2 Haziran 1864 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Haziran 1864 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. 1T7'' ■■_ _ -- -L ^ VOLUME III. PORTLAND, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 2, 1864. —-—-—- - - - WHOLE NO. 595. PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OJX.MAN. Editor. la FUtlilkod at Nc. 82* KXCH AKGK ST KELT, t N. A. FOSTER* CO. , • Thu Pokjlakd Daily raasBi* published at •».( per year; ii paid strictly in advance, a discount < •1.00 will be made. titngle copies three cents. 1 im aIaink Statk Pukps Is published every Thun day morniug.at 92.J0 per annum, in advance; 92.1 If i iiii within six months; and •2.60, If payment I delayed beyond the year. Hutea of Advertising: One inch of space in length of column, constitute a “BQPAR1C." •1.60 i>.jr square daily first week; 76 ©eats per wee after; three insertions or Jess, 91.00; continuing ev« ry other day aft*r first week, 60 emit*. Half 8 iuarr*, tliree insertions or loas 76 oenta; on week, 91.00; 6'J cents per week after. Under head of \*UH*MKtrr*, «2.no per square pe week . three insertions or less, 91,60. brnoiAL N otic its, fl.76 por square first week •1,00 per square after; three insertion* orffes*, 91.26 half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week •1.26. Advertisements inserted in the Maivb Stati Fbksp (which ha* a largo circulation lu every part o the State) for 00 oeuts per square in addition to th< above rates, for eaoh insertion. Lboal Notiobi* at usual rates. Transient advertisements mu^t be paid for in ad ranee Bueivepp Noticed, In reading columns, 13 oenti per line for one insertion. No charge less than fill] pent* for each insertion. BT*A1I communications Intended for the papei should be directed to the *'Editor of the Press,1’ and thos^of a business character to the Publishers. Puivtivo oi every description executed Wit" dispatch. F. Tracv, Traveling Agent. SELECTIONS, Kram Brownlow’l Knoxville Whig. The Question of Arming Negroes. YVe are not one ot those tender-fooled Souther tier*, to object to the use of all the slaves that can bo found in the revolted States, for the purpose of carrying on the war, and putting down the rebellion. YVe are the ad vocate of the policy of arming, aud otherwise using the negroes, just as we arc the advocate ot using rebel horses, mules, and all other articles af property. From the time Gen. Butler set a gang of Virginia negroes to Work, who escaped from rebeldotn and took refuge in the Federal lines, until now, a dread ful howl has been kept up in the South. The same cry was raised against Gen. McClellan and Gen. Burnside, for doing the same thing, although the rebel army was drilling negroes at the lima, and using them by thousands to aid aud abet the cause of rebeUiou. This matter raises the question of interna tional law, and brings up the several prece dents that the Federal officers first complain ed of arc following. A synopsis of the doc trine was given by Maj. Gen. Edmond P. Gaines, gt Mew Orleans, in 1SJ8, a Southern man and a slave owner. Gen. Jessup had ^ captured many slaves in Florida, and had or dered them west of the Mississippi. At New Orleans the slaves were claimed by the own ers under legal process: but Gen. Gaines, commanding the military district, aud a man never tainted by abolitionism, refused to de liver them to the Sheriff, and appeared in court, making his own defense, the details of which were given at the time in the newspa pers North aud Sonth. YVe give the follow ing extract, from the reported defense of Gen. Gaines, and submit whether he did not regard negroes as contrabands of war— “He declared that these people'! men, women and children) were captured in war, and held as “prisoners of war.” That as commander of that military department or district, he held them subject only to the order of the National Executive, that he could recognize no uther power in time of war, or by the laws of war, as authorized to take prisoners from his pos session. He asserted that, in tame of war, all slaves were belligerents, as much as their masters. The slave men, said he, cultivate earth and sup ply provisions. The women cook the fbod.nurse the wounded and sick, and contribute to the maintenance of the war often mure than the same number of males. The slate children equally contribute whatever they are able to the support of the war. t Nor could he, as a military oflioer, know what a the laws of Florida were While engaged iu main taining tie Federal Government by force of arm-. In such case he could only be guided by the lawn of war, and whatever may be tbe laws of any State, they must yield to the safety of the Federal Government.” if the ietmussee conservative, or the bor der Suite copperhead, is anxious to see the defense of Gen. Gaines, alike able and conclu sive, i: may be found iu Douse Document, No. 22.1, of the second session of the twenty fifth Congress. 