5 Temmuz 1860 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3

5 Temmuz 1860 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LttunUua Ink Huwr Courier. Local and. Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA, .Inly n, 18()(. ••We can supply our friends of the western Press with ink on us favorable terms as they can ask Republican lnh-»Mects regularly everjr Friday evening, over Hedrick ft Gillespie's 8tore,Front Street. Members of the party are Invite to attend. Eddyvillc Republican Club—Meets •very Monday evening at Vance A Benedict's Hall.— Every body Is InviteCl* Attend without distinction of party. R. W. BOYD, Prest, J. W. Uobb, Secy. Only Fifty Cents! ttrliglom Ifolice. ftcv. R. Wilkinson of Fairfield, will preach in the Con«n'jr'ition:il Church and Administer the sacraiucnt next sabbath. '"•A* K. Ft. D. M. A M. R. R. Co. are about establishing the headquarters Of thc-ir engineer corps in this city. They have rented rooms in Sands' huildiug, corncr of Front and Market streets.. Vegetables are coming into Haricot, but in small quantities. New potatoes, large and apparently of good quality, noticed #b Tuesday. Price asked $1 per busheL THE1 ForRTU —To the regret of our citizens generally, no arrangements were made to celebrate the Fourth, and the day" passed off very quietly. With the exception of a lim ited consumption of fire crackers by the boys, and a parade of the City Guards, who made a fine appearance, nothing unusual was done. Several of our citizens and quite a number from the region round about us, enjoyed an excursion to Burlington, via the R. & M. R. Railroad. SLIGHTLY.—Messrs. HOT.—We Ea#t, OP* Rwrm-TCA* bath Schools of the various denominations of our city, numbering some three hundred scholars, as also the schools at Agency and Batavia, with a large number of the citizens of the several towns and the county, made an excursion on Thursday, over the B. & M. It. R. R., to Fairfield, where they were joined by the schools of that place and marched to the Park. After several addresses were de livered, the dinner was next in order, which was partaken of in real pic nic st\ le—on the ground. The afternoon being spent pleas antly, the p-irt v started for their homes. As the day was exceedingly unfavorable, being rainy, and the majority of the company in open cars, quite a number of iong faces were aboard the train homeward. We noticed quite a number whose forms would compare favorably with the letter Z, while their faces resembled an italicf. Taking all things into consideration, the trip was one long to be remembered by all concerned. The citizens of Fairfield will 1 ng be remembered for the friendly greeting and hospitality manifested on the occasion. And when they visit us this fall, we shall endeavor to imitate their hospitable example. We must say a word or two In reference to the music, which was kept tip during the day by the Ottumwa and Fairfield Brass Bands, and the Martial bands of the' same. rw-v .,i0 most excellent music. And in conclusion, we win to fhe health of— The Ottumwa and Falr»«W Bra* Bands:-May Want THE CITY.—The Fathers were.»» at fhe Council till nearly 12 o'clock, on Monday ni^ht. The weather was hot alrqost to suffocation, but this depressing feet did not deter our vigilant guardians of our public interests from pitching POLICE.—Our for the Campaign When you want Clothing Boots and Shoes, go to Torojpk's Xt'W Storo. D. B. Abra­ hams and C. Burns were ridincout on Fri day evening in a buggy, and bad crossed the river a short distance when one of the shafts came unfastened, frightening the horse, a young one, and caused him to run awny.— The buggy was upset and the occupants "spilled out," causing a slight injury only to Mr. A. The horse became detached from the buggy and returned to town. seldom have had weather more continuously and excessively hot than this past week. The mcrcury has indicated from 95 to 100 every day, with slight cool ing off nights. Dark masses of bla. k clouds west and northwest on Sunday night indica ted heavy rain in that direction. It rained here, with heavy thunder and almost inces sant lightning Sunday night, wind south BOYS.—The «f*Mt is animating even the Republican boys, the young America of our glorious party. We can now see from our office, rising from the centre of the Public Square, a Liberty pole 80 feet high, with streamers, and a beautiful flag, the work entirely of the Republican Boys ofOttumwa. It was raised on Friday last. There is the germ of many a future Legislator and Statesman we are sure among this band of youthful patriots. They re member that the nob|e Lincoln was once like them a western boy, and they are stimu lated,we doubt not, by his example, to strive to become great and good men, The boy s are right. SABBATH SCHOOL EXCURSION.