12 Mayıs 1864 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 2

12 Mayıs 1864 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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1 1 THE OTTUMAVA COURIERJ i W.KORKIIt, Edltw. THS1KHM¥ Mny 12, 18 W. Lalc«t N«tr«. The Utest dispatches received yesterday noon, represent everything tcoing on well with Gen. Grant. He had beaten Gen. Lee at all points, and the two armies were engaBed i° a race for Richmond. The fighting of the four or five d»ys wu terriac, and our wounded are esiitnivted at 10.000, FredericksVir? wu* full of them. Thev will be removad to Washington speedily as possible, where arrangements for, their aocomadation are perfect. So fir the pros pect on the north side of Richmond is most cheering. On the sooth of Richmond, Gen. Butler has burned the Rai'road bridge at Stone Creek, below Petersburg, catting HI two Beauregard's forces at that point. Hte is a' Burmudi Landing, entrenched, and «ay« he can hold it, with sunplies, which have been ordered, against the whole of Lee's army. He al?o savs Gen. Grunt will not be troubled wwh any further reinforcements to Lee from ft-'aureenrd's force. Butfarim the key to Richmond in his hands. Fort Darling is reported captured. From Chattanooga the news is cheering Gen. Sherman is whipping the rebels in that quarter. Gen. Thomas has taken Tun nel Hill and our "forces were advancing on the enemy at Bnzzard'9 Roost, just nwth of Dalton, in three several oohimna, wider fcfc Pherson, Thomas and Sehofleld. A great battle w*g expected there on the 9th. The reports fiom Banks' department are not as favor: ble as could be desired. At last accounts Banks was at Alexandria, on Red River, and had been summoned to sur render. fie has been superceded by en. Canby, who has probably ere this arrived there. Supplies are also on the way. Strin gent orders 1'avegone to Gen. Banks to pro tect the gunboats on Red River at all hns?*rds. Gen. Steele has returned to Little Rock His expedition was not a success. lie saved most of his army, but lost 1400 wafion« with supplies. The 36th J.owa arc reported to be prisoners. "J '. LETTER FROIt COT. STONE. 200 JIEN FROM WAPELLOt OR ,THE DRAFT MUST COME. HtfjforT. C. WOODWABD,Ottumwa. Si* Tell the people of your county that they must raise two fall companies un der the 100 day call, or I shall be compelled to order a draft there, as I am authorized to do by telegram received fiom the \v ar De partment yesterday. The 10,000 from this State must be raised, and if draft is neces sary, it will take place onl^ in the delinquent townships and counties Yours, W. M. STONE. 'Ai soon is filled your companies will rer portikt oncQ to Davenport, via Burlingtott. Jf»hn Homer, of this place, was arrested a few days ago, for beating his "better half," taken before Esq. Boyd, and bound ofer, and in default of $500 bail, was sent down to Derby's hoarding house, to medi late upon this breach of conjugal fidelity. Esq you will be sure to lose every cop ., perhead vote sho'd you be a candidate for re-eleciion, if you ibn't look out. It is true you had no jurisdiction in this case— the law made it your duty to bind Mr Homero"er to a higher court but then the Con-stitu»Rhun, Esq the con stitu shun pxpressly says that it's un-con-Mi-tu-tion all guaranuteed by Mason and Dixon's line and Missouri cum promise treasure, to make a man go to board with that abolition Derby just for whipping his own lawful wedded wife—his own property—a wife is property, so are jackasses and niggert—ac cording to the Missouri compromise aod the Congtiution both. Then he was a little elevated, just a little, not drunk, and this was only the seeond or third time in less than a year he didn't quite kill her, you know. Have a little more regard for peace and the Constitution, and not so much for tbei»tr«nd testimony.— JZddyvUle Star. vV Stale of Iowa. XtJRTANT GFNERAI.'S OPFIC|,I i I.-: Davenport, May 6, 1864. Qehervl Order» N~o. 14. 1 I. All Commanders of Militia Companies w this State, which have volunteered for the 100 day call, or commanders ofCompa nies raised by Recruiting Commissioners from this office, will at once proceed with their Companies to general Rendezvous, at Davenport, upon transportation passes as heretofore directed. II. This does not apply to Regiments raised in the First t'ongresBional District, which will rendezvous at Keokuk. Col. Culbertson, A. A. G., is ordered from this Department to Keokuk, where he will act as A. A. G. and A. M. General of Statr, for the purpose of organizing troops tli pre. IV. Ail tropps raised in the First Con gressjonal District will report to Col. Cul beitson, A. A. G., at Keokuk, by Saturday, 'the 14tb inht V. Enlistment papers for troopj in the '^ihit Cougressional District, required by 'general oiders No. 11, will be deliverej to Col Culbertson, A. A- G., and to Captain T. W,. Walker, Q. S. A., at Keokuk, the last nahifil officer acting in behalf of Lieut. Col. "\V. N. Grier, 1st U. S. Cavalry, Mustering Officer of the State. Bv oider of the Cm»rnainler.in-Ch|iC. N. B. RAKER. Adj't Gen'l of Tha Eighth Annual State Convention has 1»a*n '*all'd to rafft at D«« Mon.#«, July 7th. 1 The War. Hard Fighting in Virginia. tee Forced to Retire with Heavy LostT Ghrcm* ffeft in Possubbftm of tlte iField, Rebel Loss 3,000 IQlled and 10,00^ us Wounded. COMBINED LAND AND NAVAL MOVEMENT UP JAMES RIVEJR BUTLER AT PETERSBURG TEN MILES FROM RICHMOND TWO DAYS FTQUTTXG— THE REB ELS DRIVEN TWISTY MILES. Forward TOorcment. Headquarters Army of the Potomac, May 4.—6 A. M.