7 Nisan 1864 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 2

7 Nisan 1864 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE OTTUMWA COURIER. I.W.IOBRH, Editor. THURSDAY April 7, 18R4 The €«pp- rhfn4 Wmr. The Copperhead war in Illinois, seems to be over. Some of the reptiles Me under •rrest and Notaries are busy collecting evi dence to eoninci them. This cowardly attack on the soldiers W*M made on the fir*t day ©f Coirrt at Charleston. The Copperheads had concerted it before hand, and came numbering some 150. with arms concealed in wagons. The soldiers belonged to the 64th Illinois, and ware on their way to llattoon to be sworn in as Veteran*. A aoldier named Sallee put his hand, playfully on the shoulder of one of the Copperheads, named Wells, asking him if there were any Copperheads in town. Wells replied, yea, G—d d—m von, I am one. This was the *rjrnal for commencing. The Copperheads ran for their arms, and commenced firing at the soldier* who were scattered around.— Several were phot dead, including Maj. Vork a prominent Union man. Col. Mitchell w*s wounded. The soldiers rallied and with pistols and such arms as they could lay hands on, ad*d ht the loral citizen*, mad* so gallant a fight that the cowardly snakes in a short time, conrluded that the* had better take care of their carcasses, and skedaddled in all directions. Reinforce ments soon arrived, and parties were sent in pursuit, with the result labove stated— ibe capture of about 40, with the prospect ef the number beinc greatly increased.— The prisoners w'll be delivered to the civil authorities, and it is to be devoutly hoped will, on conviction of thU hellish attempt to inaugiu^f}(t,civil war in the North, be tang. ______ IATEST HEW*. Qtn. Grant has been to Ft. Monroe and affected an exchanee of prisoners. Tt i thought the National Bank Bill will be defeated unless power is given the States to tax th«m. Sec. Chase has made the National Banks depositories of monev received under the in ternal revenue, or for commutation under the same, and to receive subscriptions to the 10-40 loan. Gen. Grant accompanied by Gen. Sheri dan, the new commander of Cavalry in the Army of the Potomac, went to the front on Tuesday. The roads are In such a condi tion that a movement of the Army of the Potomac, is not expected for several week. The River is open at St. Paul, Minnesota. DSPSNSB or TUB er u BORDER—Indiana TNrs LADT'S FBIKND APRIL PLATES, and Ohio are takine *he most vigorous' measures to protect the Southern borders of those States from rebel invasion. Gov. Morton has call ed the Indiana out Legion, 20.000 men for •his piirpo«e, and the Legislature of Ohio have voted $1,000,000 to be appropriated to th» same object. General Grant is vigorously engaged in preparations for the coming camps ion against Richmond. He has assigned Gen. W. F. Smith to the command of the troops that are organizing at Fortress Monroe, which indicates that there is to be a movement from that direction, and, possiblv, the main column that is to capture Richmond will come up the Jame river. The Armyof the Potomac is in the meantime under-going thorough re organization, on a strong war footing, and it may require-another week or more befre this can be accomplished. We Tieed nor expect the great movement to com mence before the middle of the month. The election news is all one way. Uuion tickets elected in Connetticut Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, and Missouri, by large majorities. Cons' rratives carry Ft. Madison Columbus and Jefferson City, where there are Penitentiaries. RESTORED." The music of this num ber is the popular song by Ednor Rossiter. "I Lovnn THAT DRAB OLU FLAW Iowa News. The TTnion Ticket for city officers was elected in Keokuk on Monday bv a trium phant majority. J. M. Hiatt, for Mayor by 237, innjority. All the Alderman are Union. Mrs Gen. Curtis, Was been dangerously ill, on account of wh:ch Gen. Cnrtis was summoned by telegraph from Levenworth Mrs U. was sot much better on Tuesday, that the Gen. expected to stsrt back in a day or two. Wo City. ART. ror A pun,.—The number of this new two-dollar mag azine opens with a charming ateel engrav ine cslled "HARBT AND HIS I)oo." This is followed by a beautiful Style. Then we have two companion en gravings which will touch the hearts of all mothers, called "Tat "THE THE BEST." and is of itself worth the price of the number. The literature of this number is "Our Ned," Above the Clouds by Night," illus trated by a striking engraving Foreshtdo injjs," by Clara Augusta "Mistaken Duty,'' by Ida Mason "Good-by," by Mrs. L. J. Rittenhonse "Mabel's Mission "Jenny Mor* vis's Trip to California," by Mrs Margaret Hosmer "The Transformed VilLit|pg(** il lustrated by an eugraving, Ac. The Nov elties, Work Table and Flower Department are all illustrated by finely executed wood cuts. Published by DEACON & PETERSON, S19 Walsut St. Philadelphia. $2.0U a year. JCotice. STATS or IOWA, Adjutant General's Office, DaTenport, -I April 1, 1864 Fspere throughout the estate are request ed to publish gratuitously the following. The procuration money at present paid i& «en dollars for raw recruits, and fifteeu dol lars for veterans. N. B. BAKER, Adjutant General of Iowa. (By Telegraph from Washington.} April 1, 1843-12:85 p.m. T» G*u IT. B. Baker— Present procuration mon y will be pud for secruits until further orders. CHAUNCEY M'KEEVEB, A. A. are obliged to Hon. James Wright, our ahle Secretary of State, for an early co- py of the ''List of acts passed hy the 10tn General Assembly of the It be published next week* find this fa the Gate Eddyville is soon to be connected with the world and the rest of mankind by the telegraph. The poles are being delivered along the line for this purpose. WIWTK* WIIEAT.