17 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HEKALD. WHOLE NO. 13,418. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIEECTOftT FOB IDTUTKElfli AMUSEMENTS?Second Page?Fifth and math columns. Astrology?Eleventh Pace?Third columm. BILLIARDS?SacoND Page?lourth column. BOARDERS WANTED?Ninth Pagb?Filth column. BOARD AHD LODGING WANTED?Ninth Page?Fifth o?hnnii. BROOKLYN KEAL ESTATE FOR HALE?Second Pag?? IIrat i olumn. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Second Pace?Fourth column. BUSINESS NOTICES?Seventh Page?Fifth and aixth columns. CIOARH AND TOBACCO?Ninth Page?Sixth column. CITY RIAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second PAGE-Pirat column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Twelfth PAea?Third col umn. CLOTHING?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Twelfth Pace?Third and fourth column*. COASTWISE h'l liAM.SHiPS?Eleventh Page?Filth and aixth columns. COUNTRY HOARD?Eighth Pagk?Sixth column. DENTISTRY?Second Page?Third column. DRY GOODS?Fiunt Page?Filth cq!uiuii. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?'Twelfth Pack?Fifth column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Eleventh Pack?Fourth and tilth columns EUROPE? Eleventh Page?Third column. EVES AND RARS-Skcond PACK-Thirit column. Excursions? eleventh page?sixth column. FINANCIAL?Eighth Page?Fifth column. FOR BALE?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. FURNISHKD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Twelfth Page?Sixth column. FURNITURE?Eleventh Page?Third column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelpth Pa or-Fifth column. HELP WANTED?FEMALE 8?Twelfth Page?Second and thirdcolumns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Pag*?Founh col umn. HORiK-, CARRIAGES, Ac.?First Page?Third, fourth and fifili columns. HOTELS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. HOI S ? S, ROOMS, AC., WANTilD?Eleventh Paoe Thlrd column. JERSEY CITY, HOHOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Page? First column. LOAN OFFICE-!?Eleventh Page?'Third column lost AND FOUND?First Page?Fir-l coluin MACHINERY?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. MARBLE MANTELS?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MEDICAL?Elevknth Page?Third column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Flaw Page?Filth Column. _ _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS-Tentii Page Slxth column. _ MISCELLANEOUS?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. musical?Second Page-SIxUi column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh Page?Sixth column. NEWSPAPER-'?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. PERSONAIi? First Paok?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Second Page?Fourth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE?First Page?Sixth column. PROPOSALS?First Page?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Twklith Page?Sec?nd column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?First, second and third col umns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Sjccond Page?Third column. REAI. ESTATE WANTED-Second Page?Third column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?First Page?Filth uml sixth CCl'J'V"*. REWARDS?First Page?Sccond column. SALES AT AUCTION?Eleventh Page?First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES?Twelfth Page Flrst and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES-Twelfth Pack?Third column. SPECIAL NOTICES?Firit Page?Second and third columns. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.-First Page?Third column. SUMMER RESORTS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?Fourth and fllth col umns. THE TURF?First Taoe?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-Twelfth Page? Filth column, TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Eleventh Page?Sixth col umn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?Sixth column. WANTED To PURCH ASE-SECOND Page?Third column. Westchester county property for sale or TO LET?Second Page?First column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS. AC.-Second Page?Fifth col umn. IIFRALD BRANCH UFWCE-CPTOWN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,265 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARK RECEIVED from 8 A. M. TILL s P. M. ON WEEK days (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. m.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. * PARIS AGENCY OF THE new YORK HERALD. jy^eksrs. kremek & CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, have BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR the NEW york HERALD. they WILL SUPPLY deal ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND also TINGLE NUMBERS OF this paper TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL.. A P. B. CAN find mk AT mt OLD RESIDENCE, ? West Twenty-fifth street. Mrs. kate WOOD. BRINTON?WRITE TO 112 AND RETURN home AT once; *11 u forgiven. Colonel?WILL MEET YOU, IF AGRBE ABLE, AT the Argyle Matinee this afternoon. minnie. Flirting will explain all concerning the marble hand, four h story window, opposite Union League Club, by addressing EMMA W., box 13s Herald Uptown Branch office. ARRY c. V. CAN MND HIS FRIEND j|Y CALL ing at the General i'oal office. Fur letter address to her name. IF JAMES palmkk OR MARIA. HIS SISTBR, CHIL dren of Jolin and Maria Palmer deceased, of Portland place, Mile End, London, England, will apply personally or by letter to Mr. JOHN LONG, .solicitor, 18 Lansdowne terrace, Grove Road, Victoria Park, London, England, they will hear something to their advnntcge. T ITTLE C.IRL?MEET ME ON THIRTEENTH STREET ory false. HAMILTON. Li on Sunday evening. Old woman's story false. hamilt MISS JOSEPHINE WOOHS OF SAN FRANCISCO? Please inform an old friend of your address through personals, and oblige MARY BLANE. CTAVIO bortuorfdo?LETTER toR \ou AT 1,220 broadway, in cigar store. EMMA DE benkrlaer. 0 OLD FRIEND?MEET mk SA i UhDAY, 7 P. M., ON Thirty-first street, between Sixth .r.nd seventh ave nues. MINNIE ALLEN. PAULINE.?i COULD NOT FIND YOU atthe B. House. send your iddresa or call awl tee me. c. jb ?if CONVENIENT COME AT HALF-PAST TWO, ~ hotograph GALLERY.?YOUR NAME* if agreeable send address; I wish to write to you. Ad dress T. M., Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,264 Broadway. T~heodore.-his brothkh OR ANY salesman or porter ofg. H. narramon in 1868 will please send their mdresi to 108 chambers strcot. arbour IN estw RITE OR telegraph ME, Hoffman House, what time Saturday, Monday or Tuesday. tambourines. Thursday nioht, grand opera hoitse.-wFll the ladv in t>lack trraiit an Interview to gcnticninn at her left, to whom she loaned h?r opera glass? Address AN ADMIRER. box 1w Herald office. HE GENTLEMAN WHO PASSED THE LADY dressed In a black silk die si and dark blue sack yes terday atternoon on Broadway, and who last saw her near Seventeenth streel, Is noxious to form her ac fuaintunen. and, it' airrcealilc, desires her to address ?rl'DF.NCK, Fifth Avenue Hotel. 1 LOST and puiiwd. Found?on madison avenue. ism instant pnrse, containing snintl sum of money, which the owner can have by provin? property and [.aylng for thla odvertisement F. H. ANTHONY, m8vmadway. OST-ON MONDAY NIGHT LAST, A I^FOOT ki)\jr". oared itowboat, painted lead color; no brand. All expenses will be paid by returning to, or giving notice of where she may be found, JOHN mtfrphy, Boat Builder, foot West Forty-ninth street. North River. ^ ost.