6 Nisan 1867 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

6 Nisan 1867 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

T XX13 P*BESS.j Saturday M ming, April 6, 1867. Oar City ICuilroatl. Now that the tracks are clear ami the cars running regularly, we greet them with real pleasure, and we arc glad to know that public opinion, which at lirst would hardly consent to have rails laid iu the streets, has materially changed, and the railroad is now' a popular in Btitution patronized by everybody. 1 u *1,1 bargoof snow which has for some two nion i in a measure curtailed their operation, iu more fully proved their usefulness, or we i o . •„ .„r iiiPKiim's until we are de uot always prize our messm,,** prived of them. The cars are not inaptly styled the poor man’s chariot, and we do not covet the dispoMtion which would banish them, and deprive him of a ride, although a thoughtless class in the community contend that no favors should lie shown them, no privileges granted them, and that they should be driven to the wall every opiiortuuity. More than one million ol passengers have been transported in these cars the past year, and it is needless to say that these passengers have a claim upon the accommodation of our streets as well as those who drive- their own teams. The tired laborer as ho takes a seat and journeys homeward may well call down bles>ings upon the men of energy and enter prise who have succeeded iu establishing this most lively and accomodating feature of our city, which certainly can no 1 mger be called a ‘‘one horse town.” To ride, with many, is cheaper than walking, wonderful as it may seem. Many a lady if obliged to walk down town, would pay more for boots than she now pays for car tickets, and we happen to know that the prices of tickets and cash fares are from twenty to twenty-live per cent, cheaper than on any other horr.3 railroad in this coun try. Aside from tlio convenience to passengers this corporation lias done much for the benefit of this city. They have doubled the value of land at either extremity of the city, adding largely to the taxable property, and if a man wants to buy a house or lot to build upon, he is pretty sure to locate near the track. It vir tually brings the remote parts of tho city near er the center. Tho company keep about one hundred horses and employ about forty men; this gives employment to harness makers, blacksmiths, and incidentally to other mechanics. They paid the city in 18U5 $:(,COO for taxes, and last year their internal revenue tax was $1,000.— They pass free, his Honor the Mayo-, the City Marshal, and all the Police force, and what would bo fully appreciated if generally known, they carry lice the faithful and oblig ing letter carriers from the Post Office, thus g ving us our letters at our residences much sooner than we should get them by tedious jour neys on foot. Their office opposite the Preble House has been the center of business since the great fire, and we venture to say that no room in this city can boast of so many arrivals aud departures. The kinds of business carried on in this room are worth enumeration, for it not only contains a waiting room for passen gers, hut here you find the Treasurer’s and Su it rintendent’s offices, also the Western-Union Telegraph Office, the Grand Trunk Railroad ticket office, and “away down east” Express office, Jerris’ Real Estate office, the Fessenden Brothers newspaper, periodical, stationary and eandv counter, and almost a broker’s office; for you generally see Mr. G. P. Palmer, the treasurer of this company, taking in old worn and torn currency and greenbacks which he semis to Washington. He will also supply yon with Revenue stamps of all sizes. This road lias alse added largely to the valuo of property in Westbrook aud will eventually largely increase the travel in that direction, being a great convenience to the residents of that town, and we understand that it is con templated to give them still greater facilities. On the. whole we are of the opinion that no one thing has ever occurred that served to give this city the metropolitan cast and finish that the Horse cars have done, and the Public have rea]ied the advantages. The Directors and other stockolers have freely invested their money and patiently heard the taunts and fault-findings of those who have not the public spirits to aid the enterprise, but who neverthe less are ever ready to find fault and give ad vice abuntantly and gratuitously. The Boston IVuc Flag is very much of the same opinion and among other sensible things says, that “it is for the interest of the “com “niunity that the cars should be rung, and the “track kept clear of snow as much of tho year “as possible, even if the owners of fast horses “are slightly inconvenienced aud prevented from racing horses in the streets,” We can on ly hope that they will be enabled to increase their business and extend their track and build up the remote corners of our city, and very soon be able to make good dividensdto their stockholders. The l>riftoftbe Demorrarf* In view of daily developing facta who will say the world does not move? Even the Dem ocratic party—the most inert of all worldly things—seems to have become possessed of a living, moving, progressive spirit. We will ik lustrate by reference to facts, and these facta relate to the ‘ rrepressiblc negro.” It is but a short time sine) the Democratic party, with scarcely a dirsenting voice, pro nounced this “a white man’s government” and denied to tl>"‘ negro all civil rights in or under it, except the right to serve his whit) superior. Some <f the party journals even denied l :s manhood, and allied him to the ape and orang uutang. Allot them denied his right to citi zenship. and excluded him from the “all men" whom Jefferson declared to be created “equal.” Slavery they declared to be liis normal condi tion, and were fertile in argument to prove the blessings of such a state, not omitting to press the biblo into their service in this regard. They denied bis fitness to ride in a steam or horse car, or to occupy a respectable pew in church, and if he did happen to defile the dam ask of one of their fashionable pews < n Sunday, in the absence of the owner, forth with the padlock was applied to the pew door and the entrance labeled “no admittance here for ‘niggers.’” They went further than this, I and to prevent miscegenation and a general mixing of blot I, enacted laws forbidding mar riages between blacks and whites—fearing, perhaps, that in the absence of such prohibi tory statutes our daughters would become in veigled by black swaius, or our sons would be come the