December 11, 1866 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

December 11, 1866 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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DAILY PRESS. POHTLiVIM). Tuesday Morning. December lit 1866. Tranbla with Fiance. ‘Tt is believed,” says Mr. Johnson in his message to Congress,‘‘that, with tlm evacua tion of Mexino by the expeditionary forces, no subject for serious differences between France and the United States wotdd remain. The expressions of the Emperor and people of France warrant a hope that the traditionary friendship lietween the two countries might in that case be renewed and permanently restor ed.’’ This is obviousiy very grave language. The serious differences which, according to the message, hava interrupted the traditionary friendship of the two countries, are disclosed in the diplomatic correspondence which has just been submitted to Congress. It is well known that a friendly understanding has ex isted between the two governments, to the effect that the French troops should be with drawn front Mexico, in three I todies, the first to leave in November, 1800, the second in March, and the last in November, 1807. On the first day of November our Minister at the French court, Mr. Bigelow, prompted by ru mors in the Paris newspaper, called on the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, and learn ed with swrprise that it was the Emperor's in tention to withdraw all his troops in the spring, but none before that time. Mr. Bige low then sought an interview with the Empe ror. We give Napoleon's explanation of the new programme at length, as stated in Mr. Bigelow's dispatch of the 8th ult.: The kknperor said fpat it was Aue that he had concluded to postpone the recall of any of his troops until spring, hut that in doing so he had been influenced entirely by military con siderations. At the time he gave the order the successes of the Dissidents, supported at they were by reinforcements from the United /States, seemed to render any reduction of bis force there perilous to tbose who remained behind. He accordingly sent a telegram to Marshal Bazaine, who had already embarked a regi ment—Eighty-first 1 think he Baid—but which had 'Ibrtunately been prevented from sailing by unfavorable winds, directing him to embark no troops until all are ready to come. This dis patch, His Majesty said, was not sent in cipher, tbat no sestet might be made of its tenor in the totted States. The troops were then disem barked and returned to Orizaba. His Majesty went on to say that he sent Gen. Castelnau to Mexiqp about the same time, charged to hi fcirm Maximilian that Franco could not give him another man. If he thought he could sus tain himself there alone France would not withdraw her troops faster than had been stip ulated for % Drouyn de I/Huys, should such be his desire. But if, on the other hand, he was disposed to abdicate, which was the course His Majesty counselled him to take, Gen. Castelnau was charged to find some •ovornment with which to treat for the proteetion of French in terests and to bring all the anny home in the spring. I asked his Majesty if the President ot the United States had been notified of tbis, or it anything had been jlone to prepare his mind for this change in His Mtyesty’s pol icy. He said that he did not know that M. de Moustier ought to have done so. That as these events occurred during the interim of a change in the Ministry ot Foreign Affairs, it was possible that it had been neglected; though his telegram to Marshal Bazaine was purpose ly sent in a way to show there was nothing in his plans to disguise. Mr. Bigelow adds that there is but one sen timent In France about the necessity of aban doning Mexico as soon as possible, and that he believes the Emperor is acting in entire good faith towards us. The neglect to notify this government is explained by the change of plan occurring at a time when Drouyn de L’Huys was just laying aside andDe Monstier about assuming the duties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The reasons lor withdraw ing the whole army at once are Dot without weight. If, as Mr. Bigelow thinks, the Em peror is acting in good faith— and there is no cccasion to doubt it—the complete evacua tion ol Mexico by the French next spring In stead ot next November', will be entirely satis factory to the American people. If the end ot the French invasion could be brought about this winter instead of next spring. It would of course be so much the better.— Whether we are prepared to go to war in be kalt of the Republic of Mexico, is another question. Air. beward appeals to tlnuk we are. in ms reply to Mr. Bigelow's dispatch, be takes a very high tone. The Emperor's decision, he says, “is now found in every way inconvenient and exceptionable,” and proceeds as follows: We cannot acquiesce, first, because the term “next spring” as appointed for the intire evacuation is indefinite and vague; secondly, because wc have no authority for stating to congress and to the American' people that we have a better guarantee for the withdrawal of the whole expeditionary force in the spring than we have heretofore had for the with drawal of a part in November. Third, iu full reliance upon at least a literal performance of the Emperor’s existing agreement, we hava taken measures, while facilitating the antici pated "French evacuatien, to co-operate with the republican government of Mexico for pro moting the pacification of that country, and for the early and complete restoration of the proper constitutional authority of that govern ment. As a part of those measures, Mr. Camp bell, our newly-appointed Minister, attended by Lieut.