1 Şubat 1867 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Şubat 1867 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -—— -* ' Friday Morning, February 1. 1867. -—-— LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. State House, Augusta, Jan. 31. [special dispatch to the daily pbess.J SENATE. Papers from the House passed in concur rence. Report of Committee on Railroads, \Y ays, &o., ou bill an act‘ to incorporate the Portland & Western Railroad” was accepted and on mo tion of Mr. Woodman laid on the table. Mr. YVoodmau presented the- petition of A. K. Sliurtleif and others of Portland, for an amendment of the law regulating the rate ol interest; also petition of T. C. Horsey, Presi dent of Board of Trade of Portland, to the same effect. The petition of same, for a re peal of the law taxing hank stock held by non residents, was referred to the Committee ou Banks and Banking. Mr. Dyer presented petition of Stephen D. Lyndsey, for an act of incorporation as the North Anson & Skowhegan Telegraph Com pany. Mr. Woodman presented petition oi James N. Winslow for an act of Incorporation as the Portland Stone Ware Company. Mr. Brown presented tho petition of the Trustees of Bridgton Adademy for State aid, all ol which were appropriately referred. Mr. Weld reported an act “to further limit the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court of the city of Biddelord,” which was read and assign ed. On motion of Mr. Caldwell, hill au act “in relation to interest” was taken from the table. Mr. Caldwell addressed the Senate in a lengthy speech which was listened to by a large and at tentive audience. He took very strong grouud against any prescribed limit to interest. Mr. Woodman followed with a few remarks, dissenting irom tho views of Mr. Caldwell, after which the vote was taken and the act passed to be engrossed. It is as follows: Interest shall remain as heretofore at six per centum, but parties to written contracts are authorized to tix and determine the rate of in terest on the same, not however exceeding eight per centum. The following order presented to the House a lew days ago by Mr. Lord, of Standish, was ou motion of Mr. Perkins referred to the Com mittee on Insane Hospital, after some remarks from that gentleman, in favor, and Mr. Weld in opposition: Ordered.—That the superintendent ot the Insane Hospital be instructed to report to this Legislature the uuuiber of patients in that in stitution during the years 1865 and 1866, the names of each, residence, age, whether dis charged or there now in a condition to be dis charged at this time, and the length of time each patient has Iteen in the institution, stat ing whether each patient is a State pauper or supported hy friends in whole or in part, and the amount paid by the State and towns and by friends for the support of each. Also the amount paid lor clothing for each, how many have been in private rooms and at what price. Also the names and residence of officers, at tendants or laborers, the leugth of Lime that each has been employed, ami the amount of salary or wages paid to each, meaning to oh tain the items of expenditure aud amount re ceived for all services for the years above nam ed. Also the condition of each patient when discharged. Also the number of patients now in the Hospital without hope of recovery aud harmless, names of each aud residence, and whether State or town paupers or kept there by friends, and that he report on or before the 10th day ot ebFruury. The several acts which passed the House yes terday, passed the Senate in concurrence. HOUSE. Papers from the Senate passed in concur rence. Petition of Franklin Mussey for authority to the city of Bangor to loan its credit in the construction of the railroad from Bangor to Dover, was presented and referred. Bill an act to incorporate Winterport & Frankfort Itailroad Company, was presented and referred. Several petitions for assump tion of town war debts from towns of Bristol and Bremen. Petition of Limington Acade my for aid. Petition of H. Cousens tor an act incorporating the Narragansett Manufactur ing and Trading Company, were referred. Bill an act to incorporate Maine Shipbuild er s’ and Ship Owners’ Association was pre sented and referred. One object of this As sociation will bo to look after the great ship ping tnterest of Maine at Washington. It is one of the results of the meeting of yesterday. The act “to remove the disability to marry between persons of different race” was laid on the table after a little discussion, by a vote ol 58 to 53. Tliero is much opposition in the House to the measure, and its passage is doubtful. The following acts aud resolves finally pass ed: resolve in favor of the town of Webster; act to incorporate the Hinkley Machine Knit * ting Company. To-morrow, the 1st of February, is the last day for receiving new petitions. Foreign News per Steamer. Gladstone and Reform. SEVERE WE AT 11 KB IN EUROPE. TREMENDOUS SNOW STORMS. The Eastern Question. Halifax, N. S., Jan. 31. The steamship Africa, from Liverpool Jan. 19th, via Queenstown Alth, arrived at 8 o’clock this morning. Mr. Gladstone, in a circular dated from Flor ence, calls on his supporters to assemble at the opening of the session of Parliament, and it is said that on his arrival in England a confer ence of the heads of the Liberal party will be held under his auspices relative to reform aud other questions. The ice catastrophe in Regent’s Park contin ued to absorb attention. The total number of bodies found was about lorty, and search for more was still progressing. Another of the West India mail steamers, the La Platt, bad arrived at Southampton with yellow lever aboard. She had sixty-one cases during the passage, of which twenty-three proved fatal. The weather continued very severe through out Europe, and traveling was greatly imped ed. The mails were largely in arrear in many directions. The postal service was suspended tor some days between Lyons and the Mediter ranean owing to the snow. In some parts of Denmark even the telegraph wireswere buried in the snow, which, in places, was fourteen feet deep. France.—The Paris Temps gives a report that several great powers were urging the Turk ish Government to take the initiative in assem bling a conference upon the state of affairs in the East. The La France denies the truth of the report and gives a formal contradiction to the rumors of alleged movemi ntsof Russian aud Austrian troops towards Oalliciu. The Et Eudard says no change will take place among the members of the Cabinet. Italy.—The Opinione says negotiations in reference to the question of the Bishops hav ing terminated Sig. Tonello will shortly have an audience with the Pope and Antonclli is to take leave. Russia.—Prince Dadlan, of Mingrelia, had in his own name and that of his successors vol untarily ceded his sovereign rights to Russia, in cousideration of a million roubles indemni ty Belgium.—In the Chamber of Representa tives an amendment to the Penal Code bill abolishing punishment of death, was rejected. Brazil.—Mails from Brazil have arrived at Lisbon. Brazilian accounts represent that Lopez’s army is very discontented. The allies were gTcatly inspirited by the presence of General Caxias, and it was said that they would soon reassume the offensive. Montevideo, Dec. 17.—The allied army aud fleet remain inactive. The revolution against Mitre in the Province of Mendoza, Argentine Confederation, is progressing. Central nnd South America. New York. Jan. 31. The steamer Henry Chaiinoey, from Aspin wall, with California dates to the lnth inst., ar rived this morning. Shearings 81,072,175 in treasure from California. Panama dates are to the 23d inst. It was probable that Mr. Burton, our Minis ter to Bogota, would receive a suitable apology from the Government for the offensive lan guage which was used by one of the President's Generals. The allied fleet was at Valparaiso. It was reported that the Brazilian army bad gained an advantage over 5,000 or 6,000 Para guava ns. The revolntion in Mendoza has not spread to any of the other provinces in the Argentine Bepnblic. Honduras papers state the Government of Honduras has entered into a eontract,with the French Government to construct an luter Oceanic Itailroad across that Republic. A party of engineers under Mr. Davidson, sent out by the United States Government to make a. more complete survey of the Isthmus ot Darien, with a view to the construction of a snip canal across the Isthmus, were in Pana ma, preparing tor their work. Cel. Montgomery Belie,,.