—The Sab­ l'ie v«ry middle of great and benen*^,rtmeasures. It was somewhat suv-'f,mKto us »s we did the '~jy considerable amount of im porta"' "usin' s.s broached, discussed, or dis closed of, ^gpin£ this intensely warm night session. It indicated clearly to ua that our city affairs are in the hands of a body of men who can be relied upon to attend to them with fidelity and intelligent discrimination. A tax of one fourth»of one per cent was le vied upon the assessment of the present year, lieinp: some $1152,50, the assessment bein? about l1,000. The poll tax added to this will make the amount $1800. To this is to lie added the delinquent taxes of two or more years past. Some action was taken in rela tion to refunding tfoe tax of 1857. The amount thus to be refunded will exceed $2000. Mayor and Recorder authorized to draw order* on production of receipts, or in favor of yiarties who have jMtid mni-ks and who sustain these by their affidavit. Com mittees were appointed to see about fencm and improving the Public Square to inquire into the lej:ility of the c.\i*4in£ -ordinances and on Finance. Som.» action was also ttken aUmt dogs, about the oid Cemetery grounds, and a City Attorney. (in the w hole a good ileal of vrorfc was 4imposed of out at the MWtiing. city on last Saturday after- noon was the scene of one o( those little in cidents which create for a town more of fun than of reputation. Two gentlemen fiom the country—on# a miller, the other a member of the bar(fl) became exceedingly gleeful by a too free use of the red eye. The result was that the Le* gal gent was assaulted for making to free use of the hospitality of his miller friend—and, it is but fair to say, the ladies objected to the forced politeness of the judge, and desired him to be pulled down." The contusion incident to the occasion attracted the atten tion of our Marshal, who proceeded at once to drag the offenders to justice. SCENE IN TIIR COURT BOOM. Mayor present in the Chair. The infor mations were duly subsciibed and sworn to and the parties arraigned. On being informed that they had a right to counsel the Judge, proudly suggested he "knew his rights," while our miller friend sneiringly intimated that if they expected him to hire lawyers for them they were d—-d ly mistaken. The trials proceeded rapidly, f.ir the parties alleged that "the more th«v got sober the more they got mad." The old rule of justice was adopted, and each of the parties fined in proportion to his ability to pay—$5 to $1—was the ratio adopted each preferred "to rot in jail" to paying the fine. SCENB IN THE JAIL. Each submitted to his "mittimus" and was safely lodged in jail. The surroundings of the place and the forlorn look of hfs as sociate, drew forth from the Judge the fol lowing affecting discourse: When I contrast the present with the past, it makes me sad: I more than half be lieve the poet was mistaken, and that the n arch of human progress is backward in stead of forward. The time was when the legal profession was held in esteem novf it is otherwise. Alas for the ingratitude of this model Republic! And now, my old friend, do you not see the folly of your course? Do you not see how your indiscretion has brought me to disgrace. You, sir, might now be bask ing in the smiles of your confiding, loving wife, and fondling on your kneo those most dear to all—the bone of your bone NEW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS DIRECT FROM THE EAST. O. O. "Warden, Is receiving and NOW OPENING a large and fashionable stock of DRY GOODS! AND Motions* Cloths Cawi inert*, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. Ami a complete assortment of everything to meet (he wants of inHirHuals or families in his line of tra'le.comiirUine in part follows: Plain, Black and Fancy (Wimeres, Broad Cloth, Satinets TICKS, SU1BTIMOS, STUIPKS, COKDUUOY8, JEANS, DEXXINS, DRILLS, BLEACH I'D iV 0 II OX nU8LIH|p P» IFt I 2KT S Of every V'n iefy. Style nul Quality FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC (ilNGHAMfl Besides a great variety of FOR MKN, WOMEN, AND CIIII.DKKV, Which couM not le etmtneisteil in an ailverti^^iutint like thl.«. The only way to .ipprcciato »fe extent, variety, an! cheapness of hi* stock and look through for vourselven a well selected stock of to 1 am a so KHUN Mid the flesh of your body. Alas—" At this juncture friends arrived and the miller left. The Judged retired. We learn that a young man, name forgot ten, was struck by lightning on last Friday week near Albany, four or five miles south of Blakesburg, and instantly killed. J. M. NEWCOMB SHOT.—J M. Newcombof Bloomfield, Davis County, was shot by a man named Piatt, at Stringtown, near Troy, Sunday night two weeks ago, and died of his wounds on Monday morning last week. Mr. Piatt has been arrested. The above par ticulars are all we have recieved. The Journal of Commerce don't know what Candidate to go in for. We trust that it don't think of supporting Lincoln. If the engravings of "Old Abe" are cor rect, he looks like the devil. We are a little afraid he will rjn like the devil.—[Zoti. Journal. CAMPAIGN PAPER.