25 Aralık 1861 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3

25 Aralık 1861 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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4 s fjjc Ottuutoa Coutitr, Local and Miscellaneous. OTTUMWA, IOWA,: tVc. S5, 1861. A Cni d, The mjmttcrs of the \V*|*flo County Sani fjtry Commission, desire, thron-h your col- ||mns, to thank the jfpnfJernon the fjtring Band for the muic with which they jjvnrcd us on-the ovening of the festival, fan by the Indies, of th^t society. Also Mr. Di'grett, #nd the Indies *nJ gentlemen Pi'10 cc0,n ar, i 'd him yt patriotic songs •'h which they enliven?d the evening. N[or would we f«»rj©t ih* Jorcnile Choir—whose ||ea«ant voirra we hope frequently to hoar raised in the ^ond .-ause to which they then ^gnt their assistance. To the todies and gentlemen of the citv and county, we would any The kind assistant®, ar.d generous aid which you have accorded us, encourages us to proceed wi M(irwi-4 vjfior in the proscotiVon of the mis­ sion which has bee.i confide.} to q«, in com U»nn with the rest of our untywomen, l»y wr President, and the commander of our Army. Mr*. R„ S. HACK WORTH, IWt. Jfoa. L..D. Woodward, S^rretaar. foiirwrt, A Concert and Supper nre 41 be held at Court Hous?f January 1st, 18R2, the proceeds to he applied totvards the comple­ tion of St. Mary's Ch^Mi. Tick ts $1,00. -*4k Rkv. 1 John Kbeckel. lott'OfMcis Reading nutf IVews Depot, f'dlowin^ lilies, latest dates, can be had \t the Post Office on the arrival of the 8**11'"X Train. The Hawk Eye, 4 o'clock KtliMon, Chirac .Journal, 5J o'clock p. m, Edition, Tribune and Times, the two latter pdni-ht Edition-. U h. urs from Chicago. Any other pap-rs or periodicals furnished £iorder. Also writing pr»por, envelopes, ftp. ^nst dumber But Owe, One more number will complete the l3fh **lume of the Cockier, and as that is the df»so of the Subscription year ofa larffennm- t*r qf S-Jbsricbers, the time is a favorable pne for a settlement and payment We respectfully arid deferentially ask ft. Tne Festival.—The Festival gfrrn br the Ladies of the Soger's Aid Win** *,,out charge, was in members and ne^unmritv 0 an The Rtipper, oysters, ice-cream were ex Calient and abundant, the mu^ir, instrumen- fcll by the String Band, and vocal by a choir of volunteer Indie* and gentlemen, was truly Inspiring, especially the patriotic pongs, of fflhieU Yankee Mond'c brou-rht down the house. The String B^nd, led by Brofewnr Swabky, Mr. Wni. Daggett at the Piano, -#tnd the Indies, deserve es^eejal commend* tio.i in thi^ connection. As a social gather- fcig, this festival was decidedly pleasant- It is seldom so many agreeable people are Wought so closely together, or an occasion promotive of good fueling and sociability, ft is all attributable to tlie patriotism of our people, as very little efTurt was made to bring pat a crowd. If the Burlington Merchants *r« «fi|} of a ^eculaiivo turn. th«y can have a fetv hun­ dred pieces of PrinN, and a hundred or so Sacks of Ih-tt Pofft.'tj. W u hope to h.ive con­ siderable trci'le fro-ii them while the Eastern Market^ continues unsettled, 'f-hey must Cl*. Man Found Dead.—A ^_j»r th? IJepot, Agency City, ,.v on tl.^.^K /i.. which farmers and drovers refuse tq take. Receipts go through Ottumwa to go any place except aboat 2,000. Just opened, an assortment of Delaines, report. fc Uoods, Notions, Ac. For the Holidays' ed°westernYn store!' ^p.ples, Peaches, Prunes, Cranberries, Cur-! —s——— nuts, Raisins Ac. "When thedtys Itegin to lenttlwn, t'w •»!J begins to strcngtlien," is an old *»ying, wfiich has pr.ved a true one this year. The ftfltnArkably pleasant fall likr weather, which fonning theiy frier^iis that they are now re b»d charactt-rized the month of December M-cviously, oatno to a sudden end or. Sttur-, Capt. S. A. Moore, of Co. [). 2d Iitr* Mil Lieut. Easley, of Capt. Oook's Cavalry, |*SKed through here on Kridiy on their way to thoir homes in Davis County. The latten find in ehanre the rern:tins of Private Wag conner, of Co. D. who died in hospital at St. young into nain'd ilson wa fonnd dead in the timber north 0 We direct attention to the card of Afessru. Uark & Sitbin, Attorneys at Law, Pumroy's puiltling, 2c| story. Thcqe gentlemen come fo us highly recomtuepded, and are deserv- of the pjjblic cQntiilenco. -sJUST THE TH!X»~FOR A jARMKItS —We visited at the tKmsu of a farmer friend in Worcester Co., Ukst month, and while there were kept indoor $»nsidqrably by uncomfortable annoy­ ance of one of «J(b!s cqniforters.' The 'men folks' were bt»sy at the harvest, and as we tyl around the hQtis«,l me loArn n Kttlo labor sAvet whic^ our friend's wife Sped bo tndily every afternoon, in making flirts and things, and cjoth^s for the hus- iltnd and boys. Wo refer to ELLIOT'S fEARL'SEWING MACMIKE. We can ttuly say that it is, for the family, the in­ dention ol the age. How. rapidly and pleas- ®itly it works and what convenience it If ust be! We wonder any family will le pithout them whin they can 1^ obtained at low a price as jf e firm and a family, surely we A skid, used in ferrying, upset this morn­ ing and precipitated a heavy load of pnasetv g-TH info the water at t1»e place about four and a half feet deep. Ji younj lady came seriously near drowning. .J Comical i» Ta*oic*i..