* _ Troops fer Fori Phil. Kearney. , 8t- Corns, Jan. 31. The ease of Col. Montgomery, arrested un der the civil rights bill for acts committed while in command of the State militia at Lex ington, closed on Tuesday, the Colonel being released. Judge Crockett took tlie ground thattbe civil rights bill was intended to afford protection to ireedmen who had been slaves and did not incluue whites and other prison ers arrested with Montgomery, who were re leased. The late Colorado papers note movements Pf troops towards Fort Phil Kearney, XXXIX 00NGEE8S-SE00ND SESSION. Washington, Jan. 31. SENATE. Various petitions were presented and refer red. The following bills were reported favorably: To legalize abridge across the Missouri at St Charles. To authorize the construction of a submerged tubular bridge across the Missis sippi at St. Louis. To amend the postal laws The Committee on Claims were instructed to inquire into the expediency of compensat ing the loyal citizens of East Tennessee ior war losses. A resolution was adopted calling on the I resident tor copies of the correspondence lie t ween the State Department ami Foreign Min isters on the policy of the Administration to ward the rebellious State's. Mr, Couuess’ resolution relative to the pro posed reciprocity treaty with the Hawaiian Islands was called up and passed. Mr. Sumner’s resolution relative to Mr. Mot ley, introduced yesterday, was debated until the expiration of the morning hour, when the tariff hill came up. The tariff' on east iron, steam, gas and water pipes was increased from 3-4 to 1 3-4 of a cent IHT pound. The amendment was agreed to. Mr, Creswcll moved to amend by increasing the duty on chromate and bichromate and po tassa from 4 to 41-2 cents per pound. Agreed to. ' m Mr. Wilson moved to amend the paragraph putting a duty of 45 per cent, per pound and ;to percent, ad valorem on woolen cloths, compris ing broadcloth cloakings, cassimeres, ladies’ cloths, doeskins, tricots, fabrics of woolen, shawls, flannels aud all manufactures of wool ot all description, made wholly or in part of wool not herein otherwise specified, as follows: Valued at $1 per pound, 50 cents per pound and 50 cents ad valorem; valued at over $1 pel pound and less than $1.50, 50 cents per pouud and 40 per cent, ad valorem; over $1.00,50 cents per pound. This led to a debate, in which Messrs. Yates, Grimes, Wilson and others participated. Mr. Wilson subsequently modified his amend ment so as to make the duty on woolens of less value than $1 per pound 45 cents per pound and 35 cents ad valorem. Agreed to—yeas 19, nays 15. On motion of Mr. Fessenden the section of the bill allowing a drawback on all articles en tering into the composition of ships was so amended as not to apply to steam vessels. Mr. Itamsay introduced the following resolu tion, which was agreed to: llesulued, That the Secretary of the Interior be requested to report the condition of the In dians located in the vicinity of Lake Traverse and Fort Wadsworth, in Dakotah Territory, at the time of the outbreak in Minnesota in 18(50; the part they took in the outbreak; the cause of their remaining near the Minnesota iron tier when the other surrendered Sioux were taken to the Crow Creek reservation in 18(53; wheth er they have been friendly in their relations with the whites since the outbreak or other wise: whether they have any reservation al lowed them, and whether there have been re ceipts irom the interior department, of cloth ing, provisions or agricultural implements; and whether their removal from their present loca tion to a point more remote from the Minneso ta frontier is contemplated by the Indian De partuienr. Mr. Sumner introduced an amendment to the tariff bill to reduce the duty on oil printings, but it was disagreed to. Mr. Sprague offered amendment putting ani mals imported exclusively for breeding pur poses on the free list. Agreed to. Mr. Sprague also moved to increase the duty on tiles and rasps over 10 inches in length from 6 to 8 cents per pound. Agreed to. Mr. Spargue also moved to increase the duty on horseshoe nails from 6 to 7 cents per pound. The Senate here took a recess until 7 o’clock in the evening. EVENING SESSION. The Chair laid before the Senate Gen. Wil son’s report of the capture of Jefferson Davis. Ordered to be printed. Mr. Trumbull called up the bill pending last night to increase the duties of Clerks of the House of Representatives. Passed over. The Senate then considered the bills from the Committee on Claims. Bills toissue #8,000 in United States notes to the New York Insurance Company, to make good the loss of a similar amount at sea, and for the improvement of the streets of Washington, were passed. 'The tariff' bill was then taken up, the ques tion being on Mr. Sprague’s amendment to increase the duty on horse shoe nails, which was disagreed to. A motion to strike out the second section of the bill, which allows drawbacks on all mate rials used in constructing sail vessels, was dis agreed to. Mr. Grimes moved to amend by reducing th duty ou printing paper from 20 to 15 cents. Disagreed to. An amendment was agreed to that the bill take effect from and after its passage. Mr. Wilson’s amendment, increasing the duty on woolen goods, was reconsidered and modi fied so as to read “on all woolen cloths valued at $1.50 per pound and less. 45 cents per pound and 25 cents ad valorem; over $1.50 and less than #2 per pound, 50 cents per pound and 40 per cent, ad valorem; over #2 per pound, 50 cents per pound and 45 per cent ad valorem.” The bill then passed, 27 to 10. HOUSE. The Senate bill to prevent smuggling was passed, after wltich the House proceeded to the consideration of the consular and diplo matic appropriation bill. Tho amendment adding au appropriation tor the mission to l’ortugal was rejected. An amendment striking out the appropria tion for a mission to Rome was agreed to. Other amendments were agreed to and the bill passed. The House has been occupied with the mil itary academy appropriation bill. The amend ments adopted yesterday in committee w ere agreed to, and the bill passed. Mr. Trowbridge, from the Committee'on En rolled Bills, reported as a question of privilege, a preamble uud resolution to the effect that the hill to repeal section 13 of the act of July 17,1882, to suppress insurrections, and depriv ing the President of the power of granting amnesty, has passed both Houses, and been reported by the Committee ou Enrolled Bills to the President, and that ho had failed to no tify tlie House that he had signed the same, also to return it with his objections, and that the bill had become a law, and not been pub lished as snch, that the Secretary of State be requested to inform the House whether such law had l>eeu filed in his Department. The Speaker said tho matter had been ex amined by the officers connected with both branches of Congress, but a case in point had not been found. Mr. Wentworth asked if he knew where those bills were. Mr. Trowbridge said he did not know, bnt the resolution was introduced for the purpose of ascertaining. After discussion the resolntion was adopted. The bill to organize the Indian Bureau came up .'lid was discussed by Messrs. Higby, Kas sou, Schcnck, Burleigh and others. The Speaker here interrupted the debate, saying that he had found precedents bearing upon the case of the resolution reported by the Committee on Enrolled Bills, of bills not vetoed or signed by the President. The Clerk thereupon read from the journal extracts, showing that during Mr. Buchanan’s administration, two similar events occurred and the bills became laws under tho Constitu tion. The discussion of the Indian Bureau bill was resumed. An amendmeut was offered by the Commit tee on Indian Affairs, authorizing the assistant superintendent or chief clerk’ to act as super intendent when the latter is suspended or re moved, was adopted. The vote was then taken upon Mr. Schenck’s amendment, transferring the control of Indi an affairs to the War Department. Adopted, yeas 78, nays 73. * The bill as amended was read a third time, and passed without a division, after changing its title to “a hill to transfer the Indian Bureau to the War Department.” Mr. Windoin suggest'd that it should be en titled, too “a bill to massacre Indians and de plete the Treasury.” The Senate amendment to the House bill to establish Courts of tho United States was concurred in. The Senate amendments to the House b’ll to punish certain crimes in reference to the currency were concurred in. At four o’clock the House went into commit tee of the whole on the State of the Union. The fortification bill was taken up. Mr. Blaine moved to amend by appropriat ing #150,000 lor the erection of two addttional forts at Portland, Me. Before disposing of the matter, the Commit tee rose. Mr. Maynard presented a petition of 600 cit izens ot Virginia for setting aside the State Government and providing a provisional Gov ernment. Referred to the Committee on Re construction. Mr. Rush, on leave, introduced a bill to au thorize the establishment of ocean mail steam ship service between the United States and the Sandwich Islands. Referred to the Post Office Committee. The House adjourned at 4 1-2 o’clockjP. M. Miscellaneous Dispatches. Philadelphia, Jan. 31. The City Council have passed a resolution inviting Congress to visit the city and inspect League Island, the site proposed for a navy yard. Their expenses here are to be defrayed by our citizens. St. Louis, Jan. 31. j The old wooden building, formerly the Illi nois Central Itailrod depot, was burned last | night. Loss 818,000; insured 87000. St. Louis, Jan. 31. The Merchants’ Exchange of this city have j adopted the cental system, to take effect March ] first. Prom the West luilics. w t New Orleans, Jan. 31. w est J.udia advices state that the cholera is decreasing at St. Thomas, hut the small pox and yellow tevor are raging. The Governor General of Jamaica, Sir Peter Grant, lolt on the 12tli for Honduras, w.th troops to suppress the insurrection The Bank of Santiago de Cuba will go into j liquidation. _ Alabama Legislature. Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 31. The House of Representatives has passed a hill to establish a system of public schools for blacks and whitca.alike, except that the schools lor each shall be “senarate. It is understood that the Legislature will not reconsider its ac tion on tlie Constitutional Amendment. Indiana an (he War Path. Junction City, Kan., Jan. 31. A scout just in from the West reports the Cheyennes and Arapahoe Indians, numbering about 11300 warriors, on the war path. This place will bo tl»e terminus of the Uuion Pacific Railroad during the coming summer. Kansas Legislature. j Topeka, Kan., .Jan. 31. The House to-day passed a joint resolution to amend the Constitution by striking out the word “white.” by a vote of 56 to 15. The I amendment allowing female suffrage was de j fcated by a vote of 46 to 26. WASHINGTON. Proceedings of the Southern Re publican Association. THE T A.X BIEL. Condition of the Currency Bureau. Washington, Jan. 31. The National Intelligencer of to-day gives an account purporting to be the proceedings of the Southern Republican Association, held last night, at which 20 representatives of States took part in the discussion in favor of holding a Convention at Washington on or about the 4th of March, to urge the impeachment of Andrew Johnson as the only hope of the South for speedy reconstruction. Private dispatches received from Frankfort, Ky., state that the Senate lias passed a bill fix ing the Congressional election for the 4th of May. It is apprehended that the House will not concur. The Committee on Ways and Means at their meeting to-day while considering the amenda tory tax bill, agreed to abolish the tax on news paper advertisements. It is understood that the bill will be reported within the next ten days, and that the taxes on a large number of articles will be considerably reduced. The commission to report on the condition of the Curreucy Bureau have reported all right. They counted nearly eight hundred million dollars. Brevet Brig. Gen. F. D. Seward, recently dis patched to make an inspection of the district of North Carolina, has returned to headquar ters. Brig. Gen. Alvin C. Gillew, Assisstant Com missioner of Freedmeu for Mississippi, has made a report toGeu. Howard that the demand lor labor is so great that freedmen are being brought fr< m other States. School matters are progress, ug. Delegations from fourteen tribes of' Indians waited upon Commissioner Bogg to-day tor the purpose of holding an interview with him to ascertain what disposition is to be made of the lands they now occupy, and of certain inter ests which they hold in others. Among them was Keokuk, reported to be the finest looking Indian in the country. He approached the Commissioner, and through an interpreter ex pressed his willingness to adopt such views as the Commissioner had presented. A memorial was presented to-day from Sig nor Joaquin de Palma, Vice Consul of Portu gal at Savannah during the rebellion, claiming remuneration for property taken by Gen. Sher man’s army in the winter of 18G4, he alleging that he was plundered of $0000 in gold, and dia monds, .jewelry and wearing apparel to the value of $32,474. WASHINGTON OOERESPONDENOE. Smuggling on the Frontier. Reconstruction Conference. The Worst Thing the President Ever Did. A HEAVY CLAIM. New York, Jan. 31. The Times’ Washington dispatch says some idea may be formed of the frauds perpetrated by smugglers, from the tact that a special agent sent to the frontier to investigate them was able to make arrangements with twenty-two Customs officers out of twenty-three—the whole number in the District—for smuggling goods into the United States. The President has nominated to the Senate Hon. H. R. Hurlburt to be Comptroller of the Currency. Quite a number of leading Southerners are in the city arranging a new plan of adjustment which has been approved by a numlier of Re publicans. It is based upon the Constitutional Amendment. The President recently said to a number of persons that the worst thing he ever did in his life was to pardon Mayor Monroe, of New Or leans. One of the most important cases yet present ed to the Court of Claims is that of S'.*,000,1)00 as damages against the Government for seizure by the War Department in 1856 of a large tract of land at the Cascades of the Columbia river in Wasliingten Territory, since occupied as a military post; land belonging to George W. Johnson. Mexican Affairs. New Orleans, Jan. 31. Col. Carrolo, who recently embraced the lib eral side, has gone back, placing himself and troops at the command of the Prelect at Puebla. The city of Patzmcro was stormed by the Liberals on the 21st, lasting several hours.— While negotiations for capitulation were pro gressing, guerrillas entered the town aud com mitted excesses, burning and destroying hous es and locking up as , prisoners ^nearly all the male inhabitants. THE MARKETS. Financial. New York. Jan. 31. Money remains very easy; call loans at 6 @7 per cent, on Government securities and Stock collaterals. Prime discounts quiet at 7 @ S per cent. Gold was a little weaker at tlie close, and loft oft’ nt 135J. Gov ernment securities dull aud steady. Stocks were linn at the last open board witli few exceptions; alter the call tlioy were quite strong, especially Life, Southern and North Western preferred. Petroleum mid Min ing stocks generally firmer. New York Market. New York, Jan. 31. Colton—dull and drooping; sales2X0bales Middling uplands at 34r. Flour—dull and 16 @ 26c lower; sa'es 7,600 Olds.— State at 9 lo ® 11 60; round hoop Ohio 10 80 ,u) 13 30; Western 910 in) 12 26. Southern brands dull anil droop ing; sales at 12 25 C3 16 00. Canada brands more ac tive ; sales 600 bids, extra in bond at 10 60. Wheat—dull aud 3 (@5e lower: sales 1,400 bush.— Chicago Spring at 2 22. Milwaukee M Ixed at 2 20. Corn—irregular and 1 5y2c lower; sales 38,000 bush. Mixed Western at 108} M 1 13. Yellow Jersey at 1U6I& 111. Oats—dull and lower; sales Western at 00 @ 02c. State at 66 11} 68c. Provisions—heavy. Lard—steady. Whiskey—quiet. Groceries quiet and steady. Naval Stores—qnict; Spirits Turpentine at 66 @ 661c. ltosin at 3 75 (gj 8 00. Petroleum—dull; sales at 191 @ 20c for crude. Refined bonded at 26 @ 30c. Tallow—steady; sales at 11 @ ll}c. Freights to Liverpool—dull and lower; Cotton 5-10 @ jfd per sail. Corn GUI per sail. Chicago Markets. Chicago, Jan. 31. Flour unchanged. Wheat firm; sales at 2 13 for No. 1, and 1 81 for No. 2. Corn steadv; sales at 74c. Oats weak at 391c. Rye nominal at S7 (a) 88c. Mess pork sales at 19 06. Live hogs steady at 6 10 @ 650; Dressed hogs lirm.at 7 20 @ 7 10. Mobile Markets. Mobile, Jan. 31. Cotton—dull aud lower; sales of Middling uplands at 31c. Rio Jaaeire Markets. Itio Janeiro, Dec. 25. Coffee 6100 @ 6306 for good hrsis. Stock on hand 90,000. Exchange 23} (3 23}. New York Stock Market. New York, Jan. 31. Stocks—quiet and strong. American Gold.1'5} C. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862. 1074 @ 107} U. S. Five-Twenties, coupon8,1861.105}:«) 105} U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865.105} o loo 0. S. Five-Twenties, coupons new issue... 104} (3 104} C. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.• • ■ •. 99} D. S. Ten-Forties, registered.99} (h) 100 C.S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.,.104} @104} U. S. Seven-Thirties. 2d series.104} @ 104} U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.104} (3 104} Missouri Sixes.92} Western Union Telegraph,. 