25 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,42(5. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 25, 1873.?QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CENTS* ? i DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?Fourth Page?Third, fourth, fifth ami sixth column!'. ABTROLOGY?Tiiimbibth Pack?Sixth column. B1I LHKI'S?Fourth Page? Keeoud column. BOARDERS WANTED?Futeknth Page?Pint, second, third and fourth columns, and Sixteenth Page? First column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Fifteenth Page? Fourth and fifth column?, and Sixteenth Page? Flrct column, BROOKLYN BOARD?Fifteenth 1'ags?Filth column, and Sixteenth Pag*? First column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALI'.-Fourteknth Pack?Second column, and Eleventh Pack?Fifth column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Second Paob?Fifth and sixth columns. BUSINESS NOTICES-Ninth Pack?Fifth and sixth col umns. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Tenth Page?Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Fourteenth Page? First and second columns, and Eleventh Page? Fifth column. 6LERKS AND SALBSMEN-Tiiird Page?Fifth column. CLOTHING?Thirteenth Page?Sixth column. COACIIMEN AND GARDENERS-Thikd Pagb-FIIHi and sixth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?'Truth I'AOE-Flfth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Fifteenth Page?Fifth and sixth columns, and Sixteenth Page?First column. DANCING ACADEMIES-Fookth Page?FUth column. DENTISTRY?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. DRY GOODS?First Page?Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Second Page?First, second, third and fourth columns. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?Thirteenth Page?- econd and third columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Tenth Pagb?Fourth and fifth columns. EUROPE?Tenth Page?Third column. EYES AND EARS?Sixteenth Page?Sixth column. EXPRESSES?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Tenth Page?Fiith and sixth columns. FINANCIAL?Seventh Page?Third and fourth col umns. FOR RALE?Foi'Rin Page?First and second columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Thirteenth Page?Third, fourth and fifth column*. FURNITURE?Sixteenth Page?Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Third Page?Sixth col BELP?WANTED?FEMALES?Third Page?Third and fourth columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Third Pagb?Sixth column. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?Eleventh Page?First, second, third and fourth columns. HOTELS?Fiftkenth Page?Fifth column, and Sixteenth Page?First column. ? _ BOUSES, ROOMS, At'., WANTED?Second Page?Sixth column. INSTRUCTION?Tenth Page?Sixth column. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKEN HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Fourteenth Page?Third and fourth columns. LECTURE SEASON?Fourth Page? Fifth column. LOAN OFFICES?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. LOST AND FOUND?Tknth Page?Third column. MACHINERY?Fourth Page?Second column. MARBLE MANTELS?Tenth Page?Sixth column. MATRIMONIAL?Tenth Page?Third column. MKDICAL?Fourth Page?Third column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Sbcohb Page Fourtli and fifth columns. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Third Pagb?Sixth columa. MUSICAL?Tenth Page?Sixth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Ninth Pack?Sixth column.' PERSONAL?First Page?First column. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS, AC.?Fourth page-Third column. PROPOSALS?Tenth Page?Third column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Third Page?Third column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Fourteenth Page?Fourth, fiith and sixth coluwcs, and Eleventh Pagb?Fifth column. SEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Elkvantii Page?Filth and sixth columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED-Elkventh Page?Sixth col umn. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. REWARDS?Tknth Page?Thir l column. BALES AT AUCTION?Sixteenth Page?Third, fourth, fifth and stxtli columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-FUMALES?Third Page?First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES-Third Page?Fourth column. SPECIAL NOTICES?Fourth Page?First co'.umn. BPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.-Eleventu Pauk? First column. STORAGE?TEHTn Page?Sixth column. BUMMER RESORTS?Sixteenth Page?First, second and third columns. PHE TRADES?Third Page?Sixth column. THE TURF?Eleventh Page?First column. ro LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?'Thirteenth Page?First column. ^TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Tenth PAOE-Plfth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Thirteenth Page?Fifth and sixth column. