27 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,428. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MAY 27. 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PKICE FOUll CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADfttTBEBJi E AMUSEMENTS?EionTU Page?Fourth, fltth arid sixth ? columns. _ ? , ASTROLOGY-Eighth PAXH?-Fourth column BILL1 AI4I>K?Firm P*ok-TUird oojuian. BOARD Kits WANTED?HioiiTrt l'ACK-Flrst and s?cond BOAI'D'a""' LODGING WANTED?Eighth Pact?Sec ond column. BROOKLYN HOARD?Eighth lUoe?'-"eccnd column. BROOKLYN REAL Ea'lATii TOli SALE-Second 1'ace? Kir*t column. BUSINESS OITOETUXTTIES?Twelfth TAur?Sixth eoiuutn. BUSINESS NOTICES?Seventh Pack?Sixth column. CIOAKSAND TO.JAOOG?Kiuutii Page?Third column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Page-FusI column. CLEHK-t AND SALESMEN?Elktbxtu Pack?Filth Col umn. CLOTHING?Twelfth Paoe?Fourth column. COACHMEN AND OARDKNERS-ELKVEirni Pack? Fittli ami sixth columns, uml Twelfth Page? First colli nut. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Second pAGE-Sixth col umn. COPARTNERSHIPS?Fourth Pack?Sixth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Eighth Pagk?Second Aii.l third col _ umns. ARCING ACADEMIES?F.ichth Park?Sixth column. KNTIhXRV?Pimi Pa.ie?Sixth column. DRY OoOi-8-Fir.it Pack?Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LKT, FURNISHED AND OX FURNISHED?Twklfth Paok?.-ecottd column. EUROPEAN hi'H VMSIlll'S?Second PACK-i'Uth and sixth columns. BUBOPE?Kirrn Pack?Third oolumn. EXCtlANGK? Finn Paqu?Third column. KVEH AND BARS? Eighth Pack?Fourth column. EXCURSIONS?Second Pauk?Fourth coluniu. FINANCIAL? Fourth I'aok?Fltth anil si.itli columns. PGR SALE?TwKLrrn Pack?Fifth column. rtFBMSHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Pack?Second and third columns. FURNITURE?Eighth Pack?Fourth column. PltENCIl ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth PAOV-First column. HBLP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page?Third iiuJ Uturlli columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Twrlttu 1'AOK-Flrst col umn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?Film Pack?Second, third, fourth, fltth anil sixth columns. HOTELS?Eichth Pack?8ei ond column. HOICKS, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Twelfth Pagb? Fourth column. IN8TRUC riON?hioutn Page?TMrd column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BLR OhN ItICAL ESTATE FOlt SALE?Second Page? _. 8ocond column. LECTURE SEASON?Eiciith Pack?Sixth column. LOAN* OFFICES?Firm Park?Third column. LOST AND POUND?First 1'agk?First and second col *. umns. . . MACHINERY?Twelfth Paok?Fifth and sixth columns. MAKRLE MANTELS?Finn page-Bixih column. MKDtCAL?.-.el-ohd Paok?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Final Paok?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth pagk Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Firm Pace?Third column. MUSICAL?EiaitTil Pace-?Sixth column. PERSONAL?Fiust Pack?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Eighth PACK-Fifth col umn. PROPOSALS?Second Pace?Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Eliitkntii Paok?Third column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CiTY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Pack?Second and third columns. BEAT, ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Skcond Page?Third and lonrth cohiiniH. REAL ESTATE WANTED ? Second Page?Fourth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Fifth Paok?Third column. REWARDS?Fiust Paok?Second column. SALES AT AUCTION?Fifth Pack?Fourth, flith and sixth columns SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES!?Ninth Pagk?First, sccoml, third, tourth, tilth and sixth columns, anil Eleventh Pace?First f-tcond and third column*. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eleventh 1'agk? Fourth and tilth column*. SPECIAL N0TICE8?Seoond Pace?Fourth column. 8PORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First Pack?Second coimnn. SUMMER KKpORTS?Eicmtii Pace?Third column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Pack? First column. THE TURF?FiH.iT Pack?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS I'UkPOSES-Tweltth Page? Second column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Second Pagv?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? TwKi.ni Pack?Third ami fourth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Twnt.rrn I'AOE-Fourth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET--Seco:*d Paok? Firm and secoud column*. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fifth Page?Third col umn. - HEBOID OJ'ANCH OFFICK-UPTIIWN. A DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.268 BROADWAY AND MO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTT FlitST- AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.). AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGER PARIS AOEKCY OF TIIB NEW Vl>KK HERALD. 2^ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AOEXTS TOR THE HEW VORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ER8 WITH COPIES OF TUB HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBEBS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. FBRSOWAIi. ADI)Tt5 E. M., FORMERLY OF 101, WILL HEAR OF an old friend by Addressing BROOKLYN BIRD CAOE, Herald offlco. ? Did not keep engagement Thursday, on account of weather. Please make a more definite appointment. Address B. B. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. JPLORENCE?MEKT ME THIS AFTERNOON AT THE ' I'rUo Orande Ducbeise l'icuic, Rose Bank Park, li Itou, Statin ! slain I PERICHOLE. JjlROM FEATHER STORK, WAYERLBY PLACE, . Monday morning, I) .Mxtli Avenue car, thence to wentr-third street car?Will the shorter of two ladies trun her address to an admirer? Address WALTER 4+RKY, flora:d otlice. HADLEY?WILL RETURN JUNE S. M. IE SNA. IF IIENUY OR PETER VAN INOEN, FORMERLY living in Brooklyn, be desirous of making the ac quaintance of an old friend of their family, thoy are re Quested to Rem! their present addross to J. E. K., 243 Bast Thirteenth street. IF THE GENTLEMAN WHO MET LADY ON THE Brooklyn boat will call again it 166 ho will b? tli.mk;ully received ami mistake rtCilHl ATE SINQLBTON?PLBASE~~S B ND YO UR a? dross to II. O , Herald office. Lady in blaok, scBufzBM park?please send addrossto B. K., Herald offlco. M~~ IttCCLARA J. RBMINOTON, FORMERLY OF ST. Louis, will learn something of intcrost by sending tier arti'.ress to A. J., box 1M Herald office. NOTH'K. ?WANTINOs THE DAUOHTERS OF PAT rick t'ronln or Oronan, who emigrated from Ma erooro, Ireland, soma four or five years a?o; two ol thein, It is believed, arc married to soldiem. They will hear of griti)ething to their advantage on communicating with A.M. h.<n Lisil, Solicitor. Tazewell Uonrt House, Taze well county, Va. P?WILL WAIT ALL DAY AND WIOIlfT RELIEVE ? anxiety earliest possible. If away, telegraph room *. N F. 1> M. M.-ALWAYS THE SAME; WHEN READY XV. ?viil inform you. TRUST. t mil It GENTLEMAN WHO FOUND A WATOH (MONO . fra"',l!->'n P*?tr*i Park on Monday morning will ple*?e aJdret* <?. C., 711 Fifth avenue. VI r an IKD FOR ADOPTION?A PBMAL8 BABB. II ?? Tears old ; will hare a good home. Mine. DESPaRD, IS *',t_Iw?nlystreet, nuar Fourth avenne. f?>Tll STR BT, NEAR BROADWAY.?LADY WBO X-J otrrlcd on handkcreh'.Oi' flirtatloa with irontleman StMiti iif'trnoon will please address her admirer: ob. jeet friendship. R, box 109 Herald offlco. LOUT AM) Pt)l\D. IH?t ND-ON THE 20TII INST., AT PAVONIA FERRY a (J'jl.l Watch, which the owner can have In proving pro lei iv and paying expenses of J. H. TKNURK, Ham jey'n, N. J. _] IflOt'.VD -IN CENTRAL PARK, A GOLD WATCH 1 watch the owner can have by applytliff at MUR Din II, FHHEK A CO.'jt office. 108 Front street. IOST?.SATI'RDAY LAST, LADIES' BLUB ENAMEL .t led V'atch;small diamonds on case; engraving in aide cose. Lihoral reward will bo psid lor same by DALLETT, sons A CO., ft Water street. 