11 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

11 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Ar B ?S NEW Stork. tartllng Novelties, ulisturlion always k'ivcn, urvlT all attractions must 8 DRV GOODS. 8SSSS83 S 8 8 8 8 8 8 SSSS88S 8 8 ?9 We have uo old Goods. SSSSSSS HFW STORK 8 tupenrious bargains, 8 omethlng always new, 8 uccuuib to low pricos, 8 that Save to be *old by special advertising. CONTINUOUS BECEPTION ? -A ot elegant patterns in all CHEAPEST] kinds of Dress Goods, in all Til 18 the new shades, at 25c., 30c., SEASON. SSc. 40c ,45c., B0c.,tt)c., 75c., <*> 80c. and 90c. per yard. CHEAPEST TH IS SEASON. LADIES' AND MISSES' BEADY MADE 8 S3 8 8 8 8 S88 8 8 H 8 888 V U V U V U u U 1 innr ii ii n ii ii ii n ii n la 8SS 8 a s 8 SS9 8 M 8 3 8S4 Black Alpacas, Cashmeres, Poplin*. Silks, Linens. Victo ria Lawns, Swisses, trimmed in all the new sbades, from $3 up. LADIES' L'.NDEKiiARMENTS. Bridal Sets from $8 aj>. _ A l'huuipson's glove-Htting Corsets, Cheapest I $1 33. this Mrs. Moody's Corsets at $2 SO. ^LArse stock of Aprons, from 29c. op.$> Hoop Skirts, Bustles, 25c., 37c., 48c., 50c.t 74c. Calico Wrappers fro in $1 up. Ladies' and Misses' PARASOLS, PARASOLS, PARASOLS, PARASOLS, PARASOLS, PARASOLS, PARASOLS, PARASOL8, PARASOLS, all silk. In all the latest styles, at 75c., $1, $1 50. Club Handles at $2 50, worth >3 50, large stock, cheapest this season. Walking Canes u\$l 50, worth S3 50l Ottoman Shawls for $5, former price $9. Cashuiure Shawls, open centres, $1 50, wortb $9. A large stock at all price* BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK SILKS, SILKS. SILKS. SILKS. SILKS. SILKS. SILKS. SILKS. SILKS. Tho cheapest this season -ATTnnnpome Gros Grain Silk, $1 50; worth $2. Lyons extra heavy, $2 25; worth $3. Trimming silks und Satins, all colors. Lis count to the trade. ? H H H II O H HO H HO HIIHH O H HO H H OOO 888S II O S II O 8 O S II O U O SS88 II O 8 O 8 O S OOO 8888 II Cheapest this season. Ladles are Invited to examine our extensive stork of Hosiery. Ladies' and Misses' KID KID KID KID KID KID KID KID KID In all colors ana sizes; every pair warranted; cheapest this season. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Large stock. 100 dozen extra large Towels at $2. 50 places blcuched Table Damask, two yards wide, at 69 cents. 300 dozen pure linen Napkins, at $1 per dozen. 500 All .mliro Quilts, largest size, at $2. l,00u Lancaster Quilts, largest size, at $110. The cheapest this season. 5-4 Muslin Ht 13c , C-4 at 25c. 8-4 Sheeting at 31c., 9-4 at 37c., 10-1 at 4Uc. All Goods marked in plain figures. at D. SOLINGER .t CO.'S One I'rlco New Store, 328 Bleeeker street, corner Christopher street ? The cheapest this season. J^ ?SPECIAL SALE. JOHNSON, BURXS A CO., Union square, IMPORTERS, will offer ORI5AT BARGAINS this wceek In MILLINER) and STRAW GOODS. 250 cases of extra fine Black Hair Hats, all new shapes. 75 cases verv fine Split Straw Bonnets, $4 and $4 50, worth $5 50 and $0 50. 60ca*cs of White Chip Round Hats, in new styles, $1 25, ?1 SO and $1 75. 15 cases of extra fine French Chip, all new shapes, just opeued. 150 case* of Leghorn Bonnets, Round Hats and Flats, $2, $2 SO, 93, S3 90, $4; extra tine goods. S50 case* of Shade IIat? for Ladies, Misses and Children, 50c., 69c., 75c , WSe. and upwards. BOO cases of Black, Brown. Gray and Whl'e Milan and Fancy Braids, $1, $125, $1 3d, $150, $1 79, S2 and up wards; extr line good*. 85 dozen of Black French Chip Turbans, Jnst opened. TRIMMED BONNETS und ROUND HATS, Terr desirable goods, at the tu>lowing prices:? BONNETS. round hats. $10. $*. ill $15. sit; 59. SIS 90. $ I o 50. ?2i). $18. $9 50. in. iu. parasols and SUN UMBRELLAS, the largest assortment we have ever bad the pleasure of offering our customers. 850 black and brown. ALL SILK. 13-inch SUN UMBREL LAS at $2 29, wurt.li $3. 300 black and brown, ALL SILK, 22-Inch, at $3 25. 250 black and brown, ALL SILK, 24 inch, at $4 25. Changeable Silk SUN UMBRELLAS, all shades, at $3 25, $3 79 und upwards. Will also make large addition* In the following depart ments:? RIBBONS, LACE~ FRENCH FLOWERS, FEATHERS, HOSIERY, GLOVES and FANC/ GOODS, ?nd at prices to suit the time*. JOHNSON, BURNS A CO.. 34 and 3d East Fourteenth street (Union s<iuare). KOCHS, this week. Carmine and Bleeeker streets. Great bargain* in DRESS GOODS. One case of fine Satlne Cashmere, In all the latest and most tiuautitui shades, . only 50c.; value, $1. Three case* of striped PineapMe Cloth. 19c.; worth 40c. Ten case* ul Grenadines at liV? 20c. and 25c.; worth irem 25c. to 50c. LACE CURTAINS From auciton, ? little damaged en the voyage, at halt the gold cost. Splendid Nottingham Lace*. l*c,. 18c. and 20c vestibule Laces at He. per yard, Very fine Lacej at SOc. to 75c. per yard; worth $1. AIM Muslin Curtains equally cheap. * LACE SACQUE8 AND SHAWLS Fine Lace Bac'iues, lateit sty Is, $7. Lace shawl* iruiu $2 so tu $4. From auction. Also SO floe BIftck silk Kacijtiei, from $10 to $30.; worth double the muBtJ. Jtul reicWed, a lot of \ REDINOOTE8, ^ ' v, -4 made In the most approved style Camel'* Hair, Cloth and Poplu >plln Redlngotef, $K $10 and $12. Equal material and superior In style to those offered |l?e where for $15 and $lA Ladle*' Black Alpaca Suits at $9, $12 and $10. U?eu Suit* and itadiiigat**, from $3 uy. ' KOCH'S Popular Store, HU:ri:ker and Carisiiic streets.' put poops. the popular GRAND CENTBAL ESTABLISHMENT ? ? ? .7... ?-???? ????# % ? ? * A * M A W W ? ?. MAOT ? * ? ? ? ? *00. I* ?f <? ???? ????? ? ? ? ?? ??V ? ? # ? ? ? ?? ? ? During this week will exhibit au unusually tluc assortment INFANTS' WHITE 8ILK ?' BONNETS A NO IIATS, ill a variety of style*, at ORKATLY REDUCED PRICES. NOW READY, Now ready, A full assortment of SUMMER UNDERWBAR, ia merino and gauze, for _ LADIES, OENTLEMHN AND CHILDREN. LLAHA LACE 8AOQ0E8. LLAMA LACE SHAWLS. LLAMA LACE FICHUS. I.mlion can easily sstlsfv themselves bv comparison witli ottier homea that our goods, of precisely the game pattern ami quality that they sec elsewhere. are from 13 to ?