14 Eylül 1864 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Eylül 1864 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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tt—————*——1— THE DAILY PRESS. BOBTLAJfD, MAiyE. Wednesday Morning, Sept 14,1864. The circulation of the Daily PresaIs larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and • ouble that qf any other in Portland. fun-•!,00 per year to advance ,r Remain* Matter an all Fear Pace*. FOB PRESIDENT) ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, Or TSNNR8SMS. Tat Elector*. JOHN B. BROWN, of Portlaad. ABNER STETSON, of Damariacotta. j lit LHtt — B1CUAKD M.CHAPMAN ofBlddeford. id /Hit —TuOMAS A. U KESSEN DUN of Auburs. Xrt out -UOINu HATUOKN of Pittsfield. ItA /Htt.—BEN J - P. OILMAN, of Orono. if A DUt —JOHN N. SWA/.KV of Buouport. Diahonesty or Cowardice—A Dilemma. We always give men credit for honesty un less circumstances offer a fair presumption of the opposite; but when the character of any particular person stands deservedly high, when a long life of probity and usefulness has made it difficult, If not Impossible for us to conceive of his doing a wicked act, or say ing anything false, then, hardly any amount of circumstantial evidence will convince us of his guilt. We resort to all manner of conjec tures to avoid the Imputation of dishonesty. We declare him insane, eveD, rather than be lieve hint infamous. The circumstances of this rebellion have brought to our notice cases of this tort In every part of the coun try and among all classes. Some of the moat violent rebels are men whom we have been accustomed to honor for their good tense and their private virtues, and though we can never doubt that the rebellion Is the most gigantic and abominable crime of modern times, we can with extreme difficulty bring ourselves to believe that the adhesion of an old Mend to the bad cause has In It anything K>\ moral turpitude. These friends, whether they live North or South, still retain much of that love and veneration which time hu made a habit with ns, while we tarn with sor row and mortification from the contemplation of tbeir inexplicable course. Among all these men, none are more a puzzle to their friends than those, who, when the rebellion first broke out, took in its full measure of In iquity with that keen sagacity which had al ways chararterixed them, who saw at a glance and predicted boldly the stern and radical measures which alone could crush it forever, and who, in the light of their convictions, ad vocated the most unsparing severity and the most unreleuling vigor, until the whole evil should be extermiualed root and branch.— The opinions of such men often found ex pression at the beginning of the war, but we never have seen any more conclusive and con cise than the following from Judge Rlcr, when he was a Judge on our Supreme Bench, and known and honored all over the State for his great intellectual power aud his state; - man-like sagacity. Said Judge Rice in 1862: ' But upon those who wilfully persist iu rebellion wo must deal direct, heavy and continuing blows, desisting only when trea son shah be etfuctusliy crushed out We must not only strike, nut we must strike where the blows will be eflective, where they will tell. We may smite the armed traitor with the edge of the sword, and deprive him of his estate, his liberty, his life, eten, If he I cannot be subdued by milder means. In de priving him of his estate there need be no discrimination. B’e may take his sugar or his cotton, his cattle or his corn, his land or his negroes—anyhting he has toAicA may en able him to maintain this contest or which will enable us to bring It to a successful ter mination. By treason he has forfeited all he hath, lie cannot be permitted to set the Government at defiance anil at the same time claim protection Jor his person or his properly.” This, in 1862, was the sound and deliberate opinion ol a man who has since joined bimseif to the idols of the present democratic party which sues for peace at the feet of Jeff Bavis and to which such sentiments are vast ly more disagreeable than open aud full justi cation of the rebellion. Well may we wonder kt the change and despair of explaining it sat isfactorily. Much as we should dislike to have even the appearance of accusing Judge Ric e, of dishonesty, especially of political dishoneny, the most profitless of all, the only alternative' left us is to suppose that the uuexpecled mag nitude of the rebellion, the long duration ol the war and the unprecedented weight of debt Which presses the nation have taken away his courage and leit him without heart or hepe; and that bis counsels, instead of being the in* spiriting and lofty voice of an undaunted pa triot, are the denrci aOirv whlnu „t - —: coward. He and men of his class saw at one time as clearly as every one else did, the char- ! acUrof the rebellion. They have not lost their brains; political preferment is nothing to them; but their blood has cooled, and the i fierce threats and uudaunted bearing of a 1 truculent bully has struck dismay to their hearts, sent a cold sweat all over their bodies and a shiver through their trembling limbs. They are willing that we should humiliate ourselves as never a iree people did before, if only this bitter cup may pass away. Their terrified ejes see only the blackness of the Cloud, they cannot discern the sliver lining. They clamor for rest, for exempUou Irom these troublous times, forgetting that it it ouly through adveraitv that men or nation, become truly strong and noble, and fortciting. toCi the bitter, bitter humiliation that awaits u* if i we fall to vindicate to the last man and the 1 last dollar the sacred principle ol American i Nationality, against which this rebellion is the third and hardest blow that has been struck. One thing U certain—if the rebellion suc ceeds iu one single tittle of its pretensions, iu leaders and sympathizers will have the com- ' fort of knowing that Americans have failed | to vindicate the democratic form of govern ment, and w«, who have remained loyal,may learn that we were not, as a people, fit for free government, and that, having taken counsel of cowards, we did not deserve onr freedom. A New Ship Project. The failure of the Great Eastern as a com mercial enterprise, has led to the formation of a new company called the “Connecting Ship Owners,” with a capital of five millions dollars. They propose to construct a vessel of the size 1 of the Great Eastern iu several distiuct parts, to be fastened to each other when iu motion and propelled, or rather pulled along by a de tachable part which shall contain the engiues j and other motive power. The compartmenU, being all of one guage, admit of immediate disconnection from and re-connection to each other, so that one engine will be sufficient for I half a dozen large vessels, and can be kept In constant employment when loading and un- l loading, thereby saving the expense of several I The Lessons of the Eleotion. The glorious results of the late election can scarcely be estimated by the loyal mind. There were more interests involved in that is sue than appeared upon the surface. The Copperhea Is understood this quite as well as did the loyal men of the State. In the face of that struggle and its result it is perfectly idle to talk of McClellan’s popularity in this State. It is to be remembered that all the Democratic meetings were called as “McClel lan Hallies.” His name—supposed to possess magical attractions—was attached to all the calls, and the people were appealed to in his name, but no answering response came back. The truth is, contact with Copperheadism is euough to destroy the attractions of the most gifted, to render odious the best beloved, and were it possible for an angel from Heaven to lend hlmaelf to that cause, the loyal-hearted American people would ignore him, aud de mand to know at what time he fell. McClellan has no popularity In Maine, and the vote of Monday proves the fact beyond cavil. One of the lessons of the late election Is that the people of Maine, by an overwhelm ing voice, are determined to stand by the Government, and to see the national struggle fought out ’’on this line,” no matter at what cost or how long the lime required to accom plish the work. Treason, finds no favor iu IUU L/UlfcW MM* V* Another of the lessons of the election is that the people of the State, from their inmost souls, despise the system of negro slavery, and will have nothing to do either with it 01 those who favor It. The Democratic party 01 the State is organized on a pro-slavery basis, and the people have ignored it. Judge Howard truckled to the pro-slavery spirit, and he now lies “down among the dead men.'’ L. D. M Sweat, mistaking the sentiments of his liber ty-loving coustiiuenls, gave all his votes Iasi winter as slavery iteslf would have voted had it been iucarnate and allowed a seat in the House, and he is laid out as though smitten with a thousand plagues. John Lynch, the outspoken enemy of slavery and friend ol Freedom, takes his place by nearly or quite 2,000 majority! These facts are significant. Another lesson of the election is that the people of Maine love their Government,despise hose who would desUoy it, and lguore those who hesitate in its support. Judge Howard three years ago hesitated, and didn’t know about endorsiag a resolution denying the right of secession; be denies the right of the Fed eral Government to uphold its own authority, and the people have denied him by a major ity terrible to one who takes an appeal from a mere party to such a tribunal. Another and the last lesson of the election which we shall meulion, is that the Presiden tial contest may bo regarded as all but settled. “As goes Maine so goes the Union.” The voice of Maine is emphatic. It will give in spiratlon and heart to the loyal men of other states, and they will speak as the has spoken. McClellan stands a reasonable chance of car rying two states, New Jersey and Kentucky, i and has scarcely a shadow of hope elsewhere. Abraham Lincoln will be tnumphautly elect ed for the next four years, and that election j will settle forever three calamitous evils, to wit: rebellion, slavery, and the power of the so-called Democratic party. Slavery Is the mother ol rebellion and this degenerate party is Its grandmother. Democracy as now ac cepted upholds slavery and slavery gives nerves and life to rebellion. They will all go into one common grave, and the nation will have peace. The land, purged of slavery, re bellion a thing ol the past, and a better pai ty sprung up on the grave or the present ei fete organization, will rejoice in the bless ings of Freedom, and bud and blossom like the rose beneath the benigu infiuence of in ’ telligence and free labor. Democrats dislike New England. In the Argus yesterday, in an article on the State election, we find tho following: “We are thankful that Maiue aud New Eng land are not the whole country. Their voice is not alone to decide the policy of the na tion. If it is, to our view, the future is dark enough.” It is a dirty bird that soils Us own nest. So U is not • very t^rwablf cltlz.dk who dclauit'e his own State. Thaukfulness that Maiue aud New England are not by secession left to stem the presure of despotism alone, is well aud praiseworthy, bnt this is neither the spirit nor meaning of the above. The point made in the above is, that Maiue and New England dou’t know how to govern themselves or to decide upon the quality of goverumeut they would prefer in the nation. It is an indirect asser lion that the voice of Maine and of New Eng land should not be heard iu the councils of the nation, that they should be choked down; as they would be if so-called Democracy could once more regain its forfeited and lost power. Democracy of old claimed to be of tho people, for the people, and to respect the people aud their decisions. Beal Democracy does do this. The spurious copperhead Democracy of to-day, that species represented by the Ar i gus, looks with contempt upon the people; forms alliauces with ignorance aud brutality; panders to prejudice aud p&ssiou; ignores hu manity aud huinauity’s God; sympathizes with rebels and treason, aud invokes the god less mob spirit that could murder negro babies at midday and ply the torch and dagger in the midst of a crowded city, to overrule the calm, deliberate aud passionless verdict of the peo ple of Maine 1 And this, precisely this, tho Argus does in the above paragraph. The writer Is thank ful that the order-loving, treason-hating, sla very-despising people of Maine, who have nev er faltered in anv good caase, may be compel! Art tn can all ..ST __a:_] I_ .1. . ■cum of New York city, or tbe iguorauce that broods over some portions of our land. He Is thankful that New Kugland cburcbes and school houses aud commas education may be neutralized by iguoraoceauid passion aud bru tality. And who doubts that he would rejoice still more if he knew that the dicisious of our free people could this fall he overruled by the barbarism aud treason of the South, or tia' he would be unwilling to offset the school house by the slave-pen, and the altar of relig- ! ion by tbe auction block if, by so doiug, he could put down Abraham Lincoln aud bring his party into power? Shame on the citizen clalmiug respect for “State rights," who will express public thauks that his own State is liable to be uuliHed by States of opposing interests and conflicting sympathies. Why don’t he leave a State whose policy is so ofl ‘tisive to his feelings, and go where his sensibilities may he cal me J by the gleam of the bowie kuife, the clauk of the chain, the crack of the whip and the dark night of ignorance—where Democracy as he holds it, reigns triumphant and supreme? Cumberland County. We have received returns of the votes thrown, and reported majorities, in all the towns In this county except Sebago. The Union majority is a little over 1,400, which will be slightly reduced by the vote of Sebago. P. S.—Since the abova was in type. w« i,aTe received tbe return from Sebago. That town makes a net gain of thirteen on the vote of last year. The Union ma ority in the whole county is 1,394, a gain of 434 on the vote of last year. What county has done better' ? Fir*t Congressional District. Returns from forty-two towns In this Con gressional District show a majority of about 2,000 for Mr. Lynch over Mr. Sweat. The towns to be heard from will throw about an I rven vote. Tbe majority for Mr. Lynch, wo j think, will be 2,000 in the whole district. • What doee the editor of the Belfast Journal think of this? He proclaimed that Sweat would be alected. Representatives Elected. Portland—S. W. Larrabee, Nathan Webb, , N. O. Cram, J. F. Miller, Union. Falmouth—Franklin Curtis, Union. Yarmouth and North Yarmouth—Samuel H. Sweetser, Union. Cape Elizalreth—William B. Higgins, Dem ocrat—loss. Windham and Scarboro’— Benj. M. Baker, j Democrat. Westbrook—Edward raysou, Democrat. Gorham—E. P. Weston, Union. Bridgton—John P. Parley, Union—gain. ) Standiah and Baldwin— Josiah Miliken, I Democrat. Paris—George W. Hammond, Union. Norway—W. W. Hobbs, Union. Bucktleld—Thos. W. Bowman, Union. Waterford—Myrick Munroe, Union. Freeport—Gerslrom Bliss, Union. Raymond and Cumberland— Ira WitUam, Democrat. Gray and New Gloucester—Otis C. Nelson, Democrat—loss. Buxton and Dayton—Chas. E. Weld, Union. Lewiston—Abiel M. Jones, Nelson Ding- | ley, Jr., Union. Auburn—Edward T. Little, Union. Poland—A. C. Dennison, Union. Otisfleld and Naples—A. S. Holden, Demo- j crat. Bath—George F. Patten, Reuben S. Hunt, ! Union. York—Josiah D. JJragdon, Union—gain. Kennebunkport and Lyman—Jesse Gould, Union—gain. South Berwick and Eliot—George C. Bart- ' lett, Union. Kittery-Sanborn, Union. Berwick and North Berwick—Ichabod G. Jordan, Democrat. Kenuebunk and Alfred—John H. Sayward, Union. Saco—R. P. Tapley, Union. Biddeford—Charles A. Shaw, Capt. Wm. Hill, Democrats. Phipsburg, Ac.—F. J. Parks, Union. Baugor— Samuel F. Hersey, Thomas H. Garnsey, John B. Foster, Union. . Brewer aud Orrington — John Holyoke, Union. Orono—Gideon Mayo, Union. Hampden—Amasa K. Walker, Union. Oldtown—David N. Eastbrook, Union. Plymouth and Newport—Moses M. Eaton, - Union. Livermore, 4c.—Daniel H. Kiibreth, Union. East Livermore, 4c.—Francis F. Haines, Union. Lisbon, 4c.—David S. Dunlap, Union. Minot, 4c.—Wm. Moore, Union. Farmington, 4c.— Joseph W. Fairbanks, Union. Wilton, 4c.—Otis Hathaway, Union. Weld, 4c.—Wm. J. Phillips, Union. New Sharon, 4c.—Thomas McLain, Union. Cornish, 4c.—Ammi Boynton, Democrat. Denmark, 4c.—Wm. Bean, Union. The Election, We received yesterday returns from twen 1 ty-flue additional towns, which Increase the j mijurity for Governor Cony, to 9,083, and the 1 gain over last years vote to 902. Not hall the vole of the State Las beeu heard from but if ! the towns not heard from give gains similar to ! those that have come in, the Union majority ! will be over 19.000. Franklin county elects the Union ticket by ; an lucreased majority over the vote of last year. From Kennebec county the returns are very i meagre. But four towns have come in, and we have not received the lull vole of Augusta. The severe storm Monday night prevented the sending of returns to places where they ' could be telegraphed to the papers. We shall publish the full returns from ail the State as soon as they are received. We see nothing to change the opinion expressed yesterday in relation to the Legislature, vir., ! that the Senate will be unanimously Union, : and more tnan four-fifths of the House of the j same sort. Should any Copperhead be elected to the j Senate we will note the fact. Pre-Historic Evidences of Man. Several, years spn, Interesting discoveries of human remains were made in caves in the South-western part of Fiance and the British Parliament appropriated several thousand dof iars to purchase one of these caves to be placed under charge of Prof. Owen on behalf of tbe British Museum. Many articles, such as flint weapons and tools, bones, needles Ac. are hardened iulo a solid agglomerate, chiefly | by the action of tbe calcareous droppings : from the roof of the cave. Many bones of the reindeer are found, an animal which has not been known, within the historic period, south of the northern shores of the Baltic. It is im possible even to approximate to the autiquity of an age so remote; but Sir Charles Lyell in his ’’A tlquity of Man,” estimates that these cave-dwellers flourished not less than from ten to fifteen thousand years ago. From Mtxtco and San Domingo.