25 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

25 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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flPKt'lAL. NOTICES. L. BATTERKON'8 STORAGE WAREHOUSE AND . 1'nrniture Express.?Bent storr.g- rooms for furni ture. piano-. baggage, Ac. Furniture lioxed for shipping, k) years' experience. C81 and 690 Sixth avenue, near For tieth street. A ?ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. ? Capital prima in tho drawing of liny 24, per cable 17.971 drew *100,000. 0,077 drew NU*0. 36,07* drew 16,00.1. 4,'ilft drew 10,1)00. 88,229 drew 6.000. 10,5511 drew .\r03. Prizes cashed and information furnished. TAYLOR * CO.. Hanker*, removed to II Wall street. Bargains.?*avxn worth ok boots, hiioes and Tilinks w iling off without regard to cost, at 330 Bowery, corner e.f Hoiul street; must be sold before Juue 1; lbe buildiug to be torn down. . . .. W. D. BIOELQW A CO. JJRESSMAKING. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove tlint BF.TRKNCn. MBNT ix poKxibir, luive no arranged their l)re*?makinB Department tti:it KCONOMY in material and trimming t? particularly studied iu every detail, nX?L furnishing Ureases at a Mirtfl LKSS {.J?A9? v',aJ? *J?S coat of imported garments, whllo tor bTYLK, ut ana GENERAL MARK UP tjiey are ^y\ayc q ual to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the past month prevented our usual Bromplness; hut n nv, with extended facilities and the OMPLETE RKOKOANIZATION ol the d parlmcnt, wo QUAUANTKE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, ami as to FIT and PRICE defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. DIXuN'S 8TE.\M ICE CREAM MANUFACTORY, 289 Bleecker st?Responsible parties can set tho apencyof Dixon's celebrated Ic? Cream in neighboring cities and towns. DRUGGISTS-SPECIAL NOTICE.-WE MANUFAC turo the Walton patent Beeess glass labellod Drug gists' Shell Bottles, Bar and Syrup Bot'.ies, Bar and Soda Water Tumblers and Fixtures; Druggists' Confectioners', Lii|iior and Tobacconists' general Glassware tor sale at lowest manufacturers' prices in quantities to suit pur chasers. WALTON DRUtiOI STS' GLASS WORKS. 89 Warren Stj ijl LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVI:N THAT AN !J cleetiou will Im held at the office oi the Now York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water streot. in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day of June next, at 12 o'clock noon ol that day, for fliteen directors of said corapanv, 'or tho then ensuing year, and tor two Inspec tors of election for 1874. Tho transfer hooks will bo closed (torn May 3 to June 3, I87S. Dated May 2, 1873. 1IENBY V. MURPHY, President *4). P. Quintard, Secretary. HS. DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLY AND MOS ? quito DAtrover and Shot, Indian Insect 1'owder and Invincible .Magnetic Paste, for tlie destruction of all kinds of vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadway. Havana and kentucky lotteries.-prizes cashed; circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. MEARES' EARES' PARAGON SHIRTS, ' male to order and warranted to fit. I Rent by express, U. O. D., to any part of the country, at Ilia following prices:? B shirts, Masonvitlo muslin and fine linen $12 0) B shirts, Wamsutta muslin and very flno linen 13 W ? shirts. New York Mills and best linen IS 00 Boys' Shirts ready made and to order. Fancy Shirtings in great variety. DirectionsTor measurement sent on application. RICHARD MEARES. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Sixth avonnc and Ninotionth street, New York flRDERS TAKEN FOR CLEARING HOUSES AND J t ships of Bed Bugs. Water Bugs, Roaches, Moths and ?-'lea*. at H. S. DANZIGER'S office, 72 White street, cor toer Broadway. FFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. CXTRA CLASS NO. 69?MAY 24, 1873. 44, 74, 2, 26. 3, 70, 69. 15, 12, 10, 34, 91. NOBTII CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 60?MAT 24, 1X73. 9, 71, 13, IS, 12, 69, 19, 21. 27. 21, 4f?. 17. GERKEN A CO., Managers LUTHY A CO.. Brokers, 2.2 Greenwich street, N. Y. o 0 FFICIAL DRAWINGS SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY lor Free School Fund?Perpetual. Urn A CLASS 121?MAT 24. 1873. 10. 72, 25, fit, 61. 68. 41, 29. 34, 30, 43, 61 L'l.ASS 122?MAT 24, 1873. 89, 9. 40, 41, 13, 72. 32, 76, 74, 16, S8, 49. '/'OLE A CO., New York Post office box 3,855. C CaABLKSTON, S. C., May 24, 1873. OFFICIAL DRAWIN08 KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKNTUCXY?KXTHA CLASS NO. 315?MAV 24, 1873. 39, 6, 10, 45. 24, 27, 2, 65, 33, 21, 26, 15. KENTUCKY-CLASS NO. 346?MAY 24. 1873. 8, 20. t?. 89. 2K. II. 55. 32, S3, 31, 70. 23. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. ann.RY coi.lsgk?extra class no. '.'45?may 24, 187b. 25. 11. C5. 8, 38, 53, 4, 17. 68, fxi, 59, 43. SHELBY COLLKGK?CLASS NO. 2 Mi?MAY 21, 1873. 60, 6d, 66, 72, 18. 71. .r?3. 50, 14, 20, 47, 58. SMI I'll A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Address C. 1IKNRY. care J. Cluie, Broker, 203 Broad Way. Post office Imix 4,959. R KOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. u rawing of 24tli May, 1373:? No. 17,071 (I row $100,000 Wo. 11,07/ (I row h'i,0i:() Nu. 26,679 drew 2ft,00-) No. 4,6'i.i drew lo.nno No. 28,12(1 d;-ew 5,000 Mo. lOZ&it drew... 5,000 J. B. MAKTINF.Z A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street. Box 4,US5 Post ofllco, New York. OYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY?nkxt DRAWING JUNE 10. German Mate Lotteries Send Tor circulars. HITTER A CO., Pout office box 3.SS& 8.1 Nassau street, room 4. EOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY . Drawing May 24. By cable. No. 17,071 drew $100,COO No. 9,077 drew 50,000 No. 26,1)79 die w 25,000 No. 4.62.'. drew lo.OOO No. 28,224 drew 6.90.1 No. 10,599 drew 5,000 THEODOR ZHCIIOCII, Post ofllee box 6,0*). 