-THE gentleman WHO TOOK tite mf.nf'V xj randiint Book from n octimn Ranp's barlier c;,ir on Liberty street, on Thursday nftornoon, w.;, piease return the same, with all its contents, to rooms lOann 12 at is Nassau street, at.d no oi'seaotil nsked^ IOST-in tjvrtdlng AT ct'NARD DOCK, WEDNES J day 6venln?, n black mort.cco Travelling b?p, with Own name attached by ticket A liberal reward will jip pawl l?>r its return to 110 Fifth avenue. IOST?LEFI' in EIGHTH AVENUE CAR, NO. ?,ON J trip from V?*y street, S 34 A. M., Friday. May 16, a Roll o' Papers, ot no value to the tinder, addressed in pencil to os k. COOKE. Twentv-third street and Eighth avenue, N, Y., and 87 Fourth avenue, Brooklyn. By re turning te wither address a suitable reward will bejiaid. obt-o* THURSDAY. MAY X. A WHITE SPITS DOG, J answio-sito the name i.t Tip. Any one returning him to stable of ?ioufc 238 madi.'on avenue will lie libetally rewarded. . I OST?a YAWL BOAT, FROM SLOOP NORTHERN J Light, lying nt Governor's Island; said yawl had new stem, painted white. A liberal reward will be paid lor her recovery on application to C. L. HATCH. 22 Mouth ?treet. ?m!aptain Yol Nil, at Governor's Island. LOST?on THE'evening Of THE MTU OF MAY, A rleli tiger's claw Bracelet, set In gold, at Thomas' Concert, or in the neighborhood, or in a Broadway car. shelve a suitable reward on bringing it to 22 West Twenty-seventh street Lost?on thi:ksday night, a poqkktbook containing monry and papers valnablc wly to the r,\ . ? . if'v' 'k* money for sale return of pipers to Wall street address Inside. Lost-in A FOURTH avenue OAR, BETWEEN Twentv-Feventh and Forty second streets, ft Pack age marked L. B. swill, care Judah Swift, Washington Hotel, Fourth avenue. A suitable reward will be raid lor Its return to said place. A. J. SWIFT. ctolbn ?on jfujmtmy, MAY is, 1w?, FROM THK k? stable of John >. Jarvti, New Roebelle, lorrel Pony, ?liver mine ana tail, about 1sh 11*0.41 high, quarter erack on the left fore foot; Top Wagon, painted black, lined with blue cloth. A luiuble reward will be given for the return of the above. JOHN F. jar vis. REWARD!*. ^ ? ff^RKWARD^LOST, ON~ THE MORNING OF THE ?) 18th on Forty-second street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, a young black ami tan Hlut, named Fan. Return to 1*1 Went Kort.v-fifth street. REWARD rORTHE RETURN OP AN ENGLISH $20 Greyhound (female), mouse color, with gray uuk. No. ft West Nineteenth street. REWARD.?LOST. ON THURSDAX, TI1E 18TII ip^ij in?t.. a five atone Cluster Diamond Ring. The above reward will b? paid on return to GILK8, WALES A CO., 13 Maideu laue. <5-1 HO REWARD.-STOLE*, FROM THE Bl'8 acriber, at Oyster Bay, L. I., a $1,010 Queens County Bond, No. S40, issued to Halstped Frost, .with coupon*; i? or no value having been stuped at tiie County Treasury. The above reward will be paid and no ques tion* asked on Its return to J. M. LUDLAM, Oyster Bay. or WAKe.MAN A LATTIXG, 93 Naauu street, filth story. Broken are cautioned avainst negotiating the same. d&l RE WARD.?LOST, AT THE DEPOT. IN ?PI"-'" Hartiord, Conn., Wednesday morning, 14th Instant, on the departure of the 8:10 train, a Solitaire Diamond Breastpin. The above reward will be paid and no question* asked U the Under will return the same to J.J. NOKK1S, utile# of the Connecticut Mutual Lile In surance, ISM Broadway, New York. &QAA REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED? <poUU For the telurn of one pair diamond Earrings, one diamond Breastpin and two diamond angle stone Kings, taken from 3M West Twenty eighth street 8PKIAL NOTICK8. ~ ~ A -THE AMERICAN REGISTER, . the most widely circulated of the American Journal!! published in Europe. A capital medium for American Advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain and the European Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICA N REGISTKR will be received and single copies of the paper tnnv be obtained at the office of the New York llerald, New York. ?THE FUNERAL OF SAMUEL LBGGETT. OP ? Tuckahoe, Westchester countv, is postponed till to morrow (Sunday), at 12 M. See under heading of Deaths. A -$503,000, . GUARANTEED by the Farmers and Drovers' Bank of Louisville, will be distributed by lot. tinder authority of specif I legis lative act, among ticket-holders Of Third Grand Gitt Conccrt in aid of Public Library of Kentucky, at Loui> vllle,^ positively and unequivocally oh Tuesday, Certificate of the Treasurer. OrricK. or Farmrrs' and Drovers' Bank, > Louisville, Kv., April 7,1873. I This Is to certify that there is in the Farmers and Drovers' Bank, to the credit of the Third Grand Gitt Concert lor the benefit ot the Public Library ot Kentucky, $800,000, which has been set apart by the Managers to pav tho ctfts in fUli, and will lie held by the Bank and paid out tor this purpose, and this purpose only. (Signed) R. K. VEKCn, Cashier. This is the only scheme in the world where the mil amount advertised is guaranteed in a responsible man ner, without anv discounts being deducted. Only a limited number ot tickets in the schemc remain nnsold, and all who de.s ro to participate mu>t buy im mediately. No further premiums or discounts whatever allowed tor tickets in quantity or club orders. Gilts, viz: One Grsnd (Hit. Cash $ioq ojo One Grand ('.in, C*gH.. r^uoo One Grand (Uft. Cash 26,000 One Grand Cash Gift 80,000 One Grand Cash Gilt lO.tKJO One Grand Cash Gift. ft,IK.*) 24 Cash Gifts ot $1,000 each 24,0tai 80 Cas^l Gills ot $900 en' h 15,000 80 Cash Gilt* of $400each 32,000 100 ("ash Gifts of $300 ca< h 30.0 -0 180 Cash Gifts ot $200 ea-li 30,000 ftflt) Cash (itfts ol $100 each 89,0^0 D.OtXJ Cash (lifts of $10 each ?0,0C0 Total, 10,000 Gifts, all cash $500,< 00 Tickets, $10; Halves. $5: Quarters, $.' 80. Hon. Ex-Governor Thomas E. Bramlette, of Kentucky, has charge ot the busitiem of the Concert lor Trustees. 100,000 tickets?10,000gifts?chanccs one in ten. New York sales are made a special deposit with the Fourth National Bank of New York. Send money by Post office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. For tickets, full programme, Information and all par ticulars. up ply to the General Agency Supply. THOMAS H. HAYS k CO., fi09 Broad way. New York. X ?ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY 6FCUBA. OFFICIAL DRAWINO, MAY 8, 1S73. /Via IJfo. .. $300\ 11357. Prize. I fft. Pri* I...$300 23275...$300 . ...300 23301....800 i 300 2332I S00 I... .300 23*9... .300 I... .300 23853... .500 '... .3U0 23375....300 I... .500 23402... .300 I....300 234O?....500 i... .300 .317*... .300 800 23887....300 I... .900 23812... .300 I....800 23641....SOU ,...300|23'i66... .300 I....90O 2OT9....300 :>00 19U<6. .300,1s, 120. is....500 H....300 5ft....300 ?). .300 S1....30J .900)25090....900 ..300 25095....300 . .300 28107... ..'00 ..3011 25164....900 .,300 25S0I....300 ..300 25310... ?00 . .300 25366... .300 ..3011 25417. ...303 . .30(1 25130 . .301 ..801 2.M70 ..300 . .SW' 2861.1 ...SHO ..30" 25001... .300 ..300 25643....*10 . .300 25722 ...3-I0 . .900 258 a... .300 . .300 25813 .. 300 ,.3U! 25833....500 .S0v 28856....300 ,,300125861.. .900 . 900128832. ..Ill') . .900 2U87S 145S4.. 14614.. 14622.. I46.W.. 14688 I46S2.. 147(6.. 14X72.. 14867.. I4S77 . 14916.. 1402? .300IJ1MO, .900121318. 21578. 21578. 21648 2I6W |2in<iC. .'1698. 21715 21773 J1783. 