—The steamer Roanoke, from Havana the Sth, ar rived at New York last evening. Dates from the City of Mexico to the :Shh ult, and Yera Cruz to the 1st inst., are received. Mejia entered Victoria City and was joined by the troops from Tainpico under Dupin. It was reported in Vera Crux that tieneral Castaguez had defeated a party of .luarists near Saltillo. Mejia is said to be marching on Matamoras. ■ Various skirmishes have taken place, in which the French are reported to have been victo rious. Two Mexican vessels, the Liberator and Mexicano, bad been captured off Maazanilla. It was reported that lite Russian fleet in the Paciflc had been ordered to rendezvous at Ac apulco and salute the new Mexican flag. The Spanish are not makiug any more head way in San Domingo than the French are in Mexicu. They suffer severely from sickness. A small force was attacked between San Domingo City and San Christobel, and Col. Suanez killed. The rebels in Puerto Plata had been attach ed and driven out from their fortifications, losiug ten guns. So say tbe Spanish. On the other hand, it is said that the rebels lost ouly one gun aud bold three forts, keeping up a constant tire. A cargo of slaves was successfully landed near Remedios last week. _ i That Rebel Flag.—Mr. Clement of West Gorham, has called upon us to explain that “ rebel llag,” displayed a few days since at that place, to which reference was made in the Press. He says it was made four years | ago from reinuants of buuling left after malt- ' iug a large campaign flag, aud was displayed at that time ; that when it was brought out | aud raised this season it was in perfect ig- ! norance of the fact that it is the chosen en- j sign of the treasonable confederate govern- j mcut, aud that as soon as this fact was known it was hauled dowu and ripped in pieces. We cheerfully give Mr. Clement the benefit of his explanation, although it is not very j creditable to the intelligence of his neighbor- i hood that no one kuew what constituted a rebel flag. We are glad it has been struck, , and while they are about It they may as well strike their McClellan and Pendleton flag and raise their bunting, before the thunders of ' Nov. 8th leave not one letter of its label. Complimentary.—In Richmond, the real- j deuce of Tuos. J. Southard, candidate for j Senator for Sagadahoc, Mr. S. rau forty-nine ) ahead of the rest of the Union ticket Mr. Uarward, the opposing candidate, residing within four miles of Mr. Southard, fell below his ticket forty-secen votes. It is good evi dence of a man’s popularity. Portland Council No. 1, U. L. of A., will hold its regular meeting thU evening at V 1 2 o’clock, at the usual place. A full attendance is desirable, to exchange congratulations over the victory which has crowned tha labors of the loyal meg of the State. II .mil. —- •tmrmmmnrnna am P®an for Victory, 1'*'CSB Shout, shout! the tld'ngs o'er The laud, f om shoreto shore, All shall he free! The Knights of Bondage bleed, Rebellion’s ranks recede, Our-arms triumphant load To victory! All hail the glorious sight! Columbia's mar'lal might Traitor's astounds’ Fair Freedom's valiant host Flas silenced Slavery 's boast, Along Seceasia's coast, And through her bounds! God grant we soon may see, Kuduring unity, And sheathe the sword;— Our country's fbeuien foiled. Secession’s spirit quelled, The smok** of strifo dispel***!. And Peace restored. Then Colon's banner bright Shall herald Freedom's light On shore and sea, And ilenveu's beoig .ant rays lUume the Nation's days.— Our hearts ascribing praise, O.eat God, to Thee1 K. P. N. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. fy'Thc tobacco crop in Connecticut is the largest ever raised in that State. HTThe Saco Democrat says of the election on Monday—nothing. What could it say ? QT*About £200,000 worth of property was de stroyed by fire in Cairo, on the 12th inst. SiTThe shipment of specie from New York last week was £500,000. OTA gricultural fair and horse show in llart ford, Ct, this week. It is estimated that $1,500,000 gallons of wine will be made the present season. sy The National Intelligencer comes out in favor of McClellan. , gy Wiser*s distillery and cattle sheds in Pres cott, C. W., were burnt on the morning of the 7th; loss $50,000. EyThe income of the four Rothschilds of Europe ia estimated at $9,000,000 a year, or a thousand dollars au hour. grit is reported that Gen. Fremont’s letter of withdrawal'll in the hands of his friends and w ill be made public before long. arCol. T. IV. Higginson is at Worcester, still much out of health and not likely to return to bis regiment. ty The bears appear to rule in the gold mar ket, and it is lower thofc at any time since the rise in July. iy A soldier in Lewiston named Michael Bweeney attempted to commit suicide on Mon day while under the influence of liquor. iy Rev. W. A. P. Dillingham has been elected President of the “XorthPond White Perch Asso ciation.” Hf The Secretary of the Treasury has deter mined to pay off the soldiers before paying con tractors. iy Measures are being token in Boston to supply the poor with coal at less than the price* demanded. (y The gentleman from ward seven who sup plies himself with the Press from the house of one of our subscribers, Xo. 67 Pleasant street, is requested to stay proceedings of that sort. iy The immigration at Xew York during the month of August reached the extraordinary tigure of 22,417 persons, 9000 of whom were jyThere are indications of stirring events in : the army near Petersburg: officers ami soldiers in Washington are ordered to report immediate ly to their respective regiments. {7*Seventeen shares of Hill Manufacturing j Company’s stock. Lewiston, sold, in Boston, Saturday,at 184 l-8;29dn Bates 173 1-8; 15An droscoggin mills 168. ry The fall book trade sale commences in Xew York next Thursday. There are six thousand lota to be offered, which embrace 700,000 vol umes. iy Deserters state that considerable despon dency exists among the rebel soldiers, especially Georgia troops, they believing that their State is hopelessly conquered. jyThose who have recently visited the army of the Potomac say it was never in a better con dition. Reinforcements are constantly arriv ing. xjP' “Henry, you ought to be ashamed to j throw away bread like that; you may want it someday.” “Well, mother, would 1 stand any better chance of fretting t» then, should 1 eat it up now?” Hf”lt is stated that in all the Indian troubles in the Northwest the telegraph lines have not suffer ed any damage. The Indians know its wonderful power and think it has something to do with the Great Spirit and dare not touch it. jy The London Times estimates that the total importation of cotton into Great Britain for the year 1804 will bear a fair proportion of the ten million hundred weight receive.! in the height of its trade with America. rf Gen. VN inder, well known in connection with Libby Prison, has been removed from com ] man<* at ‘he post of Audersonville. Georgia, for “ incapacity and inhumanity to priso ners.” 3T The following Maine officers were in prison at Charleston at last accounts: Capt. A. I Berry, 3d cavalry;Lieut. C, 0. Hurd, 5th bat tery ; Capt. J. B. Litchfield. 