—Welearn from the far­ mers that the winter wheat in this vicinity, is not injured to the extent that it was at first »npposed to be by the severe winter, and that if nothing further happens to it in future there will be a fair crop.—Gat*Cilf. The public will do well to give a wide berth to a colored "pusaon," calling himself Jacob Chavoase and professing to lecture on "Life in the Rebel army." A small, slim built fellow, bold and impudent in his talk, is a native of Charleston, Southern Confed eracv was educated' at Sslamanca, Spain sneaks everv laneuase but the truth and Bnclish, daima to be a catholic, and'will gen erallv want his bills read in schools and to preachers, and propose,* to divide with the Sanitary Society the proceeds of his lectures. Mrs. Chavouse travels with Mr. 0, and di versifies the p*rformanee bv Rinsing. It is surmised that this interesting individual is perambulating the roontrv to demonstrate miscegenation" which the State Register savs is a eross between a "butternut and an Ethiopian." It will at all events be well for printers to require Mr. Chavouse to ac company his orders for bills with the cash. The gallant Union men of Fort Madison, we regret to l*srn, were defeated at their re cent chafer election by some 800 majority. r^lev. H. W. Cobb a general ar*nt North Western Freedman's Aid Commis sion, addressed the citizens of Ottumwa on Monday evening on the subject of his agencv. Mr. C. bv his facts and appeals favorably impressed his hearers, and a liberal subscrip tion was made in behalf of his cause. An appointment was made for another meet'ng last evening. Said ro*etine was organized bv the appointment of Mr. James Ladd, Chairman, and Rev. E. Clark Sec'y. Prayer beine offered—remarks by several persons were made, when it was agreed to form a Freedman's Aid Society of Ottumwa and vicinity, to co operate with tbe North Western Freedman's Aid Commission. The following Constitution was proposed and adopted CONSTITUTION or TOR "TTTMWA TRKED*AW'S A1P SOCIETY. ARTICLE 1. This organization shall be known as the Ottumwa Freedman's AM Society. ART. 2. Tts object shall be to collet mon­ ev and supplies for the relief of the Nation el Freedmen, from tbe physical, mental and moral distress in which they are found. ART S. This organization will co operate with the Northwestern Freedmen's Aid Com mission so long as said Commission shall pursue a policy satisfactory to the members of this Society and during this co operation this $oci*ty forward its collections of money and supplies as the Commission may RU crest. 4. Any person may become a mem­ ber of this Society by contributing to its funds. ART. S. The officer* of this Society shall he of gentlemen, a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and a canvass'ng committee of twelve ladies, who shall, jointly, constitute a Board of Directors, and shall be responsible for the efficiency of tho organi zation. ART 8. The meetings of the Society shall be held as the Board ©1 Directors may determine—not less frequently than once i.i each month. A IT. 7. This Constitution may be amend* ed at any regular meeting, by consent of two-thirds of the members present, and the Board may fill its own vacancies, occurring between the regular meetings. ART. 8. The annual meetings of the Soci ety shall be held on the 1st Tuesday of May each year. Officers were then chosen RKV. Da. J. DOCBLE WANDERER" as W. F. MB. BENJ. LADD, follows: COWLBS, President. Vice RSV. S. H. WORCRSTEB, Secretary. WILLIAMSON, FASHION also eugraved on steel in the beat Treasurer. Ladies Canvassing Committee: Mrs. Sallie Derin, J, M. MeElroy, J. W. Norrij, Maria L. Williamson, Worcester. Frances Devfa, Lawrence, Lad1t and Root. Washhume, 41 Ar»hur, Miss Lizzie MalMM, Several Ladiea spent the day (Tuesday) in going through the city making collections from individuals and families, and returned with the consciousness that a Jay had been well spent. The amount collected at the Pubite meet ings and by the Ladies bv private solicita tion* was $291,05. Nine Life Memhersh ips at $20 each were secured—and about the aame number of memberships for a year by the payment of $8 00. It may not be improper to ad 1, as a stim ulus to others in like good works, that the Ladd families after haying taken several Life Memberships on their own account— Mr. James Ladd made the Pastors of the Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist and Con gregational Churches of the City, Life Mem bcrs, by the payment in their behalf of $20 ach. This gentleman, an occasional resi dent among us,showing as he des, "'a warm side" for all our religious, moral and humane enterprises, helping by word and deed in every thing where there is good to be done, rtiay the Lotd bless him. Such as he are the Lord's noblemen I May their nunjbi fro multiplied. A Vicksbnrg corre8|Mndent writes On aceonnt of low water in the river the swamps in rear of plantations are dry, and guerrillas have free access to the river banks. In consequence of this, many who had leased plan tations have been compelled to give them up and abandon their cotton raising dreams. The reporter of the Colas co. war fer the Chicago T\rtu» was peremtorily ordered to leave Maliouu bs thy tiMiu-ain. And he feh,ir»»t bte«ai npi invoked in behalf of all. iAm. V /J f. I.- Hewi of th* Week. Gold in New York is to-day Quoted 165^(^1661 —Chicago Journal Later news from Europe states that the health of the Pope U improving. About sixty copperhead prisoners from Coles county arrived at Springfield on Sat urday evening, nnder guard of soldiers. Admiral Porter's fleet has captured 40,000 bales of cotton on Red river. At last advices his fleet was waiting for a rise in the river, to proceed to its destination. The rebels are about being driven from the entire Red River country. It is expee ed Shreveport will be taken without oppo snion. The Whiskey market is excited. To dav ales were made at !)9c. and rumor*that $1 .00 had been paid were in circulation. This is an advance of 4 per gallon on Saturday's prices.