25 Haziran 1873 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Haziran 1873 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,457. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. P11I0E FOUR CENT& DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Ninth Pace? Fifth and sixth column*. ASTROLOGY? Ninth Pack? Filth column. BILLIARDS? Sbcond Pack? Fourth column. BOAUDEItS WANTED? Twklftu P auk? second and third columns. BOAUD AND LODuING WANTED? Twklitii Pack? Third column. BROOK I. VN HOARD- TwrirtH Paqk? Third column. BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE ? Second I'ACB? First coluniti. business opportunities-fib** pao*? sixth coi ?inn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Skvbmth Pauk? Sixth column. CIOAKS AND TOBACCO? TwaLrru Pack? Sixth column. Ci'l'V REAL. ESTATE FOB SALE? t-KCOBD Pauk? First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN ? Elkyknth Pack? Sixth col umn. CLOTHING? Ninth Pao*? Fourth column. COACHMEN AND tiARDENKilS? ELKTBirrn Paqk? Sixth column, and Twki.pth I'aok? First column. COASTWISE STKAMSHIPS-Skco.nd PA.iK-Filth and Mlxih column*. COUNTRY board? Twetrra Pag*? Third and fourth columns. DRNTls t ry? Twelfth Pauk? Sixth column. 8KY (iOOl)S? Fiust Pack? Second column. WELLINO HOUSES TO LET, FURN ISIIED AND I NFUKNISHED? Ninth Pauk? Third Column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Sbcond Pauk? Fourth and tilth columns. * EIMtOPK? TwEi.mi Pack? Sixth column. EXCHANGE? Twki.?th Page? Sixth column. K Y lis AND E A It S? fw i: lk 1 11 Pauk? Sixth column. K>' PBES8BS ? Fmst Pauk? Second column. EXCL USIONS? Si' om> Page- Sixth column.) FACTORY PROPERTY? Skco.vd Pauk? First column. FINANCIAL? Eicorn P/.GK- -Fourth mid flah columns. FOR SALE?' Twn'i.i Part? Wrh and sixth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APART.MKNS TO LET? Ninth Fagk? 1 Third und fourth columns. FURNITURE? Stntii Paue? Fourth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Twelfth Park? Sccond . column HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Elsvxntb Pagb-PIIUi and Sixth columns. HELP WANTED? MALES? ' TwKLfTH PACK-Plrst and Scroll I column*. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.-Fimt PACB-Tbird, fonrth, littli ami sixth columas. HOTELS? Twelith Pauk? Third column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? Second Page? Fourth column. INSTRUCTION? Fikst Paop.? Sccond column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER <1EN REAL ESTATE FOR SALK-Second Pauk Firai column. LOAN OFFICES? First Paok? Sccond oolnmn. LOST AND FOUND ? Fiust Pauk? l'lr?t column. Si AClllNliRY? TwELmi Page? Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?' Twelfth Page? Sixth eolumn. MATRIMONIAL ? Tvr Ri.FTH Pagk? Sixth columu. MEDIAL? TwBi.ria Park? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Tenth Page sixth column. MUSICAL? Niniii Park? Sixth co'ttmn. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Skvknth Park? Sixth column. PERSON tL ? First Park? First column. pianofortes, ORGANS, 40.? Ninth Page? Fifth col umn. POST OFFICE NOTICE ? Twfxrrn Paca? Sixth column. ROP0SAL8? First Park? SIVth column. PROF lit- 8 ION AL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Klkvbnth Park? Fi.th column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Sbcond Parf.? First and second columns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Pagk? Second column. BEAL ESTATE WANTED? Skco.nd Page? Second col umn. REWARDS? First Pack? First column. BALES AT AUCTION? skco.nd Pauk? r'ccond, third and lourth columns. BITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Ei.ktknih Page? First, sccond, thinl, fourth and filth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED ? MALES? Elk vkktu Paob Sixth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Pagk? First and second col umns. SPORTING- DOOS, BIRDS, AC.? First PAGE-Thlrd column. fil'M.M Elt RESORTS? TwKLrrn Page? Fonrth and fifth columns. THE Tit A i>liS ? Twi'i.rrn Park? Second column. THE TURF? First Park? Third column. ro LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Nisrn Pare? Third column. TRAVELLERS' Ul'II>F.? Skcono Pagk? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Park? Fourth column. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Ninth PARK-Flfth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY IOB SALE OR To LET? Second Paus? Pirat column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fntsr Pagk? Second column. XIi:iiAl.l) UFKiCK-IJFTOWN. A DVERTISEMENTS FOB inE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH C FFICE, 1,205 BROADWAY AND MO SIXTH AYENUK, BETWEEN THIRTY- FIRST AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAY'S (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.>, AT OFFICE RATEs! NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITII HERALD ATS O'CLOCK EVERY MORNINgT NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK IIEHALD. ?jyjESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APrOINTElTPARIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE nERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERHONAU A LBERT E. PHELPS? CA*LL AT 11 CEDAJt STREET. BALCONY.-CENTRAL PARK GARDEN SUNDAY nl^'ht.? Shall treasure the (lowers dropped; when and where can I tee you? C. W. C., Herald eMce. B LEECKKH STREET? OUT OF TOWN: JUST R] turned. Meet me Thursday. Leave Friday. JOHN. SRFAD-CAN THERE BF. ANY GRAHAM AT THE bakery before the journey f Something has hap pened to Cake. IN FORMATION WANTED? OF W. R. M'QUOWN, A musician ; was last heard from at Lone Branch, the dav Longfellow and Harry Bassctt ran. Informant lib erally rewarded by a distressed father. WM. McQUOWN, Glasgow, Kv. 1; PE RSONS WHO SENT LITTLE GIRL TO~ ERIE Basin, South Brooklyn, about June S, inquiring on tugboat for Mr. McV'iinn, will address John Dobson, on board the United States st amship Star, the* inay hear of him. JOHN DOBSON, in care ofMv. A. Boy ce, No. 45 Whitehall. New York city. Brooklyn papers please copy. I""~FTHE YOUNG LADY IN BLACK, WHO NOTICED gent In the hall of Hf. Francis Xavicr Monday even ing. will grunt Interview please add less HERBERT, box 'Jfu Herald office. IK BROADWAY CAR, SUNDAY NIGHT.? LADyTTlUB feather on hat, from Garden. Address BllENTANO, Herald Uptown flranch office. M_ y deaR-iFaVB LABORED HARD TO SEE YOU, but in vain; doti't understajid. Address box it#} Herald Uptown Branch office. I o**, TRUST. OSELUBY ~WILL BE AT ROSE BANK PARK, Clifton, S. L, Thursday. Tan I ?m lenms. M \ It Y. JAKAU? COME 11UME; YOUR MOTHER IS DYlNO. > F. 8. ILL MINNIE MOORE PLEASE GIVE FULL AD dress to TEACHER, box 102 Herald officer ILL MR. JOSEPH KREMER "PLKASE~LEAVR HIS address at Astor Hon-e, rooia 274 r COURIER. ? W W LOST AND FOUND. T OST-A GOLD BRACELET, ON SATURDAY EVEN' Ju ing, in or near Thomas' Central Park Oaril< n ; iiracelet made ol tbree strands of chain. The finder will !bc rewarded upon returning It to CHARLES UaRLICUS A CO., cu Exchange place. .^f OST? FRIDAY, JUNE 20, A GOLD ENAMELLED ?L J Breastpin, in an Eighth avenue car from Fitty-ftfth at roc t or in changing cars at the depot Finder rewarded fcy relurninu it to l'4'i We<t Fifty-tilth street J OST-MONDAY EVENING, GOING FR()M"lTFfrETTl J street or about Christopher street ferry, a navy blue atcrproot (Teak; Arnold A Constable's innrk on in.iiun ?t the collar. A reward of $5 will be given toauvone leaving at 40 st Mark's place. 