44} New York Central. 97} t Erie,. 55} Erie pretCrred. 711 Hudson.128} Reading.103} Michigan Central,.107} Illinois Central,,. 113] Michigan Southern. 71 Cleveland & Pittsburg. 78} Chicago & ltoek Island. 94] Pacific Mail.156 @ 167 Boston Stock Lint. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Jan 31. United States 7 3-10tlis, 1st series. 104£ “ 2d series. IcM* “ 3d series. VtiJ United States 5-20s, 1862. 107* “ small. 106J “ lt.5i “ small. ifMi “ 1865. 3054 “ July, 1HC5. 104 § Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 122 [Sales at Auction.] Bates Manufacturing Co. 145 New Hampshire State Sixes. Hit? Bangor City Sixes... 95$ Eastern Railroad Sixes, 1*74. 054 Vermont Central Istmortgage bonds. Ill'} NOTICE rflHOSE suffering from that terrible malady Chills X and Fever, wtio have hitherto been unable to And a remedy, will do well to write to me, as 1 have a sale amt certain euro, which 1 will furnish to the afflicted lor Ave dollars. Address CYRUS LOWELL, Stevens* Plains, Westbrook, Me., care of Dcering Colley. January 25, 1867._ eodCw* FOR SAFE. A LOT OF LAND, situated within a hundred yards of the brnml Trunk Station, Yar mouth. Said Lot is 67 ft. by 191], and is part of the Estate of the late Capt. JOHN DAVIg. For further particulais inquire at his late resi dence. Yarmouth, Jan. 26, 1867, jan28 <12weod* Store to Let. SPACIOUS, and well adapted for almost any busi ness, l eing next door to Middle, and the upper store in the three-storied iron tront block on Union Street. Conveniences and Anisli modern. inquire at No. 4 Cotton Street. Jaul.ldiwtcodtf INDIA RUBBER GOODS. 1,ur“od out ol ray Rubber Store, til. &•> 1 would solicit tlie trade BMUk® Son! er Machine Belting, Steam Packinu (inaketq kinm* Gloves and Mittens, Elastic Kings and Banda hS Covers, Horae Covers with and without hood ’waiimi Covers, Air Beds, Pillows, Cushions, and Life Pro servers. Mechanics’ Aprons, Bniikcr Jewelry ol beautiful patters, and all kinds of itubber Goods that may be desired, all of which 1 will sell at manufac turers lowest prices. Please forward your orders lor the present to H. A. HALL, jul l3eodtf 85 Milk Street, Boston. WANTED. ~ ..— — . .. Wanted. A SITUATION in a Grocery or Furniture store or some other good business; is willing to make j himself generally useful. IVill loan his employer twelve to fifteen hundred dollars. Good reference given. Address, B. G., Bo* 1730. ja31dlw* Wanted Daily !! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. 351 1-3 Congress Narret. All I>cr son* wishing to secui e good Gills for any respecta ble employment, will liml them at tills Office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys for any work in city or country, iree oi charge. BTWe want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day lor all orts oi situations iu this City and vicinity. Give us a tall. COX & POW ABB. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, *G7. ^ jan30 atf Wanted. SITUATION as Par ner in a Mercantile or Man u lac l uring Business already established,—by a man with one or two thousand dollars capital. Addres , Box I I i5, Portland P. O. yan30d3t Wanted. TpWO furnished rooms—sitting-room and chamber X adjoining each other preferred—with board, in the western part of the city lor three yonng ladies. Address immediately, “M. J. C.,” Box 2112. jan26dlw* Wanted. A good, faithful Colored Woman to take charge of, and <lo the work of a kitcheu. She must he a wood cook, and capable to take charge, unfcssist ed, and come well recommended by parties who can be appealed to personally. Such an one can tind a good, permanent Home, and good pay. A1 o, a strong Colored Woman to do general house work, in cluding a large washing and ironing. None need ap ply but those who can give unquestionable references. The right persons can mid permanent places, a hap py Home, and good pay, in a quiet little village about 15 miles from the City. Apply by letter, giv ing references, anu where aii interview can bo had. Address WILLIAM H. BlSHoP, jan23 dtf _Portland, Maine. Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each lor first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dt! 130 Commercial street. LOST AND FOUND. LOST! ON the 29th inst, a chased gold Sleeve Button; the finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at J. A. M Eft It ILL’S, ja31d3t*No 13 Free Street, Lost! A Gold Hunter Case Cylinder Watch, made bv Hyde & Sons. London and Paris, No. 7562. Lost somewhere between Deland’s Court, ( Green Street) and 166 Middle street. Whoever may find it will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office. Jan3odl w* $10 he ward i IS offered for the detection ot the person or per sons who stole the Lauterns placed at the Drain now belli -r constructed under my supervision at the loot of India Str^ci. B. DAILY. Portland, Jan. 28, 18C7. jan29 dlw BOARD AND ROOMS. Board Wanted. FOR a young gentleman and wife !n a private family, one Comfortable room. Best of reierence given and required. Address Box Portland Post Office. jan31 dtf To Let WITH Board, desirable Rooms for gentlemen and tlieir wives, or lor Single gentlemen, at 30 Danfurtli Street. ja»31 dlw* Boarders Wanted. A few Gentlemen Boarders can find accommoda tions at No. 3, Spruce Street. jan31 dlw* Boarders Wanted. PLEASANT Rooms willi board for gentlemen aud their wives. Also for single gentlemen. Apply to Geo. McIacIIiiu, No 4 Locust St. ,ia2Gdlw* Rooms to Let. A Suit of Rooms centrally located, to let without Board. Address “ W,” Post Office. jan24 d2w* To be Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without hoard, suitable (or gentlemen aud their wives. En quire at No. 6 South street, between !) and il A. M. cacli day. .ianlidtf REAL ESTATE. TIMBER LAID ! For Sale in Virginia. THE subscriber lias Ibr sale 430 acres of Land heavily wooded with White Oak, Red Oak, Chestnut and Pine timber, situated on the Rappa hannock River. For further particulars address ADOLPHUS WEINBERG. ^ja2^»dtl_ Box 317, Alexandria, Ya. Valuable Hotel Property Tor Sale. rpHE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vii A lage ol Frvoburg, Oxford county, Maine, is of fered ibr sale at a bargain, il applied tor soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurniture and iixiures Ibrougliout, together with all necessary outbuild! ugs. For full particulars inquire ot Horatio boothby, „ Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 345 Congress st. Fryeburg, Sept. 29, lh6C. dtf House Ibr Sale, No 32 Myrtle Street. En •ii quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. IL July 12—dtl Faria for Sale. 1W1LL sci? my farm near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Portluml, one mile Drum horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said laim contains about 100 acres, part of it verv ml liable lor tillage, aud part ol it for building lots. There is a good house, two large barus. and out hous es on the premises. It will l»c sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers C Yii US TH U RLOW. sepll-dtf_ 165 Commercial St. First Class Houses for Sale. WE offer for sale the eight first class brick houses, recently built by us, situated on Pine Street, between Clark and Carleton Streets. These houses are thorouglily built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office. No. 27* Danforth St. TV ,w,x SHOWN & SONS, or vv M. II. JRRRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. ^October 16, 1866. dtt For Cease. THE valuable lot ol land corner of Middle and l’lnmb Sir col a, lor a term of vears. Enquire of L. C. MITCHELL A SON, Aug. 28,1SCC—till 1.8 Foro Street. House ii>r Sale. A good House two stories, Statde attached, hard and soft water, good lot centrally locatod—con venient for two lamilics, if desirable, inquire at 11 Cedar, or 184 litre Sc., of the subscriber, - J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24, 1867, dtf Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, N GOIHHEBCIAL STREET. rjvIIE subscribers ofler for sale the lot of land on A the somberly side o« Commercial Street, headot liana’s Whart measuring 72 by 150 feet. For far ther particulars inqnire JONAS H. PER LEY, l** 10 tf_or W. S. DANA. House for Sale A FIRST CLASS two story Brick House No. 13 Mechanic Street. Lot 42 x 100. Enquire at 34.1 Congrats. St., of L. I). STIiOUT, or of WM. It. JERIUS, Real Estate Agent. jan22dtf NOTICE. I will sell oil lavorable terms as to payment, or let for a term of years, ibe lots on •the coi ner ol Middle aud Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including thccorner ol Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REED, Attorneys. Poriland. jyl2ti Schooner lor Sale. . j The fine white oak and copper-fastened ATjy fast sailing Schooner IDA MORXUN, 48 12-100 tons new measurement, well •OTl/lA/IX- found and adaptod for the Coasting or ■rfi^B*»Fishiug business, is now offered for sale by the Eastern Packet Co. For particulars enquire o

