27 Kasım 1866 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4

27 Kasım 1866 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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fllB «lABKK»S< . - .T'lUWH f»L*ttBAPKI£ BflPORTS. fisMtlali New York, Nov. 26. M ,n,'V Is A shade easier than on Saturday. There I j , alient demand lor loans at 6 per cent, on collater l. ' „i o on <lovi mmentB. Discounts are quoted at 7 iv>r choice. Slocks generally advanced.— 1 ..reign Excliange quiet. There is a scarcity of Nojv York bills and a moderate supply ol Cotton lulls coming from tiic South. Mew York Weekly Bank Miiilrmeut. New Yohk, Nov. 2«. n.rreiiso in loins *5.417,975; decrease 111 specie < 308,259; increase In circulation 5127,91#; incro»aein l epi.site $1,522,484; decrease m Icgiil U.udei»$3,7i.l, 107. Mew York Market. New York, Nov. 20 Cnftou — Arm; sales2,300halos. Middling uplands !< i 3lie. Orleans at 36c. The demand closed qui ' r’l.Hir—dull and IB @ 25c lnwcr: sales 1,200 bids.— Hinie at 8 00 m 1150; Hound Hi Kip Ohio 10 00 e! 1340: Western 809 ni 12 25; Southern at 11 50 (a. 10 25. Wheat—dull and heavy and 2 @ 3c lower; sales 22. liOO bush. Milwaukee No. 2, at 2 80; Milwaukee No, 1 at 2 40. Corn—dull and rather oasler; sales 39,600 bush. Mixed Western 1 241 @ 1 26. Dills—dull and heavy ; sales 29,000 bush. Chicago and Milwaukee 62 @ 65c. Beet—heavy, Pork—dull and heavy . Bird—firmer ; sales U50 bbls. at 12 @ 13}. Butter—unchanged. Whiskey—quiet. Kice—quiet. Sugars— quiet; Muscovado 10} @ 10jc. hiavadStores^iuiot; Spirits Turpentine 73 ® 74c. l!'petroleum-qfict hut steady; crude at 22c; refined bonded at 34c. Tallow—quiet. , Freights to Liverpool—fituier; cotton per stcamei 3-18d. __ Mew Verk Weekly Cattle Market. New York,Nov. 20. The beef cattle market has shown no Improvement There is no buoyaucy In the meat market, and tin poultry market is overstocked,which militates agains a brisk trade in cattle. The arrivals at Bergen wer about 3,000. The bulk of the sales were at 12 @ 14c while a feiv went off at 10c, and some at 10 @ 11c. At toe National Yards 2,000 wage sold of thir qualii; at Uic following prices: Poor to inedinm 10 11c t ib.; medium lair 11 @ 13c; good steers and fat oxei 13 («; 15c; prime steers 15 @ 16c; cows, extra good 11# @ 112; good 80 (a! 110; common to medium 30 (c 15; calves, prime T2* @ 13c p lb.; good 16}® 12}s common 8} @ 19J. Sheep more active; common t fair 4} to 5}c; goisl to prim o 6 ® 64c; extra 0} to 7 }c Lambs 6 ® 8c. Hogs, the arrivals have thllen off, am the demand is more active; prices improved, and 2h market closed firm; best quality, live weight. 8{ <7 8}c; dressed 10 ® lOJc; fair to good live 8} @ 8}e dressed 10 @ He. Cincinnati Murket*. Cincinnati, Nov. 26. Fiour dull and drooping; sales at 10 50. Wliiake unchanged. Hogs dull and lower; sales at 6 00 (< 6 60 groBS. Pork dull; Moss at 26 00 @ 21 00. Lor dull at 12$ ($£> 12$c. Gold 139$. Chicago Market*. Chicago, Nov. 26. The markeos are dull, and prices weak; sales tr fling Ml Saturday’s figures* Wheat advaucod 2 i sales a2 12 for No. 1, and I 85 for No. 2. Corn weakc sales at8r6. Oats easier; sales at. 33c for No. 2. lJr. • visions more active; Mess Pork sales at 20 00. Lar<lat12|c. Green shoulders 6c. Green hams 9$< Grocn rough sides 8$. Beet cattle dull and nomius at 3 00 @ 5 50 tor common to fair but choice grade* Receipts 2,560 head. Hog, in moderate demand a 6 00 ig C 50 lor fair to good; receipts 4G0 head. Kt. Coni* Market. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 26. Flour holders firm; business small; superfine 7 7 'xb 8 76; single extra 6 00 @ 9 00; double extra 10C /e 12 50; choice laucy 13 00 @ 14 00. Wheat very du and lower; prime fall 2 CO; choice 2 55 @ 2 69. Cor: unsettled; SaleB at 94 @ 1 01 for old, aud 80 i® 851 for new. Provisions—dull and unchanged. Lor dull at 14$ @ 15c for choice krg. Whiskey uaaettlec Hogs firmer at 5 17 @ 6 15 gross. Mavannuk Market*. Savannah, Ga., Nov. 26. Cotton—advancing. Receipts 400 bales. Sales ' Middling Uplands at 32$c. Ckarleatou iVKnvkni. ClIARLEBTON, S. C., Nov. 26. Cotton advanced 4(® lc; sales 390 bales of Mi dling Uplands at 33 @ 33$c. Augusta Cation Market. Augusta, Ga., Nov. 25. Cotton advanced $c; sales of 463 bales; strict Mi dling at 32c. __ New Orleans Markcm. New Orleans, Nov. 26. Cotton active; sales to-day were 5,000 bales. Low Middling at 34 @ 35c. Recciais since Saturdf 9,532 bales. Cleared to-day 2,193 bales. Slock c hand 171,900 bales. Flour weakea for lower grades. Commercial—Per Cable. London, Nov. 23, Evening. The money market is slightly easier. Consols cloe< at 90 for money. American Securities.—The following are tl ^notations fin American Securities: Erie Kailroi Shores 5w. Illinois Central Railroad Shares78$. Uni ed States 5-20’s 70$. Liverpool, Nov. 24. Noon. Tho money market is steady. Consols fi.r mom open at 90. American Securities—Tho prices of American sect rifles are no follows: Erie Railroad shares 48 Illinois Central Railr ..ad shares 7b; United Slat u-20’a7«$. New \ ork, Nov. 25. The Herald’s London dispatch of the 25th says te cgr.uas from Frankfort report a slight depression i tV.6 market lor (J. S, 5-20 bonds,the nominal rates l» in? 75* @75$. __ IVce York Slock Market. New York, Nov. 20. Second Board—Stock* firmer. American Gold.14 U. S. Five-Twenties, conjwns, new issue.10 tj. 54. Five-Twenties,coupons, 1862.10: U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1864,.10< Treasury Seven-Thirties,.101 U. S. Ten-Forties,coupons.. .*.IOi Chicago & Rock Islnnd,.101 Illinois Central,,.12( Cleveland &. Pittsburg,. 8( Chicago & North Western,.4! Chicago & North Western, preferred,. 7< Cleveland & Toledo.IK Pacific Mall.17> New York Central,.11( Erie,. 7? Erie, preferred, . 84 Hudson,.121 Reading,.114 Michigan Southern,.83 iSostou Mock List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Nov. 26. American Gold. 13J United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 115 united States 7 3-KUhs, Ik! aeries. loi 2d scries. IW “ 3d aeries. l«8 Urated States B-20s, 1885. 101 United States Ten-forties. lo; Boston and Maine Railroad. 131 Western Railroad. Ilf l a tern Railroad. Ill Maine State Sixes, 1871. 99 Ogdenslmrg 1st Mortgage Bonds. 106 Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. 102 iVf A K»£ 1 I :>». la this city, Nov. 20, by Re v. D. M. Graham. My ron B. Noyes, Esq., ana Mfen -Martha If. Hill, c Bu.\ton. In this citv. Nov. 24, by Rev. J. S. Cushman, Chat E. Perkins, of Cape Elizabeth, and Miss Mary Jan JInke, of Westbrook. In this citv, Nov. 20, by l>r. B. A.Lamb, E. Libby ot I crlia'id. and Mis. Aiinie £. Burcc, of Cleveland onto; 25th, b same, Geo. Pierce, of Portland, an 'jvlLg Frances H. Gule, of Hang .r. in Peru, Nov 21, by Rev. Mr. Andrews, John a Caliiwell and Mi3 ; Augusta J. Lord, both ol P. In Brunswick, Nov. Is. Robert Steven.-, ol B., an Matilda On*, cf Harpswell. In Haro-well, Nov. 11, Siockbridge Eaton, ot Dix held, and Mrs, Susan Mer*iman, ol 11. MED. In this city, N«>y. 2*:, of typhoid fever, John \V Carey, aged 20 years 10 months, lie \va in the IJ. S Navy four rears and verveu with credit to himse satisfaction io his officers. [Funeral tlii< (Tuesday) afternoon, at 1 oYlocl from his fttber’s residence, near Grove sLoet. In Webster, Nov. 21, Elmer Everett, iniant son £ Charles II. and Ellen E. Bowker, ol this city, ago 3 months. Farewell d« ar child, for death has called. And tears flow freely o’er thy grave; Our only comfort In our grief Is, Cod Ins taken that no gave. In Edgecoino, Nov. 2', Mrs. Ellen J.. wife ol S. G Clifford, aged 44 years. la Biunswiek, Nov. 17, .Vary Ellen Buratow age 3 years C months. IM POUTS* J<XHJINrS, NS. Sub Star ot the Sea — 100 ton stone, 4 bhls cranberries, io order. MGPARTinafc OF OCGAN STEAMER) NAME FROM FOR DATE. Persia.New York.. Liverpool.Nov 2 i ity of Limerick...New Yark. .Liverpool.Nov 2 E igle.New York.. Havana.Nov 2 Hibernian.Portland....IJvorpaol.Ilec • ity Washington.. .New York.. Liverdool.Doc Hibernia.New York. .Glasgow.Dec Bremen.New York..Bremen.Dec Fab-kee.New York..St Jago.Dec ocean Queen.New York. .California.Dec Corsica.New York. .Havana.Be-' Airica....Boston.Liverpool.Dee City o' Dublin.New York . Liverpool.Dec Columbia.New York. .Havana.Dec Belgian.Pori land.... Li verpool.Di c City of Baltimore..New York.. Liverpool.Dec Manhattan.New York. .Hav & VCiuz.Dec H Henry Chauncey. .New r ork.. Aspinpall.Dee 1 Moro Castle.New York. .Havana.Dec Miniature Almanac.Wsvriubn- 21. Sun rives. 7.05 I Moon rises.10.33 Sun sets.4.30 | High water. 