16 Haziran 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Haziran 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,448. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JUNE 16, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR OENTsT DUkECTOftY FOB 10TEBH8EBS. AMUSEMENTS?Second Pia-flfth and sixth col QfQIU. ASTROLOGY?Second Pace? Fifth column. BILLIARDS?Niktu PAOfc-Fllth column. BOARDERS WANTED?Twelfth Pi(L->int and aeeond umns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Twelfth Pace? Second column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Twelfth Paoe?Second column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE POtt SALE?Slcond Pace?Pint column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Niimi Page?Firth col umn. BOSINKSS NOTICES?Seventh Page?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Second Paoe?Fifth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR MALE?Secoed Paoe?First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Eleventh PAOE-Sixth cok nmn. CLOTHING?Nieth Paoe?Sixth column. CO AO AMEN AND GARDENERS?Eleventh Pace? Sixth column, and Twelfth Pace?First column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth Paoe?Sixth col umn. COPARTNERSHIPS?Ninth Page?Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Twelfth PAuk?Hccond column. DRY GOODS?First Page?Fifth and sixth columna. Swelling houses to let, furnished and un furnished?Twelfth Pace?Third column. BUROPHAN STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth PAGE-Fourth and flfUt columna. BYES AND EARS?Nihth Page?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. FACTORY PROPERTY?Second Page?First column. FINANCIAL?Ninth Page?Third and fourth columns. PINE ARTS?Pibst Pa? Sixth column. FOR SALE?Ninth Paoe?Sixth column. FURNISHER BOOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? TwKWtnPact?Third and fourth columns. FURNITURE?First Face?Sixth column. HELP WANTBD--PB1IALBS?Eleventh Page?Filth HELP? WANTBlWVALES^TwELrrH Page?First col HORSES?" CARRIAGES, AC.?First Page?Second, third, fourth and flfth column* HOTELS?Twelfth Page?Second column. HOUSES. ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Fiust PAGE-Slxth column. INSTRUCTION?Kieot Page?First column. JLOAN OFFICES?jUcond Pack?Fourth column. LOST AND FOUNd?First Paoe? First column. MACHINERY?Nmb PAGE-Slxth column. MARBLE MANTELS?Ninth Pagk?Sixth column. MEDICAL?Skcoks Page?Fifth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth PAGE Slxth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Ninth Page?SixUi column. MU8ICAL?Second PAGE-Slxth column. TJEW PUBLICATIONS?Setenth Page? >ixlh column. PERSONAL?First Page? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Second Page-FHUi column. , . FROPOSALS-Ninth PAGB-Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Eleventh Page?Fifth column. PBOPEKTY OUT O" THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Seco .0 Pag%? First and second columns. BEAL.ESTATE ro EXCHANGE?Second Page?Second column. _ ? ? T.EAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Page?Second col umn. REWARDS?First Page?First column. , , BALES AT AUCTION?Skcond PAGE-Thlrd and fourth SITUATIONS*" WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Paoe? First, second, third, fourth and filth columns Situations wanted?males?eleventh Page Fifth and sixth columns. . SPECIAL NOTICES?Secokd Page?Second and third columns. SPORTING-DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First PAGK-SoconJ column. 8UMMF.R RESORTS?Twelfth Page?Third column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Paw?First column. THE TURF?First Page?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Twelfth Pace? Third column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Tcelvtii Page?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Twflftu Page?Fourth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Pace?First column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?First PAGE-Flrst col umn. HERALD BKANCH OPPiCE-I'PTOWS, A DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD DECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, l.MS BROADWAY AND 630 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ?DVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. ?LL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OPFICE RATES. C NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITn nERALD AT 0 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. BARI8 AGENCY OF THE SEW YORK HERALD. j^|ESSR& KKEMRW A Cft, AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE *EW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL. EBS WITH COPIES OP THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES ptEQUIRINO THEM. PERSONAL. NN M'KENN A, OTHERWISE ERATT, HULL, ENG laud.?New*wanted. GEORGE ERATT, Lady LycetL pier 18 East ltlver. INFORMATION WANTED?OF OEOROEANA M'GREG or, Johana (juerk or Fanny Querk, who csme from Abhylease, (queen's county. Ireland, about 12 years aito. Should this come to the notice of either of the ubore pur ties they will near of something to their advantage hy addressing PETER McGREGOR, Glenham, Dutchess county, N7 Y. ~F MrT STORMS CALLS AT M)7 SIXTH AVENUE the will hear something to her advantage. Mrs. 8TRAUT. A 1 O.?COME HOMB; YOUR MOTHER IS VERY SICK. . FATHER. MIST AM) FOl'ND. LOST?SATURDAY, GOING TO JEROME PARK races, a point lace Handkerchief. The finder will receive a reward by leaving it at ISO Second avenue. LOST-IN SIXTH AVENUE CAR. BETWEEN THIRTY ninth and Twenty-third streets, an enamelled Opera Blasa, with Initials M. C. on cover, '/he finder will rccelve k suitable reward. 40 West Thirty-ninth street. OST?ON 8UNDAY, A BLACK AND TAN PLUTi name "Corker;1' white snot on breast, blue collar, Iteel studs. Return to J. C..MEAD, 344 East Forty-third itreet, and receive reward. I" OST-ON SATURDAY', IN THE 11 O'CLOCK TRAIN J from Jersey City to Newark, a l'ocketl ook contain ing money; the finder will be rewarded on calling at 1. R. BARNES ACO.'S bojkatore, corner of William and lohn streets. L08T?8UNDAY, ON THE NORTH SHORE (STATEN Island) ferryboat, 6 JO P. M., a Pocketbook. with money and papers, Return the same to 19 Park row, and be rewarded. Lost?black and tan terrier; lame in hind leg: badly cropped ears; return to 8J Greenwich ave nue and receive suitable reward ; named Snap. IO-iT?AT OR NEAR BOOTH'S THEATRE, SATUR J day evening, June 14th, one striped and one checked thawl. The finder will be very liberally rewarded by caving them with the janitor of Association Building, Twenty-third street aud Fourth avenue. No questions isked. Lost?in a twenty-third street staoe, in South ferry houae or the Battery, a lady's Gold Breastpin. The finder will receive a liberal reward hy ?eturn.ng to 200 West Twenty-fourth street. L OST-ON THE 1ITH INST., A BLACK AND TAN Dog; bad on a collar and bells; answer to the name tTChirlK. A reward will be paid if delivered at 30 East Thirty-third strcat. REWARDS, kin 5f'wARD WILL BE PAID POR A YQUNG PI". Puppy, wearing a red collar, which strayed xom 10 bast Thirty-fifth street, on Sunday, about 1 ?'clock. fcCA REWARD-FOR RETURN OF GOLD WATCH Guard and Chain lost last Saturday night. Ad Ircus CONSCIENCE, box 2,1W Post office. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, OcV. A VALUABLE STEAM CAN A f. BOAT FOR 8ALE. Ilaa powcrftal machinery and suitable for freight or .owing; also several coarse nnd coal freight Canal Boats, kjiplv to or address M. P. JAMES A CO., litt Broad street, kcw York. BOATS"rOR THE COUNTRY-CLUB. SHELL AXD Ship; wood and metallic IJfc B >ala. on hand at my Ibops, :v?. .173 South street and 114th street, Harlem Blvcr. STEPHEN ROBERTS, OR SALE-A FREIGHT PROPELLER; CARRIES 140 tons: draft 5>?: six years old; housed all over; mst right lor market iioat; has ladios' cabin; goes 12 nilcsan hour; cheap for cash. Apply No. 8 South street, mom 8, between the hours o! b> a??I 2 o'clock. fciolt SALE OR CHARTER?PROPELLER ARTISAN, P 148x24 feet, light draught; enflnc ,.'8x28; accounino latc '.Oil ulaht passengers and 2,5j0 barrels freight. Also lidewheul Steamboat, 130 feet M mew.-*draught; Tugboat, 12x10; WM. II. HAZARD. Jr., ? Harrtson street V"ACHT FOR wyLE.-SCHOONER VACHT, KEEL S8 X hy ISk, draws feet, in fine order; two new boats, fun^, awnings and everything necessary lor immediate ise. Addrcs box 1,0# Post onlce, Boston. INSTRITrTION. A GERMAN LADY WISHRH TO ENGAGE TO TEACH A. from June 21 to September JO for her Board. Ad iress Miss HULDA JOHNS, care of Mrs. C. E. Richard ?on, Stamford, Conn., till June 18. D" "OI.BKAR'jfCOMMERCIAL COLLEGE. 878 BROAD w'ay, egrnar Eighteenth street, remains open ?lay Ind evening all Summer, to prepare pupils practically or FaJl t'Usinc aa, gentlemen, tadie? and bo\-s can have Irlvota lessons in BusInea^ Writing, Bookkeeping, ritlUMUc or r?iher bram tics; two private desks vacant. L'TdCCA TION COMBINED WITH TRAVEL.-THERE J is being formed a party of young gentlewomen to ieavc New York tor Europe Julv 2, under the guidance of i Imlv who has pa??ed many years in foreign countries, ? nd who will conduct their studies in langti.it;cs and ?tlicr branches in learning, fetalis In prosM-ctna Ad Jrasj TRAVELLER, ,;'J West Twenty sixth ?t., New York. -rELEOBAPIfY.-A SPECIAL TTiliM~ OF TEN (I t) 1 \v.;eka In Telegraphy will open at th? i la',#i-nek Col lege oimI HtiJ-' n River institute on June 30. Board and Bwiruction till per week. ALO.NZO FLACK, Claverack, N. Y, WANTED-A PROFESSOR OF EUxM'TION, FwiJ < Ia;s of toy* Addrts. U. C., U?raiJ tizMUJa j ?Oct. SPORTING?DOGS. BIRDS, AC. -FOR HALe'aLL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. . Bird*, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases; Prepared Food for mocking birds. At B. G. DOVEY'ti, No J Greene street, near Canal. Francis butler, no. 9 psck slip, hab all the choice breed* of Hog* for tale and stock. BUT LER'8 lntallible Nange Cure aad Flea Exterminator. 76c.; BUTLER'S new work, |Z Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines for all diseases. For bale?a FINE BLACK AND TAN DOO; weighs pounds. Call all the week at 616 Ninth avenue. Ring tourth bail. THK TIRF. J^IIERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. SPRING MEETING, 1873. ? TUESDAY, June 17. * THURSDAY, June 1*. SATURDAY, June 21 First race each day punctually at 3 P.M. A. BELMONT, President C. Wbkatlt, Secretary. _______ A M ERIC AN JOCKEY CLUB RACES, Jnne II. 14,17,1# and 1L Safe and speedy transit to Jerome Park *yry six min ute* by the horse cars of the llarlem Bridge. Morriaanla and Fordtiam Railway, from Harlem Bridge to Fordham, running in connection with the Morriaanla steamer* Itoin Fulton street and Harlem boats from Peck slip. DANBURY PLEASURE PARK ASSOCIATION, I)AN bury, Conn.?Spring Meeting, June 24 26 and M.? The Association otier the following additional purse* ;? Second day, Jnne U. purae im ior horse* that have never beaten 1:46. llrst horse, $160 ; *coud Uorme, $100; third horse, $40. Third day, Jane 16, purae $HM. for Horses that have never beaten 2 *0: first horse, $126; sec ond horse, $60. third horse, $25. Condlttons the same as Sreviouslv advertised. Entries close at the Woofer louse at 9 o'clock P. M. Wednesday, June 1$. All entries and communication* to be addressed to THOMAS G. WLLDMAN, Secretary. Danbury, Conn. FLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION. MORKISANIA, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. T. SP&ING MEETING, 1871 FIRST DAY?WEDNESDAY, JUNB lK PURSE No. 1, $800?For horses that have never beaten 2:80: $690 to first, $130 to second. $100 to Uiird-10 entries. PURSE No. 2. $2,t???For horses that have never beateu 2:23: $1,1(10 to first, $660 to second, $360 to tUlid?4 entries. SECOND DAY-FRIDAY, JUNE 20. PURSE No. 3, $1,000?For horses that have never beaten 2 :38; $600 to llrst, $2S0 to second, $160 to third?12 entries. . . . . PURSE No. 4, $1,200?For horses that have never beaten 2:29; $660 to first, $300 to tecond, $200 to third?9 entries THIRD DAY?MONDAY, JUNE 23. PURSE No. 5, $1,000?For horses that have never beaten 2:34; $600 vo first, $2W to second, $160 to third?8 entnes. . . , . PURSE No. fi, $1.60)?For horses that have never beaten 2 36; $850 to first, $?W to second, $2i0 to third?6 entries. FOl?RTH DAY?TUESDAY. JUNE 24. PURSE No. 7, $800? For horses that have never beaten 2:43?$690 to first, $190 to second, $100 to third?16 entries. . . PURSE No. 8. $3,600?For horse.* that have never beaten 2:21?$2,100 to first, $1,030 to second, $500 to third?4 Where eight or more horses start in a race ?lie distance will be 180 yards. Races cotnmcnce each day at S o'clock. Admission to grand stand and held, $'4. Badges to club house, endorsed by member, $9. Horse cars leave Harlem Bridge each day of the races every 10minutes, direct lor the Park. Trains leayeFortr sceond street depot at 11 :VHMVArNE^UPr.aldent, - Wm. H. Vah Cott, Superintendent. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD. Jerome Park Races, June 7, II, 14. 17, 19 and 21. Extra trains will leave (Jrand Central depot on above days at 130 and 2:10 P. M., returning alter the raco*. Special cars reserved for ladies. Excursion thAets 40 cents. C. M. BISSKLL, Sup t. N(7tICE.-THE SPRING MEETING AT FLEETWOOD commences on Wednesday. Ample accommoda tion will be provided for all horses that are entered. The stables tliat were destroyed by fire will bo rebuilt Htonce. AV. II. VAN COTT, Superintendent. PROSPECT PARK FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION? Spring Meeting. 