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Tfntii Page?Third column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR 8ALE OR TO LET?Fourteenth Page?Third columu, and Eleventh Page?Fifth column. . . Yachts, steamboats, ac.-t*nth Page?Third column. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. ^JEFBRF. KREMER t CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, BAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OP THE HERALD, AND ALSO (INGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL.. ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING ANN DORCEY, maiden nnmo Lacey. from county Wexford, towns land of Garrivarden, or of her brother, Patrick Lacey; when last heard from were in New York. It will l>c to their interest to call immediately at 96 Columbia street, Brooklyn. AIMEE AND VIE.?MEET ME AT ORANDE Duchessc picnic, Rose Bank Park, Clifton, statcn Island, next Tuesday. FRITZ. Abeat.-8, 9, 20 IN KENTUCKY. POLLY IS tending tlicm on. Covington. May 21. 1873. PERSIMMONS. C1AMELTA?COULD NOT comf.; BUSINESS OF IM J portnnce; expect to tee youatArgyle Bnl Masque Monday eve. modou. CENTRAL park CAR-BETWEEN four AND halt-past lour o'clock, Saturday afternoon; lovely neighbor on my right from Sixty-third street to Tiventy ntnth street; tried to chow addrew in hat; did not like to speak as you were not alone ; please address in con fldcnco WHISKERS, box 131 Herald Uptown Branch office. E MlE A.?LETTER FOR YOU AT STATION B. CHARLES HAMILTON. A. BENSON. OF BALTIMORE?YOUK FRIEND you bought the watch lor Metropolitan Hotel, New F.. . York, is not dead, hut would like your present where about*. Please address PORTLAND, Herald Uptown Branch office. GRAFULLA-WII.L MEET YOU AT QUEEN'S, under the big tent, Tuesday, Mav 27. IMPROVISITORE. Holders of tickets for the amateur Opera last week can have their money refunded by addressing E. PEKKINS, Fifth Avenue Hotel. Henry j.-found george day last night at Filth avenue; such a nlcc place; same old punches; the best in the country; meet me there Mondav evening, V o'clock. 168 Information wanted-of dan cro.nin, of the parish of Seartaglen, county Kerry. Ireland; sailed from London 2Uth of April, 1863. Any information of him ?ill be thankfully received by his brother, JAMES CRONIN, No. 3 Dover street, New York. IF HENRY OR PETER VAN INGEN, FORMERLY living In Brooklyn, be desirous of making the ac quaintance of an old friend of their family, they are re quested to send their present address to J. E. K., 243 East Thirteenth street. IF ANY OF THE children OF FREDERICK AND Jane Wallls, or any one knowing of their present retl deuce, will communicate with box 2,734 Sew York Post Office, they will hear of something to their advantage. JR. G.?WILL SEE YOU AT 2:40 TUESDAY. M . JOHN STREET, WINDOW-WILL YOU SEND YOUR address to gent over the way t Address HAMILTON, Herald office. KX.?DO NOT CARE TO KNOW YOUR WHERE ? about*; will never forgive your transgressions; what you ask mc not to sell has been seized. J. X. ?T OCAL OPTION."?CAN GET THE DESIRED IN Ju formation ill next Thursday's dally Graphic. v U M. H. KEAGAN, No. 5 Beektmtn street MINNIE J MO. 57.?AFTER SEVERAL MONTHS of observation iny suspicions were fullv confirmed last Friday night. At n'i o'clock the Austrian Jew came tripping grauelully along and received a salutation from the window. It is the fame person I saw the latter nart of February. Knowing the pleasure this news will afford you, I hasten to communicate it ail 1 also to oiler you my .sincere congratulations, C. F. TkflOHAKL WHITE?YOUR BROTHER PATRICK, i*l from Cincinnati, Is at the Magnolia Motel, 204 Cham bers street; would llko to sec you a.4 soon as possible. "V^OTICR.?WANTING, THE daughters OF PAT J.1 rick Cronln or Cronan. who emigrated from Ma croom, Ireland, some four or five years ago; two of them, |t I* believed, are married to soldiers. They will hear of something to their advantage on communicating with A.M. ENGLISH. Solicitor, Tazewell Court House, Taze well county, Va. P.?DF. LOIN COMME DE PRES. MON CffiUR est a von*. P. rj. SEDGWICK. CARPENTER-CALL AT 721 SIXTH alle^t immediately. WO BRUNETTES, NEW FRIENDS-SEND YOUR address without delay to THEODORE, Herald office. rniTK SACQUE?IMPOSSIBLE TO BE THERE. Answer. G. H. ATiuTthr TWO SEW ROCHELLE LADIES WHO wrote "Forget mc not" In tho sand send their name and address, mentioning some circumstance to prove Identity, to their two admirers f Address BLACK AND BROWN, box 182 Herald office. \lfANTED-FOR adoption, A FEMALE BAHF^ 2 ?? years old; will have a good home. Mme. DKKrAKU, 1 East Twenty eighth street, near Fourth avenue. \v w A." DRY GOODS. ^Ttern brothers, f / <*/ <$?