3.45 PN JVJ. A KI M K TST EWh PORT OF PORTLAND. Monday, Wovriubcr 20. ARRIVED. t earner Franconia. Sherwood, New York. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, Boston lo Eastport and St Jolm NB. tJ S Lighthouse steamer Iris, Groin, Eastport. Brie Isaac Carver, Slrotc, Philadelphia. flri Elms Dudley, LoomV,a. Banger lor Boston. Sell Star oi Ihc Sea, IBr) Tower, .ioggins, NS. srl, Patri'it Chase. Cnchsi ori. SchAtalantu, ijobinsou, Uockland. Sch Atlantic, Webber, Thomastou. leaking baillv. Sri, .Meridian, Load. Bristol. Sch l air I'lay, Driscoll, lioothbay, Sell., Dolphin, Davis, and Centra, Bousey, Ells worth tor Boston. Sell John Buggies, Dodge, Bangor tor Boston, OWA»fi»t brig Eudoru»,H».Vri1,?i'|r4*4^H»Em £»wa, brig Mary 3 Goddard. (Dr) Goddard. St John, KB John Portcoui. Brig Antilles, Thestrup, Boston—boss & Sturdl vant. Soli Tl’t. Presco t, Ea.di.ori-J Porleous. C # V'i °U8)oltt ,,ou*' will not be oix-n fLr bu»i iiesH on Ihursday, (Thanksgiving day.) LAUNOHED—At Pembroke 22d inal, irom the yard 01 dos Wilder A: Co, a bat quo of 575 tons, to be com manded by Capt John E Woofer, of Eastoorl. She is b»r salt-. Ac Machiax, ‘.'1st inst, from tin- void of John Shaw, a double-deck brig oLiOti funs, built of white oak an l bard nine, copper fastened ana rates Al. site s owned by Capt P tfigrove. (who is jo onuuainl ber,) E Longfellow & Son, anti others, cf* Mat hias. Sbe will load tor Cuba. At Harrington, Oct 24. Irom (lie yard of S strout, a doub’e-deck brig of 380 tons, named ‘*M Louise Miller.” owned by Capt J Leighton, (who will com mand her.) aod others, <»l Millbridg, G K Campbell & Co, of Cherrylleld. and parties in Poston. Brig Clara Ann, Dexter, from Wilmington, NC, tor Havana put into Nassau, NF, in distress, having lour cases of remittent fever on board. The mate died 29th ult., but the others were better. DISASTERS. Scb Itanger, oi Dcnnysvilie which not ashore on Pavilion Beach, near Gloucester, n the gale of the 28th ult, was cot oft’ on Wednesday. A dispatch by cable from Liverpool Fays barque A lie Gray, of Bangor, liad been wrecked and tbo mate drowned. Ship Rochester, al Savannah irom Bath, iep«>rts very heavy pahs on the t assage. Passed 12th lost, 45 miles W of Hatter as-, two yards, deck house, and other parts ot a wreck. j DOMESTIC PORTS. • SAN F It AN CI SCO—Sailed 30th ult, ship Helios, Greenleaf. Puget Sound. ■* Cld 23d inst, ship Templar, Rogers, Boston. GALVESTON—bid 16th, brig Rocky Glen, Wal lace, Apalachicila. N EW ORLEANS^Ar 15th, barque P C Merriman, Merriman, Portland Ar J7th, barque Aberd en, Anderson, from Cape de Verds. Towed to ;-ea ICth, barques Celeste Clark, and Jen nie Cobb. J MOBILE Cld 19tb, schs May, Whitney, Boston; 23d. J Warren, Wiley, do. JACKSONVILLE—Ar 9th, sch Zaiupa, Johnson, New York. Ar 1‘Jth, brig Edith, Putnam, New York; • ch Ma ry E Gage, Hopkins, Charleston. Cld 12th, schs Mary J Russell, Smith, New York; ! 13th. E G Sawyer, Keen, do. SAVANNAH—Ai 17tb, ship Rochester, Oliver, - Bath. Cld 17th, sch Maria liall, Garfield, New York, j Ar 20th, brig Mariposa, Staples, Galveston, to load , for BoFC di. Cld 23d. ship Elleu Hood, lor Liverpool; barque Nonpareil, for Buenos Ayres. ’ GEORGETOWN, SC—Ar 1211) inst, brig Charles Wesley, Waterhouse, Bridgeport. FOItTRESS MONROE—Ar 23d, barque Undine, Clark, from Bolivia. In Chesapeake Bay 22d, brig F.imly Fisher, irom / St John, Nil tor Baltimore. ) BALTIMORE—Ar 23d. ^cli Mary Louise, Hamil 1 ton, Portland. Cld 21st, s h Jessie Hart, 2d, Peterson, Boston. Went to sea 21st, sliip Jas F Patten. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 23d, brig Abby Ellen, Gil more, Boston. Cld 23d. scb Alice B, Pi.rker, Boston; S S God frey, Go Urey, Fall River. L> NEW YORK—Ar 23d, barque Montezuma, Ham r mond, Trinidad: brigs Benson wt Mnitb, SaltCav; Maria White, Bryant, Colerain, Ga; S Strout, Wal lace, Brunswick; Meteor, Anderson, Port Royal,SC; sell E K Kirk, Robinson, Boston. 1 Ar 24th, ship Albeit Gallatin, Delano, Liverpool; brig Scio, Brown. Havana. t Ar 21th, brig A b/WatHon. Watson, Calais; schs Ella Fish, Wiley, im St Stephens, NB; K E Pecker, hherman Calais Cld 22 I, barque Helen Angler. Staples, San Fran cisco. r t. iu bmp n «uu, fuuwcu, mi uivcipuui, ; brig H G Berry, Colson, Matauzas; sch White Swan, i Wooeler, Eastport. J PROVIDENCE—Ar 24tli, soli Gen Howard, Rob , ir.son, Elizabetliport. , NEWPORT-—Ar23d. brigs M C Roscvelt, Farns worth, St Marys for Salem ; M E Thompson, War * ren, tm Boston for Philadelphia; sell Lizzie Gnptill, Kennedy, New York for Boston, (and all sailed 21th; Sid 21th, brig Frontier, Littlefield, (from N York) kr-Portland; schs Sarah. On tar o, F A Sawyer. Geo Kilborn, Kalmar, Lady Woodbury, Statesman, and ,f others. BOSTON—A r 24th, schs Idah \ Wesco t, Bangor; Amazon, Cunningham, Belfast; Flatten Sea, Poland Damariscott'. Cld 24tli, schs Donwortli, Smith, Machias, Ague3, . Tair. Bangor; Solon, Post. Rockland. Ar 26th. barque Lemuel, Ray. Messina; Julia & ; M.-vitha. Gott. Calais; Union. Dennison, Machias; | John Adams. S aplci, Rockland; Albion, Gage, do; William. Fletcher, Bath. | Ar 2GtU, «cl<B .Sarah B Harris, Wilson, Port Mul l_ move; Edward, Milliken, from Elh-worth; Lucv & Nancy, Snow &»* i Fred Reed, L'cndleton, Bangor; Abaco, Colcord, ifeugor Henry A, Wade. Wa do boro: Henrietta, Jonef, Bath ; olive Fliznb tb, Hamilton, and Kate Aubrey, Chandler, Portland; iMsry Reinick, Hall, York; Alice,Goldtkwaite, Kon nebunk. J Cld 26th, steamer Equater, Drinkwater, Pori land; sell Rost-n Light. Board man. Camden, SALEM—Ar 2llh, schs Benjamin, Clark. Pent roke; Sea Queen. Hammond,Sullivan; AboyWeld, Hutchinson, and Romeo. French, Bangor : Juno, Burding, and Neponset, Snow. Rockland; Minn e Cobb, Ingraham, do for Norwich. 4 Ar 26th, Erig Mary C Rosevelt, Earn -worth, from St Marys, Ga. ,o NEWBURYPORT—Ar 25»h, brig Peerless, Hig 4 ; mns. Turks Islands; schs A Inornate, Shaw, Kck t- J hind; Sylva, Reynolds, Elizabethiiort; J B Myers, Rich. Bangor Ar 2.'>th, schs Widow Harp, Davis, Delaware City; y Veto, Robinson, New Yor >. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 24th, sch Coneord, Pinkhain, i- Rockland. ; i-OKBICN PORTS. At Paquita, (Bolivia) 14th nit, slips Premier, Mer rithew, from San France-co. or Aug 1, has taken on ly 216 tons on board; M R Ludwig. Harding, from n Callao, ar Aug 23. has loaded 70 tons; Horatio Har - ris. Humphrey, from San Francisco, ar Oct 2, has loaded 114 tons. The facilities lor getting and load ing guano, are very poor, and the vc.-sels now iu port will not get away under live months. Ar at Liverpool Sth inst, ship Kate Davenport, Otis, New York. d Ai at Cionfhegoa 11th inst, brig J W Drisko, Fa * j ton, Philadelphia. frer steamer Germania, at New York.] 1 Sid Ira Liverpool lOtb inst, Harry Warren, Afc 1 wood, Boston. i Ar at London 13th inst, Ilamlin, Wheelwright, fin I Cardiff. 1 Sid fin Cardiff llth Inst, P Pendleton, Pendleton, i for Aden. Sid fm Penang Sept 30, Rainbow', Freeman, Pa I dang and Boston. ij Ar at Calcutta Oct 9, Eddyetone, Peterson, rojn ) Bombay iSld lm Mauritius Sept 20, Ellen .Morrison, Pink - r*ev, Boston. Aral Genoa 8th inst, Maiv Edson. Howes, from Bost- n Cld at Rotterdam 9tli inst, Enoch Talbot. MenL man. England. SPOKBA I Sept 6, lat 29, Ion 31 E, barque Luzon, from Kong i Kong for Liverpool. 4R-. m »aa—wgaarw^Mn* um cw.'.m * I | Apap dk Magnolia.—The prettiest tiling, the ‘sweetest tiling,’* and the most oi it for the least money. Ii ovcicomes the odor of perspiration; soft , ene anil adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful per ftiuic; allays headache and intiamadon, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at oue dollar per bottle. ' Saratoga Spring Water, sold by ail Druggists. S. T.—I860. —X.—The amount of Plantation lif ters sold mono year is something startling. They j would fill Broadway six icet high from the Park to 4th street. Drake’s manutactoiy is oue of the insti - tutions in New York. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic I “S. T.—1860—X.,” and then got the old cranny legis lators to pass a law “pieventing disfiguring the lace of nature,” winch gave him a monopoly. We do not knowhow this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell aa no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia—certain. They are very invigorating when languid au*l week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a pr ing Water, sold by all Druggist a. “In lifting tlie kettle from the fire I scalded mysell f very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. Tho tor i une was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus taug Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately, it healed rapidly and left very little war. FostER, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” 1 Ins is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in all cases of wounds, , swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., cither upon man or beast. 