22 Kasım 1866 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Kasım 1866 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. Established June 23, 1862. Vol, 5. PORTLAND, THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 22, 1866. Terms Eight Dollarsper annum, in advance, ' * * 'i/. » . • . ' ^ _ -4^ * THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS In published cvel'y tiny, (Sunday excepted, i ut No. 1 Piintcia' xehango Commercial .Street, Portland, by N. A. fOSTiB, Proprietor, 1'erms : —Eight Dollars a year in advance. the MAINE STATE PRESS, is published at tbe anie place o*rery Thursday moiuiug at $2.00 a year, ^variably in advance. Kates om Advertimcnu.—One inch 01 tpace, in eugth 01 column, constitutes a “square.” • 1.50 per square daily first week : 75 cents per week alter; three insertions, or less, $1.00; continu ng every other day alter fir-t week, 50 cents. Halt square, three Insertions or loss, 75 cents: one week, $1.00; 50 cents per week alter. Under head of “Amusements,” $2.05 oer square per week; three,insertions or less, $1.50. Special Notices,$1.25 per square fbr the first in sertion, and 25 cents per square fbr each subsequent ntertlon. Advertisement* inserted ill the “Maine STATE Press”(which has a large circulation in every par ol* the State I for $1.00 per square for first insertion* and 50 cents per square for each subsequent inser tion. entertainments. DEERING IIALL. POSITIVELY THUEE NIGHTS OKLY Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, • «•%-< !W, JT and as. THE GREAT CONSOLIDATION I NEWCOMB * ARLINGTON’S MINSTREES ! Now the Popular Hnwtioa af the Day! Associated with this talented Corps de Airique, are the two best of living Comedians, tneWondrous Her nandez, and Billy Emerson, Comedian, the greatest ! Song and Dance man in the world. l~*r"Six First Class Comedians appear nightly in connection with the other portion of this grand enter tainment, which will prove to be of an entire new and original character. Admission—Uallory 36 cento. Reserved Scats 50 cento. Doors open at 7. commence at 8 o'clock. no22d6t N. D. ROBERTS, Agrttt. T*. Y. M. C. A.. - COURSE LECTURES . SECOND LECTURE BY HON. A. H. Bullock, Governor of Mass., . ON Monday Evening, Nov. 26tli, —IN THE— STATE STREET CHURCH. & fcS^Sutyect “The five historic Periodsqf America.'* Music appropriate to the place and occasion previ ous to the lecture. The pews on one side of the church reserved until 74 o’clock for seaeon ticket holders. Season tickets, $1.50; Evening ticket*, 25 Ceuta; to be had at H. Packard's, corner of Congress and Oak streets; Short & Loring’a, corner Free and Center streets; Carter & Dresser's, Fore sheet, fi>ot of Ex change ; Geyer’s Stationery Store, 13 Free St., and at the door. Doors open at 64 o’clock. Lecture 74 o’clock. nov20dlw Theatre, - Heering Hall. Bidn’ell A Brow op, Lmwn & Managers. G. B. Wilson, . . Stage Manager. WEDNESDAY, NOY. 21, AND EVEEY EVENING DURING THE WEEK, MR. S, E. BROWNE, The favorite versatile actor in several of his most popular characters, embodying Fun and Sentiment Combined! supported by the full strength of the Superior Hrmatic Company! tSr“Full particulars in Daily Programmes. November 21. d4t. ————■uh——man tmbm n~w— -gi WAWTED. Agents Wanted! To canvass for the cheapest and the best selling book in the country. aiEAI»JUBV>8 H INTO BY tip THE | CHEAT HEBELLIOWI Two volume* complete in one. 1200 Royal Octavo I Pages, sold for Five Dollars. 63^°Many agents are making from $50 to $100 per week canvassing for this work. Sold by subscription only. Sole and exclusive rights given of uticanvasscd ter ritory with liberal commissions. For circulars and terms apply to or address J. PATTEN FITCH, Lock Box 1722. No 2334 Congress St., near City Hall, Portland, Maine. no21d3w Wanted. THREE or lour thousand dollars for two or three years, for which the best of security will bo giv en. Address Box 205#, Portland Post Office. November 21. dlw1* wantedT A SMART, enterprising man, of good address, as Special Agent for the sale of an article of uni versal use, superior to anything of the kind over be fore offered in this market. Unusual inducements offered. Apply for two day* to C. C. DICKERMAN* United States Hotel. November 21. dtf Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable fin sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dtf 13!) Commercial street. Warned. ■4 /~V/rA BUSHELS good Pnmpkin Seeds by LUU KENDALL & WHITNEY, rfov 13—film Agents Wanted. T^OR the Gold Moilnl Sowing Machines, Jl In every City and County in the Union. The least comnlicatnd two- hrea I machine in the world. Address A. F. JOHNS* »N & CO. Nov. 6 1ml Washington St. Boston, Mass. Hoys Wanted. TWO active, intelligent American Boys. Apply immediately to oc30dtf _ CHARLES CUST1S & CO. Wanted Immediately. A Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish lUv Girls to do housework, cook, #rc., in Pri vate (amities and hotels in this city and country. Situations sure. The best wages paid. Also r*o Girls t » work in Factories. Farmers and others wanting men for any work will do well to call on us, a? we wili supply them free of charge. Address or apply at the General Agency Employment Office, 3514 Congress Street, up stairs. COX & POWARS. sept26dtt_ _late WHITNEY & CO. Agen ts Wanted ! FOR FRANK MOORE'S “ Women of the War WONDERFULLY POPULAR ! SO popular has It already become, (not one month yet since its first issue) that hundreds of people are writing for it from all sections of the country. From one City alone, 172 persons have written for this Work,—could not wait for Agents. Four of Adams’ large size Presses are running on this Book, and the demand exceeds our supply. Ex perienced Agents and others, who possess intelli gence, energy, and perseverance, ana want Profita ble Employment, will find by engaging in the sale of this Book, all they desire. Many now in the field are meeting with astonishing success. For full particulars send for circular. C. A. CHAPIN, Room 9, 2U Free Street, Portland. nov 13 d&wtf LOST AND FOUND. Found AT Western Depot, a small package of money which the owner can have by applying to noliOdlw A. KEITH, 13 Free street. owners" WANTED! WANTED, OWNEBS for the following articles at POLICE OFFICE: Bureau, Bedstead, Tables, Sextant, Chart*, Beds and Bedding; Ladies Wearing Apparel, Dishes, &c., lost in the late lire.nol(*12w BOARD AND ROOMS. Board Wanted. BY a gentleman and his wife; private family pre ferred. References given arid required, Address A. B. W., Portland P. O. no20dlw* Board. A FEW persons can be accommodated wlt]y pleas ant rooms and board in a small family at 51 Free street. References required. nolftllw* Board. A GENTLEMAN and wife can have very pleasant rooms, with board in the upper part of the city, if applied for Immediately. Address “Board, P. O. Box 2079.” nolGdlw TO LET. WITHOUT Board, a pleasant front room furn ished. in the Western part of the City, to one or two single gentlemen. Address Box 42 Post Of fice, Portland. nov 16 tf* Ggp"Every style of Job wort neatly execute 1 ai this office. NEW ADVERTISEMENT*. HEAVY CROSS FIRf 1 ■ ITT " ' A' I NOT OUTFLANKfeD ! -IT q'1 THE EINEMY' Twice Repulsed. J. F. LAW), 105 Federal Street, HAVING resumed business again, Las iu store a good assortment of Crockery, Glass Ware. Tabip Cwrr&v y, Silver PlgAetTWare, Lamps, Lamp) Trimmings. A portion of these Goods were saved from the Arc of Oct 9th. and will l>e sold at Reduced Pilces! Table Cutlery Slightly Damaged ! iWwl fl MP I IdBBM At Less than Cost l I am constantly receiving stew g o on s / Which will be sold Wholesale or Retail as low as can be bought elsewhere. UNION BURNING FLUID! No Smoll or Smoke—(heap as Kerosene and will bum aa long. Patent Itletalic Top 'Chimules t A NEW ARTICLE. Nov 22—dlw&eodlw Copartnership Notice ! WB have this day admitted Mr. C. H. ALLEN to f f onr firm and the business hereafter will be conducted under the firm name of CORNISH, ALLEN d CO., , At the CU<1 Stand No. 3(50 Congrees Street, IVVI. COBSHU & CO. Portland, Nov 19, I860. CORNISH, ALLEN & CO., Will continue the manufacture of Custom Tin Wax e ! We shall keep on hand A SELECT STOCK OF Hardware^ Cutlery, Kitchen* Furnishing fiooda, Japaucd Britannia, Wooden and Plated Ware, &r., &e. Jobbing and Repairing done to order. Cash paid or Goods exchanged for all kinds ofbarter. no22dl \v Another Changt of Rase ! Back to the old Middle St. Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers —AT — OLD TIME PRICES!! G. M. ELDER Begs leave to inform his friends, customers and the public geneially that having rebuilt his store at NO. 33 MIDDLE STREET, is now prepared to sell at prices lower than the low est all qualities and descriptions of Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, &c. Repairing done as heretofore, and all description of work manufactured to order. nov22dtf CALIFORNIA CHEAP JOHN 335 Congress Street, RESPECTFULLY invites all to call and exam ine the 'arge and assorted stock of CLOTHING ! HATS ANI) CAPS! Boots, Furnisliini; Goods ! CUTLERY, HOSIERY, YANKEE NOTIONS, Ac., See. , Which will be sold Cheaper than the Chen peat. . J. NEWMAN. Portland, Nov. 22, d3w JUST RECEIVED! At the New li-ok Store ot C. n. CHISHOLM <0 BROS., 307 CongrresY Street, 1 Case English Fancy Stationery, , Dir.rt from London, England. iST CALI, ANf> EXAMINE .At Portland, Me., Nov. 21, itCG. nov 22 dSt Copartnership Notice ! New Provssion Store. rpHE subscribers have tliis day formed a Co-rnrt X nership under the name of WIXMHIF Ik LEIInHTON, for the transaction of Provision & Country Produce Business, and have taken the Store No. 33D Congee** Street, recently occupied by Mr. Wm. M. W1SWELL, ami hope by strict atten tion to business and fair dealing, to merit and secure a fair share of patronage. EDMUND WINSHIP, ANDREW LEIGHTON. Portland, Nov. 12,1866. nov 22 d3w North Yarmouth Academy, -AX Yarmoutli, Maine. THE Winter Term will commence Dec 3. For particulars enquire of E. S. HOYT, A. M., Principal, or no22eods.-w2iv48_ JAMES BATES, Sec’y. Farm for Sale. IN SCARBOROUGH, about 7 miles from Portland, on “ Beech Ridge,” (so called,) contains about 75 acres mowing, tillage, a good Orchard and pastnre, ami 30 acres wood and timber. Buildings find i situated and in good repair, with .a good cellar and cistern. Good Dairy ami convenient wells of water. Apply to JOHN LIBBY 41 h, near the premises, or WOODBURY LIBBY, Scarboro’. HENRY H. A EDWIN LIBBY. nov 22 cod&w3w* Southern Pine. ABOUT 140 M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Custom House mart; and for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS A CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21,1S0C. nov22dtf drTgobdon HAS Removed his Besidence to the Preble House. Office, ns usual in Morton Block. Nov 22-dlw*__ Lost! BETWEEN Brackett St. and Commercial Wharf, an Old Calf Skin Wallet, containing about SRO, The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at No. 50 Brackett Street. _ nov 22 d3t* Boarders. A Good Clas> of Boarders can be accommodated at 17, Brick House, Fore Street. nov 22 dlw* NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Only $1,000! DOU a good one and a half story HOUSE in Bid L deford, only live years old—contains 7 rooms, good cellar, and excellent water. Fine garden with young lmit trees. Lot 42 by 9« feet. Applv imme diately to * W. H. JERliiS, nov 22 d3w Ite:il Estate Agent. ESCAPED FROM JAIL I $300 REWARD ! Escaped from tlie Portland Jail, on tlie niglit of the 19th, the following dose lifted persons:— HAJUUKIr NGVILLL'. 27 years of age, 5 feet 8 tncliQB high, dark complexion, blaclc curly hair, chin whiskers. Had a brown broadcloth coat, grey pants and vest and round top hat. FBEDERICK KfOHABDS, about 5 feet 9 inches high, of medium build, slightly stooping shoulders, hail on gray sack coat, black vest and pants and btown neck-tie. lie wore a silk beaver hat. CHABLER HU A IN ARIA, about 22 yoave old. six feet high, dark complexion, one eye bightless, and has a heavy swinging gait, of powerful and wiry build. He wofe a coot originally dark blue, but now failed to a dull brown; pants and vest dark mixed, new shoes with hma buakles, and an imitation Septcji cap, WKIiVVtt K ftSUHVI^TON, about 6 i«r 8| inched high, pretty stout build, dark coifcplcxinn, with heavy ami rather sunken black eyes, and tiiin moustache. Wore short daik coat, pants and vest dark, white bosom shirt, with scarlet neck-tie, and black cloth cap. The above prisoners escaped last night about 1 ft’clock. s I offer tlie following rewards for their apprehension, or such Information as shall ensure their arrest:— For FREDERICK RICHARDS.$100 _ “ SAMUEL NEVILLE.1. 100 CHARLES BRAINARD. 50 MELVIN KJENNISTON. 50 6GOII6G IV. PARkGB, r* Sheriff and Jailor. Portland, Nov. 20, 1860. nov21U4w Caution. EORGE SAMPSON and O. H. DAVENPORT, I who, previous t o January 1, 1860, carried on the Directory Publishing Business fur nearly ten years as partner!? ot the late George Adams, under the style ot Adams, Sampson & Co., have since the above date, and will in future, continue tlie same under the style of Sampson, Davenport & Co. As other parties are now Canvassing in various places jor I >iroctorios, leav ing tlie impr ssion that they are our successors or agents, we hereby caution the business community against doing business with them on our account. To protect our Boston and New England Directory patrons and the public generally from the many tm positi.ns practised upon them, we shall hereafter in variably provide all persons with certificates of author ity who are authorized to act as agents fur the various Directories issued from this office. Our Massachusetts Directory and Register, now being canvassed for, will be issued in January, 1367. Wo have not, at present, any agents out on our New England Directory. SAMPSON, DAVENPORT & CO., Directory Publishers, 47 Congress St., Boston, Mass. Nov 20—d3t "THE PEI* IE MIGBTIEK THAN THE SIVOKH.” The QoH Pen-Bast and Cheapen of Pen?. Morton’s Gold Pens J The Best Pens in tlie World! For fiileat his Headquarters, No 23 Maiden Lane, Now York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the satne prices. J3P3 A Catalogue*, with full description of Sizes and Prices, sent on receipt ot letter postage. no20diwnm A. MORTON, CAUTION To Purchasers and Dealers in the Celebrated Water-Proof & Ooll-Pro f Aret cGaiter Shoes Patented by T. C. Walc», of Boston. rjpHE Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company, of X Naugatuck, Connection!, would inform Dealers and the public generally that they are the exclusive owners ot the Patent and Sole Manufacturers of the above-named Shoe, and will promptly prosecute any and all infringements of their rights under said Pa tents. All genuine Are tie* are bound With cord arid have the name ot the Patentee and of our Com pany on the bottom. All others are but poor imita tions. The public will promote their own interests by purchasing those only made bv this Company, at Naugatuck, Conn. WALES. EMMONS & CO., Nop. 171 and 173 Pearl street, Boston, and BREEDEN & SOUTHWICK, Nos. 107 and 100 Liberty street, New York, are Sole Agents for the sale of the above-named Shoes. GEO. H. SCRANTON, Tieas. JAMES E. ENGLISH, Prest. novlOdlw Men’s Grloves At 293 Congress St., NTorton Block, Clinvlcs Custis & Co. nov21—d3t GElVTLlhtlEN WISHING Clothing Cleansed ! AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it can bo done more to their satisfaction than at IVo. 20 Temple Street, Second Door from Congress fit. Every Garment will receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ladies’ Satqpies T CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE! EXT3 Give me a trial and I will endeavor to please. CnARTiRS Iff. MAROxYRY. g^r nighest Cash price raid for cast-off Clothing. Nov 21—d3m 31. C. 31. Ar SPECIAL JIIIETISG. V SPECIAL MEETING of-tlie MAINE CHARI TABLE MECHANIC AfiSSOCJ ATION will bo hcbl in Mechanics’ Hall, on THURSDAY EVEN ING, Nov. 22d, at 71 o'clock. A full attendance Is requested as matterfl pertaiu inz to the sale of. the Hall will be considered. Per order, STEPHEN MARSH, nov20ltl Secrclary. Fi'ycbus'g Academy ! Tlie Winter Term of this Institution will com mence on Wednesday, JYov. 28th. CHAS. D. BARROWS, A. B., Principal. D. B. SEWALL, Secretary. nov2ldlw Portland Post Office. TYE and after MONDAY, Nov. 12th, 18(16, Western \ } Mails close at 8.00 A. XI. and 1. to P. M. Due at 12.40 and 7.40 P. M. Eastern Mails close at 12 M. Bangor and Grand Trunk Mail* due at 2.00 P. M. Kennebec Mails due at 2.15 P. M. Portland & Rochester cl<»sc at C A. M. and 1 P. M Due at 11 A.M. and 5.30 P. M. Country Mails close at C A. M. Due at 5.30 P. M. nov0<l2w W. DAVIS, P. M. Tlie Portland Glass Company Arc prepared to furnish Rich Cut Dinner and Tea Sets! And ail hinds of Cut Ware suitable for the HOLI DAYS; also GAS SHADES of various patterns.— Samples may be seen at their Manufactory. nol7dlm JUST ARRIVED! \\7HICH we will sell cheap for ca3h, to close con ▼ ? signment, Twenty-Five Army Wagons, suitable lor Dump Carts, Jiggers and Lumber Wag ons. Call and examine them. JOSEPH WESCOTT & SON, Head Union Wharf. November 21. dlw ]>i. Ij. MEMBERS and subscribers to tl.c Mercantile Li brary Association arc hereby notified that the Library Room on Lime street will lie open for the de livery of Books, Saturday Evening, November 17th. i^y^’It is particularly requested of persons having a hook taken out previous to the fire to hand it in with out Author delay. nolC llw Per Order of Library Com. Confectionery Saloon for Sale. SITUATED on Factory Island in lhe town of Snco —has a good run of trade—is well fitted up for Ice Cream, <£c., and also for a Dining or Lunch Saloon. Apply to M1TCHELSON & RICHARDS, on the premises, nov 14 dtt 55 Factory Island, Saco, Mo. It. M. VAYSOX, STOCK BROKER. No. 30 Exchange Street, i _roim.ASD, :«f. no21<lti For Sale Cheap. FIVE Black Walnut SHOW CASES, 0 feet lone each, and one counting-room Desk, a very nice one. F. INGRAHAM Yarmouth, Nov. 19,1866. aiiam. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. —- - •— - ■ -- Thursday Morning, November 22, 1866. ---- Foreign News per Stoamer Africa. SPEECH OF EARL DERBY. War Declared Against Corea. Rumored Alliance between RiisnIr and Pruaxia Unfounded. H alifax, N. S., Nov. 21. Steamship Africa, Capt. Auderson, left Liv erpool at 10 A. M., on the loth, and Queens town on the lltli, and arrived here at 5 A. M. She has thirteen Halifax and seventy-four Boston passcngeis. Earl Derby, iu a speech, said the Ministry de sired to earn the good will of tho people by their Rets, hut he thought it would not be well at present to state how they proposed to carry their desire into effect. He rejoiced at the re turn of peace in both hemispheres. He could not but believe that that great and powerful na tion, America,would speedily knowhow to quell agitation, which at present existed within it, and that peace would reign from one end of its shores to the other. He looked upon (lie com pletion of the Atlantic Telegraph cable as another proof that England was mistress of the seas. The London Times says Earl Derby made one of his happiest after dinner speeches, and it notices as of great importance the intimation that a proposition for the arrangement of the difference between America and England, with respect to the Alabama claims, would be prob ablj entertained, and that the duties' of neu trals in maritime wars might, if necessary, he reconsidered. Tho representatives of about one hundred and fifty trade societies met in London on the 9tb, to arrange for the great metropolitan re form demonstration By the working classes.— It was resolved to recommend that Dec. 3d he observed as a holiday, and that the em ployees of labor be called upon, as far as prac ticable, to close their shops. The Anti-Slavery Society have issued a paper setting forth the grounds on which they sus tain the prosecution against Gov. Eyre. The Quebec subscription in London on the 9th had reached £12,500 sterling.. Queen Vic toria had addressed a letter of sympathy to the committee collecting funds, and contributed £100 to the fund. ii is reported mat a wen matured plan was under eonsideration by Riscoli, Chancellor of the Exchequer, for placing debentines system of English railways on a basis of perfect secu rity, and also of making them contributors to the redaction of the national debt. Another statement is that he will propose in his budget that the Government assume all the debentines of railways, guaranteeing to the holders 5 per cent, less than the rail way pay, ami in forty years the national debt is to lie re duced £120,000,000 sterling by the profits; and something similar in course of arrangement tor telegraphs. Fi ance.—Forty persons, chiefly students, were arrested at a cafe in the place St. Michael, Paris, charged with holding clandestine meet ings and of being members of secret societies. The Moniteur says, in regard to the trouble with Corea, that in consequence of a palace re actionary intrigue, several missionaries in Co rea had been put to death. The French gov ernment is but imperfectly acquainted with the facts, and had sent Admiral Rose to cruise off the coast of Mexico. A recent telegram via China, said the Admiral had .dec’ared war against Corea. Italy.—Several persons of position in Pa lermo had beeu arrested for complicity in the September insurrectionary movement. Among others, the Bisboji of Moneeslo liad been dis covered to be implicated. Rome.—Mr. Gladstone had had another in terview with the Pope, and had visited many of the Cardinals. Rumor attributed his vis its to political motives, and the London Morn ing Herald charges that his design was to rec oncile the Pope to the fate which awaits him, aud says tlmt he has completely failed in Ids' efforts. Earl Clarendon had also reached Rome and would have aii audience with the Pope. Russia.—Mouravicff Kunsay, the conqueror of Kars, died on the 7th inst. A St, Petersburg telegram sags the rumored alliance between Russia and Prussia is totally unfounded. In the celebration of the event of the marri age of the Czarowitoli and the Princess Dag mar, tile Czar issued a manifesto commuting the sentences of prisoners in all parts of the Empire, excepting Poland and Finland, and re putting payment of rears of taxes. Count Berg has beeu appointed Field Mar shal. India.—An official telegram dated Delhi, Nov. Ttli, from the Viceroy of India, says the distress in Orissa was believed to be diminish ing. The harvest prospects were very good. London Money M ahket.