27 Mart 1861 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3

27 Mart 1861 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ZZ ,.TI]C ~. V (Minntoa (Loimtr, Local and Mirfcellanooua. lyriXMWA. IO Y»" \. m, 27,"i*fil. 1 1 1 .l 1 xiai i'Ai:: !»«.& K.J:ABJLU«AI». CItA KGE^Of J7.VE. Leave Ottumwa, ..,. i*. KjprcM gntnjr Fist West Iflxed train* pass here 1.-00 p. *. r. «*. P.VRM WANTED.—An orenin". "^ATX noAP. .... P:«« A. *. (:N p. R. eSfiHAOO. nrnmnT^ 4m CY K\BI.liOAD. Arrive. & Leave. SH %. Kvt»ro?s Tralti. 6 00 a WRLX] Advertising Aeent. Deirborn at.. Chicago,!* an thnrlg'Ml to irrflve Advertisements for thl* and all the Leading P.ipcrs In the North West. n. i». n**¥ *n«r. Advertising Agent, Stite Street. Chiragn, IS auihoriied to rect i VP Advei-H*. m. nts fur thl* aq«l all th* other Levling Pap'-rg In the North fl'elt. •^'t.pn yr.« want R01H. Sliocs an 1 Clot'.i'np, Miplo'l, New Olothinp Ptore. AKvirnltiirnl licet lug. ,An Dbo location of tho bank is such ti\at a si le (Kick can be built diirctiv it. •%*. «4lVAni us WEAT!iBi:.-»Frid.iy th* weather ^vlerated somewhat, and there was a little riln in tho evenin. of that day, hut it turned very cold again during Friday night, and frozi quitj hard. Fatmirs, so far as we 1 adjourned meitng of the Directors Wape'lo County Agricultural St Ciety, held on M«nktv, April 1st, at ten ityock, A. m. W. L. ICIIAXOS OF TIME improved farm IF tOlnu 1()0 acres is wanted. Any one wish lrtf to sell such a farm will please s o advt-r- tLscmont elsewhere, ami correspond *ith this effl*. RAILIWAD AcciDEKt.—^-A box cni4. |ty the errn n to in otS^r 7 kWk nd R.n-1, M* thrown from tin IneV «'.oul mil this of Com^tock's Station, nnd \vas MS^shed up c.insi ljrahly. N pelfion" in* jured, and no further damage done. REMQIOUS MEETINGS—A series of meet­ ings Avas commenced in the Congregational Church on Sunday liist, t^eoniinuo thvou^h present week. The Pnslor, Rev. H. A. Spnuldincr, is ahly ass'stcd BY ROT. WHEAT.—Arc.»unt Mr. "VTestcrvelt, lato'ofOskaloosa, at prai n' r.n .Evangelist tHpt Chui^V Preaching etcy from several lo- hH' 4Mities in thw county, represent the prospccts irf Fall Wheat as unuMinlly emo iragii g.—iSPlYlfllln TTirirr'cs TTtril At present it 1o k fineeverywhere, so fur »4 have heard. The qiia»tity sown is cqnal •nil a little in exccss of foruu yoar.«, an i it tttsiid to be too lat& now to apprehend cny injury. JPOAI,.—We learn that Thi.'Keokuk rail- IW&d havj leasid, for a term of ten years, the coal Mnk known-as the Hallowny bank, at a rent of §3 per day for two, and $10 a day for eight years of the term. The coal wi'l be freighted to Keokuk, partly for supply of the Packet Companies. The coal of this bank is regarded RS the best in this region. l&irned, have n comm iuced plowing, but are contemplating dcing so iinini-diaUly. I\NOTIINII CAANUN.—It rained avitj snowed jpiSterd*y. Weather milder. JUht of Qiiiud and Petit Jurors, Drama Mirrk 21xf, NEXT L. M. Mondenhlfll,' Alvin Lewis, 1801. TE*M MAT 27th, 1861. Graii'l Jury. S. D. Jenkins, »P. Trowi-i, Win. Johnson. Thomas Nownan, S. U. Turner, Seth Ogu(, *. 0. Hill, Petit Juror*. John llite, Joseph Shafer, jj. ». Miller. P. .S. K inner, A a run Utilybamh, Win. Hrim, •jHenry Heller, i, J. M. Ro.iev, !j. s. w. oti, "Satn. Whte'.c-r, IWIII, Moss, a A- M- II'logins, A. V. Stevens, Thomas Nevill, Jame-i Gandy, Win. S. Catter, Uenj. I'lanm, W^I- I'R 'PCI*, Geo. Leonard, itncs AiiilelVffn, :Ii. N. ilar'.att, En )(-h l)t in irit», J. W. Hedrick, iAndrew MitjtH^t :llar?ey ^amuefc«, J. C. 'alvin, Win. Warner, lA. 11 d-nbuijih, jCharl-s II i-keiilupar, 'L nysm Bradley, A Southern piper statei that the !os^ to the ountry, caused by th present a^itat on, Wflthi depreciation of jrip:.Tty, the inter­ ruption of business, th'J loss of time, nnd ^waste of energy, is at L*ast ^1,000,000,000. jii'FFALo, March 23. —Eistern tnaiias have iA been delayed by duep snow. No Nviw .Xftrk niail this rniug. "'JA Wi-cinsin »ct r, recently, «hot*%ui- glar, with a pit)l loa l^d with piUs. The prescription cured the Rascal. Mr. Bioth of Milwaukee, w is p-ird ned by U(. Buohanan, before lie left the Prp^tentiul pbair. The U. S. District Court for tho Southern District of Iowa, is now in session at Keo­ kuk. Adviccs from Louisiana indicate a grow­ ing sentiment of dread of the military des­ potism which they perceivc to be ri.-iug into power for their oppression and hiuniii- i^on. i-.vjTlie Poni»Hylrania Central Itulroa4 Com­ pany have their cars lighted with g-ts sup- p!red at Altuoria, where tho i'ompiny makes it, the cool being quits handr for that pu. P«o- NEW YORK, March 21. FLOUR—Market #h*dc b.tter an I rath ermoro active. WHEAT—Market t* active and l@2e ktltcr. Sal s nt §1 l01 2i Chicig Kwin^ §1 2»@1 2i MiU, ,h»1 jll A Ti EY—Steady at CORN—Market 1'. belter. Sales at F»7 (£00 old mixed western, in store and d?'iv fBd Oit^'5-5 new do. and at R. W, iipot. -OATS—Dull. Sales at for W©• Isin, Oanad'un and 8latj, WUISIvY-Markotdui'. SaAmU in Tho Legislature of Njw M- xie has ad- jCa' ncd njid 1 jft irm^ 0 ilnl tl o.. ^lavo net, ich to tli» ,0/ of the pr i slar 'ry member*, W o fqitcJ th result of a veto 0:1 tho qr© tion. In 6-Mx.u. Arrive at 1:l5p. m. C:2I)i».jj. -rTitr. TAHI.IS K Ft. a boy only sUteen yean ol], 1:4Sr.M. |TrA R, I Fl-11 (whit hf hi-l —From and after yester- there will bp ur lr.iin a day on the ^.