fathers ot a black population. Hut all this seems now changing. In the South we find the Democrats currying favor will) the newly made black citizens, telling of the high regard in which they hold them, urg ing them not to turn their backs upon old friends, insisting that they shall send delegates of their own color inf) the reconstruction con ventions, and proposing in one State.it is said, to give them a full Congressional delegation if they will allow tho white men to run the State machine! In the North we find the same spirit only more so. It is hut a few months since the Democrats in one of the wards of Boston, nominated as their candidate,and voted for, a colored man, and, failing of an election on the first trial they stuck to him like a dog to a root at the second effort. True, they were not suc cessful, hut they showed their pluck, aud rolled up a heavy party vote. A few days since, in Concord, N. H., our Democratic friends cast their votes for Mayor for Charles H. Proctor a colored barber, styling him the “Citizens’ Re form” candidate, and at one time he was ahead and his chances of success seemed good. Who can tell what will come next? If they had the slightest hope df success in bringing him into the arrangement, wo dare say they would try their seductive arts upon Frederick Douglass himself, and make him their candi date for President ill 18t53. How far they will dri we feel incompetent to predict. Their newly-developed respect for the negro is abso lutely astounding. The Preu has not hitherto favored laws to prevent marriages between tho,e who choose to form such close alliances believing good taste would of itself he suffi-’ ci nt security against excessive amalgamation, hut really, there seems to be a color-able ex cuse for interference, and perhaps we shall feel obliged to oppose the repeal of the pres ent restrictive law to prevent our Democratic friends from taking sable damsels to wife, and giving to their party a more speckled appear ance than it has yet exhibited. In the mean time we await development*. State Items. —The Gardiner Journal say* that Charles Osgood of that city, has bought the Mansion House property at Harpsweli, and will put it under immediate repairs. I in Lewiston Journal says “cases of in toxication are verv raroi., „ these days.” "’Y W en on our streets —The Journal says ther.. International Telegraph Compa^rJ^ establish a hne up the Kennebec. 1 , S° t0 —At the recent railroad meeting at An to promote the building of a road from West Watcrville to Solon a distance of 28 miles *3!M«0 w“ subscribed—one man in Boston, an A non boy, subscribing $10,000. The next day §10,000 was subscribed at Solon. It is esti mated that $37f>,000 can be raised along the line of the proposed read. —The Meeting in Bath on tho question cf subscribing for stock in the lluox & Lincoln llailroad, on account of tho voting list not being perfect, has been adjourned till Monday, the 15th ins* —The sleighing at Bethel was reported good on the 1st inst. -The WKi<j complains that Bangor is iufest ed witli burglars and safe-blowers. —It was announced by telegraph a few days Kiuce, that George CL Crawford had been con tinued as Postmaster at Brunswick. The \\ ashingtou Chronicle places his name among the rejections. A “certain” copperhead newspaper in forms us that “the Democratic salute in tins ' -tj in honor of Connecticut,” was fired hy men “ who were down South fighting relicts wnile tho feather-bed patriots of the Pram school were at home abusing their neighbors.” Come to think of it we believe some ot the brave gentlemen in that office did go as lar South as Washington, and Were a few mouths engaged in guarding the oyster saloons in that city. It is doubtlul if they smelt as much gunpowder while there as they did while firing that sal ute. —Mr. Solomon Nash of West Chesterville, has a pair of oxen that girth eight feet and five inches. They weigh 4900 pounds. —The Biddeford Union says Deacon Dennett of that city, while attempting to get iuto his wagon on Sunday last slipped and fractured his knee. —The mills in Biddeford are running eleven hours although the mule spinners work but ten hours without any agreement. —The Saeo Democrat says that the barn at tached to the brick house belonging to tire late widow ltumery in that city, was nearly destroy ed by fire on Saturday last. I. »ss about #3283 —partially insured in the Saco Mutual. Cause> children playing with matches. —Tho Union says that Kev. Mr. Palmer of Biddeiord s.a* :d last Sabbath, that more cler gymen would go out of service this year on ac count of insufficiency of salary, than would en ter it from our seminaries. —Rev. J. Stocl’bridge, U. S. N., a nativo of Yarmouth, and graduate of Bowdoin in the class of 1833, sails on the If ,h inst, in the “Ar go” f-om Now York for Havre on h!s way to Egypt and Holy Land. Mr. S. has occasional ly written for our oolumns over the signature ot “J. S. of Maine," and we expect to hear lrom him during his absence. —The State of the roads down east may be inferred from the fact, stated by the Ellsworth Ametican that the mail arrives thereat noon instead o' the evening before. —The strike among tho mule spinners at Lew iBton continues. The mills run as usual. —The Bangor Times says the cause of tem perance, by voluntary abstinence, is progress ing in that city. —The Belfast Joutntr' says that one of the citizens of that place, a few days since, discov ered something floating in bis well, and pro curing a hook, drew oat a drowned tom-cat.— A peculiar richness of flavor had been notioed in the water before the discovery. —The Democratic papers, for the first time for half a do-en years, have brought out their roosters, spread eagles and big guns. Con necticut has spoken, and they think the mil linium has dawned. They may as well put on their ascension robes, for it will be a long day ere they feel so good again. —Mr, John D. Miller, formerly of the Wis l>ams Hourv, Waterville, has purchase! the Medomak House, Waldoboro. —Gon. J. P. Cilley has been appointed Dep uty Collector o' Customs for ltockland, vice Geo. W. Kimball, Jr., Ecq., and entered upon the duties of the office. 