25 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Ekim 1860 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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i V .• a *1 NEW SS^IES, VOL. ft, NO. 4*. W. Y«- Proprietor* iTJt ris PUBLISHED EVERT TITUNSDAT IN i i O S O K (r:i I i) KI.CCJ OTTUMWA, WAPELLO CO., !OWJ, wf & «. p. MORRIS. K i i s INtf Ul,\BI,Y IN ADVANCE rvear Onp cfi|»v, Fnur cniileg T«*n ,l«nilr" *t,.Vi ft.ini, 12,00. 24,00. Persons wishing to sab«rrihe for nlMstlmr th»p one yt»r c*n ilo 10 ti.v rcmtttlnp Otp amount they WIPII to lie »o appropriated. In no r»n« will we enter new names unless they are accompanied with money. "Wide Awakt1" Asscxn nr TIIK KUDY YIM.R "wmu AWASP*." TIXK —Camptnwn HHCPS. Were "Wlile Awake," we proudly stand, That's so, that's so, Wef# pledged for freedom through the Imnl, Thai's so, that's so too. CwMl Were "Wide Awake" all night Were "Wide Awake" all day i •, We'll pve our rotes to "ITom'SiJ.W" Not one to "Stephen A." W«r*«a!i for Justice and the Igbt That's so, that's ««, And town on slavery black or white, That'* so, that's sf» too. wide awake &c. eti every hand That's *, that's so, WmI4 thread foul si iver.v o'er our land, .. That's so, that's an too. ». wide awaVe Ml bfmoei'slS'hfcve got "the ft/iMt" That's so, th".t so, ^Ikjy have haard most dseatlful new, O 'i That's so, that's so too, wide awake A«. Thsjrfcear ttMjr've Pennsylvania lout That's so, that1* to. A nil foil Ilk* sst.1 ng off at cut,' That's so, that's so too. wIde awake 4c. And Indiana's bent them too, That's so, thst's so, A»d ltasksg-e's still to Freedom trae, That's so, that's so too. Me ar xLe Ac. TlKp*v« secw new troubles rrrrj ilSy. That's so, that's s«, £lMCMttfc UrotB Chariest on took his way, .v That's so thst so too. wide awake Ac. At Baltimore they badly split That's so, that's so. And "fusion schemes" don't help a Ult, That's so, th tt's tno. wile awake la. P-jor RrecV and Douglas euch we see That's so, that's so, i'talms he's the regular nominee, That's so that's sa too. wide awake it. Hut when election day come That's so, thats' so. We'll 'lect them both to stay at hoMV That's so, that's so too. wide awake Ac. Th# llghtalay* strikes their poleatbajF ssy That's so, that's so, Th«y cannot stand a single day, That's so, that's so toff. wide awake Ac. Tha Olaat's" stumped each State, That' so, that1}) M9 BMmIcOS votes as sure as fate, That's so, that's so loo. wide awake Ac. An*If ball stamp a few days more That's so, that'a so, WalHr-a* tbem worse than e'er before That's so that'* so too. aide uw.ike Ac. WaH t— elest oM Abe—Hurrah, That's so, that's so, And Stad Poor Stephen "home to Ms," That's so, that's to too wideawake Ac. The Democratic pole at Eddyrllle was strack by lightning the Brat night after it was raised. From the LHHr's Home Magazine. A visit with the Doctor. BY T. 3. AUTiltU. "How are you to^iay, Mrs. CftHeton f' a^k. Dr. farl -igh, AS h'.» sat down by his patient, who rtrlined languidly in a large cushioned cha:r. "Miserable," was tha faintly spoken r»»ply. And the word was repeated—"Miserable." The doctor took one of the lady's small white hands, on which the network of veins, most delicately traced, spread its blue lines evorywh re beneath the transparent skin. It was a s ft, flexible hand- s .ft, flexible, and velvety to the touch, as tin* hand of a baby, for it was as much a stranger to useful work. The doctor laid his fingers on the wrist Under the pre-sure he felt the pulse beat slowly and evenly. He took out his watch and ^ounted the beats- seventy in a minute. There was no fever, nor any unu sual disturbance of the system. Calmly the heart was doing its appointed work. "How is your head. Mi's. Carlson 5-" The lady moved her head from Ui {tide two or three times. "Anything out of the way there ^"My head is well enough, but I ftvl T|piljle—so cC!.r.:'i weak. I haven't the strength TIr' lcast exertion exhausts me.' »vt»e lady hut her eyes, looking the jL feebleness. %m fc»k«n tonkv Jbr which ,l'*•*""".cr*,tion yesterday ?M l"t l'm no stron?"r" is yo.