> per ccat LOWER IN PRICE. STRAW aOODS. FLOWERS, BIBBONS, PARASOLS. R. n. MACY ft CO., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. AT JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S. Broadway and Eleventh street. Silk Department. Having made extensive purchases in colored and black Silk* during the recent depression in the European mar kets we offer <>ur entire stock, comprising all the newest colors, muriuc. brnn, ecru, Ac., Ac., at a reduction of 20 per cent iroui the prices of the earlier part of the season. Black Silks. Uulnet'.s Drap de France. .lames McCreery ft Co.'s "Family Silk." Bonnet's Saliu Finish, $2. The sublime Cachemlre extra, which, for brilliancy of finish ami uleganco, excels any other silk manufactured. A vei*y groat variety of other makes at an unusual reduction. At jaues M'CRBERy * co.'s, Broadway ami Eleventh street, will oiler on Monday. May 12, a large assortment of fine Lyons fancy Silks at reduced priccR. Grisaille Stripes'. $1 25, reduced Iron) <1 7.i. Orisalllo stripes. $1 SO, reduced from $2. Ura.v and black Stripos, 87>4c., la all (ho new designs. Fancy colors at $1 1234, $' ^ and $1 50. AT JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, will ofler on Monday, May 12, great bargains in fancy Spring and Summer Dress Goods, including all the latest novelties. Sultana and Mohair Serves, in all the new shades of sage and inlgnette, sue. per yard. French Mohairs, satin stripes, 4('c mill 50c. per yard. Imitation Camel's Hair (Moth, light texture, soc. and 02,^0. Brocaded Japanese l'oplin, elegant designs. 37}?c. Brocaded, striped, 25c. Plain and fancy Mohuirs, reuueed to 20c. and 25c. T JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, l Broadway and Eleventh street, will offer on Monday, Mav 12, their entire stock of Ladies' Suits and Ladles' and Children's Underwear, at greatly reduced prices. AT JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, will otl'er on Monday, May 12, a splendid stock of rich Dress Goods, in every fabric suitable for Spring and Summer wear, at a great reduction In prices. Plain Silk Challes, in new colors,U/^c. Real India Pongee Silks, $L Striped Sicilian, reduced trom $4 to $2 50. Camel's Hair and Silk Serge uiul Artnure, $1 25. Brocaded Mikado Silks, reduced from $1 50 to $1. French and English I'otigees, 62Kc. upward. Pure Silk Welt Mohairs, 75c. per yard. Fine Summer Cashmere, 75c. per yard. Japanese Silks, superior quality, 50c. to 75c. Kxtra quality Sicilian silk, In plain colors. Irish Poplins, in ail the new Siring shades. AT JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S. Broadway and Eleventh street. On Monday, May 12, we will clear out our stock of Real India Stella and Calcutta Shawls at a great sacrifice. Having marked them down to nearly one-half their original price, now is the tiuie for ladies to get decided bargains in these goods Open centre real India Shawls. $35, worth Open centre real India Shawls, $45, worth Open centre real India Shawls. $75, worth _ Up to the finest imported, at a proportionate reduction. \ T JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, iV Broadway and Eleventh street, have received, per last steamer, another magnificent assortment of Llama Lace Shawls and Sacquos. These goods are very choice, being all thread patterns and the most tashionatile shapes. Also a fresh invoice of Black Thread Lace Shawls and Sacques and Guipure Sacqucsat very attractive prices. WALLER ft M'SOBLEY'S?SUITS?3,000 LADIES White and Colored Lawn and Linen Suits at $3, $4, $5, $6 and upward; 2,000 Lustre and Poplin Suits, In the latest styles, nicely trimmed and well made, at $8, $9, $10 and $12, and upward -, elegant Suits, made of the most fashion able materials, unsurpassed in style and finish, at from $20 to $30, and upward. Drosslng Rooms?Dresses altered and tlttad by first class dressmakers, without extra charge; splendid assortment of Sacgues, Talmas, Dol mans, ftc., in cashmere, drap d'ete, Ac., In the latest and richest styles, at towest prices. Dress Goods?Plain and corded Lustres, new shades, dauble widths, at 25c.; Poplins ami Alpacas, new shades, at 25c. and upward; Stripes and t lalds, 20c. and upward; Japanese Stripes, 20c. and upward; Japanese Silks. aU styles, 50c. and up ward ; Balernoes, Sattecns, Pongees, Cretonnes, ftc., ftc., new shades, at 35c. and upward; Camel's Hair Cloth, Cashmere, drap d'ete, Ac., for sacques and polonaises, at great bargains; Black Silks, best makes, at $1, $1 25, $1 50, aud upward; Oulnet's Silks, splendid quality, at $1 75, worth $2 50 per yard; striped Silks at 85c., $1 and upward ; Mourning Goods, every make and style, at low est prices; special bargains In Muck Alpacas aad Grena dines; Shawls, in great variety, very cheap; Cloths, Cassimeres, Hosiery, White Goods, Housekeeping l>ry Goods, Ac., ftc.. at lowest prices. All goods marked in plain figures; no deviation. WALLER A McSORLEY, 245 Grand street, near Bowery. A OAYNOR'S, 824 Broadway, south of Twelfth street. Corsets, Skirts and Tournours, .'tlst received, several cases of real Paris made Couttlle and Woven Corsets, ?lcuai>t shapes and styles, adapted to any figure. Also Latest Paris Novelties, In French haircloth Skirts and Tournours, superior styles aud quality, at reasonable prites. Another great display. LOOK AT THE PRICES. EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN BLACK SILKS. 1873. SPRING IMPORTATION. 1873. CHARLES HEARD A CU, :I0I GRAND STREET, will offer Monday, May 12, 118 additional pieces superior quality Black SILKS; new goods, of recent ImpoiUtloii, bought at auction sales duriug the past week. Rich Rlack Grosde Rhine Extra rich Oros de Rhine Rich Black Drap de Lyon ... Rich Black Drap de trance $1 10, Rich Black Oros Oraln Still richer Oros orain, Extra supor Groi Oram 92, . ... SaUn finish Oros Grain.. *2 2?. $2 50, $2 75. 