18 Aralık 1861 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3

18 Aralık 1861 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ijjfr. (Dltiuntoa (Courier. iiocal and Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Dec. IS, 1S6I. iki.nu I ABI.L, II. tV .11. H.tlAlLBOAD f!«i CBASOK OF TIME. •Ifcte Offnmwa, 8a.k.2:«M», Arrive at 12.15 P.M. FI.18r.li, •Inr TABLE K.rt.D- S.&1W.R fcaitressgotng K.i*»...*„ ....... 7.35 4.11 #f ...V.i.w.......... 12.H1 p. Miked going Esat.JU".. West .fKSJ^ A. D. TEMPLE «hlng.Messrs. .'. «.tnp. M. ,..9.10 P.M. |KfelCAVO.RrRMt(iTOI« INDQniV tiBAiino^,, Arrive, ,. Leare. t.W,P. *. Express Trali,'' 5 So A.M. 0.43 r. M. ..... 4W e & Co., continue to wmv take Illinois currency for Boots, Shoe* and All the good bank* taken at PAR until Air* notice. BANK NO PE L,i8T or BONNIFIF.II RRO«., BACKERS OTTUMWA, IOWA. CJuri*ncy or Pur Fun Is. rnrt, mrtsni!, low«8tiite ifanfta, Indiana State ftaatrb, Ohio State Banks, Philadelphia Bank*, Ohio Free Banks, Silver Coin, U. 8. Treasury Note*. Cold paid for I'ncnrrcn* Funds jlj^he rates of discount mentioned below, which are Me to change Michigan...... 2 Indians dree.. a •alii more 10 Virginia VtCDA0 Illinois tort GO Cnnad.i Pennsylvania .... Kentucky 2 w li'-')inln lOCitWi Wear.- Dank, X. B.... ft Missouri .V312R. .tjrrhange on New York for gold. .. 11 current/ At Ilotnn Papt. Pi' VP. Kit»mly\ ofOo. P., 7th R»g., Mliveil via. the Keokuk Road, at his home in this eitv, on Saturday la-t. lie has been •4 Ktxkuk some time, awaiting such healing ofhis wound, rec ived in the Buttle of Dtl ittont, as would enable hfsn to b«ar thc tnn tlon of the cart. The trip wa* made n« comfortahly as could i| cxp^trd, Oapt. K. occu*yin«t a cot in T(f6 Bitjtgago car. JIo vra«i met at the Depot by a num'tor his company, amonj whom we noticed W. W. Johnson, who still uses A irutch, and quite a number of personal friends, by a.s many of whom as could be t*«M, he was borne to his residence near the Depot. Th-j aerne at the House, the Sfeetinii of ni-nherand son, and ihc greetings rf^a crowd of friends, was deeply affecting. Cnpt. Kittredge lof.k* much better than Vt expected see him. He is in gnod spirits, and we ate £lad to &rty, of good Mirage in re^nrd to Itis rceovcry. He will he confined to hin bed for some time, not I^Ang able, as yet, to move his leg. v i ^jptevens Merrill, Esq. of Burlirgtoiii Apd Chas. Sergeant, of Co. F., accompanied Capt. "Hf, and wh- have been in constant attend «ttc» up»wi him. C-nil tinted Election. The case of the cor tested election between Ttoonms Bigham and Thomas Fowler, for •iPfnbate Jud ic of this county,, is in progress aiithe C'JU:t House, botbie Judge Flint.— IJp to Inst tv^ni.ig l»m one witne-5 had t»tfc'n examined and not contjludod as tn him. The tfase, we believe, will iuru mainly on tHte legality of nattiudixations by the County tfa'l^e. The re-tilt before ihe present tribu «Kki *i.l rot b&lifcrly to be fin*!, whatever it .m(iy be. Fresh arrival of Good at Devin's. Stacks tions coming in next wo'.dt. Hats, Bonnets, floods&•', to cover the Countrv. 4^pied by 1 -•^"NART BH O O."—An amusing4*Hle in CMiCnt, (by the way an evidenca of the Up lei ferries and Fruit of every description. An Lawr.-noe & Chambers', C. C. Warden a, or ppKortiW.Vtt of Woolens, Groceries and No- koomis Store, in the mxt eight or ten days so that they may be forwarded to the Com pany. The right utitten with for^ lingo? for handling musket prefotred. Cu.vxisE IN DrsixKs.—BetlsA H'oodwwd, duthiers, have dissolved partnership, Mr. T. C. Woodward remaining at the old stand, bat engaged in-general mcceliandize. Mr. JEJIPI^Ol'iTIEJIT K, W. Betts has removed the clothing busi- \y -j. ««B.S to Richard's Building, room Uto^y or, «ipied by II driek & Gi!|£nia. 1 A protracted mveting, «uh encouraging Imlieations, ia in progress at the Brick School: General Agent, Milan, Ohio. Itouse, south sivle ofthe river, under the July, I8i»l.--18 1 ministrations of Rev. W. R. Wcstervelt ofi Ohkaloona, and Rev. B. A. Spaulding,«jtf thia! Pwll aiirt Wintw «|lw Miss PERBEV, Milliner and Dress Maker, —r~. The mild and beauitful weather Gf the at)eoe-nib in this country. The conclusion is that the D. ceinbjrs of 1814-5, 1953, i WH-OBII attefition to the a Ivertisement of E. W. Betts, announcing the largest stock clothing west of the Mississippi, and th»t laments of all kinds will le made to ordor. Mr. Ik tts has a fine stock of superior goods, and i^ selling at piic?s which piust insyre bbn a runi. PKRSOHAL.—We had a call last week, from -W. Parker, of the Chioago Journa,|. ma of Iowu troops in genera!) occurred at t!