1 Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped *n the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of (4. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri idU stamp of Demis Baines & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring: Water, sold by all Druggists. 5 All who value a valuable bead of hair, and its pres ervation IVom premature baldness and turning grey, will not fall touse Lyon’s celebrated Katliariou. it makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates daud ruft, and causes the hair to grow' with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. L. Thomas Lyon, chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. W hat Did It? A young lady returning to liei couutry home alter a sojourn of a* few months in New \ oi k, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic Hushed Dace, bhe had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly bhe used Aagan’s Maguolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It c an be ordered of any druggist for 5® cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. licimstrcet’s inimitable Hair Coloring bos been steadily growing in favor lor over twenty years. It acts upon the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color bv degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure ilio hair. Heim stroets m not a dye but is certlin in its results, pro motos its growth and is a beautiful Hah: Dressing, Price oO cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract of Pure Jamaica Dinger— for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, .sick Iiea.larl.fi Cholera Morbus, &c., wliere a warming, genial stim ulant is required. Its caret ui preparation an<t entire parity makes it n cheap and reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents per bot tle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. li June 14, ’66—cod&wly j W4*Tm Wanted-Businew Men 1 S; ever.' County In New England, to receive aid 1 fill orilcri smi collect <m eubecrlptlone, forlhe most popular nml ifcptd etllitiq Books and Engrav ings now offered for sale, including " Lincoln and nu Familu ” *ml “ Washington and His hamilg, matched Engravings, executed by Sartain, from the itrra* National Paintings by Wangli and Schusselc. S3 75 each, or $7.50 per pair. The new and beautiful Sacral Engravings by Sartain, entitled “Trayer" and ‘‘Samuel” ami “Fleetwood's Li fa qf' Christ," il lustrated, revised and enlarged, containing 640 octavo ^The sale of our works of art is immense, without precedent in the history of engravings, Experienced canvassers will tind it .highly advanta geous to examine our publications, which possess su perior merit, aud for saleability have no equals. Applv in person, or address R. H CURRAN, 48 Winter Street, Boston, Mass. November 2G. lw Safe Wanted. 4 GOOD second-hand one. Size at least 12 by IT J\_ on the bottom, inside. Price low. Address WORTULY BROS, Brunswick. November 26. dlw Wan tod. 4 N active, intelligent boy in a store. A CALEB S. SMALL, nov2Gd3t 114 Brackett street. Wanted. A GOOD single second-hand Sleigli and Robes.— Address Box 2163. November 26,1866. dlw Wanted. BY a young Lady a situation as Copyist. Address “W.,” Portlaud P. O. nov26dlw* W anted. rflHREE or lour thousand dollars for two or three A years, for which the best of security will be giv en. Address Box 2058, Portland Po9t Office. November 21. dlw* _ Flour Barrels Wanted. \ IfK will pay .10 cents eacli for first class Flour y y Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, KABKER&CO., liovUdtf 130 Uommeraal street. Wanted. 4 / \ \ BUSHELS good Pumpkin Seeils by I UU KENDALL & WHITNEY. Nov 13—dim Agents Wanted. TV)It the €irold Mortal Sewing IlncliiueN, II In every City and County in tue Union. The least complicated two-*bread machine in the world. Address A. F. JOHNSON & CO. Nov. 6 lmd 334 Washington St. Boston, Mas*. Wanted Immediately. -4 /\/ \ Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish J. V/\J Girls to do housework, cook, $c., in pri vate families and hotels iu this city and country. Sii nations sure. The best wages paid. Also 50 Girls to work in Factories. Farmers and others wauling men for any work will do well to call on us, as we will supply them free of charge. Address or apply at the General Agency Employment Office, 351] Congress Street, up stairs. COX & POWARS. sept26dtl late WHITNEY & CO. Agent* W anted! To canvass for the cheapest and the best selling book in the country. HKAMiEA’M HISTORY OF TUE GREAT REBELLION 1 Two volumes complete in one. 1*200 Royal Octavo Pages, sold for Five Dollars. SSr’Many agents are making from $50 to $100 ner week canvassing for this work. Sold by subscription only. Solo and exclusive rights given of uncanvassed ter ritory with liberal commissions. For circulars and terms apply to or address J. PATTEN FITCH, Lock Box 1722. No 233] Congress St., near City Hall, Portland, Maine. " no21d?w Agents Wanted ! FOR FRANK MOORE’S j “ Women of the War,” WONDERFULLY POPULAR ! SO popular lias it already become, (not one month yet. since its first issue) that hundreds of people arc writing for it from all sections of the country. From one «ity alone, 17i persons have written for this Work,—could not wait for Agents. Four of Adams’ large size Presses are running on this Book, and the demand exceeds our supply. Ex perienced Agents and others, who possess "intelli gence, energy, and perseverance, and want Profita ble Employment, will find by engaging in tbe sale of this Book, all they desire. Many now in the field are meeting with astonishing success. For full particulars send for circular. C. A. CHAPIN, Room 9, 21] Free Street, Portland. nov 13 d&wtf srmm.S5r?rr??*' LOST rso FOUND. Lost! A CHECK oil the First National Bank, dated No vember 24tb, 1866, signed S. J. Smith per It. H. Hinklcy, for twenty-five hundred dollar*, payable to C. S. Chirk, Esq. The finder will oblige tne owner by leaving the same at the office of S. J. Smith, Esq., 270 Commercial Street, November 26. dlw* OWNERS w A X T E D.! WANTED, OWNERS for the following articles at POLICE OFFICE: Bureau, Bedstead, Tables, Sextant, Charts, Beds and Bedding; Ladies Wearing Apparel, Dishes, &c., lest in the late fire. nol6d2w -VAg*'" I'lm'JL VIRUS'. HOARD A1SV> ROOMS. Board. 4 PLEASANT Room, with board, suitable for a JAl gentleman and wiib, or two single gentlemen, at No 56 Clark streot. uo21dtf Boarders. A Good Clas of Boarders can be accommodated at 17, Brick House, Fore Street. nov 22 «Mw* TO 3LET. 4C7ITIIOUT Board, a pleasant front room furu V ▼ ished, in the Western part of the City, to one or two single gentlemen. Address Box 42 Post Of fice, Portland. . nov 16 tf* 3 T DP, A. JVT KEI'IUEll SUM'S ? LEA THE A GORE, \\TOULD'uokcit the attention of the trade and T t consume vs to their Standard Brands of STEAM REFINED SOAPS, -viz: EXTRA. FAWlMv VO. 1. OLE1VE. CTlEPICAL UL1 V14, CU AN iu9S PATENT, SODA , A NT) AMERICAN CASTILE, Allot SUPERIOR QUALITIES,Jn packages suita ble for the trade and family use. Importing direct our chemicals, and using only thp best materials, and as our good- are manufacture!i under iLe personal super vision oi our senior partner, who has had thirty years practical experience iu Hie bualncBs, we therefore assure the public with ton denceJJiat \vc dan and will furnish the Goods at tbe Lowest Priocti! Having recently enlarged and erected NEW WORKS, eontaing all the modern improvements, we are enabled to furnish a supply of S .iap* of the Ke*i uai ities, adapted to the demand, for Ex* |»oit and Domestic k'oti <m,pfioii. LEATHL A CORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS! SOLD BY AIL THE Wholesales Grocer* Throtitfliou. the Slate. Lea.tin'• & i lore, 8!>7 Commercial 8«, 4 1 &. 