1" OUT? A LARGE SUM OF MONEY, ON TUESDAY ^ morntnff, on a Fourth avenue ear, between lhirty .fourth direct ferry and Seventeenth street and I'ourih avenue; a liberal reward will be paid for it Return to the clerk of the Union Club, corncr Twenty-first stioet and Fifth avenue. Y OST-OM MONDAY MORNING, A GOLD WATCH JU Chain, with a Maltese Cross attachcit. bearing the inltlsls L. C. The finder will lie suitably rewarded by re turiuiiK it to SW Bowery, In the millinery store. OST? ON FRIDAY, tffl INST IN SAROEY'S GAL lery, Broadway, or between there and .-rxty-?ec<>nd ?treet, a turquoise ntid trold liarring ; an v orin finding tho *nmc will bn suitably rewarded by leaving It ut the desk ot the gallery, ftw Broadway. Strayed? from io union place, or bknpoint, VJ on 24th Instant, a black Mare, 14^ hsnds high. A ?nl ahle reward will be paid to any person wbo will givo any iniorinatlon ot her. J. II1NDLEY. REWARDS. (|Sl | Wt^WARD? IiOG' LOST.? A WHITE SPIfZ DOG} answers to the name of "Be:iut.v." Anyone re. turning the same to MYRON PKRHY A CO., No. l lil Broadway, corncr Twenty -sixth stre#', will reoelve the above reward. iff Ron perry * co. f REWARD? AND NO OUESTIONS ASKED, FOR i^t) Mocking Bird taken from AUTEN'S Waysiile otel, Central avenue, on Saturday evening, June II. (fi> REWARD.? STOLEN? FROM STATEROOM l # ' steumer Providence, lor Newport, night of Jana IK, one smooth case, open fac.' golil stem- winding Wrttrh, iniido by Reynaud, Geneva. Above reward and no ques tion* allied will be paid for Its return to N. I). OLAPP, office oi J. Strutners A Co , 4ft Wall strei-t. Now York. <jbr;n REWARD.? STRAYED. FROM U BAST FORTT. ijitlvr ninth ."treet, a itnl I Terrier lliteh, white, Willi brown spots, a round spot on the back and marked wiffc aamo color on the head nud al the root ol the tail; chewy note ; answers to the name of Fannie. KEWARD PAID FOR RETURN OF FLACK TOM CAT VS bite breast and feet; had on red braid and bells; * r nvod Irotn 637 Seventh avenue on Sunday; a pet. SPECIAL NOTICES^ A -HERALD BRANC 11 ' (FFICF. BROOK I.Y V, ? corner ol Fulton avenue and Bocrum street, open troin S A. M. to 9 P. M. tin Sunday trom S to !> P. M. A' ? $10",n00 PRIZE. WITH 9,999 SMALLER PRICEi, ? will be drawn at the I ouisville Library (Irani (lilt Concert Inn lew days, licket* lor talc by J. T. EiaiB, \ri Broad street. New York. * _ SPKCIAL NOTICKS. _ A? THE AMERICAN REGISTER, ? the roost widely circulatod of the American journals published lu Europe. A capital medium lor American advertisers addressing themselves to _ European patronage. Indispensable lu mII persons visiting Groat Britain and the. In ropean Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN Ilbdl.sic.K will Ikj received and single copies of the paper may be obtained at the office ol the New York Herald, New York. A-W00.C00 SOLID CASH WILI. UK GIVEN BY LOT ? to patrons ot the Third Grand Gilt Concort in aid of Public Library of Kentucky, at I oulsville, Ky., positively and unequivi.esllv on Ttiesdav. July 8, rh73; 10,00 > gill * all cash), ranging from $10 to SiuO.UOO; drawing positive, without any delav whatever, and every sift guaranteed to be paid in lull bv Farmer* and Drovers' Bank of Louis ville, treasurer o( thr Library. T;ckeu In thin scheme neHrlr sold out, and those who desire the few remaining must order a<. once. Thin Is the only scheme in the world w here the full amount advertised Ik guaranteed in a re sro.isible manner to be paid without any discounts what ever being deducted. Tickets, $10; halves. $5; quarters, $2 SO. Order immediately trom New York General sup ply Agency, Tit OH. H. HAYS ft CO., tWJ Broadway. New York Tickets also with W. L. DAVIS, W7 Broadway, and JOHN T. KPOK, 18 Broad street. /CAUTION.? ALL PERSONS INDEBTED TO THE Eg I ) tale of the late Simon Ho neman are hereby can tloned against making any pavments except to the Gaz zam Collection Aeenoy and its rerostnize,! correspond ents, inasmuch as the kaid estate will havo to be seitlod through the bankruptcy Court lor thu Southern district (?f New York mid no authority lias bat n given lor the set Uement of the said an- ountx ex ept io the above agency. KM (L GREEK, of G roe IT ft Co.; Hit. FEUD. KOHBE, ofKobbe ft Ball; CLINTON W. BARLOW, with lie GriefT A Co., Committee of Creditors. EDGE'S only Fireworks Depot, KM Broadway. H AVANA LOTTERY OF CUBA. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. City of Hamburg Lo'tery. Prizes cashed ami information given. T11EODOB Z8CHOCH. Box 0,080 Post office. 116 Nassau street. Kentucky state lottery, for tbk benefit of the schools of Frankfort.? Prises amounting to $500,000 drawn daily. Official drawings on iile. Also Havana Lottery. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATF.8, Agent, itW Broadwav, room No. 4, Chatham llank Build ing; branch offloe 71 Broadway, room 3L New York. MANUFACTURERS. M IN Kits, JEWELLERS AND others desiring the service" of a first rate man will do well to address Z. Z. Z, Yonkers, N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA Lottery tor the lieuefli ot the Kreo School Fund? I-RIH-KTCAL? KXTRA CLASS 173? JUNE Jl, 1873. Ti , 13, 31, 14, 11. 7, 48, 1, 9. 19, 53, 44. CLASS 174? june 24, 1873. 7. 1?. M, 34. 75, 51, 3a. 48, ;<?, 6, 23, 37. COLE A CO., Managers, Charleston, S. C., June 24, 1873. New YorL Post otlico box 3,855. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. ULTRA CLASS NO. Ill? JUNE 24, 1873. 37, IP, 48, 5fl, 3, 61, 69, 9. 77, 4, M, 69, 14 23. N0UTR CAltOLlNA? CLASS NO. 1 1*2? JUNK 24, 1S73. 11, 76, 35, 56, 57, 47, 63, 31, 78, 6-' 21, t>?, (V. GERKEN ft CO., Managers. LUTHY ft CO.. Brokers, Z,2 Greenwich slreet, N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY BTaTE LOTTERIES. KENTUCET? EXTRA CLASS NO. 897? JUNK "4. 1873. 57, 25, 5, 32, 76, 12, 9, 4, 74, 24. 05, 22, 36, 31. EENTCCET? CLASS NO. 39S? JUNK 21, 1S73. C8, 62. 28. HI, 25, 21. in, 2, 42, 34, 77, 11, 69. SIMMONS ft CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SHELBY COLLEGR? EX1RA CLASS NO. 297? JUNK 21, H73. 72, 7, 18. 44. 49, 4.\ 2-), 58, 4. 56. 26, 13. 29, 50. SBULRV COLLKOE? CLASS NO. 298? JUNK 24. 1873. 34, 13, 24, 3f>. 00. 42, 15 41, 44, 54, 45, f-3, 28. SMITH ft CO., Managers. Covington. Ky. Address 0. HENRY, rare J. Clute, broker, 206 Broad way. Post office box 4,969. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY? NEXT DRAWING JUNE 26. German State Lotteries. Send for circulars. BITTER ft CO.. Post office box 3.83<V 86 Nassau street, room 4. rflHE PARTY PURCHASING PUBLIC LIBRARY J tickets tor John A. Miss, of llar./ord, Conn., will do wdfto return thorn, as they will not avail him or any one else anything. I have a record ol the numbers, and so will Governor Brainlette before the drawing. M. L. DAVIS, Agent, 907 Broadway. TRANSLATIONS PROM HI LY AND CORRECTLY EX J rented lu the French and Spanish luuguaues. or from the-e to English; first class relercnces. Addro.-s* TRANSLATOR, Herald offlce. TO WORKERS IN TIN.? I DESIRE TO NAKE AN arrangement to have a large number of tin churns manufactured. The model ran be aecn at the Stnrtcvant House, between Tweuty -eighth and Twenty-ninth streets, Broadway, room 36. Bids Solicited. Call at any hour from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M., for two dava. U. W. COTTINGUAM. R $500 QQQ ?ONLY FIVE DAYS REMAIN IN which to secure shares in Wells' Grand Distribution, the final drawing of which takes place July J, 1873. Procure tickets ot P. O. Devlin, 30 Lib ertv street; Paul P. J. Donovan, 28 Proad street; Millet A Son, 395 Broadway ; D. A W. Bennett, 493 Third avenue, or at Great Central Office, Bridgeport, Conn. dNpTOQ r\Q (1 IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky Circular* Irce. comtnisa'on al lowed. Address BALEY ft CO. (office established thirty years), 174 Broadway. OltY GOODS. