15 Haziran 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

15 Haziran 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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mmnrEss oppoRTrnrnRS. A LEXANDER FROTHINUIIAM A COMPANY SECURE ?r\ Capital for incorporated companies, merchant*, inanutecturcs. mines. Persns with capital desiring in vestments informed of desirable opportunities to Sm?lHf- "SS&rt-ttKi.kh-'eiUMlw advertising ? - i-ne country we art' continually rcc'ivm* ?p from persons with capital; having Envpeiui lomioction& we ttossfc"*# lacilltiOH for oipita] ? uunstautiai concerns desiring luldltioiial capital solicited; our numer ous acquaintances and customers are references. ALEXANDER FROl il IN Gil A M A COMPANY. Ill and 114 Broadway. A MM ALL MANrPACTURINQ BUSINESS OF THIRTY years standing for sale. on easy tcrum to eloje. uu estate. Adilii"ix i.'i 1 !? raid "Mo*. PARTNER WANTED?WITH ?600, IN A WELL e stablished wholesale business thaj w"'H"? ?P' csut mi investment monthly. Apply at No. 097 Broadway, room 27, frotu 9 to 12. CAPABLE AND RESPONSIBLE '^WYKR WIIJ* r - take business tees contingent oil result Aame A. Cn box S,S76 PiMt office. A 4 ntvi'ivuiK WITH A PKW THOUSAND DOL A lar.i desires on opportunity to invest in 80">e '10S|iJ[[ Jnate and profitable business sp; .'" I n J'tnd lull particulars to HAMMEBsLtHH.H. ller.ild olllce. A MECHANIC WHO UNDERSTANDS THE MANU. A fucturin-' of tinware In all its hrai'rnes, and w 1 has some capital, can hear n a flist c i^opportunit^ u and'house I nr.','.shin, h"u? ibuVhaVbeen,,, Vucc?i sfu 1" ipe r at jo n lor the P?-, bU address, with lull name, ui J. W. K? Heraia omce. \ PARTNER WANTED-IN a FIRST CLASS AND A rotnectable business; a live young man preferred, who wilt devote his time to the otflco and to the manage mcnt ol the Mime; no new thins or chances to be taken: Kti.om to *l.?w re.,Hired, for particulars inquire at 7:t7 Broadway, room 19, lroin 1 to 6 1. M? . _ LADY DESIRES TO MEBT WITH AMI DDLS aged gentleman (professional) who would assist a stranger lti business; letters with stamps answered in pttSS, Add.reef LAMAETIN, beat 148 H. raid offloe. __ Amav steam MOTOR, sound, safe AND Eco nomical.?Monevi d associate wanted to apply it to street ears and to make a specialty of its uianulaoture fcireeneral purposes. Its adoption secure. Nonein the in irket can compete with it. Address ENOlNEhR, Her ald office. A GOOD TEACHER WANTED?with SOME A Iiioiicv, to join a gentleman in a young ladles school out oi town; splendid chance. Address SCHOOL, box iutf Herald Uptown Branch ofllco. ____ J^ ?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED lor inorcliants. manufacturers and others; real estate e* chanred for business; mining properties, Ac., negotiate . Persons with capital seeking business advised of ap proved opportunities. References:?Ogden, ,,roJ*2' ? Co., bankers, 17 William street; J. B. dpeluiaii A Sous, fancy goods. 569 Broadway. Ac. OARUST0N A ca> Financial and Business Agents, 98 Broadway. A N OLD ESTAB LTSHED AND WELL PATRONIZED j xi. Road House, situated on the (irand Bottlevard Urive, , tor sale cheap; handsomely 'urnlshed. with e'vt.ry ac I commodation. Apply to THOS. UAFtNEY, Auctioneer, No. C Centre street. _ A ?ONE OF THE MOST EXTENSIVE. COMPLETE A. and best paying first cNss Billiard Rooms in the country lor sale.; an inspection of premises and ni4urcs as to profits will convince any one. Address IiMsLal, Herald office. ___ _ .. AN ACTIVE AND EXPERIENCED MAN WOULD IN vest $1,1100 and services tu a legitimate, respectable business that will bear investigatiou. Address CANDID, Herald orticc. _ AN ESTABLISHED SCHOOL BOOK 1'UBLISIUNU house ot this city will entertain Proposals.from ex porlenced parties tor increasing eapiUl to extend a pros porous trade. Address, with particulars, or call on J. M. L.,23 East Sixteenth street. Union square. A SPEC. TO SIGN PAINTERS AND PICTl'RE Dealers.?A Job lot of Painted siR"L"?, Room < Frames, with strainers, lor sale at a sacrifice. Room . M Cortlitn.lt street, from 10 to 12 Monday. An elegant, large, new hotel for "ent? Splendid location; a rare chance to make iuoim^ . owner would board with tenant. Address K. w. HOLMES, Orange, N. J. . A GENTLEMAN RETIRING WILL SELL HIS Stc&kand Business, worth $100,000, tor easy i terms (part real estate) ; business now clearing JJU.ftJO u i year, and will bear closest investigation. JACOB V. I). WYCKoFF, t.4 and ft. Broadway. A LIQUOR STORE ON AN UPTOWN CORNER Fast side?good bar, ice box, license, Ac.?tor J60J; t'hcai) ; must hc*11 Monday. TilO.MaS J. DUN KIN .V CO., ,j5l Third aven uc. ANY RELIABLE GENTLEMAN CAN" MAKE CL' VR profit $20,000 in three months by investing $li'.otf? in a busiuess secure beyond question: production salable and staple. Address MANUFACTURING, box L5 Herald office. A" PARTNER WANTED.?A GOOD, STEADY MAN as partner in a innnuln Hiring business viol ding a good profit. Apply to GEORGIA HUNT, 1)7 Madison st. A MAN WITi! >Vi(I0 CAPITAL CAN TAKE HALF IN terest in a good manutacturing business. Apply to LOUIS MoESLEIN, 127 Olinton street. B UBINESS MONOPOLY?POUR NEW ARTICLES; ready ale ; large profits; capital desired to m inuiac B predated UTCHEIl SHOP FOR SALE?NOW DOING A FAIR j j business; no inouev required; can be pail tor in in stalments; own r has other business to attend to; rent only $1S. Addreta C. H. L., Herald office. C~1APIT\L WAXTED-IN 1HE PREPARATION OF J proprietary arileles-toilrt powder, treckle lotion, neuralgia and rhcuinatlsni cure, Ae., allot the very best kind. Address box 4 PM Pon otllce. C" IOAL YARD.?I WILL SELL MY HALF INTEREST i tn a Coal Yard, well located and doing a profitable business, at a low price. Address COAL \ARD, Herald ofile ?. Dressmaker or lady wishing to start with JlOictsh, .in take a nice Bu-'.ness well established and u contingent i u-iin-s< w ith merehatidiM-. which alone 1< worth $!," 0. Address OoING All' Al, Herald Uptown Branch office. T,iolt BILE?P1TBNT RIGHT OF ONE OP THE MOST r statde article- in market toi the hard ware and gro cery trade, new paying a yearly royalty ot $l,.l>i; it properly handled will pay is now tairiy Introduced and doing a good business; will be -old cheap for cash, or will exchange tor Real Estate. Audress II. IJ., Herald office. rpOlt SALE?A STAPLE ARTICLE, IN GREAT DE r niand among ihe dairies and rest utranl-; solit iriglit, large pro' ts. Appiv at or add re.J < ornnlla strcet.be- ( tweeti Bieecner afreet and sixth avenue. TjioR SALE CHEAP, OR EXCHANGE. TOEMORT P gage< or Property?A i't years' established Light Maple .Manutacturing Business: easily managed, profit- : able a ad will bearv,|7''p'aV ritK iti, ??. Broadway. 1 WILL .-ELI. A SHARE IN A MONEY MAKING . I Bnsitr s< to n voting man for $&<*). part dow n , security i Biveti. Appiv at Forty-ninth street, corner MadUon ave uue, colt igc home. I MKJiCIINNT TAILORS CAN DISPOSE OV' TIIEIB Huri'lus lock at a luir price. AddreasTIIOfe. I). ? COM ROY* SOI Pearl street. | NE OF T11E BEST FAMILY HOTELS AND RES v, Wurnnts in the elty Is . tiered lor sale on tavoruble terms; location nn-urpassed and patronage llr.-t class. Apply to UitlliGS, CARLETON .V CO.. !)