20 Mart 1873 Tarihli Omaha Daily Bee Gazetesi Sayfa 3

20 Mart 1873 tarihli Omaha Daily Bee Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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mmim&wqm&'WMtrrmzzg. "iTUffT in.-, iBrW. .;g TWF.frff.WT "? ,..,- i nr 11 t.y r t AT " -lJS J?t MncnM A. CRUICKSHANK, C B y. J. 7r r; ' C 'S. i 30E-A.Xji HSXT XXO STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, AND MILLINERY, Cor. 14th & Farnham Sts., Omaha, Neb. AGENT FOR THE SALE OF RAMSAY & CO.'S CUT PAPER PATTERNS, FOIl LADIES', MISSES' AND HOYS' GARMENTS. Burlington Route Tims Table. TO TIIK EAST, SOUTH AND SOUTH-EAST. Wcwtiiiirhoiisc Safely llrake. Piilliiinii's Palace Ulniiitf Cars. LEAVE OMAHA Klntlcmi. Allitnlla Jit. Arrive llurlltigton fi.sn a. m. tin Mendota 11:2.1a. m. do Chicago 3.20 r. M. An Peoria IU1.II 1:30 P. M. ifoU. U:1.1 r. M Tt'M A. M 7:41 A. M I :.",) a. M Through car. from UmUixoiirl Hirer to Chicago, Indianapolis, uiuiliinatlr Lng.nsport and Connection. t tkm pwlMl with lines leading to I ho East, North anil South. This If the host, .Hot tut, quiiKcsi unci i nrapcsi rouie. Slatlmu. Atlantic Ki. Ar. Indlanspolli. ti.'Ji) p. m. lo Clncinnatl....ll:.10 p. M. do Logansporl SiM p. M. do uotumotis..... :i;5 a. m. ,1:iW A. M. Mill. to.uo a. m. 4 :20 P. M. 9.20A. M. t!,20 P. W. 1 lo not Imd revived, butobtiln tickets vli the llurlington A Missouri River Railroad. A. i:. lOUZALIN, Uen-rl kliel Agent. V. i;. I'EIIKINS, Uen'ISup't. AOUNTS WANTED 01! Till! Great Industries Of Till! VXITKD STA TJ.S. 1 9Dr I'AOKii mid f ,0 Engravings, w printed III English mid Merman. Written lijr twintv Eminent Authors. In cluding John II. (lough, Hon. licon Case, l'jlwnrd llnwlnnih Iter. K. Edwin 1111. l'hlllplllpIey.AllKrtHrlshanc, HoraeeGree ey, 1. II. Perkins, etc., etc. ' , riilH work Is complete history ol Ml branches ol Indus tr , processes ol inasiufnc luru, etc,, In nil nges. tt Is a complete ency ;loKHlln of arts and m.jiufacturcs, and Is the moat entertaining and valuable work of In formation on subjects of general Interest ever ottered to Ilia public. It if adapted to the, wnntf of the Merchant, Manufacturer, Mechanic, Tanner, Student ami Inventor, and tells to bollioldand young of nil classes. Tha liook Is sold by agents, who aro making large sales In all parts of tho country. Ills hl,..kl mi tl.& 1.. . f..lh. nl .'I KM ni..l tu (I. vjicivu , iud low I'hwiii 'w.nu , iiir chenneat liookever told by .ubscrlntion. No liuiillysiiomruio without a copy, vte. want ngentf In orury town In the United States, and no agent can fall to do well with this book. Our terms are liberal. Wo give our agents tho exclu de right of torrllory. One of our agent sold 1.11 copies In eight days ; another told 3to In two weeks. lOur agent In Hartford sold 3!)7 In one week. pcclmoii5 of llio work sent to agents on receipt of stamp, lor circulars and terms to agenUaddicsi tho publishers 0 Knols Uiitletl, r Ways nml By. Ways In llio Hliltlon Amcrlcnn Life of 1 WANTED Jl'fflL Mt I J. B. BURR & HYDE. -llir-kiT ml tYnrTQTTVta eiwvr -JWWm mn 53 1 Hartford, Oonni rrw'- IggLjL, laTlZln We want awn rord lor tho past rraltsot naiiK uo dlerf of all cli to agents. Doloctlves. vk. It discloses nil thn inviterln nl the I)iIiwMt !, III.. tnmiyeirsof the most skillful detectives of this country. In which the uuuni, inrti, I'lckitockets, lottery Men. Couuli-rfe t Moner Dealers. and iwln. (nupiMwaiiidliriiiiglitliiJUflira. I'rlctiji 7.1. Mvud for circulars and tcnut -O- wi: I'uni.i.sii tiii: iikst JHctloiinry ot the lllhle In the KnglMi Lnn(rnat,'o, by Win. Smith, t.h. D. Itlt written by WTonly of. the most dlstlngulshol divines fii KiiropearHl America, and It Hi only itlltluii published In IhU country condensed by Dr. Smith's own hand. It Is Illustrated with OTr 12.1 steel uud wood cugruvlngf. It contains every ii.ime in tbulllbleof Importance, andlaalioolciieoilixlbyerery Ohristl.iu family. It is pilntcd In double (olunin, In one large uctare xoluuie. rrhe, SI no. Wa want aetnts for these works In alt cities and towns In Ihnenuntrv. v . lnr nni. -, ... . ,....i i. ... -i ...... - .. '. i . -.