18 Ağustos 1864 Tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 2

18 Ağustos 1864 tarihli The Weekly Ottumwa Courier Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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i I THE OTTUMWA COURIER. IHURbDAY IrOTT IFIRS as to (he Editor. W.iaffBIR, »u...r. ... AMG Ityti&naJ XTnion Ticket. PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN* FOR VICE PRKSIDBNT, Pitt**! .frf'ST* J^NDXEW JOIlNSoCr &«* i* Union State Ticket. O S A A v. BKN TARWIN. of Des Moines oounty. O THOMPSON, of Linn county. ELECTOR—ForuTn DISTRICT^,. .Jou DANIEL ANDERSOU, V COKGRESS—Fourth J. GRINXELL. V. FOR SUPREME JUDGE, N S* -•i pii-siA C. COLE, of Polk counlfv FOR SECRETARY OF STATE, ^'WAMES WRIGHT, of Delaware county. rre FOR AUDITOR OF STATE, JOHN A. ELLIOTT of Mitchell YT FOR STATE TREASURER, .FM FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL, WATAY. WILLIAM H. HOLMES, ofsfon&cbfmty. -#p FOR REGISTER OF STATE LAND OFFICE, ^JOS^OA A. HARVEY, of Erwnont Co. ptiirSAAC L. ALLEN, of Tama county. COT Uaitota 3 County Ticket* FOR •CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT, }f. GODLEY, of Washington T'p. ITF$ FOR RECORDER, H. B. JONES, ot Center T*p.:•? A FAR SURVEYOR, «. D. HACKWORTH, CenferT^p. *iiThe copperheads of this county had their ^Mnvention at the Court llotise on Saturday, Resided over by J. T. Stuart of Adams, iftd two Secretaries of whom A. M. Bonni fold was one. mh The ostensible object of the meeting was organize the party, at least HO said the tiils, and quite number of the members -fruui different patts of the county were pres et to do H. Curiosity to know how so difficult a piece Wbusiness was done, and what appearance tile party would present when duly or^an fited, induced ug to inquire of a few spect,a- MODUS OPERANDI. ^solutions, and while thev were out speech* ''•S were called for, but none were forthcoming °4l thia stage of the proceedings. A resolution, it seems, was finally offered "%r a member whose nafne we could not ,,?W»ni, to the effect that the Chicago Con ^ntion ought to nominate a candidate upon iPeace Platfoim. This' resolution was fol lowed by a Fpirited debate, participated in Col. Geo. Gillaspr, Maj. Temple, Mr. Briscoe, and the Chairman. The two for mer gentlemen opposed the resolution on tbe ground that such action 6n th* part of tke party in Wapello would embarrass the Chicago Convention! They maintained it would be dangerous at this early day to commit the party to any line of policy tbat it was impossible to say what would happen ir the next few weeks that Rich mond, Atlanta, and for aught they knew, New York might be taken, or VICE VERSA a»d bence, they had better wait and eee what would turn up. It might be best to have a peace platform, or it might be oboes farr to take the war shute. The mover of the resolution and the Chairman, Stuart, didn't like thia view of the subject thought a move definate and a bolder policy the more advisable, &c. Mr. .4 rBHscoe,ti' s^feech seemed to lean admirably V* sides df fne question, a very proper cfcorse for Mr B. to take, inasmuch as he be a candidate some day. Who know6? -r-The upshot of the matter was, the reso lution was voted down, and the oonventroh reeolved not to resolve at ad. The com mittee came in. but of course did not report, M»d so the Copperhead party of Wapello will watch and wait awhile on the border of peace and war. bat' ready to be one or the other or neither, as current events may de termine. The only action taken by ihe con vention, so far as WO could learn, was the adopt-on of a resolution to organize tbe par ty by appointing a central committee, but a® the appointment of a central committee did not transpire, we are unprepared to say at thia writing whether tl»« Copperhead Party of Wapello county ia in an organized w disorganized condition. What a spectacle did these Copperheads jptsent! At a time like tbit}, when their country is heaving with a convulsion threat ening almost the existence of society, they meet and solemnly decided that they have no position to take in refirence to the great, Obtest now being waged., They ara afraid to express any opinion, lest it might inter with the Chicago Convention They plainly intimate that they will be for peace )if our armies are defeated, but for war if 4bey are victorious. Tbey are ready to go .with tbe current whichever way it may flow, and wherever it may lead. Party success is nuunfc*tly what they care most about.— The organization of such a party, it seems to us, is the laot business that ought to oc cupy tbe serious attention of human beings. Oirganized or disorganized, it is a disgrace to the country, to human nature and com mon sense, and this is the judgment that will be pronounced upon it again by the (American people at the ides of November. Heturns from all but five counties in Pennsylvania, abow a majority for tbe con stitutional amendment allowing soldieia to tola, 0J 9^,641. General Xvw« of tlie Week. Hard tighiing occured «t Atlanta on Sat urday, Sunday and Monday, last week, Farragttt will tl wita advantages on wir side, but there waa 18, 18^1°° ientr^ **»«•. The Pirate Tallahawe has bornod name** •as vessels on the coast within a few days fast. The last seen of her she was steering Southeast TaroiUainHhipa hit* baen sent after her. Maine and New t*Tibly from the drouth. w and railroad tracks have to be guarded push right on for tbo DiatfM, i All receipts for money paid,'are required to have a two cent stamp affixed bp the person signing it, and there is a penalty for not affixing it. The receipt is go/d for ftothing without the stamp. People can do Without receipts as much as they choose.