— We have received the first number of the "Rail-Splitter," a cam paign Lincoln and Hamlin paper, published at Chicago, and edited by Dr. Charles Leib, who will be remembered by many of our cit izens, as formerly a resident here, and then a strong Democrat. The "Rail-Splitter" can be had for fo cents, during the campaign. receiving FA MH GROCERIES, •uch as T»" SuRar, Rice, Dried Fralt/Sod*, T0h---° Vineifiir, Soap, 4c. IIA RD WARE fc CUTLERY. Glass and Nails, ii|i'«»rs material and hoiia* furnishing good?. And has an entire stock complete in everything that would cotnpnsp a itock for the times and for tliU vicinity, alt of which he is anxious to dispose of for tno r«adv pav. or to approved customers. All kinds of Country produce taken in pay fur Good?. Ho solicits an examination of g»ods and prices and ill take pleasure in showing you through whether you buy or not. April 1? ISM, C. C. WARDEN. SA1XT MI IS OHEAP HULLS* JLUY vroKK, rBOKT ST., niCIIAM't) Bl'llDISO. MARTIN, fwrmerly of St. T.onls, irnaM fn v f'rm lie l.inlie* of OMuumra and DurrounilinR country that «he is brought on an entire new Stock of Sprint.' HonnetB of all the latest styles worn In the Kant, which die will sell at prices to suit the times.— Ladies are invited to call and examine her assortment and not listen to the fools' statements of interested purties. Fashionable Dress Making, Itoiinet* Itleached to look us good as new, and Trimmed for 00 cents. May 3d-vT2— nS—2m l\i: ni.WCE TO RI'Y A IIO^IE! 4statingdetermined S I am to sell all my real estate, con of three dwelling houses, one store house and one farm, I will sell the abOvc property for one fourth ••ash down, Uic balance on 1, 'J and years time, with interest from date. Prices reasonable.— For further particulars apply to A. L. GRAVKS. Ottumwa, May 31, *60—1'J-I'i-ftm CITY PROPERTY. rOTS for residences can be had low and mostly on time of J. IV. NOKR18, •Sept. 15,1859. Courier Office. Wravf Disrsiiiff. TilKaufcscilber wlit i iles' tender.. I.i s s.r v iens t„ the public ns IT" dert aker and (uitve Dlgirer. lie 1" |rovi ded ritlia e i u and Hearse, and will attend firo ralx b« i des''t'd atsli'rt niti-e. R.-sldence—East end bluff. cd a 1 -di irt n 1! i of feC! street 011 the I, WU. MALONE. SFRIHG ANNOUHCEMUIT! MEAT ATTRACTION! J. BATE BEEN RECEIVING The last four weeks, their SPRING AND SUMMER —STOCK OF— Staple and Fancy DHY GOODS! GROCERIES, BOOTS «fc SHOES, HATS* CAPS, Bonnets, Our TOotto "LOW PRIDES WIN," Is warranted by oar purchasing from first hands, and selling to a clow), prompt, paying trade, (or Casl* ai»d Beady Pay Only. TO ALL SUCH we shall offer throughout the season, a complete and UNSURPASSED STOCK. OP SPRING AND SUMMER Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, BOOTS A.VO SHOES, HATS & CAPS, O N N E S Hosiery, YASKEE MOTIONS, &C WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, at the lowest possible prices. We will pay the highest market! price fbr every variety of PRODUCE. We will pay the highest market price In oash, fbr WOOL COUNTY and CITY ORDERS. I BAWKiWSf JrXCHAWGE, —AKD-~ COLLECTION OFFICHS, or TEMPLE & BROTHER! OTTl'VWA, IOWA. :f|1Iir IMH HSUM II II A VI! II i ft. move'! their Kxehangt- oltice from Chariton, lions, which m»y'fe enMfVT that our past practical experience of ten t-ars in tviut lie in I own, n ill enable us to i ender sat isfae tion to our patrons. We sell krfM ii I»I:AI TSO MEW aoku-O, and other eastern points, in sums to suit purchasers! andean also furnish Exchar.ge on lEMil.ASI). 1UK1.AM) AM) SCOTLAND, AND ON i OKKMANY, FRANCE. SWKUKN, HKNMARK, AND ALL OTIIKIt COI NTUIES OF EDKoi'E, aswell at collect money, iniieritances, anderery oth er claim in foi ei|.'u counties. I J. LOOM IS Sl CO. Ottumwa, Oct. 6, is.V.i-n^o tf We receive Deposits and issue Certificates which, bear interest only by special agreement. I'ltt.^N, made payable at our office, will be remitted for, at current rates of Kxcliaiiire and those maturing at other points, will lie collected and remitted, less exchange atitl expense of collect ion.— We will also pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful dvbts. l'artie.- holding iriiriirrent money, Drafts, Cer tificates of Deposite, or Bil o IlicliiHiRP, Payable AT Sltilir Oil ON T1MK, In anjr placeman hare them Cashed by calling at ar office. LAN1J W A CANTS. TOWS l.OTS Osceola, Aftou and Mount t.vr, all trooil count v Towns, three of which are on the line of the Burlington Missoui i U. R. R. To parties desiring residence ur business lots, In any of these points, we will giv.-good i bargain*. TAXES.