121812 21894 if*) .300 18919 fx*) *918.,,.900 ...300 26J09..2S0IM ...300 26881....am ...300 27*15....MX) ...300 27141 ...3 0 .. .300|27144.,. ,300 ...300 27158..,.300 ...300 *7176....300 ...3U0 27380....sm ...300 27285 ...aw ..,300127362..,.800 ...300127377....300 ...300 27480....300 ...300 27508....?00 ...30(1 27.172.... fOO ...3m 27592 ....W0 ..1000 27598....300 ...300127004.,.,300 ...900 27614,...300 ...900 27634. .800 ...9no 27M1....900 ,,.30.! 27812 800 . ..W27H18....H00 ..nwwm. ? .900 27HS.. ..9rn 274 m 4778. ... .9101 ...900 800 ... .300 i,.. .SOU ... I... .300 i ...300 ...800 i... too I... 5011 I... .300 I... .300 I... .X'0' i... .30(1 I... .800 .11(1 .. .600 .. .900 ..1000 ...Soul .. .300 900 .. .3(10 .. ,9<)0 ...300 .. .*11 ....300 121945 21972 21977 22037 J20H9 122124 2213? ?22155 22177 ,22291) 122298 . 800 27988. ..300 28115..;.300 ..300128157 ..200 ...3D0|28181....300 ...WO|28a,'8. ...300 ...300 2<U48. ...fi(|0 .. SOU 2828)....300 .. .oUilliA'Si 300 ...300.28^6, ...500 .. .800 V83!>6... ,3m .300 .300 .:?*i .9m 122354 SOP ....soo ...800 ....900 .800 2237? 22398 .22403 |22413 .'2617 900:161 IS.,..300,22828 ,900 IS127 30IIU6143. 16178 162 V*. 16311 16468 164*1 164^2 iSOO' 16W2 22636 .. .900 22?*4 .. .3011 22701 ...:ioo 22745 ...3(111 2.779 .. .SMi|22M8 ...900122.853 .,.900128*84 .. .3>8IIXAlStO ...90 i|23!7t ?407....su0 28117.. ..3m ,28128 ...300 900|?138.....800 800128108 ...300 am 28531. ...sm ...300 28642.... 300 .. 300 28669.,,.9m ...500 28684.,..300 .. ,sml 28890... .300 ...300)29013. ...am ...BOO 29018....900 ..300 28192....300 ...300 29231...9tf> ...SX) 29980....800 .. 300 29445....300 ...300(29487....900 29172... 300 28886....300 20.VW .300 28888... 300 29618... .:*? 29671 ...300 500 20756....300 ?.900129791.,..5m ...900 298i,?... 900 *10 ....300 >...1000 .900 .an APPROXIMATION PRIZES. $1000001 i $-?,um. i $25.uoo. i $10.00(1. i $s.m ? ? - ,.$200{ 8451...$200| lH<j ,$l()0 57S1 ...$?> 8732..,. S)* I $734..-.am 5735....800 5738....800 8737....800 8738....800 573?.... 80(1 5740....800 11781 ..$300 26961. 11783....300 2W.2... .200 8483... .200 11783 900 ?. ...210 8154. ...200 I17S4....90O 28884....am 84W....J00 11785....900 26965....200 8456....200 11788....SOU 26966...200 8487....200 11787... .900 2fW7... .200 8458... .*10 11788....900 26968....300 845a....301) 11790....900126970....2uo| 8480....2rn! 1151. ..IOi 7128.. 100 7130...100 Pott office box 6.080. THEODOR ZSCHOrn, 116 Nuanau mrect SPFXIAL Htfl'ickb. A LOST CAUSE, KVKMNII stab, UKfl TAY. OFF Kcarboro. and all other fli nt class chromes, iu mas five irold frames; George Washington, Martha Washing tun, Grant, U'o, stonewall Jackson, John Wesley ami other celebrities, >n oval gold frames, on ta<y Instalments or cash. Agent* wanted everywhere. No. 83 Nassau street, room 16. A ?HKHAI.D BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, > corner ol Fulfon avenue and Bocrum street Cpen from h A. 11. to 9 I'. M. On Sunday trom3to9P. M. (111BA1* TRA N8PORTATION?TH E PROBLEM WOl'LD J be solved il lighte( locomotives could draw more effectually and on heavier grades. A civil engineer thinks he has the solution by causiug the driving wheels to turn rouud a point which Is not their centre, and giv ing the rail hii eplcycloldal lorm. The driving wheels are acting then like cams. Capital solicited. Address CH. ) Ql'ETIL, 0. E? Bergen, rr J. JJRKS8MAKING. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Mews. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that RETRENCH MENT is possible, have mo nrrunged their l>re"Sin?kii)S[ Department that ECONOMY in material and trimming is particularly studied in every detail, and they are now lurnishiug Images at a MUCH Lts.s PRICK than the cost of imported garments, while for STYLE, PIT and GENERAL MAKE UP thev are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the post month prevented our usual promptness: but uow, with extended facilities and the COMPLETE REORGANIZATION of the department, we can sateiy GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIMB AGREED, aud as to FIT and PRICK defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR. Broadway sud Twentieth street. DIXON'8 BTEaM ICR CREAM manufactory, 280 Bleecker St.?Reapon ible parties can get the agency of Lixon's celebrated Ice Cream iu neighboring cities and tow us. "LiLECTION.?NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN El election will be held at ihe office ot the New York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day ot June next, at 12 o'clock noon ot thai day, lor tllteen directors ot said company, lor the then ensuing year, aud tor two inapec tors of election tor 1874. The transfer books will be closed from May 3 to June 3.1873 Dated May 2.1873? HENRY C. MURPHY, President. O. P. quimtakd, Sccretarv. Havana and kentucky lotteries.?prizes cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH HATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room SI, first floor. He. DANZIGER'8 NEW PATENT FLY AND MOS . ouifo Destroyer and Shot, Indian Insect Powiler and invincible Magnetic paste, for the destruction ot ail kinds Of vermin. 7-' White itrtet, Co: ner Broadway. /\RDERS TAKEN FOR l'LEARING HOUSES AND V/ ships of Bed Bugs, Wafer Bugs, Roaches, Moth* and Fleas, At 1', S, PANZIGER'M officc, 72 White street, cor ner Broau war. FFICIAL DRAWING NORTH carolina LOTTERY. EXTRA CLASS NO. 46?MAY It), 1873. 10, 42, 18, 46, 4, 61, 64, 11 TJ, 70. 7ft, 6. NORTH CAROLINA? CLASS *0. 46?HAT It!, 1873. 46, 32, 47, 42, 22, 30, OS. 66, CI, hi, 44. 74, 70. , . GERKEN A CO., Managers. LUTUY A CO., Brokers, 2o2 Greenwich street, N. Y. FFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE lotteries. KENTCCKT?EXTRA CLASS *0. 3?' ?MAY 10, 1873. 69, C7. 16, 13, 7, 78, 59. 23. 34. 52, 39, 33. KENTUCKY-CLASS SO. 332 ?KAY 16, 1873. 8, 47, 64, 40. 78, 48, 67, til, 37, 10, 41, 18, 71. SIMMONS A CO., Manugers, Covington, Ky. StlFLUT COLLEGE?EXTRA CLASS NO. I'M?MAT 16, 1><73. 50. 57, 21, 13. 23, 17, 4!, 8, 3, 43, 64. 34. HHELKY COLLEGE?CLASS NO. 231'?MAY Iti, 1873. 9, 34, 70, 37, 26, 44, 41, 32. 23, 61, 3ft, 42, 06. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 200 iiroudwuy. Post office box 4,9t>9. o 0 Royal Havana lottery of cuba.-pros. pectus tor 1873 now ready. Address GEORGE UP ham, No.9 Weyboaaet street, Providence, R. I. Royal Havana lottery.?germ an static lot i teries. Send tor circulars BITTER A CO., Post office box 3.S36. 85 Nassau street, room 4. Royal havana lottery. Roval Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Government Lottery. City ot Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed ana information given. THEODOR Z8CIIOCH, Post office box 6.090. 116 Nas?uu street. SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT FOR FREE School Fund?Perpetual. Clash 107... 6, 6H, 20, 51, 4, 23, 47, 35, 26, 52, VI, Bfl ClAS* 108...76, 21, 47, 19, 16. 4S, 51, 38, 71, 6S, ftS, 34 COLE A CO., Managers, New York l'ost offlcc box 3,895. Charleston, 8. C., May 16, 1873. TO SUMMER HOTELS.? Special Notice. Olil Brandies, Gins, Hums, Sherries. Ports. Ac., In bond or from store; old Importations, desirable goods, boughthv the Invoice for cash at less than cont of importation; will be sold low. Plfor Hledsleck, fv3 90; Mumm. $23, currency /Mothers equally low. Bast;' Ale.$lh0 and $1SB; Gnlnmii' Torter, (I Hi) anil $1 85; Scotch Ale*, 91 h5, gold; lar^e line* of Clarets, $3 #0 to *.Hi per esse Hock Sauternes, Cordials, fine Groceries, English Pickles, Sauce*. Canne.l Ooods. Ac. H. H. KIRK A CO.. 69 Fulton street. Estab lished 1853. dti^QQ 19 DRAWN DAILY IN THE legal ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free ? 