«e dep^t on the arrival of the train bring home Capt. Kittr *dge, who was wound ed at the battle of Belmont. A young man, evidently a countryman, and deeply inter ested, stepped up to Corporal Johnson, of Capt. K.'s Co., ttho is now at home on fur lough, crutehrs, recruiting service, &c., and asked him if he was recruiting for that Co.?' Corporal J. replied he was and asked him if would like to enlist. /'Rather think I'd like to join C«. F." re 1$ecl the stranger. to see Capt. Kittredge ^ferried about on a litter, and myself and |ljj iers ho'ibhng nb »ut on crutches?" "A«ry bh o-o!" he replied, adding, as lie ||rned away, in a careless tone, "you can't jifare wRh no it»ch 'git upa1 as Ihatl" j|ieiiator Polk to, toe Exp«'l!cd. that Senator Polk, of Missouri, will beexpe' led from the Senate. The evidence of bis fomplieitv with the rebels is reported to be conclusive and the Senate is determined to purge itself of all traitorous njembein. Mrs A. EL8TON, AMIlnXAIlLK XILLIHXKY, BONNETS, BIEB0N8, Flowers, DRESS CAPS, AND H1LAD DftESSFS. Hat» and Ronnctt SteiicAea and Preated. Slate «troett CXIirACiO v -i. ,, f~ it rriiiiK lafrnUMmiT iMIiirrm^ 3lark« ff. C'lt'iiiER Omen, Dec. 18. An advance lias taken place in prices of most arti cle*, particularly dfoeerlet, Cotton Uoods, Salt, Ac. Coffee Is 20 cents, wholesale, 25 cents retail salt has advanced to $.1 per burn I sheetings 14 cehts IIOOS.—It is very difficult to quote hogs, the Patt ing House here, arc only buying for fctifrg delivery, 1,76 gross, la the highest we hear beingpaid. [from the Hawk-Eye, Dec. 1*.] v-' liUHUNOTO*, ®*C. 17^ Weather still mild and remnrka'ily pleasant. Itcccipls of hogs yesterday by B. ft M. H. It. It. ft,b0t. This is the largest number that hits come for. wa-d In one day this year or during any previous year. Th?re are no changes In quotation!), but buyers are very le-luctant to operate and v,-o. hear of no opera tions. The English newf tins hud a similar elTert tip on the Chicago n aiket, Eastern buyers having tele graphed lo tin ir Chicago agents In buy r.o more for the I'rc*ant. Drovers who hiive not contract rd their hogs had better have I hem slaughtered ami packed here than take the chances of Chicago and Eastern markets with the preeeat high tariff or freights. CHIC.IOO, Pec. 17,1861. To C. Di'Hiis Pork markpt unsettled, opeliltiit'g IK cents under yesterday, at '2,4) to $2,05, closing dull. No buyers, occasioned mostly by Eastern parties excitedly with drawing all uidur*. Cattle sttaily. Wheat 2 cents lower. KKW VoHr, Dee. 17. FLOtTB—SftMHaWliM*. at ftt superstate $f f" e-:!ra do., 5 super western s* ceminotn to ni'-diuni extra western $5 !Kl(? 6!" shipping brands ex It. U. O. Canadian quiet ^4 •Ufo'.®) ,r»osuper $.r KSCf,7 .Vt common tn choice •-xtra. JIVE n.uI.'K.—Steady. Sales at #:J .Viffl- I 40. SvilKAT— irket about Ic better with fair export, teles at $l 31(7J 1 Mil club |1 40 fair winter red Western, fit 40 amber .Mich. l\—Market uuchanged. Sale* «t 17^®® ittk ed vit-tern. KYK—Market quiet SSc^^c1 ItAI!I,KV—Market steady 72c(a!i*)e. OATS—Market quiet. 4tc©l-\^ Canadian western Ud still-. I1TSKV—Market quiet held at 21 with buyers at 20,1*. Jt'ocal OVSTEHS OVSTKltS! SlKOSs A GRI B:: adept this method of UT forming their fiiemls that thoy are now re ceiving L. B. Piatt .t Go 's Cv l.-bratod Balti more and Pair Haven Oysters, daily, by American Express. Depot at headquarters, one door cast of Devin's brick, Oitumwa, .'At tM-'a"si .rt sT illT liinti POR1 FARMER'S FAMILY.—We visited at the house a fnrmer friend in Worcester Co., last month, anil while there were k"pt indoor considerably by the uncomfortable annoy ance of one of 'Job's comforters.' The 'men folks' w ire husy nt the harvest, and as wc 'sat around the bouse,' we learn a thing or two, one of which was, fall in love with a little LABOR S.WHIT which our friend's wife used 30 handily every afternoon, in making shirts and things, and clothes for the hus band and boys. Wo refer to ELLIOT'S PEARL' SEWING MACHINE. We can truly say that it i--, for the family, THE in vention of the age. How rapidly and pleas antly it works 1 «|iid what a convenience it must be 1 We wonder any family will be without them when they can be obtained at so low a pricp as $:J0. If we had a wife, a farm and family, surely wo should have one of these machines, for they arc just the thing for a farmer's—or, for that matter anybody's—family. Boston Herald. Sec advertisement* of tieo. F. Collins A Co., Chicago, who aro the Western Agents for the above inachitteg. Dec. IUK Wanted. We want ninety pairs of woolen mittens for camp and gu ud s.