—Conaldaratkla tnMiiiint prevailed bore on Tkurfdny lact, and at one time a lerlous fVot wa« apprr-henited, occasioned hy what I teems hy all accounts to ha?e been an unprovoked i and cowardly attack upon a colored mnn employed at tha Potter House. The person In qyestlon wss I saw leg wood fn the yard in tfce *ear W the ITotel, when a roan from the south aide asked him If he want I a load of wood. The reply, a civil one we .are assured, w at Instantly followed by a torrent of abuse, accoup.acled by atooes, another rain, also from the country, joining n the sport. The colorcd ajan retired Into Green's grocery, and remained there until he supposed the men had gone, when he returned to his work. No sooner did he make his ap pearance outside, however, than the attack w«' re- Dewed, with reinforcements of cltisens of tl*« t«vnt among them Mr. Daniel Veal, who led offinaflrrce onset on the solitary cpJojfed mnn, with a iranifest purpose of carrying the «rar directly intft tl*e Ui^lor of Africa^ and on the principle that 'Va negro has no rights a white man ts hound to re-pect." But It turn ed out that the party assailed in this instance had an Impression that he had some rights to he rrspected by himself if hy nohody else. He accordingly pitch ed into Mr. Neal with so much vigor that that gentle. Winn concluded to adjourn the light to another day, or at lenst another locality, and proceeded to make remarkably good "BuU Run" time up Market street, closely pursued hy the incensed African, who ever and anon, by a dexterious ^pp.\lcatlnn of his boot, \n w^lch wnscontained a by no means small foot, to the rear ol Mr. Neal, v«ry materially facllltat-d his locomotion. Mr. Neal, we are sorry to learn, wa^ ^ot the first individual seriously Injured by coming In too close contact with the uegro question. How ever, the matter was nut suffered to drop at this stage of the proceedings. A very considerable crowd, con sisting mostly, If not entirely, of Irish citizen} ot Ot. tumwa, gathered In front cf |he Potter House, and i demanded ^he negro of Mr. Potter. That gentleman very properly refused to deliver him up, in fact he did not know where he was at the time. After con-1 alderable search and loud talk, the M»yor wa» sent for, and the crowd was Induced to retire. Seriously, we hope this will be the last occurrence of the kind In the community. So for as we can learn this attack upon the colored man was entirely unprovoked. He Is represented by Mr. Potter as remarkably Industri ous and well disposed, and never in the habit of In ttrfering with otlu-rsin anyway. It is a good and safe rule for every man to nlnd hia own business. At any rate that would seem to be a good rule for Mr. Neal. If he does not practice it, and chouse to lemons, he cannot complain If he comea-out sqi)ee*«4 Ottumwa ITI irkct. Coi RtKR Qr«i k, {tec. 3S. i Cusinest lias been very lively the past week, and the sales of goods have been large. Builin^ton and Keokuk have been here to replenish their stocks, particularly Coffee and Muslins, which has somewhat reduced the stock pf these ait.clcs, but there Is some inore lety of ilie same s rt. H008—There is no market, and no fixed price at JWesent. $1,90 for the best hogs Is the highest price w* t,*ve h:,lr, ot• oalUe- Q«"MPJr Co., hare packed 0000 Rnd have ,n The8h •I» n -t TI I oociety, at Railroad have been heavy. No report from the ne lOUtt II'HHP la-t Thursday eveninpr, for Railroads. Hogs are st\ll coming forward freely, alfp the benefit of the Patriotic Fund under their 1 *ome Th re 1,1,8 been an •access exceeding hv f«r fctapie an eles, supposed by tha well-in ormed tol* 'P y previous OC- 1 apeculat' .e and con-equently temporary. Groceies CtSIO'l Of the kln1 ill fl'ac.0. There W«r« generally it.-e h, Coffee 25@.80 rm»s Piilt »e"s to wcr 300 p°rsns pcesent, md the «toss iw- rt'' f° *8' n ceipts reached the liberal sum off for Wl al Flour met tg France In the prkw o/ ««t i Corn, and oUmr t!®n« ol" til? connt-y, there la not much dem .ad e*s pept for loc^} »«p|ly, and prices steady FLOUR, per hun- $1,50^2,01' 40@5"j! VyiIKAT.perbushi'/i CORN, per bus'i., POTATOES, per bush, S U i A U —wholesale COFFEE— CHfCKENS, per do* HAMS CRACKERS, perbrl 11 IDES, dry flint, u green, l?@3o! u u ..^1 BUTTER, SALT, rbrV OAXDLES, Swir, wht]pgiii|t. Mould, 10 {From the Hawk-Kye of ffpdriwday.] i'bi.isgtom, Tuesday P. M. Weather warmer. River considerably obstructed by Ice. The ferry to the and possibly they were trying, The receipt* of hop* are small and little Is doW*.—* that trip when they were nickinur un Ottnm »ol,er81,ir!«'»». while buyers are not an»ious. No ... cuing up uituni' change In quotations, t'i Sti. Products dull. wa MeichantK, paying them sotn? ^V'^cent-ti Usmswood higher fr Coffee, than Uevin paid the next uiour-Market dull. SHie«Na? ^o^luper morning OI\ the Mississinni for* bH4tf»r»rli •5W@,»'Wexira do. 40 super western "i 1 V 1 i 4Ji" oe vin *,r, the 2Ut, tortoinitin* ia a American Express he» lcri«rters, one door east of Devin s brirk. Ottumvra, 31-18 3m. r, tV 2l$t, tortoinitin^ iti a unatr storm, Winch lasted throagh Sutyl v w itb tern- pe'ature decidedly wintry. About four! inches of snow fell, which lavs levt pn the I i §j on 1 17 11 60 10 $3,24^&,50 10 4 1,23 @2,00 8 WOOD, per cord, COAL, pej- Uu^h, HOGS, per hundf-* s ^|l 90@1 95 MOLASSES, Sorghum 4Q VBXISUN. 