'fue General sent the slaves West, where they became free, and, although he was called to an account for It, he was sustained by the then Democratic Administration. Among the men iu Cougress who sustained him, from Tennessee, were Uugh Lawson White aud Felix Grundy, of the Senate, and John Dell aud James K. l’olk, of the Douse of Kepre seuialives. Gen. Gaines was also sustained by Senators and ltepresentatives from Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama,Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas aud Louisiana. These Southern Congressmen sustaining Gen Gaines were uot then Abolitionists — first, because the reign of Secesh had not then set in; and next, because Lincoln was not then President, but S'an Dureu was, and he was “a Northern man w ith Southern principles.” It was then not only right to set negro slaves to work and to fighting iu time of war, but it was marvel ously proper to send them west of the Missis sippi aud liberate them for tbeir gallant ser | Tices. In 1*38 Gen. Zachary Taylor, the father in-law of Jell' Davis, and a Southern slave B holder, well kuowu to the country and the ar my, captured a number of negro slaves, who turned out to be fugitives from tbeir lawful owners. Citizens of Florida prepared to prove themselves to be their lawful owners, rallied to the camp of General Tay lor and demanded a surrender of their property. The General replied, “I have no pAsoners hut prisoners of war.” The owners desired to examine them ; but the veteran General, in the true spirit ol a modern Lincolnite, told them that no man should examine his prisoners for any such purpose, and he ordered them, in hot baste, to leave bis encampment. Complaint was made to President Van Duren, and to bis Cab inet, and Geu. Taylor was sustained by the unanimous vote thereof, while the slaves were sent West and Jiberated, b Iu l&M Gen. Jessup wanted men to act as I spies and guides in his army, and he engaged some fugitive slaves, stipulating that if they served the Government laithtully he would secure tbeir freedom. The negroes fulfilled their engagement to the letter: they were sent West and liberated, and Van Dureu'a Democratic Cabinet, including its Southern members, who controlled it, approved the emancipation contract. Not only so, but the ministration, and Gen. Jessup's contract was again Indorsed, the Southern members of the Cabinet standing up for this I/.ncoln measure. Tyler has since been elected to the reliel Con gress at Richmond, and the measure has thus been remotely indorsed by the Conlederaey. It is no excuse to say uow that the United State* Government was then fighting against tbe Florida ludians—the same Government is now fighting against the Srpog» of the Con federacy, a more cruel and savage set than were tbe Florida Indians. But we come upon Tennessee conservatives, ♦ with a knock down argument, taken from the acts and arguments of Major General Andrew Jackson, when our government was fighting that of Great Britain. In the month of De cember, 1814, Gen. Jackson seized upon alarge number of slaves at and around New Orleans, actually lu tbe possession of their lawful own ers, aud kept them at hard labor, erecting de * fense-, behind which his troops won the victo ry ol the 8U1 of Jauuary, lhl j. The owners remonstrated, denounced Jackaou as a usurp er, and they would have called him “a d—-J old Ltncolnit#,” but this opprobrious epithet was not then in vogue. Jackson, who was rather a mau of his own head than otherwise, disregarded their remonstrances—paid no sort of attention to their abase—kept many of the slaves at work, others In arras and on the field of battle, uulil many of them were killed by the enemy’s shots. The case went befors President Madison and his able Cabiuet, in the form of a complaint. Jackson was sus tained by them, aud by Congress afterward and when the owners applied for pay for theii slaves afterward, Congress refased them compensation, and that, too, by Souther, votes. But that wss before our statesmen ii tbe South were afflicted with nigger on th< brain! These slave owners were the friend of the Federal Government, and were thu treated because it was done in tbe exercise o the war power, a* a military necessity, and b; a military chieftain, whose motto was then and to the day of his death—“The Fkdebai Uniox—it ucst be prehkkvkii.” And i the American generals under President Lin coin, now in command of our armies, thi fait to seise upon and use to the beat adva tage the slaves of all rebel citisem, they w r prove to be much more lenient and lese of ah litionhu than our great Souther#’ geueri j have been,among whom we may claas Jacksc 0 Gaiuea, Taylor and Jessup. f The history of our couutry demonatrat that Wares, as well as free persona of color, the old slaveboldiug States, were taken lu 6 the Revolutionary army by authority of tl s Slates, or Colonits themselves. During tl last war with England, the great State of Ne York had a regimeut of colored men In tl service. And it Is a part of tbe history of tl ' country that the greater portion of Comm 1 dore Terry’s victorious crew oo Lake Eri • were as black as negroes get to be In Ame ica. ! In 1778, as cited In Bartlett's Index to tl Laws of Rhode IslaDd, an act was pasted “at thoriziug the enlistment of slaves In the Cot tineut.il Battalions.” They were declere | frtt by the act, upon the condition that the would enlist, and the army record