-'- -- ion. mm Kiuftciusivr ii'rriiury. i or circiinirn ana terms auiircss llio punlLhers. cuiitrsot any of our books m'ut to any iiddri'sson recelnt ot nrlci. J. H. IJUUH & HYDE, Publishers, epll7dly Hartford, Uonn., Clilcno, III., Cincinnati, Ohli .sample CHEAP FARMS FREE HOMES ! On the I.Isoof the PACIFIC R. R. A Land Qraat of 12,000,000 Acrea of the best FARMING and MINERAL Lands or America. ,000,000 ACRES IX XK1IK.IHKA.IX TUB UKKAT PLVTrK VALLE Y ' THE 0ARDEH OP THEWE3T NOW FOR SALE I These lands am In the central portion of the United States, on the 41st degree of North Lat ude, the lentral llueol the great Timierate Zuiieof tho AmerUiti t'liiitlneiit, and for gral growing mid atocw raising unsurp.tssisl by any In the United States, (1HEAFER IN PRICE, more fatorable terms alTon, and more convenioot to market than caa be found Lliewhere. ; FIVE and TEN YEARS' CREDIT QIVENwith"lNTERE3T AT BIX PER 0ENT. O0L0NIST3 and A0TOAL gTTLEM M.n' Credit. LANDS at the .am. A Dctliictlon of TEX PER CEST.FOK CASH. flfjroo 'ECozn.oatoaclH for Aotual Sottlera. THE BEST LOCATIONS FOR COLONIES I v Soldiers Entitled to a Homestead of 160 Acres. Troo FaMMOM to HPxxx'olxttmox'm of ijnucli Scud for new Descriptive Pamphlet, with new Maps, published In nngllsh, Herman, Hwedl. fc and litnlth, mailed Ire everywhere. Address, to. 3. JD.A."7"IIS. JulT22dwtt Land CoinmlssToner U. 1T. fiTTt. Co., Oiiiana, N "nEsisriir 7. la-teiti Mamifaoturing Oonfotioner. OYSTERS, CANDIES, NUTS, ETC. 170 33oucla JSt.f Oor. TfT-olftla, Omaha. Nebraska iprllS wtf, 3Bntoarxi. Ordora X3vs.i3llon.tocl. BOYD'S PACKING HOUSE, Soutli Chestnut &2(VSts. -1 OMAHA OFFICK41)5 Tlili'leeuth Street, Flnt National Bask Building, I am now rmdy to purchase live hos, an parlWaMlllug to mo can realise 21 to 3D cunt er bundnst tuoie tbaa by .hipping Da.t. ' dnelS-wtl J. . UOVP. JAMES DUFF, Maiiufartiirer ol Harness, 'Collars, Whips, Bridles, Eto KEPAIRINQ DONE'FROMPTLY AND AT REASONABLE TERMS. OOTVtlVIEin.OI-A.Ij. OMAHA WH0LE8AEE MARKET. OKAltA March 119, IB73. Kordctalleil condition ot Market, and I to talled Prices, see local columns. HUTTKR ANDkOUS. Choliv table buttor tl tlixxl tlrkiu IS Kggs, 'per dii ,,.. It rucriR. New York factory ter lb. nesicrn ticrTe, per IU Weite u Dairy, per lb O. O.Juva LMsta Itlca ltlo, choice IUO, COIHIUOH Hoda Ilutter.. lloston.. fcugar... Picnic... 8tr..v - PorapMue Tallow CAMNXDOOOUI. Peaches, 1 lb. per case Htrawberrlee da ICat7 12 12 riy. ai.u 2aU 2U2I Tomatoei Lima Iteant Oreen Corn Cove Oysters do do do da coai UARD aVd serr. Btossburg (Ultcksmlth) PltUburg Slack (Illacksmlth) rori ocou Atithraclte - Iowa M Wyoming Missouri DIT OOODS PUMTS, Iowell Auiotkeag London Mourning Merrlmac I) Snrague Wamsutta rai'tis. Apples (new) " Figs, drums, per lb Italslni, layers, per box, new Dried currents, Zanta, new Dried apples, eastern Dried raspberries - Dried pitted cherries Peaches, pared, new .. Peaches, impaled, new (halves).. Turkl.h prunes, new rtoun and mea t. Klour, winter, V hbl do do V sack.. do Nebraska do Meal do bolted do do plain - Bran, per ton risil. Codfish, George bai.k Mackeral, No. 1, '. bbl.l ' " tits White I'lsh " bhls ' kits Sardines, i iMtxes, Iwr ease... " i. " " ... CUM. Buffalo do shoe robes Deer, dry, er lb la hair Mink UKAIN. Wheat, (hi, lie milling do No a , Corn Oata, In bulk Buckwheat Jl 3oa U loall 4 7Ja1 00 S (0 4 Hi.; oo f 60 6 00a (0 4 75a3 75 120 00 15 00 10 00 18 OC S 00 12 00 tt 00 n iOat 50 10 3 00 II 00 luny 30 22a23 lalO II 11 M 5 00 .1 0aJ 50 1 25 70 12 1)0 ! OOalO 03 2 OUai 50 k OoaC 50 1 23al 60 24 00 . 0 ft OOalO 00 H 50 20a7 1 0a B 25 1 OU A 2va?2 20 Hartford Latnaslei LKAtJIkDOOOllf. York Mill 21 I Uneadal Wamsutta 20 Auioskeag UKAVY BKOWH .UKCTINU. Pacific extra Atlknllell Dwlgbt W Suflolk . LARD. Kettle, ren. choice Country, choice, per lb P. A Co., wood caddies Steam rendered L1UE, HAIK, AC. Lime, V bbl Cement, Utlra do Louisville 1'liuter, Grand lUpldt Hair, per bale of 40 lbs Green butchers Green cured. Green calf , Dry Hint Dry Halt Branded, 10 ir caul, oil, tUia aged 'iiy, do NAItS. 