5&G Plarkel*. boat continues to make her regu- ular trips having missed but one, this uiorning.— About 1000 hogs were taken ovei tl(is even i ng. We hear o( no changes iu quotations an4 uq rans actions. Buyers will only give t'i.Vt forth) best,) skm ViMsrs. A. D. TKMPLK n Saturdaj, ?upposj«i have died a natural death. thing or |«o, one of which w^s, tp r«ll in love with a k 'l-~ ariir fx 75 common to medium extra western $5 SO 90 shippUiji brand-extra It. H. 0. Co. and dec,lnIns Sales at 63 tnlx- OYSTERS OYSTERS! S^MOSS & «UCI\K ^dogt this of is- & L. B. Platt & To's celebrated Balti- ,U ie nn 1 Fh ,,UVl n owa w*ldoca very wcll.Nr ^bighfngl% °y s,ers J1*'1}'. b.v TIJIE TABLKiB W B.BA1LBOA1 «... Arrive at i TltlE TABI/E Express (T". n? Kast.. West .. Mixed going Rast. V 12.15 P. M. S.15P.*.'! ..Ft.*. 4k M.R.B T.86 *. 12.10 P. M. 8.1 OP. M. 3.10 P.M. CniCAUO.nrBLIKGTON IXDQUI1V* »v„., n, ,«¥UAILB0M. The friwl* Ofthe deceascd soMw,! B.pr«»Trai,. aiTaVi* live bOQth west of Blo«»mficld. !».45i». ».k _i J, i"1 4.0«p.*. k Jtilv, lBfil.—18 13. wj ei ... ....., one of these machine*, for they are just the fhiug for a farmer's—or, for that matter, •nylwdy'ts— family. —Boston Herald. Soe Advertisement, of Geo. F. Collins A £o., hicago, who are the WtMtetn Agents fbr Its above wachiqt*. Dec. Im. Co.. continue to take Illinois currency for Hoots, Shoes and Clothing. All the good banks taken at iVfcfittMUll .fur ther notice. i, BANK NOTE •ONNiriELD RROS^ HANKE|t% OTTUMWA, ^OW^. Currency or Par Fun.Is. New England, Iowa State Banks, New York, Indiana State Banfra, Qhlo State B^nki, Philadelphia Baulc^, Qhio Free Hank*. Sliver Coin, 0. 9. Treasury Notes. (inld paid imr 1'arnrrent Fall Bud Winter ttuod». Miss Pekrev. or stoc i n K VND shoukl have ,,,Mrinrjsini, .STiii-.s. compnsin'J Susies ««... r:jr BWklW, IXCI1A\GS CULttTHR UNCI HVNIFIEMft »HOTHK VTTVMWA.-iOW^ 1 rlicubir attention given to, Oolleetiont «RFE« Tp K. K. Wlllar A Co., Chicago Dank of America. New York II. K. Love A Co.. Keokuk, llomans NKW MILLINERY GOODS. MISS PAKCfcl.I, Is just receiving a fine stock of goods, Includingevery thing in the Millinery line. Ladles pleai^ call and examine her steck. Dress A' Clonk !*laklngdone to order. Produce and wood taken In exchange for fioo4a. Store on tiin street, opposite Looatte' sIom. Oet.«riMI. ,*»«%. __: _L_: i ....l M. B. ROOT.' QTTUMWA MARB IE WORKS Frojit Sk, Oi'posHe the Jefferson House. JM KVF.K *TVR KH h' SEP VI. '//ERA i. M&NU MES7.S' JO VRS, tiRA YK-^ToSE^ TA*L&r nova, PROM FOREIGN k AMERICAN MAMBLt. Aug., i-'60-y. 1 B. JTBTU I,to \, BAKEir AND CONFECTIOXETJ, aTKKRT. 0VP08ITK TUB CARanU. HOCSS, '^OTTUMWA, IOWA. yttiftifTit Crackers and Confectionery of every varW ty \l Wh^le^ule and Retail.. Parties and Halls supplied oa \heshortest notice. 25 11—ch.3-12. CLQCK^.VEfll JfW EMIT &' E A I E fB^ll undersigned, having located In Ottumwa, will carry on the following business,and solicits aliherxMhare ofthe public palrunwg'e Uepatring illkind of Watches.ciocks.jewtlfjand Mufii.il I nftiuireu»*. Also—Ooll Kings raadetoorder,lettering, an^l en graviug done. He lias a fine assortment of Clocks,Oatches. Jetyel ry, Musical Inrtruuents. Gold llr.easl Pins, Bar-rings, ,, Finger-rings. Lockets. Chains. Keys. Slides, Pens,and »_ .t_. .. 1- go in Dll a variety of notions for sale. Please cullandsee. Place of business one door west of Ottumwa House. H. NUNAMAKEK. Aug. 4th,'59-21-11-6m A N I E 1§ A O N Manufacturer of 'nd Wholesale ALL KIN^S Of HOUSEHOLD PUUN1TUKE, SVCII A$ Bedsteads, Bureaus,T-ibles, Stands, l9anges, 8«fa«, llattrasses.Spring-Beds, Crllis, l.ooklngOlasses, Cane, of t'1*" 1 unes Flag, Split, and NVoocJ bottomed Chairs Office Chairs, Ware Room on Front-ft., Ottumwa, Iowa. OTTUMWA.IOWA. XW Orricr ik the Niw Cocai Jan1 5#—1-.4 .a-v II. 31. SISSQSf, UEXTIST* Having CARL NIEMEYER, Wholesale and R-'tail dealer in Groceries and Country Produce, AtB*rUngt(M,Jft. Pl«a»unt, Falrfiili?tAoi*cft,Qf6 OTTIJMWA, •W*7"llKltK will be found the largest stock ever of ww fered in the went, ami which w il 1 be sold lower anv point on the Mississippi. AlsothoseA Sliiiitli»of our uianufactU(f.«,J^Ucoii}it,e_v_er' Sl^iugle perfect. Oct.9* l3S9-n88-ll tf Jane 80, 1-tf _JM E|K 1^- Fands at the rates of dlaeoant mentioned below, which are llah\e to ch4)ni e: Hichlgan Canada ow, which are Indl»n|tree 2 Pennsylrani Haiti mare l» Kentucky 2 Virginia Wisconsin IlUuals Weare Bank, R. tt.... Missouri f®2.\ Fzehanc* on New York for gold. .3^ M. 1 Milliner and Drosa Mak r. Temple's B:tnk lVuv!ilit\g, nearly opposite Ih* Poller House, says the Lidies o| Ot tumwa and vicinity, that she has ri.^t return ed from the tst with a very full and su- STR V\V Mim.IXBHV, Rihhoni, Fhno.-r*, Iinshe*. Sift*- (Ci^non*, 'ow.