116 Nassau street. The principal drawing ol the "lib Brunswick CJovernment Lottery, with 55,000 Ticket* and :!S,(HM Prizes, will coiniiience May 2t> and end Juno 13. IliKhcHt prise 120,000 I'ru^ian ihal'is. Royal Havana Lottery?Next drawing June 10. Boynl f-nxon Government Lottery. Citv of Hamburg l.otlery. Prizes cashed and Information given. THEODOR KbCHOCB, 110 SlIUll ilrccl; box (i.O-ni 1'ost office. STAMMERING.?NEW YORK STAMMERING INSTI tute, established lr-70, Professors MANN A OOLVIN, Mi nairers, 1(17 West Twenty-third slreel. This Institute closes July I; reopens September 1: seven days'Instrtie lion allowed applicants to satisfy themselves, no pay lor board when required or service's until curod. Sena for prospe lu.-i. ST. THOMAS BAY RUM OF VERY KINK QUALITY, lor sale al rcducod prices; quantiti; s to suit; in boud or duty paid. J. W. CARLE, 2o Old SliD._ SCIENriFIC?OENTLBMBN DB8IEOUS OK HOLD liiif an honorary titled'posltlon in a new scientific Society ol i:reat importance, now ineorporaling and for ?which no money Is required, are Invited tocoinmiin: c*o their names and addresses immediately to COSMOS, Be raid Uptown Branch office. SEE ADVERTISEMENT UNDER FURNITURE COL utnn headed BARGAINS. BARGAINS. BARGAINS. $ 589 589KS ,)RAWN datly ,n tuk legal. ized Keutockv Lottery. Royal Havana ind Kentucky circulars tree. 12>,c. commission allowed. Address HALEY & CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. nr FOR SALE. AN OTTAWA BBBB STAND FOB SALE CHEAP-AT 336East Twenty-flrat street AFIKST CLASS RE3TAURANT, OYSTER, ICR Cream, Confectionery Saloon lor sale cheap. Apply al or add ITS! 303 Had son street. ?PAWNBROKER'S BUSINESS "FOB UU, ES ? tahlMied over20years; hest locution lor business; Vfill give a long lease at low rent. _ MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. An excellent and well located family Liquor store lor sale cheap?Up town, doing good business if not old on Monday privately will be sold on Tuesday at 105-j o'clock nt auction Apply to THO.->. OAFFNM, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre str< et. Sfl/VER-MOU NTED MARKLE FOUNTAIN, Til REE draughts dicer, soda and ginuer ale), six svrups, Kl. S ics, measures, Ac., complcto, must l?> sold, halt price. Applv at T5 West Thirtieth street (undertaker's) or at 1,217 Broadwnv. A CORNER LIQUOR STORE-STOCK, FIXTURES. Ijcafc, License for $660; rent $30 per month; a tiood chance. THOMA8 j. DUBBIN a CO., :-54 Third avenue ANM'K STORE, BOOMS AND CELLAR. SUITABLE for liquor, limey or grocery business, in house 613 West Thirtieth street. Inquire up stairs. Possession Im mediately. A -IRON SAKE FOR SALE: LILLIRS CHILLED ? Iron . medium. Apply at W Pearl street, AH OLD established MINERAL AND SODA Water Manufactory tor sale.?Kino trade, iafne profits: terms easy; lull Investigation. Address VV., box I JO Herald odicc. FIR.VT CLASS RESTAURANT AND DRINKING Saloon for sale?In the centre ot bus'ness, hut mii-d be sold, as the owner is going Into other business. Apply to Til OS. G A FFMiY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street. A WHEELER A WILSON HALF CABINET FAMILY JY Hewing Machine, in perfect order, und but very little used, will be sold lor $!W, with all the attachments Complete. 367 Bleecker street. If OLD ESTABLISHED LIQUOR STORK, FOR 26 x years; four years lease; rent $30. Apply nt 120 reenwlrh street^ _ __ Mr. KKf.l.cHKR. BAKERY OR FOR CONFECTIONKItY BUSINESS, with Tools and Fixtures, in Itroaklyn, let or sell; rare business chance. Inquire at 239 Water street, New York. BRRWERY GRAINS CHEAP-AT M KNIGHT'S AL bany branch Brewery, 17,19and 21 Downing street, between Bleecker and Bedford. C1BOCKERY, OLASRWARB AND AAMP STORE, 1,213 / Third avenue,for sale; good sf ?ck, le.me and na tures *, rent $40; large store, with apartments; death cause ol selling; great bargain. __ BUO STOKE FOR SALB?ELEGANTLY FITTED; 620 Bed lord avenue, corner Qulne.v street. Brooklvn-, A A Ore mot sold privately will be sold at auction Krldav, May 30. "OKLAND S Druggists' Agency, 78 Cedar street. STRIC tRUG STORE FOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN; I1AND ' some aud complete fixtures; is well stockcd; doing i bnslness ot over $8,000 per annum; rent $:'/M ftr year, rith lease; best of reasons for selling ; price $5,00!). Ad ress OPIUM, box 182 Herald offlco. DRUGGISTS AND DOCTORS, ATTENTION I?THE Drug Store >19 Pearl street will bo sold immediately; ?aniial Dlaco for spsclalties. Keys and particulars STRICKLAND'S Druggists' Agency, 78 cedar street_ XHOB BALE?A FIRST CLASS TEA, FLOUR AND JS Orooery Store, Apply al 6U Tenth avonuc KOIl 8AL.K. FOR SALE?'T1IK OLD ESTABLISHED ATIIEN.BUM Restaurant, corner of Atlantic ?nJ Clintou streets, Brooklyn. Inquire 011 uk- premises. POR SALE?TIIE LEASE, STOCK AND FUTURES of a good pawnc Liquor Store. Apply on tlio prem ises, 113 west Truth street I,if)R SALE-A PHYSICIAN'S PRACTICE, OK OVER $2 000 per year. at Elisabeth. K. J.; price $6)0, cash, which include furniture, worth $3JU. Address bo* 371 Post office. Lli/alioth, N. J. IjlOR SALK-A CORNER WINE AND LAGER BI ER 1 sulo>n at a bargain, in the Fifteenth ward, near Broadway: good location: three years' ler.sa ; a rare chuiice; must he told, ?ai?faotor> rea-ons lor telling. Inqnire ?l 1W Prince street, layer beer saloon. 1.10K SALE?A LOT OP SCHOOL DESKS AND ' Set tee*, in new condition; Ulobe Maps, Electrlcul Machine, Air I'ump, Ac., at a bargain. Call oil E. S. FISHER, 358 Adelphi street, Brooklyn. 1/H)R sale?A CORNER GROCERY STORE, DOING A r good liu.meg,; no humbug Addtess S., Ilcrald of fice. I|H)R sale-handsomest wine AND LIQUOR Store on the Eighth Avenue; license to run ten month*: will be sold low lo respectable parly. Apply on premises, U38 Eighth avenue FOR sale-HOUSE FURNISHIX(I AND CROCKERY Business (established six years), three year*' Lea.so and Fixtures, with a well as?or!e 1 stock; Wore and base ment, 30x100: would exchange lor citv or Brooklyn Prop erty Oil a cash basis. Apply oil premises, 723 .Six111 av. .E-A FIRST CLASS CIOAR SToRK IN Brooklyn, a bargain. If not sold privately will be sold at auction on the 2Hlh lust. Particulars at THOMAS GAFFNEY'S, No. C Ventre street. 