93 Also 130 pieces. In addition to their large line of Spring and Summer Check aud Striped SILKS, from Me up. Friends, customer* and strangers aru invited to call and examine. HEARD ft CO.3m Grand street. uciiou saies uunug me past week. Grosde Rhine .....90e 91, f| 10, 91 20 Srosde Rhine 91 80, 91 40, SI 50, 91 60 Drap de Lyon 91, 91 10. 91 2u, 91 40 t-Tan(.P 91 Jo, 91 /q, ji 3,(< I| M 1 91. 91 10, 91 20, 91 SO 91 40, it 50, (I 6?, |l 75 O 92, $2 Jtt, $3 40. 92 50 A. -KID GLOVES. Just opened, 9 new lot, superior quality, one-button at 4Sc. pair, two-button at 75c pair, Gents' at $1 pair, HARRIS BROTHERS', . 877 Broadway, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. A . r1 S PATTERN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY, JUST 1 ?n5.?.Tlh "tr?et ?#pring and Summer styles, cloth beautiful Costumes, Patterns, with rlnud?owPatterns fitted to the form war ranted perfect; cutting ami busting. Come EARLY in the A1 ,I.Vtj??iJ_R.0.u FOURTH A YEN UK, STAMP ami Bsth iT'Trniliiol' Bstablishmenv?Ladles' for hVoBdttiXubir.Cn*d11^ then<l?r?est rnvl Vlhr?PnlhV Jpibr 8#w,?l Marseilles Dreiwes DRY GOODS. A TTBAOTIVP A SPRING NOVBLT1R8 lit tllA FAVORITE RESORT ?f FASHIONABLE NEW YORK. The choice variety STYLISH AND DESIRaIILE OOOD8 to t?0 found under .. ? ??.. the one rool of the y\tiT AND COMMODlOUt? E8TaJLI*IUENT of * * **** * * *\ *??*? ???*# ? * ? ? H. *?*?* ? *. ? ?#* # ? maot **#* * 4 0 0. ? * ?# ** ?# ** ? ** ** *?*?**#* ? ? * ' ? ? * * * * ? render* it one of tlio MOST DELIGHTFUL AND CONVENIENT SALONS FOB PURCHASING FOR THE LADIES of NEW YORK AND .SUBURBS. The immense business transacted by Hu t llrin unable* them tii control T1JK CHOICEST SELECTIONS of PORF.ION AND DOMESTIC MANUFACTURE, and to oll'ur to their customers a constant succession of NEW GOODS at SEASONABLE AND ECONOMICAL PRICES. B. II MACY ft CO., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. A. T. STEWART ft CO. arc ollcring GREAT INDUCEMENTS TO HOUSEKEEPERS at a great sacrifice in regular prices. LACE CURTAINS and UPHOLSTERY OOODS In everv variety <if style, make an.I quality. Shirting, Bed ami Table Linens, Towels, Huckaback, Urmnb cloths, white ami unbieachcd COTTON SHIRTING AND SHEETINOM, blankets, Quilts, Flannel*, Ac., Ac BROADWAY, FOURTH AVENUE, NINTH AND TENTH STREETS A. T. STEWABT ft CO. will open on Monday, April 12, a lull line of LLAMA points, {SACQUE9. I'ICUUS, POLONAISE, PARASOL T COVEBS, at a reduction of one-third from last season'* prices. They will also open a largo invoice to add to their stock ot POINT OAZE, APPLIQUE AND CHANTILLY SHAWLS, FLOUNCING*, BAKBES, GOIFFURES. HANDKERCHIEFS, FICIIUS, Ac.., Ac., Ac. REAL CHANTILLY and oUll'UBE JACKETS, $iJ each upward*. Beat India Stella Shawls. India Camel's Ilalr Shawls. BLACK, PLAIN and FANCY SILKS, Japanese Silks. IRISH and LYONS POPLINS, Poulards, Gaze tie Chamberv. All silk Grenadines. POPULAB DRESS OOODS. Fourth avenue section. Diagonal Mohairs, 25c., worth 40c. Stripe l'oplins, 45c., formerly 75c. Steel Mohairs, 25c. per yard. FIRST QUALITY FRENCH PKRCALES, neat designs. 2l) eases to be ouotieu at 13c. per yard, value 35c. Also, UK) pieces of beautiful REVERE TUCKING, in French Nainsooks, $1 per yard, reduced over forty per cent And a very large and complete stock of KM. WHITE OOODS, many liues REDUCED 2S PER CENT. The very latest LONDON and CONTINENTAL NOVEL TIES in IIATS and BONNETS, trimmed and untrlutmod, of STRAW, CHIP and LEU HORN. MILLINERY AND SASH BIBBONS, new tints, also to close a JOB LOT. No. 4,...10c. No. 12 . ) No. 6 .) No. 1?. .f fflc. No. 7 .. > 15c. No. 22.. ) + No. # .. I ONE HALF FOBMEK VALUE. 9 THREAD AND LLAMA LACK PAKASOLS. White, black and colored nilk Parasols, with every style ot handle, in ivory, agate, ebony and tnalncca. Elegant Fans, Fancy Goods, ftc., Ac. An immense assortment of imported SPRING SUITS, in the latest aud most desirable cut and fabric, from tJ to Ml each. Elegantly made BLACK SILK SUITS, froin $30 to $>00 each. Swiss Muslin Dresses, white Lawn and Pi<|iie Suits. Rufl and drab Linen Travelling Suits, troin *<j each up wards. Special bargains in Zephyr Wool SEASIDE WRAPS, $2 and $3each, actual value $6 and $10. DRESSMAKING, UNDER SUPERIOR MANAGEMENT. executed at short notice, WITHOUT DISAPPOINTMENT IN TIMK OR FITTING, equal in style and elegance to the best foreign productions. CHARGES VERY MODERATE. BROADWAY, FOURTH AVENUE, NINTH AND TKNTH STREETS. A AT MME. J. D. LIVERRE'S, 441 SIXTH AVENUE. 441, lietween Tweutysixth and Twenty-seventh streets. Stamping and Embroidery Establishment, children's pique Dresses, stamped and alrcadv made; French Lin scries and ladies'Undergarments; handsome Initials aud Monograms embroidered to order; Laces cleaned and mended equal to new. T THE POPULAR CARPET STORE, 123 Bowery, near Urand street. Carpets at popular prices. Fine check and white Mattings, 25c. per yard. Ingrain Carpets, 50c.. G0c., 75c. and $1 per yard. Three-ply Carpets, $1 25 per yard, English Tapestry Brussels, $1 25 per yard. Body Brussels, in new designs, $1 75 to $2 per yard. A large stock ot Paper Hangings, Curtains, Cornices, Window Shades, Oilcloths) and Rugs, at equally low prices. All goods guaranteed as represented. A.Inj ?A?A.? INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND SCABFS, the choicest ^oods in the trad*, bargains. Retiring from business In July. Building to lease tor three or live year*. J. BUSSELL, 33 East Twentieth street. Bradbury bbos., 312 and 314 Bowery. one door below Bleecker street. Will commence on MONDAY a great sale ot Dress and Suit materials. All the new shades ot plain Belermo Cloths at 25c. Cost 40c. in gold. Double width Mohair Lustres, 31c., in all the new colors. Superb goods ff^c, t<> ?5c. All silk Chain Japanese silks, 50c., worth double those with mixture of coituu sold every* where at that price. Brocho Milkado Silks, fiJiic. Cost 75c. gitld to import. All silk chain