22 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Nisan 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WnOLB NO. 13,393. ~ NEW Y011K, TUESDAY. APRIL 22, 1873.? QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FCR 1MERTBER8. ? AMUHHIIENTH? Foubtu Pa?ik? Fourth, fillb and# AST It O UH) \~-Tm I k? I'AOB? Sixth column. BILLIARDS ? Tbiki hkntii Pack -Sixth wiiumn BOARDERS WANTED? Fourth Paur? First u?d second ??ABU A nI?" LODGING WANTED? Forrth. Paur? I Scc ?>ii?1 column. BROOKLYN BOARD? Fourth Pacb Second column. BHOOK1.VN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? hitcOMD Fac?? Sccond column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Third Pauk? Sixth col umn. BOWNKSS NOTICES? Ninth Paijk? Sixth column. ttSAKM AND T'OBAOCO? Thirtrknth Pack? First col WIBII. mm REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Pack? First eofirmn. _ _ . AMKRKS AND SALESMEN? Sixteenth Pack? First And ?croud columns. BLBTllINli? Sixtkknth Pack- Sixth column. ?OACIIMEN AND GARDEN KRH ? aiXTltllNTlt Paob? Sec ond, tnird and tourtli columns. ' (OAHTWI E STEAMSHIPS? Sixteenth 1'agk? Killh and sixth columns. ?^PARTNERSHIPS? Eleventh Paisr? Fifth column. OOUNTKY BOARD? Fourth Pack? Third column. DANCING ACADEMIES? First Pad*? Sixth column. DENTISTRY?' Thirteenth Pack? Mxth column, BUY GOODS? First Pake? Sixth column. BWELLINO HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Third Pack? Second, third and lourth columns. SUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? SiiTKENTH PACE-Fltth column. ?UROPE? Thirtkkntu Paoe? First column. BTES AND EARS? Thirteenth Pack? H irst column. TINANCIAL? Eleventh Pack? Filth column. FOR SALE? Skcono Pack? Fifth and sixth column?. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Thihd Pack? Fourth column. FURNITURE?' Thirteenth Pack? Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Sixteenth Pack? Fourth column. HHLP WANTED? FEMALES ? Fiptkknth Pack? Sixth column, mill Sixtkknth Pack? First column. MBLP WANTED? MAEES-.-ixtiu.ntu Pack? Fourth coi am n. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.? First PAOic-Tlnrd, fourth, ttttli and sixth columns. MOTELS? Fourth Pack ? Second and third columns. HOUSES, ROOMS, JC.. WANTED? First Pack? Sixth column. IMBTR UOTION ? Thirteenth Pack? First column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BEft OEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Paok? Hccond column. M5CTURE REASON? Fourth Pack? Fourth column. LBGAL NOTICES? First Pack? sixth column. SOAN OFFICES? Skcond Pack -Sixth column. liOST AND FOUND? First Pack? First and sccond columns. . . O MACHINERY? Skcond Pack? Sixth column.. MARBLE MANTELS? Thirtefnth Pack? Wi column. MATRIMONIAL? Third J ack? Fifth column. MHDICAL? I'HiRi) Pack? Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? First Pack? Sixth column. . MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Pack ? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?' I'n ibteknth Pack? First column. MWrtCAL ? Fourth Paok? Third column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Pack? sixth column. PERSONAL? First Pack? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Fourth PACE-Thlrd . column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth Pack? Fltlh and slxtli columns. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Pack? Second, Ulird and lourth columns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Pagk-FIIUi column. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Skcond Pack? Fifth column REWARDS ? First Pack? Sccond column. RALEh AT AUCTION? Thirteenth Pack? Second, third, fourth, tilth and sixth columns. ACTUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES ? Fourteenth Pack? First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Fifteenth 1'agk ? First, second, third, fourth and tilth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Sixtkknth Pagk First colnmn. SPECIAL NOTICES ? First Pace? Second column. SPORTING-DOGS, 111RDS, AC.? First 1'AUK-Third column. STALLIONS? First Pack? Third colnmn. STORAGE?' Thirtkentii Pack? Sixth column. SUMMER RESORTS? Fourth Fade ? Third column. THE TRADES ? Sixtkknth Paok? Fourth column. VTHE TURF? First Pack? t hird column. LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Third Paok First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Sixtkknth Pack? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Pack? Fourth and tilth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? First Pack? Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? Sccond column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, Ac.? First Pack? Sixth col nmn. HKKAI.I) BKAM'H OFFICI.-.t'PTOW S . ^ DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK UERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.2C5 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN Til IRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY EECOND 8TREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM S A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE SEW YORK IIKH A 1 > I > . J^KSSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS KOR TIIK MEW TORE HERALD. T1IKV WILL SUPPLY DEAL BBS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO I' ARTIER REQUIRING THEM*. ^ PEH801HAL, A BOY STOLEN FRnM TIIF. PUBLIC SCHOOL, EAST Forty second street, on the 15 April inst. ; ugo 7 year* ?lid 6 months; his name is Patrick O'Roi'rke ; Roe* by the name ot Patrick Currln; any information concerning hlra will he thankluliy received by his adopted father, JAMKS CURKIN, No. *71 second avenue, New York City, his own parent" abandoned him at the age of 18 months; he bear* the namo of Currln tor mx years. MDREW O. ELU4 ?T WISHES TO SEE JOHN A. Holland, at the Washington Hotel, No. 1 Broadway, in regard to Mexican land k rants, It' not alive will some friead answer and inform. BEAUTIFUL BABE FOB ADOPTION. AT M M E. DESPARD'S, 41 East '1'weuty-elghth street. Ameri can parentage; lull surrender. BLEECKKK STREET? DETAINED TILL TOO LATE. Make it Saturday. JOHN. ROOKLYN JINNY? WHERE CAN I SKB VOUr Answer through personals. NELLIE T. ROADWAY CARS, 6:05 P. M Y ESTE RD A Y? B< ?TII locked atthec'ock: both tlxeil two Martin umbrel las; one got .nit ut Forty-sixth street: went west? Will yon gram an Interview to a discreet gentleman? If so, address CoLoNKL IIENDRICKSEN, Herald Uptown Branch office; mention < iron instances to avoid mistakes. Florence? will see you at the Brooklyn J? Masquerade Club Hall, at City Assembly Rooms, to morrow night HARRY. I CANNOT BE AT MAISON DOBEE TO-DAY AT 5 P. M. Come to office to-morrow. D. JOHN? I THINK I DESERVE AN EXPLANATION. 231. B Missing.? mr. william john taiu;, of well inston, New Zealand, and London. England. Arrived In New York from Liverpool. pef City of Loudon steamer (first class), on the 29th Novemb) r. Is7l, was last seen on the 3(1 of December, 1H71. Mr. Tagg is 5 feel 9 Inches in height, rather slim built, lair complexion, light brown whiskers, moustache and long bears, aped H7 years: be had with him two portmanteaux, a bundle of wraps, hat box and carpet batr, a pillow in crimson damask and ?word, Wellington militia, in waterproof case, uniform and papers relating to Wattokl Run, Rlngltiki, Welling ton, N. Z. Any Information whatever relating either to Mr. Tagg personally or to his uniform or napers, subse quent to his arrival In New York, is earnestly requested to be forwarded to Mr. CHARLES W. WEoT. 43 Broad Street, New York. "DIG? BRING FEMALE~FRIhND. mTf.T~Y~OU FOUR X teenth and Seventh avenue, to-day, 4 P. M. All night. GltAPKS. ?pEACll-WILL Bi: Mll.ltK. RAIN OR -II I N K. The party who found pocketbook at Nlblo's on Friday last will please return it to H. LELAND. 