-t vice for Company D. loth Regim?»t, station he!»rteJ of those ch-ap Prints. The best bargains Iil1the Company will confer a favor on them H? Boots an 1 Shoes 0i City afforda., Cran- %d J. M. HEUSICK, Lieut. Gu. Dm 15th Rcg't. Wo will pay from $25 to |7" per month, iwlall expenses, to tvtive Agents, or irivea commission. Particulars sent free. Address EKIB Sew1s. MACIIIXECOMPANY, R. JAMES, Temple's B-mk Building, nearly opposite the oust 1 the Ladies ol Put't.-ni lintFlat*, Jilo»men, liys Chil Irens Ifati, Shder Hoo lg, fr., were very t-imilar, to the present. P"rchased for cash at the present low which call and examine goods be ft ire purchasing. l-4h !t.:?RTTMOFI,fc 4t «*ft .Ire our only authorised Acents In Kew Tofa Boston to procure .ldvertis..- uciiU for this paper. C. IV. NCBIVBXT Advertising Agent, S3 Dearborn St., Chicago, is au-1 thorized lo receive Advertisement* for this and all' the Leading Papers in the North West. A I'lilngof lien it I y. i* a Joy forever. IV!, can l.e '.•.•aotif.jl with a sickly pale complex ion. Keep the pores of h-Skio free, and the blood! pure, and your cht ek* will vie with th.' Rose and Lily. The Skin is farmed with thousands of pores In every Inch of Mirfae-e whose ot.ice it is to carry off the iiu purities of the blood—the acknowledged cause of all I diseases of mankind—when theskin is dry and parch ed—when It is covered with eruptions—when It Is cii-cuinsrances to perform Its proper functions, an.l lo carry oil the Impurities from the body as designed by our Creator. Ji-iwos's Moi-NTAIX IIRKH P:!.L* remove these ob stru.-tions, and produce fre? and healthy blood, re move the eruptions from the "kin, and cause It to brjght'-u .litli the flunh of youth and 1.•auty. Beauty much admired and loved. and cosuielles—hut beauty produced health ami happiness. Ju (son's Mountain Herb 1'ills aro sold I all JleUkiueiH-aler^. v i "Well, I'll just swear said Ctirporal J., adding, as he prepared to en. yfjll the recruit's name, "Don't it make you f*d kind o' bh o o CARRIAGE FACTORY! ra^HE undersign would re^pectully solicit theat t.eutlon ofthe public to the facilities which he now possess for manufacturing CAllKIAtiE£A WAO ON8, of every description, after the luost improved Washington, Dee. 14. It is probable I styles, as *oo.l ascan beobtaiue-d^st, and upousat Ufactory terms. Those wishing to purchase will please call and ea mine my stock. jar~AII kinds of repairing done with neatness and dispatch. Particular attention pstd to Horse-Shoe- col and clatn-y—when there U inward fever or lu- A tlanimation- il is impossible fir the skin under these OwCfl# 4 9 FRONT STREET, OTTUMWA, IOW\. Beauty without paints [dcc4 1U «|TT U Niri ,.i Ing, a,nd all work warranted as recommended. Also, aeent for the sale of kirhv'e celebrated liar *e»ters, the h,e»l csn^llnvd Reaper euU Mower In use. A. BALDWIN. ottwa. ®w. u.wm in®* A A S O U S E (torner Michigan Avenue nud Lake Street, Chicago* pr. VRCE k BEXJAM1N, freprietor*. rtitor. a. a. aax^AWS. lv.-t1 tSI( business (fiuis. BACKING, I\CHA\CE AMI COLLECTION UFP1CS or nO\NIFIFl.p BIIOTKIER9, "OTTITMVVA, IOWA, forticnlar atteuthn givrn la Collectiom GTRTR TO B. K. Wlllard A Co., Chicago Bank of America, Kew York H. K. f.ove A Co.. Keokuk, Hemans A Co., Cincinnati: Ptate Saving'. Association, ?t. Stale Bank, Ilurlington. [Oct. 'J, 1861. NEW MILLINERY GOCD8, MI8S I'AIUJKLL Isjogt receiving a fine stock of goods, Includlngevpry tlilnp In the Millinery line. 1-adies please call and examine her utock. Drm A Cloak "laklnff dope order* Produce and wood taken I11 exchange for Ooode. Store on Main street, oppwlte Loomls'iWr* i** Oct. 24,1861. fc.* M. n. ROOT, OTTUMWA MARBLE WORKS Front St., Opposite the Jefferson House: MANUFACTURER FSRVLU HKRAL MOXU MKNTi? TO MRS, (JRA VE-STOSES, TABLE-TOI'8, «Ac\ FROM FOREIGN A AMERICAN MARBLE. Aug., W'60-y. B. .9. BOIII.TO^, BAKEU AND CONFECTIONER, raoMT STRKET, OPPOSITK TUK CARROLL UOUt-B, OTTUMWA, IOWA. Machine Crackers and Confectionery of erery varie ty at Wholesale and Retail. Parties and nails supplied on theshortestnotlee. 25-11— ch.8-12. CI OCK, WATCH JEWULnif E A I E fj^ll i: undersigned, having located in Ottuasva, Jl. will carry on the followingbusiness, and solicit* aliberalshare ofthe public patronage: Repairing all kinds of Watches, Clocks, Musical Instruments. Also—(Jold Rings graving done. Jewelry and madctoorder,lettering, and en­ has a fine assortment of Clocks, Oatches. ry, WILLIAMS Feb. 0, lSlil. at Keokuk.