-General Sherman, has been sent to Mcxiso in order to confer with President Juar ez on subjects which are deeply interesting to the United States, and of vital importance to Mexico. Our polioy and measures then adopt ed iu full reliance upon the anticipated begin ning of the evacuation of Mexico, wt re prompt ly made known to the French Legation here. The Emperor will perceive that we cannot now recall Mr. Campbell, nor can we modify the instructions under which he is expected to treat, and under which he may even now be treating with the republican government of Mexico. That government will, of course, most earnestly desire and confidently expect an early and entire discontinuation of foreign hostile occupation. You will therefore state to the Emperor’s government that the Presi dent sincerely hopes and expects that the evac uation of Mexioo will be carried into effect with such conformity to the existing agreement as the inopportune complication which calls tor this dispatch shall allow. Mr. Campbell will be advised of that complication. In structions will issue to the United States mili tary forces of observation to await in every case special directions from the President. This will be done with a confident expectation that the telegraph or mail seasonably brings ns a satisfactory resolutiou from the Emperor in reply to this note. A. demand coupled with a threat and accom panied by a sneer—-such are the contents of this extraordinary dispatch. Mr. Seward re quires a “satisfactory" resolution by telegraph or return mail, significantly adding that tiro army of the United Stater will await special directions from the President, aDd plainly as serting that the Emperor’s promise is not a suf ficient guaranty for the removal of the troops at the time specified. After making all due allowance for the irritation naturally occa sional by the unfortunate neglect to advise the American government of the change of programme, it is nevertheless impossible to excuse the tone and temper of this dispatch, ii the design were to facilitate the retirement ot the 1 lend) troops, that end ce-tainly is not to bo attained by making it impossible liar the French government to withdraw them with out the humiliation of apparently yielding to a ihreat. Even if this government were pre pared to dictate and enforce an immediate withdrawal of the French troops, such lan guage as Is here used is not becoming. The representative of a great nation need not re sort to throats. The dispatch is pcculiaily weak and ill-timed, inasmuch as there is no probability, while the Mexicans are do ng "ery well by themselves, having worried Maximilian till he is ready to abdicate, and put Napoleon in serious fear for hfe troops, that Congress will consent to engage the coun try in a foreign war for the sake of anticipat ing a result which is sure to come about in six months of itself. A Mi&undebstanding.—The Argus informs u* that the Pres$ “is understood to reflect Mt. Fessenden's views on leading political ques tions.” The impression which these words convey is unjust to Mr. Fessenden and to the f * cm. Unjust to Mr. Fessenden, because he is iuthe habit of announcing his opinions for himself, and cannot fairly be held responsible for the utterances of a newspaper. Unjust to the Press, because we claim to represent the Republican party of Maine and not the pe< u liar views of any man or set of men When the Press fails to inform our Senators and Rep resentatives in Washington, what the people at home arc thinking of them anil their work, it will cease to perform one of its chief duties, and its praise or blame will Jjficome alike in significant. S?-'—._ I ht f*rnMil Truult Rnilvmt. To TBB EulTOK OF THE PuESS: The remarks of your correspondent “T” in last Monday's Press, censuring the Michigun Central Railroad for not committing their freight (100 hhls. flour) to t)ie tender mercies of the Grand Trunk, and complimenting the latter fur not having entered into combination with other roads to advance their rates, were not appreciated in this latitude. Time was when Portlaud was proud ol the Grand "flunk under another name. It was her i>et child born of her throes, cradled in her lap and rear ed to young manhood by her parental care.— j^r enterprising citizens projected it, and tliair indomitable energies and their money carried forward and completed tire Atlantic division of it. Who does not remember that gala-day, when amid the ringing of bells, the thundering of an non and the joyous shouts of a multitude which no man numbered, our honored fellow-citizen, the late Judge Preble, threw up the first spade full of earth in that mighty work? Our hopes then were high, and 1 am pleased to acknowledge that many of them (though far too few) have been realized’ under the earlier management of this road.— It lias done—would 1 could say is now doing— much for Portland, but truth compels me to say it is not so; the promise made long ago by the Grard Trunk to the ear, is not being kept to the hope. Our wants, our trade, our busi ness and our interests arc now utterly disre garded, nay trampled upon, by the present managers of this same road, and yet we per mit their iron horses to snort defiance through out principal business thorougfare, carrying the products of Canada and the West to freight their steamers for the Provinces, for Europe, tne West Indies and tne rest 01 tne world; leaving Portland merchandise for months to depreciate in value, decay and rot, or mayhap to he burned up, in their sheds and broken-down cars, all along the line, from Sar nia to Portland. Was ever greater impudence and ingratitude, on the one hand, or greater indulgence of a spoiled child, ou the other? Why, let your correspondent “T" go to the of fice of the Grand Trunk in Portland any morn ing (Sunday excepted) and see our business men, many of whom have had twice the atneunt of their whole capital locked up in tiie Grand Trunk sheds for more than two mouths, with literally nothing iu their stores to supply their hungry customers, let him, I re peat, observe these men as 1 have done, anx iously overhauling the way-bills, to find some thing for Portland,—a few barrels of flour or a few bushels of corn, just for the day’s necessi ties,—and finding nothing/or them, hut car loads by fifties for shipment, and then let him say, if he would not rather bless than curse the Michigan Central or any other road that should take the respon. ibility of forwarding his fleur by some other route, rather than store it on the Grand Trunk. Promptness is sometimes more desirable in public carriers than even cheapness, as “T.” will probably learn to his sorrow if bis next car of flour should follow his directions. But my business is rather with the Grand Trunk and its managers than with “T.,” and I proceed to charge them directly with now' holding in their sheds at Port Huron and Barnia, and which has been accumulating there since last August, more than half a mil lion dollars’ worth of Western produce belong ing to the merchants of Portland. I charge that what little produce has been forwarded by them