-rx. Pattern Fiat*, liloomcr^ Hoy*1 aiul i Chillrenj 7/tK Shaker Hood* Sx.K whi -h vfCVC purCMrtrti*u Ur at tlie present low EKpre»i«, *m\ put Up In the neural liQi^or. nttos, and will be sold •orrospo'idrtl^ly low I The attention of dealers Uj.lic^ed. ttrifes. Ladies are respectfully requeste«l to »ll aud, goods befoft porcba^ng. 4-1* •MMii KANfiAC0^ S K E I O N [Successor to J. II. i^uklil,} Watchmaker fc .Tewelieiv sKcuxp doq^'.east or ottumwa hocpe, Fmost rsKKt, O ttcmmta, Iowa, WOI'LDrespectfully announce to thecltiaens of Ottumwa and Wapello County, that he has permanently engaged in theabove huslnessin Ottum wa, and olicit« u shure of patronage. fST Work warranted to give eutire O U W A A N I N I IsS SASH, DOOR AXI) BLISD FACTOR 1 ("Loiter MiH," Xeor t$t Depot,) MNDSEV BJIOTUE41, OTTUMWA, .• IOWA. Aug. IS, 1S&9—u2ft-y i V, V. SMITH, E/RGH A N TA I LOR, (First door east o( the 0)tt«mwa House.) FRONT STltBET, .... QfTUMWA 4 ti kiuda of w^rk dpnein the moat htstUqoabtc style, and at the shortest notice. t-W CuttinS done to order. ,f«. WACHTLERT AND SHOE MAKJSK, BOOT Main-st., one door East of Temple's Baoq, IOWA. TassortmentOTTUMWA, HE proprletorkeepscocstkntly onhaad a good of Leathers, and is always ready to accommodatecustomerswlfh good work In his line on uslness Apri. 9.1S59-1 St, O (-t'CCg.l.SORS TO I V I S k CI 1.1 GENERAL FREIGHT AGISTS FRONT STHKirr, QTTUMWA, ^OWA. BeceWe and handle goods with care. No charge for drayage. Buy and ship Wheat and Produce of *|1 kinds. Fpecial attentiou given to tilling orders for prodace. Agents for till kinds of Machines, Wagons, Ac. tell heavy Orocevies un«. t\-' -at Keokuk prices. Call aud see MEEK ......% OGDEN & COPP, .t.-.h currency $9SI] BnPLOVlEXT! A i N S W A N E We w.ill pay from #35 to $7* per month, and all expense^, to ai'tive Agents, or give a commission. Particulars Kent free. Addren* EKIE Skwixc. Machine CoMrAJOf, General Agent, Milan, Ohio, F**«| Successors to Mendenliall A Whithatn, Forwarding and Commission ERCHNTS AND General Freight Agents, NEARTIIE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTI'DIWA IOWA. tr LiberalCasl. ad\K«tHM made on Produce for Shipment. 11-33 tf. OYSTERS^ Sardines and Lobsters AT WHOLKR lLi A.MU RETAIL. CIEOROE SO^ Kit Woul4 respectfully announce that, having been ap pointed a gent for the »nle of S. Malthy's celebrated lLTi nURI} OllTEIil, thebe^t Iu the narket, i.e will be prepare^ to fUralah them it^ c^u^ntltles to suit purchasers ia tke' KEG OR CAY, on Urm( nHr#ljr tV ctorj Recc|T#4 C0\ at Soyer'a, opjpokite the Potter House. Front ttrect, Ottumwa^' [Oct. 19, lt$l-tf .w.Winwfci».t^Trf»- k C«., Cincinnati^ Btate Savings Association, St. I.oufs State Rank, Bnrtlngfii. {et. », HMti K.c'kln Ciiairs.of all kluds, Children's Wagons, *c., rary specimens of American wit and humor, without all of wfiichhe tflll sell Cheaper than the same can be which there can be no perfect exposition of our n bought at any other establi.-hment in the interior of Iowa. Call and examine for yourselves. WILLIAMS HAMILTON,.,, i AYrva#M K v s A permanknti.y located i n tr»» city, offers his services to the citizens of town and vicinity. All work warrated. Ladles waited on at their residences, If deijlretl. Terth Inserted from one io an entire sett, either by means of springs or atnospherlr pressure. O kfick, at his residence, on Market street. "lk Feb. 6,1S#1. (aicbrick's old Siuiidf One door Ea&t of' the Carroll Hon ft, OTTUMWA, IOWA, rr.tll kinds of Produce b««|M a*d April 24'61 ly MRS, SOYI.II A J||SS MILLINERS & DHE3S MAKERS, FROST STRKET, Itlll.T orrO#rt» «ov%«, ottumwa iowa. HAVK 1ST il V,) i I I» Fropi Chicago a large and choice selerth 1. Spring and Sum mer Millinery (ioods. Also, a good supply of Mourn ing (iooils. R1ee«hing aud Tresfipg pramplly ^tttt** Ladies are reapectfjlly Invited to calL nv April 18th, 1860. I I I A k o i y I.I VIBr.Il, MIlMil-FS. AT., IS AT R&XP'S MinBBR YARDS w* CONTINENTAL MONTHLY. There are periods In the world's history maakrdby extnrordinarf and vtoi ent crisis,sadden asth* break^ ingforth of a volcano, or (hebui^lp^ of a storm oj^ the octaii. These i-rises sweep *way In a moment the landmarks nf geiieraiions. Tliey call out fi-e»h talent, and give to the o'd a new tirection. It is thentlmt new ideaa are bnen new theories ileveloprd. Such periods demand fresh exponents, and uew men for expounders. This Continent has lately fceen r«*T*1»M l»v upheavini so sndd. n anl lerribii- Ih «t ilie relations of all men and all 'Jasses fo ea.:h Hut are violently dix'urbul, aud people look about luj the ijtini sits wit hich to sway the storm aii direvt tlie nhirl wi"d Jiist at pr.-si-nt, we do nut ktvw what all this is to I'l lforth but *rf do know lutt KVeat rt, suits MUST flow from such extraoti^inaiy cna.mo tions. At a juncture so solemn and so Important, there Is fpetVl U^ed th*» yhe intellectual force of tlie country should lie active and eBiclent. It is a time for great minds to speak their thoughts boldly, and totakepositi n as the a ivitnee Ku*rl- To this end, there is a special want unsupplied. It is that of an INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE, Which shall be open to the firt Intel), i of the l*nd, and which shall treat tlie issues presented, and to he presented to the country, in a tone noway tem pered h.v partisanship, or influerced by fear, fav*r, or «he hope of regard which shall seize and grapple with the momentous subjects that the present di« tu^bvd state of affairs heave to the surface, ana which CA\ NO.I he laii aside or neglected. To meet this want, the undersigned have conyne.uc ed, under the editorial clvarpe of ClIAfl. (iOPPRfY LKLWI), Ks(^., the fkUbkiealton ota ne* A agaaine, devoted to Literature and National Policy. In Politics it will advocate, with all the force at its command, measures best adapted to preserve the oneness and integrity of these United States. \t will never yield to the idea of any disruption o th)a Re public, peaceably or otherwise ami it will discuss witii honesty and impartiality what mi'st be done to save it. In this department, some of the most emi nent statesmen of th»* »line will contribute regularly to its pages The early numbers will contain articles on this sulijert from lint. L»aN kl H. Dickinson. .