4B Bench Sli eej, .. , „ PORTI.INIj, MAINK. March 2C—dtf Help! Help!! Help!!! rpHE most reliable place in New England to get 1 good male and female help, is at the General Agen cy and Employment Office, \o. 351 l-£ iJofigrra* Street, Portland, Me. The subscribers respectfully inform all parties wishing to secure good girls for any respectable employment, that through their extensive advertising throughout the Provinces and in New England, there are arriving daily at their office num bers of good American and Provincial girls, wanting situations in private families, hotels, boarding houses an« 1 saloons. Also in stores, offices, &c., and as house keepers, nurses, seamstresses, &c.t &e. All those wanting any such, will do well to apply soon, with their fee, fifty cents. If you want men, also, for any employment, we will supply you, free of charge, only let ns know you want them. t&T The firm is only changed In name. Mr. Whit ney could not come, and Mr. Cox has conducted the business alone until the 1st of October, when he took Mr. Poware into the business wiih bin.. The firm ^ COX & POWARS, _ . Late Whitney & Co. Portland. Me.. Nov. i, lCCC. dtf a% Xi^JiPAY/m rsu£fius. t/vasury ONLY TRUE METHOD au{t28(l3m Portland Laundry. Orders received at the Office of the Forest City I>tc House, No. 315 Congress Street. Notice is hereby given that, the Fori laml Laundry nas been reopened by the subscriber, who has been many years connected with the well known Chelsea House and Laundry, and with the experience thus acquired lie is now prepared to do all descrip Laundry work in a satisfactory manner. jyMfim_ A. T. CRAWLEY. Agent For Sale. 4 NICE STOCK ot GROCERIES and PROVIS A IONS, wig. STORE in one of the test lotions inlthis city. Has a good run of the beat ot trade For pn ticulars enquire at no8dtf_PRE8S OFFICE. (Jo to Adams & Purinton’s T^OR your House-furnishing Goods of all kinds: I OHrixjtingH, and all kinds of Crockery, Glass, Tin, Stone, Earthen, and Wooden Ware, Paper Hang ings, Window Shades, &cf &c. no23d3m nv«nU9Ct< iMBMiifc* c*#i»«M«riui r«w cauca^t«li... " Surplus,,...275,ooo , total Cash Aw«fs,... .. SIM# T$i* loss by tbN C ompany in the Portland file is about $yh,0«o,or about uni: tenth of its subplus. All claimants ior loss by the recent lire, who have not already received ther money, are invited to hand in their ptoot- without delay. Thflfce wishing Insurance in a t oinp.u.y, First CJa?s, in every re spect, at lair rat •«, are in\ it ed to call at my odiee, No. Si) Commercial street, Thomas Block. j\v3 WARREN SPARROW, Agent. LN. Tnomble) , General Insurance Broker, • would inform his many friends and the pubi c generally that he is jo enar a t . continue the Insur | anee Busin, ss as a Broker, and can place File, Life | and^Marine Insurance to any extent in the best Com p -nies iu tbe United Slates. All business entrusted to mv c re sbal be iaithfu ly attended to. Office at C. M. Rice’s lJai»er Store, No. 188 Fore St, where orders can be left. jullGtt MVTIIAIi BENEFIT LIRE INSURANCE CO. Tbe numerous Policy holders in this j>opu1ar Company, ami the public generally, are informed that its ottice is uow established at No. 80 Commer cial street, in Thom a.:* Block. WARREN SPARROW, jul 19 Slate Agent. Abstritit of the Annual Hfnteincnt OF The Plucnix Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., On the 1st Day of November, I860, TO THE STATE OF MAINE. Amelii Cash on hand and in Bank..;.$42,968.57 Cash in hands of, and due from Agents,.120,669.75 Loans on Real Estate.115,000.00 Loans on Real and Personal Security,. 24,890.00 United States Securities,.141,047.50 New York Bank Stocks,. 88,625,00 Hartford Bank Stocks,.160,975.00 Other Bank Stocks,. 50,250.00 Bonds—State, City and Water,.292,220.00 Accumulated Interest,.;.. 4,627.33 Total Assets,.$1,061,273.15 1 Amount of Premium Notes,.None. Total Amount of Liabilities,.$59,595.97 WM. B. CLARK, Sec’y. HENRY KELLOGG, President. A. W. JILLSON, Vice-President. W. D. LITTLE-* (JO., Agents, 70 COJIiUEKCIAL SIBUET. November 19, 18U0, <13w SPECIAL notice —OF— IJfe luNitrance! HAVING been appointed General Agents ior Maine of the old New ('.upland Mutual Life las. Co., Of Boston, Mass., t cing the oldest purely Mutual Lilb Jus. Go. in America, we wish fifty good, active agents to work in the difibreut cities and villages throughout the State. Kone need apply unless good reference can be give. The Co. is 23 years old and has paid in Dividends $1,247,000 00 and over 32,000,000 00 in loss esjiy death. It has now a well-invested accumulated Capital of over 31,000,000 00. The Co. formerly made and paid its dividends once in five years. A Divi dend will lie made up in Nov. 1SC0, and annually thereafter, and available one year irom date of Poli cy. Applications ibr local Agencies will bo made to IfUPUS SMALL & SON, Gen’l Agents, no21d3m__ Biddeforil, Me. R K MO VAX.. Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 80 Commercial Street, to the new and commodious rooms NO. 60 EXCHANGE STREET, IN THE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he is now prep.ired to place insurance, in all its forms, an t for any amount, in companies second to no others on the globe, and on the most favorable bums. ' Parties preferring first, clans insurance, are res pectfully invited to call. November 5, I860, dtf ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company. 5i Wall.% cor. William, NEW YORK, January, ISGfr/ Insures agamst Marine and Inland Navi gation Risks. The whole profits ol the Company revert to the Assured, and are divided annually, upon lire Premi ums terminated during *he year; and lor which Cer tificates are issued, bearing interest until redeemed. The Dividend was 40 per cent, in each ol the years 18G3-4, and 6, and 35 per cent, in lki#. The Company has Asaeu, OTt>r Twelve Million £)«lluvs, viz:— United States and stale of New-York Sleeks, City, Bank arid other Stocks, 94,bx&,bb6 Loans socured by Stocks anrl otherwise, 3,330,350 Premium Notes aud Bills Receivable, Real Estate. Bond and Mortgages and oilier se em*'ties, 3,050,025 Uni ted S tat e.j G old Coin, go. fro Cash in Bank 310^550 812,199*070 1RU8TEES John D Jones, Wm. Sturgis Charles Dennis, Henry K. Bo^ei t, VV. II. H. Moore, Joshua J. Henry, Henry Coil, Dennfc Perkins, Wm. C. Picker sgill, Jos. Galiard, Jr., Lewis Curtis, J. llonry Rurgy, Cbas. If. Russell, Cornelius Grinnell, ' Lowell Holbrook, C. A Hand, R. Warron Weston, B. J. Howland, Royal Phelps, Bonj. Baltcock, Caleb Bar stow, Fletcher Wes tray. A P*Piff<‘l. Rf bt.lt. Minlurn, Jr, Win. K. Dodge, Gordon W. Bumbam, Geo. G. Bobson, Fred’k Cliauiicey, David Lane, James Low, J limes Brvce, Geo. S. Stephenson, Leroy M. Wiley, Wm. U. Webb. Daniel S. Miller, John D. Jones, Presideni. ('itarles DibNai-3, Vioe-Presidout. Wr. H. II. Moohtt, 2d Vice-Preat. J. D. Hfwj.ktt, 3d Vlce-Prest. J. H. CnAi man, Secretary. Applications lor tm-uranee with (he al>ove named Company received and forwarded by John XV. Correspondent. apl4dlmeod0in&wGw CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Makers & Machinists. fjMIE subscribers Laving rebuilt 1 heir Work Shops, X are now prepared to take orders for Machinery and lion Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pci fern makers and now tools of modem design, can supply patterns with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kinds of Iron Work attended to with despatch and at iea-ionable rates. Having a large and well equip ped Foige, can furnish forgings and shapes of all kinds for Steamboa ts and Looomntive work such as fctauft** Craiih-4, Pixtou Rod*, Car mid ^liginr AxIch mad Shapcjkto pat tern or draw ings, from 10 tons to 100 pound? weight. They are also Selling Agents for* MERRIMAN’S PATIENT BOLT CUTTER, the best Machine ever invented for the nurpose, performing double the .amount of work of any other now in use. FOR SALE, n lionr psim* Loroaio* life Boiler with new tube sheets and new set ot tubes, fn first rate order, and warranted safe with a pressure of 100 pounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, can be seen opining at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Cor. Com. St. and Brown’s Wharf, novlfie d:;m Portland, Maine. ill ,ANCI H A iiJD’S lniprovemenl on Sh am Boilers! Oi. tonte boilers 7M degs. of Leat >:■ tin own awav. ntukincft lopb 011-3 Che fuel. The question is otten ii. l i'd liow can ibis be saved. tor Blanchard hob invented a boiler that tabes perieet control ol all 1 be bent ami makes it <lo duty in the engine. This is very .dim he in its construrtlon; alter tlic ciminc is in motion the -moke pipe is closed tiqlit, and the waste heat,carriedthrough hcatars, heating .be steam to any leoipernfme- desired; the remainder eat tied through the water heater, using up all t lie waste heat but SB0 4<}gs.; the lieat being reduced so low there can be tin dan"er ol "seitino fires by sparks