— Mittens or gloves are not furnigl^ -jto the soldiers by the regulations, and the kind- and patriotic ladies who have friends by ,eavin8 contributions of this kind at Jewel­ Musical Inctruments, Oold Breast Pins, Kar-rings, Finger-rings, Lockets, Chains, Kejs, Slides, Pens,and variety of notions for sale. Please callandsee. Place of business one door west of Ottuniwn House. U. NVNAMAIiKa. AaK.ith.'fte-Sl-ll-Cm A N I E 1 5 A O N Manufacturer of ."nd Wholesale A Retail Dealer In AI-L KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FUIiNTTUKE, prcil AS Bedsteads, Burenus, Tnhles, Stands, Lounges, Sofas, Mattrd**eK.Spring-Beds, Crit.s, l.ooklngOlasses, Cane, Flac, Split, ai,'l Worn! bottomed Chair* Office Chairs, Roekint' Chairs, of all kinds, Children's Wagons, Ac., an be Iowa. Call and examine for yourselves. Ware Room on Front-tt., Ottumwa, Iowa. Si Avixn 1 city, CARL NIEMEYER, Wholesale and Retail dealur la Groceries and Countrv Produce, RV\0'« LMBER YARDS At Burlington,.Vt. »t Agency ,nnd O U W A ^STBTHERE will be found the largest stock ever of fered In the west, and which wiilbe sold lower llian at anv point on the Mississippi. AlsothojeA lihinirles of our manufacture,fullcount. every shiDgle perfect E. 11 of which he will sell Cheaper than the same ... bought at any other establishment In the iuterior of 7th.—0*RKFU.IT PREPARED AOBXITLTCIIAL AKO Hoa (leiiltural articles by "Itural" and other able HAMILTON, A O I K Y S A A W OITUinVA.IOWA. jyornci 15 THB Saw CovaT Hooaa. Junl 59-1-4 H. R. srssoili' DKTI.sr, PERMANENTLV LOCATE# vicinitr. TtTTS ffers his services to the citizens of town and Ladles waited on at All work warrated their resiliences, if desired. Teeth inserted from one to an entire ^ett, either fry means of springs or atihospheric pressure. OEricK, at his resilience, on Market street. CitltrickN old Stuml, One. door Eatit of ihe Carroll Uoute, QTTl'MWA, IOWA. tWA U kinds of Produce bought, and sold. April'24'Gl-ly .11HS. SOYAS IK Ac HISS PEBRKS»* MILLINERS & DRESS MAKERS, FRONT STREKT, XEAR1.Y OPPOSITB JEFEERSON HOUSE, OTTVMWA, IOWA. HaV E 1 S i i V i a From Chicago large and choice selection *,! Spring and Sum mer Millinery Goods. Also, a good supply of Mourn ing Goods. Bleaching and Pressing promptly doite. Ladles are respectfully Invited to ca|(. April 12th, 1800. THF: PLACE IO BUY LvniiMit, snnf i,rs. Ac., is AT D. RAND Oct 2T i85B-n88-ll tT jr. F. A CO. 8 K E li If* [Successor to J. B. Haki 11,] Watolimakoi' & Jeweller, SECOND nOOR .EAST OF OTTUMWA HOUSE, FKOST STHKKT, OTTCMWA, IOWA, 1.1 respectfuliy announce to the citizens WW of Ottumwa and Wapello County, that he lias permanently engaged in theabove buslnessin Ottum wa, and Solicit* a chare uf patronage. tVWork warranted to g^veentlresatl»factle«. June :(0, T)9-16-ll-tf (iTT U W"A i AND SASH, DOOR AXD BUXD FACTOU\ ("Lower Mill" Near the Depot,) I.IMISFV & BROTHFR, i OTTUMWA, IOWA. ttml1 Aug. lt^isao—n2a-y Iwre purchased for cash at the present low 'W^. SMI I*!"!?, rates, an 1 will be sold at correspondingly low n n 4 V A OR prices. Ladies are respectfully requesttxl toi A IN 1 1 A 1 Li kJ style, and at the shortest notice. tuttiug done to order. 11, (First d*or east of the ottumwa House,) FRONT STREET, OTXUMWA. A |. tj kinds of work donein the qioetfashionable npt. NTW A CHTLE R, BOOT AND SIIOK MAKER, Main-it,, one door East of Temple's Bank, OTTUMWA, IOWA. miir proprictorkeept constantly onhaada good 1 assortment of Leathers, and l» always ready to accommodate customers wlfh good work In hislineon uslnesa Ajirl. a,lS&9nfr. Nl EEK & CO., (SICCSSSTIAS TO IKVISI & co.) e |i[ie lV Aug. 14, IX51-ch 7 18-y No charge for Receive and handle- goods with care dray age. Buy an.l ship Wheat and Produce of all klndn. Special attentiou given to filling orders for pre4*ee. Agents for ali kiuds of Machlues, Wagons, Ac. y Orocerles on o. mmls.-ion at Keokuk prices. Call and see MEEK A CO., Satisfaction guarantee.]. Commission Merchants. OGDEN&COPP, Successors to Mendenhall A Whitham, forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS AND «^en©ral Preight NEAR TUX RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTI'MWA IOWA. tr LiberalOash advances made on Produce for Shipment. 11-88 tf. OYSTERS, KFJi OR VAX, on terms entirely satisfactory. Received dally by Express, and put 'ip in the natural liquor. The attention of dealers is s»liclfed. Call at So er's, opposite the Poller Ifouee. frtll street, Ottumwa. [Oct. 13,1 61 If i i n (or THUKCOI Ultli jMttffca. •t'fT 180?. PRCSFEtTIS. 