—The Cavalry skirmfshfng and artillery duell ing will likely make UP iitfiy»frrTi¥Winfii •rwnuim order to march, issued from (Jen. Meade's hendqmrters yesferday mornini, was disseminated through the army by evening. General Gre»g's caval ry division, accompanied by a portion of a canvass pontoon train, moved yesterday evemnpf towards Richfordsvlllie, and was engaged, uiitH te at night, repairine the road to EPi«' Fhrd. Soon after mid night that d'vision moved to the ford named1 and estibli-hei a crossing. At midnight the 3d cavalry division, with another por tion of a cmvr»ss pontoon triin, left for Germania F»rd, ftve or six miles above tbis p'ace, to establish a crossing It is re potted at this hour that both effrts were successful. The advance- ofthe W enrfw, Hancock coiwiMinding, broke camp at midnieht and moved titmn Stevediburg and Riohfords viWe rood towards Ellis' Ford. The entire corps were on the march before 9 oNjfocV •his morning in the same direction and ex pected to effect a crossing soon after day light. The 5th corps, under Qen Warren, com menoed tnovir!» »t nvdoiglK. the advance', consisting of twro divisions of infantry and a portion of artillery, passed through Ste vensbuvg at midnight, closely followed by the remainder oj" the corps, all marching towards Gormania Ford. The 5th corps was closely succeeded by the 6th, under Sedgwick, which qu'tted camp at 4 a. m. and both the 5th and 6th corps are understood to be crossing the Rip idan at Germania Ford. The entire movement resolves itself into the crossing of the Raptdan at two fords towards the right flank of the enemy plac ing itself after crossing on a line nearly par allel with the river between Orange C. H. and Chancellorsville. At the present hour the movement is under way, and there is a probability that it will be successfully ac complished without severe opposition by Lee, to whom this bold push mu«t be more or less a surprise. It is not prohahle any serious eitgng-imnt wili 1»o f»u'»h? to-dav. WASIII.VQTON, the day's fighting, unless the enemy contests our advance io foroe. Washington, May 6.—Gen. In galls ays we have fought two days. The enemy are said to be retiring. There Reem to be on doubt that although nothing decisive has yet occurred, the enemy ha9 been foiled in his confident expectations of diiving Gen. '•rant back before his operations could he fully developed, and that Lee has been com pelled to give way. The fact is, the en emy has uniformly been able to strike his heaviest blow at the outset. Thus their suooess has always been owing. He has now failed. The casualties reported are Gen. Hays killed, and Gens. Getty and Gregg and Col. Hays and Gen. Owens wounded Gen. Hancock is reported to have received a slieht wound while rallying his tmn to resist A. P. Hill's onset. Two of Gen. Burnside's staff are reported wounded while carrying dispatches. WASHINGTON, May 8 —Their seems to be no doubt of the d^ath of Gen. Hays of Pitts burg. Pa. He held the position which bore the brunt cif A. P. Hill's attack, and fell at the head of his command just at the mo ment that support had been ordered forward to cfaoh hitn. At the latest dates Gen Banks was at Alexandria, and intimation has been given that he designed to leave that position.— Positive orders from Grant require Gen. Banks to afford a protection to the gun boats in Red River. His foroe is (strong en'tuirh under competent command, to bid defiance to any force the rebels can bring against him. Arrangement* for supplies will be made with energy and calerity by M=ij. Gen. Canby who has gone forward to the field under upecial instructions. WASOIKTOM, MAJR^ 8.-r-The Jlepubljcan Extra says: Grant hurled his entire army against tbe reoel army on Fnday. Lee was driven three miles, leaving 3,000 killed and 10.000 wounded in our hands. Grant is master of the field. Lee is iu full retreat. Grant is iu hot pursuit. [Htrald's Extra FT- MOVBOE, May 6—8 p. M,—-Our TROOP* under Butler are in pouwssioa «if Peteis buig. [Tribune's Dispatch.] WASFUNQTON, May 8. —News has reached the Government that Sherman is fighting his way through Tunnel Hill successfully and pressing upon D&lton. The enemy is falling back leaving his dead and wounded in our hands. Tbe news is glorious as far as heard from. Wounded Sttiat te Washington. The following dispatch from Washington to Gun. John A* Dix. at New York, has been received. Washington, Ma 8—9 a, m. ''We have no official reports from the front hut the Medical Director has notified the Surgeon Gen. that our wounded were being *ent to Washington, Mid will auusber (J/MjO to 8,000. Mny 9 —Gen. Ingalls tele graphs from Old Wilderness Tavern at 11:30 a. in., on Saturday, that the enemy are said to be retreating. Oen. Butler has sent a dispatch, ho n. Bermuda saying that he had nwdu a« de monstration azainst tbo railroads between Petersburg!) and Riohmond, and has sue ceeded, after pretty severe fighting, n breaking the communications. Gen. Beauregard is commanding the rebel forces at IMeraburgh and Richmond. This, authentic fact disposes of the state ment that the reh*ls htl burned Petefs. burzh after evacuating It. PNILADET.PHIA, May 9»—TTie fMTowtftg. is aspec al to the Evening Telegraph Washington, M*y 9.