—We have correspondents In nearly tKmsttction or its business, and theproipptand liberal every county in Southern Iowa, and can pay taves ror non-residents ami others, for a reasonable coin mls-i'in. Money for taxes aiisays required in advance and all orders should he sent us by 1st of January, We wili at *11 tiini-s pay cash for l.and Warrants, and will also attend'to the location of them, or the entry With ca eh, of liovernment lauds, in FOR SvVTjK. IOWA. KAUNAS, OI( M.HItASKA. rilllK undersigned offers for sale one of the best We have ample asrangementsfor the selection of .le- •'ARMS In Wapello county, constating of two siralde lands in the Territories, for individuals or for hundred acres, situated in Plea" ait ton ii*hlj, 4 miles Colonies. I. AMIV—We can furnish emigrants and others with tirst rate Farms, in the central counties offhls "tc in a hiirh state of cultivation—two good ten State, or with nniui|iroved land In this and ttiesouth ern tier of cuuiifles, for Cash. They can be had as "cheap as dirt." 1 Parties at it distance, desiringiuformatlon astolhe property offered, are requested to correspond with! us. AHother.-w illp'e I* call ai our .,lli, -, ,,ri Market St two doors from Front Si., October •, Oitutnna, Iowa. TI llI'Li: A IIROTIIEII, ni- w woods Atw «*oois: BETT? WOODWARD JJUf COmTAKTLY KBOBIYINV FROM TIIE E A 6 SPLENDID LOTS OF COATS, PANTS, VBSTS HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES SHIRTS, STOCKINGS, GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, OVERALLS, OUH PANTS, GUM SII0I& CARPET SACKS, CLOTHS, SATINETfS, See., WHICH NOW MAKES THEIR STOCK COMPLETE!! GUM COATS, GUM GLOVES, UMBREW.AS, TRUNKS, POCKET BOOKS, PIECE GOODS, CASSIMERBS, JEANS, OOTTONADES, and all articles usually kept in a CLOTHING House. Cull in and examine the Stock. Clothing con stantly made to order. Ottumwa April 12th, '60-25-lt-ch-5-12. KITTREDGE St MERRILL, uvfor.ES.i /./•: ,i\'[ a O E S OTTUMWA, IOWA. 1TAVC SOW IN STORK AMD FOR SALS THE LARGEST *TOCK of O E I E S EVER BROUGHT TO THIS MARKET, Which they are prepared to Ml) u loir u can be bought In any market weit of the river. The stack consist!) in part of the following goods: 10 lids V. O. Sugar, £0 libls Refined Sugar, 5i Ithls and hlf bbls N, O, Halmw and Byrajt, 6o Sack? Coffee, lft- Java C.dfea, IB Rep* Pure Pods, 100 Keg* Nails, Cotton Yarn, itatu, Candle*, Soaps, Tobacoof, and all other articles in our line. The trade of Merchants and cliitens generally Is respectfully solicited. The highest market price paid for Hide*, Grass Seed and all kind of produce, K. k M. Sept. IB, 1vr9.—11-27-y NEW GOODS I J. NEW GOODS! Jufct received from the Kast at SCHWORM'S A. eiSOCI HY A*D PROVISION- STORE Front Street, Opposite the Ottunnra liou&c. A LA8GE AND SCPCTttOB STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, Fruits & Xuts, Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AMD RLAL HAVANA TOII U O, AT WHOLESALE A RETAIL,. Queemware, Boot* and Shoe*, All of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or exchanged far Country "WWT A\TFD HIDES, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. Call aid examine ?oods and price*, ID Dmd'ibrick opposite the Ottumwa House, Front-it. October 6th, ch-80-oldl.Vll CI IICAC.O HJDE ATSI LEATHER Seeps constantly on hand and for«ale, eTerydlMt^p* tfon of Leather suitable to the Manufacture of BOOTS, SHOES, HARNESS AND SADDLES. i Will also pay the highest price in Cash, for lHDICiS FKI TV WOOl, A FI RS. I Tbi-" House has connection? with Kastern Manufactures I of Leather, and heiiiit rentrnllv loomed, oilier* pecu I liar facilities to the trade of Middle and Southern Iowa, our prices will favorably compart- with any I H«"i.-e in the West. This House also commends It* Self to the lmtii'. of farmer-, and Deal.r? in HIDES AND FURS, a sure Market for every thing in the line, and ft Cheap and reliable place to deal. We are prepared also to show samples of 8ADDLERY HARDWARE, and take orders for the same. Also have a large stock of BUFF A LO S0MJB3, which we offer for sale. FtTLLEn CT.OTIt, ft RKAIT-MAt»K COAT*, WeWi exc'"1,ie, for C°ru,Outs W-if. or Hay. Opposite the Crrroll House, Ottumwa Iowa, MHl llrrth wcst Corner Square, Fairfield -11 D. M. C1UPIV, Agt. VTI'It—All kinds of grain wanted at the Chicago Leather Store, Front st-eet. Ottumwa Jowa. [Nov. 24,1S39 OGDEN & COPP, to Mi ndcnhalLtfr JYhi^haip. Forming ano Commission MERCHANTS AND Qeneval Freiglit Agents, NKAKTHE RAILROAD DRl'OT, OTTIUWA IOWA. ZW Liberal Caab a4vance« m»4« on Produce for Shipment. 11--as tf. H&KTFQP FIRE tt'SFRAWE CAMl'ANf, OF HARTFORD, CONN. INCORPORATED, A. D. 18 10. CHARTER PERPETJJAf.. OSBCAPtTAJ., ....$1,000,000. CiriTiL, PAID I if srnrLrs, ovrr 300,000. The reputation acquired by this Company 1111 ing the lasi lifty years, by an honorable course in th settlement of Losses, together with the rhaiacter 6f the securities composing its Assets, entitle ttie Com pany to the utmost confidence of the public, as afford ing reliable lusurauct again*tloss or damage by fire. eii)lt nn'' B. H. STILES. Agent, Sbr. $4, ISSt-nlT-l)-^ Ottumwa, Iowa. «f Dahlonega, 4 nines north west of Agency City, miles north-east of Ottumwa. Said farm has lili acr liant bouses, with good wells, barns, nut-houses, etc. Also, pasture containing 25 acres, with never failing water runniiic through it :!0 acres timber, one mile distant, andai res miles distant. This is one or the best stock and grain rarms In this section of the We have^overtwo^bundred town lots in Chariton, country, and will lie sold extremely low lor cash, 01 exchanged for good stock or merchaiidU-. „uneSl,tM50-tr J. M. :-i|^BK-|u Jl'MT »IE«'EIVKn-»0a^i«0hMi«w !