1*flf\ CHICAGO TRIBUNE. A Trl.Werkljr VV'tNiklf *ts KWSl^AI'IOlt. "J—PKVOI El) TO— Sew, (oamif", PoRl?cr, A»r«Hirf, Sticwe I Life:aim. IfO COMPROMISE WITII TRAITORS. "The fniori, It must ami shall be Preserved." This well krerr efd ulnr Jcupul I* rotcd for avowing Its sentimi 11* with camlor. finilirti.wsi.nd trdcpcpffcr.rp. It has aimed to he right rather than Popular, mil tiiki-g the responsibility of telling the Truth, iT^inll, of tl.o offence that way be given to Pr. judlce and Ignorance. The PuiKctriEF wl.lc^tte C|ic/coTimkteepeus es ami advocates are: Tin Caosa or FHRrnoH, JPSTICK lIcMAMItlV IMPNOTRMFXT or Tna Mnrtt, MOM.IL A If PllTSIClt COMMTIOB OTTHK KU'STA, PearrrciTT or THK UN.OM, OB^DIEKCR TO THI ContcnrvTiea aK» FrrRi£*ACT or Tnrf.AWs. Fa El IIOMKHKADS ron tnr LAnnLKss, •sooratoEMKKT or HOME INDCST*T. No POLITICA1 JORBRRT, lloRRST mrn roaorrtcrs, ECONOM* IK GovKRnNKIIT, A iotrxa Ci'iRiKtr K» DKATB TO ILL "WILD CAT BHIUPLASTRRS." A nd the prosecution of ti e War against Treason, until the last rebel has laid down his arm*. Though tlii« n Irked r.bellion agHirist the best RIHI roost ben Incent government that ever ixlsted in the world, has liecrnie fearfully »trorig..vet the American Re public is f*rstrr,r.*« i|,e iovnl 'Mudsills" will vel subjugate the arrogant Oliganhy. To lliis patriotic end t?e TRIBTNE wiil aork v it).out growing w.ary, until the I'r.li n I as muile a footito. of its Tots. A FIRST CLASS NEWSPA I'l'.R. The CIHCAUO TaiRricR while feaileex in the expres (Ionof Its oplnioiis iiin! patrii.tlc In Its endeavors, aim? at beirg a.rfrxf •/,**« nnc*pa]er. It contains full accounts of all the interesting occurrences of the day, and pays more money for Fpeclal Tel-graph ic Dispatchc* and Correspondence, tlmn any Jour nal out of New York.and publishes mere and froher news than any paper circulating In the West. it bring? the news to the p. ople of Ihe N'orthwwt two or three lavs sooner than the papers of he seaboard. The weekly contents of theTrlbane embiaeee 1st—A Complete Current HIatory of the progreea ef the War. 2d.—GBXFRAL NEWS orTHB DAT—Casuallties by Sea and Land. Extraordinary events of all kinds. 8d.—Coptoca TKLtGRAriiic DISPATCHES Containing the Latest News from all parte, dewn to the hour of going to press. 4th.—RKPOKTS or MEETIKCS, WHKTRCR POLITICAL Rellpious, Agricultural, Educational, or Ifis cellantous. ftth.—PAORKEMNOAOR COHORESB AWD STATS LIOISI.A tures, important Speeches and Docomente 6th.—MARKET UKPORTJ, Embracing every article the Farin or Dealer can expect to find quoted In, •a newspaper. The Tribune has achieved a high reputation as a Commercial paper, writers on the Farm and Garden. 'POETBV, TALKS, ANECDOTES AND GOSSIP, REVIEWS and pleasant misccilauy. In short, the purpose and ambition of the Editors *rt, to make the CIUCAUO TRIUCVK SO interesting and valuable a visistor that no InteUlvent Western faml lly can afford to be without it. TVrim—PAVABLE IN ADVAWCB. Weekly Tribune (.V2 issues per annum).. To Clubs—Three copies The Ladies and Oentl emen throughout th? world wilt be please,1 to Ir.irii that I have no titly discov ered an article that will. rm. ihe Hair. By usinjj CM A PELL's ItVl'KClOX, Ladles and Gentlemen can beautify themselves a ttionaacd fold. CUAPPELL'S 1IYPERI0X Is the onlv Article in the World! (hat will Curl stralg'.t Hair. The onlv article that will Curl the Hall IN BEAUTIFUL CURLS IX OLO«?S»Y CURLS IX SILK FN CURLS IN FLAXEN CURL01 .IN FLOWING WlffJ IN WAVING CUKLS! IN LUXURIANT CURLS I It rnnla Ihe Hair «»ft and glossy. It invlgoratee the Hair It bear!!ties Ihe llair. It clean*--!! the Hair. It has a most delightful perfume. IF I'KLtEMs IHE HAIR frrnt I AI.I.IX 4.F1': it fastens it to lite sculp. It is the only article ever yet discovered (hat will curl straight Ifalr In beautiful curls, WITH ia i injury to the Hair e* scalp. The HYPERION' does not in any manner Interfere wiih the Natural Softness of the Hair. It neither scorchcs noFdries it. The IIVPKUIuN can tie so applied as to cause the Hair to. fur *ue day or for one week, or for one month, or for aAy longer period desired. The 11YPEIUON Is the only article in fc? world hut what can rputitvrfeit.-d or Imitated by un p.Inelpl^.l rsous. To prevnt liii*. we do not offer it for sale at any Dm^'isl's in th»' United States. The-refcre, any Lady or Gentleman who desire* to beautify themselves bv using the IIVPEUION, muPt iiich.se- the l*JKl.ft:, O^*-: IXfLli Alt, lu a letter, and Address, \V.ClIAl PL:iJL«k Go., -1 Box 54, ParkB^an, Geauga pQ ., 6tt», ilAlMli liisearefUlty seul by tnall. -r- Daa^al, 1S6I. City Weal ^larkot. FrontSt.'i doorseastCarrolllIouse? oTTUMWA, IOWA. THEsubscrlber. irrateful for past favors, would say to th* public that his market. open ed nearly five years ago, is still in full blast, w'.tli increased facilities to furnish reasonable lueats of ill kinks It -ill reasonable hours.at the low est living rates. Tallow, Lar.l,Sausages, and erery t' Inglis u a I v kept in a City Market for sale. The hint.est market urlce i n cash iald for FatStaek A at Wholesale and Retail. luviiriablv t'a^h. rar-Thos having insettied accounts, or notes due, wtl I iileasecal 1 and |.ay nt. 1 ,w Sardines and Lobsters U IIOLEKALC AD I* I TAIl. ciEORGE so vv.n Would respectfully announce that, having iKMI'ap pointed agent for the sale off. s. Maltby's .lebrated i OYSTEKS, the best In Uie market, he will be prepared to fellah themi« quantities to suit purchasers lat^e J. Ottumwa. Feb. ltlth.lS59.