OCVX2. M. N. RICH, jan28dtf No. 3 Long Wharf. Clove Anodyne. THAT remarknldo speeiBe for Toolhaehc and its associated ueuralgies, prepared by us only, can j now be furniBliod to consumers or to tho trade in t quantities to suit, at our establishment, 348 CONGUE88 MTREET, | jan30d3t j. E. LENT & CO. Freedom Notice. I have this ilav given to luv son John F. Rand, liis time to act mid manage lor himself. 1 shall claim none ol his wages nor pay any debts of bis contracting after this date. _ IT no GEORGE F. RAND. Cornish, elan. 23,18C7. jail30 d3t* To Rent, W A REHOUSE on Custom House Wharf. En ▼ f quire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novldtf 139 Commercial street. Go to Adams & Purinton’s FOR your Housc-l'umisinng Goods of all kinds; Carpetings, and all kinds of Crockery, Glass, Tin, Stone. Earthem and Wooden Ware, Paper Hang ings, Window Shades, &ct &c., cornel of Federal and Exchange streets. no23u3m Notice to Zand Holders• MR O’DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared to take contracts for building, either by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can lurnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portlaud. August 17th, 1866 aug20dtf For Sale Cheap. 1 SECOND-HAND Nafr, size inside 17* x 20. 1 Platform Scale. 40 M feet extra Southern Pine, inch thick and from 5 to 8 inches wide. 10 A1 1} inch do, 12 to 14 in width. R, DFFRUVU .jan.'JOtf ^ Hobson’s Wharf. Commercial street. Jackson’s Calarrh Snuff! ELEGANT TROCHE and NNVFE Combined tor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,&c. Instantly relieves annoying Cough* in Church. Cures Catarrhs positively without sneezing. Valuable to Singers, Clergy, &c., clears and strengthens the voice; acts quickly; laslespleas antly; never nauseates. Prevents taking colu from Ukating, Yxcctnres &c. 0r" Sold by Druggists or sent by mail Em lose 35 cts to Hooper, Wilson & <’oM (8y.I9e«lyUnc1R'fi7l PHILADELPHIA. XV. XV. WHIPPLE, Portland, Wholesale Agt. PROSPECTUS. THE FRESS For 180-7. With tlio opening of the new year we presented to the readers of the DAILY PRESS, A Paper Enlarged la the lize of the largest New England Dailies. The enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to the addition of t>etween three and four columns to its size. This additional space will be devoted to de tails ot important events, which we have heretofore been obliged to give iu brief, and to selections from currcut literature, gravo or gay, such as we have lately been obliged to omit altogether. What the character of the paper thus enlarged will be, its past liis$ory will show. The Press was es tablished primarily to represent the Republican par ty of Maine. It was impossible for the controlling party of the State to remain voiceless in this city. The Press will continue to defend the principles of the Liberal party of America. The war has closed one great cycle in our national history—the cycle during which aristocracy at the South and democra cy at tlio North grew up side by side, a period of jealousy and conflict, resulting in an appeal to arms and the victorious supremacy of the democratic prin ciple. We have entered on a state of transition, which seems likely to prove longer than most of us antici pated. The Press will insist upon a settlement which will secure the fruits of our victory. Nothing is settled till it is settled right. We must have de mocracy at the South as well as at the North—equal rights for all secured by equal laws, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, impartial suffrage. Ot the profound convictions of the Republican party of Maine, the Press will remain a faithful exponent. The present year will probably witness the exten sion of the telegraph round the world. The comple tion of that great enterprise will compel a change, which has already begun, in the management ot newspapers. The leading features of the world’s history will be registered from day to day by the tel egraph. The expense of special dispatches from all i parts of the world will prove too great for single newspapers, and correspondence will regain some thing ol its old importance. Newspaper associations or news agents will assume the task of furnishing the daily dispatches, while correspondents will fur nish details, explanations and illustrations, by mail. The Atlantic telegraph has already destroyed the syslem by which our foreign news has for years been furnished by steamer, and already the Tribune has its special correspondents established in almost every capital in Europe. Wo cannot rival the feats o New York journalism but we must be governed by the same considerations. We have engaged Regular Correspondents in Washington, New York, Boston and Augusta, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout the Stato. During the session of the Legislature, we shall publish Special Dispatches from Augusta overy morning, furnishing a synop sis of the previous day’s proceedings. To the people of Maine, and especially to people who have business relations with Portland, wo hope to make the Press more valuable than any paper published outside of the State can possibly be. We shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We shall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but we thall have regular correspondence from that point, and a Daily Summary of Maine News which readers here would be sorry to miss. We shall have Fnll and Accurate Market Reports, forwarded by telegraph from al parts of tho United States, from Canada, and irom England. A weekly Review oi the Portland Markets, anil an aci-orate Hcp.rt of Mniae Skipping, in foreign and domestic porta, will be published as heretotore. There will be NO INCREASE IN THE PRICE Of the Daily Press. For EIGHT DOLLARS A YEAH 1 AVc expect to furnish a paper, Tlie Largest in the State, and as large as in other States is offered for ten or twelve dollars a year. THE MAINE STATE PEESS Is not like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the leavings at the daily edition. It is designed to be as carefully made up as if it were a perfectly inde pendent publication. It contains from week to week, the most important articles which appear iu the daily, together with a considerable amount of Matter Expressly Prepaied for its Columns Wc shall add to Us attractions during the coming year, Ah Agricultural Department, To be conducted by tbe Bcv. WILLIAM A. DB£W,of Augusta, a veteran journalist, widely and favorably known in Maine, and a contributor tor sometime past to the Press over tho signature of “Traxi.” Mr. Drew’s special qualifications for this work need no heralding. The Shipping News of the Week Will be published without abridgment in the State Press, os will also the Review of the Portland Markets, And the Brighton Market Rejioris. To country traders the weekly report of Portland prices currrent alone will be well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a careful Digest of General and State News, We shall also furnish weekly a page of Miscellaneous Beading for the Family. The weekly edition is made up in eight large pages, of six columns each, and is tho Largest Weekly Paper ia New England. It is offered to tlie public at tbe low price of 9 DOLLARS A YEAR, invariably in advance. To a club of new subscribers, eleven copies will be sent for twenty dollars, and the same discount is offered to larger clubs. ----*— NOTICES OF THE PBEH. [From the Christian Mirror.] The Press has been enlarged since New Year’s. We are glad to see such evidence of prosperity. With such papers as Portland now furnishes we see no need of importing Dailies from Boston and New York. [From the Portland Trice Current.] TriE press.—The crowded state of our columns last week prevented us from noticing the enlagcment and re-arrnngement of the columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly tho leading journal of Maine, and equal to any in New Englaud; especially when taken into consideration the amount of interesting reading matter that is daily furnished for the money. [From the Gardiner Home Journal.] Enlarged.