8 Haziran 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

8 Haziran 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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MPKCIAL. NOTICES. ARF.OULAB MBETINQ Of THB NINETEENTH Ward William C. Connor Association will be held at tin Ir room*, No. KM Third avenue, on Tuesday. June 10, at 8 o'clock P. M. Important business will be transacted. atrJ members are requeued to be punctual in at:endance. ROBERT A. VAN WYCK, Chairman. <1 ks k M. Hcbsard, Secretarj^, A DRESSMAKER OIV1NG VT BUSINESS, WILL sell Iter Wheeler A Wilson Machine at a sacrifice; also o splendid gas cooking Stove; both nearly new and In perfect order. 143 Kant Twenty-eighth street. A8UPERB TONIC AND INVIOORATOR. WINCHESTER'S HYPO PHOSPHITE , OK LIME AND SODA, a perfect cure lor General Dcbilitv and Weakness of all kinds; also Nervousness, Night Sweats anil Wasting; stimulates the appetite and produces most refreshing sleep ; excellent tor delicate ladies and mothers nursing their iiiianu. Try It. Sold by all druggists. $1 *nd $2 per bottle. J. WINCHESTER A CO.. Chemists, 30 John street. New \ork. A? HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and Hocrum street Opeu Irom e A. M. to# 1*. M. On Futiday irom 3 to 8 P. M. BYU. II. A. BALL. AUCTIONEER, CORNER Or NEW ('hurt h und Cedar streets, on Monday, June tf, at 11 M., 23 Horses, Carriages, Harness Ac., lo bo sold, with out rese rve, to the highest Milder. See auction column. (tBODUn PRINTED, ADDRESSED AND DK > livereil to anv line ot business men? farmers, inatitt. faeturers? trom lists ot names compiled since April. Reference hooks, published ky DUN. BIIOWN A CO. and J. A K I I I I K MURPHY, tor sale at No. S Dey street, room 23. The names and amount ol mouey owneJ by every in.in in the I nited States in Murphy's books. I) BESSMAKING. ECONOMY, PROMPTN K.SS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LOltD A TAYLOR, to prove that RETRENCH MENT is possible, have so arrange.! tlieir Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY in mutertul and trimming is particularly studied in every detail, an.l they are now furnsliing Dresses at a MUCH LESS PRICK than the cost of imported garments, while for STYLE, KIT and GENERAL MAKE I'l* they arc every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the past month prevented oar usual iit i mi taess; hut now, with extended tacilities and the COMPLETE REORGANIZATION ut the department, we can safely GUARANTEE ALL ORDES AT THE TIME AGREED, and as to FIT and PRICE defy competition. LORD i TAYLOR, Broadway anil Twentieth street. D RA WINGS OF THE HAVANA amiKenlucky Lotteries on flic at 1.207 Broadway, opposite Gil.?cy Home. FOR SALE? A MEMBER'S TICKET AND HITCUINO Shed nt Fleetwood Park, with all privileges; ex pires May 1, 1876. Address box 1,971 Post office. For sale at cost price-twenty Havana Lottery Tickets for the drawing At 10th Juno. Ad dress T. G. W , Herald office. Grand opening John rotherniel opens on Saturday, June 7, 187"*, at 6JI sixth avenue, be tween Forty-sixth and Forty-seventh streets, a new Lager Beer and Billiard Saloon. The public are re spectfully Invited. Gold, silver and articles containing gold bought at market price : polishing, filter and photo graph paper burned and smelted by refiner, SCHAWEL fc John street. HS. DANZIOER'B PATENT FLY AND MOSQUITO ? Destroyer and shot, Indian Insect Poivdor and In vincible Magnetic Paste tor the destruction of all kinds of vermin. Wholesale and retail, at the officc, 72 White ?treet, corner of Broad way ; also orders taken for clean lag houses and ships of Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ac. Havana lottery drawings on file.-circc lar* free. Orders promptly Ailed. JOSEPH HATES, Agent, 1W Broadway, room 4, Chatham Bank Building. IONG BRANCH RACES.? BIDS WILL BE RE J ceiveil (or the renting ol refreshment privileges for Grand Stand and field at Monmrfuth Park during the nine days' racing in Julr. All information will be given by addressing WILLIAM E. RAYNOit, Secretary, 1,14(1 Broadway, New York. Notice. -the united derrickmen-s benevo lent Association do hereby notify their bosses that on and niter Momlay, June 9, any member not receiving $2 75 per day, if there he any such, cannot work uuder said wages. By order of the Society. OFFICE OF BOARD OF EXCISE, NO. 299 MULBERRY street. New York, May SO, 1873.? The Board ot Excise In and tor the city and county of New York, give public notice that the.v will receive Applications and Issue Li censes for the sale of strong and sjpiriwous liquors, wines, ale anJ beer, in accordancc with the laws ol the State ef New York, on and alter MONDAY, Juno 2, 1373, at the following rate oi license tees, which nave bren es tablished by this Board, viz :? CLASS 1. For first class hotels, restaurants, saloons, Ac , the sutn of $2T0. CLASS 2. For second class hotels, restaurants, saloon*, Ac., the sum of $1.10. CLASS 3. For all other plncc* wnere strong and spirit nous liquors are sold und druuk upon tho premises the sum of Jltu CLASS 4. For storekeepers, druggists anil all places where strong nnd spirituous liquors are sold In quantities less tuati five trillions at a time, and not dcunk upon the premises, the snin ol $60. CLASS P. For alt places where ale nnd beer only are ?old, and no strong or spirituous wines or liquors, the sum of S3 J. The amount of the liceme fee in each care must ac company the application. Parties receiving a liccnse will lie furnished with a copy of the law regulating the sa!e ot intoxicating liquors, nuu a strict compliance therewith will be required. Particular attention is directed to the' provisions of the law relative to dosing ou the Sabbath, and from 1 to 6 A. M. other dav*. No license will be granted to known proprietors of. or places used lor, houses of prostitution, gambling or other Immoral or unlaw t ul purposes. Applicant* will please apply in the following order:? From the First, second, nurd, Fourth, Fifth aud Mxtli wards irom June 2 l<? June 7. Inclusive. From the seventh. Eighth. Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh wards, from June 9 to J line 14, Inclusive. From the Twelfth. Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth wards, from June 10 lo Juno 21. Inclusive. From thb Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty first anil Twenty -second wards, from June ?1, to June a). Inclusive. Notice is nlso given that a hook for the registry of com {dslnts for v iolations of the Eaeisc laws has beeu opened n this ofllce. No per-on is authorized to receive any payment on ac count ot this Board except at its office and during ofllce hours. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. No money received after 3 P. M. D^D^T. 'mARSH ALL! | Excise6" JOHN R. VOORI1IS. > 01 ESCl"!' OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA Lottery tor the benefit ot the Free School Fuud? .Perpetual. * fciTH i Class 145-Jcnx 7, 1873.-6J IV 74, 14, 27, 2fi, 47, 44, 43, 48, 3, 18. CLASS 146? J UK K 7. 1873.-2.% 10, 39, 73. 10. 4, II, 28. fi4, 48. 14. 22. COLE A CO.. Managers, Charleston, 8. C., June 7, 1871 XtW York Post office, box 3,856. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STaTE LOTTERIES. KK.1TCCX*? KIIKA CLASS >0. I'UJ? JtJKK 7, 1873. ?J, 42, 24. 27, 75, -74, 0?, CO, 72, 70. 61, 64. Kr.TllH'Kr- class no. 370? junk 7, 1873. 16, 6, IB, 31, 7. 67, :(H, 63. 48, 12, ??, 14. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, K j. IIIUIT COLLMJE? HTHA CLASS NO. 26'.'? Jl'NK 7. 1873. 6, 2H, GO. 43, 12, 42, 60, 22. 18, 34 . 6, 10. suit BY COLLKGX? CLASS NO. 270? JUNK 7. 1873 15. 1, 42, til. r.5, 2?, 41. 50, 4, 39. JO, 63. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Address C. 1IKNRY. care J. Ctute, Broker, 206 Broad way. Post office box 4,%9. FFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. KX1KA CLASS NO. 8?? JCNK 7. 1873. 66, 18, 70. 35. 73. 71, 81. '?D, 34, 8, 41, 74. NORTH CAROLINA? CLASS NO. 84 ? JUNK 7, 1873. 48, 20, 7, 40, 2. 60, 38. 54, 53, 41, 13, 16. GERKEN A CO., Managers. LUTfiY A CO., Brokers, 2., 2 Greenwich street, N Y^ Royal Havana lottery, Roval Saxon Government Lottery, liruiiiiwick Lottery, City of Hamburg Lot.ory. Prizes ca l.ed and Information given. tox 6.H80 Post ofll :e. TMKODOIt ZR8CH0CH, 116 Nas-att street. Royal Havana lottery-next drawing ju?b 10. German State Lotteries. Send for circulars. HITTER A i JO., Post office box 3,836. 85 Nassau street, room 4. OT THOMAS HAY RUM, OF VERY FINE Q1 ALITV, O for sale at reduced puces ; quantities to suit ; In bond or dut\ paid. J. W. CA RLE, 25 Old slip. rv / w I AAA ?KENTUCKY LIBRARY GIFT CON eert.? in awing positively July 8; only a tew tickets left. For tickets nnd circulars apply to P. C. DEVLIN. Stationer, 30 Liberty street, a few doors east of Post ofllce. dbrud RQQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky Circulars tree. 12^c. commission al lowed. Aililre.s BALEY A CO (office established thirty 7*ars>, 174 Broadway. XUHCA1* A" FIRST CLASS ALTO WANTS A SIT! ATION IN A Catholic or Episcopal church. Address SINOER, [ I2:i Herald >(Bo. . Armr class alto wants a situation in a synagogue. Address MUSIC, box 200 Hefald office. A GENTLEMAN GIVES PIANO AND BINOING LBS Hons at his residence or at pupil's; from tit to $21 per term. Address PROFK8?OR OK MUSIC, 107 West Twenty-thlry street. An organist un di rstanimng episcopal ser vlce wishes a position in New York or Westchester county. Please adilres*. stating *a!ar> oflermi, MODE MAN, southeast corner 2.lil st. and 4th av. 4 OENTLEMAN Ml'BIC 1 EACIIKK IS MQOMI JV by a reipcctatde lainlly, who will give Hoard and {^dglng as payment tor tuition to daughter. Address MUSIC, Herald otllee. A WELL KNOWN BASSt) is OPEN FOR AN EN gagement in a first class church choir, either Episco pal or Roman < atholic. Addrogi PA?m?, care of 0. Schlr mer, 791 Broadway. A TENOR DESIRES A POSITION IN SOME PROT estant church In this city. Address A. WESSON, box l.ou New York Po-^t office. AGI-NTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE PianotorUi at pttf il'a residence tor $lo per quar tan best of reference given Address, with residence, TEACIIF.it. bo* 1.0 Herald Uptown Branch office, l,Mf Broadway. ATWNO LAKY tVISHKS A POSITION AS 80 prano in a Catho'ii.' i hoir ; has had several years' experieti c Address a., 45# West Forty-third street^ C1ARD.-MISS WArsnjK GIVES PRIVATE MUSIC / I/Caions at 91 Cllntou place (I'.ighth street! day and ?vening I'iano. <>rgsu. tiuitar, /itper, Smging. Instru neats furnished tor piactlee circulars mailed MR. JOS. WKINLIC1I BEGS TO INFORM THE public that he is ready to receive pupils lor the 4 loll n and .ringing ; also open lor an engagement as Basso in a first class choir, either Episcops' or Roman CaHiolie. Residence 8.U Second avenue, t>etween Forty foMrtlt and Forty-flflb street*. o Mrs. beckman.v, 9t? east fifty,rigiitii Street, troiu the Conservatory ol Music in Cologne, fives singkiib lessons at Iter residence ud nt pupil's at |i ? ISMOk. RELIGIOUS PI OTIC US. AT ROBINSON HALL, ENTRANCE THROUGH Robinson Houito, 18 Slxuentn street, ^tween Filth avenue and Unfon square.? Mrs. P. O. H Y/KR, liupirutlonal Spe iker, lectures at 7:30 P. X. The Cr.ll dren's Lyceum iMeU i)t 10 A. M. Conference at 2:30 P. M. ANTHON MEMORIAL CHAROH, FORTY-RIGHTH street, west of HI* Hi (iv.-nue -.-?rvice at 10k A. M., and usual choral service at 4 P. X. The rector. Rev. R. Holier Newton, will preach. AIX SAINTS' EPISCOPAL CHURCH. CORNER Henry ami Scammel street*, Rev. Wm, W. Dunnell, Rector. ?Divine service every Sunday at 10 JO A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Seals all Iree. BLEECKER STREET MISSION CHAPEL, 823 Bleccker street? Episcopal services, with sermons, at 10:30 anil 3:20, by the chaplain, J. Helm LavaL Sub ject? "I^ir?l_Art2c2cJliii_^hejCre(bdL*2^1^uWtc. Brooklyn tabernacle? ret. t. oe wrrr tal. mage, I>. D., pastor, at the Academy of Music. To day and herealter the Brooklyn Tabernacle congrega tion will occupy the Academy of Music, moraine and evening, at 10:30 and 7 :30, until their uew church is built. Scats free. (1IIRIST PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH, COR / ner Fifth avenue and Thlrty-fllth street, Rev. Hugh Miller Tbompitou, D. D., rector. Trinity Sunday.? Sit tings free ut the 5>i P. M. service; the rector officiate*. Regular services at 10, A. M. and H v. M. N. H.? This church will be ofleu lor services throughout the Summer, daily. at 9 A. M ; Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 P. M , and on sundays at 10>j A. M. and 8 P. M. C1HIIRCU OF OUR FATHER, CLERMONT, NEAR AT J lantic avenue, Brooklyn, Rev. It. It. Nve, pastor ? To-day children's Sunday services commence at 10\[ A. M. Singing by the children and choir. Addre?s ty the puator. Baptismal services in h ? evening The pastor will preach on "John the