^M^PP^'t'tc "M" 1M you il^n the morning walk in the ,i( U that I wilted r' .J 'IJI "0 out in th? garden r,t /.:nntby »hetim* I get to the breakfast I can't live at "this rate, doctor. What arh to do Can't «ou build tue up in soma way I'm a buidun to myself and ej ery one else." Jud Mrs. Carloton really looked distressed. uVou »i«i•» out every day y" UI did until the carriage was broken, and ttutf was nearly a w.ek ago. It his bset) at the carriagemaker's ever since." "You must have the fresh air, Mrs, Cfcrfc- ton,*' said th? doctor, emphatically. "Fresh air, th.in^e of scene, and ex rJse, rre indis- pej, something of disgust and pf nsahl e in your caae. Vou will die if you "Doctor how )'b ,urj r'^Htitn^d Mrs. CO I 11 111 hin (f rt 11 V i i Carleton, almost shocked by the suggestion. "Ride with you What would people think?' "A fig for people's thoughts I Get your 'h( Inst s^M-nce was in an undertone shawl and bonnet and take ft drive with toe# ^'r8- Caildbn K Ft the carriage, and crohs* noveltr. '•I've half a mind to go," she siid, smiling. She had not smiled before since the doctor came in. "I'll ring for your maid," and doctor Par leigh's hat was on the bell rope before Mrs. Carletori ha 1 space to think twice, and en danger a change of thought. "I'm not sure that I ain strong enough for the effort," said Mrs. Carleton, and she laid her head back upon the cushions in a feeble way. Trust me for that," repHed the doctor. IPhe maid cime in. "Hiring me a hiwl and my bonnet, Alice I .am going to ride out with the doctor."— Very languidly was the sentence spoken. *T it afraid, doctor, it will be too much for me. You n't know how weak I am. The very thought of suehan effort exhausts me." Not a thought of the effort," replied Doc tor Farleigh. "It isn't that.' "What is it V" "A thought of «ppesnu)ces-~4f wliat peo plewllsay." "Now, doctor you don't think me ro weak in that direction." "Just so weak," was the free-spoken an swer. 4,You And a ghost of color crept into the faoe of Mrs. Carleton, while her eyes grew brighter —almost flashed, Tl ie maid came in with shawl and bonnet. Doctor Farleigh, as we havo intimated, un derstood his patient, and said just two or three words more, in a tone halfcoi mptum "Af:aid of Mrs. McFlimsey 1" It was not the ghost of color that warmad Mrs. Carleton's face now, but the crimson of a quicker and stronger heart-beat. She aetu illy arose from her chair without reach ing for her maid's hand, and stood firmly while the shawl was adjusted and the bonnet strings tied. We shall have a charming ride," said the doctor, as he crowded in beside his fash ionable lady-companion, and took up the l'K)se reins. lie noticcd that she sat up erectly, and with scarcely a sign of tht lan gor that hut a few minutes before had so op press, her. "Lean hack when you sec Mrs. MeFlimsey's carriage, and draw your veil closely. She'll never dream that it's you." "I'll get angry if y u piny on that string much longer 1" exclaimed Mrs. Carleton what do I care for Mrs. McFl mey H-w charmingly the rose-tints flushed her clic ks How the light rippled in her dark sweet eyes, that were leaden a little while before. Aw ty from the noisy streets, out upon the smoothly-beaten road, and amid green fields and woodlands, gardens and flower decked orchards, the doctor bore his patient, holding her uli the while in pleasant talk.— How dilTerent, this, from the listless, com panionkss drives taken by the lady in her own carriage—a kind of easy, vibrating ma chine, that quickened the si iggih blood no more than a cushioned rocking-chair. Olo-ely the doctor observed his patient.— He saw how erectly she continued to sit how the color deepened in her faee, which actually seemed rounder and fuller how the the sense of enjoyment fairly danced in her eyes. Returning to the city by a different road, the doctor, after driving through streets en tirely unfamiliar to his ?on.panion, drew up his hors? before a row of mean looking dwell ings, and dropping the reins, threw open the carriage-door, and stepped upon the pave ment—at the same time reaching out hia hand to Mrs. Carlet m. But she drew back, saying— "What i« tht meaning of this, doctor?" "I have a patient here, and I want you la see her." "0 no excuse n»e, doctor. I've no taste for such things," answered the lady. M( What do y ti car.' for middle soma proplc s 'nP the paa-pent, entered one of the houses thoughts Couie I' jftod paste ii with the doctor to the second The doctor kn*w Ms patient. .story. Tons light tap at a chamler-door a "But you're nut in earnest, surely There woman's vJ'e said, was a ha'f amused t.vink!c in the lady's eye*. "Never more in earnest. I'm going to see a patient just out of the city, itnd the drive nd Mrs. t'l leton went in. The room was wilt be a charming one. Nothing wou!d {lease uie better than lohaveyourcontpany.' i ^ut Th re was a vein of humor, and a spirit of sma", CJ'0S 8P°^t' A A a slightly alarmed manner. "Don't you think he'll stand, doctor sho asked, uneas'ly. "He likes to get home, like others of his tribe. Come and the doctor held out his hand in a persistent way. Mrs. Carleton looked at the poor tenements before which the doctor's carriage had stop some- thlnK of apprehension. remain shii. up after this fashion. Coine, "1 can never go in there, doctor." ike a ridu n^*' .