/ x \$ (Til AVENUE AND 23D STREET. a* ?ifj g*vt> STuttuOi 110 West Twenty-third street ?will offer MONDAY and during the week their entire stock of Good* in all their various department* at a DECIDED REDUCTION IN PRICE from THE EARLY PART OF THE SEASON. BLACK LUSTRINES AND MARCELINES. Wc direct especial attention to our full lilies of BLACK DRESS AND TRIMMING SILKS, IN TAKKETA AND GKOS GRAIN, in all qualities and most famous makes. EXCELLENT BLACK TAKKETA SILKS, full 21 inches wide, Terv heavy, at $1 varil. MUCn BETTER BLACK TAFFETA SILKS, AT $1 28, <1 23, |1 37, $1 62. BLACK OROS GRAIN SILKS, at $133,$! 70, $1 97 and upward. ALL OK SUPERIOR MAKES AND FINISH. COLORED TAKKETA and OROS GRAIN TRIMMING SILKS, IN ALL THE NEW AND POPULAR SHADES, FROM ?1 IS UPWARD. A very large as>ort:nent oi'colors. The above lines of Silk* will be lound extremely cheap, and all first class goods, which wc cut to suit the wants of customers. Continuation this week ol our great sale of PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS. The large quantities we arc daily selling enables us to offer constantly very GREAT BARGAINS. We shall this week offer many new and detirable lines ol Sun Umbrellas, purchased the past few days, at a reduction of 33 per ccnt from former prlcea GROS GRAIN AND TAFPKTA SILK UMBRELLAS, CHANGEABLE SILK IN ALL COLORS, COLORED GROS GRAIN SILK SUN UMBRELLAS, ELEGANTLY EMBROIDERED, VARIOUS DESIGNS. CHILDREN'S PARASOLS, IN VARIETY. The above goods in all sizes, styles and colors, with ele gant designs in handles. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. Wc nre now displaying 4lie largest assortment of Taffeta and Gros Grain Bonnet and Sash Ribbons to be found in the city, comprising GR08 GRAIN BONNET RIBBONS, in 5, 7, 9, 12,16, ail the new and desirable shades. ROMAN AND WATERED BONNET RIBBONS, in choicc colors. Real Roman ' Black Plaids, Gros Grain, Watered and Taffeta, in all widths, designs and color*, the choicest stock in the city, EXTREMELY CHEAP. Crepe du cliien Ties, plain and tassclted. Windsor and fancy Ties, In variety. STRAtV GOODS. Now opening. 1(K) cases of all the new and leading shapes of Straw Hats and Bonnet*, direct ftom the manufacturers, with all the popular shapes of SAHH RIBBONS, popular shapes ot FRENCH CHIP, LEGHORN AND HAIR ROUND HATS AND BONNETS. REAL BARGAINS. Elegant selection of FINEST FRENCH FLOWERS, branched in any stylo to suit the wants of customer*. We direct especial attention this week to the unu?ual bargain* wc will offer In REAL LLAMA LACE SACQUES. AT 99 SO, 817, $14, $18 and upward*, REAL LLAMA SHAWLS, FROM Jll upwards, LLAMA CAPES, DOLMANS AND JACKETS, REAL GUIPURE SACqi'ES, AT $28 and *35, and an elegant selection ot REAL THREAD LACE SHAWLS, from (71 upwards, the most superb design*. ^STERN BROTHERS^ LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT. The ? large facilities , we now possess in manufacturing, and the great and constant attention we bestow to this department, enable us to offer a richer and larger selection of LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S GARMENTS than any other establishment in the country. We hare always on hand the most com* plot* assortment of every article requisite for ladles' or chll drens' outfit* in all styles, sizes and qualities at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES. An inspection of our GOODS, STYLES AND PRICES Will amply repay Indies in purchasing. A large line ot imported and our own make of LADIES' LINEN. LAWN AND BABTISTE SUITS, in nil stvles and qualities. LINEN AND AABTI8TE POLONAISES, hand embroidered and braided, from $4 .V) upwards. Ladles' White Lawn Morning Robes, plain nnd richly trimmed with Hamburg Embroidery, from 14 75 upwards CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT., Pique Braided Suit". Mantles, Capes and Gabriels, In White Pique nnd Colored Linen, for all ages. A great xLI>RBK?8 NORMANDY CAPS. 300 Children's Normandy Caps at $2 71, former price |4 SO; finest material and workmanship. [STERN BROTHERS] LACE DEPARTMENT. Wo are now offering the richest selection of Laces nnd Embroideries of any house in the city, many of which were purchased at last week's forced miction sales, and which wo will tell at positive bargains. REAL GUIPURE LACKS, REAL THREAD LACKS, BLACK AND COLORED YAK LACES, FRENCH BLONDE LACKS, REAL AND IMITATION VALENCIENNES LACES, W1IITK AND BUKF CLUNY LACES. , ? ... SPANISH LACES. In nil widths and qualities. Also a superb line of REAL THREAD KLOUXCINGS, POINT APPLIQUE flouscings, REAL POINT AND POINT APPLIQUE LACES. _ . Special Jobs in Hamburg Edgings nnd Insertions, and a full line of White Goods HOSIERY ,n and ?..n i. * GLOVES. Full lines of Ladies' Brown nnd White Rnlbrlggan