French Poplins, $1. Former price, $1 tit). BBADBUBY BBOS., 'Ml and 314 Bowery, one door I clow Hlecc.ker street Mourning Goods in great variety. ' Black Aluacas, 2jc., 25c., 30c., and 37'-?c., to the finest quality, of superior lustre and uuupproacha ble value for the money. Superb nuaiity or Cashmeres, 50c. and up. Silk striped Grenadine*, 20c., sold last season at 40c. Black Crape Morctte. $i, two yards wide, enst $1 SO, gold, to Import BBADBUBY BROS., 312 and 314 Bowery, one door below Bleecker street. Black grns grain and glace SiUs, $1 to $1 25. Finer qualities at $1 37 to $1 73. Superb quality. $'2 to $2 it Finer goods proportionately low. Also a line of new shades in plain Silks, $1 25. warranted full boiled, and selling elsewhere at $1 7.V Bradbury bros., 312 and 314 Bowery. one door below Bieecker street Suits and Cloaks of snperlor style and finish and at lower price* titan first class work can be found elsewhere. Also Llama Lace Shawls and Sacques t>onght at the recent peremptory sales lor cash. Bradbury bbos., 312 and 314 Bowery, one door below Bleecker street Housekeeping Goods, Linens, Townij, Damasks and BedquiltS. Alio ?TOO pieces of English Print at 10c., 1 yard wide ISO pieces of Pacific Percales at 20c. together with a large assortment of Domestics at equally low prices. (1 W. FRENCH will open on MONDAY, new Soring Styles of White and Colored shirt*. made to order First class work aud fit. Call and see samples at $1C, $12 and $4Sper Jo*en. Fine English Umbrellas for ladies arid M tiflcnien. Ladies' Fri'ncll Jewelry ChaielalncM, lit ut. Ac. A'cowplctc new stock ot Men's Knuu ? iif (JooA per stcauslup Cuba ? C. W FRFNPn, importer of Men'* Furauhing Goods and tine French Jewelry, VW Broadwa>, Pru ne street ?,rn r JOCVIN KID OLOVB8, MAI SON V IOLF.T PERFUM err?An assortment of the genuine arUiies always on hand at H. ORODKE A CO.'S, late li. Uiuu'fc W Last Xwei(iU aue?W TfWl wf B/?ta4*rw. Bar ooopa. At tub" ONION BAZAAR, 343 Sixth arcnue, MS, just ItMlrfd a new lot of Krenoh Chip Hats tndR onnets; also ? lull Une of Straw Goods and Flowers, at unusually low price*. Our trimmed Hat* anil Bonnets are not sur passed In style and at price* Tar lie low any oilier house. Our Hamburg Knihrolderv, Hosiery, Ladies' Under garments, Passementerie, Guipure Laces, are selected witii tcroat caro, at very popular prices. A* we make T PARASOLS a specialty for the season wo offer them 10 per cent lower than any oilier house. Wf have now* on hand a large stock ol those SO-bone embroidered CoiseU, wh eh we still Mil at tl 3d, worth t'i. Union Bazaar, H3 Sixth avenue. j MAONtra CIOMPAONIE DH3 INI?KS J FarU. MM VERDE DELISI,E FREBE8, of the Comisgnie desludes, respecttully a<l dress themselves to ladies of America contemplation a voyage to Kurope, iuviting their attention to tu?tr productions of Lares and Cashiuere shawls. eihlhtied at their warehouses, ?0 Hue Richlieit, Paris, and No. 1 Hue de la Regenee, Hruxelloa Those who call, either ttoin interest aud curiosity or for the purpose of buying, will ineet with equal courtesy. Ah (his house- pay.< no commissions under any ciroum atancs to agents, the direct purchaser obtains all the ad vantages. All goods marked in plain figures. Prices In luvaruble. English spoken all over the bouso. Fabriquesde Dentclles, | Fabnques de Cashmere <les Bayeux, 14 Hue Koyale. | Hides, Alenoon, 20 Rue de Lcucrel. | Cashmere, llmritztir C1ARPETS. OIL CLOTHS. MATTINGS. J SHEKHY BROTHERS, R08 Broadway, opposite Eleventh street. Will offer during the cumin# week their splendid new stock o> fresh styles in nil the grades of Carpeting*, Oil Cloths, Matting*. Ac., at the following extremely low rates: C'rosaley's English Tapestries, choicest designs, $1 25 to SI 35; Crowley's Knglisb Bruise In, newest scroll llgures, $1 73 to |2; Crossley's Enictish Velvets, exquisite private patterns, 92 SO; Hartford ami Lowell extra three-ply*. #! SO; llartt'ord and Lowell extra ingrains, 8#c. to>1 20; newest styles In laucy Mattings. and 40c.; tine line of w hi to and check MatUmcs, 26c we make the new patent Sitioleum Floor Cloth fWr offices, studios, halls, billiard rooms, Ac., a specialty in our business; it is tar superior to oil c!nth In durability, has the advantage of warmth, being chiefly made of cork; also noiseless to the tread. Call aad examine FOE PERCEVAL, ? 730 Broadway, opposite A*tor place. Infants' Cloaks, Coats and Capes, Dresses, Sacquos, Ac. Int uit*' Wardrobe*. from $<56 up. Ladies' Outtlts, Bridal Sets, .lc. Monograms and Initials embroidered to order. Laces cleaned and mended equal to new. Stamping and Stamped Goods. QO TO SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROAD tyle .'ith cloth models, now ready ; Patterns fitted to the form warranted perfect; cutting aud basting. Come EARLY in the day. way, near Twentieth street.?Spring and Summer styles JUST IMPORTED; beautiful Costumes; Patterns, H. ? NEILL A CO. are now offering the fluent assortment of MILLINERY OOODS to be found in the city at retail, aud the cheapest RIBBONS. Oros Grain Sash Ribbons, Watered Sash Ribbons, Block and Fancy l'laid Sash Ribbons. 100 cartons 7-inch Gros Grain Sash Ribbons, 91 yard, all silk. 100 cartons 7-lnch Sash Ribbons, 95c., in all colors. SO cartons 7-lnch Black Gros Grain, $1 yard, warranted all silk. 20 cartons 8-lnch Watered Sash Ribbons, $135, all silk. 50 cartons 7-inch Block Plaid, 60c. yard. Roiuan Sashes. Roman Sash Ribbons. BONNET RIBBONS. All the now Spring shades, in 5, 9,12 and 16. FRENCH AND ENGLISH CHIP HATS. BELGIAN SPLIT STRAWS. 50 cases Ilair Hats and Bonnets, $1. 200 cases of Milan Round Hats, from 65c. to $2 50. 100 cases ot Milan Bonnets, from $1 to 93 50. 25 cases ot English and French Chips, at 93. worth 93 50. 