12,'? cents commission allowed. Address BAI.EY A Co. (office established thirty years). 174 Broadway. SPORTING?DOGP, BIRDS, AC. . A' ?for sale, all kinds OF fancy dogs . Birds, Ac. j Medicine* lor all diseases; Prepared Food, for mocking birds. At B. G. DOVEY'B, No. 3 Greene street near ('anal. For sale-some fine mocking birds, two years old, all in full song and good mockers, at 129 Washington street, first floor. THE TURK. DEERFOOT DRIVING PARK.?ON WEDNESDAY, May <1,1373. Purse of $>10, for horses that never beat 2:44); $125 lo first, $50 to second, $'-5 to third; also a Surse of $100 for hoises that never beat 3 minute*; $C0to rst, $30 to second, $10 to third ; to close on Saturday, Msy 17, at 9 P. Mat Johnson's saloon. Twenty-eighth street and Broadway. WM MiMahon, superintendent. G1RAND RUNNING RACE. AT THE CLUB GROUNDS, V New Dorp. S. I.. May 17, 1873.?Parties wishing to Ceacli tin* grounds will leave Now York with the one o'clock lioat. Stages will lie at the New Dorp depot to convey passenger* to the race course. * D. R. RYERS, Proprietor. Trotting at Fleetwood park-on sati rday, May 17. at 3 o'clock. Sweepstakes of $400, mile neats, best three In five. In harness. William Lovell enters h. m. Topsey. T. Simmon* enters hlk. g. Eph. Pierce Havders enters b. in. Lady Annie, li. J. Anderson enter* hlk. g. Winflekl. ? WM. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. HORSES, CARRIAGES, ?('. A -N. Y. SALES AND CARRIAGE ROPOSlTORY, 339 AND 341 FOURTH AVENUE. CARRIAGES, HARNESS, BLANKETS, AC., ALWAYS ON nAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD McCULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BBO..AUOTIONEERS. Soles ol Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday ot'cach week. Entries of articles lor auction can lie made at repository as above or ralcsrooinsof Auctioneer*. 96 Chamber* street. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADli O.N CONSIGNMENTS THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing In their construction the various Improve ments introduced by us during the past lft years, making them the standard for Quality throughout tlic United Stales. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-know n Broome street factory, and are offered in stock in "II respeeis equal In Quality to those built to the order oi uie most valued customer, and at priccs uniform to all. In order that we ma? not l e confounded with a tolnt Mrek company oi carriage dealers who have adopted a Aim mime stmilnr to our own, and impudently claim the r< | utatlon we have made ;or ihe "Brewster Wagon," we ben the public will remember that our only wareroonw are at the corner or Htthavenue and Fourteenth street. and our enly Factory on Prootne street. BREWSTER A CO., ot Broome street. AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW MAKT, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 12 o'clock, at anclion. THREE EI.EG\NT ItOAD HORSES, TWO OF THE FINEST ROAD Teams in the country, one elegant Family Team, Ave Ponic*. ten pood Work Horses. See Catalogue above. Come and see If you do not buy.. At. demarest a co., . 628 and 630 Kroadwav. offer at genuine bargains their Immense stock of tine Carriage*, new styles, just fiul.'-hed tor the Spring trade. Elegant Lamlau'ettc*. (lve si^es. Landaus, tour sizes. Platform and "O" spring Brett*. Platform and "C spring six-seat family Rnckaways. Five new styles of victoria*. Park Phaeton*. Puny Phaetons, on platform two and three springs. Ociitlen'en's Depot Wagons. Fine stoolt ol T Carts and Do* Carts. A FULL assortment OF POPULAR LANDAUS. Landaulet*. Ham's patent Coupe Eockaways and Phaetons, sea-onahlc Carriages 20 per cent less than Broadway or Filth avenue stores. ham, 10 Bast Fourth street. T REDUCED FIGURES?THE FINEST A8SOHT i mcnt of Phaetons Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Top and Hi.ad Wagons, Ac. WEST SIDE CAR RIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fllth streets. A1 A A?NOVELTY-HAM'S NEW DESIGN?A.?T CARTS . for gentleman's driving; door on side; full back lady's seat and extra servant's *eat. HAM'S, 10 Bast Fourth street.^ WAGON FOR SALE?NEARLY NBW, WITH platform springa, made by the best makers In the city; suitable for a grocer or baaer. Apply to FRANK ASH, I<13 and 16ft Crosby street ABAROAIN-FOR SALE, A GENTLEMAN'S ROAD Mare: the finest In tats city; a very fast and stylish driver, and warranted sound and kind. Apply at SHIP MAN'S Kxpress Company, 1,282 Broadway. A T LOWER PRICES THAN EVER S A fered, our Immense stock Carriages, comprising everv seasonable style family Carriages and iteht Wag ons, new and second hand; several slightly damaged; great baryJLnJ5*OFAOroBMg, UNION. G38 Broadway. HOR8K9, CARRIAGE)*. ?f? AT BARKHR ? CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TAT termalls, corner of broadway and thirty NINTH STREET. MAJOR C. W. RARKKR AUCTIONEER. Regular Halm or Horn**, Carriages, Ac. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT K1.EVEN O'CLOCK. TWENTYFOI'B hours allowed lor trial ON KVKRY IIdR.sk sod under warrantee. TIII8 18 TIIE10NLY AUCTION MART III the State having the proper facilities Tor showing Horses on sale? vU. : ? A LA ROB DRIVING IUNO. entirely undercover. CATALOGUE OF MALE THIS l?AV. AT U O'CLOCK. ONE OK THE FINEST FAMILY Horses ever offered at public sale ; euul bla< k, 10 high, 7 years old, bred in Ken tucky; ia ft flue gamy driver, with extra style, action anil ai pearancc; extra sharp traveller; alraitl or notli lag; no iuulta nor vices, and warranted Hound and kind; sold only l?ir want ol u>e. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD TURNOUT, comprising the fast, well Known in tting gelding Joiiu Henry, bred in Orange county andsiri d t>v htlrnH's llainhletonian; is Ift.S high, 6 yeara oid, an ex'ira Hue, game aii.l easy driver ; tail trot eluae to't :10 to road wagon : Is a great pole horse ; no road loo It a; for him; flowing mane and (ail, ami war tamed sound and kind Also flue hall-neat city made Road Wagon. Harness. Blankets. Ac. Hind to close part nership. TlVO FINE, NEW. SHIFTING top Road Wagon*. sold under loreclosure o( lien. To FAY advances, ONE ?et fine coupe Harness, one flue Ilk lit single Harness. ONE NO TOP EXPRESS WAGON, nearly new. BEAUTIFUL COAL BLACK TROTilNG Mare, bred In the State ol Maine l< Ift^ high, O voars tdd;an elegant and extra gamy driver;can show 2'?0 to the pole or single, certain; can lie driven by a lady at speed; has no fauns nor vices and is warrauteil sound ami kind; sold to close an estate. ONE NO TOF 100 LB. ROAD WAGON. builtl by Ashe THE WELL KNOWN HoRKEL lluniblctoulaii trotting Marc l.ady Lewis, bred by the late Daniel Whit more, of Or inge co'.intv ; is a line, gainy driver uud has ft record better than 2 -to to the pole; this mare would make a tine brood ina re. ONE PINE HIDE SPRING CONCORD Wagon, built by weal. FOB ACCOUNT OF wnOM it may concern, a Ine young bay work Horse, lJJa bit;U, ?i years old; good driver. Also THREE FINE SIDE Saddles NEW AND SECOND HAND Harness, llorsc Clothing, Whips. Halters, Ac. FINE BAY COACH Horse, IS?* high, # years old; free and pleasant driver; would make Hut business horse; warranted sound and kind. ONE CLOSE COACH, IN good order. KDV8RAL OTHER HORSES, Wagons, Ac. Fl'LL DESCRIPTION at sale. HALES NEVEit POSTPONED on account of weather A UCTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Tassel!*. OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND. 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. TnE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, It), 21, 23 and '2b EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, I etween Filth avenue and University nlacc. The business will be conducted on precisely the same ?trict and honorable principles which have always char ac'erized the dealings of our liouro and won the respect and coiifldcncc ol the business community as well as ihe pu blie at '.?rpe. Regular sales twice a week throughout the year. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE (SATURDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT GENTLEMAN'S ROAD ESTABLISHMENT, dapple gray Horse, i-ired by Cray Eagle, dam blood mure of Kentucky, I .IS hands, A years; kind and true; very stylish and pure gait; can trot in 2:40 uud warrant ed sound,' without blemish, together with NO TOP ROAD WAGON, BYR. M. STIVERS. IN PER feet order, set ol Harness, city made, Blankets. Ac. FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT?TEAM OK BROWN CAR riage llor>es. 10 hands, 7 years: kind and true: very sty lish ; ull day travellers: In every respect a llrst class team; warranted sound, without blemish; also a six-^eut Roc* awav, set ol double llarnns, Hlankcts, Ac. TEAM OF THOROUGHBRED TROTTING MARES, sired by key West, dam Roanoke mare: raised by Mr. MiiL'ruder, of Kentucky ; 15t? hands. 4 and ft years; kind unit true lu ull harness: very stylish action; have never been handled for speed, and can trot In S'3 minutes now; warranted sound, without blemish. ELEGANT PARK TURNOUT?TEAM BLACK MARES, long, flowing manes and tails; Black llawk stock: 15^ hands, 8 ami !) years; kind nnd true in all harness and under saddle; Iree I ruin vice : can be driven by any one; can trot In minutes; together with T CART, HY BREWSTER, OF BROOME STREET;SET of Double Harness, cily made: Blanket, Ac. CHESTNUT SORREL SADDLE HORSE, SIRED BY Imported Trustee, dam Abdullah marc, 15?4 hands, 6 years old; free from vice; thoroughly broken to all nalts of a saddle horse; can be ridden by a lady, and warranted sound. TROTTING MARK. DARK CHESTNUT, 15'? HANDS, 7 vca rs old ; kind ai d true In all harness and under sad die ; t ree from vice; can trot In 3 minutes and warranted sound. TOP ROAD WAOON. BY BREWSTER OF BROOME street: set of Single Harness. In llrst rate older. PONY ESTABLISHMENT, CHESTNUT SORREL PONY, long flowing inane and tail, 13^ hands, 5 years; kind In all Yiarness and under saddle and can be ridden or driven by a lailv; free from vice and warranted sound. PONY WAGONETTE, NEARLY NEW; SET OF HAR ness, Blanket, Ac. BLACK TROTTING MARE, 16,^ HANDS, 8 YEARS old; kiud| and true; very stylish ; pure galted; can trot in 3:1ft, and warranted sound, together with TOP ROAD WAGON, BY R. M. STIVERS, IN PER tcct order. Set of Single Harness and Black Coupe Horse. Several excellent Pony llorse.a. Fine, good Work; description time of sale. Coupe, In good order; Barouche, Doctor's Phaeton, Dog Cart, Express and Depot Wagon, Pony Phaetons, 6.sets of Double Harness. Weather never interferes with our sales. Take Uni versity place cars. Ahorse for sai,k-I6 hands, bay; gentlr and kind; good traveller: will exchange for other property. Apply to H. C. SMITH, Frankfort House, 202 William street. Ahorse wanted for a few months.?a Gentleman In Hie country would like a kind horse lor light driving; will give it board and best ol care anil treatment for its use. Address W., box 20 Post office, Bellport, L. I., South Side. A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR SALE-CONSIST Ins of bay Mare, 0 years old, I5'? hands: can show better than 3 minutes to top wagon; sound, kind uud cheerful driver: Stivers' top side-bar Wagon, nearly new; good Harness, by citv maker. Particulars at Mr. DAVI.n' stable, 12H West Thirty-second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. A -FOR SALE?TWO WORK OR TRUCK HORSES ? 6 years old ; stand Iff hands high ; warranted sound und kind in double or dingle harm's* , a reasonable trial allowed ; these horses are mild on account or the owner giving up business. Api>lr at 30 South Fifth avenue. A STALLION WANTED?FULL rrekd 811ktland pony stallion; ahont 8 years old; must he kind in all harness and good saddle pony, ami must lie Intnu some and aonnd. Apply to W. b , fit Elizabeth street. * MILK WHITE PONY FOR SALE-IS A PICTURE J\ tn a ladv's phaeton; is 14 hands high, 8 years old ; found and kind ; a child can ride or drive him; will he sold cheap. Can bo scon tor two days at DRENEN'S Stables, northeast corner of Thirty-seventh street and Seventh avenue. A -THE CHEAPEST PLACE IN NEW vork TO ? buy top Express wagons is at BARKER A CHASE'S, corner of Broadway and Fifty-ninth street; agents tor the celebrated Baltimore Wagons. A N ELEGANT TOP PONT PHAETON, OP THE FIN A est style and finish, built to order by Oeo. II. Close, of Fair Haven, for ? prominent army officer, who has since been ordered to the Plains ;co?.t $37S; will be sold tor iai'i; has sever been used. Can be seen ut BARKER a CHASE'S, corner Broadway and Thirty-ninth street. A PONT I'll A eton, $r>5; DO., $125; DO,. $13.1; TOP, $1150; top Wagon, $1S<>: Rockaway. $!.'?; Gig, $4ii; top Wagon, $40; open, $2.r>; M sets Harness. 1,430 Broadway, corner Forty-first street. A FINE PONY, 14k HANDS HIGH, KIND AND URN tic; suitable lor ladles, riding or driving ; 7 years old : sound. Apply at 20 Wooeter street. A FINE assortment OF PONY PHAETONS BAS kct and panel, open and tops, at low prices; Wagon ette, 8 passenger extension top Park Phaetons; several Rockaways, suitaole tor the country, second hand; sev eral top and open lioad Wagons, by best < ity makers second hand; 1 Landau, by Lawrence, line order; 1 Coupe, Harness, sheets. Blanket?, Ac. wILLIAM H. OKAY, M and 22 Woosti r street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF mew AND SECOND hand Carriages, iami',y Rocknwavs, too and open Buggies. Pony Phaeton*, Grocers' and Business Wagons at greatly reduced prices. Fulton avenue and Nevlns sired, Brooklyn. _________ A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCK a ways, Buggies. Park and Ponv Phaetons; depot, express and business Wagons; cheapest place in the city. mi West Broadway, near Cun?i street A GENTLEMAN GOING TO EUROPE WiSHES TO dispose ot his Lundnnlct, by Wood Brothers; used one year, and line pair of sorrel Horses. TEANEY\S stable, 41 West Forty-third street. A TEAM OF CARRIAGE OR FAMILY HORSES, chestnut, lone tails, sound and kind, stvllsh step tiers, pony hullt, 7 and 8, 15^ hands. Price $600. 3J7 Newark avenue, Jersey city. A VICTORIA phaeton FOR LADIES' DRIVING, with rumble and top, suitable lor one or two horses. In excellent condition, tor sale ut a low price. BRADLEY, PRAY a co.. , 3m Broadway. A?$IS6 FOR A NEARLY NEW NO TOP first ? class Pony Phaeton at BARKER A CHASE'S, cor ner n( Broad way and Thirty-ninth street. Inquire lor Brown's phaeton. J Bargains. ? victorias, cabriolets, pony Phaetons, Depot Wagons, Buggies four and six pas senger Rockaways (open and close) and other Carriages. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New \ork Hotel. C^REAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVING GLOVES, ) single button. $2; double button, $2 25. Every pair warranted and sent free on receipt of price. UNION ADAMS a CO.. 837 Broadway. (carriages?slightly DAMAGED; GREAT BAR J ?ains: new and second hand Carriages, every de scription; low prices. We offer great inducements, and Invite purchasers to call and examine. MAN UK UTtK|RS' union, m Broadway. C111 e A PEST AND MOST RELIABLE. ) 100 light Carriages, of the latest style, best quality and most reasonable articles, ottered at a verv low price. Pony Phaetons a specialty. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt st, near Broadway For sale-fine gentleman's horse, for want of ase. Can be seen for two days at SENIOR'S stables, 134 West Forty-ninth street. fh)r SALE?THREE ROAD HORSES, BROWN. BAY, black, 19 to i5.S hands; sound, gentle; can beat 2 V>, fine Road Wagons and Harness; will exchange or sell low; property private. Address box 3,804 Post office. IjH)? SALE-A VERY sttlisu MAHOGANY BAY 1 Horse, It hands, a years old; v*ry pleasant driver; can lie used either double or single; sound and kind , will make a very elegant coupe horse; property of a private gentleman, who will give a fair trial to any responsible party. Apnly at private stable. 43 West Flttv-tltth strict from 8 to ii HORMCS, CABI?FAGK?. <*;C. L,(>R SALE?F1NB BUSINESS OIO; ALSO HORSES, I I rucks and llarne* Mlo Firat avenue, near Thirty ? fourth street. POI SALR?A PINE PAIR OUAlRUai HORSR8, I. 16?4 hamls high, 7 nod H \?nrs old; bright bays, Round and kind in -ingle an I double harness; run bo seen at Mr. KLDhKo's stables, No. 4 West Foriy-llith street Inquire tor Mr. Townscnd's horses. For salk.-pair bay horses, tsu hands, 7 and 8 years, warranted sound and kind. ili-arat Rocka wav Carriage. (hitting gla* front; ret double Harness, both but lit tic used price 91,AU. McNamara's stable, n'"' Fourth avenue, or BKUNH, MOORE A CO., 4.v Broadway. FjlOR SALE?A LA ROE BAY llnRMK, SUITABLE lor ice wagon or coal cart. Apply at 79 Mott street, coal yard. Tj*>? SALR?A BAY PONY, IStj HANDS HIGH, L1 Round, kind and gentle ^suitable lor children; to t>? seen at Dickers, corner ot Thirty ninth street and Filth avenue. Inquire tor Mr. M.'a pony lalsy. 1MB SALE?AN ELEGANT PONY PHAETON, SUIT 1 able tor Newport or other watering place-, with rumble, umbrella, pole ami shafts: has been verv little used; built by M ood Brothers A Co.. where it may now be teed; 740 Broadway. FOR BALE?TEAM OF CANADA TRl'CK HORSES, 1*1, hands high; warranted sound, kind and true; sold for want of use; weigh pounds. I Mi South Fifth avenue. POR SaLE-A HOOD work HORSE, 9 YEARS, 16 hands; Hold for want of use. Apply in baaeinent 631 Hudson street. IpOR hale, CHEAP?TWO HPKINKI.INO WAGONS lor streets or avenues. To be seen at Quirk'* stables, 123th street, near Eighth avenue. F'VIR sale-A LIVERY STABLE DOING A FIRST class trade; room for 60 horses; good lease, Ac. Ad dress box im Herald office. IpoR BALE?A LOT OF OOOD work HOUSES, JUST troin the country, from A to 8 years old ; among them are a few good driving Hor.-en. Apply at 170 Mercer St. IIHMI SALIC?A SPLENDID BAY HORSE, just All rived Irom Vermont, 16 hands high, 6 years old : war ranted found and kind; single or double; sold low ; lost his mate. Apply at Truesdcll's stables, 126 and 128 West Forty-sixth street FOR SALE-A HORSE 8 YEARS OLD; SOUND AND kind In all harm^s. Can be seen lor two days at 645 Sixth avenue, in feed store. fM>R RALE CHEAP?A HEAVY STOCK OF JtOCKA Phaetons of all styles and Antes, at the WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, L49I and l,49*i Broadway. For SALE CIIBAP?Alt almost new sidr spuing top Wagon, Horse and Harness, in good order. Can be seen at the Ho.iui!opaihic Stables, West Fifty-fourth street, near Broadway. For sale-cheap, two good market carts. Apply at ARNOLD'S, 14-1 West Twenty.ninth -tie^ For sale cheap?a light victoria brktt lor six persons; U as good us new. Apply at VAN TASSELL'S, 110and 112 East Thirteenth street. / 1 BEAT BARGAINS,?IN CJNSEQUENCE OF RE \T building part of our premises, we offer our entire stock seasonable styles new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. M AN U FACTU KERti' UNION, 038 Broadway. Horses at AUCTION. H. R. THOMPSON will offer at auction, at Amcnia. N. Y., on Harlem R. It., 35 head of superior Horses, H pair of very tine Coach Teams, 5 single Road Horsesr the balance all heavy Draught Horses, the above stock Is the property of Alex. Wallace, and arc well worthy the attention o| parties wanting to purchase. Horses, trucks and a large stage for sale, ot lis West Eleventh sircet, near bixtli avenue; must be sold and removed to day. Harness, saddles horse clothing, car riage Robe*, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety uf Saddlery Goods always on hand. fc. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 Warden street New York. Harness.?the.cheapest harness store in New York ?A good double tragi Haines*, $30; a good huggv Harness, hand made, $17; a good stable Blanket, ti ?). Win sell cheaper than ever on account of moving on or before June 1. Please call and examine tor yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray St. HARNESS.?I HAVE A LABOR STOCK OF HAR ness, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I offer at exlrcmely low prices; also Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything In the horse line cheap for cash. E. BARTLKTT, 62 Warren street, corner College place. Harness.?laroe assortment of reliable goods offered at great reduction in price. Also Sheets, Wblps, 4e., very low. No. 8 Corflandt street, near Broadway. Hop.sf. furnish inc. bazaar, wholesale and retail.?Harness Saddles, Blankets. Ac. VERl'LANCK BROS., Chambers ?treet-_ HORSE,TRUCK AND h arness FOR SALK CHEaP? Must be sold, as the owner has other work to attend to. Call at 362 Eighth avenue, corner ot Twenty-eighth street. Livery stable, express and hacking busi iicss. at Tremont, near IJurlem Railroad station, to lease; none in place. Apply at 184 Third avenue. New York GEO. W. HOJER. ON DON MADE TI ARNBS8, J single and double, in all approved styles and of best quality only, for sale at lair Prices, bv THE LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, 10 East Fourteenth street, second floor, between Filth avenue and University place. ony phaktonsTTark wagoNs, LIGHT ROCK away*, Victorias, Depot Wagons, Dog t'arts, Itosd Buggies, and other seasonable styles Family Carriages; popular prices: lot second hand Carriages. I manufacturers' UNION, 638 Broadway. ONY'phaetons AT LOWER PRICF.S THAN EVER before.?An assortment of leather top Phaetons, to make room, will be sold at $200 each. 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway. SECOND HAND ROCK A WAYS. TOP AND OPEN Buggies, Rumble Phaeton, Depot Wagon, Dog Cart, Pony Phaeton, six-seat Germantown; several slightly shopworn Carriages, bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 6?S Broadway. rPIIE FINEST ROAD ESTABLISHMENT IN THE J. COUNTRY?Dapple grav trotting Horse, Stiver*' Wagon, Harness. Ac., AT AUCTION THIS DAY AT U O'CLOCK, AT AKCH. JOHNSTON'S IIORSE AUCTION BRANCH, 19 TO 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE. See Catalogue above. O RENT?THE HALF OK THE MRICK STABLE~24 l-exlngton avenue, near Twenty-third street. Ap ply on the uretnises, or at 14 Broad street. WANTED?TWO (IOOD STROM; lldRsTS Full COAL carl*. Apply to KIRBY A HURL BURT, coal yard. Wall street ferry. Brooklyn. Al"ANTED?I'ONV PHAETON, WITH O It WITHOUT tt top (must be cheap), or a light-running Rockaway. Address, with lull particulars!, JOHN COLTER, 95 Jolin ?treat WANTED T() EXCH ANOE?A LA KGE HANI)S<)ME " ton no or coach llor*) for a smaller horse suitable for saddle. Address (I. A., box Hfi Herald office. WAGONS FOR SALE CHEAP.?THREE EX 1*IM S \ one Concord do.. one light BusIiick* and one Bepot Wagon; one Carpenter's Wagon, ouu top Buggy, at 2.