21 Haziran 1860 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Haziran 1860 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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g[)t (Dftnmtoa Conner. Local and Miscellanooue. OTTTMNVA. I' AV A, Juno 21, 1800. s -f 11k We c»n supply Q'tr friends of the western tb nk 011 favorable term* an they can ask |)ppnblicaii rinb«*Mr«li regularly erery Mttay evening, over Hedrick A Gillespie's Store*, Frost tlfeei. Member* ofthe party are Invited to attend. |:drrlllit ICrptiMlrnn 4 111 h» Meets ^irry Monday evening (it Vance A Benedict's Hall.— ®»ery body Is invited to attend without distinction #f party. R. W. 1J0YT), Prcjt. t. TV. Rons, Perf. «r $nly Fifty Cents! Dbowkbo FOR THE COURIER for the Campaign! When you want Clothing Boots and Shoes, go to Temple's New Store. KEEP A BRO. IT ATE RECElV. ED ANOTHER LOT OF THOSE FINE, CHEAP GOODS! GO AND SEE 'EM 11 Tuesday, being Circus day, our streets Wfrf 1 Hortllv mimmed and jammed with tennis ami peepels." All branches of bus iness flourished, We call attention to the Card of Stuart And Norris. 1*hc office of th« firm is in Pum- rojy'H New Building on the corner of front & Market St«. SF1.A6S! FLAGS!!—We I The Republicans of Kirttviffi* tnffcforoun- ara wide awake, and we noticed a couple •f very fin^ drums. (bass and snare,) yes terday, on their way that to place, to beu«ed trfthe present campaign. Good* We nte requested to say that the Ottumwa Jkftss Band, h.iviog organized for the cam paign, offer their services to all such as may desire •hem, without party distinction.— Charges rfHwrnvibte. For further informa tion address F. W, HAWLEY, Secr- tary. LOTIST Yb\r.—A —A young man named Re-'ves, was drowned in the Des Moines Rivet at the mouth of Sn^ar creek, two! I«* btlow.' this city, on the 15t!i. The' fortunate young man, in company with' •^brother, was buthing in the river. Thei is \ery low now, but there is a hole' feetvd'-J-jj at Mtat place, in which une strangled. Workmen from the «Omajr he btttatr D. 'f. & M. Railroad, were engaged near Wd ran to the spot when the brother gare toe alal ia, but could render no assistance.1 Hbung Reeves UrWJ between -Aggficy Oftjr ,g|id Dahlonega! i '|i 1 ^lUdar School Railroad ExfW| *iou mid Piv^iir. A Rail-Rnad Excursion to Fairdbld on thej Mth int. Trahi will leave Ottumwa at 8 '^•ock, A. M. Leave Agency City at "^wHook. Arrive at Fairfield at 10 o'clock. Fare to Fairfield and back-rr Wn-M Ticket, ,76et*. ,•'«, (^r Lw^jr and %nt) ^Oets. Children, ,,, 15cts Tickets can ht had at the principal stores in Ottumwa and Agency. i Eac!i will provide their owtJ dinner. A special invitation imextended to the Sun- i «Sy School* of Dttuinwa, aud to the citizansj Xhy L*-- i ty jjc.*rorii}lv. M. S. BONN!FiELI), 1 J. E GIU KSiHE, (VxstinilLoe W* LINlsi-y S Coanrll Prnn'cdlngn. ... FKIDAV EVENING, fMntract. The resolution was laid upon the •able, and»inade the special order of business at tho next regular meeting. Aid. Kittredge moved that the Mayor be requested to invite Mr. Reed of the B. M. R- R. Co. to he present on that evening. Lost. Adjourned. S. B. THRALL, Recorder. Momday EVENISO, GROCERIES, are now prepared tf print, to order,-aft kinds of flags, banners, sashes, badges, and streamers, on the short est notice. Flags for teams furnished at 10 cts. each! friend says that next! year will be locust yew. The fact was dem •Wftstrated by him the other day. In digging I •Iceltor recently, he says he found thousands them about three feet unlrr trround.—! They were in their white shells, and appa-! for Cash and rently in a (rood state of preservation. June 15, I860. 1 A special meeting of the (^ouncil was held. 1 Stencnt—Mayor, Marshal, Recorder, Street Commissioner, Alderman Baldwin, Lots-• peich, Kittredge, O'Conner, Mitchell, War- den, and Dixon. Absent—Williamson (Ad i Ifilburn. ,^-Tho i fay or stated the object of the meet to bo to confer with agents the K. Ft. Hts Moines & M. R. Company. Ju l^e IIeri:b'rsh'st, on behalf of the Km* 4ak, Ft. Ivri|t)in«is & Minnosota Railroad 3 presented and read the form of a contract between the city of Ottumwa and jbe attove natn^d Railroad Company. A reholution as presented authorizing the wty r, in hen »lf of the city, to execute said Jane 18, 1860. Council met. Present—Mayor, Recorder, %jreet Commissioner, Aid. Baldwin, War­ den, Lotspeich, Kittredge. O'Connor, Dixon, Mitchell, and Williamson. Absent—Mar jftnl, and Aid. Milburn. ^Minutes of last meetings read aiMt ap ffnved. The resolution offered last special meeting, Uritb reference to eontra,t