—There was a full average demand for discount at the Bank re duction to 4 per cent. Good hills were done in upper market at 3 3-4 per cent. There was a rather better feeling on the stock exchange, owing to rumors of the Government’s inten tion relative to railway debentures. IWisrcllaiieouH Dispatches. Cincinnati, Nov. 21. A formidable protest is being signed by bus iness men here, irrespective of party, against the removal of Commissioner Rollins, on the ground that changes in the revenue depart ment, especially when good and experienced men are turned out, is damaging to the public interests. Providence, R. I., Nov. 21. At Valley Falls, near this city last evening, Ruius W. Cowden, a young married man who had parted from his wife, called at her resi dence, and after an attempt to induce her to enter a carriage, attempted to cut her throat with a razor. She struggled desperately and successfully for her life, although terribly wounded in the face, bands, arms aud breast, until her grandfather came and drove off the murderous wretch with a club. The surgeon who attended the woman, sewed up sixteen gashes made by the razor. Tho husband elud ed arrest until this forenoon, when he appear ed near his father’s residence and cut his own throat so thoroughly that he will probably die. He was probably partially intoxicated. Richmond, Va., Nov. 21. A fire broke out in Danville this forenoon consuming Crigler & Gordon’s store, Flesh tnan’s dry goods store, Saddler & Co.’s clothing store and the Danville bakery. The arrest of a negro for stealing while the fire was raging, threatened to produce a riot among the blacks. All was quiet at last accounts. Fortress Monroe, Nov. 21. Robert Oould, the ex-rebel Commissioner of Exchange, accompanied by a niece of Jeff Da vis, arrived this morning on a visit to prisoner and family. The Methodist Ministers from Richmond also had interviews with Davis to day. Mr. Ould returned to Richmond this af ternoon. Charleston, S. C., Nov. 21. The election for officers of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for the State of South Carolina resulted in the re-election of Governor Orr as Grand Master, and \V. Schroe der, Treasurer, R. L.Brus,Grand Secretary, vice A. G. Mackey. The Equal Rights Convention. Albany, N. Y., Not. 20. At the afternoon anil evening sessions of the equal rights convention, some discussion took place on woman’s suffrage, which was paitici pated in by Olympia Brown, Fred. Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Parker Pillsbury and others. The attendance was large. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 21. Parker Pillsbury offered a resolution against the adoption of tile Constitutional Amend ment by the State Legislature. Miss Anthony urged giving the ballot to fe males, as it would tend to increase their wages and mitigate their toil. A motion was adopted to establish equal rights clubs throughout the State. Mr. Pills bury then reported an address explaining and maintaining the objects of the Convention. Adopted. At the afternoon session several speeches were ma le by Messrs. Stanton, Parker Pills bury, and Miss Bessie Bisbee. At the evening session the convention was addressed by Key. Olympel Brown; after which H. B. Blackman offered a resolution that E. C. Stanton, Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony be a committee to present to the Legislature our protest against the adoption of the proposed Constituoional amendment, and our declaration of the right to be represented by women on equal terms with men, as members of the convention to revise the Constitution of tho States. The resolution was adopted. The convention was then ad dressed liy Susan B. Anthony, Charles L. Ite mond, Mrs. E. C. Stanton, Mrs. E. Jones, Par ker Pillsbury and Lncy Stone. The conven tion then adjourned sine die. Railroad Accident. Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 21. The Cincinnati express train, bound east ward, met with an accident about 31-2 o’clock this morning, four miles east of Lyons, caused by a broken rail, which threw off six of the seven passenger ears, overturning some of them. Twelve or fifteen passengers were more or less injured, bnt none seriously. Conductor Diz was the most seriously injured. laiereitiag News from Mexico* . . . . New York, Nov. 21. Advices from the City of Mexico to the 9th just., state that the Emperor has not yet re turned to the capital, and although expected i there on the 10th or 11th, at the departure of the steamer from Vera Cruz, he was known to be still at Orizaba on the 14th. It was still douhtuil it he would abdicate or would accede to the views of the conservative party which iniists upon the continuance of the Empire.— i It was still asserted that he was determined not to abandon Mexico. J^Iaintenon had asked of the Minister of the Treasury the necessary orders that the Cus tom House of V^ra Cruz be delivered to the Inspector, Rollins, by virtue of the conven tion of Juue 30th; but Secretary Tamos repli ed that as the said convention had not been published iti Mexico, and would not be the law of the State, lie would apply to the Empe ror for instructions. The Patria asserts that a petition signed by over a thousand Mexicans has been presented to the Emperor praying him not to abdicate. Advices from Tampico state that there was no security for the inhabitants, nor unity of command among the Liberals, who, besides tliQ loans imposed in August, exacted others to fte amount of $1,000,000. TRe Castepette advises the Emperor to abdi cate in an article which plainly foretells the consequence if he does not, viz: “A military coup d’etate.” A letter troin Tepee says Pulacios, Governor of Sonora, has pronounced in favor of Ortega.

From Washington. • Washington, Nov. 21. Qur Consul at Bueuos Ayres has forwarded a dopy of the law of the Argentine Republic authorizing the National Executive to omit treasury bills to the amount oi $4,000,000, with interest at 3-4 por cent, per month, for the pay ment and amount of the interest on interest additional. An import of 5 per cent, is put on alwmports, excepting such articles as are com prised in Article 3d of the Custom House law, an§2 per cent, on all exports. The treasury bit* are to be received in payment} at all the Ctr#om Houses in the Republic. Oui^Cbnsul Odessa writes under date of Sept. 15th: ‘‘The harvest is now nearly ended, and is considered plentiful, in fact bountiful.” Qapt. Daniel Amen and Commander K. Ran dolph Breeze have been ordered to duty as members of the Examining Board at Hartford, (xwima.ider Walter W. Queen has been de tached from ordnance duty at Reading, Pa., and als# ordered to duty on the Examining Board. The receipts from Internal Revenue to-day were $743,194. From the first day of the year to the 31st of October, inclusive, the income has amonnted to $125,251,593; during the pres ent mouth the amount of receipts to date are $15a,«45.4fl. Washington Correspondence. „„ _ New Yoke, Nov. 21. The Commercial’s Washington dispatch says influential Bostonians arc there, press ing Mmol' Rliinney, a peace Democrat for the Collect.irship of that port, but the President does not give them encouragement. The report that Maximilian is not allowed to leave Mexico by the French, is not believed in Washington. Gen. Grant believes however, that he will embark before the end of Decem ber. i It is said that Geh. Logan is making prepar ations for the impeachment of the President. 