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY, near Twentieth sireet-IM PORTED PATTERNS of all the SUMMER STYLES now ready. CLOTH MODEL with each pattern. We FIT patterns to the FORM and warrant them per:ect; also CuUlug and Hatting. Cull early In the day ; open until 6 )? P. M. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, 4fcC* A FAST SLOOP YACHT, IN COMPLETE ORDER, for sale at a sacrifice ; one ycMpId ; sails ured only about two months. Apply to JOHwIlIGGINS, Flushing, L. I., or box 142 New York Post office. Boats of every description on hand and built to ordor, at mr shops, 3*18, 373 South stieet and 114th street, ltarlem River. STEPHEN ROBERTS. C1ANOE FOR SALE-CHEAP. ADDRESS VINDEX, J Herald office. FOR 8ALE-T1IE STEAM FERRY BOAT ECLIPSE, 148 tect long, 47 feet wide over all; engine, 22-inch cylinder, 6 leet stroke ; saloon on upper dock ; no cabin on main deck ; hull and machinery In good order; will ho sold low. Applv to A. HECK VI AN, Soutli street lorry slip, Philadelphia. F OR SALE? A NEW YACHT, 36 FEET WATER LINE. 47 on deck, 15 feet beam ; lame accommodations and modelled for speed. Inquire of or address JOHN DHLS COLL, No. .Wi Last Tenth street, Now York. Can be seen at Fifth street. East River. WANTED? A 20 FOOT SAIL BOAT, CAT-RIGGED. Penny Bridge nio.li 1; must be still' and in good order. Address, stating price, L. 1>. S? Herald Uptown Branch offlce. TV' ANTED TO CHARTER-PROM 3D TO 13TH JULY. VT inclusive, a sioon or Schooner Yacht with full ac commodation (or eiiflit (8) ireirlemen; mu*t be well found in every res.pi ct ; would prefer one row in cotn n.|4-inti. Address, giving lull i ai tlculars rega:ditig s in-, si/e of yacht, Ac., w. C. L., L'nlon League Cllfb.Nuw York city, INSTRUCTION. AMENIA SEMINARY, A MEN I A, N. Y.-WILL AGAIN open for Summer I'ourd July 1. A charming .? uui tuer homo. Plenty of room lor children. 8. T. FROST, Proprietor. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, SI FOURTH AVENUK, opposite Cooper Institute. - Hook keeping. Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Dav and evening. Ladies' department Telegraphy uught practically ; demand for operators. No vacation. (1HEOARAY INSTITUTE (ESTABLISHED IN NKW J York in 1814).? English and French lor young ladles And misses. Bo?rding anil day pupils. 1 ,527 and 1,529 Spruce street, Philadelphia, I'a. French is the language ol the Inuiily and is constantly spoken in the Institute. Mine. D'hekvilLY. Principal. A LOAN OFFICER. T 77 RLRROKRR STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UP stairs.? Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets hongM. at 77 lllcecker street. AT 80 NASSAU 8TRBBT, BETWEEN FULTON AND John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the buying, selling or advancing oil Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise, Life Policies, tor any amount AT WOLF BROTHERS', 89f. BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets? Moner loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, and particularly Pianos. Private parlor lor ladies. Business strictly confidential. ____ AT 997 BrtbADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET.? Liberal advances on Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, 811k*, Camel's Hair Shawls, Laces and personal property of every description. JAMBS P. .MATTHEWS. AT HYMAN'S, 710 BBOADWAY? LIBERAL AD rances -nade on Diamonds and Watches, Silverware, Ac., or will paj- the highest market price lor the same. AT 57 imi STBEKT, NEAR BROADWAY.? I I'AY the highest prlta for Dlaniotids, Watches Jewelry, Ac. Advanee on the sume. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 13th atreet, near Broadway. 0(1 NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Ot/ Liberal advance* made oil Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchuinli.'.e. The same tiought and sold. Room I. HAYMAN LEOPOLD. A SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY FOURTH TvO mi I Twenty-fifth ?tre?ts, -i.itieral advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Ibices and Miswla. Haine bought at lull value. L BEK.NAIID. (\<J r BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET - UOt) Money liberally advanc.'.l on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and Personal Properly of all descrip tions; the same bought anil sold. II. GEitiElt.MAN (formerly M HoxenbergV 1 9A7 BROADWAY. OVER HERALD BRANCH l.^l) I offlce, room B.? Parlor for la lies. Branch 1,2117 Broadwav. M< 1 ? ~ "" - ? Jewelry. Ac. Same 1,207 Broadway. ' Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches, me bought and sold. LIN Do IIKO.4. KXPllKSHKS, IOJQ BRANCH. LOMO BRANCH J Express. I.i press. Express? BATTERBoN a (:ooK, 5:i;> ami 597 sixih avenue, corner of Thlrtv -fiilh street ? Furniture and Huggattu takou Iroin New York and vicin ity direct to I ong Krnneh daily, without* chsnm, by steamer Sea Bird, via lied Bank; also Horses, Carriages, *?., takcu care ot aud Uviimed at Low Brauvb, IPORTPIQ? POGB. B1HUK, AC. A? FOB SAl.K, all kinds ok fancy doos. . Blrils, Ac. ; Medleinas for all diseases; Prepared Food for muck ins' birds. At H. 0. DOVE i '8, No. 3 Uioeso struct, near CanaL A BRASS CANNON FOR SALE ? COST $100; UOOD a* new; W lb. charge; will So sold c he a p. S. ('. SMITH, 2U2 William street (Frankfort House). PM BAUMUX FURB BRBBD BLACK NEWForND r land Pupa; three small, white, handsome Poodle Docs; four splendid Imported Scotch and skvc Terri??? (rarer*), at MAURY JHNNINUS', .191 Broome afreet, near Centre Market Don* hoarded and cured of all dlaeuMab Lave Wats always on hand. JO MKT VRKKLAND. OK THE BAYONNK CITY (N. JJ Boat Club, and Dave Field, ol the lllghbridife Club of Harlem Kiv. r, frill row ? tour-mile rnco. in *heM boats, tor a pur-e or S.'iOo, (>n Friday next, 27th Inst . at $ o'clock P. M 1 Ik- start will Ik- from the bridffj opposite Pollock'* Hotel, down tli.i river, turn the stake ooat an4 return. The race is creating Kre.it excitement, and heavy wagers have already been mud.- on the result W. H. Fl.ORBNCE, Jr.. Rcfaree. WANTED? A HKAVY BKEKGH LOADING HI FLK, with telescouic sight; one that will carry a Brent distuuoe and accurately an.t quite large bore , n'so ? win ch. -ater repeating Giilo. Address HUNTBlt AND TRAP Pl.R, Herald otiioo. THK Tl'BF. I Fleetwood association. I Morrwanla. Wostcheater county, N. Y. Spriu* Meetln*. _ THIRD DA\ ? WBDNiSDAY, JIM! ?? Purse No. 5. $1.0M) ? For 2:34 Horse*. M. Carroll's cli. m. Ill* jjwwl Maid. James Dugrey'sbr. in. Llda I leton. JohnC. Siivdam's br. tn. l ons'^nca. Akden Goldsmith's b. *. AbdalUh. Alexander Psttorsou* br. in. Browu Kitty. Pierce Hayden'abr. in. Lady Ann*. Daniel PHlar'sbr. ? Harney h.all>. ?' Vu^N^'e ilV-'orJ ? Horse*. James Irvin's blk. *. Charles K. Lo?w Uormerly Patch 0n|'eniBinin Macs'* b. m. Clara O. otis Bart'* it- Confidence. Oeorg- N. Ferguson s w. g. Crown Prince. John 1 1. Dotv's s. ni. Nonesuch. ? FOURTH DAY?TU I. USD AY, JUP.E M. Purso No. 7, **?? For 2 ;*3 Horse*. M. Rodon's b. g. Penobscot Oi'ortfo HeddonM br. n. A*a. M. Carroll's blk. s. Wintbrop Morroll. Jt. It. J Anderson's blk. g. Win field. James Dunrey's ?r. g. Ben Smith. 1. I'. Ackermsu'sbr. s. Hamperlon. Daniel Muce's b. g. "*??