between the oily Of Ottumwa and the K. Ft. D. M. & M. R. It. o» was annotmced as special order of bu ^|teaa. ^The resolution and contract were raad, and A!d. Warden moved that the resolution be adopted. Remarks were made bv members of the Council, and l»y Judfi Ilendershott AH behalf of the Keokuk Railroad Company. ^Ebe question waa lost. Yeas and Nays •Wte called, as follows: Yea—Warden. Nny %—Baldw in, Dixon.Lotspeich,Kittredge, O'Conner, Mitchell, and Williamson. It was moved that the Mayor be author- lapd to ejK'cuto that portion of the contract OOt relating to the Depot grounds of the B. A M. R. R. Co. Motion amended by referring to a eotn Otittee to draw np a wntrnct, in concert with the agents of the K. Ft. D. M. & M. II. R. Od., granting such right of way through the iky as they desire, and the city has power to grant to report next meeting, for the ac tion of the Council. The motion as amended •a* earned. Aid. Kittredge, Warden, nnd JtnliJwiD, were appointed said committee. Mill of .J. Coyan. ns Judge of wty election, •p" presented and allowed. Bill $1 00. to AJiourncd to meet next Moiday evening, »sih. at & trfRACL, Recorder EHTI GREAT ATTRACTION! J. &C0, UAVS •IW ilCEIVINO Tftekst four weeks, their SPRING AND SUMMER —STOCK OF- Staple and Fancy DRY CrOOBSl ROOTS & SHOES, HATS, CAPS, Bonnets, &c., WHICH NOW HAgEft THEIR STOCK COMPLETE!] Our iVioti* "IOW PRIDES WIN," Is warranted bjr our purchasing from first bands, and selling to elo«o, prompt, paying trade, TO ALL SUCH ffer complete and UNSURPASSED sTortt 4K- SPRING AND Hosiery, YAHSSB NOTIONS, &C —AT- WHOLE8ALE OR RETAIL* at the lowest possible prices. 9 price for Oter* variety of PRODUOa Wo will p*j the highest market price in cash, for WOOL COUNTY ai4 CITY OHDEUS. J. LOOMI8 Sc. CO. OUumwa, Oat. 0,1850-nao-tf GREAT ^4TIO\AI. ROl'TR A I O E N E W Y O U K PHILADELPHIA rft ROSTOXf Obii lailroad! Is the only Iioad to WASHINGTON CITY. The Washington branch of thla I wA W yio• 1 Road Is owned in I operated ex- clusively by the H. A O. «. It. Co. usenger« by the I pretended routes to Washington City, are subjected to omnibus travel, tedious delavs, aud extra charges at Baltimore. i 1 lie Baltimore and Ohio Rstdroad in connectien I with the Central Ohio Railroad, presents to the trav- elinjr public short and deslra'-le route, from Coluin- I bus to all the Eastern'-itie*. Passenifers hy this route can visit the cities of Bal timore, Philadelphi N*w York or Boston, at the cost of a ticket to New York or Boston alone by other1 lines. Through tickets can also be procured rla Washing ton City to the Eastern cities, at ss additional char?.' of two dollars. Traveller* to the East, from all Western points, can depend upon quick time and sure connections. Sleep ing cars attached to all nlgM tr tins. Two trains leave Columbus. Oliio, dally, 4:10 a.m. Newark lt:biJ a m., Zanesvllle 7:1S a.ni., Benwood, (l\ heeling) 1 i."' m., ira ft on 111., Cuntherland 10:In p.m., Harper's Ferry 8.01 a.m.: arrives In Balti more 0:4.*) in Washington City 7:"lip.in. 3:'Hi im, Newark 4:18 pin, Zancsviile R:W pm, Ben woo. 1.1 Wheeling) H•: 1(1 mn, (iraftoti .T:o0 am, Cumber land S:15 am, Harper's Kerry 1 •»:.*« pm arrives at Bal timore 4: l* pin, Washington City fc'Mlpm. Dire't connections made at Baltiinaip irith above trains Philadelphi", New York and Boston, and at Washington City for Richmond, Wilmington, Charles ton. *••. Ticknis cfood int'l used with the privilege of stop ping o(T-»t all principal points. Hut one change of cars between Columbus and Italtlim.re. Business men and travelers for pleasure or Inform ation, can visit all the euncm cities at a comparative ly sm ill expense. The«cenerv is celebrated fur Its wonderful beauty and sublimity it is nn -quilled In the world. Its^vstem of day and night Track P»Iicc its splendid equipment Its exrlu«ive telegraph lines Its large amount of double track Its flue hotels, (un der the surveilance of the company.) ensures to the passenger, speed, s «f.-ty, and comfort. Time as quick and fare as low as via any otherroute. Through tickets and baggage checks can be pro Mred at all th» principal railroad and steamboat of fices in the west. Auk for tickets via Salts^nre and Ohio KalfrssA L. COLE. «?en. Ticket Ag't It A 0 R. W SMITH M«l. Transportation. II. C. JEWRTT, I'jos't. COBB W. BROWN, Gen Tlcfcet Ag't COI I f: t. rt'C t.Kn.Oer. We.fn BAO NEW STOCK OF SPRING&S L'MMERG&ODS DIRECT ritOM THE EAST. C. C. Warden, la receiving aad N O W O E N I N tt'e Miall Offer tnron^hoot the season, a Vi*1nwp«?rt'.lnin)r to Punkinj.'