134 West Thirty -first ?treei. Three ladies, central park to ninth street? IMPUDENCE desire* to renew acquaintance first flue Sunday : Fifth avenue entrance ; alter Ko'elo The three men t i i \ t mtolk the rw<> statuettes trom Twenty-second street last evenlnc. at 8 o'clock, had better return them and save turther trouble, as they are known. j VLL LADT IN BROUGHAM WHO BOWED TO gentleman standing at Herald send address to AL FONSO, box 1 17 Herald ..meet WILL THE TWO LADIES, BLONDE AND BRUN ette, who noticed gentleman last Sunday noon walking down Filth avenue and w ho separated at about Thirtieth street, please send address u acquaintance is desirable, toOEN rLEM AN, Herald uptown Branch offlca WILL MRS. SULLIVAN, LACE WORKEit. CALL OR Rend her address to J. II. I)., 13!) West sixteenth street v oF stoppedTt b.' I1vV.~tell annie i oa\ e her mv love," and none for me It was wrong, but I couldn't help It. Pray add re as SECRECY, Herald oftlee I.OHT AMI FtU M>. / 1AT Lost - t M \LTKSK ? v r ; \ \V I. MARKED ON \J collar. Keturu to 1J Filth avenue, and receive re ward. Eyeglasses.? lost, on sun day afternoon. the 2tith Inst., on Sixth avenue, between Thirty fourth street and t.lic Anthem Memorial church, on Forty seventh street, a pair of Olasses. in blun steel irante. The finder will lie rewarded oil bringing tlicm to 22 West Twenty -seventh street. TjlOUND ON LEXINGTON A K N U E , NEAR TWENTY r eighth street, on Situr.l iv, a Pocketbook wtth money. Apply at OILMAN, SON A CO., 47 Exchnns;i! place. IOST? A RMALL BAO. CONTAINING KEYS, RE J turn to '.'6 South street, up stairs. IOST-ON SUNDAY, A GOLD PIN. ON FIFTH AVE I nue be'ween Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets. A soluble reward will be paid lor its return to Fifth ???na?. Mrs. WARD. I' OST? FRIDAY AFTERNOON LAST, A SMALL GOLD J locket, containing ferrotype. Btwurd and thanka #133# Wusl IJiirlV sccond bllceU i $20 IjOKT and found. ] #VT? on run Oat, a black and tan slot, J with small whit* spot on breart; blue collar, steel studs; susweis to name of Cork. A suitable reward by returning to J. t Mb AD. 24J l-.ast iliirly cinhth street. Iobt? at thr soott-hidoomb' reading, on j Saturday, Api.i 19, a pair ot black leather Op< ra Glasses-, (lit- tluifer will lie well rewarded on leav.ug thrill at No. 6 Ku'rli jv aue. T OST-SllND\Y .iVKNlNG, APRIL ?, FROM 109 I J Bant Twenty -eighth street, a medium sifted young Black ii nd Tan Dug; white spot on lirea-t, red ribbon with hell attached uroaild neck. Whoever will return the .-nine to above address will receive a suitable reward I OBT OR MISLAID? BANK BOOK ISSUKD BY THE J Seamen's Hunk fur Savings. New York, to Thomas Wardic In trout for A. G. I*. Warille. li not found or re turned to the hank within days trout this date 1 will apply to the bank tor a new b ok. Nnv Voiik. April 18, l?p. < ORNELIA J. WARDLB. KKWAIiD?. $r ?LOST, SUNDAY EVENING, EITHER IN A ')? Thirty-fourth street or Broadway ear, a Stripe for the reek ot tftnaM pink and blue bow*, trimmed around with lace. The tinder will receive the above reward l>y leaving it at 29 Union square, corner of Mxteeuth street. <fo/t REWARD. ? LOST, ON SUNDAY, APRIL 90, TWO ?P' ' Kings : one plain gold, the other the badge of a col lege claw, lil.u k onyx, marked V 72. Address W. II. Dean, Vassar College, Poughkeepsle. N. V. A] A REWARD.? LOST. ON SUNDAY, MORNING, ?J) HI April .0, in Twenty-seventh street, near Broad way, a small Scotch Terrier; bait on a red leather collar, with silver plate, l'lie above reward will be paid to any one returning it, at III East fifteenth street. &1A REWARD-FOR TIIK RETURN OF A HAIR ?P H " l'in, inscribed "From Unelc George to M. T. Montgomery." Unit on Broadway iui .Saturday last. Ap ply at M5 Eighth st., near liroadv, ay. REWARD? LOST, IN PEOPLE'S BANK, MON day. April 21, a Itiisiia Leather Wallet. The above reward will be paid by returning it, with contents Intact, to owner, whose cards were inside. ? tajKA BEWARD?-LOSTj A LADY'S GOLD WATCH and Chain, Loeketund I'^ari Pencil; monogram on watch S. L. M. Lost on Broauway, between 1'onr teenth and Houston streets. Leave same at oftlee ot Coleman House, Twenty-seventh street and Broadway. DETKCTIVES.-FRINK A ACKKRMAN, 39 NASSAU street, furnish reliable and experienced operatives for all legitimate business on most reasonable terms; communications by mail or othcrwi-e strictly confiden tial; correspondents in United States, Can. Idas and Eu rope. SPUCIAIi ItOTlCKS. A? PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY. ? Third Grand (Hit Concert, Thursday, July 8. 1873. $600,000 ea-li in bank to pav prizes In lull. Orrica ok Fahmbrh and Drovkbs' Bank, ) Louisville, Ky., April 7, 187S. > This is to certify that there is In the Farmers and Drovers' Rank, to the credit ot the Third (iraiul <lht Cnneert for the benefit of thu l'ubiic Library of Ken. tucky. Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, which has been set apart by the Managers to pay the gifts In 1U11, and will lie held by Ihe bank and paid out for this purpose, and this purpose only. R. H. VBECH, Cashier. Full report- from the sseneies show the greater portion of the 1HO.OOO tickets in the scheme to be already sold and no further discounts can be allowed. Tickets, $11); Halves, $">; Quarters. $2 SO. Governor Thomas K. Bramlctte, ot Kentucky. Agent of the Library Trustees, guarantees a full drawing of the whole amount positively and unequivocally on July 8. All New York ami Eastern sales arc made a special de posit with the Fourth National Batik of New York tor credit of the Treasurer at Louisville. Send money by Post i.'lllee order, draft, registered letter or express, pre paid. For tickets, (till programme, information and all par ticulars, apply to the General Agency Supply. THOMAS li. IIAYK A CO., 609 Broadway, New York. A MEETING OF ."II F. DEPOSITORS IN THE BULL'S Head Bank will be held this (Tuesday) evening, in Demilt Hall, corner Twenty-third street and Second ave nue, at 8 o'clock, at which the day of opening tbe Bank will be formally announced. A SPECIAL BUSINESS MEETING OP THE Normal College Associate Alumna1 will be held in the College building, Wednesday, April S3, at 3'; P. M. All the graduates are cordially invited to be yrcseut. By order ot the Executive Committee. A ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and tlocrnm street Open from H A. M. to 9 I'. M. On Sunday trotn :;to 9 P. M. A DAItlF.s (PRICES REDUCED), POLE AGENT OF J" V. Royal Havana Lottery, SS& Broadway ; box 4,909 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. AN INTELLIGENT AND PRACTICAL AMERICAN, who lias spent 17 years in California and Oregon, principally in mining, would like an engagement to re turn there In the interest oi some party requiring inior matlon of mining interest, or would associate himself with a good, responsible parly to prospect and develop new mines; best references. Address WM. T. MORRISON, Ml West 23d st. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND 80LD1ER8 WOUND ed, ruptured or injured, howe ver slightly, arc en titled to pension. Address or applv to Dr. h. B. JACKSON, laie surgeon United >tatcs Navy, No. 4 .New Chambers st A ?LARGE WAGONS FOR MOVING FURNITURE, /V. cilv or country; Furniture, Pianofortes, ,lc., packed, shipped or stored. G. A P. BURN HAM, 114 West 11 tli st., near otli av. A; -OMAHA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. ? "-***? . - Mav 2i). 1S73. 8,465 Cash Gilts, am. aiming to $220, "ilS. A limited number ol tickets for .-ale, at $1 each, at P. c. DEVLIN'S stationery store, 31 Nassau .