4th; Major C. P. Mattocks, 17th; Lieut. X. A. Robbins, 4th; Capt. M. G. Whitney, 29th. aj Mr. Atkinson, late Third Auditor of the Treasury, and Mr. Hobbs, of the same depart ment, composes commission to investigate and report facts in reference to the destruction of steamboats, both in the Western waters and upon the Atlantic seaboard. jy The Albany Evening Journal says that for fear the democratic party will not see fit to give their platform a wide circulation among the sol diers, it will be issued at once by the republicans in connection with the Union platform, and the elejtoral and state tickets of both parties. »y A soldier thus soliloquized over a copper head vote that was pressed upon him: “What a foul I should be to go down and fight the rebels three years with my musket, and come here to stab myself in the back with a piece of paper like that.” STRev. Matthew llale Smith, in a McClellan meeting in New York, said little .Mac would be the only general known in the history of this war. He will be known in the history of the j war as he (Smith) will be in the history of some half-a-dozen denominations with which he has been connected. y One way of escaping the draft. The ; city of Kalamazoo, Michigan, has filled up her quota of fifty meu by enlisting Confederate prisoners in Camp Douglas who took the oath of allegiance and the bounty. This wa9 done with the consent of the administration, as it could not be done without that authority. yin Hath the vote on changing the Consti tution sons to allow the soldiers to vote, stood, yeas 1047, nays 37. Let it never be forgotten tbat Joseph Howard, Democratic Candidate for Governor, voted aqairut allowing the men now fighting for their flag, to vote iu the selection of their rulers! Mr. Sweat did not vote at all upon this question. y Gen. Wool, in addressing a large number of soldiers passing through New York to the front, said he was glad to see such a good class of soldiers, and to learn that their destination was south. They were needed there, he re marked, to put down rebels in arms, as well as to frustrate the schemes of the traitors who had assembled at Chicago. 1 yi'he Newburyport Herald says that on Sat urday afternoon last, on Star Island, Isle of Shoals, while two young girls of the ages of 11 and .7 were witnessing the wares dash into what iskuown as the School .Warm's Gulch, one wave higher than the others swept them both oil' into thesea. The body of the younger had been re covered ; her name was Caswell and she lived upon the Island. ThcotherwaaMiss Lydia Varrell of Rye, N. H. y.Mr. Sweat, in one of his recent speeches, ingeniously evaded the odium of having voted with Fernando Wood, Voorhees, et U ,jenut ; )mnt, by saying they voted u-ith him ! The case 1 is somewhat analogous to that of John 1‘hienix, who in a fight, said that when they fell he adroitly contrived to fall underneath, and then j held his adversary down in that position for a ong time with his nose, which he succeeded in 1 nswung between the Mice's teeth ! j York (Jc.-aty. This old couuty elerts {Ji# whole t/fclon .icket by six hundred majority, Mod galKs, at east, two members io the Legislature, In the House. __ Review ol the Market, r'or tbs wo*k ending Sept. Uth, 1S44, nrepuwdtx* prsMly lor the 1'bxss, by Mr. M. N. Kieb. Notr.-VVc wish It to bo understood that our quo* :ations represent prices of large lots from first hands, unless otherwise stated, and that in filling small or ders, higher rate* have to he charged. For Market Quotations Sec Last Page. ASHES*—Potash may now hequoted at l?c mar ket firm an»1 steady. In Pearl Ashes there is noth ing doing in this market and no stock of imp ortance. APPLE*—Green apples have not come forward as freely for the past two week* and prices have rt*l*d higher for choice retailing fruit. We now quo?*- #24 ^4; per barrel; some very choice lots have s Id dur iug the week f.r 6»5J per bbl. Dried apples are jc j lower and may be now quoted at 13($14 lor sliced and cored. BITTER—The speculative demand has tended to advance prices for Butter to still higher figures, and j some deedne to operate at such extreme price*,which range at 47®60c lor choice table and 42$45 for coun try Bari; small pared* have sold at even higher | prices. BEANS—Marrow Beans are in good demand and ! pric*** have advanced under light stocks; we quote 1 94 62$3 37; Pea B -ans are dull and nominal at about j H|1‘J$3 37: Blus Pods remain steady at 2 R7$3, per | p bushel. COOPERAGE—Country shook* are in better de mand a? improved price*, yet receipts couuinue to bemeage; the market is cbont barren City made shooks, and transeciious have been unimportant and prices remain nominal. Hooj a are in gord de in and at quotations. Heading*, soft pine, are In lair uemand at 3uc aup hard co 33&2> CHEESE —CbtH-se, has declined about 1c sinoe pur la*t, as stack* are mere empte; we now quote N. T. 22&23 and country 2l@22c ft lb. COfFEE —The market is almost ft a ccrapb-te standstill, there be.ng little inquiry in the present j unsettled state of gold and exchange. Holders however do not pres* sale-, and we have not varied 1 our quotation*, hut must be considered rather uom nal man otherwise. COAL — D^alt rs are now asking 17 per ton lor ; Lehigh and Frank.in; a.6 por ton for White and R jd Ash ; and #15 %> ton lor Cumberland at actail. COHDAGtk—The market remain* steady and un changed 1 rum our previous quotation* which we con- j tinue for American cordage 20c: and Manilla Cordage 28 $aoc, Manilla and Russia Bolt Rope 3<>$ 32c p tb Russia Hemp Cordage is out of market, and we are now suable to give quotations. CANDLES—1 be market remains steady on ca> die*; 25c is now the factory price for Mould «ud 40@42c |>cr tb lor Sperm Market steady. CEMENT—A recentjad vance of 5c ft cask has been made- on cement and the market It now firm at 2 15 ($2 25 ♦> cask. CREAM TARTAR—Cream Tartar remains steady at (1 for pure crystal*, and 50c for pulve ized. DRUGS AND DYER—Prices have generally ruled quite steady thr. ughout the weak. We notioea slight advance lor sal Soda and Bi Carb Soda, also f ,r bestqual ty Rhubarb. We continue to quote Aioes 47c; Sulphur Wfc; Sal Sodality; Bi Carb SOda 10g} 10$c. Cream Tartar 50c$#l: camphor ha* further declined o 1 7o; Opium *1*^ fc;|Mad der 19c; Vfi*rol 23c; Alcohol 8 $>.$3 80, and Fluid 3 50 f gal Dye W oods remain quiot and unchang ed. DNCK — Prioefl remain uominal al there it no cotton duck (or or very little if any) in the market, and ouj quotations remain unch mged at follow*— Portland No 240; No 1C*— 1 4*2 and Xavy Supe rior No 3. 2 00@2 03. and No 10 do 1 41&1 45 p pard. DbY GOODS—The weakness of the dry goodt market immediately consequent upon the decline in gold hat lullv recovered, and the increasing demand of the foil trad • at the season advances, has tenned to eahanc prices,as will be obs rred on reference to our revised list <>f qu ltatiom and the market at the close of the week wa« characterized with much firmness, and dealer* were purchasing freely. FREIG UTS—For the put? few days there has been more activity and enquiry for vys els to load lor Cu ba, aud near the close oi the week sever*! engage ments were made and the transactions w the week may be sumed up as follows Brig Hatha A Berry to load Boards for Havana at • 12.60'J Per M.; Brig That Conner, tor Hatsnza* or Cardenas tor the round aam of SI 600 out; new Brig Clara Brown i aqq tons to Uavaiia with Lumber fer 92.4'A) |out, Brig Altevela for Ca'denaa with Cooperage Ac , for The iound »um of SI,700 out; Sch. Dacotate for Par* ra« wieh Cooperage for the round sum of •1,600 oat oome advance over previous rates having &£©n of fered on Coal freights from Pictou N 8 to Portland the following engagement* aic reported Brig Far - ny Bpeedaway aud Brig fssox. a>.d Bark Aid at 5 25 per ton; Bark G. P. l ord and fcfch Starlight gt 95 r-r ton Mch Francis NewTen for Washington with umber at 94 75 p rM Cumpri«o all the engage ment iliac bat e been made public tor the week FLOUR—The Market is firm and prices tending j upward, and although holder* are selling of rem nants of the old stock at cur prtff.vt revised quofi t inns, yet la*ge lots could hardly Le bought at those figure* which range below the actual coat U> l*y down iu this market under the prevailing prices at the wost add<*d to’he increased rat*s o' freight W<* quo e Extras 11,75 <$12.25— Double Kxtrado 12.F6@ 13,00— Ex Superior do 132fi»<$ 3 75—8t l.puis Favorite hrandsdo 13.50 @ 14.69--»t>uihern Illinois do 1800 @14.50 per bbl. FISH—The demand cootiue* to exceed the supply and prices contiuue to entertain great l>fiO*aucy. Dming the week t \o cargoes of loUOqtlsgueroaud W*s ean Bank Cod were fold within our revised prises There were sales on Wednesday and Thurs day of 240* bbl? Bay Mackerel by t*re* full up to our quotations. Both dry snd pick'ed fi«h are much sought for and meet a ready market at good prices. G RAIN—The market for Corn was Art* and buoy 1 ant yesterday at 91 75@l.7H for Western tended, ! though but Rule doiug and a fair stock iu market. Yellow about out of market. In Wheat there is very little doing a* we previously remarked The latest and most reliable information at hand now places the yi id this season at nrarii or quite an av erage. and the new grop is marketed in the West.— Rye • ontinues scarce and in good demand . t high er prices Shorts and Fine Fat'd continue to be held verv firmly at our quotations l>#r quotations for Barley, iu the absence if business, remain nominal. GUNPOWDER—Price* remain firm and ?t$ady at recent advanced price*. Th* oriental Co. arc now Asking for Blx.