* Ft. I"). M. & M. Raih-oad. Tl»e Expt ts going E vst arrives at 8:i0 a. m. Express goin£ West arrives at 0:00 p. u. Mi^ed trains tn^ct hero nt 1:00 p. nf. 1 I e i»f lia'iiiunl anil lung continued int xi \-iion, named Mi dipt! Warner. ••.- jj TIic i clvost trip fver made from Pike ox 1 Pi'ak tn ths Misanttlri rivet\' w ts made by the W cstcrti Stage Coach, last week, in .4 dov* 22 h^urs. OTTUMWA MARKEF IW* |IM) lbs ... $,-•• I'oltK .. C1HN ilKAI. hnsh ... *1 |, AID WHEAT,(Spring) .. »i .tffcfi.YTw.. iw K i II) .... 7(l(fjsj|| AMD (jrrern) i ,,n e our only authorised Agents In Now York and *»u*h .._. l.* Snot-uULita (snnfced}.. ton tp procure Ad'-ertlsements fpr.thl* paper. "H N« V hush I Bl iTt ii \3 lb .. EJ( .s ipi 1I02 IC«itkk v t. JmUoii's Mountain llerb Pills are sold, by allM44|' «Ine .alen. [i'2-lm] ^.on,h, Kcv MANHOOD w j„,i y, i 3 O tKf?Ai J{| K .7.7.W7.. IR bush ri'-i! (cured') l.n'C. Ff.tj A' CO, ip ii s tcurem w SIM-:* I'IIKK (pickled) ....I.»4. .. 4:?V I'ak 1»'"» 4 1'L.DW .STKKI. R.. .V. Sl'GAIl .... I Caxilks (moulil) BIS Ass:s OF T|1| Obh,Soc'y. U SJTF II. SituB lltn ...\ i. 4}{, i 1 i}i Swi 1 iik N. lie# ..'.... ... ?'I N'AIIS (afg'til) 41 IKX.. 92,60®'i,5U f.'.Ml |,KATHHI— APPl-hs (li lerll V ft .*V ffhn ?oi k, Hemlock ... 2«C?l2T (»rrppn)^ 111 s11 f'2 Oak PMCHO UI !«.-) ip thv^m CAI.» |2I (??vn» rttACKKK' .. $8,5(l@-!.7Ml AKSRSi 8s(?tsi I Sam iir| 2..V JliUKf (fcreen) Affair S«»p^lb zy.Gir, (rin- 1I"©I2,V MkATiTut .... Mot.(Sorghum) .. »r»0 Co 11 II »v V ton .. $4@6 STi M:\KK.I These llsae!«ef are too well known to require any dtfcriptlon. How nmnv thnuvinda njre every year carrleil to the silent grave by that lire nlful scourge Cor.«uni|tlon, which Hhrays commences with a eliurht cough. Keep the iilooil pure anl jieallhy by taking a few doses of JUDSON'3 MOUNTAIN HKitII PII.LS each wee! anil diaease of all kln'l is impotieiltle.— Corsump.tion anl turg ilidicultlea ahv«ya arise from particles of corrupt matter ik po.-iteil in the air-cell* by Im1 blood. Purify tl»»t- Mrcam of life and it will very soon carry oG auil destroy the poiaonous matter •lid like a crystal river flowing through a desert, will brin with it and leave throughout the body the ele ments of health and strength. A* the river leaving the elements of fertility in it» couise, cause the before i barren waste to bloom with (lowers an-i fruit, so pure blood causes th« frame to rejoice in strength and health, and bloom with unfading beauty. rc- n 'r, ON TIIE NATURE. TREATMENT, AND RADICAL CUKE OKSPKRM ATUIIKHOEA, or Seminal Weakqess Sexual IMdlit.v, Nervousness and involu:itar.v enjle slons, Inducing impoteney, and Mental and Physical, Incapacity. I. BvROB.J. CITLYERW P.LL, AI. P. ..f Author of th* ''(rrct'i Ami," JSc. The worlil-relio.A neil author. In this admirable Lect ure, lear'y pi'ovt-s fiom his own expeiience that the awful tonsei|uenco of Seif aliust- may lie etTxctua'ly removed without medieine and without ilan^-ernus surgical op«-i at ions, bou^leji, inxtrineuts, rinni or cr di-ils, pointing out a nmde i cure at otire certain und eir.-etu.il, y which e ery gutferer. Do matter what hU coinlition mav be, may cure himself in iru(tli) iml unlit cheaply This lecture will prove a uo'in to thous'^nds and thousands. Sent undersea) to any address. po*t puiif, DW 01}X 01 KlI1 on th* receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing Dr. C. J. C. KLi:K, litTllowery, New York. Post Box4^S6, 25 in 1 y 0 S is a eonstitutiunal disease, a corruption of the blood, bv wliicli tlii^ lluid Itecomes vitiated, weak, and poor. lJeiii«j in the circuliition, it iwrvades the wli^le body, and nitiy burst out iu disease on any ]ai ot it. No ui y ui is free from its attacks, imr is tlu re oiiii w'lieU it may not destroy-. The sriol'u,Jius tiilnt is vitriiui Iv eau-.nl by lnereiuial dicu.-c, low living, tlis* ordereit Or tniliealtliy tiod, impure ui»-, llhh and lililty lialuts, the il. juc^iu^ vice^, and, above all, by the venereal iiitV-cUmi. ever be it yiij in, it is hereditary in the con stitution, du^enidiug t'lom [laieuts to cliildrui uuto the third mid iourih ^i-ik ratini indeetl, it seems to be the rod of Ilini who miv-, 4, ulcerous matter, which, in the lung-,'fiver, and internal organs, is termed lubi ivies in the j^loid-i, swelling and on tho Mtri'uce, eruptions or MIIVS. Tlii* fouleer inption, M'hieh ^iid. r-i in the hlixnl, depresses the energies of life, :o that Ncrofuhuis conslitu tions not only ^ufllr from scrofulous com laints, but they have lav le- power (o with and the attack-* ol'other diseases con^c •juently va litmihcrs peri hv »li orders which, alihou: not M-roliilou in tlieir nature, are still rendered fatal by this taint in the .system. Most of the consumption which de cimate.