1I10R SALE?KEROSENE AND BARREL ROUTE; . good Horse :ind Truck; place to soil and buy. In qulreat 655 Fast Sixteenth street. fj^OR SALE?ONE Or THE FINEST OROCERY AND 1 Ton Stores, on principal street. In Brooklyn; a rare chance lor a biioiuum man. Inquire at 483 Gran l street, Brooklyn. E. D. FOR SALE-FIRST CLASS CORNER TEA AND Coffee More, doing a good cash trade; satisfactory reason for selling. Apply to W. A. PARSH ALL, 173 and 176 Chambers street. POR SALE?BUTTER STAND, IN washington Market. Address BUTTER, lleral.l office. For sale?must be sold this week at any sacrifice, the Stock and Fixtures of a Grocery Store; good trade; tow rent. Inquire at217 Smith street, Brooklyn. For sale-a liquor store, located at 191 East Broadway, corner Jefferson, with Lease and Fixtures. Apply to HOWARD OLAEEgOX. IjlOR SALE?A LIQUOR STORE, fiS PITT strIST; best hi.mil in the 'thirteenth ward; no reasonable otTer will lie refused ; satisfactory reason given lor cell ing; no agents need apply. IpOR SALE?TWO FINE RIDE 8HOW CASES, Counter, one 9 foot plate glass Show Ca*e, good fire proof Patrick'* Safe, Ac., for sale, very low, at M South Filth avenue. IflOR SALE-A CIGAR STAND, WITH STOCK, FIX ' tures and four years' Lease, In one of the principal hotels between 'fweuty-tliird and Thirty-second streets, on Broadway. Address HENRY LENUS, 1,181 Broadway. FOB SALE CHEAP?MEAL AND provision MAR ket: fixtures and everything complete; airy ; a good cash business: low rent Apply to WILLIAM MORGAN, Cigar Store, 20 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. For sale cheap?a small milk dairy and Lunchroom down town ; a gojd chance lor a man with small capital; only $30J required. Address G., Herald office Marble soda apparatus?all styles, at reduced prices; Ottawa Heer Fountains anil Ex tract on liberal rcrms; send for illustrated catalogue. JAMES M. WITPIBLD A SON, 262 Wator street OBLIGED TO *8ELL?CORNER OROCERY STORE: location and stand first class; all complete for t>,030; very clioap rent Real purchasers address F. <?., Herald office. ONE OF TnE FINEST PITTED BAR ROOMS IN THE city; long lease; easy terms to right party. For fur tner particulars apply at 388 Sixth avnnue. OYSTER, LUNCn AND SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE? Location good; a bargain to the right party. 357 Greenwich struct. ? PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR SAI.E-CHEAP; 109 Eighth avenue; other ousincxs cause of sale ; ulxo RUTUfc.Bg lease.?lease OF LOT, WITU^THBEE ?ft? Houie and Store, W Division street; renting lor *?. 09; ground rent *240; price $tf,o0.i, ?3,?OOc?Rh. bnlance mortgage. Apply to EMILK PRAEGEIt. 1 IQ DlVlXn gt A EES.?THOSE desiring BARGAINS IN SECONn hand Safe* will do u-oll to cull and examine; our r,<",rp,lor'", Banker's and Merchant's Hafei' the be?t hi the city; comprising all the tlrstclass makers1 lor sale very chcap at IliO Maiden lane, near Pear street' .. TRiavrr r im. ii ??_ TEKWILUOEK A OO. QAFBS-ONE LABOR, .TWO MEDIUM, THREE 0 KinnllI Sales, very cheap, Ilerrlns's, Wilder's ami Mar vin siiiake; suitable lor bankers, jeweler*, An. TJ Mnld'un _??: : ___ h. a. qviuk. Tn?.R,unC^RNEB LI9n?,R STORES KOB SALK soM ^ v,Pj;T\"'. "wncr.'.I>avin!? ?l>f Kuropo; mint be add oflk and,,ow rcut* Address G. H., ller WEISS 'RUfffc 'BBEWERY AND ROD A WATER toiner AdSre/s Rv"s t tl|iap'i 1*I.LttrR*'n?to11 tnsl' A'luress R. S. T? Herald Uptown Branch efllce. .$$00 JV,I',TV,I1m^ a "photograph AND FERRO vul/y type Gallery in Newark. N. J., if annlieil inr immediately. ?Ooo>l locution; laiyo north light* cood in Newark!"' *? AddrCS' W K AT o N ,7UUb !'o jd sireet, ^9 nnn ?stock, fixtures and LEASE op A .1 n^fli .hi i *llllillt'ry Store In a (rood location, dolntr Cedar atroe t. Ncv^Yor k. 0 *? 8?iCKLAND, 7.1 f)00 AND restaurant FOR SALE, fin < V" located al leading depot-. Ions established ? $4,000 jfigf'jffiia desirable (haraeter; a memorable opportunity to alive p.irtj. Address at once W. HA HP, UBcckinan street! ? ^CHIIfERli " A MRS' PORTABiiR RNQINEH, 3 TO 40 FTORSF fiXiP2?eir ^orrf,>l? Hosiers, Saw Mill a. Grain MilU Vcr BofleM Kn;ilu:H' p|,lln "l?l cut off, and (leering and C&V S'Z"3i ?U'' ?WU "mk0i HAMPriON, WlTlTKIIILL * CO., 38 Cortland street A ~f?rTc?,,;i H0R3I? POWER BOILER AND ENGINE r.V.? .i,ralL ,c HCPn riinninn at L. ZI.KiI,Kit's m lino'S.-" 0 -vn A's" onc ?l Green's Patent Kind ling Wood ChopftrK, nearly new. A km?" I?TOOK OK ENGINES, boilers, STEAM n* ' "i'Tj ' resses. Lathes Drills, Shartlna Pulley* Hangers, Ac.. now and second hand. WILHON a ROAKE, 28.' and 231 Water street A LARGE LOT OF STEAM ENGINES AND HOILPRS iri" n"ia "nd over 1(H) steam pumps, new and second incM^.* itrfdcc 7ian^ mach*ne?y >alCr a" k""U ??'new and aecond A kAHGR LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND Ak? r?N n "??'Tllo rKand Water strestiirooklyn! A*' Ml,nu""-',ur"?. afe u> 2S5 F?5i SAI'E-CnBAP, WOOD WORTH planers A M fl _ _ " ARY I.Y 4 ? O., H herry street, New Vork. ^?5,SALE?TUK MAOH1NERV, fixtures LEASE Jf! Btock and Good Will, with patent Liuliter of a Wood \ ard, well located. Ion* established, doinir a nrodi able business. Address \VooD VARD, Herald offlce ^OR RALE?NEW AND SECOND HAND ENGINES i; . P? er?' PumpH, Wood rianer. Saw Ta'hlrV MatchitiK .Machine* and lloistimf and Portable EriKines-' bTowni,toncUW5"ni,0ne "'P 8"WBirNJAM"NgFOXbl0 ?' . 611 ?nilJ? West Thirly-foiirth street. Hoisting engine, in perfect order, cheap 1 orlable and Slallonary, with lli.ilers all li/es1 Slower* amT PnVleyfc ^'"'n PomP"' WILL ARD A I>E BEVOISE, ? Dct street IMPORTANT SALE OF MACHINERY. AC . OF THF r iio2?*n Sugar Refiner), consistitiR ot Engine* ' Varuum Pans, Vacuum I'u id? (1i,,i' and Bag Filters, CI,rulers, Weston's 'Cent" uifal ! . Wii-nn^ f? ikn*?!l,efl ttn<' Elevator*, Iron Granulating Waion* IiHthi*^, Drilln, stocky Dies and Too\?-Alan Urm fflf!22?K of iron Tank*, l.otfi round and square, and of be i w"ai'? riv Wi-Truek" ",nJ. Il!lr"<"w- The ab^vc o ,,f . ' I'r,n l?t,, ??Je in parcels lo vuit. Inquire at office r>< ,<M,t ?j ftpwtti Kir at atreet, Brooklyn^ K. d. STHan ?r''p'BOILER, W()ODCHOPPERS TOOL AND DIE MAKERS.?ANT ONE OR MnRR 1 persotH. competent to mnnufketure n AV drawn, siuinped and pressed bras. nVwi .i .Ptv "f and small cast Iron goods, can bny, wjtn }i W) cmth^thn stiz&sgsstirjss with a tlrst class, regular trade and iri>t i>! m i5? 5 tiser from $a),0*l to" ?:?or? worth ot orde?, ?t n,^' Prift?",/? "I*" with , no other canital required; " ??"? *?B? WANTED-A SMALL STE.