&.> boxes Fresh Raisins, •25 druuis Ek-me Fig*, by KITrREDO E A MERRILL. it Th 1 for good lap, est market price paid NEW STOVE S O E A. D. CULVER, Front Street, Daggett's. old Stan.l, Ottumwa, Iowa* milK CITIZENS OF OTTI'JIWA AND Vicinity are invited tc call and get my new prices on STOVES. A* I pay cash for my Sfove«, flatter myself that I can sell them 'i!i per cent, cheaper than they have ever been sold in this market to cash customers. My Stoves arc of tin noted COMSTOt'K manufacture of over Fifty different patterns. I have the celebrated Quincy City Cook Stove^ Which took the prize medal over all other stoves la the West, to which I invite especial attention. I WILL WARRANT ALL MY STOVES and trill ftrnith plate*, free of clmrg6t they track by fire. Shave in store at all times a foil assortment of TIN, HOLLOW SL JAPAN WARE. .Toll work. In tin, copper and sheet iron, promptly done, on reasonable term", and in the licit manner. J"*"-! will receive in exchange for the above wares, old copper, brass, cast iron, and raps, whicti will en able farmers to save from $ 10 to $50 per annum. May 21, ISfio—12 11-y A. I». (TI.VKR. DON'T FAIL! TO (JO TO HED RICK A GILLESPIE'S MAIS Sl IIFET, CTI .TIWA, Before buying your jroods, as they arejust inreclpt of the largest and best selected stock of poods ever brought to the Des Moines Valley, which they art gelling to the CASH TRADE AT PRICES DEFYING GOMPETION. Selling esclusirely for Cash or Produce enable* u •ell tc TEN PER CENT LOWER THAN A I¥ V OTHER HOUSE urn Our stock of Staple Dry GooJs, Prints, Denims Tleb lnt:?, Satinelts, BOOTS, SHOES & GROCERIES, being very full, we can sell th-m as low as they can be bought at KK0KUK or DUBLINOTOIf. Ilefore trading lleinember that we pay the highest price for Cora Wheat and Oats. Remember thaA pap U« highest price for Me%} and Klour. Remember that we pay the highest price for Flax and Timothy Seed. He-member that we pay the highest price for Hags and lteeswa$. Remember that ws pay the highest price for Butter and K^'s. Remember that we pay the highest price for lloney and Lard. Remember tha^we pay the highest price for Chick ens and Turkies. Remember that we pay the highest price for Feath ers, Hides and l) er Skins. Remember that we pay the highest (rice in fact for all kinds of produce. Remember that we pay the highest price for County and City Orders, Remember that we sell at least 10 per cent lower than any other house in town. Remember that we dor't selP'nary'Mtemon Credit. Remember the place, Main Street, opposite Ottum wa House. UBDRICK ft GILLKSPIK. January 19,1860—n4#-U OTTUMWA CARRIAGE FACTORY! FB^llK undersK'ti would respectully solicit the at .• tuition ofthe public to the facilities which he n- |i,,s4t-ss for manufacturing CARRIAGES WAU ONS, of e'-e.ry description, after the most improved styles, a» good as can be obtained Kast,and uponsat ll-ifactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please call and ex amine my stock. EST*Repairing promptly attended to. A. IIALDVIN- Ottumwa, Mar. l8t,1S59-f17-ly f?QI$ CI.\TIX.\ AT|! CIITCAOO, IXI)IAXAPO«LIS, CINCINNATI "SHORT USE Knil Road! Shortest, Quickest, aud only Direct Route from Chi cago to Cincinnati. Passenger trains leave the (ireat Central Depot, foot -*irn tram a.m., arrives at Michigan Cll.v at li'rSnp.m., (dinner,) La Fayette 5:25, (supper, 1 Indi anapolis s 15, p.m., Lawrenceburg 12:30, and Cincin nati at 11:45p.m. Second train ««:t0p.m, arrive at Michigan Citv at 9:-?0 p.m.. La Fav ett. 2:40 a.m., Indianapolis 5:20 a.m., Lawrenct burg 10:20 a.m., Cincinnati at 10:45 a m. Passengers lea\e Ottumwa 8:00 p.m., arrive at Burlington at 7:25 p.m., arrive at Chicago at 5:15 a.m. at Cincinnati l:ttl a.m. Only one change of car* between Chicago and Cin cinnati. Patent sleeping cars attached to all night trains, and rut. through from Chicago to Cincinnati without change. Through tickets can be had al all railroad eflices in the West, and at the company's office, corner Lake and Dearborn streets, and at tiie depot, foot of Lake street, t'hieago. Fare as low as via anv other route. II. J. 3PALDINO, Ag't Chicago. Wi. POWEI.L, Trav. 4gent. ltl.OOIPN PATKM' REE HIVE, fllllK SntSt'lUltKRS, Proprietors of t|,c |bave I Hive for the counties of Wapello, Mehaska, Keoknk. .letTerson and I»avls, I.ave engaged in the manufacture of them in Ottumwa, at the corner of Front and lireen Sireots, nearly opposite the Jefferson House, where they invite Bee raisers of the above aud other ccuiitie*, to call and examine the Hive learn prices fc*. 'Twill cost nothing to look at them. Orders solicited. Agents to sell rights in the above counties wanted. We are also Carpenters and Joiners, and will prompt ly attend to orders, orcontra.