-* the himinn fnmil^hns it origin tlir tly in tins K-rotiilouH f-ontaiawiatioii tuul niatiy de-frtictiv-' di»i-axe* i.f i!u liver, kidm y iiruiu, an l, indeed, of all tho organs arise from or aie a 4^ravatcd by the same cause. Otvcijjiiii ter of alI our people itro frroftilotl* tlirtr pei-MiiiH are invaded by this lurking in fvTtiou, and their health is undermined hy it. To cleanse it from the f-ystcm wc must renovate 'ho blood by an alterative lncdieine, and in Vi'^ornte it hv healthy food and exercise. Sucli tt wu fcupply^i AYER'S (Miipnnd Kxlract of Siirsnpnrilla, the mo cirectual remedy which the medical skill of our times can devise for this every where prevailing and fatal malady. It is coin Imii -d from the ino-t active reineditds that have hem tliscovered for I lie expurgation of this foul disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the ar*teni from its distinctive consequences, lience it should be employed for the cure of not only 8,crofu!a. hut also those o,thcr affec tions which arisy from it, such as KttrrriVB and SKIN IXiskasks, ST. llosi or Kicvsin.i.xs, I'IMIM.KS, Ague Cnre, FOl« THE SPRRUY Cl'ltr. OIT (lit ectiill ten! lV »•«•!•, ill' Kevct 1 1 ninl A^nr, I i i i i e i i I e v i i v i i U Aitur, I'eiliMlli-al ot- ltllloiia Ili-n.tiK-lie, n -i'J ttlllons Kut-rv, fur tlif uliiilt Ih» S iit'iiUcnhiH nrifjliisU liiy ii l»Iliu-- ilrrnii^i mciit, iiiiunt l»jr the !Uiilni-iu of Mlniiuiitlc Countries. We are enabled here to olfcr the coumiimity a retriHy wliirli, while it cures the above coHiplninta with cert rinty, is still urifcctlv kamilesa iu any q11a111iI y. Siu-ii a leineilv is invahiable in districts where these atllii-tinx liisonlers j)ie\..il. 'ibis C't1 in:" exp'ls I In" iiiuisiiiaiii- poi~on of FKVI'.II AMI Am i from the .system, and prevents the de velopment of the disease, if taken on the tirst ap proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is mt only the best remedy ever vet 'discovered for this claaa of complaints, hat also llie cheapest. '1 he lurite quantity we siiitply for a dollar I titif-s it w illiin the reach of every body and in Inlious distiii tn, where 1''KVKII AND* Aut'i: prevails, every bony should have it and use it freely both lor cure and piolec ti in. A |{ieat sii|ietiovity i.f this rciutilv iivi-r any other ever discovered for the Kpeedy and certain cure of Interin'ttents is that it contains no Qniuitie or mineral, consequently it pioduees no (piiiiism or other iigtiiious etlecls uhatcvcr upon the eonstitu tkin. 'Hiuse cured by it au- left ua iicultby naif tilt-v had never had the disease. 1*ever anil Auue is not al ine the coiiseqnmee of the 111i.isin:ttie poison. A meat variety of disor ders aiise I'IOIII its itriintioH, anioiig v\ltich are Sem tth/in, Klmtumitism, (Sunt, Iltm debt', Ill/ltd «»««, 7u)'A irftr, liiil itrhf, 'ut ri /i, Asfhttirt, J~nl pitiit'DH, i'aint'ul I ffrrtiou if' S/iftrii, lli/slcr- its, I'niit in Itmc /«, ohc, I'unt/i/sis lltiiifi Hl'i't of fif St uHnrh, ture !n dttJivere I §1 24i north-western club, liv ertd $1 3J winter red western, delivered 5 white western. •^RYE—Quiet Sales at i*i1@!»9. fretted Ly Dr.J. C. AYEB & and origin.i!.u ill this ca- m-, put on the iiti l)e- all of which, when nut tut or bciouie peiioun al. 'J'liis I i:i: expel* the poison from the blood, nnd eoiiscipicutly cures them all alike. It is au iuvalinhle proteetion to itimiimnnts and persons travi lling or temporarily fenl in the uialariitiet districts. If taken occa sionally or daily while exposed to the in cciioo, that will lie excreted from the ay stem, ami cannot ai cumulfftp ill Mirticiriit tpiantity to ripen into ilia tse. lleiu-i it is even inme valuable for [poleo tro*i than e re, and few will ever suffer fiom leter iiiittents ii'tlu N i vail thciukclvea of the proicctiuu this rciuedy atiorda. CO., LoweU, For s .It- bv L, TAYIfOB, Ottumwa. and h- Drug-, tlon writs for a circular, or *pply t" »h'TTl'rJ1nJi|Pi«1» fist* evsryvher*. [Mwcb 18. JWi-f y & ^3353 BV I will visit the iui|uiUe.s ol (lie fulhcia ti|oii ilieir children." Its i lloet-i coiiiiueiice Wy de(w» iiton from the blood of corrupt ?2 J1 ANTHONY'S Fikk, Pi.STI:i,ES, lli oK iii'.H 1't.AiNs nnd Itoii.s, TrMoits, TKTTKU ami SAI.T ltur.rM, SI vi.n III:AI, UINOWOUM, Hui.t'MAi ism, Svruii.ITIC and Mi.itcrni.vi.ills I-:A«.I:S, HKOI-SY, Dvsi-iirsi \, DI.HII.II V, and, Mil -til, AM. t.'oMI'l.VIM'S AHIMMi l-IIOM VlTIA •Fn OK IMITIIK Ui.oiin. The popular belief :i UH/Hiri/ij of the Muni" is founded in truth, for scrofula is a d.-^ciieiatiou of the blood. Tlie utii nlar purpose ami virtue of this haiupa riila is to purify aud regenerate this vital lluid, wabout which sound health -M conUuuuiuU.d tonstilutions. im CALL. AM) -..#V to $ •fi b£ UM u FOR CATTLE AND HORSES. ii IS i* truly a (Ireat lleiucdy. I bottle of Slo.tn'a Instant llelief, |(tv Half a 23 cunl n in a pint «f «v:irin water, seldom fiilf to cine a horse of folic ti a few minutes:—In extreme cate* repeat the dose Iu 15 minutes. Kor bruises, strains,sprains, and many other Inju ries on horse*, cattle aiol other animals, Stoau*s Iu *ti.nt Itelief speedtlv effects a cure. Mauy pi-raons have been astonlsKedlo ivltness the rapltlcure'tfectj t.l by the use of this ivoiiderfVik medlclue. |TB~(iet circulars of Agents. SLOAN'S OINTMENT. Fo- 111i.111• ss. safety, e.