Baptist and hU preaching" at TJi flHURCn OF THE MESSIAH, PARK AVENUE AND \J Thirtv fourth street.? Rev. Ilcnry Powers, pastor, will preach at II A. M. ou "Elections Divine and Human." No evening service. Church ok the disciples, madison avenue, corner Forty-fifth street, Rev. (leorge II. Ilepworth, Pastor.? Preaching at 10 hi. Subject? Tho oneness ol the Christian Church. Evening? Beautithl Garments. Sun day school and Bible class at 3. Prayer meeting Friday evening at 8. I3GLISE REFORMER FRANCAISR. ? SUNDAY MORN !i ins, at 10'a o'clock, in Association Hall, Twenty third street iiiiil Fourth avenue. Preaching by Rev. E. BoreL Subject? "Hall and Theatre " FREE TABERNACLE OF THE METIIODI-T EPHf copal Church, Thirty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.? Kev. John E. Cookman, pastor, will preach Sumlav morning, at IDS o'clock, and in the evening ut o'clock. Sabbath school at 2 P. SI. All are welcome. Seals tree. IjMRST BAPTIST CHURCH, CORNER THIRTY. NINTH ' street nnd Park avonue? Services Preaching, morning at lot, o'clock anil evenlug at 7:45 o'clock; Senday School, 9 A. M. ; prayer meeting, 7:15 P. M, ; strangers invited. OPENING SERVICES.-' THE EMANUEL (COLORED Mission) congregation will Commence to occupy on Sunday, June 8, the church In Attorney street, he l ween Dclan ey and Klvington streets. Preaching at 10); A. M., by Bishop K. S. Junes,; 3)? P. M., addresses by Itev. D. R. Dashiel, Oeneial C. B. Fisk and Rev. W. F. Butler; 7XP- M., preaching by Kev. J. Parker. ''PEACE ON EARTH."? ANNIVERSARY UNIVER X sal Peace Union, American branch, Cooper Insti tute, room 24, Wednesday, June II, 10:30 A. M. , sand 8 P. M. Addresses by Alfred II. Love, Ltllie Deverenx Blake, Virginia Vuiighan, Zerah C. Whipple. Amanda M. Deyo, J. It. H. Willcox and other*. Public Invited. REV. J. P. M'CLEL LAND, PASTOR OF ST. LUKE'S Methodist Episcopal church. Forty -first street, near Sixth avenue, will preach Sunday, at 10V,' A. M. and 7J? P. M. The public invited, and always welcome. Rev. waylani) hoyt, pastor, will preach in the Tabernacle Baptist church, Second avenue and Tenth streot, every Sunday, at 10:30 A. M. and 7:45 P. M., until the reopening of Stein way Hall In October. Subject ofevenlnR sermon, "Truths About the Other Life." Rev. dr. flago will treach in the morn ina and evening in tho church in Eighty fifth street, between Lexington ami Third avenues. Kev d. iienry miller, d. d. preaches in Plymouth Baptist church, Fifty-first street, between Ninth and Tenth n^nues, Sunday, 10>, A. M. and 7h P. M. RUSSIAN-GREEK CHAPEL, NO. 957 SECOND AVE nun, near Fiftieth street. ?To-day, at 10 A. M., will lie the celebration of the testlval of Pentecost. All oordially invited. riuifi LAYINO of the CORNER STONE of tur X Church of the Holy Trinity. Madison avonue aud Forty -second street, Sunday, Juno 8, at five o'clock P. M. Right Rev. B. B. Smith, D. D , Presiding Bishop, will officiate. Rev. Drs. Tvng and Thomas S. Hastings will make addresses. Congregational music, accompanied by an orchestra. It the dav should prove rnf'iy, the services will1>e held on the next clear day, at the same hour. 'HUE COSMOPOLITAN CONFERENCE.? TURN" VE 1 rein llall, 66 East Fourth street, will be addressed to davat.3 P. M., by R. W. HUME. Subject, "Equal Pay lor Alt Men's Day's Work." THE NEW YORK BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL Teachers' A.-aoc iution will meet on Monday eveninit, June 9, at 7,'i o'clock, In the Calvary church. West Tneuty third street. between Filth and Sixth avenues. Rev, A. S. Paiton, D. D., will address the Association. M Harriet Newell Morris wi'.l speak. Subject? "Re views of Sunday School Lesson*. " A. W. PERSONS, Secretary. "WrtSTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WEST TT Twenty-second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues.? Preaching by the pastor. Rev. J K. Demurest, Sabbath morn ng and eveniug, 10 :30 and 7 4.'>. Strangers welcome. PIANOFORTES, OlllitVS, &?'. ASTEINWAT SQUARE GRAND PIANOFORTE, FOUR round corners, carved legs, overstrung, ngraeff, 7>? octave ie\erv improvement; half price for cash. J. B1DDLK, 13 VVuverloy pluce, mar Broadway. A SPLENDID BLACK WALNUT CABINET ORGAN, worth abut $200, will be sold for nearlv half, tor want of room, DALY'S Music Store, 179 Eighth avenuo. AMAONIFICENT SQUARE GRAND 1%. OCTAVE Pianoforte, brilliant tone, nearly new, cost $9.10, for $3<W; Stool, Cover. Cabinet, cost $100; has Itox for ship ping; Parlor Suits, Mirrors, Curtains, CarpcU, Paintings, Bronzes, Chamber Suits, Buffet, Extension Table, Silver Ware , a sacrifice. 104 East Twenty-fifth street, betweeu Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut this out. AN ELEOANT 7 OOTAVR PIANOFORTE. IN RICH rosewood care; carved legs; serpentine bottom; overstrimg bass; mrrafTe attachment; rich, powerlul tone; best cltv makers; nearly new. having been used only a few months; fully warranted. I'rlcn $256; cost $57.'i. Apply at No. 090 Sixth nv., near 40th *t. Also for nale a magnificent suite of Parlor Furniture In crimson silk at luilt original cost. Apply as above. A FIRST CLASS 7V4 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD ? PIANO forte for sale : made order, celebrated maker ; fullv guaranteed, used five months, co*t $!W0. tor $275 : box tor shipping, l'arkir, Chamber , Dining Furniture, Paintings, Brenr.es; Silverware ; a sacrifice; property of family leaving city. 36 West 15th st , near Mb av. A -FOR SALE, DECKER A BROTHERS' FOUR ? round rosewood Pianoforte, classed star gr:md; one grand square. Cost $K?5. lor $225; also a tine as-orl ment of Hmixenold Furniture Call this day (Sunday) or Mondsj , at 210 West Twenty first street. A PRIVATE family WILL DISPOSE OF THEIR magnificent 7)4 octave rosewood Pianoforte, four round corners, carved legs and case, all improvements; made to order; cost $1.0001 will sell lor $30) cash: Stool, cover. Arc. ; guarantee for 5 years. Call at private resi lience I2ti West 23d street w B.? Can be icen this day. A FAMILY, LEAVING THE CITY, WILL SELL carved rosewood seven octavo Pianoforte, modern imiirovements; nearly new; city n\*de;$125. 243 East 30th street, between 2d and 3d avenues. ______ ABAT.fiAIN -FOR SALE, A HANDSOME SEVEN octavo ro-ewooil Piano; four round corners; $125, To be seen at the Photographic Gallery, corner BK-eckcr and Carmine streets. , BariiaIN ? 