-ts in those lines. l.KWls* A llOYT. Ottumwa, April 5th l^fiO—4-3in. City Hoal flarkt'l. Front St. 2 doors east Carroll llow*. OTTXJiva w-A., IOWA. TilEsubscrlber, grateful for isi favors, would say to 1 bliclhat his market. o|" ii 1 nearly four years ago, is still i, aseit facilities to furnish lo.l-l, v. !!,, meats o» ill kinks at all reasonable hours, at the low est living riU-s, Tallow, ird. Sausages, aud every "thingus 1 illy kepi in a City Market for sale. The bjgtiest mtirk.'t price in cash paid for Fat Stock Torin* Ititariublv tfrrii use'iaving unsettled accounts or note* doe, Wi 11 please call and pa v up. J. W.UUUWK. ntuaiH a. Feb. I0tll,l!a. 4i I ST l.« EI\ i:i. a Ml MK lHttl of Q'tceosandOliHe Ware at e.e. FKESK ARIUVAS. NEW GOODS, AT TEMPLE'S NEW CLOTHING STORE, No Main Street, OTTUMWA. Consisting nf a General Apartment of FURNISHING GOODS, IOH MUX AND BOY COMPRlsmO A a RE A VARIETY OF CLOTH. t'ASSIMEIlE, SATTIN'KTT, 4.1 XKN n'rnt ALPACCA COATS. FANCY S VIINETT, CLOXMb CASSBTF.RE, L1NKX ami COTTON PANTS. MARSEILLES. CLOTH, SATIN, FANCY PILK antl SILK VELVET VESTS, OMATI PASHA, UNCLE SAM, IIl'M HI AN, UJ'ERA, FUR LEIX1ER, PALM LEAP, LEGHORN, HIAWATHA and PANAMA HATS. STEEL, Al.ltlON AMI MIAIVLESS Know. Not km. Cornea, L)oul)!e Cordctl, Stc.inilMwit, Ititilroad, Importcil, Ualiro, Cbtvk antl Hickory SHIRTS. Drilling Mixd Ontton A Wooltn Drii GIMGHATl CRAVATS A PRINTED l.AWN TIKS, Brown Cotton, Fancy Mixed half l«»fr Colored Cvtto'i, Linen and Lile Thread GLOVES. %!nm, ^oncjcp and H'anSaju HANDKERCHIEFS. ALSO-A^',: As well a« a chajce lot of SE,KCTE® BOOTS Ss SHOES, For men and Boys, and a General Assortment fcr LADIES AND CHILDREN. CLOTHS, CASsrMERES& VESTWQ8 wh!rh w!!1 hr to Orrt-r. Otluutua, March ImIh-.S- I'2-V GREAT M4TIO.\AL ROITL TU BALTIMORE, NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA & BOSTON' & Is the only Road to WASHINGTON CITY. tYtrt The Washington branch of this vAU |V/iV» 1 Road is owned and operated ex clusively by the B. A O. R. R. Co. Passengers by the pretended routes to Washington City, are subjected to omnibus travel, tedious delays, and extra charges at Baltimore. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in connection with the Central O'nio Railroad, presents to the trav eling public a short and desirable rout?, frpm Colum bus to all the Eastern cities. Passengers by this mute can visit the cities of Bal timore. Philadelphia, New York or Boston, at the cost of a ticket to New York «r Boston alone by other lines. Through tickets can also be procured via Washing ton City to the Kastern' cities, at en additional charge of two dollars. Travellers to the East, from all Western points, cat depend upon quick time and sure connections. Sleep ing cars attach, to all night trains. Two trains leave Columbus, Ohio, daily, 4:8(1 a. m. Newark 5:5ti a in., Zan-sville 7:1s a.m.. Benwood, (Wheeling! 12::!5 p.m., tirafton 5:25 o.m., Cumberland 10:4ip.m.. Harper's Ferr.v :i.o«i a.m.: arrives In Balti more ii:4T p.m Washington City 7:o0p.ni. 8:lMipin, Newark 4:14 pm, Zanesville 5:40 pm, Ben wood, (Wheeling) 10:10p:n, tirafton :t:ti0 am, Cumber land *:15am. Harper's Ferry 12.."ii jm arrives at Hal timore 4:tf|:n, Washington Cily ti:0pni. Direct counection* made at Baltimore with above trains for Philadelphia New York and Boston, and at Pt-v gnoij mn'i ast'm'tl $80.00 Washington City for Richmond, Wilmington, Charles- Books and Stationery (com'n1) 72.Ou ton, &>•. i Oen'l stock groceries (except Tickets i od until used with the privilege of stop- 1 Sursrs and coffees,) 90.00 ping off at .ill principal points. But one change ot Root. A Shoes (av'ge val.) 74.00 cars between Columbus and Baltimore. liruggists'ACrocers' city as'tni't44 (Hi ler the surveijance of the company.) ensures to the pa»seii(ier, speed, safet, and cou.fort. Time as quick and fare as low as via any otherroule. Through tickets and bacgaL'e clicek.- can be pro cured at all the principal railroad and steamboat of ^1—^1 ....• nnnvw-fp ana t»n:o Katironrt. L. M. COLE, t!en. Ti:fcet Air't lid" O R. W. P. SMITH, Mast. Transportation, 11. i. JEWKTT, Pies'f, O It I HI.n(iTO\, PEORIA, AM» I O UANSl'ORT K. R. Trains leave Burlington as follows MORMNti MAIL, 7:iMlam NIlUlT Ex., (Saturdays excepted) S p. in. Sundav Night Train leaves at o m. Connect ing at TOLEDO with LieHTNJ.'ji E*. TRAINS on l.AKE SHORE It. R. The viMi ii) Logansport Express makes direct c.u nections as follows: At u Paso with Illinois Central llailrosd for Bloom ington. Decatur, Pana, Sandoval i)iid Cairo. At Clienoa with Chicago and St. Louis Railroad tur Alton to »t. i.ouis. At till man with ^Chicago Itratich) Illinois Central Railroad for Chi. ago and South. At Reynolds with Ntw Albany and Salem Railroad forl.afayette. Indianapolis and VlnciiiiiHti. logansport with Tolelo, Waiia aud Westeru The 1:45 Peoria Accoiuiuodatiou makw-ihe same coiinections as above to (tilmaii. The above is a new and very miicp shorter Line than any other to the above named points. It is thoroughly built, and well luaiiiu-d, and ran in every way to merit the approbation 6t' Uie travelling public. RAILROADS. ISitrliUK 021 & IWliMouri R* R* Business men and travelers for pleasure or inform- llals. caps A furs (gi nl as'tm'tl sfi.00 ation, can visit all the eastern cities at a comparative Hardware (»helfg»ods gen'ly) :lt».00 ly small expense. The scenery is celebrated for its forlam.titons l*)«»U»th/ ind F.lirlll Adhmtftl wonderful beauty and sublimity ll is uneiin'le.l in! -«/'«'.V ruirry.iajuneil, the world. Its system of .'