to 11 at 131 West Seventeenth street. Ask tor JAMES CRAIG. FOR SALE-A LANDAU, NEARLY NEW; ALSO SET of double Harness. can be seen at stable No. 5 East Twentieth sin et IjlOR SaLK? A GENTLEMAN'S ROAD TURNOUT, consisting of clipped Mure, 7 years old ; trots in 2 :S0 : a Waterman Road Wagon, covered mounted Harness, Blankets, Ac. At SIMMONS' stableiQBand 80 Hank st, I?OR BALE? A HORSE, DUBOIS ROAD WAGON AND Harness In good order. Fur further particulars in quire at office ot MITCHELL k NEWBOLD, <9 Exchange place, New York. IjlOR SAL.E? A PAIR OK MATCHED DARK BAY CAR 1 rlage Horses, lSjj high, 8 years old ; Ion.' manes and tails; very stylish; owner huvinsr no further use for them will sell at a bargain. Applr at stable 118 Bedford ave nue, corner Rodney street, Brooklyn, K. !>. FOB SALE? SUPERIOR ROAD or FAMILY HORSE, 16.1J hands high, highly brcu. stylish action, great endurance, can go in 2 :?), safe for a ladv, warranted sound and kind ; also Wagon, Carryall, Harness, Ac., at a great bargain, at BUDD'S, corner Oruiond place anil Put nam avenue, Brooklyn. IilOB SALE? A STYLISH BAY HOUSE, 15 HANDS, 6 years old, warrented sound and kind, can be driven by a la4y or anybody, suitable lor a doctor, express or milkman. Inquire at OM But Eleventh street. For sale cheap? a half top four-seat Phaeton, in good order, made by Brewsler A Co., of Broome street; price $ AO; also a light double and single Harness, made by l.owdcn. Apply at private stable 30 East Fortieth street. For sale cheap ? a good horse, suitable for most any purpose. Inquire at 133 e ast Twenty sixth street. For WANT OF USE? ONE FINE HAM BLETON I A N Horse, 16 hands high ; also two private Carriages, in fine condition. Apply to AUSTIN C. DUSENBERKE, 202 Broadway , room i. For sale-a mare, lex hands, sound and kind ; no tault, bin has been with foal : I hall' value ; one ehiink, little 'ore forward, |W. 77 New Chamber* st. Foil SALE? A STYLISH SPAN OF BLACK HORSES 7 aiul 8 years old tills Spring, Hi*,' hands: ktinl and true In all ways: owner about to travel, ami will sell on reasonable terms. Address box 1,608 Port otliee. I pOR SALE? THREE POUT BUILT HORSES, 6 TO 9 1 year*, Irom lf>l? to 17 bands: tit for any business; 1 price SI25. $liH) and 5103. Also one gray Horse, $">&. All sold tor want of work. 1S6 Perry street, rear. TjlOR SALE? A FINE PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES ?* and double Harness; also u Park Ph-ieton In llrst rate order; cither ofthe above may be sold separately. Apply at private stable, 241 East Twentieth *tr?t, N. V. IIOR SALE-A SPLENDID TOP WAGON, POLE AND 1 shafts; also a team or Bay Horses, perfectly sound and will be sold cheap, as the owner has uo further use for them. At 128 and IS) West 1 hirty -first street. IfOR SALE-A FINE PAIR OF YOUNG MARES; 1 stand 16)4; very stylish, no vice* ana good road sters. Apply at No. 5 East Thirtieth street. ' L'OH SALK- A VI RV BBACTIFUL CRAY IIOKSK, I perfectly sound, kind and gentle, stylish driver, suit able tor coupe or doctor's carriage. Apply immediately at private stable, 241 East Twentieth street. 1MB SALE-A THOROUGHBRED SADDLE MARE, JT got by I<cxington. dam Blue Bonnet, (he proneriy of a gentleman Just going to Europe. No. 9 East Tenth st. IK>B ALE-' TOOfeTBBB OB HEPARATB, A SPAN OF gray Horses, six years old; sound and kind; tit lor carriage or light truck. West Forty eighth street Harness? haddlerv.-thk largest variety of Hoi go Furnishing Goods ot all descriptions ofany house in Nt w York. C. M. MOSI'.MAN A BRO., .Manufacturers; warehouse, lit chambers street. Harness.? i have a large stock of HAR iivss, all kinds and styles, ol my own make, which I offer at extremely low price*; also Riding Saddle* and ltrldles. Whips, Spurs. Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes end everything in the horse line clx ap for cash. E. BAR l LETT, ? " 62 Warren street, cornel College place. H .RNES-t.? THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORR IN New York : good double truck Harness, $30- good single buggy Harness, hand made, tl7: a good stable Blanket, $2 nO ; Ihe largest assortment ol Cart Harness In the city. Cheaper than ever on aeeomilol moving Mtiy in. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, U Murray street. Harness-two kink new light double iiai: ness for sale low, key collars and made in the finest manner, and handsome light single Harness. 14!) West Thirty thud street, second floor. .*? MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOSITORY, 6.18 Broadway.? Carriages, Harness, largest, assortment i ver offered, at most reasonable prices. All styles ol Fam ily Carriages and Llaht Wagons, new and secondhand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. IJAIlt BRIGHT BAY AND STYLISH HORSES. PARK PHAETON, seats fouT. PONY PHAETON, sats tor four, besides rumble for servant ; both by Lawrence, to order. Top Wagon, bv Dusvnhcry A Vanduzer. Depot llockawAy. single and Double Harness ; all In best order. At private (table, No. 3 West Twenty -second street PRIVATE STABLE, ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN Thirty-seventh and 'i'hirfy-clglith streets; four stalls, carriage room and coachman * room ; rent $00 per month. GEORGE CODLING A SON, 114 or 1,372 Broadway. Q ADDLE HORSE, KRNTUCKY BRED. ALL GAITS, O very elegant young and sound: sold only us the hidv who has ridden him the two past years baa gone abroad; prli?t7Qt); no less : to be seen at private stable, 62 West Tenth street OADDLR HORSE, CHEAP? VERY STYLISH AND 17 rangy ; brown, 15J4 hands, 7 vears old ; don't suit be cause he has too much li e; will go iii harness; price |M; must be sold, ill East Sixteenth street. OIX FINE HEAVY HORSES, SUITABLE FOR CART, >7 ti uck, stevedore or any heavy work : warranted ; one fine chunk ; also stylish grey; cheap. 189 South Fit Hi av enue, near Grand street. OE00ND HAND DOG OAHT? TWO COUPES, HMAIJ. O Pony Wagon, elx-aenl Roc It a way, Depot Wagon. xev etui top and open Higgles, nlx-seat Roekaway, number Carriages, Wliirtif I y soiled, at bargain*. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ?38 Broadway. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, OP ALMOST EYERY style, fur k?I<> cheap, l>y A. 8. FLANDRAU, Not. 7 ami Bait ?HllWWl street. rpo LET? PRIYATB STABLE AT 131 WEST SEVEN j teenth street, lift v.een sixth n ml Seventh avenues; row xaii* John j. townsbnd. 70 Wail street. TO LBT-BITHE? OF TWO STAHLFP ; BOTH WELL located lor Imilne.tf. In>|uirc of J. T. YOUNG, Bowery. \\J ANTED? A FAIR Of IH HAND CABRIAGE i V lkir?o'<. Addreas, with lull particulars, Imx (<6u Host offlCC. TITANTED? A OOOD ROAD HOlfsE OB AN EHTAB Tt Il-hment complete, In exchange lor Lots in West chester county. Address X. Y. Z., Iiox l.">2 Herald oftlce. 2 EXPRESS WAGONS FOR SALE, ONE LIGHT AND one heavy : were taken In tritdu nnd wll be fold cheap. Apply to H. LOWKBRE A CO., Hi >7 spring street. -CflUNBY. BAY HORSE, 9 YEARS OLD. hands bittn ; team of brown Horses, 8 years old, IS*. builds high, #iriO: u brawn Mare, 6 years ol<l, I6W| Itnnils It IkD, f Iwl; nil sound and kind. 118 Eighth avenue, comer ot Tliirty-flrst street. d?i nnn WIL,j Buy PA,R FINE large car. tr l.?)UVrla?o Horses, >ound. kinM and stj li.