> Allen Benjamin Mace's s. in. W ash burn Malu. Allien Goldsmith'* br. m. Volunteer Alexnntler Patterson's h. i. Frank KlocU. Otis Burt's br. g. Brown 1 rincu. A. McDonald's b r. Kichardii. {formerly Spmglo!. Inliti .' plan's br. m. Mollle Barker. Purse No. H, $3,101'? For 2 il llorsea. Peter Manee's h. s. Wm. H. Al'en. Allien Goldsmith'* b. in. Huntress. John Lovott's b. in. Cazelle. .nr."? l^^rA^ocilStim. V cl%" of '."V rneo ?8S?S lgK^r,? will be I.-) tii rili. Races cmnnience each day at H " Clock. Admission to grand stand and field, 5- Badges to 1 1 1 / ' Sr o arsTe a vey 1 I arte In B ridge each day of the races evi rv 10 minutes, direct for the jpark. p!" A' second street depot at 11 Wm. H. VakCott, finperintentent - Tit fvtwood ASSOCIATION.? NOTICE.? ON .A^'? 1* ro'ont 01 unfavorable w.n.h.r U,L; r^'r:. r,lvrrU.0j aa-asa.'swsr jsss Sr* iiKV U. AU..I. .ill 1.0 1,^1 WTttfet'.'ssa r'?;krii;%^ri',?.??.SvT-.'uii.'w. llowe names*, g ? oaKLEY, Superintendent est to S mlnntos xKird' (iHy?2;40 claw* thirteen 1 '"b^ammw, Secretary. HOIiBKS, CABKiAUBS, ^ \ -LIGHT CARR1AOE.S AND HARNESS. Downtown warerooms. No. 8 Cortlandt street, tormurly 5? idberty street First class BuRgies IV^mfwMjona. I'nrk PbaetotiH (n.;w styles). ? w?on?. Ponv Phavton* (all styles). Bti?ine*s wagona. Harnesa (a specialty). U*hAT ilJlti-rs Ac ik, . , wtiliiM. Nets. Robes, tlalu rs, ?c. il to 4.) per rent halow Broadway prlcej. Pevnral Wagon* slightly I.m.Vs hi t'he'eity. It will i.ay you to cnll before pui ? .hnjiuff- , ARCU. JOHNS i ON, s { 'ortlundt, in mr Bioad wny.^ * i i vn a I' FO I T H AND SIX-^KAT I'lIAKfoNM, A routes Coachen * Hnrourhe, Depot Wagon, atVimV Stid Hinirle Harnoj*- taken In exclianjce -.sold half price! haM S, No. It) Fast Fourth s'.reet_ k v a M 1 1 Y TEAM LIGHT HORSES; RELIABLE ? I.MVF C\RRIAt>E TEAM FOR SALE-DARK 1?AY i^everv'lianTc'uia'A^o'niy^.d onVccounTot'owner^oln* F.^.y llotel. ? , n/>RKR WANTED? MUST BE SOUND, A FR1.F. A traveller and not alrald o| .$n&?}lJ2 with price and lull parti ular*. DL'KK, Herald omce. "T i.'4?n cAiv Til F PKOPKItTY OF A FARMRU; A "fwiflloral^; one a veiy handsome bay Horse. I#li h'a^S ' wS^'^ Tgo^4 worker ; they a?c sound and lcarlesa of locomotive*. Ap ply at 153 Cedar street a i?r.tnMiB? Ea*t Eighty-fllth sireet. Price > MERCHANT WISHES TO SELL HIS ESTABLISH A S hir nMt o*' time to use It, consisting of a Billiard Tabled npa ri p ay^ Apply -it store ?0 Broadway. A' .in, ,,V L*|u i* CARBIAOE HORSES FOR SALE? Torn Is 0 and' 7 years old. lii hand* hiRh. Rood ipors ; will be sold separately il duslred. IIO l.exlug Ujii avenue. Price IWO. It BOMB FOR SAI.F.-17 HANDS , TROTS IN THRBB ^veysm'^'s.c'hMnil^Frankron Uouw. M William street \ nnnT RIDINO RUOB, CBBAM DRIVINO OL<?VE.< A a I.rcre v Vriety of lln. good* ale Mr- m ly low prices. IjffloN ad/mS ACQ, Importers ti'17 ltroailway. . TltfiltOlJO II BRKD HAMBLETONtAN BAY HORSE, A lit bunds fi years old ; wi uld, It tnateii, make a MU' "who^i 'i W V.H.I ?l. ? Vurplo* S^SHS?:BWJJss.:aSB k ?FOR SALE, BROWN HORSE, 15 II AN 1)8 1 1NCHES . V . high, 7 ye.irs old ; khoI |.nl!cr In dotiHle and single harness; warranted sound; sold on account of owner Riving up business. Apply cornor ot Harrison avenue Hint Penn street, near Broadway, Brooklyn, K. D, Avery fine top busines* wagon, almost new, Pole and Shalls built by first cla-s builder; Will suit doctor or any business man ; built expressly lor city u>e. Apply at 251 Elizabeth street. ABRIOHT BAY PONY BUILT IIOHSK.fi YEARS oi l, I5>? hands high; sound and kind in all harness; suitable lor any light business. Apply at 251 F.luaheth st ^ ?SECOND HAND CAKRIAOES. ?A. Ono elegant Krelt One curt.i u Coach, llaht; nearly new. Two Victoria*, hi roo<I order. Two lour se;it Phaetons. i >110 .slx"icat Kocknway. Tm> and no top Buggies. Elegant T Cart J. ? BREWSTER * CO., lift Kiist Twenly-tinh street. AN ELEOANT SI'LF.f'TlON PARK PHAETONS, SIN gle and double, child's M-at Victoria, extension tops, Jitmn scats, light I u^uics and Rocknways, new aoJ secoud liainl. Popular prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, (538 Broadway. A? FURNITURE TRU(;KH AND CARTS FOR SALE ? or exchange for light Exprc*i Wagon. 40 West Hftieuth street near Fifth ?venue. \LOT OF BOBBBS PBOM CANADA WEST. SOLD cheat) or exchanged for Horses ot l#^s value : young and sound ; one beautiful large gray Horse, suitable lor carriaRc or coupo. Inquire at Ml t aiial street, corner ut Wathiiigton. \ BROWN M ABB? UK HIOH; OOOD STEPPER, . good worker, sound an I kind ; perfectly sale tor a lady, in harn< <s or saddle ; price f. '2ft; Wagon and Har ness, $100. li Ross, builder, 3;H West Thirty-ninth *t AOKNTLE AND fast UOAD M ARE FOR SAI.I - Elght year* old; trots in three minutes; can be driven by ? lady ; warranted in every particular ; price fMU Appiv at ui> Eighth airert near ttrwroway. A? FOR SALE, A HANDSOME IIORSE; VERY . gentle ; for ladies or children ; souuJ;prico $150. 20 Wooster ?treet, A SMALL SADDLE I'ONY FOR SALE-VERY OEN tie; well broken to harnesa; suitable tor boys or girls. NEW YORK SALES AND CAIiRIAOE KKPOHI TORY, Fourth nvenue, corn? r T went; flitii street * -FOR SALE (A GREAT BAROAIN), ONE LIGHT J\ . rile bar shitting top Waiton. one lull spring do., one sl'le bar tbree-(|iiarter seat open ar.d one lull spring three quarter seat; also one Basket Pony Phaeton, with silk canopy. Inquire at Waverley Stable*, Nos. 147, 119 and 111 west Thirty Htth straer. A BAROAIN IN THREE OOOD SECOND HAND Clarences, two llretts, one Coupe Bockaway top ?( J. W. PITHKY'S, 460 Third nvisnun. HOUSES. CAMUAOM, AC. A ORE AT, IMPORTANT, POSITIVE AND ABSOLl'TE SALS It V PUBLIC AUC.ION, THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY, Jl'NE 86. AT Id1, O'CLOCK PROMPT, AT THK HTAHI.K NO. S NEILSON PLACE (MKRCER STREET), BETWEEN WA\ EULEY AND CLINTON PLACES, I1Y JENKINS A DUFF, AUCTIONEER*. TUB ENTIRE PIUVATK ROAD AVD FAMILY Tl KNOUT OF ROBERT L DAVENPORT, ESQ., WHOSE ONLV REA SON FOR SELLING IS ON ACCOUNT OF HIM AND FAMILY GOING ABROAD. COMPRISING A handsome, rich and fast team ot Black Oetdings, 1 5?-; hands liikh, ? and 7 your* old: nre lull brothers; were raised In Jmrerson county, and sired by Blucht-r, dnin a Black Hawk mare; they nre finely tired with ureal style mi l action, and are without exception the Uncut ilriv.ug and next acting team tor gentleman's road use to ho tound, uud Willi thoirextr. Quo disposition malto thcni second to no tfini living tor family me;tllfl.v ar? safo fo.