<tiug A7@7 6T. an 1 Rifle and Sporting 8 50@9. HIDES AND SKINS—Buenos Ayres remain steady at 37 <$46 aud 27 <$293; other descriptions re main quirt as iollow». Aiaugh’er 9tU0; Calfekins mo unsettled: we now quote t*lb Green salt ed hides and Sheep pelts remain fteady but firm at previous quotatiocs. HA Y—Receipts contiue light aud the demand be inx limited business is unimportant and prices t orn ual ac about 23q,24 p*r ton Straw is scaroe with a good demand at 10g.ll per ton for pressed. FRUIT—The market for all kinds rf green fruits j continues active, with an unusual abnudance of all i ki di. and of very fine qua'ities, and prices consid ! eaing th * condition pi our currency aud the exi euta of bu duo**, wer • never so low. ranging a* follows— Pea hes 2 50^3 5<> p* r crate; Ba ti* tt Pears 6<&6 pc bu-hel. Choice western Apples 4 60 @6 p-r barrel, i Tomato©* 1 50 per bushel: Mu.-kmelon* 4 60@G; t’an te lopes 3 5>@4 50: Wat©rm-*lons 55^4) per one hundred. lucre is no^ a tew Oranges fu market at about all tier box. Lemons are higher w© njw quote U a.12 „ > per box fig-ar«> firm at 3 a3ic per m Layer* Raisin* have edvaDod to 5 1 Citron is a little higher: we now quote 4<»@42c Soft Shelled a'iuond« are firm atflOc. Tea Nuts re man firm at 94 60 l> bush. IKON—Prices are l.ttle easier in con*rqu*nce of th* decline iu Go'd we quote as follows. Com mon 10^; netined lie; Swede 16; Xorway|l7; Cast Meei 5: German and English Blia. htoel 42@45; Spring do 22@25. Sheet Irons reouUn uominal at quotation*. LKAD—The market tor lig Lead is ucse tied : pr'« cetl&jc & Vb lower. W© notice ngent sales of f.»r eign in N'-w York at ]$j@16Jo, and 100 tons Spanish in bond. 11 Jc, cash. LEA ’ HER—French and American Calf Skins are in moderate demand and prices are nominally un changed. * «• con inue to quote as follows: N.fY Light 46@4S; do Hedinm and iioavv do 43c$60: S slighter 68@05c, and Amercan Calf Skins 1 75@ 200. r funpu oi. :_i_t_l__m . quick demaite at advanced price*, and good shin ping boards are rought afU r and r< rdily taken at$29 021 ter M ; for other kinds ice quote as fo low*:— No. l’s and 2'f clear Pine $48060$ No. 3 $38040, and No4. $*25)027 : Shipping $270i*»; Sprue** *16; 0^; I Hemlock 11 a,13 p M. Clapboards. Spryco Extra. !' $20025 Extra Pine $40042; Cedar Shingle* Extra $4 2504 50; No. 1 4o $3.a3 50; extia Pine $605 50. , Latiia. Hpruoe $1 *7 0200. and IMue do $2 0002 50 p U Oar quotation* for box shook* and cooper age will be found elsewhere. MOLA8SE'-~We have d notice a quitt but very ' stealy market; p-ice* hare scarcity varied lor the past mouth, and in the *h euoe of any animation * sa'es continue to be ootSued exclusively u small Jobbing lots br grocers at about bo a9 *c for Cuba j c!av*d 70083 ter Tart do. 95o,l00tor Mnsgovado 100 : 3105 for Cuufuego* and GS072 for Port-laud by rup. j NAIL#.—Cut Nails are scarce, with no immediate ! prospect ut any P'S'eaMd supply, and prices are quite nominal but dim at the recent advance* NAVAL STOKES.— Spirits Turpentine has under- ; foue some deolmo. wo uov quote 3 8004 00 per gal. ar, Pitch and Kotin remain steady at previous quo- ! tations. OILS—Por land Kerosene remains Arm and steady I at th * advance noticed in our last, and our quotations ' cootinue to ra »g» ut $1.0501 07$ per gal according to quantity. Lmsecd oil have further dec ined. and we now quote l.titi: Hoi led $t.?2. I ard oil t* a little I higher, and we now quote $1.8001,f6 |> gal Whale Kef. Winter remain* Arm and buoyant at $1.7001.76 We note an ad\ aooe of -1 ? bbl for J-'i*h Oils as the supply is very light and now suote Ba;<k ard Bay $44 a 46: Sir ro $42044: lit rriug oil remgitu firm at $40a41 V bbl. PAINTS.—We have noticed a late advance on , Portland UaJ in oil, au<t Cumhe’land lead, and now I quote Portland lead ;u oil 21 50022 t'umberlaud do I 2)6 )021; American 4in,; $13 75015. Pure dry lead 2Ic, Rocheil»» yellow an* English Venetia Ked 6c. and Litharge and Rod lead 2U. PROJDUCE—The market is now quite am^ly stocked with all kinds new crop vegetables, and prjco* are staadil v decliuinir as tie supply increase*. The continued atupl* receipts of new Potatoes ha* produced a further decliue,and Wf> now quote #3j o,4 per bh: or $1 6>i 4/ bushels. Egg* continue to rule at about 24026 per doz. Lamb i« in good supply 1 aud prices nave ■ declining tendency. There are a few Chicken* offering at 25028j 44 lb In other Poultry there is nothing doing except in small lots wild game. PROVISIONS—The Pork market continue* to | rule Arm as there is quite .a specula ive demand in i-ther markets laud upon the nuppoei’iou of ex haustion of tiiesupplv before th** new crops becomes ivailable. We now quote Portland pkd Extra ?!rar $45046; Clear 41045: Mess 4004k. and Prjme IV036 P bbl. Smokod Hams remain unchanged at (202*0? ft PEARL BAlil-KV—Thi. article Uw- now mo*t ac ively taken the place of Rice, and is quoted at 9Jc 4> b KICK —A recent advance has taken place on Rh»e md we now quota 16|016c per ? * SUGAR—The market for raw sugar has been dull md depressed by the fluctuations ai d considerable lec ine in gold and exchange. Holders however, hough generally pretty Aim, in view of the fact hat theeost laid down here is even now above pres- * >nt valuations, have vieldfd but little rednetioh. Ke- • Ined is inactive, but lias suffered a much le«* decline han raw; we nowquote Crushed Granulated and 'owderod at 29^029). our quotations for Portland )ugars are entirely nominal as there is none for sale :t the INctory. SPICES —There is a s eadv moderate demand for ! uost descriptions; the ^market is quiet and dull •— 1 k further advance oH'02Oc 4) lb has reoeutly taken 1 dace on Nuimegs, the stock b*-l»g oonoetrated Pep- < ter and Pimento are a little higher. SEEDS —There is Quia an ectiva demand for I rrass seed lor foreign shipment, and prices have ad anoed to $6 for Herds Grass, $606 fc ft>r R«d Top. ! i ui *$**> tor Western plover§SS. I k SALT-The extreme price fbr Coarse Salt have tome a hat broken down tince our last, and we now auote Turk's Island : Cagliari and Liverpotl 87,00a i,76 hhd. Ground Butter Salt remain*steady and unchanged ae ytt from previous quotations. SOAP—The market is quiet sod quotations nom inally unchanged. The following are the fbotory prices for soap. “Leatbe k Gore’s extra No. 1 —17c; Family 164: Jo. 1 16c; Oleine and Soda 18c | and Crane's 18 p lb* 8TARCIL—We notice further ad vanoe on Starch j and now qm>te Pearl 12fftl3c & lb. TEAS—The demand has b°en limited and sales moderate, and the market wi bout material fluctu ation from our revised quotations of last week, and prices have ranged at 130 and li& for choice grades > Oolong and 120 and 126 lor common and fair quality Oolongs 8ouchoug we continue to quota at 96 and , 110per lb. TOBACCO—The flactuation of the geld market has tended to render price# nominal at previous quo tations, which we continue without change. Market firm and transactions limited to immediate wants of tne trade. WOOL—The Trade are nearly unanimous In the opinion that the supply of domes*ic. in any event,Is below th- actual requirements of consumption, and hence holders manifest no disposition to make con cessions. SPECIAL NOTICES. OT*Carru-rt qf the Daily Prut art net allotted to sell papers on Ihtir routes. Wanted. At P. B. Frost’s, 9i Exchange street, 4 or 6 good Coat Makers, to whom the highest Boston prices will he pahL_ sept9d2w 0^The Gymnasium at 176 Middle Street, will he opened on Monday, Sept 12th, at 8 PM. Ladies who object to exercising in the evening, may meet the teacher any afternoon in the week, t Wednesday and Saturday afternoons excepted.) from 8 to 6 o’ clock. Evening Classes on Mondays and Thurs days. Terms 88,00 for twelve leasons. •eptlO-dlw Stop, Drunkard ! 8PEKAXZA. an Italian preparation to dMtroy the appetite lor Intoxicating t.iqu.r, it can be administered with perfect ulety. trice One Dollar par boa. THOMAS C. LOWNG, Draggle?, Cor. Exchange and Federal St,., Sole Agent, for Main*. Portland, Ang. 26—dSw Portland Photographic Gallery, *0 MIDDLE 8T.. PORTLAND, Mi., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12.1W4. iaayI2dta Bay Your Stationery Package* At Dreacar'a, 80 Exchange street, •2 p«r dozen, or 26 fl.at, roe*. gJT’Ageut, wanted, addr*** L. DKK88ER, Port land, Me., Box 1S2. angltdtw THOMAS O. LORING, DRUGGIST, -ABP PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Ceraor efliekaageB r*BeralS«’a. A perfeet at gaaranteod. Tb* poorllberally eoa ild*r*d. _ aehUdtf Life Insurance Card. The indffreigned, having been led into a more thor ough investigation of the Mutual Benefit Life Assurance System, by the tid of later repyrts and official documents of the highest character, from Commia*ioneis appoint ed and paid by the Mate* of New York and Massa chuseita—parties wholly disiup;rested—has at length consented to take the General Agency and Superin tendence of that Institution for the atate of Maine, with a bureau tor Portland st No. Exchange Street. : on the same fioor and in the same building so long occupied by Mr. John Sea!, their representative . here for twenty years. By accepting this Agengy. the undersigned is I obliged to torero that ot the Sew York Lite Com pany, for which he has operated with a