shows thi I many of them served with fidelity during th war. In 1781, while George Clinton was the Got ernor pf New York, an act was passed for t.h purpose ol raising some regiments, who wer to be paid off in “ bounty lands unapproprii ted," and from that law we take the followin very interesting section: "Section 6. Beit enacted, that any person who shall deliver one or mors of his or bar abl bodied male slaves to any warrant offioer a aforesaid, to serve in either of the said regi tnents or independent corps, and prod JR a oer tificate thereof, signed by any person author ized to muster and reoeive the men to be raise< by virtue of this act, and produce such oertifi cate to the Surveyor-General, shall, for ever; male slave so entered and mustered as afore said, he entitled to the location and grant of on right in manner at in and by this act directed and shall be and hereby is discharged from any future maintenance of such slave, any las to the oontrary notwithstanding. And such slave so entered as aforesaid, who shall serve foi three years or until regularly discharged, etml immediately after such tervioe or discharge, b* and is hereby declared to be a free man of thii State. ’ ’ At early at 1777, it Wat the practice of lh< alavct of Virginia to desert from their own era, in order that they might enlist at soldiers sud thereby secure tbelr freedom. In 1783 before the news of the Treaty of Peace in Paris had reached this country, the Legisla ture ol Virginia, mindful of the conduct ol the slaves who had rendered valuable eer vlcea in the army, passed the following pre amble and act in relation to them: “Whereas it has been represented to the pres ent General Assembly that during the couret ol the war many persons in this State have caused their slaves to enlist in certain regiments or corps raised within Ihe same, having tendered such slaves to the officers appointed to recruit forces within the State, as substitutes for free persons whose lot or duty it was to serve in such regiments or corps, at the same time represent ing to such recruiting offiotr that the slaves so enlisted by their direction and concurrence were freemen: and it appearing further to the As sembly thst on the expiration of the term of en listment of such slaves the former owners have attempted again to force them to return to a stale of servitude, contrary to the principles of justice anil to their own solemn promise: “3. And wheress, it appears just and reason able thst sll persons enlisted aforesaid, who have faithfully served according to the terms of their enlistment, and have thereby, of course, centributed toward the eetablishment of Ameri can liberty and independence, should enjoy the blessings of freedom as a reward lor their toils aud labors: “Be it therefore enacted that each and every slave who, by the appointment and direction of his owner, hath enlisted in any regiment or corps raised within this 8tate, either on oonti iien alor .Slate establishment, and hath been rtceived as a substitute for any free person whose duty or lot it was to serve faithfully dur ing the term of snch enlistment, or hath been discharge! from such service by tone officer duly authorised to grant such discharge, shall, from and after the passage of this act, be fully and completely emancipated, and shall be held itnd deemed free in as fall and ample a manner as if each and every one of them were specially name! in this act; and the Attorney-General for (be Coiuuiou a cal in Is beieliy ivquiieu vu ooui menoe an action in forma pauptrit in behalf f any of Ihe persons above described who thsll, after the passing of this act, be detained in ser tude by any person whatsoever, and if upon such prosecution it shall appear that the pauper is entitled to his freedom in consequence of this act, a jury shall be empanneled to assess the damages for his detention.” huactmenu by the Legislature of South Carolina upon thU subject were to the same effect, aud the records at Columbia will show the fact in bold relief. It was proposed lu her Legislature to make up her quota of troops from her slave population. And Col. Lawrcus, of South Carolina, la eg titled to tha credit of the movement, for be urged upon Congress, aud upou the State Legislature, with eloquence and great force, the necessity and advantage of arming the slaves, and mak ing them soldiers. And he carried the meas ure. President Madison, daring bis term of office, and iu the war of 1812, proposed raising black regiments, and giving the slaves who might consent to serve, their freedom. It may be urged as au apology for this, that the British were threatening the capital at Washington, aud did run the President out. Well, the Sepoy t of the South are threatening the over throw of the entire government, capital aDd all. But Mr. Madison, ins work known as the Federalist, with the sagacity of a statesman and the foresight of a prophet, looked for ward to this rebellion, and pointed it out as a lime when the slaves would be of great im portance : “I takenu notioe," said he, “ofan unhappy species of population abounding in some of the States, who, duiing the calm of regular govern ment, are sunk below the level