-h an<1 good steppers, together with clarence, a? good ai new, nnd set of fine double harness; this Is g bargain, horses bo ItiK, aloue, worth the money. Adilre*si>ox3,SiH Poetofflec. ~ YACHTS, BTRtMBOATB, &Q A8LOOP FOR BALB? ALL COMPLETE; 18 TONS ? CRti be seen at Boston Dry Docks, South Brooklyn; jrlce ?M0. J. BBTKKLO. IjlOB SALE? FREIGHT PROPELLER* 220 TONS; IN 1 seven leet; lu (list rate order. J. H. .1 AMES, 24 Dey street. For sale cheap? a thorough built fast sailing Hloop Yacht, 40 leet lona, 1ft feet wide, H berths, l'i year* old. xiitls, Ac. ; In perfect order. Apply to the owner, A. HILL, 261 Canal rtreet, WifriB TO P?KCHAIM W~ ANTKD-A FARMER to SUPPLY 40 OR .10 GAL Ions of pure milk dally for city "*e. Aildresa U, U. i PUME. # ?N( Tweuty-sevvihl ltft?t. New York. EVKOPBAN 8TK A WSIIIPU^ ^ C1UNARD LINK. ) The British a ml North American Royal Mull Steamships, between New York and Liverpool, culling si Cork Harbor Fro ui New York. . ,, ?RUSSIA Wed., Apt II 16 CALABRIA... Bat., April 18 ?JAVA Wtd., April 23 *AKTHIA Sat., April 10 ?CUBA Weil. , April 31) 'SCOTIA Wci|., May 7 ABYSSYNIA . . Sat. May 10 ALOEltlA. . Wed., May U BATAVIA Sat., May 17 and every following Wednesday and Saturday from New York. S?e*mers marked thus ? do not carry steerage passenger*. listen of Passage? Cal>ln, $so, $1(10 and $130, gold, ac cording lo accommodation. Tickets to Paris, $15, gold, additional. Keturn tickets on favorable term*. Steer age, $30, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. For might and cabin passage apply at the company's office. No. 4 Bowling Green; tor steerage parage, at 111 Broadway, Trinity Building. CHARLES O. FRANCKLYN, Agent. Or (o 1'. II. DUVKRNET, corner of Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago. III. North qerman lloyd steamship company-. for Southampton and Bremen. The steamship BREMEN, Captain II. Schulrnhurg, will tall on Wednesday, April lfl. at 2 I*. M., from Bremen pier, loot of Thl-d si reel, Hohot.cn, to lie followed liy Steam* hip MAIN, Captain K. Von Oturendcrp, ou Saturday. April 10. RATEB OF PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, payable in gold, or Its equivalent In currency. First Cabin $1-0 Second Cabin ,? r 72 StMTM* 80 For freight or passage apply to OELKICIIS A CO., Agents. No. 2 Bowling Green. rrrniTR STAR LINK. VV FOR Oi'EENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CARRYING THE UNITED BTATE8 MAIL. New and full- powered steaim-hip*. Balling (ruin New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each way. ADRIATIC Saturday, April 19, at III A. M. BALTIC Saturday. A|irll 2ii, at 3 P. M. CELTIC Saturday, May 3, at 10:30 A. M. OCEANIC Saturday, May 10, at3P. M. ?From the While Star clock, I'uvoniit ferry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations lor all classcs unrivalled, combining s.ilctv, speed and comfort. Saloons, stateroom ?, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion Is lelt Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rales? Saloon, $M> gold; steersjre, $30 In currency. Those wishing; to send lor friend < In the old country can now obtain steeraue prepaid certificates, $32 currency. Passengers booked to or Irom all parts of America to Paris, Hamburg, Norwuy, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drattsfrom ?1 upwards. For inspection of plans and other information apply at the company's office, 19 Broadway, Now York. Bills of lading issued to Continental ports. J. II. SPA KKB, Agent. INMAN LINE. For Queenstown and Liverpool. Royal Mail steamers are nppointed to sail as lollows : CITY OF WASHINGTON Thursday, April 17, 9 A. M, CITY OF ANTWKRI* Saturday, April 19, 9 A. M. CITY OF LIMERICK Thursday, April 24. 2 P. M. CITY OF LONDON Saturday. April 26, 2 1'. M. CITY OF NEW Yol'.lt Thur day, May 1,9 A. M. OITY OF l'AKIS Saturday. May 3. 