26 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?WHOLE ?roL?^=.^_ i MgfJTOlg, MONDAY. MAT 26. 1873.-TBIfL?Bl5liT. PBlCElW^Cliim^ DIRECTORY FOB ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?Ninth Page?Fourth, fifth and sixth column*. _ ? ABTROLOu Y-Nihth Pag*?fourth column. BILLlAuDH?Eighth Page?Sixth column. boarders WAN i'KD?Ninth Pack? First column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?.Nurni Paub?First column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Ninth Paum?First eolumu. BROOKLYN Rl')AX. ESTATE FOR SALE-SbCOMO Pa0e? First column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Ninth Page?Third col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES?Sktfkth Paok?Blxlh column. 81GARS AND TOUACUO? Eighth i'age?Sixth column. ITY RKAIi ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Paom?First column. OLEHKH AND SALESMEN?Twelfth Pao*?First and M'cond columns. OI/OTIIINU?TtvKLhTH Page?Sixth column. OOACilMRN AND GARDENERS?TuBbrru PaOB?Sec ond col urn n. COASTWISU STEAMSHIPS?Second PAGB-Slxth col umn. 8DUNTRY BOARD?Nintii Page?S#oond oolnmn, ANOING ACADBMIK8?Ninth Pauk?Fourth column. BENTISTRY?Eighth Pack?Sixth ooliuuu. RY GOODS? First Paqb?Fifth anJ sixth column.*. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Second Page?Fourth column. BUBOI'KA N 8 I EAMSIIIl'S?Second I'auu?Fifth Mid sixth column*. BYES AND EARS?Eighth Pack?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Second Page?t-lxtli column. FINANOi AL?Eiohiu Page?Fourth column. FOR salk ?Twelfth I'aok?Sixth column. FURNISHED ROOMS AN1) APARTMENTS TO LBT? Second Paoh?Fourth column. FURNITURE?Ninth Fauk?Third column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENT?TwKLrra Paob?Third column. BBLP WANTED?PEMALB8?Eleventh PAGB-Slxth column.and TwaLrrH Page?First column. HELP WANTED-MALliS?Twelfth Page?Third ool hibi. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.-First PAoa-Thlrd, fourth and flith columns. HOTEL.-!?Ninth Page?Second column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED-Ninth PAaa-Third column. INSTRUCTION'?First Paoi?Second column. JERSEY CITY. HOROKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BBR OKN RKAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Skcond Pagf First column. LOAN OFFICES?Ninth Pack?Fourth column. LOST AND FOUND?Fiest 1?ACE-I'irst column. MACHINERY?Twelfth Paob?Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?Ninth Paoh? Fourth column. M ItDICAL?Twelfth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth PAOe Slxth column. MUSICAL?Ninth Paoe?Sixth column. PERSONAL?First Page?*lrst column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Ninth Page?Fifth Col umn. PROPOSALS?Ninth Page?Fourth caliimn. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Eleventh Page?Sixth column. PBOPERTY OUT OF THE CliY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?Second and third columns. BEAI< ESTATE TO EXCHANGE-Second PACB-Third column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Page?Thira column. ftEWARDS?First Page?First column. BALES AT AUCTION-Twelfth 1'AGB-Third, fourth, tilth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FKMALBS?Eleventh Page Flrst, socoiid, third, lotvrlh, tilth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-M ALES?Twelfth PAGE-First column. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Pack?First and second col umns. SPORTINO?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.-.First Page?Second column. SUMMER RESORTS-Ninth PAGK-Fecond and third columns. THE TRADES?Twelfth Pagk?Third column. THE TURF-First Page?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Second Page? Third column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDH?Second Pagk?Sixth eolumu. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Second Page?Fourth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALB OR TO LET?Second I'aok?First and second columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AO.?Fibst Page?Second col umn. a ovBRTISEMENTS FOlt TUE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT TllE BHANCH OFFICE, 1,4? BROADWAY AND 830 SIXTIi AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST" AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M>. AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE ?BW YORK HERALD. , ...... ACESSRS. KREMKR * CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, fJAVB BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE JIEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL EPS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM, 3=7 ~ PBH8QW Ajb. "ritr-TOU MUST NOT FORGET THE PRO**?8 ? ? Ji Argyll bat masque to-night. . "?TrHNETTE?YOU LEFT SIXTH AVENl'E CAR AT B Seventeenth ?troet yeMarday Uptown Branoh office. KVAN FROM BROOKLYN WHO CALLBD AT (jT 173 Allen and Oiti East Sixth street will ploaso call ?n Monday laorning. Oblige " IP MRNKY OR PETER VAN INGEN, FORMERLY living In Brooklyn.be desirous ot nuaiutancc Of Rii old (tieml of their 1 gljj nursted to send their nresent addre.-s to J. E. K , US Bast Thirteenth street. 7rTHE~PARTY WHO BOUGHT SECOND HAND I finid Watcli <stem winder) at my sale, Ann! is, 1873, Rrf& will roinrn sumo to me I.will pay thorn a jgood profit.' JOHN CHAM BERLIN, Diamond Uiokcr, t*o 1 Washington place, corner Broadway. xiinTf UF ?CAV'T MEET YOU IN CIT\ TUESDAY, J May Z7; am going to Queen*. You ^U 'lnd m? thereon the Hempstead Pike. MUSICAL. XT OTI OE.?W ANTING. THE DAUGHTERS OF PAT N rick Cronlti or Cronan. who emigraled r'om Ma Frooir), Ireland, some four or Ave year, .go; two ol them. It ia believed, are married to soldiers. They will near oi inJIothinir to their advantage on communicating with ?? M ENGLISH, Solicitor, Tu?cwell Court lluuse, laze well county, Va^_ w ILL THE TWO NEW ROC HE LLP. LADIES WHO f f wrote "Forget mo not" In th? stand ?"i'l tticlr and address, mentioning Rome circunutano" to prove identity, to their two ndmlrers t Address BLAC K A. BROWN, bo* 182 Herald office. ^^TjAKE M. CALL AT FIFTY-FIFTH STREET T W Josle is HI. . J" "? " LOST AM) PHVND. wioUND^A SCOW, MAY ft APPLY TO P. M'DON J? ALD, Seventy-second street, North lu\er. f EFT ON SATURDAY, MAY 24, 1878, ABOUT 4M IJ o'clock. In a Fourth avenue car, at the corner of Fourth avenue and Twelfth-.Ucet. ? Package, contain lint two Internal Revenue hooks; said oackagC Wrapped In brown pspcr, with rubber band "rnllluiJii The hooks are of value only to the agent, as numbers arc registered. A liberal reward will bo paid by return ing the same to !ii Veacy street. T PST?SATURDAY. MAY 24, RLACK AND TAN Jj' hlut. with a Piece ot bra?? oi collar mwiw v. J|. P 1873 also with another number on. The finder will roceiYe'a liberal reward il left at Lexington avenue. OST?ON CENTRAL RAILROAD BOAT COMMUNI J paw. 7 1ft, troin New York, a leather Batohel, marked Jay Wilbor. New York. The Under will be ?ultahlr rewarded by leaving it at 54 Dey street T OOT-ON FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY J J ninth and Flfly-nlnth streets, a jet and Etruscan Got I Pin A suitable reward will bo given on Its raurn to *71 Filth avenue. L- OST-ON SATURDAY EVENING. A WHITE SPITZ ifcw with a vellow spot under hi* chin; answering to the namo ol l.etz. A liberal reward will be paid on re turning him lo 4*H St. Mark s place. tvrOLEN ?A REWARD EQUAL TO THE VALUE OF O lhe Property will be paid, And no questions asked, feir i?wTr?turn of the Jewelry taken from the sale or the luhliriuSi on the night of inc 17th ot May. 1 <7*. Address PhaRLES L MATlffcK. box ?' Jacksonville (Fla.) Post ?me? Or a liberal reward will l?o given 'or any Informa tion w hlcli will loftd to the recovery of the same. ~~~ MWABBIi ?fflee St Cloud Hotel, corner Broadway and lorty ?econd street. ______ grtCClAL NOTICK9. -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOK'lYN, . corncr of Fulton avenue and IVKmim street. Open Irom !