3 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4

3 Aralık 1866 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Singular OccurbRnp*. — Mr. Thomas Hughes, in his last latter to the N. Y. Tribune, says: A most astonishing ceremony took place at the funeral o- Daviess, the Queen’s huntsman, of whom 1 wrots lately, which was attended by Lord Colville, the Master of the Royal Buck Hounds, umji many other noble and crack sportsmen. They shot alavorite old hunter over the grave, and then had tire ears cut on and hurled on Daviess’s coffin. I confess when 1 read the announcement I rubbed my eyes ami looked twice to see whether 1 was reading one of Fenimore Cooper’s novels, or iny o»'iy paper. I have no doubt your journal reac .. the Choctaws, and I would respectfully lland-hart or Hawk-eye among them to in form the British people whether the meaning of ibis ceremony's not that the ghost of the horse may hear the voice {of his old lord, auu appear-1nt his side when he wakes and wants a mount in the’happy hunting fields. 1’assenoer Vessels Required to have Life Boats, The following is the 10th section ot chapter 234 of the laws passed at the last session of CongTess. The act was approv ed July 25tli, I860, Probably there is not a steamer or sea-going passenger vessel sailing frouf a Northern port that is provided as this section requires. Sec. 10.—And be it further enacted—That all sea-going vessels carrying passenger*, and those navigating any of the northern and north-western hikes, shall have the life-boats required by law, provided with suitable boat disengaging apparatus, so arranged as to allow such boats to lie safely launched, with their complement of passengers. while such vessels are under speed or otherwise, and so as to al low such disengaging at both ©nd? of the boat simultaneously from the tackles by wliicli it may he launched to the water. The Doctors at Fault.—At Chicago, Wm. Halting, a uian of some wealth, was some time since sent to the insane asylum for insanity. He was recently discharged, and yesterday ap peared in Court and presented a petition for the eustodiansliip of his property,asserting that be was no longer iusane. Drs. Wiekersham and Smith were appointed to examine the man, and pronounce upon his nanity. They report ed him mentally sound, when, in response to a question by the Judge, he said be was worth $200,00(1 in gold, which Cod had given him,but uf which ho had liecii robbed by the authori ties at the asylum. Cod, he said, visited him one day, and talked the matter all over. When asked to describe his personal appearance, he stated that he was a very old man and entirely naked. The learned doctors were nonplussed, and the roan was sent back to his old quarters. The Wool Trade.—It is understood that tlierevenue commission is giving much atten tion to the subject of the wool trade of the country, ami that the forthcoming report, of Mr. Wells will treat of the subject at length. The facts presented will ho of special interest in view ot the fall in jjricc of woolen goods. The figures compiled in the Treasury upon this subjoct show that the de cline is owing to the increased imports of wool len goods in 1868 over 1805, the importation last year being twenty-six millions, while this year tltey have exceeded sixty-seven millions. —An iron-clad ordered a year ago for the Sultan of Turkey now awaits a purchaser in an English shipyard, the representative of the Ottoman government having failed to receive his remittances. TH1? .1IAKHHTS. TELEGRAPHIC REPORTS. Fiuancinl. New York, Dec. 1. llio Fold says the loan market shews symptoms of growing caso as to call loans and of growing distrust mcommercial credits. Current tale lor Government securities is li percent., for choice hills 7 Cn, 8 percent. Governments are dull except new sixl vdives, which advanced lo 10k;, in consequence of theehauge in the role for conversion, which goes into eufcct to-dny. Mixes of 1881 are more In demand,"as arc also ten th! tics. Stock market is dull, and in view of the openin ' of Congress and the general uncertainty hi financial affairs, very little business ia doing. Railroads irregular and lower. Gold 4oj at :f.M. After ti e Hoard slocks were dull olid lower. New Vorli market. New York, Dec. 1 Coi ion—,-pdct and steady; sales non hales. Middling uplands at 334 :'u; 34c. Flour—Receipts 27,2(15 bhl.v; sales 5,100 bbls; State and western dull anil 1(1 ® 25c lower. Superfine Slale 7 85 @ li 40; Extra do, at 5 80 (§ lo 26; Choice do, at 10 30 n 11 20; Round Hoop Ohio, 10 (HI @ 1125; Choice do 11 :«>@ 13 10; Superfine Western 753 A940; Com mon to good Extra Western, 8 60 «o 10 70; choice do 10 20 ml 11 09. Soulhern dull and drooping; sales 210 olds.; mixed to good, It 25@ 12 75; Fancy and Ex tra, 12 8# ® hi 00. Whe.at-heavy and 11@2clower; sales36,700 bush. Milwaukee No. 2 at 2 00 a) 2 25. ihe latter for very good. Corn—heavy and 1 @2c lower; salos 66,800 LubIi; Mixed Western 1 18 @ 1 19 in sloro and afloat, closing at 118. Oals—dull and heavy ; sales 3,000 lmsh; Chicago Spring and Milwaukee hi a.63; Stale dip;; Delaware 62c; Camula, in bond, 53c. Beef—heavy; sales:’. 10 bbls; new plain mess 12 00® Is 00; new extra do, 17 00 @ 22 00. Total stork, old and new, Dee. 1, IRrtO, 22,933 packages; same dale lost month 10,8.11 packages; same dale last year 4o,7IR packages, Pork—heavy and drooping; sales 4,150 bhls.; also 1,750 bbls. new uieaa at 22 37] ^ 21 DU, ail January. Total slock, old and new, Dec. 1, 1800, 55,032 bhls.; same date lad month, 63,297 1.1,1s-; same date last year, 41,351 lihls.; old mess 21 25 ,ai 21 oil regular and c.ssli. closing at 21 37 cash; new mess at 22 DO ® 22 25; prime 19 50 @ 20 60. Lard—dull and lower; sales ot 370 bids, at 12 5 MY-. .Small lots at 13] (n) 14. Butler—.lull; sales Ohio at 15 n 30c; Stale at 30 o 38; Orango Oqiinty pails, 4.1 (a> 45. Whiskey—quiet. Rice—dull. Sugars—uuoliauge l; 8vies 200 Mills. Mu covado at 104 (co 114c. MolasseA—dull. Coffee—dull. Nava! Stores—dull; Spirits Turpentine, 73® 74c; Rosin at 4 50 @1000. Gils—heavy; linseed 1 40® 1 43; lard, Rperm and whale quiet. Petroleum-dull; sales KM bbls. crude at 21e; refin ed bonded 33 ® 34c. Tallow—quiet; sales 111,1100 II.R, at 111 @ 12c. Wool—steady with a bettor tmsmesN doing; ; sales 250,000 lbs. at -14 @ 60 li.r domestic fieecs; 42 ® 00 for pulled, 55]for tabbed, 20 for Lexus, mid 18 in gold for Camel’s hair. Freights to Liverpool—firm. Wheat Sbl, Oats Oil, Barley old. C'ominrrviul—Per ('able. Liverpool, Nov. 30, Noon. The Brokers* Circular reports the sales of cotton for the week at 73,000 hales. The sales to day have 10,000 bales. The market opens steadier at i-ld for Middling upland4. Tire Breadstuff's market Is unchanged. London, Nov. 29, Noon. Consols arc quoted at 80j| for money. American Securities.—The following are the quotations for American Securities: Erie Railroad Sliares k*. Illinois Central Railroad Sbarc9 77. Unit ed States 5-2rt*s 701. London, Nov. 80, Evening. Five-Twenties exhibited asu-adv appearance to day, though perhaps a little weak at the close. The owning rate was 70f, and closing at 70£ sellers, and 70 buyers, The money market was easy at 3j (aj 4.— American railway shares are stronger on Illinois and weaker on Erie. The former sold at 7?, and the latter at 454 @ 46. Account# from Liverpool advise a more steady feel ing in the cotton market and an increased business; sales to-day 10,000 bales, the market closing lirra at ltd for Middling uplands. At the Liverpool com market to-day all descriptions of breadstuff's arc slow of sale, and in Indian corn a decline of3d(tf6d per quarter was accepted. ^ ... Liverpool, Nov. 30 l lie cotton market is without quotable change. The market tor Breadstuff's is somewnat, and corn declin ed to 39s 6d for Mixe«t Western. Purk declining. m. , ‘ . , London, Nov. 30. The money market I3 qulot and steady. Consols for money often at 8J$. American securities, with the exception of 5-20 bomb, have declined since tiio last report. The fol lowing are the current rates: United States 5-20*8 70t. Illinois Central Railroad shares 76^. Erie Rail road shares 45 k. Liverpool, Dec. 1, Noon. The Cotton market opened steady with a prospective sale of 10,000 bales. Middling Orleans at 14|d. London, Dec. 1, Noon. American Securities—dull; the prices are as fol lows: Erie Railroad shares 40; Illinois Central Rail road shares 77; United States 5-20’s 70§. . Liverpool, Dec. 1, Evening. Cotton— sales to-day 10,nun bales, including 3.000 to an<* ®sf>orters, the market closing at 14d ibr Middling upland*. Breadstuff's very active. ,, , , . .., London, Dec. J, Evening. Consols closed this evening at 89} for monev Amebic an SECDRi,nib._Erie ftailroadShares4M. nihioia Centol Railroad Shares77. United states 5-20 B 70 f. At the close railway shires.were ouotod the ssmeas at the opening, but little business was done. United States 5-20’s advanced 4, closing at 7nL and with a fat* demand. Money is in demand. ' loa,air Berlin, Nov. l, Evening United States 5-20's closed at the same price as at opening. Hoafoii Slock Li»h Sates at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 1. American Gold. 14! . United States Coupon Sixes," tesi.’