(1 spring street, cornerol Clara. \'Ol- CAN* ALWAYS I'LACE IMPI.D li RELIANCE 1 on the representations made by the house of ARCH. .JOHNSTON. II von ore in want of a I'smily Team, Road Team, Business Horse or anything in the Hor*e llty, lie sure and attend the sale at the Mart this day, al 12 o'elock, at 1# to 25 East Thirteenth street, between I'ni versily place and Fifth avenue. Read catalogue and be sure and attend tho sale. 2 TOP BUGGIES, TWO HOAD WAGONS, ONE DOG Cart ami Depot, tocarty two or four, 1cm than half coat, at 158 West Forty-llrat street CliRTLANItT STREET, NEAR BHOADWAY. Cheapest Carrlnge uml Hanne?s house in the country, (lomls will compare fuvorablt with the very best. A|/w| ?$l2i'.-TWO IL i USES, EXPRESS WAGONS {plv'V*. hnil Harness; will Ik- sold separate If re quired. Call for three day? at 294 Eighth avenue, corner of Twenty-fifth street, first floor, over grocery. 8 S150~?RAY -MAKK' ' YEARS, 16 HANDS, pony hu . 218 West Thirty-first stieet. stylish driver, sound, kind, gentle, for liidy; . .. ... built Mare, very gentle, 7 years, hands ~ 'St stieet. DRY OOODS. I Hair I llalr! Hairl The largest stock of Humaii ll.iir Goods In the citr at SHAW'S, 382 Bowery, between Fourth and (Ireat Jones streets, and W4 Bowery, corner Fourth utivet, and 'Wit Sixth avenue, between twenty-second and Twenty-Uiird s?reets, up stairs. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can be com)>ed and bru-hed, $1 each Humnn llalr, cheapest and best In the luarWet. Short llalr Switches, $2 each and upward. French Switches, $5. Curls. (1 and upwards. Latest Styles always on hand. N'EW PINEAPPLE DRESS GOODS. Also, a large variety of rich, rare and curious Novel ties, from China and Japan, at FOUNTAIN'S INDIA STORE, 830 Broadway, up stairs, opposite Wallack'S. MILLIM'.IIV AltP pWBBgWAKMQ. Madame dougal, 35 west twrnty-third street, begs to in form her lady cuatomcrs that she had received some new Hats mid Pari* bonnet* M^BILLINERY ? A LOT OF HANDSOME SUMMER Bonnets, just received from Paris, for ale, at whole aale or retail, at 5ir7 Sixth avenue, first iloor. KBLlOlOPi yOTICKI. A~~T ROBINSON ' HALL-ENTRANCH THROUGH Robinson House, 18 Sixteenth street, between rirth avenue and Union si|iisre; the Children * Lycium meets at 1ft A. M.; conference at 2^ P. M.; Miss Jennie Leys, Inspirational speaker, lecturis at 7>i o'clock. AHHLL ARE CORDIALLY WELCOMKD?BRRRAN BAP tlst church, corner of Downing and Bedford streets. Rev. P. L Duvtes, pastor, will preach Sabbath morning and evening at the usual hoars. BHatSHOr SNOW WILL PREACH IN TUB UNIVERSITY, Washington square, on Sunday, at 3 I*. M. Scats froe. hubject?"Th? Great Slaughter and Fall of the Towers." YJAPT1ST CHURCH, IN FIFTY THIRD 8TRBBT, D near Seventh avenue.?Rev. William II. Pendleton, Raster. Services morning snd evening. Morning sub let?"The Sea of Glass Before the Throne." BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH. SB WEST FOUR toenth street, near Eighth avenue.?Elder James ntckneil. from Westmorland, preaches Sunday. Mav li. Services at 1#U as?d 3 o'clock. MUOIOCI NOTICRH. /1AI.VARY BAPTIST ('III' Kf'H. ? R. H MACAKTII I'r ! " ' pastor, preaches to morrow morning mi l rvniiin: In the evening will preach the Uitril anniversary sermon of hi* pastorate. / MIURCH OK THK MESSIAH, PARK AVENUE, CriK \J ner Thirty-fourth streets-Rev. Henry Power*. Morn inn sohjeet?"The Use of Churches;" evening, ?-ervlce ol prabe, with short sermon. Public invited. C1HURCII OK CHRIST, WEST TWENTY-MOUTH I street, near Broad way.?Kev. W. ?' Dawson, lh< p?s'or,will preach at 10:3) A. M. and 8 P. M. You arc cordiully Invited. / IHl'RCH OK THK REKORMATION, KIKI Y-SKVKSTII \ J street, between Kourtli anil Lexington avenues.? Services on Mind ?y next at 10*4 A. M. and 1% I'. M.; Snn day school at 'J'i P. M. The rector, Kev. I). T. Trvy, will pr>acn in the morning and Kev. Dr. Montgomery, rector ofChurch of the Transfiguration, In the oe iliu FRENCH Clll'KCH DU ST. ESPRIT, WEST TWENTY M'rnnd street, Rev. Dr. Verreti, rector.? Divine ser viee in French every Sunday at 10^ A. M. First iwios b\ptist church in laiout street.?Rev. Halsey W. Knapp, pallor. Her vice* to morrow at 10u'O A. M..an.l7:45 P.TI. Map tisui alter even ing service. Feat* free. L^RKK TA liKTi V ACLE OK THE METHODIST EPIK r copal church, Thirty-fourth street, between Sevewh and Eighth avenues.?Kev. John K. Cookniin, Pastor, will preach on Sumlav morning at 10U o'clock, and in the evening at 7\ o'clock. Sabbath ?chool 2 P. M. Ali ure welcome. Seals tree. FHKTY-TlllRH STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, SEVENTH uveuiie. -TUa pastor preaches morning and evening. Morning subject?"The ?'ry>tal Sea Before the Throne." ft veiling? 'Zacclieiis in the Sycamore Tree." HL. HASTINGS, OK BOSTON, EDITOR OK THE ? Christian, preaches at Star ol Hope Mission, 32J South rillli avenue, above Canal street. New York, at 10>? A. M. and :l P. M., on Sunday, May IS, and at Temple Hall, 2-'? Bowery, between Klvingtou and Stanton streets, at 7% P. M. JANE STREET METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (Rev. K. Ilamblln pastor).? Preaching on Sabbath, May 17, 1873, at JOS A. M. and 7>4 P. M. Evening subject, OLD KORSYTH STREET M. E. CHURCH, BUTWEEN Division and Cannl street*?The pa-tor, Kev. J. W. Parnhart, having retrained his health, will preach morn ing and evening; all are welcome; seals free; aubjeet, morning, "Trust InQod;" evening, "Satan's Devices." REV. WILLIAM B. MKRKlTT WILL BE INBTALLED pastor ol the Sixth avenue Union Reformed church, Sahhnth, May 18, al 7.SI P. M. Rev. Or. Hiitton will pre fide. Sermon by Rev. A. R. Thompson, D. D. Preaching at IPS A. M. by the pastor. Rev. n. d. northrop will preach at thk West Twenty-third street Presbyterian church to morrow, at lOA-a A. M. and 7H M Rev. J. p. M'CLELLAND, PASTOR ST. LUKE'S Methodist Episcopal Church, Korty-first street, near Slxtli avenue, will preach on Sunday, al 10^ A. M. and 7?i P. U. The public invited and always welcome. pEV. D. CURRY, D. D., EDITOR OK THE CHRIS I,V tian Advocate: Rev. S. D. Brown, D. D., presiding' elder, and Kev. Do Loss Lull will speak In the ElghM sixth street Methodist Episcopal church, near Fourth avenue, tomorrow (Sunday) evening. In beha'f of the Church Extension anil City Mission Work. Exercises begin at 7,li o'clock. No collcction. The public ia cor dially invited to attend. REV. WILLIAM II PENDLETON PREACWEH IN Kitty third street Baptist church, momintl and even ng. Evening subject?"JCaccheus in the Sycamore Tree." All are welcome. Rev. dr. bkach will deliver a discourse in St. Peter's church, West Twentieth street, to-mor row mnrnlmr, on the oecaalou ol his completing- th ? twentieth year of his mlnUtry in Hint church. [at STEPHEN'S KIM - COP AI, CHURCH, PORTY O 'sixth street, a lew doors east of Sixth avenue. Rev. Joseph 1L Price, D. D., rector; Rev. A. Bloomer liar: associate.?The alterations and repairs of this church being completed the opening services will take place on Sutiifay next, Mav 18. The rector will preach at 10*- A M and the Rev. Morgan Dlx, D. D., al 7'^ P. M. The for mer members ot this parish are cordially invited to meet with us on this occasion. Service* on Asceiisloii Day, al 11 A. M. SKCIfND ADVENT CHURCH, COOPER INSTITUTE, room 84.?Preaching t0-n>ori0Mr (Sunday) by Elder N. Barbour, at PHj A. M. and 3 P. M.?Morning mbject "On Time," Daniel. 