*A. M. to 9 I. M. On Sunday iroinSto9i. m. aii oPPIftRRfl AND SOLDIERS WOUNO* A ed, ruptured or injured, j'frK^'o^late tain a pension I>y applying to l-r^. B. J At JOjOX iaw Burgeon United States Navy, No. Ifiew Chainb<rs street L. BATTERSON'S STORAGE WAREHOUSE AND . rnriiiture Rxpress.?Beet storage rooms lor furni ture, pianos, l.aguaxo, .to. Furniture l.oxed lor ?hipping, p) years' oicperli-nce. (181 and WW Sixth avenue, near ' or tieih street^ ? T\IXUN'S STEAM ICE <;ilE\M MANUFACTORY, 2M I/ llUeoker st? Responsible parties can get the aqency of Dfion's celebrated Ice Cream in neighboring cities ami towns. TH KCTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN Hi election will l>e held at the office of the New Vork Hridco Company. No. /I Water stn-e\ in Iho city ol SrS^lrn. on Monday, the Zd day or June next, at lj U'eiock noon ol that day. lor lliiecn directors ot said ?c" a,,, 'or the then ensuing vear, and lor two Inspec ts of election 'or 1H74. The transfer books ?ill be closed l?,r> \l?v1o tunc X Dated May 2,1*7*. Irom May sto. HRNRY C. NUHPlHr. I'resiJeaU I). OttiiiTARO. S?cretarjr. ?KICllES ?W0, ,. 50, Now istlie liraofcr everybody t* secure tta>k*M to the ? Ur*nd UiU fc^cert. la lx> irivoii "Oder authority <* epecial UgWlAttv?aflL fcrbeooftt ot Public l ibrary ot Kentucky?the glMt Tree Library irf ttoe Southwest?at V0.utaav',1,^h?a y?don?')iu vocally, oil i u6?da> , July H, l-?3. lU.Viiam. ai Mti, #lli (Mltjr lai.OUf tk kg*, whioli or;' DNriiSatbld. ApJilKiifltii it r t ckcts iriunt be made immediafcKy hx U?ww win. duairo tnu*K?:ui>L> Every pu isguaq Drovers' Hank ? This Is the only amount advertise nt r t > be lairly dpwihntM. (ih~s aiaonnMmi torn liAV MILLION DOLLaEt our=w_IU be dfetrtbuted by lot among tieket holder*, One Grand Oilt. <{ Otie Grand (lift. (.) Oiia Grand Oilr, (?_ m ? Ono Grand Cash (JUt ..i. JjHOO On# Grand Cash ilflK io'ouo One Grand dash ilift !...!!!!!! 6000 J* Q"*1" 0 jl'? O'lMOli ohoIi 2t[(XX) K k#,> Hi'.14 01 ' ft' h *-VK? *> ?**?? < IU of MOOonoh SB,WO 100 Cash Ultts of (MU e?cli 311,0 41 1M Oa-li (ijita el $ad t,a/-h 30.0)0 SflO Ca?il Gilts 01 $1(4 ouch 59,(1 0 9,000 Cash (Jills of $19 pitch 90.0JU TpW, 10.000 ailis, all eash ?s00,( 00 Moketa, tin: Halves. ?5; Quarters, $2 50. lion. Ex-Governor Thouiaa K. Bruiulottp, of Kentucky, has charge 01 Clio business ol the Concert for Trustees. New York .sales arc made a special deposit with the Fourth National Bank of Naw York, fcond money by Pi*>t office order, draft, restored letter or express, prepaid. , FoMlckels, full programme, information and all par ticulars. apply to tlu- Geucrai Agency Supply. THOMAS 11. HAYS A (JO., 009 Broad way, New Vork. J^RESSMAKINO. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. lord A Taylor, to prove that RETRENCH MENT la pnaubla, havo so arranged their Drexsmaking Department that ECONOMY in material and trimming is particularly studied in every detail, and they are now furnishing Urease* at a MUCH LESS PRICE than the fiw,L<}/o,An5P^M J?VVLntH- whlle for STYLE, PIT and GENERAL MAKE Ul" they are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the past month prevented our usual promulncaa; but now, with extended facilities find the can sltteii'y1^ REORGAhIZATION of tlio department, we GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, and as to KIT and PRICK defy competition. LOftD ft TAYLOIt, _ Broadway end Twentieth street. Havana and kentucky lotterieh.-prizes cashed: circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES 4 CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room SI, first floor. V^EW YORK PRODUCE EXCHANOE, WHITEHALL iV"J?The nnnual meeting of the New York Prodnce Exchfiiute will be held at their rooms on Tuosday, May 37, at IX o'clock P. M. Hy order. ? 11 r. a . A. 8. JEWELL, President. 8. H. Grant, Superintendent. VTOSB MACHINE.?A CONTRIVANCE, WUICII a7 Jx plica to tho nose for an hour daily, so directs the soft cartilage ol which the member consists thnt au ill-form ed nose ia quickly ahapod to perfection. Bent bv pattern post, lor $S. ALEXANDER ROSS, 2IH High Holborn. Loudon. O'srs ?TEi,'snrp , TWRNTY^IXTH ANNUAL l^tTIoV.4'1873 Notice is hereby fiven that an election lor nine Direct' ois of the Pacific Steamship Company will be held at the company's n?oo, M? and (li Wall street, on Wednes day, May 2H, 187S. latween the hours of 12 M. and 2 P. M. 1 he transfer book* will be clo.sed, preparatory to said election, Monday, May 111, at 4 P. M., and reopened Thurs day, May 29, at 10 A. St. By order of the Board. THEODORE T. JOHNfiON, Secretary. OITICIAL DRAfWJ NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. KXTUA CLASS NO. 59-MAT 34, 1X73. ?, 74, 2. ??, ft. m CD, 15, 12, 10, 34, 51. NOUIU C-UtOlUU? CtASS BO. 60?HAT 24, 1873. 9, 71, 13, 15,T?, bu, 19, 21. 27, 23, 49, 17. I i irmv . , OERKEN 4 CO., Managers. i LUTn\ 4 CO., Brokers, Z.3 Orceuwich street, N. Y. j OKKICIAL DRAWINGS SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY tor Kreo School Fund?Perpetual. KITBA CLASS 121? MAV 24. I$7S. 10, 72, 25, (51, 64. 68, 41, 29, 34, 30, 45. 61 CLASS 122? WAT 24. 1373. 39, 9, 40, 45 18, 72, 32, 70. 74, 16. 58, 49. COLE 4 CO., New Yort Post office bo* 3,80S. Charlkstox, 8. C., May 24, i?73. OKKICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKNTVCKT? KITUA CLASS DO. 345?MAT 24,1373. 39, 6, l(i, 46, 24, 27, 2, 65, 33, 21, 26, 15. ? KNTUCKY- CLA.?S NO. 346-M.IT 24, 1873. 8, 20, U, 39, JH. II. 56. 32, 33, 3), 70. 23. S1MMON8 4 CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. RHt LST COLLKC?? KXTI1A CLASS NO. i'45?MAT 24. 1873. 25, 14, 65. 5. 35, 58, ?. 17. 6S, 56, #9. 43. amCLBT COI.L?(lP?CLASS WO. 246?MAT 24. 1873. 60, 66. 65. 73. W. 71. 6S. 50, 14. 20, 47. 58. . _ SMI 114 4 CO., Managers. Covington. Ky. Addross C. HENRY, caro J. ClHte, Broker, 206 broad way. Post office b*a 4,9t#. Royal uavama lottery-next drawing junk 10. German suto Lotteries. 8?