. Evrhatnre or roller-! tions. which miy li» entrusted to ns, ferlinp confident tli.it our past practical experience of ten years In wf4T It O w 9 O E 8, HATS & CAI'S, o n S S 1 a large and fashionable stock of Y O O S 4** lYotfon*, CIo(I)^ 9c Cami Meres, Wats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. A ml a complete a«*ortment of everything to fceet the wonts of iii'livi-tnals or families in his I line oftra'lf.romfiri^itij in part as follow* llain, Black and Fancy Cassimeres, Broad Cloth, SatioeUs! TICKS, 8IHRT1NG3, STRIPEg, CORDUROYS, .TEA XS, DEXXIXS, If RILLS, BLGAniUD Jk connox ni SLIITS, I N S or 0cery Variety, Style and Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC C.1NGIIAMS Besides a great variety of Dress Goods 1 FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN, Which couM not he enumeiated in an advertisement like this. Tlie only way to appreciate the extent, rarlctv, and cheapness of his stock will he to call and look through for yourselves. I am also receiving a well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, such at Tea. Coffoe, Sugar, Rice, Dried Fruit,Soda, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac. IIA RD WARE & CUTLER Y. (Jlassand Nails, BuiMcrs material an«t hotlM fitrnisliinp poods. And has an entire stock complete in evervlhinr that wouM comprise a «tnrk for Uip times and for t|iis vicinity, alt of which he is anxion? to dispose of for trie r«adv pav. or to approved customers. All kinds of Country produce taken in pay for Coods. solicits an examination of e«ods And price* and vilt tnk«* pleasnre in showing Jou t!ir»tigh whether vou hnv or not. April 12 1Ma. Roadjr Pay Oqly* i TEWPLr & BROTIIER, ottitywa, I O W A I m:u: »s itsic.-v»:n n r. r 9 moved th*ir Exchange odice from Chariton,! Jowi. to thl* point, and ar^ prepared to transact anv Southern Iowa, will enable ut to tendersatisfaction to nur patron*. We sell SMillT DitAFTS 3JEW YORK, and other eastern piint*. In sum* to auit purchasers, andean also firnish Ex rhanpe on KNOLANI). IKCI.WD ANP SrotLWP, ANI» ON GKRMANY, PltA\«'E. SWEDI V. I'ENMAHK, A.vn ALI, oriiKit couNriuES or j:iitoPK, as wcdl at eolleet money,Inheritance*, and erery oth- TT H.f \f PB" claim in foieign counties. O U iVl 1*1 I** Ki We receive Deposit* and itiiua Cert ideate# which hear interest only tiv H[i(cial a^reertieiit. H. S. made payable at onr oiBce. i will he remitted for, at current rules of Exchange and th..s—maturing at other points, »ill be collected and r-n'iit'-.l. lo^ »-\cli!itiL-e nnd expenne of collection.— '•Ve will ilao pay att-ntion t"securing andcollectinc douhtful d«lts. Partu s holding l/ncurrcnt Monry, Hrnffs. Cer tificates ofiDfpusite, or Bil a of I] .veil mi sc. Paviible AT 8IOUT OR ON TIME, In any place,ean hive them Cashed by eatltnf al car office. TAXES, We ?i*ve correspondents In nearly every county in Southern Ion a, andean pay taxes f»r lion residents and oth»rs, a reas mahle com niisHlon. Money for taxes always required In advance and all orders Should be sent us v 1st of Satiuary. L.VN'I) WAIM:ANTS. will at all ti'ne? pay cash for Land Warrant#, and vi tl al" Httend o lie loi atii.n of them, or tho entry *ithcarh,»f U'. venitnent lands, in IOWA, KAWAS OR NEBRASKA. We have ample a»rangen ents for the selection of de sirahlc lands in the Territories, for individuals orfor Colon!. A lS.—We can furnish eml grants and others with first rate Farm*, In the central counties of this i State, ir with uniiqpri^ved land In this and the south em tier of counties, for Ca»h. They can be bad as 1 I 'Vie »p at lilrt.'* TOWX r.OTS. We hove over undre.l town I-ts In Charlton, I Osceola, Afton and M.tunt Ayr, all tjood eonnty Towns, three of which are on the line of the Burlington A I llicsouri R. R. R. To parties desiring resilience or, %iislnc« lots, in any of these points, we will give good j%arsr4in«. I'arti-*sat id'.-t iice, df1ring information as'othe property oiTered. are requested to correspond with u». All others will please call at cur office, on Market S». two doors from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa TKMPLIi Si RKOTHER, Oetob«r •, I8t0-n30—4w. TtUTfiTOV, PEttUIA, AXD LO WSP KT R. 11. i i e a e I i u i n o n a s n o- s O N I N MA"., "i N IS II K*„ (Saturdays exceptel)S P- m- ... i jinpatToLKlM) with LIG1ITMNO Ex. TRAINS on We will Mjr the bighetit market! Sunday Night Train leaves at S m. Connect- LAKi s,lo,tK 11 The S:imi ui I.Tjansport Express makes direct eon- folliw«: At El Ha,- wUh I'llnol# Central Railroad for Bloom- V*# Ington. Decatur, 1'aua, Sandoval and Cairo. At Chen i with Chicago and St. Louis lUilroad for I Alton to £t. I.ouis. At Oil man witli (Chicago Branch) Illinois Central I Railroad for rtii, n^oxridSouth. At Ri-ynnMo .»ith New Albany and Salem Railroad for Lafayette, Indimiiipolls and Cincinnati. I At l. '^msport with Tdedo, Wat.a anl Western Itailrnad for Toh-.Jo and all points E ist also with, Cln' inu tii nnd Chicago ltaiiroad for Cincinnati, Day ton and Ciduo bus. The l:l.