-rtainty, '.f e.lim «s, Sloan's Oiiiltiuiil is rapidly upcrccd'uij{ ill ether Oiiituieiils .ia I Liiiiiiicul* for the cine ufll.e [nlloivin^ i-i.ii'pl iint-: Kresh ouoilf, (ialls of..U k nils.crack ed liei-U, riugliuiK-s, polevil, n ind^all, callous, spavin sweene'-, fltula, fimndercd tet-t, sandcraeks, scratch es or Kreese, inao^e a-nl horse dintciuper. IIOIIM:S A.M. 4 require restoration of Insensibli pi-rspli atlon. Slown's Fever Autldote. Co' Itlon l'owder, is a certain tdood purifier. It never fails to loosen tne skin, clcntise the water, create au appetite, nnd i« positive cure for col t(lis, cypln. sti'f vouiplainl, founder. Distemper, and carries off b'ott's aud worms, and may be given at any time a ,.d under all ch°cutust.iuces with per fee safety. One package of the Powdei s and a bottle of 'he Ointment will perfectly cure a recent foumUr Iu six or eb-'ht iv«. without leaving the le*M elici in the feet. Iu hoic dhlcmpt-r, they v\ill allay the fever and pron. le ii healthy '••rminatloij of the rtlse-iae.— tine powde a^i.l a II I't ofa bottl. ofOlutineiit, will, in all cases, eur.* .he norn distemper in a oW£ two are some'iim S requirnl for an ox. Walter It. Sloan, the oritfnal ittacoverer of this Iru lv valuable medicine, slill has the sole supervision of its manufacture, but orders should t.-«,.nt to h's son. Oscar It. Sloan. 25South 'V at.-r st, rhica«o. III., irlio will promptly suH-ly (he deiuaud for these popular and trulv ^reat iiie.lieiius: They lire sold ly all dealer* In laedlelne Sold, Wholesale 4»d retail, at iiiaioifaet«rer,s prices, nt Ot tumwa. by J. I. ivlor. aud John PuiurejiAaUretnlUd by ail tfce otfaarUrugitiKts. ., OTTIT W A 1 Male and Female Seminary. RKV. j. M. MeKLROY, A it., PelnctpaL Mrss M. C. IIA LI." W VV, I Mias E WII.SON. ,A»»IsUnta. MKS. MZZIE I). WO IDvVAlib, Drawing and French. IU v. S. II WORCESTER, Oil Pal-ling. I^TO effort will he snared to render Ibis InslUut| n 1^1 worthy th? continued confidence of the friends of edii -.ilion. Tuition, per term of ten week»from $1 to accord ing to thi. branches studied. The nest Term com mences Tuesday. Oct. Sod, laft I For fui ther lirfortna- P^««J» fSep». 27-.V-Ii-!y. *"£. ft. CULVER, 1 n -3 O o Ai1}ol.ifng Richard's three story Crick, Front Stroot^ Ottumwa. JUST RECEIVED THE 1*3 LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF luyer brougiit to Ottumws. TTTTC CITY Tn\f)F: O MV KI{IE\D3 AND rtJSl'OMKKS I WOUT.D V say, that wilii special'.'eference to th tr irantM, I have ^upplie'l ni.vselfwith a stock of P.irlor, l!n* ami other Stoves ami wares in in.v line, whi'-h for cheup ii.es*ami H'l ipt.itii.n to the demands of the senson* have uevtk- been euualled in. this market. N. I!. Do not fiil to ex i nine o ICOCI:ISY A\a PKOVISJ STOSXIJ Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa Itousc. A T.ARWS AS*D scrmtftTt «mrs OF Gromies and Confectioneries, Frill's Sc. Nut*, Chewing *nd Smoking Tobaccos, Cigar?, AND REAL HAVANA TjOIIACCO, if 'WHOLESALE & llETAII.. Quefunwirt, Hoot* and Shoes, AH of which will be sojd for Cash at tho very Lowest Maiket Prices, Or **chitiffed flr Country Produce Y-~JS W T"RRN—HIDES, FOR which win TS PAID TFC# v w very liljchest market price in Cash. Call a-d examine irnoils and prices, in DaauVhliek opposite IheOttumwa House, Froit-st. Uctober (5th, cli-3o-oldi5-ll DAGGETT EDGERLY, (SucoM«fat«W*. Daggett.) DEALERS IN E UNO CUTLERY, IltON. N.lll.S C!,AS. SASHj flOO.RSj BLINDS, ILittoif», SpKleeis, felloes, TIN PLATEsTINNERS'STOCK, Sc r:tOXT St., OTTI JIWA, IOWA. ..j AOKNTS PO% M»najrVR*apr and Mnwtr, Little Qiaat Corn a*4 CoSCrusher^ Fait bank's Scale*. WM. DA I ETT. •^3 CD o *. W January 1st, lfGl- U U L, OX toy st-re room and oflioeStovis before bnying. Fifty Tons old Iron wa-it^d. Also old copper, brass, pewter, and rairs, for which will pa-, la stove* aud tinware, the highe-t irkut Miice*. Oct 18, ISCp— ch-J2 13. A. D. CULVER. I»El» GOODS! NEW ROODS 1 Just rectlv^Afrom th.<p></p>SGHWO-R^S J. A. East at BftOMLT. 13-12 3m-to 4-13. SAWKINS, fXCHAMGE, —AND— COUUECTION QFFJCF, OF EDtWARD A. TU.T|:LE CO OTTtrsrW A, IOWA. E rsiM:itsn M:i» 11 i v E moved th- ir vi'.h aii'.'e oBii' It fi^oin Chariton, Iow i, to this point, and ire prep tred to transact any I»a:ties- pert .iiiin^r to IS.iukinjr E\clein:e or Collec lions, which in iv be entrusted to us, feeling eonlident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern fo.va, will' 11 ibh".:s to lendci 3ut:sfactlon to oar pa!rous. Wescil S1GH1 nUAi l'S O.N !HEW YORK, and other eastern points, in sums to suit purchasers! aade vi also iraish Exchange on EXUI.AM', I :EI.VXD AND SCOTLAND, AXD OH i UEUMANV, lit ANTE, SWEDEN. DKXMAKK, AND ALL OTIIEIt COUNT HIES OF EU KOPK. as well at collect money,inheritances,andsvsrjrotl*. er claim In foieign coutitits. M'e receive Deposits and issue Certificates which bear interest only by special agreement. 1 I I s a e a y a e a o i o e will be remitted for, at current rales of Exehaoge and those maturing at other points, will be collected and remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— We .vill ils pay ittcnti HI t-securing andcollecting doubtful debts. Parties holding I ncuvreiil Honey, Drafts. Cer­ tificates of Depnsitc, or Bills of Eiehitiufi Payable AT 8ltiIIT OK OX TIME, gnany placeman havethent Cashed by ca!itn|fltl^tff bfltee. i' IV'1.