— But the man who signs one without put Ung on the stamp and cancelling it ia at the weroy of any ohi who chooses ti inform against him. r' There is now no longer iny. doubt that Spain will recognize the new empire of Mex ico. AH the assertions made by some journals to the contrary are quite unfounded The Cabinet of Madrid, so soon as the Em peror Maximilian shall have notified his ac cession, wlH accredit ft* ambassador to -blpi Court- ., The Copperhead* are betraying them selves. At their late Convention at Peoria, Illinois, they threatened resistance to the Federal Government, provided tlieir de mands should not be compiled witb, and to carry out their purpose, they pledged thorn seiyes iq the identical language of the Sons of Liberty, to wit: "We pledge our lives. General Sheridan's 'forces, marching in pursuit oF the rebel Early's invaders hud reached Middletown, some distance soiith of Winchester, on' Friday. Our latest ad vices are to the evening of thai day. when the rebels were in line of battle in that neighborhood. Skirmishing was in progress, and a battle has probably been fought ere this. General Burnside has been relieved of the command of the 9th Army Corps. This is probably in consequence of the failure ol the tssnu,t at Petersburg the blame of *t)ich is charged to him. Generals Sibley's and Sully's Indian ex pedition in the Northwest is on the march for Powder river, where a great battle with the Sioux is expected.. The Circleville UNION The inquiries made of the PrpVost Mar shal Genera] at Washington, direct, have become so numerous that it has been found necessary to announce publicly the fact that INQUIRIES on ordinary subject* con­ nected with the enrollment, draft, exemp tion, liability of draft, credHsand ^cc.oyjitg of men furnished, must be addressed to the Provost Marshall of the proper Congres sional District, who wiJlj.ty MMKMM Mobile. The printers in New York struck for 60 etnts per 1000 ems, night work. Tt was expected difficulty Vised. would bo edtnpro* There ire rumors not credited, of Grant's •ovin his army from Petersburg. /, A rebel report says Beaioiregard has gone w Atlanta with 20,000 men. Deserters report large reinforcements «ent from Richmond to the assistance, ,of Early in the Shenandoah Valley. The greatest Indian war against the Whites that has ever been known this country is anticipated on the Western plains. Governor Evans and General Cur tis are said to be of this opinion, and all the indications so denote. The various tribes •re believed to have been tampered with by rebel einissuries, and to have combined for e n e a w a s The Krl* «so( I'vi^oiicrii -iit'll. fee) lunin Hx.perie -eo»i. (From the Troy Time*, Aug. II.) 0«fi. Seymour, recently exchanged at Charleston with other Federal officer*, ar rived in Trov last evening, and left this, morning fur Williamsburg, Mass., whore ho awaits orders from Washington. Gen. S. is quite feeble from the effect? of confinement and insufficient food. Up to the ptriod when he was transferred to Charleston, he suffer- Hampshire are suffering ed great hardships, and was afforded hardly Fires are preva* sufficient food to maintain life. On the way |rom Richmond to Charleston, hittfcel^and associates were subjected to the most out- 10 piever.t the ie& from burning up. Particulars of the ftght in Mobile Bay rag«mis indignities, and were often confined ityur monitors weat in firs', followed by in common jails, alonp with the worst fel the Brooklyn, Hartford, Metacomb and Ions. At Charleston, although they were others. The principal fighting was with nominally placed under ftro, they were de tl*f Ram Tennes.*-e inside the baj\ The cently treated. During the six weeks he Metacomb, attempting to ratu the Tenrw*- was there,, only one, shell came near them, see, struck the Har'ford and stove in her and that did no damage. The city is badly side. She will go North for repairs. The i cut up by the firing from our batteries, and gunboat Selena was sunk by the Metacomb as many as fifty shells a day are hurled into The Chickasaw ami Winnebago chased two the secession hot-bed. Bnildinjxs on all others by Forts Gaines and Morgan into a sides are torn to pieoc?s, and the datnnge is n&vy cave, and they are blockaded without verv great. FFOIB a chance to escape. The despatch boat produced by our firing, it would seem that Phillips was burned at sea while the fight was in progres*. ROCHESTER UNION, says that on Mon­ day iast, thiee house-breakers wero killed in Lancaster, Ohio, while forcing an en trance into the house of a soldier's wife, by a wounded soldier, whom the lady's hospitality had just received the evening previous. Oue of the burglars was recog nized ag the lady's brother-in-law. She had just received |500 from her husband in the army, and it is supposed that this was the temptation which brought the men on. tbeir evil and disastrous errand. if the UNABLE to give the desired information, refer the matter to higher authority. Answers will thus be re ceivedmuch more promptly than by ad dressing (be Provost Marshal General of the United States at Washington, where more important business oi'ten prevents pro-npt answers to the multitude of in quiries now addressed to the Bureau on per sonal and other questions of miner impor tance. The only possible way to obtain prompt answers is by addressing the Pro vost Marshal of the proper Congressional District.