10,ltoC0.,per keg.. ltd od 4d 3d 3d fine blue do do do do do Wrought nails ir 100 Iba Gd finishing nails, per 100 lbs 8 do do do do.... 10 do do do do 1-ln. bbl do Uo do Horso nails Northwestern. per lb liurdon'a horse shoe, per keg..... Uo mule do do ... OILS. Carbon........... Llnsood, raw do boiled Lard. No. 1 lleuxlne West'Va Lubricating Oil Vl.ii Oil i Turpentine r-KOVlSIOMI. Mcaa pork V bbl Hams, plain, V lb .. Hams, W lb., sugar cured Bacon clear aide. V lb Shoulder. V lb ., Dried beef, plain PAINTS White Lead, ttrlcUv pure do do fancy brand. ... do Zinc, pure French do do do American do do fancy brand. Ited Lead, pure American Putty, In bladd.M rOULTBT. Chicken Rangoon Carolina ii 17 iH Kal4 i:t)Jal4 2U 12 MH tail) 1413 7a7 1-4 20aJ 23 J Uto 25 3 50a4 U0 4 txi a 00a2 23 W i.3 12 IAai7 I kl2alS ti 10 C 26 a 7 M II M 7 83 7 83 7 GO 753 8 K0 2a33 I 00 9 00 93 80 33 CO I 00 i 1400.13 0' it C.7 13 12a Vail ltalt 12al4 812 1314 6.1 10 My. 10 M. Alt.No. lPalm... do No. 11 L X.L. Olfve.. Toilet Honey, per gros.... do Castile, par 4l. , Family ao.p German Mottld W CENTRAL MEAT MARKET. Bonner & Guy, Wholesale and Retail Deal Vila A.U XS:1xl or lUConta, I'miltry, I'rovlsloim, flame anil Fl.li, l'tirk-intkir.'auil Ntuck IKRlrra'Ueiirrally, 227 loin,'IiigSJt.,CaiaTroU UltMk. Uov22lf A. H. GLADSTONE & CO,, a-:R,oa:Ei:R,s -A.ND- Commission Merchants,, MtrAl.l, OltPIMW PUOMITLY t'ILI.i:i. y.l Tblitvfutli Street. lunrU-wif IKON AMD .TKXL. Iron,commonbaraworted per lb; do round and spuare JJo horse tboe bar do hoop and light band Cast steel, American do English... Bli.ter steel American German ateel,plow aud spring.,. N.rway nail rod., Benaone , UVK 8TOCK.'' Natlv shipping steers. N.tlve butchers' stock Hogs, on foot, V lb......... Sheep, V lb Calvce, y lb. gros. tUBAR. Patent cut loaf Cruahed Acolfee O extra O K.w Orle.u. , , ALT. Coarse per lb , Vine Dairy, with lgs Ualry, without b.g. sricxs, Pepiwr, V, lb. Allspice V lb Cassia, V lb Nutmegs, No 1 1 Nutmegs, No. 2 - Cloves ITASCH, Common...S a tkc I Lauudry,, Glut 10 all t'oro.. .;.... 8 40 I 40 i 78 a (00 Soo 18 20 I 33 1 20 30 ' Vine cut chewlad, unoice -.. Medium Commoa, ...,. Plug.n.turalleai.. Hall bright..,, ood... wliiie choice ... extra choice... Dark navy ... TV... Young l(yun,rei.iiuon uo uo uir do do do do do do do do Imrlal, superior to Due., uo exira to ciioice Gunpowder, suinrlor to fine uo extra to choice Japan Natural leaf,flne to extra Dul.Hfi . . ... . .. .. Jmn Natural Leaf, flue to cboloa. , , japaunaiuraiLal. . uotaaf, Mir to good Ooloog, good to prime., Oolaof, extr......... 901 oo 7ua V0 70 M to Me It 50 53 W 78 83 a Sn a 73 a 83 a 93 i al 05 I 10 at 30 73 a 80 10 al 13 14 al 00 1 43 .1 60 "0 a 75 to aiot 10 M OB a U K a 90 M al M STA.TH3VE3niNi:T OK TIIK- Continental Insurance Co. OF NEW YOKK, On the 1st Day or Januarj, 1873. Made to the Auditor of the State of KeKra.ka, pursuant lo Statute, Gash Capital $1,000,000 00 CaihSorolni 1,284,251 97 $2,284,251 97 ASIX. Cash on hand and In Hanks $ ."H'l.TW i Iiinson U.S. and oth er stocks and bonds (market vatuo 855'J, wr.SO) nayabl. on demand 41,270 IX 11 .tt in niit 'ii Loam or. bond and mortgage (on real rttate worth $1,342,7 ))........ 4V7I00 00 U. S and othnr stocks and bondt ownM by the Company ft7!i,4rt2 50 Ileal estate owned by theCoiup'ny.. C!2,(i) W Prem's due and unpaid ICs.T'H 5.1 Int. due and unpaid 17,221 M lteiitsdiieandaccrue.1 3,133 .1.1 Total 2,2f4,2-l 97 LIABILITIES. Divldeinlf due stockholder., and scrip and scrip lut. unpaid f 49,790 32 Loes unpaid 1W,408 27 Total $ 203,193 79 Auditor's Certificate and copy of Stutement filed with Clerk of Douglas county. riii.nivii a MCK(iu, Agents. feb2lHlwAwlm FRANK F. CUltltlKK, Excelsior Photographer I Caldwell Block, llonzlna St. OMAHA, NEBRASKA, View, of U. P. It. It., Omaha, Salt Lake City ana IrdUn