2—The Rockland Gazette says the dwelling house, ell, sheds and barn belonging to Mr. George Shuinun, of South Thomaston, were, burnt on the nights of the 2Sth and 23th, March; together with a quantity of hay and provisions in the celler of the house. Tho fire took in the ell part. Mr. Shuman was absent at the time having gone up to Thomaston after a doctor for a sick neighbor. —Tho Farmington Chronicle says, as the freight train was passing a -oss the East Wil ton bridge, on Friday morning, two cars, heav ily laden with ship timber and hay, re l off the track, and fell some fifteen or twenty feet into the rough bed of the stream below. The engineer discovered the movement in season to put on sufficient head of steam to break loose from the lal’ing cars, with the remainder of the train. Fortunately no person was on either of the cars that went over the bridge. Religious Intelligence. —Kev. Dr. Colileigh retire* from the editori al conduct of Zion’s Herald and is to be suc ceeded by Kev. Gilbert Haven. —The Morning Star, organ of the Freewill Baptists, mentions extensive revivals in its own and other denouiinotions all over the country. —The Gospel Banner says Rev. E. W. Coffin, who for several years has been the pastor of the Universa'ist soe’ety in E. Jaficry, N. H,, has received and accepted an invitation to take charge of the Un'versalist societies at Bryant’s Pond and Ruinford, aud w ill remove to the former place immediately. — Rev. A. F. Barnard, of the Maine Metho dist Conference died on the 27th ultimo. —The New England and Providence Metho dist Conferences met in a reunion service at Boston last week. Tiie two bodies have been separated Li years. The aggregate member ship in both organizations is nearly 15,000 larg er than at the time of the separation. —A charity ball having been announced in Columbus, Miss., the pastors of the churches preached urgently against it and are said to have threatened expulsion from their churches of any who should attend. —St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, in Rich mond, Staten Island, was destroyed by lire on Friday week. This was one of the oldest churches in the United States, having been chartered and built cy Queen Anne in 1713. It was thus 154 years old. —The General Assembly of the Old School Presbyterian Church will hold its next meet ing in Cincinnati on Thursday, the 16tli day of May, and will be opened with a sermon by Rev. Robert L. Stanton, D. D., Moderator of the last Assembly. The “Declaration and Tes timony” will come np for action. The Pres byter expresses the opinion that not one of those who signed that document will appear at the Assembly, the most of them having sepa rated from the Synods adhering to the Assem bly. —The Mormon missionaries sent abroad by Brigham Young are evidently hard at work.— \Ve hear of their success in Germany, Norway and Sweden, as well as in England and Wales. They are well educated, cwd and plausible men, gifted with a facult of making the worse appear the better reason, and find credulous people in every country they visit. There is no more energetic or unscrupulous proselyt ism extant than that of the Mormons. —Sir Moses Montifiore says that “no Jewish authority in the Holy Land, nor in any part of the world, has ever passed sentence of death, since the close of the Sanhedrim in Jerusa lem.” —The Archbishop of Canterbury’s invita tion to the American Bishops to attend the Pan-Anglican Council in September next, is published in the American Churchman. Any Bishop unable to attend is desired to commis sion some other Bishop to speak as his proxy. Original null Selected. , First page—European Correspondence— t’ae first et a seri-;s, A Swarm of Commission ers, Brief Colloquy, Letter from the National Capital, Military vs. Civil Government, Why Fires are rare in Honolulu, The Republican Party in North Carolina, Liberality Recipro cated, Irish Innependenco. Last page—April —poetry, The Dutch Dykes—Story of a Lille Hero. —The Democrats are bursting with joy, be caus.'i once in twelve years they havo succeed ed in electing a Democratic Governor in New England. Let them rejoice; it will doubtless Is? much longer before the opportunity to do so returns. —The Lindell House, recently destroyed in St.. Louis, was a magnificent establishment It was seven stories high, contained an area of one acre of plate glass, seven acres of flooring, twenty-seven acres of plastering, three milee of gas pipe, eighteen miles of carpeting and thirty-two miles of bell wire. It was one hun dred and twelve fret in height, contained five hundred and thirty rooms, and could accomo modate eight hundred guests. -The City Council of New York passed an order to pay for a file of the fferald about ten rimes the subscription price-but Mayor Hoffman has had the good sense to Vflto it. -The report of Rev. Dr. Miner’s argument before the Massachusetts Legislative Commit tee, against License and in favor of the present Prohibitory law, fills eleven and a half closely printed columns of the Boston Journal. - The fate of Dr. Livingston is settled. A letter from Sir Roderick Murchison, dated March 16. announces that there is no longer room for doubt that the Doctor was muidered by the savages in Africa. Portland and Vicinity. New Advertisements To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boots and Shoes-T. K. Moseley & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Theatre—Smith, Hadley & Co. P.oincnaue Concert. NEW AEVKKTI8KMKNT COLUMN. Boots and Shoes—<’’ark I-owell. Dr. Caaussier’s Empress. Lca.Wem'1 and Crayon Drawing—Miss Bewail. Keddiug'a Russia Salve. Good House tor Sale. Notice. AUornev at l.aw-Win E. Morris. Pianos &c.—Sami: el F. Cobb. Clothing—liownson A Kn|gbt Icon:oval—Davis & Drumni i rl. Clothing—Jainok K. Fcriiald & Son. Sewi tg Machine tor Saie—E. S. Drake. Buttr—PeUengll & Fullem. F our, L'lue &<•,—dotdah Black. Beal Estate for Sale—E. N. Perry. New Photograph Gallerv_j. M. Peck & Co. Coots, Shoes anil Cloth'ns— Berjaiuiu Fogg. Hair Cutti g &c.—.John F. sherry. Traveling Bags &c.—Townsend & Toppan. Super Phosphate of lime—Beale i£ Morse. Krligioun Notirm. First Parish Ohurch.—Arthns M. Knapp, of the Divinity School, Cambridge, will preach at the First Parish Church to-morrow. Vesper services at 7 o’clock iu the evening. Mission Chapel.—Tliero will be a Sunday School Concert at the Mission Chapel, Deering’s Bridge, to morrow (Sunday) evening at 7 o’clock. All interest ed are invited. New Jerusalem Church.—The services of the New Jerusalem Society will he held as usual in Park Street Church to-morrow afternoon at 3 o’clock. Ser mon on the Characteristics of the New Jerusalem; from ltev. iii: 12. Baptisms before sermon; Holy Communion alter service. Spiritual Association.—J. Manison Allyn, of Chelsea, Mass., wi*l lecture at Temperance Hall to morrow (Sunday)at 10* A. M., and at 3 o’clock P. M. All arc invited. Willibton Chapel.—Rev. Mr. Andrews will preach at Williston Chapel, Dan forth Street, to-mor row (Suudav) morning at 10* o’clock and ?n the even ing at 7 o'clock. Sabbath School in the afternoon at 1$ o'clock. All are invited. State Street Church.