21 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Temmuz 1864 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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irUE OTTUMWA •TTUMWA, •li and for sale at the w We 000 21,1864 Local and "Miscellaneous II HI BLANK Drcrcns and Mort^ag^s Just prm. Courier PENSIONS Office. Botmrr AND BACK PAT, prompt­ ly obtained by E. H. STILE9. Office over 0. Warden's Store. A letter from Capt W. H. P. Nor ris, of Co. K. 47th Iowa, too long for tin* issue, gives some interesting par ticulars of his company. The boys from Wapello are generally well. But one death has oeourred in Co. K. •lid he was from Tama Comity, name ntt given, Co. K. with companies from other Regiments had been on an expedition into the interior in pursuit of Marmaduke. Capt. N. speaks of "Dick" Mudge, Hendershott, Murray, aiul Wayne, who were well. The 4Tlb is ready to fight when call#4 up* on. Tit*'Pavers.—We call attention to the notice of Sarn'l Ingels' Collec­ tor of Intmal Revenue for this Dis trict, in another column. Mr. Ingels will be at Otutnwa on the 2d and 8i1 dnys of August next. He will be happy to nee at that time all in ar- t*nrs. Neglect to pay at the time ap­ pointed, subject* to a penalty of 10 per cent. I .VC Ro V K MB Jf 8.—The walls of Heek's brick residence, corner of Court and Thirtljsts., are going up. We notice a steam saw and plan ing mill in operation on the premises of Win. Lindsey. Doing a gxd bu siness, we understand. Washburn and Sohworrali block on Front St., is going up apace. The CMt store front, uniform with Daum's, Is in admirable luste. Moss fc Co are building A two sto ry addition in the rear of Neville^ block, corner of Front and Court sts. The Episcopal Church, of this city, Irtve |tirch:i*ed the lot II rth-cast Wfr of Market and Fourth ittT, lor church buil.ling purposes* Benjamin Richards came down on Tuesday to board five days with Sheriff erby, committed by Justice Boyd, lur. stealing a c-oa*. fc,,T J,» HI re PET i tfie "TThtun in ri of *-FILL titnr**. Orion Br.K. Cirrus will visit Of'umwa on n^xt Thurs lny. July 28h. The Nebraska Republican ®ys the perrormsnces «rs good wwl that it ii* »o htttitbn^. „^fhere was a heavy rain below, on the line ofthe Keokuk road on Tu««d«y night. The morning train is dulayel in oM)4eq'ienee of the washing out of i culyjrt. "PKRSONAI..—We had a cull vestor- lay iroin Capt. T. Ii. Griffin, of Co.' 1 v i i I I furlough. Capt. 6. went from Agon-1 country ever since. His regiment, 340 of whom are at baine on furlongh. i Ice CREAM.—Mrs. Boolton wilt he happy to.supply this luxury to those favoring her with a call at rooms over the Bakery, oppo site the Bank. Front street. 18 16 tf rrK« Ihc nights about as hot as the days. *#fc '***4#'14 The orops in the southorn part of this county, are reported unusually good this season. Would oall attention io the card ot Drs. Pitoh and Peroey. St. Lonis Throat and Lnng Institute, They succeed Dr. J. T. Wright— The Institute seems to dosorvo well the public. A iargo nutaber of return emigrants turn by steamers down the Missouri River. They pronounce Idaho one grand humbug. Three horse thieves were arrested in Washington in this State on Mon day week, with the horses in their possession. They were taken to Keo kuk county, where the horses were stolen, and where some it capital. not all of thtm belonged, and lodged in jail. *Two new Mng National Banks are about organised in Cedar Rapids, one with $50,000 and the otlitr with $100, paper is delayed a few boars •rspk by the other day at our Post piARRUtEA AND this the sickness of a cotnpogita?. tt seoras the ««rroncy A ed Offioe. DTSSNTEBT.—A soldier wbo was discharged from the United States service after suffering in the hospital for 8 months as incurable, and as a last resource tried Strickland's Anti-Cholera Mixture he got well directly and has now entered the artny again in good health. Men prove their courage by going to the battle-field, and women by marrying the men. We must at least come down with our little all of dust te satisfy the itsraset dun of duns. To convert an artless woman iowa bsart 1*4# oo*i ^here only want a "he." J. W. DIXON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ottaawa, Iowa. Office next door to Sax A Bill man'* Clothing Store, front Street. Will practice In Wapello xnd adjoining counties. Bounty, back pay, and Pensions procured. No charge unless successful. Jane 8. 