-llroadway. o lOTTERV FOR SALE.?THE ONF.Ql ARTI-.R OR j. one Half Interest in i well established and favorably known Faclorv, making stone, china and coninion w .re ; uood chance tor permanent and profitable investment ; terms ennv. Applv to COXON A CO., Ulintoil .street lot tery. Treiitnn. N.J. PARTY WITH ABOUT $??'> "?|0 WANTS GOOD BU>I Iiess; good relerences (riv?n and same required ; stutc particulars. Address box 11)5 Herald otlicc. Rare chance to make money rapidly.? . Partner wanted, in the manufacture ot the most salable little patent nrticlc ever '"vented; usedI by every indi\ Idual. profit- immense : worth $Uion,? 0. only $3 imm required. For interview address I AI EN i ht, box 2<.'> Herald onicc. KESTAURANT HI!! SALE ?IN ONE OF THE MOST , prominent thoroughfares, now doing goml busiiie?-: very attractive iront. with appointments all first class; linen, glass and Mixer ware in good condition; excellent trade and long leusi ; i nn eash down and good reale-tate near bv vx ill lie (.onsuli red ; to a responsible party, ieriils will be made easy. AJdre-s E. C. mason, Astor House P 8' TATE RIGHTS IN TH? BEST PAYIEO IHYEKTIOK y ) of the age; us d by everybody and supplies:! ?I"''';al want. We request thorough Investigation. Model at iw I Broadway, room 9. 4JM Al.l, CAPITAL REQUIRED.?A NICE PljOFi r, H able Business tor sale; ISO a week guaranteed. Ad , dress II. I. If A I' 1'EK. 15 Court trcet, Newark, N. J. T IHF ADVERTISER, HAVING SOME CAPITAL. A i lar.'.n iiciuaiiitan. e and Rood biisines^taei lorm a connection xvn* some icspectuble p.irtj t carr> on a l.oiin Ileal Estate and Agency Business .eapital not a, nee.'-Miry as a thorough knowhdge ul hc ? Address, stating lull particulars, investor, box ijo Herald office. I mil ADVERTISER WOULD INVEST 910,000 Oil .1 ilfillOi in a profitable, stable mainitacturing busi nehh. or would accept a position as manager in an '''*? tensive mainilacturiiig eoiicern, or with a argi (oui mercial lious- ; could deiionit a< collateral secu.it $.5,000 C III Led Mates Gold lt.ni.ls; no agents liecd apply. Add res < W. X., box Iss Herald otttcc. rrilE ENTIRE KIGIIT FOR A NEAT, RAPID SELL X int, cheap little invention, worth thousands, lor a jew hundred dollars. Apply at 79Nassau street, room 17. WANTED?$100,tJf*l, SPECIAL CAPITAL, IN A NEW York firm ot twenty years' standing, xvlio-c senior partner desires to retire: the business, importing and lobbing liasalwaxs been ancessiul, and Is done wholly for cm" ; the advertiser would oiler the special partner twelve per cent interest on his cental and indcnuiily bim aualnst any los* whatever until the general capital ?bail all have tieen sacrificed; nionevis safer in a good business than outside. Address IRI KM AN, Vol N. V WAKTBD?A PAETNER, TO TAKE TIIK PLACI-, oi a retiring partner in a long e tatilisli. d lnanuiae taring business oi staple goods: be -1 rctcreucen gix.'ii and re.mired ? this is a rare chance lor a pari v to get Into a profitable business on .t,'"1,, '"^V1 A|)t'ly by letter, for three days, to I SON, Herald office. ANTED?A PARTNER, FOR THE J'iJlFJ' and original company In the world, already organ ised; completely tnrnnn. i to travel: can be irun than anv company on the road. Apply, personally, at Earl's vtfine Room, M Spring street (manager). W" ANTED?AN EN I RGETH MAN, WITH A LITTLK money or security, to take ha\f jntereatand sole business charge of an old standard monthly publication. 40 Broadway, room 44. . ANTED-A SPECIAL PARTNER. WITH $5.0i?OAHII in an established, well paving cash business; no afent* nc?d apply- Address Ca.U, Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,& Broad wig. " nR npWARDS.-flENTLRMAN OR LADY 4l9Q() witii this amount may have an interest In a war. UP stair*. <mokk if needed), with *Kl ()(|(\ Tne services of a thorough bitsincKw limn ?P !-?'"jjitiinatc undertaking Address, giving lullPar i/fculars, as no other letters will be noticed, VtORK hit, bo* 189 Ilerald ofllce. t?0 fkflfl ?PARTNER WANTKD, WITH THIS ?lp,?.UUU. amount, to join in a manutacturing busi ness ;cau havo Jiii~-iltiril interest; u go<?d chance lor an enterprising young uiau. Address S. A. \V., box IW4 Herald office. <fcO nnn -WANTED, a party to take inter. UUU. cut ill the development and snleota large tract of land. lVrloct and sole title will bit given; Money quadrupled ill a lew months. Call oil or uddrnss li. s. WiOBOlia, a?Broadway. Aj itaa ?AN OPPORTUNITY SELDOM MKT .?)U" with. A llnht, profitable and pleasant Business, estahli. lied over I'J years and in lull working order, uo knowledge ncccs-ary; run? itseli. Write, with u..ine and uddrtss, to GENUINE lUJSINES.s, Herald ofllce. (S>F nnit CASH WILL BUY ONE-HALK INTEREST in the best mercantile business lor the money in New York: established 20 years; large cash trade. Call alter 10 A. M. II ILL, 73 Broad street. nn/t ?AN I NKvl AI.I.Kn ciianck Milt ANY ?PO.U"/U. person Willi litis amount to step into all <ild established, strlciiy cash, light manufacturing busi ness; protlUs uveragiug $*.? tJO per annum, ruuniugeven bettor at present and prospect-?>l" belter trade than anv previous year ; other business .iriai.; einents cause ol sell ing; full particulars aud business shown upon an inter view only. Address MANUFACTURERS, box m7 Herald office. _ dhOA fWW\ WILL PURCHASE THE WHOLE 1N terost, .Machinery, Ac., of a well esta blished Manulactiiriii;,' husines- in monopoly), nutting $6.1100 per iinninn clear profit, an 1 steadily inert a Ins: or $10,000 will purcliuse the two-llllhi interest ol same. Tina being a bona tide affair none but principals licud address 1). I)., box if>ii Heral i ottot, G-i)r IllWI WILL SECURE ONE MALI'' INTEREST in a metal ornament uianiiiacture already established. Addross M. 1). 1., Herald office. ? |\1\| V ?:<) $'trl.tM)>. S1 ? I" <11 .A 1. W ANTED, IN A IpOU.l'UW well established Banking Businoss, 111 a prominent Southern eitv. Kor further particulars prin cipals only adorers BA.N'UKR, I ox I5i> ilerald offiee. d>(lQ AAA WILL PU HCIIASH, TO CLOSE AN ipyO.UUU estate, a lurge Manufacturing lliisiiics), working under Its own copyrights, paying $20,000 per an num; can be doubled with a small outlay. Responsible principals only address EXECUTOR, Inquirer office, Philadelphia. VOK. NAliK. A FIRST CLASS CORNER CROCERY STORE l-'OR sale?with S years' lease, horse and wagon; doing lVom $2S,0.H)to $:iujtma iiiontli. Apulv No. 1.57'J Second a\\ A BROADWAY RESTAURANT AND BAH, DOINO A good business tor small house. R. W. POTTER, 017 Fulton street, Brooklyn, or ROBERTS Jc CO., 7U Nassau street. New Yorx. A ?$600 IN CASH, AND NOTE KOR SMALL J\, amount, on easy terms, will purchase au established Grocery, dolus a tlrst class trade. .1. II. THOMAS, OR Broadway, romn 7._ A RARE CHANCE.?KOK SALE, PAPER HANGING and Win low Shade Store, in u pood cash business location, established over 15 years; will be sold reason able and on easy terms to good parties; sold on account ot other business. Address L. lv., box 4,997 Now \oik i Post ofllce. _ I A WELL ESTABLISHED SOAP BUSINESS. WITH I every fixture complete lor its manufacture, is offered lor ?sale, to close a copartnership; an energetic parly I with small capital can make his capital clear the tlrst vear. Address W. E. STURUE8, 61 Mulberry street, Newark, N. .1. A_ RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, A SPLENDID COR tier Liquor Store und Restaurant; best stand, on a leading thoroughfare; does a large business. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. AN ESTABLISHED Hl'SINESS. DOING A VERY RE muncrative eitv and country trade, for sale for $1,2U0; r*ason tor selling party has other business andnoiuble to attend to both ; net profits last year over $3,000; a lull knowledge ol the business inav be acr|iiired in about two weeks. Address NET PRO KIT, Herald office. A DISTILLERY, ALE 1IAR ATTACHED, LEASE, Fixtures und License, tor sale or to let at very low price. Inquire on premises, 214 West Thirty-tilth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, tor one week. ? RARE CHANCE.?STOCK, LEASE AND FIXTURES J\ ol Cigar and Stationery Store on Eighth avenue, witli Soda Fountain, which more than pays rent and expenses; store suitable lor ice cream or oyster saloon. JOHN 1! RAN It IAN, 8'J7 Kighth avenue. A SMALL HOTEL AND BAR, FULLY FURNISHED and doing a line business, long lease and easy terms, to right party, or would take a partner ; owner has inorc business than he can attend to. For particulars apply at 883 sixth avenue. _ \ WHEELER .t WILSON HALF CAlUNEl' l'AM Jv ily Sewing Machine, in perfect order, wdl be dis posed ol for $:?), with ull ttie attachments complete. Ap ply at 357 Blceeker street. * N OLD ESTABLISHED CORNER LIQUOR STORE, j\ up town, on a prominent avenue, east side, now doing a good business; reason of selling, owner leaving the city. Inquire at '.12b Seventh avenue. A- BAKERY AND CONFECTIONARY BUSINESS.? Splendid chance; Store and Shop to lot; Fixtures and Tools to sell or let; desirable location. 170 Broad way, Brooklyn, L. I. V FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS WILL BUY A ST A - J\. tioiiery and Paper Store, with otUcc iu the rear. Apply at 24 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. A LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE?AT HI WATER street, on account of sickness, ^pply for two nays, Irom 1 till 4. ll not sold privately wilt be sold Thursday at auction. _ . \N UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE A ' Manufacturing business, seven years established; thorough investigation. For particulars call oil BRA- ] ZEaN BROS., l!'.?7 Seventh avenue. A SPLENDID CHANCE IS OFFERED To A LIVE j man. with :.oine capital?A Clgnr, Root Hi or and Mineral \\ a'or store, in one of the greatest thorough tares in New York; it is In Uie neighborhood ol mer chant . business i lie li, clerks and mechanic* and is patron i'/ed largely by the loriner; tills is an honest otter and a great chance: mv stock is all paid lor and business is i paving well; 1 want what my business is worth; my rea sons for selling are private; I will state during Interview. | Address UNIVERSALIST, Ilerald office. i A?CHEAP FOR CASH?A FIRST CLAS8 SALOON ? dow n town; casv terms: ow ner has other bus neis Come with the money Tuesday mo rning. 21 Park row basement | \ WHEELER A WTl.SON FIRST CLASS FAMILY Sewing Machine, nearly now; little used; build soinelj encased in black walnut, all improvements; complete; must be sold; a great bargain. 4!M Hudson st. ' T"Vitro STORE KOR SALE?FOR CASH OR EX. If change l?r a lann; an honest transaction. L'^6 Myrtle avenue, Broo'tlyn, E. D. 1.1IIR SALE-COMMISSION, FRI'IT AND PRODUCE r Stand, SI Ves.-y pier. West Washington Market. T/OR SALE -AN OLD ESTABLISHED NEWS DEPOT, : J1 Bisikand Stationery Store, with Circulating Library and good Route attacheil. Apply to O. TltEMLE lT, ;iSJ \ Second avenue. I VjlOB SAM BOTTLING TABLE, SUITABLE FOB I r champiuni or soda warer, in perlei t order; price |HL i ALIFORN1A WINE CO.,91 Broadwaj T.'oli SALE?A KIN''. CORNER LIQUOR STORE, IN r Kourti er.th ward ; lease lour years, at $51 per month rent, everything complete. Particulars by addressing box 125 Herald office, until Tuesday night. 17IOR ALE?A FINE COLLECTION OK AUTOGRAPHS ; ofcele rate.! men; also Autographic Letters of Ciav, Lincoln, Manui.i, Seward, Chase, Greeley and numerous I others Address ALT'lUKAPII, Ilerald Uptown Braucn j office. _ TjlOR SALE?MILLINERY STORE, STOCK, LEASE _T und Fixtures, oi enpied by the present owner eight years, retiring from business At ply to M r. AI.ZA-oka. ; s. A. BEEKMAN x CO., M6 Broadway. F'ch sali ONE OK THE BEST PAYING TENE inent slore Corners on the Ea t side, paying 14 per eenf. lor particulars apply to THOMAS MtOl'lKI!, l,14i feecond avenue. _____________ FpoR SALE.?A FINE CHANCE.?A FLOUR AND ' Feed More, doing a good bu-ness, adioiiimg livery on I boarding stable; moderate rent; good reason* lor selling. Applv at store corner 117th street and Second avenue, llarletn. I COR SALE I,K \ -i;. STOCK AND KIXTI RKS OF A ' I Mllllnerv sinre on Sixth avenue, doing a flrstclass cash trade. ' Address, for particulars, N. C., lux 144 i Herald Uptown Braucn office. I/rR SALE?V FINK BAR, LAGER BEER AND r Lunch iliinm, near all 'he dry giwwlt stores, lust off Br' adwav, between Kotifiecnth and 1 wenty-third streets. Fur i?articular.? aibir?'ss i iEoKii E IIKN It V, station D. h'OR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A WELI. erUMi-heil Crockery, Glass and I-ainp Store, on Third avenue s will be sold cheap for cash. Apply at 5157 Third avenue. _ i L^OR SALE?AN UPTOWN CORNER LIQUOR STORE, F wlfli stock. Fixtures and live years' l<ease, situate on west > 4 ; will be sold at a bargain lor cash, as the owner has oilier business to attend to. Apply In shoe store, 641 Third avenue. _______ I/urn SALE- \ FIRST CLASS CIGAR STORE; LOCA r tlon on best avenue III this eitv; elegantly tilled tip; doing a very profitable t usine s; the bsil health ol owner compels liitn to sell. Adlrcss CAROLINA, Herald Up town Itraneh office. T.VIR SALE?FIRST CLASS BAKERY AND CONFEC 1* tioncrv. baking eighteen barrels weekly; good rea sons tor selling ; long leas and at a bargain Address F. i L. MATIIOT, 1)1 West Iliirly seventh street, cornir of Sixth avenue. T/OR SALE?BILLIARD ROOM: 4 TABLES; HAND- | r some Barroom attached; all in exce 'ent running or der- only billiard room In the neighborhood. Apply on the premises, ;?3S Eighth avenue, near Kilty-sixth street. ?LIOR SALE?A LIQUOR STORE, LOCATlD AT 191 I r East Broadway, corner ol .leflerson street, with j Lease and fixtures. Apply to I D. CLAKKSON. I loll SAKE -A MEDIUM IZED HO I EL, FIRST das-, centrally located ; im aitiire ?nd hou-e in pel tect order liavine been recently nlliled, Ires oed and newly furnished . a public resiaariint could lie opened and a large bu-Iness done ; owner is obliged In leave the city. Address S II, box W Post ofllce. Principals only need apply. _ UH)R SALE -AT A OREAT BAHOAIN, A FIRST I i la?s Inning Room, located In the best part of Phila delphia. two floor , titled up In complete order, now do ing i good t'usines-; sold bei ausi? oi the inability ol the proprietor to personally attend lo If. Apply to S. J. Sit I. KM A N, 'CI Fulton Street, New York. F^Olt SALE?THE OOOi? WILL, LEASE, STOCK AND Fixtures ol a first diss lov an I lloiisclurnl lllng store on one ol the leading avenues; will lie sold al s sac nfle ( Ap| I ? a 81 K11!11'11 ii\eiilie. UIIR SALE?SillPSMITII'S SHOP, DOINO A GOOD r business, situate I In the best business part of South Brooklyn - to uii Industrious and reliable man easy terms will lie offered Apply at Brooklyn Dallv Programme office, 57 H ulloa street TTIOR SALE? A NIC! I,Y KITTED UP OIlOCEItY F Store, wlih new stock, new fixtures, snd all in good order; must la- soul, as the owner haves the eitv Call at I Ui Secoud avenue, between Klity ninth and bUUeUi 3VMM> FOR HAM?. _ ? IfOR SALE-ON ACCOUNT OP SICKNES-, A FIRST class Restaurant for loss (ban ball ils vulae; whole or hall interest WAVLtV Saloon, tU7 Uroadwuy, base ment Call Irum 12 to 2o'clock. IflOR SALE-AN ESTABLISHED MANUFAOTL'BINO Business: mat hluery m pcrlect rumiiiiK order; will be sold (worth the money) lor cash. Address J. D., Herald oltlce. J"*OR SALE?IN BBOOKLYX, A FIRST CLASS DBUG Store, doing ? good business, flie advertiser having two wishes to dispose ol oue' I hey are both well located oa two of the principal streets; will sell on easy terin.