—The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st iust., to about the size of the Boston Dailies. This is an evidence or not only the prosperity of the Press, but of Portland as well, for of course tbe en largement is caused by the increase of advertising favors. Tho Press is worthy of the patronage it re ceives, is a credit to Portland and to the State and we hope increasing years may increase its prosper* ity. [From tlic Eastern Argus, Jan. 2] , -P>® f*®88 ipnearod yesterday morning enlarged by the addition of 2J inches to the length of its col umns. Its make-up has also been changed again, and on the whole It presented a decidedly improved appearance. Onr eoremporary's “new clothes” are somewhat larger than ours, but the “ biggest are not always the best.” [From llie Portland Evening Star, Jan. 1.] The Daily Press appears this morning in an en large • lorm, making it now fully equal in size to any ArSSPc1? The editor, in his New Year ».Salutatory, sIiowh that the success of the paper tor the past year lia* been most gratifying, and wc are glad ol its prosperity. The return to the original style of arranging the contents ol the paper, is one ol the most agreeable features of the change. [From the Bangor Whig.] — The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st of January to about the size of the Boston Daily Post and Advertiser—which are our largest New England (lames - ami it now makes a very handsome appear ance. This evidence of prosperity on tiie part of so f00?"‘d.",^le»^aP®' 88 the Press is gratifying. It shows, too, that Portland has lost noth!ugol vigor, enterprise or resource, by the great lire, but that its course is still onward—that its business is in fact in creasing, notwithstanding the apparent calamity of last year—and that its promise of commercial great ness is certain to be fulfilled. The Press is among the best ol the New England papers, and its present appearance is a credit to the State. IFrem the Bath Times.] Portland Press comes out greatly enlarg ed, and we suspect-.it now gives another settler to the question which is *« the principal paper in Portland.” It is bound to distance its competitors. [brom the Lewiston Journal, Jan. 1.] The Portland Press has increased Us size equiva lent to an additiou of iliree or four columns. This enlargement, following so closely upon its resurrec tion from the ashes of the great fire, shows that the principles it advocates and its efforts to cater to the literary tastes of its readers aro appreciated by the public. The a Iditional sp ce now obtained will be devoted to details of important events, and selections Irom current literature. [From the Worcester (Mass.,) Spy.] Tiie Press — Among the papers that commence the new year with enlarged sheets and manifest signs of prosperity, are the Portland Press and the Hartford Evening iress. The former is the largest and best daily in the State of Maine, and the latter we have exchanges ^ *** °Ue °* ^ie “blest of our Connecticut [From the Portland Advertiser, Jan. 2.J **res8 appeared yesterday morning In an wr11 18 now "lUy equal iu size to any England. In the arrangement lias returned to tiie original style, which we think quite an improvement in its appear ance. Since the Press has been under the editorial man agement of Mr. Richardson, its editorials have been high toned and reliable, wielding a powerful influ ence over its patrons on all politic A matters. He has taken a feir stand, always discussing topics inn dignified manner, yet leaning in all vital issue. wllh' his party. While we cannot always agree with Mi !r his noiHJcai notions, wo heartily tiar^u.e,.,*1^ ability, character and culture be has displayed in it. management, and wish him and the proprietors even more prosperity in the next year than it has had in the past. Its news is judiciously and carefully selected, and a general culture and literary taste characterizes its contents. As a good family newspaper it has no su perior; and while Mr. Lincoln occupies the city ed itor's chair there will be no lack of local news, as it in generally acknowledged in that department he has no equal in ‘he State. The enlargement argues a prosperous business, at least for ur coteraporary, and we hope it will never be tbund necessary to curtail the dimensions of this enterprising and respectable sheet. 1 ■- • [From the Bangor Times.] VS^ The Portland Daily Press comes to us consid er ibly enlarged and with a return to its old style of “ make-up.” This enlargement—so soon niter the groat tire—to a size equal with the leading Boston dailies, speaks favorably for the pro:-polity of the city and indicates a good degree of enterprize on the partof the proprietors. The Press is edited with ability, has able contributors, and as tbo lea*ling pnper of the dominant party, is a power in the land. [From the Portland Transcript.) The Daily Press begins the now year much en larged, in size; we are glad to sec such an evidence of the prosperity oi this excellent journal. The Press lias swung around the circle to another arrangement of its editorial and news matter; alter all, the old second and third page arrangement, presenting edi torials and news together was the best. U. S. Marshal98 Sale, United States of America, | District of Maine, ss. i PURSUANT to a vend : Expo : to me directed from the Honorable Edward Fox. Judge ot the United States District Court, within and tor the District of Maine, X shall expose und oiler tor sale at Public Auction, to tbe highest bidder therefor, the following properly and merchandize at the time and place withiu said District, as follows, viz: At the AtUl, former/:/ occupied by Mason & Smith, at Hollis Center, in said District., on Friday the eighth day of February next, at ten o'clock A. At: One Lathe ; one Lathe Bench and Turning Tools one Board Planer ; one ilrind Slone and Bench ; one dozen Circular Saws; six Saw Shafts; one Clapboard Machine; one Lath Machine; one Ma chine for milk;,ig Match Splints; one Face PI,uer •or planing end of Match Blocks; one Machine for preparing Match Blocks; one Power Cross-t ut Saw; one Hand Cross Cut Saw; one ami one half gross Stamped AtaicJ/es; ninety-three one cent Ini. Jlec. Stamps; all the Shafting and Belting, unstamped Alatches. Stoves and other furniture in the Alitl and Dry House, connected therewith, excepting the Mam Shaft and Water Wheel and the necessary Belting and fearing connecting the main Shaft with the Wa ter Wheel. The same having been decreed forfeit to the Unit ed States, in the District Court, for the said District of Maine and ordered to be sold and the proceeds dis posed of according to law. Dated at Portland, this twenty-second day of Jan uary, A. D. 1SC7. CHARLES CLARK, U. S. Marshal, District of Maine. jan22 d!5t PAINTS AND OIL CHEAP Just received tit bond, and tor sale doty free, for use on the burnt district, Strictly Pure English Leal and Oil! Rebuilders will effect a great saving by purchasing In this way. r Every discription of PAINT STOCK at the lowest raf<:8.b?.. w* PERKIRg it CO., jan30a31 86 Commercial street. SB. HOPKINS’ Catarrh Troches! Will Cure Catarrh, Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, and all affections of the Throat. PHblic Speaker* and Winger* aae tken*. Ministers, Lawyers, Doctors, Sea Captains, all use them with the best results. Among the hundreds ot thousands who have used them, there is but one voice and that of approval, 'they invariably pro mote digestion, and relieve kidney Affections. Just try one box and you will be convinced. PBEI'ARED BY E. B. HOPKINS, m. n., 149 Washington Wtreei, Boston, Hsu. Wholesale A vents for Maine,— W. K. Phillips a Co., 1 Nathan Wood, ( Por,lan<l Sold at Retail by all Druggists. jan30 d&w2w# Four Months from Chicago! THIS day received, per Grand Trunk R. R. of Canada, C. «f. Brydgcs, General Manager. 100 Barrels Flour, shipped Oct. 3rd, lt*>t>. “A few more expected.” For sale by BLAKE, JONES & CO., Jan 31-d3t_137 Conanrarcinl direct. THOSE NEW CAPS! HAVE ARRIVED! AT HARRIS’ HAT STORE, NO. 300 CONGRESS STREET, Jan31dlw ’ MISS SEWALL, WILL u.vE LESSONS IX Lead Pencil and Crayon Drawing, And also instruct classes so desiring, iu the Elements of Design, after Dr. Rimmer’s method, at 331 Congress Street, six doers above Casco, up stairs.