1-2,1, COST SM9, ROSRWOOD cillcKP.lt ln? upright Flanoiorto, carved case, modern Im provements, full Iron frame, perfect order, sweet, power ful tone. 38 Third street, near Bowery. C1IJUROH ORGAN for SALR? RRRRIT8 BUILD, ) two manuals and pedals, 26 registers flno case : fan be tried at IllLBORNE L. ROOSEVELT'S organ factory, 4i) We?t Eighteenth street. Organists especially invited. Full description on application. B itIRST CLA88 7 OCTAVE PIANOS RETAILED AT 1 wholesale prices; direct from factory. Send for cir cular. CHRLSTI.', 1* Harrow street, near Hudson B30R SALR? A STEINWAY PARLOR GRAND, RF. markably cheap. Inquire of Mr. PETRI, Bteinway Hall. (1 REAT INDUCEMENTS IN SECONDHAND PIANOS, T of our own and various other makers, for ca*h or on easv monthly payments. Superior I'pright Pianos to rout ARION PIANOFORTE COMPANY, No. 5 East Fourteenth street "PIANOS, SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS XARRRR I in thorough order, for sale, at low prices, also Pianos tn rent ami 011 instalments, by CHICKERING A S'.)NS, II East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. PIANOS AND ORGANS-GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles and perleet tones ever made, and by l>eit makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly insielinents, or for rent, during this month at WATERS', 48I Broadway, than can be found elsewhere. PIANO AND PARLOR orGAN FOR SALR AT A sacrifice; t?est city make; la tiptop order nnd will be offered at a decided bargain Address BARGAIN, Herald Uptown Branch offlce. PIANOS TO RENT-FROM $3 TO $1<1 PER MONTH; rent allowed on purchase; also sold on monthly In stalments, at R. V. DC'MSDAY'S, 24 Uiilve^tiy place, corner of Ninth street. OTF.I N WAV , CHICKERINO, H AI.LKT A DAVIS ^ N D other new and aeoond hand Pianos and Orgaus to reut er sell on Instalments 1 very cheap BERRY A txi , 7.s9 Broadway WANTED TO BUY FOR OASH-A NO I SECOND hand Pinna from good makers; Steinway or Chick erlng preferred. Addraas, stating name of maker and lowest price, T O. B., HM Allen street. Dealers need not answer this. d.t?7r-TIIE GIRARD PIANOS, ENDORSED BY ?P^i I *J, our leading musicians as the best and sweet est toned Pianos made. Warerooms 7#7 Broadway, near Ninth street Old Pianos taken in exchange. DANCIT9G ACADBiWim* QTAGE DANCING -LADIES INSTRUCTED FOR THE JO ballet and lor premiere dancers. ANGELA UK ETON, i. ourUi aveuue, opposite Cooper Institute. FINK ARTs, TO COLLECTORS AND DEALERS. , ? Union si|iiare (up sialrs). For sale, for s few daj ? iiiiiv, a larga ollertion of An tiquities. ivory Curving*, Cameos, Geins, Watches, Enanx els, A rm?, Ac.. Shells, Minerals, Fossils, Mtuflcd Animals, preserved Roplilo* nnd Klsties, South Am ricitn Indian Ornaments, Arms and Dresses, K ,ld and silver Idols; fine old till Paintings, by the best artists. To be sold with Ml r?Mrve. m ARttflUSRTB. VfIBLO'8 OARDEN. BNTIRE CHANGB. i> CIIARMINO SUMMER ENTER! A1NMENT. MAFFITT AND BARTHOLEMEW IN GOMEDY. LULU. Tlie Sensation Gymnast, I.ULU. GRAND MUSICAL AND TKRPsICH OR KAN OLIO. MONDAY EVENING, JUNK 9. tlie Coinedlettt, SMITH VS. BROWN. , _ MAFFITT, BARTHOLEMEW, Mlie. LBONTINE, KATT MAYHEW. MINNIE DOYLE in the cast. THE ST FELIX tfROUPE. Sig WILLIO. THE TWIN SISTfc.ES (French). A. W. MAFKLIN. LULU IN II KB WONDKBFUL AERIAL FLIGHT. Terminating with the Comic Pantomime, NICODEMUS. MAPFITT anil BARTHOLEMEW In their Great Boies. THURSDAY EVENING- ROBERT MACA1RE. MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT i O'CLOCK. MONDAY EVENING. JUNK 1?? First np|:?araiice at this theutre cf the celebrated Oerinaii Dialed Cnmadian, OOFTY GOOFT, in mi entirely now Comedy Drama writti n c*pre?*ljr for him by Edward Spencer, K&q., or Baltimore, entitled ROOMER. WALLACK'3. EVERY NIGHT I EVERY NIGI1TI THE OBEAT SENSATIONAL PLAY BY * LION BOUCICAULT. ? w, I Miss Katherine Racer*, Mr. Allerton, Miss Rflle Germon, Mr. Bradley, Mr. Lovick. Miss Mary Wells, Mr. Whoelock. Mr. (Iriftlths. Mr. Fawcatt (both by permission ol Mr. Dnly), Mr. Parsloe, Mr. Pope, Mr. Mills, Mr. A. Beck, Missis UlaUdell, Bell, Bate and Bur I roughs. _ SCENERY. EXCHANGE PLACE. A BOUDOIR. FIFTH AVENUE. A MUSICAL .MATINEE ON MURRAY HILL ? LEXINOTON AVENUE. YORKVILLB. BROAD STREET (by Night). THE LAVA BEDS in EXCHANGK PLACE. THE TOMBS. THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS. THfc SPECIAL SESSIONS, OLD ICE HOUSE UNDER A OONCKKT SALOON. CORNER OF WALL AND BROAD STKKBI'8. '1 II K "NEW IDEA." "MORA"' MATINEE. SAT I KDAY, JUNE 14. J^CADEMY OF MUSIC. THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1 m. A GRAND CHARITY MATINEE, under the direction ol Mr. Augustlti Daly, IN AID of the FOUNDLING ASYLUM of the City of New York, under the care ol the SISTERS OF CHARITY. THF, ENTERTAINMENT will commence at HALF- PAST TWELVE precisely (the door will open half an hour earlier), hndthe perform ance will comprise the following EXTRAORDINARY PROGRAMME ot selectiona from EVERY FAVORITE AMUSEMENT ill New York, to he participated in by EVERY EMINENT DRAMATIC ARTIST now In lb 6 city, all of whom have In the moat sincere and liberal uaanuer VOLUNTEERED FOR THE OCCASION. I AT HALF-PAST TWRLVK O'CLOCK the ORCHESTRA ofthe FIPTM AVENUE TIIEATRK, under the direction of Mr. HARVEY DODWORTH, will perform tho OVER TUBE to "MARTHA." II. AT A QUARTER TO ON'K O'CLOCK the COMEDY COMPANY ofthe FIFTH AVENUE THEATRE, who havo each nnd collectively volunteered, will appear in the Third Act or the now famous play, entitled MADELE1N MOREL Miss CLARA MORRIS as w. Pervcnche Miss FANNY DAVENPORT. ,a.s Merop* Miss FANNY MORANT as Countess Dnlborg Mim ROBERTA NORWOOD. lis Martha Mr. CHARLES FISHER as The Abbe Valinolit Mr. GKOROK CLARKE as Count Julian Mr. JAMES LEWIS as Hlasinte Mr. LOUIS JAMES as Von Arnim Mr. HENRY CRISP as Von Kienwald III. At HALF-PAST ONE O'CLOCK the ORCHESTRA of the (IRAND OPERA HOUSE, tinder the direction of Mr. A. PKfc.DL.GAM, will perform the Valso "L'iTALHS." IV. At QUARTER TO TWO O'CLOCK will be acted the sec ond act of Shakespeare's sublime tragedy, hamlet Mr. CHARLES FKCHTEK. as . THE PRINCE HAMLET (The llrat appearance In two years of this famous artist In tnat part.) Mrs. E. L. DAVENPORT as THE QUEEN (Having generously offered her cervices.) Mr. CHARLES WIIEATI.ElGH.aH THE FIRST PLAYER Mr. MILNES LEVICK a< THE KING (By permission of Mr. Theodore Moss.) Mr. 0. II. GRIFFIFTHS as l'OLONIUS (of Uie Filth Avenue Theatre.) V. At QUARTER PAST TWO O'CLOCK the orchestra of WALLACE'S THEATRE, tinder the