—Communication has been- apened with Gens. Snith and Gilmpre, who are near Richmond, and have been fighting. There was no flghtitm yenterday and our army is believed to (J* suc cessfully. Fredericksburg Tmq been occupied and the railroid i« bMng repaired. The Star's Extra says Grant has a field full of prisoners and had adranced to Spotsylvania H. A verbal- mewwigo received at Hil'eck's headquarters by a messenger from the army states the battle c!o«ed to-day, the enemy having fallen back 12 miles. General Sturais had a fight, on Monlay last, near Boliver, Tenn., writh a body of" Forrest's men. the bitter being defeated. It is believed that Forrest is rctrea,tiig into Mississippi. General SturgJs is in pinsoit. WASHINGTON, May 8. Midnight—The government up to ten o'clock to-night had not received any particulars of Friday's en eagement. This is the report of those who made special enquiry. .. Three thousand of oar wounded wtMse injuries are slight are to be cared for where they now are, while the others are to be hi ought to Washington. It vras heard in Alexandria to-day that some injury had been inflicted on the Rail road by Mosby's guerrillas. Th? train te not yet In Lce Army In fnll Retreat—Fed eral Army Pnrmincr. WA^MSOTON. Mav fl—4*. *. GEN. Dtx :—Dispatches hirn» jnst been received h«re direct from G"n. Grant Thev are not fu'ly d«?-inhered yet, but he is on to Riohnwnd, We have taken 1.000' iwt'aonersi (Sig««d B. ANTON, Sec'y of War. WA«MWMW, May 9 —4 p. *. A bearer of dispatches from General Meade's headquarters has Just reached here. He states Lee's army oommenoed falling? back that night Friday,. Hanoock pushed throug'-. Spott.jylvania at daylisht yesterd iv. Our headquarters at noon yesterday were 20 miles south of the battle-field. We oc cupied Fi ederick^burKh. The dspot for our wounded is established at Fredericksbmgh. (Signed) ,. E. M. STANTON, ", Sec'y of War. WASHINGTON, May^'10, 1:30 p. m.— To Mnj Gen. Dix :—T forward a dispitrh thi« moment received from Gen. Duller. It tella the stnry. [Signed] STA9T4IT. General Butler's Position. The Timet' special from Jame« River the 5th has the following: To \fij G°n B. F. Butler I am told is exclusively due what ever oredit shall result from the inception and execution of the plan. When foil' weeks slnoe Lieut. General Grant visited Fortress Monroe it was for the purpose of ascertaining the views of General Butler respecting an advance upon the rebels bv way of the peninsula to be carried out In co operation with the grand armv of the Potomac. Gen. Grant had considered the various plans propo-'ed with this object in view but had committed to none and was inclined therefire to listen attentively ?o what Gen. Butler might suggest. The se quel proves that the proposition of Gen- But ler fully commended itself to his judgment n nd acqtiiesenoe. By the occupation of City Point there a splendid chance for exultation here and we are devoutly thankful that City Point has become ours without a struegla. The Union forces are securely planted in a splen didly advantageous position within 15 miles of the rebel capital. Our troops are landing as rapidly as possible. It is now 3 o'clock, and before nightfall tha greater part of'he immense army will be disembarked. Our line will stretch across the narrow strip of land, the left resting upon James River and then passing over the little river Appomat tox the prolongation of the line will reach to the James asrain, holding that al most insular position oalled the township of the Bermuda Hundred. Entrenched here with both flanks of the army protected by gunboats, we can bid defiance to Lee's co horts. if ant's sharp pressing drives them down upon ui. The position i«cun sidered admirable for seriously threatening Richmond. Lee's army is now between two fires, and should our cavalry raid seriously impair his communications south, stvMktMn will be added to his other troubles. HEADQUARTERS NEAR BERMUDA LANDING, May 9. to S. M. Stanton :—Our operations may be summed up in a few words. With 1,700 we have advanced up the peninsula, forced tbe Chickamauga and safely brought them to our present position. These were color ed cavalty and are now holding the po«itiop ss our advance towards Richmond. Gen Kauntg with 3,000 cavalry on the same day with our movement u the James River, forccd the Bltckwafer and burned the rail road bridge at Stopy Creek below Peters burgh cutting in two Beauregard's forces at that pojnt. We have landed here, entrench ed ourselves, destroyed many miles of rail road, and got a position. With proper sup plitfs we can hold against the whole of LeeV army. 1 have ordered up the supplies.— Beauregard wita a large portion of Lis com mand was left south of the cutting of the cutting of the railroad by Gen. Kaunt$.— That portion which reached Petersburgh under hiui I have whipped to-day, killing and wounding many, and taking utiuy prisoners, alter a severe apd welt contested tight. Lieut G«o. Grant will not ba troubled With any further reiufurc^tseols (o J*ee Iroui Beauregard's forces. (SiguedJ B. F. BCTLSR. Maj. Geo. Commanding. .....an, From Fort re** Monroe. NEW YOUK, MM &—A telegram from Fortress Monroe Tth, reports that on the 5th,in«t. tlte 1st and 2d Regiments o! Color ed Capalry, under Col. West made a dash across thj Chickah tminy River, and two companies dismounted and charged, into the camp of the 46th Va. Caialry. killing 80 men and capturing 80 hordes. The hor ses were immediately rnnted by our troop* who pursued th^ rebels to wkhjri.10 miles, of Richnvndi O o 6th ittsfc our fbroM who hfi(Mand •d at City Point moved1 on Petersbursh, when the enemy immediately set fire tathe place and abandoned it. On t' .rning the same day Ihe U".S. gunboat Commodore Jones, while on picket duty in. the Junes River near Turkey Bend, was blowtv lip by a torpe lo, one of the segar shaped. Several of her officers were killed* and some 40. wuund'id. T*»e rebel who had" charge of the torpe lo waa shot andi tun of his companions made prisoners. NEW Y BK. Vfr»y 8.