— CHICAGO JOURNAL. The Pi rate Tallaliuase. NEW YORK, Aug. 13.—The hasse, which has just destroyed a number of vessels on our coast, is An iron-clad teamer painted white, two sinokn stacks, two screws about 230 feet in length, 20 feet beam, and drawn about nine feet of water. Her hull is marked "Tallanasse, of London, 1864 «ngine« marked C. S. 4,J A. DON'T PAV & W. Dudgen, London." She is fore and aft schooner rigged and uiounts three guns. Her crew consists of about 130 persona' including officers. Men of all natiooa are represented on board, most of whom are said to be sol diers from Lee's army. She is said to have run out of Wilmington about six days ago withou having been seen by any of Aduii ral Lee's blockade™. She has quite a quan tity of ootton on board to protect her boil ers, and there are four bundles of turpen tine on deck to be vised in firing vessels. She i* commanded by John Taylor Wood the "wreck of matter" there will not be much of Charleston left if the shelling is continued at present. Gene ral Seymour is in good spirits, confident that we are making steady progress in reducing the rebellion, and holding fast to the faith that we shall destroy it altogether. General Seymour was stationed at Char leston some two or three years before the war commenced. He, therefore had many liiOiwntul ftcqitKint&nce., (here, »ml toth.m he was indebted for generous courtesies du ring his late involuntary sUy among them. He convened with them freely about the war. He told them the North would never yield that the determination of the people Lnly was to wipe out the rebellion and save the States, bv which a ponce Democrat sKould be elected to succeed Mr. Lincoln as Presi dent. He told them that event was not like ly to ocotiv but if it did, It would be the result of a monstrous deception practiced upon the people, and they would never sub mit to such a peace as the Smith required there would be general revolution and chaos flwit. When the intelligence came that President Lincoln had made a call'for "five hundred thousand more," they were much depressed, and manifested unmistakable indications of CTnion, no matter what sacrifloes *hc pfreat fir^t th*t sn*tick her, and though she work should involve. Their Href hope was based upon a political reaoMon in the loyal ,,ot ex-Gov. Hunt. ex-Gov. "fiye frora Weller of California, ex-Gov. Noble of Mich igan, Rust of Auburn, and Stewart of tho Nineteenth Ohio District, delegates to the ——«•••*•"", .....c*. side is 40 killed and 8S wounded. Pennsylvania, two from Ohio, two from Miss- ouri, and five from Kentucky. The frator- ire'1"' nizatiou WAS narjr rea^tf.^ill {IJJIOW, .j From this it fceems that Ben. Wood and id Butts of the Rochester The Itaitl of Nubile. Farm* KlitS OfiiriMl Keport. WASHINGTON, liug. ture'' complete, aud most extraftrd^i•j an,' UNION, Kentucky"sh*11 b® U"-»• ••WBHJ »ry-iy RQCBFISTER DEMOCRAT. 15.—The FLAG SHIP ro%y in discouragement. We hare only got to press right onward against the cohorts of treason, and spare not, and the rebellion will inevitably collapse, and that much sooner than many persons believe JBWETTIANA.T— csh *nd-copperhpad go-between, IR j,ired wana a|s0 at Ni­ agara, letting tlroblack oat out of the bftg.— Jhe following is his telegraphic dispatch, dated Aug. 3d.! s There is now going on a grand fraterni zation and reunion at th.? Clifton House, be tween the following parties: Clay, llal combe, SanJers and other Confederates, and Dean Richmond, B*n Wood, °p|»'r'«n«ty. with thra« malignant ex governors (an ex-governor is -15t Rear Admiral U.tS. N. the most melancholy creature in Uie world,) and son.e fifteen other disloyal persons, are I v 1. •. n Canada (or were on Fast Day,) holding illicit correspondence with the rebel enemies of the Government The nameless "two fjrom Ohfef? Mi prob ably Valkndigharo and Sara. Medrtry, re cently bed fulloMfs in matriyrdom. One of the Misfiouriarva is doubtless Gen. Price of the rebel army, of. Piia Ri»l»e reminicence, who, we notice, is repoited missing in Dix ie just now. The "three from Pennsylva nia," of course invade Woodward, who was so eager to have Jeff Davift tun hi* line just north of the Quaker City, -Geo. Francis Train, and the traitor who recently piloted Early to rhamber^burp, are likely enough the other two. It will be exceedingly *PRO V R.,, i.'