-trcet. BURGLARS' PROOF STORE LOCK? THE BEST IN the world. Come and see it in factory, 1!W Greene stJoet. New York. ^ F. QYfeg. CiRT'DITORS OF ROBERT USHER, JR.. LATE OF ) the citv ot New York, will please present their claims to the undersigned, at tbe offices ot his attorneys, Sewell A Pierce, 178 Broadway. RICHARD JOHN USHER. Administrator. HAVANA LOTTERY.? EXTRAORDINARY DRAWING 22d April. German state Lotteries. Circulars mailed free Kl III. MANN A CO., Banker-, 86 N a. -sail street; box l,W6 Poet offics. KENTI'CK I STATE LOTTERl ES -$looo,,wo is drawn dally ; 12' ? per cent allowed b> B. NATHAN, No. 4 ? iilsev Building, Cortlandt street; branch office, 61. Broadway. VTEW INVENTION? UNEQUALLED. PATENTED XN Propelling Apparatus.?' Ihls apparatus, the only one of its kind for river and canal boots, which ott?n have to Pass shallows, stand* unequalled. It works with six broad oars, three of which are const uitly in motion, while three working powerfully against any inas-es or wuter the three others are powerfully turning outwards, saving time tor speed. Smaller boats to "be worked bv hand, bigger ones by steam. Apply to the inventor, CORNELIUS St LULLING, ltii Essex street, second floor, New York. o MAMA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE, May 20. A few Tickets in the above Enterprise received and lor ,u',; "lt p. c. DEVLIN'S Stationery Store. Sl Nassau street. 0 0 R rriClAL DRAWINGS ? . KEN TICK V 8TATF. T OTTEKIE8. XHNTrCKY- 1ITKA dill MO. 287? APH1L 21, JOT. 2, 78, 8. 18, is at, H. ?, 63, 32, .'I. KfKTCfH- CLASS HO. 388? APRIL 21, D7S. 75, ?s, 15, ?6, Is, 45, 78. 7, 74, Si fa, 21, ,15, SIMMONS A CO., Manager*, <oYington. Ky. IttUT C01.LKUI? KXTRA CI.AfPNO. I "7 ? A PKII. 21 , ISft, 49, 7(1, 45, 29 7.r>, 6. 47. 57. is. 19, 61. 31. SBVIBT COLtlUF? CLAM NO. 188? -APRIL 91 , 1873. 57, 81, 45, 73. 67, 74. Srt. 15. 1 14. 12, 65, ?>. I ;-M!TH i i'0? Managers. Covington, Kf. _ _ , CLtJl t, Broker, il6Broadway. Post office box 4,9f.i 0 ? HAVANA LOTTK KY? EXTRAORDINARY DRAW ? tag April 22. A I'cw cholct lot* left. .1 CLL'TE. Broker, 208 Broadway. FFIC1AL DRAWINGS NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. ' KXTRA CLARA NO 1? APRH. 21, 1.S7V 19, 14, 7, 31, 4?, 27. 81, 30, 12, 42, :tfl, .38. "TORTII CAROLINA CLASS SO. 2 ? APRIL 21, 1873. ' I 15, SO, 19, 3, 71, 2y, 74. 77. 38, (Ml, 8. 43. 47. I Gl'llKI N A CO., Managers. ? LUTHY 1 CO.. Brokers, 71 M"r- i?r Hticet Rich van p. krench, son of the late col. r. I i French, resptcttttllv invite* hi* friends and the pub- I lie in general toan opening <?! 'he cortlan.lt Street Hotel, Bar mi. I Billiard Room, till ? Tue?day, lit 4 I*. M. Dudley i Ka vanagh and Maurice Oily will play an exhibition ; game ot hllllard*. 1 >0 V A L H AVANA LO I TKItr.? THE NEXT EXTRAO R I ilinur v" Drawing will ta^e pla. e oa the 221 ot April. I 1873. .1. H. MARI IS EX k <'o., Banker-. IU Wall street. P O. box 4,884, N. V ? 1 OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? EXTRAORDINARY Drawing. April It. k. ORTBOA. I No :? Wall street. Box MWrost vffli-e. rnu RAILROAD COMPANIES AND CONTRACTOR*? 1 1 Tile Than Iron Works manufacture Equipment*, a* Frog*. switches, Crossings, "(urn Tat.les, Bridge Iron Work, Construct iM Cars an.l general IronWork. For I intortnation and prices a.Mrcss STEELE A CONDlCT, Jersey City. "llflLLIAM II. HAN'KIN'SON'S STEAM CiBPRT ?? Cleaning Works, 15 l-.a?t Twenty-seventh street, be tween Fifth and Madison avenues. New York ? No con nection whatever with any other house. The original Hanklnson, and the only one of that name, established lu this business in 1861. QOD ROYAL SAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY, AT OO I*i|)-?ic, Germany. Ne. 40,728, ' fold through this office, dr. w. according t?. cable despatch receive. 1. on the Urst ds.v .if drawing, fifth class, April 1". .\W'U Prussian Thaler*. This drawing w ill continue to May 3. i;o\al Havana Lottery. Extra Drawing, April 22. First Prize i Becend Prize lUU.imO Third I'ri/e M '??> I Two Prizes, each ol '5,ml0 . Four Prizes, each of lo.'HI ! TwelTt Prizes, each of 6, ?' ' and others. Total, lR.flOO Tickets and 2,0W Prizes. ciiv of Hamburg ami Brunswick Government Lotteries. Prizes cashed and Information given. THbODoR XSCHOCH, Post office box (5,080. 'treet, New York. ?" v( 1 IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ? )0?7,? )0?/ ize.l Kentucky Lottery. Royal Ha vana and Kentucky circulars free: Vi% cents commis sion allowed Add ra*" BALEY A CO, (olliec citublUlied M yearn) l~i Br..?<Jv>.iv. PFOfcTIRG? OOG<>. B1WP8, &c? . . A -MIR t ALE. ALL KIHU8 OK I AKtjY DOGS. A . Birds, 1c. ; Mn'icines <or *11 dlrean?s, Prepared tood lor mocking biiilt, it B. U? Lt/VhV'S. No. SUreeno street, mtir l bum. AFINB SETTER DOG FOR SALE-WELL BROKEN; 3 year* olil. Can bo seen lit the guu store of SMI ill 4 SQU1RK8, 60 Chatham street Francis butler, no, s pkck klip, has Aa the choice breed* of Dogs lor sale and stock. RI'T I.RK'.i Iniailible Mute Cure and Klea Exterminator, 78c. ; BUTLER'S new work. $2. Dogs boarded ana trained. Medicines lor aH diseases. WANTKD? A OOOD SECOND HAND BREECH loader. Address, with lowest price aud description, box Wis liockvllle, Conn. 1'lUi it ?:< . rrRorriNu at Fleetwood park.? on ti esday, 1 April 22, at 'I o'clock ; Sweepstakes $3U) , uiile heals, bent 3 in 5, in harness. W. K. Week's blk. a>. Betsy King. D. Piflfer's blk. g. Paddy Dooley. J. llarbeck's ch. in. Saratoga HAMK DAY? Sweepstakes $130; mile heals, best 3 in 9, Id harness. Win. Lovell's b. in Lady Lovell. Fred Elliott's Dutch Olrl. K. J. Anderson's s. g. Slate of Maine. SAM K DAY? Match, $2U); mile heats, best 3 in B, to hurness. J. Pauling's br. m. Belle of Orange. John Murphy's b. in. Kate. wm. ii. van COTT, Superintendent. TO LET- FLEETWOOD PA ItK ('LI B HOUSE. AP A ply at the park or U'< Wall street W. H. VANCOIT, Superintendent STALLION 8* I EDWARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OF JOE ELLIOTT, 11 who trotted last Summer on Mystic I'urk in '.MM, (the (Cutest nule ever trotted, either in | ublie or private), al?o of Commodore Yanderhilt's Mountain Boy, who trotted in 2 unit ol Judge Kullerton, who has trotted in 1:21%, will iiiuke the season at the larni of William Keetch, ?ear (Joshen, Orange county, N. V. Kor lurther particulars see the "Turf. Held and Karin." HOHSK^, ( AHR1AQES At . * OREAT AND UNRESERVED SALE A liY PUBLIC AUCTION, OF ELEGANT AND BLOODED HORSES. FINK CARRIAGES A !#) HARNESS, AT THE STABLE, 255 MERCER STREET, NMAIt WEST EIGHTH ST., THIS DAY (TUESDAY). APRIL 22, AT 10>a O'CLOCK, PROMPTLY, By JENKINS A DUFF. AUCTIONEERS, the property of C. J. Boorman, Esq., who is going abroad, and sell his whole private Turnout, which is ex ; tra tine ; and parties in u ant ol good and reliable horses arc invited to call and examine tlieui. Fine team ol blood bay I rotters, 1.14, hands high, 6 and 7 years old. sired by Ithsn Allen, and raised In Vermont ; they are verv stylish; have high knee action; drive* evenly together; need no checks; can beat 2 i30 together, and one can bent 2 :40 single ; were used at l.ong Branch last summer to dot: < art where they attracted great at tention tor their great speed ami style; they ure well ! broken to all harness and to saddle, and are warranted sound and kind. Fast, handsome and high bred hay trotting Gelding; la 15>a hands high and 9 years old ; he was sired by Alexan der's Abdalluh, dam n fast imported running mare; was raised by Mr. Alexander, in Kentucky; helms us nuich style and action as anv trotter to he. round ; trotted lust Spring on Monmouth Park, three heats. In 2:12, 2:HH and 2 without any preparation whatever; he has u full mane and tali, all black points, good clean limlis and leet requires no booting when spec ling ; he Is extra lino breaker; has a rugged constitution, tine powers of endur ance ; can trot his Smile* any day Inside of 14 minutes, or can trot a single mile in Ja6; ne Is warranted sound and kind, and can he driven to height of speed by a lady. Also list, dark bay gelding Captain McGregor. lf>'^ hands hiali, 7 years old : .