—-The stea-rw»r West ern Metropolis frvn. FSrt M-uiroe May 7th. reports that on the 5th. inst. tha 1st and 2d regiioents of colored wvali y undor Col. West made a dash across the Chiokamauga river and two companies dismounted, charged into, the ca'np of the 46th Poan sylvanJa cavalry^ kilting 80 men and cap t'irini 80 horses. The horses were im ne diately mounted by our who pur sued the rehels to within ten miles of Rich mond. On the 8th irst. our (hrces who had land ed at City Point moved OT Petersburg, when the enemv immeliatelv set fire to the place and abandoned it. On the morning of the mime date the U. S. euohoat rrv modore ine», while on picH-ft duty- in the Jstnps riyer n,ar Tiv key Bind, was blown so bv a torpedo One of the segar shaned Several of her oflcers were killed and some 40 vmill. T'n rehsi w'i ha 1 chir?3 of the torp?do was shot and tvro of panions made prisoner^. OATOO. May ft. W-80- ft —'The sfearaer White Cloud from Red Rlrer report- the rebels in force on both sides of the Tiver with batteries planted above and b«low the falls. She was fired into below the mouth of Cane Rver, but no one injured. The gnoboat A 1-niral fared worsd, being badly cripnled. Six of er crew were killed and wounded. Gun boat No 4. was ve*y ravvh disabled and bail to be towed to Natches. She'Is explode inside, riddling the boat completely. Eight ein were killed and rnanv wounded. The transoort Meteor was also badly damaged and towed to New Orleans. The enemy attacked Greenville, a small town opposite Alexandria, hut were driven back by the Qiinboats. Thev have driven in the rebel piekets at With places several times. The Federal force is now e«tfmated af 35 000 strong. The rebel forces were quite heavy, under Kirby Smith. Magruder^ Tay lor and otheta. It is reported a flag of truce with a de mand to surrender Alexandria was sent to Banks tbe day the boat left that place, with what result is not known. The steamer Gen. Grant arrived at Mem th»«i and reports having learned at Pin" Bluff that Steel- with h«s whole force had arrived at Little Rock still followed by the enemv, having lost a'l Ms wagon trains and the greater part of his artillery. No fear« of an attack on Little »ek are entertained, it being strongly fortified. The wounded were being brought to Pine Bluff, which Is also fortified and considered defensible against attack. The bod v of Capt. Bradford, 13th Tenn Cavalry, massacred at Ft. Pillow, has been found. The oorpae was bars with evidence of violence. The steam -r Bel.e St. Lonis from Mem phi® has one day's later news. 1st Iowa Cavalry from Little R.»ck 5th were on board enroute home on furlough. They confirm former aooounts of Steele's Ins* of his trains and artillery. Our loss in killed, wounded and prisoners is es imated at 3.000. The irreater wiion of the 36th Iowa, 77th Ohio and 8&d III. were taken pris-mers. Col. Drakeof the 36th Iowa i« severely wounded From lew Orle:uiu N»w YORK, Mav 8—A telegram from N«*w Orleans via South w^st tss, April 30th received bv the Tribune p«r the s'etm er Morning Star says a skirmish has taken place between Grand Ewe an 1 \le*iodria Oen. Lucas of our rear euard engaged the rebels under Whart»n, two or three brigades strong and fought him day and Slight for three days. The rebel* have about ten thou sand cavalry and harassed our forces until withi«»seven miles of Alexandria. Ourforees were under General Emorv. LOUISVILIB. Mty 8.—\ squad of truer rillaa, under C^pts. Wallace, and Thos Wade, made a raid into Princeton, Caldwell oounty, Ry on the fourth, robed st rea of a lar^o amount of goida and stole many horseN from citizens. Rumors fro n Nashville nn Johnson has retreated from Dalton to Atlanta. Sherman's foroea have passed Tunnel! Hill without opposition, and are outflank• ing the nbeUat Rnrzard Rv»«t, [Sp cial to the Gate «Jity CAIBO, The alarm whoh existed at different aod employment of person* sentence! to points along the rirer a few d%ys since has cradunlly subsided. The activity in the Memphis cotton market ha* considerably abated. May 8.—The First Iowa Veteran Cavalry are en route for home on the steam er Belle St. V»uis, under I^iei|t. CQI. Jo seph Caldwell. Lieut. Col. Drake, 36th Iowa, has just arrived at Little ck as we left, His woui is doing wel) aod he will leave for home in a few days. B- M. RcvNotati't [Special to Gate City R«*pnblicau State Couyeiitiou. Pta.MoiNBS, May 10.—The Republican State Central Comtniitee has issued a ci I lor the eighth annual Republican State Con vention, to meet in tbia city on Thursday, July 7th. All loyal men are inyited to co operate, On Sunday week an eyte.isive oonfja gration belli the village of Kau Claire, Wis. Two entire blocks were consumed in the bear*, of the town. Tbe total loss is not le*g •ban $75,000, and lite aggregate Maor ance does not ezcead $ 1 tt,000. i'miiiltitfM irtiiwrrtfiif liffiiii Washington, May 8 -^-SENATK.—Mr. Foote. from th* Committee on Pensions, re ported hack the hill in relation to the eotn lM'Us*ti«n of pension agents with an amend ment. The passage of thft bjtf was recom mended. Mr. Cowan reported feaik the M)t to amend an act entitled "an act to promote the progress of u^efuj- arts*,'* Thj* bill grams six months extension, to,pjitenfoaa in which to pay their ft**, ft w*s passa The bill to amend the oharter of Wash ington City WM. oalled, u.\ by .4r. 9i«n, with an, a'npnd n^ent, comj^ll ng- the t)e% gistr.