—Rev. G. L. Walker will preach at this Church to-morrow in the morning, at 10* o'clock. Second Parish.—Sabbath School will be held as usual at quarter before 2 o’clock in the Willis School Room, Chestnut street. Missionary Concert in the evening at 7 o'clock, at the same place. All are in vited to attend. Mountfort St. M. E. CHURcn.—Services In this church to-morrow (Sunday )all day and in the evening. Preaching by Rev. John T. Hazlettc. Sabbath School at the close of the afternoon service. Sumner Street Church—Rev. Dr. Pennington, Pastor.—Services to-morrow (Sunday) all day, at the Sumner Street Church, at 10* o,clock A, M., and at 3 o’clock P. M., and at 7 o'clock in the evening. All are invited to attend. Municipal Court. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Friday.—In the case of State vs. John and Wil liam Taylor, for alleged larceny of money from Israel Hague, tlie complaint was withdrawn, the matter having been settled by the parties. The search and seizure case ot State v. Messrs. Purington and Butler, came up. A motion was made to quash the complaint. 1st, Because it sets forth no offence known to the laws ot tills State. 2d, Because there was no sufficient war rant in said case. 3*1, Because the warrant does not command any officer, having power to serve criminal process, to search the premises described and special ly designated in said complaint; nor does it command said officer to search any premises at ah. Judge Kingsbury reserved a decision upon the mo tion to quash, and suggested a continuance of the case until he could look up the authorities. Counsel for respondents concluded, as they had a good de fence, to proceed with the examination. The testimony for the State showed that a barrel of whiskey was seized in the cellar of the stjre occupied by tbe respondents. There were no measures, glass es or anything else found that would tend to show that the liquor was intended for sale. Deputy Mar shal Wentworth testified that he had his attention called by Mr Butler, one of the defendants, to a cask in the third story of the building that had some chalk marks up}n it. He examined it, but found nothing in it; the smell was, as he thought, that of liquor. For the defence, Mr. Butler testified that ho knew nothing about the barrel ot whiskey; he had no own ership in it, and it did not belong to the firm. The barrel in the tldrd story to which he had directed the attention of the officers had contained j»etioleum fluid. The firm had never purchased or dealt in spir ituous liquors. Messrs. Morse and Lcthrop testified that for about eight months they occupied the second story of the store of McssrH. Purington and Butler, and that it connected directly with the third story. That they had never seen or smelt any spirituous liquors about the premises. Mr. Lothrop said he had seen lamps filled from the Larrel in the third story, and that ita | contents were burning fluid of some description. Mr. Purington, one of the defendants, testified that 1 he owned the barrel of whiskey that had been seized. That he purchased it for his own use, and stowed it away in the ce-larof the store tor it to ripen. He had, by the advice of two physicians, used whiskey for a complaint with which he was troubled, and which no medicine he had ever triad would relieve. He hail once or twice let two of his friends have some whiskey for medicinal purposes, but not within six months past. He was not in the habit ot selling the article, and all that he liad had for several years past was two barrels. On cross examination Mr. Purington stated the names of the persons to whom he had sold the whis key. A. A. Slrout, Esq., ol the firm of Messrs. Shepley & Str >ut, appeared lor the respondents. Hecontend ed that the State had entirely tailed in making out a cage against the respondents. Tills prosecution, he said, did not originate w'lii the police officers, who had conducted the matter in a gentlemanly manner, and who were efficient ss they should be, in having the statute enforced. The prosecution was got up by those opposed to the prohibitory law, from motives Of personal spite against the' respondents, and with a view to bring the law Into disrepute. There was no evidence that the article was kept for sale or that any sale had been madewl.'.htn six months. The only sales that had ever been made were those for medici nal purposes to the two friends of Mr, Puringtcn who wished for a pure article and did not want t > go to the City Agency. Judge Davis, who, in the absence of City Solicitor Drummond, appeared for the State, acknowledged that as far as Mr. Butler was concerned, there was no evidence against him, anil that he could be discharg ed. He thought Mr. Purington did not pu-chase the liquor for the purpose of pursuing the trade in it, yet the acknowledged fact that he had tad two barrels of whiskey and had sold from one of them, was suffi cient evidence to bring him within the statute, and that lie should suffer tho usual penalty. Judge Kingsbury said he had taken copious min utes of the evidence. He would reserve his decision until he could examine them, and would reuder it on Tuesday morning next. Trial op Steam Fire Engines.—Yesterday, Mr. Damrcll, Chief Engineer of the Boston Fire Department. Alderman Howes, of the Committee on Fire Department of that city, and Capt. Hutchens, a practical machincst, I visited our city for the purpose of examining the steam fire engines manufactured here un der the Johnson patent for a pump. A trial was had of the Cumberland, a Manchester machine, and tho Casco, built here, of the Johnson patent. The superiority in forcing was awarded to the latter, as also in getting up steam, the Casco throwing water through a 11-8 inch nozzle 233 feet—some 18 feet further than the Cumberland. A trial was then made of the power of the Casco to draft water. The Boston Committee had been informed that she had drafted water from a depth ot 321-2 feet, but they could hardly believo it, as the machines in Boston draft from only 26 or 28 feet depth. The Casco was taken to a well on Mnnjoy, and, with only five pounds of Bteam, drafted from a depth of 33 feet. This satisfied the Boston Committee of the superiority of the Portland built ma chines, and they will make their report to the City Council of Boston. May Day Festival.