. i THE FREMOVT PLATFORM pirate Talla- deciares''auf&ori^ tatively that Slavery is dead. The copper neads, whib positively endorsing this Plat form, declare that the Government is wag ing war for the abolition of Slavery How can that be? How can you abolish tint which is already dead The Fremont win$ of the^fCopperhead party, and the Copper head Winjr of the Fremor.t party, find a good deal of difficulty in reconciling th»ir oppo site sentiments. The dog which the old ologists described as guarding the door of hell, had three heads. The Dogberry De mocracy, with it* infusion of Fremomtsm, has more than three heads, each one of which, instead of finding itself tin gutrd, will discover itself to be, In November next, several mites frora the door Upham lost a breaking team of eight oxen. II« hunted three weeks for them without avail. He then advertised them in the PUBLICAN, and offering reward for them. Several parties who do not take the flowing official dispatcher ha»e ijpen received oy the Navy Department: llAHTroitt, IIOBJL6 Bar, August 5.— I hs?e tho honor to report to the Department lhat this morning I en tered Mobile Biy, passing between Forts Morgan and t»nin»s, ami encountered the rebel ram Tennessee and the gunboats of the enemy, viz Selmi, Morgan and Gaines. The attacking flo«t was under way bv 4:45 a. n»., in the following order: The Brooklyn with the Octoroon on her port side the Hartford with t^e Port Royal the Lacka wana with the Seminole Manongahela with the Terrnest, and \nnie and Julia with the gal'ant Starburg of the fleit, w.is the prop er position of the monitors or ironclad's. Fort Morgan opened upen us at ten minutes past 7 o'clock, and foon after ^his the ac tion became bolder. As we steamed up the main ship channel there was some difficul ty ahead, and the Hartford passed on.ohesd, of the Brooklyn. At 48 minutes past 7 o'clock, the Tecum sehwas. stopped by a torpedo and sunk, going down very rapidly, carrying down wiib hjSr all the officers and craw, with the exception of th9 pilot and about ten men who were s*ved by ab-Mt that I sent from the .VfoUcotnet, which was along side of me The Hartford had passed the boats before $ o'clock, and finding myself raked by the rebel gunboats, I ordered the Metacomet to cast off and go in par.tuit of them, one of (he Sn|m ,be in captur- A11 the ha(1 the fortj by 8 30 Thft ram Tenne„0(5i sti„ ,n QUr and a 9igna WM mtJe t0 al the fleet to turn 4gain and attack tbe not with gnng blU Qur bwU t0 run her down ,t ful, gpee) Xbo M(H10n^ula wa8 her yet she djd sucoeed in disabling her. The Ucka struck har but ineffectually.— The Flagship give her a severe shock with her bow and as she passed, fired into her a whole port broadside OF shot and thirteen pounds of powder, at a distance of not more than twelve feet. The iron cladg were closing her and the Hartfrd and the rest of the fleet were bearing down on her, when at 10 a. m., she surrendered, he rest of the rebel fleet save the Morgan and Gaines, succeeded in getting back der the protection of Fort Morgan, This terminated the action of the d*y:—• Admiral Buchanan sent ma his sword, be „»ng himself badly wounded with compound fractuie Ojf the leg. whic^ it is sapposod will have to be amputated* Having had many of Colorado Jewett, the ae- my men wounded and the surgeon of the to^-n being very desirous to have Admiral Buchanan removed to the hospital, I sent a flag of truce to the commanding officer, (Richard JIUTTS OF THE L. Page, to say that if he would allow the wounded of the fleet, as well as the rebels, to be taken to Pensacola. where they could be hotter eared for than here, would send out or»e of oar vessel*, provided she would be allowed to rctucn, bringing back what she did not take out. Gen. Page consented* add the Metacomet*w» dispatched. ,R- :J The total killed and wounded on oar We oip 20 officer# and abo'it 170 rn »n on the rarn Tennessne. *nd abouto®JOfisora rnenon the-Selma. n 'iA w'',, w*. Ccfll||nw. i|firK^) ifim send a detailed dispatch by the T°"R iwn ob't wrv*t. From Ihe Frontier* I*t»yENWORTH, Ang. 15.—Tho AtcUson Pr««^ n*wfl FRNM discriminate murder of' the whites in that I ,r, ,11 ud the ovorUnd mail ooaches have stopped running. The Dnkotah Union, of the 2d inst says PvnrtiiVim. ,n ,L„ e The Editor of the Ool. Wolfonl ("now under arrest for disloval lan guage) and four olher* precisely like him. Ex.Governor Wfeller L« the fellow who has been flgktin^ four years to 't up a re bellion to ally California with the seceded States, and failing in that, to erect a separate Pacific Empire. As the ingenious and cor ceited Jewett remarks, "the fraternisation is complete." We should think so !y Do these pencemongers who go to Canada to see how much they can get for spiling out their country, reflect that they expose themselves on returning to an arrest as spies for hold ing correspondence with a public enemv INDEPENDENT a leading Citizen of New York, a noble and I UUIK ne.ainme same grogstiop out or wbioh, to toy housp, the audience are the same per sons, and the speakers are well known as Copperheads. NBW STOCK YABDS.