-vtion of col iretl citizena. ^tr. Dix i advocated thp immediate pas-iage-of the bill, as it. wou.d have ap imp,irt^U bearing on,thp Qtrthp-najng June election. Mr. Oowan moved to iaert the- word "white" as a qjialifica'ion for votwa. Considerable debate ensued on this amendment until the expiration of the morning hour, between CowAn and Willey in support, and Mr. *on in oopostttoi* to Mr. Cowan's amendment. The N itional Currenoy Rill was then taken up, and the anendioent offered yesterday by Mr. Sumner^ increasing the tax on the circulation and deposits and capita] stock, was rejected—24 to 11. HOUSR. MR. Davis, of Massaohuaatts^ IMA, tha Ounmittee on Elactiopa, reported two resolutituu, which lie-over ftxr the. present, one declaring that F. O. Blair la not, and the other that Mr Knox is entitle! to a seat in the House as. the Representative of the fiist CoTgreasionAl Oistriot in Mis souri. On motion of Mr. Farnaworth, it was resolved that when the House sdjourn to day it be until vi lay. Mr. Ganson, of New York, called up the resolution of the Ciuftnvttee on Elections^ declairing that neither Mr. I^SA, the sit ting member, nor Mr. Byupe, the contests ar.t, is:entitltvli to.a, s*fU as- the IV^prese'it alive of the Seventh O ingreuional District of Missouri. Mr. G*oon, in snnpopting the resolution, said that the imjority of the committee had^ after a retie*r of thft teitvrnay% c»'neto the oonchi^rnn that there was in terference in the election by a rtion of the srm^d malitia of Missouri. Mr Ufoi, of Michigan, a member of the Committee on flections, mane a speech sustain^ the views of the minority, namely: That Mr. Loan, is entitled to re tain his seat. He maintained, from the testimony, that there was nothing to show that in the districts especially named there wasc anything to work prejudice ta the con testants. WASHINGTON, May |4V—9*NAVFL.«-Mr. Sumner reported a bi'l to aljist th claims of alians. arising out of the present war. Mr. Hale introduced a bill to amend the act to establish and equalize the grade of navy line off|:er*. Mr Chandler reported a WH ta faoilittte trade on Red River of the north The h'li ta auth^ri** the organisation ®f a veteran volunteer en*in»er orp* of ar uv of tbe Cumberland, was taken up. Tbe clausc authorizing hountie* »retof »re •riv en to veterans on ro enlisting wis strioken out, and the bill passed. Mr. Colla?n«r's amend n^nt, that Binks shall keep one-fourth of th*» g*!d recaivjd on it'* interest oo fvwnin,nt th-i penitentiary by the Uoited States an thorities, in States and Tirritwies where there are no such institutions, wis passed. The Missouri contested eleoti ui cag'*, Bruce a»ain-it Loan, was then take n up.— Bruce presented his own o*se, o»»ntendin» that there had been military outrage* on the elective franchise to such an extent as to vitiate the eleotion. He disclaim*'! being either a Republican or a Democrat and declared that ha hid exerted himself by speoches a »I other vise to promote the came of th« Union. It was decided by 12 majority that Lean was entitled to hia seat. The Speaker caused to he read to the Hou*», a comtnun icatfon from the Secretary of War, inclosing a c«py of Gen. Butler's despatch ab »ut his successes, &3. Its rea 1 ing wa foM .ved b/ a »pi rise. TI»o House considered tho Senate's amendment tn th consular and diplomatic appropriation hill. The »yse adjourned "Linden^ild.*' N Y.. the country seat of the late Martui Van tren, co'isistin? of 800 acres of ego silent ftrmin? land, has been sold to $36,000.' Coal oil hW hd®n icsld "itiTTjr fotn 1 to he the tqost effective me-ins of protfeting rui trao4 a'tlnU curculio, by pl icirtg dnat Miur»ted wth lh«oil, At the (lot of the tree. The National Council of the U. S. of A, will meet at 11 o'clock, at thu N^w AsetD bljr ROOIIH,o ». ner of Hanover «n I Lombard streets, Baltimore, MJ on Motvtay, June 6th. 18'. 4. I 1ST OF LETTERS rcm:iiuininir I 4 the Host Office at Ottumwa, Iowa. Mav II, 1S64 whjch if not taken out on or before foor weeks from date, wlllbes«Dtt9 frfe«4toaJ hotter ottjee at Wash Ingtoq City. Admi^ Enum Hand Lucetta Broods Charlotte Jones Eliz* Miss Kenton Mary Kno vle* John Benson A I^ions lamer Benaon A VV John Brook* Andersfi Lontr O Cent John Matthews Liuk Gamp* Joseph iUry Etlf Hull fc Therein' j|c Shi»okley Jolitt Hickman Wm J'ennelha Hampton A Wright E Howell Lucy E lfiss W1 lev John Hickman Polly Wont) JS4 Hunt Henry .Person* calling farafcaabove letter* irlll plwuf 'adverMse^i" nd what week adv rtisrd. J. W. N0RRIS, P. M. YACCINE MATTEK-Warranted V freah aadpi^re, kept jconstaoiiy on haud andfor mtK UftClIT, Orjjggl.t, iU4RRirr -Miyllk.it thft mlctenc* «f Dr. Hawklnt, In th.i clir. Mr. CQKKAD LtK and Mia* MARY J. W.iOpRL'Kr. Aluo, Mr. AcH. UCKl-iN and Mis* A. U. 00D FRKV. NEW ADVERTISEMENT^ gT. CIIAUT.ES: HOT Eh. TOBACCO, Give h»nls until the resumption of spjoic payments, was re j"C.e,d 10 to 9f». Mr. Sherman's amendment, relatira to the redemption of their circulation no es was adopted. The bill was then passed.— Adj urned. IIOUSB.—JThe bll authoria'og thi tary of the Interior to contract for the core for N BY JOHN SIMON8, W Qorner of Conct and Saeond SU., OTTDMWA.tOWA Qool clean bedi, food compiajr andrta a»nwtl» ch»r««». 0T*House refitted and furnlnhrd newlj throagh out. Mar 1'i, 16. ^OOX AND SIIOE MAKER. N WAOHTLEf^ M«ln street, one door eaat of the Express OfUce. Keopa eonstantlf op hand a good- dioortipent of Iieather, djid Is always i endy to Nccojniuodatc CUS tpnic-rs with (food In tils Una. IVKEU^TTINGworkOA fcae short notice. »ay U, Sp»18W (^UNSMITH SHOF. i. In s Attention of n«nter» and Taffrt Aootere It taffcH the firm ot ihe uinU'rs5/r)t*d rh« ia. prepared 10 niMiiurHcture and repair *li kln,U of riften, revolyerj, ahotguns anil pl»|j,l». etc. etc., Iu t(»e est stjlt! apd manner »r.d on tliorl notice. Is All work done by me will be warranted. My shop on Market Street, 7-16--8m. LEWIS UUQ0 MASHK*. NEW MILLINERY STORE On Court, between Front and Second St $ *8acs f. C. AVWERD4 B«r »*a*e tm aannnnee to the Ledfc* oMMtMswia and •Iclnltjr that they ai e a boat oyenlnn cfcolee Keneral assortneot of Millinery Goods comisting of BONNETS, H18B0N3, CAPS, EE A D-DRESS$SV jrhlrh they «W he hitppy to exhfhtt to aft wtio Wfll WTW, •hfw. with i CHII. Will be open in ft few diyi, QlUimwa, S^ay 5,1S64-T 16-tt FAR FAMSB DR. WETR Or Penngylranla, announces to this community that he is a ,?rftctillon*-r of theOEKMAN, FKKN AND SPANISH mode of medical treatment, suc cessfully practiced of late In Fran e, Spain and Auierint. He lias been enpaifed several years travelin- and succe.