good degree of eoccers for the last two years Bnt his justifica tion i*. that he cannot serve two mastersthat where systems and r»«u1t* differ in w hat so deeply concerns the people of Maine, he can only recom mend vut be believes to be the beet; and his rea sons, he think#, lor choosing to make this change. ! will be tound both satiafsato.y and conclusive with his fijpnds, with parties iosured b# him.and with all ! men of baniipest. foresight and calculation, who may ahopse to rpn their eve over the following items carefully compiled from tty Ipieat official reports of I the Insurance Commissioner*. Net £*rplus or Gross Total Ain't Amt assets over assess Insured all liabilities MutUepft So.M7 759,64 I S36.2S7.124 | Sl.8O7.06O.lT N. V- Life S,f06.9K6.74 | 26,196.190 | 317.022,76 Income Cron* Lr«*hv Expenses Jot. 1863 death Igu 1*63 Mat. Beuft 8440,67«.7« I S276,uO0 I SC4.270.95 X. Y. Life 186,861.781 *3,8601 226.734.64 The same Report gives the Ratio of Expenses to Receipts in the New York Lite at 9 33per oent great er than in the Mutual benefit The real lii/trisa qf c^st to the assured is shown ia the annual dividends pr returned premium*, which are here given tor the last are /ears. I960 1361 1362 1S£ 1 1961 Mut. Ken t 46 pr ct 46 pr ct 50 pr ct 60 pr ct 50 pr ct X. Y. Lite 80 pr cl 30 pr cf 80 pr ct 36 pr ot 26 pr ct Another essential item to be considered in this connects*?! is the fact that the Mutual benefit al* : ways pays it# dividends in just four gears from the ; date of the pa> me6i upop it is declared, while j the#, Y. Life averages si* and a tali /cars—this I difference qt t;aje in tevor of the Mutual Benefit will : bring a fif y per*c&t djyidend at simple iuterest up ! to tiny-seven ana a half a# tJpftjTje when it will be due from the other Company. Thus it is seen that the actual difference in dividends is a* bf 1-3 to36. or in other words that it oosts annually $22 2 lees on every 8100 premium paid te insure in tho Mutual Benefit than <n the New York. The same is true, in fact, in comparing ibt Mutual Benefit with most oth er companies. Tbt-e fact* are given because the diseosecy of them j were the sole »ause of the ckange in my relations to the two companies WARREN St-ABBOW. State Agent Mutual Benefit Lite insurance Co. Portland, Sept. 1864. TP Whom It May Concern. After Introducing the Mutual Benefit Life Assur• ! onea system to the people qt Maine, and acting as | General agent tor tho State upafiy twenty rears, boing unable to attend to the buainass out of Port 1 land, and a general agent fitted for the trust requir ing to hare his headquarters feefe ju the city, arrange ments have been made to transfer tip) general A gen I cy of the State, together with all my on**, tp Mr. 1 Warren Sparrow, formerly agent ol the New York • Life, with whom, it mar be remembered that I had a ' eontr*»ur*y iu the newspapers not long ago, touch ing the re»i>»-*4i; • merits of the two systems; the re . suit of which has bees^ entire convict-on of Mr. Sparrow n to the soundness yi my re-fiion, follow ed by tu*surrender of bis Agency in the New York Life, at a large pecuniary jfCfJffCfi. 1 have now only to add, (after commending Mr. Sparrow to mv per-onat rnen^s and te the public in geueral. as pre-eminently fitted for the buxiueas), that all I have ever written or said of the advantages to be found in tho Mutnal Benefit Life Assurance system over every (Aker, at home or abroad, 1 now reaffirm, aud would do go in stjll • rooger language If 1 supposed it necesasary But tt* foregoing sum mary or results compiled from t fleiai reports of the highest character, will be spfl.cient 1 am sure, to sat isfy all inqoirers. Portland. Sept. 8. 1864. JOHN NEAL. A Mew Perfume for the Handker cmer* Phaion’s “Night Blooming Carons.” Phaion's "Night Blooming Cere us.” Phaion's “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phaion's “Night Blooming Cereas.” Phaion's “Night Blooming Cereas." Phaion's "Night Ulooming Ccreas.' * Phaion's “Night blooming Ccreas.” A most Exquisite. Delicate and Fragrant Perfume, distilled from the Hare anil Beautiful Flower from it takes its name. Manufactured only by PHALOS f fOF, N. Y. O**lessors Counterfeits. Ask for PAaUn's— Take no (Jtker. 6DId by Druggists generally Juno2404dSin LIGHTNING PLY KILLER 1 KVBBT BH BBT WILL Kill a Quart of Files. BUTCHER’$DE AD SHOT, FOR HKD BUGS. The Only Sure tig terminator. Sold by H. II II4Y, Druggist, junction Middle and Free Streets, Portland, special agentis for the Slate of Mains. »ep8dAw2w Dm. J. W, Kbllkt. will be in attendance at Dr. E. B. Chamberlin's office. 214 Congress, Tuesday ana Wednesday, the 18th and 14th of September.— lie prescribe# fur all diseases, especially chronic and longstanding. Tb* si»k are invited to call Office advice free. Dr J. W Kelley Is the oulv surviving Founder of the Analytics System of Medicine. His med cine is • told in Maine ouly at the above office. Noue genu ine without his signature. Sept C—dlw* Dr. JOHN W. KELLEY. Boston Stock Lina* Salb at tub Brobkbs' Board, Sept. ig. 4 910 Americau Gold.21S 5*K) United Sates Coupons.217 l.100 U'uitnd Slates Ten-Forties. 96 1.000 ....do. 97* 10.U00 U S Coupon Sixes ilkal).1#, 2S.600.do.. IQS] * 2.000 .do. fit#} 2 600 United States 7 S loths (Oct).....llof 3 100.do (Aug) .Hy) 600 United States 6-20 s. 110* 15.000 U S Five*Twenties (Coupons off).. . 108} W8 do (small).!. .104 3 000 United State* Currency Certificates ... im. 1000 .. do (May; . 97 1.000 do (June)... .. 96) 8 Portland. Saco 4 Portsrn th KK U0| IMPORTS. PARSBORONS. Br sch Nautilos-110 tons pl»s. 1 er. HARRIED In this city. Sept 12. by Rev 4 Dalton. Capt Win tirop 11 Hall an J Miss Fannie C Dam. both of Port ind (Corrected.) l In ('ape EJiaabetb, Sept 11, by Rev E Robiusoc. rm M Harmon and Mias Jane A Atkinson, both of I ape Elizabeth. In Hebec. Aug 28. Cha* Y Chase and Mias Addle Y I urgin. In Brownfield 10th lust. hy Thomas P Cleaves, ! c &Mr El bin L Hamlin and Mrs Sarah F Nason, of B. j A DIED. In this city 13th inst, Israel Thorndike. l jfant ,on j or Ur Israel T and Carrie S Dana, aged 1 week. In Danvilie 12th inst, Hr Samuel U Be.kell, aged I 89 rears 9 months In New Sbaron 10th Inst, Mary li, 'wile of Eira Teague, aged 53 years. In L'ulon. Aug 17. Mrs Mary B, wife of George W Morse. Esq. aged 47 years. In Norridgewock, Mrs Pbebe, Tellct of the late | James Taylor, age*! 74 years. In Bucksport. Aug 28. Mrs Thebe C. wife of Ti Hioks, Esq, aged 62 years. In Lubec, Aug 9. Jeremiah L King, Esq, aged 27. f SAILING OF OCHA X STEAMSHIPS. arnanaa vaon ton (AIM ; Tenusyirauia .. Liverpool.New York.. Aug 30 < ity Manchester Liverpool.New York Ang 81 rSTHr’lh ,'ii.Liverpool.limbec.bejd 1 ; s l,ublin Liverpool.hew York Sept 8 1 aij*„ .Liverpool.Boston.Sept 3 2Wo*\:.Liverpool.New York. Sept 6 .Southampton New York...Sept 7 1 City of London. Liverpool.New York. Sept 7 1 £•«“.Liverpool.Xew York. Sept 10 *£•;.Liverpool. Bo.,0I1.17 China.Liverpool.Boston.Sept 24 Heel*.Now York. Liverpool PcDtl4 La Fayette .New York Havre._ .Sept 14 Kuropa .Boston.Liverpool_^pf 14 Belgian.Quebec.Liverpool. . t>ept 17 ! Evening Star.York- New Orleans Sept 17 Citv Washington. New kork. Liverpool.Sept 17 ftoahoke.New York. Havana.Sept 19 Scotia.New York Liverpool .... Sept 21 Havana.York.. Havana. Stptrj Damageu- .Quebec Liverpool.... Sept 24 Penn*)Kama.New York Liverpool ... Sept 24 Golden Rule.New York Aspiuwali... Sept 24 Morning Star..New York. New Orleans Sept 24 Arabia./.itatloa.Liverpool ... Sept 28 MINIATLRK ALMANAC. WrdaoMluf. . September 14. San rises..,.6 40 I High water (am)-9 20 wu. 6.00 I Length of daya..12 29 MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Tnrsday . September 13. ARRIVED. Steamer New Euglnud. Field. St John N B for ‘ Boston. Steamer Forest Citv, LKcomb, Boston. Sch Nautilus, (Bn Mckaddeu. Partboro NS. Sch Samaritan. Dodge. Brook7n lor Boston. Sch Oregon, Arty, V inaihavtm for Boston. I Sell Northern Light, Lane, Yiualhaven lor New Yore. Sch Olive A vary, Staples, St George for Sandy Hook. Sch R Leach, Sherman. Rockland for New York, sch Henry Clay, Ulaiadell, Franklin for Salem. Sch J C Roker, Seavy, Saco. CLEARED. . Sch Francis Newton, Coombs, Washington, C W 1 Peiroe. \ Sch £ G Willard, Parsona, Philadelphia. EG Wil* / lard. •T TELEGRAFH TO M*KCH ACT'S IX< UASttl. PHILADELPHIA, Uth. Cld 12th, ach Lizzie W Dyer, for Portland. Launched—At Richmond 6th inst, from the yard of H S Hagsr, Eeq., ship ‘ Gettysburg," ol about 1000 tons. DISASTERS. Brig Paragon (Br). at Holmes' Hole, reports 12th, off West Chop, was tun into by an unknown sch, which carried away toretopsaii yard, some standing r gging. broke rail, and received other slight damage. The unknown brig before reported ashore on the beach near the Beacon Light. Cape Hcnlopen. wirh stem knocked out and full of water, is probably the ! Anita Owen, from Glace Bay CB lor New York. Brig Open Sea, from Fortress Monroe, ar at PhJIa | deiphia Pith iost. with stern quarter and boat stove I from collision with sch l> C Simmon* > St «mer Forest City, at Boston, while going up the | harbor morning of the 13th came in collision with : ship Fleet ford, which was at anchor in the stream, and carried away the ship s jbbooin, DOMESTIC PORTS. GEORGETOWN DC—Cld 9th. sch Lucy A Orcutt Butler. Bostou BALTIMORE—Ar 10th. achs N B Borden. El dridgo.and () M Pettit. Clark, Bangor; Sear* v ills, nears, Gardiner Cld loth, sck T C Bartlett, Card. Richmond. Also cld 12th. brig Caniroa, Marshal). Bncksport j PHILADELPHIA—Ar loth, schs Adrian Everett, Rockland; Col Lester. Perry, Provideuc. Also ar 10th, schs Vicksburg, Haskell, Vlnalhavcn; i Kate Walker, Littlelield. Bangor. Also ar 11th, brigs M Stowers. Park. Glace Bay C B; H H McGilvery, Uilkey, do. Cld 10th. barques John Curbs. Sylvester. Pensaco la, E Williams, 81*.per, boston , sch il E damson. 