\M ENGINE A\I> OTIIKR Machinists' Tools, as Lailtes. Prssse" or Shear" ,n w*.','11 ,or "?'orBla Pine Land ; eqult\ II sou a?i!i, MECHANIC, Herald Uptown Hr.m h "(lie* Address \lranted -a second hand hurr millTffft tT also 4 pairs Chasers, various sizes, for powdering ANTs^Ky'CHee%aiyog.' WU" DKL?3 1 0*?i 7,'>D,P * BAFFRRTY ENGINE, WITH BOILER; & .. 2J'? Bro?vn Engine; 48-inch xlii foot Tubular Boiler, Schcnck Planers, Hash and Moulding Machines, Tenoner-Mortiser, Blind Slat Tenoner and Borer; all In ?^^,:,rrU.;nd7s?^rSCe?,PNc^,YVoMrl;:SO,'? * BrLLlABPg. Al "mT.W0. AMERICAN BEVEL TABLES AND sale onlv I?v ?>' ColknderCombination Cushions lor TrSS?nbl&lM?* "? w- COI-lknder. successor 1 "der. i.ii Hroadway, New York. A 6?10 B^LIARD TABLE. IN room, O- GEORGE K l'H KLAN. No.itr'eeT'"* A hand 6ZnrrXr ?u NEW AN,) HK<'OND the trade at low prices ' ?rl,cles ?PPerUinin? to GEO E I'IIEL\N, No 7 Bsrelay street Bim*:TObu-VKNR okkkri'') call and examine my sp endid\t^rk~? r. .U.you^ "me f? reduced price,; W. It uiiii MTU, io Ve#c} ytrect jtMl'SENENTS. BOOTH'S^ THEATRE ""yPILSON. EDWIN BOOTH..... Manager and Proprietor The celebrated English Trace diemie, MISS NEILSOK, a* ANY ROBSART, ??played by her at the Drury Lano Theatre, London, for OVER 1U0 CONSECUTIVE NIC!H IS. Mr. FRANCIS BANGS LEICESTER M Al lNKV OF AMY KOBSAltT On SATURDAY NEXT, at I-.30. The curtain rises at 8 o'clock precisely. None*.? ('HrriaaoK may l>e ordered Ml 10:48. To secure a choice of places ilic management would respectfully suggest that .seats he secured h* tar in nit vance ax possible. Branch ticket olflca at Ditsou A Co.'?. "JJNION SQUARE THEATRR. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER BEOINSAT8. SATURDAY MATINEE AT l:30t MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. POSITIVELY THE~LA8T THREE KIG11TS of ' MRS. SnERIDAN SIIOOK'S DRAMA, WITHOlTT HEART, which must be withdrawn to enable the management to present during the CLOSING WEEKS OP THE SEASON a series of BRILLIANT REPRODUCTIONS, for which . MISS AONEH ETHEL was originally engaged. The management HAVE (JURAT PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING that this FAVORITE ACTRESS has recovered from h?r severe lllne.-'s. nud will POSITIVELY REAPPEAR AT THIS THEATRE nil THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 29, h grei ' her, and entitled III Sardou's great Society Play, written exprossly for ? tlc(" AGNES, which can lie iriven for FIVE MO UTS AND ONE MATINEE ONLY. Tho plav will bo reproduced with IfS GREAT ORIGINAL CAST and with splendid new Scenery. Bo* Hheet lor the tlrst AONKS NIGHTS now open. T T NION SQUARE TIIEATHE. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. MAY 28, GRAND MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC MATINEE for the benefit ot MR. HENRY TISSINGTON, Musical Director, when will be presented the following attractive pro grame Tnc fourth act of tho great emotional drama, CAMILLA. Camille Mrs. W. O. I.lnthlouno Armauil Mr. D II. llArtins and the full company of this theatre. Rceitation of Edgar A. I'oe's eel l-i ate I ponm, THE BELLS ?! r. F. F. MACK AY Musical olio, in which the follow.ng favorite aiilsl* will npucar MR. ALFRED H. PEASE, MR. W P MILLS, Mine. Sophie Man/occhl. A. Caatlnur. The performance will concluae v. i 'i the laughable farce, MR. AND MRS. PETER WH. .'E. Miss Eflle Oermon as Mrs. Peter White (by permission of Mr. Lester Wailack.) Mr. Ed. Lamb as Mr. Peter White Scats may now be secured. TTNION SQUARE THEATRE?SPECIAL. BRILLIANT REPRODUCTION OF AONES. MISS AGNES ETIIEL and tho grcut original ca-t. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 29. Bryantsopee\ not sf?twenty third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's Theatre. EVERY EVENING AT 8. SATURDAY, MATINEE AT 2. 23D ST. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. <>111 AV. 88D ST. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. liTII AV. ifilD ST. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. GTH AV. 23D ST. BRYANT'S MINS'fRELS. OTII AV. Rrillian t change of programme this week. JUBILEE CONCERT. SAUSAGE MERCHANTS. BLACK SHAKERS. DIVORCE. WIG MAKERS. LAST WEEK OF "UNDER DE GASLIGHT I" Characters by Dan Bryant, Nelse Seymour, Dave Reed, Henry Rice. Brockway, Harry Stanwood, Carter, Mor rissy, Emerson. Ac. TIIE MODOCS NEXT WEEK, THE MODOCS. MATINEE SATURDAY, AT 2. S10 ITS SECURED. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, &('. A l'EW PIANOS OK OUR OWN MAKE, RETURNED from hire, nearlv new; at bargains-for cash, or on Installments; Hie stu.ic to rcut; all 7!j octaves, and In perleet order. akion piXitoroBTq <'o., No. r> Ba?i ?l A MAGNIFICENT WRBEB PIANO, BOBOHT BY Miss I,III.hi Dietz ill December last for jWX), will ho Hold lit a ureal reduction for cash, as sho loaves lor l-u rope tills week. Plenso call at lior ro?ldence, 110 East Fifteenth street. The pin no is fully w arranted by the maker. A BARGAIN.? $100, HANDSOME FOUR ROUND corner Chickerlng Piano. 7 octave, carved lens, overstrung, every Improvement: sold lor want of money. 13 Waveriey place, near Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT rosewood 7'h OCTAVB, FOUR round corners, fraud square Pianoforte, nearly new, brilliant tone ; cost $950, for $275; Stool, (lover ; lias box for shipping; rich Parlor Mutts, Mirror*, Curtain*. Paint ings, rosewood and walnut Chamber, Dining I-multure, .siiverWare; leas than half cost; family leaving city. 104 Bast Twenty tilth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. * A MAGNIFICENT 7-OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO tortn for sale, at BATIKltSON'S Furniture Storage Warehouse, 690 Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street; city make; nearly new; hall price. AT ill its' WABB BOOHS, 788 BROADWAY, 00% ner Tenth street, new and second hand Pianos and Organs, lor cash or instalments, or to rout, S3 to ft) per month. A -FOR SALE, DECKER A BROTHERS FOUR . round rosewood Pianoforte ; has all improvements; overstrung bass, agraftc attachment, lull iron plate. Ac., at a sacrifice lor cash ; one grand souaro; cost 81,000 for $250; Ntool and Cover. Call this day (Sunday) at 210 West 21st st., near 7th av., 7th or 8th av. ears. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL DISPOBB Of TWDR magnificent 7U octave rich rosewood Pianoforte, made to order for present owner, cost 9U50, for $300; Stool, Cover and Music Cabinet, N. B.?All Improve ments, patent agraffe, carved leg* and case ; also Furni ture, Parlor Suits, Chamber Suits, Ac. Call at private residence 1?) West 23d st. N. B.?'This day or Monday. Alexandre organ, u stops-warranted genuine, in good order and powertul toned, sultab'e for chapel, churcn or lodge room; price $141), cost Apply at JOUNSTON'8 Carriage ltoom, No. 8 Cortlandt street. AMAUNIFICENT ROSEWOOD pianoforte FOR sale?Made order, city maker; fully guaranteed; used 5 months; cost $1HX), tor $275; Parlor, Chainltcr, Dining Furniture; Chlnawaro, Glassware, Ac. ; a sacri fice ; property family louving city. 36 W. 15th st., near 5th av. A LADY" WILL SRLL FOR $100 A HAMDSOMB rosewood Pianoforte, in perfect order; iron frame, round corners, modern improvements, splendid tone. Call at 24 Third street, near Bowery. A ROSEWOOD 7 OCTAVE PIANO, OVERSTRUNG bass, made by Lighte A Ilradhurv, nearly new; cost $<iJ0, for $175. Apply at residence 243 East Thirtieth street, between Second mid Third avenues. ANY ONE HAVING A GOOD SEVEN OCTAVE Piano for sale can have $150 cash by sending lull de scription to IVAN HOE, Herald Uptown Branch office. 11*1 KST CLASS 7>i OCTAVE l'lANOS RETAILED AT 1 wholesale prleces. Direct irnin factory. Send for circulars. CHRISTIE, 78 Barrow street, near Hudson. For sale?m west forty-fifth street ? Family going to Europe will sell a $7c0 Piano, nearly new, at a tiar(.-aln. J P. ~ HALE is MAKING 10.OK) WORTH PIANO ? fortes for the trade from his new 7k octave scales. ? live him a call. Thirty-flith street and Tenth avenuo. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WRBER INCLUDED)," CHEAP as the cheapest, good as the best, for rant or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MKRKBLL'8, No 8 Union square, Itifl Fourth avenue. "IJIANOS. SECOND HAND. OF VARIOtJH X tlioroiigh order, lor sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent anil on Instalments, by CIlICKEKINil A SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadwav and Filth av. PIANOS AND ORCIANS?GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful stylos and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or for rent, during this month, at WATERS'. 4H1 Broadway, than can he found elsewhere. PIANOS TO RENT-$5 TO $15 PER MONTH; RENT applied to purchase. WILLIAM A POND A CO., 547 Broad way. PIANOS TO RENT TO COUNTRY OR CITY HOTELS and boarding houses: or will he sold on monthly payments; best pianos and greatest bargains. __ BERRY A CO., 799 Broadway. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND UPRIGHT OR souare Stelnway Piano. Address J. C. Q., box 147 Herald Uptown Branch office. SEE ADVERTISEMENT UNDER FURNITURE COL. iimn headed BARGAINS. BABGAINS. BARGAINS. <t?1 Ad -A CHICKERING ROSEWOOD pianoforte, iplvHJ, only $100; new and second hand Pianos for cash or instalments, or to rent, $z Do to $8 per month. P. LI l>K E, 45 Second avenue. Q97 r -THE OIRARD PIANOS, ENDORSED BY I O. our leading musician- as the belt an I cheap est piano made. Warerooms 787 Bro.wtwav, near Ninth street. Old Pianos taken In cxchaiiKe medical. A?MMR. MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN. RESIDENCE ? 114 East lentil street, mar Third avenue. A-MME. RESTKLL, PIIYSICI AN.?OFFICE NO. 1 . East Fllty-second streot, tlrstdoor trom Filth av. Attention t?DR franklin ilate of Prussia.) Consultation tree. Private office 101 Bloocfcf street Advice free-or and mme desparo physi clans, 41 East Twenty eighth street, near Fourth av. DR. harrison (LATE OF BLEKt KER STREET) moVed to 43 Carmine st. Can be consulted at all hours. MMH. VAN BIHKIRK, PHYSICIan. -residence 154 18th it. between 3d and Leiiugtou avenues. AMU SB hi Birr ft. Tukatrk comique, IlKATRK COMIQUK, T HKATKK COMIQUK. TIIKATKK COMIQUK, TIIKATKK COMIQUK. TIIKATKK COMIQUE, TIlKATRK COMIQI K. TIIKATKK COMIQUK, TIIKATKK COMIQUK, THKATIlE COMIQUK, 614 514 614 514 #14 BROADWAY. 514 BROADWAY. 514 BROADWAY. 614 BROADWAY. Mr. JOSH HART Leiuee and Proprietor Mewr#. JOHN V. POOLE and T. L. DONNKLLY Manager* MOHT EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTIONS for the week commencing MONDAY, MAY 26,187S. An gulshed I , . just relumed Iruin her brilliant Knropean triumphs, MISS L1NA EDWIN. MISS LINA EDWIN. MI.Sri UNA EDWIN. engagement having been effected with Hie dlstln cd Comedienne. Autnorew, VocalUt and Manageress, WWW 2 M 8 w w ooooooooo 11 o a o o o O t? ?aodt?oO a" MISS l.INA EDWIN will appear ill her own origlnaU'o|>yrlglit Burlesque, J~LITTLE ^ JACK 8HEPPARD. LITTLE JACK 8HEPPARD. f~~LITTLE ^ ?> ? NilEPPA RD. LITTLE JAfiK 8HEPPAUD. MISS LINA EDWIN. the popular Comedian Hint Burlesque Actor, TIIK LEFFINOWKLU THE 11E F F INGWELL, THK LEFFINOWELL, THE LEFFINOWELL, rilK LKPFINIMVELIj. Til B LEFPINOWKLIj, THK LEKFINUWELL. TUB LEFFINOWELL, TIIK LKFFINOWKLL, 1 Til H LEFFINOWELL, THK LEFFINO WELL. TIIK LEFFINOWELL* THK LEFFINOWELL, TIIK LEFF1NU WF.I.L, enjraced expressly tor his great impersonation or bluehkin. BLUESKIN, BLUESK1N, BLI HSKIN. Tho favorite Comedian and Burlesque Actor, Mr. MOSK FISKB, Mr. MOSK FISKK, Mr. MOSK FISKB, Mr. MOSK FIHKB, Mr. MOSK KISKK. Mr. mosb KISKK, Mr MOSB FISKB. e*pres<dy engaged to impersonate the sorrowing Mrs. HHKPPA111), Mr*. HHEPPAIlD. "Tho charming Comedienne and Vocalist, ?? Mtse MINNIK LODER. ? < MlM MINNIfi LODKR, Mis* MINNIE LODER, Miss MINNIK I.ODKR. appears as JONATHAN wild (a special engagement). Tho celebrated comedian find pantomiinlst Irom the leading London theatres, Mr. BLANT? HOLT, Mr. BLA> D MOLT, Mr. BLAND HJLT, Mr. BLANU HOI T, Mr BI.AND HOLT, Mr. BLAND HOLT, Mr. BLAND HOLT will nppear in his own comic pantomime, KBI8PATOIIAHY HALINTOFF.. Mr. BLAND IIOLT as PALLAS. t-n MOND/ THEATRE COMIQUE. IONDAY KVENINO, May 28, IS73. Tho pcrfornmnoo w ill commence with the funniest of Farces, THE TWO BUZZARDS. J OWN SMALL Mr. Mose Flske After which Miss Lina Edwin's oriuinal Musical Bur lesque (copyrighted according to law1, as played by her for 210 nights at l.lna Edwin's Theatre, Broadway'. Now York, and over I,(XW times in tho principal cities of tho United States, Canada and flreat Britain. LITTLE JACK SllKPPABD. With all the original Music. Effects, Sensations, Ac. Idttlc Jack .