100 cases of American Chip Hats, 91 26. We have now on sale the most complete assortment ef Straw Goods ever ottered at retail in the city, and much below lubbers' prices, as wu manufacture and buy out goods Last Rich Laces, BLACK THREAD, GUIPURE, VALENCIENNES, SPANISH LACES, VEILS, DOTTED NETS. MILANS, ILLUSIONS. Fringe Veils, in grenadine aud crape. Lace Veils, in all the new shapes. MADE-UP LACE GOODS. Children's Lace Caps. Normandy Lace Caps, irom 93 to 925. FRENCH FLOWERS. ?Tint received, 10 cases of the latest Parisian novelties In MONTIERS, ROSE VINS, GARLANDS, ROSES, IN ENDLESS VARIETY, which we are prepared to sell cheaper than any other home for the same class of goods. LADIEsT ties in endless variety. 1,000 dozen 4U-lnch Wlnusor Ties, too. Crepe tie chine Ties. Fancy Ties. Ladies, go to O'NEILL'S for MILLINERY GOODS. All goods marked iu plain figures. N. B.? Reduction to the trade. II. O'NEILL A CO., 327 and 329 Sixth avenue and Twentieth street. Hair i i i L. SHAW, 352 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones streets, over dry goods store. The largest stock ot Human Hair Goods in the city. Import and manufacture their own goods and retail them at wholesale prices. Price idst. Short Hair Switches. 92 and upward; finest qnality Hair Switches, solid, not dyed, Id inches long, 4 ounces weight 95 Do.. 22 inches iong, 4 ounces weight 6 Do.. 26 inches long, 4 ounces weight 8 Do., 32 inches long, 4 ounces weight 10 Long single Curls, naturally curly, 22 Inch. 92: 24-lnch, 92 60; ?Inch, 94. K rise ties. 25c. per yard. Thread Switches, 30c. each. Shaw's patent Hair Switches, can be combed and brushed, 91 each. Patent issued October 29, 1868; reis sued June 24, 1870. Can be seen at 362 Bowery. Notice.?Any unprincipled person infringing on this patent or counterfeiting these goods will be dealt with according to law. Branch Store, 363 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second anil Twenty-third streets. Ladles' own Hair made over in latest styles. Combings made up at 60c. per ounce. Goods sent C. o. D. by express, charges prepaid, on re ceipt of color, and money in registered letters or Post office onlor. N. B.?L. SHAW will be at 364 Bowery, earner Fourth street, on and alter Monday, May 12; also 362 Bowery, and at the branch store, 363 Sixth avenue. H ARRIS BROS. KID GLOVES A SPECIALTY. Just opened, a lot of the newest and latest shades In one, two and three button. Harris' seamless Kid Gloves, for ladles, gentlemen, misses and children. Superior iu quality to those of any other make. )W7 Broadway, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. jyjORITZ DINK ELSPIEL, 737 Broadway, opposite Astor placo. The excitement continues. We must sell during the next week 910,000 worth of onr Stock at less than half the cost. Wc will offer extra bargains in Hamburg's Real Yak. Real Guipure and Real Thread Laces. Fine French Passementeries, Buttons, Small Wares. An entiroly new lot of Sash aad Millinery Ribbons, at an Immense sacrifice, prior to * a change in our business. All Goods marked in plain figures. Do not fall te call early to avoid the rush in the after noon. MORITZ DINKEL8PIEL, 737 Broadway, opposite Astor placo. Notice?Ten per cent discount oo all purchases above one dollar. MME. NATALIE TILMAN A CO.. 12 EAST SIX teenth street, between Union sjuare and Fifth ave n U'\ have just received a huamttul assortment of im ported Bonnets. K?tiri<l Hats, Mowers. Feathers, Bridal wreaths auJ Vsils, Ac. N. B.? Dresses and Suits uiade to order. N bW YOBK DYBINO AND PRfNTINO ESTABLISHMENT, ST VTT.N ISLAND. ESTABLISED IN 1819. Ji Uiutne street, near Broadway. ) 75i' Brot'lway, near Eighth street, > New York, <10 Sutii avenue,, near Thirty sixth It, ) |iW an.l !6? Plerrepont street, near Fulton, Brooklyn. Dye, Cleanse and Reflntali ladies' and gentlemen's Oaf ? menu add k'iac* Goods la a ?U???M m?"er? _ DRY OOODS. EW STORE. N MoOrBBOH ft EDGAR, 383 Sixth avenue. .. . , between Twenty third and Twenty-fourth wwi, will offer thU week groat bargains in their houaekeepin* department. _ . ? .. Table Line 114, Table Clothes, ??????. Doylies, To w c U, Towelling, at and under wholesale price*- ,h.? Oreat Job* in Quilts and Oouuterpanei, cheaper tUau in any other house In the city - .."it, Fnll sized Honeycomb Counterpanes. ft, worth fl 2S. Full sized heavy Counterpane, $1 20, worth $1 50 Juil sized Jacquard Connterpane, $1 75, worth >2 21 Full sized extra Counterpane, $2 25, worth $2 70. Full B?4?rt extra heavy Counterpane, $2 90. worth $3. Full sized Marseilles QilllU, $-' 2.S, worth S2 75. *unsized Marseilles Quilts. 21 50, worth $3 25. Fu 1 s zed Marseilles Quilts, 13 87. worth 50. Fu ! sized Marseilles Quilts, $3, worth $3 75. Eu Marseilles Qtiilta, $3 45, worth $4 25 Full sized super Quilts, $4, worth $5. ? u sized extra Quit*. $4 7t?. worth $5 SOL Fu sized super, super Quilts, $5, worth $6 50. gloves, Dress Good* Oants' Furnishing Woods; white Shirts a specialty, bleached and unbleached Muslin anp (foods, ami Sheeting in all widths and best makes at the lowest prices. Remember the number, 383 Sixth avenue, between Twenty third and Twenty fourth streets. McGIBBON ft EDGAR. SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, NKAB Twentieth street?Spring and Summer styles JUST IMPORTED. Beautilul Costume*; Patterns, with cloth models, now ready Patterns fitted to the form war ranted perfect Cutting and hasting. Come EARLY In tlie day. __ ?<TANDAHD LOTTA HUSTLE. Diploma awarded by the American Institute, 1372, as the best Hustle. Covered by several patents. 