-Ircd bv \oiingWolul, dam by Jupiter; tired at Ulstcrville, Ulster county, N. Y., and was purchased two years ago by present owner ; he Is u per Icct and reliable roadster; very stylish and gamy, with extra tine action ; rloes not pull or lug: can always beat 2 :SU to wagon, and a more sensible and liettcr behaved horse Is seldom found; owner has oltcn been urged to nut hlin In hands of a trainer, as Ills way of going war rants the belief that he will make a very valuable track horse; he is warranted aoand und kind." Fine and fast brown Trotting Mare, 15), hands hign, 9 years old; sired by Het/.h ilambletotilan, ilam thorough bred ; she is a very game, prompt und resolute driver; ! can beat 2:40 and repeat; she is warranted sound und | kind. Also a fine extension top Park Phaeton, 1 C. spring j basket Pony Phaeton, 1 lull spring top Wagon, 1 halt' i spring side bar top Wagon, weight LSu lbs. ; 1 Truck Stilkey. 2 set* covered mounted Double Harness, 2 sets covered j mounted Single Harness, 2 Lady'* Hide Saddles, 1 (icntle : man's Saddle, tine sweat, dress and stable Blankets, | Holies, Ac. The whole tor positive sale, without regard to . value or cost Stock will ho on examination ut all times prior to sale, where gentlemen can have the opportunity ; tor trial und examination. | N. B.? SALE POSITIVE RAIN OR SHINE. 4 GRKAT, IMPORTANT, SPECIAL AM) PEREMP A TORY SALE BY AlCTION, ON T! EsDAY (THIS DAY), APRIL 22, AT 43 GREAT JONES STREET, AT 1U^ O'CLOCK PROMPT, oi all the elegant unU line blooded Slock of Wra. How lnml Esq.. of Fifth avenue, who goes abroad. Also three fine Horses belonging lua stock broker, wbo, by reason of embarrassments, Is compelled to sell. Team ot rich and high Kentucky bred brown Horse*, | nearly 15U high, i! and 7 years oln this Spring : are mated to perfection in appearance, style, action and unit: are , free, pleasant ami easy drivers; fear no locomotive or anything else ; arc finely broken to all harness und have as much natural style as any team that can be produced ; 1 have flowing manes and tails, with fine symmetry, and ; both have fine, even tempers; tlicy can travel 14 miles i an hour and a single mile in less ih'ati 3:10 with ease and ' style, ana are warranted sound and kind; they are one j ot the best and safest famllr or road teams iii the city, and can be driven by any ordinary driver who can hold reins Elegant rich blood hay, % thoroughbred, cotipe or family Horse, nearly ill high, 7 years old; one of the finest stvled and most attractive hor.ses on I'ark; has fine, lofty action and fine qualities: fears nothing; is as handy and quick as a pony; be is extra fine and fast traveller, prompt and game driver and warranted kind in all harness; without fault, trick, spot or blemish. This ! tine horse must be seen to be appreciated. Iliunlsome and lliielv bred brown, family, road or busi ness Horse, 15", high, fi years old ; an elegant traveller j and safe for the most timid lady to drive; has fine style; fears nothing ; stands without tying ; Is hardy and rugged ; i will travel in 3 :an and warranted sound and kind ; is a | noble horse lor general use. High bred chestnut saddle or lady's driving Horse. 1 about I5'4 high, 7 years old; has all salts to saddle and finely broken t" all harness; has been used altogether by 1 ladv In I'ark to pony phaeton the last year; is extra line, , stylish and Intelligent; is warranted to beat 3 minutes to I pony phaeton and warranted sound, kind anil reliable. Also one ot the finest jet black trotting or gentleman's ! road Mare in the city, li'? high, 7 years old, sired by Eureka, dam by Long Island Black Hawk; shows fine, high breeding; is pleasant and agreeable driver; no vie -* or tricks ; trotted at Long nrancli to road wagon, | driven by Mr. Borrows, iti 2:IO}a, last season; Is war ranted to beat 2 ;4A or no sale, and warranted sound and ? kind. Also a fine, fast chestnut trotting Horse, 1SV? high, 1 years old, sired l>v ' hampion, raised In I rie county; he nas record of 2 ;3f under nmne ot the Metralf colt ; trot ted one year ago last Fall ; trotted last Fall in 2:42 to pole. 1 He is one of the finest and promptest drivers overdriven ; 1 is pure gaited and can pull a road wacon in 8:40; war 1 runted to bent. 2:45 now. und warranted sound and kind. I lhis horse can speed a 2 :S0 gait on road. This norse and the black mare have been used as a trot ting team, together and single, and are wetland favorably known on road as the Borrow's team and are known to be Mrst claw and genuine trotters, whether on paper or rond or track, having records to prove their speed, and gentlemen wishing speed should uttcml the sale. Also two elegant Brewster, of Broome street, Wagons, one Stivers Wagon, shifting ton; one. Pony Phaeton, one double Harness, by Dunsenmb; two single do., Blankets, I Holies, Ac. The whole comprising as fine a stock as offered this i season, and' will positively be sold to highest bidder, 1 irrespective of cost, and without limit or restriction, and warranted as represented at sale, and a fair trial given. I Also an elegant dapple gray saddle or driving Horse 15 high, 7 years old ; tine traveller; elegant style ; sale tor the most timid to drive ; warranted sound and kind. JOHN L. VANDEWATERS, Auctioneer. 4 THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing In their < onstraction the various improve nn nts introduced by us during the past 15 years, making tin hi the standard for Quality throughout the I'nlted states. i These wagons arc exclusively the production of our we l-known Broome street factory, and are offered In I stock iii all respects equal in quality to those built to the i order oi the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. Tn order that we may not be confounded with a joint , stock company of carnage dealers who have adopted a | firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made for the "Brewster wagon," we . beg the public will remember that our only wurerooms arc ut the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., oi Bronme street. 4 UUTION HOUSE OF ARCH JOHNSTON ?\ il-ate Johnston A Van Tassell), OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLU STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THF HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOV ED II) THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, in, 21, 23 and 25 East THIRTEENTH street, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will ?)e conducted on precisely the same '?net *nd honorable principles which have always char aeterUed tlie dealings ol our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the i public :it large. REGULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries for sale may be made, as usual, either at onr ; downtown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, l!?, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL. MADE ON CON I SIGNMENTS. 4 ?AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAOF. REPOSITORY will always be found a large stock ot seasonable | Carriages at prices to suit the times. 1,4'?4 and l,4*i | Broadway. Joseph K i:\I.A co. , 4 GENTLEMAN OFFERS FOR SALE, TOGETHER ; -.t or separately, his beautiful pair ot bay Hambleto ! ulan Horses, 15', bands high, 7 yean old; sound . a child may drive them ; trot in 2 :iu. Apply to owner, 1!M Broad way, office 13. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ~ROAD WAGONS, Ex press, Grocery and light -Business Wag<?is ; also ? second hand top Buggy. 34S Wast Twenty-seventh street, between fcighth und Ninth avenues. & g3g A ?**?* AMOKTME vtTT Afreet*'08 A RRIVED AT LAST? J. 0. DEZO, OF JACKSON A City, Mich., with 34 head of the finest single and double Horses ever brought to this market, at A. S. Oil AM BERLIN'S, Twtnt.v -Oith street, between Third and Lcjuuglou uvouues. . ? A HOKSKM, CARKIAURH, THE LAST SALE OF THE SKASON previous to tlio TEARING DOWN OK TUB FRONT AT BaR.vER A CHASE'S . ? CITY AUCTION MART ANU N. V TATTERSAI.L'S, coi tier ol Broadway an<l Thirty-ninth street, TAKtvrt PLACE TO-MORROW. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, AT 12 O'CLOCK, when a largo number of TROTTERS, ROADSTERS AND KAM It.Y HORSES, BUS1N Kf S AND WoRK HORSBS. TOP AND NO TOP ROAD WAGONS, DEPOT, EXPRESS AND BUSINESS WAGONS. ROCKAWAY-, PARK AND PONY PHAETONS, HARNESS, BLANKETS, ROBES. Will PH, llALTERh, Ac, win be wild. THE REGULAR SALEH ?t above Mart WILL BE RESUMED ON WEDNESDAY, May 7. ami each succeeding WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY THROUGHOUT TUB YEAR. A T AUCTION TIII8 DAY BY WILLIAM VAN TASHK'jL AUCTIONERR, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL). HORSE AND CARRIAGE! AUCTION MART, 112 AND 114 EAST THIRTEENTH ST., NEAR 4TH AY. REGULAR SALES OK TloRSEB AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUK8DAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-roar to lorty-eiulit hours given purchasers to test warranties CATALOGUE OK Til IS DA'S (TUESDAY S) SALE, AT 18 O'CLOCK. TEAM BAY HOR8E8, 15U HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS old; kiml ami true In nil harness, tree I ruin vice ; l ant travellers; tree and sty lull drivers; are In every respect a ll r -it class family carriage team, and warranted sound. COUPE ROCKAWAY, NEARLY NEW, 11U1LT BY Bensou. TEAM DARK BROWN MAKES, l#y II \NDS HIGH, ti and 7 years old , kliiit and true m all harnew; free from vice ; pood travellers , an excellent team lor Hern i al business purposes, and warranted sound AImi set of Harness, Ac. SIX-SEAT WE8T0HESTER ROCKAWAY, BUILT BY Brewster A Co. BAY HORSE, lfl'i HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind und true In all liarncgg; ftreo Irom vice; good trav eller; has line style and action ; is an excellent coupo liorse, and warranted sound. COUPE ROCKAWAY. IN GOOD ORDER. BAY It OS RE, l.Va HANDS HIGH, H YEARS OLD; kind and true in ail harness; tree from vice; n last traveller; very stylish; an excellent horse tor family driving and warranted sound. TWO-WII EKLED DO(? CART, IN PERFECT ORDER; buill h.v Brewster A Baldwin BROWN MARE, SIRliD It V EDWIN FORREST, DAM a thoroughbred mare, 15)^ hands high, 9 years old : kind and true in all huruces; tree Irom vico;good traveller; very stvllsh and warranted sound. BOSTON CHAISE, NEARLY NEW ; 1IUILT BY SAR gent A Co. PONY ESTABLISHMENT; BLACK MARE, II1; hands high, 8 years old; kind ami true in all harness ; free Irom vice and trick: tears nothing; nan be driven by a ladv, anil warrante I sound. Also get Harness and NO I or PONY PI 1 A i TON, GRAY MARE, 15 HANDS HIGH, 'J YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; Lee from vice and war ranted sound. TOP WAGON, BUILT BY Dl'SENBURY A VAN Duser. BAY HORSE, l.'i'j HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD, kin I and true in harness; a supi rior roadster; cuii trot in three minutes. Several other Worses, description time of sale. TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS, ROCKAWAY. NEARLY NEW, TOP AND NO TOP PONY PHAETONS, Depot and Business Wagons, Harness, Robes, Ac. Weather never iuterieres with our sales. AT FACTORY, Ufi AND US ELDRIDOE STREET, large stock Top Buggies, Victorias, Kockaways, 1.x teusion Tops and Phaetons selling cheap, to make room lor other' work. hay a son, iieur Grand street and Bowery. A? ROCKAWAYS. TOP AND OPEN WAGONS. TOP ? an I open Pony Phaeton. Park Phaetons, Side spring Wagons, Depot, Jai'gcr and Express Harness, single and double Harness, cheaper than at any place in New York, at l.tSO Brwlwiy. james jenKins. A? FOR SALE, A BAY HORSE, A LIGHT TOP . Buggy Wafon, good set of single Harness- mu d bo sold immediately to close an estate. Apply to Dr. HUR RAS, 4rt Great Jones street, where the whole can be seen, A VERY FINE, STYLISH COUPE OR FAMILY HORSE lor sale; 16)4 hands high; dark brown; long tail; ti years old: very gentle, nrui sound In every respect Ap ply at private stable 165 hast Thirty-tlth street, near Lex ington avenue. AT A GREAT BARGAIN? A % LAUNDALET, ON platform and C springs, very light, beautifully llnished, in pertect order; beeu used but a short time. A. T. DE.MAREST A CO . 628 Broadway. A SECOND 11 AND SIX SEAT ROCKAWAY, GOOD order; top Coal-box Buggy, top i'otiy Phaeton, six seat Phaeton, a Miner a_ Stevens Road Wag 'ay. A CHOICE SELECTION OF PARK PHAETONS, iV. light Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony l'haetons. Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies anil other seasonable styles taiuily Carriages and light Wagons, new and second* hand. MAN t'FACTURERS' UNION, CM Broadway. Army wagons? farm carts, blankets, Tents, MeClellsa saddles, Mule Collars, Harness; Canvas Rubber Waterproof Wagon und Horse Covers, Feedings, Armv Clothing, Ac. W. A. CARTER, 52 Cortlandt street, near Greenwich ABEACTIFI L BROWN HORSE, ti YEARS OLD, 18 hamls3 Inches high s a long mane and tail; very stylish ; docile for a lad.v to ride or drive ; fearless of loco motives; warranted sound, and can trot in 2:40; disposed ol on account of owner's bad health. Apply at No. 1 Washington square, east. A LOT OK HORSES, FRESH FROM THE COUNTRY, sold or exchanged tor Horses of less value ; suitable tor all kinds ot business. Inquire at 541 Canal street ler A Stevens Road Wagon. A. T. DEMARE8T, Oii Hroadwi A A DOCTOR'S CARRIAGE, $75; HARNESS. $30; BAY Mure ; run step very last. 138 Wont Forty tlrst street, near Seventh avenne, AYOUNO MARE, ROAD WaGON, HARNESS AND . Blankets; sound, kind and gentle; very last; lor <ulc at a bargain. Inquire at 78 antl so Hank street. AN ELEGANT LANDAt'I.ET, MADE TO ORDER BY i orlii'i, tor s;ile low. *12i> We?t Twcnty liiil. street. VT PRIVATE MALE? THE TROTTING MAKE Eureka, sired by old Henry Clay; in 15.3^ high, 9 years old ; kind, perlect and true In all harness; tree Ironi vice; very docile: ran lie driven l>y anyone, and is warranted sound in every respect, and i? warranted to beat 2 :30 or no sale ; has record of 2:33 to harness last Spring nt Fleetwood; also last Fall 2:35 to wa son at Prospect Park- Can lie seen anv time at the Auction Mart ot WILLIAM VAN TAsselL, no. 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street \ ? FOR SALE, A BAY ARDALLAH HORSE. 15.3, I\. 5 yearn old ; Tree and stylish driver; sound and kind in -ingle or double harm as. iiImi a city made Top Wagon, used three times, and set of single Harness. IIAI.KV'S stable. 1-7 and l?? East Cittj third street. t RARE CHANCE.? FOR sa EE, A DARK GRAY A Gelding, 16 hands, 7 years old ; very stylish, and can heat 3 minutes; will he sold at once tor $500, cost $I,2U0; sound and kind; also tour-whoel l)og Cart. Private stable 51 I'.itsl I liirtv. third street. \POSY FOB SALB-fi YEARS OLD, FINE MAKE and tail, (ruaranteed sound and kind in all harness; is well broken to ?addle lor lady or child; also lady's Saddle and Basket I'haeton and Harness, almost new: together or sepaihti , sold only on account of sickness of owner. Apply at private stable, 159 East Twenty-eighth street. _ _ _ VOOOD SADDLE HORSE, A GOOD ROADSTER, and a large Bay, suitable for matching or lor sin git- coup' ; can be had cheap for cash, or will exclinnge. Inquire lor SCIII'LTZ, at Milward's stables, corner of Forty lourth street .mil Fifth avenue, yim sold. ? I nit S U.E, A SORREL PACING MARE, 15.3, 5 1 \ ? years old. perfentlv green; can pace in 'l :40 to top wagon or no sale; sound, kind and gentle hi single or double harness. HALEY'S stables, 127 and 129 Eant Filty third stre et. _ _ ^ SPLENDID BLACK SADDLE HORSE, 15V hands, H years old, broken to all harness, sound and kind ; linei: $500. Apply at Hiding Academy, corner 0t Sixth avenue and Twenty-sixth street. ?TWO CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT . Coupes, trimmed with brown cloth, Ac. ; bargains lor cash. WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,491 and l,49ti Broadway. BAROUCHE, PHAETON OR SIX-SEATED ROCK awav for the season wanted for private use or If low would buy. Address, stating price, MI.RCUIIEUS, Herald olllce. i"1 ROSS- MATCH ED TEAM TROTTING HORSES FOR \ sale? sired by Sutlolk Chief and Toronto chief, dam thoroughbred mare; tiand 7 years: kind and true; can trot in 3 minutes and warranted found; will be sold to gether or separately. CAN BE SEEN AND TRIED AT ANY TIME ATARCH. JOHNSTON'S MART. 19 TO ii EAST THIRTEENTH ST. These horses are warranted to trot in 3 minutei or no sale. DOCTOR'S LIGHT WAGON, CLOSE, SHIFTING TOP, side windows, coal box body, in good order, chcap. 