Hose in all qualities. ' Ladles' striped Hose Ladies' Lisle Thread de"gn' Ladles' English Hose, full regular, *? from 26 cents unwaril Children's white ootton Hose, pwara. . In all sixes and ouallLie> Children's striped Hose. 1"??uea. Children's brown and gray mixed Hose. Children's white and brown RalbnggaoIIose. POSITIVE BARGAINS IN ALL THE ABOVE ENUMERATED STYLES, with Inrep lines of LADIES' LISLE THREAD GLOVES, in one, t?'o, three and four buttons. LADIES' SILK OLOVIiS, In all the new shades and two and three buttons. CHILDREN'S SILK GLOVES, in white and colors. CHILDREN'S LISLE THREAD GLOVES, flroin cl.capcst to finest English Goods imported. STERN BROTHERS, Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street, B. DRY HOODS). ALTMAN A CO., IN CONSEQUENCE OF and notwithstanding the general depression in trade and the stringency of available cash (unds, In order to facilitate ttulen, will offer for cash, WITHOUT REllARD to PROFITS and WITHOUT RESERVE, UNUSUAL and SPECIAL UAUGAIN8 in their various department, lor wtiich PLEASE NOTICE imncxed advertisements. B. ALTMAN A CO,, SIXTH avenue, netr TWBNTY F1R8T ureet. LOSING'OUT THE BALANCE OP OUR STOCK of DRESS SILKS at LES8 than COST. Over 10,000 yards of colored DRESS BILKS, comprising all the new colon and shades in browns, drabs, blues, olive, sage, bronze, peacock blue and green, Ac., Ac. Also ELEUAnTsTRIPED SILKS lu gray and white, black and white, black and gray, Ac., will be SOLD OUT at SI, SI 10, $1 37, $1 42 per yard. An elegant assortment ol EVENINO SHADES to clone out. B. ALTMAN A CO., Sixth avenue, neur Twenty-first street JJLACK SILKS at GREAT BARGAINS. 24 inch Gros Grain SILKS $1 60 per yard 24 inch Gros Grain SILKS 1 75 per yard 24 inch super <iua!ity do. do 2 CO per yard Extra quality Lyons SILK 2 15 per yard Extra quality Lyons SILK 2 25 per yard Super quality Lyons SILK 2 50 per yard All the above comprise the very best makes, Including Bonnet's, best manufactured, i<nd are warranted in every respect equal to miy retailing in the city trom 92 to $4 per yard. ALTMAN A CO. OFFER AUCTION PURCHASES of LACE GOODS and TRIMMING LACES, Large purchases made daring the week for cash enable us to offer the very finest Goods at far below -the cost of Importation. YAK LACES, In all colors. 37c., 45e, 5V.i . 62e., 15c., &c., t 1 05! pcr J ara> YAK LACES, in black. 2 )e? 25c.. 870., 45c.,? 5tic., C5c., 75c., 85c., $1 1 per yara REAL GUIPURE LACES, 15c., 18c., 28c., 30c., ) 40c., 50c., 60e., 75c. J per yard, ai.d upward ) Also BUFF, DRAB AND COLORED LINEN LACES. REAL THREAD LACE-', 45c , 58c., B2c., 753., I v?ri1 toe.. *1. $125 and up. s per }ara REAL VALEN. LACES, 18e., 25c., 35c.,f 50c., 7#o., $1) p y*fd. and upward. ITALIAN VALENCIENNES~LACES, 30c . 40c., 50c..) per 60c., 75c., fi i do/. REAL LACE HANDKERCUF'8,1 Also. Real Lace FICHUS, I point lacf.8, Real L?ce COLLARS, V POINT APPLIQUE Real Lacc BARBES, I and Real Lace BOWS, j CHANTILLY LACES. also fine imitation made up lace Goods at exceedingly low prices. LACE VEILS of every description. a * very large ttock of SPANISH and CHENILLE spotted Lace Veila in long, round and tabular. FIGURED (Hid BIU'SSELLS NET for Veil* and Sacques, wllh TRIMMING LACES to match. Also GRENADINE and CREPE VEILS, all color*, from $1 28 upward. Ribbon department op b. altman a co. and LADIES' neck wear at EXTRA low price*. fine gros GRAIN, ROMAN WATERED and PLAIN rich SASH RIBBONS in all color*, TO CLOSE OUT. LADIES' FANCY silk ties, SCARFS and neck HANDKERCHIEFS, at 35c., 45c., 60c.. 78c., fl, $1 M uud upward. Nob. 9, 12, 16, gros GRAIN BONNET RIBBONS in all the fashionable shades and only first class good*. 10 carton* <jn?* opened) BLACK 8ASM RIBBONS, 5 Inch, warranted all silk, 46c. per yard. Do. do. do., COLORED, 5% inch wide, Mc. per yard. Do. do. do., do.. inch wide, ?8c. per yard. BEST QUALITY 7-INCH Rroi grain Sash Ribbon* at 95c. per yard. 10 cartons boiled Silk Ribhons REDUCED from 15c. and 60c. to 25c. per yard. All the NEW and desirable shade* of BONNET AND SASH RIBBONS and *DL BLACK WATERED RIBBONS offered on Ml? at correspondingly low prices. JJ ALTMAN A CO.'H hosiery DEPARTMENT Will ooen on MONDAY, MAY 28, a splendid stock of Ladies', gents' and children's hosiery, of every size and grade, at BARGAINS. LADIES' FINE SILE HOSE," LADIES' FINE SILK HOSE, extra long. LADIES' striped SILK HUSE, LADIES STRIPED LISLE THREAD HOSE. Ladies' ( Striped, Cotton and Lisle Thread and ' splendid Children's ( Hosiery, in all sizes, 83c., 42c., 50c., 88c., 66c., 75c., up. A very larire and extensive (tock of ladies'. GENTS' AND children'S HOSIERY, in Silk, Lisle Thread, Balbrlggan and Cotton, in plain, Striped Silk, Clocked and Embroidered, In all size*, at very low prices per box, dozen or single