—48-1 Four teriy of ten weeks each In the year. Tuition f(utu$Sto t.O, accordingto branchosetudled Boarding can be obtained at p.tlce* to suit the time*. J. M. McELROY, Principal. MIMM.C. n Agontit, ALLOW AY, V,SL,TABT. Miss ME W 1 LON, I Assist aula. Mas. LIZZIE WOODWARD, DrawingandVlreaeB, R*r. S. II. WORCESTER, Oil Pal-itlng. Aug. 21, IStil. MEAT FOR MO\EI. IIAYK concluded ln'*lew of the difllculty of col lecting and the heavy losses resulting from the credit system, as expensive to my customers and my self, as It 'i .cessarlly enhances prices as compe's the prompt payiuast -r to m»ke up for the failures of the slow atui f.«ruetful to pay their bills, to adopt,from this date, the Cash xystetn. Hereafter then, I -.hall require pay down In all cases. No book., wiilbe k-nl and conte.|ueritly no' o.ly will e troubled with bills. Thosehaving unsettled aecounts with me will please call and s tfle. All klr Isof M-*t kept constantly oa IMUI.I at reduced rates, at the City Market. Oct.lO.lSSI. *.vr. •u $ 1 50 6 0 6 tm 11 Five copies —Ten copies —Each additional name —Twenty copies (0110 address/ IK) 110 20 IMI Any person sending twent v or inorp subscribers will be entitled to an extra copv for hi- rvices Kora club of fifty the Tri-Weekiy will be sent Tree and for a club of One Hundred, the Daily T® une. Tri-Weekl.v (l.Vi issues per annum) ... »*i i»..#4 For sii ni's I'J three m's $1 Clubs of Five (rate of |:t (Ml) Is 00 Ten (ra.e of Twenty (rate of $.12.'.) 65 0) Fifty (i ate of iw) i»,t) Forsis Dec. 4.1S61. TRIBUXJ5 Co Chicago, III. CURL. YOUR HAIR. Beautify Youi»self, •f-sM FALL, AND 30 w The Tri Weekly contains at the pews In the Daily, and brings just as late intelligence on the dHVS of Its publication, vis Mouday, Wednesday, and Friday Daily Tribun ic (:{l(t issues per am um)...... 7 00 m's |4 Three m's $ t*T" P«.»t a on th»* "hicH^ro Trittun^ Is OLIY half ad niiirh in n« on Kftottru Urwhen drafts can be procured It K much safer than o r- i n i u n k i s e n a e i e o s O f ficeapd State should in all cases he plniniy written. »®|"Moiiey in H«j(iaicied Letters may be sent at our risk. Address HYFE3I8M. T?T USING CH AFP ELL'S mm FOR GURltMC THE HAffi. C. C. WARDEN, 0ULD beg leave to aniKHMice to hi* customers i Ww and the public generally, that he i* now re ceivin and opening the I LARGEST, CHEAPEST AXD REST SELECTED STOCK OF DRV GOODS, «ROCCR!E8, IIATS i!VD CAPS, BOOTS AXD HARDWARE, Oct. "J, laOl.-ch 5-18 W.BROWN. ri^HI'. OTTIHWA WALE ASDI1 Jl. MALE SEMINARY, commeuees Its fourth year Un A!ntfiiy, Seftteiit'n-r Vth, at the Presbyterian Church and room* attache*. BROW*. —*1 DiKsolutiota- The co partnership known as T!vrupson A Penlch Is this day dlssolx-d b.v inutua' con».-ut. All persons who are Indebted to the la'e concern are requests.! to roak^1rame.Uate payment to ttm. C. FeulcU, wlio is authoriuil to settle businesso{ said firn), Eddy ville, November 20, IS#1. [N»v.tT-4w ril-1. AXD SFTTI.F. All persons 1 d.-bt.-d lo the subscriber f.r gniilhlu." nre urgently rcpu. fnwmn.m, miym Tjrfiiifiriiiiiffji^itit'iT^fy^^ i WINTER. I*--:: New Goods LOW PRICES HUEEXSWARE, NA1L8 AND ^LASp Ever brought to tliis Marlcet A complete assortment of everything to meet the cants of individuals or families it. his Hue of trade .hich could not be enumerated in an .idvertisenieut iiki this. The only way io appreciate the extent, arletv, and cheapuess of his stock, will be to call and !ook through for yuurselvea. All kinds of COUNTRV PRODUCE Taken in pay for Goods. He solicits an examination of goods and prices, for he thinks as larg- a stock of goods ss he has bought at the present low rates, could not but please, an.l he will lake pleasure in showing you through, whether you buy or not. C. C. WARDEN. CALL. AND SEE A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Itichard^gtliree story Brick, Front Street^ Ottnmwa. JUST RECEIVED THE LAROEST ASSORTMENT OF STOVE bl^efc-, »t-d t«» c*ll»i-..1 ludulgenee settle be­ tween thi? date and January let, .• I am going away, and no further can he gtv n AARON MYItlS. Lower SIUI, Ottumwa, KOT. 1!», 18€1 -57 I8-tlllJan» "••fpv -wf e |rer brought io Ottumw*. I IK CITY TRADE: Fl'iOMY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOULD I say, that with special reference to their want*, I have supplied myself with a st ek of Parlor, Box and other Stove-, a nd ares in my line, which for cheap ness and a I ipi.tf.on to the if.