—The yards of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Co., in Chicago, are being fitted up kinds. Four of Fairbanks' Stock Scales, forty-two feet loot and wide enough to Weigh an eutire car load at once, are being built in theyardsr so that all stock received weighed. DR. STRickLAND" —Tb'er»aTuabTe 'remedies 'offered by this regularly educated phy*i cian, who came here from Tennessee, high ly commended, will be found advertised in oar columns. His ofllcj is No. 6 East Fourth street, Cincinnati, O., We vould advise any one buffering from a distressing cou-'h Or any affection of tbe ttydat or lungs to try Dr. Strickland's Melifluous Cough Balsam, It fg for Mile at the drug stores. AM. I* WELL ON THE INSIDE TO TASK A PAPSR ?—Mr. Cyrus RE­ giving a description of the cattle REPUBLICAN the cattle but passed them by. Mr. saw D. THAT S. Miller saw them, looked al his paper and found they agreed with the deicription, took them up, sent us word and we notified Mr. Upham. He went to Mr. Miller's found seven of his oxen, paid Mr. Miller $35 and sccured his cattle. This is a good comment on the value of a paper and of advertising-—IOTCA CITY RE- NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. yyEBER, WILLIAMS & FITCH, Reu 10* ft oai 14 take *raM» Si. 1 x. HATS, CAPS, FURS, and Mittem, Umbrellas, .'•sT &MDUS\ JffeW CHILDREN'*71 ~*-AI HATS, SKATING CAPS, FURS* I Special Xatter. Merchants will promote their tnfareata by exam iniug our stock before buying. WEBKR, WILLIAMS FITCH. Aagnit 18,1864. W I Z A O I I THIS SPLENDID REMEDY CORES TOOTH A CI1K In Three Minutes. CORN8. THF OTT(TMV^A' KARRAOCI^ GtWO* WBLM, S«(CreUry of tbe TORT. for NKl'RAL( iA In Ten Minute*. IIKAlA('llK In Kive Mlnntes. EAKACIIR* In T.-n Minutes. CEAMP CO1.I0 lit Ten Minute*. solid nine inch MPTIIER1A In a Few Hour*. SOUK THROAT In a Kew Hour* RHEUMATISM. In a Few Uays. LAMK BACK. fPRAIN8. CI T8 AND IIR.VISES. BURNS+KP SCALDS. & Price 8fcents and 75 c.'nts per bottle. Thelarire bottle* contain nearly three time* as much t* the •raall ones. Manufactured by .1. A. IlAMI.IN llRO., 109 Washington street, Chicago, aad for *aW by 4ra«l*U gwerally. i 7 J.io irhalMal* Ab'U I PFACH 4 -. Ag t*. -j For sale is Ottaiuwa.-by- 1 REAL manufticturing section. Stage route station keepers andi*,ro,u *^*e Ea»iera Timber, Jiyerytptng in the nature of crops ttl the dispatch, and all W0rk warranted a* recommended. Missouri valley from Fort Pierce to Sioux City was ruined in the. short space of two davs by grasshoppers, and says the supply of food must be imported to subsist the peo ple during the year. last Rummer, issued the rtofers who set fire the space or fifteen days. Notice Is also hereby given that on the 8ftth day of July, lS6t, at 1 o'clock P. M. at th e ofHce of J. T. new stook in the most extensive and convenient m»n- rpAX PAYERS OF U S INTER ner, and will add greatly to the facilities i NAL REVENUE. for reoeiving and shipping »t ock of all EVDS WELL.—-Thu« exclaimed many thousands after trying the celebrated CHEMICAL SALERATUS &C. of Det.»nd & Co. They say it works like a charm, and they always have nice light bread,btp cuit, cakea, l« never fails. New AND UNTFTIBO Med icines should not always receive the entire confidence of the people, but when a remedy has heen prac tically tested for ten years, in tbe general practice of a thorough phyAician, as has Dr. D. Seelye'a Liquid Catarrh Remedy, and never failed, person* till cted witb Catirrh should immediately test its merit*.: "Petroleum V. Nasby, Pastor of aatd church iu charge" is Mr. D. R. Locke, edi tor of the Finley, Hancock county Illinois JEFFERTONIANTA eai- Hnoial tuitl o*n w(ll be from $fi to $7 per term of t.-n week*, payable in advance. No pup I will be admitted who l« not sufflcteMly advanced to study written atithmetlc* por for lea* time than a half term. A new feature in the Institution will be a Teach-: er's Class for those who desire to prepare for. or T» in -»*tr wur having special reference to the requirement* of h«i School liaw for Teacher's Certificates. The number of pupils will he limited In no case exceeding sixtv- For further Information *ee printed Circulars or apply to either of the Principals Aug. 4, lst4-tf CARRIAGE FAC- Ullo Tll.,n »t,.» The nnderslgned would respectfully solicit the at rrestf nas news trom Little Blue that the tontfon of the public to the {*«iutica wbiehfce Indians oo Sunday laat commenced the in- I P0,,e"" UARRIAG ES AXD WA.G OX'S tory teims. Those wishing to purchase will plaaae oall and ex amine in.v stock. i All kinds of repairing'TFO'se wKb neatness and UREVENUE. says that t0 unspotled lawyer, had addressed bun in cerned thnt the lists, valuations and enumerations ,L00„ made aud taken by the Assistant Ausewor within UiesQ woras. Ithecouutyof Wapello in said 4th District, mav lie The Fremont meetings in my a1strfttaretexaiulne^on the3otini»y of June, isei, at the office he'd in th»» NITED STATES ItffERNAt AsiK3so*'S Officc, Fourth District, Iowa,-. Iowa City. Iowa, June 2S, l^et. nderslgned, Assessor of the 4th District bf the State o: Iowa, in pursuance of btolion 1!, NF a Law entitled "An act to provide Internal Revenue, and *upport the Government, and to pay interest on «. .... 