1SS4. LOCAL NOTICES. D* ^LLiaMsO'n a i Vh A ix (Rave resumed the partnership formerly existing) OOce on Secenrt afreet, between Market and Conrl JmoS, IStt-llHSm J. C. HINSEY, M. D. BP"0flic# with M. J. WILLIAM*, llHitirtt on the Muff, north of the Court Uouae. April21, 1SM-JV 16 ILA1M AGENCY. 't Saldlers, si.d the widows ami heirs of soldiers are notified that I mu acting as a licenced claim agent, for piocurlng Pensions. Bounties, Hack Pay and all other justcla mi against the Government. Charge* modera' e, and nothing unles* claims are allowed. EDWARD II. STILES. T—IS--tf Office opposit Ottumwa Hou»e. FOR SALE- A House and Lot in a fine location at the corner of College and Secoitd xtreet, and iilreotly opposite College Square. Inquire at this oJIce. 1«-1« I. O. O. F. The reffular mi-etinjrs of Ottumvr* Lodjfe, N'«. 9 I.O.O are hell on Tuesday evening, at 7 'clock r. M. VisHlnfr brothers are invited to attend. Room on corner of front'nnd Mark«t ftreets M. MoVaaun, Sec'/. W. I'. 811A RP, fT. O. Soldier* ami tk* Widow and lI$irt of Soldiert, are notifiedthai I am ictlnK as agent for procminr Pension*, Bounties and oil er claimB ugainut the Governnient. Charge* nioUernte—nothing uoles* Claim* allowed. »|. J. WILLIAMS. Feb. 4, 1S64 tf Ottumwa, Iowa, SPECIAL NOTICES. VDITUIt OF OOUKtlilt- Di»» Sia.—.With your permission I wish to say to the readers of your paper that I wtli send, bv return mail,to all who wish It (free), a R'cip.', with fall di rection* for making and using a simple Vegetable Bilm, that will effectually remove, In ten days, Pim ple*. Bl.itchei, Tan, Freckles, and all Impurities of of the skin, leaving the same su ft, clear, smooth and beautlfi-l. I will also mail free to thuse having Raid Heads, or Bare faces, simple directions and information that will enable them to *t»rt a full growth of luxuriant Hair, Whiskers, or a Mnii«t*che, In less than thirty days. All appiicationj answered by without cbar^c. Respectfully yours, A~ C7\RD TO Swallow two or three hogshe-nU of Huchu •'Tonic Bitters," •'3ar*aparrlU.i," "!*ervous Antl dotes."Ao., ind aft^r you Are satlsrt^d with the I result, try one liox of Docro* lltTiim's BNULISHthen SrKtiric PII.L»—amiOLD cor- July 1,1364-18-16 8m DED i aeveral t«swn»hij» of tliis countv will take measures fully reprenente'1 in the convention on Hyturiiny, the 80th, culled for the p'irp »se of nahiinatins cmnty candidates. Wo are aware that public attention in a good deal absorbed by th« war, but we sh«u]t not for tht*. «Htr el»«!(i'iy art iapartant aow a4 in O YOU VV ANT TO BK CUR DR. BUOHAN'S English Specific nils cure. In less than )k) dsy*, the worst cases of Ner TOusoe**, Impotency, Premature Decay, 8einiual Weakness, Insanity, and all Urinary, Sexual and Nervous Auctions, no matter from what cause pro duced. Price,One Dollar ,iei-box. Sent post paid, by mail, on receipt of an order. One box will per. feet the cure In most case*. Address JAMES 8. BUTLER, O^i'l Agent, Jnly 31,'64-3iu 441 are all difficult ti drive awny. Doctors an i medi cine will not do it- the ordinary stimulating drinks i ALE, af the day will not do It but you give up the I oase as hopeless, try WkiutlT'SbeforeVKNATI.M Ifyou winli to marry, address the nnderdgn ad, who will sendyou, "wlthont money and without price valuable inforftiation thut will enable vou to marrJr A TFLIES, o S'1'1 apuudily, no matter liow »l«i, ho Ugly ,or how |#oor. .... Thi* Is a reliable affair. The i ,D-0rin't,ioD willco,t ou o V.., 1st ^Nebraska C.ivalry, homo on •triotly oonfldential. Thu deslrad information aent B,a!l' ey City, this cottnly, in 1861, and has' ^8:e0UP0i01: Wen consUutly iu th« service of his OBNTLKMAN, ented of Nervous DebllllfT Tn competency, Premature Usoay and Youthful Error actuated by a desire lu benefit, others, will he happy to furnish to *11 wljo rje«d it (free of charge) the re cipe and directions for u(i»l,ing the simple Uernedy used in hi* case. Those wishing to profit by his ex perience—and posses* a Valuable Remedy—will receive the aame, by return mall, (carefuilv sealed by addressing JOHN TIIK Ho 40 NassauSTBKKTB,OWIC!fc Vay 19. t8S4-Sn|. FREXCIl PREVEXTIVE. Nightly Emissions effectually prevented wlth out the use of medicine by the use oi "The French i ... Preventive," the greatest Inveatlonof the age.