1873. TniRD DAY?MONDAY, JUNE 16. PURSE No. ?, $300? Free lor all running horses, mile heats, three iu five. ? . ? ,. , Tho*. Jones enters Bay Filly, dam Maiden, by Beacon. E. V. Bork enters blk g. Jevcl, by imp. Mickey hree. SAME DAY. PURSE No. 8, $1,000?For horses that have never beaten 2:34. I Pierce Ilayden enters b. m. Lady Annie. H. Harbeck enters br. g. Wiindemire. W. Carroll enters eh. m. lllghlaud Maid. J. Dongrey, Jr., enters br. m. Lidia Plcton. J. Feck enters b. g. Clothespin. i J. II. Philips enters g. g. Jack Draper, j. C. Suydam enters br. in. Constance. W. Rogers enters br. in. Belle of Vermont. Allien Goldsmith enters b. s. AbdaJlab. Races commence each day at 3 o'clock, prompt, gooa Admission to field, grand stand and quarter stretch, $?. Admission to Club House, introduced by a member. *3. Gko. W. Oaklet, Sup't. K. o. iaAO, PROSPECT PARK FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION. Tucsdav, Jnne 17, 3 o'clock P. M. Match. $9110, best 3 ill 5. L. 8. Sammls names b. g. Plumber Roy, to wagon. O. C. Hopkins names br. e. Eastern Boy, In harness. Good dav and 'rack. G. W. OAKLEY, Superintendent. THE ENTRIES TO THE UTICA PARK ASSOCIATION Running Race Meeting, June 29, 26 and 27,are hereby extended from June 2 until June 16, at 9 P. M., at liagn's Hotel, Utica. Declaration- until June 20 at same place. CHARLES W. HUTCHINSON. President. Trotting at deerfoot park, Tuesday, juni: 17, at 3 I*. M.?Purse $10), for horses that never beat 3 minutes. To close Monday, Itith Inst.. at Deerloot Hotel, at 7 o'clock, and at Johnson's Twenty eighth street and Broadway, New York, at o'clock. Also a Match Ra_'e between two well known horses. Admission, 50 cents. WM. M'MAHON. Superintendent. POOL SELLINO-AT 489 SIXTH AVENUE, ON MON. dav evening, for the Jerome Races; the finest and coolest poolroom in the city; Riley, late of Twenty .i,U.b J??. *11.., t riY POOLS SOLD AT JOHNSONS. 1,187 BROADWAY, comer of Twenty-eighth street, on Jerome Park races, this and every evening during the week. T. 11. JOHNSON. I1T-AVERLEY PARK (NEWARK. N. J.) TROTTING \i Meeting, June 25. 26 and 27; entries closc Saturday, June 21. Send for programme. A. B. PALMER, Secretary. HORSES, CARRIAGKS, ?fcC. GREAT, SPECIAL, UNRESERVED AND POSITIVE SALE OF ELEGANT HORSES AND CARRIAGES, FINE HARNESS, BLANKETS AND ROBES, INCLUDING ALL THE ELEGANT STOCK OF DAVID BURR ANTWERP, ESO., WHO IS OBLIGED TO GO ABROAD FOR AN INDEFINITE LENGTH OF TIME, ANl) NOW OFFERS HIS FINE AND RKLIAItLE STOCK FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER, ON TUESDAY, JUKE 17, AT 10k O'CLOCK, AT STABLE NO. 3 NE1LSON PLACE (MERCKII f-T.), BETWEEN WAVER LEY AND CLINTON PLACES, REAK OF NEW YORK HOTEL, BY JENKIN A DUFF, AUCTIONEERS. Team of elegant and fine coal black Gelding*. I51i hands high, 6 and 7 years old ; were rained In State ol Maine and have tew superiors for style, beauty or action ; are high headed, with lofty action, long, full nanes and tails; they *re very closely mated .are lull brothers; hive fine, ciean and strong limns; good leol; can pull a roa l wagon in 2:5'i or better, and they ure warranted sound, kind and true and tree from vice, trick, tault or blemlah, and must be seen to be appreciated; they are alrald ot nothing and can be driven by any one. Splendid pair of premium bay Carriage Horses, \b\ hands high, 6 and 7 years old, well known on the drives in this city and at Newport; thev are half-brothers and one ol the finest and most stylish teams to be found; they match very closely, have long necks and fine heads, flill manes and tills and have great style and ac tion; are rapid travellers, game and prompt drivers ami pull carriage to which they have been drir. n a three minute gall; thev have size and bone lor a coach team and have speed enough for the road : they are warranted sound and kind and unexceptionable in every rcsnect. Also fast and highbred sorrel Gelding. 15L, hands high and 7 years old; raised by D'Orsey, In Kentucky, and sired by Gold Dust: he is extra stvlish, fine, free and pleasant driver, finely gaitcd with good disposition; lie trotted last Fall In 2 ?*, but can beat 2 -40 now: he a one of the finest road horses driven on road and he Is improving In sj>eed every day: he is sound, kind and 'rp?neand fast gray Mare, 15'? hands high and 7 years old; was purchaied by present owner two years ago in Bangor, Me., alter he seen her trot a mile lu 2:j3; Mr. Antwerp lia? always used her in country for ii'M pur poses. she being so gentle and docile and could be driven by any of the ladles; she can beat 2 JO now and warrantea sou inland kind. . . , .... . _ __ u. Also handsome black lady's or children * Pony Mare, 14t, hands high, 7 years old : fears nothing; sale lor any one to drive or handle; perfect pet; is warranted sound and kind. Also I*aundu1et'. one c spring Basket Phaeton ; top and open Wagons; all in complete order; Sing.e aad Double Harness: fancy Sheets, Blanket*. Robes Ac. All will be sold to highest bidder, without limit or re striction. Stock to be seen and examined at all times previous to sale. A lull warrantee given purchaser* ot horses and ample lime allowed for trial and examination, and if found not as represented money refunded and tales annulled. Sale positive, rain or shine. Gentlemen and connoisseurs of fine stock arc invited to call and exsmiuo the above. AUCTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Ta?sell). OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE nC'RSF. AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE I? REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. 19. 21. 23 AND 26 THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue snd University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the Mme strict snd honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealing* of our house end won the respect and confidence ot the business community, as well as t!ie Regular^a'les every Tuesday and priday, AT 10S O'CLOCK Entries for sale mnv be made, as usual, either at our downtown bouse. 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES. AS USUAL. MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. REMEMBER THE SALE COMMENCES AT 10* O'CLOCK. "C1JO.E..V at Hffrse Mart, 38 Church street, Horses, Wagoni and Harness, THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock. Descriptions at time ol asle, with warrantees. \ -FOR SALE, FOUR WORK HORSES; ALSO ONE A. very stylish gray family Horse and one very fast black Horse, Isjj binds high ; can trot In 40; these horses must be sold, at the owner Is going to F.nrope. call at 2:07 Wesi Nineteenth strcvt, corner ttovenjJi ftythUC, A UORfiKf, CABKIABKB. T AUCTION L BV WILLIAM VAN TA6SF.LL, AUCTIONEER (successor to Johnston A Van Tasaell). Hone ana Carriage Auction Mart 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. IMPORTANT SALE OF THE ENTIRE ELEGANT PRI VATU ESTABLISHMENT OF C. A. LOMBARD, EfeQ. BY WILLIAM VAN TA8SRLL, , ? WEDNESDAY, JUNE AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M., PRIVATE STABLES 14 J4AST THIRTY-FIFTH 8T., near Lexington avenue. BAY TEAM?ELEGANT TEAM MaIBOQANY BAY Hone*, all black pointa, lull II baiWs high, 7 and 8 year* old; kind aud true In all harness; very atvlisb and tame driver*; tear nothing; are one or the moat pertect lainUy teams in this city; cost $1300, and are warranted sound, kind and truc. BAY TEAM?VERY ELEGANT TEAM BAY HORSES, description name as above ; have been used as lour in-hand, and are as clorely matched and near per fect as any four-in hand team In this country. SADDLE BOHSK-DAKK BRMWN TIIOROl OlIBRED Kentucky paddle llorse ; well broken to nil !*??*? also broken to keep time to tousle; as a sauale horse lie hss no superior, and in warranted sound, DRAO-VERY "HANDSOME POURIN-HAND DRAG, but very little u ed, lined with brown cloth, with everything complete; cost $2,500; built by Brewster LAN OA 1?