since August last, has been most un reasonably delayed, to the great damage of Portland dealers, necessitating duplicate pur chases in the West, to be forwarded by other moi-e circuitous but more reliable routes; that these last purchases have arrived in advance of shipments made two months earlier by Grand Trunk, but not in time to save our foil trade, most of which has been diverted to oth er markets where their supplies could be de pended on. Add t® this loss ot a season’s business, the interest of the money thus locked up for months, and the inconvenience (not to say embarrassment) it occasions (especially in a city where banking capital is so deficient), and the depreciation in prices that has be«n going on,—and then super-add to all this the fact that the road has been doing the greatest through business between tbe Canadas and the Lower Provinces the past season that it has ever done, regardless of their contracts made with us, last August ami unco, to bring through our produce,—aud we have an accu mulation of losses that the courts alone can settle, and of grievances for which some speedy remedy ought to be provided. Let me illustrate by supposinga parallel case on the passenger trains, as the major al ways includes the minor, and the rechietio ad absurdam sometimes points a moral. Suppose then that the Grand Trunk trains should be filled each day for three months to come with Portland passengers,—“not a sap posabie case," I hear the reader Bay in its pres ent condition—and suppose those passengers ill ticketed through to Chicago and the West; when the trainssreach the Canada line they ire stopped and Mr. Bridges, or one of his iervants (as he calls all his subordinates), en ters the cars aud clears out all the passengers, literally unloads the cars into the Depot,—the passengers protest, and in this respect they have the advantage of mere merchandise which could not Bpeak for itself or its owuers—''ut their protests avail nothing, the Grand Mogul of the road replies, (if he deigns a replv) that be wants all the ears for his Canadian friends there and all along the line, and the Yankees must wait In tbs Depot, (months it may he) till the Canadians and Provincials get through their business and travel and the cars are at liberty. What au outrage! everybody would ex fiaim, and yet this is precisely what this same road is doing with Portland freights at the other end of the line. Look up on that picture and then upon this, as i briefly trace the parallel which iny business readers have traced for themselves. The scene opens in Chicago instead of Portland. The Grand Trunk agents are there and in Milwaukee.— Through these agents the Grand Trunk takes onr merchandise at those places, as it does pas sengers at Portland. It receipts tor it—“To be delivered in Portland. It takes it ovsr the American part of the route to the borderd of Canada at Sarnia and there unloa Is it into its depots and sheds—till these are filled, leaving the balance outside exposed to the storms and weather; and there the managers ot this road meet our produce and practically say to it, wait there Yankee freight till our Canadian friends are served—at present we require onr cars for their use; at some convenient season, some months h'ence it may be, we will attend to your case. This is no fancy picture but is virtu ally true, and as a business man, speaking as I be lieve the feelings of business men I pronounce this abuse of Portland interests even more out agreousthan the supposed treatment of passen gers, lor these, left at Island Pond, might take leg-bail and get away, but our merchandise at Sarnia must await the Grand Trunk resurrec tion day. It would have been far better for the produce dealers of Portland to have been stop ped by Mr. Bridges at Island Pond on their way out West to make purchases ratlier than to have these purchases detained at Sarnia on their way to a in irket. In one case they would have their money in their own pockets, in the other ca3e the Grand Trunk has it in its sheds. I have only time to-day to add that the merchants of Portland interested in the west ern produce trade shoulu arouse themselves, and, uniting together as one man, demand damages of the Grand Trunk for the past, ami take energetic measures to secure a decent re gard for their interests in the future. On this subject I may have a few suggestions to make another day. Commehcial Street. December 10, 18<58. Education of Freciluirn. LETTER FROM ONE OP THE TEACHERS EM PLOYED BY THE PORTLAND FR>tfDMEN’s AID ASSOCIATION. Richmond, Va., Nov. 20, lHfifi. X lauded ou the 26th of October, and pro ceeded at once to onr new field of labor ou Navy hill, where I found instead of the old Winder building as we left it in «1 uly, a comfort able school house, and also a home for the teacherp. It was quite a comfort to think how different a purpose the old building was serv ing than during the weary years of war. But to toy surprise I found, through ‘ome mistake at New York, no place was reserved for me in the new building. I felt that 1 could not l>e idle and knew there were children enough for more schools could they he gathered in. .3oa vestry was engaged for me in the colored M. E. church, and I went out iuto the lane and alleys cir the city, where I collected a sufficient num ber of children for a school. If I should say I felt the courage all oozing from my fingers’ ends it " ould 111 express the real state of my mind as I first entered that low dark room, with hut one window for light ami air, anil on look ing toward that perceived a board fence so near and so high that I could see the sky only Im pressing my face against the glass and looking directly up. I felt a sense of suffocation, and thought of the open ward at Chimborazo where I taught last year, and where we had a supply of God’s free air, if it was biting cold some times. 