.ay and night Track Police Mark Packages, "Fast Exgress Line, riaQ. W. R." its -plendid equipment: its exclusive telegraph lines vpiy deliver pood, at llud its large amount of double track: its fine hotels, (un-1 1 iv I V/1Y IV J. W. It P. OWN, (i-n. Ticket Ag't CO E. Fl"l.l,ER,!en. tt'e.-t'ii Ag't BAO R. etlon? positive, as It is owned ami contr«Ud by the *.l. WIIJWN. r.issenger OF OT .\*! *T»TtOJ»a. liuriiiifrUin, MiMl.town, Danville, New l.ondon, Mt. Pleasant, Checau|Ua, lilenilale, Fairfield, Whitfield, Itatavia,, Airency City, outuuwm, time. ArPER M\R. 1, and until further ce is L'lrt-:', I'i-aengcr Trail.s will leaTC Mid ar*lvets fuUcws o-oiisrca- WEST RXIkKM. T.4A am,lca« 8,19 8..M 8..V5 n.vr. ACrommMftMI. i.nfl n m.l«*ve. 8.4C 4.18 4.6i 5.6w 10.15 p. m. 10.4« ll.ttfi 11.27 11.A8 7.2U S.22 8.B4 9 86 u.»i 10.80 arrive.' I2.1t)arrlve. GOING EAST rf4TtOIIS. Ottum wh. Agency CUjr, Itatavia, Wliitfleid, Fairfield, (Hendale, Checauquft, Mt. Pb-asant, New London, Danville, Middletown, b^rlington. AcamJtuDATioa tirxu^. Koo p. A. leave 11.20 id 4.i!8 4.27 4.M ft.» ».V» 6.20 «43 4.57 T- ft. 89 U8 R.ftJ 8.2R 10.16 11 5S 11.1S MW arrive. Mar.. 1, '60.b4 T.25 arrlfc. O. RKAI. •Ice Pres't and ttajt't. Chicago, Burlingtan & Quincy, DEPARTURES: 1st "Tlorninir I'jin i)ecr leaves Bur. 905a.m 2d Arrommoilatioii do do do '1.80 p.V 3d Evrnlnr do do do 7.Mp.o« ARRIVALS: 1 it Worn'? PasaeiigerarriTM atEnr. Mdi.tn ?A Accomd'n do do do 1.3fp.m' 3d Kvrn'e do do do 9.55 p.m The above trains make cln*?« connections wltli ths B. A M. R. R. at R'irl!nirton, and with all the treat eastern th.irnuehffire* at Chicapn. I). UEMICK, Mar. 22, !$A0.-n4-e-y. Gin ^R't C., Ti A ti.B.8 PJTTSfM Kf K»«T AVAVINK rinr\( o RAII.KOAD N'ow completed, and cars run from Chicago to tts burjr without chanpe, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To New Yorlc, Philadelphia. Baltimore and Washing ton City, and all the interior towns at Ffjinsjrl- var la. New Jersy, New York, Maryland, 4c. Merchants by takincr this route will have the benefit of all the eastern markets at no addlticnal cost. Haireajre checked through. Trains leave the d-pot, corner of Canal and Van Buren streets, wej K je, twice dally on arrival of tralufrom the west. connecting at flrestllne with Cleveland and Lake Shore Railroad to Dunkirk, Buffalo, Ni agara Falls, New York :mil Tb«tnn, and all the interior towns of New England via New York' Cutitral and New York A Erie Railroads. Also Pouth to Columbus, Zanesville, Newark, Mt.' Vernon. 8teubenville, Wheeling, and interior tows Ohio and Virginia. The above trains connect at Forest with trains on Ma«f River Road to Ppringfield, I'rhana, Payton and Cincirnatl. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton and Cincinnati, direct. •-i FARF. AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROUTE. Passengers bound east will find this route hotlj pleasant ami agreeable, passing thmug man of thj' largest and finest cities in the T'nittd States. Passengers arriving in Chicago on any of the roads will find attentive check :n."nts at th£ depot! to re ceive checks and convey baggage free of charge t?Uie Fitt«burtr and Chicago cars. Sleeping cars accompany each train. Tickets for sale at all the principal IHcket Offices in the We«t, and at the Company's Office, corner of Ran •lolph and Dearborn streets, opposite the Revere House, or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal and Van Bnren streets, Chicago. Be particular to ask for tickets hv Fort Wavne. B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Freight of all kinds will be carried from Chicago to all points East at all times, at as low rates as any oth-' er Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SlflPPES. The Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Chicago Railn ad Co. having effected an arrangement with the Pennsyl-' vania Centcil U- R. Co. for the transportation of- Through Freight, property can now be shipped by this" line between Chicago, Philadelphia, Paltimore, New York and Boston, with promptness anil despatch v Contracts can be made at the following places No. 2 Astor House, New York. No. 1 S. William St., do No. S Ratter.v place, do No. 77 Washington St., Boston. No. S Dock gi., Philadelphia. Depot, fc'urth street. Baltimore. Depot, Charles street, West