1 he Trial of Fenian Prisoners. Toronto, C. W., Nov. 21. The special commission under which the re mainder of the Fenian prisoners are to ho tried, has been received, and the Sheriff will forthwith receive the precept to summon the necessary jury. There are thirty-nine Fenians altogether remaining in jail, seven oi whom have been sentenced, leaving thirty-two yet awaiting trial, which will take place immedi ately on the close of the present terra, com mencing probably on the 3d proximo. Three Men linn a by Regulators. Louisville, Ky., Nov. 21. A hand oi regulators has been organized in Marion County. Three men have already been hung and others in the County jail will prob ably share the same fate. An unsuccessful at tempt was made on Friday night to take cer tain prisoners from the Lebanon jail nda hang them. Marine Disaster. Savannah, Ga., Nov. 21. The hark Ostenda reports that on the 13th inst, three hundred miles north-east of Nas smw passed a waterlogged bark, apparently American built, patirteflblack with wfiltp sctoB work under her bowsprit, and sails, rigging, bulwarks aud forecastle gone. The sea was running too high to board the wreck. Important Actinn in a Patent Case. New York, Nov. 21. Judge Nelson, of the U. S. Circuit Court,has refused the injunctions demanded under the Goodyear & Cummings patent to restrain detj tists from using hard rubber in making dental plates, or to interfere at all prior to a final hearing. The Turf. Washington, Nov. 21. Tire race over the National Course to-day was between Jerome, Lady Lightwood and Monitor. Jerome was the winner. Mile heats, best three in five. Generals Grant and Logan were among the spectators. Dexter is to trot on Saturday. Mouth Carolina Gold Mines. Augusta, Ga„Nov. 20. A party from Dorus Gold Mines, at Abbey ville, S. C., represent discoveries which prom ise large results. An old mill and one battery, after eighteen hours’ work, gave 017 dwts. of gold from less than a ton and a quarter of re duced ore. The Tennessee legislature Pronounced Bogus. Nashville, Tenn„ Nov. 20. At Murfreesboro’, on Saturday, Judge Hen ry Cooper, of the Circuit Court, decided that the present State Legislature was bogus, and the franchise unconstitutional. Male of a Railroad. Charleston, S. C.. Nov. 20. The Charleston and Savannah Railroad, sub ject to sundry heirs, was sold at auction to-day to Joseph B. Taylor and others for $30,000 cash. More Railroad Robbers Captured. Louisville, Ky., Nov. 20. Seventeen men have been captured who are supposed to bn concerned in the recent robbery of the railroad train. Politirnl. Boston, Nov. 21. The Republicans this evening nominated Otis Norcross, for Mayor of Boston. Dr. N. B. Shurtlcff is the Democrat nominee. ■* .— Wrjfi o Saffrnge in the Dintrfet of Colum bia. A large meeting of colored people was held in Washington Monday night to take meas ures for bringing the subject of negro suffrage properly before Congress at its coming session. Addresses were made by Judge Edmonds, Senator Harlan, Colonel Hinton and the Rev. Wm. H. Hunter (colored), late chaplain of the Fourth Un ited States colored troops. The fol lowing call has been issued for a meeting on the 1st of December: To the colored citizens of the District of Colum bia: Being sensibly impressed with the knowl edge that the late political struggle through which the country has just emerged, the in terest and relation it bears to our race, and feeling that the loyal members of the thirty ninth Congress were instrumental in gaining this great victory—victory won by loyalty over treason—at the ballot-box, which says: “the fruits of our labor must be preserved,” and recognizing the loyal Congressmen ot Ameri ca as the leaders in the great progressive par ty, the undersigned, a committee appointed by the Colored Soldiers* and Sailors* League of the District ot Columbia, tender to the citizens . Washington, Alexandria, Georgetown aud vicinity, a cordial invitation to join with us in paying our respects to the members of the Thirty-ninth Congress, by giving them a grand mass welcome on the first day of December, 1866. We earnestly solicit the co-operation of all our fellow-citizens in this glorious and commendable movement Come join with us, and let us prove to the unflinching statesmen that in them we see the true patriot, the loyal heart, the nation’s guardian. Prove to them that we are awake to the calling of the hour, that their labor in the cause of human liberty, human nature and human rights, is appreciat ed by every man of color in this District. T. R. Hawkins, W. F. Bernard, G. D. Johnson, G. M. Arnold, C. B. Fi8her, j. h. Richardson. The Case of Hon. F. O. J. Smith.—The case of Mr. Smith, for which a new trial was grant ed, was called up in the Superior Court in Bos ton on Monday, by defendant’s counsel, who moved that a day be assigned for trial. The Advertiser says that the District Attorney had withdrawn the indictment and discharged the bail of $25,000, which was tantamount to a nol pros, but the defendant protested against the authority of the Attorney and demanded atrial. The matter remains iu the hands of the Judge for his decision. PORTLAND AND VICINITY. New AdvertittementN To-l>ny. entertainment column. Newcomb & Arlington’s Minstrels. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Southern Pine—C. M. Davis & Co. Copartnership—Cornish, Allen <fc Co. Only $1000 for a good House. North Yarmouth Academy. Lost—Wallet. Crockery Ware, &c—J. P. Land. California Cheap John—J. Newman. Fancy Stationery—C. R. Chisholm & Bros. Farm /or Sale. Removal—Dr. Gordou. Boarding—17 Foro street. Copartnership—Wmship & Leighton. Bools, Shoes and Rubbers— G. M. Elder. THE COURTS. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT. SEPTEMBER TERM—JUDGE FOX PRESIDING. Wednesday.—In the case of United States v Jas. Treat, the direct examination of Mr. Mayo was con cluded, and counsel for defense cross examined him, occupying the whole forenoon. In the afternoon Mr. William Treat was placed upon the stand, and was ex amined by Mr. Talbot, United Stales District Attor ney. UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER’S COURT. WM. n. CLIFFORD, ESQ., COMMISSIONER. Wednesday.—Amos Mason of Hollis, was brought bofore the Commissioner, charged with selling fric tion matches without affixing the proper revenue stamps. Examination was continued to Thursday at 2$ o’clock P. M., and in delimit of sureties in the sum of $500 for his appearance, he was committed to jail. Irving Parker, Esq., appeared for respondent, and G. F. Talbot for Government. Mullbury S. Smith, of Hollis, was brought up for carrying on the trade of a pedlar without taking out a United States liconse. Examination postponed to Thurs'lay at 2} o’clock, and respondent was commit ted, in dcfeult of sureties in the sum of $500 tor his appearance. G. F. Talbot. Irving Parker. George Medamiek, of Bath, was brought up f>r carrying on the trade of a retail liquor dealer without a United Statos license. Continued to 10 o’clock A. M., Thursday, and respondent recognized tor his ap pearance. William T. Cay van, of Bath, was up for the same offense as Medamiek. The same disposition was made of his case, and ho recognized for his appear ance^at 10 o’clock Thursday. MUNICIPAL COURT. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Wednesday. — The liquors seized a short time since on the premises of James McGlinchy, were .de clared forfeited to the city, no claimant appearing. Edmuud Gonld, Daniel E. Meehan, Walter Brown and George S. Swasey, on search and seizure process es, paid f22.28 each. Michael O'Neal and Ann O'Neal wero charged with larceny of two hemlock piles, the property of J. N. Winslow. J, O’Donnell, Esq., appeared as their counsel, and they pleaded not guilty. No person ap pearing to testify against them, they were dis charged. Almost a Fibb.