- anv one todrivo; can trot better than 2 :B0 single or double; they have full manes ami tails, with tine Innbs. olcan galted and -tvl ? ; net uud drive alike ; they are warranted sound, kli.d and true, Rloh, prompt. Kami' and stylish team of young hay Oeltltng* ; are 15 hands high, fi and 8 years old ; are highly bred, ilnely in ited In style, guit anu action, and are ex tra plemint, tree, easy and prompt drivers; no lugirlug or netting; lined neither checks nor gags; have neitbur vlcc, trick nor faoit, and arc ureal roadsters; MU travel 16 miles In Hie hour and I inile in :45. mid In all are an A No. 1 rea l team, or an elegant family toam; they are warranted sound, kind and truo. Fo.st mah.igauv bay trotilng G. tiling, 1SK hands high, 7 years old, sired bv Kentucky Clay, dam by Woodpe. ker; lieisoiieotthetiiie.it uud beat gilted trotters that goes the road ? lie tins line action and endurance, amiable dis position, powcrtnl'y patted and excellent polo horse; bus mid can troi now bettor than J :4ft: he Is airaid ol nothing ; will stand In street without tying, and U warranted sound and kind. aIho one of the handsomest lady's or child's coal hlack Ponies In Nc w York; he Is 14 hands high. 6 yOars old ; not u white hair on hha ; lUll, flowing mane and tall, and oxtra tlue saddle pony; has all gaits and can carry heavy wnifrhf ; he enu trot better than lour minutes ami is per fectly s.iie tor eh I droll's us-j ; he is a pcrloct picture aud pet. and warranted sound and kind. Also a complete i urnout, consisting of a brown Tn nu, 14 hs nils high, (I years old, both excellent under Middle, gentle and docile In harness; can tr.it very last, and war. ranted sound and kind. Also a rumble sen' basket Phae ton, one set DouHo Harness, Whip, Kobe, sheets. Ao. , the whole compilning as five n turnoiil a - oan be seen on pui k or io. ul, ami cost a tow weeks ago ^1, 275 for the turnout. Al'-o an elegant patent ctrco'ar front I.nndaulct, one Extension Ton Park Phaeton, hole and shatt*; one tull Spring Top Wagon, one side bur ball-spring Top Road Wag. m, one Top Pony Phaeton, Single and Double llar nn**, tine Ker.sev .street and Dress ltlaukcts, Sheets, Sweat Blunko's, ftohos, Whips, Ac. N. B. ? Ample time will bo allowed purchasers of ho'ses for irl il and examination, and If not tullv as rep resented money refunded anil sales annulled. Sale positive, rain or shine, without limit, restriction or reservation. Every article will bo sold to highest bidder. A' T KA UK Ell A OIUSE'3 cm AUCTION MART AND NEW YOR K TATTER SAL!.S corner ol Broadway and Thirty-ninth street. MAJOR CHARLES W. It AUK E K, AUCTIONEER. REGULAR SALEM OF Horses, Carriages, io.. EVERY WEDNESDAY AM) SATURDAY AT 11 O'CLOCK. TWENTY-FOl K HOURS allowed (or trial ON EVERY lioUSE sold undor warrantees THIS IS THE ONLY Auction Mart iu the St.ito bavin)? the proper facilities tor showing horses ou -,alc? vi/-., a Urge Driving Ring, entirely uinier cover. CATALOGUE OF SALK THIS DAY, AT II O'CLOCK. The CELEBRATED VERY SPEEDY brown trotting Gelding "JAKE TOBEY," Pate he il stock, l.'iji high.Hyeors old; aline, stylish and extra handy driver; has trotted in 2 'Mhi to the polo and can beat 2 iftl? to-day to road wagon ; is airaip (it nothing; is perfectly gentle tor lady to drive nl spec I, and is wui i anted sound ami kind ; sold bj order ol John C. Davis. Receiver. ONE fine lop pony Phaeton. ONE FINK UOCK AW AY, new. FOUR SETS DOUBLE Coach Humes*. ONE TOP AND ONE NO TOP Express Wagons. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD Turnout, comprising rt hand some sorrel trotting Mare, sir. il by Ethan Allen, 15 high, 7 years old; un o.\tru stylish and gstny driver: mis tri t'ed in 2:", 2; is a fine saildio mare ; i;t gentle tor lady to rid'1 or drive, and is warranted sound and kind ; also Top Koad Wagon, Harness, Ac., sold to close an estate. ONE JENNY L1ND Top Wa*on. now. EXTRA FINE HAY FAMILY Horse. 1?V high. # years old, prompt and gamy driver; extra action and appuar ance ; cun trot in 3 :20, and is warranted sound and kind. FINE SETS SINGLE ROAD Harness. ONE S.iN LIGHT DOUBLE I'oml Harness. T11E WML KNOWN HIGHBRED SORREL trot ting mare EPFIK HOLMES, sired by General Knox ; Is 1SI, high, 6 years old; an elegant and very beautiful driver ; !)?>? shown a trial of 2 :tO to the pole ; Is one of the flni s' gaited marcs In the Statu, and Is warranted sound an.l kind. HAY GELD I NO, SIRP.D BY ETHAN ALLEN, 15VJ high, 6 years old; nn elegant and very stylish driver; can trot In 2:50; warranted sound and kind: sold hy order of executors of the Isle Theodore K. Herbert, Esn. BROWN IS ELDING, ?.(? HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; very handsome and stylish ; ha i been used as a ladv's saddle and road horse : ntrnid of nothing ; extra prompt, eaiy driver; warranted sound and kind; alio double tuid single Harness, Sheets, Robe, Whip, Ac. FINE, POWEltFlJL IIAY DRAUGHT HOR-tE, 17 hands, rt years old ; good free driver; great Worker, and wsri anted kind. SIX Top AND NO TOP ROAD WAGONS. SADDLES, BRIDLES, WHIPS. HALTERS, Ad ALSO SEVERAL OTHER IIOR.sEri. FULL DESCRIPTION AT SALE. SALES NH.VEU POSTPONED ON ACCOUNT OF weather. A -MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER ? Oroat sale of celebrated Trotters and Roadsters, the property of Daniel Mace, Esq., oti 'illURisDAY, June 2tf, at II o'clock, at the stables. No. 206 West Forty -eighth street, near H road way, and comprising thirty head of Trotters and Roadsters, the full descrip tion, names, pedigrees uud | ertoriuaiiuos of which will shortly he pulilisfted The "sale will he positively without reserve, as Mr. Mace's engagements in the West will very shortly de mand his presence there. Catalogues now ready, an 1 can be obtained at BAR KER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New Y.irk Tat tersalls, corner of Broadway aud Thirty-ninth street, or at the stables. Mr. Mace will ba at his stables Irom 11 o'clock to 2 P. M. each day, previous to the sale, to show the stock. AT PRIVATE SALE. TOP Wagon, NEARLY NEW. with Pole and Shafts, built hv J. B. Brewster A Co. ELEGANT BASKET PHAETON, WITH CANOPY. SIX SEAT DEPOT WAGON, ON PLATFORM Springs, built bj Wood Bros. Two Elegant 0 Spring Phaetons. Top and No Top Ba-ket I'baetons. Rock a ways uud Jump Seal Wagons. Few Top Wagons, at > ICO each. LIGHT CURTAIN COACH ill PERFECT order. Filty Sets IIui noss. double and single. AT THE HORSE AND CARRIAGE AI'CTION MART of WILLIAM VAN TASSIOLL, 110, 112, III Eust l.'ttli street, near 4th avenue. AN OPPOHTCN1TY THAT OCCURS ONLY ONCE IN a lilelime.? i Carriage Repository for sale ; splendid warerooms, on one of the most crowded thoroughfares in this city ; not much cash required, and terms very easy ; 8 erlectly Mitistactory reasons for selling. Address T, J. [.. box 2,208 P(^it office. Ahorse wanted? bay, with black points 15 hands 8 Inches, pony built, high head, tree and stylish driver. Call with horse or send word at sinhle 2 0 East Thirty-third street, beforo 10 o'clock. No fancy price. At the west side carriage repository will be found the finest assortment of top aril nn top I'ony Phaetons In the city, at the lowest ]>o<sible price: also a large stuck ol Rockaways, Depot Wagons and Phietons: top an I no top Wagons; also two circular front round hoot Coupes, cheap lor cash. 1,404 and l.CKJ Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-tilth streets. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Itockawavs, top aud open liuggles, I'ony Phaetons, Grocers' and Itusiness Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. Avery fine crossmatched team for hale? A black and a bay; perfect beauties; smart trotters; kind and gentle in every way : will lie sold at ball their value; also a fine brown horse; suit*blo for a lady or family to drive. Address ?. II. . 190 Herald oDlce. A N KLEOANI LANDAULET FOR SALE.? MADE TO , J\. oider; never uMC| Will be Mid luW. Apply at 221 | West Fortieth street. _______ A? CARRIAGES, HARNESS, BLANKETS, AC., ? Fourth avenue, corner Twoniy-fllth street Work warranted equal to any and at very lowest cash price. A fine lot of Park and Pony Phnetonl now on liand. Be Kurc to call befoi e purchasing. NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, Twenty -firth street, comer Fourth avenue. * ?FOUR HORSES; MUST BE SOLD SHIP DAY, AS J\ ? owner must leave the city -, all sound, kind aud true, iu I r trial allowed. 