114 Elizabeth street. 17 VERY STYLE FAMILY CARRIAGES AND LIGHT Pi Road Wagon*, new and second hand, at rea'onable nnres- Harness in great varioty, at NEW YORK SALES and storage REPOSITORY, fourth avenue, CORNER TWENIA FIFTH STREET. iljR SALE-PAIR OF MATCHED BLACK HORSES Hi J band- liu'li . very stylish , warranted gentle . suitable for elt\ or country use: owner gone to Europe. Appiv. 1 Tuesday and Wednesday, between 9 and 11 A. M., ut 3*10 West Twenty tilth street. B30R SALE? ON ACCOUNT OF OWNER GOING TO ' Europe, one pair fine bay Ilorscs, 8 yoars old, about Id hands, sound, true and kind, mil size. Carenee, six < seat Phaeton and Harness: also dark chestnut road Horse 15.3 hands, sound, kind and true. Can be seen at stable,' IS! We-t Forty ninth street, 8 to II A. M. TJ10R SALE? A BLACK TROTTING HORSE; GAIT r warranted 50, gentle ; also top Wagon; city maker ; Harness, Ac, all in good oriler; will be solil at a bargain. Apply at ARMOUR'S, No. 1 Seventh avenue. TTIOR SALE? A STYLISH ROAD AND SADDER r llorsr. 4 vesrs old, 15!, hands high ; warranted sound and kind. Address W. B , box 2,232 Post office. Ir*OK SALE-A VICTORIA PHAETON. WITH TOP ' and r'lfihle, made by Brewster, of Fitth avenue, and but little li ed : cost $I,4IJ0, price $700. Apply at private stable No. I East Forty-second street. triOR SALE? A VERY STYLISH BLACK HORSE, l#'j I; hands; full mane, atxl tall; kind in all work: sold only tor w ant ofu.se.' Apply at private stable 135 West Fiftieth street. IIOR SALE-A THOROUOHBKBD MARE, 15* HANDS 1 high ; very stylish, sound and kind ; 6 years old and can trot in 3 minutes; has been driven by a lady. Apply at 275 Spring street. IV)R HALE? FINE MARE; NO FACET, BET BEEN ill foal . $125; half value ; also line chunk of Horse ; kuuud. junuiit hliud ?t una (ivu. $W. 77 tww Chambers ?U F ?v? ?*? . noHSKS. CiRRIAOBS, *c? FTOR SALE? A ROAD MARB (BLACK), 19 IIA D < high ; trot* in :t minutes In double or single huriii e*s. Can be wi n at Hudson lUvrr Livery Stable, 564 Went Twenty-second street. 1jV)R SALE? A SUPERIOR BAY HORSE, 7 YEARS old, Id. I hands; tor single or doulilt lltrnra; war ranted M>und and Kind ; can tiot in luinutMi Cull at prlvnte stable 42 r ust Thirty-second street, un.v hour up to IS M. and atlterft P. M. E^OR SALE? A 8TRONO WORK HORSE; ALSO A Wsgomuid Harness ; cheap. Applyat HOW LETT'S Orocery Store, cor. Twenty Hull street and Seventh av. IriOK SALB-A PAIR OK HAIIK HAY HORSES, LONG uills atul manes; uncommonly stvlish drivers; will trot in about 8:30; suitable tor a coupe or gent'.cmnn s road TTWBII Apply to R. A. DON ALUsOX, 38 [lev street. JIOR SALE-FIRST CLASS BASKET PARK 1MIAK ton ; trimmed in best style, with scat behind ; can be taken oil ; almost new ; cheap. VAN TINE'S SUIiles, 41S East Tcntll street. FlOB SALE-rA QBNTLEHAN ABOUT LEA VINO town wishes to dispose of hi* complete establish ment, consisting of an elegant coupe Horse, a l?a?-k. I'han ton, nearly new, and a Coupe, a-< also the Harness, Blan kcts, Ac. Call al DORIMuS' livery stables, corner of Thirty seventh street and Seventh avenue. Ii^OR SALE ? A SECOND-HAND COACH TOP BUGOY, set light double Harness and three wagon Poles. Apply at 138 Kast Thirteenth street. IflOR SALE? CIRCULAR FRONT COUPE, AS GOOD a" new. Inquire ut 263 East Tenth street, from 0 A M . to I P. M. BV)U SALE? A FEW PINE GENTLEMEN'S ROAD Horses, bays, lft. 2 to 15.3 high ; young, sound and ml lv guaranteed ? ?1 lie, prompt drivers ; also one Dtucnbiiry k Nelson side bar Top Wagon, polo and baits; weighs 230 pounds, and has never been run. Inquire at Metropolitan stables, 72 Prince street. TjlOR SALE? A PERFECT BEAUTY: THE IIANDSOM I est anil most uentle Black Pony in the ?ity ;5 years old ; Rood style and true driver ; warranted sound; must be sold. HB King street Ladv or child can ride or drive liim. TjH)R SALE? A SECOND HAND HAR, COMPLETE. " with closet; a Luncli Counter, with marble top and steam table; also an Oyster Counter Applv at the office ot Brandrcth ilouso, coiner ot Broadway and Canal st. TjlOR SALE- TWO GLASS QUARTER COACHES, I I doctor's Gig Phaeton, six-seat Roc It away, 2 Top Buggies, 1 line Clarence; all in good condition. II. Ill) kk, jo;'. Mercer street CIOS SALE? A CURTAIN COACH, LITTLE USED, I splendid order, Wood Bros. make. Apply at 33 West Thirteenth street. CIOR BALB-AT MADISON PARK STALLS, 48 BART I Twenty sixth slreot.one pair bay Horses, ti years old, IS hands P . inches high; fine drivers; also one pair of brown Horses, Iff iiund< hi Kb, H years old; stylish drivers; all warranted sound and kind iu every respect. Iin|iiiri! tor J. V \ I lv IKK. 17IOR SALE? T WO PONY BUILT HORSES, lli'? AND 17 I hands, six and eight years; lit for any klnu ol work; prices, $l)6aml Jlilft; sold lor want of use. Inquire ut 130 Perry street, rear. CIOR SALE-A VALUABLE SOBBBL ROAD MARB, I American Slar stock, 8 years old; trots in 3 min utes; kind and true ami warranted sound ; enn be driven by a lady. Apply at U.NDEKllILL'S stable, Latayette place. CIOR SALE? ONE OP TIIK FINEST TEAMS OF 1 Horses in the city ; sorrel and black; beautiful tails ami manse ; very stylish ; good gaited ; 15}? bauds high, 7 years old; will show 2:45; warranted sound and kind T. E. gokdoN, Nos 3 and 6 svest Thirteenth street. CIOR SALE? A HANDSOME BLACK PONY, THREE P yea s old, IC j hands high ; cm he ridden or driven by any lady or Clifld. 39 West Forty-fourth street. FIOR SALE? BLACK M A It 10, 15.2 HANDS. 9 YEARS; sound, kind and trots in 2:50; she is livnlllcss: sold ut a sacrifice lor cash. 223 West Fortieth street. Fiolt SALE? TWO VERY FINE THOROUGHBRED Kenliic.ky Saddle Horses; all the fancy gails; per fectly broke. May he seen lor two days ut 2tf East For tieth street. New York. F'wm SALE? A FINE, STYLISH PAIR OF MAKES; verv handsome, sound and irood roadsters; price reasonable. Address X. Y. Z, Herald Uptown llrunch office. FlOB SALE? ONE TWO HORSE FURNITURE TRUCK, one Spring Cart, one Express Wagon, one Buggy, at Hair Factory, Kilty ninth street, North Kivcr. EpOR SALE CHEAP? A COMPLETE TURNOUT. THE property ot a private gentleman about Icavini: the city. Consisting of a bay horse, fifteen hands and one | inch high; sound and kind, eight years old, very stylish; can be driven b> a lady, and will stand without tying; ; thoroughly broken tinder saddle. Brewster top wagon, I used one year ; as good us new. Set of Dunscomb liar- j uexs. VYlll be sold sopcnuely or together. Apply at sta ble 571 nml fi73 Seventh av., between Fortieth and Forty-first streets. 