—The workmen engaged in tinning the roof of the building erected by Hon. A. W. H. Clapp, on Elm srrect, left their furnace on the roof yesterday while they went to dinner. During their absence a spark from the furnace caught in a box of charcoal that was near by, kindling it up and heating the tin on the roof so that the boards beneath caught fire. The fire was discovered from the U. S. Court room and parties from there hastened to the place and extinguished the flames. Among those who exerted themselves to good effect was the efficient Deputy TT. 8. Marshal F. A. Quinby, Esq. The fire was extinguished be fore much damage bad been done to the roof. Free Lecture.—Rev. Mr. Ctage, who has been temporarily supplying State Street Church pulpit, will deliver a lecture in the chapel of that church to-morrow (Friday) eve ning on Biblical Geography. It is a subject with which he has made himself familiar, the Land of the Bible having been a special study with him for some years. He is about publish ing, and has quite through the London press a work of three volumes on this subject. The -Bttteir are iayjtiaLtoAtteml th«. Isctee to-mor row evening. Elegant Stationery and Gift Books.—C. R. Chisholm & Brother, 307 Congress street, have received a very varied assortment of tint ed, bordered, and other fancy notepapers, en velopes, &c Some charming styles of presen tation notepaper, embossed with Christmas emblems in colors, will be found just the thing for the approaching holidays. This firm have also a choice collection of standard, and gift books, both English and American, just now very seasonable. Ticknor & Fields’ illustrated series, comprising “Evangeline,” “Maud Mul ler,” “The Vision of Sir Launfal,” and “Flow er-de-Luce,” are for sale here. An Applicant fob Rations. — An Irish woman applied to the Relief Committee a few days since to be supplied with rations, stating that she had nine in her family, and no husband. A member of the committee took her name and residence and subsequently called at her house, where, to his great aston ishment he discovered that she had told the truth; but, her family consisted of nine stal wart men who were boarders l There will be a meeting of the Roberts and Sweeney Circle at Longshoreman’s Hall, No. 167 Commercial street, at 8 o’clock, Friday evening, 23d inst. It is hoped every’member will be present, as business of importance will come before the meeting; also, all those wish ing to join the Circle will have an opportunity to do so on that evening. Per order. Portland, Nov. 21st, 1806. Collision —The schooner Rinaldo, Capt. Ea ton, for Deer Isle, while leaving the harbor yes terday, was run into by schooner Emily, Capt. Grant, from Ellsworth, that was coming in. The Rinaldo was struck on the starboard bow, carrying away the whole waist forward, and splitting the water ways. The Rinaldo anchor ed near the Cape. Acknowledgment.—We are indebted to Mr Abial Somerby, the gentlemanly ticket master at the P. S. & P. Railroad office in this city, for a copy of the City Directory for 1866—7, as good as new. We had sought in vain for a copy to replace the one lost in the fire, the value of which, under the circumstances, can hardly he estimated. Sale of Furniture.—The attention of per sons wishing to purchase any article of house hold furniture is called to the advertisement of Furniture at Auction, by H. Bailey & Son, at No. 5 Carleton street. The furniture is nearly new, and there will bo on opportunity for some good bargains. It is very important to our merchants and others interested to bear in mind that the steam er City of Richmond makes her last trip to Ma chias and intermediate landings this week, leaving Franklin wharf Friday evening at 10 o’clock. We would call the attention of our readers, to the specimen of gilding on glass, now being done at the office of J. E. Dow & Son, 28 Ex change street, by Hanson Brothers, 17 Union street. All in want of signs of any kind would do well to give them a call. Gas Fixtures.—The attention of persons in terested is called to the advertisement of E. Tarbcll & Son, No. 11 Bromfield street, Boston, who offer Gas and Coal Fixtures, Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c., on favorable terms. Butter.—At St. Albans, Vt., the great but ter market for New England, the price, on Tuesday fell off, and large sales of prime were made at .10 and .T5 cents. Seizures.—Three seizures of liquors and ale were made by the police yesterday. One of them included several barrels of imported bot tled ale. Frteburg Academy.—The winter term of this excellent institution, commences on the 28th inst. See advertisement Geyer’s Stationery is just the nicest in the market, and that mauve Ink of his is splendid. Only $1,000 for a house and lot in Bidde | ford. See advertisement. A Midnight Surprisk.-A* the watchman were going through the new Canal ls«nk building night before last, he heard a peculiar nasal, trumpet sound rising and falling at reg ular intervals. On proceeding to the spot, he found as he supposed, a poor drunken fellow, with his head enveloped in rags. Administer ing a smart compound of pine on the place where the caudal appendage begins in animals, the watchman was astonished beyond measure by the instant risiug of what seemed by the uncertain glimmmer of the lantern to be an inhabitant of the lower regions, with a head ronnd as a pumpkin and hlaek as charcoal, and large staring eyes, and an immense opening just below, fringed with a row of large white bones, inside of which a fiery red tongue was rapidly moving about, and from which a sound proceeded that might have waked the dead. Recovering somewhat from the terror which his sudden appearance and manner excited, we en quired where he eamo from, and what was the matter. The spectre replied that he came from nowhere, and that his back felt as though it had got a-fire. We told him that just as wo came in a stick fell on him, and that it was danger ous to sleep in unfinished buildings. Permis sion was given him to remain as he was not drunk and had no matches. P. P. THE STATE, —The Maine Farmer says: “If anybody thinks the State of Maine is of no great ac count, we will Just inform them that the coast of Maine, with all its indentations, is longer than the Atlantic cable. We have this from the authority of one of the engineers on the coast survey.” —Mr. William Wathem, carpenter, while at work on the belfry of the Baptist meeting house in Bucksport, on Tuesday, was heard by another workman to say “I am going.” He was immediately caught, and when taken down from the belfry life had departed. De ceased leaves a wife and seven children. —An enterprising wife of a farmer in Po land, went to Lewiston to market one day last week with a load of produce and a two montht’ old babe in her arms. At dark she left ou her homeward journey, a drive of two or three hours! —The Bangor Whig chronicles the death, under singular circumstances, of Nathan D. Phillips, Esq., of Orrington. During the blow of Friday last, Mr. Phillips went out to shut his barn door, which was open and swinging. He succeeded in fastening it, hut as he turned to leave the spot, a terrific gust of wind hurst it ppen, throwing it against him with such force that he uever recovered from the blow. HAMBY. The Rev. Petroleum in his latest issue, re lates how he was called to Washington “by our Patron 3aiot, the President, to comfort his wounded sperit.” He says: Tho cabinet mer tin towichlwnz summon ed waz called for the purpose ov sheddiu a tear or two over the election returns, and to consid er a variety uv letters wicti his Eggscellency liad received within a few days. I may remark that the cabnet had a gloomv and mildewed look. The fust waz from Henry Ward Beecher.