of men, butwhd, in the tempestuous scenes of civil violence, may emerge into the human character and /ire a tuperiorily qf ttrtngth to any party trtik which thty may anociatt themulvn.” In conclusion, we hope the length of this article will -not deter reflecting men from lu careful perusal. We have called up these numerous startling facU and ancient records, that the peopla may see both sides of this great question, and to show that the people of the South, in open rebellion, have no right to complain if the United Slates Government shall even arm and uniform every able-bodied slave In the South, muster them into service, and use them to put down the most wicked and unauthorized of all rebellions. Copartnership Notice, -AUD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT fllHB subscribers having on the 7th day of May X formed a copartnership unde r the name of McCarthy k Merry, For the purpose of carrying on the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all its branches, and having all the facilities foi get ing up first class work for gentlemen aud ladies, wear, are now ready to execute all orders with neat nes • aud dispatch Our work will be made of the Lest oi imported stock, by the best of workmen, anc warranted to give otr.tet satisfaction. 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Such as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings aud Shirtings, Table Linens, Drilling*, 1 takings, Douim*. Stripes, Ac. Also, just receiving, the latest styles oi handsome Spring Balmoral Sltlrts And the mo»t fashionable SPUING SHA WLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AND CA8SIMKRES, FOR BOYS’ AND MEN'S WEAK. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS !! An elegant assortment. We are just ready to manu facture tu measure, at the shortest notice, any of the new and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warreuted to suit. FEFCHTWANGER * ZUNDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLE STREET. PORTLAND, MAim. P.S.—Ladies need not ask for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have nouo but sound and fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprl tf A. T. C. DODGE, Pension, War Claim, OKNBKAI. BU8IS*8B AND COMMERCIAL AGENT, Xo. MO Pennsylvania I WASHINGTON, D. C., Avenue, 1 H^Will attend to Collections, Consignments, Ac., iu Baltimore, Md., Alexandria, Va., and General Commission Business in Georgetown and Washing ton, D. C Address, A. T. C. Dodge, llox 1173, Washington, D. C., UFSBIIOM: Gen. Samuel Veazie, Prestdeut Veazie Bank, Ban gor, Me.: Messrs. Albert Webb A Co., Merchants, Portland. Me.; Messrs. Blagge A Roper, Merchants, 1 Boston, Mast. waytf U2w BUSINESS CARDS. BBADLKV, MOI LTO.V fc RUUKRS, W«OLtUL« DlALZmS In Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, ROBERT DR ALKY, I • M moultoji, J PORTLAND, MR. A. Q. ROOBRS. ) msySdtf W. W. CARR & CO., Hartet taken the Fruit Store formerly ooeupled by a. SAWYER, So. S Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large aid well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail Oraiges. Spraee Gees, Lsseagsi Canary Send, Candles, kltmen, Lenten Syrup, Heney, Prunes, Cocon Nul* FI«I. Clirem, Not., all kind* Date., Ollrea, Ral.las, Tek.es., Sardines, Cigar* r»«X Candles of all daaerlptlea. ootfidtf IRA WINN, AgeiJ>, No. 11 Union St., b prepared to tarnish STEAK ENGINES and BOILERS, of Tarions sizes and pattern,, H«e Pifi wl rutin* Kill tewing, HkTtiu, Piilejt, i<, Boms Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in bull ding FoRTtrioATiona. Iron Stairs aad other Acchitectaral Work. alS0"?**0”?: S?f. other buildings, fitted with Oat aad Steam ia the twst manner. Is connection with the abort Is u Iron Foundry, witha largo assortment of Patterns, to whioh the attention of Machinists, Millwrights,and Ship-Build •rs k inrited—and all kinds ol Cutlng. tarnished fti short notice. ■^“Orders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and forging!, promptly executed. oojd tf SINKER’S SEWING MACHINES I WOODMAN. TRUE A CO., AGENTS, IVm. 14 u4 ••.Middle Street. ■••dlMeed Trimmingsalways emkead. ■ehiitr A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 176 Middl Street. ***“*■«■».Ore. Bacon ead Btuui. Portland, If ay X, 18*1. tf Dr. J. H. HEALD TTAVTNG dl.pe.ed of hi. entire Interest In hi. H Othoe to Dr. S C FEKNALD, would oheerfhll) reoonramend him to his former patients and the path lie. Dr. FnnnALD, from long experience, is prepar ed te Insert ArtiOctal Teeth onthe"Veleanite Base," and nil other methods known to the profession. Portland. May X. 18*8 tf JOHN F. SHEHRTj Bair Cotter anil Wig maker, Mo. 1* Market Square, Port' Mid, lap stairs.) ^•Separate room for Ladles' and Children’s Hall Catting. A good stock of Wigs, Half-Wig., Bands, Braids, Carta, Frlsetts, Pads, Bolls, Crimping Boards, he., ha . constantly on band lelO’62 dly WOO® AND COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAP_COAL. $9.50 trine lot chestnut coal ta w v ton, Sl'KINU MOUNTAIN, LEIIHiU, HEZ1LTON 8UOAK LOAF, OLD COMI'AN V LEHIGH. Lit OUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WEBS TEKand BLACK HEATH Thera Coals are of th< very beet quality, well ycreened and picket, and warranted to gire satisfaction Also lor sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of tbe city. Omen CowwnactAL St., head of Franklin Wharl. 