—Chicago Journal 4. Genera] Steele's Arkansas army and the late Kansas Army of the Frontier are both mov ing south to join General Banks' great Texas movement. The rebels in Louisiana have a report that General Steel captured Shreveport after u fight on the 17th.—Tbe report needs confirmation. The great Metropolitan Sanitary Fair, in New York, opened on tho 4th. The Mayor issued a proclamation recommending the day to be generally observed as a holiday. It is anticipated that this wiil be the great est Fair, in the extent and brilliancy of tbe exhibition, and in the amount of money that will be realized, that has ever been held on this Continent and what is the moi-e gratifying about the matter is the fact that it is all for the benefit of our sick and wounded patriot soldiers. The Chicago Pout a Democratic paper, publishes the following: MATTOOW, April 1. Most of the dispatches concerning the Charleston insurrection are grossly untrue. There was not the slightest provocation. Three days now spent in taking testimony, the'*how* PUn to murder all the soldiers in Charleston. The leaders were John H. O'Hair, Nelson Wells, John Fracer and others. About one hundred are implicated thirty-seven of whom are now nnder arrest The ringleaders escaped. Efforts are being made in the aurrounding counties to rally rebels, but have failed. They are believed to have all disbanded and fled. A body of i 200 was reported in Jasper yesterday, going I South. Eight deaths have occurred, five Jof I which were of soldiers one other will die. The soldiers were unarmed. All the rioters came armed, with extra guns in wagons. Four additional prisoners wers broeghjk in this morning. Iswa Leflilsinre. DES MOT*!*, March SI, 1864. The session having closed, presume this correspondence will herewith also clo«e. I desire, however, to explain an set of the recent Legislature whieh may bo a matter of considerable inquiry in many parts of the State. I refer to the purchase of the Cap itol building—that is, the building hereto fore used in this city as the Crpitol. Tn 1855, a enmnany waa oriranised in this city, known as the Capitol Association, the ohject of which was to ereet a building in this city which would be naed by the State, after the location of the Capitol her*, for the purposes of a Caqitol. This Aasoci ation borrowed from James Eads, of the School Fund, the amn of $40,000, giving, as security therefor, mortgages on some city lota, both vacant and itnnroved. The building was erected, and rented to the State at the nominal sum of $1.00 per an nual. Tn the crash of 1S57, the oroperty mortgaged to the Sta*e became almost worth less. The question presented to the Legis lature was purely a financial Wis a ques tion of dollars and cents. The settlement and compromise sernre to the State the Capitol building, over eight hundred acres of land in Warren county, and some eighty in Polk, besides various ot« in the city, the whole estimated at $40,000. Had the State declined the ad justment and »rooe«ded to foreclose and collect, it is doubtful whether one-half this amount could have bean realized, as the company is hopaleaaly insolvent, aa well in dividually as collectively. The nine hun dred acres secured to the State was not morteaged. and is given to the State aa an inducement to a compromise. And now. this perplexing question is settled, and re moved from the halls of legislation, and, in my opinion. State is the gainer, finan cially. know that future General Assem blies should thaok this one for disposing of the subject. One other act of the Legislature also wivh to refer to. It was charged that the recent General Assembly was unfriendly to country newspapers. I am willing to ad mit that, in the defeat of one or two bills, 'he House, at least, subjected itself to the charge of unfriendliness to the country press, yet. tn the passage ot one aot,« exon erated and redeemed itself. The price al lowed by law for publishing the delinqutnt v I,**, at preswnt only ten cents a de scription, and there is now no law govern ng the price for other'legal advertisements. The law just paaaed increases the pay to twenty cents s description, and fixes the price of legal advertising at one dollar for the first, and fifty cents for each subsequent insertion. The great failure of this General Assem bly was in not effecting a settlement, a final permanent settlement, of the title difficulties in the Des Moines Vallev. These troubles and doubts have retarded the advancement of this valley more than all the financial re vnlsionsand civil wars the country has ever seen. There is no valley in the great West which presents greater inducements to aet tlement than this one. and yet the title to half the land above the Raccoon Fork is in controversy, either between the Des Moines Navigation Company and the railroads, or between the railroads and the settlers and. consequently, thou^anda ol braad and beau tiful acrea remain vacant and unproductive. The session closed at 4 o'clock in the morning, Tuesday, 29th, aod the members are now, many of them, at their distant homes. The parting was exceedingly at fecting. Many of the members give free vent to their feelings in copious floods of tears, whilst others left their Halle singing the "Battle Cry of Freedom." Every harsh word had been forgotten, and Heaven's i Thirty-Eighth Congrees. •otTsa. Washington, April a.