-«full\ treatinK people who linger Under o)d Chronic Complaints. He not only ascer tains (he nature of aa formerly pra5ti edby Physicians, hut passes and liucuveO tJie cause however Intricate the disease may be. Kfc A LK COM PI. AI NTS, N togol In all their forma tre ted carefully ami conlldentially. 1 Ill visit and con •ult patients while remaining in town free of charge. Those living a distance and unable to visit him, can btt treated by sending liim a clear yUl futj of their morning urine, frura which tUe dU«Ase will Ue. ascertained. Ue will be at the OTTUMWA HOUSE from the 1st •ky of June to the Tib of June. Call early lor. he caAnot delay. DR. D. K. WK1R. REglDKNOfc—Ia Toled* for the last four years, Tama County, Iowa. EVV GROCERY STORE. The ui'dersigned reHpectfuUjr an»ot»neea to tbe citisens of Ottuoiwa that he has opened a Grocery store in the flrst building nortb of Lawrence A Cham bers new brick block, where he wl|| keep on band the yevy b^st Groceries lo be rouud in .be city, coeilst- SU&AS, RICE, TEAS, COFFBB, rL.o(JB« 4c«« .414* V PIPKS, AND LIQUOKS of all kin 1*. whtoh h» will s^ll at fhe lo»e"t prion for Carh. The highest market price paid in casb for all kinds of Country Produce. cue a call and 1 will aaslsfy yo« tkut what 1 •ay is true. CH 1113X1 AN AUVVKKDA. OUoinwa, May 5, ISM 6 16 ottumnr* PRACTICAL, S1MPLK 14 Cali'ian .Mary Piiillipn Franeb ft Creech Benton S«rgl Pit nun A Drake & A Jli'i-d Mary A. THE -r I A^ress Dr. sale by PKTLB UTtCllT, Druggist, deipbi*. Fa. Circulars sent fret. Nareh M, IfW front Ktreei, I Psb 96,1M4-49-16 7 NOTICE TO BRICK MAKERS. Notice is hereby given that the Hoard of Direc tors of Ihe City .Solirvil Uistriot will rcoeive fealed proposals until theldthor M«y, fir WiO.tlH) o lirick to be delivered in Julv, lSf4, if pos sible, and all before the of August, 1664. Also i»id WHII.15th brick in the Uy orrtor of ihe Hoardfl- J. *. HACKWORTH, April 2S, 184i 4w Secretnty, J^AHOR-SAVING MACHINES FAltJTir.US UE.%1 Till*.* The undei signed would announce tn the farmers Iowa that he still continues the Agency for tUefol* lowlng valaable laltor-savltig machines i itti'8or 10 horat Thrtthing Macklmtti mr A Nd* Y irk br lct?r for !MV4, i The "Improved Clnrtr //vl/er," BulW Comtrit ed hen per and Jfovep, llWrf«' Wood*'Jfover, and tie jQr- celxior #r Ifrof.pitig Reaptr aud Mm «r Cotul'iHtd, All th.se machines I warrant to be ma te of good materials and to do tlv tr work WILL. I have used on my own farm, and am therefore personally ac quainted with all except the last mentioned, for which 1 have just secured the igenc.v, and I have every reas n for cunfideriee In its abii ty to perform What it nromisea. As I he ma nu far tori #s are frequent ly unable to supply the incressing demand, it wo\^*d be well fur those wauling machines for the ensuing aeason, to let me know at their earliest convenience, that I may secure them. Aftet April 1st 'ill July 1st, I expect to travel the 1!nt of the B. A M. R. Railroad, being Monday at hotne, HI ottmnwa fmm poop pf each Tuesday till Wednesday noon at Mt. piensant on Thursday ut Hurlington oi. Krld\v» and at Fairfield on Saturdays at which tines I will be happy to see my cu«tomtM. Inquires by mail will receive prompt a tention. Address, WM. KLLlUT?, Mar. K4. 180t-4w (tirtniagham. Iowa, Also, agent for the sale of Horse Hay Rakes and the Buckeye Cider MlUa. JMPORTANT TO 1 W test Machine in Use. The •ttbaorlher begs leave to Inform the farmers of Wapello and adjoining counties that the above Celebrated Machine is t'utt ti oTnnwt, lowt. Of this tried and valuable piachlne, 'Itlle need be said. Over Forty Thotisaud sold in the United Slates alone, speak fur tbeuiteivts. 1 will say one word however of the New Self Kakur KVKliy Mct OKSJJCK SELR-RAKER used ioatead ui tlir Jland-KHker saves the work of TWO XtiX AT LEAST at a ttaM when labor ia not only high priced but hard to be jot at any price. The economy of using this Machine mast be appar ent to every Farmer, when he takes into considera tion, THIS FACT at the undivided time, attention and capital of lb l« firm has been ylven iw the hianu factijre and iHiproveipsnt of tljis machine a|o »e for Ihe last twenty year#. This experience has render ed the fnanijfact urei s at|e to bilrg their machine Into ii arket, knowing that In all its parte and oper ation*, and under all clrcumetapcp It i* pre-etoincDtly AK9 UU4BLI. livery p^r tel. all prove Just a* represented, and as an eviuebce ol the latth 1 have tu the uiuchiue, ftHibtied ou tie uiitioui«uel aucccae,! «ill viler tt on trial with Any other—Purchaser keeping and Paying fur the inu jjrrjtrrtd, ^arperi will flud it to their Interests to call and •p« aaui|«le uiachiue po* ejlubitiou tree ol charge J. t\ ALHUKILL, Ayent, 4t Devln Peter corner of Front and Court St* Ottumwa, Iowa. April *1 to July 1,1&04 FRENO!! PREVENTIVE. Nightly tmis».on» effectually prevented with out the use »if meuicinel.y the use ol "The French Preventive," the greatest iuveatlou of tlt« age. rru e tl- Bent pont-paid lo a II uarta ol the couutrv B. CX Kl 1», Ho* WW?. Part llflic* Phil.' ••!11 '*«p. p.mi "r-*' ItGAtAfQTfCES^ LEGAL NOTICE, 8tate of Iowa, I UaCount.r}««riof eal# Wapello flounty. county. To the Ttetrs of Andrew M*jor. lute of said county* dte'd, itnd a I nhom itrnm concern Notice Is hereby (.iyeii tnat on the flrct Monday o^it Aj.rXK )s44, there *i» proituced, onened and read Inl* open court an I nstrumnni la writing |urportln(f loi be the lust iII ami Testament of Andrew Major, deceased, and Ihat.tfcfl, fl»it Monday In June, 1 Sft4, at 1 o'clock, P. St., Ig -ct for proving the name in nid Oosrtj at which time you and all pemons Inter est i-d mny appear at my office and gh^w c'tuae why W i II should or nbeuld not be proren and estab• llajitdby said Court. 