^hoppard, par excellence the Idle ot his day, a ascliiating kleptomaniac... Miss Lina Id win Mrs. Shoppard, Jack's Mil. Sho was stolen In early infancy, which accounts lor her sun being a thief: It's Sir Rowland who has wronged ber; no matter, vcngeaiuo It her role, and she means to eat It Mr. Mom Fiske Jonathan Wild, Mephisto a la modo, that Is to say a detective, the dous ex macliina of the modern play-wrlght Miss Minnie Loder Sir Rowland Treneliurd, President ot the Four in-hand Club, n roue blase ot the period, Riven to expose rightful heln In uncomfortable baskets on lonely doorsteps Miss Nellie San Iford Blue^kin, a light, In tact, o bull's-eye liltter in the Frog town Banners? he "runs 'em In," when he arrives-In time, which Is not very otten Mr. M. W. Ltfflngwell Thames Darell, an Industrious Apprentice and the Rightlul llolr Mr. Harry Buckley Mr. Wood, an Undertaker and Jack's Master, not exsctlv tho Original Carpenter, but a hit of a listehment ..Mr. JamesTlghe Winifred Wood, daughter of the 1'n lertakor, but so fast it is difficult to overtake her ... Miss An?eli-|Uo Schott The Sitting Judge, a Functionary of Strong Con* victlons. ... Mr W,.) Williams Mr. Krackcrib. a prominent A Italian .. Mr. E. Edwards Lady Trafford, sir Rowland's ni.iter, a very much fagged old lady, wlio<e normal frame ot mind is In utter despair Miss Ida Leslie Bobby, the Biter, a bootblack, who shines 'em for a dime, ftti accomplished raider on apple stands Mr. Dovere Edgeworth Bese, so called fri.m being tho heroine of Miss Kdgeworth's Moral Tales Mu? Adamson Polly, sweet on Jack, and, therefme, though ol faultless figure, quite n Polly gone.. .Miss Ferguion Tho Assistant Aldermen... .Messrs. Clifford, Edmunds, Ac Sergeant Bull's-Kye Charley's not my Dar ling Hr. W. Hastings Members of tho Four-m Iland Club, Indies of tho Period, the Managers of Vauxhall Oardens, a Tiger, a Shoe black, the Watch, tho Jolly Beg?ars. Ac. To conclude with tlio laughable Pantomime, by Mr. Rland IIoil, entitled KR19PATOHABY HALINTOFF ! Pallas, the very mischief Mr. BLAND HOLT Frtl DA V evening benefit ol Miss LINA EDWIN. On Monday next June t, will be presented with new sccnorv, costumes and etfects. Fro I. Maoder's great real istic Drama of American life and adventures, founded on Ned Bnntline's story ol tho same title, BUFFALO BILL: KINO OF TUB BORDER MEN, in which tho popular tragedian Mr. J. B. STUDLEV will sustain his original eliaraoter of buffalo bill. Will also appear on Monday next, June t. the favorite comedienne. Miss FANNY HKItKINO; also, on Monday next, J inn: 1, the popular tragedienne and Now York favorite, Miss RACHEL DENVIL. On the same dale will appear Mr. T. J. MARTIN, Mr. (IKOIUJE FRANCE and oilier talented artists. MATIN Kt'.S WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. w __ AMPgHttKOTB. . QLYMPIC THEATRE, K* BROADWAY. EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK AT 8 O'CLOCK and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES ATI LAST WKKK BUT TWO ot GEO. L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUMPTY. SECOND AND LAST WEEK of ALA I ALA! ALA! ALA! the Daring European Gymnant, whose dnuh]? somersets are pronounced by the prou to lie ttie MOST STARTL1 NO ACTS EVER SEEN IN THIS CITY. LAST WEEK BUT TWO OF THE SPECIALTY ARTISTS. LAST WEEK BUT TWO OK THE OLYMPIC PAN TOMIME. Seo Humptjr Dmnpty ere lie luds farewell to Now York. ALLACK'S, Proprietor and Manager..Mr. LESTER WALLACE LAST TWO \TKEKS of the PRESENT BRILLIANT SEASON. LAST 6 NIGHTS of Mr. BOTHERN. MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, Mr. 80TIIERN will appear In his great original character of LORD DUNDREARY, written ami created by hiuiself, in the eomodjr of "OUR AMERICAN COUSIN." OaTHURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the IMh, 30th and 3l?t (.Matinee and Night). being positively the LA?T THREE NIGHTS, Mr. 80TIIEUN will perform Dundreary'scelebrated BROTHER HAM, and will likewise api eir an DUNDREARY MARRIED, thus re pre ruling both the brother* each evening. Mr. WALLACE luts much pleasure in nnnounclng that the lust six nighm ot the present season w II take place at the Brooklvn Academy or Music, Willi Mr. HOTHERN In bin original character*. r ALLACK'S. SPECIAL. MONDAY. JUNE ?, PRODUCTION OF AN ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL NEW YORK IM.AY, written expressly for this Theatre by DION BOUCICAULT, Esq. OOD'S MUSEUM. WHALLEY, FOR FIVE NIGHTS ONLY, Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. TV w Evening at 8. First time of Mr. W. II. WHALLEY, In the new Drama, CAPTAIN JACK; or. The MODOC WAR. Atternoon at 2. Last week of the charming Vocali -t. Miss LOUI.sB SYLVESTER, in the new Drama en titled, KATY-DID. Tuesday evening, May 27, benefit of Miss THERESA WOOD. Saturday, May 31, both afternoon nnd evening, Joint Benefit ut Messrs. A. 11. 8IIELDON nn.l JAMES BARNES. Monday, June 2, llrst appearance of Mr. FRANK MAYO, In his great Drama oi DAVY CROCKET. N IBLO'S GARDEN. AZRAEL?LULU. Opening of tlia Summer season. RECONSTRUCTION. RECONSTRUCTION. The brilliant Pantomime, AZRAEL; OK. THE MAGIC CHARM. Re-engagement sngaui or Oi popular artists, MAFFITT and BAItTHOLEMEW, the great Clown and Pantaloon. Mine. LANNIEi'., Maitresie de Ballet. Mile. LUPO, Premiere Dansen?e. CLARA LEONTIN'E, the charming Coluuitiine. Mons. VELARDE, the lavoiite Harlequin. The great Features all retained, new ones nildeil. SUPERB TRANSFC Re-engagement LULU, LULU, LULU, tho Sensation Gymnast {New Scenes. The Vienna Exposition, from a sketch taken on tlie spot by Mr. O. B. Roberts. The Bay of Naples, in which the celebrated Premiere Dnnseuscs, Mine. Lnnnicr, Mllo. Ltipn and entire Corps ite Ballet appear in the new Nautical Ballot, LA CANOITIERS. RMATION SCENE. MATINEE SATURDAY AT 2 O'CLOCK. Terrace garden theatre, 58th street, between Lexington and Third avenuos. SlJMMKR SEASON OF OPE RETT E AND LIGHT COMEDY. THIS (SUNDAY) 1''. VEX I NO, MAY 26, AT 8. GRAND SACRI-D CONCERT. "DES N AEC1ISTEN IIAUSFRAU" UND "HANNI WEI NT?11 ANSI LACHT." Admission .'