1 told the children to be seated, then commenced repeating, “Let not your heart lie troubled”; hut the choking in my throat com pelled me to make so long pauses that the pu pils looked at each other with a significance Which said, “ I reckon she’s done forgot it.” However tlm idea of a good cry was dispelled by turning round to find the cause of repeated sharp punctures on my arm, and catching a hit of ebouv, Duu by name, in the act of sticking a pin iuto me, while another fellow- of like mate rial, who called himself Bob, had inserted tin* tassel of my cape into his nostrils, and was showing the boys his moustache. Enough oi this first day in school. I soon succeeded in reducing them to law and order, and now have uothingof which to complain but lack of oxy geu, for you will agree with me that a teacher should possess a large amount of endurance, to stay in a room fourteen feet by sixteen with eight ieet from floor to ceiling, and hut one window, where forty living, breathing colored children arc congregated. We have all lelttlie lieeu ol .1 normal depart ment of the schools in Richmond; for if ever this people become self-educating, it must be by taking those most promising, and training them for tlie especial work of teachers; and we must have a school ImiMing tor that de partment. Mr. Manley, State Superintendent of the Freedmen’s Bureau, has the refusal of a lot at a very reasonable rate, near the Home, and has had a plan of the building made, esti mating the cost at $4,500. The Freedmen’s Bureau will give $1,000. The Central Union Commission will give $.1,500. Now with one thousand the building can go up. A week or two since, I saw Mr. Manley looking toward the lot designed for the school, and he turned away sadly saying, “We must give it up!” I 'asked why. He said, “For wanted a thous and dollars.” ‘ It must not be abandoned,” I replied. I then told, bim I could goto tlie State of Maine, tell them a simple, truthful story of life amoug the freedmeu, and get the money. After talking the matter over, Mr. Man ley wrote to Mr. Kennedy of New York, who replied, that I should be commissioned to go to Maine, and secure the money. There is a teacher here as a "visitor, who will take charge of my school in my absence. I am hoping the Portland Association will appropriate some thing for this object. I firmly believe it would be better to send one less teacher than to let this plan of a normal school be a failure. Oh, think what a monument to the su cess of Federal arms, to the triumph and sjnead of Republican principles, a normal school for col ic red persons would be, offering advantages for intellectual culture equal to any offered to the whites, and this iu tlie Confederate capital.— 0»i the day when I can see t tie building com pleted, and standing in its pride, fanned dy tlie same breezesjthat softly kiss the graves of our martyred dead, just across the river, at Belle Isle, in that day I shall receive sweet revenge on these people, who slowly and cruelly tor tured to death, in one of their prison dens, the brother dearer to me than my own life. Meucie N. Bakes. Foreign and American Greenness.—In Rome one’s fellow-tourists are a constant source of gratification and surprise. I thought that American travellers were by no means the most absurd among those we saw, nor even the loudest in their approval of the Eternal City. A certain order ot German greenuess affords, perhaps, the pleasantest pasturage for the ru minating mind. For example, at I he Ville Eu dovici there was, besides numerous Englishry in detached bodies, a troop of Germans, chiefly young men, frugally perusing the Scheuswur digkeiten in the social manner of their nation. They took their enjoyment very noisily, and wrangled together with furious amiability as they locked at Guereino’s “Aurora.” Then two of them parted from the rest, and went to a little summer-house in the gardens, while the •then followed us to the top of the Casino — There they caught sight ot their friends in the the arbor, and the spectacle appeared to over whelm them. They bowed, they took off their hats, they waved their handkerchiefs; it was not enough. One young fellow mounted on the balustrade ot the roof at his neck’s risk, lifted his hat on his cane and flourished it in growing to the heart’s-frieuds in the arbor, from whom he had parted two minutes before. In strange contrast to the owner of this en thusiasm. so pumped and so unmistaka Idy mix ed with beer, a fat and pallid Englishwoman sat in a chair upon the roof, and coldly, coldly sketched the lovely landscape. And she and the blonde young English girl beside her pro nounced a little dialogue together, which I give because I saw that they meant it for the public: The Young Girl—“I wonder, you knou, you don’t draw-ow St. Petuh’s!” The Artist—“O-ah, you Unor, I can draw-ow St. Petuh's from so rnenuee pouiuts.” 1 am afraid that the worst form of American greenness appears abroad in a desire to be per fectly up In critical appreciation of the arts, and to approach the great works in the spirit of a connoisseur. The ambition is not altogeth er a bail one. Still I could not help laughing at a friend of mine wlten he told me that he had not yet seen Raphael’s “Transfiguration,” because he wished to prepare his mind for un derstanding the original by first looking at all the copies he could find.—N. F. Nation. -1-— " SPiidAL NOTICES. MEW BOOKS I OR THE HOLIDAYS i M HOLESALK AND fil l' ll I. ! BAILEY & NOYES Will open their flew Store on Exchange Street, MONDAY, XT tli. Our friends and patrons ami ilie public generally we trust will wait and examine our NEW STOCK of Books, Fancy floods, Writing* DcmL*, Stationery, ar., before purchasing elsewhere. We shall have a good assortment of English anil American Standard and Juvenile Books. We beg a continuance of the generous patronage ami favor which we have heretofore received. BATLEY & MOVES, dec78NdSw New Bloch, Exchange street. WIST AIR’S DAIiSA ?i —OF— WILD C II E it It Y ! 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It is rapiuly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ot which is to produce eostiveness and other serious difficulties; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular aetion ot the bowt > and secre tive organs. No preparation for Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy’, Fc:-u‘i ;r Female Weaknesses ami Irregularities, and all tho .jarful mental and bodily’ symptoms that fellow in the train of nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., augllsnlyd&w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. ••If ate’* Aromatic Vegetable Reap. a superior Toilet Soap, prepared trom refined Tegolablc Oils in combination with Glycerine, ami especially designed for the use of Ladio* and for the i Its perfume is exquisite, and its washing properties unrivalled. For sale by all Drug gif is. t'elO’BGSNd iy A §niT Pile Cai’f. DR. GILBERT’S PILE INSTRUMENT positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on re ceipt of $4. Circulars fee. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. ROMAINE, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New-York. oc2Gd3msN Ladies’) Gentlemen's Misses’ and Children’s Boots and Shoes at T. E. MOSELEY & CO.’S, Si. Boston includes tlieir usual assortment of elegant styles for this season’s wear. Relief for the Sufferers by the Fire. THE undersigned have made arrangements under the act ot Congress approve.! duly 27,1866, to furnish parties building on the burnt district with English Pure Lend and Linseed Oil, DUTY FREE. Parties wishing to purchase Paint stock will call at 80 COMMERCIAL STREET. BITR 01288, FOUL'S A CO. dooSSNlm Batchelor’s Hair Dye. This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Bad Dyea. Invigorates the hair, leaving it suit and beautiful. The genuine is signsd Wil liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and P^y fumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New Y ork. f p Beware of a c^oumerit’ll. November 10, 1866. dlysn li t LIAS VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RE NEWER Is the best preparation extant for restoring gray hair to its original color, preventing its falling out, and promoting its growth. It is a beautiful Hair Dressing. For sale by all Druggists. R. P. 1IALL& CO., Nashua N. H., Proprietors. dec6-d&wlW8N SURE REMEDIES. DR. T. K. HAYLOR, 17 Hanover Streel, Boston, has received the new Frencn Hrnwdies and modes ot treatment practised by Dra. Dumas and Uieord—Safe pleasant and warranted Positively effectual in all

Diseases of the Blood, Urinary anu Reproductive Or gans, and all Irregularities ami Complaints peculiar to Women. Enclose stamp and receive full particu lars by mail. n OCt s-d&w3m Warren’s Cough Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for Colds, Conghn, Catarrh anil €.'oi»«umption, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. gt3jr'For sale bv all Druggists. Manufactured by K. I . BUADBIIIV, octlSd&WSNCni Druggist, Bangob. A soldier who had lost the use c4 his limbs from Rheumatism has been completely cured and en. abled to abandon bis crutches by one bottle of Met calfe's Great Rheumatic Remedy. It is truly the wonder of the age. decl dlmsx Carpetings and Curtains! As good an assortment oi Medium and Lou- Priced CARPETINGS! \s was ever exhibited in Boston, is now being opened at the NEW CARPET HALLS, 110 TKEiWONT STREET, Which, together with a large Stock ol Window Shades and Upholstery Goods, Will be sold at very low phices! Foreign Goods l»y every Steamer. Domestic Goods daily from Manulaeturers and N *w JTork Auctions. Window Shade and Draperies made to o dor. Lace Curtains, in great variety, at LOW PRICES. CililiDS, CROSBY & LANE, mo. 110 Ti'cmom gimi, ICoslon, seplSil.'m Nearly opposite I’ark St. Chnreli. “Till: PEN Is* MIoni'lEB T11.1N THE SWOKII." The Gold Pen-Best and Cheapest of Pen*. Morton’s Gold Pens! The Best Pens in the World ! j For sale at liia Headquarters, No 25 Maiden Lane, j New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the I same prices. {Elf' A Catalogue, with full description of Sizes and ; prices, sent on receipt nt letter postage. | uo2Dd&w6m A. MOB TON. WN. DYEU, can be found with a new stock • of Sewing Machines, ot various kinds; Silk j Twist. Cotton— au kinds and colors. Needles, Oil, Ac. I 106Middle street, up one flight stairs. ju!17eod ItElWOVAL*. KKMOVAI,! 31. J, i ashman’s jilillincryJStore HAS boon removed from No. 12 India street to No 25 Middle street,between India and Hampshire ; street*, dust ndded a good variety of goads* suitable for no 1.1 111v rf&T* r lease call. dec7d3w Harris & Waterhouse, .JOBBERS OF Hats, Caps anil Furs. Portland, D*c. 3d 1866. iiAUUIS & WAJJEKHOUSK, Wliolesald Dealers in Hats, Caps, and Furs, have removed to their Now Store, .Vo. la Exciiange Sired, R. HARRIS. detti J. E. WAlERilOLSE. REMOVAL. JAMES O’DOXS ELL POUNSELLOK at LAW, Oflln* iu C'hnriwirL’*. Hou*e. 249 Congress St., uexc above Stone Cbuicb. fcep7-dtt a OUT OF THE FIFE ! it. r. SMITH A SON’S New Photograph Rooms, —AT— NO. 10 MARKET SOU A RE. ang20__ n dtt HOLDEN & PEABODY, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Office, 2‘19 1-2 Congress Street, Near the Court House. A. B. llOLDEN. ne]k5tfil H. €. P BA BODY. AXI) Eli SOXAXI) CO.’S HOOP SKIRT AND OORSKt STORK, 18 removed to 328 Congress St., opposita Mechanics’ Hall. n _ jylOdti O. ii. DOWNES, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAH KEHOVHDTO No. 233 1-2 Congress Street, CORNER OP OHESTNNT August 30, 1860. n dtt N. J. OILMAN, For the present cccupies part oi the Store NO. 6 PKEE MTBfiET BLOCK, with Messrs. J. M. Dyer & Co., and is prepared to re sume his usual business, and offers a choice assort ment of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Sectaries, Cutlery , &c., on the most reasonable terms. n augtdtf R RMO VA I^T THE Merchants National Rank Will remove on MONDAY, Nov. 12, to <he OFFICE OF H. M. PAYSON, 32 Kxeliangc St. omlOdtf oTmT# JJ. W. NAHU ~ have resumed business at the bead of Long Wharf, under J. W. Munger’s Insurance Office, and will be pleased to sec their former customers aud receive their orders as usual. July 10, 1866. it dtf 0OW iV LJBUKV, laiNarance Agents, will be found at. No 117 Commercial, corner of Exchange St. Home Oilice of New York; National Oilice ofBoston; N'arraganselt Oilice oi Providence; Putnam Office of Hartford; Standard Office of Neiy Yerk, and ether reliable offices, are represented by this agency. John Dow. jy25dtf F. W. Libbey. vk«>>7<7<£ ee no liciTfreorfto, Hats, Caps and Robes, 164 Middle St„ over T. Bailey.A Co. Jul17ti WOODSiAN. TMITJK A CO., Wholesale Dry Goods, No. 4 Galt Block, Commercial St. Jul 17—dll NOTICE. H. J. LIBBY & CO., Manufactnrers and Commission Merchants. Counting Room over First National Lank, No. 23 Free street, second story. iyll ti JA ill It noMB .he; BRILL. Dealer in • Watches, Jewelry, Masonic Regalia, and Mili tary Goods, No 13 Free street, Portland. Same store with Geyer and Caleb lyI2dtf L'AbLE Ml LLS, although burned up, the Pro Li prietors, Messrs. L. J. Hill & Co., are now pre pared to furnish Coffees, Spices, Cream Tartar, Ac. at their new place of business, No. tut) Green fct. An Order Slate mnyMie loumt at Messrs. Lew, Plummer & Co’s, No 83 Commercial 8t, and at Mr C. M* Rice’s Pajiei