«Why not uj might take some disease." find a pana­ Never feaft More likely to there." I "Come i The dooi was pushed open, and the doctor andfirnished in the humblest manner, l^e nij*n c,can "don't care" in Mrs. Oarkton, which had Fussed iJ it her back for a support, sat a once made her independent, and almost hov- P'df, otmjr.it'd woman, whose large, bright denish. But, fishior.able assot iations, since pore, and everything looked an-lfidy. In a chair, with a pillow kx.Iad up eageily, and in a kind ofhope- her woman-life began, had toned her jwn f»lsurpH-««', at so unexpected a visitor as the into exceeding propik'ty. Ftishion and con- i who came in with the doctor. On vai.tioimlity, however, were loosing their in-, ^er ^Pj1 ^'a^y was sleeping, as sweet, and Arro*, Iowa, Oct. 18C0. Huenee, j-ince eur-e'iled health kept hi feet I Purct nf' hnck from the world's gay places and the *°n ^ia® l°°ked upon. The first impulse of doctor's invitation to a ride found her suffi- her tr»K woman's heart, had she yielded to ciently s 'tiihrallcd to see in it a pleas:n beautiful a baby as ever Mrs. Carl- and shoulder "It may have been a little easier." *You slept i Yes, sit." f'What of the night sweats ''I don't think they have diminished any.*' The doctor bent his eyes to the floor, and sat in silence for sometime. The heart of Mrs. Caileton was opening toward the l»ahy wasted mother, with a sleeping cherub on 4'I fashionable people are all afraid nf e»ch other. You haven't a epark of indi viduality or true independence. No, not a spark You are quite strong enough to ride ut in your own elegant carriage— but with the doctor !—oh, dear, no! If you were cer tain of not meeting Mrs. McFlimsey, perhaps the experiment might be adventured. But, «he is always out on fine daya.** "Doctor, for shame IIow can you sav 'hat will send you a new medicine," said the doctor, looking up then speaking to Mrs. Carlton, he added— "Will you ?it here until visit two or three patients in the block?" "Oh, certainly," and she reached out her arms for the baby, and removed it so gently from its mother's lap that its soft alumber was not broken. She was still holding the baby, but now re- signed the quiet sleeper to its mother, kissing face of the sick woman, and heard her say, as fche spoke a word or two in parting— "I shall not forget you." "That's a sad case, doctor," remarked the lady, as she took her place in the carriage. "It is. But she is sweet and patient." "I saw that, and it filled we with surprise. She tells me that her husbaud died a year ago." "Yes." "And that she has supported herself by shirt-making." "Yes." "But that she has become too &eble for work, at.d is dependent on a younger sister, who earns a few dollars, weekly, at book folding." "The simple story, I beKtia/* said the doctor. Mrs. Caileton was silent for most of the way home but thought was busy. She had seen a phase of life that touched her deeply. "You are better for this ride," rcmaiked the doctor, is he handed her from 4iw car riage. "I think replied Mrs. Carleton. "Three has not been so fine a color on your face for months." in body and soul. Your disease is mental inaction." Mrs. Carleton looked steadily at the doctor. "You are in earnest," she said, in a calm, firm wav. be home. lie asked the closing question abruptly. "To-morrow," was replied. "Then I will not call for you, bu%»twj• lie hesitated. Mrs. Carleton glanced at the patient old late in your suggestion, r® quite ahead of horse, whom the doctor was slandering, with you." "Ah in what respect "That drive into the countiy is alieady a settled thing. Do you know, In is love with that boby "Othello's occupation's gone, I see P' re turned the doctor, rising. "But I may visit you occasionally, as a friend, I presume, if not as a medical adviser?" "As my best friend, always,''^paid Mrs. Say on, doctor." Will you take my prescription "Yes." There was no hesitation. "You must give that sick woman a ride into the country. The fresh, pure, blossom sweet air will do her good—may, indeed, ome—I cant leave y u alone in the turn the balance of health in her favor. Don t' .I. -N ,, ». v i w carriage. Ned-might Uke a fancy to walk. be afraid of Mrs. McHimsey." ,, .. .7. Lincoln and Hamlin, noboly doubts anv on with \rou. "lor shame, doctor! But you are too', Carleton, with feeling. "You have led me out of myself, and showed me the way to health and happiness and I have settled the aae OTTul\VA, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2-5,1850. About as usual, was answered, in a calm ily harm, and the show of anxious