Side, near Yas Barm street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne C. R. R. For further information applv to .T AS. W. Ml'SSON, Freight Ag't Chicago. J. .T. HnrsTriy. Gen'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicago, Mar. IS, I'iGi). EXPRESS, PASSENGER ^FREIGHT SUITE. -VIA- Hew York Central, Great Western, And connecting Koaris to and from IOWA, AND ALL TIIE WEST. The Road* forming this old, an^ reliable route the Seaboard and the West, have organised a Cars will run directly through from Burlington to the Ureal Eastern Railroad routes, fo wit: M: oledo without change, JUul i^frlre In advance of anv .lt.lt., via Detroit M. 8. R. It.. viaToledo, and udall other lines. Pittsburg an I Ft. Wayne R. R., via Ft. Wayne, of Our advantages uie, Shortest and Quickest: one lev which passengers can take their choice. anire of cars 110 Omniluisslng as. via Chjcato con- Jhame interest, while via Chicago it U i be reverse, jn ton. nhori, it iseverv wav the 111.1M deslral ldine. Baircage rh-efced throosh t« Detroit. Niagara Falls j. R. FAYRWEATIIER, Sr. and New York. Boston. Toledo, Dunklik, Buffalo1, Ticket Al-'i A. BARBER, Westeru Ag't, Des Moines. Iowa. »TT I'M \V .V :w w HUler «V anuoupceto the puldic i!iat ontheSrtth da\ of April last, tlesrge W. was associated a« full nartner in said firm, wiii.i. ill be Viiiown afterthat date as II IIIMEK.MMV l-'.RN ,V Co. kv whom the bu. iness ,.f MiUinL'will be carried on With incruased facilities »t the CIT V MII.L.W Hl'NTFR, SOWERS A CO. Ottumwa, May 19,1'^50-10-ll-y. BEflEnUER WARDESY. that the Couaiaa Office kTHE place to get yearJot: Prluting noaUy execated. i FAST FREIGHT LIFE! (livinsr perfect reliability and greatly increased dUpatcli to Freight—the trains forming (MM Line, F.ast and West, rnn with the sara* regularity, making as snre connection •A tie terminus of each Road Through Passenger Train#. v CLOSE CONNECTIONS MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can r«ly ayu' having their goods receive utmost despatch. During the Season of Naciyitton, the Fir* Marine risk on most kinds ofmerchandiseshipped via Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts in many cases to More than (he difference between rail or water' rates offre'L'ht, besides the difference of time, as' will be seen by the following comparative statement Of saved Ly seaaiug goods all the way ly nil road: Value per 100 lbs. m•" 1 Am'tlns. sav. p-r 100 lbs, at rt- i 0«nl» 15 55 88 .. son Rjver Eailroad pas­ senger Depot. f*2 Warren st., cr at Canal St. Depot. TlOSkT'OM Oliver goods at Boston and Worcester Railroad liepotj aud mark as above. forward.*d at lowest current rat "v"' rr»-mf»n win tir and iffrom W r'!rr^nt rate«, and iffrom Wesi-rr Roads, should be consigned tn Wtl llViHimn hlcago, or"tii r..\ 1 -»vr.m-t,» .. ,a u ,j! For the transportation of Live Stock to Buffalo Al bany. New York an -I l!o-toi.. this route is uuequalletl for speed, stock cars. Sh aping ears for Drovers, and spacious and conveni most desirable rout eniem vnrds for stock, making ft a tc for Shlppet#. Thro.igh tiiUs of Lading given and Reclamations paid, at any of the ci mpany-'s offices. C. J. liltYIMJES. Managing Director O. W. Ham ilton. Jl'LH'S MOVII'S. Cerl Agt. Buffalo. THOf. l'ELL. (Sent Fr't Act, Hamilton. W. J. SPICKR, Agt. Detroit. E P. HE\CH. Agt 27: Bioadway, N. Y. O. KIMBALL, *At 21 State sf Boston A. WAI I,IXGftOUf, Westere Ag't,, Cor. Lake and Dearborn Sts., opp. Tremont House March 29, im\ CHICAtiO C«l( It lilroad for Toledo and all points F.ast also with. hu «7hu" deh^Vu ftaiH? ^r:ndc:,u ::,.o::iCa!^OKiti,rrta,, r'"'L'i,K'i",UUl'1):l3" er E^t,-.,, and Southeast ISI.kM. JOW* ftl lNCY RAILROAD LINE. ()M ami Only Relialilv Route East. From Burllnirton to Chjcngo, Detroit, Toledo, Pitts ...o "=nlore New York, and allotli. ern Cities. l«t Morning Train leaves 05 a m, 8d Aceoiiimodat'oi 2::tn nt Sd Evening Express 7:.*"' 1114 VaMeii^ers leaving Burlington on the t.W« train lonnei at Mendota with the Illinois Central Railroad S'orth and South, and at Chicago both the iiiornlnrf and evi i lng tr tins (0.00 a m'antl f:lti 111,1 connect 0,l|y ,et"n twenty hours from Burlinuton to Toledo 'Mr- b°«r» khead ,,f any otfi*r tfcutv leaving Burljag# Burlington. I'iMsl.iirg and Pbllad. Iplda. Ag't, littumw 1. I Tii kct* for tl is great Eastrrn thoroughfare for sal« 1 Ottumwa, Fairfield. Mt. Peasant, and at the Ticket Office, corner Fro and Water its Burliiigto*. Sleepinc cars attached to the night trains. Fare as low a* by aa.v other route. KEMIOS, y '«t if. peii'l Ajt'lf C. ji.g.p. R. or rionii, OQ|%WIT^ and-HrRJ.lNUTON —NOTICE, To Me'rehiiitts ,nd Shippers Nhing to »|iip i t^ :il,nve Ro-nl, will p»-ase call at the Peoria Railroad Ticket Other, 2 W. ter-»t,to have their bills 0J ini signed. Tin. Company have arrangements to ship to St. Lou is, Cincinnati and Cairo, without ehanee nf cars. I I H. C. KlMj *T!»

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