*p in Peoria Accommodation makes the I •ante connections as above to Oilman. The above is a new and very mu-'h shorter Line! i than anv other to the above named points. It i» thoroughly bailt, and well manned, and run In everv way to i it the approbation of the travelling public. T. S. WILSON, r&stenifer Ag't, Ottuiuiv i. A. 1 BARBKU, Western Ag't, Des Moines. Iowa. OTTUMWA if 1VSKK 11 titer A So'i'crs nni' 111 at on the 23th .1 n of Ap -e to the public a«t, (teorgc ivas associated as fjll parti,cr In said Lrat, which rill be known after lii.U date as IH'ATLII, MHVEItS »V Co.* by whom Uie isine« Mi'lin/ will be carried on with Increased facllttlei". at the CITY MILLS." lirXTFR, 80 WE US Ottumwa, May 19, ISiW-tu-U-y. 1 TAKEN A up an estrav. r^ 00. rSTIIAY mitii I:. I I'V slter Cross, at hlsj residence, 'n K blyville, W.ip Uo^ounty, Iowa, on the flth day of April, lHfi t, one Sorrel Pony, with I white face, flax mane a-d tail, nnderlip white,' heavy I built, about It hands high has h.irne-s ma.ks on ei ther side and on the rump scar on either side ofthe 'e, suppose,I to have been caused by a burn for the hiu'i.e id sho.l before and supposed to be 1$ years old. No other marl." or brands visible. Appraised at before It. W. Boyd, a Justice ofthe Peace. JOSEPH IIAYNE, Co. Clerk. Ottumwa, April 2rt, 'AO—T-li :1m. SAIST LOUS CIIIMP niLLI.f£B¥ STOIII, raoxt sr., ntcinw'- bpildiso. MformMARTIN,formerly rs. of Bt. Loots, wan 14 la the Ladies of Ottumwa ami surrounding country that she has brought on an entire new Stock of Spring Bonnet* of all the iatest styles worn in the Last, «lilcli sh- will sell prices to suit the times.— Ladies are invitetl to call and examine her assortmeut an I not listen to the fools' statement* of interested parties. Fashionable Dress Making, Bonnets Pleached to look as goo I as new, and Trimmed for 8u ccfitk May8d—vl2—nS-2m HOI FOR PIKE'S PEAEI ttr. undersigned would respectfully inform the cltiiens of Ottumwa. *nd the puMio ti general, that he is Hj.iln in the field, with his trowel in hand! r-a ty to do their plastering in tli? cheapest nnd I.est style, orto contract for building* throughot at fair rat. *. Lime always n hand and for sale. Having had long experience In the business, h« hopra to hnv* I literal p&tronfcge. Mar IS, ISC9—tl2-din C. M. KELLOGO. A rnc riiwri: To~iii'if A homes AS I am d-termlned to sell all my real estate, con sitting of three dwelling houses, one store house nd ont Nrm. I will sell the abOve property for one- frurth r*§h down, »hr balance on 1, 2 and 8 vears time, with inteiMt fiona date. Pflcm reasoaaM*.— For further particulars applv to A. I QRAVKP. O'tasiwa, May SI. '|0 1? 19 «p NEW GOODS NEW OOODS! E 3 & W O O W A ARE COXSTASTLY BOOTS, CAHPET SACKS, CLOTHS, C. C. WARDEN. BANKim, EXGHAWSHj —AND— COLLECTION OFFICE, OF SATINETTS, &ECE1VIXG MOM TBI l?LEi.XDIO LOTS OP COAIS, PANTS, VEST? HATS CAPS* SHOES ^9TES, OVERALLS, GUM PANTS, SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, HANDKERCHIEFS, GUM SHOES, GUM COATS, tH7M GLOVES, UMBRELI«A8, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, OASSIMERES, JEANS, COTTON ADES, and all articles usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Call in and examine the Stock. Clothing con stantly made to order, Ottuonv.i April 12th, ,6fl-25-11-eh-5-l®. KITTREDGE & MERRILL, WDOLF.SALE AXD LET AIL O E S OTTUMWA, IOWA. IIAVB ROW STQRE AND FOR 8ALK THE V^ROE^T ^TOCK of O E K 1 E EVER BROUGHT TO THIS MARKET, Which they are prepared to tell aa tqw as eaa to* bought In any market weft ofthe rlvtr. The stock consists in part of the following good* 10 Hds N. O. Sugar, SO Bbls Refined Sugar, 50 Bbls an hlf bbls X. O. tteUww and Sjrrap, 50 Sacks ColTee, 10 Java Coffee, 25 Kegs Pure Soda, 100Regs Nails, Cotton Yarn, liatt*. Candle*, Soaps, Tobaccos, and all other articles in our line. The trade of Merchants and citizens generally Is rejpcctfullv solicited. The hig'iegt market prtcapaJdfor Oldes, 0ra?s Seed and all kind ofprodm'a. K. A M. Sept. 15,1S59.—11-27-y NEW GOODS] !TCV GO0H9! Jukt rece!*( rr.'