1,'OR SALE CHEAP? A VERY FINK BAY MARE, 7 r years old, I5'j bands; can trot in 3 :SU; i.s a good driver, and warranted sound, kind and gentle, and truo in all harness. Can be seen ut L'uderhill .t stables, 54 Laluyctte p lace . I1INE STOCK? ELEGANT TEAM OF PROMISING Horses, young, thoroughly broken and very stylish ; warranted sound, without mult or blemish; can irot close to three minutes now; will be sold a: a sacrifice ; I are at the Mart of AUCfl. JOHNSTON, IJ to 25 East Thir ' teenth street, near University place, where they cuii be j seen and tried. / 1 KK AT SPECIAL AM) IMPORTANT SALE. VJ AT AUCTION TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY), A I' KII< 2.1, AT 1.' O'CLOCK, BY ARCH. JOHNSTON, AT IIIS N K\\ HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, lit, -'I, it AND 2ft HAST TIIIR. TEENTII STREET, BETWEEN UNIVLIISI'I V PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. TEAM THOROUGH BRED TROTTING HORSES, U\ hands, ft years old ; kind and true, and warranted sound. THREE ELEGANT TEAMS OK CARRIAGE HORSES; sold on account uf owners going abroad. TEAM CLOSE M \TCHED SORREL HORSES, 7 vears, hnixln ; kind and true, and warranted sound ; cull trot in 3)6 minute*. . DARK BROWN MARE, Htf lianiln, ? years; kind and irni', and warranted sound : an excellent saddle mart'. HARK CHESTNUT SORREL MARE, Ift); hands, H yearn, kind and true, and warranted sound ; tills trotted Inside ot H minute*; cull be drivu l>y uuy one, and an ull dav trotter. BRIGHT SORREL HORSE. 1#J? bands, IS years, kind anil true, and wan anted sound; can trot close to ft min utes; atiHld of nothing; lady or child can drive Inui. I'ONY HORSE, 9', bauds. :t years old. SEVERAL KINE WORK HORSES. COUI'E in perfect order. WESTCHESTER ROCK AWAY, nearlvnew. TWO CLOSE COACHES in good order. DOCTOR'S CARRIAGE. EXPRESS and DEPOT WAQONfl. NO TOP ROAD WAGON by STIVERS. THREE TOP ROAD WAGONS, eltv made. PONY PHAETONS. TOP and NO tOI'. BASKET and PANEL. Sale positive at 12 o'clock. Weather never interferes with our Bit. Houses kor sale- a CROM matched team. M hands, 6 amis years old; sound and gentle ; the owner has no use lor them : the i! year old is a thorough bred and has a pedigree. Apply at Sft Sussex street, Jersey City, near the terry, till one o'clock each day till ?old. Horse.? will give a stylish, young and sound brown Horse, that is worth $AOO, tor n nice top Buggy, even up, or will sell tor $250. 141 Eust Six teenth t treat. Harness.? the cheapest harness stork in New York ? good double truck Harness, $?? <?ooil single buggy Harness, hand made, $17 ; a good stable Blanket, S'JSO; the largest assortment ot Cart Harness lti the city. Cheaper than ever on account of moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER ,t OSBORNE, M Murray street. Harness.? two kink new light double Harness, with key collars, ami made in the finest manner, and a handsome light single harness, sold cheap, at 140 West Thirty third street, second tloor. I have .just finished a few top buggies I and wll' sell cheap for want of money ; also in second hand Carriages, Clarences, Coaches, 'Brett*. Hearse, Muff, ilgbt and heavy Wagons. 160 Third avenue. T POOLE HAS ARRIVED WITH 30 FINE HORSES, < matched Teams, single Horses anil saddle Horses; all good stepper*, at TEANEY'S stable, J'J West Forty fourth street. OWNER, GOING ABROAD, WILL SELL, CHEAP, A light Barouche Carriage, Colling*' axle, made to or der for present owner by Brewster, ot Broome street ; nearly new and In splendid condition. Can be ?ern at Sft Sussex street, Jerney City, near the Cortlaudt street ferry, till 1 o'clock each day until sold. CPLFNDID BAY HORSE, IT; II A N 1)^ HIGH, 7 O years old ; warranted sound and kind. Inquire at "sis second avenue. y ADDLE ? THE ADVERTISER WI>HEs ~o Bt Y A kJ lady's second hand tliree-pomin"! Kugl.sh raddle and Bridie ; muat be in good order. Address li.ix 1,23ft l'o?t otttce. GBOOND RAND CARRIA six EAT Rock A 0 way. small Pony Wagen, Depot Wagon, five Rock a ways, several Buggies, Coupe, I'urk Phaeton, number of Carriages, slightly soiled, ut bargains, MANUFACTURERS' CNION, 03* Broadway. TWO OR POUR HORSES (OR MARE?, *0 ABB wanted in exchange for small amount of money and Lots in Chicago, or Lund In Wisconsin. Call on J. it. JONES, Artor House, at 10 o'clock this A. M , or .1 P. M. rpo LET-PRIVATE STABLE, CENTRALLY LO 1 cated. with all improvements; rent $<ft0. Apply at 11U West Forty -seventh street. rpo LET? FROM 1ST OK MAT, PWO PRIVATE 1 Stables. Inquire of WILLIAM H. HANKINSON, 15 East Twenty-seventh street. rpo LET? FOUR STALLED PRIVATE STABLE, AT 131 J We?t Seveuteenth street, between sixth and Seventh avenues. JOHN J. ToWNsKND, 7<i Wall street. TANTED? A SOUND, GENTLE HORSE, 1ft TO I51,' ./ hand*: must trot in fto er better. Address, with lull particulars, W\ P. J., Herald office. ^ \\ - UNTKD? A FIRST I LASS FAMILY HORSE, SOUND, VV i/etitle. stylish and full l? hands lilgii. Ad Ires*, with lull particulars, DOCTOR, 5l>a West thirty sucoud etreet. Tl'ANTED-KULL SEAT SQUARE BOX TOP WAGON, Vt pole and shaits, In good order; city made. Ad drc<*. with particulars and price, E. B , box ItiS Herald olllco WANTED? A SMALL AND VERY GENTLE PONY if or a well broken donkey, to tie used bv young chil dren both to ride and drive. Apply at stable 117 East Twenty-second street or ad res* 11., box 1,128 I'ost office, giving particulars. Wanted- a leather top halk spring box Wagon, to carry two, by some good maker, but lit tle used and cheap. Address, with tull particulars, \\ AGON, box 936 Post office. w HOKSKS, CAHHIAGK*, ?fct;. TANTED-A OOOD CAttRIAOE IIORSE, AH >1 'TIM*! . > hau l - : must he pen tli an I -ervi-vahle ; v.iiur $. '1 to $400. Address SAFETY, Brooklyn Brunch Herald office. TITANTUD? SEVERAL CARRIAOKS, WITH II A I ?f ne*% in oxi hange i??r well lo, ;.m Building I -o ts , i . minutes from City Hail, flree and .near SAUt FX D. MACK, '.',132 Third avenue. TIT ANTED TO BENT? A STABLE, BELOW CANaT VV street, having accommodation for tour hor-es. Ac drew, with lowest rent and exact location, SIAUliK, bo*. 106 Herald office. 3HORSSH FOR BALE-TWO HEAVY DI! V'.'CII T. ONE saddle and harness Horse; warranty given; m>i<i on account of ileal li in family* Inquire at 220 Eighth ave nuta. No dealers Mod appi) ? Ainn FOR A FINE BIO MARK FOR FA RM I NO ; A jpil/U pony built Horse, good worker, $75; a good Horse 'lor light work. $!>?'< tii WMt Tweuty-iiitii street. d?"| (T ?BAY HORSE, S YEARS, CAN SHOW :t ?!p 1 I >). minutes. I.'i', !i ;i n Is; Black, ii y -arn, I (if ? $210 ; Bay Maro, ii years. ifl1., $135; Bay Horse, lfi hands. $U'5; all sound jiikI kind. OH 1-- lk litti avenue, corner Thirl} - flrst street. ?OQ BROADWAY? CABB1 A OEM, HARNESS; OAR I )? 10 riages, new ami second hand, moat complete as sortment ever offered, comprising every description of Family Carrianes anil l.i?ht Wagon* at popular prices. . MAN UFACTU it K US' UNlO.v, 0S8 Broadway. DRY GOODS. AT SMITH'S PATTERN RAZAAR, 9H BROADWAY, Jl near Twentieth street. ? The latest imported style-, hcaiiflitil changes tor Spring an ! summer, tlegant toilets. I'at terns, with cloth models, now ready. Pat tern' lifted to the form warranted per lent. Magic Oof. tume in iiaeu made ui> is the feature lor summer. Come early. Hair i hair; haiki The largest stock of Hainan Ilalr Qoods in the cltr at Sll vW's, 382 Bowery, between Fourth an i flreat Jones droits, and ,*VIS Sixth avenue, between Twenty acornl and Twenty third streets, up stairs. SIIAW'S l'atont. Hair Switches, can he combed and brushed, $1 each. Human Hair, cheapest and bnsl in the market. Short Hair Swltones, $2 each and upwards. French Switches, $">. Cutis, $1 and upwards. Latest styles always on hand. IHTliLINRBY AM) URKSSMAKINO. A Y M IL UALOUPKAU, 53 EAST TENTH STREET ? Will open her importation of Paris Millinery for the Summer season on Wednesday, 23d inst. MI-S E. M. SCHOFIBLD BEOS TO INFORM II HI* friends and formefpatrons that she has resumed tho business oi dressmaking at 272 West Twenty-tll'ih street. LEGAL NOTICB4, OUl'REME COURT. O In the matter of the applloatton of the Department Of Public Harks, for and In behalf of the Mayor, Alder men and commonalty of the city of New York, relati /?