10.41-?SATURDAY. MAY 17, SMALL BLACK AND J Tan Ooir; earl cropped: one turned over; answers in name of I'itik. A liberal reward paid tor his return to 1M Second avenue. | 1( 8T-ON THE BVENINO OF MAY 24, A SMALL J oeotrli Tnrrinr; answers to tho name of Scot. The finder will he liberally rewarded by roturning it to 111 Went Twenty-second street 3CKT-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON. A SMALL ?i .ScOtrh Terrier. The finder will bo woli rewarded by reluming It to 7(1 Fifth avenue. IOST-ON MAY 2 il, A POCKETBOOK, ON BROAD J tv iv. beLweon Ninth and Tenth streets, west sl.le; r.intu n il two i>r(iinUM>ry notes and train $?!' to In money. I iio Under will l>u suitably rewarded bv return iiw ii ro J AMM A. iieaiin a iON.mBroadway. IOST?ON UNIVERSITY PLACE, 8ATUADAY, A J (Jul i Watch and 'hnin; watch, magic hunting caw and ii naino and date engraved inside; chain, narrow and hi hr >-clef stylo; locket with monogram on blood atone I arty having the above treated confidentially by Ailiires iiig M. B. W., <U? Broad i-tri et, Newark, N. J. 1 O T?ON SUNDAY EYBN1NO, ABOUT 10 O'CLOCK. Ii in lho vicinity of the corner ol Htth avenne and ?Unit, cigli,h strrei, a black l<ace bhawL The?flinler will be I.4-or,i.iy rewarded by leaving it at flU Broadway, or at Ni. ? l-.u?t F.irty-tlrst street. IOST ON SATURDAY, MAY 24, AN AONBfl DRl" i mi Br.oa lway, Eiglitii street or Forty second The fn ler will I* suitably rewarded by returning same to J'.S HVKNE. .U iriinrch stroot ? L.OMT AM) FOUND. I OSTEON M.tVIMY EVENING, MAY 19, ON FOURTH J avcuue, it red-covered Mcinoran !m Book contain ng a small mi in of money, nunc p iper* nii-l ? not* Of C. Hul lett, payab e to Terry t Well*. I'or $.0'. Please return now ami paper* to tlic Mutual Benefit Savings Bank, 160 Nassau street, an t keep the o.tih. ]OST?OX FRIDAY EVEXIX.I A S'lAI.I, BLACK ? J nnltannlut My rutnrnliu her to 127 East Fifteenth si root, willreooive a suitable reward. IOST?ON SUNDAY, a RLAOK AM) TAN TKUtlKB, ? J wlib a pink ribbon round lux Deck; nm?cri to the natnoofJi.n. Alilier.il reward will bo Paul lor lm re turn lo 108 West Thirty-eighth street. TH 08T?SETTEE DOG PUP, ABOUT TWO MONTHS J old, on Monday, last week, from 5J West Thirty-?IkIIi at rat*. $5 reward. 1 OST?IS CENTRAL PARK GARDEN" OK O.N THE 'J *ny Irom the.'o lo Wn.it Forty ninth Mruet and K.xhth avenne, a sold Bracelet; name engrave I. Liberal r> wurd will be paid if left at 90 LWponerl street, secuiid floor. T f>BT-SATUKI>\Y, MAY 24. IN A FOURTil IJ D'ie C<tr, two Interns! Rev-nue Books, of value on'.y to the r,'nnt, as numbers are registered. Liberal reward paid for return lo 21 Vesey street. I?Tq>t-in central" park, a child* ? gray J Sack. The finder will t>o sulubly rewarded by leav ing It at 20f Went Twenty third street. ]OST?MONDAY, AT TP? M.7~fN TWENTYTHntO J street *tat(e. a small blue enamelled Cross, set in pearl*. Kinder wilt l>e rewarded bv returning same to Mrs. LKFKVKK, 103 W*Mt Twcitly-flftfl street QTOLKN.?A REWARD EQUAL TO THE VALUE OF O tho Prouertv will oo paid, and no questions asked, tor the return ol the Jewelry taken from tho safe of tho subscriber on the night of llio 17th ot May, 187S. Address C1URI.F.S L MAT11.'.It, bo* HO Jacksonville (Kin.) Post oiflee. Or a liberal reward will be Riven 'or any informa tion which will lead to the recovery of the saint;. REWARDS. At J RKWARD WILL HIS PAID FOIl T11K RECOVERY ol thy Silk Umbrella loft at tho Union S<iunr> Theatre at II P. M., orchestra seat, on Saturday; it hnd $ a small ivory handle and small shield; leave It at M. P. A Co'*., SI Cortlandt street, up sl.V.rs. _ ?<) RKWARD.?LOST, MAY 24, TWO RECEIPT iJj Hooks. l'leasn return to WAEFELAKR A UYSTKits, 00 Beekinan street. _____ fT RKWARD FOR LOST PIN?MORE THAN OIIIG ) ln.il cost. St Denis Hotel, room G). <J>r RKWARI).?LOST OR STRAYED FROM 45 WKST <D?) Thirtv-loflrth street, a young tU:er-innrkcd Cat, with u slcish bell tied around her neck. .No iiuestions asked. l&cyZ REWARD.?LKKT IN BROADWAY AND Twenty-third street stage, on Fridav last. May 23, botween 12 and 1 o'-doek, a white Lure SkirlnndOver ?kirl, not made up. The above reward will be paid by leaving it ut 1J. Dli WOijJ'F'S, 703 Uroadwav, opposite Grace church. d>rf) RKWARD FOR THE RECOVERY OF THE tD'/U body ol Arnold CoNolclle, who was drowned May 26, at loot Sixty-second street. East River; ho is 5 feet 7 inches high, brown linir, I.lueeyos; he had on gaiter shoe*, dark blue pants, ralleo shirt, worsted under shirt, white cotton sock*. Any one finding th.> boly, by applying to WILLIAM DkNoILLE, 1,091 First avenue, will rcccivo the above reward. <2>rrA REWARD, AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED, FOR O' H* the return of things taken from 909 Sixth avontio, oil Miv 26, 1H7.1 Letter to limber yard, Twenty ninlli street and Eleventh avenue, will receive attention. feFORTIIVO?IMHJH. BIRP?| ?&C . A -FOE BALM. A 1,1. KINDS OF FANCY DOOS. ? Itirds, Ac.; Medicines tor nil diseases; Prepared Food, for mocking birds. At B. G. DOVEY'S. v 3 Greene street, near Onnnl. Francis butler, NO. I TT uM all th6choice breeds of Dogs for ?iock. BUT LER'S Inlallible Mange Cure n>- .?? Ext' inator, 75c.; Bi.'TLKR'S new work. $2. Pops touiaed and tm\n?d. Medicines for all diseases. V Apply at 131 Pearl street, cotton THE TIUK. 1r<LEE:WOOD ASSOCIATION.?SPRING MEETING 1 IS73, June IS, 20, 2S nnd 21. First LUv, Wk'i>Kicar>Ar, Junk 13.?Purse No. I, $8W? For horses that have never beaten 2:51; 8M0 to first. $150 to second. HIM to third. I'ur-e No. % i'or horses that ha \e sever boa ten 2 33; 81,100 to nrst, t&u lo second, $:i."io to third. Suuomii Dat, Fbibat, Josk 20.?I'ur<e No. 3. $1.000?For horses that have never beaten 2:3S; $r>(K) to first, $iM to second, 1M to third. Purse No. 4, $l.lkT?For horses that have never beaten 2:23; $600 to first, $.'150 to second, $200 to third. 1 iiiho D*t, Monhat, June 23.?Purse No. B, $1,000; for horses that have never beaten 2.34. $(M) to first, $ 50 to second. S15I to third. Purse No. 6, $1,500; for horses that have never beaten 2:25. $8.xi to first, $4U) to second, $i'.o to third. FoturrH Dat, ToMn*r. June 24.?Purse No. 7, $800; for horse* that have never beaten !i:4\ >$550 to first, $150 to second. $l004o third. Purse No. 8, $3,500; for horses that have n-ver beaten 2:21. $2,OKI to first, $l,f00 to second, $&A to third. Couditions?The above races to be mile heata, bast 3 In 5, in harness, and will be governed by the rrjlo-s thu National Association lor the I'roino tton or -Me IWicrests or the Amurl 'an Trotting Turf. In case oi postponement of any race It shall be next good day and track, oinutlnq Sunday. Anv driver substituted for another, as authorized by rule 2S, will be paid $50 for such service. Entries to clo<e "at Chambcrlin's pool room, 1,146 Broadway, New York, on Monday, June 2, at floVloakP.il. All eoimnunlcntlons to be addressed to William II. Van Cotf, SuperlnlendeiiL ^C. H. van NESS, Prosident. FLEETWOOD A^OCrATION.-rURSB $2,t?10, FOR the celebrated trotting mare American Girl and ltic pacing bay gelding Harry, having a record ot 2:10'i, In harness, at Butlalo, last year. Bare to lake place at Flee, wood Park, on Saturday, May 31, at 3 P.M. Mile lieaK best tlir 'e in five, in harness. D. Pflier euiers b. in. American G"rL William H. Crawiord b. g. Harry. WM. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. Grand trotting meeting for the benefit ol tho Trainers'and Drivers' Protective Association, at Decrioot i'nrk (formerly Hall's Track). Coney Island roau. this day (Tuesdnv. Mav 27,at IK o'clock 1". M. SAMK DAY?CLASS 2. Sensation. Young Bruno, Ed White, Lydia Thompson, Grace Bertram. (:a-tle Boy. TUESDAY. MAY 27?CLASS 3. American Clipper, Penobscot Chief, Rocket. Geo. A. Weed, Bello ol (irsnge, Washburn Maid, Butterfly, Mum, Topser, MihS Miller, While Heels, Chestnut Gelding SAME DAY-CLASS 4-saddb. Race. Geo. W. Patterson. James K. Polk, Dresden,.Bolly Lew is, Brown Kitty, Coroner K., Mv.?