-maint* of the season, have never eqmlled in Ibis mirket. N. B. I» not rtil I. xa'i.iue my store room and office Stov.s ^etore huyii g. Fifty Tons old Iron waut d. Also old capper, bra**, pewter, and rags. fr which 1 will pa-, la atores and tinware, the highest market prices. Oct IS, W A. D. CULVER. BL\NK^! BTiANKB!! RLA\KS, TUST FROM THE PRKSS-PKINTBD TN ELEGANT stvle, on -"iperior paper. i'*f~callatthe aevntla^r^ota, I'xiuiroy1* building. Burlington Advertisements. $200,000 WORTII OF &OODS, In atcreandto arrive at the Eetablisl.ments ALI. wool. Fi.. MNRI.s, In great extent and variety, EXIK' vn.R Low, BOSKETS of J. 8. KIM3ALL &, CO. BlUl.IM.rOK, IOWA, 50 cn«» «*sorfed pRit-o, from 5 tolOcts. pvryard, wnr'h !'.* to '1' ctj. !iales assorted SIH KTI.no,from to lit i'ts. per vard. worth Mi to M. ci*. 25 bales ass'd COTTOI KI.in.VH.S, from S to 10 ets. (i. yar.l, worth '2toiric!s bales assortt I!KI, WIIIVK and YKL i.OW very low i!it.n!»'s assorted OiicunAMS, from H» to lft cts per y »rd, worth ?il to £t'• 12){ to 14 cts 25 cases assorted SATI."»KT, from ii5 cts per yard, worth 75 to 1,00 25 cases assorted LAMES, from 10 to 15 ctsyard, worth 15 to 25 cts. Also DUES* UOOD8 and Mn LINRRT finm s at New Yunl^rtcee! Also a yreat variety ofoiher Dry Uoods and Notio is, Loriinc, IIATS A.\» CAPS, BOOT? AND MIOI.S, Ac., Ac. CARl'KTS! CAlll'F/rSI fa this department our assoriment and price* de|^ aay nature of competition and wiilbe found complete and at such prices as will suit all. We also have at 1 til all times a fuil assortment of Just opening a large assortment of CURTAIN' (jOODS, OIL CLOTHS, flHADF-, TASSELS, ttMcey, MATS, MIREORK, O E I E S 1 In this department nor stock *htill nt-rerl excfll- in extent or v.riet.v, and never be found above the I pric-s of St. Louis .r Chicago, if:eight uddei]). (SfAll ^ooda sold extremely low for CASH or prompt time buyer*. /.S.KIMBALL CJ. Oct. 25, I860. It. NAVDEK. H. RT'LITTJ HAYDEN i UrUBE Y» (^ucc ^.-iirs to If. E. ItuiTt k C.i.,) WHOLESALE GKOQiBS, AndDealsrsln Foreign and Domestic Wines aol tiqnors, No. 31 Main street, Burlington, Iowa. 16, '61—15-12-6m i*. VrilPllEN T. ACRES, Book-Binder & Pnpcr-Bulrr, I. AW K-BOOR Manufacturer. In Conibangh*. Block. Main Street, (upposit e he WIGIITMAW 11111' S 1 K,, tiiiriinzt" n l«.wa. i-ii-. Magazines, Period ifjc., Ac., bound with neatness and despatch. Particular attention paid to Ruling and Blank work, of every description. fmarch25»n4-y CHINA, GT^APS, U I S V A Wn it are now prepared to offur to th«r trade a gmeral aksortmenl. of I FRENCH CIIIXA, QuE CNIWAKE A GLASSWARI^ i of all styles and qualities, at prices that cannot fai'.to I render satisfaction. Ilavirg visited Europe in perslte I and mil'.' permanent atrant'ements for the dlr.tt itti- I T71 V* ATT T^.T'X.T T portatlon of our Wares, we feel justified iu asseriMip V I i_. i that we can sell goods as low as any louse in the United States. Persons who are largely engaged h. CirA\\*T the busin-ss can make arrangements with us to !•.• i port their goods directly from Europe at a small Ad-, vance on the sterling cost. CLO AKS' tpr CO AL OIL LAMPS in endless rnrtetv. at very !lo«r prices. McKITTERICK A MILLER, I Grimes' Block, corner SJuin and Valley-sts., I liuriington, Iowa. at oaltuffcclUl WS pHcgs NEELEY & LIEBSTADTER, WIRRTL'^%LK A4» KT LML CLOTHIERr, AND MERCHANT TAILORS, \o.2l Jefferson sireel,) n i- i .Next door to State Bank. ittnlllglCll, I Off*, WOULDpnl.'ic respecifully announce to their patrons ami tli it tl.ey hive just received It large and well selected-tocl. of Clothing and FurnUfc ingCioods also a lasge assortment of CLOTHS, CA8SIXERES AND VEETEFGS. Which will he sold at the Lowest Cash Price, rr Also, Agents for .-i.vijiii's fnwtsa M.tcatxcs. fiT"Order* I y uiail promptly i.ttended to. JOM Jt.SIHT. ,L£|K*rXDtra. March 2u, 1SOO. P. W. SQMERS ^jJANUFACTUKEK.wi,..:. .„«! RetallDMler FXJBS, HATS As QAPS, I Il .ts and Caps by the case or dose-n, at New York prices. HauIroned and Diested aver and warranted to please. St Jefffcreou street,two deors westaf 1. C^Kimball A Co's E7E. CSAY, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in US(T«H I I»M S S. III..UYCAL» oris, tafxts, irEsrrrrst Oair«SISTs' r,I..JSWlRH, .srKGICiL IViTHrUtBTS, KTC.' BUltLINtiTON, IOWA. A I.SOI —Dealer in D-.ntal 1 usiruineiits. Gold and Iiu Koil. Perfumery, Window (iiass, a great var* iety of Fane-. Articles. Sporting and Fishing Tackle. Jjy" Agen1 for Smith's ilacUiie Cards, and s.oA *fL utar patent oedictae^ jf /•. S+t* SlLl'J./i CoCaail tli pop- n^V'UHi-tl T. B.Weber. J- J. Winter. TIIE0D0UG B. El'ER & Co., Wholesale Dealer n BOOTS, SHOES, LKAIHtR, I i i s Grimes1 Bit.. k,M iiu s er!, r.:i :i.iglon, aaS-af. I»wa. T. L. C, B, PARMJNS» tn. .lea. & Retail tcaTe-.sln o s i A "i 1 I o i I o yi Y-fi O O 1 S, HATS. AI'S, BO'XSr.'i'S. HOOT*, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, Shoes, (irocerir*, Ar.t«Vr.» i OOl'lW PAKSOXIS' BLOCK, SS Je-ffersonSt. Opposite Barrett llouae* i i.