Picture, for .ale apl4-dtr WMte Star Line OF MAIL STEAMERS Bet ecu New York, Cork anil Liter pool. TIIK magntllccnt, new and full-powered Steamships ot this Lino offer unrivaled ac commodations to all classes of passengers. Tho steamer, being alike, travelers secure the great advantage, of having an equally good and fast steamer for each aud every sailing. Oteanie, Celtic, Atlantic, Republic, Baltic Adriatic, Majestic, and llritamilc. They sail regular, from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursday.; calling at Cork llarlior both ways, llates as low as any first-class Hue. Tor further lnfoamatlon apply o Company'. Western Offloet, 90 Market .tr.et, Chicago:, ALFRED AQEROREN, oflodlT Afent. Chicago & Nort..we.Ht(:rii B.A13-"WA.-5r. ooiinoil: BLum honlur bhort ROUTE To all Points East'! WCounectlon. ar made at Missouri Valley Junction with Sioux City Kailroad, lor Sioux City; at Grand Junction, lor l)es Moines, Ol tuuiwa, Burlington, Galosburg, Keokuk, Peo ria, etc; at Dixon, with Illinois Central Kail road for St. Loui. and all points South. MTBaggagii (.becked through tu all principal IioliiU, aud no extra (barge fur transfer I hi ough Hiliago. Pullman I'nlnee S feplu'Cari on nil Nip-it Trtlns. Paaseuger. loauy iiolut Kast or South should uep.rtlculartoaakforaud.ee tbab their tick et, read i "Via Chicago & Northwestern Rail way." B. A. STANWOOD, Oenerril Ticket Agent. KANSAS CITY. ST. JO. & Council Bluffs -R.A2X.ROAD XJXTS KANSAS AND lOWA-UHYlSlON J'OllMS .the Connecting Link betweeu the Southern uti Mima aorouga i.ium leriuinaung at Kansas City, and the Great, Union ,and Central Pacific Lints terminating at Kan Francisco, MAKING IT THE BEST and ONLY DIRF.CT ItOUTF. from Southern Kansas and Kansas City to Leavenworth, Atchison, St. Joseph, Nebraska City, COUNCIL BLUFFS,; 40XaXL3ETL. Salt Lake City, Sarremento, R.n Francisco, k Jd mo j-vcmcioaai. Also the most desirable to DKN Vint, and all point, iu Colorado andtkeTerrltorlea. Thecomplctloii of the Missouri Division make. The Best Throngh Line from KAN SAS CITY, via St. Joseph and Burlinutou. TO f033CXO-.43r-40:t AND i0INT8 EAST, NORTH AND330OTH. 3EXPItrS PASSENGER TRAINS leave Kantt City Union Depot Dallr. l-aawn-l!'..ulntu" -ulc.go Expres. will go through Itbout Cliange of Car., reaching Chicago one !.uri2.!5d.,7!,c0.0' other route out of Kama Clty.Thl.llne U rguiped with Pullman's Palace Sleeping ami Din lag Cars, Elegant Day Coachee and Comfort.Ue Smoking Ui";M1."tr MtiT PItloriu and Couphj and WeatlnghouM Air Brake, are used ou all PasMnger Trains. Ask for your ticket, over tie KANSAS CITY, ST. JO. & COUNCIL BLUFFS' KAILttOAD. .tmrU,t?knTi70,itl l " Through Tick A, L. HOPKINS, am.Supt.SLJoer.b,lIo. gfoNHMYc&?S CHAS. FOPS, Chicago Exchange, Cor. mtli nml DoiiglaslStrccts. Fine Liquo s, Wines, OXOAHS, Imported Ale and Porter. Xjator Boor. RKntESHMENTS AT ALL HOURS, bovIMt A Word In Tim elers. We have wonl tn say In favor of the Mis. miirl 1-acll'n' I'.illro.vl. It was thn "pioneer" line westward and I. the "oil reliable" roiile Jo t. Louis. Willi the liiiproveuieulf that have Inimi made .lurln tho past yiur, we Iki. leve that the .Mlssuurl I'aellle rallro.il Ins Ihe Ix-st tnn k nml the lines! and sifest eoiilpiuciit nfaur line west of the Mississippi. It Is the null' line wlili.li runs tliree d illy uipress trains of him coot he and I'lilliuati slpcirs, e.iilpl wllh Hie Miller platforui and the patent nil brake, from Icidlngiiolnts In tlm Wi'l,lhriuigli Kansas City, eslaa and Jefierviti (Ity tnM. Iiuls, wlihnui i h.inne, (onnistlnut St. Iuls with eleven .tiihrvnt tlninuli routes to points north, .t nml south. No i lungs nf tars from (liiiaha tuSi 1j, ills via llili rout')'. Particular ufiirntatiou, with nup, time tabic, Ac, may Im had lit Ihv " riirniigh Ticket" Itillruad hta lions In tlm Wwi, or upon peisonul r written npplkatloutotl. II. lUxler, UVstcrn Pas.eu ger Agent, Kansas City, Mo., or L A. Kuril, General Passenger Agent, rtl, liills, Mo. Knllarallnu Tiiiiilnu; llicnp