-iit'ic it 8 CH WORSTS JL s GROCERY AND PROVISION ITORE Front Strett, Opposite 'lie Ottcniwa House. A t-Aat' v :i» SCPERIO* STOCK OP Groceries and Confectioneries, Fruits & .fnts, Chewing aa i Smoking Tuliaoeo#, Cigars, AKD REAL II.tVA.XA TOIIMOO, ... AT WlIOl.ES.M.Ei- I'.ETAIf.. Queenncare, Boot* and Shoes, All of which will be sold for. Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or txeUangfd far Country Produce. ^*TA XTl'Ii-HIDES, f.r which will be paid the ww very highest market price In Cash. Call .»• examine goo. and prices, in Daum's brick opposite the Ottumwa House, Kront-et. October Cth. cii-Sit-oldi.VU CHICAGO HIDE AND LEATHER ®L£3 Keeps cor stantly on hand aud for sale, every dlscrtp tion of Leather suitable to the Manufacture of BOOTS, SHOES, HARNESS AND SADDLES. Will also pay the highest price in Cash, for HIDES, I»EI/rs, WOOL, & FIRS. ThlsHouse has connections with Eastern Manufactures of Leather, and being centrally located, offers peru liarfacilities to the trade of Middle and Southern Iowa. Our prices wiII favor«tilv compare with any House in tN West. Thi* II .me" also ,• ,.,11111 ^nds its self to tin- ui.tice of Farriers, and Dealer* i:i HIDES AND FURS, as a sure Market for every thing In the line, l4 a Cheap and reliable place to deal. We are prepared also to show samples of 1 6 Cars will run directly through from Burlington to T'dedo without and all other I u Onr a I vantages are, Shortest and Quickest one less ghanire of car- no Oinuihiis.sing as vU Chicago cor. fce j'ions positive, as it is owned and controltd by the fame interest, while via t'liiciigo It is the reverse. la •hart, it is every way the most de-ir ible line. J. R. FAYIIWEAT1IER, Tick! Air't liuiiiiiiftoa. SADDLERY HARDWARE, and take orders fo.- the same. Also have a large stock of BUFFALO liOffSS, which we offer for sale. KILLED CLOTH, A READY-MADE COATS, we will exchange for Corn,Oats or llay. Opposite the Crrroll Ilonse, Ottumwa Iowa, Aft! North-west Corner Square, Fnirtield "III-tf. P. M. C1IAPIN, Agt. change, and arrive In advance of any 1 kinds of grain wanted at the ines. Vw Chicago Le .ther Store, Front st-eet, Ottumwa Iowa. [Nor. 2J, IsVi OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Mendenhall &, Whitliani, Forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS AND General Fr-eight Agents, NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTl'.HWA IOWA. W Liberal Cash advances made on Prodnce for Shipment. 11-81 tf. ATTENTION PARMER}! '11HE above cut represents ttnke »V lintlt's Improved Sugar Cane J/,.7. I -nj.rovt I March 1963. This mill Is oonstructed of iron—except lerer and hopper—It has no equal in lightness of draft, durabil ity, simplicity ar.d fpecd. Any amount of pressure isobtalne by moving one set screw—the pressure all comes upon a gnm spring. This mill can He fed from both sides of the large cone—th»r-ly maldnf double mill. without extra tax to the mill. No. 1 Mill, (one horse) complete, §M. 2 (two horse) 133 Expresses from to 12 illons per hour. Manufactured at Ch is. IIendrl«-« Foumlrv Burllnr ton. Iowa. J- R. CRAWFORD. Agent. 3*9. R. Iloprivs, Gen. Agt. ottumwa, Iowa. For the sale of Territory, Ac. [May lT-ntO-U-Sm. Jr»T n ECEtvrn-5 Casks Cheese. Wbnxes Fresh Ritslns, SSdrnms EUme Figs, v 1 RAGS* r-^.^lrWX^ilHWIIn NEW STOVE O E A. CULVER, D. Front Street, Daggett's old Stand, Ottumwa, fowa. rniir mtizkxs or OTTI mw A AND Jl Vicinity are invited tc call and get my new prices on STOVES. As I p*y i«h for my Stove*. I flatter myself that I can sell them 25 per cent, cheaper than they have ever been sold in this market to ca«h customers. My fctove* are of the noted COMSTOCK manufacture of over Fifty different patterns. I have the celebrated Quincy City Cook Stoves, Which took tl.e $5^ prlie m"dnl over all other stove* la the West, to which 1 invite especial attention. I WILL WARRANT ALL .1/1' STOVESL and will furnish plates, free of eharg»% if they crack by fire. 1 have in store at all times a fall assortment of jTIN, HOLLOW &L JAPAN WARE. Job work, in tin, copper and "he^t iron, promptly done, on reasonable term*, and in the host inann-r. I r&-i will receive in exchange for the ah.ive ware*, I old copp»r, br is*, casi iron, am) ragi, which will en» aid'* f.irm*r« to save from 10 to $IVl per annum, i May 24. lMitl—12 ll-y A. D. Cl'LVER. O N A I TO GO TO HEDRICK & GILLESPIE'S MAIX STREET, OTTt^lWA, fore buying your goods, as they are just lnreo«ipt ofthe largest and best selected stock of goods ever brought to the Des Molues Valley, which they at* selling to the CASH TRADE AT PRICES DEFYING COMPEIION, Selling excloslreljr for Path or Product enables as to sell TEX PER CEXT LOWER TIT AX ANY OTHER HOUSE mi LWM* ftvr stock of Staple Dry Goods, IVii-ts. Denims Tick ings, Sutiueits, BOOTS, SHOES & h-iii^- v. f. "I. w.' ..an iI tli -in a* !