thrown from engines,"which will add much value to this invention, besides the saving 1-3 the fuel For particular: inquii e of WM. WILLARI), I orner 01 Commercial Wharf and Commercial St Feb 21—dly I iVileii’jsi ijrloves At 203 Couyress Sf., .Morton Block, diaries Custis & Co. nov24—d3t The Portland Glass Company Are prepared to fnrnisli Rich Cut Dinner and Tea Sets! And ail kinds of Cut Ware mittahlo for the HOLI DAYS; alto 0.VS SHADES of various patterns.— Samples may be seen at tlreir Manufactory. nolTdlm Southern Pine. ABOUT HO M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Cnstom i louse- Wharf and for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS & CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21, 1866. nov22dtf ftfeAti wltm, t'?/ - • t -jT' - .,- __ pA**EttSG> * CU,U>BOtrR*£, CkAlut Ur BEAL ESTATE, MoBou Ulaek, Next Abtvc the i>rebi(. tI4ilk! OFFEl! for sale two auda half story house on It lautic street, containing twelvo finished rooms ip perfect repair. Arranged for two amides. Hard anu soft water, gtis and all modern conveniences_ Lot 01 by Jo. Price $3,000. Term,only $ 1,300 down balance In two years. This is a most desirable bai l gain, and situated on one of the best streets in the city. Also, two two and a half story houses on Wilumt and Franklin Streets, eighteen and nineteen rooms each. Both arrapged tor iwo families. Price SS.noit each. Terms only $1,500 down; balalance in four years. Houses on State, Danforlli, Lewis, Brown, Cumber land, Oxford, Middle and other streets, at t,rices tanging ttom $1,000 to $15,000. 1 November 24. d2w. seven $1000 House Lots FOB sale on Congress street, near the new Park A line location fur a block of houses. Now is the time to purchase, preparatory for building in the spring. Apply to WM. II. JERRIS, Ileal Estate Agent. nov24d3w House for (Sale. mHK subscriber orters for sale Ids dwelling House X situated near the corner of Oxford and WUuiol streets. It is a two and a half story House, thor oughly built, nearly new, finished in modern ml vie. It has “T1;ir#e c stern and a good well of water. An xF^J^ELL, °u **ie premises, or W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. nov23d2w* For Sale, TtHE fine Lot corner Fore and Deer streets, 38 by 71 feet. Suitable fur stores and dwellings. WUi be sold on lavorable terms. Apply to WM ll JERRIS,Real Estate Agout. * J nov2tMiw Only $1,0001 fX)K a coo l one ami a hah' story HOUSE in Biil cletoi'd, only live years old—contain, 7 ro.,rus. good collar, and excellent water. Fine garden with young fruit trees. Lot 42 by 98 feet. Apply imme diately to W. H. JERRIS, nov 22 d3w_ Keal Estate Agent. tat! For Salt*. rpHE Fortland Society of Natural History oiler for 1 sale tlieir Yaluable Lot on Congress Street. Said Lot has a frontage ou Congress Street of 81 leet, mol is about 80 feet in depth, with a right in a naasagewav on the west side of tie Lot of 4 feet in w.iltlncxtuinl ing from Congress Street to the back line. For terms, Sic., apply to the subscriber at No. 10 Central Wharf, whore a plan of the Lot can be seen. RUFUS E. WOOD. Portland, Nov., 1866. 1VOTIT K. Proposals will bo received by the subscriber until the 25th lust., tor taking down the walls of the Natur al History building, aud cleaning and piling up the bricks of the Mine. RUFUS E. WOOD. Portland, NoV., 1806. nov 17 dtf Two Houses for Sale for $170© Each, On Oxford street. Lots 33 by 7o feet. Also [!; line lot comer Oak and Prospect sireeta, with ILthe dwelling house thereon; the lot is 81 by :;il leet; a One location. Also good budding lots on An derson and Cleaves streets on lavorable terms. Ap ply to W, H* JERRIS, Real Eatate'Agent, novl0d3w For Sale in Cape Elizabeth, a few rods acroes Portland Bridge, Lot of Land GO by lOO. Enquire at S. B. Cumraing’s Store. November 5,1866. (15w* Valuable Building Lot NKAlt THE Park, lor Salle. The Swedenborgian Church Lol9 CONTAINING about 12, oW*square feet, on Con gress Street,just above Hampshire Street, is of fered for sale. A rare opportunity is here offered to any one wish ing to buikl in the vicinity of thP Park. Apply to either of the Committee, J. L. FERNALD, DAVID TUCKER, J. P. BAXTER. Or WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Broker, at Rail road OHice. under Laujpastcr Hall. August 25, lfeiitf, dtf Houses for Sale Low. t^EVEKAL desirable, medium sized dwelling |p Houses will be sold at low prices and on very lavorable terms if applied iiir immediately. This proporty is situated on Congress street and Congress glace—no better location in ibis city—and adjoins St, uke’s Church lot, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Inquire of WISWELL & HEED, No. 356 Congress, entrance on Oak street, up stairs, fiovttkitf l or Sale. Af\ ACRES pasturage an. I woodland in Weat xU biook. Lot ol laud on Poplar street, ilou-e aud laud on Wuibing on street. House and lot on Brown street. House and lot on St Lawrence street. DAJiluall ix ORA HAM, ,,, .. 113 Eeileral St., or W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, under Lancas ter Hall. oc22—d 1 For bale THE lot ot Land on the wosterL, corner of Con gress and Pearl Sts., fronting on Congress street ab ur 111 feet aud on Pearl about 90 loot. -ipply to CHARLES E. BARRETT, At otiico Grand Trunk Railway Station. Portland, Aug, s, l8tki. augStf House Lots on India St., for Sale. ^INQUIRE of CONANT Sc RAND, AJ • 153 Commercial Street, or on H. M. PAYSON, Portland, Nov. 21. dtf Exchange Street. Valuable Hotel Property lor sale. f 1 *HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil A lage oi Fryoburg, Oxibixl county, Maine, is ot tered for sale ac a bargain. II applied tor soon. Tlie House Is large, in good repair, with furniture aud fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire oi HORATIO BOOTHBY, _ _r Proprietor. Or Hai.soii& Dow, 345 Congress st. Fryel-urg^Sop . l>06. dtf Farm for Sale. 1W1LL sell my limn near A1 Ion’s Corner West brook, about throe miles from Port land, one mile h orn horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said (him contains about 10U acres, part of it very valuable for tillage, and part oi it for building lots, literals a good bmtsc, two large barus, and out hous es on the premises. It will be sold together, or iu lots to suit piui Jiaters CYRUS TH UKLOW. ecpll-dtl_IgH Commercial St. Brick Houses for Sale on Spriug St. r pH REE story brick dwelling Houses, with over A 8000 feet of land, pleasantly located. Price rea sonable. Terms liberal. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, uovl9d3w Middle street. A Rare < hancc for Investment. rilHE ALBION HOUSE, on Federal street. a<Uoin X ing U. S. Hotel, for sale. For particulars enquire of „ n , JOHN C. 1'ilOCT SZU. Nov 8—43w -—,__ Desirable Store Lots FOK SaALIi:, ON CO.VHEBCIAL HIBEET. (TUIE subscribers offer for sale the lot of laud on X the southerly side ol Commercial Street, head ot Dana’s Wharf, measuring 7L’ bv 150 teet. for fur tiier particulars inquire JONAS II. PEBLEiY, Ut'l »»_ er W. S. DANA. Lot tor Sale. ONE ol the best building lots in the cilv. situated orr the nortn side ot Heel ing Street adjoining the residence of Gen. J. 1). Eossenderj. This lot issixtv two feet (tout on Dccring street, extends back one hundrerl teet, and is boumioj on the cast side by a street titty l'ect iu width, making it a corner lor ami very desirable. S. li. HEBBEY. No. 4 Gall Block. Coin. Street. Get 17 det t’lrrt Sale, r nice story brick house on Dmilbrih Street. The house is nearly new and in tine or der . 1 mmedtai e posecssien git on. julldtl _ W. G. CHADBOtIKNE. For Sale. The neiv FBKNC1I COTTAGE, and about M seven acres of land, situated on the Cape Col lage Bead, iu Cape Elizabeth. The house con tains four lecu looms. The sea view is unsurpassed. Enquire of IV. II. STEPHENSON. _augi'5-dlf Second National Hank. Valuable Heal Estate ou Elm St. E O 11 S A L E . A PORTION in llie -DAY” Estate on Elm Street, comprising over L'tjliiM Wet m' iatnl, together ;vitll Brick Houses, Stable ,Vr. Tliis ] rope,ty is lo cated oil Elm ami Cumberland streets all susceptible ol improvcm. lit, and lias a front on Elm street oi '.