-.OS. iKoH K It iKOiorT, Hon.lluHACK(iatfcLKY,and others of equal eminence. Ip literature it will be sustained hy the best wri ters and ahleqt thiukers ofthe country. tqiong its attractions will he presented In an early number a Nkw Steai«L of American Life, hy Rici^.«{t I). Kimhm.l, Ksq tlie very pmuliir autb\r 91 'Tlie Revelations of rt .ill street,'* "^t. T.eL'er," A se ries of papers by Hon Hokacr rkki.ey, entitled "Across the Continent," eml^xdying ^l\e distinguish ed aylhm's u.lucrv«Uons on the growth ai.J develop 11^'lit of the 'Ureal tVeit. A series of articles hy he u,hor k Retail Dealer In Ttir Kditor! ki. Dkparturxt will embrace, li» addi tion to \igoruu.« and fearless comments011 the events genial gossip with tliereade on all cur rent topics, and also devote abundanttpace to those tional character. Among those who will contribute regularly to this department may t)e mentioned the name of Charles P. Itrowne ("Artemus Ward"), from whom wc shall present, in the February number, the first of ap entirely new i^nd original series of Sketches of Western Li^c. The CoNTiNKSTit. will he liberal and progressive, without yielding to chimeras and hopes beyond the grasp of the age and it will endeavor to reflect tlie fi eliugs aud interests of the American people, and to illustrate both their serious and humorous peculiar! ties. In short, 110 pains will le spared to make It the Representative Magazine of the time. XKR\Js--Three Dollars pcf year, in advance (post age paid hy the Publishers) Two Copies for Five Dollars Three Copies for ?lx Dollars (postage un paid). Siugle numbers can be piocured of any news dealer iy tlie Uui' 'i\ states. The Knickerbocker Magazine and the Continental Monthly wijl be fhr nibhed for one year at Pour Dollars. Appreciating the Importance of literature to the soldier on duty, the Publisher will send the Conti nental, gratis, to any rc/iment in active service, up application being made by its Colonel or Chaplain^ ht will al?o receive subscriptions from those desiring to furnish it soldiers in the ranks at half the regu lar price but iu such cases it must be mailed from the office of publication. J. GILMORB, 110 Tremind .Stret t, fi*ton. 'OLmft A ActioLS, 117 Washington St., ItustOB. G^o. P. PciSAM,'.Vli Broadway, New York. T. P.ktebso.n 4 "ros., Soft Chestnut Street, Phila delphia. N. It.—Newspapers p^b\i*hii)g the prospectus, and giving the Continental luon'.My notices, will be enti tled to *u c^phau^e. The I'rade supplied by Jjo.ay R. W.^lsb, Mc K..U.V Co., aud J. Vy. N-jaaw, Chicago, 111i uaia. CXRL lOVIt IIAln. feUoautity Vonrsi-11 HV USIXii CHAPPELL'S HYPERION. FORGUBUNCTHE HAIR. The Ladles and (le^tlemen throughout the worb' n'tly disco v- CilAl'PELL'S HYPERION Is the onlv* Article in the World! that will Cui 1 i-trii„'.t Hair. Th' only arlicle that W U I u e a i i I N E A IK GLOSSY CUKI.S IN SILKEN (XRLS IN FLAXEN CURiSC 4K PLOWING CLItW i Wwftkes the Hair sort and glossy. It inviynrates the Hair It beai'tilie* vae Hair. It clcans.-s the Hair. It has a most delightful perfume. IT Plil.VK 'A UK 1EA1K front 1 AIJ.I\( till' Il it to the s«°ttlp. It is the only article ever yet discovered that will curl ctraiglit lluii in beautilul curU, witii 011 injury to the llair or scalp. Tlie HYPERION does not in any manner interfere wi the Natural Softness of the Hair. It neither scorches nor dries it. The HYPERION can be so applied as to cau»e the Hair to cut I fur one d»,v or for one wcek^or oue uioath, or for any tonger period desired. The HYPERION Is the only ai.tlclf In wo^ld but what can he counterfeited or tiui(ateu by un p. inciph rsons. To prevent'!his. we do nol offer it for sale at any Druggist's in the UuiU'd States. Therefore, any Lady or Gentleman who U»lres to beautify themselves by using tUe HYPERION, must incJuM tluf UAE IHULXAit., la a letter, and Address W.CHAPPKLLtfc Com llox M, Parkman, %)eauga Cc\., Oh And it w ill becaiefaUy scot hy otaU. Dec. W.IWI. No*. M,'** JTT UNW A A U U I A O I K A O Y Ttention k CO., Batisfactlon guarantee^!, Oommisaion Merchaata. Aug. 14, 1^61-ch l.Vy HE undersign would r«$pcctulh solicit then ofthe public to the facilities which ha now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WagT ON.H, of eery description, after the most improveil styles, as good as can be obtained East, and upousat* Isfactory terms. Thosewtshlng to purchase wlllpletye eall and amine my stock. All kinds of repairing done with neatness and it's pitch. Particular attention paid to Horse-Shoe ing, and all work warranted as recommended. Also, agent tor tl^e sale of Kirbv's celebrated Hark Testers, the best combined Reaper and Mower In uae A. BALDWIN. QtfamTa. Dec. 11.1SG1-40 I VUiw Cftly Market, front St. 2 \(oraeas^Ca^ollHouse. qTTTJMWA, IOWA. ii^iatrtfw f*^naii.