-nd fir circulars. n . . . ? RITTER 4 CO., Post office box 3.H3& 85 Nassau street, room 4. Royal Havana lottery ok cub a.?pros pectus for 1H73 now ready. Address (iEOROK UP uaM, No. 9 Weybosact street, Providence, R. I. STAMMERING?NEW YORK STAXMERING INSTI 0 tute, cstnldished 1870, Professors MANN ft COLVIN. Managers, 107 West Twenty third street. This Institute c.okcs July I; reopen* September 1: sevon days' instruc tion allowed applicants to satisfy themselves; no pav for board when required or services uutil cured. Seud for prospectus. rilllE RETAIL CLOTHING CLERKS OK THIS CITY 1 are earnestly ro'iuosted to meet at room 24 Cooper Institute, .Monday evening, May2?, at 8 o'clock, as ciues Hons of groat importance will be discussed. J. H. OSTRUM. Secretary. THE CONSULATE OK JAPAN 18 SITUATED AT NO 45 Eki-hangc place, New York. TF.TSNOSKE TOMITA, Vice Consul ol the Empire of Japan. THE PRINCIPAL DRAWING 01 tho 74th Brunswick Ooveriimeut I.olterv. with 55,000 Tickets ond 23,00.1 Prizes will commence May 26 and end June IJ. Highest prize 120,000 Prussian Thalers. Royal Havana Lottery?Next drawing June 10. Royal Saxon Government I.olterv. City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed and information given. ..4 v. theodor ftcuocir. 116 Nassau street; box 6,080 Post office. SCIENTIFIC.?GENTLEMEN DESIROUS OK HOLD O ing an honorary tilled position in a new sclentifl' society ol great importance, now incorporating and for which no money is ronuirod, are invited to eomnnin! cate their names and addresses immediately to COSMOS, IMrald Uptown Braucli office. Wy;'A'* HANKI.VSON'S STEAM CARPET t? Cleaning Works. 15 Kast Twonty-seventh stree be tween Kifth and Madison avenues, ffew York -Oi,e es tabiishmentooly. The original H.nikinsou and the only ouo ot that name, established in this business in 18GI. 0;^QQ fiftO DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL V'O ued Kentncky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free Vi\3c. commission allowed. Broadway (office established 30 years', 174 INSTHirCTION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 KOURT1I AVENUE opposlto Cooper Institute-Bookkeeping, Writing,' Arithmetic- and languages. Huv and eventnt Ladi?a! rpg??rr,nw^^v ,n"gu, t>r#c,icaii> ? "?? A L- i I^ TEACHINO ENGLISH, J\ French and inualc, desires to exchange the same lor Board ;rolerence$. Address ULLDEN. Herald Uptown Branch offlce. Business writing, bookkeeping, arith melie, Ac., for gentlemen, ladies and boys.-DOL iinAR'S Commercial College, 875 Broadwar. corner Eighteenth street, remains open dar and evening all Summer. Gentlemen or ladies can secure private rooms and have special lessons. Boys prepared practically for business. Stiffness, cramping or trembling removed' In a tew icssun.1. BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS AKKAIRS-726 Bro.idway,?C. 0. M ARSH, author of the well known works on Bookkeeping, hn* acranged a brief course of practlcallcssons in the above tor transient persons. Ap ply for circular! I EDUCATION COMBINED WITH TRAVEL.?THERE ? li is lie ing formed a party of young gentlewomen to leave New York lor Europe July J. under the guidance of a lady who has parsed innnv years in foreign countries and who will conduct their studies in languages and other branches of learning. Details in prospectus. Address TRAVKI.ER, No. 39 West Twenty-sixth street, New York. YACIIT-4, 8TKAM BOATS, At. A lot ok FINE ROW BOATS FOR SALE-ALL > ?5es.i rtn<> "rw Working Boat twjulre of T. D, nuLAN, Berjten Point, N. J., Chancellor Duck. VOR BALK, CHEAP-SUPERIOR ROW BOAT. 13 BV ?ail'Ai)ftr'' At "OLDER ft SMITH'S, 387 South Street; box 583 Poft office. YAS'm SALE?A SCHOONER YACHT. 57 TONS Address J 'm cfi in7!''ii7r,VtroJ,.?^rd: ,n ^oinpt^to order, land Me ^1{CI'ILL, 221 Cointuerclnl street, I'ort iPORTBi a-noai, rauM, m . A ~Bl)ds KINDS OK KANCY DOGS Birds, Ac.i Medicines lor all discuses- Prensre.l Jlroei near*Caiuf. DOVEV^Vo.' jT^ni T.1RANCIS nUTLIOR, NO. 3 PECK HI.II> If A SAl7 LI*R'S^Inmlllble rM*an?n'ror 1ul(> "l"1 stock." HUT ft* irtlEK's mwwock' 2?" Ex terminator, trainoj. Mediclnos lur all disease's. l"'a|"ll?1' ?uJ T.^OR SALE-POINTERS AND SRTTKRft THORni nrr r ly broken Black and Tan Gordon Setters R, d I ' Setters. Pups of the same stock, Cooker Spaniels Kin J Charles spaniels. Black and Tans, Seoteh and Skv ll/ riers. Pups ot the same stock, Italian Greyhounds, Eaoul niaux Dogs, one very large Kussian Btoodliouiid I'nn Newfoundland Puns, wry small high bre. I(.l1>rr , rt H. GARDNER. ll\ south Kifth avenue, corn'r rf n,? streot. Particular attention paid t<? tho treatment ami cure of diseas* of all kinds. Maage cured; medicinc-i adapted to all diseases. WANTED-A GOOD WATCH DOG, SCITABLR Fow ur i flo!>r countr)r' A,,p'y w '? N0Rt? WoriU streft, ^ THE TVMf I Ba ltimoke raob&-pool3 ?Oll> at chamiikr LIN 8, Pool Room. 1,1*# Uroadwa/, eoaaineucwg M.m day, mid t-vur.v evening iltiling Uio neeting, ft?8o'olook. ] Tbu starters of eaoh i ikk' vilT be received by telegram evcr.v evening; also the result ot oach raea. Fleetwood association.?sprino MBKTING 1873, June 18, 20, 23 and 24. I'lkm Day, M'KiiMifjii'AT, Junk 18.?Parte No. I, $800? For horses that have never beaten 2:3J; $.*>80 to rti>l, $190 ] tu second, $100 Ui tlnr?l. Purse No. 2. $2.0t>>? for horse* that have never beaten 1:0; $1,100 ti> nret, $5W to second, $35t? to third. V? Skconii Oat, Fribat, .'or* 40.?Purse No. 3, $L0UO? for horse* thai have novor beaten 1 :SB; $KU0 U> first, $KW) to aecond, ISO to third, Purse No. 4, $1 .SO >? For horse* that nave never beaten 2 :23; $653 to tlrat, $350 to secmid, $200 to third. Third Dat, MonnAT, June 2)1.?Purse No. 5. $l.000i tor horses that h.ivu never beaten 2 :3?. $0 0 to ft lit, $ M to second, $15) to third. I'm no No. 0, $l,'00; it>i boreeithat htivo norer beaten 2 45. $850 to first, $400 to second, $ZM to third. ... Fourth Day, Tucspat, June J4.?Purse No- 7, $800; for horse* that have never beaten t:43 $560 to tlrat, $150 to second, $100 to third. Pui^e No. B, $1,500-, lor horodi that have nuver beaten 2 M. $2,0*0 to tlrst, >1,1.00 to second, $6>J0 to third, ^ondltlous?The abore races to be mile heals, bo.it 3 In 5, in harness, and will be governed by the rules of the National Association tor the Promo tion ot tlie Interests of the Aiuuri.'iin Trot.ing Turf. In ease oi postponement ot any race It shall bo next good day and track, omitting Sunday, Any driver subcitutod for another, as authorized by rule 28, will bo paid $50 lor such scrvice. Kntiiva to close at Chamberliu's pool room, 1,1*6 Broodvvav, Now York, on Monday, June z. at 0 o'clock P. M. All communications to be addresaod to William II. Van Cott, Superintendent. C. n. VAN NESS. President. RANO TROTTING MBKTINO FOR THE BENEFIT T ot the Trainera' and Drivers' Protective Association, ut l>oerioot Park (formerly Hall's Track), Oonev laland mad. on Monday and Tuesday, Hay 26 and 27, at IM o'clock P. M. MONDAY. MAY W-CI.ASS 1. James K. Polk, Fred, New Berlin Ulrl, Black Prince, Fanny Fern, Contraband, Lady Backus, Coroner K., Manhattan, Constitution. 8AM K DAY?CLASS 2. Sensation, Young Bruno, Ed White, Lydla Thompson. Grace Bertram, Castle Hov, TUESDAY. MVtY 27-CLAS8 I. American Clipper. Penobscot Chief. Kockot, Geo. A. Weed, Belle ot Orange. Washburn Maid, Buttertly, Muui, Toiiaev, Miss Miller, White lleols, Chestnut Gelding. SAM U DAY?CLASS 4-Suddl* Rare. Geo. W. Patterson, Jaines It. Polk, Dresden, Boily Lewis, Brown Kitty, Coroner K., Mystic. SAME DaY?CLASS 5. Butter Ball. Blossom, Billy Morton, Veneer, Jack Draper, Alice Brown, sam Hunting. JAM ICS D. McMANN, President. Danjkl Mack, Treasurer. PR08PF.CT PARK FAIR GROUNDS ASSOCIATION. Spring Meeting, lt>73. Firnt day, TUESDAY, Juno 10. Purse No. l-$'2,0C0-Kor horses that have never beaten 2:22; $1,200 to first, $600 to second and $200 to third. Purse No. 2?