—"5'e have correspondents in nearl.r every connly luSoutheru Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents and others^ foe a reasmiiUh cam mission. Money for taxes ahvavs re|iilred in advaDOit and all orders shoal 1 be sent us by 1st of .'anuary. I..AND W VUU.VN'TS. We .vili at ill ii n"s pay ash r, I, i-1 I Warrants, ani^ will ils.i attend to the lo.-ation ..l Iictu, or the entry wiihcash.of Uoveroiuent laiels^in I VV ti OK itlSKAKKA. We have ttnple asrangementsforthe selection of de sirable lands in lh« Territories, for individuals or for COLONIC*. I. We can furnish emigrants and others with first rate Farms, i*. ilie central counties of this State, or ritli tiiiimproved land in Ibis and the south ern tier nf counties, fur Cash. They can be had as "Cheap as dirt." lOIV* J.OT8. We have over two undred town lots t« Charlton* Osceola, Xftonan.l M-iunt »yr, all good county Tntrn?. three of which are on the line of the llurliu^tou A MlssourlIt.lt.lt. To Mirth's di-siring residence or business hits, hi any uf these points, we will give^ond bar's: 4 ills. Partie»at 1 tU*ince, deslringitiformatlon as*0.the property oTere.I, ire requested to cnrres|iond with us. All others wlllplsase calt ut our oflicc. on Market St.two doors from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. nv»a t. ru.HPLi: ftCO. Qcto.ber A, 1S59 u20--4w. HOWARD ASSOCIATION, rilll.AUt l.t'lllA. A fnntitiUitiH extihti*hti1 hu nnrrittl Kn• iliftuiriit, r'urt/if ti'Urt oft'i* Sick' inni //*/»•-.«» /, nrfiit trii it'it't I'ii uUul Hint /•'iiiiteinir Oixni***, ti'mi r*jiti hiltij /iu- the Cm* /.'onoft oftlu III// 'h lllltlK, f|^HK illlWAKD ASSOCIATION,Iu view of the aw I. fui destruction of liiimad life caused by Sexual diseases, and the deceptions practiced upon unfortu nate victims of such diseases b.v quack*, seve" al years ago directed their fntisullingsiirgt-nn, as U Cli\Kir« RI.K cr worthy of their name, lo open a 1'ifpius try for tiie t-.-eatmelit o.l this cla-s of dj»e '.«i-«. In all" tin ir forms, and togice MEI'lv'Al. ADVlt'E tilt ATIStoall who apply by letlef, with .1 description of their con ditiou, (a^e, occupation, habits of life, Jtc.,) and itl cases of extreme poveity, to furnish Medicine free of charge. It is^ needless lo add :hatthe Association commands the highest Medical «i.ill of the agr, and will furnish the most approved modern rrntm-nt. The li$ectvr» of the Aasoeiation iu their Aunu.il i!r port upon lie treatmcM of Sexual Diseases, express the bliibest satisfaction with the success which is at teiided the latior of their burgeons in the eure of Spcr inat»rrhin.i, Setollial Weakness, tionorrlifea, Oleet, Syphilis, the view of "nanism, or Se^AbiiV', Diseases ofthe i luey.s and Itladd.-r, ,(cc., and order n contin uance of the same plan for the ensuing year. Valuable lleports on S|iermatorrha a.Hinl other Dis eases of the Sexual 1): irans, and on the N«w Keine.tles employed in tli Dispensary, sent to the afflicted in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Tn o or three stumps ir pos(.ige will be -icceptaMe. \ditrews, l)r. J. ^KK.LI* Iliu'.iHro.x. Acting Surgeon, Howard Association. No. i South Ninth street, Phlla d.-lphia, Pa. Itv order nf the Directors. E '.ttv.il. tl K IK W tiLL, OKt. KVIBCU11.1), XtcreUtry, January IS, 1 $60— n44-11 A N K S A N K S BLAAKS. TRST RNOMTTIK PRI-SS—PRINTED IS BLCOANT style, on superior paper. tVOall at the Coram eoaarlog rflem, Pumrtiy's bulbllBj. A K I K 3? FOR CAS il. J-A O]ipo»lt« tiie (^ttnnifva IIoaM. Ofin PtacKS Fancy Print* at ttiiiti Mr /aH. NB over town at 1 gOO ^P« *11 *rlf* u4 Pircps lfeavy Canton Flaanato. at 1tjf ot regular price lucent*. EHOL1S1I AN» ^UPACOAS. Fancy W«ol Plniils f«r Ltiiet ««t Children. Laiia TfrittZtng then Good*. Itaaaiitva aad Pasiilc De Uataa, iNbeges, Ac. Ladies Wool Raids, AND COMFORTS, '•lltfl STOCK or FLANNELS, SATINBfTS I GA3SIMERES AND TWEEDS Ara mnck larger tku v« artr oSiered befo 800 IHs. COTTON BATTING. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots than they can hi bought ehae'cy?. 39 nags ti:o lOFrci:, *14 IlbZs SIC iUS. 50 keg4 SAILS. CliXDr, TOBACCn, ^.i/S/AX MAP, CANDLES, STAKC:, ((iTTOR VADN At Wltok'snlt?. .(.AWRCXCE 8$ Qttaaavs^ Qci. tt, lllkl CIIAH3EIIS, A^TD Low Prices. WHO/.SSAI.E & WAIL, AT BETTS 4 WOODWARD'S. O N (S WOODWARD. Of BETTS ft BUT XttllB BATS ft CAPS Of BETTS k WOODWARD. ai soca BOOTS A Of BETTS A WOODWABD. Hi¥ OIT It C(7.n «»«DS Of DETTd A WOODWARD. B( V Ton WHlltrs A GLOVES Of tiKTTe A WOODWARD. SEE.gr TOt tt ITTIiS To UBTT8 A WOODWARft. L««^e jreuf Measure lor a ]^e-v Sit t, manu facturwl by BETTS & WOODWAlii). Directly opp«sH« the Ottumwa Moose, Ottumwa Iowa. Oskaloosa Uursaries. ONE, A 1IAI.K MILE FAST "F T"\VN And the oiber— ONE AXD A HALF MILES NORTH. The uu'V'rsitfned having purchased Seever's Ncr series east of"town, and a portion of ZimniermauV, North of tills place, hold 'hennelves in readiness to fill orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. We have some li'l varieties, and at le 1 st i\iid trees suitable for tr msplantimr llie ei.s'iiug Fall. All these vat let i s 'ire bar ly and of the fruit heari ng kind suit «lk- till* climate. We will ulso keep uli li^iule a gcuer.l supply »f EV£*lGItE-:?IS, SHr.ITBBEIlY Et". Et!., of all kinds suited to this climate. Trees from ruiiK" in Five: YK U s nt.n aiD'be sold at FIFI'EEN CENTS each, ami purchaser* cau have the privilege of ma lting thelrsehtetiou. PYLK k DL'liDALF. Oskaloopa, Juue il, ISftt lir E A I O U S E ti T1 i' A UBti., 1'ioprktois. front Street, (li st dour E ist of Puuroy'i OM| R4W, or n uw.v, II»\YA. ^—v MEALS served at all hour*. 