pair. also a large and extensive STOCK of ladies', UENTS'AND children S UNDER FLANNELS in Silk*, Lisle Thread, Balbrlggan and ('otton, ? ? and ran^m# in prices from 4!c., <52c., 78c., |1 and upward. K rID. GLOVES, j handkerchiefs ' B. ALTMAN A CO. SUMMER "oloves. offer evcrv vurlety of FINK KID GLOVES, SILK, LISLE AND HHRLIN gloves, in one. two, three and four buttons, 19c. to $1. Fine Lim n, cambric, hemmed and hemstitch Handkerchief, 12c. to (Be. for ladles, gent* and children, 12c. to OOc., at AGREEABLY LOW PR"" B. ALTMAN A Cn.'S. at DRV GOODS. OPRING AND SUMMER SUITS FOR 1673. , B. ALTMAN~ A CO. WILL OPEN On MONDAY, May, *6, WITH TUB LATEST STYLES OF Fine WHITE LAWN, LINEN UA1ISTE and Grass Clottl WALKING and TRAVELLING 81'ITS of every description. Alto. Fine linen and lawn POLONAISES, plain and em broidered. Poplin, moliair and linen REDINGOTES of every stylo. Linen DUSTERS in NEW "DESIGNS, and ninny other novelties. UNDERCLOTHING DEPARTMENT FOR LADIES, MISSES AND CHILDREN, AC. B. ALTMAN A OO. WILL OFFER THE GREATEST BARGAINS and the Urgent variety ot LadiCG', misses1, children's and infants' Underwear to be found in the city. The following description, with prices, lorm a part of our enormous stock of BARGAINS. LADIES' CHEMISES, made extra flne exclusively for our own trade, of genuine Wamsutta muslin, in plain, corded, ruitlad, tucked and Fine Hamburg inserting and embroidery. at 98c., $1, $108, $1 18, SI 25, CI SO, $1 68, SI 75, *2, $2 12, $2 S7 ami $2 3'.) each. Fine LIN FN Chemises, plain, corded, ruult'd nnd trimmed with Val. luce, Inserting, Ac., at $1 <W, 32, $2 60, *3. $:i a(i, $t. Fine NIGHT Robe* New York and Wamsutta Mills, trimmed in ihc neatest manner, plain and fine Hamburg Inserting and tine embroidery, all full width and length. 2AfM\ night ROBES, .UUU tucked j an(j ft.ont) || ioenCh. Pine CAMBRIC Chemises, plain, milled and edged with lace edging, inserting, Ac., Ht Si ss. $i im), si rrt, SI 79, $2, $J 50. at 51 95, S2, S- 25, 52 ?0, *2 75. S3. S3 30, S3 45, S3 75 and upward. Muslin Walking SKIRTS, triihined in various styles; Plain, runted and embroidery, at SI 35, $1 45. SI 68, SI 75, S2, S2 25 and upward. I One lot Skirts of I pood <iuullty muslin, I in ilO, 16 and 20 tucks, will be sold 96c., SI nnd $104 each. In addition to the above wo have every variety of ladles' fine Undrrclothinu' and Toilet Sacques, *'or>ei Covers, Train skirts. Drawers, Ac., Ac.: al-o Pillow nnd Sheet Stiams; also all sizes of children's Chemises, Night Robes, f-lcirts, Drawers, Ac. THESE GOODS ARK MANUFACTURED PURELY or WAMSUTTA MUSLINS AND ARK WARRANTED TO BE SUPERIOR TO TIIK GENERAL GOODS OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC, Al?o INFANTS WARDROBES complete in every detail at REDUCED PRICKS. CHILDREN'S NORMANDY CAPS and BONNETS, REDUCED to S2 85and S3?*), B. ALTMAN .V GO'S,, SIXTH AVENUE, near Twenty-first street. H OUSE ROBES AND MORNING WRAPPERS, iti fine white lawn, nainsook, percale and cambric, trimmed in the neatest manner, tor $3, $4, (A and upward. B. ALTMAN k CO., SIXTH avenue, near 2Ut street. QXIDISED ORNAMENTS AT B. ALTMAN k CO.'S. An elegant assortment or flno PARIS NOVELTIES, just received. Elegant OXIDIZED Belt Buckle*, Chatelaines, Vlnai frettes. I?t, hair and drew Ornaments, Fine let, pearl, gilt and rubber JEWELRY. FANS, in every variety. The NEW TREANON FAN and mnny Novelties in Fancy Goods, Including an elegant assortment of RICH LEATHER GOODS, LEATHER BELTS, SATCH ELS, Ac., Ac., all at exceedingly LOW PRICES. at ?. ALTMAN A CO'S., SIXTH avenue naer Twenty-first street. pARASOL AND UMBRELLA DEPARTMENT. B. ALTMAN k CO. announce for MONDAY, MAY 25, the largest assortment of PARASOLS for lAdics, misses and children, and ladies' and gents' SILK UMBRELLAS to be found in any one house In the city. The following form a part of their extensive stoca and prices LOM) CHILDREN'S SILK PARASOLS, in all colors, scolloped, with silk lining, at ?1. LADIES' CHANGEABLE SILK SERQE PARASOLS, in all colors, extra quality, large size*, trimmed with fringe silk, lined, with chatelaine attached, $3 .15 DOUBLE FACED SERGE SILK PARASOLS, with chatelaine, at 3 80 CHANGEABLE SILK SERGE PARASOLS, large size, extra quality, tourist, club and fancy sticks, at PARASOLS, SUPER QUALiTY BOILED SILK, with cbateluine attachment, at 2 25 EXTRA quality BLACK SILK PARASOLS, SUk lined, trimmed with 4 Inch heavy silk, fringed with elegant mountings and chatelaine attachments, at $4 SO and 94 75 EXTRA BOILED SILK SIN UMBRELLAS 92 50 Do. do. extra Urge sizes, suitable for sun or rain with chatelaine attachment, at 92 95 Buff, drab and gray SILK SERGE PARASOLS, with deep Irlnge, at 94 <5 Solid blue, plum, green and brown changeable silk Parasols, in medium and extra large sizes. Also REAL