. i...!.. .!... 1134 United States 7 3-l0tb», 1st 4ries. m t‘ 2d series. U4| Unitod Stats * 5-20*, 1802??. . }jM “ 1864.:::;;;;. United States Ten-forties.. Maine State Sixes, 1878. 1Aft« Western Railroad. j■. Vermont Central 1st mortgage bonds. I Sola-al Auction. | Pa tern Railroad. |n Laconia Manufacturing Company.i 1223 Hill Manufacturing Company. 223 ! Androscoggin Mils. 221 ' Bates Man 11 foci uring < 'em pan v. 155 j Pepperoll Manu:afU;r,ng Company. 11824 Massachusetts State Sixes,. lio' Rhode Island State Sixes. 100 New Hampshire State Sixes,. 194 Bath City Sixes, 1891. 95 MARRIED. tfovr 2''. b> R«v. W. N liicbar.ison. rife i> *"•'Miss Hen: In North Yarmouth, Nov. 29 hvftev p t nr<i ot Norway. ’ .InPl'IpxbnrJ, Nov. 2«, Wm. Davis anil Miss Eu nice E. Ham lion. In Lewiston, Nov. 26, John D. Hioimxon ami Wa ry A. Illo-jlns, both ol Lisbon. In Haris Nov. 13, Charles Voung, Jr., of Ore-n wood, and Mrs. Clarissa S. Howe, ol P. DIED*. In Topsham, Xpv, S9. Mr. Wil iam lttewer. lor.n flrlv of Portland, aged 85 jears 7 roontpB* 8 in Oxford, Nav. IP Mrs- Susan B. Clark, widow of the late Dea. lioval Clark, adetl 75 vea'h. in JJixtiold, Oo . 23, Mr. George L. ban nil rs, aged 3Vn WiseaSBet, Nov. 25. alter a long and painlul ill ness. iter. Ablel Wood, aged 59 years l) months. In Bootbbay Nov. 24, Mrs. Eliza, wife oJ Samuel Funner, aged 4<> years. In Lewiston, Nov. 18. Mr. William Brooks, aged 89 years 11 months. DISPART DUE OF OCE&A STEAMEHS NAME FROM FOR DATE. Hibernian.Portland.. ..Liverpool.Doc 1 ( itv Washington. ..Now York. .Livcrdool.Dee 1 Hibernia.Now Yolk. .Glasgow.Dec 1 Bremen.Now York.. Bremen..... .Deo 1 Fali-kee.New York..Si Jago..l>cc 1 Ocean Queen.New York. .California.Dec 1 Corsica.New York. .Havana.Dec 3 Africa.Boston.Liverpool.Dec 5 City o Dublin.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 5 Columbia.New York..Havana._.Dec i» Belgian.Portland.... Liverpool.Dec s City of Laid more.. New York. .Liverpool.Dec 8 Manhattan.Now York. .Hav<& VCruz.Dec 10 Henry Chaunoey. .New York.. Aspinpail.Dec 11 Moro Castle*.New York. .Havana.Dec 13 Miaialure Almanac.December 3* Sun rL-es. 7.11 Sun sets.4.2$ Moon rises. . 3.38 AM 1 High water,.8.45 AM marine news PORT or P O R T IiAXl). Saturday, December 1. ARRIVED. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, St John via Eastport for Boston. Brig Wenonali, York, Philadelphia. Brig Sarah (new )C joints. of and from Brunswick Sch Olivo Elizalx-tli. Hamil on, Bosion. Sch Walter C Hall, Prcasey, Rockland. CLEARED. Steamship Hibernian, (Br) Dutton, Liverpool — H <& A AMan. Steamer CliesaiieaJtc, Johnson, New York—Emery & Fox. Ship Majestic, (new, of Portland, 1171 tons,) JS Lucas, New York—E Churchill & Co. Sch Dobonaire, (Br) McNeal, St John, NB—John Porteous. Sch Monitor, (Br) Cunn, Yarmouth, NS—John Pi rteons. Sch E A Conant, Foss, Phila lolphia—M B Nicker son. Sell Shawm ut, Ricker, Bostou. Sch Jerusha Baker, Bai bcrick, Boston—George A New hall. Sch Mariel, Gllpatrlek, Brighton—C S Clark. SAILED—Sh ps Majestic, and China; barque De vonshire; brigs George VV Chase, Eudnras, Antilles, Mary J Goddard, and Sarah; schs Leesburg, Moses Waring, E A Conant, and others. A1-jo sailed, steamer Hibernian. The new luig Agonora, which cleared 28th lor Havana, was cleared by E G 1-fight, (be.ore errone ously reported.) Launched—At Belfast 23d lost, from the yara of White & McGilvery, a barque of about 700 tons, not yet mimed. Sbe is owned by the builders and oth ers, and is to be commanded by Capt W G Vcazie, of Be! last. At Bcliast 24lb, by S A llowes & Co, a sebr ol 96 tons, named “da bin,” intended f r trade in Hie Guh c I Mexico. Sim is owned by the buildeis and is to lie commanded by Capt Edw Thompson. At Machias 21st, by John Shaw, a brig of 391 tons, not yel named, owned by E Longfellow & Son, and Capt Obed Pettygrove, who 1s to*eo)uiuand her. She will load lor Cuba. At Maeliias 24fcb, by J L Nash, a schr of 190 tons, named • Sabao,” owned by J F Hannon, P E Don worth, and others. At East Machias 22d, Ironi the yard of J M Wis well & Co, a brig • 1 310 tons, named Kos.uk, owned by C H Talbot, and others, and to bo comman -ed by Capt Win Elliot, lute of schr Koret. At Kastnoit 20th, (ram McBride’s yard, a sclir of 2'»0 tons, owned in Eastport and to tie commanded by Capt Jaa Hilton. DOMESTIC POUTS. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 23d, ship Tims Mar ward, Str ckland, Philadelphia; barque Emma 0 Lilebfteld, Crockett, New York. C'la 2-d, ship Molocka, Norton, Liverpool; barque Flora Southard, McIntyre, Boston Old 27th, ship Polar Star, Wesfc^ioston. Ships John Sidney, from Liverpool, amPSorento, from Havre, are at the Bar. wtg steam. SAVANNAH—Old 26th. barque Dirigo, Blnir, for New York. Ar 441 li, sch Charlot'e Fish, Strong, New York, (to load lor do). At 29th,Belie Ira Bliss, Bragg,fm Boston; Alfred Keene, Robinson, Philadelphia; J Crooker, Lowe, Wiscaasot. CH AKiJSSXON—Ar 25th, brig Maria Wheeler, Wheeler. New York; sch Mattie K T.iber, Morris, New York. Below z4lii, ship Nunquam Dormio, from NYork. WILMINGTON—Ar 27th, brig R.miner, Crabtree, Nw York. BALTIMORE Ar 28th, Marietta. Hall, Bel fast; Yankee Maid, Thomas, Bangor. Ar 3otb, slup B S Kimball, Deaiaxvrn, Callao. Cld 30tli, sch Elizabeth Arcula ins, Jackson, to; Boston. l IJili YUt Liln 1A—AT Zotll, SCU AudlC KyGlSOn. Houghton, Calais. NEW YORK—Ar 28'. li, whs EG Sawyer, Keene. Jacksonvi'lo; S II Gibs n, Bartlett, Kondout for Boston« Ar 2i»th, barque Josephine Mai tin. (vie ) FleUctt, Mi! (bridge. Ar 30fch, shin Paelolus, Toby, Call m: barque Mer l-iuiar. Snow, Galveston; biig Pedro, Wallace, -lack souville; sobs Planet, Perrv, Tliomaston; Gettys burg, Smith, Busion tor idiiladelpl.iH. Clu 30lli,ships Melrose, Nichols, Hong Kong; Shr lev, Mullen, San Francisco; Comidcnce, Joluis.on. Charlestou; Suulieam, dor can, Buenos A.wvs; br;g Ellen Bi-ruajd, Burgess, New Oilcan ;; s li Lizzie L Taplev, ./ones, Charleston. PROVIDENCE—Ar 29tli, pc s F A Pike, Cove, Calais; Yankee Blade, coombs. Bangor; 30th, Port© Rico, Wentworth, Fa’l River, to winter. Ar 30th, sell Mary E Pearson, Veazle, Bangoi. APPONACG—Ar 2t*th, sell Sea Breeze. Coombs. Bangor. NEWPORT— Ar 28th, scIib Tims Mix, Perry, and Billow. Pierce, Rockland lor New York; .1 B Litch field, Pillsbury, do for do; Savuh A; Julia, Perrv; Cerro Gordo, llotlgdon; Silver Lake, Matihews, and Jeddic. Fanning. Bangor for do; Jfattie Ross, Po land, un Portland tor Philadelphia : Mac a Roxana, Palmer, Bangor for New Jlaven: Grape Shot, Dun bar, tin Bucksj-ort for Washington ; Ida F Wheeler, Dyer, Portia d for Philadelphia ; Carrie A Clark. Wormwood, Kennehunlc tor do; Shooting Star, Cole, fm Calais; Wm McCobb, Chipmart, Bangor; Ame ia! Elcrns, Dockland. Ar 23th, brig Nelli? Gay, (new) Gav, Millbridgc or New York ; schs Billow, Cousins, Baii-or lor do; 1. a L Howard. JMcDullie, Portland lor do; Uobt Kantou) Jr, Ames, Rockland lor do; Aggiiora* Means, Ells worth for do; White Sea, Jon.s, tm Vinalliaven lor Philadelphia; Elizabeth Cowell, Snntli, Bangor for Middletown. Returned. soli B S Young, E K Brea-vr, Emily Fowler, Reliance. Bengal. tbegon, Maria LunL an i Sea Bird. FALL RIVER—Ar 281 h, Helm Willie Lee, Nash, and Laconia, Wilson, Rockland; Olive Avery, Willis, Lincolnv lie. Ar 29th, soli Oliver An.es. French, Georgetown. NEW BEDFORD — Ar 2'-th, cell Eliza Frances, Sawyer, P-nUunu. HOLMES* HOLE—Ar 28th, sobs OiienSea,Coombs, and Rockingham. Wym n, r.ang..r lor New York; Marshall Perrin. Gibbs, do for do. Ar 29th, sells N E Clark, dark, Phdadc’p ia lor l.o ton; (le. W Glover, Holbrook, Eaton’? Neck for Ho. K English, Sipple, Pittston lor 1 ‘rovidcnce. BOSTON—Ar 1st lust, baique Trovatoie, Morton, (jjrand Turk. ’ Below, ship Avalanche, from Calcutta; bri* Pro toous, from Baltimore. Cld 1st, barque R A Allen, Tail, for New frfean?; brig John Freeman, Bake , Savannah; sells Saiali B Ilaivifi, \Y ilson, Deer Isle; Nellie C Paine, Domic. Por i land. * DAN\ EUS—Ar 27th, sells E'izubcth, Mtivch, Ells w l th; Andes, Linne 1, Boston. GLOUCESTER-Ar 27th, sebs Hattie, Cutter, and Georg a, Gilchr sL, Belfast for Boston; Democrat, Suilivau, Calais for do: Georgia, Alley, Ellcwnrlli for do; MorningSiar, Waldron, and 7, me, Xiekertou, Hampden fordo; Gov Arnold. Perrv, Harrington lor do; Midas, Rotnick. tm MtDusertdo: Governor, Dunbar. Deer Isle for do. Ar 28th, schs Deora, Ingalls. Machia.s tor N York IYrcy, Maliliuan, Eastport for do. BANGOR -Cld '.'8th, barque Witch, Loud, for Me» : ina; br.g Nellie < Hftord (new) Litiletield, Philadel phia; sch Rienzi, Crockett, Portland. Cld 33th, brigs R S Hassell, Staples, for Havana: Xigretta, Stowers, Key West. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Calcutta, (no dale) a1.ip Montana. Moore. Liverpool, 85 days. At Loando Sept 30, barque Ionic,Woodbury, from Di ston, ar 17th, unc. Sid fin Leghorn (ith inst, ship Sardis, Scott, for in ew Y oi k. , * ‘ A*Palermo 29th ult, barnne Ortons, Pelteneill, Cagliari: 1st, brig Neponsct, Tracy, ttahgor. s Old Kth, bar.iue Caro. Beals, Philadelphia. t.1 n1' f J"®*™ }** bri8 John Welch, Fifiekl, r-hHadidpliin. 2'st, brig Ki.itli, Oli.er, New York; 23d, ship Nortk American, West, Baltimore lor San Francisco. t Jd 21st, brig Fiances Jane, Non is. Baltimore. Arat Bat badges Oet 31st, brigs .Y Horta, Horn G_orfletowu. S(,; Nov 4th, Ida Abbott, Jordan, do; 5th. Almon li -well, Fcrnandina, Arat St Thomas Nov fi, ship Sorrento, Wilson, Havre for New Orleans, (and proceeded.) Ar a! Ponce, PR, 21st „u brig Mariposa, Nash, Aiacniss. Ar at Trin dad 17th in.31, brig Montrose. Foterson, Cieufuegos. ’ Arat St John, NB, 23d inst, sch Martha, Dale, Portland. ’ SPOKEN. Nov 3. lat 6 56, Ion 4? 04, steamer Idaho, trom Bath for San Francisco. Nov 20, lat 40 5<i, Ion C7 13, ship Resolute, tm New York tor Liverpool. Nov 22, lat 30 08, Ion 17 42, barque Jennie Cobb, trom New Orleans for Providence. No dii-e, lat 42 5 N, 1 »n 62 5 VV, barque “Eva,** (ot Yarmouth) trom Liverpool lor Boston, 53 days out. All . Notice. inJMi!!!i<ins‘are hereby cautioned against harbor eian^nn««?!i?IKanyofthb cr?'v of the. Norwe not be roll*,n« Cf Ur 01<i t,H‘*the Master or Agents will drcldlw* fnr any ,leb'* of'their contracting. _ _ O. C. HOIST.. Furnished House to £et. A Two Story HOUSE, centrally located neatly x\ furnished, and well provided will water, fbrnace gaa, &?. For foTO apply at the “ Press office.” no."7 dlw* Ho to Adams A Purinton’s L^Olt your House-fumishing Goods of all kinds Caild,,‘eting9, and ail kinds of’CrfKJkerv, Glass. Tin! iti2?ei«£art*lcni a,‘d Wooden Ware, l'apcr Hang ing», Window Shades*, &c, &c. no23dBm For Baltimore. • * ™2^*ckct Sch- WILLIAM ARTHUR, ot hor^oai-^i^.5’ "i!1 *aU aM above, having part to iffis a0NICKKEuSor&iSNPI,,y nov'-’Tdlw No. 103 Commercial street, up-stairs. Satie Wanted. A GOOD second-hand one. Size at least 10 hv 17 on the bottom, iiiHide. Price low. Address y WORTHLIT BROS. Brunswick November 26. dlw ’ K* Spruce Flooring Hoards. A Quantity of well-seasoned, cloar Spruce FLOOR ING BOARDS, in feet lung, six inches wide tor sale by HENRY BULLARD, nov 27 dim Smith's Wharf. miCGUAKEOl'Sf . EBSfiSfi * 1 he wonderful progress ol medical Scl ~~3&j Si ^tmce during the j>a#t six years, only makes Bey BJLw , edible for the conscientious J'Uyticiau H? declare, now (hat, Can# can my is as Ey MSI |-|{r.vixi.v « i kudus TnlemlntCiU Fever, &gjg^J^Juul asc kkt ajnia pkey^cntei^ as ,Smat 0,4‘ KING’S Pit El*A R ED PRESCRIPTION. |Maj>k ikuM TUK fjutauuimuX or lii v.f iiAS K. Ktxo.M.U. U L. ]>., &c.] is confidently prevailed to the public far the Preven tion and cure nl CONSUMPSM O X. {in the most advanced sta.es,) lor the radical Cure oi ASTIIM A, BRONCHITIS. CATARRH, and all infectious ut t e THROAT and AIR PASSAGES: for Ot iieral mid Special derange ments of the NERVOUS SYSTEM: and for all Func tional Disorders or the Stomach and Bowels. It immediately increases tbb strength and dec liens the color of the pale blood. It subdues ilie Chills and Fever, and diminishes the Expectoration. It checks the Night Sweats always in from seven to . fourteen days. The appetite i. at once invigorated, and (be pa.ient rapidly gains ilcsli; the cough and the difficult breathing are s,ecdfly relieved, the steep becomes calm and refreshing: the evacuations regular and uniform. A Eli THE GENERAL SYMP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASTON ISHING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should bo used in every case where the Physician commonly prescribes “Tonics, Iron, Acids, Bark. Quinine, Cod Liver Oil, Whiskey, &c. Ana in every case, by whatever name kn iwu, in which t'.ere is exli bited any one or more ol the following 8 Y Mr T O 31 8 : Difficul or Irregular Breathing, Loss of breath, Cough, Wasting of Flesh, Bleeding from the Lungs, Loss ot Strength, Lossof Appetite, Gen ral Debility, Night Sweats, Flying Pains through the Shoulders, islic.-t, Face or limbs, Nervous Headache, Nervous •Prostration, Giddiness or Dizziness, Excessive pale ness, Sore Throat, Drowsiness, Sleeplessness, Sour Stomach, Heart-Burn, Oppression or sinking ot the Stomach helm o or alter eating. Komi: taut Fever. Ac. and especially in all Female Disorder or Uterine Ir regularities, such as Difficult, Pam ml, Suppressed, Scanty, Excessive, Delayed, Pnmature or too Fre quent Menstrual ion. MtuteiurailN (You Patient*. “Your Prescription saved my daughter's life, and has saved me hundreds of dollars.*—lti .v.E Hlm I riiKKYS.Rcmden N. Y. “We bless God tor the benefit we have received from your Prepared Prescrip ion. '—Re\. P. Piere cuiN Blosseburg, Penn. “Every one to whom l have recommended i has been beneiitted much by Its use.*’—Rev. C.D. Jones. Racine, Win. Bible House. Aston Place, N. Y.»—In the early part of February, 1M>5, J was suitering iroui a viol out cough, (or which 1 had been treated, during the six months previous without any bene til. I bail Sight .S’tf'cats which completely prostrated me. In the cvcuing, hoarseness would come on, which would prevent me from speaking above a whisper i had then bad two attacks ol hemorrhage frum the Lungs. My family ph> sic.an assured me lie could do more forme, yeti was growing ia idly woise. and had been compelled to leave business for nearly two montlig. All my symptomsindie itcl. unmistakably, the preyen e of CONSUMPTION. In the be:innhig of February Mr. Henry Fisher 'i'eeaturer o/‘ ihe America* Bible Socfrfg, pre eulod me with a botlic ol the Prepared Proscription. In a few days my appetite which 1 hadeutirely lost, returned: within aweok iny cough almost loll m ; and in less Oian two weeks the Nighl Stvcalv were broken up. Thenceforward t regained strength rapidly, and am now regularly at «nding to my duties as «lerk u> the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, in whose employ ment 1 have been nine years. 1 am now enjoying good health Your PRESCRIPTION effected a ciue when my fr iends despaired of m»- recovery. THOS. J CONGER. "I have had NMivai s mt SrisMonio Asthma, ior eleven years. During i he last six years J have never had an uninterrupted nights rest. It alien seemed to me that I would die before i could get air into my lungs, i was ha gard and spiritless, and gull red so greatly from shortn. ss of breath’ that l was compelled to take Irequcntresta in walking fr om my residence to my place ol business. ••The night before 1 obtained the ‘PREPARED PRESCRIPT' )N,’ was the worst I ever passed. < m obtaining the remedy, 1 took a teaspoont'ul at noon and again at night, aud slept all night without wak ing. 1 have NOT H.VE A BKOKICN Nil! m’s REST SfNCK. * * * * x I no longer look •haggard,’ have gained in strength and spirits and am not at all alllicted with‘shortness of Dre.dli.’ I shall be glad to have any one alllictod with Aslhlha call and see me. “EZRA C. DAHGDON, Ho. 331 Fourth, St., H. V. Tne '‘PRKi1 AltEi) PRESCRIPTION" is put up in n *1 battle, ana is sold by VV. F. 1'uji.Eii s, l'o t land, Wholesale Agent. Sold at Retail by erery Druggist in Maine—iiruggists Generally. Orders may be ad .rersed to I he Bole Proprietors, OSCAR G. ARISES <Sfc CO., 27 COBTLANHT STREET, N. Y., Consultation Free. circulars c -.r,tat mg eartiou eabs of many CASKS succcsrilully treated, wUl be sent free by mail. .1 line ts cod ft eow Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF IIIIDh, CARD, & JOB IWIffill, Exeouwd with NeUiiess and Eespatoli. Ha sing completely refhinlshe.l our office since fchc Great Fire, with all kinlu of New Material, PreeHC1, &Q.t wo are prepared on the short est j>of aiblo notice to accommodate our tViciui. aiiJ tl*c public with I rosters, Programme^ G»l I.L-HEADS, «T1K’ULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every description o( Mercantile I^riirting-. We have superior facilities for tue execution ot B OOK 8, PAM PH LET 8, Catalogues, &.c„, Which tor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed. kir* Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Pi*e%s Job Oiiice 179'Commercial St., Portland, N. A. POST MR, Proprietor. J. & C J. BABBOUB, Manufacturers nud Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, rORTI.ANW, ME. I,nilies’ and Misses’ Serge nuil Calf Boats. Men’s Fine Fair ami 'Thick Bools. Boys’, Youths’ anil Children’* Bools nud Nhopi, Bnbbrr Boot- nnd Plus's of nil kinds. OAK AND IIKMLtM K BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOIASSES BOSE, EFTOTNE ROW LUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothing, Rubber Hose. JOHN UAItBOIIH. C. ,T. BAUBOtm. F.. B. BAUBOrji. BOWS ,ilf Men’s Grloves At 293 Congress St., Morton Block, Charles Cnstis & Co. fled—d3t I HAVE FOUND The place to buy Whips anil Cigars, cheap at whole sale and retail. I LEE & STEBBINS, 360 Congress Street, Ih the place. THEY IYAKKANT all goods as represented. Don’t forget the pHee. Sign ol the Indian Queen. n >,#eptl8il3tu The Portland Glass Company Arc prepared to furnish Rich Cut Vinner and Tea Sets! And all hinds of Cut Ware suitable for the HOLI DAYS; also GAS SHADES of various patterns.— Samples maybe seen at their Manufactory. nolTdlm MRS. CORBY'S BONNET ROOMS, will be foun i at No. 4 Cotton, near Free street, where she otters the b-tl mcc ol her stock, at very low prices. Those owing bills, will eojaf r a favor by calling and settling the same. sepHeodtt' Special Notice. ANY business man or concern wanting the services of a young man of good character, ability and address, willing to work, will please address COWAN, Box 2121 Portend P. O. _ Ample Reference. no&Miw For Sale, E-Sixtcenth and one thirty-second of two fine ocnooners of about 280 cons. One new and one tnree yoars old. Inquire of i . SA-V.PSON & CONANT, _decinlw No 1ft and 20 Commercial Wharf. Miss Newton, formerly on Middle Street,) 1" ho* ~0 Adam*. Wired,— where Bhe would be pleased (o see her old customers as well as new ones. nov 29 ,ilw# Store to Lei OU LIABLE for a Fam-y Goods nr light Stationery U5 business. Inquire ot J. J. \7. REEVES, nolOdtl No. 9 Green St. WANTED. Paflner Wanted. A PARTNER ie wanted by a man lii the retail Provision and Grocery business with a capital ot Twelve or Fifteen Hundred Dollars,in a first rate lo cation, and good business. It is a rare chance for a man who wishes to gttinto the hu«Sness. Apply at tin Press Office. deebtff 50 QiA^JUS WANTED Kennebec Street, - - - - toot ot Cedar Street. HtJIE work is light, being.principally making small X boxes and packing matches; much of which can be done by girl - as young as fourteen years of age. None but neat, orderly girls are wanted. Apply at the office. decl—lw $3000 to $4000 WANTED tor two or three years, for which a good bonus will be paid, and security given on real estate worth $10,000. Apply Immediately to WM. H. .TERRIS, Real Estate Agent. uov28dlw $4,000 Wanted! Three or four thousand dollars tor two or three years for which the JBcwt mf Se curity will be given, and interest paid at the rate of nine per cent per annum. Address Box 20*8 Portland, P. O., or W. II. JERKIS, Real Estate Agent. Nov 28dlw* Owner Wanted J,X)R a Copying Press left, at my store night of July 1 4th. * E. COREY. nov27dtf Elm Tree Wanted ! SEALED proposals to furnish an IslblVE TREK, O will be received at the oflice of the Secretary of tli© School Committee, Market Hall, until December 15th, 1800, noon. Said Tree to be not less than ten, ftor more than fif teen inches in diameter at the but, and of good pro portions; to be delivered on the High School lot, Cumberland Street, early next Spring. For the “ Committee on Memorial Tree” LEWIS B. SMITH. Portland, Nov. 20.18Cfl. deed fit Flour Barrels Wanted. V\TK will pay 30 cents each for first elan* Hour ir Barrels suitable f.c suifar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl.kiU' 1301'omncrcial street. -;---,--—-■«-■— Wanted. 4 / \ BUSIIBLS good I’nmj.kiu Seeds bv 1UU KENDALL & WHIiNliY. Nov 13—dlu* Afjents Wait ted. FOR the Gold jVIt'clnl v'U iiir MiiehlMn, In every City and Counts iu the Union. The least complicated two- hrea i machine iu the world. Address A. F. JOHNSON & CO. Nov. fi imd 334 Washington St. Boston, Ma^a, -p-— • Wanted Immediately. ~4 Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish 4-v_4v_/ Girls to do housework, cook, <rC., in pri vate families and hotels iu this city and country, Si. nations sure. The best wages paid. A-so 50 Girls i . work in Factories. Farmers and others warning pien for any work, will do well to call »»h us, a.-- we will an . .ply them free <i( charge. Address nr apply al the General Agencv E replevin. lit Office, 3514 • ’engross Street, up stairs. COX & POWABS. , sept-'Idti ^ late Wpi'lQE'f &L CO. . Af/enfft Wanted! FOR FRANK AlOORF’fl “ Women of the War WOlil.'ERFUiLY iQi’ULAti.! SO popular has it already become, (not on6,momU yet since its lirrifc issue) fftat Iruimrcds or people . are writing for it from all sections of the country. From one City alone,T7-A i*ersons have written for this Work,—could not wait for Agents. Four of Adams’ large size Presses are running on this Book, and the demand exceeds our supply. Ex perience* 1 Agents and others, who possess intelli gence, energy, ami perseverance, and want Profita ble Employment, will find fry engaging in the sale of this Book, all they desire. Many now in the field are meeting with astonishing success. For Will particulars i4nd for circular. , C. A. CHAPIN, Room 9, 2.1 # Free Street, Portland. nov 13 d&wlf Agents Wanted! To canvass for the cheapest and the best selling book in the country. llGADLkt'» HISTORY of Tins a m: a r Jt hr ell/cm / Two volumes complete in one. 1200 Royal Octavo Pages, sold for Five Dollars. Gnsf**Many agent* arc making from $50 to #100 iM*r week cativat.Sljig for this Wbrk.jt 8«fid by su^Wtription only. Sole and exclusive rights given of uncanvassed ter ritory with liberal commissions. For circulars and terms applv to or address J.^ATfFfr ATT Cl, , Bock Box 1722. No 2334 (Emigres* St., near CitfvTlall, Portland, Maine. no21d3w LOST AND FOUND. I‘illicit rip Adrift. *• 1 BOA'!1 which the owner can have by paying sal .rV vage an*l expenses. Address, No. 80 Washington street, decld3t ■ Portland, Me. au a—wmbmm a a—emu——■—I rr ■ —■mu -•* ---- HOARD AND KOOm » - J> >- —£- — Hoard. \ PLEASANT Room, with board, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, at No 50 Clark street. .. noLMdtf TO LET. WITHOUT Board, a I'lrasmt front room furu iabed, in tbe Western part of the City, to one or two singlo gentlemen. Address Box 42‘i’ost Of fice, Portland. nor 16 tt» IMPORTANT io LUMBERMEN -AND Owners of Hemlock Lauds! H'HK AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT A TANNING COMPAN Y, of Now York, own the exclusive right in the United States for the manufac ture of an imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes. This Bark Extiact is now extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand lor it rapidly increasing. It commands a ready sale in the Boston, Now York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. The appliances for manufacture ore simple and not expensive, costing but little more than the ordinary leaches used byTan ners. By this process, two cords of Bark may be re duced so as to concentrate the entire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring itstanuing qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight alone, between the transportation of Lb© Extract and the bark, will range from six to eight dollar* per cord, so that any one who may get out but three hundred cords of bark per year, may save from two -thousand to twenty-five hundred dollars in the difference in freight. The Company does not propose to sell Territorial rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to manufac ture in certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount manufactured. The Company will send competent men to superin tend the construction of the works, where parties de sire to enter into tho business, and to instruct in the manufacture of the Extract. As a guarantee of success to parties entering into this business, the Company will contract to take nil the Extract manufactured under their process at fifty cents per gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. Pa rties in New England desiring further informa tion as to terms, Ac., maj eall upon or address Mr. Thoaias W. Johnson, General Agout of the Com pany,at the Arnci iyan House in Boston, where mod els of the apparatus may he seen, nov 18 d3m S. H. KENNEDY, Pros’t. ESCAPED FROM JAIL ! $300 HEWAItD ! Escaped from the Portland Jajl, on the night of (be 19th, the following described persons:— HAJHIJKI* VUUIdfc. 27years of age, 5 fed 8 inches high, dark complexion, black curly hair chin whiskers. 'Had a brown broadcloth coat grey pants and vest and round, top hat. ’ * FREDERICK 111011.4 RDM, about 5 feet 9 inches high, of medium build, slightly stooping shoulders, had on gray' sack coat, black vest ana pan is and brown neck-tie. lie wore a silk beaver hat.