~ I HO merctiry IISS railg^od very hltjh Price $l. bent post-paid to ll parts ofthe country. the wast week, about 100 in the shade ^.^ 8 c^^srn^^ CLEAR THE gAVE waiio are reported on their re Feb. tt, SM-«m-«01& SIGEL Jahn ZwUier will And him at the "PEOPLE'S GARDEN," oppaaUa Bendrle'* Foundry, near the Railroad De pot, Burlington. Wh«n you vi*it Burlington call and saeJohn. He U pleasaqtly situated, ba* a Ten Pin ill* a Ba«r DtHta, an4 afresh man Saloon, Aa. Call on him. Mar. 10,1834. T'HE GREAT AMERICAN TEA A COMPANY. At their organlaaMon lntendad to do a atrlctljr TEA business, but as they had some customers who wished to bt supplied from first hands with Coffee, as well as Teas, and as their Tea Taster wa* possess ed of 1 information relative to a Coffee which could be furnished at s moderate price anil give univer sal latlafaction, they have added a large roasting apparatus to their establishment and given large orders for Importation. This coffee is called the "Frenth Breakfast and Dinner Coffee." Coffee dealers will receive fullparticulars lu a circular let. tar hy sending their addre)* to the Jvna Rebels have postal 25 center was present­ GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY. IS, !8«« {(os83A87 Ve#ey|K.,N T« MAliBLE HALL Dining and Oyster Saloon. The undersigned would inform the citi Z#na of Ottuiuwa and the public generally, that he has removed his Saloon into the second story of the Carroll House, (imme diately above his former room,) where he is better prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may favor him with a call. He has also fitted up rooms for dining, end is prepared to furnish Warm mealt at any hour in tbt morning or evening. £yFrefth Oysters received daily by Ex press. Remember the place, Marble QaU. Carroll IIOUM building, second story. Dee. 8,1868 Ww. A. MOLL. "I7A.CCINE MATTER—WarrantedBLi freak and pure, ke»t constantly on hand and for aela by KTBA UTECHT, Druggist. MACS* M. im ^rontStree*. Arrival na4 Departure nail*. IL'THJLWA. IOWA. •ASTERN MAI I., VIA a. a m. a. a. a. Asrlves Dally—Snndsys excepted— at 1:4R a. o|. and 7.Sf p. m. Leave* at 9,10a. in. and4:15p. m, Titus ball an hour faster than couiiuon. M%il^ha*f0 Sae tear before he train leaves. BOOT nothin ana if ynnwish I w i e e u y a s s i s y u A I e e s #Wtl n°aavlkh'b^lambbbv?** use Dutcher's celebrated LIGHTNING I V V V FLY-KILLER,a neat, cheap article, easy to use.-* Every sheet wil I kill a quArt. June 28, 1SW l*-«« Sold everywhere, T)YSPEP»IA CAN BE CLTREP. Dyspepsia, ao how longstanding,yields at o»ce to "UPBAU'smatter DrflnirsiA Cess." The effect* of this Remedy are truly magicnl. Try It and be convinced. Price $1 a box. Sent poat-pald to any addres*. by 8. C. Crma, 2ft South Ei^h^h St^.pyijr JZi YOUR LIFK.—T)ysj»epsia, Erysipclsj, Kidney Complaint, Sick and Nrrwmu I Headache, Neural|rla, Oravel, Tetter, Barber's Itch and Baldness. A Treatise on the above Diseases with their speedy and permanent cure, sen* free to any address. Address 8. C. UPUAK, Ku. gA South Eighth Street, Philadelphia, Fa. IJALL—This institution has been closed la consequence of John Zwisler's removal to Burlington. Whoever WW wjahes to ttp SOUTHERY MAIL, (Keofcak). 1 TUE. VT. D. M. A X. B. A. Arrlvei Daily—Sunday* excepted at 1S£C and leaves at 4:15 p. m. VIA x. rr ». Leave Ottumwa 9.ao i Arrlveat" ll.SOi.i TITHE TABLE K.Ft.B Expres* (foinpEast. West Mixedgoing Ka*t. West UOUS Der UK) return in ill ('KACKKKS, THOS. F. CHAPMAN, Chemist, July SI, '64-3m Ml Br.iadivay Now Vorl(, be restored to health and vigor in less t'.an thirty days. They are purely vegetable, pleasant to take, prompt anr* s ilu tary in their effect* Jn the broken down and shattered eon- I stltutlor. Old and young can take th-)in with »I- vantage. Imported and sold in the United Ulates i only by AS. rt. BL'i'l.KR. No. 427 llroadwayi New York. j? 1 IrW AKent for the Uoiteil States. P.S—A box of