8. ROUNDS A SON. feblS dly WAKKE.V8 IWPOKYED FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -1XD Gravel Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HERSEY, Agent, JanK dtf Ho. 18 Union Stmt ALBERT WEBB * CO„ -DIAL HI n — Corn, Flour and Grain, hkad or uuiu'i vuAir, Ceraeralal Blrnoi,- - Portland, Mo. MMf Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, 368, Consreii Street, ARK prepared to do ill kinds of Cabinet and Up* holatery work, it the shorteat notice. All kinds of Furniture, Lounges & Waitresses —constantly on hand— N. B. The public are invited to call and examine. »**h4 dtf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mchlidfcwtf Taunt Strut. Scotch Canvas, -FOR BALI RT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, He. (lrvfk BOLTS Superior Bleached SOU do All La, 4a* “UOT; A1-. Wo,k| eminent contract, . i, 1 400 do Extra All Long 4ax Arbroatn. SCO do Nary line Dellrered in Portland or Boetoa. Bath. April 40.1*U toll dll mTpearsonT Silver Plater, AND MAKl'f ACTUKKR OF SILVER WARE, 238Conaresa 8t.,Opp Court Rouse,Portland,Me CJT'All kind® of WARE, ®uch as Knives, >orkt. Spoon®, Cake basket®,Castors, Ac., p.ated in the beet manner. Also, REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old 8ilver Ware. Jan29 d6m 3FL E 3VE O V A l 7 DR. MEWTOM HAS removed his residence to No. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Office a® heretofore, No. 116 Exchange Street, in Noble’® Block, up atair®. Office hour® from 9 to 10 A. M., from2 to 8. and from 8to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will contiuuc, in connection with general practice, to give apeoial attention to DISEASES OP FEMALES. oo31dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKKR OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 194 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Cold and Shower Bath*, Wash Howls, Urasa dt Silver Plated Cocks, INVERT description of Water Fix'urcs for Dwel ls ling Houses. Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops, fee., arranged and set up In the beet manner, and all 1 orders in town or oountry Isithfoily executed. All kinds of lobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on bond LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD nnd BKEfi < PUMPS of nil descriptions. apt dtf 4T Wants, lost,found Focket Book Lost. ( |‘'Wueu,raI* «r keweeu Central and Brown’, u w"fV: * B;*.=k Pocket Honk, containing a Huuured Doll t lini on Mechanics' Bank,and notes tin! bi ll ol no value except to tho subscriber. The Mndershilt be liberal v rewarded on leaving it at tbu Ar*00 Office, or with maybOdSi*_ PKNJ LARBABEK, 2d Wauled Immediately. BY a young man, board for himseli and wift i„ a privaie faml'y or boarding house Address SUU"g terr™ locality, Ac.,C it. ij., PresaOHice. ’ Lost. 4 LABGE Black New Foundland Dog, answer* 1m. iug to tlo nainu of “Jt-tf,” had on anew leath j er collar, with ring at d padlock. Whoever will re turn him to J. M. Bill BALL. at 302 Congress street, shall be handsomely rewarded. may2Sd8t* Compositors Wanted. ONE or two Jir»t das* female compositor* will tind constant employment, and theh ghodrate* ™n.thecit*» on application at TUI3 Ob FIcK. may2Sdti —— r... Found, \§ AY 18th a Black and fan Dog. The owner can U.TJ. have him by calling at the Last Factory, Colon street, proving propert. and paying charges Portland,May 27, l»o4. ma>27dlw* House Wanted. WANTED to parcha.e for r.aa, a convenient Meuse sui’able uw a ns a/I family, with usaal convenienoce. centrally aud pleasantly located.— Price not to exceed *8,000, Address - Taylor" at the Press office. may 18tf Board. SUITS of Booms, w ith Board, c»n be obtained by applying immediately at 30 Danforth street. MayHth^ mayttdtf KG W A K U. I Will pay Fifty Dollars reward to any person who will give information leading to the recov ery of the property stolen from tbe stable of Capt. J. B. Coyle, iu Westbrook, on tbe n>xht of the 22d Inst. 1 W'N ni.n PV Fifty Dol era to auy person giv ing such information as will lead to tbe detection of tbe thief or thieves. JOHNS ilKALD. , City Marshal. Portland, April 80,1854. aprSOdtf Wauled. AF*®**? PMtr* Coolt »» Dartoa'aOyater Saloon. J33, Congress St. apiltf J. W. SVKES, fucluucr lor Bastcra Accoaat OF LOUK.GR.UN, SIAD8, PROVISIONS, LARD, BUII KK andW'E.STEHN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to •hipping by qnlokest and cheapest routes. No. 162 SOUTH WATER ST r.o. Box 471. Chicago, Illinois. RjSFXRnm.'se—Messrs. Maynard A Sons; HAW. Chickenng; C. H. Cummings A Co.; 8. G. Bowdlear A Co.; Charlen A. stone: Hallett, Davis A Co., oi Boston, Mus. Cashier Elliot Bauk. Benton. J.N. Bacon, Eseo, President Newton Bank, .fewton. C. B. Coffin; Warren Ellis A Hons, New York City Jy*'«adly. 1 A. & S. SHURTLEFF & C0., NOS. 31 A 30 VII DOLE STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturer* and Dealer* in Men'* Boy*' and Youth’* Thick. Min and Calf Boot*, F Women’s Misses and Children's Ooat, Kid and Calf