>0 cents; reserved scats 25 cents extra; boxes SI 50 extra. Packages of 12 tickets, $4. Academy of music. Italian opera. MAX MARETZEK Director. ONE NIGHT ONLY. previous to the departure oi the artists for Burope, WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 28. POSITIVELY LAST APPEARANCE OF THE THREE PRIMA DONNAS. PAULINE LUCCA, CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG, SENORA SANZ, Together With Sigs. VIZZANI, VERATI, MORI AMI, JAMKT, RONOONI and others. Amhrolso Thomas' Opera of M ION ON. MIGNON PAULINE LUCCA EE LI N A CLAItA LOUISE KELLOGG Ticket i and scats can be obtained to-day ut thu Aca demy, U4 itmi 7iii Broadway. (1BNTRAL PARK OARDEN.?THEODORE THOMAS. J THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED SUM M Kit NIGHTS' CONCERTS. THIS (SUNDAY) EVENING, MAY 1A AT 8, SECOND GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT, when a very attractive and brilliant Programme will be performed. Admission 50 cents. Packages containing 12 tickets, $4. Can be obtained at the principal uiuslc stores; also at 28.1 Broadway ami Central Park Garden. PRIVATE BOXES ?2 EXTRA. T ONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 2M BOWERY. THK BAHNKY AARON CHAMPION BARNEY AAEON EXPONENTS and or THK and ATHLETIC ARTHUR CHAMBERS, ART. ARTHUR (511AMUK US, in the groat sen?atlonal Drama entitled DAN DONN KI.LY, (511A M PiON OK IRKI.AND, in which a (IRANI) FISTIC TOURNAMENT. The great Vocalists and Dancer*, Miss ALICE RATEMAN :ind BILLY NOONAN. BILLY PASTOR, CHARLEY WniTK, all the stars. Matinees Tuesday and Saturday. Ladles admitted tree on Friday evenlng<. Thursday evening?Benefit of BILLY PASTOR., MR. HENRY WIKNIAWSKT. the celebrated violin lit, at the grand comiilltnentary concert to be tendered to M. RADEN ou THURSDAY EVENING. Mar 29, 1S73, at ROBINSON HALL WIENIAWSKIS FARRWELL TO NEW YORK. STEIN WAY HALL. FRIDAY EVEN I NO, May 3", at 8 o'clock. Mr. ItEMU WIKNIAWSKI hits tlio honor to nnnounco liU tnrewell concert In thin city prior to his departure for California and Souih America. A nioit attractive programme will be prosontod, In eluding tlie celebrated "SEPTET" OF BEETHOVEN. Among the ar.isls to appear ou thU occasion arc :? Mine. DE ItYI'HKR Mezzosoprnno Mile. I)RA8DI1 Contralto And other*. Knll particulars will shortly be announced. Reserved seats, $2. sale III which commences Wednesday, May 2S, at Stoinway Hall, 701 and lit Broadway. Magical bazaar," ~~ 1,131 Broadway, under St. James Hotel. HARTZ A LEVY Proprietors NEW TRICKS, GAMES AND SCIENTIFIC NOVELTIES received per steamship Russia. TnE BLACK CUP. THK MYSTERIOUS INFANTS, THE ENCHANTED FRAMK, THE EGYPTIAN ZAIEOETH, THK DISAPPEARING PYRAMIDS, THK oriental PUZZLES, and hundred* of other new and ENTERTAINING WONDERS ouitc ntfw to this country. THE NEW JEWEL KALEIDOSCOPE. By a novel arrangement in the MECHANISM of tills OPTICAL INSTRUMENT, and by a combination of the most brilllunt gem* with special object* of art, SOME LIQUID EFFECTS IN HARMONIOUS COI< OR1NO. UNDULATING MOVEMENT AND SYM MKTItlCAL DESIGN A HE ATTAINED, of such charming and cxnuMtc beauty a* will AFFORD INEXHAUSTIBLE DELIGHT TO EVERY BE HOLDER. CONJURING TRICKS FROM 50 CENTS. BOXES OF TRICKS (improved) PROM >5. Price List upon application or tree by mail. ^ CARD." Mr. M. RADEN has the honor to announce that Mr. IIKN HI WIKNIAWSKI, the celebrated Violinist, ha?, In the most generous manner, volunteered lit* sor vlees tor th? Grand Complimentary to be tendered to M. RADEN. on THURSDAY EVENING. MAY 29. 187J, at ROBINSON IIALL._ NEW YORK MUSEUM (IF ANATOMY, #1* RROVI) wav, between Houston an I Blecc"ior streets?Ev.<ry one *liotiid visit the won.ler, ul Mih-uti ;'t la lull ot evary tliiti< people should see and understand. Lecture* daily on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Thou partio* un Ci <s to attend these Important lecture* oan have the^n for warded, post tree, on receipt of W oenK by adJre<?(ng SECRETARY NKW YORK MUSEUM OK ANATOMY, ill Broarfway, New York. /tlll'KCH OF TIIP. DISCIPLES, MADISON AVENUE, corner Forty tilth street?Mu*ie.il and Literary En tcrtalnnient. Thursday evening, Mar ?, at 8 o'clock. Reailinr* by Mr*. CARTER, R?v. (IKO. II. HRI WORTH and ELI PERKINS. Vocal Music by Mrs. HESS, Miss BR 11N DA til ? M e ??rs. BENNETT. OUNN and .V. R. THOMAS. Instruiiienal music by the St Petersburg Quartet or Horn Blowers. Ktgnor L. MORA and Mr. HARRISON, Organists. Tickets, 5) rent* ? (proceed* toward* organ fund), l?r sale at RRER A Still IRMER'H, SCIIUHBRrH'S, POND'S. HALL'S, DIT SON'S and the principal Broadway music stores and ho tel news stands, and at the church. IMES-VOUS LA Ml.'SIQUE," BEAUTIFUL BOOK, A. tree. WATSON'S Music Rooms, VJ Clinton place, by mall 10c. Private lessons Piano, Organ. Guitar, Violin, Zither. Singing llarp, *e. C~Tl6WN SUITS, TIOIITS, TRUNKS, SHIRTS, HOSE, ) All sizes and colors, plaid and stuped, In worsted and cotton. Encloso stamp lor circular. UNION ADAMS k CO.,687 Broadway. SAUHE'S CLOSING SOIREE. MASONIC HALL, THIRTEENTH RTREET, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1S7.1 DANCING A( AIIKiXIKS. A? SAUSE'S CLOSING 80IRRE,, ? Masonlo Hall, Thirteenth street, _ Tuesday. May 27, l?7S. Ballet master dumars private dancing Academy, 24 West Fourth sireet, near Broadway.? All fashionable dan e* taught; ballet dancers' Instruc tion lor single and choru* dances tor the stage. THE LBCTtlEB WAgOW. REV. J. 8. WILMS WILL LECTURE MONDAY evening. 26th Instant, in lleddlng Mothodlst Episco pal church, Seventeenth street and Second avenue, sub ject?^"Friendship, or tho Character of Jonathan." S o'clock. Hiuiir ABITTHTBMKWTS, Bowery theatre. VH. B. FRBLIOIi MONDAY, MAY IU, 1873, nit J during the work. a now i.ocaX. dkama, by STANLEY MiKP.NNA, entitled the HOY BUKULAR, with new and appropriate Scenery, magnificent Effect* inirt stirring Tableau*; with the taautiful Cumody entitled A BAMliOOZLE. FRIDAY KVENINO, Annual Benefit of WILLIAM B. FRELIOH. Mr. JAMES M. WARD will ahortly appear in a new drama. 