Warehouse, No. 185 Fore Street. AH orders i rompily atten edto. Roods at the lowest prices. jullGtf H PACKARD, Bookseller and Stationer, may be • found at No. 337 Congroa* St., corner of Oak fit. jullGtt S. WEBSTER if CO., can be found at the store t» of C. K. Babb, Clapp’s Block, No. 9, where we offer a good assortment of Clothing and Furnishing < iooAts at low prices. Jal 16 CJMITH & RKED, Connscriors at Law, Morton ° Block, Congress St. Same entrance as 1). S. Ar my offices. iyl2dtf V ujwinx 10commence again, u. M. <k jj. r. XKPLUMMEK White and Blacksmiths, having re built on the old site, No. 12 Union St. would be pleas ed to answer all orders tor [ron Bailings, Doors, Wludow Shutters, Gratings, &c. Particular attention paid to Gas ami Steam titling. THE EAHTEBIK EX PRENN~C©. arc now X permanently located at No. 21 Free street, and prepared to do Express Business over all Ifce Bail road and Steamboat routes in the State, and West by P. S. & P., Eastern and Boston & Maine Roads to Boston, connecting there wiih Expresses to ail parts ot the country. For the convenience of our customers on Commer cial and Fore streets, an order book lor Height Calls will be kept at ottice of Canadian Express Co., No. — Fore street. J. N. WINSLOW. 1^24 tf J. A' E. !>lt RAN D, Attorneys and Counsellors, • No. 1G Free Street, near Middle. jul 3 YE ilOIJNK^ 5rfc;E-Persons hav n# leit oriWs at 101 Exchange street, can now littd ihem at 324 Congress street, opposite Median os’ Hall, where wc shall continue our businoss in ah its various branches and at lower rates. Ladies’ Ures.->ea eyed tor $1,00. All other ar ticles dyed at equally low rates, jul Horn H. BURKE. T K. FEK N AI D Ac NON* MerchantTatlors, •J • have Union Hall, entrance on Free Sk , where they are ready with a good stock of Goods for Men’s wear, which they will manufacture in gar ments to order st class Coat-makers wanted SN. RICH *V HON* 133 Exchange street. • Collins and Caskets: also, Me talic Burial Caskets. jy26 rjHARLF.S J. WALKER CO. may he found at No. 150Commercial street, store lormerly occu pied by N. O. Cram, where they will resume busi ness, anil be pleaded to sec their c ustomers, or re ceive their orders. JulylOtf A 4 S.E. SPRING may be ibumf at the store of Fletcher 4r Co., corner ol Union and Commer cial streets. iyll ti MATHA N GOULD, Morel iant Tailor, has removed to No. lu Market Square, OYcrtSwcetsU'*s Apothe cavy store. jy10—II BO O T S , HHocn* llalM and 4'loihiug. Ben.i. Fogg may lie found ready to wait on oust >mera at No. I Moulton stii et. fool e Exchange. jul20 CURA RH. 200 M. imported ana domestic Cigars ) lor sale by C. C. MITCHELL & SON, .iullJtt 178 Fore Street DEKIiOl.e A \YEKB, AtMrueya nnd Counsellor*, at the Buody Jlouse, corner ol and Chestnut streets. ‘ jy26 BV R«1V l»7 VlftlRliJiCounsellor ai l aw, No. 19 Free Street. Jull4 LEWIS PMSKCE, Attorney and Counsello at Law, No. 8 Clapp’s Block. jul21 ./» RRiW RHI MR—a—MMHyRRRMM—jRKPRfl——— “The National Traders Bank of Portland.” rpHE Stockholders of this Bank arc hereby notified X that their animal meeting will he held at their Banking Room No 21] Free at., on TUESDAY, the 8th day of January next, at 3 o’clock P M, to choose five Directors for the ensuing year, and to act on auy other business Hint mav legally come before (hem. EDWAiib GOULD, Cashier. Portland, Dec 7,18Gb. dc&Ud Canal National Bank. TIIE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Canal National Bank of Portland, for the elec tion of seven Directors, and for the transaction of any oilier business that may legally come beloro them, will be held at 188 Forts Street, on Tuesday, the 8tli day of January, 1867, at 3 o’clock P. M. B. C. SOMERBY, Cashier. November 8. did Second National Bank. rpHE Animal Met-ling of Stockholders of the “Scc J oini National Bank, Portland” for the election of Directors, and any other bnsinoss which may legally conic before tliciii, will l>e held at Nos. 188 anil 1!HI Fore street, (mi stairs,) on TUESDAY, 8th January next, at 3 P. M. w n. STEPHENSON, Cashier. Portland, Dec 7,18B6. dcSdul Casco National Bank. rpHE annual meeting of the Stockholders of “The I Casco National Bank of Portland” for the elec tion of seven Directors, and for the transaction of any other business that may legally come before them, will bo held at 130 Fore street, on TUESDAY, the eighth day of January next, at 3 o’clock P. M. , E. P. GEItKISU, Cashier. Portland, Doc. 7, I860. dim JUST RECEIVED! A large lot of GOODS ! Foreign and Domestic Perfumeries, Pomade*. Hair Brashes, Pocket and Toilet Combs, Soaps, Pun-Box es, Tooth Brushes, Portinonimies, &c, &c, composing one of the very host stocks ever off red in the Port Lina Market' trlP* Also a superior stork of pure Drugs and Medi cines. FIT All the Ohoice Brands of Imported and Domes tic Cigar*. ROLLINS At GILKEY, Corner Congress and Preble Sts, cc2?dlw&eod1w Old Stand of E, DANA, Jr. BVStmMMi CARDS. GeMrISII it FEAR SOX, Dealers iiK2» a icifi:s, Jewelry, Silver ami Plated Ware, Silver and Steel Speetarlev, TmIi, i’llcs.Ar. •*M_z_4-5 OKE STHT.eiV asm TV. F. T o o n, l>e:tler iu Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles EVE GLASSES," Sat., -\a. 23 Erec Si., CiitlWml. Ctyitcpnirlug done iind warranted. n aepddit JI . M . If It IJ W JJR, (Successors to .t’sSnllh ,t Co.) Maiiulaclnrrr of I.amber Itching. VS Also tor sale Belt Leather, Backs & Sides, Lace fJeai her, KIVli'I'd nui HI MS, : *t*3**tf tvB ~ SI I I'ragit* Start. w. P. FREEAPLX d CO., Upholsterers and Manufaeturer<i of FUBNITUHE, LOUNGES, BED STEADS Spring-Beds, Mattreeses, Pew Cushions, I We. 1 Clapp's It lor It. fool CheNiuiit Street, Portland. W £h»ERF*MA2,» *>. XT. Deane. C. L. Qciyby. amriott n A. N. NOYES & SON, Manufacturers and dealers iu Stoves, Ranges d Furnaces, Can be found in thelT MEW HVII.Dnfl OW r.IIHE NT., (Opposite the Market.) , Where they will he pleased to see all their former customers and receive orders as usual. auglTdtf n H. P. DEANE, Counsellor and Attorney, No. H. 1'lnpp’a Hloch, Coagreas Hi. Particular attention given to writing Wills, Contracts, Deeds and Legal Instruments. July SI, K66. STKOUT & GAGE, Attorneys and Counsellors, Officn 113 Federal Street, HOHTI.ANI), Mb Sewell'C.Strout HannoW. Gage ly7tt n STAN WOOD At DODGE, Commission Merchants, And Dealers In Groceries, Flour, FEODUOE AND SHIP (STORES, No. 3 Cliasc’s Block, Head Long Wharf Portland, Me. CHASE, OH