—At tho expiration of the morning hour, the House went Wholi .nd" wimM '"he «iz«1 h»» consideration of the National Bank bill. Pendleton called up his motion to recon sider the vote by which the House disa ereed to t'-ie Senate's amendr.tent to the Montana Territory bill, and asking a Com mittee of Conference. lie said the Senate's amendment, striking out the word "white" was to give negroes the right to vote in the Territory. It was an amendment different from what had heretofore been incorporated in such bills, since the Republican party came into power. This party had ignored their precedents. His object was to give gentlemen an opportunity to determine Beaman, of Michigan, wwsM not argne the question, whether it was expedient that negroes should vote er not, but as the mat ter stood, tbe House has already refused to consant to the Senate's amendment, and ap poited a Committee of Conference on the subject. He moved to lay Mr. Pendletoa's motion to reconsider on the table. The motioa of Beams* waa agreed yeas 3 nays 4$. The House then resumed consideration of the Raritan Jfc Delaware Railroad bill. Sweat, from Maine, spoke against tbe bill, believing it had no warrant in the Constit ution er laws of the country. Harper, of Massachusetts, offered an amendment to the sixty-fourth tbe National Bank bill, providing that any bank or banking association now organized in pursuance of thelawa of any State, der articles of which prohibit Hooper said the New York Bank of Com merce'desired to come under this law. It had a capital of $19,000.000'and had done more to sustain the government tbsa any other institution. Daring the debate some gentTemefi reward ed Hooper's amendment as making an in\it dicious restriction, and argued that the pro viso of the bill should be applicable to sill banking institutions. Finally Hoopers amendment waa adopt ed 49 against 45. Wilson, of Iowa, i»ove«l to amend the section providing for the redemption of notes so is to confine it to Now York, Phil adelphia and Boston. This was rejected. Without concluding action on the hill the committee rose and tho House adjournal. Whereabevt* Forrmt, mu4 Wirt A4aa«, IfemphU, April $. Us Forrest, at last accounts, was at Jackson, Tenn., apparently preparing to travel South. Chalmers i» report to have a considera ble force at ftrand Junction and Boli var. Grierson's oavalry is all evt, and will give Forrest some trouble. In a fight near 8omerville, Tenr., Col. Hu-st's 6th Tenn cavalry reports the loss of 3 officers and fS aen killed, wounded and missing. Advices from Yicksburg to the 39th re port all quiet. No news has been received from the Red River expedition. Lee and "Virt Adams are reported near Canton, Miss., with theirtommsnds. Foreign Hews. Wiw Yoac, April 4.—The steamer City of London left Liverpool at 11 o'clock a m on the 23d, and Queenatown on the 24th ol March, which arrived here this forenoon Tbe London Morning Herald says unless Napoleon and Maximilian recognise the South, tbe Mexiean Empire win be a fruit less expenditure. No additional lighting in Jutland. Semi official Copenhagen papers say Den mark has not acceded to the anfcistice, and cannot entertain surrender. It is stated Napoleon is much gratified by the expression of Bnjland's sentiments in the recent Maxzini debates in Parliament. Latest via Queenstown, Liverpool 4th say Lord Ashbnrton is dead. The King said we are still alone, and know not how long Europe will look on acts of violence perpetrated against u«. We are ready to do everthing that may serve to es tablish peace, but the period is still distant when we shall submit to humiliation and peace. The liiobe saya me n.mperor Maximilian will adopt a policy of strict neutrality to s- A- n—«-j..... -urvTwroment NASHVILLB. Princeton N.J, majority. Tenn., April 4. Genera! Sherman, after a careful and gen eral inspection of the troops and the posi tions in East Tennesee, Northern Georgia, and Northern Alabama.*has returned to his headquarters here. There will be a concert of action between the various commands in his department when the campaign opens The commencement of active operations will depend upon movements at the East. It is believed chat the rebels hsve entire ly evacuated East Tennessee. Bull's Gap is now held by our forces, and the where aboutsofthe reels cannot be atcertained. There is little dmbt but thst Longstreet's entire force has *one to Virginia. Forrest's raidm are still in Kentucky, and some of these on this aide of the Ten nessee. It is presumed that other forces are trying to jop him from West Tennes see, and that a aid through Kentucky and across the Ohiowill be attempted. has gone Union by $0 4'J Towns ir Connecticut, give Bucking ham Union, 400 majority Incomplete Mums Indicate the election of the radical andidate for Mayor of St. Louis, by 200 ajority. At the electki in Leavenworth Kansas the polls were t*en poasession of by s mob, the Mayor and larshall assaulted, and the city authorities defied. Full particulars feaea not be*" Jeetved. Riot at Leavenworth, ST. LO^IS, April S—The Demo crat's Leavenworth special says that at the eleotion to-day, the polls were ™b in date, and that Mayor Anthony and many of his friends were knocked down and brutally beaten,—the city Marshal was assaulted and danger ously wounded. Armed men took possession of the polls early in the morning and defied thd city authorities. The military were cal Were was whether they were prepared to say that was absent. Intense excitement ex negroes should have the same rights in the ists and the best citizens denounce territories as white men. He, therefore, the election as a farce and a fraud, wanted the House to adhere to its disagree ment. Hod on by the Mayor to pre­ serve order, but refused assistance. Gen. Davis, the