melan patient way and she even smiled as she choly For th« Court sr. WHAT** LH« SCWRF What's the news from Pennsylvania! From the brave oM Key-Stone St«Ac( From the land of coal and Iron From the borne of James th* great. VMtisylvanla's gone for Lincoln Is ringing over hill and plain Pennsylvania gone for Lincoln Bound that cheering strain again. What's the news from old Ohio, From the land where Buckeyes grow, She's for Lincoln now and ever Twenty thousand, 'alnt so alow. What's the new* from Indiana, From the real Hoosler land She's unfurled her Lincoln banner, And willhy it firmly stan'l. Kaxt we'll hear from Illinois! And 'twill come with real Mak| She's for Abraham, hrave oFd AbrahiM, Honesi Abraham of the West. it, would have prompted her to take it in her throes of incipient revolution, whereof de aims $'id coyer it with kisses. vastation and bloodshed are the inevitable lhejwomnn was too weak to rise from her concomitants, our own more favo»*ed land is chair, I ut she asked Mrs. Carleton to be seat- passing through a corresponding crisis in a ed in A tone of lady-like self-possession that manner wrhich she may proudly claim as her did np escape the visitor s observation. jown. Within the last rty-eight hours, our "it w did you pass the night, Mrs. Leslie?' streets have reverberated to crash of a dy askct) the doctor. nasty, yet no one has suffered or feared bod- TIM €)J!•':»t RINII1(. the Old World trembles with the While faces is limited to a few office-holders. Gladness beams from a million eyes, and joy ^llow about the pain through your aide I glow? in the popular heart, for it is felt and known that our peaceful convulsion bodes simply that replacement of thj bad by the better, which is the inevitable condition of Human Pi ogress and the manifestation of a genuine National life. It was every way fit that Pennsylvania and Indiana, clasping hands across the Ohio, should claim and enjoy the proud distinc- tjon 0f and it was a baby to make its way into any i jn the first place, these two States justly heart. She had forgotten her own weakness share between thetn the honor of having forgotten, in the presence of this wan and made er her lap, all about her own invalid state. its clearly foreshadowed termination. Indi- inaugurating the National renovation, ABRAHAM LINCOLN OUI standard lear- jn momentous contest now so near ana—which had previously inclined to and was confidently and reasonably counted on for Judge Bates—was the first State at Chi cago to take her place firmly and ardently beside Illinois in supporting Mr. Lincoln's pretensions, and thenceforth her delegation was most vehement and untiring in com mending her new choice. Pennsylvania, which unlike Indiana, had a candidate of W lien the doctor returned he noticed that her own, hesitated and debated long but, ere ad been tears in Mrs. Carleton s eyes. when pressed at length to say decisively, "Iu case you ttnnot have your ovrn who ig your ncxt choice it as she did so. He saw lu look with a ted Mr. Lincoln and her decision, in effect, tender, meaning interestat thewhite, patient Tliey had entered Mrs. Carleton's elegant ty," "Putting the negro above the white residence, and were sitting in one of her'man," &c, 4c. The whole country does luxurious parlors. "Shall 1 tell you why f* added the doctor. Mrs. Carleton bowed. "YOJ have had some healthy heart-beats' She did not answer. "And I pray you, dgpr madam, let the strokes go on continued Dr. Farleigh.— "Letyour mind become interested in some jit they wish tusee it protected, encouraged, good work, and your hand* obey your developed they insist that the Territories thoughts, and you will be a healthy woman, since they come to us Free—shall be conse crated to it but they a e willing that the "Wholly in earnest, ma'am. I found you clings. The fact that Pennsylvania has de an hour ago, in so weak a state that to litt elared for Lincoln, by a majority' whiah puts your hand was an exhausting effort You her vote in November beyond all cavil, is are sitting erect now, with every muscle certain to exert a tremendous influence in taughtly strung. When will your carnage quieting the fears of the timid and assuring iu* Vi.mw. I yjg thrifty and cautious that tho new era uestion aa to my future. It ahall not be as past." she lhat Gf t00 (jesigna- the Convention. All wary politicians were aware, bifore I860, how crushing is the weight wherewith the Octo ber elections fall upon the party which they declare against, in the very agony of a Pres- ,, It was especially desirable that Pensylva nia should take that position at the head of the Republican array which she so nobly justified on