0 FRESH 0Y3TER8 Iu the Sheft or Can.served In all style*. Privat" parties supplied with reflreshmt-uts ot person short notice. [Nov. w) If RUTKAY \flTi€E. fBl AKEN up by .lotoi Ree.l at his residence lrtC«»m Ortlne Townsliip. Wapello connty Iowa, on the loth iv of December IS hi, t«vo estrays, one a lllnck mare t'olt, supposed to In- a .1 years obi last spring, and entirely black, no olh.-r marks or brands per celva'de. The other a Sorrel home I'olt, supposed lo he two ve irs oi last spring. Id ae In the forehead, some white on left forefoot, and right hind foot, with a running sore on the left shoulder. The mare valued at *.'», und the horse at fli. before Joseph Myeri, a justice «f the peace JCHUPU UAYN*, a*k. Jau.-UU.'dl— ft rwsr»n*v far tbk Terms, fl.JO in a4vaaee. NEW STUCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, DIRECT FROM TLLFS EASY. C. O. "Warden, Isrtceivln^ and NOW OPENING a large and fashionable itrck of Y O O S AftD Ifottoxn^ p!otbs 4$ Cunlncrah Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. And a complete a«*orfmer»t of evrthingr ihr wauls of in'!ivi-4nals or families in hi« It'i^ of 1 ra If ,ri-im|#ri -isi^ in part. follow: r4*io, Black an! Fane Caisiiueres, Broad CWtli, Sat.'ntrtt^ TICKS, SIMUTING3. STKIPES, CORDUROY*, JlJ.l YS, DI'JYYIXS, DRILLS, BLCACIU'D V CO yj voy JZI SUUXS I N S V Of every YirU tj, Styl,. ami QvaHty FOREIGN AND I)()Mi:ST!C fllNfillAMS Besides a gr' At vai i-ty of ts~S Qosfis* RON MEN, WOMEN, AND CHI I.DIL'.N, tThlcli couUl not be enu.neiated in an advertisement I vliricty, and che ipness ami !ook througli for .vour^elvva. a w«lt selieteil stock of ShawfsJ FAMILY GROCERIES, nuchas Tea. CnTce, Su^ar, Rice, Drift] Fratt,8vda, Tobacco, Viucgar, aoap, Ac. IfAR/JlKiREii CUTLERY. Glau'tud \ails, Llni 'en material and boQie fui iii.«hiic K00,'-s. An.I has an entire slock compfel'' iti en tliitc lhat vvouhl comprt*'' a dork for'.lie times ami for this vieimty, all nf v\hich he is anxioiM to di«poe of for the r»ailv p^v. or lo approved customera. All kinds of Country produce taken in pay fur Good*. HI* SOLI.-IIS.M examination of ^ko(l« and price* and ill take pleasure in shewing ou through whether yon huv or not. APRNISIM k C. C. WARDEN. A RI AGE FACTO.* Y' rg^IIK Iindcrtjii woul.l respectull.v licit th*at jj. tfiition oflhe public to the faciiitin" which he now io*»c?5 for manufacturing CAKU1 AtiEP A W AU ON8, of e"er.v description, after the ino»t improved styles, as ^ood a^c.ia be obtained Ea^t, aud upon sat isfactory term*. ir'shlot to purcbate «lllpk-aae rail and ex amine my -stock. (jyilcpairioL' proiapllv atttndedto. A. ISALDWIH. Ottumwa, Mar. let,iy!-fl»-'b' OGDEN~fe COPP. Sue :essor.s to Mendenhal A Vv hit am, Forwarding and Gflirihsioii "few O I a and ariiv.-s In MKRCI-IANTS AND fa-enoral Freight Agents, XC.VK THE RAILROAD DEl'OT, orrinwA l»w'A. M'jeralCaah advances nadt on Produce for Shipment. 11-02 tf. City Meat JIarket. Front St. 2 doors east Carroll House. OTT'XTIS.T'W^., IOWA. 1 ^-j5 Wk T!l^'i!i? rilif irraleful fir I W| 7 ll past ivors. would say to the pntilic that his market, epen- 1 I «A i| nea'-ly five vears avto, is si i in full blast. .creased f-icilifb ro furnish «e'i?rn ible meats of all kinks at al reasonable h..urt,at the low jest living rites. Tallow. I. ir.l. s insaies. and everr thing nsu 111 kept in a City Market for sale. The highest market pricein cash paid for FatStock CA.t sti.I. at VV'iolesale au Iteta!!. Ti'Vdi* Suviiria^lv a-Ii. vr Those'iaving unsettU*d accounts or note* due, will please call uid .-i\ op. i O u a 1 1 1 gSU_LLU—1L.J L-. W. IJItOWX. 1 IXSUUAN I:. WEWENGLAWJ) RIR.I AMI MAILIXI-: INSURANCE COMPANY* i tf'r. f*'.' A O CHARTERED CAPITALS 50.0 "CASH CAPITAL.S200.000/3 -••^TWixh a S'.:ri.!ti,s. A.V.\\:iTmiX\:Pnsf UP Policies Issued on aa favorable term* as by any other solvent Company. A A. STl' \KT, Agt., For Ottumwa ami vicini'y. SPECI.llc__IT0TICE! lion i: osiaiMi or New York. Ca»h Capita!, 91,000,0001 Assetts, let January, 1S4A, Liabilities, IIVRTFORB mmiiHii »1,438.**! W. 44. CM K RLF.8 VRTIN, Piesldeut,, A F. WILLVAUTU, Vice President, J. MILTOS SMITH, Secretary. rB^IIIS well known and reliahte Compai.v haelne I established an Agency at "ttumwa, for Wapello connty and victnlty, tire prepared to Insure Uwt'llin Storvw. nd "ther I»uildmr-», I MERCII \NDIF.E and FURITCRE. against mt liAII.KOAI).-". pT in: &c. /oa*»rvam- nqe hr KIKE, on terms as favorable as the nature of the risks, and the real security ofthe Insnred, and of the company will warwra*. This cu-jpany is managed hjr live, busvnes men,! most af whom are kn wn to the Merchants and Tra-1 ders of this community, and whose names are a guar-' auty that its busiue&s will he coudacted tairly and I honnr.