FnrniN In SnutlMsent Mlssniiil I The Atlantic ,t Pacific railroad company ot ters I.JOO.WK) acres of land In Central and Southwest Missouri, at from $1 lo $1.1 ier Here, on seven years' lime, with freo transportation from St. l.nuif toiillpurihasui. Climate, soil, tlmlier. mlucrul 'wealth, schools, churihe. and law-abiding society Invito emigrants from nil points to this land of Irults and Mowers. Tor particulars, address A. Tuck, Laud Coin in Is sloncr, St. Louis, Mo, Jc20odtf New Type! NEW! BO K I) KltS.! NEW MATERIAL! NEW PRESSES! FRANKLIN TYPE STERKOTYPE&ELECTROTVPK FOUNDrY, 1 68 Pine Street, bet.j.th & 5;, CINCINNATI. Allison,Smith&Johnson Minu'jcturcfi of, and Dfilcn In Book jxd News Ti'pe, ASH PRINTING MATERIALS, Of etery description. ST K R EOT V PI NO 4: ELECTROTVPINO In all their varioui branchti. Woon Eso.Avisr., and Patti.n Littim ro. FoVNDt.l. S. JACOBS, TAILOR, 190 7arnb.am St. One door west of Abbott'. Hook rjtore. All kinds cf Clothing made to order. Clean ing and Repairing done at reasonable rate Gentlemen'. 1'iirnlshlng Good, constantly on -' au4-lm AINOBLE ; CHARITY. To erect the 2TE-W STYLES! AT TIIK BEE JOB OFFICE. Nebraska State Or phan Asylum. To U l)i aw n In I'uhlU- March 31st, 1873. At l'isllik'sOperalliiiise,(S)niiueurltigal8a. m. $230,505.00 I Til-Wets $1 Kurd, or Slxror3. BOOK. COMMERCIAL. RAILROAD ash , PLAIN AND FANCY JOB PRINTING IN TIIK GERMAN AND ENGLISH LANMUAUKS Uniir Willi .'Veiftit( Mini lirNpnfcli AT THF No. 138 Farnham Streetf Between Ninth and Tenth. CallattheBGHHIVUforalUlndsnf P luting Iu the Ulghutbtvleof the Art. Chicngo, Rock Island AND FaoiffiLo R. H. THE t.UKAT CENTUVL UOUTK, NOW OPEN DIRKCT TO CHICAGO AND THE EAST, VlaDES MOINES, DAVENPORT, AND ROOK ISLAND. Connecting at Des Moines with lies Mol'ies VulI(y"Unllrontl FOR 3ES1oo1k.xi.1s. (3t.Xjoiu.la. At Davenjiort wllh boat, for all point, on the UPPER MISSISSIPPI. At La Salle wllh tha ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD, NORTH AND BOOTH. And at Chicago with all the fast lines lUst and .South. T.WO FAST JiXPJUUSS TI.AhVS Leave Council Dlufl'i dally, TRAINS MJN ON CHICAGO TIME This road I. being thoroughly equipped wllh ELKO ANT NEW COACHES AND SLEEPING CARS, And hiving the advantage of a smooth, well balanced trark, oiler, to the travrling public an Kusteru lino une qualled for SPEED, COMFORT, AND SAFETY.! Through ticket, via this line to all Eastern title, can lie had at the Company'. Tliktl Offlces, at Omaha and Oountll lllutli, and al Depot. BAGGAGE CHECKEDTHKOUGII TO ALL PRINCIPAL KAbTEnN POINT. A. A. HALL, kj. 8, (jTEVENS, A.st. Sl.n'l Sunt., Ueu'l Agent, x. ..... yHtago. Council Mints. M. JMITH, bTPim. Aft., Utitago. I'h keis sent by Hspress (,'. II It ..idi'slr.d.; I Grand Cash Prize 173,00 I Gland Cash l'rlie 25,000 1 Grand Cash Prlio 13,000 1 Grand Cao I'rlre 10,000 1 Cash 1'rlse o.uOO 1 '"ash I'rlre 4,000 .'Cash I'rlies, $1,000 eai h 6,000 4 Cash Prizes, $2,000 each 8,000 2 Cash I'rlres, $1,000 each o,000 DO Casli I'rles, Kach $100 6,000 100 " ' ' M cooo 2oo " " ,i j ooo 1,000 " " in so ooo o.lOl " " " 5 lo SOS 8,4o.tcash prlr.es nmoiititlng to $2J0,:O5 This Igal Enterprise Is endorsed by the highest authority of the State and best business men. Over one-half the ticket, taken lfore Oct. 1st. The limited number on hand wfll be fur nished those whp apply ftrst, Money can bo teut by mall, Iu Registered Letter, Tost Office Money Orders, or by Ki pres. All Pi ires will I paid In full. Aoknts ASIKIi, i-or full particulars address J. M. PATrEE, octlOiUwtf General Manager, Omaha Neb. N. I. D. Solomon, Manufacturer nl SHOW CASES. Dealer In Window (ila.9, Picture Frames, ami Mlrrori, lUH.Knriilmiit Htrrel, OniiOi Neb. ' fehltf. STEAM ENGINE 03VI3aVIsXJVf HUCCKSMOltS TO HALL HHOS., Maiiiifarlureranl Stoazn Eaginoa 1 1 Mining' ami Mill .Muclilurry, 33viilclixar, OaaitluCi and all kind, f X3.o3j- -iroxi.Tx.-: COll. NICHOLAS A.VU mill. F. COURT, Le.adine; Boot Maker Aiidallkjud.tif FILADH' AND OlIILDllEN'S ;Mudlng neatly done. J 183 . 