<, or would exchange tor city Property. Address DRUG, Brooklyn Post office. IjlOR KALE?-LARUB AND ESTABLISHED BUSINESS J1 Confectionery and Ice cream, with stock nnd fixtures complete, and tountaln ot root beer and soda; perfectly jtnti-ifactory reason tor selling; call and see lor youraeif. Call at store 887 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. J1QB SALE?BAB ANI> BAB FIXTURES, SIIELVINOS, Ale I'umps, Chairs, Tables, Clock, classes, Ac., now on premises No. 99 Watt street. Inouiru of THOMAS CUSH1NO, No. y Chambers street. I^or SALE CHEAP?THE lease, STOCK and fix r tures of u tlrst class corner Liquor Store; must lie sold, as the owner Is going out of business. Apply at 411 Ninth avenue. IjlOB SALE OR TO LEASE?ONE OF THE FINEST Hotels, on northeast corner of Eighth avenue nnd 1424 street at a great bargain, fully furnished; will be worth $.Mi,000 in :i short time; price $1G,00!>. Call ut M. S. FBIAND'S, 7ij3 Seventh avenue. /GROUND FLOOR PIIOTOORAl'H GALLEBY FOB " I sale very low, or Stock nnd Furniture separately very cheap; 4-4, )i Ke ro and Solar,and everything tocarry on business. Address BltOWN, Photographer, Eliza beth. JW. IIVl.UY STABLE, EXPBBS8 AND HACKINO BUSI J mug, at Fremont, near Harlem Ruilroad t-tatioii (none in place). Apply at 1M4 Third avenue. N. V GBO. W. HOJEB QAFE8, SECOND HAND?TWO LARGE, TWO ME i? ilium; threo small Safes, very cheap for cash, at 72 Maiden lane; would suit jewellers, bankers nr others. s. a. quirk. Two LTQUOB STORKS FOR SALE CHEAP?AS THE owner is leaving tor Europe. Apply to owner, 1,178 second avenno, from 8 to itt, morning or >TtnlD{. rpHB OLD BOOK COTTAGE HOTEL FOB SALE? i Handsomely furnished, containing twenty rooms. Cue burroont, died. Ac. Inquire on the premises, Boule vard drive, lU'Jtli street. THE OLD ESTABLISHED DBUO STORE, 515 I'EARL street, for >ale cheap for cash. This Is one of the best stands In the city tor doing business in specialties, in which it lias now u wide and established custom iinii practice. For price, particulars, Ac., call at STRICK LAND'S Druggists' Agency, 78 Cedar street. THE BEST PAYINO ICE ORBAM SALOON AND CON lectionery on Fourth avenue, near Madison square; must be sold lit once; ow nor going to Europe. B. FLANAGAN. Fourth avenue, corner Twenty-eighth st d?/?nn ?CENTRAL CORNER, BROADWAY BAR ?OUU. and Restaurant; evorthlng complete; worth $1,200. Fortune to add supper Rooms; would take it partner; iusiillicieut capital cause ot selling. Addross SQUARE, Herald oltlce. (fcUfin ?FOB SALE, AN ESTABLISHED, STRICTLY ?Ol/U ? cash paving Medical otllce Practice in New England city ot 45,009 inhabitants; three rooms, furni ture, Ac.; central location; low rent. Full particulars apply to PHARMACIST, 62 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. qnn AAA -A WELL PAYING BUSINESS; THE ijP^iUuU, b st Cigar Store in tho city, opposite Grand Central depot; Stock, Fixtures find four years' Lease; low rent; satisfactory reasons lor selling; must be sold immediately. Fourth avenue, uear Forty-second street. MACHINERY. A LARGE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND Steam Engines nnd Boilers. Steam Pumps and Tanks. FINNEY V. HOFFMAN, .Manufacturers, LUi.to 225 Water street, Brooklyn. * LLEN CUT-OFF ENGINE, 25 HORSE, GOOD AS u\ new; also Portable and Stationary Engines, Boilers, Pumps, Shafting, Hangers, Piping, Ac. Wilson a ROaKe, Water and Dover streets. BIOR sale-tiie entire machinery AND LEASE ol n large first class Steam Laundry, now In working order, or would let the Premises and Machinery toil re sponsible party on reasonabe terms. For particulars apply to ar address LAUNDRY, 143 East Fiftieth street, until sold. " f">OR SALE?OVER $200,000 WORTH OF STEAM EN gines, Boilers, Pumps, Shafting, I'ulleys and Tanks; also one large double-headed Lathe, 33 ieet, long, swing 4S inches. Apply to P. CASSIDY, Nos. 4 to 10 Bridge street, Brooklvn. IjlOR SALE-TWO STEAM PUMPS; ONE LABGE, ONE small. Inquire at 4.W Hold street, Brooklyn. I JOB SALE?FIVE, TEN, FIFTEEN, TWENTY, TWEN tv-live, thirty, torty horse Engines, with or without Boilers: one Hoisting Engine; one ten-horse Portable Eugino; very low. JoiiN MuLAREN, Third and Grand streets, llohokcn, N. J. IrtOR SALE?NEW AND SECOND HAND ENGINES, Boilers, Sienm Pumps, Wood Planers, Saw Tallies, Matching Machines and IlolsLing and Portable Engines, t wo nan.,' Saws, and one rip Suw tor cutting marble or bro? n stone. BENJAMIN FOX. 814 and 516 West Thirty-fourth st. flOB SALE YE BY CHEAP?FOB WANT OF USE, ONE Jacket Steam Pan, made ot boiler Iron : 2f>,S, feet long by 7 feet wide, 10la inches Inside by 14 Inches outside depth. To be seen at our factory, 30 Sackett street, Brooklyn. J, MONROE TAYLOR A SON, 112 Liberty st. I^OR SALE VERY CHEAP?TWO No. 1 HABDICK Steam Pumps, one No. 2 Worthington, one No. 2 Woodward, one No. 7 Knowles, one quarto Degener Press, one Taylor cylinder Press, 51x01 inches; all in complete order. LAFFAN A CO., B Ann street. 7 OCOMOTIVE TANK ENGINE, 4.8>,' GAUGE, lj weight about II tons, all complete, at Oil City, by w. G. HUNT, and C. w. RANCH, Bethlehom, Pa. MAKINE ENGINES FOR SALE.?ONE BEAM EN gine, 70 Inches, 12 feet stroke ; one beam Engine, 54 . inches, 12 feet stroke; one beam Engine, 88 inches, 9 feet I stroke; one condensing propeller Engine, 31 inchescylin- I d. r. 2n niches stroke; all stcond baud. Apply to C. W. COPELANI), No. lit Broadway. VTEW AND SECOND HAND PORTABLE, STATION i.1 ary and Hoisting Engines, Boilcs, Steam and Cen trllugnl I'umtis, Lathes, Drills, Store Elevutors, Blowers, Heaters and Pulleys. w ii.lard a de BEVoisE, 45 Dey street. OTE \M ENGINES, FROM I TO l.OOO-HOBSE POWER; i* simplest, cheapest, liest. Sent for circular, llus kius Machine Company, 40 Cortlan It street, New York. I). P. DAVIS, Agent. FTIODD A P.AFFERTY.?STEAM ENGINES AND BOIL _L ers tor sale; ono 15x30 inch cylinder, with HO horse power; Locomotive Boiler and Fixtures complete, in perfect order, and one 11x_"4 inch c\ Under, with Tubular Boilt r, Pump, Heater, Ac., complete ; lias been used only six months. Address .I.e. TODD, Patersou, N. J., or 10 Barclay street, N. Y. To PRINTERS.?WANTED, 26X40 ADAMS PRESS, four rollers. Address VA.NDEKBi RGU, WELLS A CO., New York. tjtri GUARANTEE A SAVING OF B0 FEB CENT IN T? tuel by attaching Ellis' vapor engine to atiy high pressure steinn,engine now running. Ilaskins' Machine Company, 40 Cortlandt street, New York. I). P. DAVIS, Agent. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND BLAKE if Crusher. AiKlress, with particu lars, box 3,420 New Y'ork Post oflice. WANTED?CHEAP FOR* CASU, TWO SECOND yy hand Copper Worms in good order, about six feet ill diameter. Address I'. II. J., ilcrald olllce. ? l-OW'l AM) FDI \U. JIOUND?JUNE 4, A WATCH. A. SHORBY, 22 Dey street. I OST?BETWEEN FORTY-FIFTH \ND TWPNTY I j tilth streets. In Fifth avenue, an unflnished Petticoat, in edhworked and tucked. The tinder w ill euiner a great benefit and receive a reward by returning it to MAR OA RET CAIKNES, 4'J West Forty-tilth street. 1 OST?FRIDAY EVENING IN CENTRAL PARK, KID J Glove, with glove buttons and chain attached. A re ward paid on returning to Mrs. M., 2t> Greenwich avenue. T OST?ON SATURDAY MORNING, A THREAD VEIL, lj coming from corner Waverly place ami Mercer street, Broadway, Fourth street to Second avenue. Well rewarded by D. A. Hl'lihTT, 120 Bniadway. I OST?ON FRIDAY NIGHT, AT J O'CLOCK, AT 2?3 J Bleecker street, near Cornelia, .1 l'ockeibook, con taining $150; the sum ol $00 will be paid by leaving it at the above number. s. Alto.M.soN. Lost?on Friday evening, about s'j, in FIFTH avenue stage going up. a pearl Opera Glass; a liberal reward will be paid for 11s return. 32D State street, Brooklyn. I OST?ON SATURDAY EVENINO, 7T1I INST., AT i Booth's Theatre or in .1 Twenty-third street stage to Hudson River Railroad depot, thirtieth street, an ox. 1 lixed Earring. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 45 New street I OST?A GREEN PARROT. THE FINDER WILL BE J suitably rewarded il returned to the Wilson Mission House, corner of avenue A and Eighth street r OST?YESTERDAY (SATURDAY), A PALE OOI<D li i.ocket, with squares on both sides. A good reward will be K?ven to the finder. No. 472 West I wenty second street RIB WARDS. REWARD. ?LOST, A PAIR 01- GOLD EYR fj Glasses. The above reward will be paid on re turning them to 524 Broad way. H. J. B. BBWABD WILL BR PAID TO ANY ONE BE turning a white spitz Dog that went from the house yesterday morning. 2'J East Forty.fourth street W. M. HUMPHREY. (J. 1 )r REWARD-BLACK AND TAN sLt/T LOST IN HPThirteenth street, near Mali avenue, June 12, answering to the name of "Anne." By returning the same to 408 and 47ll Sixth avenue, Gould House, will re ceive the above reward. <}?41 r REWARD.?THE ABOVE REWARD WILI, BE V*-*' paid to the person wholound tho iiaicel contain itig a lady's Wiiite Waist and Necklaee, by sendltig the same to No. 5 Henderson place (Sussex street), Jersey City. WANTED TO PI IH H \ <K Button presses and dies wanted.-parties wishing to sell will address, with full particulars, N. Y. B. C., Herald ottlcc. rVO JEWELLERS.?ANY PARTY HAVING JEWEL 1 ler s tools todi.-pose of, such as Safe, Rolls, Drops, Benches, Ac., can hcarol an immediate c ash customer hv addressing DANIEL A BEAM, HM ftrtien street, New ark, N. J.; or would preter to buy a factory in running order. J ANTED?A SECOND HAND SM ALt. SIZE BLAKE'S Stone Crusher. Apply to A. U. BASS, 96 Cedar st _ hxchANGR. WANTED?$11)0,000 WORTH OF MERCHANDISE. FOB Western market, In exchange lor $50,001) cash and jkW,0,.t) worth of^Kansas J.ands; al?o $IUU,0U0 worth of w ew Jersey Land It>rgf<<luctive Prii^crt^. ^ ^ ^ w AWTTf^KMKIVTB, fALLAOK'H. EVERY NIOIITI EVER* MGHTI THE GREAT SENSATIONAL PLAY BY DION BOUCIOAULT. | Miss Kiuherine Hovers, Mr AHerton, Mis* MORA: Eltle Germon, Mr. Bruilley, Mr. Levick, Miss or, I Mary Wells, Mr. Wheeioca, Mr. GrittUhs, Mr. THE I I uvvcclt (both by permission of Mr. Daly), GOLDEN Mr. Parsloe, Mr. Pope, Mr. Mills, Mr. A. Beck, FETTERS. I Misses Blaisdull, Bell, Hate and Bur I roughs. _ SCENERY. EXCHANGE PLACE. A BOUDOIR. FIRTH AVENUE. A MUSICAL MATINEE ON MURRAY HILL. LEXINGTON AVKNUE. YOltKVlLLE. BROAD STREET (by Night). TITE LAVA BEDS ill EXCHANGE PLACE. THE TOM US. THE BRIDGE OK SIGHS. THE SPECIAL SESSIONS. OLD ICE HOTSK UNDER A CONCERT SALOON. CORNER OK WALL AND BROAD STREETS. THE "NEW IDEA." "MORA" MATINEE, SATURDAY, JUNE 21. QLYMPIC THEATRE, G24 BROADWAY. 631 BEGINS AT 8. BEQINS AT 8. BEHOLDI BEHOLD! BEHOLD! ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. UNSURPASSED A'lTRACTION. NOVELTY UPON NOVELTY. ENGAGEMENT FOR A SHORT SEASON Ol the BEAUTIFUL AND ACCOMPLISHED, YOUNG AND PLEASING ACTRESS. LITTLE NELL. LITTLE NELL. LUTLE NELL. LITTLE NELL. LITTLE NELL, THE CALIFORNIA DIAMOND, THE CALIFORNIA DIAMOND. QUEEN OF ALL PROTEAN STARS, QUEEN OF ALL PROTEAN STARS, Who will appear on MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 16. (Every evening during Hie week.) WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, MATINEE AT 2 P. M? MATINEE AT 2 P. M., In lier Great Sensational Drama, written expressly lor her liv Mr. II. A. WEAVER, entitled, FIDELIA, FIDELIA, FIDELIA. FIDELIA, THE FIRE WAIF. THE FIRE WAIF. Genuine, Startling and Exciting. Oenulnc, Startling and Exciting. THE UKEAT, TUB GREAT FIRB FIRE FIRE FIRE SCENE. SCENE. SCENE. SCENE. The wonderlul GALVANIC BATTERY and NITRO-GLYCEUINE SENSATION. LITTLE NELL, LITTLE NELL, during the piece, at apnropriute intervals will Introduce her Suoerb songs, dances, champion clog, BANJO SOLO, AC., AC., At;. A Brilliant Dramatic Company has been specially engaged to support this talented artist NEW SCENERY. NEW PROPERTIES. CHARMING MUSIC. THRILLING SENSATIONS. STARTLING MECHANICAL EFFECTS. The whole combined to make it TIIE PEOPLE'S POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT OF THE DAY. Box Sheet now open. BEGINS AT 8. BEGINS AT 8. LITTLE NELL LITTLE NELL will hold Family Levees WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. AT 2 P. M. AT 2 P. M. KQZ ATHENEUM THEATRE, 'JO'J Broadway, opposite Metropolitan HotcL R. W. BUTLER Manager NOTICE?This tnvorite estuidiHlimcnt CLOSED FOR THE SEASON, AND WILL REOPEN on or about the FIRST WEEK IN AUGUST. During the interval the company will proceed to boston, where thoy will open for the SUMMER SEASON AT THE BOSTON THEATRE, commencing on MONDAY, June 23. CENTRAL PARK GARDEN. THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. c THIS (SUNDAY) EVENING. JUNE IS, AT 8 O'CLOCK, FIFTH GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT. when an exceedingly brilliant and attractive programme will I o perform'd. Admission M)c. Packages, containing 12 tickets, $1; others usual |irices. TUESDAY EVENING. JUNE 24, AT 8, THEO. THOMAS' ANNUAL BENEFIT. mo NY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 21)1 BOWERY. 1 ANOTHER AVALANCHE OF ATTRACTIONS. First appearance of the talented artists, THE WILSON SISTERS. Miss CARRIE WILSON. Miss ADDIE WILSON. Miss EMMA BRUCE, Character Cancan Dancer. FRANK WILLI AMS, Champion Clog Dancer. LEW RAYNOR, INDIAN CLUB SWINGER. DICK RALPH, HARRY SHELDON, BILLY EMMETT. GUY BROTHERS, BILLY PASTOR, BOB BUTLER, ALL THE POPULAR ARTISTS In an entire change ot programme. Mntlnces lu -day and Saturday. Ladies admitted free on Friday evenings. PIANOFORTES, OROAMj, <&('. A MAGNIFICENT SQUARE ORAND 7'4 OCTAVE JY Pianoforte, brilliant tone, nearly new, cost for $:!00; Stool, Cover1, Cabinet, cost $100; has box tor ship ping; Parlor Suits, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpets, Paintings Bronzes, Chamber Suits. Buffet, Extension Table, Silver Ware: a sacridce. 