Tuesday. There never was im agined n ore conclusive an answer than she has furnit-hed to all the wretched drivel of the day about "Fanticism,'' "N:ggr cquali- know Pennsylvania as an eminently sober, conservative, Union-loving State, of whose Five Hundred Thousand Voters not Fifty Thousand have any desire to interfere in any way with the Southern States, their insti tutions," or their negroes. They are for Free Labor they believe in it they live by South shall take her own time wherein to be come convinced of its immense superiority to the wretched system, inherited from Pa gan barbarism, to which she so in^anelv now opening upon us is dest:ncd to be em pliatcally one of order and peace. The elections of Tuesday spanned the Slave Border from the shore of the At'antic almost to the hanks of the Mississppi, em bracing the throe Free St ites next after New York in population and power, and unitedly casting sixty-three Electoral Votes—more than one third of the number required to choose a President by the People. That i o s e s i y- e e v o e s w i a e a s o o n e o e a n a e s u n w i rise to­ morrow. Add Pennsylvania and Indiarato Col. Fremont's vote in '5rt, and they elect a President, saying nothing of Illinois or the new States of Minnesota and Oregon. Is it possible any longer even to effect not to dis cern the handwriting on the wall ?—Ar. V. Tribune. The idler isadangevou* member of society, lie becomes a prey to his own passions, and scourges others with his vices. A journalist's head quarters are hia brains which may account for the fact that many of the fraternity are so difficult to find. CI,F.VI:I,AND, Sept, 22,1860 darin Slab rope and gitn nastic Surkus. the dred skot dicisshun in one hand, ftnl hts whole popular suvren'v sh in the other planted in 1787 by Tomas (iefferscn and uthers, and set out again in 1820. Mister Dug'as puld up this tre and the constitution The wa he takes urn in witn his populer SOT- I erentv game is not so slo. He holds out a lug nil to the people and scz, there's populer suverenty—theres At first thev think where. 1 he folks sometimes g' korner him in a tite plae, but he is tarnal small and kankraul thru a mighty little hole But they sa he did one prate trik—ut wua plase he ate an ox and 2f,000 klams. As soon as I herd of his arrive in toua I went to pa him a vizit. I found hiin in bis sho room speaking his pees I thowt I wodn't be very formal: and sez I, haven't ye a thev sea it buT when a .years in Bonnpaite's armv, was in Sra?n got that pees larnt yet? Sez he, yis— but, Blair theres sum of thedoktrin that the peple don't Bradford. Buc' beleev, and I hav too alter it occashunaliy \\'.'. i,iJo riShi split the hull sho: thepeple begin too sea thru it, an tha sa it is a humbug. Sez I, what are you going to do with it Sez he, as soon as I lav vused up mi posters adver tisements I shal thro it over board. Sez I, Dnglas, whattle ye take for yer populer suverentv Sez he, ile sel it cheep, i i"l.wr, ., i L'o-ar'.on. I told him I didn no how too manage his triks, wood go into jiartnership with him in I Mercer.. the sho biznes. Sex he, its a bargain. I Miffin... then axt him wliot he thowt of taking along! sum darkies to sing songs and dsfls the horn pipe. Sez he, I wunt hav enny thing too doo with the nigcter biznes agin—it don't pa. ty.' ., »*e said he went into the nigger biznes idential canvass and when Pennsylvania 10~, .. seenshusness is kaved in. Heed make a first rate crier in the sho biznes his bump of tellin yarns aint smal. Dnglas and I have completed our program for our nu sho. We call it the nu yunion single banded game of popler suverenty.- GOT MOHE THAW THEY WASTSD.—The following is attributed to the celebrated Row land Hill: "Two strangers passing the church in which he was preaching, entered, walked up the aisle, and finding no seat, the strangers, and they puused, turned1 u s a i e s e a k e w o s a i a i e n all the axes in the world made into one great axe, and all the trees in the w rid wcre made into one great tree, and he could wield the axe and cut down the tree, he would make it into one great whip to thrash those ungodly men who turn their backs up on the Gospel and stop to hear a story." The strangers thought that they had lieard enough to sati-fy their curiosity, and re sumed their walk to the street. ARE YOU A DEMOCIUT.—Well let us tell you a bit of a story. We will call no names. Loiter from ArN'iiin* W ird, Jr.—I The 81 eH.yvilk, Ind„ Uantier says one FKAIDS IN OHI A HF.IM B: ICAN OANI»I Intervicw willi .^Ir. loti£laa— of Napoleons old Soldiers WAS Mu.ilcxcd F^R DATE FOM CON«MKSS DF.VEATEH BY FRAUD.