3Pxaxla.4nrXa. Mzc. ;Utweiilllhaodl2tli. AI1UOK FOIl THE ItlllXlOM Marriag AVil. uiaiae. ArlttCnitlrtik rrif-i r iktit i vt ! tbf 5ht llll!4H mmftira iad rtttlttlonMi tti(itivUiitu UMbi up., -ilijoffrif . ifrniurinfitni tuitDUc rriBi, thill u Intrrt ttnc " n hitt-lr tot Uy f , lih ntiiit-rfm tiifvtrit int eoaulii ttliib.i Dformitlin lf ibor biff ihp iA .tfMtnirUiirmf rittf. Kiiuitis nhiI trik4tjrhi wt kifiiriM lo-Htr, .ui noHiiietr imIt Mui tht hoitn. It -)ottit.i ih tttfrifbce tad 1tc f a pbfirlm vboitjr'puiHnaU wrM-l!, iai thM btla tbt r' tttaft,ff fttnit inJff-7fclthfs,uhttitttlr tiQbe. tttmtrketiT4tPTthtK n tb ubjtet tflbt (! ifittr;itpm thi It orih fci4ia.l uichUtvl) B'! p'lViihriiin tnf trnr rk. tifpiutttf rt4trrftotitlfs tvtTltXf Cffit. A JirrM IT, Bam' nlirn.nry,N. 12 N. llhtt.itrm At. I.uut., 1. Kotic to ths Afflcted and Unfortunate, Mrr apf.1t toe ' lb uotr.a iaeki h hit f nli la rlli fMpri,or ita( tor qtiaek rtmtiui rm Dr Kittii -ranrtnntrhijeurdliieti,erb.w dpior abtt Ttr fafiHitK'Q. Iir. mil ivtitie a JanM boat f lnlf urtt rMBinl n Uttti I7 lAfnr aftkp atctbfatti lafJkV Iprortnifsiof itiUcountr? anJ Kurort, m-iettii bteaa Itrvl ispriBll or by tual(,onilifttlUar. mainloMla bltrl Dffirti an1fKriora,No. It kiti tr' bf itr a Hr.et kill Ubctuut, rit. I..li U. THE "LIGHT RUNNING' aVVMaUWl AV'-' -?s:: "Cn.itfifii BEST "EASIEST TO NKI.l.." 8. M, Agent, t It don't cay yon to fi-ht tho beat n.obln.. Prove onr claims, Qot the agency auj nil It. Address 'Donxostio" m. JtX. Go. Ptt C'linmliei-a St., New York, r 74 (MnteSt., Chlca;o. nov6-dwJa , JU.T.3Xtot m r:; "7 n- - TW'if -4 . yVi-v. i . '.." aaJrJJwjJ -3S!55ai THRQALLSiuWEllQOQ Iu the wonderful medicine to which the afflict cd aro ahovo pointed for relief, the Ulcoercr bullcvo ho ha. lombtncd lis arvwny more of Naturo'. most eovercljn carettc iropcrricj, which God has Instilled Into the vegetable- king dom for hcallni tho sick, than were cut before combined In one medicine. The uUdcnce of this fait I. found iu thnL-ieat arlcty of most obsti nate dlsca.ru which It ha. been round to conquer. Iu the cure, of Ilroiicliltin, Sovoro CotlgliM, ami tlio early vtnea of Coimuinii Hull, It has astonished tho medical faculty, and eminent phj.Ici.ius pronounce It the greatest medical discovery of the ago. While It cure, the eevcreKt C'nuu'hn, It ntrcm-thenf the .ystim.-ilid purllloH llio blood, lly It. krcal and thorough blood purtfjlu properties. It cure, all IluuiorM from tlio worst Ncrotlila tu u com. mou Hlolcli, I'lmple 'or i:ruptloii. Mercurial iliM-ue, Mineral i'bteous, and their effects are cradlcntcil, uudigi)rous henllh and a sound constitution 1'ntabllshed l'.ryHltlna, 8ttlt RUi-umi, Fi-vtir Korea. Sculy or diseases caueil by bad bKKMl, nro conquered by till, powerful, purifying ami iuloratiug niedf- RoukIi Skin, In liort, all the Humorous clue. If 'you fed dnil, drovsy, doblliutcd, have .al low color of nkln, or .U'llowli-h brown spots ou faco or liody, frcqnent headacha or, ilUilness, bad ta.te Iu mouth, Internal heat, or chills alter, natcd with hot flushes, low spirits, and gloomy foreboding., irregular appetite, and tongue coat ed, vim aro .tirTcnni; from Torpid Ijlvor 01 "Hilloimiicsm." Iu many rases of "1,1 vcr Complaint" only part nf these symptom. aro experienced. As a remedy for all such ca.e. l)r. l'ierco'e Golden Medical Discovery hna no equal, a It effectH perfect cures, lca InR the llvir .trengthened and healthy. For tho cure of Iln bltlinl CQllMllpntloil of the Bowels It Is a never falling remedy, and thoso who haw lined it for this purpose nre loud In Its praise. Tho proprietor oftVr. $1,000 reward for a medi cine Uiat wilt uiual It for the, cure of all iIkmIIh taen for which It l recommended. Sold by drugsist. at 1 per bottle. Prrparcd by It. V. l'lcrce, M. D.. Solo Proprietor, at his Chemical laboratory, 11-1 beneia btreet, Iliilliilu, N. Y. Send jour address for a pamphlet. Isil.,),nvl t OPEN DAY AND NIGHT, Victor Restaurant IHI FARNHAM HTHKKT, Between 10th and 11th, VICTOR DUOROSS, - Pror. TABLES SUPPLIED WITH EVERYTHINO In tho Market. All Meals Served to Order. OYSTERS SERVED IN EVERY STYLE, Gnmo in season. Prices to unit the timet. Furniture & Upholstery Made and Repaired at reasonable rate, at J. H. TEBBEN'S, Eleventh St. lift. Farnham A: Iliuiur WWCasli paid for .Seciind-hitid I'liriilture. nuvl-lm ATCHISON & NEBRASKA RAILEOi TJ Ol'KN TO HTKULINt;, F 100 Miles fi-nin Atrhlsmi. A, Trains loave Atchison at 9:Ci. u. and 8.S0 .".' 