|lc. SAME DaY?CLASS\ Bntlor Ball, BIosniih, Billy Morion, Veneer, Jack Draper, Alice Brown. :-am Hunting. JAMES I). McMANN, President Dakikl Mack, Treasurer. PROSPECT PARK FAIR QEOU.XDS ASSOCIATION, Spring Meotlng, 1?73. First day, TUESDAY, Juno 10. Purse No. 1 $-',(?:0- For horses that have never beaten 2:22: $1,200 to first, $K0to second and $200 to third. Purse No. 2?$:500? Free lor all running ho.scs, mile heats, best 2 in 3. Second day, THURSDAY, June 12. Purse No. I?jtl,2'0? For horses (lint liavo never beaten 2:30; $f*0 toflrst, $.'*)? to second sn.l $150 to third. Purse No. 4?Koi.r-yoar-o'd coll stake. Third day, FRIDAY, June 13. Poise No. A?$l,5i 0?For horses that have never beaten 2:27; $wnto first, $100 to second and $21X1 to third. Pursfl No. ?? $300? Freo for all running !ior?c?; mile heals, best 3 In .V Fourth day, MONDAY, June Ifi. Purse No. 7?$l,70O? r'or horses Hint have never beaten 2:25: $1,1)00 to first, $500 to second nnd flUOO to third I'ursn No. 8? $1,'00?For horses that have never taaton 2:34; $1101 to first, $ J*) lo ?econd and $1<? to third. CONDITIONS.?'Ihc above races to ho mile heats, best 3 in 4, in harness, nnd will b.' governed bv the rules ol the National Ass. elation for llio Promotion of the Interests of the American Trotting Tnrf. except running races, which will be governed by the rules of the Ameri can Jockey Club. In case of postponetn.-nt ol anv race it shall t? tho nextgo<sl day nnd track, omitting Sunday. Any driver substituted for ano'her, as authorised liy rule 2H. will be paid $.50 tor such service. Entries to close at Chnmlierlain's Pool Room, 1,14# Broadway, New York, on Ttie-day, May 27, at II o'clock P. M. All'eommimica tions to be'addressed to Geo. W. Onklev, Superintendent. K. (). HEAD, President. Gko. W. Oaklkt, Saporinlnnileiit. NOTICE. .i'artlss Interested will please note the change in purges Nos 3. 5 and * as originally advertised. OHO W. OAKLEY, Superintendent. P:iOSPKCT Pa"UK FAIR OROl Nl> ASSOCIATION hpncial premium 12,51k), mile heats, he^t 3 in ft. In har ness Friday, Mav 30, at ? o'clock P. M., goort day and track John I.ovctt enters b m GaxeMo, Daniel Mace en t?r-i ch. g. JmlBe Kullerlon. Admission to field craml stand and qu irter slrntch, $2 Admission to club house lor persons introduced by members, $'< O.'-o W. OAKLEY, Superintendent. PKOIFfOT PARK FAIR GROUND ASSoT'IaTIONT^ Speeial premium of $2,800 is hereby offerod for ch. g. Jndgo FuMerton, b. in. (la/elle. bik. g Camors, to watoii. and s. s. Honest Dutclnnan in liariie,,?; $1,200 to first. MiO to second and $500 to third. Cnnditioiis same as silver ti: e.l tor Spring ineetilijt To be trolled Friday, June 6. Acorntancc to be declared at chamberlain's rool room. 1,140 Broadway, New York. Thursday, Ma> it?, at 9O'clock P. M GRilRGE W. OAKLKY, Superintendent. rpROTTING AT DKIIRFOOT PARK, WEDNESDA Y, 1 May 28. at 3 P M. Match for $2')0, pley or pay. 11. E. Pcmsen'sb. g. Prairie Hoy, ?? F. fiujoil's g. g llluo Dick. Admi aion 60c. WM. SlcMAHON, r uperlnfcnlcnt. A. HORSES, CARRIAUF.3, i?i'. -IN VIEW OF Comlnj Racos, Wo wot'ld call tho attention of the p'lMie to our SURREY CARTS, something entirely new and original in Jf-u'.i: intro duced ihTs season for the first time, we offer also a lull assortment ol alt the fashionable oattcrm. in'itiy ol them Confined to thishouau. Quality being the true m on sure ol value, wc arc saiisfled that when our Carriages are fairly )nd?cd by till- stand ard, price will be esteemed a sccon tary coiifidcration. Wsrerooins?Fifth avenav, corner TtVcntv sev. nili it. Faciory?145 East I'weuty-ilith vt.-eet J. B. IIRl'.WSTKR A CO. _ Kslaldishi'd A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OFFFRS FOR SALE A trotting Mare, color gray; lone, flowing ma.ie and tail; 15'j hands high: 10 year< ol.l no older); kind, gi-ntlo and true In all hsrnem. but very high ?plritrd stiil stylish driver: very even disposition; oerfhclly nuiet and well behaved In the stable; is pure united, with high knee action and n perlee* gMtitiemau s roadster. She ha* a record of 2:31. and trotted last week under tho owner's driving (which is not at all approaching what could be done bv a proiessionalt, a hall mile In I :liH,. she isner fectly anil ml, an I is not afraid of anything. She will he SOLD AT AUCTION THIS DAY (TUESDAY), AT I0V? OCtXfCK, AT the Mart of ARCH. JOHNSTON. I?, II, -23 and M East ThirVeuih streot, nuar University place, wiUiout reserve 0r\Vhoever buys this Mar* will be introduced lo the gen. tleman w ho owns her. who will lurnish a verified pedi gree. and w hot* ro?pouslldlity Is bev-ml any iiuesiioa. She Is sold solely ami oniy because tli* owner is tired of tho roftil Ad an nmiiHomnnt REMKMUER SAI.8 COMKFNCM At 10X O'C'LO CK. A ??oksk.s. uAMtueaa, <ku. /I ATTENTION OK 0RNTL1MBN IN Kkf fiul &Cfl Of SOMETHING RMAI.LV KINK AMI i m it15.^.i,IK HOKnK LINE IS OALLBD T > ST*HI ^T.,A.LC.TJON ON WEDNESDAY, WAY 28, AT STABLE, 41 GREAT JONES STREET, i^.?. i, .. AT 10V, O'OUICK PROMPT, ?f i f.f J " lUoodixl iluckoi Juhu .-iattcrlec, Esq.. u ii, n"l uir Europe on Saturday next 111 the i luji'n'' " "?W ?"cr Ibeir slock lor positive .title, lu 'cam of the most elegant blood bay Kentucky Horses Oflerod to the public this season; aru Ifi'i high, lull i> and 7 years oi l this .spring; closely matched, and have an much actum fttt'.l nno natural style s* any team evor driven; a.c bun headed; show lino bieo Mm, arc line, ev>-n nml iiruiiipi drivers; in met, are as rich * team as wait ever driven by nny gentleman, and they ca:i best J .lu together or-luglc; lear no ioconio.lvc, mi l do n?t shy or tret; arc first class, rich mul ilesii-shic iu every particular, and arc warranted sound and kind. Elegant three quatti-r thoroughbred lino, large, golden chestnut lloi-c, Ifi hands nigh? full 7 year* old. the IIiicst style an I bost acting largo blooded appearing I.1,'.'I mm 1 V y ,,'-i,ay; has lew superiors lor line quill ties, l ets Js no check or gass, a tin, rapid and iouv knee action-, warranted to trot in SJ5, and be driven br '?",,rr <,r'vprij? without vie* or trick and war ranted .- ound and kind. Iiaj trolling and lainilr Horsa Malttiy, l.u: hands high, i.'VJ"1*? ~ isired by Ma;na ch.irta ; ot.e of the most gi iifoel and aiii<oliiicly the finest ilrlv u; and aateat ?-? aiL .. 1 anyamitour driver with over driven: can Ik ilrivaii by any l<id> wlih perfect coniittcnce, and can trot a mile to wnK'i'i in lc?< than JJ.ii, ami warranted aouna1 and kind; a very superior and line gentleman's (?roiling Ui,r*0. Eimi brow n road llor?e, IC hinds high, H years old; an mesa lit styled and rich mirno; Ann, tree ainl last travel ier: ?lira, pleasant and reliable, aud warranted sound li. ,. ' K fl"?' 5n'?? and rich liorae. Blood bay Mainbrino Mare. ls\ bUb, 8 years old; has a record ol :IG; a line blooded and fast maro. *'! elegant, rich, handsome and line vnung chest nut trotting dor* -, high, y years old : siied bv <laiU l,!y:hy'''lZ l'r"in,s':>o and line; u last now and extra ran od scmntfa ild kInd?' ",C ,nMt t,wM l" ? ?r .i.w ""Jh" 'i"0 I'ilfl' ''fed and famous fast road and trot ??i! i* i? i'!ri,iiV' iil . a""' owe dark chestnut, i.i , nigh, 8 years old this Sptinj, mid no older ; was sired by llal.l Oluci; he by Slaiiibiina C.iiw '',or.. <VlmI y*""15l,?.l '??? 