PONGEE PARASOLS, 4X inch, heavy silk fringe, all with real hard wood sticks and elegant silver mountings and inlaid, from 94 60, 9G to 99 50. FINE WHITE SILK PARASOLS,) for in J real ivory and bone handles, ) lace covering, and MOURNING PARASOLS, trimmed with best French crepe. In addition to the above wo will also offer i superior quality boiled silkltaln Uinbrcllin, I in Mack, brown an I green, wiih paragon frames, { for ladies and gentlemen, at 94 95. GENTLEMEN'S extra fine SILK UMBRELLAS, with Fox's paragon frame, In 8, 10 and 12 ribs, at extreme bargains, at Iff. 97,9* and 99, sold at Broadway houses from $ld to 915. GENTLEMEN'S alpAca and glnirham UMBRELLAS, at 91, $1 M ami 92. Each and every one of the above are carefully selected and warranted, and purchasers are allowed to return any Parasol found to be Imperfect within two days thereafter. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH avenue, near Twentieth street j jUESS GOOD* DEPARTMENT " Of B. ALTMAN k CO. The balance of our stock ot Dren Goo<l?, comprising choice good* in MOIIAIR POPLIN, SILK and WOOL SKROE, POLONAISE CLOTH, SII.K PONG IE, SUMMER CASHMERES. SATIN LS and LM PRESS CLOTH wliTlie SOLD OUT without reierve REDUCE I)' PRICES. Our POPULAR MOURN' of STOCK BLACK FRENCH CAS*' t ^.igftRES, BOMBAZINES, HENRIETTA, r ^ ?nErK AND TAMISB CLOTHS, rtOOL DELAINE "BLACK LUSTREJ. All vt ofil ami mixed Mohairs and M?ck Alpacas, will all be offered EXTRAORDINARY inducements, which we Invite examination. 9. altmaN,j?t,V^VbNI:R. MUr Twentr-Ilretstreet Oil Y GOODS. A. AT RINZEY'S Opening 00 Monday great bargains from last week's suction *n'?^ t i-UPiT FAILURE Or A RIBBON 1M PORTENT This 8T??? k closing our at fifty cunis on I THE DOLLAR. ^ 111 silk cro. (train Ribbon*, 10c., ?2>iC., 15c , J0c. up. Ail bilk cord edge Ribbons, 4c., be., k.i ^r *INZEY'8. No. 9 silk Gro* Grains atl^ynrcl. No. 12 silk Oro* Grains at 2jc. >BrJ* No. 16 silk Gros drain* No. 22 silk Oroi Uram*, 25c. yard. No. 7 all filk cord-edge Jt'=c' No. 9 all filk cord-edge Ribbons, lie. AT RINZEY'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT RINZEY'S. No 12, verv host qualities, all No. 10, very best qualities ?H shade*, 2aL AT glNZEY'S. AT RINZBY'S. AT RINZEY'S. No. 22, very best qualities, all No. 30, very bent qualities, all shades, ?* No. S watered silk H?tVonS' ',v IXd No. 9 watered silk Ribbon*, 15c. yard. No 12 watered silk Ribbon*, 25c. yard. No. 16 watered silk Ribbons, 25c yiild. AT g^zEY'S. Silk Gros Grains, shaded in twe. three and lour color*, 19c., 29c., Jic.,wc y^ KINZEY.B> f SASHES AND ?~ASH RIBBONS. ^ Plain Tosh Hlbbons, Me., H6c-, 40c., *?? Plain Sash Kibbons, i?c., C9i~, <5v., eSK. ^ KINZEY'S. Block plaid Bash Ribbon*, 25c.. 16c,. We. up. Scotch plaid Sash ltibbolis, 49c , O.H.., 7jC> AT RINZEY'S. Watered Sash Ribbon*, Me., 69c., 71k". Roman striped Sash Ribbons, 69c., 75c. up^ KjNZEy.S Rich Windsor Hashes, all silk twinged, two and u half yards long, al Si *v. Seven-Inch real Roman, all silk, double laced, three yard* long, at fJ Thl* lot of Ribbons, amounting to over tW.OOO worth, we are rli>siiiu outi fl* ths* importer Jims failed. They will be .old for le-* than the gold cost in Europe. f FLOWER department.! 250boxes fine French Howcrs,ncw, (rush Spring Uoods, 10c., 15c. .5C. ? pray 300 boxes finest (ioods Imported, in lung and short ?prays, 39c. to *5 zv. Daisies, Violets, R.ises. Whcat. I.ilieS. Ac., in great variety, at low price*. Several eases very rich. l011?. Sprays, with rubber stem*, 75i, up. ltV) cartons of Rose Spray* andI Spray* of Pink, Ac., at 10c. spray, STRAW POOPS DEPARTMENT^ f'nullsh and French Straws am?Chips, in all the new shapes. (4shorn, Milan, Pearl, Neapolitan, Chip, Pearl and Fancy Straws, Hat. Bonnet and Normnndv Frame*, m all shapes, troin 5c. up. Fine Milan Straw*. 89c., 63c. up. Rough and Ready straws, 5dc. up. Real French Chips, ?1 up. black Neapolitan#, fee.,75c. up. Misses' Regatta Hats, S9c. up. Misses' Round Hals. -5<.. up. Fine English Straw Bonnets, 96c. up. Leghorn Hal*, all shapes, low. Opening five cases white. English Chip and Milan Hats S0() cases Straw Good*. auction, 15c., S5c , 39c., .We., .>9c. up. itliTdEP AUT^KNT. Ivll silk crepe Dechlnes, W>" yard. Wide lining Sllkf, ot4ilc. yard. Bonnet Silk*, all c'dor^Wc^V"^ Auction lot of Dress Silks, WK. up. Rich corded Silks. 75c. yard Rich Bilk Velours, 75c. yard up. Rich watered Silk*, every color, worth $1 69, selling out at 75c. I,ot of M?roellnc Wlks 2:^; Tard. Excellent black Silks, $1 yaru. AT RINZEY'S. , AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. | AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. AT rinzey'S. AT RINZEY'S. 200 piece* camel's hair Suitings, ^ fringed both sides, worth *1 50, at?c y ^ KINZEY'8. | TIES AND l-'CAKK L)1SrAllTMEN r BAKGAINN. #r Large lot striped, dotted and plain Wind lore, Crepe c dChlne nnd fancy Ties, S9c. each. KINZBY'S. Windsor Tien, nil silk, at 2fc. Roman Tics, tit silk. 19c. to 49c. KINZBY'S. WO dozen five-inch silk crnpe Tie* will wuxli; worth $1 50, at Wc. each. KINZEY'S. 100 dozen rich Ties, opening. 