— Entrance through the store, tir Apply every day but Saturday. ja30dtf CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Makers & Mach inists. fflHE subscribers having rebuilt their Work Shops, X are now prepared to take orders lor Machinery and Iron Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly tarnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern makers and new tools of modem design, can supply patterns with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kinds of Iron Work attended to with despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip ped Forge, can furnish forgings aud shapes of all kinds for Steamboats and Locomotive work such as NhntlU, Crank*, Pinion Hod*, Car aud ttajiiue AiIm and Skape* to imttcrn or draw ings, from 10 tons to 100 pounds weight. They are also Selling Agents for MERRIMAN’S PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the best Machine ever invented for the purpose, performing double the amouut of work of any other now in use. FOR SALE, a 33 horse power Locomo •ire Hosier with new tube sheets and new set ol tubes, in first rate order, and warranted sate with a pressure of 100 rounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, can be seen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Cor. Com. St. aud Brown’s Wliarf, novlOe d3m Portland, Maine. Notice. THE Joint Standing Committee on the Judiclaiy, to which was referred the Petition of S E. SPRING, aud others for a general insolvent law, w ill hear all parties interested in the subject matter of said petition at the room of the Judiciary Committee, in the State House, on Tuesday, Feb. 5tb, at 2 o’clock P. M. C. E. WELD, Chairman on the part of the Senate, G. F. SHEPLEY, Chairman on the part of the House. Argus, Star, Bangor Whig, and Times copy. Jail. 2tf dCtis PHOTOGRAPHS T E. S. WORM ELL formerly No. 90 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that he will on TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 1867, open his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 316 Congress Street, [Opposite mechanics’ Hall,] where he will be pieced to wait on his friends and the public Grateful for past patronage, he hopes by strict at tention to business to morit a renewal ot the same. Persons wishing tor FIRST CLASS PICTURES of all t tyles and sizes are invited to call. Pictures colored in Oil, Water Colors and India Ink by one of the best Atlists in the Slate* Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptions. Qp*All work warranted to give satisfaction. N. B—Work done for Photographers in Ink or Colors at reasonable ral is. jauleod3m To Let. FIRST, second and third lofts over E. T. Elden & Co.'s store, Free Street Block; also, offices over Schlotterbeck’s, and over Cronman & Co.’s, in new block corner Brown and Congress streets. JanM-dtf J. B. BROWN. N E W GO O D S ! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 3321-2 Congress Street, Has just received a Tine lot ot fall goods Suitable lor the season, which wjll ltc made up in the most thorough manner sepl 10—coil Warren's Water-Proof Leather Preservative! Sold Wholesale and Retail by ». W. MANSFIELD, Ssle Agent, JaCeodlm* _ 174 Middle St. GAS AND COAL (Til FIXTURES! E. TARBELL & SON, No. 11 RHOMFIELD STREET, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, Jtc. GAB FITTING in all its branches. GAB MTOVEg, for Cooking and Heating. CBANBJBIdlEBS, LAMPS, Ac., Re-Gi Bronzed, no21eod3m ENTERTAINMENTS. “AZ WA YS BEAD Y.” grand Firemen’s, Military and Civic Ball! j 21 Ex-America Hose Co., i. $111* L GIVE THEM FIFTH ANNUAL BALL, MECHANICS' HALL, - ON - Tuesday Evening:, Feb. 5. COMMITTEE OF AKRAQEM ENTS. Pres. C. E. Chase, Vico Pres. G. W. Pridham Sec. J. W. Lane, E. K. Ellis. L. E. Kicc, C. Lane, C. R. Todd, D. H. Stevens, Thus. II. Bibber, W. A. Winslow, G. O. Smith. FLOOR MANAGERS. C. E. Chase, G. W. Pridham, J. W. Lane, E. K. Ellis, L. E. Rice, C. Lame, D. II. Stevens. 15^ Firemen and Military are requested to ap pear in uniform. * Ticket., *1,30, to bo hnil nf the Committee, blusic by Chandler’* Qua. lit lie Hand—1>. H. , Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock. lyciothtnt Checked Free. ja31dtd Portland, Theatre. ■•dwell dc »rowuc, 4 IWaaager.. CONTINUED ATTRACTION. M**d*r Md Taoda,, Jaa. JSlb aad !MMk, JESSIE BROWN T AVedneaday, Jfaa. 30tk, French Spy and Forty Thieves t Tharaday, Jaa. Slat, The Fireman and Dick Turjrin ! Friday aad Saturday, Feb. I at aad !id, Power!til Attraction I HTFull iarticulara In Dally Programmes. Jan28dlw I. A. R. A. The Irish American Relief Assoeia’n will give a coarse of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS’ HAUL, CtniseBcing Monday Evc’g, Jaa* 7th, And continuing each Monday Evening, closing with a GRAND BALL. Tickets for the Course, including the Ball, will be $5.00; Evening Tickets, $1.00; Bail Tickets, $1.50. fcSr*Music l»r Chandler's full Quadrille Band, D. U. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. Floor Managers—Thomas Parker, Janies Rooney James E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick McCalerty William H. Kalor. Messrs. O'Riley and Bodkin will take charge of the clothing. dec3ldtf CITY NOTICES. NOTICE. City of Portland, Jan'y 30,18C7. SEALED PROPOSALS will bo rcceivod by the Committee on Stroet*, Sidewalks ami Bridget*, at the Office of the City Engineer, until Monday, Feb ruary Itl), at 12 A. M., ibr gra ting the Southwesterly end of West Commercial Street adjoining Vaughan's Bridge. All information relating to said work may be obtained at the office of the Engineer. The Com mittee reserve the right to reject any or all propos als. Per order ol Committ* e. A. P. MORGAN, Chairman. Jan3I d4t’ CITY OP PORTLAND. SEALED Proposals will be received at the office of of the City Engineer, until SATURDAY, Feb. 2, 1867, (where plaus and specifications may be ex amined,) for furnishing Granite Posts for the Park. Reserving the ri*ht to reject ail estimates if it is deemed for the interest of the city. Per order ot Special Committee on Fencing Park. AMBROSE GIDD1NGS, Portland, Jan. 30, 1867.—dtd Chairman. Snow to be Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. 60.—The tenant or occupant, and in caw there should be no tenant, the owner, or any person having the caru of any building or lot of land bordei iug on any street, lane, court, square or public place within the city where there is any footing or tide walk, .hall, aticr the ceasing to fall of any .now, it In the day lime, within three hours, and if in the night time, before ten of the clock of the forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to be removed from such footway or sidewalk; an<!, in delimit thereof, shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than two dollars, nor more than ton dollars; and tor each and every hour thereafter that tlie same shall remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfeit aud pay a sum not loss than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will he en forced. JOHN S. HKALD, declSdtfOily Marshal. Annual Meeting. THE Stockholders of the Ea tern Packet Compa ny are hereby notified that the animal meeting for choice of officei* Jtc. will oc held at the office ot Jonas ii Perley Esq. Tuesday afternoon Feb. 5 at 3 o'clock. Per or.jor, Jau 28 dtdM. N. RICH, Secretary. Notice. fTUIE annual meeting of the Portland Union Rail A way and Hack Hay Land Company, for the choice of officers anil such other business as may legally come before them, wilt be held at the office of H../. LIBBY & CO., 21 j Free street, at 3 o’clock P. M.. TUESDAY, Feb 5th. J. N. WINSLOW, jan29dtd Secretary. Portland Petroleum Company. THE annual meeting of the stockholders ot this Company will be held at the Counting-room of Edward llaiublen, Esq., No. 3 Union Wluuri, in Port land, on WEDNESDAY, February C, 1867, at four o'clock P. 11., for the following purposes, viz:— 1st. To choose a Board oi Directors for the ensuing year. 2<i. To transact such other business as may legally come before them. By order of the Directors, _ , . , WM. P. MERRILL, Sec’y. Portland, Jan. 21,1867. dtd Maine Historical Society. A Special Meeting ot the Mains Historical Society, for the purpuso of receiving commu nications ami reading papers, will be held at the Court House, at Augusta, on Tkunfiay, Februry 7, INST, at 2 o’clock, P. M., and at 7 in the evening, and will be open to the public. EDWARD BALLARD. Sec’y. Brunswick, Jan. 22, 1867. jan24 dtd Portland A Kennebec Railroad Go. mHE annual meeting ot the stockholders ol the A Portland & Kennebec Railroad Company will ho held at the K:iilroa«l Depot, in Brunswick, on MONDAY, the llth day of February next, at ten o’clock A. 51., lor the following purposes, viz.: 1st. To choose a Chairman and Secretary. 2d. To hear the reports of the Director* and Treas urer ol said Com|auiy, mid act thereon. 3d. To choose a Board of Directors for the ensnine year. • 4th. To transact such other business as may prop erly be acted on. J. S. OUSHINO, See’y. Augusta, Jan. 2«, 1867. JanL'ikitd Hope Petroleum Company. THE annual meeting ot tire stockholders of this C .rnpauy will be held at No. 3324 emigres- street, on TUESDAY EVE NINO, Feb. Izth, at 7 o’clock! for the following purposes, viz.: 1st. To choose officers for the coming year. 2d. To transact any other business that may be legally brought before the meeting. Jaa28dtd_ A. M. BURTON,Secretary. Portland and Machias Steamboat Company. A Special Meeting of the Stoek a V holders of i he above named Com puny will be lielil at their i nice 73 ■HBl f •uMrixiRl mi., Portland. Feb ruary la, 1367, at 3 o’clock F. M., lor tho following purposes : 1st, to see If they will accept the “ Act” of the Lo f’islature changing the name of the Company and ucrease its capital stock, &c. 3d, to see it they will increase the capital stock of the company, and to what extent. 