11101 au<l had ft rorord ?t JM. Lady Woodford, when 5 years old trolled. K/ ' ? <f?l?rth heat iu ami showed a trial in 2:38; hn< I.ajn nsod the last two? years altogether lor private road driving, and Is one oi tho IIiiest and fastest on the ro.ad ; is an elegant 'Ji'^i^^,,!?'0' P'^ffllit, easy and prompt; mazniiuvnt "nP'.VBtitPd and always steady and reliables 4ho Is always reliabloto show trom S-'tl to* i.i to impound i"u??.n' n."d c?" 2 ? *?H; is wai ran te?l soi. id kind and pcrloct, and a genuine trotter; sho is without exception one of t!ie Onest gentleman's roadsters a i cftl1 ovory-Ufty driving. Also, two elegant Bruw .tor, of iirooine slreel, Wagons newest sty.c top and open; one Jot of double Harness two si'ts ot snigle, ail by iniusccinb. aud nearly new; tfiunketf, ^c.. Ac. N. B.? Uoiitieinnn wishing to purchano r. liable and fine s.ocK, which is fully warranto I as repru - nteil In ever. Iiiiriteular, should attend onr sales and examine for ttieiu.-eivcs belore buying olaewhere, and thev will tiud the stock uti to the mnrk, as reported, in every particu lur. \?c do not make up sales with Inferior clais of Horses nml common country made wagons and harnen and represent them as Hint mass. . Hale positive, rain or shine, and no limits, restriction or by-tnildlug. Htoek now on exhibition at stable, where full particu lars can be ascertained. JOHN IV II AM LI\, Auetioa.fir. A T AUCTION THIS DAY, BV WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL. AUfTIONKKR (.StCOfcSSOK TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSKLL), AND OABKIAUB AUCTION MART, 11- ANO 114 KA3T TtllKTEBNTH ST., Mi A It 4I'H AV. ItEOULAR SALES OF HORSES AM) CARKIAOKH t . ? E\ERV TUKHDAV AND I'RIDAV. I wenty-four to lorty -eight hours given pttrciiusors to test CATALOGUE OP TIIIS^OAT'lTgUESDAYM) 8ALR AT I'i O'OLOCR TROTTIVO TKAM-CROS8-MATCHKD TEAM QUAY o ai'b rtu"? ,,l?r'C?, own brothers, sired by son of iV.,K 7c?.. i'lft' (,:lm *.*?l'?nrfer mart; are lOhnmls huh. 7 and 8 years old; kiiei and trun iu all liar liens, >rce iroin vice, trick or lault. anil one ot the finest road teams to bo louud ; can trot in a 45 w hen lu condl ."'iP am! cs- trot in-'inw .ues sure any day. and ... in i :S0 singly; can he drivi n at tttll spo<-d "V4 '? warroiiteU cmxiikI ; alto (fariKss hikI ?<?!; <;A?T-F"fK.\V"KUl.ni? IHJII t AKT . !,Ai'iVA(,h "AM-KUtUANTTEAM BAVHAMRLK t<.n nnillpr^es; sired by Volunteer; halt brother*; raised in "r.iiigo eoun'.y; are lk\ luiiids li gh; 7 years old: k.nd and true in nil harness,- free troin vico ; last travellers; Have tine s ylc and action; ler nothing, anil are n very dc. s'ruhleanu sale family team; ulso set i.arnesi. and COAt li?(.I'itTAl.N COACll, IN OOOli OHDEit. . ?KAYi*ONIKS-TKAM (JltAV IUM1H; OWN SIS ters: 15 hamls high ; 7 aud 8years old ; kind and true in ad harness; tree Iro'n vice; last travellers; one can trot in 8 uiiiiulus, very stylish; kind and gentle in every way. and perlectly wile lor a lady to drive; aUo *et H?r tnss, and COUPE EOCKAWAY?OOCPE ROCKAWAY, WITH pole and shalt*. built bv Miner ft Stevens. PONV hSTABI.I.MIMKNT-MAV l'ONY. UV^ HANDS high, 9 years old. kind and true in all harness; trie from vice, a good traveller; a splendid ponv lor ladies' use no<iUnn<i #au warranted sound ; also a net of liar ne*w'NY P,,A8TON?V0 TUp PHAETON, NEARLY GRAY HORSR-DAPPLR GRAY HORSE. PILOT ?tov-k, U 4 hanrt^ hig.i, 7 years oM, kind and true in all har tici-s, tree iroiii vicu; cau trot, when m condition, t.cti-r, than f:0. and can now trot In S minutoa; has great eii llarnejS'and? 1,0 u'g and w?rr*'?l?,d sound . also sot of top waijon?top wagon, but little used _ COUPE HORSE-BROWN HOR.SK, 16>4 H tNI>3 HIGH. i year* old; kind and truo in all harness; tree irom vice; a good traveller; tree and stylish driver; a superior coupe horse and warranted sound. HAitNE.-S?.SET FiNH COUPE HARNESS. AND COUPE-COI PE. TRIMMED WITH HA1IN, BPILT by Brow>ter 4 Baldwin. BLAtjK MARE-BLACK MARE. 15 HANDS HIGH, 8 years okl; Aiinl aud true in all harness; free from vioc trots ciosc to 3 inlnutes; is a superior mare for lady's or g?n lenian s road use aud w arranted sound. TOP PHAETON?TOP PONV PilABTON SADDLE HOR-'E?BAT KNQUhII THOROUGHBRED ?n* h,lh' 9 ye*?r? 01(1; well broke to all gaits under saddle; bas great cnduraoce. Is very styiish, and warranted sound. 7 BAV MARK-BAY MARE DUCHESS, SIRED BV Hamlet, dam a well bred mare, pedigreo unknown sii,* is 16 hands high, 5 years old. kinS au3 true In al? hSraS. tree iroui vice, a last traveller, free an I stylish driver; a first clots roadster for lady s or goutloinan's us< CliKSTNU T HORSB.?Chestnut How. ft* hands high. 6 years old ; kind and true in all harness and under saddle;,reckon, vice, a good traveller aua warranted 0|8iBVERAL OTHER HORSES.?DESCRIPTIONS TIME TWO SIX-SEAT PARK PHAETONS, IN PERFECT order. ONK CLOSE AND ONE CURTAIN COACH. S|T? O COL Pi! R0CKAWAV8, WITH POLES AND THREE POUR WHEELED DOO CARTS ord'er*' BrPRK8S 0R BKKAD WAOON. IN GOOD A ?HORSE, PHAKTOnTmARNE88, AO.. POR SALE.? ?fV# r.jlor roan, I.? lui ml s liiph; long mane and tail; ner feet teet and legs; will stand all day in most crowded tv,|,K; Pliueton. latest slyle, C springs leather top and but little used; built .to order; this s a perlect establishment tor a lady or invalid or any one going into the country; the horse can trot rant when called upon; has been driven by a lady lor na^t veor Addrw^iAKTON, box m Heralil omcV7 p,n >car A ?U'K THREE QUARTER SEAT ROAD f k. Wagon, nearly now ; been used only a lew times I hulll by a good city maker; will4x- sold low, owner ha v. iiig mi itse lor same. Inquire at Columbia stables i-jo West Fiftieth street,between Sixth and Seventh avenues. A8PEEDY HORSE WAN'TED?h'Olt 6aSH1 Not particular about color or age, but must bo sound and gontlo and nottoo hard on the bit; must show 2 50 or better; no attention paid to answers unless price and full l articulars arc statnfl. Address SMITH. Herald oltlee. A '?'i^Rt*,|VE-VEAB-OLD DARK BAV OKLDING, j^V with black points 15 hands high, sired by General Kiiox, and rim-ad in Maine; is hoiiiicI and a good trottor will sell Cheap, or exchange tor a lie'lit Top BuKgy. C?1 at store 449 Itroad way. J 4 SPRIOHTI.Y LITTLE TEAM FOR LADIES or* iV children, IS hands, hay; sound and kind; perfect lifts; atrmd ot nothing; lor three years have been driven and ridden by ladles ami ehlldren across the railroid to | trie boat; repeatedly driven 10 miles a day. urica SUUt) Al private stable I5fi East Kiiticth street. A JAOOIB WAGON FOR SALE?STIVERS' MAKE J\ uw d only one season , 135 pounds weight; as good us Ut w. Apply at private stable t'.i East Fitly -secoudsircct. between .Madison and Fourth avenues. A ROAD W A < It IN I B V DUSENBURY * VAN dax-r; a top Wagon, by Broome street Hrcwsti-r; i mivers Road Wagon ; I six scat Phaotnn. 1 Laiidauiet It oupe. by Huo'I B rot hers; 1 Victoria. I extension ton Cabriolet, 1 Depot Wagon, I side Spring, I light top Kx presK, 2 open do., 1 Sulky, ID second hail d hockawav* of *'l stylos, flOT up; Single and double Harness. sh'eoU. Whips, Lap Shawls, Ac WM. H. OR AV, 20 and ? Wooster street. AT "LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF fared, our Immense stock of Carriages, camprlMiig every x-ascn ibie style ot family Carriagas and light Wag ons. new and second hand ; several slightly damaged, great bargains. ' B ' MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 0.18 Broadway. A FEW GOOD WORK HOUSES, ALSO A LIOHT ? coupe or phaoton for sale. To be seen at trw Rll/abetb street. AT tiiji O'CLOCK. THIS MurtNiN-) (TUBSDA V). ?- Remember the sale cominnnen at l?l, O'CLOCK, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S HORSE AXD CARRIAtiE MART, I!). 21, Ti.-n I 2T, Fast Thirteenth street. ?^ec catalocfuc above. A ?>t Sf FINISHED AND FOR' SALE, A HAND . some square liont shitting glaai panel Barouche. of the best material, style and Mulsh; also a second bund < Inrence a two seat Depot Wagon and a Pony Phaeton. all In good order. Apply at F R WOOD'S carriage lac ti.rj, .'f? .in I 221 West Nineteenth street. A -r0"*\V"- ?'SR VERY HANDSUMI-:'' COUPE "oit XI. family |lor?c; very -tvlinh, round aud kind hi dyu'i.c or single b.irncsi. and warranted to trot In 2-50 also one Pony, tit for a lady or child to dri>e: ono tmsl ijcai Horse. Theae horses are sound, and a reasonable trial allowed. Apply at 47 (iroat Jottea(treat. 