2 fFEARFUL SACRIFICE ON ? I A NO TIES. -4xS> We are going to close out nil cur large ?ilk. Fichus, Worth $2, at 50c., 4>-4> ?ILK KCARFhJ AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. PAKASOLS AND ENGLISH SUN UMBRELLAS. ? AT KINZEY'S. We hav<> a lot of wkle shaded silk Tics, friiiKed, at 25'., Another lot of rich, chnnseablo silk Ties, (ringed, at 25c., Five Inch, all silk Windsor Ties, worth 65c., selling at 2V: , l'lne Pongee Parasols. lined, $1. Silk tlounced Parasols at $1, Silk Pongee, satin bordered, silk lined, with tUM-el, at $1 25., AT KINZBY'8. Every new style In Parasols, with the different handles, with chutelaincj. AT KINZEY'S. English silk Umbrellas, with Paragon frames, at Its*. English Alpaca Umbrellas, $1 92 up, Silk Sun Umbrellas, 90c. to $M, We are closing out several lota Of Parasols, little soiled, very low, TRIMMING DEPARTMENT. "Ihe largest and beit stork of Trimmings in New York city, Our black silk Fringe, from 6c. up. Four-Inch silk twist Fringes, 29c., 2,000 pieces English twist Fringes, in plain and fancy, 3'Jc. to $2 <w a yard, Silk Gimps, from 28c. to (12 piece, Pasuientcrie Gimps, 76c. to 912 piece, Headed Gimps, from 10c. yard up, Ulack silk Uimp, tic. yarJ up, fiilk veil Fringes, from 10c. up, Bullion Fringes, fro in 19c. up, Every color and all the Dew Shades in silk Fringes, Colored silk Gimps and Trimn ing? Of every kind, prices way down. We have every color In twist Fringes, Parasol Fringe*, lurr'u assortment. BUTTONS AND ORNAMENTS. Passementerie ornament* an 1 Loops, plain and beaded, Silk Buttons In everv shade, stvlc and size, very low, Oxidized Buttons, 2.1c. dozen, un. Pearl Buttons, 8c., lie., Sc., 10c. dozen, up. Button Moulds, every size, Steel (Jilt ami Fancy Button*, JEWELRY DEPARTMENT. Imported Oxidized Chatelaines, In several lilllcrcnt patterns, 26c. each, Oxidized Sleeve Buttons, 25c. pnlr, Oxidized Veil aud^ii^vl Pin*. 26c.? Oxidized Bolt ("Hasps In great variety, loc- to ?' H - ? R*al Whitby Jet Earrings, 25c. pair, Jet and t'?ncy Earrings, luc. pair up, Fine Eckels, Hair Pins, Necklaces, M"'<*le?, C natalities, Eardrops, 4c., Ac., Far Screws, with silver wire", ia Pearl, Coral aud Torquols, i9c- pair, Corallnc, Gilt. Shell, fiarnr t. Pearl, Oxidized aud fancy Jewelry, I.arge assortment of Bubber and jet Necklaces and Bracelet*, Beit Buckles, fine goods, in Hieel, Oxidized Pearl, Hubber and Jet, < > WI I.I.I AM KINZEY'S, AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEV'H. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S, AT KI.VZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S, AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZBY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZBY'S. ^ CO K.N KB 767 AND 769 BROADWAY 3 KR OF NINTH STREET. DRY OOODM, A." AT KINZEY'S Another great failure of an importer fit U< e goods, we have bought the stock. OKI?AT SALE OF REAL AND IMITATION LACES WAV BELOW the DOST of IMPORTATION. Real <1 if Inure Lace, Inch wide, 2Sc. Heal Guipure, two iuchea wide, S9o. Real Guipure, Jig inches wide, 80c. Real Oulpure, S inches wide, 70c. Real Guipure. 4 inches wide, $1. Heal Otnpure, witiar, at same rates Opening ihree ca?cs of real Yak I accs, oil colors, 29c1. to$l 8J. One case real h,tt:d made Linen Luces, 6c., lUc., 15c.,2Cc., 29c. yard. Thousands of dozens of Valenclenueg Laces, from life. do/en to t5 Utl. French Guipure Laces Cc. yard up. French Thread Laces, 10c. yard up. Bpanisli Lacea, treat variety. Due lie >-H Laces aud Insertions. Colored Oluny Ijkces, fie. yard up. f-uxony Edgings, lc., 2?.,'3c., 4e. up. 'LACE DEPARTMENT. Silk Illusions, 15c. 25c. yard up. Silk dotted Veilings, 60c. yard up. Silk Brussels Net, 50c. yard. Point applique Lacea, 50c. yard up. Thread lare Harhcs, 98c. up. Large Silk Veils, 26c. to $u. French Crapes, fur veils, 50c. yard. Silk Veil Grenadines, 39c. up. Lace I'ararol Covers, very low. Lama luce Capos $2 ''J up. French dotted Nets, lace edge both sides, worth it 25, at 50c. All the new shades In fringed Crape and Orenadine Veils. 