-..v a» t!i--_,v '.i| be bought at KEOKUK or BlTULtNOTOX. Before trading Reiftember that wc pay the hi^hpst price far C«rn M'heat and Oats. Remember that we pay the highest prl«« for Meal and Flour. Remember that we pa/ the higheat price fctr Fla* and Ti uothy Seed. Remember that we pay the highest price for Rags and Beeswax. re pay the fclghett price for Honey Remember that i and Lard. Remember that w« pay tils highest price for Chick* ens and Turkies. Remember that we pay the highest price for Feath ers, Hides and Deer Skins. Remember that we pay the highest price in fact for all kinds of produce. Remember that we pa the highest price for County and City Orders, Remember that we s»ll at least tO per cent lower than any other house in town. Remember that «re dor't sell "nary" item on Credit. Remember the place, Main Street, opposite Ottam wa llouse. HEDRICK A GILLESPIE. January 12,1S60—n44-ll QTTl'MWA CARRIAGE FACTORY! THE undersign would re«pectn!lv solicit the av tention of the public to the facilities which he n..« uscsi for inaiiufiicturinK CAHUIAOES & «'AQ» JJ.NS, of e"ery description, after the most improvei styles, at ood as can be obtained £ast, and upon sat» Isfactory terms. Those iv'shitig to purchase will please call and ex amine my stock. £2T"Repairing promptly attended to. Ottumwa, Mar. lst,l859-ri7-lyA' FOR CIM IWATI! CTTTCAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, CINCINNATI SHORf LINE 1 Jail Roo.lJ Shortest, Q-tlckot, and only Direct Route from ChV cago to Cincinnati. Passenger trains leave the Great Ceutral Depot, fool of Luke street, as follows First train 7: to a.m., arrive# at Michigan City ai, 15.Bit p.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 5:23, (supper.) Indi anapolis S:l.%, n.m., Lawreuceburg 12:30, and Clncin» naii at 1 !:4.*p.m. Sec ind train S:00p.m, arrive at Michigan City at D:2f p.m La Fayett. 2:19 a.m., Indianapolis 5:80 a.m.. I.awrencel.'ur^ lo:20a.m., Cincinnati at 10 43 a.m. Passengers leave Ottumwa 3:00 p.m., arrive at Burlington at T:'.*5 p.m., arrive at Chicago at 5:IS a.m. at Liucinnati l:Sn a.m. Only one change of cars between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping cars attached to all night trains, change. Chicago to Cincinnati without and rut. through from Chicago 1 Through tickets can be had at all railroad cfficea in the West, and at the company's office, corner Lak# aud Dearborn streets, and at tue depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago. Fare as low as via any other route. II. J. SPALD1NO, Ag't Chicago. Wm.POWKI.1., Trar. Agent. BLOOD'S PATENT BEE HIVB. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Proprietors of the abve Hive fr the counties of Wapello, Meh-nka, Keokuk, JelTerson and Davis, have engaged In the manufacture of them in Ottumwa, at the corner of Front andOrren Streets, nearly opposite the Jefferson House, where they Invite Bee misers of the above and other ccuntles. to call and examine the Hive learn prices Ac. 'Twill cost nothing to look at them. Orders solicited. Agents to s-ll rights In the above counties wanted. We are also Ctrpetjteis and Joiners, aud will prompt Ty attendto orders, orcoutra.ts in those lines. Ottumwa, April 3th 1SC0—4-3m. blast, w ith KITTREDGE A MER10V4t.Y Ais«—ThehigheM»«**•*prtMpaM 'or gooij Fag*. this ftffiea SECOND ARRIVAL NEW GOODS! tAtr/rem* a cH/mm HATS XL'ST EECICTSO THEIH SECOND SUPPLY OF English Jaconets ami Organdie DUNKBLL* PACIFIC LAWNS, JASPER PLAID8, Newest Style of Dress Goods imported, at 37$ c., worth 50 c., A^p^hcr |o% of Brill?. 13 Bar Hooped Skirts at 7# i.t worth a. One Dollar, 75 PIECES Summer styles PRINTS, The third lot of S O K O K O A 1 S Men ai)d Bo|*s wear, Good Goods and Low Prices are bound to win. l.nVREWI *mA*HIF.RS, fiUiiil ARRIVAL Of NEW GOODS, AT NEW CLOTHING STORE, iNv Main Street, OTTUMWA. C'.'/.?.?// »f n General nt «r' FUJ3N!SHJ?J« 60006, FOR men a*d boys, COXPRKIXO A GP.EAT rA r.It'TY 0W CLOTH. CASS 1 MERE, SATT1NETT, LINKS* and ALPAt'CA COATS. PAKCY SATINETT, CLOTH, CASSIMKRE, LLNEN and COTTON PANTS. IfARSEILLES. CLOTH. SATIN, LEWIti A aOTT. City ileni Uurket. Front St. 2 doors east Carroll House. otxttim:"W-A-, IOWA. THEsiibscrlber, grateful for past favors, would say to the' pnMic that his market, open- I neuily fur years ago. is still in full i nereased faculties to furnish seasonable e a s of 1 k i i i k ut a reasonatile hours, at the o w est living rates. Tallow, Lard,Sausages, and every thing usually Wept :n a City Market f.