4 ?BUPRBIOR VERMONT HORSBS" JUgt AB 1\. rived ; pair of blacks, 18 1 hands; pair ot bars, 15.1 hanils; sound and kind; used single, double or saddle carriage or business. Sec DCDLEt, ow nnr, at Briaifs' stable, 141 West Thirty.seventh strc t. K A T REASONABLE PBICES, EVERY STVLK iV Pony Phaetons, Cubrtolete, Depot Wagons, Landaulef, lieckiways (open and close), Bug le?. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washingts-n place, rear New Vork Hotol. Alight four-seat inr pam phaeton?a (Irst class< side bar Road Wagon and a light Dug Cart to be sold r-aardless of value, the property of a prominent army ollicer, who has b?en ordered on active service. To be seen at HARKRit A CHASE'S, corner of Thirty ninth atraut and Broadway. Miut be sold by Thursday. AN ELEGANT PAIR OF "BRIllliiTBAV CARItlAGK norses, I6S, handsi also pair of bay Mare*, can trot cloao to 3miMUte<i. 15^. hands, and sereral single llorm s for sale, at HI Weal forty foarth street, And all war ranted. A LOT OF TOP -5Tr?0f*r*>AD WAGONS." EX ',ro!Ik ?IM' light Business Wagons for sale ?n4VlBiliaMnu?i?VeB*r^???veaU' slreel, oolwecu bighiU IIORHKN, ( VKItlMiKM, StC. ATTENTION 18 CALI.KIt TO TlfK GIlKAT SPECIAL, POSITIVE A a I) UNREBI5KVKII UAI.K, 1IT PITBMO AUCTION. HY JEKKlNft A l>UKr, A l'<-TIONUKIW, Ol-- Tllrt ENTIRE I'KlVATK ANI? HO AD Tt< KNOUT OK J OH N HAI.PIN, BHQ . AT THE PrtlVATK STAKI.fi I.V KAHT TIIIKTY Slillt ST., Ill;AK OP LKXINUTON AVKSl'B. ON Tl'RSUAT (TIIIK l>AV), MAY *7. AT MS' O'CLOCK. SIlAilP. OiiUiUiing ol it pre in linn imdi of (tray IM< nauds hleh: both o year* oltl; in- lull brothers; li.ivu llllioWM Md tell*; vera ralM ky Hoary B. Oatruuuer, of IUiiKor. Ne., ami are considered l?y nil who jeo till'in to bo the tlncst teain in this citv (or ilylc ami speed; they enu ii.-ut i miliumstogether; tbov in NnstylUh ?na muscular, with ureal enduranco; are nt'ianf ol nothing, ami have tine headland rveka, pool toot, clean limbs, and are b;>lh warranted sonnd, kind, true, and tree irom laull, trick, vl>v or blemish. The celebrated aud last troting black Mare Fanny she is 1 hand* high, and 7 yours oid; was rail* d at Jack son, Michi tan. and purchased thi-re l?y preaont owner utter It a Irtd noon Iwr trot, a lull mile on trar.k tn 't -. I. Kho m linr.l.v and ruued, g.-tnio an l strong, t'ne, pure anil eventv Raited, and can no to track any day and allow from :;'tuto J J15, and Ig one of the fastest, strongest and best nailed trotiurs to mad wagon that Hi e* the road, she Is warranted sound, kind, true, with out trick, vice, tault or blemish. A handsome ami fast brown trotting Mare, IRV^ hands high airci by Kureka; llwlll ported roadster; can be driven hy uuv ordinary driver, is sensible niul well lie bared tent s nothing, stand* without tying, U excellent under saddle, for lady, gentleman or child, aud is war. ruuted, without trick, vice, tault or blemndi, sound. Al.-o last sorrel ocldilig, IV.? hands high, 0 yea is old ; wm aired by Young Morrell; d'ltn by Ethan Alton: bat full inane and tail; iris the endurance ol Ills sire; is mire and honest italic I; can apewl a .':*ftgalt; Is an excellent pole Animal: has nuv?r been oil a track nor trained to tully ilevtdop bis speed, but can bull a road w a<on always in 1 IT>, anil bo is warranted sound and kinL Al.sii top Wagons, I open Wagon, 1 Pony Phaeton, sin gle and double Harness, blanket, Holies, Whip. Ac. The whole will be gold to the highest bidder without lhnil, restriction or reservation Can be seen aud exam ined Hi stable as above at all hours prior to sale. Sa'.o peremptory, rain or shine. Auction house o^arcii johnston (Late Johnston ft Vuu Taayell). OFFICE AM) rfAl.i KlUiiMI OLD M'AND, S7 Nav-?u street, opposite the Tout ofllce. TllE HOUSE AUCTION lilt A NCII OP TilR HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPAC10U8 PREMISES, I!*, *1. *3 AND 25 KAST Til IRTKKNTlt STRKKT, between Fifth avenue Hint University place The business will he c.inliielo'l on precisely the same alriel ai:<1 honorable principles v\iiioit have always enur actcrired the dealing* of our hoire ;tml won the respect aixl confidence of the business community, iu well as the nubile at large. RHOULAK SAI.RS EVERY TUESDAY AN1> FRIDAY, AT lliv; O'CLOCK. RBMBMHBit, THE SALE "COMMENCES AT 101,' O'CLOCK. CATALOGUE OP THIS dXy"S (TUESDAY'S) SALE, K1W O'CLOCK. TROTTING MARK?OKAY TROTTINO MARK, LONG Mowing mane itml tail, Lit, Iimml- high, lil vears old (noolder); kind ami true in all harness; very gen tie ,tnd weil behaved in thu stable. pure trailed wilh hik'h kueu ncilon: a perlect gentlemen's road-iter; tho liana record of a::tI. and trotted last weak hall a mile in 1:16i?; pen'ojtly sound and not afraid oi anything. ROAD WAGON.?TOP ROAD WAOON. BY RREWSTKR of liroomc street, used but tw Ice, with nolo and shafts. 8INOLK IIARNES3.?SET SINGLE IIARNE.-S, Blanket, Lap Robe, An. SADDLE MARK.?HAY SADDLK MARE. RAISED IN Kentucky, dam Ohiieoe mare, 15!4 hands, 0 yearn old| free from vice; vorv stylish uiel thoroughly broken to all gait* of a fuddle horse; has I eeu lined by l.uly and children Kir the last eighteen months; warranted sound, withcut blemish. TEAM HAY MARKS, RAISED IN KKNEl'OKY, DAM R cinoke Mare, 10*2 hands. 4 and 5years old; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; never handled lor speed; call Irot in t minutes now; vory handsome, with stylish action, and warranted sound. TOE WAGON.-TOP ROAD WAOON, NEARLY NEW. DOU1ILK HARNESS. ? DOU11LE HARNESS, CITY m.tiie.in pence! order. PONY ESTABLISHMENT. ?SORREL PONT MARK, 13 hand* high, 9 years old; kind and (rue iu nil har ness an I under saddle ; free irom vice; very stylish, ireedriver; lusbcen driven by a lady. PONY PHAETON.? NO TOP PONY PHAETON, IN GOOD order; set of pony Harness and FAMILY HORSE?OKAY KAM1I.Y HORSE. KIIIED BY Orny lagle, dam Hasliaw mare, hands, 5 years old; kind and true in all harness; free from vice and excellent all-day traveller; warranted sound, with out blemish. MAIL PHAP.T.lN.?ELEGANT MAIL PHAETON. ON 16 sprimi.t, by BrewHter. in fine order. BLACK MARK -BLACK FAMILY MARK. IS HANDS high, S year.- o'd; kind and true in all liarnoss ami true from vice; au excellent family mare; scry stylish and warranted sound. TEAM PONIES.?DARK BAY TEAM OF PONIES; long, flowing manes and tuib:; 14hands, 6 years old; kind and true in all harness; free from viee; well matched; very stylish ; can irot Iu 4 minutes; unsurpnss^ for beauty and warranted sound BAY PONY,?BAY PONY HORSE. -1SJ$ HANDS, 10 years old; kind and true iu all harness and under saddle; extra fast traveller and warruulod sound. TWELVK OTHER HORSES, DESCRIPTION TIME OP sale; Depot Wagon, Express Wagons, Pony Phaetons Basket and Palm lop and no top Busies, 10 nets of double Harness, 4 set* of single Harness. Woather never mter (ores with our sales. RBMfcVBBK, THB SALK COMMENCES AT I0>J o'clock. Take University place cars. _____ A?CARRIAGES AND IIARNKSS. ? No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. (Formerly lift Liberty street.) Top Buggies, Park and pony Phaetons f.'O different styles), Ruckaways, road and ilepot Win,'"lis, warranted oi reliable make and ofiemd at prices that completely def> competition. Great bargains this week to make room. AUCII.-JOHNSTON, No. t? Cortlandt si root A? MAJOR C. W BARKER. AUCTIONEER. ? Fourth anuual sale of Highbred Trotting Stock at the Waldborg stuu (arm. near llaverstraw, N. Y.. on FRIDAY, June 30, at 1 o'clock, the property of Hon. A. B. Conner. The stock comprises 4'l head of Geldings, Mares, Colt* anil Fillies, the cot of Kysdyk's llainblctoiiian, American Star, Ben Ahdaliah, Ac. A -LOOK OCT FOR TIIH CATALOGUE, . LOOK OUT FOR THK Catalogue IN TO-MORROW'S Herald OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, Harness, Ac., TO BE sold AT BARKF.lt A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND N Y. i'ATTKRSALLS, CORNER OF BROADWAY mid Thirty ninth street, TO MORROW (WKDNESlMYi, May 28, ? AT ELEVEN o'clock. RltMKVIBF.K THE TI.uB, Sale Commences promptly at il o'clock. -THE CELEBRATED BAY TROTTING MARK KATYDIO at public auction, to-morrow 'Wednes day), Mav 28th, at 11 O'clock, at IIA UK Kit A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York TulterHuUs, < orner of Broad way and Thirtv-nintn street; KATYDID I, a bav, was sired by a son of Flying Cloud, datn a Morgan mare; is about I?