DIRECTION of Mr. THOMAS BAKER, will perform Mr. BAKER'S very bril liant arrangement ot OFFENBACH'S "ORPHEE, " with solos for oba', clarinet, cornet, bells, Ac. VI. At nALF PAST TWO O'CLOCK will be presented the fourth act ot Shakespeare's most daluty couiody, enti tled AS YOU LIKE IT. MISS KEIL80N as ROSALIND, that eminent and most 'avorito Artist having gene rously volunteered. MR. D. H HARKINS as ORLANDO (by kind p. rmlitolou ot Mr. A. M. Palmer and Mr. Sheri dan Shook). MISS MARY CARY as CELIA (ol tlie Fifth Avenue Theatre). MR. O. F. DEVERE (of the Filth Avenue Theatce) as OLIVER VII. At three o'clock the celobratea NINTH REGIMENT BAND, under the directum of Major D. I* Downing, hav ing unanimously volunteered, will perform aselectiuu of tiiuir FAMOUS MILITARY AIRS VIII. AT A QUARTER PAST THREE o'clock Will he acted Mr. SOTIIERN'S Umous specialty. A REGULAR FIX. Mr. E. A. SOTHERN In his brilliant anil celebrated character of HUGH ok hkass. MISS EDITH CHALL1S.. as EMILY (having kindly volunteered). Mr. W. DAVIDOE as MR. SURPLUS Mr J.O. PEAKES as CHARLES SURPLUS Mr. F. CHAPMAN as ABEL QUICK MISS NELLIE MORTIM?lt as MRS. DEBORAH CARTER MISS NINA VAKIAN a EMILY MRS. ADA LAWRENCE., a* MRS. SURPLUS (all having most liberally volunteered). IX. AT A QUARTER TO FOUR O'CLOCK the ORCHES TRA ofthe UNION. SOU ARK TIIKATKr'., under the direc tion ot Mr. II. TISSINOTON, will perform the celebrated "NIGItTINOALE BOUQUET," with solo for two piccolas, arranged by H. TISSINGTON. Esq. ~xT At FOUR O'CLOCK will be acted the FOURTn ACT Of Miss ETHEL'S famous Parisian specialty entitled A0NKS, with the following cast troin the. Union square Theatre, by permission ol Messrs. Shook A Palmer, all huvlng generously volunteered Miss AGNES ETHEL as AGNES Miss JOSEPHINE LAURENSas. TIIERKsK Mr. D. H. HARKINS as STEPHEN Mr. E. LAMB as TONY Mr GEORGE PARKKS as RAPHAEL Mr. F. LAMB ....as JOSEPH XI. At HALF-PAST FOUR O'CLOCK SIGNOR PADO VANNI, ofthe Fifth Avenue Thcatro, will give a violin solo. XII. At TWENTY MINUTES TO FIVE O'CLOCK Mr. O. L. FOX Will appear, with tils FAMOUS PANTOMIME COM PANY, trom the Olympic Theatre, lu a sctme troui his famous specialty, _ HUMPTY IIUMPTY. Mr. O. L. POX as HUMPTY DUMPTY (America's Grimaldi having most heartily volunteered) Mr. 0. K. FOX as. OLD ONE TWO (A famous pantaloon a tic). Mr. 0. W RAVEL as HARLEQUIN Miss F. BEANB as.. COLUMBINE During the PANTOMIME SKETCH the following artists from the OLYMPIC TIIEATRK, who have all volun teered, will aiipe.tr In their specialties -Messrs. HARRY ami WILLIAM J RE In their act entitled TDK MUSICAL ROCKS, and the FAMOUS WILSON BROTHERS In their unequalled act entitled THE TRiPLK PARTERRE. XIII. Tho whole entertainment will conclude at a QUARTER PAST FIVE O'CLOCK with a halt an hour with BRYANT'S M INSTKhLS, I Including Mr. DAN BRYANT, who has moat kindly I placed his services and that of Ills famous Band at the command of the manager, and will appear in tho follow ing most amus ng programme ? I Instrumental Overturn Bryant's Orchestra I Comic song? "Cackle, Cackle" Dave Reed 1 Uallail? "Speak to Me' Charles lemplcton I Comic Song Dan Bryant Ballad? "Little Sweetheart" William Dwyer ( JUBILEE 1'ONCERT? TIN-PAN-O-M ON, liitroilurldg the great burlesque sr. 1st. W. HENRY RICE as. .THE PRIMA DONNA Conductor Sig. Danl Bryauto FINALE 100TH NIGHT OF IIAMLRT Jingles I ii10 players { Nelse Seymour Crummels j mo ? layers. | .. Pave Reed Visitors? stan wood. Carter, Brockwav, Morrissy, Em erson, Ac. Stage Manager . Mr. John Moore Trea.-urcrs . .Messrs. J. W Morrissey anddf A. Appleton PRICES. Admission Ticket* $1 each Reserved Seats. . . t extra to be had at the BOX OFFICE or the FIFTH AVKNUE THEATER and at the (IRAND OPEBA HOUSE AN AUCTION of the BOXES will !>? held at the Pltlh Avcnuo TJieatr?, Tuesday morning, June 10, at 9 o'clock BVROPR, XpRANCB?BIARRITZ? GRAND HOTEL L'ANOLR r terre, reunis; bath rooms, billiard rooms Foreign newspapers. Hotel de la place; du palus royal, 170 Ruo Rlvoll, 1711. Paris. New proprietors, DEl.AlsSE, |iere .in. I hlj. Large and small Apartments. Service a la carte. ? Table d'hote atHV Board and Lodgings at irom $1 UBASON 1973. INTBM.ARRN SEASON 18TJ. (Switzerland). HOTEL KITisCIIARD, opening May I, fitted up with the latest and most comfortable Improve ments, billiards bathing establishment, show-r Usths, Ac. splendid pakk orounds The hotel having been rebuilt and now additions made to it in Krsn t style during the last year, It Is n?w the largest hotol at Intcrlakon. VIEW OF THE TUNGFRAU, *0 A. HTORAUK. -STORAGE FOR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAG , gage and other goods in separate rooms; always accessible, watchman in bulldiur: the lowest rate* (br storage in the city. MlcllALl.S H SON, S8, <0 and 42 C ommerce street, near Bleecker. A? A? STORAOE FOR FURNITURE AND ALL . kinds Of Goods, at BATTI-.R -UN A COOK'S storage Rooms, M>5 and M)7 lath ave nue, corner ot Thirty Huh street; Furr,itnre uarked. ?tond, moved. In city *r coun try, on reasonable terms, also i.ong Rrnni-h Exprosa Office. v?!v mxih avenue Furniture and Bsggsg* re moved to I-ong Branch, 7-1 EAST TENTH STREET, SECOND Fl.Otflt. OFPO J 1. site Stewart's.? Paintings, Mirrors, Valuatilsa, Furniture stored and sales oilectcd Orders lor itto nag goods may t>a aont toy loiter u more cvnvenient B AHuiainiiiTi. OOTH'8 THEATRE. " ~ NEIL80N. EDWIN BOOTH Proprietor and Manager last week of~thb season. LAST WKEK ?NO FABBWRLL PERFORMANCES OP HISM NKILSON, AND LAST WKEK OF MB. EDWIN BOOTH'S MANAGEMENT. Mr. BOOTH respectfully announces the preaent week aa tlie LAST SIX NIOIITS of the engagement of MISS NKILSON, prior to her departure for Europe. MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY uud THURSDAY, LAST FOUR NIGHTS OF AMY ROBSABT. On FRIDAY ana SATURDAY EVENINGS, aud SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 1 JO, MISS NKILaON Will, lo compliance with many request*, appear aa ROSALIND, In Sbakspeare's exuulslte Comedy of >3 YOU LIKE IT. LAST NKILSON MATINBE on SATURDAY NEXT, AT I -JO. Boats may be secured for these closing night* of Miss NKILSON at the theatre, or at Dilaou A Co.'s Music store, 711 Broadway. B KGINS AT S. BEGINS AT S. OLYMPIC THEATRE. liU BROADWAY. 