11 A. M. and each succeeding Saturday and 'Thursday, irom pier 43, North lilver. RATER OF PASSAGE. Cabin, and $100, gold, according to accommodation. Round trip tickets at low rales. Steerage.? To Liverpool, Qltccnrtown, Glasgow, Lon donderry, iiondoH, Bristol or Cardiff, $:)0. Prepaid certi ficates, $3i, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Uavre, Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris, at reduced rules. Dralts Issued at lowest rates. For cabin passage and general business apply at tho Company's office, 1ft Broadway. For steerage passage, 33 Broadway. JOHN G. DALE, Agent, or to O'DONNEI.L A FAl'I.K, 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. S. CRKAOH, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. BROWN. Hfl South Market street, Chicago. WM INMAN, Liverpool, and No. 9 line .scribe, Paris. Anchor line. Steamers sail from pier 20 North lilver. New York, WVKRY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. CALIFORNIA. Sat., April 19 ISM A II.IA Wed., May 7 Ol.YM PI A. . ..Wed., April 23 VICTORIA Sat., May 10 INDIA... Sat, April 2ti C AST A LI A .... Wed. , May 14 COLUMBIA.. Wed.. April 30 ANGLIA Sat.. Mav 17 AUSTRALIA.. Sat., May 3 ASSYRIA Wed.. May 21 The passenger accommodations on steamers of ibis line are unsurpassed for elegance and comfort. Cabin statcc rooms are all on upper deck, thus securing good light aud ventilation. RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, OR LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamers. Gold. Currency. Cabins $75 and $05 $75 and $65 Cabin return llckets, secur ing best accommodations.. $110 $130 STEERAGE, $30 CiJKRENCY. Tickets for passage to or from any seaport or railway station in G.'eat Britain, Ireland or tho Continent issued lit lowest rates, DRAFTS FOR ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT RATES, Company's offices, Ne. 7 Bowling Green, New York. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. N. B.? CALIFORNIA sails at 10 A. M., April 1?. Just published, "The Trip to Europe," a magazine ot informntlon for ocean travellers', can be had free of eliarge on application. N O OTICE TO PASSENGERS. Anchor Line steamer CALIFORNIA Bail* on Saturday, April 19, from Pier 10, at 10 A. M. HENDERSON B ROT II EKS. No. 7 Bowling Greco. NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE CALLING AT BREST. The splendid vessels on this favorite route for the Con tinent will sail froui pier No. SO North River, a< fol lows :? VILLE DC HAVRE, Surmont Saturday, April 1J PI Jl KIRK, Dauro Saturday, May '? WASHINGTON, Rouasan Saturday; M.iy 17 ST. LAURENT, Leinaric Saturday, May 31 PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOI.D I n 'ludin ; wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE, First Catiln, $128; Second Cabin. $75. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not carry stcera.'o p usengers. American travellers going to or returning Irom Hie Continent of Europe, by l iking this line, avoid both transit b.v English railway hihI the discomforts of crow ing tho Channel, besides saving time, trouble an I ex pense. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Agent. fW Broadway. rpHK 11 A M H i KG- A M K RICAN PACKET COMPANY'S X Iron mail steamship SILESIA, Captain C. Hebich. will sail on Thursday, April 17, at 2 P. M., tor Hamburg. taking passengers from New 1 ork to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg anil Hamburg. First Cabin, $I2(J, Second Caldn, $72. Steerage, $'S0; payable In United states gold. KUNHARDi A CO., G. B. RICHARD A BOSS, General Agents, General Passenger Agents, 01 Broadway, New York. 01 Broadway, New York. The FR1SIA will sail April 24. ? The SAXONIA, as extra steamer direct, April 19. / tOOK'S El ROI'EAN TOU BS-OVKR ONE THOUrT \J and in number, at reductions Irom 10 to 45 per c< nt below ordinary fares, hy nil lincsof steamers. To Vienna, eighty -.even routes; to Italy, seventy-two routes. Cir cular tickets lor Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, tho Rhine, Ac., by all routes from Loudon. Tickets issued and berths on steamers secured. COOK. SON A JENKINS, 2fB Rroadway, New York. "Cook's Excursionist" for April, giving fares, cxpenscj, Ac., for all tours, now ready ; price, lOe. National line of steamers. Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct. TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from piers 44 and 47 North River. BI'AIN, Grace Saturday April 19, at 10 A. M. ITALY, Grigs Saturday, A|ir.!2ti, at 3 I*. M. GREECE, Thomas i. .Saturday. May 3, at 10 A. M. FOR LONDON DiRECT. DENMARK, Sumner Tbur-dav, Way 1, at 9 A. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage, $90 and $-'.), currency. Sleeriig", $29, currency. Prepaid ?tcernge tickets Irom Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol or London, CHEAPER THAN BY ANY OTHER LINE. For ftirttler information apply at the company's office, 09 Broadway. P. w. J. HURST, Manager. / 1 BEAT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. IT NEW YORK TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND) DIRECT, Taking g.ioils and passengers for London, Cardiff, New port. Gloucester and all ports in the Bristol Channel. The steamers of this line will sail irom Pier is, East River, as follows ARC. \GON, Western Saturday, May 17 GREAT WESTl.RN to follow. New steamer now building. Cabin passage, $70, currency. Steerage, $3". currency. Parties wishing to send for their friends can obtain prepaid certificates. Drafts lor ?1 and upwards. For freight or pussage apply to U. K. MOROAN'8-BONS, . , 70 South street, New York. TTNITED KTA KS MAIL LINK.? STEAM TO QUBBNS U town and Liverpool. Sailing evenr Wedncsdav. MINNESOTA, Freeman April '28, at3W P. M. MANHATTAN, Price, .lr April do, at.i l'. M. From pier <rt North River. Cabin pas-aue, $N)t<ol(l , steerage, $,10 currency. Prepaid ticket*, 983 currency. Pns-enj?er? hooked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden. Ac. Draft* on Ireland, England, France and Oermany at lowest rate*. Apnlv to WILLIAMS A Ol'ION, 'i'J Broadway. G" 1A8E;S KUROPBAN* TOI'RH, HY BEST ROUTE*. I Ticket* from Qnecnstown. Liverpool and Glasgow, via London, for all pari* of (lie t'onlfnt tit ; Atlrin 'lc ?n? sasjei secured; Gaze's Hotel Coupons tor all principal cities In Europe. OAZK'S American office, No- 0 Bowling (Ircen, New York. C'OAHTWIHK MTKAMMIIIPS. I N l> I Ooini JJNITKD STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP uoinftjWipnniMAoK, J, (WO tons T'te elegant screw steainj""'^ , st Thomas, I ara, jrden Captain W. Weir, will ? ?? on Wednesday, MnarAhihlr, I'ahla piVrU^ortu lUvcr. tor freight or passage oaRRWON. Agent. No. 5 Howling Green. UNITEO STATES MAIL TO II A VAN A AND MEXICO. HAVANA, I'ROORBSO AM) VERA CRCZ,. New Vork and Mexican Mail S'eanishlp Line, leaving pier No. 3 Ni rili Kiver, at 3 P. V. EVERT THURSDAY. CITY OP HAVANA (llav;iB-i only) April 17 CITY OP Ml'.UIDA (Havana only) AprliM CLEOPATRA (Havana and Mexico) Mavl CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) .May 8 CITY OK MBRIDA (Havana only) May 15 For freight or paosnge apply to P. ALEXANDRE A SONS, S3 Broadway. s JAMA N A.? FOR PUF.RTA PLATA. SAMANA AND ST. 7 Domingo t'lty. The United stales mall steamship TYUKK, Captain K. A. Delancy. wfll leave pier No. 4 North River on Thursday, April 17, at 3 P. M. Bills of ex changc on Puerta I'latA, Mamma an4 St Domingo City, In sunn to suit purchaser*, tor sale. For freight or passage apply to fiPOFFDftD BROTHERS A CO., V Broadway, JRUROPEAN HTICAWHIirPN. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY^""'*"* Lino to CALIFORNIA, JAPAN and china, via Panama, carrying mail.'', passengers and freight to Agpinwall, Panama. Santa Martha, Greytowu and Pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, . Peru niul Chile. April 19, 1*73? Steamer OCEAN Ql/EBB, Captain Sea bury. will leave pu r 42 North Hiver, at 12 o'clock iioou, for Asplnwall direct, connecting at I'anama with the steamer MONTANA, Captain Nolan, touching at Aca pulco, Man/.amllo, Mazatlan, and also connecting tor all Central Amarlcan and Sooth Pacific ports. Departure* of lotli and 2uth hi each month connect with the com pany's steamer touching at Ban Benito, Tonata. Salina Crtu and I'ort Angel. Kieamer CHINA will leavo San Francisco April M, 1873, tor Japan and China. For rata* of pannage, freight and all farther Information apply at company'* oflUce on the pier, foot of Canal street. F. R.BABY, Agent |^"EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE.^"" The so first clasa steamships will sail every Tuesday at! P. M., from pier IS North Hirer (foot of Cedar street), lor Havana direct, a.* follows:? Steamship WILMINGTON Tuesday, April 22 Steamship MORKO CASTLE Tuesday, April 29 Steamship CRESCENT CITY Tuesday, May 6 For freight or passage (having inaguiflcont accommoda tion.*) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO.. 119 Wall fitreot. D. M'KELI.ER. Agent in Havana. NKW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton and St. George, Bermuda, currying the United states Mall, and sailing from pier 37 North Miver, astollows;? Sidewind steamship ALBEMARLE, Captain Read, Thursday. April 24, at S o'clock 1'. M. HUlowheel steamship HATTERAS, Captain Lawrence, Thursday. May at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or passage, having elogant accominuda ttocs, apply to LUNT BROTHERS, i'H Soui.li street Texas LINK OF gai.veston steambbs, touch ingat Key West, carrying the (Tutted Status mail. The steamer CITY OF SVS' ANTONIO, Captain Pen nington. is now receiving freight at pier 20 Kast River, and will sail Huturday, AiirlllP, Through bills of lading gl .'-mi to Houston, either by the 0. II. ami II. It. It. or by the Houston Direct Navigation Company, and to all points on the Galveston, Houston and Henderson and B. B. and C. Railroad. No charge for ibrwardlug in Nuw York. For Height or passage apply to C. II. MALLORY A CO., 1M Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE, ll'J Wall street, FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT, The Cromwell Steamship Line. The sleamslilp GEORGK CROMWELL, Captain Samuel L. Chipp, will leave pier No. 9 North River, on Saturday, April IM, at .'1 I'. M. Freight* received dully. Through rates given to Galveston, Indiannla, Rockl'olt or Aranus wharf, Brazos, Santiago and St l-ouls. Cabin passage, $50; steerage, ?25. For freight or pas sago apply to CLARK A SEAMAN, s?J West street. IfOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. 1 MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No. ft North River, at 3 o'clock P. SI. EMILY B. SOIDER, on Saturday, April 19. Freight received dully. Through ra'es given for St. Louis, Vloksburg, Mobile. Galveston and ludianola. For freight or passage (having superior accommoda tions) apply to 1 RED ERIC BAKER, 30 Broadway. IriOIt NORFOLK. CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? ' The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier .17, North River, their elegant steamship RICH MOND, Couch, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Saturday, April 17, giving through hills ol lading to all points South and Southwest. Through passenger tickets issued to nil points. Accommodations unequalled. Ap ply at plor :;7 or at the general oitlce, H7 <lrecnwleh street, corner of Dey. TRAVELLERS ' GUIDE. CUT 1 ZENS' LINE FOR TROY? P \8SAGB SI M.-THE ) elegant steamboats SI'NNYSIDE and POWELL leave pier 49 North River, foot of Loroy street, dally (Saturdays excepted), at G o'clock P. M., conin'ctlng with morning trains on Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Central ami Troy and Boston railroads tor all points North, East and West. Tlie most direct route to Sarato ga, Lake ileorge ami Montreal. Through tickets sold and baggage chocked to destination. Joseph Cornell, superintendent. 