> to tho Opening ot Klngshridge Road, northwardly from 'lie southerly line of 155th street to the Harlem River, as laid out by the Commlssiontirsof the Central Park, ill the city of New York. We, the undersigned Commissioners ot Estimate and Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby give notice to the owner or owners, occupant or occupunts of all houses and hits and improved or unimproved lands n fleeted thereby, and to all others whom it may concern, ^'i^-Vhat wo have completed our estimate and assess ment, ami that all persona Interested in these proceed ings or In an> ot the lands iiffcc;ed thereby, and who ma v be opposed to the same, do present their obicctlons in writing, dulv verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our office^ 150 Broadway (room 15), in the said city, on or before the 'M day of April, Iri7 i, mid that wo, the said Commissioners, will hear parties s.i objecting within thu ten week-days next alter tho said 23d day of April, IS7S, ami for that purpose will be in atteniianco at our said otllco on each of said ten days, at II o'clocc A. M. II.?1 That the abstract ofthe said estimate and assess ment, together with our maps, an I also all the allldaviLs, estimates and other documents which were used by iw in making our report, have been deposited In the otllco of the Department ol Public Works, in the city of New York, there to remain until the fiih day ot" May, H7.1 III.? That tho limits embraced by the assessment afore, said, are as follows, to wit:? Allthose certain lots, pieces, or parcels ot land contained, lying and in-t within the following bounds or limits. that is to say -?Commencing at the point lormed by the intersection ol the northerly line or side oi M.?th stu ot with the westerly lino or side ot the Eighth avenue; running thence northerly along i lie westerly line or solo ot the said Eighth avenue to tho hit h water mark ofthe llarh m River; thence alom; tho said high water mark ofthe Harlem River an it winds anil turns to llie Hudson Klver; thence southwardly alonic the easterly side of the Hudson River, at luith water mark as said river winds anil turns. to the southerly line or side of I5tth street; thence easterly along the said southerly line or side ot 155tlt street to the easterly side ol the Boulevards thence southerly, along tile said easterly side of said Bou levard, to the northerly line or side ot llSih street; an,l easterly. alons the said northerly line or side ol 145th street, to the point or place ol beginning. IV. ? That our report herein will he presented to the Su preme Court ot the State ol New York, at a special term thereof, to be held iu the New Court House at the City llall, in the city ol New York, on tho 26th day of May, 1><7;I, at the opening of the Court on that day, and that then amt there, or as soon thereafter as counsel can bo heard thereon, a motion will be made that the said report be confirmed. HENRY PARSONS, ) HI 1,1.1 A. M J. PARSONS, > Commissioners. John t. m coo wan, } Nkw York, March 19, 1873. YACIITH, NTKAJIIIOATH, AC. 110 It HALE?' TWO SCHOONERS, CARRYING HJO AND UK) toils; three Sloops, carrying 1 70, Sfl and 61) loll". H. BENNETI, .tJII West hlrrct. 1J10B BALE CHEAP? SLOOP YACHT, 23X10, JUST I launched; complete outfit; small tender, Ac. Ad dress, i<r one week, S. <!. F? Im>* tlsfi Pout office. T.10R HALE CHEAP? SIX SAIL BOATS, FROM M TO P US led lonfr. cut itii >1 sloop rh-'ged Apply at builder's shop. Pleasant Valley, X. or to PETER li. RUCK, or ut 402 West Thirteenth street. New York. WANTED TO *'l KCIIASK A.n EMBOSSING MACHINE WANTED; a lso BLOCK cutters and u competent man lor drawn stripes. HOWELL A BOUKEE, paper hangings manufacturers, Philadelphia. HOILJSKf), HOOWH, WAVt'KD. in litis CHy anil Brooklyn. tJIURNISIIRD llOI'SE WANTED? IN NEW YORK, F where owner would receive rent in Board, with priv ilege of oilier boarders; reference* Address lor lour du>? IIOME, box 1 7.t Herald I ptown Bnoeh office. House wanted.? house in the country! with garden attsehed, lor small luinilv; not more than mi hour trom Wall street. Address box TO Post oltlCC, New York. I OWI-.lt I'ART OK A IiorsE, SEVEN ROOM*, WITH J linproveiiicnls, lor small lamily. Address, with price, II VKTON, Herald offlce. Madison wem e - wanted, two furnished Rooms, with oath, for two gentlemen, on Madison avenue, hetwecii Twenty third und Kortieth streets. Ad dress W. O., Herald olllce. TjrANTED? ' TWO oit Til it EE FURNISHED ROOMS, ft with gas, tj>r housekeeping ; relit in advance : Amer ican family preferred. Address S. P., box 142 Herald olllce. 11T ANTE li PERMANENTLY, BY U I- STI,EMEN~A ?? nicely furnished Room und Bedroom (two beds); price $10 to 912 per week. Address B. E. box 111) llcruld olllce. _______________________ W ANTKIi-BY A liKNTLEM VN~ AND WIKE, WHO V? ute living out of town an I will be on anil oil a nood deal, a well lurnished Boom, in a quiet house ot central location. A Idress I. M , Herald I.' ptown Branch olllce. IITANTE D? B Y A YlM'Nii I'OII'I.K A KIT K.N ISHED ?? or unlurnlshed large Koom, the latter preferred, from Eigth to Fifteenth street, between Sixth avenue ami Broadway ; price moderate. References. Address J. D, M . box 109 Herald Uptown Branch olllce. IV^ANTED-A S OI'RTH OR~ KIKTH I, OPT, ABOUT I' 2BxflU, between Barclay and Canal streets. Address ALEXANDER BLAIR. HO franklin street "IITANTI'D? BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, AN It unfurnished llrstor second Floor, consisting ol flvo or six rooms; must be in excellent order, with all con veniences and in nn unexceptionable neighborhood; above Fortieth street preferred. Address 11. W. C., 217 West Twenty-first street. XtT ANTED? ROOM AND BBDROOM FOR LADY AND IT well behaved child; without board preierable; would then take- inealsotit; terms about S-H per month: will give unexceptionable references, and furnish, If necessary, handsomely, except carpets. Address D. E. O., Herald Uptown Branch office. IITANTKO-AN U N FURNIS H E I) ROOM, IN A PRI VV vate house, west side; rent must be stated In answer : would prefer to have carpet on floor. Address O. , Herald office. _ WANTED? ON WEST SIDE OF TOWN. BELOW VV Thirty-first street, a Floor or Flat of four or flvo rooms, with housekeeping conveniences; tamily small; rent nut exceeding $40 per month. Address M. C. ADAMS, box 1.1SW Post office. tl/- ANTED HY A SMaTI. FAMILY OK ADULTS V? (three), a Second Floor and part of third for house keeplinr; rent not to exceed $r*), including gas; refer ences. Address LEWIS, Herald office. 11TANTBD-A IIOUHE tlR FEAT, ON OR NEAR ?? ThirJ, sixth or Eighth avenne, between Fourteenth and Forty-second streets. Address E. A., Herald Uptown Branch offlce, lor three days. Ur ANTED To LEASE-TENEMENT OR OTHER Property, on reasonable terms, by a responsible) party. Address SIMPSON, Herald office. TAT ANTED TO KENT? A SMALL KOOM, SUITAB1.K " lor sample room, below Canal street, near Broad way; llrstcla s reference. Address URISWoLD, Herald office. In the Countrj*. SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED? WITHIN one hour of city and ten minutes' walk of depot; must have gas, bath and range; neatly furnished; to a | responsible married couple, without children; $7M) pT annum Address, with particulars, CAKEKl'L TENANT, | box 118 Herald office. j WAN TED? AT TARRYToWN, A FURNISHED HOUSE ' it for the Summer, by a private family; must be a I first class residence, with all modern Improvements, i shady grounds, well drained, and with a good river vie w : possession wauled treni tile middle ot June to middle ot j September. Address box l.iMd Post offlce. New York cifV W ANTMI ro RENT OR 111 V, OLD FARM llOl SE, fl few acres, on line of llackensack Ex. or Northern New Jersey ; accessible and clioap. Address box los Uer | aid office. PANCDiG AI'AllK.UIKrt. 1 CAU'-li'S DANCING ACADEMIES. O PRIVATE LRS40NB at any hour, daT of evening J CIKCl LAKS at Privatu Aoaduiuv. 212 i.asl fce > eiau it.

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