624 ORAND INAUGURAL of the SUMMER SEASON. MONDAY EVENING, JUNE S. 1871 THE BEAUTIFUL AND ACCOMPLISHED COLEMAN SISTERS. COLEMAN BISTERS. The most exquisite character ACTRESSES, COMEDIENNES, VOCALISTS, DAN CUBS, CORNET, FLUTE and BANJO PLAYERS OF THE DAY, They will be supported by M K. J. A. COLEMAN. A full snd superb CORPS OK DRAMATIC ARTISTS, specially engaged to present their new and successful EMOTIONAL DRAMA, written expressly for the COLEMAN SISTERS by Wm. Vershay, entitled DRIVEN FROM HOME, DRIVEN FROM HOMB, DRIVEN FROM HOMB, DB1VEN FROM HOME, IN WHICH THE SISTERS WILL INTRODUCE THEIR ORIGINAL SO KG AND DANCE, DEITCHER AND HIS DARLING, also their Grand CLOG DANCE, IRISH JIQ, FLUTE, CLARIONET. CORNET, PICCOLO, BANJO and DRUM SOLOS. The charming CLARA'S SOLO SPECIALTY THE MOST WONDERFUL AND NOVEL PERFORMANCE EVER ACCOMPLISHED ON A BANJO. The whole forming a UNIQUE, NEW AND NOVEL ENTERTAINMENT. WEDNESDAY MATINEE AT 2 P. M. WEDNESDAY MATINEE AT 2 P. M. WEDNESDAY MATINEE AT 2 P. M. WEDNESDAY MATINEE AT 2 1'. M. SATURDAY MATINF.E AT 2 P. M. SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2 P. M. Seats secured six days In Advance. Doors open at 7 :30 P. M. Curtain rises ut 8 P. M. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SnERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Regius at d. Saturday Matiuee at l :30. LAST NIGHTS LAST WKEK LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS OF THE SEASON. LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LA*T NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LAST WEEK OF LaST NIGHTS last nights mus agnes ETHEL last nights LAST NIGHTS and of LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS FERNANDE. LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LA.-T NIGHTS FRIDAY EVENING, LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS June IS, LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS benefit of Last NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS Miss JENNIE LEE, LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS oil which ocea-ioti LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS will he produced, LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS for tho first lime LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS at this theatre, LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS Robertson's play of LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS CASTE, with J. H. LAST NIGHTS OF STODDARD, who OK FERNANDE. 1ms kindlv volun- ETIIEL KERNANDK. tee red In the part ETHEL FERN ANDK. of ECCLES. ETHEL FERNANDE. ETHEL FERNANDE. ETHEL FERNANDF. 8ATURDAY EVENING, ETHEL. FERNANDE. JuneM. ETHEL. FERNANDE. Benefit of Mr. Edwafcl Lamb, ETIIEL. FERNANDE. on which occasion will he ETHEL. FERNANDE produred-ftrst time here? ETIIEL. FERNANDE. EVERYBODY'S FRIEND ETHEL. FERNANDE. and TOODLES. ETHEL FERNANDE. ETHEL. FERNANDE. ETHEL FERNANDE. ETHEL. FERNANDE Monday evening. June 16, ETHEL FERNANDE. LAST NIGHT OF THE SEASON, ETIIEL. FERNANDE. and Benefit of ETHEL. FERNANDE. Mr. E. II. George. Treas., ETHEL. FERNANDE. on wnicli occasion ETHEL. FERNANDE. MJss AGNES ETHEL will ETHEL. FERNANDE. make her last appearance ETHEL. FERNANDE. this season in the great ETHEL FERNANDE. Parisian comedy, ETHEL. FERNANDE. FERNANDE. ETIIEL FERNANDE. ETHEL. FERNANDE. ETHEL. FERNANDE. Wednesday eveu'g, June 18, ETHEL. FERNANDE. commencement of the ETHEL FERNANDE. Hummer Season F.THEL FERNANDE. ani ETIIEL. FERNANDE. engagement, for a short ETHEL, period, ot the charming a-tre^s, MlasCHARI.OITK TIIliMPSON, who will appear in her wonderful Impersonation, JANE EYRE. Seals may be fecured six davs in advance. Tony pastor s opera house, 2<h bowery. The greatest variety Troupe ever presented. The groat Inimitable 1 Everybody's favorite, DICK RALPH, " Miss lONA LANG, Miss VICTORIA REYNOLDS, MUs.lOllANNA GRANGER, BILLY EMMETT, It. HONEYWOOD, CHARLES SK \nHRT, U.A.RAYMOND. IN A ORAND NOVli MATINEES Tuesday and Saturday. Ladles admitted froc on Friday evenings. American institute hall. Third avenue, between 63d and 64th sts. EVERY EVENING. EVERY EVENING. EBEN'S POPULAR SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERT8. GRAND ORCHESTRA OF SO PERFORMERS. Mr. FELIX I r.BKN Conductor THIS iSl'Ni AY) EVENING, J UNE 8. PROGRAMME. 1. March, "Franc Tlreurs"; Bilse 2. Overture. "Oheron" Weber S. Masurks. "Verfuehrerln" Zitterbart 4. selection, "Perlchole" .....Offenbach B. Overture, "Semirauiis" Rossini 8. Waltz. "Life I*t Us Cherish" Strauss 7. Idyl. "Serenade" Schubert 8. Potpourri, "Congress of Melodies" Conradi 9. Overture, "Poet und Pea*ant" Suppe 10. Galop, ' Un Piquet" Zlkoff .. .. . ...... _ .-v_ Swallows" Abt Mlncus 11U.LY PASTOR. The wonderful Juggler, HARRY SHELDON. The popular (Mown, ROBERT BUTLER. The famous Comedians, GUY BROTH KBM, three in number. L PROGRAM ME. 10. Galop. ' Un Piquet" 11. Lied, "When the Swallow 12 Quadrille, "Polsson Dorc" Admission, 25c, C CENTRAL PARK GARDEN. ) THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED SI MMER NIGHT'S CONCERTS. THIS (SUNDAY) EVENING. JUNE 8, AT 8 O'CLOCK. FOURTH GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT. When an exceedingly brllli'tnlanil attractive programme will be performed. Admission DO cents. Packages, con taining 12 tickets 84 : can be had at the principal music ?lores, nt 21* Broadwav and tho Garden. PRIVATE BOXES $2 EXTRA. EVRRY TIIUJAY EVENING Grand Extra Concert. Metropolitan museum of art. Temporary building 12. i Wont Fourteenth street. The Dl CKSNOLa COLLECTIONS, from Cyprus, and the U)AN COLLECTIONS of WORKS OF ART are open to the public dally, from 10 A. M. until 6 P. M. Admission IV) cents. New and important additions have been made to the Loan Collections. TONES' WOOD PARK. SUNDAT, JUNE 8, 1873. THIRD GRAND SACKED CONCERT by the unrivalled NINTH REGIMENT HAND. D. L DOWNING Musical Director Admission, 25 cents for gentleman and lady. Children free. ? Concert commences at 8 '30 P. M. FOURTH QRAND HACKED CONCERT. i SUNDAY. .IUNE 15. BANK) -ROHAN'S SIMPLIFIED BANJO MANUAL will enable Uio most unmusical p?i-son to play cor raoMv without a foacher; 5.1 popuiar airs; price 8ft. N B.? Banjo, Jtg, Clog nnd Song and Dance taught lor the Hlage by JOHN BoOAN, 100 East Houston street, near Bowery Ladles tanglit , Banjos all prices. Nc rOTICB. THE CITY READERS OF THE EVENING TELEORAM WHO INTEND 001 NO OUT OF TOWN, AND WISH AS USUAL TO READ ALL TUB NEWS OF THE DAY IN ADVANCH OP THE MORNINO PAPERS, CAN HAVR THE LAST EDITION Or THE EVENING TELEORAM SENT TO ANY ADDRESS FOR CO CRRSS A MONTH C1IRARD UOLLIOR Or MUSIC, 787 BROADWAY. I near Ninth street.? special attention called to our Bow Violin department. owing to the great increase of pupils we open the entire season. 