—We are informed that the S. P. Society, a Swedenborgian institution, have engaged Mechanics' Hall with tbo Lib rary Room for a grand festival on the after noon and evening of May day. It is enough to say that this is the same society that had such triumphant success for a week in the City Hall about a year since. The thousands that attended on that occasion will never forget the splendid scenic representation ot Cinderella and the superb tableaux brought out by them on that occasion. But we are assnred that on May day, among other things, a “Fairy Spec tacle” will be produced, far transcending in beauty and scenic effect that of Cinderella.— We cannot go into particulars, but can guar antee an unprecedented crowd. The S. P. So ciety will always draw the people. The Swed enhorgiaus have a peculiar gift in this line. Wo understand that the proceeds are to be appro priated towards the erection of the new Church Temple, and that this society, composed main ly of young people, has already contributed nearly two thousand dollars to this object. A Pleasant Entertainment.—At very in. t westing entertainment was given by the chil dren of the Alms House on the evening ol Fast Day. The school room was very taste fully decorated with evergreen and mottos ot various hinds hung about the walls. The ex ercises, which consisted of speaking and tab leaux, were all good, and wero well received by the audience. At the close of the exercises brief addresses were made by Rev. Mr. Hewes, and Rev. Mr. Martin, chaplain of tho institu tion. Much credit is due to the teacher, Miss Johnson, who hal tho getting up of the enter tainment. We trust that it will be repeated often, and that the pub'ic may be notified be forehand. It is au institution in which every citizen of Portland is interested, and which he ought to Visit, at least, once a year. Third Parish.—At the annual meeting of tho proprietors of the Third Parish Churchi held last evening, it was voted to erect a house of worship on the old lot, corner of Congress and Chapel streets. Their lot directly adjoins that recently purchased by the Second Parish for the purpose of erecting a church. Patents. The patent granted to Samuel C. Rundlett, of this oity, is for a sifter for sand for mason's work, and not for ashes, as stated in Thursday's issue. Portland TueatbK.—The performance of Camille at this establishment last night was one of those perfect representations with which the public of Portland are seldom iavored. In poiut of minor details the production of pieces at this house have uever been excelled and sel dom equalled. There is an earnestness about the performance and a tree adherence to na ture which strikes tlie eye of the beholder at the first glance. The representation of Camille was no exception to the general rule. We saw in Miss Levering the woman of fashion harden ed by the conventionalities of the lile of a wo man of the Parisian demi-mond, yet full of those emotions of the human heart which are the true instincts of the child of nature where ever found. Mr. Sheridan's performance of Armaud is one of the finest portrayals we have ever seen. The other characters were well ren dered and the piece itself put tipou the stage iu an unexceptionable manner. The farce of My Turn Next, with Mr. Liud ley anti Miss Webster in the caste, was uragui" ficently performed. This evening the play of Oliver Twist will he performed together with the farce of the Bough Diamond. Portland Institute.—On Monday next, at 3 o'clock P. M., the corporators and subsorilters to the “Portland Institute and Public Library” will meet at tlie Old City Hall to choose their officers and to organize for business! As a liberalizing amendment of the By-Laws will then come up, and the Directors are to be chosen from the subscribers who severally con tribute fifty dollars or more, it would seem de sirable that subscriptions should be handed in without delay, and a larger constituency se cured. Twenty-five hundred and fifty dollars arc now subscribed by forty-four persons. Other subscriptions are in blank to be filled hereafter. _ J.N. Danger ok Peeping.—Yesterday afternoon a blast was lighted in the ledge in iront of the Casco Bank and the laborers sought refuge until it exploded. One of them stepped into the vestibule of the bank, and was waiting pa tiently for the discharge, when, thinking it was too long in exploding, he ventured to take a peep. Hardly had he got his head outside of the door before the blast exploded, and apiece of the rock struck him in the month, bruising his lips and loosening some of bis teeth. That man won’t venture another peep very soon. Splendid Establishment—Messrs. .T, E. Fernald & Son have taken tho store in the Preble House, corner of Preble and Congress streets, lately occupied by Mr. Silas S. Drew and have refitted it in handsome style, and fur nished it with one of the choicest assortment of cloths, vestings and gents furnishing goods that can be found any where. It will do one good to take a look at their stock. All tastes, :is to colors or fabrics, can be suited. Their ad vantages for making up garments are of the best possible. The spacious and convenient basement is entirely devoted to that purpose, while the whole of the cround floor is for the business department. With such an excellent stand and such an energetic firm to carry it on, a large business must necessarily follow. Narrow Escape.—Thursday afternoon as the wife of Rev. S. H. Merrill, was crossing Congress street just above State street, the horse of Mr. N. Weston came tearing along and struck Mrs. Merrill, knocking her down and running over her, besides drrwiug the wa gon over her. Charles Payson, Esq , who wit nessed the accident ran to the assistance of the lady and lifting her out of the mud into a car riage, conveyed her to her residence. She was able to leave the carriage and walk into the house, having sustained no serious injuries. How she escaped with such slight bruises is a wonder to all who witnessed the accident. This horse of Mr. Weston’s is a very quiet one aud has been accustomed to stand, without being hitched, for years. Freight Arrangements.—The New Eng land and Nova Scotia Steamship Company, organized in New York under the general laws of that State, for the purpose of carrying passengers and freight ltetwoen Portland and Halifax, and the capital stock being about equally divided between this city and New York, have purchased the iron steamer Carlot ta, about 700 tons burthen, to run between the two places. The Carlotta has been on the lino for some weeks and has proved herself a capa ble vessel for the route aud for the business. A contract has been made by the Grand Trunk Railway Company with the several lines of steamers running from this port to St. John, Boston and New York, to transport the freight of the railway to and from the several ports to which the steamers run, for the term of ten years. New Chapel.