>4 high, 9 years old (no older); is an oleh'ant .'ii.l extra stylish driver; won a race threo years ago, on the Morriltown half-mile track In BEST 17ME, 2:37; also hits a record of 2:4!Wo the poll; can shown FORTY OaIT t'lisday to road wago*: fears no loco'nollve ; can be driven by a lady at speed, and is warranted sound and kind. This Mare was purchased by present o? tier immediate:)' after the Morrlstown trot for H.JV.O; lie has owned her over since, ntid now sells oniv on account ot w.int ol use. Can b- seen and examined at the Mart any time previous to a ile. A ?TUB HANDSOMEST SADDLE IIORSK IN THK A, cliy; dark brown, heavy inane and tail. 15.3, S yearn old; bred In C tnada, by the thoroughbred horse Jack 1 lie burber, out of an imported English hunting marc. Also a well bred bay saddle Horse, suitable lor a I envy weight. Inquire for Mr. KliWUS, Briggs' stahles, 141 West Twenty-third street, botween Sixth mid Seventh avenues. A. A BROWN TROTTINO MARE (HAMIILKTONIAN), 6 years, 18 hands; raised by Gordon Case, Krq.. ora-i.o county; trotted last Fall in2^3; road wagon II irneaa. Thirty-eighth street and seventh avenue. AH FAST MARK.?NOT LONG SINCE MAJOR C, W.I Barker, of the New York Tatte.rsalls, firm of Barker A ('base. Auctioneers, purchased a few head of road stool nl Mr. Frank Lord, Rochester, N. Y., among them a bay mure of St Lawrence stock, I5J( hands,7 years old. and 'Ound as a bell. This mare W4S Hiibse.iueiilly sold by the Major, at public auction, tor J.wo. wiili a giisrantee ihat she could trotin 3:W, Mr. MofTlt. of lliis city, being the purchaser. ?)n the IHIi lust, she was driven a itill mile at Fleetwood I'ark, to wugon. Iu 2::Uil^, alter which Mr, Moffit v.a-t oflercd and refused $.1,Ml lor Iter. Tnls trial was the mare's drbut on a trotting truck.? iurf, Field and Farm. THE ABOVE MARK WAS SOLD AT BARKKR ft CHASB'8 Cily Auction Mart and New York Taliersalls, Corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, in the great sale ot Monrfln county Horses, on the 2-iili ot Man h lust. Those in seal oh ot ORE' N TROTTERS SHOULD NOT FA 11, TO LOOK out lor the next great sale of Monroe county Horses, Hie liinc Of which will shortly be announced. A mm ?LANDEAU, COUPE, BAROl'CIIB. LADIES . Phaetons, depot Waffon; Buggies taken in ex change; will sell less (ban half price; seasonable Car riages at moderate prices. HAM, 10 East Fouith street A T THE WEST SIDK CARKIAOR RKPOSli'CRY, 1,4)4 and 1.4'.t0 Broadway, wil tie found a largo assort ment ot Roekawayi, Depot Wagons, I'ark Phaetons, top and no top Buggies, ftc, and, to make room, will oiler a line ..t I. ath< i lo;i Pony I'haelons at WXIeaeh. A mm "large assortment of ni:w and second hand ('arriages. Family Rockaways, Top anil <?|>? n Buggies, Pony Phaetons, Grocers' ond Boaiuess Wagons, at gr.-atly reduced priios. 141 West Broadway, near Canal itwH Arrived agaiv-j. c. deyo, of jackson city. Micliltran, with M henil ot those line Horst-s, single, double and saddl", at A. H. Chamherlin's stable, between Lexlng'on and I bird avenues, Twenty-Mill street ATKA CART, BAROl'CIIB, VICTORIA*, PKAXTON8, I tour and two sea'dt top Buggies, chea|iest In this city: must be sold. 146 and 141 Eldrfdge street, near Grand and Bowery. day a son. ABB -HORSES. CARTS AND" Tltl't KS FOR SALK . chean, at 10 West Hilecnth street, between Filth and M.\th avenues. Am -shkets, dusters, lap ROBES, WHIPS, HAL . ters, *c.; large assortment direct from factory ; wholesale and retail. ARCII. JOHNSTON, W?. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. Am -for SALE, THK property of a widow, a . Ii.autifnl span of bright bav Horses, brother and fcis(cr. It and ? years old ; to be solil separate or tr>gelher; stand . IV? btuds hi>It; tree from blemish, feiirlc-s ol lo comotive*: warranted to trot In less than tliree minute*; very stylish ; arj^iroin the country. Apply at?2 Amity sL ORSKS LEFT OF A WESTERN this day, aa the owner must go ngton street. A LOT or HORSt'.S FROM THE COUNTRY, PIT for all ktiMaof bualnMe., one splendid team ol sorrel lli.rsos, young and sound, ^uymrc at -II Can il street A SOUND AND HANDJ?ftnF. CHESTNUT IIORhF., I5.S; Coupe Rookawav . cily maker , tot) Wagon, I f Silvers; full *eat: Coupe Harnasi. single llarnss? ? sep arate 1/ or Miettier. Owner at 17 Wast Firtleth ?tmr. HOHKBJN, CARKI&flKS iM:. AOHANCR TO HI'Y a TROTtBR?WILL IV SOU* ?t a treat sacrlfloe, the last brown gelding W lit Tanner, 15*4 hands, if) rears old; has record of $:?; can trot three heat* inside si tft; wmth ?2. KM); must be sold; lowest o&sh piiiHi $00U. Apply at New York Stables, 15 and 17 East Twenty-eighth *:root. An elroant i-seathalf topparb phaeton? Mailt liy Browster and Co. (<>r Hromw street), but little used, and in perfect order, lor mile low by A. S FLA?JDItAU, No*. 7 an I 18 lias? Ilightcenth street, near Filth avenue. OLOOD, BKAU'IY, RTYI.R, SPEED, ENDURANC R.? '' Trotting Stallion, |et bl.ick, extra handsome, very high mi.I Ion* knee aetion: is out ol the best trotting ?took; lias trotted in private below n5; ha* n-.-vnr liecu trained; Jim m no record will warrant liim in every way; wi I not bo sold to liorso dealers?onlv to gentleman willing to pay lor genuine warrant*;! stock ; shows more style than any other lmrre ordering the Park. HRN'ltY RAYMOND, 2*1 University place, in st.ire. B?YOU CAN ALWAYS PI.AOR IMPLICIT RKLI . ANOB O.N' RKPRKBXNTATIONS MADE BY THR HOUSE or AKOtl. JOHNSTON If jrou lire in want of a lanilly Team, road Turnout, saddlo I! irse or anything in lh? horse I'lie be sure and attend the *?lc at the Uart this day. at l#Hf o'clock, 19 to 2f> hint Thirt'-'.nth street Head catalogue. He sure and mend the s ile REMEMBER SALE COW M KNOBS AT I OS' O'CLOCK SUA It I*. BREWSTER, OK BROOMB STRRET-SfDE HAH TOP ROAD WAGON, WITH POLK AND SHAFT, IN PER 1'1'CT ORDER, NEVER USED BCT Tffli'K, AT AUC TION THIS DAY, AT 1HW O'CLOCK, AT ARCH JOHN STON'S HORSE ANH CARKIAOR MART, 19 TO 2.'. E A ST THIRTEENTH BTBBKT, NEAR UNIVERSJ 1 Y PLACE BARGAIN'S TO MARK ROOM WK WILT. OPFETl vr unheard of prices, duting the pn sent week, Rock Away Depot Wagons, Park Phacimis, top nndlio top and Basket Phaetons, Ac. 1,1'Ji and 1,4% Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-flit i street j / t \ Rltl A'iES. ~.t. OOLYEB A 00.. CARRIAGR WARE \.i rooms 508 Broadway, factory at Newark, N. J. Being large manufacturers, we can sell lirst class vehicles at lowor prices than can be offered by dealers, besides giv ing purchasers a raoro satisfactory sua rait tee. fURRIAOES?SLIOHTLY DAMAGED; OKKAT BAR V J gains; now anil second hand Carriage.!, every do script ion; low price*. We offer grout inducement*, and invite purchasers to call and examine. N AN UI'ACTOLRUS' UNION. 6SS Broadway. C"lOOPS HORSE, 10 HANDS, STYLISH 8TBPPBR J and good traveller , makes n good family hoi se ; will be sold low. Private stable 131 Rait Eighteenth stroct, near Irving place. /1HKAP.