104 East Twenty tilth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut this out A WEBER SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte?Only S--'?0; carved case and legs; good us l)ew; Parlor Organ, $75. J. BIuDLK, 1.1 Waverlcy place, near Broadway. A LADY, OBLIGED TO LEAVE TOWN, WILL DIS A pose ot her Piano ut a great saeriilce. Call at 86 Fourth avenue. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY TO BUY RICH ROSE wood 7l.t octave, four round corners, carved Piano* I forte, made to order, cost $UAHI, for $:suu; stool, Cover, Ac. ? guaranteed f>r live years. Call at private residence 120 West 23d street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PIANOS. PARLOR OR J\. guus, Ac., new and second hand, will be disposed of on verv easy terms it applied lor this w.ek. as they niu.st be removed. LYNCH A GOMIEN, 832 Broadway; will remove next week to 1,291. AT PRIVATE SALE?DECKER A BROS. FOUR J\ round rosewood Pianoforte, ail improvements, made order, at a sacrifice; one brilliant square lor $280. Call this day (Sunday; or Monday, al private residence 210 West 21st st. N. B.?If not sold at private sale, will be sold at auction Tuesday. Juno 17, at lu A. M. A MAGNIFICENT OCTAVE AGRAFFE ROSE, wood overstrung, Iron frame Pianoforte; elegantly carved case, Ae.; latest improvements: tully guaranteed. GOLDSMITH, 2ti Bleecker street. A LADY WILL SELL FOR $133 A ROSEWOOD Pianoforte, including Cover anil Stool; full iron frame, in perfect order;modern improvements;cost$4X1. 28 Third street, near Bowerv. A SILVER TONGPRD ORGAN?MADE BY NEED haiu; thirteen stops and tlve octaves; two rows of keys: an octave and a half of pedals, etc., etc. 4!) West Twenty-fourth street. (TREAT INDUCEMENTS IN SECONDHAND PIANOS, T of our own and various other makers, tor cash or on oasv monthly pavments. Superior Upright Pianos to rent. ARION PIANOFORTE COMPANY. No. 5 East Fourteenth street. ?IANoS AND ORGANS.?GREAT BARGAINS; NEW and most beuutitul styles and pertect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATERS', 481 Broadway, than cun be found elsewhere. SCIIROEDKR'S AMERICAN PIANOFORTE AND OR gan Warerootns, 8(53 Broadway, over Friend Pitts'.? Great inducements are offered during ibis month to pur chasers; every piano warranted; Pianos and Organs tor hire and on instalments. gECOND HAND CHURCH ORGAN* FOR SALE?SEV an ol 12 CMSEVEL A97 r ?THE OIRARD PIANOS, ENDORSED BY I our leading musicians as the best and sweet est toned Pianos mode. Warerootns 767 Broadway, near Ninth street Old l'lanos taken in exchange. O- eral verv tine, cheap Instruments; also a narlor pipe Organ of 12 register", price $000 Apply at HILBORN L. ROOSEVELT'S OrKiin Factory, 40 West Eighteenth st. Kl ItOPR. I [FRANCE?BIARRITZ?GRAND HOTEL L'ANGLE 1 tcrre; reunls; bath rooms, billiard rooms, Foreign newspapers. . H OTEL I)E LA PLACE, DIJ PALAIS ROYAL, 170 Rue Kivolt, 17", Purl". New proprietors, DhLAISSE, pere anil Ills. Large ami small Apartments. Service a la carte. Table d'hote at sue. Board and Lodgings at from $2. Messrs. power a wylie, shiprrokkiis and Commission Agents, 62 Jumnics street, Glasgow, !ieg to announce that they are open to act as agents or con signees in that city. Having a very extensive connection they would attend to orders tor buying, forwarding, ship ping, Ac., at very moderate commission. N OTXCR. HOTEL SCHRODER, 106 Rooms. Vienna, Leopoldstadt. Taborstrassc, No. 12. near the Palace of the Industrial Exhibition. Room Own 2 tlorins to 12 florins Oe. W. CEASON 1 -7.1. INTERLAKEN SEASON lr>73. O (Switzerland). HOTEL RITsCHAKD, opening May 1, fitted up with the latest ami most comfortable improve ments, billiards limiting establishment, shower baths, Ac. SPLENDID PARK GROUNDS. The hotel having been rebuilt and new additions made to It in grand si vie during the list year, It is now the largest hotel at Interlaken. VIEW nl THE JUNG FRAP, AC. VIENNA AND LONDON EXHIBITION.?CHARLES V WY.NDHAM will be glad to meet his friends at Ills private Family Hotel, 18 Arundel street. Strand, London, close to all places of amusement; cabs, rail and boats to all parts. BILHAHPH. _ ^ _ t I STANDARD AMERICAN BEVEL TABLES A S D J\ I ? the Pin Ian A Cullender Combination Cushions for sale only by the patentee, II. W. COLLl'.NDI'.R, successor to I'Im-ibh A Collendrr, 738 Broadway /New York. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND band Hllliard tables; all article! appertaining to the trade ut low prices. GEO. K. I'll EL aN, No. 7 Barclay street. T^OR SALK-A OOOD ?UX9 CAROM BKVRLLKD BIL> r Hard Table, second hand, in g<>od order. Apply at ufeoftu* 8. l'HELAN'S, No. 7 Barclay iVMk ABIP8EMEN,hs. WOODS MUSEUM. " TTtTlfAKD. ????? MC.NDAT.June 16}!87.1 ' EVKNINO. AT 8, AFTERNOON, AT 2, -UC DODUlAr VfklllKT flrct t i fmi ,l.? ri Kimyos. AT first lime or the cbu rilling actross. Miss ANNIE FIKMIN. unci the eminent actor, Mr. JOHN II. ;ack, in the absorbing Life Drama WIFE OK TWO; Or, LADY THORN II URST'8 DAUGHTER. tlie popular young actor. Mr. J. y. WARD, ana tue beautiful actress, WINN ITT A MONTAOUE, in riudull's new sensation ol CUBA; AO V?fsT RIGHT, with excellent cast ATIBLO'S OARDKN. OOFTY c?oft" r?i^?rr*,i*nee at.,hl? theatre ol the Mr OPS phm m p j ?l,,lin dialect comedian. Mr HUH n u ^' R? 'y Mr. til'S PHTLIIP8, SI? I s piiri mSS" R" fy Mr- (,UH I'llill?ps, Air. UUli I lillj.il S, Ootly Goolt, .Mr. tills PHILLlPS in an entirely new comedy-drama, in live art* ' written expressly loMjim^b^;<i ward spencer, Esq. KOOMEIt. "pgweiffrinrTsTe4%rf ,n,wlr ""d a PETER KOOMLBH."!:.?^T 0.F. l:H^ACuU8B|lIIT I l ps Walter neafoam, M.A. Kennedy; Sampson vlv c ll Morton; Blessiiigion, U.C.Porter C.ipuJSVlKer Mr Ryder; Sam, J. J. Wallace; It<.lleyarii, Mr Kllbnurn' Mrs. Porphyry, Madame Ponisl; Lena. Lulu Prior- Krau Geiislcin. Mrs. VVulcot; Agaiha, Katy May hew. At the conclusion ol'tfie play LULU, IN THK WONDERFUL BOUND. LULU MATINEE, SATURDAY. AT 2 O'CLOCK. rpilEATRE COMlgUE. 614 BROADWAY^ Mr. J0SII IIART .Lessee and Proprietor Messrs. JU11N F. POOLE and T. L. DON NELLY.Manager* Immense attraction* for this week. Hie young and beautiful Dramatic Diamond, Miss J MINNIE F0STKR~f in tier great, brilliant und sparkling "change" Drama, ^ MADCAP, ~T c??,,!n ^s^e assumes six characters, with SONGS, DANCES AND CHARMING SPECIALTIES. Will also lie presented the great local Drama, THE FASTEST BOY IN NEW YORK. THIS FASTEST BOY IN NEW YORK. Mr. Hugh Fay, Mr. D. Kelly, Mr. Jul win Price, Mr. Goo. France, Mr. E. J. Mack. Mr. J. Tlghe, Mr. W. Williams, Mr. J. Andrews, Miss Emma Wilinot, Miss Annie Mack, Miss Agues Elliott, Miss l.ottie M unlock, Ac. in tlio cast. 'The strongest combination yet MADCAP. ^ MINNIE FOSTER, T-Tj A FASTEST BOY IN NEW YORK, T ALL ON THE SAME EVENINO* New Scenery, Appointments, Effects, Ac., ? and a powerful cast Matinees on Wednesday and Saturday1 I3C OWERY THEATRE. WM. B. FRELIGH Mauacer MONDAY, June lii, 1873. ENGAGEMENT FOR SIX NIGHTS OF THE GREAT EUROPEAN GYMNAST, the only rival of Lulu, who will A- Bounding into perform his T A [ Spaco a distance wonderful A L A ot 33 teet from the I A | Stage to , . <S> (f> Prosccnium. rirst time of the new sensational Drama, by J. W. Mcath, entitled UANNA, THE GIRL OF THE FACTORY; in Ave acts, interspersed with Magnificent Effects and . j Powerful Situations; preceded by the jovial l aree of tlio JOLLY COBBLER. FRIDAY, 20th?Benefit of JOHN J. JONES, Treasurer. * MONDAY Evening, Junc&i. Miss LAURA ALBERTA ill her new Drama, entitled OUT AT SEA. TERRACE GAHIJEN THEATRE, Kitty-eighth street between Lexington and Third avs SUNDAY EVENING, JUNE 15. AT 8O'CLOCK. GRAND SACRED CONCERT Mine. LOUISE L1CHTM AY as VILMA in LEIGHTE CAVALLERIE. To begin with D1R WIE MIR. Admission 50c. Reserved Heats 25c. extra. Boxes Si 5J extra. Packuges (12 tickets) $4. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD STREET between 6th and 7th avenues, near Booth's Theatre.' LA.sf WEEK BUI ONE OK Tile: .SEASON. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BH\ ANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S Ml NSTRKLS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. KINO KARROT The African Ballet Troup, lhe arrival of LUCCA. DEAF AS A POST. Daniel in ;he Brvunt's Den IUUTII NIGHT of HAMLET. BRYANT'S MISNTltELS. | The strolling Players. The Course ot True Love Never Did Run Smooth EVERY EVENING AT EIGHT. SACRED CONCERT EVERY SUNDAY AT THE SCHUTZEN PARK. Northern Railroad ot New Jersey to the Schutzen Park, Union Hill. Excnrsion trains to Homestead ?tntion . two minutes' walk Irom the Park. Trains leave every Sunday, from Twenty-third street, 8:13A. M., 1:15 I. if.; Irom rhamborsstreet. OA. M.. I -45P M.; from .lorsoy City. ?:lft A. M., 2 P. M.; returning Icavo Ijomesteau stanon. Schutzen Park, at 7:11 J\ M. and 8 -3D 1. M., stopping at Brunswick street, Jersev City. Trains leave oil week days irom Chambers st. 23d sf. IJe'pot and Brunswick st. J. Citv 7:45 A.M. 7:l5w\. M. S:IS AM M:t0 A. M. D: 15 A M. 9:16 A M* 1:10 P. M. 1:15 P. M. I ;i!t p m* 3:15P. M. 2:45 P. M. ,S:^) p m" 5:30 P. M. 5:15 P. M. 5-45 p M 6:3d P. M. 6:15 P.M. ti -45 P M 7:45 P.M. 7:15 P.M. 8:(? P. m! Returning, !e?ve Homestead station, >clnit/en Park 7:IW.!l:07, 1H:10 A. M.; 12:41, 4:11. 531, 6 A P. M Excursion Tickets at 25 eeiu.s each, may l?e had in the ticket office, Jersey City, and of H. Raschen. 148 West street; J. A L. Bohling, Erie House, corner Chambers and West streets. New \ork: also at the cigar stand Schutzen Park. ' All applications for excursion trains must lie made to n. RAM II EN, I4ti West sir Tivoli garden, Eighth street between Second and Third avenues THIS EVENING, AT (j O'CLOCK. GRAND SACRED CONCERT, by an efficient orchestra ot twenty Ave selected musicians. Conductor?WILLIAM 1HNENFELD. Admission 28 rents. VTOTICK.-MEMBERS OF ST. STEPHEN'S MUSICAL Association are requested to be present oil next Wednesday evening, lxth mst, at 8 o'clock, at their hall t>4 Mmli.-on avenue. \fR J. P. MORGAN'S BENEFIT.-TUESDAY, 17Tl7 -i-'L at Rev. Dr. Hepworth's church, Fortv-tilth streei am! Madison avenue, Weber's Mass, by 2tX)' performers Church Music Association. Mrs Gulagcr, Miss llaroii' Mr. Kamplng and Mr. Rcmmertz, Trinity choir. Masonic choir, and a tine programme by the lirst urti-ts in the city.. Tickets $1. H. CARTER. /"IARD.?THE GREAT LYDIA Tlln.MI'SoN Bt r7 lesi|ue Troujie, consisting of Harry Beckett. Willie Edotiln, KHza Wcathcrsby, Hetty Tracy, Pwtti .loiephs, Alice Atherton, Tilly Earl, Win. Withers and others are now at Fox's American Theatre, Philadelphia, and close 11 une 14. <? * IMEZ-VOUS LA MUHIQUF."?MCSIC PUPILS J\ presented with this usetUl book, at WATSON'S private music rooms, 92 Clinton place (Eighth street). I rivatc Music Lessons; open all Summer. MUSICA1U. Amekican conservatory or mi sic " Broadway, between 17th and 18tli st.i. Normal Branch J3 I nlon square, over Decker Brothers' For particulars apply to li. SCIIROKDER, Director. ' i -HA I,LAM'S MUSICAL ACADEMY, 12 UNION x\. square.?Instruction in all branches of Music. Pri vate or class lessons, under Mr. HALLAM'S tuition or supervision. Open all Summer. A FIRST CLASS ALTO IS NOW OPEN FOR AN EN gogement in an Episcopal or Roman Catholic ?jwreh. "r ior 14 Synagogue. Address A. K? box ItSO lieralil ofiice. AN EXPERIENCED LADY PIANIST DESIRES A tew more pupils; instruction at their or her own home ; terms very low. Address K. C., Herald office. A GENTLEMAN WILL (ITVH INSTRUCTION ON Jl. the pianoforte, at pupil's residence, t( r $10 per MWP.5i.fc*,1 ro";r:;"!Tr B'Ytn- A?Mress. with residence, TEA! HER, box 120 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1.265 Broadway. AN EXPERIENCED AND PRACTICAL TEACHER of |>iii!io arm nin^im; will mu<ic lessons at pupil's residence : terms ?l > per quarter ; ilrst ? la^s references. Address PKOhbsSOR OF MUSIC, box 1511 Herald Up town Branca office. /1ARD-MISS WATSON GIVES PRIVATE MUSIC I \J Lessons at 92 Clinton place (Eighth street); piano, I organ, guimr, zither, singing: oiien all Summer; instru ments tor practice; circulars mailed tree. /H ITAR AND BANJO.?IfAPOLKON GOULD, THE celebrated guitarist, enables his pupils in a few les sons to accompany songs and play effectively. 121 East ' Thirty-second street, near Lexington avenue. Banjo ' taught, practically by note. /11RARI) COLLEGE OF MUSIC, 757 BROADWAT vJ near Ninth street?Special attention called to our Organ ami Violm Departments; the great increase of our pupils induces us to remain open the season. T GODOT GIVES PIANO AND SINGING LES80N8 . at Ills residence or at the pupil's, at moderate prices. 107 West Twenty-third street, corner Sixth av. 1ADIKS AND GENTLEMEN, POSSESSING GOOD J voices, can receive Instructions In Vocal culture and Reading Music during the summer, on certain condi tions, '?t reduced rates. Apply at the AMERICAN CON SERVATORY OF MUSIC. 86.'i llroadway. Musical tuition.? a gentleman of ability excellent method of teaching ,md lately arrived ironi Europe, Will give piano an I singing lessons at his or pupil's residence ; terms $20 to $.'5 per quarter. Gallon or address PROFESSOR, II West 50th st MUSIC.?fS PER MONTH, FOR INSTRUCTION ON the I lano. with practiie. pupils rapuliv advanced: single lessons, .sic., at 300 West Ihlrty-snth streeu corner ol Kighth avenue. *OIANO TUNER WANTED?AT 481 BROADWAY. rpilE Missis SLOMAN RESPECTFULLY INFORM 1 their patrons and pupils that they will give musical Instruction during the Slimmer months at long Branch. Application at their residence, f* West Thirty-sixth at. "rpiLI, TIIEV LAY ME 'NEATH TUE Sol):" BONO I uinl Chorus. Words by Colonel Jamea E. Kerri gan. as sung nightly at Brvant's Minstrels. For sale ?t all music stores. Published by W. H. EWALD A BKO? Jersey OUyT IIANCINIl ACAIIKWIIM. Any COMPBTBNT pkrson desirous t)K giving private Lessons to a gentleman please addrea, with torus. D. K. X,, Uerald Uptown Br?n?b offloo.. - ? < i ^ AMi'gBWBHW. TTNION SQUARE THEATRE. . _ U Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK M?aa,:ir Mr. -A. W. fAtJIll Begins at 8. -aturilay Matinee at 1Jtt. MONDAY EVENING, June 16. TUESDAY EVENING, Juue 17. WEDNESDAY EVENING, Juno 18. JANE EYBK. JANE EYBE. BEN I'FtT OK MB. E. II. QOOOX Treasurer. I,\ST performance OF FEKNAhDB, t AND LAST APPEARANCE . this season of HISS AONKS ETHEL. > The hou-o has been tnndered to Mr. J. II. HTODDARf lor his FAREWELL BEKa?T. COMMENCJ M ENT OK TUB SUMMER SEASON Mild of the ENGAGEMENT OK MISS OHARLOfTB THOMPSON, who will appear ill the churmiug dome* tic drauia, JANK EYRE. founded upon Charlotte Bronte's novel of the 8uuiu name. Miss Thompson's impersonation of this character iia.i received the unanimous commendation of the press and tlie pub lic throughout the .