17ULL RIVER LINE FOIt BOSTON, > la Newport and Fall River. The worM-rcnowned steamers BRISTOL and PROVI DENCE luave pier 28 North Hiver, footol Murray street, dally (Sundays excepted). A. P. BACON, Superintendent Navigation opened? people's line steam crs leave lor Albany Tuesday, April 15, at six P. M., ITom pier 41 North River, foot ( anal etreet, aud dally hereafter. PKN N8YLVANI A R V I LU< > AD. Trains leave Now YofU, lrotn foot of Desliroises ttl Cor.lautlt streets, a< follows:? Express tor llarrtsburg, Pittsburg. the West and South, with Pullman Palace ? urs attached, at. 0:39 A. M.;S,7 and H:S0 P. M. Sunday, 5, 7 un-1 a :l) I*. M. For Raltlinore, Washington and the South at i A. M. :T and 9 P. M. Sun lay, 9 P. M. Express lor Philadelphia, ?<, i'. 9:1) A. "f. j 12:10,1, 4, i, 1, 8 11 I*. M. and 12 night. lay, ?>, 4U?ml 9 P. XI. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at < and 2 P. M. Emigrant and second class, 7:1, P. M. For Newark at 0, 6 7, 7:H. W:I0, y, 10, II, II :l) A. M., U, 1,2,2:V, 3, 3:2.1, .11 1 ? -| ? 4:1), 5:11,3:$), 5:11, ft:.*!, 6, (i :10, ft :30, 7, 7 S :1<I, 9, M 11:1), 12 P, M. Sunday, 9;1>, 6, 8. 19. 9 P. M. For Elizabeth. ?!' 7. 7 :??. ?. ?:il, 9, I), 11, 11 :1) A. M.. 12 M., 12:30, I, 2. 2:?), 1. t ;? I, 3:U, i, 4:10, 4:31. 5:21, 5:1* 5:5(1, 6, 6 dO, 7 :'(? >, 1) 11:3), 12 P. M. Sundav. 5:2) 6 and n :lo P. M. Fer Railway. C?, ti :Jt, 7, 8 :10, 9 :30 and 1 ) A. M., 12 M., I, 2. 2 :.V?, 8,3 :2I, 1 :4'?, I ;|l), I ;'t I, .1 ;??? I, ? ! |. fl ;V). 8. fi 7 :*i 8 :li? 10 P. M., and \i nighf. Sundav, .1:2) and 9 P. V. Fol-Wiwdbrldjce an 1 Perth \rnt?o/,0 a ill) A. M., i : J*. 3:10, 4 u39 and 5:W P. M For New Brunswick, 7. I i \ M , 12 ^f., 1,1 t, 4:10,5:5), '0, 9 P. M. and 12 night Sunday, It an ! '? I". M. For Fast Millstone, 7 A. M., 12 unon, 4 :l I an 1 3:1) P. M. For Lainhcrtvllle and Flemliiiiton, !> A. M. an I 2 P. M. For Phillpshurg ?" ! Belvlderu, 2 an I 4 P. M. Acroinnio latiou tor B-trtlentown, Burlington and Cjmd den, 7 and H-H A. M? ll:W 2. :t, 3: l.i, f x n I ti P. .\l. For Freehold, 7, S A. M., 2aoil i p. M. For .la mes'iurg. Pemherton, Csnvlen.d A. W.,3:i) P. M Trains arrive as follows:? From PiUsbur't, ?? : ? ) A.M., 1 :.*?*' i'. M., daily ld:14 A. M. and 0:'t< P. M., dally, except Monday. From Wastllb/Um and BalHniore, <1:41 A. M., 4:M,l9:l2P. >1. sundav. (5:10 \ M From I'lilll I -IphU. 5:2l,(l:.W, 10:14, 1| :?')?, 11:51 A. M. 2:14 3 :)>, (f : M, 4 : t'l P. M. Sunday, 5:21, 6:X), 11 : U \ M. Ticket odli es, 521. ?(?>, 271 and 911 Broad way; Nt. I Airtor Hi i e and loot ?>! Ke-'irmset and Cortljnllltrwt*. Einigratu 'ticket office, No. t Battery place. A. J. Cassait. D. M. BOYD.Ja., General Manager. Gon 'ral Pas eti?o.- A{e,ii 1>? V (<tlOI>^. \T SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY, J\. near Twentieth ttre",the latest Imported styles; licaufll'.'Hdiingcs for spring atiil Summer j e'egant tol lets; patterns, with cloth models, now ready; pattern* tilled id the f,,rm warranted perv<i ; magic costume In linen mnde up is the feature for Summer. Coinc early. HAIR! HAIR! IIAIRt Tba largest stock oiHum in Hair Goods in the city nt Sll \W'S. 352 Bowery, between Fourth aud t.reat Jones streets, and 3(53 sixth avenue, between Tv.cnty-aaoond and Tweuty thlrd streets, ui> stairs. sHAW s Patent Hair Switches, can be combed and bmsked, Jl each. Human llair, cheapest and best in the market Short Hair Sw lu lics, $2 1 jch and upwards. French Sv. itches, C'?. Curls. 