1 Blake. Bath Lewes, Del. Sept S—At the Breakwater, brig An ! tlllee, tor Portland; schs Julia, and Mcriha. for ; Bath; Sarah Wooster, for Portland; Mary D Uaa 1 kell tor Saleh.: Opens a from Fortru** Mouroe. NEW HANEN— Ar iatL. brig W Armstrong, Boons, May aguez NEW YUKK-Ar Uth, barques Bolivia. White 1 berry. Aspinwall; Jane A Bishop, Downev. Mata . mora-»; Laura Russ. Brown. Cow Bav CB: brig i Alic*. LvnU. HrMjze 11 id, schs Eliza Otis. Ryder, i Ellzabethbort fof Portland; II W Kimball Jr. C'rock t ett. Rockland Also ar l2tb. barque Sai-'iv RotwaJi. Br«zo*. Texas. Also 12th, brig rattle. Hooper. Liugan CB; sch Juno. Mills, Rockland. Below, brig John Freeman, from Belt* Hon. Cld 12th. barqwee Ellen Mo'rison, McCarty. Bar i badcos; E Wright, Limekin. Cow Bay C B; brig i Loch Lot^oud. ghuff, Po t Royal SC. l Sid 19th, sbjpe Ocean Traveller, John 8 Harris; barques W If rlatehius. Faduv Later, brigs Emma, Sarah. Goudsnuw. Southern Buie. PROVIDENCE—s J 12th Melbourne. Mason. i Bath; Neptune. Clark, New No k or Machine (ac ! cording to wind). ( NEWPORT—Ar llth. achs Neptune. Billings. St George «iii for Providence; epringbook. Haskell. ■ Macliis*, to di'c; Futester. Remitik, Ellsworth fo. New York. NEW BEDFORD-SId IQth, schs < harlotte. Rich t ardeon, Bangor; Jlth. Henry Crosby, Smith, New York or Banir^r. a^AOfdinv to wied. FALL RIVER — eld 9n», sch U*>t'urr Blake, Philadelphia * KDGARTOWX— Sid 9:b. sch Pencinlan, Belfast HOLMEo'S HOLE—Ar li> h. schs f H Limi.Mv F.mcry.New York for Boston; <1 C Morris. Roger#, Boston fey Washington DC; Joseph Cobb, do for Gay Head; Edwin"! Alien. AJLu. Gardiner fordo. Alao ar 11th. barque Mary L l\tt*r. Tap ley. New | York tor Baugor . brigs Paragon. (Br, Welch, ('mb 1 Aiegws 17 b ult «or Boston; Fan Ie Ruder. Bartlett, Port Ewen for lso»io«i. W R Sawyer, T-acy, Ron dout for do; Uat'so E Wheeler, larr. New \ ork for do; Waccamaw. Nichols, do for Searaport; H B Em I ary, Lord, do for Picton; scha Joan Me Adam. Peer son. Philadelphia for Boston: W#*rtwonh Port Ewgn for do; Damon. l*iu.her. Rond out fg do; Eudora. Lord. Kltenwcthuor; f;»r do: Maracaibo, Henley; T*ade Wind, Grid hwhite, and Ottoman. Billing* New York for do: Vulcan, iicrs*y, eo tor i Pembroke: Harriet Neal, Godfrey, from do ir Portsmouth: Ciagine. T9'i»r. Klijabethport for Portland; Mdferd. Ifoptius i>rth A in boy fr Bath. By/antum. Small. Pn, iderwe for Calais; Rath rtoma«, Ring. New Londpu for Ranger. Also ar 12th. scha L D Hart. Hart. Rock port for Norfolk; William, FUtcber. Bath for Point Look out; Geo Washington. Pendleton, and Michigan Saunders. U$msp? tor New York; W atchman, do for Bristol; Jamti liartour, wendek, Ellsworth for I Hartford • „•!<* Iljh* iobf Deborah June*, foaac Ulcckley. liar-let Neal. Hiawatha Also aid 12th. aeba Astras. S D Hart. William, Ira BU.w, Michigan, Geo Washington, aud James Bar . hour. In port 12th. 8 AM. barque Mark L polter; trigs , Paragon f Br). Fannie Butler W R Sawyer, Wacce. maw. Hattie E Wheeler, and U U F.tnerv ; ach* P S ! Lindsey. John McAdajp. Msje tic Damon. Eudora. Trade W’md. Maracaibo, Ottoman. Mar pi a. Harriet Neal. Harmons Medford, Byrantium. Ruth Thomas, Vandslia and W tchaian DIGHTON— 8 d 10th, sch Clarissa, of and for Ells worth. BOSTON—A r 12th. ship Harrisburg. W la well. New Orleans 11th 8 W Pas- l&th ult. barque I'atmcs, Spring, Calcutta April 11th Sand Heads 16th; brig* William Maaon. Leighton, Surinam: Lewie. Allen, N**burg NY'; Tornado. Dodge. ERrale hport; aeba Maria Whitney. Hall, and Ann 71 yrick, Stevens. New York Alao ar 12th, tela Lottie. Buster, picton; Surf, ■ Shaw, Mathias: Sun, Weiden, W’iuterport. Dela- > ware, Jack ton. Rockland. Cld 12th, ship Fleet ford. (new. of Portsmouth) i Silt- r, San Francisco; sch Romeo Uodgkina, Glou costs-. Sld 13th. ship Mountaineer. SALEM—Ar lOtfc. sebs Tarry Not. Cottrell, Ban gor; 11th. Harriet A Rogers Framb.s,Philadelphia; B L Condon, Gott. Jersey City. Sld i)tb, sch* Abby Wcid. Geo W 8now, Aurora, Engineer loth brig Michigan; sch# J D Hart Cor delia Geo W'ashington, Uth, Henry. In p jrt 11th, sch Col Eddy, Coombs, from Bangor tor New York m EASTPORT—Ar 6th. barque Josephine. Scott, Boston (and cld for Madeira*. M ACU1 AS—Ar 8;h. brig Lamartine. Griggs, Ells worth sld 7th acht St Lawrmue, Colbeth. and Maine, Brown, Bostpn. it u jiraiusiuj. Auiri.ta, ■! ti lurij Ar at Liverpool Aug 3k, Nicola, Mortimer, Phila delphia: SL»»h. lhornton. Well*. New York Cid 27th. Northampton, Mon«c. Bath; 29th, Annie W Lewis, Lombard. New Y'ork. Cld at London 27th, Charlotte, Harrow, Cardiff to load for New York. Off Deal 37th. Elizabeth Cuabing, Plummer, from Callao for Antwerp Ar at Falmouth 30»h. W Libbv. Bishop. Rangoon. Sid fm Ardro-san 2bth. John lioudle, Poitland. Ar at Dublia 29th. Au*trm ia. Bunker. Baogor Ar at Shanghae June 23. lien Ward, Fuller, Bos ton (Feb Sh Hd 231. Wild Rover Bogota, Foochow Ar at Hong Kong Julv 1, Peruvian, Sargent,Sing apore. Sid July 3. Daniil *}rarer. Havener, Siam; 4tb, Seaman * Bride, Peteraou. Niagpo. Ar at Padang June 23, Ceyon. Sampson, Penang. / Sid tax Singapore July 8, Agues, Ba«s*-tt. Boston. ‘ Ar at t lushing 28th ult, Caurier, (‘butfit Id, Cal ao. Passed fc.Mneur28d ult. Wickopte. Lelaod. from Cronstadt fo; Boston; Chapin. Hall, from Cuxhaven for Sweden • Sid fin Mau In tain July 4. Sarah Park, Vaughn, England. Sid fm Rangoou July 4, C 11 Davia, Koopinvn, Falmouth K Ar at Calcutta July 15» Sebastian Cabot, Steele, Bombav. < Sid 30th. Ilamlin Wheelwright. Hong Kong. 1 Sid fin Cronstadt AMu ult. Boacon, Turner Boston , i Criterion, Coomb*, Port lilavgow. FOREIGN FORTS. ( At ('tie Haytien 8ht ult, rch l.eortk? Brown, for Boston 2 davs | . At Miragoaue 28tb nit, sch War Eagle, for Boston, i Idg , At luagng, no date, tar-uo Kremlin, Uallett, for i Boston. •iff. Md fm UnganCBSd lost, brig Ocean Traveller, t few York; sebs Lion, M S Part ride. Kichard Hill md Joseph Kish. do. Ar at Shcdiac o;h. barque J K Lookhirt. Lock- J lost on * Ar at St John NB 13th inst, ship Rising Sun, Llv rfw 8ch init, ship Edith, Child, Urerpool. ’ f SPOKEN, , A“* 5’ Ulr!3 “v8, '"J ^ w.»»< wen barque la- « entigntor, from New lork f>r Bueno. Avrv, Aug 24. let 47 36. Ion T 40. barque iMheile C Joaee li rom Kotterdaia for New fork d *•£* '*■ brig Caroline E Kelley, from tl htladelphia for Portamouth 1 i tl *•£ »• 't!*”? L**ht N W 26 mllee, brig Sbar- n b. rroa Caba for Boeton. ti Sept 11, Cape Cod N W br W 60 mile, .bln Clara an, from Bath tor PblladalpUa. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. RECRUITS WANTED! -FOB THI Eighth Regiment! Highest Bounties Paid. Two fluiiciam Wanted! A Dram eud Fife Major. I can offer MO per month to a Dram Major of ex poritnce. Kc^ulro of CAPT* morris. Sept 14-dlW °Pt’°*iU 1***r* ******** H«**' Portland Couipaujr, SUBSCRIBERS to the New Slock mar mak. parmtnt at the efflee of the Company on For. street, or at the Merchant,’ Bank. On all payment* made alter the 16th last Intermit oy1 Oct* let***- *’*7m*°'b® made, or moored The certlfleatesof stock of the present Shareholder, will bu received At llfty dollar* per ihtri p „ . e hDffAED u. DAY£13, Clerk Portland, Sort 14. IwM dtw nuiiuraciurrrsand Traders Bank. fpilE Hioohholders of the MaaalsetareriaadTrad x. ere Bank are hereby notified that their Anneal *'*■ he h*ld nt their Beak lug room on Mon d*7 of Ooleher neat, at * o oloek P M tor the oboioe of Dlreotors for the enauing ) ear and he traosaciioh of such other b«.UeeeMkiylirtl IT come before them. 7 *** ... ®T Oder of the Directors. *eptI4did EuWAKD GOUlD, Cashier £| Information Wanted. Ob Mr* Augnsla M. Bulloch. who left Boston Mad* ou toe 29th day of Mav 18&4 to no to Portland. Maine. Any one baring any Inform* tioa in regard to her will oouf r a very great favor by ad* **"“* W. Bullock. L\ il%ul Bo.tou, Maaa. Hptl4 dfltB To Let. UNFURNISHED ROOMS Inlet, with or with* out board, at 334 Coegreee St. sepl4oln* At a Court of Probate hel. at Portland, within aad for the County of Cumberland, on the flret Tues day of -September in the year of oar Lord eighteen hundred end