Belm>raia, Mubbera. Shoe Stock, Findings, Ac. we are able to sell as low as in Bo«tou or elsewhere. Dealers are respectislly invited to call and ox amine our stock before purchasing. Orders by mail promptly attended to. Portland. April 23,1MH. dim - ---—----——■ P. $100. B. THE undersigned being licenced by the United State-, are prepared to nrocure Pension*. x ****** °f P»m and Prize Money lor Sot I SuSt rQ.V4BH II or their heir* HiMi for Knanl •«/! ▲II demand * again*t the State «r United state* at tended to. Having an agent both at Washington and Anguata, and having had larce experience, we feel safe in averting that auy businee* enfruited te our care will be faithtuily and i»rcm|.tly executed. We hare also an agent in New York to attend to the ptynr nt ot Prize money. Ad vice tree. Approved Claim* -ashed. MANLEY A SAWYER. Offico^j Ex hxuge, St., Pox Block Portland, Me. J. U. MAMLBY, W. a. BAWYKJt. References: Hon. Sami Cony,Governor ot Maine, lion. J L. Hod* don. Adjutant <*.en of Maine. Uoa. Win Pitt h^Ddru, U. S Senator, lion. Lot M. Morrill, U.S. Senator. ap!3 d A wtf Ice Cream : Ice Cream ! ! At Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 152 (tail 154 Kxchnuge St.f Opposite the International House. may?dtf TO MERCHANTS. THE uu Jersigned having greatly increased their faeilitiee for manufacturing HOOTS AND SHOES, and having large experience in tnai urancb, would call the attention of the trade to the same. We shall in future be much better able to supply the de mand* of the trade then heretofore, and are confi dent that in th<- quality, both o! our-tfock and work, we can give satisfaction, as wemauuiactureexpreM ly for the retail trade. 1 hose buying for cash will find it to their advantage tolook etour stock, which consists in part of Uu ItBKRS, SOLE and fV AJ I. RAT HER, FRF. SCR and AMERICAS CALF, French Kip, Lem***** and Jndot Calf, Goat and Kid Stack, Serges and IVebs, Root and Shoe Machinery and Findings of all kinds. Mr. Kpmusd Libby, late of the firm of Messrs. Cha*. J. Walker at Co . ha* associated himself with us, and reiving on his many years experience in manufacturing, we are confident in making the above statements. TYLER k LAMB. Portland. Feb. 1.1864 feb« d4ro. Oofil mid Wood? -AT Till LOWEST PRICES FOR CASS, DELIVERED TO AST FART OF THE CITY, AT SHORT NOTICE. Our Coal is of the very BEST quality, aid war ranted to give satisfaction. -ALSO, FOB SALE All Kinds of Hard and Soil Wood. The Publte are invited to give a call, a* we ye bound to give satisfaction t» all who favor u with their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL & McALLISTER angiO ly VS. MOTHS! Th- dense vapors emanating from Are stifling to insect life. This comround Cam phor will surety kl.inutile tits ingredients of Frank incense Yetiver, Ac., produce quick death to all in sects breathing through thtir skins. Cheap, effi cient. and or sweet odors. Do not risk your valaiw ble Furs, and nice \Vooiens wlthoot it Sold by all Druggists, town and country. Fach package bears the address of the makers, HARRIS A CHAPMAN. tny2MSw Boston. The Misses Bailey’s Home School. rilUK Hives Hailey having purchased the place in X New Glouccs er formerly occupied b» the Kev. F Yeaton, as a lioaruiug School, propose opening there a Home School for Ciirls and Boy., in which the advantages of a careful home training will be united with thorough iu-trrc'iou in all the branoact taught in Seminaries of the first class. The tougaxpertencM of on« teacher at Principal of a llom-j School in Viraiuia. and the reputation oftheoth«ra* a successful teacher of mauy years standing, in Per laud, will, HU hoped, procure pa tronage and insure success. A Gentleman of experienca will be at the head of the Home i,epartment, and pav particular atten tion to the physical training of the pupiia. For iuformation see circulars or inquire of H at A M BAiLEY, No 58 Soring street. * Kefmiesi as : — Her. J. \V. Chickering. D. D.; Hod. John Neal; Charles A. Lord; Heaekiah Pack ard; Joseph Libbey. New Gloucester, May 20.1*64. may 2ddlwthenltawtf PORTLAND DRV DOCK COMJ»ANY. 17 UK first aawsrinicnt of Two Dollar* par Sluts . upon the Capi'al Stock of thiaCOmpauy, It now due, and payable at tlic tdfloe eTtae Treasurer. No. 117. Commercial 8t. Per order of Directors V. M DAYlli. Treasurer. ^ Portland AprU 80, MOL aprSOedlstf miscellaneous. FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY. Great & Unreserved Sale -or HOOP SKIRT St -AND— FANCY GOODS! Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, 168 Middle St., Portland, Me. A ie*r* ot•xperienoe in thn whole —\1 ”.utl rnncy «<xxi» trane. we a-e aatia ■<ki (and nonanlt no o'herai that the beat noliee "1» thi'.k| r®*V5f *nd ;l*ht Profits." A etiu* „l the Wl' now °®rr our Whole and entire S^O^rpr'l^*"*"** * ““ —•«» •READ! READ ! READ! READ! “The Peerless,” Forget it Not f 20 Hoops, clasped oa every Spring, .75 35 •* *• •• •• L85 40 " “ » •• L31 OW Fairies, qaote Tear Price*! The Morning Star I” xa Hoops, seven tepee elaaped end slued, 68 30 '• •• •• •< ,a gg X.1G ; 1.30 JOB LOT LADIES' Heavy Wire Skirts, 45 cts. each. \ Hosiery, Gloves, -And Sun XJmbrellas! Ladles* Cotton Hose, front IS to 43 cts. Children’s!