-8P LK NDlV LAN H A U ON 8 SPRINGS, BUILT to order lor $3,000 by Brewster A Co., of Broome street, and Is iu excellent condition. VICTORIA?VICTORIA ON 6 SPRINGS, TRIMMED with morocco and cloth; coat $1,800; built by Brew MAIL,VHAETorEMiL.M"PMAIL FHAETON, TOP on front scat ; cost $1,800; built by Brewster A Co., of Broome street _ ... COUPE.?COUPE, WITH POLE END SHAFTS, IN good order. built bv Brewster A Co.. of Brooiue st. DOO CART.?wtllTECHAPEL OR TANDbM DOU CART, built by Brewster A Co., ol Broome street HARNESS.?FOUR-IN-HAND HARNESS, NEARLY new, made by Wood (iibson; each set to be sold sep arately, as they can be used as carriage harness. DOUBLE H ArNESS.?SET LIUUT DOUBLE HARNESS, made by Wood Cibson, used l>ut fe w ttoes. tandi.m harness.?on rf complete set tandem Harness, silver mounted, made by Wood Oibaon. COUPE HARNESS.?SILVER MOUNTED COUPE HAR ness, made by Wood (iibson. Three very tine pairs deep kersey Blankets, fiir Ro?>es, Sleigh Runner*, sap Robes, extra steel Bus; everything appertaining to a gentleman's private stuble. Stock can he seen any time previous to sale. A?SPEED, STYLE AND ELEGANCE. . Great, important, unreserved and peremptory sale by auction, including the finest stock ot really centime, sound, high breil anl handsome Horses ever offered to the public at any auction In this city, including all the fine nun high bred Stock ol Eugene M. Illume, Esq., who goes abroad; also two fine trotting Horses, formerly owned by the late ex-Sheriff Francis, deceased, formerly of Hudson county. New Jersey, and removed to stable lor convenience ot sale. ? ON TUESDAY (TO-MORROW), JI NE 17, at stable No. 41 (Jreat Jones street, at lo o'clock prompt. JOHN D. HAMLIN, AUCTIONEER. Superior team of rich, handsome and closely-mated dark blood bay Ueldinifs, IS?i high, 0 and 7 years old; were raiseJ In Dutchess county and both sired by stock bridge Chief, dam by Ethan Allen; have flowing manes and tails; all black points; without a white hair on either one; have fine svmmetry, strong inu<cular limbs, and fee t as sound as rocks; have no superior in this city lor gen teel o.id blooded anpcarance and fine knee action; hare fine, easy mouths on bit and drive like one horse; are bold and fearless; not atraid of locomotive and drive high headed, without checks; will travel 12 miles an hour with ease and a sluglc mile In less than. J1, anil are warranted sound, kind nnil reliable; without vice, trick, fault, or blemish: were the premium dog cart and coach team at Saratogu last Summer and the finest teaui ever raised In Dutchess county. Also the handsomest and finest team of dapple gray Trotters in New York ; arc both Pilots and were bred in Kentucky; are lfiji high and 7 years old, with white flowing manes and tails; they were purchased about one year ago from Isaac Anderson, ot Chicago. .who took extra pains and trouble to male them; the nigh horse, Grey Alack, has trotted in public In 2 :JW; his male has no record single, but was driven In team with Mack in public in 2:44^, at Dexter Psrk, by Mr. Anderson; they are the most cleuant driving team o! trotters ever driven ; drive with slack or la up ht reins, and the faster they go the higher they get their heads; are perfectly broken to ull harness, sale lor a lady lo drive, have amiable depositions, ami are pure und line gaitcd ; do not cut or bang knees and i>ull and fret, but miii,I their own business, either speeding or Jogging; lire warranted sound, and kind and perfect in every par ticular. Any gentleman wishing the most genteel team of fast coach horses, with sire and st> le enough for light coach or dog cart, should call and sec the finest team in New York. ? _ . .... Also handsome bay trotting Colt, called Senator, 1?S high, 5 years old ; sired by Thorndale; dam by Keutuckv; an elegant driver, styl'sh and safe for the most timid; was trained but tour weeks Inst Kail and could show from 2:47 to 2:49; Is Improving rapidly this Spring; can beat il 1 :40 gait now ; a fine bloodeit, looking, genteel, promising Colt; will beat 2:35 sure before Fall; warranted sound al\lM> a fine large couje match road or business Horse. 16 hands high. 7 years old; a rich, stylish, sensible and attractive liorsc; fine and la-t traveller; sate and re llab'c, with extra fine style; warranted sound and kind. Abo a fatuous, lust and well known chesiliut trotting Mare. 15V, high, 7 years old; can beat 2:35; the finest bred I mare in the city; an elegant rood mare tor any gentle man's private use, and valuable for track purposes; is sound and kind. Kull particulars of this mare at sale. Hand tome Henry Clay Colt, C years old this Sprln*; 1M4 high In harness) ; a ir< ? and elegant driver; licuu lful hav; dark points; trotted In 2:47 at Waverlcy last Summer; promises to trot fast; Is without fault or trick ; warranted sound and kind. Also one Phaeton, top on bacK seat, carries four; one four wheeled Hog Cart, one top Wagon, two open Wagons, all made bv Brewster. Stivers and Wood Broth ers one top Poliv l'liaeton, two sets of fine double Har ness, by Wood Gibson and Dunscomh; three sets of sin gle, beat makers; also Whips, >-heets, Blankets, Ac. N B.?This is no trv tale got up by the auctioneers for the occasion, to palm off their own common country stock ot worthless shop wagons and Interior horses, which purchasers, upon close examination, can readily perceive. We sell, on commission only, genuine stock entrusted to our care, and have no by bidders, and are good and responsible for all warrantees we give. Sale pos'tivc, r.iin or shine, and without the least limit or restriction whatsoever. Stork on exhiblt'on at all times prior to sale; are ull hardy, lugg-'d and acclimated ?keVeM/.ER,nSALK oTm MENCES AT 10 O'CLOCK, IN. STEAD OF I0>i. _____ _ SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. A? vre offer the following Oi.c light Barouche. (ine Omnibus l'liaeton. One 4-s-at no-top Phaeton. Two Curtain Coaches. One Cabriolet, French make. One halt-top 4-s.Mit J'naeton. One half-top 6-seat Phaeton. One tuin-otit seat Phaeton. One T Cart, and Two Two wheelers, cheap. Manv of the above arc c ur own build and In excellent condition. BREWSTER A CO., S4 Fiflh avenue, corner Fourteenth street. GENTLEMAN OOINO TO EUROPE WISHES TO sell a pair ot brown Horses, pood knee action, 8 years old-.also a Brewster T Carl, Harness Ac.; everything complete. Inquire at No. 9 East Tenth street, near fifth avenue, private stable. AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE <H' feted, our immense stock of Carriages, comprising every seasonable style ot family Carriages and light Wag ons. new und second band. _ MANUr AC1UBERS' UNION, CSS Broadway. A -DEPOT WAGONS. . A large assortment of medium and superior duality lor sale at reduced prices. A. S. FLANDKAU, Nos. 7 and 1# East Eighteenth street near Fittli av. 4 CHEAT BARGAIN.? I'ONY PHAl.TON (BASKET', A gilt Ilarne s, Sun Shade, Robes, Whip, 4c.. with the most beautiful and gentle Mare, 13', hanits high, for sale at one half Its value ; lady leaving th? country. Apply at WIN FIELD'S Poardlng stable, 110 West Fiftieth street. A T THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, A 1.491 ano i,49t> Broadway, will