— Mr. Beecher remarked that ho hed the highes possoble respeck for the offis wunst held by the good Washington, the great Adams, and the sainted Linkun. Bnt wat he desired to sa waz that he hed a higher regard for the good opin ion of the accidental incumbent uv any offis, and ez he lied, in a hour uv temporrary men tal aberrashen, which had happily passed, in dorsed the administrashun, which insanety hed worked evil unto him, he requested, ez a sim rle act uv justice, that the Presiden shood ruse it to lie known that he (Beecher) waz not Considered by the administration ez a support er thereof. “I do this,” sed the writer, “beeoz the impres sion that I am in the confidense uv yoor Kxcel ency, which is unfortunately abroad, haz seri usly damaged my reputashen.” Truly yurs, etcetten*. The reading uv this letter waz follered by a nrinnut uv profound aliens, wioh wu broken by the President. “Let him pass,” said tho grate man who hez the dispenshun ov the post orflsis, “let him pas. But here is anuther," sed lie.bustin into teors, “read that.” It wuz from Gen. Custer, him ov the yaller hair, which had some rcputasliun dooring the war ez a cavalry commander. It was tu the same effect. He had when he sposed that the policy of the President, which lie esteemed ez he must any man who held the exalted pnsi shun wunst okkepied by the good Washington, the great Jefferson, and the sainted Linkiu — “The ungrateful dog doesn’t respeck me,” sed Androo, “it’s the olfis I fill,” and he bust into a fresh flud. -When he spozed the President's policy was snch as asoljer and patriot could indorse, he endorsed it. But he diskivered that it led him, back foremost, into company which, durin the late war, he hed alius visited' face foremost and on horsebak, and. therefore, to save his reputashun, he must beg that the President wood give it out. that he (General Custer) waz not, nor never had bin, a supporter iiv his pol icy, and oblige Yurs truly, as before. I waz too hart-broken at tlu> to make any reply, and Cowan and Doolittle waz in the same fix. The Kemeley which waz given to Custer to keep him in posishen, had bin prom ised to a Dcmokratik eaptin, who waz led by a ■company in the first Bull Run fight, and who threw up in disgust the next day, not likin the manner in which the war wax bein kondneted, hut now the Kurnelcy waz gone and Custer too, and what wax worse, there waz no sieh thing to he thaught ov az desmissing him. The entire company ynnited in mingling there tears. The next epistle was read by Seward and was from H. J. Raymond. It went on in the the same strain as the others: “Good Heavens!” shreeke.l Johnson, “that little fox ain’t going to speak of his reput;* shun?” “Dooty requires the reading of the dokey ment, painful to my feelins ez' it may be,” sed Seward. “He concludes thnsly:” “I am forced to ask yu ez one enjoyiug confl denshal relashins with him who okknpies the Presidenshal chair, to hcv it given out that I stand in opposition to him. A do regard for myjreputashek impels me to this coarse.” I remain, Yours trooly. Two or three more letters arc read, all of the same sort. “Finally,” (says Nasby,) “we come to 1 thee seal of which waz a coat of arms, bull dog ram fiant, bowie knife conchaut, supported by trot ng horses, on field of green cloth. It waz from Hon. John Morrissey, who hed just been elect ed to Congress from Non York. Mr. Morrissey remarked that, ez one uv the pillars uv the Demokracy, he had a right to speak. He wished it to be under itooil that lie washed his hands uv any connection with Johnson or his party. He hail seed a lite. In states where the Demockraey, uv which he waz a pillar, hed tied themselves tu Johnson, they hed gone down to a premature grave. Respek for the high offls restrained him from saying that the Democracy cudent carry such a cuss ed load, hut he wood say that the result ov tire election in Noo York, where thev depended solely on nigger and muscle, which' is the real Democratic capital, and succeeded, while whar the Demokracy waz loaded down with the Johnsonianism they failed, satisfied him that the President was a inkubus. He sed this with all do respeck for the offis. Mr. Morris sey further remarked that he hoihalso person al reasons for makin this request. He com menced in a humble position, and had filled the publick eye long ennffto satisfy his modes ambishen—he hed wolloped Sullivan an Hen an—he had owned the fastest horses and won more money at faro than any man in Amerika. His ambishen was satisfied so fur ez he waz concerned, lint he hoped to leave behind him tur his infant snn, (which w;jz only twelve yors nv age, anil had a development ov intelcck nnd muscle remarkable lur one so tender, hnvip al ready walloped evry buy in the skule to wliieh he was agoin.l he desinl to leave that sun ann honorable name. It had been given out that he was a suporter ov the indevidule who okke Eied the Presidential offis, and It was injoorin im. He wished that stigma removed—a re gard for his reputation forced him to insist upon it. And this epistel waz duly signed, Ids Joitn X Mobuisskt, M. C. mark Ther waz a silens in the Cabinet. This last stroke intensified the glume which had settled nntu the Government, and az I turned my tear-dewed eyes I saw the grate drops eoursin down the cheaks uv evry one present. Mr. Seward retired without sa- ing anything about ninete days, anil one by one they all departed. European and North American Raii, wat.—We are informed that a contract for the construction of this important road to the “Five Islands,” about TO miles above Bangor, has been closed with responsible parties, and that the work thereon will be commenced im mediately. VARIETIES. —Mr. N. P, AVillis has had a paralytic stroke aad is in a very critical condition. —It is stated that Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes, ^nuth is writing a drama, founded upon inci dents in the life of Oliver Cromwell. — Professor Marsh wants the great Mastodon, recently dug up at Cohoes, N. Y., for Yale Col ego, bnt the State geological museum at Al bany will probably get it. —Mr. Gladstone is said to have prepared a paper on “Ecce Homo.” —During the late canvass iu Maryland, the Democrats iu one of the interior towns project ed a grand procession, one feature of which was to lie a negro riding on a bureau. The piece of furniture was easily purchased, bnt tho man was not to be hired, although the most needy and the most worthless colored men in the neighborhood were applied to.— ''■'ot a negro could be found who would lie seen in a Copperhead procession, and one of the Democrats had to personate a black man by the. aid of burnt cork. —The Charle.-ton Mcrcurv was issued on Monday, for the first time siuee February, 1806. It admits, editorially, that the war annihilated the theory of States’ rights, anil proposes to de vote itself in the future to the internal develop ment of Southern interests. —The following order, verbatim, was recently received by a Chicago undertaker:—“Sur:—My wile is ded and wants to ho hurried tomorro, At Wuniier kloek. U knosc whare to dig the lioal—hi the side ov my too other wives—Let it be deep.” —At a recent wedding ina Troy church Mrs. John Morrissey appeared so riclil. attired that tho Jewels she wore would have purchased all the dresses worn in the church and have bought the edifice and its furniture. —The Mormons threaten to invade Lowell.