— Grand Fn«ion how. his Money: Ano'd man named MISTER EOETBR:—I seez mi quil to inform |®'on3 with s family in a small tenement of the reported returns, |y 1-21 majority.— the puhlik thru the modeum of your kol- °nc ua.e nnd a half cart of Mar on, in Facts have sinec come to light which show limns of the grand ad lisun I have ju^t maid ^'s c-'unty, and ab nt fivj niil s frotn this that this apparent majority is not a iir and too mi grate metropolitician sho biznes.and I''acc« w, re ru'ns ''fth v' ir dwtllii g. wh ch hud b^en cor.- Last nite I had an intervu with Stevun A. 8I1,n0' dining the n.gl.t. An irqu"t over nt a full investigati n v I! show the exit-' Dugla«, the renound politikal amb'dixter! ron,nir,K "f ll*e and proprietor and Cheef Klonfi in the grate ^',e '^ie °'d people were the victims D.roc.ernpy, by w-!.iih abf.r.t 300 Votes were populer soverenty sho. Mister Dnglas fs "^a mrot (habolical Hud cold-blooded mur- tr.anu'aciu'"e for Ya'landinghatn more generally kahl the little giant from his haven he old man was a most totally con- than twice his nominal u ajority. A larpc performad the grate feet of wakin the whole but the upper pai of the body of his number of tliese voters ai e aficertafned to length oI Ma*on and Dixon close line with as Cf)T"rtd oin l',a* ,rt'on and also pullin up the nwnmuth tre kald ,tllT,sU '•vas,ft"in'1 to *'u,» '«er chest cloven gidts in the city of Dayton. themissoori kompromisp, which was first ('Pen tH0 P,,Jlce w'|h nnfl h.er skul1 et' W1,h th* ^nn11 8 bM,ne1 near *'e ^J°d'ts» aI,d with it and plast them under his feat. ^vcre struggle. They w, re known to bejlKe it to 1,- a duty Mr. Cra.chead owes to But I was a going on to sa that he liaz bin !sslon of travel in thru the estern and suthcrn states »ssa.ssii s murtd, «x.t|t p!e, by (Njiitesting tha setit.-CVwc/nnrt^i Gas. performing his triks and speaking his peeB.— w oic wa i.oi.ceakvl cntong the wl,eat 1,1 ,he ,oft !n a tln 118et tl,e house on file to nce 1 \f0Kean ,• ]t. ,. ., ,• r,. 18o4 and had Inn iin down hu ever sins and Indiana said to the Convention, "Give us •», ... m. e s e i a n u v o o e i e i e Lincoln for President, and you shall hear Republican thunder from us in October!" their appeal could hardly be resisted, even had the Convention been stubbornly hostile to their preference. Moreover, the choice of their delegations was heartily seconded by that of their respective candidates fur Gover nor, Col. Curtis and Gen. Lane, who were both on the ground, and who—their person al fate being at stake—could not be suspect ed of favoring another than he who was, in their judgment, the very strongest man. How well founded JWJIS that judgment, the shouts of Two Millions of Republican voters are now proclaiming. ... humbugging is as big as a goos eg. Con- troducing the news is from the Alton Courier sho, and greest pole surkus, together with 'n Glory !!—Our Lane" no Longer Sha other alarmir. and darin feets. dy 1—The "Old Keystone" follows the Lead Duglas will perforin the grand, dubble Yours in haste, ARTEMUS WARD JR. Plees Duglas sez give poplor suverenty a good bio in the paper. stood for a while and listened to thc sermon, I 4, they reached the door, the preachy said: MI the time, and now I 11 Mr. Byers, editor of tho Rocky Mocmtain News, was assassinated in his office on the 1st inst. ,, remained c-ovired up, and was i rcacrvcd i spcacn c-:mm?morattPe the death- 1' i""-on,. The perpetrators were douhtkss awiire that tha look a little sharper it vanishes like a i i a* u 4 i o u i I a u k w a s a e a n y i s e v e s e v e n o n n e e w i u s a w .- i i w o u i e du on the orientic kornstalk when the noon- i son uzes in the east on a tbunderin hot .k -H I e tv w i under Marshe Nev, fought Lattlcs in lt.h- •'ur aeu/e nd busv pursuits for futne ami da in the middel of Juli: it kant be found no' .. »t mad and 3V rf e ie w oruinu.t to Moscow as an infantry soldier. He was kH'Pio8of Pen n*y I van in Election. GOVERNOR. Mttjorillttfor Cur tin, 3tajorttle»J*r Allegheny 7/200 Adam Armstrong .. .871 B«*df.nd. Beaver 98^ Berks.... 8 3 2 a i a 4,30n Taibon... Cen: re... Chester. to sute the plase. Sez I, how doo you like the sho, is it doin a staving biznes. He groned and a tere stated in hiz i and scz Clint n he, I thowt I shood make a good deal out of my populer suverenty but scz he it has Del-ware*.".V. Erie .. 80t Pike 400 i .. 800 Sullivan 300 i 2 1 3 W y o i n 8 0 0 Y o k Schuylkill 850 Sonvrset 1,600 Total Sender 600 Susquehanna.. 