—The Chestnut Street Metho dist Episcopal Society hava secured the lot of land corner of Locust and Cumberlandistreetsi on which, before the great fin', stood the resi dence of Oliver Gerrish, Esq., for the purpose of erecting a Mission Chapel, for the Alien Mis sion. The chapel will be about 50 by 70 feet. The Mission is not yet a year old, ami num bers an attendance of about 200, with a Sab bath school numbering some 150 members. Their services have been held in the chapel of the jail, but the quarters arc too small for them. Death of a Distinguished Foreign Chem ist.—The last number of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, contains an account of tho decease, in Paris, of M. Franck Cliaussicr, the only surviving son of the distinguished Francois Chaussierof the Academy of Sciences. The deceased was the author of many impor tant medical and chemical preparations, and is known as the inventor of a celebrated prepara tion for the hair, now enjoying a wide sale in this country, under the title of Chauesier’s Empress, llis death is widely noticed in sci entific circles as a severe loss to the cause of enlightened science. * Levee.—The levee given by the Good Tem plars last evening, at Brown’s new hall, was a perfect success and a charming affair. The hall was net quite large enough to contain all who wished to attend. The tableaux were beautiful and the recitations and singing by the children were very fine. Young Partington brought down the house with his Irish song. The Antiquarian Supper kept the ladies who were in attendance very busy waiting upon tho crowds who thronged the tables. It was such a pleasant affair and so gratifying to all, that it should be repeated. Removal.—It will be noticed by their card, that -Messrs. Davis & Drummond have re moved their law office to the new building No. 100 Exchange street, opposite the Savings Bank block. Their rooms have been finely fitted up and furnished. William E. Morris, Esq., the late worthy Re corder of the Municipal Court, has taken rooms in the same building, intending to devote him self to the duties of his profession. He has had large experience in the law as Recorder of the Court. __ Mixed.—The telegraph west of this city must have been slightly m’xed Wednesday night in giving the Rhode Island returns. Mr. Jenckes, re-elected to Congress, was spoken of as the Democratic candidate. He has repre sented a Republican constituency for six or eight years. Other errors were of less acconnt, as the reader would not be misled by them.

The mistakes were committed in Boston. Hope it was not the effect of the great arguments on the license question. New Photograph Gallery.—We would call the attention of our readers to the adver tisement of Messrs. J. M. Peck & Co., who have opened a first class Pliotagraph Gallery in the new block No. 130 Middle street. Their rooms are among the finest in tbe city, and they intend to execute pictures in the best style. The Universal Voice oi all ladies who have tried Mrs. Pennell's patent adjustable “Skirt-Lifter” is that it is the neatest, the cheapest, the handiest aud every way the most desirable article of the kind yet invented. No lady who has once used it will bo willing to do without it. For sale at 44 Brown street. In our columns may be found the advertise ment of our well known citizen Josiah Black, whom h:s old patrons will lie glad to see back again in his former business, or any new hs may engage in. His name is a sufficient guar antee of fair dealings. Orchestral Union.—The second concert of the Portland Orchestral Union on Fast eve ning was largely attended. The music was splendid, and every one present appreciated it As many as could be accommodated joined in the dance, and it was a decidedly pleasant time. Liquor Seizures.—Yesterday the Deputy Marshals seized a barrel of ale from the shop of Isaac Burton, on Congress street; also small quantities of liquor in tha shops of Joseph Cowan, on Federal street, and John Bell, on India street. * New Books at Geyer'b.—Andrew Geyer, at his Circulating Library, 13 Free street, has just received a variety of new and pleasing books for boys. That large and important class of readers will do well to step in and take a look at his shelves about this time. Bold Robbery.—Thursday lrght some bold villiaus entered the shoe store of J. C. Crocker on Federal street between Market and Pearl streets, by breaking through tile cellar win dow. They ransacked the stocic in the shop, taking hoots and shoes out of the cases and probably placing them in bags. The rascals were choice in their selection taking nothing but the best of slock. After selecting such portions of tlio stock as suited them they went up stairs, where the fa mily resided, entered the sleeping chamber of the proprietor and robbed liis clothing of what money there was in the pockets, and then de cainped through tire back door o, the building* Mr. Crocker estimates h:s loss by til's rob bery at $150. Back Again.—Our fellow-citizen Mr. Bern. Fogg, who was turned out of his old arid well known establishment, corner of Exchange and Fore streets, by the great fire of July 4tl», is ir>w back again in a much handsomer and more convenient store, where he is ready to clothe a person, from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head, with as good materials as can he found in the city. Base Ball—Opening of the Season.—A large crowd assembled Fast Day to w tness the open ing game of the Athletic Club. Sides were formed at half-past two and the boys went at it. At the end of the Dtli inniny each side hail scored 25 runs, and both seemed bound to win on the next inning. But each added one run to their score in each of the next two inmugs, when ou the 12th inuiug Curtis* side came in ahead by two runs. Game 27 tW29. It was the best opening game that has been played in our city for the hut five years. The Crown Min iso Company.—At a meet ing of the Directors of this Company, holden en the 2d inst., Hon. Josiah II. Drummond was elected President, in place of C. J. Talbot, Esq., resigned. Mr. T. resigned in consequence of absence from the city. The printers and personal friends of the late Artemus Ward are requested to meet at the Preble House tlrs evening to organize an Ai temus Ward Monument Association. Mr. E’ O. Haile, Vice President of the New Orleans Society, will be present. * The office of tlio Assessors and Assistant Assessors of the Internal llevc nue has been re moved to No. 59 Ex -hangc street, opposite Lowell & Senter’s. Found.