1i?X BRUISE, HEALTH. AMUSEMENT. -JOHN WOOD'S 'J Gymnasium, Twenty-eighth street, near Filth a ve nu?, Boxing, Bathing: speelnl training for corpulency, dypepsla. general deolllty. gout, Ac Open day and efall ?ug _____ (1LOITN SUITS, TIOHTS, TRUNKS, SHIRTS, II OS I. J all si/es .ii. d colors, idain and rtrlped, In worsted and 00ttr>f> Enclose stamp for Circular. UNION ADAMS A CO.. <37 Brniul w?y jlinVDBino" i? Theatre oomiqub, ? THEATRE COMIUUE, . THEATRE COMIUUE, THEATRE COMi$UB. THEATRK COM MOB, THEATRE COMIQCR, TUEATK/. COMIQUB, THEATRE CoMiOtJK, THEATRE COMIQUB, 514 BROADWAY, ?14 BROADWAY, su 514 BROADWAY, 2 J H4 BROADWAY, ?1 #14 BROADWAY, 2}J 614 BROADWAY? 5, J 514 BROADWAY . 5! 514- BROADWAY. H? 514 BROADWAY, fj 514 BROADWAY U* 514 BROADWAY, nnnnnnn Mr. JOSH HART Uswt ml Proprietor JOHN P. POOLE and T. L. DONNELLY Manager* CROWDED HOUSES THE NIGHTLY RECORD. ALWAYS PRESENTING BOMETIIINU NEW! ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. SECURED FOR THE THEATRE OOMIQUB FOB SIX NIGHTS AND TWO MATINEES ONLY, AT AN OUTLAY OP $1,800 FOR~lE WEBK. THE MASTER IRISH. DUTtTlT AND NEGRO COUEDIAM OF THE PRESENT DAY, Mr. JOSEPH MI'RPHY, Mr. JOSE I'll MURPHY, Mr. JOSEPH MURPHY, Mr. JOSEPH MURPHY. s >0000000,. 'ooooooo* KKKKKKKKKKK . 8 KKXXKStXXXK* ^cacjcjaaaaei WSCOps*50***)* assKsaattaaa a a a m a asaassaaaaM 2 i MR. JOSKPn MURPnY, In Fred G. Maeder's great Drama, entitled t-^I written expressly to display Mr. MURPHY'S wonderful VERSATILITY and fidelity to nmure In IRISH ANI> DUTCH DIALECTS, IRISH AND DUTCH DIALKCTH, IRISH AND DUTCH DIALECTS, in which specialities ho Is pre-eminent, introducing Novel Song*. Dances, sketches. Comicalities mid Witticisms, In eluding the Irish gems of "Mollis Darling," the favor .te '?Groves of Blarney" and Irish Jig. MR. JOSEPH MURPHY Ir. ? ? HELP. HELP. Also introducing his lamou* musical SKETCHES OF DKUTCH LAND I No. 1. The Peerless Peerets of the Period) No. 2. The Bb Clarionet 1 No. X The Heaatlful Little Market Girl . f Mr. JOSEPH No 4. Mv Slianer Lilt ;eChsrler(Tyrolean? I MURPHY. No. 5. The Gav Horse Jockey I Introducing the Great Horse Race. | Ned Dally. * Young Comedian A ? Pat O'Shaugnes*/ I Mr. JOSEPH Mlekle McUalT, the Fiddler J MURPHY. Cliristoph Von Liebensteln / Iracv It nml all. a Wolf In the Fold Mr. J. Price Amos Wlreback ..Mr. George France Nubbles, a Bully Mr. Charles Webster Simon Mr. J. Andrews Kiaroi the Force Mr. W H Williams Rev. fit. Morling Mr. R. itavton Rusty Bob Mr. J. somen Captain Waldro, of the U. S Navy Mr. James Tighe Shivers, a Contraband Dealer Mr. J. Charles Charley Waldro, a Young Man in Love Mr. Ed. Mack Little Harry .......Master Henry Eleuor, the Deserted Win. Miss Emma Wilmot Fanny Small. ? Young Lady's Companion Miss Hannah Mack Mother Kit. who shows her Claws.... Mrs. SMpjy Wilklns l.iille Waldro Miss I<oalle Laura rreefnaiVthe Doctor's Daughter Miss Elliot SYNOPSIS OF SOhNKHY, INCIDENTS, AC. The Cry for Heipl Act 1.? Guard the Fold? Hired lor Service? Contraband Trade? The Dog on the Scent? "What do you think ol the How-wow rT* Acrt. Danger? "Will ye nave an Ovsier f"? The Con necticut Hauk Robbery? Two Rare Birds? Woman's Rights and Man's Wrong*? The >? ntertainment? See Murphv and Master's Help rime Table. Act 1 To the Rescue? The tilass-puHivinan? Chrlstoph Von i-eihoiiHti'ln's irauandhls Umbrella? Dutch Cour age? Tho outcast Daughter? A sin ? A Sorrow?Joining the Metropolitan Police Force? Another Kerosene Acci dent?The I nmji ha plosion? In Flames? The Death Red one ol the strongest of Sensations ? A Human Being on Fire. Chlorolormed and Unable to Move! [This eOect is pronounced as one ot the best now Ix-tore the pubiio.) laved I? "I wiy. look here; what's up r"? I Forbid the Hands? Home, sweot Home I? Help i FRIDAY, BENEFIT OF JOB MURPHY. MATINEI.S WEDNBsDAY AND SATURDAY AT tV MA TIN EES W r.DN ivtDA V AMD SATURDAY at it* Matins** Wednesday and Saturday ai m matin. ks Wednesday and Saturday at MAilMEKS WKl>NKSi>AV AND SATURDAY AT 2^ MaTINKBS Wednesday and Saturday at ? matinkbs Wednesday and Saturday at ty MAT1NI.ES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY At tk MATlNKKS WKl'NKNDAY AND SATURDAY AT XV MATINKBS WEDNESDAY AMD HATUHDAT AT 1$ AMUSE) DfBSMTB. WOOD'S MUSEUM. ? FRANK MA TO. IMMENSE SUCCESS AND ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OP MR. FRANK MAYO In DAVY CROCU11 POSITIVELY LAST WEEK OP MR KHAN K MAYO. LAST. NIOUTS AT 8. SATURDAY, LAST matin bb. The popular young artist. Mr. FRANK MAYO/ In MurtlocliN new *04 BEAUTIFUL idyl of tlx- backwoods. calleA DAYY CROCKKTT. DAVY CROCKKTT, with aa excellent Cast. Last week of the celebrated Actor, Mr. K. EDDY, in the -Nautical Drama of THE OCKAN OP LIFE, cast to entire Company, including first appcurauco of the tavorlte Actor, _ . Mr. WILLIAM MAltDBN. MONDAY EVENING, Juue 16, J. M. WARD In new Sensation of CUBA. G1 ItANl) OI'ERA MOUSE. (BKGIN8 AT 8j r Sole Lessee and Man<Ker Mr. AUOUST1N DAL* FAREWELL WEEK ot Mr. CHABLES FECHTER. LAST WEEK OP T1IE SEASON. RDY BLAB, ? witli Mr. FBCUTEK AS RUY BLAB, for SIX NIOUTS and ONE MATINEE ONLY. SATURDAY, Jane U, at halt-past one o'clock, LAST MATINEE of Mr. Pecbtcr and of the season. SATURDAY EVE NINO. "June U. Lust Appearanco ot Mr. Fechter ami close ot the. season. 5TH AVENUE THEATRE. CURTAIN RISES AT ^ Carriages may l>e ordered tor i)uarter to II. Mr. AUUUsTlN DALY Hole Leasee and Manager. LAST NIOHTS OP MADF.LE1N MOREL. LAST WEEK BUT TWO OP TUE SEASON. EVERY NIGHT, at 8, the thrilV ini{ Ocrmati sensation, MADE. LEIN MOREL. Characters by all the famous Fifth Avenue company Miss Clara Morrl^ Fanny Davenport. Fanny Mo ram, Mr?. Oi.b.Tt, Sara Jewot^ Nellie Mortimer, Nina Varian. Roberta Norwood; Mr. Chartee Fisher, George Clarke, Jamas I evvia, I.ouis James. Henry Crisp, W. J. Lemoyne, E. Pierce ana others. LAST MATINEE BUT TWO OF MADELEI.N MOREL, . SATURDAY. at half-put I* MONDAY, June 18, Bencflt of Miss FANNY MORANT. WEDNESDAY, June 18, Henellt ot Mr. JAMES LEWI? ?JTH AVENUE THEATRE. Miss CLARA MORRIS has the honor to announce that her BENEFIT will Uric# place on to-morrow (MONDAY) EVENING, June 9. when she will appear as PERVF.N'CiiE, in the reigning sensation, MADELEIN MOREL. ?JTH AVENUE THEATRE. Hiss FANNY DAVENPORT takes pleasure In announcing that WEDNESDAY &VEK4 INO, June 11, hasncim appointed for HER