be found a large astor.ineut of Roekaways, Depot Wagon*. Park Pbae tons u>p and no top Buggies, and. to make room, we will odcr a line of leather top Pony Phaetons at $2 X) each. ALAROE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriage*, Family Roekaways lop and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, (Irvcers' and Business Wagons, nt greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. A LANDAU, BREWSTER'S MAKE, BIT LITTLE used, lor aale at C. BEARDSLEY'S, Broadway, cor ner Thirty-seventh street. A SECOND HANI) PARK PHAETON, IN EXCBL lent order, our own make; also two extension top Phaetons lor sale low. J ? BKARDSEEir, Broadway, corner Thirty seventh street. I CANOPY TOP RUMBLE SEAT PHAETON. LAN A dau, depot Wagon. Coach, Buggies, second band; sold at half price; Landaus. Landauleta, 1 but tons, de pot Wagons HAM'S, 10 East Fourth street. Y FINE SIX-SEAT ROCKAWaY, ONE TOP AND one no top depot W agon. I or sale cheap at our factory, 1,404 Broadway, a*? A c0, "a T LAN(iANrs STABLES, 142 WEST THIRTY-NINTH A street, a tieaiitiful bav (irlding. 7 yt ars old. 'ound nnil kind In all harness; lias been kroke to saddle; to be sold tor want ol uae._ "T OKXTLEMAlf'S ROAD ESTABLISHMENT AT A auction to morrow (Tuesday), June 17. at 1UH o'clock, at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Mart, IP to 2S Thirteenth street, near University place; brown Mare, t orbett Top Road Vagon, pole and shaft, single and double Uarna^s, by Coleman: Sleigh, Blanket, Ac. MGnT, LATE STYLE STIVERS' TOP WAGON. $200? A handioinc I2S pound iMisetitntry Road Wagon, $175: also two sets single Harness; good order. At 47 Oreat Jones street A PINE PAIR OP* BROWN HORSES CLOSELY matched, full brothers. 16H hands high, Sand 6 years old? will road 10and 12 miles an hour; just arrived trom Vermont Appiv to Joseph ToWNLEY, Boulevard Stables 1M an I iW West Fiftieth street T rlRST CLASS BAT HORSE, K?NTl'CKY BRKD. A 7 years old. 1?S band-, high, black points, with high stepping action; suitable lor a genlleman s coupe or dog cart, t'all at private stable No. 2 Went rhirteanth street, In the alleyway. A GENTLE AND FAST ROAD MARE FOR SALE ; trots In 8 minutes; H years old, and fully in every particular; can be driven by a lady ; price ?3W. Apply at 145 Eighth street, near Broadway^ A DUBOIS ROAI) WAHON, $70; I DUSKNBURY a A Vandiiser top Wagon, $115; I Corbet side bar top, tW); I Stivers Road Wagon, $14:1; 1 Broome street Brews ter light ton sidebar, l,51bs. fctSO; 1 clone top, >17rt, S Sulkier $45up; 1 Baronclie, <125; 1 extension top 1 hae ton $UT1 Doctor's Phaet.jn, $iml. 1 Depot Wagon, $150; 1 light Coach, $210 I ooeli Pony Phaeton, $120, 11 top do., ?liS ? I fine extension top Park Pbaeton $275; 15 Roeka ways $<ki up: I Philadelphia six-seat Rockaway. $175, rTfainV patent six-seat Conpe Rockaway pearlv new, $750' 1 top Express Wagon, $115; single and double Uar? new. Sheets, Whips, Ac. *) and 22 Woo iter street "T LOT OP HORSES PROM THE COUNTRY, PIT A for all kinds of business; one splendid team of w?rre.I llWiCUSWMlKUUi XlWBittiAt Mi A HORSES, CAURIAGK8, AC. ?LIGHT CARRIAGES AND HARNESS, Downtown warerooms, No. S GortlanJt street, formerly ifc Liberty street. First (Un Buggies, Rockaways, Park and Pony l'haetous, Depot Wagons, Sundowns, Road Wagons, Harness, Harness, Sheets, Robes, Whips, HalWrs. Lowest prices in the city. Work warranted equal to any. 20 to 40 per cent belt w broad ,va> price*. 10no top Pony i'baetons. slightly roiled, very cheap. For genuine bargains go to ARCH. JOHNSTON'S.No. h Cortlandt st, near Broadway. A GENTLEMAN owning a KIXB pair of hound road Horsas, that can trot every day In 'I SO, 7 years old. 19 hand?, also alight top Wagon and double Harness, all nearly new, will sell at one-half their teal value. Ad dress box 5,619 Cost office. A?FOR RALB. A NEW TOP PONY PHAETON, ? built to order by best city builder; lined once. ln<|uire at private staple No. 9 East Tenih street, near Ktnh avenue. B A KG A IN. ?FINE HORSE, 15^ HANDS HIGH; sound, kind and very Utile used; price $2U0; suit able (or any light business; good appearance. Piano factory, Sixteenth street and Sixth avenue C-AT OI K FACTORY, 1,?M BROADWAY, _ . shove Thiriy-nlnih street, Second hand Carriages. T Cart, by Brewster. Clarence, J, H. Lawrence A Co. Coupe, pole and sha'is Four-seat Phaeton, Wood Brothers, Victoria. Wood Brothers. Top Wagon. Rlx sctt Phaeton, nearly new. All in good order, and for sale at low prices. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO. CtARRlAGKR SLIGHTLY DAMAGED?(i UK AT BAR J gains?New aud second haul Carriage.- oi . very description, elegant T Cart; Rumble I'liaeton, little soiled, will lie sold low MANI' FACTURER8' UNION, 63* Broadway. /tABRIOLBTS, YICTORIAS, ROCK AW AYS, PONY V' Phaetons, Depot Wa;/on-<. Buagles and all other styles for town or country a? great bargains. SfAATS UKi.l., No. 7 Washington place, rear New \ork Hotel. /"URRIAGES, HORSES. HARNESSES, ALL STYLES, \ ' eoinprl-ing Coaches. Kockaway Phaetons an.l Busi ness Wagons, selling off cheap, at carriage manufactory and Cables of WITTY A CO, Nevins and Milton streets, Brooklyn. IiLN'THIF.S FOR HORSES TO BE SOLD AT ARCH. i JOHNSTON'S Mart, 19 to 25 Thirteenth street, near University place, Tuesday, ut lo>i o'clock, should be made before ?! o c ock this evening. IPDWARD SCHKNCK, AUCTIONEER. J Elegant light Park I'liaeton. By EDWARD SCHKNCK. on TUESDAY, 17lh Inst., at 60 1 ibcrty street, u h. au.iful light i'ark I'liaeton, tniilt to older and used but twice , lias pole aud shafts; can be seen at the sulesrooin. J [EXPRESS WAGONS?TWO beautiful NEW EX j press Wagons, $140 each; they are worth more n o.ley. hut must Ik- sold. Apply at HOVliY'h Stable, 141 fcast Sixteenth street. TJ11NB PAIR OF 16 HANDS BAY CARRIAGE HOR8R8 " for sale at a moderate figure; have been regularly driven up to date ; owner gone to Europe. Apply at pri vate stable 113 Kusl Nineteenth street. FV)R SALE?A VERY FINE SECOND HAND LANDAU let, in perfect order. To be been at WOOD BROS', 740 Broadway. I^OR sale?HORSE, TRI CK AND work OF SHOE r non e. Call at 44?H'unal street. In cigar store. Frton H1 ft???OCKAWAW. victorias, TOP buo gle?, Pony Phaetons, Doctor.