207 West Nineteenth street. BY G. H. A. HALL, AUCTIONEER, II ti ll STREET, East Morrisjinlo. fronting the Houlevanl. great va riety Horses at auction, on Thursday. June 2'i; eight i art Horses, six tine Roadsters, Fold on u'Tount ot w.iom it mity concern, and many valuable nnim ils too numerous to mention. Regular auction ?ales Mond ty . and Thurs wqwfc 1ASRXOLET8 AT REDUCED PRICES. Extension Tors at rcduccd priccs. Victorias at rcduccd prices. Rockaways at reduced prices. Phaetons at roduceil prices. A. S FLANDRAI7. Nos. 7 ond 1R East Eighteenth street, ii^ar Fifth avenue. ftA Blt It (LETS, PONY PHAETONS, BUGGIES, DEPOT \J Wagons, Uoekawnys, Lsndaulets. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington pla.-e,* near Broadway. DOCTOR'S WAOON? SUITABLE EITHER FOR gentlemen or Indies' use, ctist l.een used tour times, will be ? old tor $2t*i; sol*l lor want ot use. Can tr uce n st 118 East Thirty -u iu Hi street, or call oil T. M, 7? Dnane str?et. btOR SALE? FOR WANT OF USE. A PERFECT SAD I" die Horse, coal black, H years old ; sound and kin I. C':ill at 6W West Thirty-Cightfi street, between Tenth and Eleventh nvi nues, hair yard. I.IOR SALE WOOD BROS FOUR WHEEL DOG CART Phieton, shifting top, cost $WM, will be sold low ; ncar'y new. Handsome idack potiv bulit Horse, trota In 3 :T?; warraB'cd sound and kind: price S40.E Itoad Wagon, $I.KI. Private stable, \V) Dutncld street, near Mvrtle averioe, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-A SPLENDID FAMILY OR COUPE Horse, IO1-, hands high, 6 years old; color dapple brown; sound and verv gentle; fine free driver. Apply at private stable, 1M Kast Tbirty-llflh street. L'tni BALE? A HANDROMB THORODOQBRBD r Horse, * vears old ; broken to saddle for lady or gen tleman , very stylish and gentle, and warranted sound. Apply to ft M. D REN NAN, coruur Seventh avenue and Thirty -seventh street ft OR SALE-A DARK BAY IIORSK, 151; HANDS high ; ercry way perfect; 7 years old ; price % ant, S. EDDY. N?. l Park place. c HOKSK9, t A II III AUKS. AC. ^ TCTOB SALE? AT HALF VALUE. A FINELY BRED L brown Mare, 1% hands high, 5 jrnars old : sound and kind; just from .stock laria, and can show ! :4.1 gait ; oiilier single or double , sire liy iug t'loud, dam Lady ??i d (Engineer), record 2 '.Hi1*; property of a private gentle^ man. Ask lor Creole Maid, No, S Woat Thirteenth street. EiH}R BALK? AT A BARGAIN. OKI OF TBI HAND xorneat and moat prowts.ng t< 'in -year-old colts In city, 14 blah, sorrel; is warranted In every way: also Trotting Wrntuii and Harness. Add reap BARGAIN, ll-rald office. IjfOR HALE? BAY MASS 15 BANDS HIG H ; HOUND and kind; lady can drive tier; also a roan Horse, hands hijli. byiurs old ; sound and kind ; Just in trom the country. Apply D. UNDERBILL, m Lafayette Blaoe. 1?OR BALK? AT A SACRIFICE. A (1BNTBEL TBAK of bro'A ii IT, rues, 1SVJ liauda high. 7 Mid 8 years old ; stylbh, sound uinl Kind; a linn .ind reliable family team; must be sold tlii.s week. Apply at stable* is and 17 Bast Twenty-eighth air? t fpoR BALE? ON B UPPER CANADIAN PONY. 15 hands; sound and kind; suit any business; u'.so (re nil Cow and Oalf, a big milker; all cheap. KM Went Six te. nth street, near Seventh avenue. F-?>k BALE? OB BAP, A BOB3B II AMU HIGH, 5 year* old ; Iron gray color; also a Wagon and new set oi Harrow; horsu warranted sound and kind 111 all harnass; can go in 42 Rutgers street. F"!OB SAL X ? A BAY B0B8B, 1S.1 HANDS Kit; II, 7 years, extra stylish, single or double; warranted sound. Apply to COACHMAN, 213 West Twenty-sixth st> 1P0B BBAYY Work-TWO HORSES FOB SALB, AT " W Greenwich street. fpOR HALE? SET OK LIGHT DOUBLE HARNESS, made by Orahatn; used but tour times; will he sold very ehunp. For particulars call at 33 Leonard street. rpOB SALB ? A HANDSOME STBBL OKAY PONY, Ut, 1 hands high, very strlLih and tine driver ; superior under saddle ; suitable for a lady; warranted sound. H9 King street. lilOB SALE? A.N ELEGANT BRIGHT HAY HOBSB. r suitable foratkmilv, coupe or dog cart. III bands hiKit, 8 years old; sound mid gentle', i air trial given ; must be sold this week. Apply ui Cunningham's stable, 121 West Forty-filth street. Ask tor Julia yt iiik. IjXIR SALB? A DARK chestnut BOBSB, 7 YEABS old, 17 hutuls high; also a four-wheel Dcg I'art; vory llit'.e used. Apply to JOSEPH TOWNLY, 163 and 167 ?Vesl Fiftieth street. TTHlR PALE? THREE HORSES, 15 TO 16 HANDS, I from 5 io 3 years, tit for anv lise : >ohl OA Heeonnt of having no Work only; prices $110, $140, ail sound and kittd. luijuire at Llo Porry street, stable. "L?R SALE? TOP ROAD WAGON. WITH POLE AND r shaft, made io order, by Corbott 4 ScharclL Can bo seen at livery stable 45 East Forty-first street. Mt)K HaLH-'i'HE STOCK AND (JOOI> Wild, OF A r first class Htablo, cnn-dstlng of a now Clarenoe, 5 Horses snd a Set ol Harness; will be sold together or separately; must be a?ld immediately, on account ol the death of tho owner. Can be seen lor two days at 4SU Cherry streel. Y740R SALB? A BLACK HORSE. 18 HANDS; HAND I some, sty ii.li and perfectly reliable; nil! bu sold low. Inquire lor BAM, at stable, 221 West Forty -sixth street f7<0R SALE CHEAP? AN El. EO A NT FAMILY PAIIK I Turnout, consisting of four seatod light new Park Phaeton, built by Miner & Stevens; a stylish team of brown Horses, .r? ttud (i years old, I \*i bands high, and are wurrtuited kin I and sound in every particular; also a set ol silver plated Harness, new ; will he sold separately or Ii gefher. Apply tu LOUIS A. l0EW, U3 East FUty-sev onth street. IpoB SALE CHEAP? A BOUND. K'ND AND STYLISH dark chestnut Horse, 5 years old, with au -elegant four-seat op< n Park Phaeton, by Hrewster. w.th f-iiitfle Harnois, l.np itobes, Hlunkets snd Whip; also tnn sets of liKht double Harness, by Wood (Jib on; at SHER WOOD'S (irnud Central Stables, KtO and Eunt Forty - flr<*t ntrocL Musi l?' sold this week. Fjion SALE CI1EAP-WOKK HOBBBS, AT 32 FBAKK 1 tort street. IJ10B sale cheap? two EXPRESS WAGONS, ONB I Concord do., one plumber's, one grocery, one milk, and one IIkIiI business wagon, at ?25 Spring street. 1,i OR SALB ok RXOHANOB FOB A LARCER Horse? A beau lrtil sorrel Pony, 14 hands; kind and gentle ; tit for Park phaeton. Apply at No. 7 East Nine tieth street, l?9 teet irom Fifth avenue. TTIOB SALE OR EXCHANGE? A FINE, FAMILY r Horse, IS.3 hands littfli ; very stylish ; 7 years old ; hound and kind : would cxehatige for Furniture. Apply at private stable I4'.i West Thirty ?second street. / 1 RE AT BARGAINS.? IN CONSKQtfENOK OF RE. \T building part of our premises, we otter our entire stock seasonable sty'e.s new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 633 Broadway, ORBE. WAGON, HARNESS AND EXPRESS BUSI ness lor kbIo, at 6-7 Sixth avenue. II Horse, rocbaway and habnksh.? tioksk trots in tho forties; for sal* very low t or cash, or exchange lor other Property. Address HORSES, Herald office, HAItNKSS. SADDLES, nORSE CLOTHING, CAR riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets and a largo variety of Saddlery UootU always on hand. o. ii. saint a co. 40 Warren street. New York. Harness ?the cheapest harness store in New \ ork. A good double Truck Harness, $:U; a good Grocer's Harness, $:S0; a good Milkiuuii'a Harness, ??in; a food Muggy Harness, hand mudc, $17; a sond stable Klunkct, 8-'; also a law assortment of Blankets, Hobos, Sheets, Nets, Ac. I'luase call and examine for yourselves FISHER A OSBoRNK, 71 Barclay street, second door from Greenwlcli street, formerly of Murray street. Horse sheets, 75 cents to $15 e a c n ; lap Dusters, $1 Jt to $14 ; Summer Woollen Horse Blan kets. *? - -VI to $|H; tlpe Sweat llfankeU, $2 .V? to 521): Hal ters, 9U cenu to $4 - flue hand -made single Harness, $2) to SI'.'S; fine band made dcub'.e