1,530 Tio-a 2,800 Union 728 Vei.angO 100 W an en........ 700 Washington 700 Wayne 75 g:ant then performed on the slak rope, and klimed up a greest pole ar.d spoke his pees on the top. One of Abe Lincoln's rales was next browt in and Douglas was set on and rode out thru the back dore. Dulas is about 5 feet hi and a thunderin grate man ff.r one of his size. I made a trenological examina tion of him. Hee is a man cf tremendous exultation over the result in Indiana, Penn- Total.. pour. His kavs are huge. His bump of: ^ylvania and Ohio. The following heal in I it takes down everything of the anrt that has appeared for a long time Brightly breaks tha morning!—Pennsyl v a n i a A i i- 1 O i o A i I Indiana All Right 1!!—The "Curtin" rises this game can be seen best with the ize 6het.! ?,ad Jou joined the Republicans !—A'n' you niass, having a str« ng odor of an animal mat But I must klose. We are goin westward I J'00 j°'ned the Republicans!—Longjter. If examined by a Uiiro.scope, it is seen ho in lew daze. Legs vs. Short Legs—Where is the little to undergo a remarkable change. First of dark, but soon or late they touch the. shining hills of day Presentlv they turned to walk out Before i tofore there lias been a division among the, TEN VOTES ron LINCOLN IN ONE FAMILT.— In this county there resides a family by the name of Pendleton, comprising nine boys, w o w i e i a e a k i n e e a w i t, b7vs-rotnc 4 'e they are i i in men, their fath having left the South for again and listened. 'Once there was a man, ...... .. Z 7. ... fp, ,, p. las man, "bit it was an un-godly The other day, an old Democrat, who has Journal. always stuck to bis own party through1 good report and evil report, said: "I've always been a Democrat, and am about tired ofit. I don't believe the Dem ocratic (arty stands w here it did ten* years ago, and I am going to vote for old Abe." "Vote for the nigger party?" said a Doug las Democrat. "Well," replied the other, 4 voted for Pierce when there was no rigger excitement, all quiet, and aftty- he got in it wasall n%gger.\ a"d OLD •EfttE9^V6t.."V*,N0.8S Ti:R.ns»«l,50.1n Adionff. The election of Yarandiitnhntn in the Day- G«o. Ilaak, living ton District has been conceded, on the fai e found cn Si.nday last nmid the actual one, and Mr. Craighead is rightiu'ly (entitled to I1K« SENT. Th -re is little doubt botiies rtv alcu the- hon ence of y.«teinatic fraud*, on the psrt of the under a large quai.tity of have been illegrTy furnished with nr.tmal- the ch.mney, whicu protccteJ iz-iti n papers, by a certain Democratic body from the fire. II*r Judge. Th s" facts rorount for the singular a s.u.rp in -tnment,, Th s corrupt transaction aJiooTd be fully ,r'jk(n in. An ax and hatch- rretcd mt, and the ca e br ught btr« e ofi' wcre found Congress as o enrl er dress is possible.— tin re wire tvidcLces cf |he «'ffender should be unisbed. We be- considerable sum of money |.i, country t. vindicate the rights of the peo- which I!ATF..S ON .„A.vr At. LABCR.-Judge ay,,un? .• a the rate i 1 pc°ple had money, und alter sicurinj: 1'^°" to the grtat mortality of th pn fesnon, 74 7) 800 Columbia.. 1,000 Cumberland. 250 Elk 2,1C0 Fayettee.... l,40i Forest 1,209 Fullot. .8,100 (ircene Franklin 600 Lehigh Huntingdon I n i a n a Jeff rs"»n... Jun'ate.. .. Lancaster.. Lawn nee.., 1,0II0 850 SOu member of the St. Ltns bflr, re- .. de'u°Xlht' evidtr- Iand add-d .. ... ccs of the foul and -attrmious deed. Mr.i me to suggest thft there |es«6» „,nc was Curtin*s inaj. o2,«i» 5 0 8 4 8 v e v n e a i v mnr. .i i ic. .u o .i 000 Bieckinvid'ge 10,o00. A Republican asked crazy for Douglas men, who went to Chieatro to see Douglas, if there was really such a great number of jeojtlo as the Democratic papers said: "How many do you honestly think tliere were there?*'' said the Repub lic an. ?!!, can't to'l," said the Dou^- bhu'K child, to work at a hotel in loirn. Ton I,uvv" •lays afterward the negro was found lead in .. it has been lutjger,! ^one_ A SENSATION HEADING.—The Republican papers in Illinois, may he excused for a little that town, w hen the following conversation *uhan axe, lt Mr- 0rcnd"rff, .. 227 WestinorvlindiV 450 evening, found the dead and mutilated bodies )fM ...... I e u o s e o a k i n a i v i n o n e e s o i A nugget of g' Id weighing 140 otino«-s, o i v, and by the side of free men, and have deter and representing a value $2,400, arrived at- minedly resolved, in order to secure thc Leavenworth by the bat express from Pike'a. same to others and to posterity, to vote for! Peak. Lincoln.—Lincoln {III.) Herald« 1 KTDVAPPINO AND Mi aous.