AM h STURTEVAWT, GliNEHAL Commission 1VT erchants, Wlilgory’s tviiurt, POKI LAXI), Me. ocrlddti JAMES BAILEY X CO., Importers and dealers in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Saddlery Hardware t * —AHO— Carriage Trimmings. No. I ill Middle Street, Portland, Me. aug15—tf n MERRILL BROS. X CUSUING, Late Merrill & Small, Wholesale Dealers in FANCY GOODS, H tiiery, Gloves, Small Waves, &o., No. IS Free Street, “Arcade.” aug2tdll U0W4RD X CL FA YES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, PORTLAND, M NE. 0)11 ce No. 17 Free Street, N£afr Middle Street. Joseph Howard, Jyfltf n Naihan Cleaves. m. peak sox, Oold and Silver Plater -AND— Manufacturer ot Silver Ware, Temple Street, .first door from Congress Street* PORTLAND, ME. May 19—dly u A. WILD UR & CO., 112 Trcmnnl Street, Boston, Importers an.l Dealers in H ULCH and AltlKRICAN ROOFING SLATES, of all colors, and slathignnils. Carefnl attention paid to shipping._ n aug22-tan JABEZ C. WOODMAN, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Has saved his Library. Office at2 2 1-2 Free street, in the Griffith block, third story. n iytKitt ' BR ADBURY & SWEAT Counsellors at Law, 9f» CONOR F.BM HTRRFT, Clndwick Mansion, opposite United stales ilotol, Forthuul Maine, _Bion Bradbury. ,nov Oft l.D.M Sweat Beering Milliken & Go., Wholesale Dry Goods, 31 COMMERCIAL STREET, flngCl-tUf Forl^uud, Maine. lODDS Hair Dressing Rooms• Neatly flued up on lime Street, A few doors above the Post Office where he will be happy to sec old customers and new. He now has every facility tor conducting his business in the most satisfactory manner. n sep20d3ra JOSEPH STORY IVnrhyu INnrble Co. Manufacturers and Dealers in Enameled Slate Chimney Pieces, Brackets, Pteb slabs, Grateh and Chimney Tops. Importer and dealer in Eng lish Floor Tiles, German mid French Flower Pots, Hanging Vases, Parian, Bisque, and Bronze Statuett* and Busts. Glass Shades and Walnut Stands, Bohe mian and Lava V ases and other wares. 112 THEMON T STREET Sludiu Buililhitf _aug22—Cm n BOSTON, Mass. SHBULKY & STKOUT COUNSELLORS AT LAW, O F F I O. F . In Post Office Building, 2d stoiy; Entrance on Uk cliange street. (1. F. SnEfLEY. Jy9tl A. A. STROUD J. T. SMALL Jl CO.r Wholesale anti Retail dealers in Groceries and Provisions ! Higliest cash prices pai l lor Com. .tv Produce. £ gr-Consignments receive prompl t\ tent ion. dec7dlm NO 19 UJIE STI1EBT: PEUCIYAr, 1JONNEY, Counsellor and Altoruey at Law, Morion Illorh, Congress Street, Two Doors above Preble Honor, POBTLANI), ME. noylD tf </. C. moxceyT II a i i* I) reiser , Has Removed to No. 339 Congress Street, no7dtf (A tew doors above the Preble House.) Eaton Neliool. IVORRIDfJEBOCK, !?IE. ^TIHE Winter Term ot the Eaton I nmilv 1 Mrhoel will commence the Second Monday in Decendter. to continue Thirteen Weeks. fl F. EATON, Principal nov. 20 d4vv Dental Notice ! Tills is to inform my friends and pat rons that 1 have associated with me in the practice ot ilenttetry, DR. ALBERT KYANM, Formerly ot Bangor, it skillful dentist of long expen ence, and take pleasure in introducing and reeom unending him to them. Kther and Chloroform admin istered when dciflred. d C. II, OSGOOD, octGdti n No. 8 Clapp’s Block, Congress St. Y\T 1*. VKSSENIIKN, Attorney and Couh T ▼ • sellor. De-ring Hall, opposit Preble House ml 14 dtr bimmmm rmno W. W. THOMAS. ,>p„ Attorney and Connseller at Law, (PHAMICK HoiIaBJ 249 Congress Street. octivfty ». l. cArleton, ATTOHN KY AT LAW, 27 Market Square. Sept 24—dt! n J. li. HUDSON, JR., U T 1 w T , 27 Market Square, aug21dlim PORTLAND, MB. C. II. STUART to OOh Mapous, Builders, Plasterers -AND CONTRACTORS. Addre.-s Post Office Box 1,958, or at the office rear o C. H. Stuart’s realdcueo, NO. NO CLARK NTREKT, Portland, itlainr. Aug 8—ti WM. W. WHIPPLE, Wholesale Druggist, 21 MARKET SQUARE, PORTLAND, MS. J*“iU___ti W. JI. CLIFFORD, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, SOLIVITOU OF PATENTS, NO. 8 CLAPP’S BLOCK, aug2du__ Congress Street. • W. H. wool> A SON, BROKERS, No. 178-Fore Street. yTU McCOBB <f KINGSBURY. Counsellors at Law. OFFICE OVER H. H. HAY’S _ Junction at I'reo St Middle Streets. DAVIS, ME8ERVE, HASKELL & 00., Importers and JoU crs ot Dry Goods and ftoolens, Arcade 18 Free Street, F.DAY18, ) £ “• hahkell' \ PORTLAND, MB E. CHAPMAN. | ^ Iiuvi.’iivnt FREEMAN & KIMBALL, Successors to STEVENS, FREEMAN & CO., W*ol-pulltrs and Dealers in Wool and Wool Skins, A lo Manuta. Hirer* , i PEBLES, KIDS, LININGS, So. GROVE STREET..PORTLAND. ME SAMUEL FREEMAN, OEO. L. KIMBALL. We pay Cash lor every thing we buy. (els flmwti HOSS & FEEN V, P LAHT E H R |{8, PLAIN AND OltN AMENTA I 8TU000 AND MA8TI0 WOMFrBB, t iak Street, between, Congres: and Free Sts., PORTLAND, ME. Coloring, Whitening and White-Washing prompt > attended lo. Order* tto® out ot ten n solicited. May 1"-'—till CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER. At present to be found at his residence 244 CUMBERLAND, HEAD OF MECHANIC STREET. JySOtt E. S. HATCH, 31. D., No. 300 1-9 Congress St. Office hours— {2 te *4 v m Dec 4—dlw D. CLARKE A CO. can lie found AT 29 MAEKET SQUARE, UNDBR LANCASTER tlALL. Roots and Shoes for Sale Cheap. jylOdti • IF. F. PHILLIPS A CO., li^kolesalu Druggists, No. 148 Fore Street. oct 17-dtt II. M. PAYSON, STOCK BROKER. No. 30 Exchange Street, __PORTLAND, ME. no21dtf SOMERS SEW ALL, - AT - NO. 331 CONGRESS STREET, Six Dear, abevc Caaco Street, would respectfully invite the attention of the people of Portland and vicinity to the VAPI PI) COLLECTION HOLIDAY HOODS! to be found at Ins attire. The Best Assortment In the City, - AND THE CHEAPEST PRICES! TOYS OF “ALL KINDS! Work Boxes and Desks 11 Prang* Beautiful Publication. ! Stationer) and Toilet Articles t! CUTLERY, And Hi macron. Other Tbing..' Now ie a good time for purchasers of CHRISTMAS GOODSI to call, for more tone and attention can be shown them inflecting, than at a more busy season. November 26. dtf foe uraiwESN. william BROWN, formerly at 91 Federal street., is now permanently located at his new store No 04 Federal st, a tew doors IhjIow Lime street. He is now prepared to attend to the wants of his numerous customers and tlia public generally tu the war of cleaning and re pa Irlng Clothing of all kinds, and will be attended to with his usual promptness. Also seeond-lmud Clothing for sale at tair prices. noCdtf SHORT & LORIKG, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Free, Corner Center Street*. Have >’n hand n frill supply ol Law, School, Miscellaneous and Blank Books. % __ STATIONERY OK AM. KINDS, Oash, Post Office and Envelope Oases, Let* trr Presses, Pen Kicks, he. We have Just rel ieved from New York a full supply ol PAPER HANGINGS, Now patterns and Choice Styles. . I'U INC. PAPER OF ALL SIZES. Give us a call. Shari A I.oria,, . 