Harness, $4D to $2&). No inaciilue-iiiadu Harness sold. Whips, Rosettes, Ear Nols, Fly Nou, Ac. All gnods warranted as represented. E. II A ill LETT, Importer and Manufuctnrer, 62 Warren street JOOLYBR A CO.. 598 BROADWAY, CARRIAGE ? Mantracfuri r?, offer a largo assortment ot Vehicles, inclndim; two One I.andanlottes, Coupes, Phaeton', Vic torias. Baggies, Ac., at low pricca, TUMP SEAT CARRIAGES. SIX DIFFERENT STYLES; ?J light Barouche, four and six scat extension top Phaetons, Dei ,,t Wagons, Rooktiwnys, Pony Phaetons at reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOS ITORY, <3S IJroudway. IADY LOVELI, AND MATE FOB SALF. CHEAP- 1.1. '2 2 bund i liii/li ; they are bjy/, flnc-ioo'.iing team and very pleasant drivers; will be sold separate or together, and can trot lii 2 :5t). Apply at Winfluld Stables, 1 10 and 112 West Ht lie tli street. Must seli, my road team? gray and bay; Road Wagon; double llirnetn; separately or to gether. Address JOHN lllGOINS, box 112 New York l'ost office. ONE SIX-SKAT PHILADELPHIA ROCKAWAY PLAT iorm. In gooil order; 1 Brewster (Broomo street) light Top Wagon, 1 Duaenbury Top Wagon, 2 open Road Wagons, by Stivers ; 1 do., by Corbet! ; 20 second tiand Ten ai d open Rond Wagons, of all styles, froiu %0) up; 15 hocknways and Extension Top I'lnii ton, irom $100 up; 1 h, 1 victoria, t Coupe Root away, l six-neat Coupe Hockawav, circular gloss front; 2 Sulkies, top and open Pony I'b.ietuns of all styles, SI 10 up; top and open Ex press Wagons; sing'.*' and double Hnrnoss, sheets. Whips, Sets, Ac. W. II. GRAY, 10 and 22 W ouster street. PONY PHAETONS? Y.VEBY DESCRIPTION, PUPIL lar prices; depot Wagons in great \ arietv ; two ele gant six seat e mens. on top Phaetons, Park Wagons, liuht Rockaways, low tirlces. MANI FAUTU ItERS' ( NION BH Proadwar. QPIID. SPEED, STYLE AND B B A I TY.-ALL KINDS O of light Wagi.ns anil last Itoadsrers, sln.'ic and double, to let at .1 EN KINS \ REGAN'S Waverlev sUiblca, Noi 117, 1 ill and IM West Thirty -filth street. OKCOND HAND IK?Af> WAGON, PONY PHAETON' O elegant I ark Phaeton, Rumble Pony extension 'op Phaeton, DogCart, several llmruies, light Rockaways, in excellent cundltlon. Uiw priees. M ANUFACTURERS' UNION, 8.18 Broadway. QEC0ND BND CARRIAGES AT 1,194 AND 1,498 0 Broadway, viz. An extension top Phaeton. Coupe, ltocka.% ay, Dog Carl, Top Bu/gies and two Road Wagons at low- flgiuos. CUPEBIOR IRON sT.?2,K vtTTtNoa fAHTIES about to build new stabb s or rent Old ones ate In vited to call and Inspect specimens of all the most ap prove I kinds inanulactH red in our own workshops. JANES A Kill 11. AM), Nos. i. 10 and 12 Itoa do street. rroP BI'GOIES, FiiOM HIT) UP, BOCK A WAYS, FROM 1 S!00 un; Victoria*, Irom *:.io np; Pi.nv Phaetons, cheat est lji city. DAY SON, 116 and 144 Eidridge -t. riUVO FULL BI<OODBD ALDEBNBY COWS AND I Cal ; also a t!nc two-> ear-ohl Alderncy Ayrshire Hull. NOAH CLAPP, i3 lloboken avenue, near Five Corners, Jcrsov Cltv lleighta. rptt LET FOB TWO OB THREE MONTHS? WITH 1 pri\ilcge ot buy ng. a gentli iimti's Park Turnout; team styilsh hrnwn Itor?es, ?irw tour-w a led Phaeton an I sliverpiated ilsrnoss Apply at RAND'S, 154 Eu?t I itty seventh street, near Third avenue. \IrAN1RD? A SECOND HAND PONY BASKET tY Phoeloti, to seat tour persona cliciip for cssh. Ad dress JAMES HOWELL, IMS Adams street, Brooklyn. WANTED? A FIRST (LASS FAMILY TCRNOUTj n will pay some cash; desirable lots snd styll-h and iinioiie iionv establishment lor boy or miss. Address PRINCIPAL, box I'll Herald office. _ At ''AN TED? A ONE OR TWO SEAT TOP BI'GGY OR TY Horse, pony built, or both, in exchange as part pay ment tor a new 'Piano of suterlor manatacture ; never yet been u?cd. Address KXCIIANUE, box 187 Herald of fice. f ANTED? A GENTLKMAN'S COMPLETE ROAD Turnout tor House and l.ot In New Jersey, near New W mESE? York ; horse must be young, wand snd a ko"<1 traveller. Address, with lull purtietilars, F. I, , Hi raid Uptown Hran h olllec. IVTANTED To PURCHASE OR HIRE? FOB THE f T Sun.mer, s gentle Horse or Pony, with Buggy or l'ouy Phaeton, for lady's tiso in tlie country, Addrt as U., licraiJ Uptown Branch ofllco, B5,V' A 00,)D SIZED IIORSE, YOUNG TT and sound ; also Phaeton or light Rockaway, Ad dress J II. () , box I'csl offica. WANTED-A COVERED BUGGY, IN PERFECT order. Mate maker, price, Ac. Address bos <.4211 New York Post office. ______ WANTED-YOUNG lH'BSE, TOP BUGGY AND 1IAK. tt ne? of city make; last liorse nreterred; wili ex change real estate or diamonds. Aildrcsa MUDOKtT, ii'.? Broadway, basement, room \ Wagon wanted? a city made, square box. side ti.tr, mhl road Wagon, with top. PURCHASER at M Duauc sire?L HOMES, CARRIAGES, AC. Mrtn? <1RAY HORrtE, s YEARS, 15^ II AVI*; team, l.ir^u tru::k Horses, 8 years, SWI); ha# Horse, t years, very styit?h, $*J0. 2ltf West Thirty Ural * treat rj'AKB A TIIREii MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TAKE A THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION Of TMK EVENING TELEGRAM OF THE BVRtURQ TELEURAM WHEN YOU GO TO THE COUNTRY, WHEN VOU QO TO THE COUNTRY. in si \ j:ss OPPORTl'SITIKS, ALEXANDER KROTHIKOHAM a COMPANY SR curu capital for incorporated companies, merchant* manufacture?, mums. our register contains many names, possessing various amounts. tor investment. ALEXANDER Fitol UINUHAM k COMPANY, 113 and lit Broadway. Active partner, with $io,ot?, wanted, m rlly, In attend to financial mutter* of staple manu facturing business, which will bear and merits thorougR investigation. lor which every facility w . 1 1 be afforded. ELLIS A HR1NCK KKHOFF, 48 Broad street AN ACTIVE MAN WITH MODERATE CASH CAM tnl desiring business, can learn of a rare chance ta mi established concern; principals only Invited to In. vo-tlgate. Inquire ot HArDKN, 30 Cortuadt street, ay i^taiis, room 2. 4 NEW AND PROriTABLB BUBINB8S, WNIJMITK* i\ lean bu fo' lowed at home), taught tor a small cm> siilcrutinn. Cnll and Investigate and see specimens. 7M Broadway, room & A LEGITIMATE AND PLEASANT BUSINESS thoroughly cstnbllshod, for sale-profits S7.A00 pa annum, or a sie l:?l partner with i-:00t) would no accept, iibio; rvill pay 'it ner cent on Invcstm lit; good securities ur real estate cnune uego iutcd In part ('all on or addrav A. B. D., IIS Kourlh avenue, corner ol Twollth street. AN OPPORTUNITY THAT OCCURS ONLY ONOR IR a lifetime.? Carriage Repository for ?alu (splendid ware room*), on one of the n>i?it crowded thoroughfare* in this city: not much ca<h required and t rms verjt caiv ; perfectly -a1 islnclory reasons lor selling. Addreii T. J. M.. box 2,2tM I'o-t ortlee. AN OPENING FOR A GENTLEMAN, WITH $\tWL to join a pleasant and highly lucrative business, W wlilch a handsome income can be niaile. The innnef Kill be amply secured and repaid In six months. wlt> profits. Position pe. iuaiieiiU Address PIoNKEB, Herald Uptown Branch otllce. AOENTLKMaN OP ENEROY, POSITION ANB acquaintance, having created a good substantial business of furnishing railroad Iron, rolling st-.cn and all uia.eriuls appertaining thereto, desires to obtain as part* ner some young, e.ctivo and respectable gentlennin, with or M'VOflO, to Join him. 'Hie object is to extend tha business and have help. Any party who can comply with tho above an I furnish the bent of credentials win And this a good opening for a permanent business. A# dre E. Bn bo.* 1,110 hew YorS. Fust utile a. ^ ?