«iiiFf iP'gfirtn* s °.^ Through the olton S ites, contain,np 11,.,,^... the result of aii extended toui in the sea-board Slav e States, just prior to the breaking out of the war, and presenting a .startling and truthful picture of I he real on'Ui..n of lhat region. No pains will he spared to render the literary attractions of the Continental hu*h brilliant and substantial. The lyrical talent of John U. Whittier, the seriptive talent of Bayard Tujlor, the eloquent pen of the Rev. Henry \V. Bel lows, are all promised 'o Its pages while aniongth»lr fellow contrib\^tors WlU be bone \ho are uutdUUn guished by marked ^neifgy and originality. will be pleased to learn that I have e n'tly discov- tions, ered an article lhat will rt'tii. the Hair. A new Romance by Vatb.oiel IUwthouk, willf By uaing CM A I'l'KI.L HVI'KltloN, Ladies and appear in the pages of the Athktjc early in the year. Gentlemen can beautify themselves a thousand fold, A new story hy the late Theodore Winthrop, author of "Cicii Dreerae," will be commenced in the Jan uary number. IS WAVING CI RLS: JN LUXURIANT CUH|4V 1 1 THEiuh»cri,ber, gir^te(ul for p»st favors, wi uld say In the pahllc\ hut hi market. open eil'nearly Ave vears ago, is still in full blast, wltliincreaseii facilities to furnish seasonable meal* ofall kiakt at all reasonable hours, at the Inw^ est living rate.*. Tallow, Lard,Sausages, an«l everv thlngusuallv kept in a I'lty Market forsale. The highest market price in ci»,h ]ai'l for FatStoel (7A!V IU. I-'* at Who\eia|e and Retail. Tr]ii» litvarinbly €a«b. 19 Thosehavlngunsettled accounts,or notes doe, wlllpleasecalland oar up. J. W.BROWN. Ottuiuwa.FeU.IUth.ISS9. —4S TKALE iff OT^rntvA half nni'E 4I\li\AIlT, commences Its fourth year (i n Afomi'ii/, Stuffniher !»/A, I Hf. 1, at the Preabyteri.vn Church and rooms att tche-L Four terms of u weeks each in the y Tuition from $8 to #A. according to br«ucha*(ladled Boarding c^n be obtained at price* to suit tbo time* j. M. MCELROY, principal. MimM.C. ItVLLOW'AY. I Mtas E WILSON. Asslstanta. Mao. LIZZIE WOODdTARD,DrawingandFraaca. R«e. 8. II trOJiCCSTKR, Oil Pt^nOaf. Aug. »l,ISdl. Oyer's Ague Cure. i »»i si4 MIA! e rYCTaa l»|{)SI K("n. K OF THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. For 18M. number will cnmmeiJ^e' 1 Volume of this Muginine. Its very large and still increasing circulation, is a gratifying evidence of public approval, and no Industry will he np-ired render th«- forlhcoming volume a4e)uate to the re quirements of time, so pregnant with great evrnls as tliose af to-day. The life of »he Republic, the beM interests of ti e nntion, demand of literature a manly and generous action, and the conductors of this jour yai will remit i\o efforts in enlisting the he -t talent of the conntrv to support with vigor and eloquence I \ho»e pi »u'.ipl«4 which Urace the great j.ijhlic heart I to stand Ann on the side of Freedoms aud Right. An I elevated national American spirit will always be fouul Illustrated In these pages. The ATt\^riC Mi'STiiiY will never give other than the hf^jfllt I erature, ami it will tie th•- constant aim of its con ductors to render Its variety greater and Ita attrac- I tions better each tnonih than the last. I Among the contributions already in hand for Hfii, the (ollcwliig will commend themselves as sufficient inducements for every f-tniily to provide the forth-' coming numbers fur household reading. I PaorKssnK AistsstzK w ill begin iu the January num her a (tries of articles on Natural History, and olh er kindred topics, to he continued from month to month throughout the year. The name of so distin (ru'shed a man of science in connection with this announceitiekt is a suficient guaranty (X the greatff benefit to be derived from hU monthly contribu^ Dr. Oeorjje R. Wlndshid, well known for his re^ mark able experltnenu in Gymnastics, has writteti for the Athmh-"The Autibiography ofa Strength Seeker," g! v iug an account of his method of training for feats of strength, with advice on matters of Heal'h. The author of "Life In the Iron Mills," and "A Sto ry of To-day," will cortribute a series of Tales during the year. Articles hy Professor James Russell Lowell, on topics nf national interest, wHI appear frequently. Ilayard Taylor hss written a story which will he printed in the February number. The Staff of Writers in Prose ar.d P-uetry con tributing regularly to the Atlaxtic Mosthlt, com* prise-, among its popular names, the following JAMKS RUSSELL LOWELL IIKNRY W. LONG, FELLOW KALPli WALDO EMKRSOV NATHAN IEL IIAWTIIOKNE C. C. HARWELL} W.IIUM GINSON AUTHOR of 'Life iu th» Iron Mills," ind "A ?:orv of To lav OLIVER WENDELL IIOLMFS JOHN G. WHITTlkR E. P. WHIPPLE BAVARD TAVLOR ClIAItLMPE. NORTON: OEOKOK E. III I.I. A I! I II EN K Y (ilLFS REV. WALT Ell MITCHELL MRS H. H. STOWE HARRIET MAR TINEAU CHARLES READE "THE COUNTRY I PARSON ROSE TERRY HARRIET E. PRESCOTT, REV. ROBERTT. 8. LOWELL TERMS. T,rt# tU-Hitnper Anntw, or Htinihrr. TtoafjMre csnt* Upon the receipt of the suhsci iptiun price, the Publishers will mall the work to a^y pi,rt o! the United States^ prepaid. Subscrl|tions may bvgil with either the first or any subse'iue^t number.