41 uti 1 unward'. Latest styles always on hand. LROAL lVOTI('B?. SUPREME COURT. In tin* maner of the application of th ? Department of Public Parks, for and tu behalf of the Mayor, Alder men and coininitialty of the city of New York, rclatl to the Opening ot Kingsbridge Road, northwardly fi 0111 tlie somberly line ot 185th street to tho llurl''in River, as laid out liy the Commissioner* of tin* Central Park, in the city of Nnw York. We. tin- undersigned Commlmionern ot Estimate an I Awessment in the above entitled matter, hereby (five notice to th" owner or owner*, occupant ur occupants ol all kouses and lota and improved or unimproved land* afTccted thereby, and to all othoi-s whom it may concern, to wtt I.? That we have completed our estimate and assess ment, unit that all persons Interested In these proceed tngs or In any ot tho landsaflvcled thereby, and who mar tie opposed to the Maine, do present their objections in writing, duly verified, t" the undersigned Commissioners, at our office, IV) Brondw^v (room 11), In tho -aid city, on or before the ?ld day of April. 1173, and that we, the said Commi-wloncr*, wili hear parties s i objecting within the U'n week davs next after tne t il l ?td day of April, I.17S. and lor that" purpose will be In attendance at our said office on ea- h of said ten days, at II o'clock A. ?. It.? That the abstract of the snld estimate and asaemi ment, together with oar map-, an I alao all the affidavits, estimates and other documents which were used by us in making our report, have been deposited In th" office of the Department oi Public Works. In the city of Sew York, there to remain uutll the fitli day oi May, H7A nr.? That the limits embraced by the assessment afore said, are ns follow*, to wit All those certain lots, pieces or parcels ol land contained, lying and being within the following boun Is or limit*, that W to *?> ?Commencing at the point formed by th'? Intersection of the northerly line or aide of U'th street with tho westerly line or side of the Kifbtli avenue ; running thence northerly along the westerly line or able of the .aid l'.ightli avenue to the blirh water mark oftae Harlem Rtv?v;thenc? along the said high water m*rk of the Harlem Riveras It winds and turn* to the Hudson River ; thence southwardly along the easterly side of the Hudson River, at high water marlt as said river winds and tnrns, to the southerly line or side of IMth street; thence easterly along the said southerly line or able of IMth street to the easterly aide of the Boulevard; thence southerly, along the said easterly side ol said Bou levard, to the northerly line or side of'usth street; and easicrly, along the said northerly line or side o! 146th street, to the point or place of beginning. IV.?' That our report herein will be presented to the Sq. prcme Coirt ot the Htnto of New York, at a special term thereof, to be held In the New Court House at the City Hall, In the city of New York, on the ->ith day of May, 1X73, at the opening of the Court on that day, and that then mid there, or as soon thereafter a* counsel can bu heard thereon, a motion will bo made that the said report he confirmed. HENRY 1' ARSONS, ) WILLIAM J. PARSONS, / Commission tri, JOHN X. M'.'liOWAN, ) New Yon?, March 13, H73. Next op kin wantrd.-the next of kin or Thomas Kelly, son of the late John Kelly aad Har riett his wite, formerly of Johnstown, county Kilkenny, Ireland, county Inspector, who lately died Intestate In the county Dublin, being then a clerk In the Inland Revenue, and to where administration was taken out by hl.s widow, Sarah Kelly, are required on or before the lit October next to ttirntsh particulars in writing of how Uicy claim to be next of kin of said deceased and send therewith the nc-ceiMary documents verifying said claim, to the undesigned solicitor for the administratrix, other wise sho will proceed to distribute the assets, having re gard only to the claims of which sho shall then have bad none#. Dated this 1st day of April, 1*73. . , . , Nl'NN A JONES. Solicitor* for said Administratrix, Jto. ? Dawavu DubUu. IxeianU.

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