'f. 1UOIIAM, Jud^e of said County Court. Publish four week* In Vie Weekly otiumwk Cour, ter- I, BIGUAM, Judge. Aprll8^18«4-«-16 4* I/FBAI, woTim r—-r Zp tbf County Court, J«ne Term, 1*M. To J^hn Griggs, David Griggs, Horatio 6rlggj, Ana Hi tson, Wm. P. M. Oripgs, Eaton Oripgs, Wash iiigton Griggs, Matthew titig*s, Mynk (iriggs, Wil liam Griggs. Ann (frfggs, Punan Lynch and fcvnch. the husband of sAiil fluajin. at»d allthe heirs a(i"eth Griggs, late of Wapello countv, deceased, are heret.y notified that, there Is now on file In tha qfflce of the County Judge of said count y, to be heard onlthe fi Monday of June, lSt4, at 11 o'clock A. M., in aald Coart, tRepetition of llaratio Orlgtii", as tb- administrator of said estate, asking for the sale of Lot No. 1, in Hlock No. 7, Ui Hie town of Agency ttty.to pay the indebtedness of said estate. And untrsa yo*u appear wt my pfBce at the timesbove named and make defense Oirreto, the prayer of said petition will be granted and said real estate sold to the d^bts of said estate. T. riKUl AM. County Judge. Publish four weeks in Weeklv Ottumwa Courier April 17,1864 4w T. lslGilAM, County Jidgt' LFGAL NOTICE. SUkt of Towa, Wapello county. petition for Dower, In the Coanty Margaret Wil«on, plaint iff, vn 81 mm ton Wilson. Barrett Wilson, ITtiy Charles Wilson, Henry C. Wilson. Ira Wilson, Lucy' Wilson, Itoxanna Skinner, William SklnDer, De fendants Tusjthl defendants- yon and each of yon are here by notified that tlieve is now on file In the office of Uie County Judge of said county, the petition or said plaintiff, Margaret Wilson, claiming lower as the widow ut Davfd-WU»oi\, late of saiil connty,' deceas ed, In the (.inds owned hy said Wilson at the time of his decase, to wit the one-third in value In fee simple of K J4 N W V. fee 7:t, 14 W. Also S K !•, 8 Sec 18, 7!J, N K 14 W. Ami asking in said petition that Ihe same he admevsured and To ssid defendents- You are herehy notified thai there is now on tile iti my office the petl'lon of N. Hell'he administrator of said estate, setting forth thut tits personal property of said deceased, la in sufficient to pay the iadebtednes? of said estate and aski an order for the sale of about twenty acres of land belonging to said extate iu theKVSK Sec No. 10 I 11 township 7'2 N of U 14 west, described by metes and bound* in said petition, and the same is set tor hearing in said County Court on the first Mui»l*y U» wnv, !tK te o'olock A. M., when and. where you may appear nd show cutise why the pr iy er of said petition should cot he granted, and said land sold to pay off the liabilities of said estate. JAII default will be taken against you and judgment rendered also decree 0/ foreclosure according to ptaverof petitioners. »|. .1 WILLIAM*. April.7,1&64-3-16 4\T AU'y for petitioners. LEK.IL NOT1CK. To A. M. Yeager, Joseph Veager, John Kerbr an4 wife, SaM.u. Nutter and wife, aud tlu unknown heirs of JHIIIPA K. WofwlH— You are hereby notified thu*. «lie petition of John Ketjo is now on tile In the office (,J the Clerk of the District Court of tV'apello county, Iowa, riuinilng the paitition of the following desorib. real estate fitu.ited in Wapello county, lows to-wit The eas£ half of the uort h-west quariiruf sect ion ten, town ship venty two.rsnge t«elve west and the nnrth e 1st quarter of the soutli-w est quarUr of section ten townsldp and ange aforestiid. Paid Reno claim* that he is the ow ner of one-half of amid land Now unless you appear and make defense to sxid netitioii on or before noon of he second day pf the next term of tbe District Couit of Wapello county Iowa, to be Commenced on tfce Soth day of May, IS64, default will he ts^en ^aln you and decree of petitioners r«uaered accortiing to praver of petition H.rcb 94, MM., FARMERS., W lafcerby wt»« M'CORMICK'S REAPER AND MOWER iwproTMl bf Die ald|t|«a af tb« ^•\'-yiELdltAESlL' ,,.4 I.K»AL NOiliK. •. Robert F. McQrew, PIC VS. James McOrew, Pinley M-Orew, Raehael McQrew Deborah McUrew, Jaue Brown, (formerly Jane lie. Ur»w)and Anna MiOreW, Defendanti To said defendenta. You and each of yoa are £e. eby notified that onor oefore the tenth day of May, 1M4, there will be on Hie in the fflce of the Clerk of the Uistrirt Com of Wapello County Iowa a petition of Robert F. SloGrnw. representing that he and James McGrew, Kai-hael McOrew, Deborah McOrew, Martt.H McOrew, Finle.v McOrew, Nathan MeCrew, Jane blown, (formerly Jane McOrew 1 Mar.v Cook, (formerly Man- McOrew,) are the only children and heirs of Stephen McOrew, deceased and that Anna McOrew, whom petitioner prays may be made a party dpfendent, in I he surviving widow of said Mephen McOrew deceased, and claiming that the said Stephen McOrew. at the time of hia decease was the owner of certain Real Katate l*»sald County and State and in saUl petition particular!r ^described, which by the laws of decent decended jjequally to the salil children of the said Stephen Mc *!