$300? Free for all runUlng horses; mile heat*, best 2 In ,1. Socond day. THURSDAY, June 12. Purse No. 3?$l,2tO? For horses that have never beaten 2:30; $800 to first, $.100 to second and $150 to third. Purse No, 4? Four-year-old colt stake. Third day, FRIDAY, June 13. Purse No. 5?$1,500? For horses that have nerer beaten 2:27; $900 to flrst, $100 to second and $200 to third. Purse No. 6?$300? Free for ail running horses; inllo beats, best 3 in s. Fourth day, MONDAY, June 16. Puree No. 7?$1,700? For horses that have never beaten 2:25: $1,000 to first, $500 to second and $010 to third. Purse No. 8?$1,' 00?For horses that navo never beaten 2:34 ; $000 to tlrct, $:'00 to -econd and $100 to third. CONDITIONS.?The above races to be mile heats, best 3 iu 5, in harness, and will bn governed by the rules of the National Association for the Promotion of the Interest* of the American Trotting Turf, exccpt running races, which will be governed by the ruies of the Ameri can Jockey Club. Incase of postponement ot any raco It shall lie the next good day and track, omittlug Sunday. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized by rule 28, will be paid $50 tor such service. Entries to close at Chamberlain's Pool Room, 1,146 Broadway, New York, on Tuetday, May 27. at 9 o'clock P.M. All communica tions to be addressed to Geo. W. Oakley, Superintendent. E. O. R1SAD, President Gr.o. W. Oaki.kv, Superintendent. NOTICE. Parties Interested will please note the change in nurses Nos 3, 5 and 8 as originally advertised. OEO. W. OAKLEY, Superintendent POOLS SOLD AT JOHNSON'S, 1187 BROADWAY, corner Twenty-eighth street, on Monday and every evening during the week on Baltimore races. Telegrams of the entries, winners and non-starters, and pools paid same night of the races. T. B. JOHNSON. Trotting at Fleetwood park.-saratooa Stable Trotting Association.?On Monday, May 26, at 1:30 P. M? Classes 1,2 and 3 are best Sin 5, iu harness; Class 4 is mile nnd repeat, to wagon. OLAKS I. II. Helley enters s. g. Star Henry. J. Doty enters s. m. Jessie. J. Murphy enters blk. m. Gertrude. Owner enters br. in. Bessie. E. Odell enters g.'g. Badger. CLASS S. J. Dotv enters s. g. Mortimer. Owner outers br. g. Col. Roberta. J. I'anlding enters s. g. Basil. A. S. Odell enters blk. m. Lady Spokes. Owner enters s. m, Fumy, CLASS 3. J. Paulding enters blk. in. Teaser. Owner enters br. g. Flour Boy. A. 8. Odell enters s. m. Dolly Ysr4?n. B. Odell enters b. g. Frank. Owner enters blk. in. Jersey Maid, Owner enters b. g. Dnnoon. CLASS ?. Owner enters br. m. Christine Ntliioa. Owner enters b. g. Fred. Owner enters g. g. Joe Hoxle. E. Odell enters jr. in. Frou Prou. WILLIAM II. VAN COTT, Superintendent. Trotting at Fleetwood park?on wf.dnrs day, May 28, at 3 P. M. Purse $?,000: $1,200 to first, $50i) to secoii'l and $300 to third. Mile heats, best 3 ink, ,UAlden<Goldsmlth entorsb. m. Huntress. P. Manee enters b. s. William H. Allen. , W. H. Crawford enters b. g. John ft. Conley (formerly Beppo). WILLIAM H. VAN COTT, Superintendent, HOUSES, CAHIUAGE8, OtV. ALBER1' B. WALDRON, Auctioneer. By D. W. IV liS. Kn.esrooine 109 Liberty and 3h Church street. Ilorses, Wagnns ana Harness, THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock. Particulars and descriptions at sale. A GREAT OFFER. "OPPORTUNITIES," Owing to the unusual backwardness of the season and rapid accumulation ot stock, wt shall offer this week at our private salesroom, No. 8 Cortland street, near Broadway, one of the largest, finest, most reliable and cheapest ns ortments of light Carriages and Harness ever offered in this market. 1 he stock comprises near 100 light Bug gies, Park anJ Pony Phaetons (20 styles), Rockaways, Depot, Road and Business Wagons: all of reliable build and fine finish, and warranted ci|ual to any in the mar ket. This will bo ? the greatest chance of the season, as we are obliged to make room tor work now finishing. Splendid assortment ot light Harness (nil hnnd seweil). Sheets, Robes. Dusters, Whips, Halters. Ac., all marked right down. Private salo and for cash only. arch. Johnston. No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. AT AUCTION, ON TUESDAY. MAY 27, nt 12 o'clock. By WM. VAN TASNELL, Auctioneer, successor to JOHNSTON A VAN TA88ELL, at the old stand, 110,112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. The following first class Horses, the property of a pri vate gentleman: ? Very elegant and superior team of cross matched Horses, own brothers, sired by son of old Black Hawk and dam MesM>rg.*r marc, that paced in2:::5, are 16 hands, 7 and 8 years; kind nnd true in all harness; free from vlee; drive like one horse; can trot In condition, with little handling Inside 2:45,and arc warranted to beat three minutes, nnd sound, kiud and true. Superior tine bred Mure Durhess, fired by Hamlet, dam a tine lu-ed mare, pedigree unknown; is 16 hands, 5 years; warranted sound and kind nnd true iu all harness; by HulHiiiin. "ill h:> made to trot very fast. Il.'inlsomc dapple gr.ty norse; long mane and tall; Is flill-bliioded Pilot stock; 15.1 high, ? ,?ai^. k;;i .' "::d true In all harness; can trot ill condition in 2:50 sure, and can beat 3 minutes any dny; Is superior to pole nnd ia war ranted sound. ELEGANT BLACK MARE. 15>i hands hfcli, 6 years old. kiud and true In all huraes?. free from vice; a splen did mare lor lady's or gentleman's rood ute, and warran ted sound. Also, CONTENTS OF TnE CENTRAL PARK I.IVERY Stables, inclittini 2 six-seat Park Phaetons, in good order, and team black I'oniea. Ac. Pony Establishment.?Bav Pony, 12 hands; 9 years; sound, kind and true tor lailr or children driving. Also l'ony Wagon, Harness, Ac.. Ac. Coupe Establishment.?Dark brown Horse, 16^ hands: 7years; kind in nil harness; free from vice; is superior matched carriage or lainllv Horse, Coupe in order, with pole und slisfts. made by Brews ti-rA Baldwin; lined with brown cloth and sain; get fine Coupe Harness. Ac., Ac. I'oiir wheeled Doj Cart, city build, In good order. A PRIVATE (IE NT I,KM A V OFFERS FOR SALE A trotting Mare, color gray; long, flowing iiuuie and tall; Wj hands high: JO years old mo older): kind, gentle and true In all haniess. but very high spirited anil stylish driver: very even disposition; perfectly quiet anil well behaved In the "table; is pure gaited, with lilgh knee action and a perleet gentleman's roadsier. she has n record of 2:31, and trottod last week under the owner's driving (which is not at all approaching what could be done bv a professional), a half mile In I :I6^. 8hn is per fectly sound, and is not Afraid of Anything. Khe will be SOLD AT AUCTION ON TUESDAY, MAY 27, AT 10>* O'CLOCK AT the Mart of ARCH. JOHNSTON. 