ORARf<E8 BUAIIVAROj about 22 years old, six feet high, dark complexion, one eyo sightless and has a heavy swinging gait, of powerful and wirv boUd. He wore a coat originally dark blue, but now faded to 11 dull brown; pants and vest dark mixed new shoes wig* brass buckles, and an imitation Scotch cap, MEI.VIA KKNNIS I ON, about 6 loot 8) ■ Ililhcfl lilgli, pretty Btont. build, .lark complexion: with heavy au<l rather sunken black eyes, and thin moustache. Wore short dark co.it, pants and vest dark, white bosom shirt, with scarlet neck-tie, and black cloth cap. ’ . The above prisoners escaped last night about 1 -0 CJOCK, 1 offer the following revvartb For (heirapprehension or such lntumratinn as Bhall iSnsilre their arrest:— . For FREDERICK RICHARDS.SRlO “ samuel.nevit.de.. ion “ QHAlUJia DRAINARD. 60 MKLVTNKENN1STON. 60 «E«mSE W. l'ABKEB, Sheriff and Jailor Portland, Nov. 20, 18G6. nov21d4w v/.'/v;/.' rriver eon u s i». 11. (. imv\ > has removed to 29 Free Street, over J. R. Corey * Co., Where lie lias opened a splendid stock uf Millinery & Fancy Goods and having bought them at Auction in New York will sell oorres|Kimiingly low. D. M. C. Dunn. sopnatt Notice. ri-Ut E undersigned offer ilieir services lo the pub 1 Ue »s Real Estate Agents. All persons desir ing lo buy, Bull or lease property, arc requested to call at our office 315 Congress street up flairs All Im In ess entrusted to our care shall hmi c nron’ii.t at tention. HANSON A-fthW, *'■ Hanson, augST-dtt M. O. Dow. IWrMAMli Abstract ,f th. Auul •tatMueMl or ■* 9 *■ The Phoenix Insurance Company, OF llAEiFOlM), CONN., On Ihr InI Ua> of IV.vembfr, IN61i, W THE STATS OK MAINK. 4«»f l«i Cash on hand and in Bank.s.$42,968.57 Cash in hands of, and due train Agents,.120,669.75 Loan* on Beal Estate,... .125,000.00 Loans on Keal aiud Personal Security. 24,890.00 United Slates Seenrilies.'.141,017.50 New York Bank Stocks,. 88,025.00 Hartford Bank Stocks,.160,975.00 Ollier Bank-Brocks,. 50,260.00 Bonds—Stale, Oily and M ater,.292*250.00 Accumulated Interest. 4,027.33 Total Asset*. *1,061,273.15 Amount of Premium Notea,.Noue. Total Amount of Liabilities,.$09,505.97 WJU. B. CLARK, Sec’y. HENRY KELLOGG, President. A. W. JILLSON, Vice-President. W. I>. LITTLE*"* CO., Agents, 70 t’OtltlKKlm. 8TBBRT. Novomber 19, I860, d3w Marine lusnranee —ox— Ships, Barques, Jiriqs ami Sehooners! —BY— Ocean Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance t'omp'y, NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capital, $580,161,17 No extra charge for Cargoes Grain in Bulk, Coal, Salt, Iron, Copper Oro. Marble or Slate coastwise. We riiall he pleased to iecure a share 01 public patronage. Office I MO Fore Street, Portland. ft- n. MUNOiSR <£ SON. oci6.eoi!3m n‘ SPECIAL, NOTICK —OF-- ■ * JL^ifo IiuMimnoe! HAVING been appointed Genrral AeenM lor Maine of thu old New England Mutual Life Ins. Co., Of Boston, Mass., layng the oldest purely Mutual Lite Ins. Co. in America, we wish lilty good, active agents to work in the uiflorent cities and villages throughout the State, None need apply unless good reference can be give. The Co. is J3 years old and lias paid in Dividends $1,2*7,000 00 and over $^,000,000 00 in loss es by death. It has now a wcll-invested accumulated Capital of over $ 1,000,000 00. 'JTio Co. formerly made and paid its dividends once in five years. A Divi dend will be made up In Nov. IHGC, and annually thereat ter, and available one year from dale of Poli cy. Applications lor local Agencios will be made to KUFU.S SMALL & SON, Geu'l Agents, a no21il3m _ Biddelbrd, Me. ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Oompany. 61 WuU St, cor. IVMiliwi/NJSW YORK, January, 1S66. Insures AIabinr aud Inland Navi « if. !fl W. M gation Kisks, The whole pvolite ol tlie Company revert to the Assured, and are du eled uinnay, Ujx n the Premi ums terminated during ,he year; and lor which C’er tilicates aie issued, hearing interest until redeemed. The Dividend wax 10 per cent. 1c each ol the rears 1S63-4, and 5, and 311 per cent, in 1K66. The_ Company has A axels. Over Twelve Alii I lou Oollurs.vi*:— United States amT-Stateof Now-York S;ock3,Citv, Bank and other Stocks, S4.S28.6S6 Loaussecnred by Stocks and otherwise, B-BBoIbco PremiunvNotcs and Bills Receivable, Real Estate. Bond and Mortgages and olher se , „ ., 3,650,025 United Sta.es Gold Coin, 80,460 Cash In Bank 310,560 *12,199,970 TRUSTEES: John D. Jones, Wui. Sturgis Charies Dennis, Henry 1C. Bo’gei t, ** . H. H. Moore, Joshua J. Henry, Henry Cort, Dennis i'orkins,' V\ m. C. Pickeisg.il, Jos. (iallard, Jr.. J. Henry Burgv. Ghas. it. Russell. Cornelias Grinn'all,.* Lowell Holbrook; C. A Hand, ■" K« WMT6U W eston, B. J, HowIsm Royal Phelps Bcnj. Halicock,’ Caleb Bar stow, ITfctchnr Wostrav. . B'*bt. B. Minturii, ,Tr, Wio. SL ljbdgfc, •: • | . Gordon W. Burnfoim, • Geo. G. Hobson, Frcd’k Chauncev. David Laue, James Low, James Bryce, Geo. S. Stephenson, Leroy M. Wiley, Win. II. Webb Daniel 3. Miller, John d. Jones,President. Cwabi.es Hen si». Vb e-Preaidfcutl W■ H. H. Moore, 2i| Vicc-Profrt. J. D. Hewlett, 3d Vice-Prtst. J. H. Chapman,Secretary. r Application* tor Insurance with tin above nemed Company received and forwarded by Joint "IV. Itltingcr, 1.11 „ C'eirespsinlcul. aplialniC‘oa9iu.4 wGw .REMOVAL. Sparrow’s Insurance Office in this flay removed ft om No. 80 Commercial Street, to tlie new and commodious rooms NO. 66 EXOHANOKSTaKl lT, IK TDE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he is now prepared to place insurance, in all its forms, ahd for any amount, in com panics second to no others on the globef and on the most favorable terms. 55T* Parties preferring first class insurance. arares pcctfuUy invited to call. November 5,1866. dtf MUTUAIj BENEFIT LIRE INSURA St E CO. The numerous Tolicy holders in this popular Company, and the public generally, are informed that its office is now established at No. 80 Commer cial street, in Tiionia.;’ Gluck. . . WAUUFeN SPAR how, Ju* ^ State Agent. k,III.IC ■iitiuiauie Coin pn n j, ot Now Ymk Gity. ♦ asli Capital..$»H) 000 Surplus,....".-*7ojeou Total Cash Assets.;. .. 575,0011 » .’V’lie loss V>y Oorupiaaiy In the Portland tiro 10 ahonl $118,000, or about ojru I tMil OF ITS PCHPLUS. All claimants lor loss by the recent fire, who have not already received their mom y, are invited tc hand in their pioots witlicut delay. Those wl-lihor insurance in a Company, First Cuss, in every re spect, at Mur iah>s, are invited to call at nv otticc No. 80Comineicinl street, Thonias Block. Jy»_ yyAl.ICCdffPAlir.OW, Agent. Ls- T»o...bl«), General Insurance Broker, • would nilorni his many friends and the pubic generally that he isptepar a 1., continue the Insm anoe l.usnncs as a Broker, and canplaeo Fire, Bite and Marine Insurance to any extent In the best Cdm p Dwi in the Buited States. All business entrusted to.my c re shal. be fa'tlifu ly attended to. Oliice at C. 11. Klee’s Paper Store, No. 1S3 Fore St where orders can be lelt. jullttf ’ V1XELAXJ). FA|“.Y„.^".