— Brigham Young said, iu a late discourse at Salt Lake:“The last time I wa in the city of Lowell there were fourteen thousand more fe rn ties t ian males in that one city. That is mauy years ago. They live and die in a single state, aud are forgotten. Have they filled the measure of their creation, and accomplished the design of heaven in bringing tliem upon the earth? No; they have not. Two thousand good, God-fearing men should go there, aud take to themselves seven wives a-pieee.” What arc iVIrlciir*? A letter from Professor Loomis, of Yale Col lege, to the editors of the New York Post, presents the meteoric theory more intelligibly than we have elsewhere seen it stated. We copy as follows: y\s an unusual interest in this subject ap peal's to have been excited, some of your read ers may wisli an answer to the questions, What are shootm .- stars ? and, How do we account for their periodical display in unusual numbers? Shooting stars may, without much improprie ty, be Celled little comets. Each meteor is a small bo y, generally of little density, revolv ing about the sun iu an elliptic orbit, and gov erned by lie same laws as the larger planets Jupiter and Saturn. The average number of these bodies which encounter the earth every day is several millions, and still there is no perceptible decrease lrom year to year. The total number of these bodies, therefore, belong ing to our solar system, must be reckoned by millions of millions. The earth in its motion about tire sun, with a velooit of nineteen miles per second, is continually encountering more or less of these bodies, and they plunge into our atmosphere with veloc.ties varying from ten to forty miles per second, by which means heat is developed sufficient to ignite them, and they arc entirely consumed, g,n. rally in a single second, and at an elevation of about fifty miles above the carih’s sur face. Occasionally we encounter bodies of greater density, which cannot be so readily consumed, and" they reach th ■ earth’s surface, sometimes entire, and at other times iu a frag mentary condition. Samples of such meteors are to be fouud in all the large lnineralogical Collections of this country and Europe. The periodical display of shooting stars in unusual numbers indicates that they are not distributed uniformly throughout the solar sys tem, but are collected iu vast numbers in cer taiq regions, While iu other regions there are comparatively few. Shooting stars are usually Been iu great numbers on the teuthof August; and since each meteor is moving in its orbit with great velociiy, while every year we find large numbers of them near the some point of the earth’s orbit, we conclud that they are ar ranged in a ring or zone, intersecting the earth’s orbit at a point which the earth passes on the tenth ot August. In order to explain the recurrence of an un usual number ot shooting stars year after year, about the loth of Novemlier, we suppose that there is another ring i f these miuute bodies, somewhat inclined to the ecliptic. Through out the different portions of this ring the me teors are distributed n very unequal numbers; but there is one portion where the number is immensely great; and it is this portion which the earth encounters at intervals of about thirty-three years. According to Professor H. A. Newton, the reason that this display returns only once in thirty-three years, is the follow ing: Each meteor of the November group moves inanorbit which is nearly circular, with a mean distance from the sun cither less or greater than one year. The earth encountered the densest portion of this group in November. 1833; hut the next year this portion passed eleven days before or alter the earth returned to that point ot its orbit; the following vear the difference amounted to twenty-two days; so that at the end of about thirty-three yours it must gain or lose one entire revolution, and re turn nearly to the position where it must en counter the earth. If we receive no accounts ol an unusual display of meteors this week in any part of the world, we shall look with con siderable confidence for such a display on No vember 14,18li7. ■ •upnriinl Mu Urngo. MB. .iounson’s opinions—nw dikf ERENCE WITH CONGRESS—AN AUTHORIZED STATEMENT. Suffrage should be conferred by the States, that right being guaranteed to each State by the Constitution. Andrew Johnson is in favor of qualified suffrage in Tennessee as a citizen of that State. He authorized us, in behalf of the Chief Executive of the nation, to urge qual ified suffrage for three classes-of colored men of this District, in April last, and at his sug gestion we renewed ttie proposition again in July, only about one week before Congress ad journed. We took special pains to notily sev eral Radical Senators anil Representatives who were anxious inquirers on the subjifct that the President was in favor of the plan pro posed in the Republican. The Radicals were afraid to touch the question, and went home to their several States and blackguarded the President, and declared that lie was opposed to extending the right of suffrage to tlie black man. Anurow Johnson as m favor of more for tho black man in Tennessee, as a citizen of that State; he suggested to Gov. Sharkey of Missis sippi, more for the colored m»*n of that State, and requested and authorized us to urge upon Congress, at the last session, more for the col ored men of this District, than Charles Sum ner, or Henry Wilson, or any other Congress man of Massachusetts ever urged lor tho color ed men of tlieir State. No colored man who fought in the Union army, or owns property, no matter h**w much, can vote in Massachus etts unless he can read and write. President Johnson goes beyond that. lie is in favor of granting suffrage to alt colored men, wherever the Constitution gives him the power to do it, who can read and write, or who served honorably in the Union army, or who oions property to the ex tent of two hundred and fifty dollars and upward. The ouly difference Ik* tween the President and Congress, is, that the former believes that, under the Constitution, each State has the right to settle the question of suffrage for itself. Congress assumes the right to impose it upon the Stab's, Constitution or no Constitution.— Washington Republican, Nov. 19. Heavy Swindle.—W. D. Ed son of Phila delphia, and II. E. Bar stow, of Boston, under ‘the firm of W. D. Edson & Co.,No. 25 Federal street, Boston, shoe dealers, have stepped out, alUr obtaining a large amount of goods, which they shipped to New York and sold at auction from time lo time. It is said the merchants in Boston, Lynn, Milford and other places, are victimized to the amount of #175,000. It issaid the parties have gone to Canada. Shocking Accident.—We learn from tho Star that Mr. Asa Foss, a butcher and esteem ed citizen of Saeo, fell backwards Into a large tub of scalding water Wednesday morning, and was so severely injured that Ids life is despair ed of. Brows's Bronchial Troches.—" Your Troches arc too well and favorably known to need commenda tion. Hon. Chas. A. PttEi.rs, Pres. Mass. Senate. “ My communication with the world linsbcen very much enlargod by the Lozenge which I now carry al ways in my rocket; that trouble in my throat (for which the Troches are a specific) having mode me often a mere whisperer. * N. r. Willis,