-,' Buggies, tour-saatc 1 Phaetons; cheapest in city. 140 and 148 Kldrldgo street, near Teuth precinct police station. DAY A SON. EWR sale?A HANDSOME steei. GRAY PONY. 14V hands, ft years old- warranted sound and kind In all harness, and the best ?a?ldic pony In New York ; suitable tor a lady. W King stri et, near Hudson. T^OR sale?A FOUR-SEAT EXT EN. ION TOP r Phaeton, nearly new; will be sold very cheap. Can be seeli at 8;> and KH Wonstcr street, near Spring. I/OR SALE?A VERY STYLISH TURNOUT; TEAM r hay Horses, 16 hands high, 6 and 7 years old ; sound and kind; l?og Cart, inade by Brewster, in good order; also let double Harney; to be seen at EBIJITTS', Seventh avenue, Twenty-second street. IfOR SALE-HOKSE, TRUCK AND HARNESS; horse warranted lit for heavy work. Can be seen at K02 East Thirty-second street. For salk?elegant pair of styi.isii horses, Landaulet, tour-wheel, and a two-wheel Drag, made in Paris; double, single und a tandem Harness, c inplt-to ; ow MT going to Kurope. Call at 569 Broad wav . Tj^OR SALE?PAIR BAY HORSES, 15K HANDS, 7 AND r 8 years old; warranted sound and kind; tree and stylish drivers; price $78". BURNS. MOORE A CO., <82 Broadway. For sale-or will exchange for liquors, a new three-seat extension top platform Barouche and a heavy dranplit llo'se, H years old, 17hand* high ; weighs l,iH)ii poutiils; sound and kind. Address HENRY a. sage, Eaaton, Pa. ForSALE-COUPE rockaway, iiorsk, harness, Ac., property of a geut'einan leaving town ; all war ranted. Call at .NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, Fourth avenue, corner Twenty-tlfth st. T7K)R SALE-FIVE GOOD WORK HORSES; FROM 7 r to H yours old; from 10 to 13 c wt. weight; will be sold cheap. Apply, lOr turee days, at 2Vi West Twenty-third Street. I7*OR SALE.?FOR LtDIES* OR children'S driving, the handsomest chestnut Mare in the city, 14.3, 6 years, sound und kitid ; splendid action, Apply, for two days, at 105 West Fortieth street 1S10R RALE?A SPLENDID BAY HORSE, JUST AR . rived from Vermont, 16 hands hiah, 6 years old; war. ranted sound and kind; single or double; sold low; lost his mate Apply at I RUESDELL'S stables, lAi and 128 West Forty sixth street. l/10R RALE-THREE PONY BUILT HORSES, B AND 1 9; ears, trom 14^ to 16 liands; lit for any business; told for want ol use; prices, $1T), $140, $150. 124 Charles street, near Greenwich. ClOR SALE?3 1-1IORSE TRUCKS AND HARNESS, 3 F truck Dorses, 6 and 7 vears old, 16 hands high; cause of sale, no work. Call at 7.1 Vandam street. L^IIR SALK-A SMALL PET PONY; HAS BEEN RID F deu by an invalid child for the past two years; 43 Inches high, is warranted sound and kind in all harness; also a <iig ami Harness. Saddle to match, alt in good order. Apply at first private stable cast of Third av nine, in Twentieth street. IjM.NE HORSES.-WE HAVE JUST BROUGHT IN SEV eral pairs ol fine Carriage Horses, carctully selected troin the best stock In Michigan. Gentlemen seeking re liable teams, with responsible guarantees, are Invited to examine these horses at Tcany's stables, 41 West Forty fourth street. BLOOM A McKEE. TjlOR SALE?A VERY STYLISH BAY ROAD MARE r 15 hands, 8years old; trots in 3>j; an all day travel ler and warranted perfectly sound and kind ; will be sold verv low tor want of use. Apply to NELSON A SON. Grocers, 4SM Greenwich street. FlOR BALE-A VERY STYLISH BAY ROAD MARE, 15 hands, 6 years old, trots in 3 Oft; an all day traveller aud warranted perfectly sounl and kind; not afraid of locomotives; price. $i50. W. KRUMBEC1C, Central avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets, Hunter's Point, L. 1. TTOR SALE.?PONY PHAETON, MADE BY BREW f ster; in use one season; a small bay Mare; hand some, fast and gentle; has been driven mo-ttlv by a lady; also Harness, nearly now; will lie sold separately or to gether. To be seen at KING'S stahles. Forty first street, between Madison and Purk avenues, Monday and Tues day, from 9 A. M. to 12 M. T-IOR RALE?AT A BARGAIN, AN EXTRA PAIR OF r matched Horses (black), 16 liands; very nice and stylish drivers; stand without tying; would make a fine faini'y carriage or coach team; very reliable and every way right. Apply at 370 Hudson street, feed store, for two days. f^OR SALE CHEAP?A VERY FINE TEAM OF OEN tlemcn's Roadsters, 15U hand-i high ; sound, kind and gentl-, close matched and dlsposltloned alike ; a lady can drive them ;can trot in three minutes together; do not pull or tret, and arc one of the most pleasant and re liable teams in tills city; are not afraid of anything, and can travel 50 miles a day without fatigue ; also a Duseu bury A Van Du/.er light Top Wagon, In first rate order. Apply at EBBITPS stable, corner of Twcnty-secona street and Seventh avenue. / "< HEAT BARGAINS.?IN CONSEQUENCE OF RE* I T building part of our premises, we offer our entire stock sea* .nnl.'ic stv'es new and second hand Carnages at greatly reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway, Harness, sheets, lap dusters, fly nets and Summer Horse Clothing at very great bargains for cash. K HARTLKTT, Sole Manufacturer ol Horse Bonnets, (i2 Warren street. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets and a largo variety of Suddtery Goods always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren street, New York. Harness, horse clothing, hor^e furnish ing Goods and Carriage Equipments of every de scription, style and grade, and no fancv prices, at MOBS MAN'S Harness Manufactory and Warehouse, 114 Cham bers street. 1AM NOW SELLING TOP WAGONS FOR t.100; ALSO Rockaway* aud Phaetons at very desirable bargains. ISAAC LOCRWOOD. corner 127th street and Third avenue. 1JONIKS, PONIES, PONIES PONIES, PONIES.? Twelve very handsome aud stylish Indian Ponies, all young and sound, perfectly gentle In all harness, thoroughly broken every way, from 12 to 1SV hands hlah. Among them Is AN ELEGANT TEAM. TO BE SKF.N AT 5VRCH JOHNSTON'S MART. 19 To 26 Till RTEF.M rH STREET. NEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE. WHERE THEY WILL Ak SOLD AT AUCTION, TUESDAY, JUNE 17, AT 10^ O'CLOCK. PONY PHAETONS?EVERY DESCRIPTION, POPU lar prices; depot Wagons in great variety, two ele gant six-seat cxtrnslon-top Phaeton*, Pari Wagons, light Roekawavs, low prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, #38 Broadway. PONY ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE.?A BEAUTIFUL ^now wluta Posy, 14 hands high ; Basket Poaeton (bv Brewster), with rumble and canopy^pole and shafts : also set of single Harness; establlshineat has been but little used; will be sold together or oeparately, on ap plication to owner, No. 210 W?j*t Forty third street CECOND HAND CARRIAOES.-FIVE LIGHT TOP O Bug(,'lcj?. three open Buffics, four Roc.kanays. two. wheel liog Cart, extenaion top Phaeton, several slightly fif'tvl Carriages. Bargain! UANCFACllUfcRfl' CM BroaUfftf. IIOKSKS. CARRIAGES, AC. PAi?_ ,?'t IS "AND BAY PONIKS.-SOUND AND iidrtiV i?f.. X?.5! ,Vn. """"'t-'htlv in harness Mild under saddle . safe for a child or invalid ; at 136 Kast Fiftieth ?t S*Son ' Mn'phJ!.WAU0N8 /T?R 8ALB-ONB EXTEN DI Hon top Phaeton, one Coupe* Rockawav two ton atl'?S"klidPie4MCHl?ri Sr' two"? ,oy Wapons. full spring. WVhrti4X).Br0,ldWayi betWMn ?Wfourff auj TO,. BR SOLD AT A0CTTON TUK8DA7 JtTVR 17, 10 JO A. M., by AROH JOrIbTON B L'rw? Sh^k# 8trfef' JtP D?y keop and advance's, an elegant. !? ? L sorrel Horse, hands high, 0 years old: war ranted sound and kind; extra stylish saddle bor*, fUi1?" n u*4, by his owner for that purpose for the past two .rears. ?fly order of Ellis N. Crow. TWO GOOD WORK HORSE.", PRIOR $80 BACH ? ONE Horse for road or business, price $150; lo be sold lor avenue UW" 100 West *"*y-ei?W rtreel/corne? NiuX WW AB.B.?.F' AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL. ON JL Monday, at I0^j o clock, at the liverv stables 87 and ir *V l, " nurnl,;r OI'Horses, Coaches, double "???nctf.iita* *" dni''le and double ll?rne*s BA3f "OMR ? TEARS, 18* HANDS: A t" i ^ y??r?, $85: two express and two llffht 0!Xh,street*g(>I1,*lld ,Iurnww' ch??P- West Twenty $18.5 fc.ni)R,',E' TKAR'*. l?f HANDS, I rnwn ?..?!. h ?'n<!j for !