1'orfect in all parts. It has been thoroughly tested and found unexampled in superiority. A model or perfection. Sale greater than all others combined. In Nos. 18, 10, 22,11, fto., Ac., you will And our largest sizes. In Noa. 5,15,20, 3, Ac., you will And smaller sizes. rjiUB NEW STORE, M. REIMAN ft CO, (late of New Orleans), 20 Union squaro. a few doors above Tiffany A Co.'s, and 25 Bakt Fifteenth street, Importers and Retailors of French, English, Irish, Scotch, Swiss, German and Domestic Dry Goods. Ladies will And It to their interest fo bear us In mind when they arc about to purchase their Dry and Fancy Goods. Wo oflor the greatest Inducements and hargainrf III ordei to gain the reputation of being the most popular resort lor Fashionable (foods at lowest prices, we will not only be the cheapest on Broadway, but the Cheauest in the city. We are determined to gain the reputation of being Tho Cheap Store. Wo shall work hard till our desired ambition is gained. Ludios, save your money and bear In mind that Hie cents uiake the dollars, and goto M. Reiiuun A (Jo., where you arosnre to save from 25 to 35 por cent. ? do to M. Relnian ft Co. for bargains in Spring (foods. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. tor new stylos in Silks. Oo to M. Retuiau ft Co. for a handsome Dregs ot the latest I'aris style. Go to M. Relnian ft Co. for fashionable Dross Goods. (fo to M. Reiiuan ft Co. lor handsome black (freuadines. Go to M. itelmau ft Co. for new style colored Grena dine. Oo to M. Reiman ft Co. for novelties In Japanese Silks. Go to M. Roiuiau ft Co. for a handsome Hue of black Goods. Go la M. Reiman ft Co. for French Cajubrics and Per cales. Oo to M. Reiman ft Co. for pure Irish or Gorman Linen. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for Towels, Table Cloths and Napkins. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for Linen Sheeting and Pillow Case Linen. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for One Pique and Marseilles Quilts. (io to M. Reiman ft Co. for best English, French fcad German liosiery. Go to M. Keiman ft Co. for best Underwear In Gauze, Lisle and Merino. Oo to M. Reiman ft Co. for fine Embroideries, Laces and Ribbons. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for Parasols of the latest styles. Go to M. Beiinan ft Co. for best Kids, Fans and Perfume ries. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for bargains in fine Llama, Laccs, Shawls, Jackets, Dolmans, Ac.. Ac. Go to M. Relinan ft Co. for Camel's llalr Shawls. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for latest stylos in Paris and Berlin Suits. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for best line of Ladies' Under garments. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. fbr best makes ot Corsets. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for best brands ot Muslin, % to 12 quarters wide. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for Casslmeres and Cloakinga. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. for flue Bed Blankets. Gents will please bear us in mind when In need of Un derwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Ties, Suspend ers, Toilet Articles, ftc., Ac. Economy is tho road to wealth. Save all you can by calling on M. Reiman ft Co, for good and chcap Underwear. Go to M. Roiuian ft Co. tor real Halbrlggan Half Hose. Go to M. Roituan ft Co. tor best English Half Hose. Go to M. Reiman ft Co. lor bo-t French Half Hose. Go to M. Rciinau ft Co. for best German Half Hose. Go to fc. Reiman A Co. tor pure Linen Handkerchiefs. Headquarters for white and printed Linen, Linen Lawns, Linen Cambrics. These items wo had manufactured for us In Bullast for many years and for our Now Orleans trade. The rush still continues at the successful new Dry Goods Store, all seeking for bargains, which they are sure to find at 25 Union square. rjlllE PARISIAN FLOWBR COMPANY are constantly receiving the latest novelties in FLOWERS, FEATHERS, BRIDAL SETS AND VEILS, Wreaths, Parures of One White Flowers. Specialty in filling and rearranging Vases and Baskets. Floral Dress Trimmings for wedding and evening parties to order. THE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY, 8. LOWENSTEIN, Proprietor, 28 East Fourteenth st, 4 doors west of University place; No. 9 Rne de Clerz, Paris. MILLINERY AKD DRESSMAKING. A? REMOVAU-BROWN'S LONDON ROUND HATS . and Paris Bonnets. E. BROWN, sister of W. C. Brown, New Bond street, London, has now some new and elegant styles. 852 Broadway, between Thirteeuth and Fourteenth streets. A -MME. LUMLEY, 110 WEST TWENTY-THIRD . street, near Sixth avenue, dressmaker, desires to call attention to her new address, where she Is prepared to make up ladles' own materials in the latest styles and at moderate prices. AT MME. COLLINS' DRRSSMAKING ESTABLISH rnent, 28 West Eleventh street, ladies can rely on getting perfect fitting dresses, made and trunmed lu latest Parisian styles. Laaics inviud to calL AT MRS. R. A HASTING'8, 16 EAST FIFTEENTH street, novelties In Bonnets and Hats, fine black and white Fiench Chips, in all the new shapes. A choice selection of rich French Flowers and Feathers. A -MME. DELLAC, PREMIERE DE LA MAISON . Roger de Paris, informs her customers that she has removed to 115 West Forty-first street, and she has re ceived new patterns or tho latcal styles; very moderate pr Ices. ?MAISON WALTON, 862 BROADWAY, ABOVE ? Union square, importer of Paris Bonnets and Eng lish round Hats, from ull the leading houses; also a choice selection ot Flowers, Bridal Wreaths, Veils, Ac. BINNS' MILLINERY REMOVED TO 779 BROADWAY, opposite Stewart's.?Opening display of MilllBery Monday, May 12, in our elegant new rooms, 779 Broad way. formerly near Bleecker street Avoid mistake. /"I M. OLNEY, IMPORTER OF FRENCH MILLINERY, has elegant novelties in Summer Bonnets and Round Hats of ner own selection from the leading Paris houses. English Straw, French Chip and Leghorn Hats. Rich French Flowers, Bridal Wreaths and Veils, Ac. Elegant styles Mourning Hounets. SO East Fourteenth street DRESSMAK1NO.