^outlieru and Western cities during tho p:iNt season. The play will lie presented hero with* (J BEAT CAST and with HUPEBU SCENERY. SECURE SEATS IN ADVANCE. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN snOQK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER KA RE WELL BENEFIT and LAS I' APPEARANO* la New Yorlt of Mr. J. II. 8'1'ODDART Tuesday, June 17. The performance will commence with tho beautiitot Domestic Drama, entitled The SECR/iT MARRIAGE. Mr. Htoddart in the oliaractcr of Joe Spnrrett: first time In New York. To conclude with the brilliant Comody of AMERICAN i IN PARIi (by kind permission of Mr. Lester Wallack, Esq). Mr. Stoddart will he assisted by tiie following artists, who have kindly volunteeredMrs. Fanny Foster, MUa Annie Deland, Miss .liiilu Gaylord, Miss Fanny Hi eves, Mr. B. K. Ringgold, Mr. Charles Kockwell (hy klml per mission of AugiiKtill Dalv, Esq.1, Mr. I'. J. Hind, Mr. H. Montgomery, Mr. E, Holland, Mr. Mackey, Mr. Giuglys, Ac., Ac. Box hook now opon. /?TTU AVENUE THEATRE. O bole Lestieo and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY LAST TWELVE NIOHTS OP THE SEASON. positively LAST TWELVE NIOIITS OF THB SENSATION, MADELE1N MOREL. Positively last twelve nights of the great Comedy Coife. panyof the Filth Avenue Theatre in their brilliant orte Inal parts:?Miss Clara Morris. Mis* Fanny Davenport^ Miss Fanny Mor.mt, Mrs. (I. H. Gilbert, Miss Sara Jewelt, Roberta Norwood, Nellie Mortimer, George Clarke. Charles Fisher, Louis James, James Lewis, W. J. Le ?uoyne, Henry Crisp and others. Positively Last Matinee bnt one of MADELEIN MOREL and of tiie season. Saturday, at half-past one. Monday. June 28, Benefit of Mr. G. II. GRIFFITHS. Tuesday. Juno 24, Benefit of Mr. JAMES R0BEBT8. Wednesday, June 26, Benefit of Ms. OWEN FAWCETT. /TTH AVENUE THEATRE. O This MONDAY. June 1(5, Mr. JAMES LEWIS' BKNEEIT, and LAST NIOHTJiUt eleven of MADELEIN MOREL. rTII AVENUE THEATRE. O WEDNESDAY. June 18. BENEFIT OF Miss FANNY MORANT, and LAST NIOIIT but nine ot MADELEIN MOREL. RAND OPERA HOUSE, J West Twenty-third street, corner of Eighth a venae. THURSDAY EVENING, June 20, 1873, GRAND FAREWELL BENEFIT to Mr. DAN BRYANT, prior to his departure for Europe, tendered by Kit, AUGUSTlN DALY, solo Lessee and Manager of the Grand Opera House, on which occasion Mr. BBYANT will appear in Irish Comsdy, impersonating two of his matchless representations, MYLES NA COPPALEEN and HANDY ANDY. B RYANT'S OPEBA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD ST. EXTRA MATINEE BENEFIT TO MR. NEIL BRYANT, on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 18, 1873. on which occasion the following arLists have kindly volunteered their services:? Mr. CHARLES WHITE. Comedian; Mr. CHARLES D'ALBKRTE, Baritone, and JULES LOMBARD, "Bass." in conjunction with DAN BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 18, AT 2 O'CLOCK. AT2 O'clock. * MERICAN INSTITUTE HALL. every EVENING. J.X (Formerly Empire Rink.) THIRD AVENUE AND SIXTY-THIRD street. UNANIMOUS success. "The orchestra played well and with sufficient evi dence of careful rehearsal to insure artistic success."? Herald. EVEHY EVENING, every EVENING, "All the cotnliined attractions of a concort hall and Sumtnor garden."?World. EBEN'S POPULAR "The band and its chief ought to he highly Attractive and acceptable to cast side lovers ot mi) sic. "?Times. HUMMER nigh'IS' CONCERTS, ' The applause which greeted the performance shewed that the audience was an appreciative one."?Tribune. PROGRAMME FORTIUS (SUNDAY) EVENING, june 19, 1 March, "Watch on the Rhine" Hermann 2. Overture, "La Dame Blanche" Boieldieu 3. Scene, "Traviata" Ver I 4. Selections, "lone" P? trella ft. overture, "'Orpheus" Offenbach 6. Waltz, "Wiener Kinder" Strauss 7. Cornet solohv Mr. Bent Do Be riot 8. Potpourri, "War Cry" Uonrndi 9. overture. "Wild Pranks" Stippe 10. Polka, "Concert llous.-" Bib* 11. Aria, "Fr.ipliet" Meyerbeer 12. Galop. "Un Piquet" Neibla GRAND ORCHESTRA OF fifty PERFORMRRS. MR. FELTX I. EBEN CONDUCTOR ADMISSION TWENTY-five CENTS. JONES' WOOD park. SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1873. Fourth GRAND SACRED CONCERT, by the unrivalled NINTH REGIMENT BAND. D. L. DOWNING Musical Directs* Admission, 2ftc. for gentleman and lady. Concert commences at 3}J 1*. M. A grand Sacred Concert every Sunday afternoon. CI LOW N SUITS, TIGHTS. TRUNKS, SHIRTS, IIOSE. J all sizes and colors, plain and striped, iu worsted and cotton. Enclose stamp for circular. UNION ADAMS A CO., 637 Broadwar. Banjo.?bogan's SIMPLIFIED banjo manual will enable the most unmusical person to play at sight without a teacher; price $5. Bank), Song and Dance, Jig and Clog Dancing taught for the stage. La dies taught by JOHN BOGAN, 1QJ East huustou street, near Bowery. Fencing and boxing.?is clinton place, near Broad way.?Boxing taught in 24 lessons; a tins assortment of Fencing Apparatus and Boxing Gloves on hand and tor sale. Col. M< > NSTB BY. Banjo, guitar, song and dance, jig and Clog Dancing t.iught in a single quarter, by HENRY C. DOBSON, 141 Fourth avenue. Pupils fitted tor'tlie stage. NEW YORK MUSEUM OK ANATOMY. 618 BBOAD wav. between Houston and Bleecker streets.?Every one should visit the wonderful Museum; it Is full of every thing people should see and understand. Loctures dally on "The Philosophy ot Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these Important lectures can have tliein for warded, post-tree, on receipt of 26 cents, hv addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 6W Broadway, New York. Metropolitan museum of art. Temporary building 12B West Fourteenth street. The Dl CIS.^NOLa COLLECTIONS, from Cyprus, and the LOAN collections of WORKS OF ART are open to the public riailv, trorn 1U A. M. until 6 P. M. Admission cents. New and important additions have been inadatothe loan Collections. Notice to managers and conductors of orchestras throughout the United States. Learning that copies ol inv music have been surrepO tlouslv obtained, I hereby warn all persons that my bal let music lias been copyrighted according to act of C?uv gross, and I have this day taken the necessary steps to protect my rights. KATH1 LANNKR. rpEII international BILLIARD TOURNAMENT. at the Three-ball Carom Game, for tho championship OF THE WORLD. Will commence at IRVING IIALL, Monday Evening, June 23, IS73. 11HB BABY WONDERS AND J. JEFFERSON RBILLY, the great Physical Medium, will hold a Seance to night at No. 1S5 West Thirty.fifth street, and every even ing until further notice. i "tARD.?PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS?PIANO, vuk IJ lin, ori'sn, guitar, zither, harp, singing, hurmmyf; day and evening; open all Mummer. 92 Cuntou plus* (Eighth street); book tree; circulars mailed. A FINE LOT OF SCENERt FOR SAI.E-VSR* . cheap; size 20x24; about IS full seta, consplat*. Apply at 723 Hlxth avenue. ?Vf ETROPOUTAN theatrical AND SHOW PRINTING establishment, IIERALli Tii:1LDIN<x BROADWXY aN?~ANN STREET A LARUE assortment OF TI1KATR10AI* MINSTREL AMD VArtety CUTS CONSTANTLY ON HAND.

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