-? v Suflinuton I'-ii'i. J. Morton & Co. WM'.th L\o'.r i,. Shelf and Heavy Hardware,! agricultural Implements of all kind*. FIKLD & C1AKUKN SK15IS. 17 Joatrson Strce', Burlington, lowaii Aag 16, '60—y *7 w. & w. t'viti'r.M i it, MAIS STREET, RURLINGTOA, IOWA. iS riir* GOLD AI\NSiLVi:H WATCIII^ I II li.'A", I Silver t'laletl Ware, POCKET CUTLERY, ACCORDEOKS,Lc. Wi/eAt, Clorks and JtHrc/ry, E A I E A N W A A N E Auguat ilat, iSM-ir*. I laaACPRrnn. I. & J. rKl tall. VhoU salc and Kt-cill I»-nirra In FURN I TURK, A I S A I A S S S E No. 1*, JacrawnxSru**, •VBLlKtsTON, IOWA.' •#pt.2'J,tS5D—2S-lt I BARRET HOUSE, BURIJXGTOX% IOWA i CM %S. P- 5IOOItF» Manager, RespectNilly announces to the Patrons ofthe llotjfe#, yL, at yur itclaratioa. ami the public gcuerally. that to suit the times, UutT 'Apr!! 3, ISC1-4-1S y rate of fare for travelling custom Is reduced tn i j' 0„f Io!!(r anrf Fifty Vent* ]en ihiy Tendering thanks for the liberal cu*tom and fa run heretofore extended lo the House, he respectfully so- W A llclts a continuance thereof, assuring all who tuav be- WI have locat brancii of our Burl come his eue«ts, that In the management of the- ee- V «rd at Ottum v,.,' tabli.-hiiie.nt, Ms every eff rt will be to coaduce to tim, s a full csorttueni. their eim.f rt and gire general satisfaction. which we- nillsell at iiu July ai, ISfil. IV-f^ODS I'i'Villy 1 IN' C*l.OUS,u«*Ujexecated, mk CJHKAT oi»b:\I\u OF T/IE CUBA PEST S TO CA't Al OIB DliY GOODS, FANCY GOODS &. DOMESTICS, AT TflK PHILADELPHIA STCfiS. Largest Stock in the Countr J* 40 CENT IS THIS TO IW Cts lu bales assorted LIK»KV.j, fro.n Into I', els per yard, worth i to 2ficts ii.'i ca^es ass.irt. 1 TICKIXC.*, from S to 12 ets per yard, worth I ft to it) cts IT) cases assorted IIicKOf SIIISTISG, S to IV 'j cts per yard, worth|GREEHBAUM,SCHRODERfiCo^50Dto PI file PliilH(el|hia Me now opining their ent re new slock of Fall and Winter Goods, selected directly from the manufacturers and Import ti rs, and which they will fcell Cheaper tlmn any IIfU.se in this City 1 +PLAJX 4XD FAXCV SILKS, BLACK SILK'S, AXD SILK LUSTRES. DE JL^IN£6, ,.f PARANETTQI8,' POPLIX8, MERINOS AND DELAINE ft •«Mehe#pert)|M| aver before. A O S O U S E WORTH-WEST COBKFR OF THE PUBLIC SQUARE f. A. tMOS, Proprietor. E*»VVW.LI: tow A. I(«i 'ioth. ISO-, no ljy. PEJvnNO HOUSE, Corner Je.hn»on and 4JSU., KEOKIK, i o w GEORGE R. DEM1XG, OTTUMWA HOUSE. Cl'Jir, Proprietor, Front Street, Ottumwa, To tea. This House has been newly refitted and refurr.!*heil. The proprietor solicits a share of the public patretit age, an.l feels confident that he can give sathfactlM to ajj who uiay stop with lain. t3T~Large and commodiout fetabliog attachedte this House-. July lu, 1S«1-||^. REHSHAW HOUSE, Comer of Lafayette and Uarri»uu Streets, ONKALOOSA, IOWJU AN OLD HOUS% BKC, leave to atlti- U'Je.- Groceries, HATS AND CAPS, ROOTS AND SHOES llai.* ilwa NAILS AMD CLASH. G^a£8 and Cwokery Wi Eetr broutfht lo t\is luttriet. Beiufibt fbr cash at the preaetit tow rajca, aad "IP. Sold Cheaper than Era, row JABH, PKODKB, OS Approved Credit. fHf C*U r*.t the $U\ brick and «atUQr rouTMlvtitf vrW T7\fT?r! VlDT\ ««ul.l do well to call a at the C0CRHER OFFICE Mar. 1 IS 0, •!.'i & MORELLA CLOTHS «Hd I TRAVELING fJOODF, y (lUfyAir tk*large** assortment in town and e«fd^ at cts to defy competitloa. itmei.t of French CA3UMERES, CAS1IMERETTKS and- DOMESTIC GOCD8, an immense atock. FfcAX^EI.S, ITXSETS, an.1 PI EUA ri.AXxikLs. EASKETST BASKETS Av 3C 'm* I Jl la UflPr TRIMMINGS, ALL KINDS, Calland see for y. or»r»\te, asi «4«(I1MKeoa vince you that we sell hy far .* 'ft iTHE CHEAPEST GOODS, TIIE NICEST GOODS .imW- KEEP tfie BEST A^OKT^IENf teske'f^andl^ttra U«o, '-. W' Grecnbnnm. Scliro^cr, fc Co riULAUrLPJJIA S'h:liF, Ho's S A lo jeflcrson Street,KpftU.NGTOX.IOtt A. Oet. 11th, 1^5»—5l-4|r-». I, iioTrr.s. V. 0 0 W (Late of the Barret Mouse, Burlington,) Proprletol I QQ •7% And a TO amnio (li Siotle #1 NEW GOODS, Hawley 0 Son, 8s, to their CUste-'UCH and tha public generally, that tliey are now opening and will he receiving the largest and best selected stock of DRY GOODS, W 0

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