** “ “ 13 to 31 cu. OZjOVSIS I LADIES, the But Atiorlmml in Portland/rtm 13 centt to tl 00. SCM I'UBREILAB—Oil RoiUd Silks, fnm *1,33 <« *1,00. — Yankee lotions at our usual lov prioea 1 CORSETS, CORSETS! Visuirm Viuiwu OxLT *1.00. Lt Dies, call sndsse ns: ns have not failed, clear ed out, or aold oat; bat will be found at oar old •tan‘I. No. 166 Middle street, Dahlia Skirt and Fancy Goods .«tore, where wo, as heretofore, continue to manufacture our Justly celebrated skirt, to which thousands of ladies in Portland and vicinity can testify. Fitzoibald k Hododob, Dahlia Skirts ami Fancy Goods, No 165 Middle street Portland, Ms N. B. Corsets and Skirts made to order. taayhdlm --- I WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER'S BLOCK, U NION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MANUFACTURE* OF Steam Engines. Steam Boilers, Shafting Pulleys , Gearing, and all kieds of Machinery. Alto Lour and High Pressure M*eam Heating Ap paratus for Factories. Public Buildings and Dwelling Houses. In this De par. ment the ee'ablishme&t has been uncommonly successful Steam Cooks. Valves. Whistles, and * team, Water ' and Ga* Pipe and connections furnished at i wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly andlaithfu'ly Done, j Id toiin clion with thn abor* e*tnblUlim*nt I* an : Iroa i'oandry, with a large awortment of pattern* ; and n Ulaning Mill, where wood planiog ot all kind* may to done. marldtf FOB SALE, Cheap for Cash! A OBIAT VARIKTY OF CMILDRII'B CARRIAGES, Bird Cigei, Rocking Horae*. Ladies Work and Traveling Banket*, - Toy*, Marble*, j fOBT MONAIF-S. LADIES' RETICULES AMD bags, drums, violins, guitars, - VIOLIN STRINGS, WRITING BBSK8, WORK BOXK8, *e —BT— W. D. ROBINSON. SO Exchange Bt. mclili Itu The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN ▲ re the beet instruments of their class in thaworld. Nearly all the most prom men artists in the country have given written testimony to this effect, and these instruments are in constant use in the concerts 01 the most distinguished artists—as (iottschalk and others—as well as in tne o eras in the priuc pal cit ies whenever such instruments are roqu red. Pnc« f*6 to • 00 each These iu^trom^n'i may te fount at the Mas c Moo ms of the subscribe!. where «&•) will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. II. S. EDWARDS, No.8491 Stewart’s Blook, Congress St. aprlSdU J. D. CHENEY’S MEL0DE0N & ORGAN Manufactory, No. rn 1.9 middle street. ME 1.0 DEO NS of all sirea and styles on band and i manufactured to order. The combined powei , and sweetness of tone ot his ExrBLtioa One a* render it suitable for a ch-rch or parlor, end th« host substitute for a pipe organ that can ba obtained, i The following is one of the numerous testimonials | in his possession: From IT. E. Gould, Cashier International Banh, Portland. Portland. May 23.1863. For many jrrara 1 have hsd irtqnent opj oil uni ties to notice the many good points in the Malodeonr made hr Mr J D. Chenev. of this city, and ss lbt result. 1 have urged n» friends who were intending to purchase an iustrumeut of this class, to procure one ot Mr. Cheney. W. h.GOlLU. l omhinatioa Calve is applied to all our Instruments l’ersous ordering by mail will get ss good an Instrument as though selected by them per* soually. No charge for Picking. Kkpaimim* and Tuwiwo promptly attended to. Portland. May 3, 1864. maySdawlm* CITY OF PORTLAND. mUF, committee on Highways 4c.. will receire X sealed proposals for Turnishlng ten thousand tons Sea Island paring stores during the months ot May June snd July—equal quantities eeeh month The parties proposing will please tate what portion of said stones—If less than the whole amount—thvj will furuish as above. Proposes will be receive* un i! June 3d, 1864. The oommltteereserve the right to reject any or all proposals net deemed for theln terest of the city. Per order. J. K DONNELL, Chairman. April 19th, 1934. apD d4 w td _MILLINERY. NEW MILLIN~ERYI Av -TO orxn jk ort MONDAY, APRIL 4lh. W** The Wbeeriber. having l.ued the new More, «o. 2t * reo stree’, 3d door tiom Center ft., hat just received a fine aaeonment of the LATEST STYLES OF SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. the.ie prepared to manufacture to order and eell at the lowest cieu entona. A good aeeortmeat KSADY MADE B059ET8 . nlwaja on hand. MOURNING GOODS In store and made to order —'® Haring had eight rears experience la qnarnfho taring millinery geeds. 1 trust I shall be able to please all who may faror me with tb* ir custom A share of patronage Is moat re»pectioii> so laired Portland. April 1. 