*<'y; stylish dapple a great CLEARING OUT BALB ol' Lace Bli awls and DRESS QOOdST 100 pieces of fine black striped ? , Grenadine at 125ic., worth Sfk; Splendid Iruti Grenadines. 25c. and Sic.; worth 80c. and 63c. Great bargains in Mohair Poplins. LADIES' 817IT8. 100 Linen Rcdlngofes, Just received, , trimmed in various colors, i much below prices charged on Broadway. Ladles' Suits made to order, in first.class style, at most reasonable rate*. H lute Lawn Suit*, very cheap. 200 do/x u of ladies' and gentlemen's Summer Underwear, from auction. Great bargains. KOCH'S, Carmine and Bleecker streets. KINZEY'S. Orand clearing sale of ? Spring and Bummer Goods. An immense stock of Ribbons, 4c., 6c., He., 10o., 16c., 20c, 22c., 26c. yard up, AT KINZEY'fi Every color In plain and lancy Sash Ribbons, 25c., 3Sc., 46c., 60c. yard up, AT KINZFY'fl Our entire stock of Straw llats aiul Uouuets closing out, 19c. up, AT KINZFY'S An Immense stock of Marseilles and linen Hats closing at 29c., ?. ? ^ AT KINZEY'S Pine French Flowers. 10c. spray up; dress Uuiinet mid Trimming Silks, 60'. up. Llama Lace Shawl*, $2 so to $96: AT KINZEY'S. Llama Lacc Saeques, $3 ?r?0 to $46, ?nSlM3uipuf? I*CCI1' ]Si' >'*nl t0 ** AT KINZEY'fl, HJIfc Brussels Laces, all colors, 18c., AT KINZBT'S Auction lots of Rummer Hosiery, 12Uc. up; Ladies' and misses' Hose, I2^c. up. Summer Gloves, 6c.. 15c., 19c., 2fte. pair AT K,NZEV,S' kid Gloves, 39c., 30c., 09c., 75c. pair, Ladles' and Misses' Underwear AT KINZEY'8 in great variety, closing low, Gent's fine Lisle Underwear. 50c.; AT KINZBY'8 Ladies' and Misses' Merino, do.. AT KINZBY'S. AT KINZBY'S. AT KINZEY'S. Closing out all our faney tucked and i> 1 aI I -Muslins, 15c. yard up, Ladies' Silk Neckties, 15c., I9c , 26c , 31c., 39c., 42c., 60c , We., Ric., Oxidized Belt Bnckle?,ji0c., 75c. up. Oxidized Cliatclinos, 25c., 31c., S9c? 42c. up. AT KTNZEY'SL Best Rubber Bracelets closing af2Sc., leather Belts and Bags very Tow, Auction lots of Kan?, Sc.. 6c., I0c? 15c , 25c ^ KINZEY S. Silk Kalis, 15c., 19c., 2S<\, Sic., 40c., 50c. up, Ruffling*, Collars, Sleeves, Sots. Ac., Ac.; AT ^""EY Embroideries, 3c.,6c.,Sc., Wc., 15c., 20c. yard. Auction lots of every kind of A KlwrEY'fi Goods closing out below prices. ... ?n, ... ? . WILLIAM KINZEY, 767 and 769 Broadway, corner Ninth street. a7~ ?GBEAT SALE OK CARPETING8, AC. Special Announcement FUKI'PARD KNAPP. IfR and 185 Sixth avenue, one door below Thirteenth street, will offer on Wotidav and during the woek, at prices be low he cost OI importation, the entire balance or an Im porting house retiring from business, comprising the largest Stock ever offored at reUil in the city, consisting French Moquettes and Axminstcr, from $2 75. English Velvets of tlie latest designs and new colorings, I^OUl $2 25. Body and Tapestry Brussels, in great variety, from $1 89 Also a rednction In prices of In*r*ln Carpets. Oilcloths from one to eight yards wide A complete line of Drugget*, bordered and plain. A large Invoice of flsncy and plain Mattings, finest quality, luit landed, from 20c. to 6Uc. per yard. Upholstery Coods of everj- description. Lace Curtuins, Window shades, Hollands, Ac. , Mosquito Nets. . ,Hr:J .* 4 ?h?nc? to furiiish with the finest goods at a treat saving from usual piices. SilEi'PARD KNAPP, 183 and 185 Sixth avenue, one door below Thirteenth street ^Y'r TUB OREAT EAST SIDE ESTABLISHMENT^ B. RIDLEY-A SO-V. SOS GRAND STREET, NEW YORK. PARASOL DEPARTMENT ENLARGED. PARASOL3. ?1.000 various children's, lined In colors, 50c., 75c. 2,500 Ladles' lined, 69c., 75c., Me., 91 each. Our stock of changeable*, fringed and lined, unusually extensive, running from $1 60 to $6 each. RIBBONS: I RIBBONS!! Cheapest Sssli Ribbons ever offered. 7 and 8 Inch watered Sash Kibbous, ttlc., 75c., 35c 9Sc 6 Inch watered, 50c. and 60c. ? and 7 incli gros grain, all silk, 83c., 9V\ All sUk^ros train Ribbons, 10c., 20c., 2J<;., 38c., 45c. per Sp<'ciultie*. Fans, tc., Sc., 8e , 10c., 20c. Specialties Specialties. Fans, JSC., Xk.. 40c., y>c. ?pecialtle* Specialties. Jans, 76< .. 85c.. 95c . SI 10. Specialties. ( lieaj-est line of ?ans up toS'-li. ever offered in tbia eltv 250 resl lacc ShawU ond Sacques, less than cost of impo? Real Laces greatly under regular prices. Swiss Ties Parasol Covers,Fringes, Paasamenterie Gimps and Trimmings. ? Oxidued Ornaments, reduced SO per cent Real Russia and Moroceo leather Rags and Satchels and Belts, with Attachments, SOc., 75rTjfl up. Infants' and children's Carriages, from SI 28 to SS0. NEW DELIVERY OF 8ILVERPLATED WARE. BARGAINS IN JEWELRY. 7.501 nalrs whalebone Corset*, 50c , 85?., 78c . 85c SI ud. Cheap offcringi ail over the house. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, 509- M1i SiuTarand, and 82, 04,86, 88 and 70 Alleu street, New York. Fifth block cast from the Bowery. j^TRAW GOODS, AT THE GBEAT BAST SIDB ESTABLISHMENT, GBEATE6T BARGAINS THIS SEASON. EVERY STYLB lOWERI?rPRICV. Hair Ooods, all the new styles, 80 and 75 cents. Ten thousand cases Round Hata, Bonneto, Shade Bata, Ac, mitutile for lMies and misses, from Ucents toll each. Five hundred cases of Boys' Hats, from 18 cents to II 28 each. Examine. Hata'"hsai?er,*rnaf nto| 8nlU' Iof*nU' cloAlu> Caps and One thousand trimmed Round Hats, Bonnets. Ac. ftom $2 to $lu. Halt last month's pricea Baigains all over the house this week. EDWARD RIDLEY A SOI*, 800 .111 and Grand sir. *" and ?, (14, M, M and 70 Al eu urecv CLli blvvk vaal "rvsu iht> JJvwery, N?ir York. A1 EEE DRY GKHJDH. EE EE H H RRR II CC B n 884 ?? K H M H R II C C M II g g .1 K II H R K II 0 H U ft K I! H R R II 0 II H R EE HHHH RRR II O linilH KK<t K H II R R II C B B ? B II H R R II 0 H It a" K B HRRilCOH 11 h h KEEE H B R R II CO B 11 SflS ^KIQBTB AVEWUB, NEAR TWKNTY-POiJRTG ST.T Sweeping reductions lo every department. Oar extraordinary bargains in Lace Shawl* and Saeqnss continue to attract numerous customers, who prononnca our real Llama Goods fully fifty per c?nt below Broad* way price*. Real Llama Lace Sncques at 96, 97. 910 ap to 950. Real Llama Lace Shawls at 93 00, 95, 97 26 up to 97& ^LADIES' AND MISSES' SUITS BELOW COBtT A* tbe superintendent of this department baa departed tor Europe, to complete our Kali purchases, we have re solved to close out all our Suits at mm than coat. Ladies will do well to call early. LADIES' UNDERWEAR.