-A STIVERS LIGHT TOP WAOON, IN 1'ER " ) feet ordor; boon In us-. hut n short lime; square box. Apply t?i F. BONN 1!All. Jr., 17ii Centre street, up stairs. (1 n. RAYKOR & CO., SULKIES AND ROAD \ > . Wagons, 2>H Orcenu street, near Amity. CI ABBIOI.ETS, VICTORIAS. > Extension top Phaetons and Cabriolets. Park and pony Phaetons and other Mnsonnhle Carriages at reduced prices. A. S. FLANDR/vU, Noj. 7 and 19 East Eighteenth street, near Filth avenue. /CHILDREN'S PONY FOR SALE?46 INCHES HIGH, ti " vears o'd ; warranted sound and kind lu all harness', can tie u?d hv the most timid child; with Wagon, liar iicss and Sadtflu If required. Apply at private stalilo 161 East Twenty eiulith street. F10R SALE?A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, CONSIST, ing of a pair of Kentucky thorough bred Carriage Horses, 16% hands high, * yean old; also shilling-seat Dog Cart, one set of double Harness, all in coinploto or der. Apply at Truesdeli's stables, 120 and 128 West Forty sixth street. triOR SALE-A HANDSOME CLARENCE; COST $l,W0; will be sold for $000; must be sold this week. II. BUKH, ICO Mercer street. I.10R SAI.E-1 PAIR OF HANDSOME BAY CAR J? rlagc Horses, pouv built; also one dot ofil'.utile Har ness and a C spring Victoria, all in parioct order: will b? Sold at halt their value. Can lie seen at the private sta ble- fi.1 East Forty-first street. tlOR SALE?BY A GENTLEMAN IN RUROPR, A J pair ol st.\ lish, soiin i carriage Horses; price #1,000. Appe al private stable, No. 7 East Fifty-second street. DClOrO-o O <MO?R, J1UR SALE?ONE OF THE HANDSOMEST CARRIAGE Horses in this city, lli hands high. t> vears oli<, quick stepper and *>und;a)so a lour wheel turnout-soat Dog C.irt, pole nnd <halts, In good order. Apply at Mi West Forty4earth street. For sale-a pony, is hands high, perfectly sound and gentle ; also its Saddle and Hndle, at 140 Wn.,t Fil'tiotb street, rear stable, Ironi Ui 11 A.M. BIOR SA LI'?EXTRA STYLISH BAY MARE, 15U hands linn traveller. Hilly warranted, at No. >< Rust Fifteenth street, before lo>, A. M. Also gent's Saddle and Bridle, new. For salf.-a young bay horse, is^ hands htgh, work to cart or truck. Apply at stablss, 76 and AO ltank street. InOR SALE?FINE KENTUCKY SADDLE HORSE; ' narfectly sound ; 0 vears old, 16V hands high. Iniiitlre atotncesio wast Twenty-third street, for Mr. CHRISTY. For halr-a dapplr gray pony, -w hands high; warranted sound in every respect; batkot Phoeton and Harness; all in ported ordor; can lie driven liy a lady. Apply at SHERWOOD'S livery stable, 196 and I is Bast Forty-tlrst street. J7IOR SALE-AT PRIVATE STABLE 142 EAST THIRTY I ninth street, a second Hanibletouian brown Mare, lt|f hand', B years old; can trot close to 8:80; is a very h ind .omo mare, and will be warranted in evury respect; price ?i>Jii. IjtOR SALE-ONI! BROWN MARE, 7 TEARS OLD; 1 warranted sound and kind in double or single bar uoss; the owner is giving up business; also four Coal ('arts and Harness, together or separate. Apply at 27 Elizabeth street, New York, from 10 to 12 o'clock. WOR PALE?A SUPERB TEAM OF BLACK HORSES, F 15 hands; young, sound and kind in nil harnest; last and extra stylish traveller*. Also light double Harness and Coifpe itockaway, with pole and shafts;eitv made and in go:jd order. Hill be sold separately if desired. Address A. B., Oox 2.116 Postodice. Ijlolt HALE?FOUR FilESU MILCH COWS. 429 WEST 1 Filty tourtli street. BjVrtt BALK?AN ELEGANT DARK BROWN HORSE, 1 Iflli hands high, K years old; sound nnd kind; can trot inside of three minutes, and can bo driven either single or double; also a Kun nburv A Van Huscr top unit no lop side bar Ito id Wagon and a good set of Harness by Dunscomb; will tie sold either together or separately. Inquire at 132 West Thirty-first s reel. 17IOR SALE-A GEN TI.EM AN'S ENTIRE EST A It ' lisliracnt?Blaok Geldlns, 16.2,7 years old; can trot Close to 2 :.",0; untrained ; si red by General Knox; one sor rel Mare, Ift.I. by Oold liiist; can Irot In 2:10; bay Mare, 1.V1, bv Ethan Allen, Syears old; can beat 3 minutes; al.-o two Brewster Wapon4, Harness, Blankets, Ac. in quire at SO West I'm ty-llrst street. I,K)R SALE?A BAY HORSE, 8 YEARS, IV, HANDS . [* a good roadster; kind und gentle; very stylish, will be sold cheap; also two good Work Horses, $60 and $70; nil sold tor v/ant of use. I2-< Charles street. IPIOR SALE?A GENTEEL BAY HAMKLETOMAN 1 Mare, 6 years old, Ll^ hands; sound and stylish and Sentlo enough for a liiay to drive; u good travcllor; co?t !W last Winter; will bt- sold to day for $"5.i; sold for no fault. Apply at 16 Bast Twenty-eighth street. T.ioR SALE-THREE HORSES, 15 HANDS; SOUND J.' and kind; suit butche-. laker, grocer or expross; sold clicup; good Lit'iibcr \iagon: price $?j); half value. 204 West Sixteen Ji street, near Seventh ? retro*. I.IOIt BALE?PAIR Of EXTRA VINE BAY OARRtAOB ' Horses, 16.1 high, 6 and 7 years-old ; very siy hsh and handsome ; at raid ol iinVhing; warrantrd koiiiiiI mil kind; would exchange lor a cheaper Team. 230 West Forty first street. l/tOK SALE-A HORSE, TRUCK AND HARXBMj I1 also large team ot truck Horses, 16 bands. 6 and 7 years old; separate or together; must sell; no work. SB Hudson street. IjiOR SALE-A LLEGE EAT HORSE. OYBB l? 1 hands. 7 years old ; sound and gentle lu double or slngl;1 liarne's?; suitable for coupe. Ask lor JOHN Hit'KEY, is West Thirteenth street, government stables. riOR SALE -Bl,Ai'K" MARE, 15 2 HANDS, x YEARS " sound; faultless; trots in 2:50; halt value tor cash. (KM FiHli avenue. ? t^OR KALE-A BLACK MARE, SUITABLE FOR A family or physician, with llartic** and phaeton luillt Wagon, at'Fleetwood Park stables, West Fortieth street, beiwe.-n Broadway an I Sixth avenue BiOR SALE AN ELEGANT ItAV HORSE, 16 IIXNDS high, for carriage or coupe; sound and kind in every respect; sold as owner leaves the oily. Inquire for JAMES McKRNNA, Farmers'Club stable, 12H West Thirty-first street. _______ _____ lilOR SALR-A VALUABLE MARK, St IrAl'tLK FOR r any kind ol work :warranfen sound aed k n I in all b".rnesii. Inquire at 167 South stroet, corner James Slip FlOR SALR-A SORREL COLT, JUST FROM THE country, without any training, four i ears old, sound, kind and last, 15 3 high, wmglit ten bamlmd. To be Men at A. T. ALBkO'B private stable, No. 6Second sireet. ON 8AI?B?TWO PONY-BUILT MARKS. 11',' HANDS, 1' Syears; fit for any uso; price (Pencil; sold only lor want ol work. Inquire at 1J6 l'orry street, front siaWr. ___________ no's SALE-A BAY HOUSE," Six" YFAR^ToLD ; I?Vjf I" hands high, suitable tor a doctor, express or cali; warranted sound and Kind; can trot near 3 minutes. 120 Attorney street. FV>R SAI.E-A BAY MARE: 7 YEARS, 15 HANDS; full flowing mane anil tall ; black points; pcrlecll.v sound md x n I; splendid driver, single or double; also a fine set of snul" nnd double Harness. Apnly to STE Pil EN, at Trimble's staldes, 146 an I 14,S West f lilrty-ninth street, nc.tr Broadway. LIORSAI.R CHEAP-CITY MA lit! SPANISH VICTORIA r (Hourly new); shilling driver's seat and rumlilc. In perfect order; cost o.vn -r $l.,"0 last .summer. Can be seen atstable lis East Thirty-ninth street. F[t(>R SALE CHRAP?CITY MADE SPANISH VIC toria, shiltliiL'driver's *cat and riiniblc, aoarly new; cost $l,.VO last J tine. Apply at stable I4& East thirty ninth street. T.SOR BALK CHEAP ?A GLAS.-* QUARTER COACH, r is food or.ler. Apply at xnp Hud a ..Brooklyn HARNEB4 F >R SALE CHEAP?FINE CARRIAGE Harness, suitable for phaeton or coope.in pnrfect order; also JcuLlO Harnoss, at ?mMM<,i>s\ ID West Twenty-elsliili street. U ACNES.--FOR THE track, road PARK FARM hils.lipss 1 i d pleasure US'; also Saddles. Kri lies and IIor*.";nrnlshing Gools of every description, ?tvle and trade ; Siti^li IfsriK-ss. $s to $J)-i pi r sei, Double, $u to 1,000per set. C. M. MOSKKAN A Hko., ManotaclUrers, 114 i:liaintv-r? Street. HI BE BBS I IIAVR A LARGE STOt!K OF IIAR ness, all styles and kinds, ot tny own make which I offer at extiemely low prices; sls.i Hiding Saddles and Bridl'-s, Whl| s, Hpurs, lUltcrs, Llankets, Sheets, Lap Robe, ii. l e .oryuiing In the horse line chaap tor cash, fc BARTLUiT, tu Warren 4ruet. eoriter College place. IIORnKS, CAIlKliOKK, ikC. HARNRM?TBR CMKAPKHT IIaRNKKS rtTORK JJf Now Yort. A good I'oubte Truok linn ^,{>1, i Rood grocer's llarii-ss, $3U: h j;f>od milkm in s Iliirnra, J>:M; a Koort hnggv Ilarnev, I.and msde,tl7; a no il Htslita lllntiluM, , will >ell rlieapcr than ever on aoMUMt of moving on or before June I I'lem,. cull nn.l examrnr lor yoiu>ol von. KItftlKR A O.SBOltNB, IS Murray street HARNBM, 8AUDLK3, 1IORHB CLOTH I MO, ('Alt riflge RnhC*. I.ap HttMors, fly N.