-si! i eel. The above property is oitkred tor talecilher in por tions or coHcctivoly, oh tiiieiai terms. Ap; iv to angSO— I t JOHN C. PiloCTOH. For Lease. rpHE valuable lot oi land comer ol Middle and A Plumb Streets, tor a term ot years. Enquire Ol C. C. MITCHELL dr SON, Aug. 28, letfi—(ltt_ lii! Pore Strut. FOKS.4I.Ii, in Gorham, liiteon minutes walk from the Depot, a neirly new, m at Cettoae House, Bam and oatboildings,haring all I , conven ienees and ill prime conditio 1 . Ii is situaledneara grove and a snort distance from the County read Apply to J. E. STEVENS. Gorham. JidyAT. First Class Houses for Sale. W K 0,K:r h ,r 3;lle the eisr;it first class brick houses, »» recently built by us, situated on Pine Street between Clark and Carkton Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, bnck drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our oflico, No. 27$ Danfortb St. ^ moc . J. B. BROWN & SUNS. Ootober 16,18G6. dtf TAJ'OXICE. 1 will sell on favorable terms .as to -Li payment, or let for a term of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on fcrankim street, including! be comer of * rankiin and Fore streets. Apply to vl M. HILLIARD, Bangor, or .SMITH & REED Attorneys, Portland. jyl2ti Or. O. E. Durgin 47I7ISHES to sell the following parcels of REAL VV ESTATE and HAY. HOPE ISLAND, ono of the most fertile Islands in Casco Bay, containing about 130 acres. 40 TONS ot Pressed Hay, on said Island. A Farm on (Jhebeaguo Island of about 63 acres, with good buildings thereon. For the above enquire of DANIEL MORSE, Esq., on Chebeague Island. Also House, Stable and Land No 28 High st. About six acres of land in Westbrook, 3$ miles from Tukey’s Bridge. Terms easy oc26e.Hl4w -■■ -UIWJU..W " '■«-* RfcAt* ?38TA*Ff!.< TM-*?.4?f*g^SV0g. “touttmn«fromPonUail. X on Retch Ridge,'* (»• called.) contains abotu Til acres mowing. tUl»S?) a good Orchird an l pMUtrcTand 30 acres wigxi and limber. BuiMLags finely shunted and n good rop.Hr, with a good “ftar anfl Good .Dairy ami convenient w«Ua of water Apply lo JOHN I.lllliV Jili near the i,'remise, WuODBIHtY LIBBY, SrarboroC 1 *“""«*• 01 . JENltY 11. iXj EDWIN LIBBY Uttv 22 eod«S: w;lw* tSouse Loid. LYL1GABLK House Lots lor sale on Jlioums Kui Ij ery ami Congress streets; one near the head ,,i Stale street. W. H. STEPHENSON, Portland. Aug S. — In' 2d National Bank. HOUSE AND LOT tor sale al Cane Elizabeth Fer ry,—house ne?.n. now. Enquire ol A.P. COLE at too Perry, or W. el. M.YNSFKLD. Portland Steam Packet Co. _ _ .ml It dll HOUSES FOR SALE—House corner ol Congress and Merrill street.-; also, House adjoining the same, with 10,000 leet of land. This lot will to di vided to suit purchasers. Terms easy and made known by applying to W. YV. Carr, at W. A. Duran's Clothin Store, foot of Exchange slrec. inlllEdt 1 House iiutl Lot lor Vale. rpHE two story brick house and store No. Do Cou I. gress at, o i feci troiii occupied only as a garden. For pariiculars enquire on the promises. augTtt f'r.':' House for Sale, No 32 .Myrtle Street. Kn 1. quire at No. 0 Central Whari. J-.-lL July 12—.111 L',AB.ll for Ms. The subscriber ot&rs tils A larm for sale or will exchange lor city property. It it* a Jirwt rale larm ol 110 acres, wiih a two story I1i !"*ou<i 1 epatr and a new Barn with cellar, 40x60. there is a never tailing supply ol good water and wood lor, Saul larm is situated on the road from Saccarappa to Gorham Corner, about one mile Irimi the latter place, Pov tYivtiior particulars Epnlv i DOW & JOHNSON, Moulton street, or J. H. | Cook. op rbe premises. jytf-eodtt U. S. Marshalf8 Notice. CNITEP STATES of America, ) Dibtiuct of Maine, s. h. \ PURSUANT to sun ary Monitions tome directed from tti© lion, Edward Fox, Jud-e ol tbe Uni ted sates Distinct Court within and lor the District ol Maine, I hereby give public notice that fhc Ibl. lowing Libel and liiioiuitttfonH have been tiled in said Court, viz: An fnj'onnutiuu a.sunst one Horse .ailed the “Nel Joke(J V>\UlC Elector ot the Dis tnctot Portland and Falmouth on the thirteenth ttilt* °C,0ber at Portland in *a.<i Dis A Libel against Twenty-two Quintals qf Pollock Jusn: One hah Barrel of Herring : Twenty-seven Barrels No. 1 Mackerel: One Barrel No. 2 Macktr ek HO Lbs. Busty Mackerel: 73 Empty Barrels: 22 Barrels Salt, seized by the Collector oi the Districi ot Portland and Falmouth on the titteenth day ol October last past, at Pori land In said District. An Information ag.Unst One Wafer Wheel: One Lathe: Lathe Bench and Turning Tools: One. Board Plane: One Grind Stone ami Bench: Twelve Circular Saws: Six Saw Shafts: One Clapboard Machine: One Lath Machine: One Match Splint Machine: One Face Planer: One Machine for preparing Match Blocks : One Power Cross Cut Suw: One hand crosscut saw ; One and one half gross Stamped Matches: ninety-three One cent Stands, ami all the Shifting, Belting,un s tamped Matches, Stoves, and other l urniture in the Mill and l)ry lionet connected therewith: Cheat <f Tools, Monkey Wrench, tfc., $rc., seized by the Collector rtf internal Revenue tor the First ( oHtc rion Dista ict f-Maine, .on the twenty setenih dnv of OftoWvIflat past,at flolMs, in sai l Dist*ict. Which seizui. s were for breaches of the laws of the United States asis more particularly set forth in said Libel and iniormatious; that a hearing and trial will lie had that eon at Portland in &a d District, on the First Tuemau tf JJecCtnber next, where any persons in o ested therein, may appear aud show cause, if any can be shown, where tore the same should not bo decreed forfeit, and disposed ot accord ing to law. Hated at Portland this seventeenth day of No vember. A. D., 1866. F.A QUINBY, Deputy U. S. Marshal Dial, of Maine. Nov. 17—tiild ESCAPED FROM JAIL I $*300 KLW IKO ! Escaped from the Portland Jail, on the night of the 19th, the following described persons:— SAMUEL NGVILLIi 27 years of age,»5 feel 8 inches high, dark complexion, black curly hair, chin whiskers. Hud a brown broadcloth coat, grey panis and vest and rouud top hat. FREDERICK RVCllAKD*, about 5 met 9 inches high, of medium build, slightly stooping shoulders, had on gray sack coat, black vest and pants and brown nock-tie. He wore a silk beuverbal. CHARLES IS RAIN ARK), about 22 years old, six leet high, dr»rk complexion, one eye sightless, and has a heavy swinging gait, of powerful and wiry build. He wore a coat oiiginally dark blnrt, but now foiled to a dull brown; pants and vest dark mixed, new shoes with brass buckles, aud an imitation Scotch cap, MELVIN KENNISTON, about 6 feet 81 inches high, pretty stout build, d irk complexion, with heavy and rather biiuJ.cn black eyes, aud thin moustache. Wore short tiaik coa;, pants and vest dark, white bosom shirt, with scarlet neck-tie, and blade cloth cap. ’pie above prisoners escaped last night about l o’clock. I offer the fallowing rewards for their apprehension, or such information as shall ensure their arrest:— For FREDERICK RICHARDS.$100 “ SAMUEL NEVILLE. 100 “ CHARLES BRAINARD. *50 “ MELVIN KENNISTON. GO GEORGE W. IMUliGft, Sheriil‘ aud Jailor. Portland, Nov. 20, I860. nov21d4w FAIlt BACKS’ i. — -S. -•■I "S i'i PEEMtUM : PAM DA ED / 4>.. 3 ’sscali:* s MADE of the best materials, in the roost thorough manner, and receiving oosdtant Imfkmve mkxtk, under the supervision of THE ORIGINAL INVENTOR. Every variety, as Hay, Coal, Railroad, Platform and Counter, Druggists’, Confectioners’, Butchers’, Grocers’, and Goal Scales, Beams, Spring Balances, &c, for sale at our WAREHOUSE, IIS MILK STREET, BOSTON, MASS, fairbanks, Brown & Co. Agents for sale #f Tilton & McFarland’s Celebrated Svfes. White’* Patent iVIoiii'r Draui'n, nnil Crcs hou’m Ga« 8S*‘giiIaf«i*t. For sale in Portiaud by nolOGni l.mn i, IV atrrliou^ A Co. GENTLEMEN WISHING Clothing Cleansed l. AND REPAIRED, Cannot And a place where it can l»e done more to their satisfaction than at !Vo. 20 Temple Street, Second Door from Congress at. M^F.very Garment will receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ladles’ Soeques I CI-EANSEP IN FIKST CLASS STYLE! (KIP’ Give me a tr ial and I will endeavor to please. CHARLES IT. MAIIONEV. "Highest Cash price paid for cast-otT Clothing. Nov 21—d;*iu Jackson’s Catarrh Snuff! ELEGANT TROCHE and SNUFF Combined for Con yh s, Cn tat •rh,Ttr<vn eh it is, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Hail lircaih. Headache,Sa Instantly relieves annoying Cough* in Church. Cures Catarrh* positively without sneezing. Valuable to Singer*, Clergy, Ac., ch ars amt Atrengthen* the voice; acts uickly; tastes pleas antly; ever natnscnie*. Prevent* taking cold from Shilling, Lecture* &c. 5-^"* Sold by Druggists or gent by mail En lose 35 cts to H90|M‘i\ Wilson A Co., (sep Flood tj one 16*67) P HII aA.DE LPH1A. W. W. WHIPPLE,Portland,Wholesale Agt. HALL’S ELASTIC Horse Shoe Cushion! (Patented May 1st, llCc.) Prevents snow ami ictb from adhering to the shoe or hoof of the horse; prevents lameness, in tende; « r sore-footed horses: keeps gravel and sand from ting beneath the shoe ; prevents the liorse from inter fering, and in iiict is invaluable in all respects. Every horse should have them. Send for circulars, or call and see samples and judge for youi selves, at princi pal office of Elastic Itorse Shoe Cushinii. n IVhwImhsjSom Ml., R«h|«u, Hf»n4. £dir*N. B.