19, 21, 23 and 23 East Thirteenth street, near University place, without reserve or limit. Whoever buys this Mare trill be introduced to the gen. tlcmaii who owns her, who will lurnish a veritVd pedi gree, and whose responsibility is ber.,nd any qucstioa. she is sold solely nnd oniy becauso the owner It tired of the road ns an amusement. KI.MKMItMt >ALE COMMENCES AT 10^, O'CLOCK. A SPLENDID COUPE HORSE FOR SALE-DAPPLE brown, 16Ji hands high, Syears old; gentoel and sound in every respect. Apply at private stable 155 Ea*t 'lliirtv fifth street, near Lexington avenue. A -FOR SALE. THE PROPERTY OF A WIDOW, A . beautiful span of bright bay Horses, brother and sMer, 5 anil 6 years old ; to be sold separate or together; stands ii'i hands hlsli; free from blemish, tearless of lo comotives: warranted to trot In less than three iniiiutel; very stylish; ure from tnoxountry. Apply at 22 Amity st. A ?FOR BALM, A NEW NO TOP PONY PHAETOX, . built to order by best city builder. Inquire at 2#. University place, between Mntli and Tenth streets. ^ PAIR THOROUOHBRKD MARES. I8? HANDS. very stylish; drive single, double and under the saddle; 'Brewster two-seat Waoron. with shifting seat; tiiii Wagon, double and slnglo Harness. EXCELSIOR STARLIv, corner Twenty-ninth street and Broadway. A PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL BLACK PONIES. WITH Phaeton and Harness, atl complete; the ponies are very gentle la harness, and under the saddle they have a very easy gait, and are large enough for a lady to ride, call on or address I. P, UUIJIJAHU, 7ft ??msu sticot, New Vvrk. A HOR8K8, OARRI&GK8, AC, A TTENTION 18 CALLED TO THE GREAT SPKOIAL, Jrl positive InD UNRESBRYED BALB, HY PUBLIC AUCTIOM. BV JENKINS A Dl'Fr, AUCTIONEERS, Of THE EMIRK PRIVATK AND ?GAD TURNOUT OK JOHN IIAl.PIN, ESQ. AT TUB T PRIVATE STABLE I3S EAST THIRTY-SIXTH ST, ?BAR OF LEXINGTON AVENtE. ON TUESDAY, MAT 37, AT 10l? O'CLOCK. SHARP. l Consisting of t> premium tram of Kt'.'ir Horses. I6|< fenii.ls hu-h: both 6 yoars old; are full brothers) havo Mil iimnesand tnit?; were re 1 scit by Henry B. Oatrander, ?f Bangor. Me., ami areconslUoroif by nil who see them lx> the ftn<>?,t team In thUclty lor style and speed: they (sun be it 13 ml nutes together; they are very stylish ana musoulur, with grc?tt endurance, aro et'raia of nothing. And have line bends and necks, rooJ leer, clean limbH, ~nd ate both warranted round, kind, true, anil Iroo ironi null, trick, rloo or blemish. The celebrated und last trotting blaok Mare Fanny R.; elm la l hands high,land 7 yearn old i was raised at .lack ?on. Michigan, and purchased there by present owner ailor he had mum her trot it lull mile on track in she is burly and rugged, came and strong, fln<\ pure and evenly trailed, and can go to track any day au J show from :r;'#Mo t :3ft. and is one ol' the fastest. ftiltHKest and best gal ted trotter* to road wagon that B#.? the road, she is warranted sound, kind, true, wltli t trick, vice, fault or hirinUlt. ? A handsome and last brown trolling Mare, W? hands C (It aired by Eureka; she is a perfect roadster; can be , 1s ser Rrfven by any ordinary driver, la sensible iuid well be haved tears nothing, stand* without lying, is excellent under saddle, lor lady, goutlciuan or child, and is war ranted, without trick, vlee. fault it blemish, wound. Also fast sorrel ueldlng, 15'i hands high, A years old; ?a> sired by Young Morrell; dam by Ethan Alton; baa nil mane and tail i has the endurance ol his sire; is nure ?ml hottest gai!ed; can upend a 2-.35nail; I? snexcellent fole animal: has never W>en on a (rack nor trained to fhlly develop his speed, but can pull a road wagon always ftt 2 -.45, and lie is warranted sound and kind. Also 2 top Wagons, 1 open Wagon, I Pony Phaeton, sin gle and double Harness, Blanket. Robes, Whip, Ac. The whole will bo sold lo the highest bidder without llnit, restriction or reservation. Can be seen and exam ined at stable as above at all hours prior to sale. Sale peremptory, rain or shine. A WHOM KOTOS of ARCH, JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Ta-?oll). OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 87 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE IIORBE AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOUSE 19 JtBMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, 21, 23 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and houorable principles which have always char acterised the dealings of our houae and won the respect ami confidence ot the business community, as well as the Bublic at large. KGULAR SALES EVERT TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT 10'i O'CLOCK. Entries for sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown house. 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 23 and 2ft East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES^ AS USUAL, MADE OK CON REMEMBER THK SALE "COMMENCES AT 10}j O'CLOCK. A?LANDEAU, COUPE, BAROUCHE, LADIES , Phaetons, depot Wagon; Buggies taken In ex change; will sell less than half price; seasonable Car riages at moderate prices. I1AM, 10 East Fourth street. AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,491 and 1.496 Broadway, will be found a large assort ment of Roekaways, Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons, top and no top Buggies, Ac, aud, to make room, will olTer a line of leather top Pony I'haetons at $200 each. Atop bugoyand coupe rockaway, in splen did condition; Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Cab riolets, Roekaways and other Carriages at bargains. STATTS hell, No. 7 Washington place, near New York Hotel. AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF ferod, our Immense slock of Carriages, comprUIng every seasonable stylo of family Carriages and light Wag. ons, new and second liaud ; several slightly damaged; grout bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 628 Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT CLAY MARE FOR SALE -BAY 1C hands high; very flue stepper; suitable lor the road, or would make a splendid coupe horse; price $1,200; warranted in every way. Address J., box 5,344 l'ust ofllce. A GOOD DRIVING HORSE WANTED?FOR HIS keeping, or would purchase on reasonable terms; a Dapot Wagon wanted, ono that will carry six or eight persons. Apply at the Waverley House, 759 Broadway. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Roekaways, Top and Open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, Urocers' and Busim-Hs Wagons, at greatlv reduced prices. Ill West Broadway, near Canal street. Arrived again-j. c. deyo, ofjackson city, Mlrhigan. with f>2 head ot those fine Horses, single, double und saddle, at A. S. t-harabcrlln'a stable, between Lexington aud Third avenues, Twenty-fifth atroet. A ROAD WAGON, BY DUSENBUKY A VAN J\. diner; a ton Wagon, by Brooinc strobt Brewster; 1 Stivers Road Wagon; 1 six seat Phaeton, 1 Landaulet, 1 Coupe, by Wood Brothers; I Via tor la, 1 extension too Cabriolet, 1 Depot Wagon, 1 Side Spring, I light top Ex press, 2 open do., 1 Sulky, 10 aecoiul band Roekaways of all styles, SUM up; single and double Harness, Sheets, Whips, Lap Shawls, Ac. WM. H. GRAY, 20 and n Wposter street. A?GENTLEMEN WHO DRIVE THEIR OWN TEAMS ? and want something stylish, new and convenlont for Indies to enter to the hack aeat will do well to call MMMxamluo niv new style of T Carl before purchasing elsewhere. There is nothing tnadn to erjtiai ttiein. HAM, 10 East Fourth street. A?SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. ? Two Curtain Coaches One Omuibu* Phaeton. * line light Barouche. One light <!?brin:?t. One light Coupeiette. Two T Carts and One Four-ln-hand Mail Coactl. Many of aboroour own build; all In excellent condi tion, ut reasonablo prices. bbkwster A co, S4 5th avenue, corner of Hth st. A DOUBLE HARNESS FOR SAt.B CHEAP.? Medium light, in good order, only usod four months, at CUNNINGHAM A CO.'S, 121 West Forty-filth street. A TEA CAltT, BAROUCHE, VICTORIAS, PHAETONS, (our and two Heated lop Buggies, cheapest In this city; must he *old. US snd 14S Bldridge suoet, noar Oritiid and Bowery. DAY * SON. A -A LOT OP HORSES LEFT OF A WESTERN ? drove; must be sold this day, a* the owner must go home. Apply at leu Washington Areet A?FOR SALE, ONE VERY HANDSOME COUPE OR . family Horse; very stylish, sound and kind in double or single harness, and warranted to trot In 2:50; also one Pony, fit for n lady or child to drives ore busi ness Horse. These horses arc sound, and a reasonable trial allowed. Apply at 4T Great Jones street. BARG.AINS.-TO MAKE ROOM WK WILL OFFER AT unhonrd of prices, during tho present week, Rock awav Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons, ti p and no top and Basket Phaeton*, 4c. 1,491 and 1,496 Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fllth streets. / 1ARRIAGES.?J. COLTER A CO.. CARRIAGE WARK \l rooms 598 Broadway, factory at Newark, N. J. Being large manufacturers, we can sell first class vehicles at lower prices than can be offered by dealers, besides giv ing pnrcbasersa more satisfactory guarantee. . 0ARRIAGK8?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR gains; new nnd second hand Carriages, e.very de scriptlon; low prices. We offer great inducements, and invite purchasers to calt and examine. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 6J8 Broadway. C 111 HAP.?A STIVERS LIGHT TOP WAGON, IN PBR / feet order; boon in use hut a short time; square box. Apply to F. HON N is A t\ Jr., 17f Centra street, up stairs. IfLEOANT ENGLISH MAIL PHAETON, HIGH SEATS, J on 12 springs; very little ui-ed ; built to order for the pre sent omner; can ne seen at the Horse Auction Hralich of ARCH. JOHNSTON, 19,21,23 and 25 l ast Thirteenth street, where it will be sold to-morrow fTuesdav). at 10k o'clock. Remember, Mr. Joliustou's sales commence at I0*f o'clock. T70R SALE?A HANDSOME RAY FAMILY OR COUPE 1 Horse, sottnd and In good condition; very stylish. Impure t<>r William, cou'hman. or Mr. Teany, at Teaoy's i.,Bry TO West Forty-fourth street. I[HMt SALE?AN ELROAIV ESTABLISHMENT. BAY 1 Mare, 15 hands high, (5 years old can trot in 2 :?>? Itrewster, of Broome street, shifting top Wagon, f'oiC end Shafts Can he seen nt stable I2M West Thirty-second struct, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. IltOR SALE?A BAY MARE, 10 HANDS: 7 YEARS 1 old, warranted sound and kind; a superior carriage Horse, audi* a fast traveller. To be seen at 48 and 80 East Thirty-second street. FIOR SALE?AT POST A NICHOLS' STABLES, Twenty-fourth street and Third avenue, a verv lancy pair of dappled chestnut Homes, 8 years old, I5L hamls, light tails nnd manes, well broken for gentlemen or la dies and good style, inquire for the ' .silver Tons," I JOE PALE?1 WO NEW EXPRESS OR BUSINESS 1 Wagons, one platform spring ; warranted flr.st class. At 231 feast Thirty-fourlli street. FOR SALE-PAIR BAT HORSES, lflk HANDS, AND six seat Rocknwny Carriage; McNamara's stable, Seventy-third street, Fourth avenue. BBUMS, MOO BE A CO., 152 Broadway. IpOR S A l,E?JUST FROM THE COUNTRY, ONE 1 pair very flno carriage Horses, brown, 113 hands high, 6 years old and very free and stylish travellers; warranted sound and kind In every particular; price moderate for a first class team; also the most stylish coupe or dog cart Horse in the city; bay, 16 hands high, 7 Sears old ; a very fa-t and handsome driver. Inquire lor Ir. HANK, stables 1M East Fifty.-eveut'i street, near Third avenne. For sale?stylish brown coppf. or car rlsge Horse, two Truck Teams, Trucks, Harness and elegant Business Oig. GOti First avenue, near Thirty fourth street. IflOR SALE-A HANDSOME BAY FAMILY OB COUPE 1 Horse; over Hi hands high, sound, kind and gentle. Inquire at stablo in alley rear of No. 6 Washington square. JlOlt SALE?A OBNTLEMAN'g Tt'RNOUT. CONSIST, j ing of a pair of Kouluckv thorough bred Carriage i Horses. !('?>? hands liigh, 8 years old; also shiltln^-srat Vox Curt, one set of double Harness, all in Coniplcte or der Apply at Trucsdcll's staldes, 12? and ITi West Forty sixth street. BH>R SALE?VERY FINE, STYLISH, CLOSELY matched dark chestnut Haros; 2,ra?) pounds; will i road 15 miles an hour easily, without wo'd or whip; sound, kind and safe for lad}-, single or double; star and Ilnmhletonisn stock. Can bp seen at E. E. BRISTOL'^ I stable, New Haven, torn lew days. | 17IOR SALK-A HANDSOME CLARHNCE;COST 11,500; i? will be sold for $8U0; must he sold this we ok. II. RUHR, n Mercer street IilOR SALE?A SPLENDID GRAY HORSE, IIVI! 1 years old, 16 hands high, ?*rranlod sound and kind, sold for want ol use. Call nt IX1# Second avenue IjtOR SALE?ONE DOCTOR'S GIG PHAETON, ONK I1 top Buggy, two glass quarter Coaclios, one Clarence, blue UulDf; one C spring Barouche U. a1/ltR. 20} Vital street HOR SICW, CARHIAOK9. AC. IpOR SALE?.A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT; A THOR v. OUffUbred Afodallah Gelding, by Dsn Tuggart; bay. with blaok points; 7 years olil inu .'una. suloudid road ster; oan beat 3 minute* a three-t|uai'tor Stivers Road wagon; ft now Duscnhury < Vanduner ton Buggy. With Pole, Barn Ban, Blankets, Whu>s, Ac.; sold fur want ol use ; prloo $1,500 Addresi HOUSE, box 1,770 Now York I'Oit I'm 00. TpOR 8ALE-A VKItY handsome I'AIR OP JET I black Mart's, I5lj hands high; oloM match; sold for want of iim. Inquire at ukiouh' (table, HI Wost Thirty seventh stioct. . Foo, sale-onf. three-quarter and one pull Ularenpe, in good order; also two tine t:<>?tpalett.n, by WOM an<l Brewstvr. II n MUTT, 166 West Twenty seventh street. "L^OR sale?A SPLENDID oray HORSE. 7 YEARS r old; warranted sound and kind. Call at 159 East ihirty second street For Sale?fifteen good work horses, just arrived this morning ft-oni the West; itiunit them aro 5 nice driving l!or?es and (rood truck Uoi'xes. Apply at 178 Mercer street FOR SAI.E-A very STYLISH MAHOGANY HAY Horse, 16 hands, fi years old; very pl?tt*uiit driver: can I e u*d either double or single; sound and kind, will make a very elegant ooupe horse; proporty ol a privatu gentleman, who will give a fair trial to any responsible party. Apply at private stable, 42 West l-'iftv-ftilh street, from 8 to 12. For salh?a pair ok handsome ray oar. riage Horses. pony built; also one Set of double liar new and a C spring Victoria, nil in perlecl order; will bo sold at halt thuir value. Can be soon at the private sta ble 53 East t'orty-tlrst street For bale?a park basket PHAKTON; one month In use; for sale nt half price. Imiuiro at 417 Third uvenuo. I poll HALE-THREE HORSES, AT 381 0PRINO ' street. FOR SALE CI1BAP?A FULL SPUING STIVERS top Wagon, potc and siiults, also a Brewster A Co., of Bn,umc street, t?ulky, nearly new. Apply at TRUiSS pELL's siahlum 126 ana li8 West forty-sixth stroot I poll SALE CHBAP?CITY MADE SPANISH VIOTOBIA (nearly new); shitting driver's seat and rumble, in perfect order; cost owuer $1,!