-o, nn.| a large vnrioly of "viddiury Ouodit always on hand. ? ' It .S 11T1I A 00., 40 Warren *ire?'t, Now York. rusr ARRIVRO I'ROM ALBANY WITH 1? KIKXT Class coach and roa'l lior*es, consisting of one Mir at liitvi, Id.'i IivhIh liiifla. bl.-ii'k points, full made ami vhvt stylish: oiro p ur oi dapple ferny?. black pi.luts, wit* white tips to tails anil uncommonly styliMi; also eight siniln coach nml roail Horiiea. iroi'i WW to l#1i hr.mla lihrb. Onn be won at J. R OIFKORIV8 ?.jirdin<r 19 mill SI l.lberty street, Brooklyn, between Kuiton an4 Washington, near Ooucord. Kentucky hobsr.* for saub.?just arrived. from the blue srans region, II fine bred HorjM; pair ol Bays, lii hands high; pnir of bay Marea, 16^ Inutile ItU'h : Trotters; four .saddle Horses; no all tlie frail*. flae lor luilios; some rino nIikIp barntsi Horses. nil extra lino Own be men at it\ Wost Korty-alslli ntreot ..between llrimiln iiii ami l.ighth avenue. Oall on A. H. TMOBM ton, of Kentucky. IAltiiK AMI attr.10TIVK 8AI.K OP FINS J iior.SKS and GARKIAIIKt* AT ACCTIOJf, thii? ilav, at 12 o'clock, bv WILLIAM van TAS.SBLIi, ai/otionbeb. Unrsc ami t'arrlagu Auction Mart, nil, II/. lit Kust Thirti enih street. crtoxs matciikd ikam trottino horses, Kl.KOANT team hay OARRIAOB iiohskh, TKAM O It A V I'llMliH, IS hands IlIUll. COUI* B KHTA11 LIS 11M Is N T. 1*0NY TURNOUT, SUPERIOR ROAD, FAMILY AND WORK horses, mill a Initio assortment of Carriages. Pec Catalogue under this head. 1 jA!,VV'i* 2A,),,LR'I0USK KOU SALE?TIJOROUOB ifrlcM i'in Ve?r ' l"1'1 Ken tie ill nil respeda} price ? iop. r.. 1,0 hi*on m owner's atnblc before I o'clock, southeast oorncr oi Madison avenue and Twenty ilfth it. ]>ONY PHAETONS?EVERY DESCItl PTION, POPB Q??? iv|M'Wnjionft ill (treat variety, two ele ?*t?nsion;u.p Phaetons, 1'nrk IVsroiul light Kocknways, low prices. ?<??* MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ?1fl Broadway. PHAETON Tl, RNOt.'T, HANDSOME BAY MARK. gentle ns a klPen; lino traveller; beautiful Loa iimvLT'u yk7"1'.)1 W1'' K"U'' ?" ?r?t clans; price I'M. HOVEY 8 itablo, in Kail Sixteenth -in i i. DBDDOEO PBlOBfl. ?? - IV A large slock of seasonable Carriages of evorr stvla mid oi superior finish tor sale at ??*???? ?^rT siyw REDUCED PRICES, by w . A. S. ELANDRAU, woe. 7 ami IHT'.n.it Eighteenth slrcet, near Kil'tli avonuD. 8PBBD1 rtl'KRA ul AT AUCTION, AT ARCn. JOHNSTON'S Mart, 11? t<> *1 13n.it thirteenth street. near t'liiversitr place, one ol llm Cutest roa<l Horses in the country ? can trot in i M or no ante. o":f.n('l(UHU T"K SALE COM.MEMCB8 AT l?X ORCOND IIAN I) AND SLIGHTLY 8011,ED CAB ? J riaaenbargain*; T Carl, liiirfllxh Do* Cart. Denat rouK/te^:,0"nml ""??? Man uFACTU ItEits' union, M Broadway. GTABW WANTBD.?ROOM FOB FOUR HORSES, k.7 above Fortieth street, between Third ami So von 2 avenues. Address box l!M Herald office. " Tina dav, at auction, at arch. joiinston'b \ or'[ty'pW^e''' ,r> Thirteenth street, near Uai SALE COMMENCES AT 10!* O'CLOCK. The nnost acntleinan's i\,ad Horse in the country. Elegunt lady's a tddle Horse. '' ,|?a>n lino yontiff bay .Mnres. lliree Pony Establishment*. Six good work or business Horses. ?a!e positive at 10*^ o'clock. See cnf.ilo^uo. TKAM CARRIAGE HORSES?SORREL; PONY BUILT: i ?. J 1 ? Sound and kind ; good steppers, and strl i)h: lon? inancs and tutla: weight 2,:;(M lbs. Apply at J1 .-.i.vnrk avenue, Jersey fify. 11 T? '?KT-FfvE Ar Yen stalls. uiTif Turfjj ; ply at'J?;?":?ri:'k street. S,<1< "> '<"? *?? \\' A.VI ED?HORSE, W A (III x AND HARNESS, I N gi ft change for lirst class I'lano. Cullatttl) En<tTwenl* th ml Mrcet, near Third avenue. iwenir WANTED BY A ('AlTv, A I"I.N ST.'1,1-til lUUffli : , on/ Horse, 13 haudji, lil^h knee action, perfectly .pQnd and ifontlc ; would also like a Phaeton ot stTlim iVi * prominent maker. Address box l,l? oat oftlce, nltli price and p.ace whero they can he seen. YV"ANTRB? A I'HAETON (I.EATHEIt TOP), II Aft^ i.l. al? Horao lor a lady to drive ; the above nil k?? ? aeparately or torcthor; pliaeton must b* 0?Hudaon ?traot SUl'n,{ prlcc' K WAtJON'8 FOR 8ALE CHEAP?ONE CONCORD KK ?J}?< n ftne nlattnrin apriiig Expreca one (lroe?rv waiton. at Stt Kpi in < street, corner ot Clark street. VyANTKD?A I,AN1>AL'I,KT; MCST HE IN 'U0q8 J" ord#r and very liuht for one horse: alaoaCoMM Haruoas. Address rfr. ??.. No. 5 I><>y "treet. r" on Z " WANTEO-A HOR8I'., Harness ani? Kijui! wheeled Trnek, In uootl order; moderate uric* gaSX",!!and Cherry stre.'Uwi WAj!TKD^-I)ONKEY OR~ SIIHTI.ANO PONY7WIT5 ?Iiv. tx ifoni.an^1.L,nrne,H: lnust ?'* perfectly trainoC SSL^Wf" c**i'rfreB. sound, klod and sold ata u!r Pr'c Addreaa R., box 4.IIH Pont olllce. ffe/lO ~?'<>R "AliK, A OOOI) WORK IIORSK- SOIJI f'Y 'or want oi use. IA1 DeKalb avenue, HrooMy^ ?I!,cK TRUCK FOR $!>0 AND ONB FOB dav ('?ilfl'Virtnw Tt cho,l,> "orses; inuat be sotd aRf- Y*" ^ Wcgt Twenty-soTcnth street. H. H. *^'^00 -TKAM bay iiorsks, 7 Years kiiandx vwy. kind, without tatiIt or bWn " " JtSS'. Srst street. ?*?hi muit He,L 'm Wost'Tbtrtr oitv aouoa* ^1 E RIDLKV A SON'S, Grand street, New York. PARASOLS. Fun line of ChanMables, in bines and plums. e-i h"1 n n?' c'ut' bandlus ami chatelalns^ Extraiarto and lined from }2 to 14 90 each. All Milk, i<?r children, .Vac. Pinli and blue, with ruffles, Me., 75c , 53c. and fl. FANS. Amdher pure ha so of over twenty thousand Fan*. liiwwM silk at -*K., xio.~ tic , 3De.,'?c. up. RIBIIONS AND FKENOII FI.OW8RB. Oros Oratns at inc., 14o., a*?.. sic. and 38c., all allk. I.t?|jp nlecoiif. I'f, and 7ulnoh Sash Ribbons, all silk, at Stc. at C.K at 75c. aii?l per yard. ? a BDW. RIDLKV Si HQS JJ9, 311, MIGrand s.rect, Cj, Hi, 6ti, &t and Tt itroct, nftn block 6mt iron tiii? Bowery* R. RIDLEY & SON'S, A.*traotiv.j and immense Stock of Vienna and Paste Uooda. Inspect Leather doo Is. Oxidized Ovoda. SILVER PLATED WARE. Larfe Children's Carriages. $ft ?ach. Jewelry TUM Articles Perfumery, Ac. KI)\V. DIDLSY fk SO!f .109 111, lilt,' Oraod itrect, til. til, iw. 6^and 70 Allen stum. A T,P'. R""'?,V ?* SON'S OKEAT EAST SIDE RBTAJL ? iH"11 u it l-aoes. Dress Triui.nlni(s, NeeMi worx, lineu HandkercnlclX Hosiery. UnderiarBieata. Special f?t?orin*ol silk Neckt.cs tt.ul^S. uns So?,,2& wh lie bone l-orsets, ?t 49c , 74c , and ?t per pair. K ED.V KIDI.EY A SON ID ObOVN, AT THE GREAT EAST SIDE ESTABLISIIMRffr. Spring color*. New lot at <V t?r pair Sli rhtlr u? IjtMrtnfr *0n ,wo,","on" 41 7Jc. pair, worth douM* Twti liiitloiu at 79c. and $1 oer pslr. Jr-ilt*, slates aMI orowtia. >ew assortment of Kd ward <11 .res at >1 29 per pair. BEST GLOVE IN AUf.HI'JA AT TIIK PRIOR. ,... , . K RIDLEY k 809. "I. ill VJr.in I, md M,M, tU. fttand M Allen strMt S w ?1>r!i, fitrli l.look "sst from tho Bowerv. r.-;iA\V. J. Hair! Hair! Hair! The largest stock d Hiima ji Hair Goods in the dty 4| Wt Bowery, corner of Foiirih stre '-t, and UCI Sixth arum. siau i' " 1 wt',"jr Twenty third s'reeU.5 SHAW'S Patent Hair Switche? o?n be combed mid brush, d Si each Hum in Ha.r, (liea.>t>M? an I bont in the market. si.jrt II,.ir Switchs, fi ea. |, snd upwa*7 Freu; h Saiteh-s, $#. > . *1 ?'id niuvards. '?Ate?tSt>le? always on hnoJ. I'RAVV ..lOOlM s *nJ p"1,neUo For Sabbath s< liot.i Anniversaries. ii!r?n\' ?oy<" ?"<l Tombs' "?(s, l?it05t sryki, clioa;?. Hair an 1 Neopolltan Hats. 73c., <?c , ?Jc. tip. '??trloua l'raids and from V9c to #1 each. Our Til nmed Hat* will repay careful in.<;.?cdo? Peady To-D.ay, At the Great E#-t side Establishment, ?'?I-Y7AIII.' IiL.Hr A -SON 30J, ill and ill>4 itrand street, and tl ki iu ui a Allen street, fifth block east from the Bowcryi 1^ MII.MM.KY AMI* imBMMAKl T ADIKH' RMDY-MADK HUITfi, I?4TR4T HIVIXEl ' ?4P " st r m^iwjja-sr

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