sixty-four: |H cv ANDREWS. Guardian of liattie A , aad A-f. Charles 8 Andrews, minor hears of David An urews, let. of Otlsdeld, deceeiod. having prerented his f orth account of G uardiaushlp of aald minora for probate: If woe Ordered. That the said Guardian giro not lee '°fl! J’*”0** intereeted, by causing notice to ha published three weeks successively in the Maine Stale Pro, printed at Portland, that they may ao 10 *>• BeM at said Portland, on the flr«t 1 tp-sdny of October next, nt tea uf the clock in the forenoon, and show cause If any thee have, why the same ahould not be allowid ’ T JOHN A WATERMAN, Jadge A trao copy, atlest, -w»e. 37w8w* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register A^* ®fne* °f Probate held at Portland, within aad for the Coanty of Camberlaad. on the flret Tues day of s - plember. In the year of oar Lord eixhleeo hundred andsixty-foar, * administratrix of the estate of Daniel box, late of Portland, la said coaniy de ceased. haring presented her flret aad Inal aeeoant i of ad mi u I-1 ration of said estate for probale It was Ordered, That the said Admlui.tratrix give | notiev to all persons interested, by causing notice to be published three weeks sueoisMvely in the Maine . state Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap pear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland on the flrst Tuesday of October next, at tea of the I clock in the forenoon, and show cause, If nay they ; haw-, whj the same should not be allowed JOHN A. WATERMAN. Judge. A true copy. Attest; 37 w3w* ELGtNE HUMPHREY. RegMfr. ■** - vwv«. wr « uc.u ai roniftsa, WIUUB nod for (be Counts of < umbos land, ea tba first Tuesday of September, la the year ef our Lord, eighteen hundred and sixty-tour, / 'AIHAKINE H. COCK. Administratrix of the V eetate of Valentine M Coo*, late ot Windham, ; io saH county, dewaxed basing presented her gist sad final acconat af administratfoa of said eetate ' for probete: /«seas Urdrrrd. That the said Administratrix glse : uotlceHo all persons inten-sted.bs causing notice to be I published three weeks sucoosstsely ip the Maine etate | Press. priuted et Portland, that they may appear at a Probate Coart to be held at -aid Portland/ on the I tint Tuesday of October next, at tea or thaulock la the forenoon, and show cause, If aay they hare, why t he same should not be allowed. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge A true copy .attest. kiwJw* KUOeXIt HCMPURET. Register AT A Cottar op Phobavb held at Portland within and for the County of Cumberland, on the first Tuiaday of September, In the year of oar Lord eighteen hundred and tilty-fonr, PAUL HALL, Administrator de bonis non oftba eetate of Thomas Uewhas, late af Windham, | in said County, deceased, Using psesanted his 1st accouat oi admini-tratiou ofsaidVtate for probete' It svis Or lrrrrl, That the said Administrator gist notice to all persons interested, by ceasing notice ta be published thiee weeks surer—i. ely in the Maine State Press, printed at Portland tut they mes appear at aProBntr Courtta he hep sjd Portland.ua the first Tuesday of October neat, af ten or the cluil in the foroouon, and show cause, If aay they hare, why the tame should not be allowed. JOHN A. WATERMAN. Judge. A true copy, attest, 3.-w3w* EUGENE HCMPURET. Register at a Congi p Pasta.rahaM at rontgad, wunsa and for the Touinry or Camberland. on the first Tuesday of September, in tho yi-pr of our l.o.d I eight ecu hundred and sixty, tear. FRANCIS BLACKSTUNE. Administrator oftba Estate of Timothy Keith, late of Powaal. in said County, decerned, he-lng presen ed hit seen ad so | couut of administration of said aetata,for probate ; It teas 'b oerns. 't n*tlhst»U Administrator gfsmp | lice to all persons interested, bs causingnotios to be Rblished three weeks sncceesiselv In the Maine State ces. printed at Portland, that tkrs may appear at a Probato Court to be held at laid PortfunZ oa the first Tuesday of October o>At. at ten of UfoWji* in the forenoon, and shew Mace If any they hare, why the same should not be allow-d. JOHN A. WATERMAN,Judge. A true copy, attest, _Cw5w' ET'GEXE HUMPHREY,Register ! At a Couut or PxonATX hold at Portlaad. srtthla and for the Conaty of Camberland. on tba first T,«r September, la the y«*f of ort Lord eighteen hundred end sixty • four. \KTAKREX BURX8. Guardian af Jeceph C . " Dana, minor heir of E brtdge O Da a a. late ef Norway, deceased, basing preeeated hia Rrsl and duel i ©count of Guardianship or said minor for pro bate , 1 That the said Guard lax rise ate i iJlJifiSJl??10** iBterBited. by ctu.ing uotiU to b« pablGhed three weeks sueeeesisety la the Maine bUte Pram, printed at Portland, that they mar ap pear at a Probate Conn to be held at said Portland ot oJSBLwSS.YuHs tbo dock m tho fun-noon. ond show obboo. if uv they have, why tho «aiu* • boo Id not bo oJIoorod. a in- — .. •,OHN A.WATERMAN, Judge. A true eopy, Bttoot, 37 ,3w EUGENE HUM PH RET. Register AT Ac„00“t°»PnonATn held at Portland, within Bnd for the County of Cwsoborlund, on tho Ini Taeadny 0f September. In the yei7if J.r Lord Reighteen hundred and sixty-Amr, OBEBT C. M AXKIKLD, named Executor ia a certain Inetrumentpurporting to be the last seal and testament of Martha Palie. late ef row nal.tasatd County, widow .deceased, has lux ors eeated the same for P.obate 2 «» Ordered, That the said Exeeutcr glse notice to ail pereone inters.led, by causing nolle* in be published three weeks successively in The Main# State Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap pear at a Probate Coart to be held at said Portland on the first Tuesday of Oetober next, at tea of the elock In the forenoon,and show cause if any they base, why the said Instrument should not be pros ed, -[.proved, and allowed, ns the last Wi 1 and Iee tsmeut of said deceased. John a. waterman Jadn Atraecopy, attest: * 37w3w- ELgENK UUMPHRET.Register, A T A f'riis is w nn Dnnw .-a- —am .. &_.. . .... and for the Coaatjr ot Cwmbortend, oa the drat Tuesday of September. ia the year of oar Lord sigh teen huudrod and sixty-four, IJAKKIhr M PAINE, widow of Praaois rated Is late of tiorham. in -aid eooaty, deceased has - lag preseated her petilion that adminktrati’n on t he estate ol said d. ceased may be granted to Daniel Paris. Jr., of said tier hem, * ww-wr It Ierrs Ordered, That the said Pslltloaer (Its notice to nil persons Interested, by caaaint notice to be published three weeks successively la the Maine State Preee, printed at Portland, that tbay mar en lourt to be bold at said Portland, OB the «r.t Tuesday *f October neat, at tan of Urn clock in the forenoon, and show cause, if air thee have, why thesame should not be granted. 1 JOHN A. WATERMAN, Jadgo. A truecopy.attest, ♦ " EU6E.VE IIL’MPHBET. Register, Ala Court ol Probale held al Portland within and tor the County of Cumberland, on the (ret Tune day of September,la the year of oar Lord sighteoa hundred and sinty-ionr, PRINCE, administratrix ol the estate Tkaxter Prlace, deceased who was guardian •s.^l^sw T. Mitchell minor. h>ld end heir or Sam ••1 B Ml'rh«l], late of Yarmouth, in «aid oountj do csaiad havinr present d ill*laird seooartel gear a anship of Mid minor for probat*. It rai Ordered, That tha itid Administratrix giro notice to all persons interested, bv eausing notice to be published three wct>k» aoeoenalvelv in tha Maine State Pros*.printed at Cortland that they appear at a Probate l ourt to bo held at said t’ortlancroa the ttrFt Tuesday of October next, at ten of theciock in the forenoon, and show cause, if any they have wlijr the nor should not be ailoved. ’ JOHN A WATERMAN, Judge A tr«;e cony, attest, • 37w3w ECUHXE HVMPHR8Y. Region, rliEsubscriber herebr gives pablie notice to all concerned, thnt he has been duly appointed and hka-tn^n hh-f the truat of AdnSni.tratorol ateot Pownnl, Injbe^unl^of^nmberland do P52^f.,v.,i?^4.“ -j^sa leceosed s estate, to make immediate payment and %me f"JU..ulV»“r, te""4* lW>“ ^«hib“ «*• ^.l.deptc,^18™4*0' hVe»t7tl7"f hltnsclf the trust ot Admiaktrator of MART COLE, ite ofNorth \ ar mouth in the connty of (.am bartend •ceased.by giving t oud as the law directs; he there-' ore requests all persons wan are indebted to the aid deceased's estate to make immediate nsrmonl ad those who hav. guy demand, thereon, toV»hit i the same for settlement to * * v „ BENJAMIN col* North Y armouth. 8ept. 6. 1864. 37w3«* rUK Subscriber hereby gives public notice to all confer nod. that he has been duly appointed and iken upon himselfthe trust of Admii^etrator of the state of ^ , JAMES O. BROWN. .te of porland, ia the County of CnmberlaAd sceasad, by glvlag bond os the tew directs, ho leretore requests all persona who aro Indebted to ia said deceased s estate to mak* Immediate nav »nt; and those who havaany demands -------- - exhibit the same (hr eattlamsnt to ‘ PHILIP M. BROWN Portlaad, Sopt. «. 1*M. K .Bw

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