1,21)0 LAMA LACE SHAWLS FROM AUCTION. I A very pretty lace Shawl at $2. Some rich patterns at $2 50 and $3. Real Llama lace Shawl at $3 HO. Heal Llama, very heavy, at (4 59. Extra Llama, worth $10, at $8. Very tine Lluuia, $6 Mi to $12. This lot ot Shawls were bought at auction at about half price. Extra tine Lama Shawls. $13 to $20. Very tlnust imported, $25 to $50. LAMA LACE 8ACQOES, Fine lace Sucijues, $3 50,$3 74. Extra quality, $4, $4 50 and $& Very rich fringed, $1 50 to $6. Extra tine Llama, $8 to $12. Very tine I-ama Jackets, $13 to $19. Extra iiuallty, $20 to $39. T HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTMENT. All linen, hemsticli, 12',o., 15c., 18c. Extra tine, all linen, 20c. 22c., 25c, All linen, hcmsliuh, with needlework Incomers, 25c. up, 200 dozen, with applique lace corners, worth 7f?c., at 25c. Extra flno tucked and corded hemstitch, pure linen cambric, 39c. up. Gentlemen's tape borders, all linen and hemmed, at 18c., 20c., 22c., 25c., 31c. up. Larue assortment of real and imitation luce Handkerchiefs, 50c. to$39. EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. 20,1)00 yards of Hamburg Edgings and Insertions, from 3c. to $1 yard. 12.000 finest Embroidery, trimmed with real Valenciennes lace, 20c. yard. Pique Embroidery, 25c., 31c., 40c. yard. Hand Work Embroidery, 15c.,20c., 25.'. Tucked En b'olderv, I0e., 15c., 20c. yard. Skirt Burnings, embroidered, 20c. yurd. Valenciennes and fluted Rufflings of real and Iniitatiou laces, 10c. yard up. LACE GOODS. ^ English thread lace Collars, 25c. Api liiiue lin Collars, 26c. Normandy laco Cap? In real and imitation laces; treat variety. Colored linen Kefs, IWc. up. Linco Collars, he., 6c., Si1., 10c. uj. 2,000 French colored linen Sets the latest thing in I'aris. We have them all. Pique Trim minis, Itlc. pieces up. Fancy Druids, Runnings, Tuck", Ac. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZBY'8. AT KINZBY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'B. AT KENZBY'8. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KTNZEY'8. AT KINZEY'S AT KINZEY'B t AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZBY'8. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZBY'9. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'S. KINZEY'B. KINZEY'B. AT AT MCSLIN DEPARTMENT. Swiss Mu?lin?, figured, 15c. ynru up, Fine white Dimitys, 25e. yaril, Extra tine cor.led Pique, 31c. yard, 'lucked Mu-lii! , i'.V , 4Uc , 5<><?., bye., Bargains in Nainsook's Jaconets, Swiss I'laids, stripes and pluin, C XI) E R W E A R DKI'A KT.V KNT. Hue trimmed Chemise, 69c., Inserted ami trimmed Chemise, 79c., Finely lucked bosom Chemise, 86c., Embroidered and rutllcd chemise, 96c., Tucked back and front do.. $1 43. Very rich fine Chemise, $1 50 to $6 29. Fine tucked mu?lin Drawers, 47c. Fine nulled and tucked, 5?c. Fine tucked and ruflled, 75c. Embroidered and lucked, 95c. Embroidered, ruffled and tucked, $1 57. Extra fine Drawers from $1 69 to $4 3J. Fine tucke I muslin Skirts. 74c. Extra Cluster tucked Skirts, 86c. Raffled and fucked Skirts, $1. Cluster tucks ami ruffled, $1 99. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'B. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'S. Kuffted and (uckcd Underskirt*, S'v. Fine embroidered Skirts, $? 25 to $U 50, Toilet Basques, trimmed, 85c. Puffed, u .Bl ued and tucked, 9Gc., Nightdresses In every quality. Mi*?es underwear in vurleiy, Ladies', Mioses' and Boys' iniiwliik Waist:, from 09c. to $-150, I.adles' and Misses' merino Underwear ui low prices. 2,000 kid titling skeleton Corset/), worth $1 SO, selling at 75c. The genuine French Cortlllo, fl 90. French woren Cornets, 59c. up. (loop skirls, all the leading stvics; Panniers, Bustles, Pads, 4c., Ac. f UI.OV iT DEPART MKN f f Another lot of our 50>\ Kids. Two button Kids, 09c., 75c., 89c., f 1 00. Berlin Glove*. 18c., 20c., 2tc.. up. Vienna Kid Glow. 3'Jc. pair. l adles' and gents' driving and croquet (iloves In variety. I IIOIHKHV DEPARTMENT. ISO dozens Misses' and Hoys' Fancy striped Ho?e, 12',c. per pair. hilk r locked Kall>riggnns, 36c. tip, Uegillar make English liose, Iflc. up. Dante' English full Re gular, 25c. Misses' Fancy I'rcnch Hose, (JeniH' Lisle Underwear, 7Sc. lie tits' Merino Underwear. ? y Gentlemen's and Boys' Ties and Bows, Shirt Collars, l ulls, Ac., Ac , FAN DEPARTMENT. 811k Fans. 19c.. :5-., Sic., 40c., 50c., gilt stick Fans, 30?. up, Rich silk Fans. SQc. up; extra flue, worth |2, at $1, Bsg? shd Belts in variety, l'ortemonies and Card Cases, Chrotros and Photographic Frame*, Carved Swiss floods. Tarian and Bronze Goods, Hoaps, Perfumeries and Powder* Hllks, Cotton*, Combs, Brushes, Urald*, Billion*, Pins. Ac., Ac. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZBY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'g. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINJIfif, AT KINZKY'8. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZBY'S. AT KINZBY'0. at Kinura. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S ?r?* --H 1 AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZBT'a Great variety of Fancy Goods.

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