-iblv. i A-mam DWELLINGS \n-l F\RM PROPERTY In sare-1 for periods of THREE or FI YE years I at fair rates. I.Ktmnt* *i\Uktbiy adjwtttd and prompt!?paid.' delay. IfatrchOT IMr. IXSCRAME WIP.WT, OF 11 VRTF«)RP, CO»*. IM«qiK|IOI AT CO, A. D. Iff O. CU AUiKH casn\rtr\L. $t,iWVMHV CvrtT.i., pvtu ix ...» lii'o.rt, i*. •nai-Lis, ovta :1,i i,i'.jo. The reputation acquired by lhis Company dm Ing the last lift v vears. Sy an honorable ourse In the transaction ofitshr.siness, tml ihetiro.upt and tibi-rai settlement of Losses, togelher with the char icteroi the securi'le-c uipo»ln-' Its Asse's. entitle the Com pany to the utmost confidence of the public, as aiTord Ing reliable (niurAnct ataiostlos. or l-ifnav*' by (Ire li. H. STILES Agi-rt, Mo*. W tS5«-i.iT-11-y Ottaiuwa.Iowa. r.STff AY S#Ttrf!. 'SHAKEN aphv Kiani.»r Moore, living in Keokqk To-vnsh'p, IVapfllo County, lowi, «n the Sth day of December, 1»d", one Ser.'t-I Male of tt.e f.dlow Uig de«.*ii "II. to it: Oik' son el mare ahiil-t three vears old next «pi Inc. sta-In tt.e fice and a white utrlpefroru her nostril up to near her eye. s«irr« I Mane and tall, lD hind toot wh'te, and the other bind f«»t strioed. 8ail mare appraised t.i be worth f.rty-#ve doll a s b, ire A. A P-ni:Ta»»EslL *ii Ua#. «*fc,1«i»-4» IHm JOVf.tU ITAYtfr, tift. 'K UuiUuj{ uii it Jli^uiiri II. II. U. C1IAKGK OF Tins. O*A*®.-iven, .XFTKIl KI-'U. 2$, and until fortfc«t a» U-e ii Pasaenger Traibt wil. liMk«« Mid arrive us Mion* C^OI3STC3- WEST: liurlirftti'O, MiiidP town, Unnvitle, I New I.oudon, accoxxosattOR. t.4i a ui MI. PI -asJIR.T. C'hecHuqua, ftleriiale, I t'airfletd, bitfield, itatavin, Axency CItr, Ottumwa, urwai. S.W) ta,la*T« *.33 t.9 ».(.« T.ftt e.i« #.10 S.M 10.tJ 11.1* 12.49 1114 pat 11.9 l.tt arrire. IS« 41A 4.29 4.W fc.IT CI in amv. GOING EAST •TATI05S. Ottmuwa, Agency CUjr, Ratafia, Whitfield, Fairfield, OleuUle, Ciu.cauqua, Mf. Plo:.s.int, New I.IM.JUU, Danville Mtddletora, llurlitif:t"ti, ACCOKMOOiTIOS IV Feb. 27 'Vl.nU like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, stnortlV F«* »rnirc» arrivte atEur.lC.W tLm' of t.is stock will be to call,,. 1 au aUo rectivitijj 1.4& p. m. leave ».«A J.23 e.» 8.10 4.C 4.C( 4f» 19 t.is ».C8 i«.«r W.45 U.80 arrive. C.1' ra arriv J. O. Ufc'AI), Tloa Pies': acd Sap't, DEPARTTJUES: st ""'^rui!! tr Piisst-iipcr teavci I'nr. 8.00 a n 3d Acconuuo^utioii do do do IVjii 3d Lvtnlirr do U do a.ZZ 2(1 AeroiiKi'n 4» do do 1.4!5pCp 3d EVIS'.T do do do I'/.rOp.'M Th- above trains make eloae corioectJoTi^ with tb» B. A M. II. R. at 'birliii^ton. nnd with all tl i« #nl eastern thoronghfarcs at Chlcnpo. I). REMK'K, Gen') Asr't C.. I. A Q.BIkS J. II. ITITBIlOlf, P»i«scnjrer Agent, Otluiuwa. 1801. THH PITT5BUGH, FOr.T V/AYVE ATTD ClflCAW It A 11 illOAI). ^oall Point* in Eu .*-ouiiit srnrxa a/:/.\i xanxsifT. to Clnclnnitl as quick, and to (odlanapollk Jl St. I.ouls aud CMcsgo quicker than br duj cr route. «& ITFSTWiRn T*\IV3. Ftttt 3Id.ll £fne—I.enTe Pittflmrgh...." 1:40 t. a, Anivrs at t'r«".Mir.e..10 .11 a IBC Making clos- connec lots nitlj ReVe(otai.n^ ant Cleveland, CoInmbn« rinciiiiuiti Toads. Ariivii'g at ladiaeppnlla at *.C."V p. n-. Ft. I.onfs 12:16 p. in^iniiuti 7:.Mi p. HI. and C'hienco 1 I'M p. in. X. r.—The liraeto »'!ncit n.itl Is the fame as by Ftcubenvilic. Trains on belli roads no-et at Polum* b..», and p-isi-n?etf al! RO 'nto (im-innatt tojrHhei^,' Jprpreb* Truix—t,«wi s Pittsliuigh 1:4n a. m. Arrives at re-tllr.e 10.8t) a.a, Blf kin* close i-onnei-fiops a« aboye. T» ArrUinjr at ID map s nt S:!Ti a ti St. Louis, lStra a Fn inciiiiiati :l i!- atnl Chif-ipn Ii'r+ra m. X. H.—ihu time to Cu!ti: u itl is 11*- same rs by Kleubfjnv' )?. Trains o-i 'e-t!. roads inett at ColuMif bu«, ii.d pa'«»eflgeis all po fn Cincinnati together. Sleepiest car-i on tliistiain from pitt»burj{h to CTJFEE clnnati. to Tnd'arapo]!.*, andto Ohlcaeo. Traics tl.rcuih to C!i!capo wlthc.ot charge ot«4jr\, 7BU.J. Leave ^hicngo C:ln a in and ('•:&) m. ArririnffSM Lima2:2." pin and U a u. Connecting »it!i traiM for Da.vt nn 1 Cincinnati. Arriving at Cr.stl!af 6:45 anl C:lA a m. Ci-ntn-etira ith trains for CTlrmHtjs, Oncior.nlt, Clev»ls«nd, Ii:'.C«il.- ni IheKf.ft, Bod i.rriv.n|! at Fitt»« turr!r 2.2o a and 4 4.1 m. Ail making close c«# neeiloits with tr.-t'i.s in Pennsylvania Kullroud fkr l'hil i'Ulphia and the E. i-ltrn cilits. Act'vvimo'.hiticn Tr^in*—Frem legheny. fi,:- Ni w Eliglitr.n Federal rtr*t, Al­ 0 !f a and J.C5 ir kr- rive* nt IJ ijditon av 11 00 a in and 4i m. Le*TB New Ericbton at 0 6-1 nn-l 12.00 ui, trrivts jCll«shcny at S.So a and -2.' 0 m. AtW keny and Eeono nj Accommodation trutn ieavfc Alle^^ieiiy at li ni^ an 1 0 m, aud arrives a t'conomj at l.no and ui. Leavv? I'-' i..-:-,iy .t f! a a and arrive* Iu 4U'i^?njr at 7 *5 am Muriel T.-cin—Lenrtr Ailisrc? at 4.0& Allegheny at II 3 a or, leave* At- leghvuy «t -.'.iii and i.rilvt s in A.J' .t.ce at 7.20 n •topping at uii nations for passengers acd marketing. Tickets w ill lie s Id for these trains at redace-t ratw. Through Tt aiiis i i i.necl as follows At 1 .iai.ee, wit !i traius on the Cleveland and Fitts bu: L' liallriud. At Orrvid.', Oido', to and from MiKercVarr. Akron, f^oihogu ills. At Mai.siieid. Ohio, for Mt. Virnon, Shelby,Sandusk/. Toledo, Det. if, Ac. At frestiitie, for Delaware, SpringStl.i, Coinnibaa, Cincinnati, Xeu'.a, Dayton, ludiauapuii*, it. Loixll, Louisv ille, Ac. At Fore't, tar iprinslleli, Sandusky, Dayton, Ctacln nnii.