1964*^*** NEW MILLINERY STOKE. New Goods! ' \,Rl?DEI,TBON has taken the New hi ore, No. 31 tree Street, comer «/ ( enter, and selected a Superior Aeeortnunt of MILLINERY, • Which abe wiU be pleeaed to offer to hor Mead* and the publio, on and after the 6th last. *■ P.8. A good assortment of MOURNING Conataatlyon hand . t hree or fur good Milliner* enn receive Mend* employment by in (airing ai above, apvderdtf IS open Day and Evening, lor a Thorough Pmln IH Education. Loouted 1860. UaaMB Block, MMdlo St., No. 1S1. Scholar, hip, good lnaay part of the United State* *• Principal ha, had 20 year, experience; I* alnara on the *wot. and attend. to hi, buaineae, and prum taea, aa daring the put 12 yenre, no pain, thall b• "& tpand is the fhtura. >lve hundred reiereaew of the Aral clui baaineu men, with m%: y other, olthlr city, willteetify to the practical atilfty, capaetooe a**eand complete nee, of my ayalemc and manner ol teaching, and citizen, of other citiea hate testified to the ,aoi*. Diploma, will be awarded for thor- • onghcoaraee. Able Aaeiatanta aecared. Bartlett'* j Plan, the founder of Commercial College*, .trletly t adherad to u regard, not copying. Certain timee \ will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidation* — Come nil who hnve failed to be taught a baufneue hand-writing and I will guarantee to you vneoeea. Application, ,olicited for Accountant,. Separata In .traction given, student, can enter any tin . Sep arate room, for Ladie,. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate account,mfjuated. I adle, and Ceutlemen that ieeire to take lemon,. or a fall, or a feparal* coarao. is cithor Book-Keeping, Navigation. Commercial Caw. Phonography, Higher Mathematlca, Civil tn. rinecnog, Surveying, Native Bnainccc Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Corrcepondence, Caro Narking, (and teaching from printed cop lea and Tent Book, will bo avoided pl*a*e call, or addra** tkc Principal. * B. rf KNOWN. Portland. Oat 2.1S4S. aaSS eodkeowly PENSIONS! B0UNTIE¥1 BAOK PAT: . Are obtained for Wotnded Soldier* (CHehUfOd) and the fried, of daceucd aoidiora who be cntitled to the aaac by BYRON D. VEBBILL. . UIiNMf ui CtuiclUr, si X*. If 1Mb Stmt. J Li con led Agent for all the Department* at Wuhington. Portland, April 28.1844. a: 26 ood4* tamh —-" " ~ \ — w..w. wavawmv vi copper ramt, FOR VESSELS’ BUTTONS. To Owner* anti masters of Vessels. Thinuperior article I, ogered with the Ittllaet eon fldence. When applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS I» will be found a perfect substitut* for form Sheathing, and aluMFLUt PhKSBVAlUfc from WOKMS. BaKaaCLKS, (»hASS. Ic V.a* •cl* trading to the* West India and bovtbcrn Porta will And it particularly for their interest to usa te raraaiT Metallic ok i o» ran Paibt. The proprietors mlHn every c*<« puarsntte. not only tha* tbelr Copper Paint is suierier to ary now I* use. but also to any that has bcea beretotora of* f red to the public. Printed directions for use sce^tnpscy escb can. for sale, wholesale and retail, by the Ha* a fit* turers’ Agents, LYMAH A BARRETT, Ship Ohandlera, No. 115 Commercial Street. ap301ta*3m POHTLASD. United States Claim Agency I Bounty, Prize Money A Pension*, CAN be obtained on applicates to *\VEA1 k CLEAVES, Attorneys at Law. m Ho. 117 M ddlestreet, Mueaey’e How. maylleodl'M MAINE INSURANCE CO. Aagasta, Maine. THE Maine Insurance Company ineare again,! loea ot damage by Fin. Building., Mercban dife and Farnitare, on term, aa favorable ae it eaa be done by any aolrant Company Politico iaoaod far Ona, Three, or Fir. roare. J L. CUTLER, Preaidaat. J. H. WILLI AMS, Sec rotary. EDWARD SHAW ... Agent, Vo. 102 Kiddle Street. •allaodly Navigaiion Taught — BT — T. B. PARSONS — AT — Ho. 18, Deer Street, Portland. GENTLEMEN desirous of instruction lb Prsott cat Navigation will find an ex perfected ’etch er He is the only experienced bhip Master i» the State, who teaches Navigation. and Is t*|erta))- ap* Ktinted to qualify Innsigns and Mates for the C. 8. iff. iPch24«N d3na - — — ■ ■ „ - — ITasting’s NIelodeons §!□§ (AB1SET ORGAXS, AS GOOD AS TUX BXST AND CHEAP A* TUX CNMAPXST. Ware-rooms No, f Temple St., PORTLAND. Persons desirous of purchasing wttl fnd it their advantage to ©»11 and examine for themselves, mavtdlm GREEN HOUSE * AND BEDDING OCT PLANTS. I Respectfully inlorm th. public that 1 ban op haud a large antwrimeut of < reeu Houre and Bedding-oat Plant*. far Spring ru e. of teperior quality, rl»: ViHUKPaa. liiaiut FaiasO'.t- _ c«t, Vauaus and Boaia. Also, a fine collection ’ at Atru rLitTi, Ac , Ac., Ae. A telcotioamavalway.be found at Kaadnll A Whitney'., Market Square. I rders laft tbera will be promptly alter.lee to ALBERT PIRWANGKR, Kloriat t Corner af North and Montreal ttthtl, Portland. Me. aptAOtf - - - ■ ■ ■ . i — fltllE .nhaertber hereby glean public notice to uM A X concerned,that he haebecu duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust ol Administrator ol the estate of SAMUEL H. KINA*, * p late of Portland, in the Countj ofCvttberland.de* Jm erased, by giving bond as the law directs: be there* fore request* all persons wbo are Indebted to tbesxid ^ deceased's estate, to make immediate |*yme»»: and those who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the tame for settlement to _ _ MABQUI8 E KiKO. Portland, May 17.18«4. »»} bficodfiw* U. S. Eooisuaa Ornca. __ l for Hand. May Ifth, 1»* I ™ PROPOSALS will bereeelrad at Ibl. rffee, for ona week, to torolah board and I drin* to ko uruitmg Party of C k. Engineer troop., in tbia WIT. Tha ratloua to be .erred utHkcd. ai>d eqa-llo quali ty to Ibc garrison ration, of the If. 8. Army. ' » JARED A. SMITH. tauyVfdlw l.t Ucat, Corpt of Ea*)UOon.

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