3d. to see what changes, If anv, they will make In the By-laws of the Company. 4th, to transact any outer business that may le gally come belore them. _ „„ __ WILLIAM BOSS, dork. Jan. 30, 1607. Jan31 dkw Maine Central Railroad Company. THE stockholders are hereby notified that the an nual meeting of the storkhol lets of tho Maine Central Railroad Company, will be held at the Town Hall, In Wntervillc, on WEDNESDAY, February 27th, 1867, at 11$ o’clock in the forenoon, to act upon the following articles, viz:— 1st. To bear the reports of the Directors and Treas urer of said Company and act thereon. 2d. To make choice ol a Board of Directors for the ensuing year. Xo see if the Company will rat By tho pledge of the Directors to the Dexter and Newixirt Batlroiul Company for the lease of their roiul when completed. EDWARD T. LITTLE, Clerk. Waterviilc. Jan. 1®, 1WI7. j.mi-.'ddw SPECIAL NOTICE. AX' n meeting ot the 4th Congregational Church and Society, it was vote-1 to solicit aid l orn the generous and charitable of our city, to assist ta«m in holding Religious Worship, and lor that purpose our citizens will he wait, d upon oy a Committee selected tor that purpose. The Society is needv and the ob joct is wortliy of assislanee, aud it Lv hoped that they will meet wuh a kind ai.d substantial greeting. The Church is under the pastoral charge ol the Rer. J. W. C. Fsssis|l#s, D. D. Services are bald even Sabbath and thev have a l.s. ri'HK every mouth by their pastor. All are iu vlterl to attend. This Is the only time since the Are that ther have authorized any one to solicit aid on their account jan29 d3t First National Rank of Portland. HOLDEBS of tho First Series of Seven-Thirty notes can have the same exchanged for gold nearing rIx per cent bonds at this bank at the usual commission. The First Series mature in August next, and the conversion of the Second and Third Series oan also be etfucted on favorable terms. , W. E. GOULD, Cashier jan261m Sale of Forfeited Goods. Collector’s Office, $ District of Portland and Falmouth, J Portland, Jib. lx, 1867. J THE following describcil merchandise having befoj forfeited for violation of the Revenue lanws ot the United States, public notice of said seizures hav ing been given and no claim to said goods having been made, they will be sold at public auction, at the i Nice of tho U. S. Appraiser, lt» Fore street,on Tuesday, the f*th day ol February, 1867, at 11 o'clock A. M., to wit : 3 bbls Molasses, 1 Box containing 4 bottles Bran dy, 1 Bag containing one Over Coat, three Flannel Shirts, two Shawls, two prs Socks, ore pr Glo\ e» ; 45 vds Tapestry Carpeting, 10 yds I>ress Goods ; 1 package containing one pair Woolen Pantaloons, one Woolen V• st. and 2$ yds Woolen Cloth; 1 Trunk containing 2 Coats, sundry small aricles of Wear, ing Apparel, and 2*$ doz. Kid Gl< res. ISRAEL WASHBURN Jr Jaul8,25 and Feb. 1,5 -g;1L X-.1 X . - - ISil1*!!— - AUCTION MI.M. *• ». PATTKIV Sc CO., Aaclimcera, ®-t» Plana near Karo Street. " ilder’v Patent salamander bales AT AUCTION. o ov!ci°fk a- “•> live of Uio celebrated Wilder’* Pat0, , c“**, rcm:r*e’ Sale., from .ice No. Z to No ti* having been bo thoroughly te*tcd In tbegrU.'«t Cmttli gratio..- throughout the country f,.r the t wenty yearn, they arc now sold on their own merit* without further rccomioeiulatiou. uoul tJr'Fleanc look at them any ilay previous to sale February 1, dtd. J. S. BAILEY^ Auctioneer & Commission Merchant AND APPRAISER, Office 176 Fore 8t, at Mess. Garter A Dresert’ January 7—dtf c. w. HOLMES, AUCTIONEER, :tOU Congress Street, Hopcrty in the City or vi icrnt*. ^ * UjuJed to ou the must favorable _, novlStitt MEDICAL EL KCTIiJCHI' DR. W. N. DEWING, Medical Electrician i 171 MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Oppo.ile the railed States Hotel WHISK K he would respectfully announce to cilixent* of Foruland and vicinity, that ho s Iiermaueuuy located iu this city. Itur^ug the three years we have been in this city, we have cured some of the worst forms of’ disease in persons who have tried other forma ol treatment in vam, and curing paueuu m so short a time that the question is often asked, do they stay cured/ To auswer this question we will *-ay that ull that do uot stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Ur. D. has beeu a practical Mectncian for twenU* oue years, and is also a regular graduated pb jsiciai» Electricity is j»ei lectly auupted to chronic diseasesm the form ol nervous or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, neck, or extremities; consumption wins iu the acute stages or where the lungs are not iuily involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvutuio ol the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ l>unce. deafness, stami inerrng or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipation and liver complaint, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures 01 the chest, and ail forms of female complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lainc and tlic lnzr leap with joy, ami move with the agility »nj elasiic lty ol youth; the healed luuiu hi cooled; the frost bitten lirnbu restored, the uncouth deformities re* moved; faintness convened to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made lo see, the deal io hear and the palsied iorm to move upright; the blemishes 01 youth are obliterated; the accwrxth of mature life prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and au active circulatioa maintained. LADIES Who have cold hani.s and leet; weak stomachs, 1am aud weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dlz -i ncss and swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the side and back • leacorrhuta, (or whites); tailing of the womb wuh ini ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that lor train of diseases will hud in Llectricity a sure means of cure. For paiuiul menstruation, too K.oluse menstruation, and all ol those long line ol troubles with young ladies, Electricity Is a certain specific and will, In a short time, restore tlie sufferer to the vigor of health. TEETH 1 TEETHi TEETH 1 Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth l>v Elec, tricity WITHOUT PAIN. Persons having decayi il teeth ur stumps they wisli to have removed lor reset ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electro Maomtic Ma.hinks lor sale for iamily use, with thorough instructions. Dr. D. enu accommodate a lew patients with board and treatment at his house. . OMee himr* from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 M.; from 1 to o P. M,, and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. novltl JANUARY 26, 1867. SPECIAL CLOSING SALE —or— • WHITE GOODS! Laces &. Embroideries S AI One Price. E. T. ELDEN & CO. Jan 28—dtf 200 Doz. Linen Hdkfs, This Bay Received l SELLING AT LOW PRICES E. X. ELDEN &l CO’S. Jan 28—dtf Housekeeping Goods OF EVEKV DESCRIPTION, AX ONE PRICE. E. T. ELDEN £ CO. Jan 28—dtf BLEACHED dJ BROWN SHEETINGS, BLANKETS & QUILTS, Much Under Price, E. T. ELDEN & CO’S. _Jan 28—dtf E. T. ELDEN & CO., WILL OBEX THIS BAY Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleached, Half Bleached, And Brown DAMASKS! Bleached & Brown Table Covers, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, Fronting Linens, Linen Sheetings, Ac, At One Price, 5 Free St. Jan 28—dtI Grover & Baker, Sewing- Machines, AT MANUFACTURERS PRICES, Every Machine Warranted! machine Silk*, Thread nud Twin, n fall AmortMent. E. T. ELDEN A CO. NO. 3 FREE STREET. Jan 2g dtf_ RE-OPENING ! The aabaeriber haring purchased (he Slock and Stare lately occupied by JOHN CROCKETT A CO., NO. 11 PREBLE STREET, Wllln-open for business Tuesday, .Tan. !iO, 1807, and will aell oft tlic entire stock at greatly reduced prices, consisting of NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, Crockery and Glusn Ware, Carpeting, Paper Hangings, Window Shades, together with u general assortment ot uornK-FrBNianinrQ goods. MR. LEVI F. HOYT Is connected with Ibis estal iisliment, and will be happy to wait on any of his customers and friends who may favor us with a call. Jau29dlin VIULIAm LOVELL. •T. DOW & SON, PORTLAND,.MAINE, manufacturers or Half Oak Crop Sole Leather, Bough and Finished ‘Bucks' & "Sides,” FOR BELTING ! AIm, Haller Skia«, Wax «rala, Split Calf I«eaihrr. ., M^Orders for Lea. Dcltiug tilled on most (hvorablc terms, jau31dlw*wlf