—A case pencil was picked up in Middle street on Wednesday. The owner can have it by applying at this office. We take pleasure in commending to our readers Redding’s Russia Salve, the advertise inent of which appears iu our columns to-day See advertisement of “a good house for sale” in this paper. SPECIAL NOTICES. MINERAL BATHS AT HOME. DYSPEPSIA CURED RHEUMATISM CURED ERUPTIONS on the PACE CURED SCROFULA CURED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL, WATERS. 1)0 away with »n your various and ollea perni cious drugs and quark medicines, and use a lew baths prepared wi lt “STRUMATIC SALTS!” These SALTS are marie from the concentrated Liquors of the Mineral Well ofllie Penn’a Sa't Man fae.urlng Co., m Pittsburg, ami are packed in air tight boxes. One always sufficient for a batli. Di rections arc attached. INTERNALLY USE “Struniatic mineral Waters!*• In bottles of one and a half pints. One sufficient for a dav’s use. jf£r~Sold by Druggists generally. Merrill Dros, No. J15 St ate st., Boston; Ravnelds, Pratt, Sc Co, No. 100 Eulionst., New Yorjc, Wholesale AgciiiS. not'OSNeol&wly Make Your Own Soap l NO LIME NKCEMSAUY! By Saving and Using Tour Waste Urease. BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’I'g. Co’s 8APO 3STIFXE K. (Patentsot 1st and 81 h Feb., 185*.) -ou CONCENTRATED LYE. It w ill make 12 pounds excellent bard soap, or 25 gallons of the very best soft soap tor only aboul 30cLs. Directions on each box. For sale ait all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. HT“Be particular in asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co’s Saponiber. no178Neod&w1y EASY TO USE! Has only to be applied to Hair or Whiskers and the is done. Natural and Durable* For sale by Druggists and Dealers. NEWHALL’S «»«■ Cheapest ! MACIC Purely vegetable; will restore w— - • Grey Hair to iUnatural color; it A A A. A AX will make the hair salt aiul glossy; it will uot Siam the si n *D Qt>fnvafttrQortl10 liuest linen; it is the be 4 IlcStOratIV“and cheapest Hair Dressing. 75 cts. large bottle. For sa'o oy all Na. I. Druggists and Dealers. W. F. PHILLIPS & CO., Wholesale Agents, 1-18 Fore Sc., Portland. Principal Depot and maun iciorv, 17 Hanover Street, Boston. Mass. febl5ssWA»S3m FELLOWS OKIGIlVAIi W OHM LOZENGES, WE cun willi confidence point to FELLOW’S WORM LOZENGES as llic most ported. rem edy for thoso troubiesouie pests, INTESTINAL WORMS. After years of careful experiment, success lias crowned our efforts, and we now odor to the world a confection without a single fault, being safe, con venient, effectual and pleasant. No injurious result can occur, let, them be used in whatever quantity. Not a partielo of calomel enters their composition* They may be used without further preparation, and at any time. Children will eagerly devour all you give i liem. and ask for more. They never fail in ex pelling Worms from their dwelling place, and they will always strengthen the weak and emaciated, even when he is not afflicted with worms. Various remedies liave from time to time, been re commended, such as calomel, oil of worm seed, turp entine, Ac., producing dangerous, and sometimes fatal consequences. After much research, study and ex periments, embracing several years, the proprietors of Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posi tively safe, pleasant and etieaual. They do not kill the worms, but. act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order- to assure consumers ot the genuineness ot these lozenges, the analysis of I>r. A. A. HAYES, State Assay or, is annexed: “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prepared by Messrs. FELLOWS A CO., and find that they are free from mercury, and •thenrnetallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges arc skilliilly compounded, pleas ant to the taste, safe, yet wire and effective in their action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. D. Assayei to the State of Mass. Price 9ft cent* per Bo* ; Five for $!• GEO. W. SWETT, Proprietor of the New England Botanic Depot, lOtf Hanover Street* Boston Mam Sole Agent for the United States, to whom all or ders should be addressed. W W WHIPPLE'* OO. 21 Market Square Wholesale and Retail Agents. W~8old by dealers in Medicines everywhere. oc;5-deow€mBN u Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, mar be romnl at wholesale at the drug stores of W.W Whin lde*C\>.. II. H. Ilav, W. F. Phillips & Co., E. L. SUnwood and J. W. Perkins & Co. janl2«Ndly New Iuderieal Paint Cleaning Soap. Make* House Cleaning n Pastime. The worthy proprietor ot the Preble House says ‘-Wellke your new Index iuai. Paint ci.eaninii So ai*. It cleans paint to perfection without scour ing ihe surface aid with scarcely any labor. All housekeepers will be sure tj adopt it as they cannot afford to uo without it. Yours Arc., Sold by W. F. PHILLIPS * Co”’U."hHAY & CO., and the trade generally. Mar 30—sneodlwtadveoU.tw* Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nights.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which artn-le surpasses all known preparations for tlio cure ot all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly suiierieding every prei*aration of opium—the well-known result ol which js to prodiico cos liven ess and other serious ■liHieult ies; it allavs irritation, restlessness and spasms and induces regular action of the bowel and set re live orgaus. c ° No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold go readily, or met with such universal approval. For weefcm.‘RS’ JfT ^Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses ami Irregularities, and all the tearful Mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the train ol nervous diseases, lb aid’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold hv all druggists. Price 21. . . . „ 1»eo. C. uoodwin & Co., angllsnlyd&w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. Fisher’s Cough Drops. This certain and cltcctuil cure li>r Coughs and sil diseases el the throat and lungs, lias lieeu genoraUv known throughout New England lor the last si xl» years and .s warranted to cure, or tile price will be rcfhnded. Prepared by Ckokuk W. Wai lino pobi), Grandson of the late Ur. Fisher. bunk SMa{n?.i M°N^ * CO’* 1'rol,rl‘ to1", Koune G. C. Goodwin & Co., Boston Agents. Sold by all Druggists. marld3m N HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWEK. lias proved itself lobe the most pcr'ect preparation lor the hair ever presented to the public ‘ 1 It will restore gray ha’r to its original color It will keep the lirir IVom falling out It cleanses the scalp. It makes the hair lustrous and silken it is a splendid hair die? ing. No person, old or young, should fail to use it. a,.1!?, veJ7 .1>U.st,cu?ar to ask lor “Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair lienewer,” as there is a worthless imi tation m t he market. Pi ice $1.