the Pill*, securely packed, will he Mailed to any address on roosipt of |)ri«w, vfklcJi 1* One Dollar, post paid—laoney refunded by the Agent if entire satisfaction its not given A Y. tame, Broadway, New Vork. V\fRIGHT'S REJUVENATING v v ELIXIR—Let not despondency any long be the ever prevailing bane of ihefall.n state of the human family. But, you ask, how is thi* to bt* pre- ... vented? Despondency, low spirits, despair, a ten« dencyto look upon the gloomy side of everything.! WHISKEY KXJI EI.IXIR. As it* name deaignatea, it will put new life and aul nation Into the drooping energies yea, even yuuutf blood into your veins. Ye who pijie ipon the hrink of the grave, who may have tried In vain to raise yourself from the "slough of desjalt," be induced, even though it may be at the eleventu li«ar,totiy its soothing iolluence. Sold hy all all respertabla druggists throughout the United State* aMDUti*. See advertisement In Mother column. June*), lyM—in MATKIMOXIAL I WESTERN MAIL, J_ JJ M. Arrive* Daily—Sunday* T¥rr|rtrti al lltf a. at: and leave* at 1*80 p.m. NORTHERN MAIL, VIA OAHLOKKOA TO SIOO'JWIBT. Friday at 5 o'clock p.ja.,a-»41wni N#fr Thursday at S o'clock a. m. SOUrilKR.V MAIL, •li PTI8ABSL TO BLOOMriS||% t,iives daily Sunday excepted, at lsOti' p. ud arrlvo at S:«K) a.m. WESTERN MAIL, (Blaketbarg). A ctinnti six Tiaxa a wax*. Mftfreaand leave* every day, at 1 o'clock, J. W. NORRIS i.4:lirs 8:00 P.M. 4c HV. P.*20 x. a ... 4.so r. m. 4: lop. M. .... 8.-5 P.M. CHICAGO.HI KI,l\«TO QIJIN V ItAII.ROtD. Arrive. Leav# .'0 *. V. E*prem Train. f."'iA.a .05 P.M. «.4.*p.»| lltnmwa Price Current. coaaxcT«D OATS, RYE, FLOUR WXIXLV *T ,MhP-HHKFFEit, GROCKH, DEALER ty PROVISIONS. Ac. OTTUMWA, July 21 w II EfcT1ff*asii Spring 1,50 Fall $1,75 55 $50 ftf"' '.v.?r. Fall, hund Ex. Spriug... Su|-ertiue Spring.... HF.\NTS IUTTTER, Fresh Roll, 5,50 ,200 @2,50 34) Firkin, 35 nr.,,.8,00@7,0 UACON, sugar cured "...".... Ham", cnuntrys^t^.s^ 16 ShouMers 12^.10 (Menr Sides 15@18 CATTLPi. grogs, 8@5 CANDLES, Mould 20Cr 8Ur 80(®rf0 |5.25 5,5» ..... *0^25 COFFEE, Rio, fair to prte* #5@ri0 •lava, lb, brl t'UEESE, TfLK SlTFFKItlXri COAL, delivered 14 C( RN, in ear ... .. §0@fl CORN MEAL I@1,20 E O.S, dor. @'20 FRL'l dried, 12($15 P*ache «, dried .. ®"v425 Raisins, layers, $ box.... $5,50 FISH, end, 8@iD White, hlfhrl.. 10,00 .NUck crel., hi I br^ 1 u*.l I FOWLS, Chii'kens, p^dos 2,0 sx'h, .. Wild, ... .. .\ tl5,00 Turkey HIDES, Dry. I!', (ireen 8 LEAD and SHOT, bar He, Shot $ lb 20 LARD in enns 15c. NewbrU..... 15 MO I, ASSES, Sorghum $1^1,25 OIL, Linseed 4, Coal, per I Marsh A Keteiiani .. luilf Ul.ll., Ketchain's I gT. CHARLES HOTEL. 1 $2.20 PAILS, pei d-st $13,U0 820 POTATOES, per l»U!h 2,00 POWDER, poi keor .u 5TA 15,llfl Rli'E, per lb V .. ..f..*... SALT, per brl. Ialry, nscH• SCiiAlt, Common, '#5! Powdered.. 83 per ke^ !0 I BY JOHN N. SIMONS. Corner of Court and Second S»s., OTTUMWA, IOWA Q»0l eating, clean beds, good company anil Ka Soimhle chnrges. ty House reftlted and famished newly throug))- AX I) snor MAKER. N. WACHTLER, Main street, one door east of the Expross Office. Keeps constantly on hand a good assoi liueut of Leather, andisalwns ready to accciuiuouate c«s toinera with good work in his llue. rWltepairiug done on shoit notice. May li, UtU. apt«tSB0. KRANER & MILLER, Uvajers ip STOVES, TIM, COFFER. JAPAN A N I S 1 1 i i i 1 i O N i V V A i i C»rper qf Front and Market Streets, OTTUMWA, March 10, lS64-tf Naw-Yoai. R. S. R. ailTCIIEl* »ao*T*Taa»T, roua noosBSASTor vr li IOWA. O i A I O W A OSlce—over Temple's Clothing Store, Soit Mrs. Mudge's, Kront Slre*f* J. S. WALKER,. Wholesale and Retail Jjeulsr HOUSE OFnnv GOODS. GROCERIES. Clalhingt llardwaret Queenswari^ HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES, GUM GOODS, FURS, NOTIONS, Ac.,*a. Directly opposite the Ottumwa House FrpntSt'eet, Ottuiuwa., laj^k Aug. p), 14-F J. T. HACKWORTH, ATTORNEY AT LAW AND NOTARY riBl.li All professional business entrusted to him artllba promptly at teuded to. Special attention will be given to collections, ex amination of Titles and conveyancing. f3F~Oflice at Court lloas e ,ln Ottumwa, Iowa, Ottumwa, Iowa, Oct. Wth, lb«W. 8¥-t5y. •A"' B. J. BOULTON. HAKKtt AND