>IH> last Summer. Can lie seen at stable 148 East Thirty ninth street. FOR SALE VERY CHEAP-A beaiitikul SORREL Horse, 7 years old. aliout 15^ hands high ; sound uiid kind ; in double or single harness; trots fast and is an ex cellent saddle horse and perfectly iroo troin vloe. In 0<ure at 212 East Twenty-seventh street till sold. For sale cheap-two one horse sprinkling Trucks, at 152 Johnson street, near Go',<i, Brooklyn. W. D. Reiore B o'clock A. M., or after 6 o'clock P. M. IilOtt SALE - CHEAP ? TWO HE ATT DRAUGHT ? Horses, two Coal Carts and Harness. Call northeast oorner Fifteenth street and avenue B. LlOlt SALE OR TRADE-FOR A LARGE HORSE. JD two small Horses. Apply at 85 and 87 .lauo street Horses for sale.?one good stepper, it hands blah; one gentle and kind, for lady to drive, 15 hands high ; tor cash or merchandise. SMI I"II, Kranklort House, 208 William streot Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riago Robes, Uip Ousters, Ply Nets, and a large vurioty ol Saddlery Goods always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warron streot, New York. Harness.-the cheapest harness store in New York.?A good double truck Harness, $10; a good buggy Harness: hand made, 917; a goo<1 stable Blanket, $2 50. Will sell cheaper thun ever on account of moving on or before June 1. Please cull and examine for yourselves. FtSHER A OS BORNE. 13 Murray st. HARNES8-FOR 1'ilE TRACK, ROAD PARK, FARM business and pleasure use; also Saddles. Bridles and Horseiumishing Goods of every description, style and trade; Single Harness, $8 to $200 per set; Double, $15 to 1,000 per set. C. M. M 08 HE AN A BKO., Manufacturers, 114 Chambers street. Harness.-i Have a large stock of har ness, all styles and kinds, of my Own make, which 1 offer at extremely low prices; also Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Halters. Hlaukots, Sheets, Lap Hohus and everything in tho horse line choap for cash IS. BABTLETT, 61 Warron slroet, corner College place. Harness.?the cheapest harness store in New York. A good Doublo Truck Harness $:u>; n good grocer's Harness (30; a good milkman s Harness, 130; a good liug/y Harness, baud made,$17; a gojd t tilde Blanket, $2; will sell cheaper than ever on account of moving on or before Juno 1. Please call and examine lor yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE. Hordes and trucks for sale cheap-also single and double Harness; must bo taken away to-day to close tho business. Call at *78 West Twenty seventh street v . S. D, IMPORTANT TO FARMERS?FOR SALE, A PINE young Mare, jet black, tree and stylish driver; war ranted (except sore in foot); $60. 77 New Chutnbor*street. IONDON MADE HARNESS, OF LATE3T WEST END A stvles, and very best quality only. A case of Pad Cloths, Pad leathers and line summer lior.*o Clothing lust received by the LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, ? East Pourfeeuth street, second floor, between Firth ave nue and University placo. NO USB OF OENYINO FACTS. ? _ _ JOHNSTON'S or,-at down town Carriage Basaar knocks spots out of anything of the kind ever before altempted. Why, he'd give you the goods for nothing rather than let any one else undersell Itim. Thousands of first class reference*. No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. PONY PHAETONS?EVERY DESCRIPTION, POPU lar prices; depot Wagons In great variety, two ele gant six-seat extension-top Phaetons, Park Wagons, light Bockaways, low prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ?38 Broadway. SPEED! SPEED!?FIRST CLA3S ROADSTERS AND all kinds of light Vehicles to let. at the Waverloy Boarding and Livery Stables, 147 and 151 West Thirty fifth street, botwoen Broadway and Seventh avenue. JENKINS A RYAN. SECOND HAND AMD PLlflOTLY BOILED CAR riage* bnrgatm; T Cart, English Dag Cart, Depot Wagon, several Borkaways. top and optn Buggies, Juuip bent Watfoii, 1'uny Phaeton. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ?M Broadway. QrPERIOR IRON STABLE KIT TIN 08?PARTIES O about to build now stables or refit old ones are in vited to rail ami inspect specimens of nil the most ap proved kinds, manufactured in our own workshop*. JANES A KIRTLAND, Not. S, 10 and 12 Reado street TO LET-A ROW OF FIFTEEN FINE STALLS IN A new stable ; have never been used: a capital place lor a dealer or a truckman with good ?;ock. Inquire at SIM Molt street, near Bleecker. \ rERY HANDSOME TflOROUOHBRED KENTUCKY V Mare, lf>S hands, 5 years, mahojtanv bar ; warranted perfectly sound and without a fault; owned by privntc Rarty who wishes to sell or mate. Address w. C , bj.t ,2m Post officii. w ANTBD-A 8KCOND HAND CITY MADE COUPE, o( lute style, with polo and shaft*, and single l?ir ness: must be in good order and not much used. Address, with price, C. 0. D , box 1(1 Horald Uptown Branch of flee, 1,205 Broadway. dhi rrrv -bay horse, t years, ir> hands, sound ?Pit''" and kind. Team trade Homos: can lie seen at work ; tivt. Must sell. cio.iing partnership. 216 West Thirty tlrat t trcot. (S^7C-FOK HORSE, CARRIAGE, HARNESS AC., 4 ?/? not a more stylish borse in tha city; bay Mor Kail, sound BUd kind; Carriage and harness nearly new. H. O. WE8ICOTT, No. 7 Park place. DRY GOUDI. I A DIES' LINEN SPITS, $t, VFOKTH MM; LADIEV J White Lawn Rulta. trlinniod rlcli. $?. regular juice, *?; Striped Japanese Suits, #11, regular price, $it); Hiding Coat Stylo Suits, in great vuriety and-at every price; Hulies aud Undergarment*, tloop skirts, Corsets iml Bus tles; each article marked in nlain figures, nt the great one price store of D. HOLINGHI A CO.. Ms Bleecker street corner of Christopher. Rral laces and embroidbrirm.-owing to the rr . 9'. the J'srr i lo ! .: rs tU city we will offer some eatraordluarv hargala*. closing several lots ot black Thread, tlulpure, Yak. Euru. and white Cluay, real Point, Point Applique, Valenciennes, real and French. Spanish and French Blondes, all ai leas than cost to import; Llama Lace Shawls and Sacquea, from auction; t'apes. Fichus. Veils, Patasol Covers, H.irtics. Coiffures. Ac.; real Lace Collars. Hnndker chics, sels. lo.ijiiii vanls llsmburg Killings and Insertions, I'awvmonU'tiiis, Fringe* anil Ornament*. BENNETT WILLIAMS, 77t Broadway. UMITII'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY ?J between Tweutlotll and Twenty-first streets, cast aide. Patterns. Pattern*. Patterns. New Imported Patterns of all the Noreitioa tor Summer, direct iroin P?rU and Berlin. ? Imported I'fltloroa. Imparled Pallet us. Imported Patterns. (Iraml display ot cliarmuiii Paris designs ? R< diir.toto i. Polonai?e. Kedingotcs. Polonaise Kedingote*. Polonaise. New Arrivals. Hcautiltli Chsn^ca Endless variety. SMITH'S Illustrated Pattern Ila/aur SMITH'S Illustrated Patliirn Bnz.aar SMITH S Illustrated Pattern Bazaar The only Fashion Magazine in this country that im ports fa-dtion* and sells paper patterns of theiu Subscribe for it Only $1 a year. Only 11 a year. Only #1 a year. Every subscriber gets as premium pattern* of her awn selection to the value of #1, free. Cio;li models with every pattern Cloth models w ith every pattern Cloth models w.tli every pattern Pal torn* fined to the lorm warranted perfect Come early hi the day. Send two stump* tor <>ur Illustrated Catalogue. Addr.'M A. BURDETfE SMITH, 9U Broadway. Pos t office bo* r.,U5'V. (^FECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. oriental Brooudod .Japanese, superior lustre aud finish. 