commander, issued stringent orders that the soldiers should not visit the city unless they entitled to vote, W the order openly violated. Gen. Curtis The copperheads are jubilant. Other dispatches say that Mayor Anthony tried to excite a mob, closed the 1st and 4th Ward polU, but that tho people compelled him to open them again. Cincinnati, April 4—By order of Gov. Morton, an entire Legion is ordered to hold themselves in read jiness to take tbe field at any moment, to, |t° repel invasion. A Grand Review of the Legion, numbering 20,000 men folly armed and equipped will be held on the 18th. The Gazette's Knoxville dispatch •ays Gen. Stevenson advanced to Bull's Gap Railroad and put the tele graph in order. Kridges and trestle section of work are destroyed on the Knoxville and Chattanooga R. R. A rumor saia S,000 repel cavalry „n. were marching on Cleveland, Ohi«( bUV'w 1 specific changes therein, may be changed or converted into national banking asao- troops in Gen. Butlers department, eiation, without any ehange in tbe articles and personally conduct military Mer. of association, and its directors at the time atio fts. of the change may continue ia office, and Gen. Meade, in written state their successors may, from time to time, be ®ent to the War Committee, asserts appointed or elected in the umatr provid ed in the article of association. "nfirmalio'1' A Washington special says Gen, W. F, Smith will command the that he never issued an order to retreat t'rom Gettysburg on July id. It seems to have been written by Gen Butterfield without orders. FArrnrui. MIMISTKBO OP Ha A LrmMaJh» ex amining the vessels st various wharves we Bnd among the curiositie* of our eoaraerce the brig Miranda, just in from Truxillo with a cargo of Honduras Sarsaparilla for Dr. J. C. Ayer ft Co. of Lowell. So particular are this Arm as to the articles used in com pounding their various remedies that they have this drug, like some others they con sume, gathered for them by a skillful agent sf their own In the tropical regions of its growth. He informs us that there are many species of this plant, but two of which Dr. Ayer's medicines are sold by J. L. Taylor, in Cttumwa, and by druggists gen erally. A MAGNIFICENT RAILWAY CAR­ RIAGE.—The director* of the Great Eastern Railway Company are con structing a specimen of railway car* riage, which, for luxury and beauty, can only he compared to Cleopatra's valley. Talk of "purple sails, and sails of silver, and pavilion of cloth of gold the carriage which is being built at Stratford for tbe use of the Prince and Prineess of Wales is quite as fine '*1 wish I was a Princess," the little lady plaintively says in the nursery story "then I could have su gar candy for breakfast." So we al most wish that we were a Prince then we should ride upoa quilted satin, with our teet inches deep in in a velvet pile carpet, and hang our hats upen frosted silver pegs Let our readers only realize the splendor of the drawing-room on wheels which is to travel to and fro between San. drigham and London. First of all it is twenty-six feet long, in separate com partments, so that royalty can stretch its iegs. Then it is seven feet high, so that royalty's traveling cap, or roy alty's head inside it, will not knock against the roof or try unwilling con clusions as to relative hardness with the glass of the carriage lamp. The interior of his mansion-in-miniature is hung with blue silk, brocaded and bordered with silver, and studed with the same metal. The handles and furniture are all of silver also, deaign ed to exhibit everywhere the triple plume of th« Prin?« termingled with the same emblems on the inside panels, the Danish Cross appears in all directions, the carpet, woven ad hoc, reproduces the same ornaments. Even the outside is gor geous, for it is to be painted in lake and gold, with the royal arms and the badge of the Order of the Garter in those spaces where vulger railroad carriages carry the description of their claw.—[English Exchange. A GBBAT CURIOSITY—A WHITE DEER.—About four years ago a pure white deer was seen near Rice Lakes, in Anoka couty. Last week another was seen near the same place and efforts made to secure it. Three or tour days since a boy living in the vicinity saw it again, and by good management shot it dead, and bro't it to his city, where it was purchased by Robert Holgate, ou Jackson street. It is a pare milk-white, with pink eyes and hoofs, and has not a spot of any other color on its hide. It weighs seventy-five pounds, and is I perhaps a year old. Mr. Holgate intends to stulf it lor a cariosity, Which it is indeed. This deer is a lusos natura. There are no purely white deer in any part of tiie world, and this fawn is a mere freak of nature, tbe same as a white blackbird,'' or an albino. It is certainly a great cariosity, and suoh An one as Banjul would give fcudrtda fc» alirt,-~St Tanl Prwr. DIED Mare* 81st ISM, C. FI.MER, Infant inn off. M.aaS ChtHtttt Saunders Aged 10 months sod4 day*. I hrlst called It away to heaven, •*re ta wing* vera stafaed ffca of McDowell, the copperhead candi Oapltal Stork Circulating Note# outstanding.. Profit and Loss ... Due to Banks and BaokeTt.... Duedapoaltoraaa daaaani...... ST**tnr|nw», I On ami are really valuable in medicine the qualities of these are also affected by the time of gather ing, mo^e ot' curirg, ete operations which in that region 1 unreliable workmen in*pot ess heavy labor upon him. One of the in ert varieties of Sarsaparilla grows wild in our own forests, while several other*, nearly worthless, abound in Central and South America. Wo can but commend and bon er his employer* fur the faithfulness and energy with which they execute thair trust as miniiterii~lo the public health, aod WF suspect that this cours» is at least one of tbe reasons why tbeir medicines are hald in such extraordinary favor throughout the civilized world.