* R1*,£ VANl»lg,iu a udld and ehmate. Thirty n.Ues row* of Phil adelph a, by Kailroad, iu New dewy, on tbo same line ol latitude as Baltimore, ,\ld. Tbe soil isricli and productive, varying from a eKv to a sandy loa . . suitable tor wheat, Grass, Co.r Tobacco, I-rdil and Vegetables. I his is a nr cat ,V ii Cbutiny. Five hundred Vineyards and' Orchards have been plan lei Ilovt by • xperienced ftnit growers Grapes. Peaches, Poai I &•<•„ produce immense prof dndandisaiIready one ofihe m.,s brant.ml places m tbe United States Tlio entire territory consisting-I titty square miles of land, is laid oat upon a general system ot improvements. T'be land is,only sold toac’ual settlers with provision 8,1 pnbile adoinnie t. J he place on account of i I s gr. at beau t v as well as other advantages, lias become theiusiit ot f topic of (arte. it has lucre red live ihousa.d people witbiu thi past three years Churches, stores bchools, Academies, Societies ol Arl ami Loniuin-’ and other ciciu ids of relincmcut and cSTtiire bare keenmtrodi1 ed. Hundreds otpoople are conslantlv Betl lmg. llundic_3 of new booses are being cuu struclel. Puce 01 Farm Baud, twsuty.aovelols and H»sfml;V‘'Sl.,tl'acre- Wve and leuaire and Mi lage lota for sale. H,f5h,ts.ai,d VngMtHblosripgn earlier in fliis district than in any other 1 caltty, norrli of Norfolk. \ a.lm proved places Mr sale openings lor all kind! ol business, I.nhiher S ards Manu uctoMcs, Foundries, Stores ntid the lik : and Steam J'owcr with loom cau he rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a he-lflifhl climate, and agoad soil, in a cocntry bcaulilnily iro prov d. abounding in Iruils, and po sensing nil other social privileges, in the heart of civilization, it is worthy ol a visit. Utters answered, and ti e Vineland Kural a panel giving full intorjunjoon, and containing re-porls 01 So l«iu Jlob neon, seuttio applicants. : !■ LANDJS, Vineland P. <j., Landis 1 ownship, New *Jers8y. 01 s'),n? Robinson, Agiicultiiral Kdi m,r»°if Vle i"h"nc’ is one of Hie most extensive . i-'i’ ‘V *" klniost level position and suitable 1, ,re?J wl,lra4a,!i thn; 1 now ol this sulo of ti e Wes, era Plainest* septlridA , 8m :,7 B L A N K E T N OLD PRICES! Only $4,7'«* Per Pair, !’• M. FROSTS, deerustg block, „ CONGRESS STREET. Nov 27—dtf Por(land La an dry, received at tlie Office of the Forest City Dvc House, No. 315 CongressStreet. Notice is hereby given that! the Portland Laundry has been reopened by the sui'Seribcr, who lias been manv years connected with the well known Chelsea Dye House and laundry, and with the experience thus acquired lie is now prepared to do all descrip tions of Laundry’ \rork in a satisfirctory maimer. Jvfckim A. T. CRAWLEY. Agent Hi!41. SHTAfK. *« tET, V’L’E&SrSiL 1ft V?“ *»* occupied by stairs/6 8tt08a*IH“f *'•’ •»* ^tre Street, Up nov 2D .ltw JOHN F.. PALMER. $1400 U} ILL buy a good House and Lot in the Westerly part oi Fie CHj. Inquire ui* S»»2s«nW JoirNC. PROCTER. A Rare 4'banre. | CAN boll a three story Brick House, with all the J. modern improvements, together with a large lot of land for $l0,<k»0. Inquire of no28dl\v JOHN ('. PROCTER. House for Sale 'VT E\Vr two story HOUSE on Cushman Street, con IV milling Twelve finished Rooms. This House was built last year by the day, and is well built. Has a rood brick cistern. Lot 38 by 821 leet. A pleasant location. Apply (o W. H. JEKRJS, nov 27 dlw Real Estate Agent. & (JUAOBOUIWE, PEALlinH IN ItlflAL. ESTATK. itlartou Block, Next Above Hie Pn-ble fttonso ! OFFER for sale two and a half attiry house on At lantic Street, containing twelve finished rooms, In i>erlect repair. Arranged for two lamiiies. Hard and soil water, gas and all modern conveniences.— Lot 51 by 70. Price #3,(Xk). Terms only 81,300 down, balance in t wo years. '1 his is a most desirable bar gmn, and situated on one of the best streets ill the city. Also, two two and a half story houses on Witinot and hrankliu Streets, cightec.n and nineteen rooms each. Both arranged tor two families. Price so.ooi) each. Terms only $1,500 down; balalauco in lour J oars. Houses ou Sluts, Dauturth, Lewis, Drewu.Cuiubcr l iiol, Oxford, Middle and other streets, at prices ranging from $1,900 to $15,000. November 24. d2w. Seven $10UO House Lots L’Uit Side on Congress street, near the new Par k 4 A line location lor a block of houses. Now is the time to purchase, prepurutorv lor building in the spring. Apply to \VM. II. JEliKIS, lieai Estate ___ nov24d3w House tor Sale. f]UIE subscriiier otters for sale his dwelling House X situated near the corner of Oxford and Wllroot streets. It is a two and a hall story House, thor oughly built, nearly new. finished in modern style. It has a hu ge cistern, and a good well of water. Ap i'u’bijio' u“ 4*** premises, or W. it. JhnhlS, Real Estate Agent. nov23d2w* Only $1,000! LX)R a good ono and a half story UUUbE in lliil X detbrd, only Uvo years old—contains I rooms, g<»od cellar, and excellent water. Fine garden with young truit trees. Lot 42 by 98 leet. Apply imme diately to W. H. JEKKiS, nov 22 d.iw Real Estate Agent. For Sale in Cujie ItHizabctli, a tew rods acres* Portland Bridge,; Lot ol Lauil *“»<> liy 44>4>. Enquire at 81* B* Cumuung’s Mtore. November 5, lstJG. d5w* * Valuable JSuilclhif/ Lot NEAU THE New I'ark, lor Salr. 'Che Swedeiiborgian Church Lot, C1UNTAXN1NO about 12,C#o square Jeet, ou Cou > grass Street, just above Hampshire street, is of fered lor sale. A rare npportiiuilv is here ottered to any ono wislt ing to build in the vicinity of the Park. Apply to cither of the Cummittco, J. E. EERNALD. DAVID TCfCKEK, d.ii*. RANTER. Or W5I. II. JETlRls, Real I’sfafr liroker. si Ifail re;id Ollicc, under J.sis jsler Hill-. August 25, isi.o, _ jtt Houses for .sale Low. ORVERAL desirable, medium sired dwelling Houses will bo bukl at low prices and on very lavorable terms if applied lor huuiediatelv. This property is situated on Congress street and Congress place—no better location in this city—and adjoins St liUke’s Chinch lot, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Inquire of W IS WELL & KEEL. No. 3ot> Congress, entrance on Oak street, up stairs. novltkitf l or Sale. \ j \ ACRES paaiurage and woodland in West brook. 4-oi ol land on Poplar street. lj' U.-e and land on Washing;on street. House and lot on Brown street. House and lot on St Lawrene street. DAKICsH lNHIiAHA&l, __ _ __ _ 113 Federal St., or W. H. JERItlS, Real Estate Agent, under Lancas ter Hall. _ __ _ Oc22—d,l For bale 'lU'US iotoJ l4tn l on Urc.westerly corner oi Oin X gress ami Petal Sts., Irun ilg on Congress street ab ur til foes and o.* P. an about do (••cr dppl.V to CHARLES E. BARRETT, ^ °lhbo Idami Trunk Railway Station. I or Hand, Aug* 8, iMic. aug'di" Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. f | 'H E Oxlord Hulls. , pitasautiy hi uated in llie vil I lag© oi Fryebuvg, Oxford county, Maine, Is ol Jcivd lor sale at a, bm g.uu, il applied tor soon. Tin House fe large, in .^ood rcnair. with lurnitur. ami fixtures throughout* together with all necessary oulbuililiugs. For full particulars Inqnlrp oi HORATIO BOOTH BY, . ' F: oputlor. or iiant>ou& Dow, 2f0 Cougie-s;jL Kryeburg, Sep.. 2a, 1M&. Farm for Sale. 1 WILL sell my thrill near Allen’s Conor West brook, uhom Uirce milts from Portland, one mile li-oiu lioise ears, au.PWdsfhruok Seminary. said (arm eouluiDOaliout 199 acr, s. pail of it very valuable Pa tillage, .mu part mil ihr building lots. 1 hero is fr’goen ’.muse, two large harus, aud out hous es on il.e premises, it will I si sold together, (u iu l ,is to suit purchaser!, OYliUs ’i'UUBLOW, pe!’ll-.ill 195Commercial St. Brick Houses lor Sale ou Spriug St. FjVHREK story brick iiwclling Houses, with over X hhliii leet of hmd, pleasantly lurated. i’rieo rea sonable. Terms libeial. Inquire of John c. PROCTER, novlhdg.v Middle street. Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, €1 IV <’ O m »I i: R ( I A L MTttEE T . ri'UE subscribers ofter for side the lot of land on A the southerly side oi Conimeicinl Street, head ol Dana's Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PER IE Y °ct *3 *f_ or W. S. DANA.’ Lot ior sate. ONE ol the best buildiug lots iu iho city, situated on the north able ot I coring Street adfoinim; the 1 esMence oi Geu. J. it. Fessenden. This lot issixtj f'vo ieet liout on Deeriug street, exlenb-. hack one hundred loot, and is bounded „u the east side by a street iilty loot in width, making it a corner lot anil very desirable. ' ,s. JJ. 11EUSEY. No. 4 Cialt Slack. Cimi. Street. Oct 17 dll I^OE Sale, i hreo story brick bouse on hiantb^fh . street. Hie house is nearly netv and in tine or der. immediate poaeosaiungiren. ju'hh-l_W. O.CHADUOUENE. Valuable lical Estate oil Elm st. /’ 011 S A L M . A PORTION of the *'*J >A Y ” Estate on Elm jstioet. over 1‘bUOo led of land, f-otrciher with Brick llou^, stable Ac. Tliw projicrtv is io 1 .. 0,1 Flm and Luiiilicrlaiul streefs all susceptible oi improvement, and has a front on Elm street oi loci. The above properly is oltcred for sidecithcr in por tions or collectively, on liberal terms. Apply to ui j JOHN 0.Pi tUCT(jii. For Lease. TI'iUE valuable lot oi Uinl corner ol Mi,Idle and 1. Plumb Streets. Tor a term ci wars. Enquire °* . , 0. <J. MITCHELL A* SON, Aug. . I*',— In lit! Tore Street, SAlili, m Lioruaiii, liitcen minutes walk A ir.un t ;e Depot, a nearly new, n*at Cottage House, Burn and outbinldmgsjnitiiig all t. c conv-n fences and in primo condition, D is >iturned near a grove amt a siiort uistai.ee from the County rc mi Apply to .1. E. STEVENS. Ooebam. *1 plv 17. First Class 1 louses for Saif. VV' E offer for sale the eight fli nt class brick houses f ? recently built by ns, situated on Puie Street between Elark ami Carletoii Simns. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofr brick drains, and marble nmmc*!i»h*<vs throughout — They u ill be sold at, a h.w price, and on very tavora ble terms. Apply at our otUee, No. D:\nibrth St. J. it. BKOVVN A SONS Prebh^H *>usc^^ Agent, opposite the October 111, lSOC. dtt "jV OI R L , l will sell on tavoluble terms as to Xl pay moiiI, or let ibr a term of years, wie lots on the corner'ot Middle and Franklin s free is. and on biauklin aireet, including the coiner of Franklin and Ai'P^y lo WiM. HILLIARD, Ban . or SMITH A BE ED Attorneys, Pori land, ivliii House Lots. T?IAGABl.E House Lois lor .sale on Thoma.*, Km ,:fy alul Congress st eels; one ueurGie head ol SCite street , w- H STI PILENSOK, I ortl.m l.A.igS —.In -_,i National Bank. HO USX-: AMD LOT tor a-Xle lit i'-ii.r- tttvnbeth her ry,—house uearlg new . ivi.iuir.-ol A.1MXXLK. “f KcrrV-or W. H.M ANSl-’Xil.t),P.oihuulSI. :un racket Co._^ julll dil House and l.oi for Snip. r IBIK two stoiy brick house and slore Mo. -Ill* con X gress at. 2-r» icet l>oni occupied only as a garden. For particulars enquire on (lie promises. augrtl E House for Sale, No .52 Mvnle Street. En quire al No. 8 Central Wharf. July 12-citi ___._ House Lota on India SI,, for Sale. PiNyrlTfE of (I)N’ANT * BAND. Tj ■ loJ Cou.ujereiwl Street, or on XX. M. I*A\SON, Porthm.l, Nov. 21. dtf JExcliaufro Street. Notice to Land Holders, MB. ()’DXI|;OCUX:i;. Iiuililor. in prepared to lake ,• T" tl>r '""I'linp, cipher bv AOB or by .,„';Vr. V.,-,VVr 1,i,SL t-tow workmen niKl ui.'toi ..il of nil ttescTimjOTi. Ucbuienec, AM K RIGAN HOUSE. . . . . . India Strecl. PoiOnml. August inn. Ih«j_quyai—11 Store to lie Let. STORE No. 20rt Fore street, toot of Plumb, now oc cupied hy lleald Brothers, will l e for rent aud occupancy on or about tbe 11th December proximo. Apply to »I. R. BKAZIKR, 47 Brackett street, or at E. M. PATTEN & CO., Plumb street. nov27tf ItAIMIOADg, I'OHTLAKXj $* 0 8 PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGWiENT. Ijoiuiucuriai .MoimIhj, IX'ov. I Jih, ,,ai PaaaunBir Trains leave Portland lor ♦>^ar*M,8y#Boston at8.4» A. M., ami 2.20 p. jj, ^ Louve Boston lor Portland at 7.3n A. M., ami 2.30 A Mechanic’s a d ^Afc'OUEiPrf Train will leave Buldcford dalh, Sunday* excepted, ut 6 A. M., ami saco at 0 08, arriving in Portland at 6.40. lu turning, will leave Portland for Saco and Bid uttord and intermediate station* at 5.30 P. M. , freight train, with passenger ear attaeli ,avo Portland at 7.10 A. M. for Saco and DMi eioiil. and returning, leave Blddcioril at *.8n and Saco a'. 8 40 A. M GRAND TRUNK A1LWAT. Of Canudu. Alteration _of Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. uu and alter Monday, Nov. 12,1868, will run a* follow*;— Train lor South Parts and Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M. Mail 'fraiii for Watcrville, Baugor, tiorhaiu, island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. This train connects with Express train for Toron to, Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping ears attached from Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal, l'rahi tor South Paris at o.O t P. M/ No baggage can be received or checked after the time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows:— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 a. m. Front Montreal, Quebec, &c., - - 1.4.r> p. m. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 In value (aud that person al) unless notice i* given, and paid ror at the rate of one passenger for every $500 additional value. C. J. HU YDUES, Munayinu IHrector. It. HAILEY, Tax'a f Superintaident. Portland, Nov. 2,1800. dtf PifTaND i KEHREbItTb! IT WINTER ARRANGEMENT,' # ■ Comm.-iit-iny v. N.v. 1J. Ii, |S.H>. . L- ■ -• — ■< I’aaMiiger Trains leav. Portland daily '■■Sije—ft* •! l.'i* P. SI.,lor Bath, Vuguata, Wih .^nie, K?UT1'h Mill .sk.,Wni,, ia>il,ions,(connecting nt Brunswick with Androscog $■' for Lc'Vision ami Farmington, and at Ki udaU s Mills with Maine Central U it.) for Bangor uini i uterinodiatostntioiis. Farts as low op thin roiii. tmemg oner. Leave Portland lor B.tlh, Lewiston, Augusta and iftteviuediate station* on Saturday only at 7.45 P. M. Mixed Train leaves Portland for Brnnr.wick aud in ternicdiale stuiions dally, except Saturday, at 5.201\ P“uw!ukci uir attached will Ir.nrc t cri nn>! tor skdwncgnu klul Imi ulediate 8l:i tjmw every uiuri.iugatT o'clock. ram^jium Brunswick and Lew istoii are due at {Portland at. 9.20 A Al., and from Skowlugan and .irnimgton and ail intermediate stations ut 2.00 P. 1. to connect with trains for Boston, j Stages for Hock land eomieet at Bath; and lor Bel* foaybAg 4ml) on arrival oi tiainiioiu | Logion, k aviiigai 7«l»o A. M.; aud uir > jIqij. Ansou, i |.0iTi<i,c\vock, Allans and MoOsc llci'/f Lake ip $kow liegai., and for China, East and Norlli Vassai Dr.ro at \ i sal boro’: for Lniiy ut Kendall's Mill’s, | and for Canaan at Pishon’* Kerry. W. HATCH, ^uperiutca8ru!i Augusta, Oct, 27, I860. _ novLUU m'fHE ClFTJRAL R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. i£Aj!J9 On and alter Aioml:i>,NoV(.in]xr latli. nt,tiling Will 1,J», Fi nland ti.r liatflrol nnn all intennnfinM- stirfii tfi.n fhoefine at ~ lit \ M dHily" Vat l ewisti.n ami Aubmnuiily, r,t *Er. ight trains for WnterviUoand nil intenne diatu stations, leave Portland al S.2f> A '.!, Tram irmn Bangui is doe at Fur.laud at MO F. ,\1 in season loi onnect with train f.n T.'oston. 1‘oni Lewiston and Auburn only, at i.lo A, Al. 2W_ JP. S. & P. PfiilroafL iv o t j o *2. PTtHE Express Trains between Portland anil Bos X toil, leaving Portland at 6.00 and Boston at 7.00 P. M. will lie discontinued after Saturday, the l.Jth lust. fcairJUn and after Montlay, loth, the Evening Train for Saco and Btddeford will leave Portland at 5.45, in stead of 6.05 as now run. „ , , „ F. CHASE, Sunt. Portland, Oct 5,1866. oclOdtf PO RTLAiro * ROCHfiSTiBTR. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. CESfagaa On and after Monday Aj.iil 39,1j0. !i®H^!3®?traiE* will leave as follows: Leave Sac.. River Tor Pottlawt at :.: m and 9 011 a. m 3 10 p. a. Leave Portland for Saco R! ver al 1 1A a . 800 util o 10 p. v. Tbo 300 p m train not and the a.a. train into Portland will he freight- trains with passenger car1* attached * connect at Gorham for West <fc chain, mandith, Sleep hails, Baldwin, ihnniaik, SvIh^o, Brrugton, Lovell, ilmuii, nrev.ftlhmi, Oonwaj Bartiat, Jack. • ». Liaiington, .'orid-h !*or fcer* A1,iue<lou1’ WadiSoB anti Ealcii^Ji, /l At Buxton Center lor Wo-1 Buxton, ilniufy.Eagle, SouUi Luiiingtou Limington, l.iioorkk. *Ncwficdd, Pam*r. held and Ossipeo At Saccarappa for South Win.ihan., VViudham Hill and North WmiUiaui,daily steam Car and ACCCufodaTlJn tWl5s w ! run ns !»•* lows:—Leave Gorh ui lor Port nod at Son a M.iiril v?0() ?. it. Leave PortLod for Gorham ui \ > 1ft r. m. and 4r,j( n 41 , 4 ,, rt By ordcrol the Preshknl. Portland, April 28,1 st.6— d11 Important to Travelers LITTLE & CO’s ! Western liaiheatj Ticket Office 11 Market Square, DNIlKli LA,\lVASrKUIIAt.t.,(PAUnsOT(«N’s»AJiOUN T'UE subscribers Imving resumed tlie Agency (irbich since the fircai iire has been sutneudeA) f.r I he tale of TIIKIHXiH TIl'Klll'S — TO T/fU — Went, South anti Forth- Went are prepared lo iiu iu.-li passage rickets at TilF I.OITFNT H ASTON RATES EY AM. TJLE Popular unci ,11m Expedition* Rome*! via '.Sail or Steamer to Boston, I lienee via tlie New York Deulr.i], Pennsylvania Ooiitr.il, Erie mail Halliinoic A Ohio Rnilronda, TO ALL l‘01 NTS S O UT H o It WE S Tt STS'”-'ll Travellers vcill lincl it greater tV>r Ihdracl raulage lo procure tickets at this ollico. or at 71* « onmrrrinl Stmt, (tip Mtnlrs.) FOR CaTlFORFIA ! Pti.ssngc Tiil<cls by the slc imeis snilinq; frt.m >Tcw Yoik • irtlie 1st. Ilth am(2!i>tot' each month. mav I c secured by curly unification lb LITTLE A CO., Affenls, Septembers, & ifiwtl - Jg —_— IJnder-Hhipte ! A FI) DRAWERS, In English, Scotch ami American. Charles Cnstis & Co. Moaton Block, CONORS** NT It FIT. deeliUit Help! Help.'! Helptt! flMTE most reliable j»Mv in K» w England t.» get JL good male ami female at theHeneral Agen (Wtihd Kmployme*4 0ttk‘-, So. i44 1 l-a£ Convn ^ Street. l'or land, Me. The subscribers respectfully inform iUi parties wishing to secure good girls for any respect: i ble ompibyni e n t, tluit through tlieir extensive advertising throughout tin- Provinces and in New England, there are arriving daily at their office num bers ot good American and Provincial girls, wanlhiff sitimtiouH 111 |.1(1 Tate lamili.a, HoieU, boarding horn!