-rsn'e. Ths hightst ni»r'. et pricc in cash paid for Fat Stock Terms Invariably Cash. tfl Thosi having unsettled aceoarts. or notes dns, will lease call and pay up. J. W. BROWN. Ottumwa, Feb. loth. 1839.—44 l'ST riCCIVGD, 1 fall UK tMlt of Qu»snis#i|(?l*K w»r» at VESTS. OMAR PASIIA, UNCLE SAM, 111 XtiARIAS, O E A FUR LEDGER. PALM LEAF. STEEL* AL.BIO.X AXD NEAMLUSS Know Nothing. Corded, DouMe Cordad, Steamboat, Railroad, Imported, Drilling Jft»V fiUIUUn CRAVATS A PltMTED LAWN TIKS. Brown Cotton, Fancy Mixed half Bono. Colored Cotton, Linen and Lile Thread OLOVE9. HANDKERCHIEFS. ALSO-ATo^O? BOOTS «Sc SHOES, For men and Boj-s, and a General Assortment fwr L4DIUS AD cm I. As well as a ekolee lot of O W A E N RAILROADS. B(trtiH4£ oai & IQiuonri ji| S. II utixr.r or Tine. Off AND-VFTKR MVS. I. andnntll further ko tlf-e Iticlvec. Paiii-.'ttg^r Train* will leave ftad arrive ai follows G-OIHTGL WEST: Sf «TtoS«. Burlingtii. Mlddl«-tbWD^ Danville. New I.otidi.n, Mt. Pleasant, Chee»nii'a, Olecdale, Tairleld. Whitfield, Batavia, tirilM. f.4A am,leave. 8,1 fc s.M Mar. 1, !.•* P'TTwntc. at l-i c.r Is More than rrouWODAtfOir i-'-v' tt.laave. 8. 4.1* 4. S3' 5.60' e 4u T.«W -W 8.A4 9.86 If 91 i«.6o arrlva- ».«» 9&a 1A.1S ».«. in.4t n.oa n.»r 11.41 12.1uarriv». Q-OI3KT Gr EAST accommodatiob m. leave 43 157 f?9 kl* r.aa 7.4* STA i tons. Ottumwa, Agency City, Batavia, Whitfield. Fairfield. OK-ndaie, Chceauqua Mt. PU-«anr.t, New I.' ndon, Da.ivtlle Middletow^, Bnrllbfton. llfbM. 8.00 p. 8.20 8 44 4.0S 4-27 4.56 fl.2t 5.50 8.20 9 42 «.N5 7.S5 arrlvt O RKA1), iS n.u 11.ee u is leave arrive. Vice frt-s't and Sap'l Chicago, Burlington & Qaincy# PEPABTURES: Hornins PnKscnirrr W-a\e* Bur. 806a.m 24 trronmio lation do ,i do S.OOgtS S4 Evrni-c do do to 8.15 Mf? ARRIVALS: I*t '*T«»ru'ir Pnssengertrrive! atltur. ».io a.a 2d tccoint'.'n do do do 1.85p.m 3«t rvcii'j do do do 9.66p.m The above train* make .-In^e connections with ffc^ B.AM. B. R. st Burllnrton, and wijh all the ("Cat eastern thoronehfares nt Chlcapo. REMTCK. Mar. 2». tsr,. n4 12 y. Oen'l ag't C., B. A Q.B.It r«»»»T W^YKC APftt CHICAGO RAILROAD 1 Kow completed, and cars run from Chicago ta '.Wfa tmrg without churge. contiectinr with the •SEAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL R.AILROA® Tpl. ew York. Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washing ton City, and all the Interior town* of Pennsyl var la. Nets* Jersy, New York. Maryland, Ac. Merchant* be taklr.e thU ronte will hare the benefit of all tho eastern mnrkcts at no additlcnal cost. Barrage checked through. Trains leave the depot, corner of Canal and Van Buren street*, west side, twjee Jullj on arrival of trains from the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland iM Lake Shi.re Railroad to T» 11 Virl:, PulTalo,- Ni agara Falls, New York p.nd B..«ton. and eli the Interior tours nl New England via New York Central anrl New York A Erie Railroads. Also fouth to Colutol.'is. Z^nesvllle, Newark. Mt. Vernon. Steubenvlll*. Wheeling, and interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. Th» ahore tr )b,« connect a? Forest with train- on Wad River Ron.I to Springfield, I'rbana, Dayton and Clnrlrnatl. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton aad Cincinnati, direct. fAr.E A3 IX,\V AS BY ANY OTHER ROUTE. Passengers bound eas.t will nd this route hOt% pleasant and aere^sMe, paQsine thrt.utr man'* of iarrt nn finest rlsies in the rnlted fctitc*. Pis«»»i!rer? nrrivi.-g !n Chle^co on any ofther«ad^ will fli'd ntt.-titire check agents at the depots to re ceive checks and convey bageage free of charge to th| Pittsbcrr «nd Chlratr-i ,rs. Weeping c»r accomps-iy taeh train. Tick-f« f..r sale a' all the princinal Ticket Oflleeslp the Wet. av.| at the Company's Office, corner of It particular to »*k for tick*-t« b\ R«»t dolph and -arborn streets, opposite the RevaM House, or at the w. »t side, corner of Canal Van Pur»n streets. Cbieap Foh Wavr» B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Ayoi t. freight of all klnd« will be carried from Chicago ta all points East at all times, at as low rates as ary oHfc arSallroad rnn»». TO MERCHANTS AND ^HIPPES. Tl'e Plttshnrtr. Fort Wavne and Chicggo Rallr nd flo.li avi.ng effect.