2ftc , worth ?ic Cloud Came's' Hair Clotlx 25er, worth 10c. Prop Organdie, tor dressea, >:tc., worth tic. Figure! I .awns (uewi, 2tK, cheap nt Pure Mohair Silk Lustre, newest light shades, 7V. Worth $1 Pure Mohair Silk Lustre black Alpaca, slightly wot by Importation, 75c., regular price, 91 tb At the great one price store ot D. SOLINuP.lt A CO., W Bleecker street. corner of Christopher. DRY GOODS. ALTMAN * CHX DIltKOr ATTKMTIOM to their Atoek 01 FtNB nOUBBKEBPING UOODS, wtnrh win im Till* DAY, ?"Vn;a ^ At W SPECIAL IOW PRIOKft J^ACE CURTAINS.?AT B. ALTltAN & OO.'S ? rull assortment of NOTTtNOIf AM LACKS offering at .11 <\, 9V, J7c.. ?0.. 65c , 66c., 06c. per y.artl. NOTTINGHAM I.AO'B OURTAIN.S . in aotected pattern*, HX yanln length, $S 5') lo <U U) per pair. Do. do . 4 yanU length, >1 31) to 7f# pur pair. OUIPUltK LACK cint TAINS, IX Fuitiinl pattern*, hi *7 50 anil 93 30 |<er |i*ir. APPLIQUK LACK CURTAINS, upwind? ni'lmic.d lor tllio tratlfl, at 511, 112. $1.1, SUi u> t i5 per pair. Q UtLTsl. ? AT U. ALTMAN A 00. ?? KLKUANT MARKKILLKH QUILTS. 1H abse. at >1 97. f-' *5, i>1 fit tMi.l 75 ewK. 11-1 nine, at $- Mi, iy.i Jil. $4 to +li 73 tiucU. U ( (be, at fcft. ?t'> 00, $lu t? *18 iMtcil. BPBOIAU 1 IIONEYCOM11 gilll.TH at ft fc'l LAOS BED SI'RKADS, ~T~ with ) $10 |H'f not, PILLOW SHAMS to ITlAtCll,) ALTJIAN k CO. will Ml!?< OlTl>r ? general dtork ot Hou.wk<.<o|iini; Oodds, COUiprUIng (lneTAIILK LIN UN, Turkey RKD LINEN, brkakpast, ta'kciiTnd DIMMER SAI'KINS, TOWELS, TOWBJ.UnO AND CRASH ICR, ut TRRMENDOIM BARGAINS ... ? I'loHM* caM nuil . ukuinme. B. A I.I'M \ M A 00., SIXTII AVKNUH, nttnr Twonlj-ftrst atioet. 1TB ItlDliKY ft SON'S, Uraud street, New York. PARABOLA Pull line or Chaneeablos. In wines and nltim*. Silk Hun Umbrellas, club handles ami chatelaine*, ?? ? Kxtrii'iariiu and lined from $3 to %-i W each. All rilk, tor children. Wo. ... Pink and blue, Willi ruffles. Coc.i75c.. Bsc. ana ?i FANs1. Anothor pnrohas<> of over t^iily IhouaanJ Fans, linen at Cc.. 8c . lUc., I2e and 15c silk at SMc.. aw . ??c . 8?c.,45c. up. RIBBONS AND FitENCII FLOWERS. Oroa lira ins at B)c.. 1*5., ?Q..Sfc? 31c. ?nd d8e., hU ?llt 1 0U0 pieces of 8 and 7-incli Snsli Ribbons, ull silk. ?l Me. at toe , at 75c. and 8Sc. per yard EDW RIDI.KY ft HON li)9 SU SMK Qrunil street, (3, <*, w. ^ and 7tf Allot ' . ' stroot, (lltu Ulook east Iroiu tlie Bowery. \t B. RIDLEY A SO.Y8. Atractiio and iinraenes Stock of yieitnaawdi Parte Uoods. Inspect Leather Poods. Oxidised t?oods. SILVBRPLATED WARB. Largo Children's Oarrln-te*. >6 ench. Jewelry, Toll* liargo v.. Articles, Perfumery, 4c. 1511 \T D1DLF.Y ft HON, 3W, 311, 31 IK Oraod street, 6a, 04, ??, til and 70 Allen t'reefc A"~*T~B RIDLEY A SON'S OllF.AT KAHT SIDB KHT.V?. lUhment?lie il I aces. Dress Trimoilntts. Neodto wrri lS Handkerchief. Hosiery. 1''V1eo2S* Special offarin,? of *Uk Beck*?? J'if pat? wlialobonc Uoracte, at 68c.. 76t... ^ ? and ?i per pair. EDW. RIDLEY ft ?ON. ID OLOVB9. n A.T TUB (2KBAT BAST SIDE B9TABLMUHERT. asafinvffi jssaat ? Two-tluttonaat 75c. and ?i ner pair; Unto, *l?*? "n^w Msortmont of BdwardUlovo* at ?l ? per pair. BEST CJLOYB IN AMERICA AT THB PIIKIK. K. RIDLEY A HON. 309 Ml 311K Qra?d. and 62, M, 6B. 68 and 7[> Allen street New iork. tilth block east iroiu the llowerv^ OTRAW GOODS. Round Data, Bonnela, Florida and Palmetto Hats, H, $1 K, ?l 58. tl ?0 up For Sabbath Hctiool Anniversaries Infinity, Cliildrens*. Misses', Hoys' and Yotitl**' 8tra? Hals, iateit styles, ehenp.^ llair and Neopolltnn Hals. 7Jc.. PAc., 8ftc up Also, live thousand cases ot various Braids and sli ipe* from Ac-to?3 each. Our Trimmed Bats will repay careful inaction. Iteady T?-I>'?/. At the nrcat East Hide Establishment. EDWARD RIDLEY A HON. KW 311 ?ml III), dratid ?lreet. and ?/. M.Ot, ffl and Allen street, tilth block " ?..it notu Hie P-o,\' r Y. s Y. *T BlNZliV'H. ^ worlb of nill|l0n,. nnin tiros liram s>;is!i. Bonnet ami Tnmmlmt Kitiboti* at SUc on the dollar. a?" "<?" ?.??. ?c. m Watl'Iod sa>h Bllibooa,Mr., We.. 75'., uu , 1*1 eft11> Sa?u U?bbc?ns, Tc , 4ic., Wf., Wide' Windsor Sn-hes, $1 ? each 2Si) dozen Ladies' Hllk Ties aud Bows, i IB ported ionda, W.. 25c ?c Mc . >9c., 'jSc . ?'.* ?. ?Ii 'nm Windsor rU re)ll Ouipurt I,*cph at Ions lliiin gold euj*. (iuli ure Lai-c*. I?? . ?!>?. J*. 31c to $1 i'?- Vak La c? A?C? 31c , <?<? ol?.' , 72c Hand made finen l-?c?s. ftc up ralenclono'-s I<acc?. 2?. , m- . ^ ? "I Kc.il Laces ol all kin-Is ow. Vail and bcarf Ltcoa low slmwU> fronl tion, Iroiu $2 Mi in pv.i Llain* Lac.; Saci|U?s lioin a'i 'Uon, iro? H to $18. Paraaols-Uroat variety at very low priccs. C>c to? 2 ^ ?ovl., tr?m . 10c., l>' .Sftc . 31c , UK , We . (We. h,.lf? . . ? ** *" "" Straw Oooda Department. Bonuoteand Hal*, JDc. ii?-^ Bot|0Ct Trlni.ft?K Lining Silkt, from 4>c yard up. Piques. Muslins. Tucks, Dimities, ftc , from auct oij snJ (rnderwe*. full asuoitilioiit. at very lew priccs. Corseta Skirls. Bustles. i'ads, ftc . prlC0?w?> ,?or 1.90* Lyons l ineal llandkirchioft. H'?<? aiicjon. *> I.a<lia.i', gents ?nd unasc*1 flu*, einbio deied mid li;>usUUI??4. ?C lo 'As llambarg EdglW*'''1 Insertions, irom^aitctjon. Irmn He. OP '0 T' 1 ItuiNings aud T"ck,n*,i4.rtl |,wco Collars 2!ic. Linen Seta. Horn He up. Lftca Barbae, roiffi.rea, Capes, Slcevu Hots, ftt^^ ^b1 unluy,? N?rn,??4y I.nco Capi at very lo>v prlcca. Silk Prin(tea, ?c. to >2 >> sdk (Jimps, i&c. lo $li ysir. . tf sua m" i jfroin nuclion nuases' Pnney H;f ptd II isc, 12^c , I Sc., ?. paii Full Regular 11oae, 2Sc up. Lisle Thread Ho-c. Wc uifc ^ Oents'. ladles', ir.iases' ;iud boys' Lisle aud Mnrtno Under wear i?t verv low price*. OiBU'KaratoliioaUogaj^. s#c,u(? ^ Suits. Ladies and iiiisso >> Two eases fine imported Onydried Charlatlii.* nt ?? BcltClaspa. Sets Pins. Chnins, Slides, ftc Ki.lKHi fine Silk Finn, 2Sc op. OHl Htlck Kfttu. WX'. u4iwa?a Belts, Porte inonnaie*. Sorps. I'erHuueiiea and lime/ Oujd*. Uron/e and Par'sn P0'?',". Velvet, (Hit ""d ? Ijutton KM (H,.V -a. *>? -P i wi. Button iCil Olovee. I*. "P Fine IBfrlin Oli<ve?, IS< *P Ladies' Hid in >J aed Dr.'????;;^^,.,...,, ,jus. WlioieHiiO or Hetnil. ffiuuH K7,f,y;;.. <d ? a. - 55 \~K TodU Cemol'f Hair .'iliiiwU and Scfti'* 4 at bargain* Rellilnit irom biieioew. Retlrtnu irom business.

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