-MME. WYMAN CUTS AND MAKKfl ladies' suit* at less prices then any ether first class dressmaker in the city, tl East Fourteenth street, tie tween Union square and Fifth avenue. Also good hands wanted. MME. BBRTHON?MODES, BONNBTS AND HATS, 91 Kuo N'euve des Petit* Champs, first floor, near the Rae de la l'aix, Paris. i MB. LBFEBVRE, FROif PARIS, HAS LOCATED herself at 112 West Fortieth street, between Broad way ami sixth avenue, where she will make Drosses in the latest style on reasonable terms: Suits elegantly made and trimmed, from $lu to $20; porfect fit warranted. RS. GEORGE BRODIB'S CLOAR AND SUIT rooms are still at SI Union square. M MRS. M. DOWNEY, 277SIXTH A^ EM E, IS NOW prepared to exhibit a handsome asv.rtmont of Spring and Summer Bonnets and Round Hats; also * few India shawls, both open and filled centres, at decidcd bargains. MLLES A. VIOL, 65 EAST TWELFTH STREET, near Broadway, are now ready lor novelties in Dressmaking. beautilul styles on hand. Also Bonnets ami Hats, made ami to order, at lowest prices. MB. A. MICHBL, FORMERLY WITH MARIE Oaloupeau, 423 sixth avenue, near Twentv-?ixth street, has returned from Paris per steamship Silesia, with a most exquisite assortment ot Bonnets, Round lists, carefully selected by herself in the leading houses of Parks only. SPECIAJj NOTICE!!, A T^.NTA AND KICHMONO AIR LINE RAILROAD? miles in length, and formlag a part of the shortest line between New York and New Orleans, will be opened in a few days for through business. The LY.,?'-elKt!1 l"r c? nt bonds is limited to $16,000 per mile. The small ainouat remaining unsold we offer at 90 and accrued interest. LANCASTER, BKOWN A Co., No I Exchange court. A -PARTIES WHOSE STOCKS HAVE BEEN SOLD ? at the Stock Exchange owing to an insufficiency of margin can recover damage*. For a persoual Interview address COUNSELLOR, Herald office. A CAPABLE AND RESPONSIBLE LAWYER WILL take business, ices contingent on result Address H. AjT., box 2,376 Po*t office. A -ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. ? Drawing ot May 8, 1873. No. ft. 7? drew fion.noo No. II 789 drew SO.UOO No. 26.9ti9 drew 25,000 No. 8.462 drew 10,000 No. 1,147 drew 5.0110 No. 129drew k*? J. B. MARTINEZ A CO Bankers, 10 Wall street; Post office boa 4.68ft. New York. A -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fnlton avenue and Boermn stmt Open from H A. M. to 9 I. a. Ou Uun? 4 W *? araouL nmcBB. BAROAIMa. BARGAINS. BARGAINS-TUB LABOH stack of BoofeShaaa and Trunks, selling off without NftH to coat, at 330 Bowery, corner bond street; mas! bo sold before J una 1,1871 W. D B1GKLOW A OIL BOSS II0R8B8H0ER8 'WILL HOLD A ma meaUng, Monday eve Bin*, 3tf Third avenue. A1? members are requested to be pniwtnal in ?""?^aecri Br order of the President T L^L&CTION.?NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVE* THAT AW xi election wilt l>e lield at the offlce of ttie New York; liri lge Company. No. 21 Water '(reek in the city oi Brooklyn. oa Monday, the 2d day or June next, at li o'clock noon oi thai day. lor tliteen directors of said company, for the then ensiuug year, and for two Inapeo. lore or election for 1874. TV transfer book* wUl be closed from Mav 3 to June 3, 1873. Dated Bay 2,1873. HENRY C. MURPHY, President 0. P. QuarrAEB, Secretary OBKAT SUCCESS OP TUB DAILY GRAPHIC Important ah nouuceiuent, .? Tho attention ot the public a directed to the tot' lowing extract* from late letters received from prom Ineut new* agencies. We have made no idia boast* in claimiug for TUB DAILY OBAPHTC a, success that ia altogether without precedent in In the history of journalism Tho paper has distanced. competition. Its circulation is larger than any other first clad* evening newspaper In the United States, and Is more' than double that of any two of the other leading evening newspapers In New York. It has met with a much mors generous appreciation than we had expected at the ?uW set, aud its circulation Li rapidly increasing. TUiS GRAPHIC company; J. H. GOOD&ELL, C. M. OOOD8KLL, Managers. In view of the number of copies which we pay you tor dolly, It appears to us that you should be perfectly satis fled with the result of the effort* made to create a salt* through country news agents. The demand is much larger than we at first supposed It would be. With a con tinued promptness In publishing iu time go by early afternoon trains, we nope, before loug, to nave ? stilt greater demand. Yours respectfully, Signed, PATRICK FAREELLY, Manager American Mews Company. We are glad to say that THK DAILY GRAPHIC U In creasing with us and we tiiiuk it is well worthy of it. A* first nobody here expected it to succeed, bat now they expect yet greater things from it Although taking thou sands of New York daily morning papers, TUB GRAPH IO is the only aiteruoou paper we can selL (Slgued) HENRY TAYLOR, Manager Baltimore News Company. Daily New Vork ovenlug naper* have heretofore had little or no sale, but THK GRAPHIC has L?on a decided succeyg. ? (Signed) J. W. ROBE, Manager Albany News Company. The paner Is much liked here. With this single ex ception (Til L GRAPHIC) we sell notewn a copy of tho New York dallies. We tuink we can extend the sale ma terially. Yours truly, (Signed) J. J. DYER, Manager Now England News Compuny, Boston. CI LASH-LINED WATER PIPB8.?THE GLASS-LINED T Pipe. Thu pipes of this company are already in use In too finest dwellings in this city aud vicinity. War ranted to be the only pipes where water can remain for any length of time without being rendered hilarious and poisonous for domestic purposes. They will not be af fected by heat and cold, and will not burst In Winter, and will not need any repairs. Ail orders will be promptly attended to, and full satis faction given. The pnbllc are invited to oxainlne for themselves. Price as low as that of lead pipes. WILLIAM HADDE, President; Emit Sauer, Treasurer. 