—About three1 three babies. weeks ago, a man, pretending to l»c from Canada, hired a negro and his wife, and a' .. ,,. i. i, i Judge William Johnson, a leading lawyer i Ait mus Ward," whose mimoreus n ,,. o i n i n n a i a s e n o u n e A e i a n i s U n s a i e w e k n o w n i s o w n i e o a I voted fir old Bin-k KIUC.ER, NIGGER, all try a change I'll give the Republicans a' A second attenpt to nominate a Dug'as Pic? Apples are now niccofciuUy raiwdln. turn any how it can't be any more nigger electoral ticket in Mississippi has miserably Florida, pioving hardier and more profitable than it has been, and it may be a great deal failed. The nominees won't stand. than the banana. lem"—Iron ton KegUter. Timet cess. i,ii and espousod Republicanism. i editor of the Cleveland Plamdealer. One thousand pounds sterling has recent ly been offered in London for a complete I set of the I 1 u i wel1 r,r U 4 lo *ul- »»©are too attentive of Europe I "'ealth—we are too little attentive to the a abovt 78 ytars of age, and hit wife hut s^filce t!ie one thing in the hope of rais few years yourg?r. 'n? ^he other. I w iil state, so far as regard* inystF, that for nearly forty years (and I be- 'sun 1 mixd in a sound body.' I liive I lave labored as much as any man »ught to labor, I have made it a ru e to wot u from one to ti.reo hours lach day in he garden and thn^r though my star has 3,480 long cu'mina cd, and I am going tlown the- 600 193 7oo 500 500 120 150 120 100 130 western sli p» of life with increasing impetux,. I find myself in a good state of health, and I attribute it to the fact that I have exercised my arms to labor in tilling the earth on a mall scale and I advise all my yonng fii.ndsto do the same thing. AwrCLTRAllEDY IN T.VZWELL CoCNTT, Itl. —The wife an 1 two young children, daugh ters, of Mr. George W. Orndorff, a farmer,. 900 Luzerne JKtft residing on the D-.'lavan Praiiic, in Tazwell 'ountv in this State, wcre horribly murdered ..300 Montour 250 ,J 100 Montgomery.. 1, «o0 b* a 10 ber ,n lhcir C.200 Northampton.. l,»i'N" senceof Mr. Orern'orfTand his hired man in 1,700 Northum erland tiOO the timber, oa Friday last. The bloody ''or'-* J*!llladl'lp'l'a- «onse during the ab- .. on returning home in thft- of bis family murdered, and the drawers and other places where valuabl s were kept, bro ken open and ransacked. The deed was nt once charged to a young man, wh« came to the nei bborhood ently, but whose name is not known, lie has inn away, but at last accounts was closely followed l»y the citizen* of that neighborhood. It is hoped the mon ster will not escape. Sharp. Dr. A aphys'cinn of North Bridgeport,. Massachusetts, while ridii with one of his patients met Dr. II. another physician of tool{ p]ace'. |Doctor, Well, I see you att* taking one of your patients out to ride.'* Exactly 1" says Dr. A. "Well," says Dr. "a thing never dv jS to take my patients out to ride." "I know it," said Dr. A., "the undertaker does it for vou." HIE c« ndenscd air a crowded of Vermont and Maine!!!—Indiana Enrolls Pve*a posit which, if allowed to remain under the Banner of Freedom !—A'n't you K w days, forma a solid, thick, glutinous Fucker's Mother !—"Not There, Not There,! all, it is converted into a vegetable growth,. My Child !"'—The Faithlul Great Abraham and this is followed by tho production of —The People rise up and Call Him Blessed multitudes of animalcules a decisive proof Lincoln and ictory !—"God's ways seem that it must contain organic matter, other- .. ,, all vote for "Honest Abe Lincoln." Here- votm^ -1 "But I will tell vou a story." This arrested i, Lincoln 9 0ou- Dong'as, 80,000, Bell, 25,- wise it could not nourish organic beings. A gentleman having ahorse that ran away and broke his wife's neck, was told bv a. neighbor that be A'istied to purchase it for hit wife to rido upon. 4 No," said the wretch "I intend to marry again myself." The estimate of the presidential vote of Massachuselts thc but they allege they are all hard working V lio^on TratdUr is: A young lady ofCincinnatti, just returned ne of oar! from Europe, states that an aristocratic En glishman inquired of her, if Ciocinnatti was a Slave State "What shall I do, Sarah Jane, to stop tht se awful men faring me so in the fact?" "Do why show thorn Che tops «f y«wr gaiters." One day last fall a farmer in Illinois cra dled three acres of wheat, and that night hi i wife, not lo be out done by him, cradled The barbers in Hanp r, Me., have held a* iuceUns: aim rofolvcu not to stave tw lui uc or dre 8 itsi'air- 0,1 Johnson couty, in this State, be having been At a recent ball in San Francisco, Iw killed. is suppose I that the woman and thousand tight bundled.and eighty people girl were taken South and sold. were siiuulantane«'u5y "bobbin" around. At newspaper, hut without sac- Newton's corners, Mass, wr»-» oa eveniag, 20th, tap foijo«£ thick. Sunday an. ineb

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