1 the Public Debt," hereby advertises all persons con- nut nf nrKInk of J. T. Harkworth, in Ottumwa, county aforesaid, and th.tsaidl!^* will remain open at said office for Hackworth, Ottumwa, within -aid county of Wapello and after the expiration of said fifteen days, appeals ID writing will be received and determined relative 'lo an erroneous or excessive valuations oreaumOr ations by tbe said Assistant Assessor. 'TIIE OKOKOK H. JKROMR, I Assessor for th«4th District of Iowa. Jua«M,1864 2w Will take notice that tfcefWftaualassessment for Wapello County has been sompleted for 1864 and placed iu my hands for collection, and that I will be at the Court Hous* in Ottumwa on Tuesday and Wednesday, the .'d and 3d day* of August, to re ceive the same. All person* knowing themselves In arrears either for License, fucome or other Excise duties, will pUase call at the time appointed and •ettle the same without delay otherwise, a penalty of ten per cent will be add£d and collections made ".hy distraint ud aalt." lS-l«--4w. SAM'L INGELS. Dep'* Col. 1st Dir., 4th Col. Oiat., Iowa. FAR-FAMED PR. WEIR -K- Of Pennsylvania, announce* to the community that he I* a practitioner of the German, frepth and Spantih mode of MEDICAL TBIATMENT, 11 So sneeessfoliy practice* of late In Vr4iU*, M|*aia aud Am«rica. He ha* heetq engaged several year* in travelling and auccessfully treating people who linger under old IHKOHIC COMPLAINTS. He not only ascertains the nature of disease, as for merly practised by physician*, but passes on ap4 discovers the cause, however intricate the diseaae may be. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, In all their forma, treated carefully and eoilte., tlally. I will visit and consult patient* w/ille re maining in town free of oharge. Those 11 vlnK al a distauce and unable to visit him, can be treated by sending him a clear rial full of their morning urine, from whiet) tke disease wIU be ascertained. All letters of Inqulrjr must contain on* postage stamp, lie will Up at Springfield .....^August 2 A 8 Sigouraej ...» i„Augiwt 4 PIRST NATIONAL BANK 9, Wilton Juuction Aug.lo, Muscatine, (at Irving House). .. Aug 1) A It Burlington, rt Sunderland House..Aug 1-t 4 1ft Danville, Marengo House, .... ,......Aug|6 Mt. Pleasaut. iirazeUon HOUM, f....Aug 17 Home Aug 18 Fairfield, Leggett House .....Aug. IV OTTL'M W A, (at Ottumwa HooM,).. Aug '^0,81 A Oskalosa, Madison House, ...Aug Wi A 24 BprlngUeia Aug. £0 Sigourney Aug 27 4 28 t3^0all early, for he oannot delay. June 80, 't4 w Pr. D. K- WiBR. Residence—In Toledo, for th* last six years, Tama cauuty, Iowa, FOR SALE HOBS* aad Lot IN OF KEOKUK, IOWA, DMIGNUTE I 1H-PN*ITORY AND FINANCIAL A FR- VF THE UNITED STATE*. ted Stat Th the Oo INTTRE LHA N FORH/ PTI*R» ti«4. We are TT5^TeTnrir"to Wi*"Tril* ftolB tH* taxation, their value is Increased from one to tlired •ections of the West, a large and Tery attractive p3r oent p»r ivnniiiD, according to the rate of tax stock of Hats,_r*pj, ^ur«, R*be*, Bl'-ckakln QlpTe* i«vles In various parts of the country. Akthe preaent premium on gold they pay better than any other investment that, can be had »t par. These IIOIK1J We beg to *tate that our stock I* not *urpa«*ed tn thus made equally available to the smallest lender •extent, rarlety, -Style*, qualities or CH«AF!IBC8 any to be fo :nd East or Weat, and haTln* at all soni a yery l-ar^e Stock of Staple Good* on hand. We are fortified against sudden and great advance*, whereby we are enabled to offer many goods at less than Manufacturers' Present Price*, which W« will do throughout the season. "If not called for within STATR,HTR6ET M&NUMBER, L'IAI•* CHILBLAINS. tt a This invlilualile preparation only needs a trial to reconnuead ItS' lf to every household in the kind. Dse one bottle «nd you will always keep It on against tbe time of need. FUM" I JV -V L(n4 k Bnjiti,, OUfafa I IVynn !I P* W. Cawan, and by Humes E Mr Druggist* ««r vwh«re. Aug, 18, 18*4.y lireneinan 0 Mr Barry Kn'y Mrs PSTATFI FOTL SALE. |1,0,1 40 acre* of good land, all fenced, 8 acre* la oattl- Col'ns ratio n, two GOOD cabins, corn crib, a pond wrll of water, altnatod near LltMe Creek, nlle* south of Ottumwa. 'fhe above property will tie sold very cheap. Enquire of V. LKIUKOKTil. Ottumwa, July 2S, 1S64-81 OTTUMWA SEMINARY AND NORMAL IN8TITCTJC. Bfcr. J.M. MeEl.»OY, Mr. H. McGINITIE. Principal*. Tbe next school year commences on Monday, SeptemWer Sth, IWvl. The uniform rate A $ 0. S. 10-40 BONDS. 73IM«. JARE XRTMF* FRVM TCUMTUM BP MY UFTTT* OR WNNINIPAL F« OR .*TF«WP«I ... V jburrlpiiotii to Bonili *re recelve'1 In vnl-| Platen notf« or note* of the National Hanks.—^j y are to bk kkiihk»i*d in cms, at the pleasure of! Oovernnient, at any period Subsrrlf N»TLF**THANTTN NOR*L from their date, and until their edempl iim' fivb tkr punt iktkrkst wii.i. hi paid IN coin on Bonds of fifty and a hundred dollars annually on Bond* of five hundred dollars and over ieini-ann ually. The interest is payable on the flri# I daj of March'and fepteinbei in each year. •.».! A* Vh»*c bond*are eaeaipt fror»njunieipal or Stat«t, Hhu PSfflokintJ 1004t*60t Subscribers will receive either Repi^tered or OouJ pon Bonds, as they may prefer. Registered Bondi are recorded on ti\e books of tbe U. S. Treasurer, an| can Ite drantorred only on the owner'* order. Cou pon Bonds are pa.vabte to bearur, and are jre con V««Jent for commercial by and the largest capitalist. They .n he converted Intomooe.v at any moment, and lite holder will have the Keneflt of t*ie interest. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HEOKIK Of all denominations for sal*. A dhcounV cent made on sale* of 9100 and upward*. B.*. LOVK, President. R.B. FOOTE, Caahler. Aug 4, ld«4-8m LETTKIIS UKMAIXING ONT iue*ifA,i1ley WtU be sent to the l)ea Letter OOicc. '•FRKK DKI.1VKKY of letters by RARR(?R», the postage at thk residences of owner* In cities and la we towns, ritj CUKKI' hy (ihservlng the following rules "1. DJKKOT letters plainly to the street and num ber, as well as the post olhce and State. '1. HKAO 1 tters with the writer's POTT TIJFFH'T STATP/I HNNT/ oq the corner, and NPPRR RIGHT- LETIT? "S. tietween the stamp and direction fov jiotit^marttny without interfering with the writing. II. A REQUEST fort be RETURN of a letter to the w. it »r, I uuci timed withlu 30 days or le -*, ten or printed with the writer'* AITATF, MIME, POKT-OFLTCRwrit Lamkin N Mason N «•'£*,! Hiiburn l?e n ild-i Ro,ir Mi in h'liylls Jul PUrt' Samn Henry 2. VVA,S,M MR 1 Crouch S^rih Mtss Mr Coffee Caroline TT V* V.rtio MysXVotbev MTN ,7, CI.avers A Mrs W dlard \1 Dixon Wilson T,ooisi Finley R.»b rt'J (i White A Mi (»avov Kl »ibeth W-»tf Knm*i (irag« v., II adock M'M TA'crnrit/ 'f "H E. lSnBlRf. V ii, •'.! t.. ... NaiaT,r 'OT'l'T 1: KOOlis, KUROMK^ii WAT IOWA COPPER, TIN AND IRON v? J• AT FACTORY PR1C& article warranted. Ottumwa, June hu,WC4—16-16 Am -rfiirS'f Tunrs BAUEU & O •«••.«/ •, Ji BALKit 4r 'GKJkri•. "'d. WnttWtfW*?.,' 4'lMrk aad Wa*biairtni«l CHICAGO, ILL Mannfiicturvrs anl Impoiterii of 'MUSICAL IHSTR0M!^rS,1 mn\i s, vioi.ns. u u s !'oI A. Ottumwa, July 88,1864. BALDWIN. A oienroxs, C'^AKIXEX!*, ITAU6, +RLIRA .S',S IM TR UMEXTS, and other musical merchandise. HUOLEJA^K A9,CNTi ROK I A N O O E S I A N O O E S Of the following manufacturers. [, WAf. KNABE A t1!)., Baltimore, BOAROMAM GRAY, Albany, A. H. OALK A CO., New York, «/,. IHNE A SON, A s o A e n s o PHi\t i 's L*R|K('E^ 9IEMKE«!VS I dR(j\i.YS O ANI) IIA HMO NUT MS, RGANS AND HARMONIUMS. tone, easy and agreeable touch, and beauty of 'fl niih have, by judges, hsen pronounoed inain i.tn. As to the relative merits of our Pianos, we would refer to tho certificates of Excellence in our jsses slon from llialbeig, tJotUchalk, Strakog, II. (j Sat-" ter, II. Vieuxteiups, Louis Staab, and E. Muzlo mu «li"il director of Hie Ituiian Opera, a* also from'^omc of the most distinguished professor* and amatners" la ^e couwtry. All instruments ef our manufacture have the full Iron frame, and are guaranteed for five year*. UT~I'arttcular attention paid to the selection o' Instruments for distant orders, and a privilege of exchange granted »t apy time within six months if the Instrument should not prove entirely satlsfaclo ry. A liberal discount to Clergymen, Teachers and Schools. Terms liberal. p*rf?BtiD r|1HE want of a really flr»t class PUno, will do well to all before purchaaltTgeUewl^e, ^^Remember the place JII.IU8 RAl'ER Chicago Branch. o e y a n o v i s i o n S o e M, HEINRICH A ft Wapello AugusX 6. Davenport, (at Penrwy+ranli H6u*e) Augusts A «ae« fiuies, fine location at tbe eoraar «M4a street, aad dlreai' (Mlete aad.a*co«4 street, aad dlreatff SMMiie ellege Square. la^aira at tkU oB*% jt-ll la^aire at tkU •?/. 4 V»'» TSueaaaaontaO.Vrtta.1 -YI{ I- VM»v«, *v IIIV LiiiAcm Wapello and surrounding counties that having nur cha*el t«e Old Hand, w« hav* opened a branch of our Chicago store where are tfonstantl* receiving large aupplie* of FARMER8 Will plian notice that we buy every daiarlntiaa af *ro4«a «»enib« the place. O. /ritert^dillLd. Ottumwa, Iowa, May 2«, 18W-10-16 if GkEAT BARGAINS A S W O S Kelt door W«sl of J» L. Taj inr'e I)i utf tltore orronwA, IOWA. Wh«r# will be found one of largest atoefcs ••n aitttof of tha followluK Article* BOOTS AND SHOES, ^HATS AND CAPS, !»-!»,-* a aiipriiKin _^ GROGERIES AND QUEENSWARE COisFKC'TiONEIilliJj, 1 'M- i! The ba*t In Ottumwt (t)/ may he subscribed for.In *uma from $J0 up t» anj niagnitade, on he same terms, and ar«. it I. K Subscriber* w Uiis lo*n will have the Qpiloa cf having their Bonds draw Interest from irch ls^ Quitk Sales and Small Profits by paying the accrued Interest In coin—(or In Uni ted States notes, or the note* of the National Banks, -^LASS AND NAIKH, WOODEN & WlllOW WARE. All of which will he soldfor CASH CHEAPER THAN THE CHKAPKST IN OTTltMWA or KXCIIAXGED *OR COCNtRV FRODITCE. My motto Is, w .ri'n..UTiipa adding fiftv per cent for premium,) or receive tht in HIDE., fnrwhi .hwillba paldt! drawing Lnlerert from the date of .ubacription and very highest market price In Ca*h deposit I Cal* and examine good* and prices,so'that Draft* on St. Louis, ehtcAfjo, and Ne*-York will can satisfy_ yourselves that y..u can_ buy goo be received in payment ofsubscriptions to tbi^1 loan. l!be tuual commiwloa allowed to Bank* and Banker*. Deals In allchissea of U. 8. Bond*. Interest C*upou* of