BENEFIT, on which occasion she wiii appear as MEROPE, the ActreNS, in the tirllllant play 01 MADELEIN MOREL. J^OWc.RY Til EAVRB. WM. B. FRELIOH Manager MONDAY, June 9, and during the week, engagement ot the celebrated comedian and character actor, mk. james j. bartlett, who will appear In a new and original drama from that pen of ihe talented author, W. H. Coopur, entitled SUN AND SHADOW, being a true tale of Australian life? replete wltn start ling situations, striking tableaux and thrilling elToota. Mr. Ba rtle tt will produce during this engagement three new drama), never before performed in Amorloa. For particulars sec bills of the day. Revival of the glorious farce of PERFECTION. FRIDAY-BENEFIT OF JAMES J. BABTLETT. MONDAY? Mr. J. W. Month's startling drama, callel UANNA. FRIDAY, 20th? Bencflt of Mr. John J. Jones, Treasurer. CQ?? ATHBNBUM THEATRE. tfOO Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. w. BUTLER Manager MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1873. MONDAY, <$> MONDAIJ JUNK T Return of all the Favorites. T JUNB o <?> ^ 9, AND EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK. THE BRILLIANT BURLESQUE COMPANY, consisting of the charming WORRELL SISTERS, BOPHiE aud IRENE. Miss JENNIE KIMBALL, Miss MiNNIE JACKSON, Miss HKLENK SMITH, M SS IDA ROSS, R HOLDS, WORTH, will appear in a new aud original Burlesque written by Mr. F. Montague, entitled APOLLO AND JUNO IN NEW YORK. The Beauties of Terpsichore, THE REMMELSBERG SISTERS'. Mr. ADD RYMAN'S STUMP SPEECH, CHARLES AND CARRIE AUSTIN in their Terriflc Bayonet Combat. THE ROADSIDE INN. Landlord, Mr. Add Kyman ; Amos Carter, Luke Behoof* cratt; Bridget McCool, Mr. J. Lang; Lady McBeth, Mis* Emma Jackson. NE?V AND LOCAL BANJO BONOS. WM. WES IE THIS GREAT ZANFRETTA COMIC PANTOMIMK TROUPE, not even excelled by tho famous Ravels. See bills. Doors open at 7; curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Box oitice open every day. Seats secured lu advance. MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. CARD?1 The management take pleasuro to announce that they have secured the BOSTON THEATRE forth* SUMMER SEASON, and WILL OPEN on the 23d of June with a mammoth company of STARS, making In all one 0'' the most brilliant and versatile combinations ever KEEN in BOSTON. CADEMY OP MUSIC. THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1873, A GRAND CHARITY MATINEE in aid of tho FOUNDLING ASYLUM OF NEW YORK, under care of the Sisters of Cbarity. The Entertainment will he under the direction Of Mr. AUQUSTIN DALY, and will comprise a selection of the1 most Famous Performances ot every Prominent Artist) now in New York. The progrsmmc will be announced in Sunday's and Monday's papers. Admission to all parts of tho house will be ONE DOL LAR: reserved ceats In the Parquet and Balcony will beTwO DOLLARS EXTRA Tickets may be had at the Piftli Avenue Theatre and at the Grand Opera House. AN AUCTION of the Choice Boxen, both Proscenium and Balcony, will take place from the stage of the Fifth Avenue Theatre Mondav morning, at 9 o'clock, B~ ltYANT'S OPE'RaISoU'SETt WKNTY THI RD STREET, between Sixth and Soventh avenues, near Booth'* Theatre. BRYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. MINSTRELS. THE MODOCS. THE LIVE INUIN. POMMY'S BLUNDERS. LUCCA. PRIMA DONNA. Daniel in the Bryant's Den. Clodoche. THE MODOCS. The .-trolling Players. 10.it li night, HAMLET. THE MODOCS. MATINEE SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1873, BENEFIT OF HAERY STANWOOD and JOHN SIVORI. IMMENSE ATTRACTIONS. NEW YORK MUSEUM OP ANATOMY. 618 BROAD way, between Houston and Bleecker streets.? Every one should visit the wonderful Museum ; It is full of every* thing people should see and understand. Lectures dally on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these important lectures can hare them for warded, post- ree, on receipt 01 25 cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 6U Broadway, New York. Fencing and boxino.-is clistos plaobl near Broadway.? Boxing taught In 24 lessons; a due assortment of Fencing Apparatus and Boxing Gloves on hand and for salo. CoL M0N8TKKY. jjrkhminary announcement. Mr. A. B. 8ABUELLS having sscurcd for a term of* years the property on Fultcn street, Brooklyn, known M the Park Theatre, has placed the same in tba bands of well known first class architects, artists, machinists, up* holsterers, Ac., who will completely remodel, retarnUB and metamorphose the auditorium and stage Into one of the moat unexceptionable for the comfort of Its patrons aud tho perfection of dramatic rei rosentatlon in America. 1 hp < ntrance will be spacious and on a level with the *tr?*t, ami all the appointments and surround* ings of the New Park Theatre will be eminently superior. A company of artist* well known to histrionic lame end ol unsui passed excellence arc already engaged, together with an efficient orchestra, corps ol assistants and aux iliaries. No energy or expense will be spared to make this temple 01 the drama second to none. The season of LttTS-4 will begin on or abont September dramatic anthors are Invited to a correspondence with the associate and stage manager. THOMAS B. MORRIS. 118 East Thlrty-sccond street. Now York. SOTIIKRN. BOTHERS, DAVID OARRICK AND DUNDREARY MARRIED. NEWARK OPERA HOI'SK, MONDAY EVENING, JUNK fc. Positively one night only. <T7 IMEZ VOUS LA MUSIOUEr DO YOU LOV* J\ "Music f"? ' This beautiful book mailed for lOcaatih "Student's Journal" and "Amateur," also 10 cents eaoh. WATSON'S Mu?ic Rooms. 9J Clinton place. riABD.? PRIVATE INSTRUCTION, PIANO. VIOLf*. V organ, guitar, singing, harmony day aed evening, W Clinton nlace (Eighth street): established 1854; circu lars mailed tree J. JA Y WaTSOX, Musical Director. "/-VROAN AT HOME"? A OEM FOR TIIB ORGAN!? J list published, this new collection of over 00 of the very best and most popular pieces, woll arranged for the organ, piice $3 IW our previous publication, "Gems of Strauss," has sold over l7,m?copies. and the pnoltsticra believe tlielr new Organ Book lias as great elements of success. DIT8QN A CO., Publishers, 7-1 1 Broad way. M BTROPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW I'KINrtNO ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD BUILDINO, BROADWAY AND ASS bTRKEf. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL AND VarTeTY* CUT 8 eo.NST A aTLf OH HAND.

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