CONFECTIOKElt TBa RON tanocg* OTTUMWA, IOW\. Machine Crackers and Confectionery of every veHe y at Wholesale and Betall. FartlerandBaUsauppUedon theshortaa notlga. W-ll-ch.8-lS. EDWARD"II. STILES, Attorney & Comigelcr at Law A/id Solicitor in Chancery. Offlcs ovar Wajker's store, opposite the Ottumva House, OTTOMWA, IOWA. nosr well prepared to procure the 100 Bounty and back pay of soldiers, and all just claims against the Government. Charges qodsrate, and nothing unless claims arc allowed. Aug. !W, l-Cf. OMALE B. I. BTILgS TTUMWA MALE AND FE SEMINARY. «v. J. M. MCELROY, I Mr. H. L. McCIMTlE, Prlaaf^alBk i Mis.i C. IIALLOWAT, I i Miss II. K. WILSON, Assistants. Miss ATT1K LASWELL, Teacher ofMuste. The Si«th year comiaencea on Monday, 8MTIM BKK 7th, ISO#,at the Presbyterian Church and rooms attached. Fogr tertns often week* each In the year. Tultlonfrom $8toSS.aecordingtobranchesHadUd Piatui, Melodeop or Ouita« j! per Teruj. Special f»cilit ies offered to persons wishingta qual ify themselves for teaching. Pupil* admitted at any time, and charged from date of entrance. No reduction, Ijovever, wjll be made for occasional ab*e^pr, unless by speclalagree 0»ent or In case of sickness. Boarding can be obtaiued at prleestosult th stipe No one admitted for Ies* than half a term iurth«r particulars«aUpn or address sltbsr of the Priucfpals. Aug. S. 186)4. 8TEFHSN T.ACREI, Boob-Binder ts. Paper-Rntpt K HOOK Manufacturer In t?ooih*ugh Slock Main Street, (Oppositethe W1GHTMAN HOtTSE,) Burlington Iowa. MbSlc.MagasInes,Period cala, Ac., Ac., bound with neatness an ddeapatch. 0T* Particular attention raid to Rutins aod Blank we rk, of svery description. I niaichvft-n A I VosliainMnes to his oM frieadt, and tlM yakW generally, that he has returned to his uld basin again, s. BAWLE¥'I ITP OR FROST STRICT, I V T19IJB TA111.F.HA: .TL .K.KAILROAD CL'A NGJC VF TIMS. In hi* new and commodious hotise erected especlaRy for the purpose of carrying on a BAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE Where he would be pleated to serve everybody wH% WHEAT OR RYE BREAD, CRACKERS, PIES, CAKES, CANDIES, 4c., 4c., Ic. They win also find a large and select stock of Toys and Fancy Articles v- 5 To please Tbung Asserica, and iIv FOR LADIES A GWTS I an alao Agent for T.ILI/S CELEBRATED Tremium Cream Q1FAT WESTERN NURSERY! LOCATED ONE MILE NORTH 0» TnrvmrwAt 1 e^Cemeer^r. 1 00 i for*prTTias hcen estahilshed iiere within _Vhf ,hre?•rp.*r?,.Rn1 received from the people of this vlclnit v, to persevere In my ctetermiosd purpose to make thia Nur»erv one of the largest and best In the West. I have a local habiatiou and a name,"and hold myself responsible for the character and quality or sales that go from my nursery, or one sold by myself or by ray authoriaed agent*. I am prepared to sup RlJ tke people of this part of 8outher^ Iowa with Most Desirable Varieties Of 8nmmer, Fall and Winter Apples, expressly select ed and best adapted to thlsseettai sf)*n. Standard and dwarf Pears, Peaches, Nectarine*, V Wambs, Cherries, v.»T. Currants, Oooseberrlea, 5-) Muck?, Diapers. & Stock Ale Which I can farnlshin any quantity desired #i«»DAtTM. Ottamwa, !for. 4th, ISIS n88-l5tf desipned to he a per- no an Hi) and frrowinft in4tltntion. It emhraces a larjje amniiAt of cround, and o.iciipi. s one o( the mojt .1 i'on I siluations In lows, and I fcelencouraeed with the patroivn^re ami oonfidcnr --hsve hat I already Uasfbeirlea, Strawiarrles, GRAPE VINES, UHI BARB, together with the beat varieties of EVERGREENS DKCIfUOrs. and ORNAMENTAL TREES and S1IRLHS, ROSES and VINES, at pr'ceaaa low aa the Burllngtnn or other relixhle nurserie*. Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY FILLING THE ORDERS Of those who do not come in person, and when dla" crettonary power la left with nie, the VERY BEST 9EI..ECTIOJV8 will be made. Apple trees, two and three years old, best se ection, 10 per hundred. ESPECIAL ATTENTION! |3 called to my varieifo* of Grape Vines, and their respective prices Jjelaaare, {one year) (Ueo year*) Co newt, iji/ana. .Ju'hecat, Clinton, C'*hlirh.