— The pages of the Art. txTicare stereotyped, and back uuinht-rscan be supplied. CLUMtlNd A aNGMENTS.—Subscribers to pay their own postage. Two copies for five dollars 0vo copies for tn: dollars eleven copies for twenty dol lars. l'Qstage cents a year. Inducements (,r subscribing, lists of premiums, etc., furnished on application to TICKNOR FIELDS, Publishers. 133( Washington St.. Boeton. Dec. lllhiedl. I CAL.I., AND SEE A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Richard,, three story Bri Street, Ottun^wa. JUST RECEIVED THE LARGEST A380RTMF.NT OF STOVEJS Ever hrou^lit to Ottumwa. UK CITY TRADE: II .O MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOULD say, that with special reference to IhHtj n^ants, I have supplied myself with a stock »t Parlor, l»v» audI other Stoves and wares In my line, which for cheap i ties* and adaptation to the dem^ttiW ol the sefaoa, hare never been equalled in this market. N. M. Do not fail to eta nine my store mom and! oBtce StoTes before buvipg. Fifty Tons oM I roo wautjik Also old copper, hraaa, pewter, and rags, for which I will In atuyea autl tinware, the highest tntrkel prices. Oct 1^ l^kt- -chM-.'-li A. D. CV^VIIR. MBIT FO« I HAVE concludrd in virw of the difli'iiltjr o| eol-! lec'inganil the heavy losses r-«ultinK from the credit s.vsiein, as ex|»n»iveto mv customers ami iny aelf, as it n.cesaarily enhances prices as compel* the prompt pi* mast to msks, up for the failures of the flaw aodforirtful to pay theli biUs, to adopt,front Ultf Mate, th* Cash system Hereafter then. I shall require pay down in all cast*. No book", will b» k »pt and conieque.itly n tdy will e troubled with tiills. Thoac ha vlng unsettled accounts with re wiilp|rafe aall and settle. All klr Isof Meat krpt constantly go saml at reduced rates, at the City Market. Oct. I'M it. S.W.BROWN. •ii^.fn.. ypn-i mn u i n o n A v e i s e e n s #200,000 worth or O O S In MeroandtoaTrtr* at th« Establishments of J. S. KIMBALL & CO. Rt BLnbTV?i« IOWA. SO cases .itsorted PRIST*, Tr«.«« 5 tp If cts. pprysrd, north into I2.V cts .*0bales assortert from |to in ^ts. per yard, worth loto cts 2f bales ass'd CriTT"* KI.sxnkvs, from to 10 cts. per yard worth '2 to !T cts '26 bales assorted Rkn, Whiti and Yki -S 9SC1 I LOW ILL «K»UL Pus^Kl i", very low 2»haW» aworted lOiinnAMK. froyi K'tolS cts pet y worth in ic ij cts 111 lialcs assorted I.imspts, from Mtol&v's per yard, worth 20 to 2ft cts 2ft cases assorted Tl *m 8, from to 12 cts per yard, worth U to 20cts 1'easer assorted llli mi Shiktisu, 8 to 1i cts peryard, worth 12i to 14 cts 2S cases assorted S*Tl5rr, from 25 to 30 cts per yard, worth 73 to l.ttO: ?S cases assorted D» Lrafais, from 10 to 13 cts yard, worth IS to *3 cts. Alan DRESS GOODS la great extent and variety. Jlxi skUlLT Lutr. BomtKTH and Miu-ikkst Ooong Ne* Y"fk ^rlces! Alao a (reat variety of other Iij boodsaiiil Notlo a, MtTlin«v HATS AND CAM* BOOTS AND ^HOICS, Ac., Ac. CAHl'li'l'S C.-VUHKTSl In this de+^»r•Inen, our assortment and prices defy atyr nature of pororetitlon and will be fonnd complet* a04at sucl. orices as will suit alt. We alao have at all times a full assortment of CURTAIN r.OODS, OIL CLOTHS, SaaOKS, Tasspui, Coa»tcr.«. VT«, Mt**o*«, Ac., A O O E I E S Tn this department our stock *hnll It ttretil- rc7ia extent or variety, and never be found above the prices of St. Louis or Chicago, (freight added). rwAii goods soVi extremely low for ash »r p^O,l|\pt linv K1UBALL A Ci). Oot. 23, '.MO. •/fl W, tf. IIAYDF.I*. HAYDEN St, (Successors to H. E. Hunt k Co.,) W O E S A E O E S And Dealsrs in Im^i iW Imatie *i»« Ko. SI Main Burllnftoa, lo*k^ Jtaa 16, '41—4&-12-6ia NTEPIIEN T. ACHI'V, Book-Riuder & Pnper-KHlcr. BBlock. I/AKK BOOK Manufacturer 1 n Uoolbangh* Main Street, (opposite the WIGHTMAB HOUSE Buriiugton Iowa. Music. Maea*in«s. Perioi icals, Ac., Ac., iiound with neatness and despatch. &r I'iiUicular attention p&iU tw Kuliiip .1 ti*i work, of evor deicrlp^lop. [na4rch25-n4-y CHINA, or.ASS, U E N S W A E 1 WE \£W are no^r prepared to offer to the trader# general aMort in ent of French China, Quesxswahe Ot.AwvAKlf. of all styles and qualities, at prices that canfot Tallin i render satisfaction. Having visited Europe in person and made p»-rmanept aTangi'ments for the ditect ina portal ion of oui Wares, we feel justified in asserting that we can sell goods as low as ary house In the United States. Personswho are largely engaged in the hoslnifis can make arrangements with us to im port their goods directly from Europe at a small ad vance on the sterling cost. COAL Oil LAMPSin endless variety,at low prices. McKlTTF.RICK WHOLLSALB AN0 RETAIL O I E S AND MERCHANT TAILORS, •Vo. 21 Jeffpr«»n rt,i i- i _. Next door tf State Rank. fcrllBffl#!, r'Wl, WrOUI.Dpub'ic respectfully announce to their patrons and that they hare just received a large ami well selectcl «tork of Clothing and Furnish ing Goods also n Usgc assi'itment of CL0TH8, CA6S1MERE8 AND VESTINGS, Which wi II be sold at the Lowest Cash Price. pf* A|so, Agents for Sisokk's SKVti*" MaeaiafR |9*Ordcr by mail promptly attended t*. johs v. NRM.r. a. LwaaT'.PTia. March 20, I860. P. W. SOMERS ~. (^JANUFAOTI RER, Wholesale and Retall0*al«r PXJRS, HATS TTats and Caps Uy