^ The cheapest, beat made, most elegantUnderg armanta in the city. We Invito examination. Beautii ui Chemise, tucked boson, needlework front and edge, at Cte. Finest Wamsatta Chemise in the city, at 08c. Fine Skirt, 1# lucks in three clusters, at 94c. * Night Dress, tucked yoke Iront and back, at 91 09 We direct special attention to our assortment of flna Undergarments, including the most bcautirul styles la linen, cambric, percale, Ac. Ladius wishing to rcpleuiab their wardrobes should not fall to examine these gooda. Special attention given to Bridal Trouaaeaux. Extraordinary lnducemaata in flne Marseille! Cloaks. Dresses. Coats and Capes, Ac. U ATS. BATS. BAT8. Ladies' best quality Sun and Harden Hats reduced to Wo. Fine white Hun Hats reduced to J8c. Ten cases Quest white ('hip Bats from 91 upward*. ? BE8T NEAPOLITAN HAIK "PARK," AT Mk Our assortment comprises over 10,000dozcn llats, wfiicll we are offering at startling prices. Rich Flowers, Sash and Trimming Ribbons, Millinery Nets, Crepes, Laces, Ac., all at bargains. PARASOLS. ? PARASOLS. PARASOLS'. Beautiful Pongee Pnrasols, rlul> stick, lined, with cha telaine and cup, reduccd to 92 40; worth full 93 60. BeuutU'ul club stick I'urajol, trimmed with elegant fringe, lined iu all colors, chatelaii.e attached, at 94; worth 9<>. FANS. PANS. FANS. FANS. Bilk Fans, carved bUcks, at 18c.: former price 60c. Silk feather eilged Fans, spauglcd, carved bone sticks, at 37c. Satin Fans, carved bone sticks, at85c. ; worth 91 25. Bargains In real Laces anil Dross Trimmings Em broideries, black Dross Silks, Corsets, Veils, Ac., Ac., at EF.EE B B RRlt II CC B II 888 ?? E B 11 R R II 0 C B II S B " E II B R R II O BBS E B 11 R K II C BBS EE HBUB RRR II O BBI1B 888 E H 11 R R 11 C B II 8 E 11 II R R II C B 11 fl E B H R II II C C II II S 8 EEEE B B R R II CC H II 8S8 287 and 280 Eighth avenue, near Twenty-fourth street AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 014 BROADWAY, Twentieth and Twent\-first streets, cast side? Grand display of charming Novelties, just Imported; Summer styles: the beautiful Tat is tbe queen of the sea son: Pa'terns and Cloth Models now ready; Pattern* fitted to the form, warranted perfect. Subscribe lor Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar, only 91 a year. W<i 5ive a premium of Patterns to tho value of 91 60 until uly 10. Be in time. ______ JNDIA CAMELS' BAIR SHAWLS AND SCARFS at bargains. Retiring from business and going to Europe in Julr( will return the 1st ot October to finish tbe sale of India Shawls, and to which I shall add any choice Shawls I may And abroad. J. RCBSELL, S3 East Twentieth street JJOSIERY DEPARTMENT AT THE GREAT EAStTsIDE ESTABLISHMENT, E RIDLEY A SON, GRAND STREET, NEW YORK. Ladles' Balbrlggan llose, regularly made, 29c., Sic, 38c., 80c. and up. Iron Frames, 28c. per pair and up. Children's white and fancy Hose, 6c., 8c., 10c., lie. op M the finest grades. BARGAINS IN MERINO AND OACZE CNDERYE8TS. Radios', I.TOO dozens at G0c.. 65c., 76c. to finer qualities. Mixes', 290 dozens at 35c., 40c., 46c., 60c., 60c. up. Men's, 800 dozens. S8c., 60c., Mr., 76c., 91 up. Over 500 new styles in Ladies', Misses' and children's Lisle. Silk and Berlin Gloves, running from 0c. per pair to 35c, 460 dozen* of French IIosu at 5)c. per pair, sold regular* ly at 91. FULL LINE OF OENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. Clearing 5,000 Ladies'Silk Ties and Scarfk at 14c., 25c., 36c., 80c. and 78c., half regular prices. RID GLOVES. One-button, 45c. to 78c., two-button, 76c. to 91 25 ncr pair, BEST LOW PRICED GLOVES IN AMERICA. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, 309,311 and 311S Grand street, and G2, 61, 66, 68 and 70 Allen street, filth block east from the Bowery. tlTE OFFER 01'R ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES' ANB TT Misses' Iteadv made Holts, Redlngotes, Camela' Ualr, Linen, Batiste, Poplins, Ac., at prices to astonish the PUW1C" D. SOLINOER A CO. We offer a line af Llama Lace Sacques and Shawls at less than hall tU? usual price. _ . __ P. SOLINOER A CO. W? remind onr patrons of our complete stock of Ladles' Ready-made Garments, made of the best brands of mus lin by Wheeler A Wilson's machine, at lowest rates. Goodaseat for examination to any part of this city, Brooklyn. W iillamsburg. Jersey City, lloboken and Hud son city. _ Orders by mail promptly attended to. D SOLINGKR A CO.'S New Store, 328 Bleecker street. corner Christopher. formerly corner Carmine and Bleecker. Also Suits made to order at our regular store price* within two days' notice, prompt. ^Xfto&R 4 CO. Pl'KNITL'ftK. A MAGNIFICENT SATIN BKOCATEL PARLOR SUIT, nearly new. cost 947>, for ?2U0: one do. 9175, brocatel aud rens Suits, 975, 95" and 931; rosewood Chamber Suit, cost 9475, for 9175, walnnt Chamber Suits, 925, up to 9150; Paintings, Pianoforte, Bronzes, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpet* 50c. up: Buffet, Extension Talde. half original cost; family leaving city. 104 East Twenty filth street, between Fourth and Lexington a venues Cut tins out AT BKNDAI.L'S OLD STAND?FIR NITC RE, CAR pets and Bedding, cheap lor cash, or by weeklv and monthly payments. C. K. CANNON, 2U9 and 211 Hudson street, corner Canal. A CHANCE SELDOM MET WITH.-FOR CASH, Al private residence 21 East 20th st., near Broadwav, Parlor suits, 975: rep Suits, 935, walnut Bedroom Suit* $SK and NO lots for le-o than half cost AT PRIVATE SALE?THIS DAV, THE ENTIRE elegant Furniture or private residence 210 West XIst st: also two Pianofortes. If not sold this day will b? sold at auction Tuesday, /una 17, 10 A. M. FIRST CLASS ASSORTMENT OF IIOCSEBOLB Furniture for sale. ?Parlor Suits Grande Duchesi and Marie Antoinette stvlcs, covered silk brocade, cost 9*10, tor 92m); do., 9180; do. 94'>: Paintings. Book cases, Bron/es, magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, cost 91,tun, (or 9275; Silverware, Glassware, a ?acrlfl e: prop erty family leaving city. 3?i West 15tli st.. near 5th ar. A SPLENDID OPPORTl'NITV TO Ht'Y AN ELEGAN1 Parlor Suit In snttn cost 9?<>'. for 925J: brocatel Suit 92011; rep and Idus'i suits, 9?'4); Bedroom Suits complete 940 upwards; Bedsteads, Bureaus, Carpets, Table* Chairs, 4c, less than naif cos". at residence 1*) west 23<! street, near 6th avenue * LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, FCRNI A ture and Bedding, >it lowr.t casn prices, by weeklv instalments, at O'FARRELL'S warehotwt! 41(1 Eigblll avenne, between Thirtieth and fhlrty-flrst streets. CARPETS, ^ Pumitnre, Reds, Heilding, Ac. Pk.mik iiLs taken by the' week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., comer of Twenty filth street and sixth .tvenoe. (SARPKTS for SALE ?5i?? OOOD THREE-PLY IN J grain and Brussels Carpets, all sizes, rich pattern*, warranted perfect eery cheap, at 112 Fulton street cor ner Dutch: entrance on Dutch street. c D P.GRAAF A COCHRANE Furniture Warehouse, wholesale anil retai!, removed to 152 and 164 Wesit Twenty-third strecf. Damaged oh decayed oil paintinu ankkw. gravings can b<> entirely restored to their i riginal v.ilne by submitting them to II. E. r.AKU 639 ^i*-l. av?. nue, successor to Earl A Sons, Picture Restorers TVTKEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FCRNI ture. Carneto and Bedding, at B. M COWPEB, TBWAIT k CO.'S. 156 and 157 Chatham street An im mense stock and low prlccs. HOI'S KM, RiKMIS, .VI ., W A In this City stmt Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED COl'PLE WISW the eare of a private bouse, or would take care ?f an unoccuplert MMS. A pi' 1> at 96s |.| nv . neiir S3o st. WANTED?IN THE NINTH WARD, NEW YORK IT city, a First or Second Ft.'or, unfurnished, tor housekeeping, by a small genteel family: rem 930 per month. Address COMFORT, f?ox 134 llsrsld ofBee. P?K AKTH. Strangers visiting thk city \rr coroiai.lt Invited to examine the wotiilenul specimens ol Pio. tnra and Priai Hestoiiug. by U. ii. kAKL. 6.ti hixtU st.

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