%, Jail'ii'lltl, CABRAG^ •oa. May j, taM S 1ft. TOMATO FLAKTP £L\ A U A E A O Y fJMH K undersign would respectully solicit the»t ention ofthe public to the facilities which he now posse s for matinfa. turing CARKIAUK^ A WAG iONS,of every description, after he mostimproved i styles,as gooijascan bt u^t^iuedEapt,and uponaat isfactorj tei »ni. Thost wishing to purohaatwillplease call and ex amine mv stock. rw-Mi kinds of repair inr done with neatness and dispatch. Particular attention paid to llorse-fitjoe ng, and all work warranted as recommended. a.IIALOWIN Ottumwa. Dec.11,1861-40 13-lOw CiKEAT 13AKOAINS! ti-44. A. SCHWORM'S, Next door West of J. L. Taylor's Drag 8tore orrunwA, IOWA. Where will be found one of tha largart rtaata aaa slating of the following articlea: BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE CONFECTIONERIES, Chewiny and Smoking lobacco, ItohMtla Ottumwa. GLASS A N NAILS, i WOODEN WILLOW WARE. All of whieh will be sold for CA8II CHEAPER THAM THE CHEAPEST IN OTTUMWA! or EXCHANGED FOR COUNTRY PRODUCE. My motto is, Quick Sales and Small Profits WANTFD— HIDES, forwhlchwlllbepaidtha very highest market price In Cash. Call and examine goods'*and prices,so that you can satisfy yourselvea that you ran buy goods cheaper of him than anywhere else In Ottumwa. Ottumwa. October sUv, istja. 15.11 YEAR! NEW STORE! NEW PRICES AND NEW GOODS,' MEEK & CO. Wow occupy their new brtek, nest t»OUumwa House. We offer our pres«pt stock 4 DRY GKOCEBItli *T WA'IS, CAPS, BW9|li l^OTUIKO, fvrlhtMXIUii .A.-* ",lg, VEny LOW FIGURES*" Meek expccts to go to Now York in Fel ruaaf In bran new atock, and he offeranod^ ba|galMteeW. Brown Muslin for kt) cents, {L'alico 1S\ to 510 eenls. Collars s cents, ftaata Collars 8ceqta. Tea #1,0# per Coffee 87X, and all ether goods lower than can ha beugbt olaa Vhers. We keep constantly for sale EGOS, JiUTJEH, POTATOES, •NIOJIS, MSLAISEI, CHICKENS* COAL OIL, BEANS, Ae., atlow'prleM. Our motte S»,"Q»ick8*t*f+dSm*UPr*df .. Jaa. Ti itw-4i ia A Most Cloaks, Bluftarta, Bateantla, 1 nlngs, RK'hohs, Collars, Sheev. of Oooda to suit the most faatldloiu taste. COUGH intheii J. O. CHAPP O W care, night or day. 8 AlAKQfSTOCif if Coal OH Lapp* OUp n4yt, *(•,, Idaho thrown in the Shade 1 ORB AT RtfSB Of MINERS TO TMM NEW PI6QI&98. I'. J£© ONIBHINO S I8COVERJX ONPARALELLED RICHNESS OF THE NEW MINES! 1 $T0 USE OF GOma TO IDAHO TO SST BICB Ottawa, leva, possesse« as great advantage* for kargalna aa tlra ten-ltory e€ immk i HERMAN k LICHTENSTADTER, ka^lac bew «tore, are receiving and continuing to rweive the largest stock of FANOY- AND STAPLE Th* Patent Jfonitor Buinsr, scitAc u( ntnokt or odor, and not dHY March 17,' ICllfA!! k *L *CjlTENS^DTf 0 MORE: TR V STRICKLAND'S NVLVVN^i VV VSVS I DR. STRICKLAND'S MELLIFLUOUS COUGH BALSAM. Cures Coughs, folds. Sore Throat, Asthma, and Consumption. It Is only necessary for any ne troubled wlththefe complaints to try one bottle of Strickland's Hellifluoun Coofli UuUant to convince them that it Is thu be^t preparation fver u»ed. It not only cures the above alTectiona of the Throat and Lungs, but it cures Night Sweats and Spitting of blood, and Is an excellent gargle for any kind off ore Throat. It Is pleasant to take, and a safe mediein? f' V Infant.*. Price fti cents i bot tle. For sale by Dr. J. L. Taylor, W (Jo wan and Peter Utecht, Ottumwa, aud by Druggists geueralty. May M, Drug Store. The undersigned has opened ft Drugstore In th* Curlew building and has a large and extensive stock of PURE DRUGS Cheaicali. Patent Vedieira, Fuq Articles, ic. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medical purpose tfjtf wltli which prescriptions will be fitlea'. a Coffins Epileptic Pills for Sftlct Physicians prcscriptlono filled wit)l rawly extiHUuiihed. Jnxt th« thing for a nifjht Lamp. PURE COAL OIL AWAYS ON HAND Hareturns his sincere thank* for thevojrj libera) patronage he hasreceived the pastyoar, and hopea by his attention tohis business to merit the confl dence of the public. Givemeacall when you want anvthingln mv line, either nlgnt ordav. i UttB.nura.Maf 1U. PKIJCAU^^I. nio-tf j^EMOVAl*. WEBER, WILUIAM8 Ml FITCHo Have removed from No. SB to their KU6AMT, NEW AND SPACIOUS DO USUI 0VMUK MM. tO| 19 and 14 Lake Street* ,-\ i i -I.j *^Wera thoy hitva MW R«e#'M 18*4, 8PXJNQ TRAfiE OF Mack Ikt Lergcat. Handsomest, Beat tsaoHed ta4 Caeapsst stock of A 3 A S STRAW GOODS, UmfrreUas, Parasols, Canada I|ats, Palm Loaf Hata Shaker Hoods, Ladies', Mlssaa and CMldrtna'tiata, *6, .. tobaaaesr -•'•rv 5 E A ST OB WEST,' Bought before the recent a4van«e, and wiB be lM to all buyera at LOW PRICKS. IHERCII.I !