(irew deceased, subject to the dower interest of a life est ate of the said widow Anna McOrew therein That since the death ofhls father petitioner has be come the owner by purchase of the respective shares of Marl ha McOrew, Mary Cook and Nathan McOrew jn said la ds—th^t petitioner Is therefore entitled to the undivided four ninth part of Bald lands and that defendants at e each entitled to the equal undi vided one-ninth pait th-reot—all subject to the said slower Interest of he said widow—ar.d claiming that Vald real estate be p&rtianed among petitioner and all Of said defendants accor ling to their Interests and that r«*feree»may be appointed therefor. NoJ lull ess ou appear thereto and defend before noon of theuecond day oftbe neat term of the District Court Ijfs.lid County, to be begun and held oil thsHllth 4iny of Mny, 1G4 .(Iffnult wijl entered nit you ami judgment rendered tUereqn as claimed by*ij Tii o.i. Atty. for Petitioner. I KJward H. Stiles, being duly sworn, do say that the above named defendant James McOrew is a non resident of the State of Iowa, and that petnonal ser vice cannot be made on him within the 8tat« a* 1 verily believe. KDWARD II. 8l'll!c8. Ordered that th« above notice be publUed (or four consecutive w#ek» in the Qttuiawa Courier, publlah- ei! Ht ortumwa, |.owa DNBR8II1P. ISSOLUTION OF CO-PART- Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership he,., tofore existing between A. A. Curry and M. A Mcl hsrson, in the \V igon and Carriage Manufactur-: Ing busin ss in the city of Ottutnwa, was dissolved Jif April, by mutual consent. A ll liabilities of said firm are to be paid by A McHherson, to whom all dues coming to said Qnn tobepaid. a. A. C.RRY, !.t T. BIO if AM, Judge of said Court Tl^Iish tjsar weeks tn th» Wei-kly Uttumwa Coarior. T. UWillAM', Coiiaty Ju^lfs. LEGAL NOTICE. To Onf A.IMckett and Iti ©hard 8. K. RMrett Tou are hereby notified that the petition of Sam uel Dorr as Administrator of the estate of John If, Rickett, deceased, is now on file in the office of Connty Judtv?« Wapel.o county, Iowa, in which saifx'*itlou s the Cunty Court of said county tor i order to seH the folowlng described real es tate in said county, belonging to i he estate of said deceased, to wit The north half of the west half of \he south-west quarter of gcctlon thirty-five town ship 7H range 18- said peMtion will be heard'at the Term, ISt4, of said ^ourt. Now unless you ap pear on or before noon of the second day of said °f "»'d "ourt lobe commenced on the first Monday of July, "IS6-fc, and qaake defense to said pe tition default will he takeii and a.i orderofsale granted as prayed for. M. J. WILLIAM*. Aprils, H64-4w Att'y for petittener. LErai, NOTICE. To Martin Change r, li/,aheth Chandler, Ifenry g. Harding and fli^abeth Harding— You ure hereby notified that the petition of Jamee I), fturg-s, liuckinghara ftu'ges and James McCon nell. is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of it apello ,-ounty, Iowa, praying the foreclosure of a certain mortgage executed by you to. iet itioners, dated, May l&th, 18ft, upon the follow ing described real est ate. In Wapello county, Iowa to wit: The east half of the north-nest quarter the west half of the north ea-t quarter, and the north east quarter of the north-east quarter of section sev en, township seventy-thr* e, range thirteen west. Petitioners #l«o cbiiiu judgment against von, Martin Chandler and llenry S. IlardUtg fo:- six hundred an I reveuty dul!ai» and eight.v-tive cents on noleglvea by you to petlijouers, which said Mortgage was giv en to secure. And unless you «J1 appear and mal e d- U n«e to said detilion oi'.^r b.eftire noon of the sec ond day of the next, term of the District Courl of said county, to be commenced on thr- .iOth day of Mav i sett off to her according to law, and that said cause will, be heard by the County Court at the June Term there of 18d4, at offlce in Ctliun-va, when and where yon «aj) appear and make ilfFense- thereto. X. BIOII AM, County Jadge, Publish fowr weeks iu W ekly ottumwa Courier. T. tllillAM, April 87i 13«4 4w Ctnly JolMi LEGAL NOTICE. State ol Iowa, Wapello county. In the County Court of taldOofciltjr. Istate qt Joln Hiner, dee'd. Nathaniel BtU Adm'r of said estate, pTalntflT, Rubea Biser, John HUer and Oliver Biser, defend'ts. Petition to sell land. i M. A.MCPUKESON. i T|ie .business °f the late firm will be eonttniMd*4 the old stand by Macoy A McPherson. Ottauiwa. April 21, 1364-4t RHEUII'I'S SALE. If. A. Green 1 rtr Attachment In the District 1 1 l0 cloc a"' y,i EDWARD H. 8TILK8, Court «f J. W. Dobbin Wapello county, Iowa. The plaintiff !n this cause having made the aflda. *.t prescribed by hectlou Wl of ihe Revision of I^on, that tlte two horses attached in this case are table to serious waste, and that it would be for the Interest of all parties to have the same sold with the least poss ble delay, and a jury having be n by me appointed and having reported recommending such •ale therefore, by virtue of the authority in me vested by aaid siect lou »i fl, will expose to public sale at the front door of the Court House in said county the said attached property described a* fol lows One bay Stallion and one sorrel Uorse. Bald »al? will tnke place on the isfth day of Mav 1SA4 "XViliw V. A. M.. of said day 7 Bherltt s Office. Ottumwa, Apt 11 18th. 1861. Bv II V e o "^5 W a e o O o a n By H. U. JONK», Deputy. 6-16 T)"YSPEPaIA CAN BE CUREDI Dyspepsia, no matter how longstanding,yield* at o H'e to OdAM'g I)YbBBPtiik Cc»*." The effect* of 'ia Remedy ure truly magical. Try it aad ba cotivnced. Price |1 a box. Sent post-paid to any •ildre v bv 8. 0. 26 8outh Itlghth St., Phila delphia, Pa Circulars sent fr*a.

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