5TH AVENUE TIIBATRB.?CURTAIN RISES AT 8 preci-ely. Carriagismav be ordered lor Sole Lessee and Manager Mr. AUOU8TIN DALY. THE MOST SIVUULAR AND EMPHATIC SUCCESS Or TIIK YEAR. EVERY EVENING, until further no. tiee, will be acted Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY'S most successful DRAMA, ia four acta, entitled MADKLETN MOREL, played in-t week to Ihe most enthusi astic and crowded audiences ol tbe whole season. MADELRIN MOKED. MA I)KLEIN MOREL. THE THEATRE CROWDED TO OVEItPLOWIMl EVERY NIUIIT. Characters by Mr. Charles Fisher, Mr. Oeorge Clarke. Mr. Louis James, Mr. Ilenry Crisp, Mr. W. J. Lemoyiie, Mr. James Lewis, Mr. E. 1'ieroe, Mr. P. Chapman, Mr. J. Burnett, Misa Clara NiorrK Mim Fanny Davenport, Mi?s Kauny Morant, Mrs. O. II. Oil liert. Misa Sara Jewett. Mips Nellie Mortimer, Miss Nina Varian, Roberta Norwood and Miss UrifiiUis. It is one of the strongest possible forms ot the plea for women, and oie of the hittorejt commentariCM on ihe perverse Judgmontot society."?Even ing l'ost. "The interest in the fate of Made* loin is intense."?World. "It was creeled troni point to point with emphatic applause."?Tribune. "It is the most oxeltim drama that Mr. DALY haj produced."?Star. "A mod powerful play, of conrilera blc originality and decided interest"? Hun. "Tbe whole performance meets un rounded coiiiiiiendalion. The cathe dral Kccnc is one of the most strange and thrilling ever presented on any stage.' '?Telegram. "All things last night were in favor of the marked success ol Ihe new play."?I.'ally Times. Second Matinee of MADBLEIN MOItKL SATURDAY a*. l)f o'clock. %? Scats may he secured three weeks in advancc; also br mail or telegraph. QRAND OPERA HOUSE. LAST gEVEN PERFORMANCES 0K pBOBTBR M ONTE CRISTO. ^ATURDAY, MAY * Jjl ARE WELL MATINEE AN1 L AST NIOHT OF QHARLES FBCIITBR AS MONTE CRISTO. Grand opera house?curtain rises at7:? Carriages may be ordored for 11. Solo Lessee and Manager Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY LAST SEVEN PERFORMANCES of Mr. CHARLES FECUTEB MONTE CRISTO. SATURDAY NEXT, MAY "st, LAST MATINEE and LAST NICiliT 01 MONTE CRISTO. Mr. DALY has pleasure In announcing; that he ha* ?0 c II red Mr. FKCIIIKK lorn FEW EVljjilNGd LONGKK, In order to satisfy the uracil! desire wliieli hag been ex pressed hy tlic legion of ladmircrs ot that distinguished Hrli.it to see liiin in ot.li. r character*. i'hereiorc, on MONDAY, JUNK 2. Mr. FHCHTKR will give hit great double Impersonation of tlie two FRANCIII, Id his own famous play of 'I UK CORSICAN BROTHERS. CQC?ATHENEUM THEATRK, Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Manager .'??? ....It. W. BUTLER DELIGHTED THOUSANDS every EVENING. ANOTHER NEW and ATTRACTIVE BILL TIII3 WEEK. The lasclnating an t versatile WORRELL SISTERS and (Irand Burlesque Company will appear in an entirely new mid original Burlesque, written by Mr. F. Montague, entiled ?A Strong I APOLLO AND JUNO | ot Cast IN NEW YORK Oil"V. | Character*. THE WONDRRKUli ZANFRKTTA T'OUPE OK PANTOMIMISTS (I in number) in a truly laughable Pantomime. THE REMMKLSBKItO f-I&l'KRS. "Comlu' Tliro'the Rye" LUKK SCHOOLCRAFT First appearance of Charles and Carrie AUSTIN, AUSTIN. AUSTIN, AUSTIN, In their ferritin Rayon?* Combat. ADD RYMAN. ADD RYMAN, ADD RYMAH will delivor Ills great Ora'lon. See bills. 10!) Specialty Artist* will appear. Doors open at 7. Curtain rlse?at 8 o'clock. MATINEK8 KVKRY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. M RS. K. B. CONWAY'S, BROOKLYN TIIEATRR. MONDAY, MAY 20, 187J, DIVORCE. TUESDAY, M ARHLK HEART. MRS. F. B. CONWAY'S BENEFIT,JUNE 1 JONES' WOOD PARK. SUNDAY, May 25, 1573, ORAM) OPENING CONCERT by tlio unrivalled NINTH RROIMKNT BAND, fifty and the FULL D.tUM CORPS, under the direction of Drum Major George Kill. Commence at .1 o'clock 1'. M. Admission 'K cents tor guitlemon aud lady; children free. Program me at the gate. A GRAND CONCERT EVERY SUNDAY. BRYANTS OPERA HOUSK. EXTRA MATINKR BENEFIT TO MESSRS. J. R. DONNIKKR, and W. H. BROCKWAY, Premier Violinist, the popular Interlocutor, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 2?, COMMENCING PRECISELY AT 2 O'CLOCK, when, in addition to the brilliant entertainment given b?* DAN BRYANT'S MINSTRKLS, the following popular gentlemen have kindly volunteered their valuable service* for the occasion BIG NO It RAFFAELE ABKCCO! the great tenor vocalist and solo hnrp attUt, hU flrat ap pearance in New York in twelve years. MR. THOMAS LYNCH (the well known restaurant caterer of Eighth avenue) WILL HAKE Ills FIRST APPEARANCE ON AN* STAGK.and sing Stephen Massett's bcaulitul ballad, TWENTY YEARS AtlOl REMKMHr.lt Til I' RSI) A Y AFTKRNOON. MAY ?. MI'.SSIt:!. DONN'IKKR AND 1!ROCK WAY'S BENEFIT. rriVOLI GARDEN, 1 Kightii street, between Hecon l and Third avenue*. THIS (SUNDAY) BV E.N I SO, AT 8 O'CLOCK, GRAND SACRED CONCERT. Director.. Aug. Rohbeler | Admission *5 cent* Turner hall, fourth street, between bow ery and Second avenue.?MONDAY KVEMING, May 26 1*73, HOLIDAY'S MINSTRELS will give one of thefr select entertainments, to be to'lowed by a grand Soiree, 26 1*73, HOLLtDAY'rt MINSTRKLS will give one of thefr select entertainments, to be to'lowed b ior ttils n tght only. Admission JO cent*. Metropolitan museum of art. Temporary butldinii 128 West Fourteenth street. The Di Cesnota Collections from Cyprtw, and the "loan exhibitions," so lar as ready, are now open to the publio from 12 o'clock until ti o'clock P. M. Admission IK)c. Notice.-members of sr. stephen-s musical Association are particularly requested to lie present (or rohenrsal on next Wednesday evening, at 7S o'clock, at hall 04 Madison avenue, to prepare for tho coming con cert lor the benefit of the orphaus, at the Academy ot Music, on June in. Fencing and boxing academy, is clikton place, near llroadivav.?Hoxins taught In )? lessens. A line assortment ot Fencing Apparatus and Boxing Gloves on band and tor ssle. Colonel MONSTERY. Banjo, .tig, clog, irisii jig and bono and Dance taught; pupils fitted for the stage. N. B ? Bogan's Banjo Manual, the mod complete and only meth od of the kind ever published, enabling the moet un musical person to play at sight without the aid of a teach er. Price |5. JOHN J. BOG AN. 10* Bast Houston streot, near Bowery. jyjETR'.irOLITA N THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRTNTTNO ESTABLISHMENT, hkrald'buildino, BROADWAY AND~*ANN 8TRRKT. A LARGlt ASSORTMENT Or THEATRICAL MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUT! CONSTANT!.* ON_HASH

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