\Ti From all parts of the West will find it much to their advantage to examine au Extensive Assortment and Low Prices before making their purchases. fdt Uxdefs ihall receive special and prompt at tent)on. |fEBER, WfLLjAMS A FITCH. April Feb }», t$S8 PROF. O. il. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Theastoolshing preparations turns the Hair biaok to its or-iyiujil color, reiuatates it io all its original health, luster,softness and beauty— removes all Uaiuirutf from the jcalp, and all unpleasant itching. It will also cure Cutaneous Eruptions, such asScald-llead, Tetter. Ac., and heuce creates a perfectly healthy condition ofthe Scalp, by i acting as a Stimulant apd Tpnlc £o the organssub. plying the colurlag matter to tne ltflr, cgutpletely restoring them to their original vigor and health— thus preiei^tipg al) tendency to brcome gray. It aliu preveiiti-the U .i. fniu I.v. iuitig unhraitity and fajliiiK off, and J.nnesitto grow and thickens where it is *:one. i.y resuscitating the org.ms necessa ry ti supply uu rluient and coloring matter. Thousands of.»|.ii^rji :n \rmy lutve tejtiCed the above, who had bi.'it/ut pia ai'i^ tpst ttieir Hair by sicknek*, change of cliuiate, and inattention, while pe forpijng camp duty. A Restorative and Dressing, )t has no equal. For sale by Peter Utecht, Druggist, Ottumwa, and by Druggtsts generally. 10-13 MARSH it K ETC HAM Distillers, Rectifiers & whole- SALE DEALEMM JN FOB SIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS. tffxuatWA* IOWA. 1 it-'w t'» Ooobc NmAA to this alrkS, ooaslstlng In pari at .LADIES FINE -DRESS GUOWi rreheh Merino, Wool Delafnes, Black Silks, Rep*, Molialrs, Alpacen*. Poplin*. Moratnkigvc* Challiec Oinphams, Camhrics, Calicopj, Rrown and Hlearhed Mufiins, Denims, Stripes, Tickings, riannWs of alt' i kind*. Pwis* and Jaconet Muslins, Dainaaks. Linens, Edgings, Insertinvs, Table Covers, Towlinxs Attractive Variety Balnoralt. V«»p 8|lrla,ttlovo*. HanrtkercMeft, BMUry, Tetvetand Lace Draaa trlm Collars.OTeeves. NeU. A toll line of TANKER NOTIONS, a«d ia.ta,^t ever/ deMrtptidb-/ We would 9all special attention to a sdlcct assortment of ies, Misses and Children* Shoe?, Wt kava «|W ftM aaMrtaie«ktfS_.:1, OEM I LEME.18» F1JRIII8HIIIO 6MM. W •aek i3ftoftrs.fattnetts, Kentucky Jeans, Farmets Satins, Linen and Flannel Shirts drawers lall Ac Oar ioods were purchased at the lowest Cash Pride*, and will be sold to suit the timy#. member the Place^^i *KW Yol,K -r-1 ft ur?ew B?ock8 KM|,°RICM E. W, B4JTTS CLOTHIER! 1U A*» MMl"' OTTUMWA, IOWA, IU «UET CUt8l\C Bill SB N HI nCJTT. HA8Bay i.n0r,2n h,,d the l|r«e«t In part of"" •Pe"° stock of Ken and Wear, everofTered to hU Cuntouie.s and Co«nty- OVERCOATS, UN'DKR COATS, PANTS. VE8TS, ev «fr.v!e pf th* cAie, desirable styles. FINK STOCK Ot I NDEtt CLOTHING, FANCY SHIKT8, ULOVLS and dent's Furnishing Goods generally. NEW STYLES HATS C4P3 IX QUX4T VARIETY. Ala* good aaaorted VIEN'Sand BQ^pf Boots Shoes & A Splendid Assortment of EKOTISH FRENCH CLOTHS. DOE fAXCT CASSIMSRS, rA/ytY WJC HATJJffTX which we are prepared to make up into the lateai styles on shast notice, warranting satisfaction in tvtry i? '•MAXTR Y, who has charge of this! Department IS an EXPERIENCED CUTTER, direct one ofthe best houses East, and we now flatter ««I8».Vifg that."t have I"1""11 before the people one of the most thorough and complete Stocks of Men «n I Boy s wear in the State. All tell you that they sell the cheapest- We will only say, call and see the goods, hear the prices and judge for vo«r. selves. Bine Cloth and Cassimere for officer* uni form, always on hand. um Et «r, U S O E STOUT A COWAN, |WholeMlMp4 «smi Dealer* in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils DYE-STUFFS WINPOW GL.ASS Booksp Stationery, WALEPAPER .FANCY GOODS, AC. OORNKR OF FRONT & MABKBT 8TRKBTS 011UMWA, IOWA. JJXTENSIVE IMPROVEMENT a%o«ac af tka larp laareasad tea»an4 apoa I. H. SHEFFER. A GO. FOR- "i A DRY GOODS J. i *j i f# tUUPv* ,**!