™ ami hoIoouh. Aluum stores, offlc!* Ac., and as housc keiptp, nurses, seamstresses, Ac., &e. All those ss& s=i fe’sa-iasct.'f “SSSKTJSftBS ““ •'«* lif“Tlie linn la only • lmit-'uil In name. Sir Whit ney toiM not come, and Mr., flux ha. cuuductrd the SgwltSB alone mittl the 1M of October, when he took air. Fmrarn into the business wnli him. The firm now1fl COX A- COW Alts, „ . ... . Lata Whitney A Co. | Portland. Me.. Ncy. 1, lstti. dti Southern l*ine. V BOA IT 140 id wty sspcrktr Flooring uni Step ! Boards now hi mi in ' at (:u8!»m House Wharf, and tor sale in lots to suit imrehat< i>. Apply to C. M. PA VIS & CO., . 1U Commercial .-m et. Fiim««l,lwT.fl, lm rortvdtr' j For Sale. SC1IO0XFT: Mnfan/a*. 1ST tom . Seh. Lecslmrp. T4 tons. Sell. Wm. H. Mailer. I.Jb ton-. S, h. snlondw, Bs loan old measurement ml *,*,■ iWmel. Kni|Oireof SAMPSON A CON ANT. •“*** N°. B! Coiunierci.il Wharf, j STJ5AMF.lt*. Montreal Ooean Steamship do. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AM) UNITED STATES | MAILS. H.duc.,1 Hat". ' * ■< t<l- arn.u.-.l nl MUtto",XtSE?i,N’lAN- '’.IE Ihitton, will JjATl.T.DAY, 1.1 train at'the prcviuuB ,luv l\ur 11,1 llrriv,*l ol the «1 by the BffiSm” ffi Ml, «"b® *«How g>«Mge to Lontleialen-y an,| t , .. , .-online to account, ualotiou, cabin, («>• Steen,ee, ’ Hu to oM). rV'iih w tiuL'i "r it'1 uquivuieui **’*• Sir For 1-reteE »(«». l0 Portland, Nov.‘jit/lHjr. 3 India SI. PORTLAND AND NEW y STHAMSIHI* I OMPaHJ, * SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. Tl»© splendid anti fast si***..,, lUiiit](>, t ant. 11 snV. “ij1,,kkan.'i.nia;,"^;. . Lcave^. ttate252?.“kte w «* .. tr^On.'uT^^ ""•> lu »“<i trout Hat, St.“lo n *"• *»"'• -'Us’u.- ta. Ea»i|«,t aBd ...?jllyr8«r*™l«e»*ed totea,I Otctr lYelsht It. tie srp”,“„ry 1,3 th° ..>• For trelebt or |.n<sajjo apply t0 I F* AM?* f- blo!v“ s Wharf, Portland. •i. 1*. A91LS, l*,er lie Lae, K,ver. Mayf,, IMS. ^ STEAMBOAT AO'riCE. WINTER AltKANOKM ENT ! To PoiiohKcot River twice a Week. The Steamer L\l>\ LANG, I apt. .\. L. \\ lilt m* iv, will c> hit. * nee j I ihc Winter trip*! on MONDAY, ‘Nov. loth. Will leave Portland l . J; t- a- (or as l;*r as tin- to,- wilt IK-nnit) every 'i o< s*i*y and Friday eveolTg it •» Or Clock. fcotiuniing, will leave Lana..r every Monday and lhnr day niorninL s ai 0 o’clock, and Wintc n orr at | o clock, touci.iic; m Hampden, Buckviioit, ;el last. l aiicicn ami Wl.l&nd, emh v m. itoi’ L eight or p.isgrige pi* i e appt^ to oflico on RaJlroau Whan, tool ol state »tr. el. A. bUMLUBV, Avon-. Pori land, Nov. 17, ISft . ,ju Fiunnftt’ pfklt TL K SOOTTf AND \\T f7 ^p"4s'7'*vd'X Bo,t)u h.D.i riiila.!o‘[;!.iK M’-Ay J-i*-r-I'leamsh-i) Lit. . ’Iho StcaUiiiM ROMAN, SAXON, t i„l .Y It 11.. now lonn the line, ai»u ;* rivanier leaves cj* L •„ j EVl i:\ FIVE PAYS. From Long Whar , It* slow,.*n I \i From Pint*81. Wharf, Philadelphia,.;*» jJa Freight I'* r the W.sJ. for worded by the Peuimvlva nia Rtrtlron.l, ami to Baltimore and Wa&hin ;ton i * Canal or l*aiir**ud, Iivpi i comtabtsiona. For freight, apply to „ WII1TNKY & SAMPSON, Dec 10-illyr Agents ?*> Long W ban, !i.-s on. FARE rEDUCED TO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until further nMk-o the St4nm of the Portlunu Steam Pucker t o. ' will rnn as toU -ws:— Leave AUatiiiC Wharf for Boston ^■■cvo»-y f revhi(except Sundayiat 7 crunch. Leave Ifoston the Muuoday.' at 5 F. u. Cabin tare. . J*efc.--y... 1.00 fc# ' Package tickets to be liad ol the Agents at re duced rales. Freight taken as usual. „ L FILLING Agent. May .‘2nd, 1866—d tl " International Steamship Oo. Eastport. Calai i and St. John. FALL AJir.AKGEMKNT. TWO TRIPS-PER WEEK. On and after Monday, October 1st. the sreamer Ni.W BRUNSWICK vCapt. K. B. W INCHESTER, and ,the steanu ; XLW FNtil. AN L», . , Capt. *• K,s , ,, "m J«*ve Rail Road W barf toot of Stale Street every MONDAY ami TTIT IiSBAY, at 9 o'clock P. M tor Kruni*>rl ami Sc John. RJCTi RNINCJ, will bfvu Si, John and Fast port, •one Ays tor Pori hind jui i Boston. At Eaaiport the Steamer t.d'KrN. win ednffref for St. Andrews, Robbinston, Calais and New Brunswick, Hallway to Woodstock and Kouliou Stations, and* Stage Coaches will connect lor M»* him. At St. John possengero take K. ,vN. A. Railway, for Shed lac, and front thence for Sunnm-it-ide ami Chuclortftowu, P. E. Island, end Pictoti, N.S; ale** at St. John the steamer Jpiprcss for Winds r an t Halifivx, every Tuesday and Friday erenin*n«. and fm Dlgby every alomiav and Thursday morning. klr'Frelght received outlays of sailing nnid 4 o’clk. **• M. ' C. C. EATON. aep26-dtf Agent. HOTELS. UNITED STATES ■I «T CL, PORTLAND, MAINE. THc Hiilwrnl or, recently Proprietor of tlie COM SIKKi lAf. HOUSI). (\\ 1 ii■ ]. wue oesirmcl in Lite great lire.) Prgii I ) umioini. c lo hi> ol«l p,tvi.i-o anil Hio public 11 in l he lias leiinc.l llio alovo hold ao.l vwiU op on for ihe ano*ne< ilullon . i the public renoi - ally, mifcaPtx.lay August 11. '1 imnktul to h;s old euKbimcfs lor past putronnee. he would soluifca coiitinuaiH c oi the same. TEK3IS FA VOIi AJlLE. :v\&%Cm K.J. DAVIS. U. S. Marshal's Notice. United States of Ah* uica, 1 District of Maine, s. r. f PURSUANT to »unary Monitions to mo directed troin t’ c Hon. Edward Fox, Judge <i tie Uoi twl s ate* District Court within a* d lor Hie DM,let ot Maii:c, I hereby give public notice Hint the to.'. 1 wing Libel and lidonnnifons have betn bled in said Court, viz : An Information a awst one Horse called the “Nel lie W. Locke, ’ seized l»\ the Colketov of the Dis trict of Portland and Falmouth on the thirteenth dayot tic ober last past, at Portland in ,»a d Pis til*’t. A Libel against Twenty-two Quintal* qf Pollock Fish: One Half Barrel of Utmng : 'Twenty-stun Barrels No. 1 Mackerel: (hit Barrel No. 2 Macker el: 140 Lbs. Rusty Mackerel: 71 Empty Barrels: 22 Barrels Saltf seized by the Collector ot the Pist.id of1 Portl."nd nd Falmouth on tb« fifteenth day of Gcinhrr last pnst, nt Portland i.i aalil Pi diet. \n Information ag.iliist One Water Wheel: One Lathe: Lathe Bench amt Turning Tints : One Board Plane: One (Irfnd Slone and Bench : Twdre Circular Saws: Six Saw Shops: Om Clapboard Machine. One Lath Machine: One Match Splint Machine : One Face P tuner: One Madin e for j>rt paring Match Blocks: Om1 Power ( Yos.i ('ut Saw: Our hand cross. ut saw . On and one halfaross Stamped Matches: ninety-three Vue cent Stamm*, and alljhi Shafting. Bating, un stamped Mat MBs. Stores, and other I until arc in the Mill and Dry House conceded therewith : t best if Tools, Monkey Wrench, ifc.. Ifc., se'./.r.: bv the Collector il Internal 1C vcntie lor the First Collec tion District .1 Maine, on tlu? twenty-seventh day of P.-tob€r iRKtpast, ai Holds, in sub. PPMet. M'ldc * s eizur s were tor brcuchcs of tin? laws . t the UidtedSt itcs as is more p rUcularly set l< rtli In Saul liwl and lnlormati> us; that a liearing and tiuil will he had thereon at Par Hand in ru d District, on- the First Tuesday of December next, wlicie any person* in e csled Unrein, may appear and show cause, if any can Ik? shown, wluretore the same should not bo decreed forfeit, and di*j»f>. wl ot accord ing to law. Dated at Portland llu - serin ueu.h day of No vember, A. D., IC4*;. P. A INHA’, Deputy U. S. Marshal Pfsj. n| Maine. No;. 17—<11 Id GAS AND COAL f IL a xt cues: E. TARHELL & SON, *l iK«N.iui,n ***■»:. r, BOSTON, MANUFACTPEERS AN1> DEALERS IN Cfutntfelfers, lira diets, Lamps, Ji-r. «A» FITTlNKi in nil ils brandies. OAff *TOV*», ibi Cooking nod Hetthig. qHANOfiUKttai, MsAHVm, Xr., Re-Gilt and Bronzed. no2L,..d.‘lm AMERU An IJ-ODVS! rjillE ..n.bmlpnd hereby give notice ibt,! be hie. I betn u|ip»il.ne<l Agent of American 1 ■, . the Sftire of Maine, and is IirernnSun wlV,5? . of all size, ill jouuo et constroi tier ami ^lemir'l the Briine l-»r cbssltfcation. 11 «Hri Slu|> biiiUer, ami owners woubl therefore r..nvr ■ B^Me-iNov.?^ |>F%nv FOR HfNINKgN, Wiiijim It BK« »\\ N, formerly at fd cV ;ual ntrevi h'nov bennanemluitvatod id his new s.mcNo»;i r.’d rnl hi a tow doursTclmv L.mestroct. Re tenow preS t ! attend b» the wants ot ins Rnmerons cushon rs ir ! tlie public generally in ti c way of cleaning ami re puling Clothing of all kinds, and w ill bo”»?!! „d*d to with his us ::d prompt i***. ,»]•**» K**0.,nd !,,n Fl.ithlngf ., s?„ at r .... ^ " Notioe. |lI'.l:SO’>*S clearing the ruin, ,»r ..n , kJSSMSS aevud (Hf S' '3^,