01 Free. Comer Center Stiee .fySHt a. court <c- co.f Successors to F. P. and M. T. He!ford, at ,1fra M J. Niekvlt. V. S. Hotel, HAVE received a lot of Tretousse, BEST DUALITY Kid Glove*. Also Zephyr Won.led*, SHppaiA Hooils, Hosiery, Ladies’ Under Vests, Cot*.Os, Lin en Setts, plain and emb. Hdkfs., Miislln and Cam. Edging*. Dress Buttons, together with all articles nsnallv tnnnd in a tint class Fancy Good* Store. Tlicir friends and the public are'iux Ited to call and examine them. nov 7 Mil Jan. 1, 18*7. Sl&ates! Skates! For bailies and Crentlcmcn. <fg- ENTIRE NEW STOCK-OLD STOCK ALL BURNED. lie mem her the Number. » Free street, O no27d"w G. I.. BAII.EY. LOWELL & SENTE It, VITILL occupy Uie new Store iVo. .TO I Fan ▼ * grewp fliivei, corner of Brown Street, about Dec, 15th, with a new stock of Watches, Jewel* ry, Silver and Flaled Ware, nud Fancy Onoila tor the holidays. They have reoccupied their old staml iVa. 64 £xa change street, with a complete stork or Nautical nnd Optical Oaods, Chronometers, Watches, Clocks, Fine Tools fcr Machinists and Engineers, &c. ff-fcr rricnds and customers invttrcl to old head quarters. Dec 1, i860.—dam —■ ■— ■ ■ - .... - iVIISCELLA f\r,ors. 6IUT BAICAIII8 DRY GOODS HAVING Mcuii'd the whole of Store N«. |]j| C'ouBrrN« Miarel, ami mwi* sjTcat additions to our atAX-k, we are now able to oiler the lU’st IlaryuinH in Goody tbc market afford*. We ahull continue to .ell mlr goods at out former VERY LOW PIUAliS, And will not he undersold by anv one. • Please call and examine onr tine line of Ricli Di‘c*m Good*! Shawls anil Cloakings. WOOLEN©*! We have paid particular attention to our WOOL EN DEPARTMENT, which all the latest styles of Foreign and Domestic Cloths: Heavy Heav er* for Overcoats. AH Wool Double and Twist Cloths tor Men and Boys’ Wear. DOMESTICS ! In hill vailcty. Every kind and ijuality of Housr keeplug goods. Livens. Damask, Cambrics, Toi let Quilts, All Wool Blajckei's. a full Hue 01 heavy SHIRTING FLANNELS. S'-Alcw more left of thoeo Ladies line MERINO E, for 2Rc. )f“Slo Trouble to .Sliow Goods. EASTMAN BROTHERS 3!W CONGRESS STREET, yearly Opposite Mechanics’ Hall, Nov 10—dim OPENING —OF \EW FIR ROODS! E. N. PERRY, Will open at his new Store, >200 Coupri-HN Street, 4 THURSDAY, DEC. Oth, A largo and fashionable stock of l adies’ and Chil dren’s FINE FURS! Comprising the most desirable kinds and qualities, •elected from the choicest AMERICAN and EURO PEAN Ft) RS, and manufactured expressly for oui own trade. Our nice sets of SABLE, ROYAL ERMINE, FITCH, and SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, are nnstuy^od, and we shall he able to ehuw In this Hne of anode the beet assortment ewer offered at He tall In this city. In connection with these staple grades, may hr found all the new anil Fancy Styles, such as the Astraean, Persian Lamb, Grebe Bird, and the new style MUFFS mi cl COLLARS. Gentlemen will also find a great variety of Fnr Coats, Gloves Collars & Cults! And n fine stock ot SLEIGHING ROBES!' Well worth their attention. We would particularly invite those in pursuit of NICE EUBS, well made, into stylish and useful garments, and at moderate prices, to examine this stock. decO ti NEW PIHM ! ROBINSON _& KNIGHT I CLOTHING! We have taken the store 288 CONGRESS STREET, l Opposite the Preble House) Wharg we have a new stock of CLOTHING —AND— * FURNISHING GOODS I The stock embraces FINE, MEDIUM and LOW PRICED CLOTHING, made up in the most fashion able style. A large assortment of the newest styles of GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS is now on hand. dec8 dtf A FULL SUPPLY~ Boy’s Clolliing- ! AT THE New England C lothing Com., IS Market Square. dc8d3m _ E. LEVEEN «& CO. 1. V. FABBTXOTOX, CLOTHING AND Furnishing Goods / 26 Market Square. Oct4--d3m u J. T. LEWIS S CO. Manufacturers of CLOTHING, have removed to No, 1 Ualt Block. Commercial £treei. jyio__ n _ I¥ew Store, 349 Congress Street, (Up Stairs.> H. ft . SIMOXTOX& CO., HAVE opened a Ladies' Furnishing Store, con taining a good assortment •>! Hoop Skirts, Corsets, Under Clothing, Mcriuo lftU, Colin**, Cnffis, Worsted mid Faucy Gooda. French Htamping Done to Order. 349 Congress Street, (Up Stairs, i octal ati. * ' $ioo. iioo WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson & Chnrtbournt^ Morton Block, 2doersubovo Preble House. THE new Bounties, under the law approved »?ui, Jtth, 18m*, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pay Prize Money, ami all other claims against the Uq>, eminent, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks have l>een rtoeivetl, anJchhr. ants should tile their claims promptly. FRANK G. Patterson, late Lieut. r>th. Me. Vo|.. * ^Lt?H,A/>BOUBNE»,aU! Mj*|. 1st Me. Cav. Oct lb-dtf u Keconstrncted on the Old Ground * A. T. HALL, COMMISSION MERCHANT anil dealer in Groceries, W. I. Gouda and Prodacc NO. 1 MILK STREET. PORTLAND, ME., Would respectfully announce to his former cupktloa anil friends that ho has rc-esratdished himscli In bug, ness at the ohl place, No. 1 Milk street, near J*„* change. AH |»ers<»na in want of Groceries. Pnalno, &<*., will ilo well to make me a call, as an entire ne\ stock oi selected gooils will be ottered at greatly n duccd prices. Come one, come all. decl-ttw HOME AGAIN. SIG.Y JVfJ.VTJ.VC? IJtULLY sensihlo of my obligati,u,a lur the liber. kindness of m.v patron*, 1 announce to the, with great pleasure, my return to So |o Exehaat Street, over IbeShne and Leather Warehouse recem ly erected by the Messrs. Barbour, with Increased ellUiee to answer all orderi in the various brim tew mv profession. I shall endeavor to keen nosled hi tho newest i, provements, to lie supplied with the best material and to be prompt and faithful In my workmanshu, My work may he seen on every business street to the city, to which, with sioeimous constantly aolue up on the new stores. X rvuhdentlv refer * _ _ OLtYK.K 9. BEALE Dee 4th, I860, (,003,13, Sold Out. WE would recommend our former patrons to of* suoeeseor, E, M. THOMPSON. oclMSn* Raima 4k Dwetp.