# utta. AaH fort be after having become gray, tajd wotth 0» Court, UlUM* to li FATHER AND 191 ORE. v» Gr oceriee Thoy have mada large addition to Ikait Stare for receiving their wring stock wblah In juet arriving frm»be Head of Market. 1» lawaU known here tljey spl| (JURfiP! CHEAPER 0BJgAP£8T FOR CASH. of your monrv. G. 8IIEFFKR. A Oo.. Opposite the National Sank, A»RL.TIIAT* OTTUMWA, IOWA. NEW IflltlfHEJit SfOfiE iW** and Semmd Sim KImmFwA C, AJJWERDA a Ottumwa, B^ay 5,10*4 1 li-tf i 0f( JlfF gcueral assortment of Millinery GA»O£I consisting e» BONNETS, RIBBONS, CAPS, JiBAD-DRBSSES, it., W I I A S 4 k A I O N A O N E Y S A 1 A W OTTUMWA,IOWA. V*OFFiea ova* ic. W. Botts O'ctblagCtara a^lM-S*# nARD WARE Maqufaejurtiand Dealrr* t». i .» (Ktly cfthe fact that tl sre is oritr raT^ Hock of 1 E A E •tsllltlnrf# kept corstsntly on hand in 6ttum4%k Having tl.e vei v ti.n ihiulties ft procuring and well selected slocks, are cctiOdent this house eannnt he surpasmrd it qnaiity or cheapness of all, articles in our line. Ilavi larte stock of 7 8ADDLERTITARDWAMB, •n' A^io «ADDM:S BnsitVAn IKVY it Wholesale and Retail. large asaortment o( Whip* and C»V'ir\ Trace ani Hnihr Chninti Curry Gomhi and $rktht*% Sofa i Would also call attention.U tl|« ljaet tkat- Wf JNSt dealing extensively In V HIDE^, PELT»» A5D V# .. 81 of Tnn«e hnv'r «i"-h nrtlcTe* to «rli in Hrge WoqI I AND nr •WSlI' lots can always depend on get tin? their value ill. inh. M.CHAP1N, A«i. Ottumwa, Msrxh, it 1BS4. Carding, SPUMING, FULLINgi, Aveavixw, ill i V CLOTH BHISSIHG. Ito »hal!hepr»]ar«don or about Monday. May ISth, do alikiuds of work iu my liut in the very best manner, and upon the shortest notice. Ifavln) a larpa amount new ami improved machinery, I can give eoaipiete ^nil prompt jatlsfaction to all who may f» vor me »-ith a call. TU'4e who i (ve at a listaoce wlllnow savedtbe trouble and loss of time in making two trip* for their Rolls, ^nd if they wish the.m spun, they can have It done by .topping oncnigiit. Thankfulfortlteliberai patronage bestowed on ma forthe past fen years,at Apcncj- City, respectfully solicit a contimu nee of the same at Ottumwa, know Ing that I am better prepared to do work on short* notice and better than heretofore. .IOH* ZLL.U I'. Ottumwa,Maylr ie«^-tf WM. C. MOSS JR. CO., 3 WnOI.ESAI.iE A ND RETAIL DEAT.KRS 1M Hats and BETTS. 1STEW 1 n Of llSIStlllg Of BOOTS Our Stock conjisU w 2 v Tvj^ Goods, W6l»"rfiOTHTNi|l 4k i QUEENSWARE ANDg GROCERIES, CORNER FR02TJP sud COURT Street*, i{ ottumwa, Iowa. A JOD'US't'r STOCK' &T BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS QUEENSWARE 4 GROCERIES, Wm. C. Moss Jr., & Oft, Ott uinya^ipwa.. ,r AN OLD HOUSE, Aud a .'Haimctetl* Mock of y N E W O O S HAWLEY & SON BEOIoaveto announce lothelrcustomers andthe PLthllc generally, that tliey are now opeuing and will bereceiving the largest and best selected stock of Y O O S Groceries, A S A Aft .t CAPS, BOOTS A NO SHOES. a w a e -*"11 f, SAtl.3 AfilO CJ,,AS*Y Efiaiss and Pough Crockery'Ware,* Eter brought to this market. ash at the present low rates, and wi|| Sold Cheaper than Ever, FOR 3A8H, PRODKK, Oil, Approved Credit. '40WI GO THI PRICES! o. WAitni'.N, HAS AGAJN BEEN EAST AND Pt'RCIlASE» v O A S *4 V A saaar ^aiFCTI.0*ik raiet*, a very full steak SPRING AMD SUMMER GOODS CempHseng all articlea naeally caU#4 for la a gf JMMJ atock of m^rrhendltt*. In DRESS GOODS, particularly,hrj an extenelve ard varied assortmant to which he particularb would call the attention of the Ladies. OALL AND EXAMINE. tad wears sure we will sell yougwuja April S.1'- Warden larasalvtjBf^k# largest a ad mosteomplotvatawWjl^ Boots audi Slioes, Ever brouKl.t to Ottumwi? -Hl AP^h Dill I', o a pC MEAT MAlikKT, I A N O u cl ined t'.e huiidiug and hu*ines» l..r pierly occupied and coitdn. t .•! tiy J. Iti'own, I desirt- O U u w a a i i o FRESH MEATS, Belli otitic kind, i i v i keep an assortment of be rlijien Oeutlnue ail POULTRY, SAL'SAGC?, In short,every LARD Ao. article usually kept In an eatablltltr and at prices to suit the 4^1S times. THE HIUJIKST PRICES paid for STOCK. PoaUrf fame, Butter, Ac. y VlcFARLI*. Ajsrla-Saraaparilfek

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