&c. AtL ima, for Sydney, Dayton, Cincinnati, Ac. At fort Wayne, for Peru, Lafayette, (Indiana,) M* L.iii-. and intermediate points la Cetjitral lndi^pi%. and IHinr.'u. ,j ^1 Fl.vinou'h, fr.rLaporte. Jt V.'ai.ataii, for ail poit.(s on the Kew Albany aa4 fa'via liai'road. Jml at Chicago, with trains f"r all point* In Iliinrlt Iowa. Wisconsin, ami Minnesota. For further infori:-. •tion,.n:il Tlirou-.'h Tickets app'y ta 4. SjTfcW.-tUT, Ticket 4gent, Passenger Station, Pittsburgh. GEORGE PAIlKIX, Ticket ^er.t. Passenger station. .411ej.l.enj^, Through Tick'ts for sale at thellcki Oflices of nil Coni|itinv. on the line of tfee road, to all parts of tbv United States. O. fII.-miEW.4Y, tleneral Pasaen^er Jget.t, I'itub-ar^h. March IS, IsOI. Kichisuu ivtUta] Railroad. 1801 GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE 13#t To Sew Ytrk, Sew Lufland and Cunadus. Trata*leer*thaOi eat Ceatral Dep*t, foot •/Lake street, as follows C:00 A. XI.—Lightning Express, (except Sunday,) arrive ut Detroit 0:15 p. m. Su-pe#* siou Bridge 5:0.1 a. ra. A buoy {fcM p. ra New Ycik 10:20 p. in. tloston 12: H' ia. «tt r. n. -New York and Boston Express, f#at» cept Satiirdiiy,) «riive nt Detroit hM tn (Torr.nto ?. 3ii p. m. Montreal 8:10 a. tn. Suspension Bridge cr ltatf falo p. nl Albany 7: o a. .a.j New Y-.rfe 12 iti.'p. ni. Eo«t.'iii S:i)B p.** 9!30 A. 5f-—Cincinruti hsp. e.-s, (except Sitnd through to Cincinnati in lo hor.rs. GS80 P. 71. —Cincinnati aud Louisville Ixprem. (excti't Suliirtl.iy.) through to Clii* cltai.iil la 14 hours, Louisville iu 19 Vouts. Ytte ttW p. m. train connect* at Paris with BufflaM and Lake ll'xron Raliway for Buffalo and all points East. The arrlral of trains on all railroads rnnnlrjj Into Chicago from the Ncrthar-d West s arranged tij tn Ae Sure Rooni'ciions with tr .ins of this line Kaa*. Piit.-nt Sito ping I'ars on all nisl.t trains. P^f"ISaiiage che kt-d throu:rY THituUttll I U KlIS for wile in all principal Rail road Offices In the West, it th .- Iiehiral Office, cotmef Lake ami li.-iihorn strie's. (utuKr the Trciuaal ^ose,) V'hic.igo, aud at the Depot. N. Rli'E, C. ueral Shperlntendenl^ Q. A. BEAN, Western IV ss. A5*t. [Feb. 5.%** ~CRC.1T XiTIO..L HOlT| TO ILN» HV PIUK ATI T^-INS MH R.VORUHLE MA lli.t mlurs of AT I. lUlinore. The Baltimore and Ohio Ka-lroad In connectlea Applications received and policies isiued without lug ears attach- i! to all tiiaht tr tins. EDMUND L. JOY. Agei:l. BALTIMORE, NEW YOR|f| PHILADELPHIA & B0ST0Y! Baltimore & Ohio Railroajj Is Hie onlv Road to WASHINGTON CITY. .' the W ishlngti u branch ofiMl ViriU 1 lUiat I Road Is en tied and operate ex« elusive ly by the It. A O. It. It. Co. Passengers b.v Ike pretended routes Ui Wasbiuglou Ckly, a to sul4.'t4 "mi i' travel, tediou* delays, aud extra cbargt* wlt-'i the Central Oi.i.i Railroad, presents to the true* ellng public a short and desirable roule, frutu C'eMlBk. bus to all the E-istei n citle-. Passengers hy till* roulecan visit the cities of Jtal* llwore. I'hiladelpl.l -. X»w Yv^rk or r.uston.iit the cost ofatickePto Xcv York or B-itgii alone |»j etfter lines. Through tickets-can a!#o b.» procured vl4 \Y »yn* ton Citv to the Eastern eftiv#, ni ftj adh't»ual chat ge of two dollars. Travellers to the East, 'ram all Western points, ran depend upon quick time and sure ronaectlocf. tilvcp- Ttfo Iraias leave Culr.nibu«, thie, d. |Ke^ark 5:S'! a in., Z.it:esviIle 7:1S a i (Wheeling) 1 p.m., (ir..fioti C- ^6 ,.,t 10:4i p.m.. Harper's FerryS.oia in. y .'.iv .. ... vv .i. i T«ro trains leave Culi'.nibu«, thle, d.ill.r, 4:?0 a. M. 7:1 is. a.iu.. UtnweML Cumberlati'i irrives in Caltl. more ii:l,'i p.i'i Washington Ciiy 7:--»' i\ T-'!.n tp.ni. :i0 pm.'NcAdrk *-IS pr.i, Z.inesville 5:40 pm, Ben. woo l. VVlic* llrg) '.":lt|put. (ii afion 3 i-U am, Ci.nibtr land i.l" am, llai per's Ferry li:*.0 p-n arrive* ut Bal llin-.re 4 W. pni. Washitijjluu City J.tn. Direct c'iineciions tuade i»t ISaUliu.ne with above trains for Ch!Udel|.hi". New York ami Boctun, and at Wr.sh'r jtou City KUhiuouJ,\Mlui:isto»,Cliurlc»v ton. *-. Ticki t* -rood until nsed-. wtth 'l e prlv tlcge of to^ plr.g olTat all principal p«iu:s. But etie chai.|* of cars between Columbus and BattliiK.re. Uasines* men an.I travelei s fir pleasure or lnfotia* all -!', can v'slt all the eastern cities at a conivaratlv# ly sin ill expense. I he sc-ner.v is cehbraitd f« It* w-indevf il Ceai.lj an i sublimitv it Is nm.pi .i!t«l ia the arifld. Itssyslein of day and night I rack Pt lice: Its splendid equipment, its exclusive i«lr*r. |.li linee its targe amount of douMttr.tcIc: lis fa* hitVls. (un der t!ie surve.latn-'M ''vhe ivmpany.) ea*uri* to-(h% passenger, spe. ^f-'t a.id ft. Time -is .piick i.:id iare l«'t as via any ot! #rra*lt|. Through ticket* and borage il v.'.l c..n l.« pio cored at all Ihe |WU^.'i aI V4.Hioad and atealt-liual af* Act's in the west. y 4* I Ask for tU-'se's v'a B-4lt.sitt.1re .:ud Ohia S»lJiU*adLA L. M. COLK. C'cn. Ti .k» 1 Ag*t li er O It P. W. P. SM ll" Mas'. Ti-«i.sjo»t«: i. i. 11. ii. n:n KTT, i s t, u i. s n W. IttMiWX, U»t». Ticket A*'t CO**

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