—tftiD York City Newt vita itS^ heavenly gates'flew opea And the little bird flew In. •e lay tweet babe sad take thy real, Oed called the away he thought It beat. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. gXTENSIVE IMPROVEMENT ea aaaaaM eTthe large leeeeaee* Aaaaa* apoa JLH. SHEFFER, a CD. Groceries, The* hare made lar*» addition to theli Store for recelriof th»ir spring »tock which If ju*t arriving from the Mead of Market. It ia wall known here they aell O E A Oatl CHEAPER! CHEAPEST! rOR CASS for the worth of your enev. O. 8IIEFPER, A Co., Oppoalte the Motional Bank. Apr I, ISM. OTTUMWA, I0W4. QUARTERLY REPORT 4S,9M on 188 OS |10«.S08 48 tasamss. so,«oooo 4,0H) 00 1,19ft 78 7S 2S 89,410 44 ,• v 910M9Q49 tM» ftftit ffay af April, Count* of W»|e1|« 1S64, Ternon*!!* ran? b# fore the undr-rtlfrned, A Notary Puhllc of said county, Wffl^T B. BanniSrld, Pr«r»llent, anil Jo»ejh Fi»1d Caahler of the Slrrt National Bank of Ottumwa. *h* beitiK dul.T aworn upon their oathi, a .t tlmt the fore (Toln* a true »n! accurate (tatemeDt of the affairs condition of #iid bank on the morn ln« of the Srat tiajr of April, IdSt. W. B. BONNI PI n.D, Prea. JOSEPH KIKI.D. Caah. 8uh*rribe] Hi ifora I* the H»T and year above wriltan. u. B. HIXDE*«HOTT, April T, tSM. Notary Pa bile. A GENTS WANTED—To sell by ti-"uhscrlptlon an excellent, illustrated and low- flih irl'«d history of the Rebellion. It U In both Pnf- i and German. Also »e»»ral other beautifully I lllunratud, Intereatlnr and valuable family work*. Alio for Pedler# and Agcnta a (treat variety of Ple tnrea, Battl.'Scania, Portrait* nf eminent Generals and Civilians, rait for the Album, Sc., together vllh a larie aMortmant of Stationary PackagM.— Th«a« goods sell well. For Circulars, with terras, address HRNRYHOWB. Ill Main Street, Cincinnati. I TST OF LETTERS remaining in 1-4 the Post Oflc* at Ottumwa, Iowa, April S, 1864 which if not taken nut oa or hef.r« four weeks frn« date, will b* aent ta the Dead kettar tt iDKtea City. A ulerson Jhn AntoM R' wnrts A W 9 Bassauth J"ha Bteiwati Mi+O Burn* U*tr it. N«ah Banter. S Rurie Bal^nm E Burl E lia!lard W CI:uvlurL 'ollan A Sltorl Clark t'uWer CuopiM' A ''o TVinnaltv Nelson .Tatnljl* VVm Orr A W 1'hlke Joseph P'.-tkiws Wii» Ross IteyiM.ld* N Ito^«Ts Elen Miaa 9'amin Lt A Smith Allen Sell Sitii'h Jntne#^-" Sn.iih Mrs Taylrr. 1. Ttavis Tatet Rh* Teirell Tayler W ui Wil»n L'trf i Wilson II Wl,i.n Lnpy William.H W D'Vtie .hn (Jr.H-n Gi*huiu I) A GiMrn Jam?* I lulu F.*a Harris A Mim llallrn O it Houk Hm»«*r Henrv ll«*w« tt Klbu •I»n* M*rjr KH JUS, Nancy Jane Kuhns O Krnt J.»hn [Mis*Wilson E Miss Yoang Nfrs Persona calling for th* above letters will pl*M*Mjr 'ad*eill*»d,"aad what v«*k aUv rtiaed. J. W. NOUSIS, P. M. CLOVERatSEED—A fin« article, is for snle «. g. SHEFFKR'S. March '24, 1S»4. meitlFpil SALR. By vlrtaeofan Execution to tn* directed, l*ea*d by the Clerk of the District Courtof Wapello County State of Iowa, I have levied upon aad will expose to public sale at the front door of the Court House, in said County, the following lescribetl property to wit, situated in said County and State Lots four hundred and *ig hty-flve in Block No. •leven, (11) 1 n Randal and Ingram* addition to Agency City. Said sale will take place on the 6th day of May 1864, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M„ commenc ing at Id o'clock A. M. The said property having been taken at the suit of David Hauthiue, Vs. Phebee Williams and Jackson Williams, to satisfy said Execution twenty-two dol lars and Ave cents interest and cost*. She.iff1* 0 ffict, OUumwa Iowa, April 6th. 1844. O. A. DERBY,Sheriff. FATHER AND HARD-WARE J-iSTORL Manufacture* and D*al*r* I n Leather, ar* reapeet tally uoUfl*4 af th* fa*t that tb*r* 1* «. tet rat* •taakaf E A E I of all kinds kept cpBlfcatl1*' BeiT fhcunlc* for procarln* larrs and well aelected stocks, are confident this house cannot l« surpassed in quality or cheapn*** *f all arttol** in oar 11 n*. Ilav* a larg* stock ot SADDLER Y HA RD WARE, AHB«AO0LKS IN GBBAT V AM1BTY a» WlwlMtoM4 lata!!. A larga a***rt«*nt of Whipt and Collnrt, Trmcs and Halter Chains, Curry O0tnbt dealing extensively is «n%d Bruthet, kc de W*uld also call attantlaa Ika fact Hwl w* ara HIDES, PELTS, AND WOOL. Tha** having such artlcl**t**«ll In larg* or*inall «. etting thefr value in *tting their value M. CHAPIM, Aft. lot* can always depend an cash. Ottai •wa, March, 111S64. QRCHARD CITY FLOUR STORE. Ma. tt, Mala Street, Burllnftoa, Iowa. Ottanwa Kranch Orchard City .fll To facilitate our Western Ti ade, we have opened a branch store, near the freight depot of the B. A R. R. It. In Ottumwa, which will be in charge "of Mr J. W. Kice, who will keep on hand at all times, a full supply of all the choice brands of Flour manufactur ed at the "Orchard City" Mills, by Putmau, Olmstad A Co., of Burlington, CDOUfl(h to aving undertaken to tell all the Flour they make, our prices coaipete with nn/ thiog in the mai-krt.tnd V) th# ciaallly of the Klour can lie relied on. ATL*»TICC*BL is made from the choicest selec tions of WHITB WiiTia Wheat, and for Pamily use. baa no rival. OacHARDCitv is a good Winter Wheat Plour, and a favorite with Bakers "II AWK- K V* STATS," IS a desirable brand of Spring Wheat Flour and gives good satisfaction for Kamlly use. Our prices at OttLinwa, will be the same a*la Bur lington, AnDIKUrHIIOHToNLV. Both Stores Iil keep on hand a full *npply of Bill f*e I of all k lads, Ordera by mail should be addr***ed to Jam** W. Rice, Ageat ,Ottnmwa, Iowa. J^AFOR-SAVING MACHINES fAKMCRI READ TfltlSt Tfte ondenlgnrd wonld acreage to the farnaraof low* Ibat IJ« «T111 continue* the Afftn^y for th«fe| lowing valuable labor-earing machines it It' 8 or 10 \vri4 )Season, V'ednesday •'GOODS OP THB V* F1BST NATIONAL SANK OV OTTUMWA. aaaocaoaa. Lotas a nil Olscownta S19 0R4 44 0»»r-1raft« S4# 0« Dap from Banks and Bankers S,XM 74 Due froi» National Rank* 4.6^'i 89 Spec! an other lawful monsr of lha j. 8. 