the case or dosenk a| New York prices. Ilats Ironed and Dressed ore( a&d warranted ta please. tl Jefferson street,two doota wet^af i. C.JKlmball i ts't K. E. ii\\n Wnoleaale and Retail Dealer In tgi «v ni DH iMs. tiii mcAL Off.fi, PA/.VTS, YESTl Ei'fi, oavacisTs' iHAisfjiiK, si acioAi. iNSTarMKKT*, arc.' l$l l!l,lN(iTON, IOWA. A t.MOl—Dealer in Dental (KStrunieDts. Hold and Tin Foil. Perfumery, Window Oias-s, a great vj» ietv of Fane Articles, Sporting and FishintiTackle, tw J. A?en* forSinlth's Machine Cards, and alip4p atarpatent aedicinea. nf*—'56—tf T. II. Weber. V T. TOWBRIDGE. o o yi an immense stock. FLANNELS, SHAWLS, very k MII.LER, Grtmea' Block, corner Vain ami Yaliey-jts., Buriiugton, Iowa. NEELEY & UEBSTADTER, i J. Winter. & 0 THEODORE ft. OTTER Wholesale Dealer in •00TS, SHOES, LEVI HER, 1SD I I Qfdataa'Block,Main s'reet, Buriiugton, ao8-* Iowa Vs I.. *t V m. PABMIIhNa Wholesa. k Retail dealers In i. a i it i it i u k o o *i HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, Sihoc»f Orarerira, Ar.Ar,, OOPPiVr FAH8DNS' BI.OOKi bS Jefferson St. Opposite llarrett House' n29-jr SnrlinQton J. IU it CD &€.<*. WfwJe* \U Dialer* it Shelf and Heavy Hardware, *fri cultural Implements of all kinds. F3IKI.I) & (iAlU)I'.N HKIiDS. 17 Jefferson Street, Burlington. Iowa. Aag 1 rt, '6,0—y A. w. sc w. iuPKvrnt, MA^N STRti-T, BURLINtiTOX, IOWA. ntali as is— ^|C««l.aAKDMM i:R WATi'HK» SUA Eli H'.l A'A", JEli El *, Silver Plalril Warr, POCKET CUTLERY, ACCORDEONS, Ike Walehtt. Clocka and Jewelrf. X3T REPAIRED AND V AkIAXTID. aff August I«t. iSW-ljfr. i%holrsalr WAAcraroa. J\cp»r*n:a. I. & .1. FKI GII. r* mud Rrinll Drulrrt t«^ .-v U N 1 U K CHAIR*. MATRASSES, ET4\ No. H, J*rrfipox8T%{ftt Bt'RMftCTON. IOWA HAHHKT BUR LISa T(L\. HOUSK, (hie Dolhir it/i't Fifty Centu fx-r tint/ Tende-tng thanks for the liberal taslotn *P'lfh\-^ta heretofT-extended to the llcvjs' .ke '*p- etri:My so- i liclts a eontlntianre t^reo^ wstir'pg s'i Im nai he come his guests, that hi the in .gt-nicnt of tlie l-tiillshtr'-p*. '-Is evrry efTot will be tnCOnteCtNo t'l. 'r ei.u .rl nd ijive (fem ralaatUfectiun. til v st, t»«l. PV1*' at the COrRIER OFFICE* 1 IvWA*\ cma^, n«Miac. iwatp«r«r. ^1 Rrspi-olfolly aimoyio. tOi PmUoc. uf t.h« Uou|e,f and the pul lie generally. thit to suit The times, th» rate »f fare for trav«,Uii. 'ustom Is reduced to /****£*•». at aaaaAMtaran palaga. k.& tARLINGTON ADVERTISEMENTS. CREAT OI»i:\I \€i OF OI K I ram en at stock ol Y O O S FANCY QOOD8 & DOME8TIC%, AT TI1E PHILADELPHIA 5T0B&, Large^ Stock in th« Country! TH$ CHEAPEST STOCK, HT** PtiM t'EXTy i.V THIS TO WS! CREEKBAUM, SCHRODER&CC At th« Philn«te!phi» S^r»s ni now o|),i'pg their m%.tt w $tcck of Fall and Winter Goods, Mlocted directly from the manufacturers and Impor ters, and which they will sell Cheaper titan any Iloutte in thi* City Just opening u targe aaaortaient of PLAIN 4ND FANCY SILK8, BLACK SJLA'S, AN If SILK LVSTJtSH. DE LAIXES, RUBEY, f4RAXEJT0Ea» POPLINS, T. II. RlltEf. TRAVELING GOOUS, Ky |ar tkelargest assortment In town *oda*M mlffa ces to defy competition. A beautiful assortment of Frenrh all Wo*l MERINOS AND DELAtNEt, •oM «bH|»tr tlias over before. CASUMERETTES and DElvriNO HOUSE, Corner Johnson and 2d 9ta., WOKIK, IOWA. GEORGf: a. DEMINO, 1 (Vat* oithe Barret Houae, Barllngton,) Proprie'uj^ OTTUMWA HOUSi:, Jf* F. ©UM1N Pr»prlef|^: Front StrttL, Ottnmvo, frnro. This House has been newly refitted and refurnished! The proprietor solicits n share of the public patrol^ age. ami feels confident that he can give satisfaction to all who may stop with him. PF" Large and commodious Stabling attached la Is House. th Jnly RENSHAW BOUSE, Corner of Lafayette and Harrison Street*, O S K A O O S A I O W A Aud a .lfaaamoijk »itfck N E W O O S Hawley & Son, Tatti leave to announce tothelr customers and the HAT*, CAPS. KO.\ I'.'AVS.BOOTS, public generally, that they are now opening and wiii l»e receiving the lirg«»t best t«Uclt4 stock ol Y O O S Groceries, H&TS'AMD 0AP»i BOOTS 4MB SHOES, a 4 rt\ t-V. :f N A I S A N 6 A S i •. fv, •. Glass yidQrocke^ l^ue, E$er b*c»ght thit maritf. a»tht tor •,'%« at the prisent low rates, a^$ Sold Cbeaper than fo(, P4.B JMH, PRODICB, r. 0 mm v HEEINOJ. a 51 CASHMERES, ^4 CAMELLETS, DOMESTIC GOCDS,' LINSEYS, and ^PERA FLANNELS "BASEETST BASKETS. Ca'i and see for yonrselree, and w* will *111 CO» Vlace yon that we acii by tar THE CHEAPEST GOODS, THE NICEST GOODS ami KEEP the BEST ASSORTMEH® lobe fonnd I the town, Gotten bail na. Selirtdcr. ft, Co PHILADELPHIA STOii^. N'A 2 A 10 .Jefferson Street, UURL1XGT0N. 10*1^ Oct. 11th, lifli)—31-81—y. HOTELS. a 3s C^_SS, A O S O S WORTH-WEST CORNER OF THE PUBLIC «QL*AKB W. .4, 4MOS, Proprietor. CDD1VILLK IOWA. ji 20th.lS5&,n»#*-jr. 0 KIN1S CLOAKS^iid a MAKTLBS. trimmingsTALL kindM. e* 0 0 tt Ik r* •SB? A N O O U S E SI 0 W 0 te W S GQ OH Approved Credit. %MT Call at the old brick and astisfy «unelv|9«4 11.* troth of our ileclaratloa. AtfH! V, J861-4-14 new i.nMUftir Vard. o rfnnv i. irtv'f. «*TI' have I" V-.r! at^i! .1 i-w--:. :t«i iw.i -tmyi!- v'--• hi. hlBl!l»- '.i- CV l' ^ns nboa'• nv«»v i •». we Xt ihi well all ak" *r*» »f OBleaoatljreaoaa***, nal^^aslI'r••u«•f^M,*. 4 y.. '*2 f- i 'S.ltfft---1 |?-jr •MM*

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