817 Broadway, N. Y. Wo call atten tion to the reports of Professor P. II. Van Der Weyde. M. D., Editor of the "Manufacturer and Builder." late rro I'rofossor of Chemistry, New York Medical College, Cooper Institute. New York, and GLrard College, Phila delphia, Pa., Ac., and of the Sanitary Committee of tha* Board of Health. HB. DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLY AND M08. ? qulto Destroyer and Shot, Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste, for the destruction of al) kinds of vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadway. HOUSE TAKEN CARB OF DURING THE FAMILY'S absence; three to six months; reference the very best. Address Mr. LAWRENCE, Astor Place Saving* Bank, care Wm. J. Pease. Havana and kentucky lotteries.?prizes cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. M BARES' BARBS' PARAGON 8HIRT8, made to order and warranted to fit. Sent by express. C. O. D., to any part of the country, ah the following prices:? 6 Shirts, Masonvllle muslin and fine linen $12 00 6 Shirts, Wamsutta muslin and very fine linen 13 BO 6 Shirts, New York Mills and best linen 1ft Ok Boys' 8hlrts ready made and to order. Fancv Shirtings in great variety. Directions for measurement sent on application. RICHARD MBA RES, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Bixth avenue and Nlncteeth street. New York. ORDERS TAKEN FOR CLEARING HOUSES AND) ships of Bed Bugs. Water Bugs, Roaches, Moths and, Fleas, at H. S. DANZIGER'S office, 73 White street, cor ner Broadway. OMAHA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. POSITIVELY MAY 20l 8,466 Cash Gifts, amounting to Sso'eOB, 1 lists ofwlnnlng numbers sent to purchasers of tickets immediately after the distribu tion. Tickets $1 each; six for $5. For sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S stationery store, 30 Liberty street, late of 31 Nassau street FFICLAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY.. KXTIU CLASS HO. 35?MAT 10, 1873. 40, 55, 36, 15. 43, 75, 3, 62, 42, 57, 24, ST. NOHTD CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 38?HAT 10, 1873. 25, 2, 13, 39, 41, 23, 46. 50. M, 20, 29, 7S. GERKEN A CO., Manager*. LUTHY A CO.. Brokers. 234 Greenwich street. New York. 0 o 3&W23E* XBNTUCKT?CLASS NO. 322?HAT 61, 75. 33. 15, 2, SL 8, 74, 40, 54, 62, 50; SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, i>. SHFLBY COLLKOX?XXTBA CLASS NO. 221?VAT 10, 1S71 38, 36, 58, 22, 9, 14. 31. 53. 4ft, 1L 60, 37. SHKLBT COLLEGE?CLASS NO. 222? NAT 10, 1873. 61, 23, 1L 48. 72. 18. 59. 48. 36, 62, 26, 63. SMITH A CO, Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Post offlce box 4,969. PERSONS INVITED TO THE OFFICE OF "NEW York and Hartford Publication Company" will far ther the ends of Justice by sending their address to M. A. SMITH. 7 Park row, Advertising Agency. Royal Havana lottery.?a. daries has re moved to No. 7 Murray street Post offlce box 4,10. Dealers supplied at the lowest market rates. OYAL HAVANA LOTTBRY. -GERMAN 8TATE LOT teries. Send for circulars HITTER A CO., 85 Nassau street, room 4. E Royal Havana lottery. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Government Lottery. City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes eashed and information given. THEODOR ZSCIIOCH, Post offlcc box 6.000. 116 Nassau street. ST. THOMAS BAY BUM.?BEING RECEIVED IW retnrn for goods shipped we sell cheap; quantities to suit; bonded or duty paid. J. W. CARLE, 25 Old slip. STAMMERING.?NEW YORK STAMMERING INSTI tute, established 1870.? Professors Mann and Colvln, Managers. 107 West Twenty-third street This Institute closes Juiy 1, reopens September 1. Seven days' Instruc tion allowed applicants to satisfy themselves. No pay for board when required or services until cured. Send for prospectus. ? SOFT CAPSULES. SOFT CAPSULES. Castor oil and many other nauseous medicines cab be taken easily and safely In DUNDAS, DICK A CO.'S SOFT CAPSULES No taste, no smell. Sold by all druggists in this city. CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT?FOB FREE School Fund. Perpetual, Class 97-70. 19, 30. 23. 5. 52, 45, 27. 69, 82. 41, 14. OOUTH Scho< etual, V ?,n ,, 1U, 19, .JV. A.J, uc, ,|, U7. U., 1 Clas 98-10, 7, 75. 9. 2(1. 41, 62. l!<. 47, 57. J). 77. COLE A CO., Proprietors; New York Post offlce box S3& Chablkston, S. C.. May 10, 1873. T, DEALEKS IN LUMBER AND BUILDERS' MATE rial?Large River Front, substantial Docks, Canal In rear, business location, at Newark, to lease. Apply at 97 Duane street, New York. GEO. W. IIOJKR. UNITED STATES STAMMERING INSTITUTE?417 Fourth avenue. Dr. J. H. WHITE, Principal. Stam mering permanently cured; send for circular; refer ences ; no pay until cured. One week's trial allowed. HITMAN'S CONFECTIONERY, " East Twelfth street, third door west of Broadway. Manufacturer of the best French Almond Paste Can dles, wholesale and retail. Best Caramels lo the United States. Soda Water, with choice Syrups, of onr own make. WANTED TO BXC1IANOE?A NEW $6(10 MARVIN'S Safe tor a fine family Horse, with Harness, sellable for a rockaway. Address box 3,746 Post offlce. New York. WILLIAM H. HANKINSON'8 STEAM CARPBT VV Cleaning Works. 15 East Twenty-seventh street, be tween Fifth and Madison avenues, New York.?No con nection whatever with any other house. The original Hankinson and the only one el that name, established in tnls business in 1861. a?ron r:un is drawn daily in the legal. 3b?_)oH.Oo?' Ixed Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free. I2K cent* commission al lowed Address BALKY A CO. tofflce established 3D years), 174 Broadway. T)RANCH OFFICE OF THE EVENING TELEGRAM, SOCTIIWE8T CORNER"BROADWAY AND THIRTY-FIRST STREET. UPTOWN DEALERS AND NEWSBOYS SUPPLIED EVERY EVENING. WATdlKS, .JKWKI.RY, Ac. Diamond.-I have a pure white two karat stone (perfect), worth surely gold ; will sell for f3i0, currency. Address DIAMOND, Herald offlce. riOR SALB. CHEAP-ONE NEW JULES JURGBN r sen Watch : also a quarter second Watch and 10 small Diamond Rlugs and Pins; was taken in trade for herse? HOVRY, 141 East Sixteenth street. VINE IMPORTED NEW AND SECOND HAND COLD P and Silver Watches, Oold Chains. Diamond Rings. Pins or Diamond Studs can be purchased er exchanged at smaller profits than at any other place In the city. K B.?Highest price paid for Broken PlaU, Gold. Ac. A. HAIINARD A SON. jewei\an god mflavjs. isj ChaUivu wtuAra

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