—No Staie, County, or Town rights for sale. n__ sept8—d.’.m Northern Pacific Railroad, rpHE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the X Northern Pacific Railroad Company, will K held at No. 5 State Street. Boston, on Holiday, the third .fay of December, IS66, At twelve o'clock noon, for the transaction of such business as mav legally come before them. By order of too President. HAMILTON A. HILL, Secretary. Boston, Not. 8, i860. 11013-1 bawlw A. COPT! A- t o., Successors to F. p. and Sr. T. Retford, at Mrs. if. ./. Xichols, V. S. Hotel HAVE received a lot of Tretousse, bkst quality, KM Gloves. Also Zephyr Worsteds, Slippers, lloods, Hosiery, Ladies’ ITidcr Vests, Corsets, Lin en Sells, plain and etui', lldkts., Muslin ;(I,| 1 I Edgings, Press But Inns, prettier witli all articles usually found in a Ills: class Fancy Goods Store Their Iriends anil tlie public are invited to call and examine them. n,,v7 till Jan. 1, isc7. For Sale. Ci('HOOKER Mataic/as, li;; tons. O Sell. Leesburg, 174 tons. Sdi. Win. H. Miuler. 193 tons. Sell. Splendid, C.h foiLs. old mo.isulein.m, all well f! ,;.r> E),filure ct sa mi 'Son lV conant. - au^u_ No. ci Ooiomeii i;»l Wharf. For Sale. BBLS. APPLES, in quantities to suit * V./V / purchasers', by JEREMIAH HOWE & CO., no24dlw 27 Commercial at. - " 1,1.1 it ae»««aeBUi£»> j PORTLAND AND NEW YORK' COMPANY. SEMI-WeIek tv LIKE, | Ihi' aplsmitrl ami fan I Steam shll.s Dlliluo, cart. II. shfk wood, ami I'KANOONIA. Cm*. Sherwood, will, until hil l II I- liof ir<- l ilt. I..II,. i.eavc Brow s Wharf,Porthuid,every WKDNKS p\\ and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M., und i,a\e Pier ‘^*-rairt,J.ti'.er.» Ncw York, every WEDNESDAY and SATU it 11A V, at 4 o’clock P. M. vesaehtaro titled up with lino accouunoda "0,“.'.^“W'eers, makin.' this the most si*edv. Kewav,..Lon>•’“'table roitle lor travellers between K ,‘oU„a.Ud WaU"- I’asn***-. in Mate Koou., “^ii •>!»«*« ®hiH). Meals extra. tr ;.j ( uiehes a£dl 1 by this line to and Iroin Mon St.Jou 1jUU!{01' BtU*. Augusta, iiusl port and r", tirt w* iu.,ihu leave Portland. on the day that they For freight oi pasKageannlv to Mayi.'»,lM8: . STEAxMHOAT notice. WINTER ARRANGEMENT! To Penobscot River twice a Week. The Steamer LADY LANG, Capt. 'V '* hitniuA*, will commence Winter trips on MONDAV, So\. Utli, W ill leave Portland for iiu,1,K‘>1 <or a* Jar as the ice will I*ermit) every luenday and Friiluv evenings at u 0 clock. ' * Beturning, will leave Bangor every .Monday and Thur day momuige at 6 o'clock, and Wintirport at 7 o dock, touching ai Hamjidmi, Eucksport Bel last, ( Hiiuit-n and Rockland, each way nf£’JriCi^lj?r.^fS¥lplea'e »PP>J & o«ice on It a 111 i,hu \\ hail, tool ot State str ei. „ ., i xr . A. SOllEKBY, Agent. Portland, Nov. 17, ]MV * ,*n r F'P.EIGHT HOI; THE SOUTH AND WEST. Boston ami PUliHioluliiA - P toamslifp Limi. Hie Steamers BOalAN, SAXON, i,i d Ai;l !■' noyi tiariu tile line, and a steamer Il.hi mail nor tVKI.T FIVK PAYS. . , From Long Wliar , Btctoii,. a 1T2TSI Fcun 1‘iucSt. Wharf, Philadelphia,... .at 1UA.M Freight lor the West lorvarded by .he Pennsvlva uia Kaihuad, and to BaUtaoie and Washington hi Canal or Railroad, trccol ( omioi-> ions. For freight, apply to __ - . WHITNEY & SAMPSON, Ijo v ?9->ltvr A gents, To 1 ong Wlmrj. 1I. .* on. FARE RlDUtfQ JO BOSTON. Hummer arrani/i men/ ! U util, la Ether noMce the Steamer. of llie Porfiliid Sfcam P icket (To. will run ns iollows:— • Leave Atlantic Wharf for Boston i... , , 'cve-y evening, (except Sirn.u! j ;il 1 o clock. Leave Boston the same day* at 5 P. M CMnn tare.$1.50 duSte** utre Freight taken as usual. „ , . „ , L HILLINGS, Agent ■May 72nd, 1866—dtl IiiUimational Steamship Go. F.astport, Calai i and St. John. FALL Afilt ANQEMENT. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. a . | .- g4 - . J „ -K. On and alter Monday, October 1st, 4 ^ the steamer NEW BRUNSWICK B- WINCHESTER, and steamer NEW KNL1.AND, 1 wi r %P** F1F.LD will leave Kail Road W liarl foot of State Street every MONDAY and THURSDAY, atfio’clockP. M forEastiort and St John. I'.ETUltNING, will leave St. John and Eastnorl name day. tor Portland and Boston. , At Kastport the Steamer QUEEN will eonnei t lor St. Andrew., llohbiuston, Calai. and New Brunswick. Hallway to Woodstock and Hoclton Statloia, ana Stage Coaches will connect for Machias. At St. John pusseugers take E. AN. A. Railway, for Sliediac, and from thence for Snmmorside ami Charlottetown, P. E. Island, and Pictou, N. S; alao St. John the steamer Empress tor Windsor and Uanfox, every Tuesday and Friday evenings, and tor lhgbv every Monday and Thursday mornings. Z-fr 'Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clk. P- M. C. C. EATON, stp25-dtf Agent. VINELANIJ. FARM AM) FRUIT LAXRS.in a mild and healthful climate. Thirty mile* sviuh of Plnl adclph a, by Railroad, in New JcTsev, on the same hne oi latitude ;i* Baltimore, Md. ITifi R-jil is rich and productive, varying from a cTky to a sandy ton t , suital ic tor wheat, liras*, Coir Tobacco,Fruit and vegetable-. ’1 lug w a great Ojjuitry. Five huudu-d .Vineyards and Drchauif. have been planted art b*>xpmLucil iruit growers Oiapcs Peaches, Pear* »&c., produce iu,men*<*proi 1 s, \ inejand is already one oi the iuo»‘ bcaukiul places i.i theU- It. d .States. Thf entire u rrllorv, consisting <.*1 fitly square miles of land, is laid out upon a general system c>i improvements. The land is only sold to actual settler* with provision lor public adornment. The place on account of iJsgivjtt beauty, »y well as other advantage-, has occonte the resort ot /;eo/«/e uj iasU\ It ha* increastd fivo thou-and people within tha past three years. Churclk h. Store Schools, Academics, Societies ol Art and Learning, and othereieurnts of refinement and culture have been inirodit’.ed. Hundreds .1 people- are constantly settling. Hundred* of new houses aro being con structed. Price of Farm Land, twenty acre lots and upwards, $25 per acre. Five and ten aero anti Vil lage lots for sale. Frulto and Vegetable* ripen earlier in thi* district than in any oilier 1 entity, north of Norfolk. Va.Im proved places lor sale Openings lor all I huff? ot business, Lumber Yard-, Manufactories, Foundries, Stores and the Ilk. ; and Steam Power with room can be ren'.od. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful rlimate, and a good soil. In a country beaut llully im prov d. abounding in iruita, and po. scssing all other s .cial privilege-, in the lita»-t of civilization, it is worthy ol a visit. Letters answered, and t e Vineland Rural a papti giving full information, aud containing l-eportsoi So lon Rob nson, sent to ap]i)k*aut*. Addres* uHAS K. I.ANDIS, Vineland P. O., I^ndisTown.-liip, New Jersey. From Report ol Solon Robin-on, Agricultural Edi tor of the Tribune; “It in one of t hi* most extensive lertile tracts, in an almost level poeii ion and suitable condition tor pleasant faiming tha* we know of this side of the Western Prairies.’* septir.d&wt.f 37 Pliiladilphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HONE! Military, Masonic and Firemen’s EQUIPMENTS ! I Messrs. John L. Show d> Co., after having been burned nut of Federal sir eel, July 4th, haye resumed businos- in tLe room over the store of J. TEWKSBURY A CO., CORNER OF EVItlK AXD FORE STREET*, OPPOSITE TIIE NEW CITY MAKKET. Ha^ngprgpMo.l a stock of Oak turned Leather in Piuiadelpni*, they are now read , to execute all or ders ior Pit ihi lelphiu Oah Tainted Leather Fire Engine Hose, Double and single riveted, and of ali Hires, as used on Steam Hr© Ln*incH; Hand Engines Steamboats and Force Pumps. CificH, Towns auil CariiorAtidim c.an be supplied with a strong and durable Hose, war ranted equal to any made elsewhere, and on as rea sonable terms. tJ** B.