48 Cash Items an-1 Revenue Staoipa 8,77.V2» Bills of Solvent Banks S,t47 00 C. S. Bonds d»pnsited with Treasurer Uni ted States and on hand Tkrtthing JfaeUmtl, Tht" Tmprorni Clvttr 0vll*r," Mali*' Combir.td Rmptr and MovtP, Wood*' Mtnctr, fX» Jfe ctltior nff or Drojpin§ Rtapmr and Mon tr Combiner!. All fhe«e machines warrant lo be ma le of goe* material* and to do th.^lr work WBI.L. I have aied on my own farm, and am therefore personally as qnalnted with all except the last mentioned, for which I hare Just secured the tR-rncr, and I hare arery reas n for conftrienee In Its ability to perform What It promises. As the mamifHrtorte? are frequent ly nnafcle to supply the Incresul r.j demand. It wou'd t* well far those waating reaching for the ending to let me know at their earliest conreiilenee, hat I may sretire them. Aflei April 1st 'HI Jtrfy tst, I expect to travel tho i n e o e A a i o a e i n o n a y a liorne, at Ottumwa from noon of each Tuesday till noon at Mt. Pleansnt on Thursday at Turlington or Frldsrs antl at Pairfli-If on Saturdays roqulres which tictci I will be happy to rre my rntloain, by mall will receive prompt a' ten lion. Address, WM. FM.IOTT, Mar. S4, 18M-4w Birmingham, Iowa, fPIIE NEW JL HKKALD- YOftK WEEKLY TBE CHtAPK&T PAPMB 1M TUB WOBtB, Th« extensive anil comprehensive faclll ties fkf possession t-nables the proprietor of the WIn KKIT IlkRiLD to guarantee the latent and rao*t reliable In formation posslb'yto be obtained, not mlv from all parts of the United States, bat from all part* of the world. H«*liome correspondents, enraged .it heavy cast, and connected with each new naral and military expedition of the government, prove that It Is deter Siinel to leave no spot uncovered by Its opsrtktlons, anil no event can occur that shall not find immediate *«poi» in its colamns. Its cests the proprietor over ne hundred thousand dollars per vear to mallitala lie corps of correspondents in the lirld. Ini.s collation of Poreijrn News the Rilil.tibs* lor years held a hipb position, and it will endeavor to the future to maintain the *tand It has tsenmed.— 11 has special correspondents stationed lo all of tha principal cities of the world. Its telegraphic arrangements e*teod to wh*i«Ter the electric wires are stretched. When tie Atlantie cabie is laid, which feat will soon be accomplished, telegrams will be received from Europe ant! Asia, aa well as from the Pnited Plates. Thea our reader* will have the events of the week in all parts of the civilixed world regularly and cle irly laid bsfore them. The proprietor devotes a portion of the pa per to Literature, Fashion, Agriculture, the Mechan ic Arts, Sporting Matters, Business, Theatlcal and Financial Reports, Cattle Markets, General Newt, and reports of all event* calculated to form an ex cellent metropolitan newspaper—•* weekly nfaot*. graphic view of the events of the werld—and all at a very low price. The WKKKLT HCBALD ISIssued every Satarday nor niug, and furnished at the following rate*— One ''opy $ 2 Five copiea .. Three copies ft Ten copies 10 Any larger number, addressed to name* ef fafcscrW bers, *1 ,50 each. An extra copy will be aent to every club af tea. i Twenty co,ies, to one address, one year, $2A, anS any Urgrr number at aame price. An extra copjr will aent to clubs of tweuty. Advertisements to a li.i ited nambOT will be InMrt* ei in the W KMLY IKILD. The DUN IIFRILO, three cents per *opy. Tea 4at lars per year, for three hundred and slzty-thre* l*« aues. Fire dollars for six mouths. Two dollar* aa6 .fifty cents for three months. JAME.H GOltDON BKNNETT, Editor and Proprietor. Northwest corner ef Fulton and Nassaa streets. I New York city,*% i There ar* no travelling agents for the Herald. I March 24, 1864. UNITED WhII- Lchinairii Jtiha tt Lint 11 Mwg L«-ntz o'ge WrDomn-l „(»sf!ph A MrClint'-c Mr^ajet Mathfw* Lizzie 2 Rlnleahe Thos MfFay Maigarot .M-irtow STATES INTERNAL BSVINUC. ANNUAL TAXES FOR ISH, The attention ef tax-payer* l» hereby nftttft* tha provisions of the United States Excise Law relativ* to the aasessment of annual taxes. By the sixth section of the act of July 1.1849, It ta made the duty of all persons, partnerships. Arm*, associations, or corporations, made liable to any ao Dual duty, license, er tax, on oa Hkroaa THI Fiasf WO*DAT or MAT IN *ICH TEA*, to make a list or re turn to the Assistant Assessor of the Distrirt where located of the amount of annual Income, the article* or objects charged with a special tax, and the bast, ness or occupation liable to pay any license. E*«ry person who shall fail to make such return *"y the day specified will be liable to be assessed by the Aaaessor according to the best information which he can obtain and in such case the Assessor i* r*» •uired to add fifty per centum to the amount of tha items of such list. Every person who shall deliver to an Assessor any fa'se or fraudnlt nt list or statement, with intent t* evade the val.i.ition or enuinerai ioo required by law, is subject to a flne of five hundred dollars and in such case the list win be madeout bythe Assessor or Assistant Assessor, and from the valuation an4 •numeration so made there can he no appeal. Payment of the annual taxes, except thos* for llfensrs, will not be demanded until the thirtieth dav of June. The iiancs on which to make retara. and nil necessary Information, will be furr.ished by i-T. '1 ACKW IRTH, Assistant Assessor for the l«th Division, tn whom the returns should he delivered •it or before the flrat Monday of Mar at his offle*. wO""!"