all kinds of T'. S Bonds bought or collected 14ov-. ernment Voucfc.vs, Order, on the U.S. Payma*t« tor Q.OVfih Bounty or Back ^a.v, cashed or colleo EXCHANUK on alllhe principal cltUa, aud GoU^ and Silver bouirht apd sold. pf INTKKNAL ItEVEKUE STAMPS UX- claimed in the Po4t OfTica at OttQuiwa, State of IpVia, ISth ila.y of Auf:., 1S64. tf""To obtain any of these letters, the applicant fnust call for 'iu/rrrl'jrt'/ LATIRR*,' give the date df thin list, and pay one cent for advertisinit §DW yourselves that ,viu can buy cheaper of him-thfln anywhere el*e lr Ottumwa. Oltumwa, October Sth, 1863. cJi-T-10—o lJt_-l J^EW YEAR! N£W-?STORE TP MEEK & CO, Now oc-upv their new brlok, next toottanira Houie. W««0er our present *t«ek of DBT «00»m GBOtXttiEli l„ },, tor tl»« ne*t tea U*» at J*v LOW FIGURES". 1 (1 J*. VERY and sign them plainly with full name, and request that answers be directed accord Uigly. "8. Letters to stranger* or transient visitors in a town or city, whose (peclaladdreca may be unknown. Should b.e marked, in the lower left-hand corner, with the word 'Transient.' "4- and aerobe the left-hand end of the envelopf. o4 the face side, will be complied with at the n«ua) pre paid rate of postape,payable when the letter I* de li v e reil to the writer.—See. 28, Law of l*t63." Allison s ,, Johnson A ^Kilboorn W S, Heelt expects to go to N.-w York In February foi bran new stock,and he offers foiue bargains now. Brown Kwlin f»r «9 beats, H. I .. Calico ls*j to 'I') eeuti*^ Utdje* I'olUrs oanta^ Collars 6 cent#, ft, IAI S.I i A VA OR BTF LL Hl'iV) AI»si BtiOTI^ SHOES, jt.NO CLOTU^ti, for ten |il,00 C-Bffiet IT%,' and all qtber bwe* than pan beboght else. where, We seep cou*t.intiy fur *aia EUGH, BUTTE II, POT A TOES, QKtO\.%, ?I«LASM58, KICKSSS, COAfj OIL, BEAN?, AIR., aflow Our lnotte is, "tytivlr SH'CH anid'ifriialt Profit*•" Jan. 7, 1S61-W BAKEJiY & CONFECTIONARY •TOU. .. 1 -J'.I'-TE. 'fji-Liw" & A U Would announce to hi* old friends, and the pnh generally, that he has returned to bia old bu again. WEAK J. HAWLTY'S STORE ON FRONT StttKlS?, TnhN new'and oommndious Kowse efeetetf Mpe for the puspose of carryinpon a BAKEirrONt SCA.LT! Whare he would be pleased to serve everybody with NNran. CRACKERS, PIES, CAKES, -.i.ir rfQANQfES. »^c., &c., They wlW also ftnrt a lar^e aad select staefc of Toy^ nri1 Fancy Articles v ,4 ^Young America,afid STTATES PDR TI'ADTFJS ^OENTS i lam also Ajrent fo» Premium Cream & Stock Ale s i Which I rnn furnish in any quantity desired ^iftnw4,NoV.4f1»,1Sfle 'P- --."J. i.y •^AT WESTEBf NURSEHY' .V, LBT*ATLFR OVK MILK N e a TtHISIHst SOUTH OP 1 TP 1CJ .MM TIW i V. Nursery h«s heen established within he three years, and I* def.1(rnedhere to he A [AWVlVtUuid dwarf P'.irs, Paaches, Nectarine*, Plnmbs, Cherries, y Currants. Gooaefcarrlfk ESPECIAL K CO.' 8o«rth Clark and 89 Washington8C 4 PrSwdforaUlnite, Waly 81,18W-l8-l«r^i*1 Reherra, OLD STAND RENEWED per­ manent and growlnpln4tlt»»tion It emlra-r«n lariro I have a *'loi-al hiihiatlon and -i name." and hold mvself responsible for the character aa i4nalitv OF tales that »ro from my nursery, or one sold lv l.iy'solf or by my authorized agents. I am prepare^ to «aii ply the people of this part of Souther^ Iowa with Moat Desirable Varieties Of Summer, Pall nnd Winter Apples, e*pressljr«ptect ed and hestadapted to this section of Iowa. RasFberrles fftiawberrles, JETJRAPE VINES, 1(11 BAKU, AC, Dealers In ^"logeflier with the best varleil^s of EvrrtGP PIANO 8TOOL8, SPREADS, *c. 1Kt'IDIOrs. and OTtNAMENTAL TREES end We havethe I trgest an 1 best assorted sOiilinf KOSFS and VINES, atr.i'cesa* low as the Particular attention will be pajd ti STRICTLY PILLING THE ORDKR Of those who do not come In person, and when dl eretlonary power Is left with me, the VERY BEST 8ELECTIOI8 wllJ be mafia. Apple trees, two and three years olil feast te'eotion, $10 per hundred ATTENTION! Is called to my variette* of Grape Yiues, and tlicli respective price*: A O O I I .CLINTON^ CAHNRIBA^ ISABELLA, lues, and DELATEARE, (ONE YEATFI {two jfeqrO CONCORD, DIANA, I 1# "75 50 1,00 25 15 20 04BBAGK AND TOMATO NiAKTg latheli e«. j- -t Jt A avrii/ u ould respectfully announce to the cltUen* of *bO lllny favor him witij a call. He lifts also fitted tip rooms fopp dining, aod is prepared to furniah PROVISION!, WOOB* KIHWAHK, 4cc., which, from our facilities, we are enablefl to aell on Uie mo*t reasonable (arm*. He would therefore so li elt a ?all. M. HEINRICH 00. ud. •I i V Ainiug and OyUer 8«lof»*. The uiidersitrnetl would inform the citi» zenaof Ottumwa and tho public generally that he has removed his Saloon info tho second story of the Carroll House, (tmme, diately above his former room,) where he is belter prepared now Urntf heretofore to ao War hi itUals DT ,any hour in THE MORNING or evening. ,~ t^Fresh Oyutirg received daily by Ex press. Remember the place Marble Hall. Carroll Hot me building, second story. Dec. 3,1868 \Vtn. A. MOLL. CLEAK THE IIOITSE OF a FLIB8, use Outcher's celebrated LIGUTNINtJ VliY-KILLER, a neat, cheap article. •rery *he.t wll mill a a*rt, wS everTW£,7. Jua«Mt 1144-14 IMf

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