-*) an arranrem«nt with th» Pennsyl vania Crn'ral R. R. Co. for the irarsportation ol Through Freight. r.rop#rty ci'nnow be shipped by tJil^ line between Chleii?o, Philadelphia. Baltimore, York and Boston, with promptness and UetpAtcb Contracts can be made at the following placsa, Wo. 2 A«tor Hon»e, New York. Ko. 1 S. William st do !to. Bitterv place, do No. 77 Wn«hin^'t.i'i «t.. Briston. K«. Pock st.. Philadelphia. Deput, Nor'b street. Baltimore Dep. *. ^•.n.rt0*street, West Side, near Van Bsrtt street 1 .Chi'- iro. Mark pa- kages vii P., Ft. Wayna A C. R. R. Rr further Informat'on npplr to AS. W. Ml'SSON. Freight Ag't Cbicaafe, 1. J. IlorsTot, Oen'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicago, Mar. 18, l^fift. BXPRE88,PASoi \r.I.R AFBRtfiHi UOtTE. -VIA- New York Central, Great Western. Aad connecting Roads to and frosa' IOWA, AND ALL A THE WJ5S*. The Roads forming this old and reliable rqnta tf the Sea 'j.ird a n e W. cave organired a FAST FRTTOHT LIN3t tKrlng perfect reliability and greatly Increased divpatch to Freight—the trains forming tb s |jpet Ka°t and West, rnn with the npaiarity, making as snre connection at the terminus of each Road having their goods receive a| Through Passenger Trains. CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely the difference between •111 be •f Dry FANCY SILK an I SILK VELVET good- m'l astWt) k Shoe* (av'ce sengtr Per .t. LEGHORN. HIAWATHA and BAHAMA f.2 KIMBALL, Calico, Cheek and flick'!"v I I I OR jr. CL O TffS. CA SSIVE&BS 4 fJK9TnffS which will be made to Order. fHtomwa, Mareb Jl lUAAlt Agt 21 I vpo^ utmost despatch During the Season of Navigation, the Fire Marine risk on most kinds of merchandise shlppad via Steam or S til Vessels, amounts in many caacf rail or watcp rates offre'rbt. besides the difference of time, Insurance saved hy sending goods all the rail road: val. Hats, caps a k W*rren State as seen by thefollowlnz comparative statement jay to Ao't Irs. Value per 100 lbs. sav. per loo lbs, at Kper ct. pre. Cents Bi' t^VOO Hooks and Stationery (essi'n) 72.00 Gen'l stock groceries (except Sugars and coffees,) ftMIt Roots 10 74.4S 66 mggi»t«'AGrocer»'city as'tm't44.aS A fur* (gt nl H.s'it.rt Hardware «r, 00 (shelfg Paet»grSl 'Wast w ods gen iy) Sfi.00 21 Reclamation* I^iomiithj and Fairly A Jjut&L Exgress Line, V A K W V O viaG. W. B/J i De,iver goorf* at Ilnd- i son River Eailrond pan- St.,or at Canal Chicago,"..f'GP.EAT st. IN BOSTON J1,1,iTer Depot. f00'1»»ilr?ad Boston lia, Den*,aad and a k n.*abu*.'t. Eastwsr.l bound freight of every d-scrlptirn will be ferwarded at lowest current rate*,and Iffrom Western Roads,shontil be rons gned to W AI.1.1 VGKORD WESTFRN hany. New \. an.l RAILWAYilMroit"* For the transportation of Live to Puff«lo. Al B«»-to»i. th'sStoek nwite fur sp'-d,stockrkcars. N unequalled Sloepia cars for lirovcrs, and fpjiciou* con mrJs for Uftklo^ li ft mo$t desirable route for Shipper?, Tbro i^-h hills of Luiinff jfiven anU RecIauiaitOBf paid, at any ofthe c. nipany's i tKces. C. J. BRYPCFS, Mariieirg Director lltor. BEI.L. Detroit O. \V. R.. 1*1.11""5 MOVICS, Itsm- Cenl Buffalo. Til Oeni Kr't Act. lljm':ton.Act. OS. W. J. ?PICFR E P. ME \C||. A*t 27S Agt. Broadwav,K. V O »t L. *:oo «. MAI M\LUIRli.Wm'ereAgt., ^or. Lake *nrt Dearborn ?ts.,epp. March £:, 1st Cotton A WoUtu fJruveii, Mornin: Train Treniont 0 'LINK. ,5l K and Ft. Wa«ne teen Dense lf«\ CIIICAQO I ^AifAK A ()1 l.MV RAIIrROAD tJld nnd tiolv Hi'liithle Koate ilai Prom Burlington to Ch!cag«, W TVetrolt,Toledo, P»«w» i. P*»i! ft ItN*wT#fk, U«1 «]|M^ lastern and Southeastern Cities. leaves S OA Sd a m. 2d Aeermmndatinn ?."« |i 1,1 Eve- ing Kjpie m.' Vlisdencer* leav 'ng Ru.'liriztVn on COAi.ect at tlie Men 6:00a t..u *(:i, the an.^ eeeet-iy tra:n^ 1:'h with all the Great R. R. R..via D-tr. train Illinois Central RallraM' North an.l South.»t at Chlcaco hoth themomlng a and 7:10 in.) connect Eastern i:ailr,.»,| routes,to v»* Ft.Tole.wit,-,M.ofandtoWayne il: M. R. R.. 5* W:»sl.«rg R. R., which passengers can take tf eir choice. Or'* twi t-iv t.nrs from Lours ai.t ».l wf Burlington o Toledo |iir- ai.y ten. uii.«.r rout* i"craee leaving Burltac- checked threugh Detroit. Niagara ralla and New Tort. Boston. Toledo, Dunkirk, BuflfcU. Pittsburg an** Philadelphia. TI ets f--r thiii gi at Ott.imw e«t Eastern thoroughfare for t, r«irfl.M, vt PI a«at,f. Office comer sob and at th« Fro.t ar T'ofcs* .t W..tfr *—««. se». Burlington Keepine can attached to the niir' train: Fare as low as by ary oshci rente. W RKMICIt. Cenl Ag't FOQL'AWKA A C. It Q.B.I. t' "T "tr or pforia, and PL'RUXCTON R. —NOTJCT To Merchant* ard Shippers wishing to ship hvtfco above I!nd, w'li p«as« cull at the Teoria Ralfiwnd Ticket Office,» Wi ter-st, to have their bIRs of lal*-' signed. I this Company hare arrangements twoW—* I h, Claclnnati iM Pa Ira. wlthewt

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