!'*- OfO. il JKROMS, March 10, 1SM-8# U.S. Assessor 4th Dlst. '^JEB/UJVOTICES. LRKAT NOTICK. To Martin ChandK- r, Rlizalu-th Chandler. Henry •. Harding and Elixaiieth Hardin)!— i You are heretv notified that the petition of Jamea D. Sturjfes, Buckingham Stui cea and James McCon. nell, is now on file in theofficeor the Clerk of th* District Court of Wapello county, I wa, pr«jing th* foreclosure of a cert.-iin riiortK^ife executed by vou to petitioners, dated May 16th, 1SW, up..n the follow In if described real estate. In Wapello county, Iowa 4*-wit: The east half of the north-west quarter th* We.st half of the north eaM quarter, arid the north etift quarter of the north-east quarter of section se*. an. township seventy-three, range iliirteen west.—. Petitioners abo claim judgment against vou, Martin Chandler and Henry S. Hardin* for six hundred an I •eventy dollars and eighty Are cents on note giveo by you to petitioners, which said mortgage was glv *n to secure. And unless you all appear anil taa!:* drf«nse to said detiilon on or before noon of the sec ond day of the next term of the District (,'ouri of said enuaty, to be commenced on the iiOtb day of Mar lt#4, default will be taken against you and judgment rendered also decre* ot purcbaa according to urav *r of petitioners. M.J. WILLIAMS. ^P Tt 1S64-11-I# 4w Alt'y for pctitloasra. LFOA I, NOTICK. latateaf Wm. M. Bak*r, Adololstrtiara Real estate. Notice is hereby flven th*t In pursuance ef aa or* der of the County Court, of Wapello Countv, Iowa, this day made. The undersigned Administrator the estate of William M. Baker, late of said eeanty deceased, will bn th* 2ftth day of April, 1864 belwesa th* hours of 10 o'clock, A. M., 4rid I o'clock 14. commencing at II o'clock, A. M., sell at public auc tion all the Interest of said deceased at the late r**|. dence o I said daceased, in the lownshipof Compe tlne, County and State aforesaid In and t* th* fo|. lowing described real estate thirty-one acre* off *f the west side of the north half north-west quarter ef section No S. ia Township T.I range lowest also th* three-half north west ^ectlonll, township J5 rang* 24, in the county of Story also five acres in th* south west half ofsection Ne 1, township seventy four, range thirteen west In Keokuk county al*a west-half of Lots No. five and six In block flv* 'la th* town of Martinsburgh. Keokuk county, Iowa. Oa* third of the purchaae money cash in hand and th* la tlx Mt] nine months from th* daj of filg_ C, BAKBOUR, AHBIInlstrater. K*tate of W. M. BAKKK Dee'4. LEGAL XOT1CE. Ta A. M. Tcager, Joseph Yeager, John K*rby aa* wlf*. Samuel Nutter ami wife, and tn» unknewo heirs of James E. Wondel— You are hereby notified tha*. th* petition *f Joha Eeno ia now on file in the office of the Clerk of th* District Court of Wapello county, Iowa, claiming the partition following described I Ml situated in Wapello county, lowi to-wit The east half of the north-west quartirof section ten town* ship seventy two, range twelve west and the'uorth east quarter or the aouth-w est quarter of sectl JII ten township and range aforesaid. Said Rene claima that he la the owner or one -half of said land Now nnlesa you appear and make defense to said petition on or before noon of the seceod day of the next term of the District Couit of Wapello county Iowa to be commenced on the 80th day of May, 1B64, default will be taken agalurt you and decree of petitlMtt* rendered accordiag to prayer ef petition. M.rcb LDGAL KOTICR. To Rebecca Scott, Henry S itterfield. RebeaaaSataM^ field, John Myers, and Mary J. Nvers— You are hereby notified that the petitio* ef St*p phen Loy, Minerva Loy, et als is now on file I a tha office ofthe Clerk of the District Courtof Waa*U« county, Iowa, In which the plaintiffs asks th* parti tlou of the followingdesci ibed real estate in Wap*||* Bounty. Iowa, lo-wit: Th* east halt of the north *a*» quarter ofsection twenty-five and Lots four andflv* In section twenty-five and the east haff of tha aouth east quarter of section twenty four all la township seventy-three range fifteen alset'hew*M half of the south-west quarter of section nlnet**T township seventy three, ranre fourteen. Nowaslm irnu appear and make defence to said petition oa n! ?°n0T1 °. e Dd of the n" Ilarah IS, 1844-61-i6-4w i e u o Rar»h 1 rl of the District Court of Wapello Countv, Iowa, to be eo£T me need on the 80th day of May, 1S64, defaalt will ka *aken against you and a decree rendered in aeearS. aace with the prayer of petition. M.J. WILLIAMS, Att'y for Petltloa A LEGAL lfOTICE. To J. H. LCI—Sir You are hereby nBtiCed thalth* petition of O. C. Warden is now on flic In the offlc«of the Clerk of the District Court of Wapello county Iowa, praying the foreclosure of a mortgage exeeut' i by you to Benjamin Hammltt, dated April 25th 18S1 upon the north half of the north half of the north' east quarter of section ten also the east half of th* east haif of the uorth-eaat quarter of the north-west quarter of section fifteen, township seventy-one Kange fourteen, in Wapello County, Iowa. Said titlon also asks Judgment against you on note ef *a*9* date of mortgage, secured by said mortgage, for three hundred dollars. Now unless you appearand make defence toaald petition on or blfore noon ef the ond day of the next Term of the District Court ot sal* county, to be commenced on the 80th dav of May, ISW, default will be taken against you and judgment rendered against you for two hundred dollars and ia. terests and costs and a decre* ef for*clo*ar* acc*rA ta prayer ofps J. WILLIAMS, Atl rar PatWe«lt. t,tMH*

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