—Fire Burl;els, Spanner Belts, Flexible Rpos, ICnspsacks, Cartridge Boxes, Pistol Holsters. <£c., made to order. Couplings, Pipes and Kozzels furnished ana Hose repaired. novlTdtr' MEN’S TJ nder-fShirtw ! : YE ERA H ERS, lu K.nglish, Scotch and American. Charles Custis & Co. Morton Id lock, CONGRESS STREET. nov24il£t AMERICAN LJLODTS! J IIP. undersigned hereby give notice that he has th^ a. 4 n ^W‘0J.lirc'l Agent of American Lloyds lor r « • °v“ailio» and is prepared to inspect vessels ot all stv.es m cbtirse of construction and report the • same f »r fiassittcation. ^bip builders and owners would therefore confer a | favor by >ending me early notice of tin vesse ls they j are building for which a class is desired. . WILLIAM KOGJ.ILS, Inspector, j Bath, Me., Nov. 16,1*66. novMdlm* Notice to Land Holders, \rn. O’nunOCHKl!. Itnlliler. Is prtpsrcdto take ill contracts tor building, either by -fl)B or by I»AY \Vf»Kff. rMn furnish First Class workmen ntnl mntci iul of nil description. Kcsidence, A.MKIdCAN JIOUSI'. India Street, Portland. August lVtb, lHiii atig20—1f Tor Sale Ute:<p. XMVK Black Walnut SHOW CASES, 9 feet long each, and one counting-room D. -k. u very' nice one- , F. INGRAHAM. Yarmouth, Not. 19, 1866. tf -L • V" 1 ■ na „ m RiniHOiriK, P‘ NOTICE. fpH£ Exprcs* Train* between Portland and Bo* lo?d 1,tavl.n? P'-rtlaiKi at 6.00 and b >etou at 7.00 p m. will I*: discontinued after Haturday, the lath lu»r. tfr On ami after Monday. 15th. the Evening Train for Saco anil fiindel'ord wilf leave Portland Ml 5.15, in *taad of 0.05 h» now run. .1 ...» i*. tdlA.SE, hupt. Portland, Oct 5, \m. oelodtf MHTUKM BUCHfS'i t:i bTb. 8UMMER \RltANGKMl.N T, ■- ‘ * *n 1‘lter Jlumi-I Ai.rii r. Mali WRr*JSa.ttnua-w.H U-». 3«fr. Ww,ur 1 *«*! "» a. a. 5 45epV^* f r**‘,n‘l ‘0T f’**° R’Ter»t' 16 a. k..;oi *n.i Hip J'H> p. m train ou* ii.d IN a. ii i ia to tr,lr,< "fa I'rty. r art ''V;.stagatcb»m 1 u ««•>■) »i» » j.t Ktaiiiltsh, btr.p 1:i!iv, !:-• I't vt »:i lVnina: !■ , .1 Hri'ij/.ion, Lovell, 11 i» •. , Lnmi'Vl,1 -l4 U.away, Bartlett, J;ud . ?.»•-,«, • i ‘; » fri tfci. rrceuoni, Mwl auu 1 • . i At IJuxIom « • nit i - r V\* >t i . . ; , . „ . ^utl. Liwington l.iiA-ui,, L„. , r;, 4. ,,uXl' ■ i field and i , , "* At .o. eof ;j.; ;.M houll. *u« b.-ilii, V. . |« A and North V.im!!.: i,i..iu»h .-team Cur nrxl Accmiumm i..m ir:. . vs -: t „ • •_ K'w*:~Leere Uiwhaif. |-,r 1. . .. o *t s< . - 11* M L».i.e P-rt iliil it r til'll.a;?: .t ] , , , and 4pm „ tl . . By older ol the Pre .i.Lui. Portland. Af.rll ih. i*n;~u i--" o rr r , ^ v ssr St o i POHTSMGJTH t;. B. WINTER AURANGEMEXT. i auimi-nring Monday, Nov. I'Jth, I Min. u .7. I’a-".'Trains leave Portland for •>9iK-!lSc*Bi.s:unntMn A. it., ai.<l2.29J'. M. pI^avoBosl, " lor Portland at 7.3o A. ad 2.39 r,Ai!'Vic?V!P’s d I.aboikr’s Train will I, o* Bb.d«ford dally, bandays cxeepicd, at < A. At., ait.I bacn ol B U.1, arriving In Portland at tSAO. I,.-turning, will leave Portland li.r Saco and B7.; detord and liiioimuilat, giau atb.aip, A f j<ci*il freight train, with j,u. eager ear attach ed, wUWeovePortland at 7.19 A. M. tut a„ i Jiiddeford, and returning, lea. l:idii,-i,ud ai 8.3a ami Saco a 8 ID A..’ll. „ , ERANCISCHAbiArii.pt. _l orilayd, i>,-, i , . noldtf GHp D TRUJiK AH 21 Ot canudu. -Alteration ol ri’rain.s. WINTT'l: A>!];AXC EtfENT. Co aud .titer Monday, Nov. 12, i860. ■S’ will run a» follows:— Train for South Pans and I ewiston, atT.xO A. M. n‘'l5ll,’r*® Waiervillo, Lang.r, Coiham, Llaml Aonn, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. TWs train connects with Express train for Toron t°, Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping ears htto. hcil from Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train k»r South Lai la »t ^.uu 1*. \|. No baggage f a u l»e icit-ived ov checked utter the time above Mated. Trains will arrive as follows:— From So. Puis, Lewisron amt Auburn, at 8.10 a si brom Montreal, Quebec, &e., - - 1.45 j». si. The Company are not responsible for bagcace to any amount exceeding in value (and that person - *1) unless notice is given, and paid tor at the rate of one passenger lor every #oUo additional value. tl » ini-'v'rBn7rfil:jS’ Director. U. BA ILL Y, Local bujuiutltmtent. Portland, Nov. 2, i860. (;tf PQrJuHu rt HtNhLbtC h. m W1NTE B AliliANG EAIEiS T, I viumi'.iciu;. M. , Nov. Ulh, 1 H6Ct a*<, a - .sj Paasriigc-j Train, leave PortJan.1 daily HI l.H" P. M.,l..r Kail], Au.iuilth Wat mutv, tvciKlulP. Mil! ,Sl;OK-heptn,«n.l intermedia!. StsHar, ,(e mm-cting at Bnunwid v ilh Andros, <, gii. K. R., f<*r Lewiston aucl Faimingi.-n. ami at Ke.nutiU a Mills with Maine Centra' L b.jm* p;,nr andmten >» ditto slat u.j*b. bores asiair by this rta t a&Q tit/ o;l,';. Lenve Portland icr Bath L-wixtoa, Augustaam laiciiaii unite staLona on Saturday onlv el 7.15 p v Mixed Train leaves Portland ibr Brunswick amlh. tmnediate station*! tfaiiy, exceptsatoroty, at 0.20 k*. 1 willi )»:rsw I.gcv car attached, will leavr t ortoiui if i .show hi ^vn .nut inte mediate iu tioiir; every morn in £ ?.i 7 o'cli 1 Trains trout Lrmucwick ami Lev.iaon aw duo tit Poriiaudar 9.4!.t A AL, nml froui Skowhegan and barmingt-.n and udmtericcdUdc stations at 9.00 1 M. to com.or with trains for liiedou. Stof«»far P 'tklandeofenoct a: B;uh; and 1 r Bel fast at Augusta, lea via 7 daily «»n an ival of tin in iron Bos on, leaving ai, 7.30 A. AL; -..:a mi Solon, Andoa Noryblgewucl-, Aflui.r, amt :• .»,.>» Dead Lake at Skow bi .j u . uod (bi-t-liiua, >, a and North Va.vial boro at Vj salboro ; for Unity at KendaBWi’Vs and for Cana ui at Piabon’a Ferry. * * W. HATcJil, fiu|gcriuteadosia Augusta, Oct. FT, 186H. n*)vl2dit mm aNTRAr. h: H. • WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ? On a«d .Her Aiondav.NoTvmtifr I2U. fe««ra«S!Cr.rrwi!,tiidi . y.,11 f a.e Poi.land for' Rang.., uii.l all latvrmad.aic .(at;. >. ,,n il ia .me, at TW V 4t{" ***ay‘ iul ltwil n ”,‘l Aut.'iru nhr.at Z.if Pr. igbt trams lor WairrviReauiI ill bitvrm.. dlatc atatloiis, lsave Porliaiai a; 8.2A \ ; i Traill Horn Bangor is duo at Pn bi.,1 lu ’l.ts p ,« in soasaii toi opiiri'l wiili I lain for Horton. ’ Eioui Lowi.toii and Aulnii n only, at 8.10 A M x- , E1>WI>. NtA .JS.hni'.t. Nov. 1.1,0,. i..,.,,. Important to Travelers v: IiITTLk & CO’si ! Western Hallway Ticket OjJIce ! Market Square, usoEit i.AN'.iaarKitn u.y., (i-ai:i130tox,s»ai.'.,.x THK snhxcril.01s having resujueil the Agency [ichkft sale of <e ^W< ^ xvipcurtaf) for the TIIKOULII -to Tfn: Went, South ami North- Went are prepared to furnish passage tickets at TOE I1OIVE8T llt>sro\ RATES BY ALL TAB Popular Hud lio?*t Kiptslitionn l<ouic» ! via Itail or Sto; imer to Boston, tlicucc via (he New York Centra!, t’-nnsyivania Contra], Eric and Balllnaiv & Ohio Itnilroni!-. TO ALT, HUNTS S O U T II O R WEST ! ter Ml Trivrllcm win find it greatly for ih.gr ad vantage to procure tickets at this oiiicc, or at 7ft Commercial Hired, (Up Hyaira.) FOR CALIFORNIA! Passage Ti, leers hy tin' steamer* sailhig ir„m New Vork ea the 1st. Ulh and 2!st ot each month, nay he secured by early application tu J . n. urm: .* co., »Sp„ik. September 3, l£CC. d&wtl HOTELS. WINT It HO P HO USE. Slrcci, BOSTON. The undersigned has recently thoroughly renovat ed and retitled this establishment and will hereafter conduct it for the accommodation of the Travelllnsr Public. Country merchants visiting lto-ton will find the "Winthrop House singularly •Inin. Csarmifai miuI Central, it being within five minutes wnlk of tho principal bubtaeaa portions of the elty. iTTcrau ¥'1.00 per day. oot27—dim*_r, VV. F. i>AYI«. Jl*parks house, WfishiiiKien Street, Near the Hc.nl o. Street, 15 <> ST O N , fpIlG nmlof8igBcd wo.tKt rotpectlnlly Male to iho X citi'/eiis ot I'onlntid and the KaaC generally that tlicv have leased li e above wc!l Known Hotel* and having made im) rovenn nls in tho same, nre prepaw ed to entertain them in flie beat manner mid at rea sonable pri» e*. Merchants from tho country i d Traveller* gener ally. will tind a pleasant home at the PaKKsHol7.SK I during their sojourn in Ihecily. Ti:rms : $3.00 a day, im hitting meals and loom.. T. It. *V J. II. R t Mb S. (•. Fish. Clirk. Propriktors j angiKHlSm MUXS HOUSE, CHARTJTSTON,. SO. CAROLINA. rpilF proprietm has the pleasure to inlbrm »be I rrereting public that the ai<ove house is now open «*r »ho reception „t miesia, havlu made extensive hl teraiions improvement,, and refurnished it thr.mgh now 111i capital nrrier. end every exertion will bo niad< to render it Acceptable to liis* patrons. nolOeodCm JOhPPII FFRCGM,. UNITED STATES is <s& t «•; l , 1'OJ‘TLA M). MAI2TE. fpHe mibscnlor, reronily Proprietor of tl e COM I M KIM IAf. HOUSE, (vhi- h was .Jcsuovodm the gfoat lire.) I*cg8 l<> *”>u un- eto his old patrol'* and rho public that he h.a.t lansc 1 tin- above hold ami will o;*en for I he a. i-ouiBV'd.Hioii 11 ihu public gener ally. on Sdi-urdav August 11, Thr.ukful ta tvioicTc.iHfiBiiCfs for pnsi piitivnazf he would solo »fc a continuance of the same. YE K MS EA VOU. I if EE. augkfi-fint N. J. DAVIS.

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