12th oliapter. Afternoon subiect? "The International Soelely; or. Commune aud the Com ing Reign ol i'error, its PorttoM In Prophecy.'' CJTKINWAY hall.?rev. wayland iioyt, pa> tor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Second avenue and Tenth street, will pr aelt In Stelnway Ha" on Sun day evening at7:4\ an I 111 the church atlO:.*) A. M Bunlect of evening sermon?"The Common Trials ol Lite and How to Treat Them." UT. THOMAS' CHt'RCH.?ASCENSION DAY, THUR.-' O day, May '11, the Right Rev. the Bialioii of the Din cese will admit to the priesthood the Rev. P. L. Norton, assistant minister of St. Thomas' church. Services will commcncc ut 11 o'clock. I^WENTY-SECOND AN'NIVKP.SARY FOURTEENTH street Presbyterian church, corner o!'Second avenue. Sabbath, May IS. ?Rev. Afa t>. Smith, I). D., President Dartmouth College, preacher in morn ng. Reunion ser vice* iu evening. "rpHE DEATH PENALTY."?IIEV. E. C. SWEET8KR x will preach on the above suh|ect iu the church corner of B'eeckerand Downing streets to-morrow even ing, ht 7\ o'clock. Rev. J. M. At wood will preach at the morning tor vice. All arc invited to attend. "IIrEPTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WEST TT Twenty second street, between Sixth nn.l Seventh a\enites ? I'rcuchlng Sabbuih morning nnd evening, at 10 .tml 7 *!>. by the pastor. Rev. J. K. Demurest. Stran gers welcome. POST OFFICE IVOTIC'K. POST OFFICE NOTICE.?T1IK MAILS FoR EUROPE* during the week ending Saturday. May 17, 1873, will close at this ottlco on Wednesday nt 12 M ; oa Thursday, at 11 A. M . and on Saturday at 1 and 11 A. M. T. L. JAMES, Postmaster. PROPOSAna. VfOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. XI Sealed proposal* will oc received liv the under signed until 1 o'clock IV M. ol Tuesday, the 20t'i Inst, lor constructing new sewers on Fourth avenue and inter secting streets, between Forty ninth street and Harlem BIver, at points where Hie Improvement ol Fourth avi nue will render the present sewers useless. Plans, speci flcations and forms ot proposals are n?.w readv at this office. The undersigned reserve the right to reiect anv and all bids which they may deem prejudicial to the in terests represented by them. AI.LAN CAMPBELL, A. \V. CRAVEN, EDWD. II TRACY, I. BUCKHOUT, Board of Emrineers, Fourth Avenue Improvement Proposals for monumknt.-the. committee appointed to erect .1 soldiers' monument at Beverly. N. J., will receive nlan* and proposal* until June 1 forth erection of said monument. The height must be not les tliun .HI lent, material marble or granite and the shaft surmounted by a "soldier at rest" or other patriotic dc sign: cost not to exceed $10,01)0, exclusive of foundation or sub-base. Design* must be submitted with proposals ami included Iu the cost. No design will be paid tor sepa rately. The whole to be paid tor when complete. The committee reserve the right to rejeet anv or all nropo sals. Address JOHN JAMESON, Chairman, or E. P. TOWNSEND, Secretary, Beverly, Kurllngtou countv, N. J. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED BY THE School Trustee* of the Tentn ward, at the ottice ol the Clerk of the Board of Education corner of Grand and Elm streets, until Mondav. Mav 2tl, 1*71, and until 1 o'clock P. M. oil said 'lay. for the Desks, Seats and other Furniture, required lor Primary School No. 1, oil Ludlow street, near Delnncy street. Alio at the saui" time and place, proposals will be received lor the Steam Healing Apparatus for said school. Plan^ and specifications may be seen at the office ot the Superintendent of school Uuildlngs, US Grand street, third lloor. Two responsible and approved sureties will lie required from each successful bidder: proposals will not lie con sidered unless sureties ure named. The Trustees reserve the rlyht to reject any or all ol the proposals offered. ALON/.O TRUKSDKLL, HKNKY R. KOOMri. J. B TAYLoH. M D, HUGO GOKSt'H. PETER DENN ERLE1N, B:>ard of School Trustees, Tenth ward. Dated N'kw Yokk, May 12, 1S7J. SEALED PROPOSALS W!f,L BE RKCEIVKD ATTlit office of the Clerk ot the Board ol Education, corner ot Grand and Elm streets tsnd nowhere el?o\ until Tu< - day, May 111, lfll, at 4 o'clock P M., tor supplyin< the Coal and Woo l requtwd for the public schools In tliiscity tor the enauing y?ar. Sav nine thousand (9,000) tons ol coal,.mow or lc<? ami two thousand lire hundred cord- of oak and om thousand (1,0 Oi cords of pine w.mhI, more or les? The co.,i must boot the best quality of white ash, furnsceeur stove ami nut sizes, in giwd order, two thousand two huu drcd ainl tort* i2,H? pounds to the ton, and must be d< liver* In the bins of the several school buildings ut such times and In such quantities as required by the Com niltlee on Supollcs. .... The proposal* must state the mines from which it i? proposed to supply the coal (to he lurnlshod irom lh mines named if accepted), ami must state the price p>-. toii't two thousand two hundred and torty (2.W) pound*. The nuantity of the various sizes ol co il required w.l be about a? lollows, via. :?Seven thousand one liumlrtd 17,100; tons ot furnace slue, one thousand (1.11*)) tens o' store .al/e, seven hundred t7l)0) tons of egg size and two hundred (2U0> tons ol nut size. The oak wood must ue id the best quality, the ?tick not lcsstl.au three (3) icct long and not less than three ('< Inches in diameter. The pine wood must bo of the best quality, anil not !c-? than three (3) Icet six (6' inches long. The proposal inns' state the price per cord of one hundred and twenty-eight cubic feel, solid measure, tor both oak and pine wood and also the price per cut for sawing ami splitting per load, the quantity of oak wood to be spilt onlv asrcuuirrd by the Committee on Supplies. The wo<sl will be in spected and measured nuder the supervision of the In spector of Fuel of the Board of Education, and must be delivered at the schools as lollows:?Two-thirds of the quantity required from the 15th ot July to the 15th ot September, and the remainder as required bv the 4,om mlttee on Supplies; said wood, both oak and nine must be delivered sawed, and. when required, split, and ininr be piled In the yards, cellars, vaults or bins of the school buildings, as may be designated by the proper authority. The contracts lor supplying said coal and wood to be binding until tho 1st Jay of June. 1X74 Two sureties tor the faithful performance of the contract will lie required, mud each proposal must be accompanied ky the signa tares and residences of the proposed sureties. No com pensation will he allowed tor delivering said coal and woodatanrof the schools, nor putting ami idling the ?SMne In the yards, cellars, vaults or bins of said schoola Proposals "must be directed to the Committee on Sup plies of the Board ot Education, and should he endorsed, '?Proposals for Coal" or "Proposals for Wood." as the '^Thc't'oniinlttec reserve the right to wject any or all thr proposals received. ' Rl'FCS O. BKARDSI.KR, ANDREW.!. MATHKWSO.V. Committee J AM KS M HALSTKD, , on DAVID WETMORK, Supplies. ROBERT HOB, Naw Toat, Mav 17.187*

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