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED for merchants, manufacturers nud others; re.il estate e*i changed for business; mining properties, Ac., negotiated, Persons with capital necking business advised ot a^ proved opportunities. Rofbrenecs:? WIIIcox 4 Gibb* He wins Machine Co. ; Pitti A Atulin, wbolu.Mli) grocer# 10# Kvadc street, Ac., Ac. GP.IOaS, OARLFTrtN A CO., Fin ineiul and BOHBtH Agents, VS Broadway. A DVSRTZ8BR WITH BUSINESS CAPACITY ANC j\ moderate capital would Invest both in goo I paring established business, or equally ill new enterprise ; pari tlonlnrs required to receive notice. Address FRANK LIM. Herald office. A LIGHT AND PROFITABLE BU8INRSS IN GOOD J\. location tor sale.? The .Stock, Fixtures, Lease, Ae?, will bo dispined o' tor 3 :,(*?. For lurthet' particular address B, t'. W., Herald otfloo. ABUSINB8B MAN, GOING ffli-iT IN A PEW days, would take a few samples or patterns to s?>n on eominisslon. Address 11. L. BATES, box 1(<S Ilerali oftlce. A GENTLEMAN OF EXPERIENCE AND ABILIT^ will invest $5,100 In n reasonably proKtable business alroady established, and to tiik? charge of the olhco. Ad* dr^ss CONPIDKNTIAL, box l'J2 Herald Uptown Branch office. ______ A PARTY WANTED WITH $300 SECURITY DIVER aniksalarv. Call hetween 10 and 13 o'clock this day. 102 Maldon lane, offloi) 'I. . ATTENTION. -DEALERS, HOTEI?, BOABDHW liriuin keepers and private families are roiiuested to atlrnd manuiaciurers' -a!e of Furniture., Bod 'ling, kc., on Thursday, June M, at ,1'ri, :im and .ttH Third aveuu^, Corner 2 Ul s'trcot. See advertisement In auction column. Catalogues ready. Cull and examine. AP.ELIAULE MAN. WITH $300 CASH. IN AN EHTAB. lbdied business paving trom $36 to J,"0 n?r ire* Address, stating where au Interview may bj nad, B. & N., Herald ottloe. A CONCERN HAVING $24,000 CAPITAL DESIRR^ $2,000 more, and good ottlce inan to (ill cash orders] good pO'ltion and sucurlty or Interest ill business give*. Address AT ONCE, Herald olllco. >11 SALE-A PATENT ON _ for steam or water: ul'o machinery lor mauufa turltig the same or will dispose of i>:?ri lutercstto a person! of means. Address, lor three days, staling where an l?i terview may bn had, A. (?., Ucrald otllce. JfOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH? OR EXCIIANGR 1 for improved or unimproved Heal Estate, a verr valuable Patent that can be Introduced into every house hold at a very smull co-.L Apply at 4.1 Excliauge placa, room 1H. I WANT $2,0i)0 TO INTRODUCE A NEW A RTICLB needed by ail who use either a bu.'gy or cutter; will make liberal terras and require no service; can give r?a sonatile seeuritv and best ol references. Address tlORSR. MAN, box 132 Herald oftlce. I II.VVE $800 WHICH I WOULD LIKE TO INVEST I* I some payiug bussness with a youug man who has* similar amount. Address ,1. L. It., care ol J. KRAKE^ 460 I'earl street, corner Chathum. PARTNER WANTED? IN AN OLD AM) WKLL Kft tublished Western wbolesalo mid retail hat, enp uo4 I'ur business, with a capital of $A,(>lMor more; must hire first class retorcncc ; no other need spply. Address, far jBree days, PARTNER, box 209 Herald nlnco. Hake chance to make money rapidly. Partner wunted, manufacturing tho most little patent articlo ever invented, used by every iu<U> vidua!; profits Immense; worth $1,009,010: only $.\0M required. Apply from 11 to3 o'clock at SJ Broad street room 7. STATE RIGHTS For SALE FOR MANUFACTUB. Ing three kinds of the l est roofing in the market For terms and samples address T. N. iliCKCOX, M| WyckvO street, Brooklyn, N. Y. T? BANKING BUSINESS AND RESIDENCE, WIT^ . modern litiproveincnts, tor sale? In a thriving Wen trnlewn; owner will remain to acquaint purchased with depositors; a good opportunity for any one prerefr ing a country busings; price JULi**); New York refea cnces. Apply to GRIGGS, CARL ETON k CO., M Broa* way. ___ \\J ANTED? A PARTNER WITH $2,000 TO F.XTRNB tt a grocery bu Innss now In successfal oprratiana wlisre a large trade can be done; or wII!k?I1;(oV honest man a good chance. 271 Ninth avenue. WANTED? V DESIRABLE PARTNER, WITH SATI^ V ? factory re orenca, In fli it cIjss, gi.-od paying ?? tabllshed t)iis!nes? ; very small eapiul required; mra oppor. unity ; invosUguttoii solicited. Apply to ROBERI# A CO.. 7 * Nassau street * . v> I I / i AND SERVICES WILL 8RCURB A fdilll man llall nil Interest in a well establml genteel cash business that will pay Si V monthly. Addri THOMAS, box i:i> Herald omee. Ail (IfMl -1 "AVE $2,1)00. AM A l'RACTICAX business ond experienced man; tturf aiiniunt, with ferviccs, I wish P) Invest in some paying buMiiess; can set as salesman, cashier, financier or it any capacity. Address JOHN V , llsrald otllce, statiaf partlrularg. _____ ________ (J??> Tl) ?''.'>*? CASH -WANTED, A PARTNRM I?t),WUU with atiove capital, in a leading, well eslalf usbed and pnyliiit bui Iness in a city ot lu.toi inl?w' one hour Ironi New York by rail; sttW*"*" 1 ' given and leuuired. A'ldrts?J ' ? ' flfi/l -THE ADVERTISER, HAVING A GOO? ij' I truoMng business and a fine siable (M stalls, rent free), desires a partner, with tho abosf amount, to increase the business and keep work horses (a let; locution flr*t clars lor that busines ? ; part of Ug sniount only required at pres< ut; balance 1st of Augi^R it satisfied can control investment; a young man ptB forfeit. Addross D. K W., Ilera'd otllce. MADB IN ONB YEAR FROM THE h| iJImV.uu*' ol 5:>,ii(X); nioney always under tUeco* trol of parly finding It; nu services required. Addrna Z. stating where an in'.orview may l?e tiad, lleratf I ptown Bruucil otllce. PROPOSALS. nOABD OF SUI'KRVISOUs, It . New >orlt county, June Ifi, 1S73. I hp Cwnmitte on i uel ot ttie Hoard >t Supervisors fari vlte proposals lor lurnish.n : ttiu Courts ail i.ttl c - s ol UN Contry with the lollowltig. say 1,30) tons ba.i quality white ash, broken Coal, of !,$? pounds to the ton. . Iiftti n< b st uualtty rargo Coal, 2,340 i ounds to the?M|j 4ncords (of Us cutnc feci) ol best qu.illty vi g mipny Wood, cut atld split lor use. 1 to c irds (ol IAS cubic teeti of best qualiiy Virginia pln^ Wood, not l< s.s than 31, teet in length. & tons ol 2,240 ponnds) Cannel CoV. The same to be delivered at such times and places as tho conimlitro may direct, without charge tor delherg the contract lor suuplyitig susl coal and wood to be braafc ing until the 1st day ot June, H7i. 1'lic committee rft serve the rlvht to re oct any or al! snch proposals. Pre posals will be received at the office ol tne Clerk ol tlis Board of Supervisor-, rm m No. ?, City llall. on or bcfiwfi iio. li ol the 1st day ot Jul... 1*73, Separaie propo.*Uwli be received for tlie c'.\ol_snd foMhe wood 'onimitMl on I' uei. JOIIN FALCONER, 1 JO.ihl ll A MONIIEIMER, C HAML'EL B. H. VANCE, PATRICK LYSAOH f. pRi)POSAL? FOR GRANITE-EAST RIVER BRIDOS, Sealed proposals will be received until July !0, 1473, frl the delivery of 1.7D0 cubic yard* of cut granite face i and dimension backing required iturin,' the present yenf 1 for the New York tow'. r. Eait River Bridge. PlatisaaA ! spci ideations can be een at 'he Eng neer sotflco. A4L I dross NEW VUKK HI! I DllE COM P \ N Y, Brooklyn, N. ? I C* BALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED l'Nrt% I n July b) lor building 10 ni. los of m w Post and lloaM ' Fence ? n New York and Central Euilrna I. Plans >? ! siiecitlcatioiis can be suuu at utv office, Fonda ' J. U WARj^L. Agent_ SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT i Division street lor the )'jrs on hoard the slcaraQ ~ -- ? ? 1 * ' ' "'y A Managec. Iloiuiilel vu .iu o vcuraion to West Point on July 4 I OS. MAIt'NN,

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