'or Doniphan, Troy. Highland, Iowa P. !l,l.,llui1 V''te ouil, Kaii.it, and Bull Vail. City, Salem, Humboldt, Table Itotk and TtcuniMli. Nebraska. CainuectlngatTroy Junction with train, of St. Joseph aud Denver City railroad for Hiawa tha, Seneca, M.ry.vllle, Hanover, I'alrbury .ud Meridian, and at Ticiimseh with stage for Beatrice and Lincoln, (via Midland PaclUc rail road from Nurwy Hill.) Passenger, leave Kansas City by Kansas Clly, dric broads": " ,,l"," W'"""H: Oulj Route to Southern Nebraska ami Northern Kansas. ;v't(V '$7?nVEGETrBtE SICILIAN ;i -J v.s uwvv ;Mvv;t v V -.. X tV Mw- WTWXWLw . i.B.. . . aaaaan 'IBPawtlu HPhXl ii 'MUH mini Uulr HAIR ENBWER 1. '- voiii'iiiL'i-cnsLw tliopopuliui- Ii ilna1Ie Hnii Prepnrnf ion ; ' Itio to inrrit alone. Wo -"nu our oltl patrons that it u wli up to its hiih ftnmlnrd; 1 illtt!oii' iilinliltitiulporfoct- i i-i-'p-u-nlitm tor lotoiing Cln.vv .- 'iKii ll.vutto it-4 youthtul color, tit - .tii4 il noil, lu.stroiH, nml eilken. i ., s'mIji, ly its use, becomes white 1 1 i eliMii. It removes nil eruption- it 1 1 il iiiiliiiii; and, by its tonic prop- i- 'i -, ptt'vcnts tliu finirfrom fnllin; , . il stiiiiulnte.s mid nourislics Ii Imir-irJnuiR Uy its ubo, tho hair K 'ins thii-ki'i' iiiul (stronger.- Jm luMne-N, it icstores the capillary ;!.iinU lo their uormnl vigor, and will i-i-tMlc n new growth, except in I'vliviiiMih! :n,a'. It is the most eeo- iioniiciil ll.viit Ditr.ssi.vo ever used, . it iivpiiitN fewer applications, iud giviN llio hair n splendid, glossy appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.L)., Hl.ito As ay up of MassaclniBotts, Hays, "Tho const it ueiitrt nre pure, and cnre fiilly "elei'tt'd for excellent (nudity ; nii'l I coiixiilei' it the Bust Pjiepa- iiation for its intended puqioscs." HJtt l;t nil Drupphl.-.nnd Dealt rs in Mcdiclntl, 1'rliRi Ono Dollar. Duck Ingham's Dye. FOIl THE WHISKERS. A- our Itciiowcr in many oases retpiiros too long n time, nnd too much caif. to restore gray or faded WhUlcor, wo linvo )reinrc(l this dye, in one preparation ; which will (iniekly nnd ollbctunlly nccomplish this result. It, is easily applied, and produces a color which will neither rub nor wash off. Sold by all Druggists. Price Fifty Cents. Manufactured by R. p. HALL & CO., NASHUA, N.H. J. K. Ull, Attent. Ayer's Cathartic Pills, lor tho relief ana euro of alt derange ineut. In tho atom. cli, lher, and bow. vis. They ar a mild aperient, and an excellent purgative, llelng purely vege table, (her contala no mercury or min eral whatever. Much htiou. Blc.nc. anil sufierinir I. nrevent. od by their timely tire) uud ct i-ry family should havo thorn on hand Tor their protection nnd relief, when required. Lung t"CK.rlciiii has protcd them to be the .ar- 'I, mtn-t, ami best of all tho Villi with which ho unrUet abound'. lly their occasional us, no blood Is purliled, tho corruption, of tho aye em ('-h;ll,'d, olxiructloiu removed, and thei thoo in ichlnnry of Mo lestored to It. healthy tctiilt). Internal organs which becomo clogged -md filial. h n n cli-iused bv Auer't 1'UU, and i'iiul.it,.,l into action. Thus Incipient dlieaso sehitii'd Into 1n-.iltli, tho vnluo of whlcli change, !i 'il is-okone I on t!i at multitude, who onjoy t em Imrillv be computed. Their sugar coating iiW'-s I iii-m ploasant to take, and preserve, their inu-s unimpaired for any length or time, so it th-r nra f'w-r fro.li, and porfactly reliable. ill'ii'i'li M-arehlnr. they nro mild, anil operate vltlioiii disturbance- to tho constitution, or diet, or "ifiitioil. gj I- dl illreclloin nrn plieu on the) wrapper to u i bi. bun to i.i. llieiii in a Family Physio. nl tor tin I'nl ImUng complaint., which tlieM '' s iiiulilly eiiioi - r liiil'i or ImllKPatlon, I.Iatlo.. .. i.iiiiKiiui', ii lid lAnm ,r Apiietlto, thev i d l- Liken inodenitely to .tlmulato thu atoL,- -i unit nlon Its healthy tone and action. I r l.lt.-r Coiupliilnt nnd Its varlou. lymp- - milium Ilvutlnclic, Hick Ilead-iClir-, .fitiiiiillrii or lrM-ii Hlclinraa, 1111 ...iis Ciilln and IIIIIoiih 1'ovora, they should , jii'tli-loiily tnken for each case, correct tha ,IU-ih action or remoiu tho obtt .Uons which U'l e It. !,' r lljhcntrr.v or Dlarrhua, but on Mild ilo-p I. generally required, For Ithruiiintlsm, Omit, 41 ravel, rl plliitlmi or llio Heart, Vain In the 41,1V. Iliick, and I.oIiin, they thould bo oontln-uou-ly tnken, as reiiilrpd, to ch.ngo the diseased m Hon or thn system. With such change those complalnti disappear. Tor Dropsy and Drnp.lcal Swelling, lhy thnuld Iks taken In large and frequent dose, to prnducn tho efloct of a drastic purge. For Kunprcssloti, a large doso thould bo taken, at It pioducvs the desired effect by aym pathy. ' As a Dinner J'lll. taVo ono or two J'llfa to promote digestion and relievo tho stomach. An occasional doso .tlmulate tho stomach and nowclt, restore, the appellto, nnd Invigorate, tho system. Henco it i. often advantageous when, no eerlou. derangement exists. One who feel, tolerably well, often find, that a dose or tlio-a i'ff makes him foci decidedly belter, from their cleansing and renovating cfltct on tho digestive apparstu.. mxr-AMD nv Dr. J. C. ATXlt Jt CO., Practical Chun hit, ZOWEZZ,, MASS., IT. 8. A. TO BALE BT ALL DltUOOISTS UVIUIYWIIKHU. C. V. QUOD HAW. Arvnt wpBaaajaajrs ?SlaTTTTVjEOv .u MlJBT SiS JCLV tjil The MEDICAL WONDER. 5n5g!$ -jnTi" " r.ilT;! A N INFAUJDI.K SPECIFIC FOR DISEASF5 IJof the 1.1 VF.R, IILOOU, KIDNEYS and HOW. r.LS, and great corrective of all female derange, menu. It contains no alchollc tplms and Is liie VftttMt tutttituttor Cuhmrl. K3CA.T3 THIO t A COMPLIMENTARY TESTIMONIAL TO MESSRS. J fi C. MAGUIRK, St. Louis, Mo.: Ucntlemen 1 lie undersigned having known you for many years as reliable chemists and pharmaceu tists, and obkervlng the effective activ.l of your remedies for whatever recommended, with to be.r voluntaiy evidence lo the efficacy of your lad. ami i?.,S'!',r.inl?.nt J'efl reparation, "MAGUIKE'S CUNIlUltANOO HITTERS." .1 Is all that you claim ror it as an alterative, purgative, depurator and diuretic, acting specially upon the liver, blood, aBdaeys and bowels. JOEl'H I1ROWN, Mayor, who adds: "I have new this the most pleasant and effective mcillcliK 1 Have ever used." MILKS SELLS, Slate Insurance Commluloticr, SV?,f?J.V.'.,.elM',r, ,he Mayor's opinion," "5; ?,IC,,,KS. . S' ".J-AILIN, Pres. Collier Uad & Oil of I.afiin & Hand Powder . M. HOUSER, CHAS. O. CONTEK, s.,1 W;SVif.ll,,G,obe c'l'"''n Im. Cen. Com, W.I.WAGNKR. I'. G. FERGUSON. Clerk Probate Court. "Jenks" of Mo. Uem. imrn-AiN a. hill, iienkyt. muih o ... Attorney al Law. late Clly a County Ai,'r. S I1LOOI), FRANK. VAI.I.lf, late i'res. Uoatman't Ct'k Court Crlin. Correct. .Saving A... II. M. CHAMDEKS. NORMAN I.COLMAN, I'res, Hut. ft Drov. Ilaak. .. .lb'.R'"-al World. K, S, GREENWOOD, M. S. IIARTNETT, I'res. Y. M. C. A. ltj Clly Collector. E. A. SIIRYOCK, TIIOS. WAf.SH, of Shryock . Co. Architect. W. T. GAY, M. T. ANDREWS. n of Cay, HannenV.iup 1 of Moody, Michel Kc Co. Co. ' TIIERON 1IARNUM, JAMES ARCHER. of llarnum's Hotel, Aud many other, too numerous to mentlou. J. k. C. MACUIRE, Sole I'ropiltor,St. Louis, Mo. raiOS, 75 OSNTS PEB BOTTLE. Hall at Lcutsclier's Hall. SOUTH OF NINTH ST.mtlDUK, (Near the Union IVIfle Track), Ewjr THMdar aBd Thunaar Er'uj 0.. t 8 AdmlMion-.Tari.Uy.v.a f) Inti, M tuU. A. HMTM.gupt.and awwjliiniiniifpiTTr 1M'MW,''TyW''W,r nr - w--wmn ai iiri:iortBa'ylf:T'r t3Tp4xft i&wnmGiSfsr;. fritimr.'riiMfnr: yqaiBKKa vmKjsmta'ilLivmii

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