«>0 per l»ottle. H. P. HATdi & CO., Nashua, N. 11., Proprietors. April sml&w Iflr*. M. A. Allen’s improve*! Hair Restorer and Dressing Com bine* l in one Bottle. Reduced Dr ire $1.00 per Bottle. nu29 Sold by all Druggists. BKCodlm SPECIAL. NOTICES. A Cough, a. Cold, or A Sore Throat, Requires immediate attention AND SHOULD hi: CHECKED. * If allowed to continue, Irritation of the Lnu^H. a per manent Throat Disease, or C'ouMnniplion, _ is often the result. BROWN'S BRONCHIA L TROCHES HAVING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE 1’AUi'g, GIVE IMMEDIATE KKUEF. For Bronchitis, Aullimn, I'nlHiTb, t ow Munaptive and Throal biw iiM s, TROOHKA ARK USED WITH ALWAYS OOOT> AUOOKM. Aiugm and I* ublic S|M**iber« will lim] TrocheA use I nI in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat alter an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches age recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have bad testimonials from eminent men throughout the country* Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only “BIiown'a Ukonchial Irochka” and do not take any of the wortulkaa imitations that may he offered, solo kv reworks Dec 4—d&wfim an A Ki. li and Varied assortment of Boole ami Shoes, for Indies, Centli men. Misses and Children, are for sale by T. K. MoSE).E\ & Co., Sum m nit Srm.LiT, Boston. Tbe priced are reasonable. febgfdlt ! “Buy me anil I’ll do you Good.” USB DK. L;lNCiI.KV'N ROOT AND HERB BITTERS i.*r Jatind^e, C< u?vei»e>s, l. ver Couio’a’pt. Hr uo?s, Jnd \qs. 01, L*>mc.» ; i, P.V*, DlzsmM, Ht ada?b% Brows-n*. -», a* <1 a! D'spisps arising , oni d*rj>?dered Stoma?*), 1 tafd L-ver aid b.ul B.ood, ti Widch a'l pxfars a es.ibjeet *>1 S*. >g a.1*1 Summer. Sold bv GKO. C. GOODWIN & CO., '.)S fla lover St . ami oy a'l Dealt-is in Medicine* marU'leod ltiw s. n. Long Sought For l Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the alw»vc named article may be found for sale by all City Druggists ami first elass Country Cracers. As a Mk.prune Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if Hot the best, remedy lor colds and pulmonary complaints, Maun fact me* I from the pure • uiceof the berry, ami unadulterated by any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to tbe sick as a medicine. To the days of the aged itaddetli length. To the mighty it addcih strength,” *Tis a balm for the sick, a joy for tlic well— Druggists and droccrs buyjund sell WAINS’ ELDEKBEKRV WING nov 27 s N d&wtf Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the tact that more than 4 O Of their Safes gave AMPLE PROTECTION in the late lire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland. Or at HO Mntlbnry Street, Ronton. njpa>Seco)id-liand Safes taken in exchange for sale. Jan 15— MNlstw in each nio&advremaiudtr of time. REMOVAL. DBS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 1-‘J CONGRENM STREET, brown’s new block, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Senter. Office Honrs—10 to 12 A. M., and 3to 5 P. M. Dk. Ciiadwick’b residence 168 Cumberland street. Db. Fogg’s residence 28 High street. » S3r*Fiee Clinical consultations will he held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M.f for the poor. * janjS.sNdtt I> H.S. S. FITCH’S “Family Physician,” Seventy-six pages : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad dress. Mo money required until the ln»ok is received, road, ami lolly approved. It is a perfect guide to the sick or indisposed. Address DR. S. S. FITCH, 25 Tremont Street , Boston. sn Jan2lMly Why Suffer lrom Sores ? When, by the use ol the ARNICA OINTMENT, you can be easily cured, it lias relieved thousands trom /turns. Scalds, Chapped //antis. Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and every Complaint of the. Skin. Try it, for it costs but 25 cents. Bo sure to ask for Hate’s Arnica Ointment, For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cents to O. P. SEYMOUR & CO., Boston, Mass., ttud receive a box by return mail. feb2t>d2m s » Batchelor’s Hair Dye. This splendid Hair l>ye is Hie liest in the world. The oikly true and perfect- Dye—Harm less, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies Hie ill efleets of Bail Dyes. Invigorates the hair, leaving ii, soft and beautiful. The genuine is signsd ll'il limn A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. Solti by ;ill Druggist* and PcrlVuners. Factory SI Barclay street, New York. dr*Beware of n Domiterfeil. November 10, 18GG. dlysn ANDERSON & CO’S. HOOP-SKIRT FACTORYI 333 Congress St, above Oasco. IV French,German and American Corsets from 75 cis to $10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirt* made to order at one hours notice. Feb 0—SN dSm Warren’s Cough Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for Cola!*, €ouj;li«. f'ufitrrh and t'oiinaaiplioM, and all diseost s of the Throat and Bungs. ty*l’'or sate by all Druggists. Manufactured by It. F BKAIIBUKV, octPkl&wsNCm Druggist, Banoor. For ('ongltH, Cold* and l'»iiMiini|ttion, Try Hie old and well known VKORTABUl ■•€Jl.i?IOi\ A §t V It A LSA itl,approved and used by our oli/est ami most celebrated Physicians ibr forty years [iast. Get the genuine. REED, CUTLER & CO., Druggists, doc248Nd&wHm Boston, Proprietor. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS, i J. E. FERNALD & SON, Merchant Tailors, And Gentlemen's Furnishers HAVING removed to the ELEGANT ami SPA CIOUS STORE Under the Preble House, Corner of Congress and Preble Sts., Would be plumed to exhibit to the public, a SPLENDID STOCK OF GOODS -FOR Gentlemen's Wear. Consisting of COATINGS, VESTINGS, and PANTALOON STUFFS, Selected frrai the New York and lioxton Market., which they will manufacture to order, In as Fashionable Style. And at as JL.OW PRICE as the same quality of goods can lie obtained in Portland. Our Stock of’ F’linifsdiing- Goods is superior, and anr article of Gentlemen's Wear can always be nn.l ?n our establishment. Also, tor sale one double Counting House DESK, undone Iron SAFE (new) of Trunout Satie Compa ny’s maiis: iclure. n • 'tiklttw itijvtf O IE USA CHS. Business and Walking Suits, Beautiful Material* and Fashionably Made And an elegaut assortment of Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods, FOIt SALE LOW BY Robinson & Kniglit, „ 988 Congress Street aprOdlw Opposite Preble House. R E MOVAL ! If AVIS & Urum moso, COUNSELLORS AT LAW, - AND - Solicitors in Bankruptcy, No. IOO Kxcbangv Slml, finP,’Opposite Portland Savings Bauk Bni’ding. PorUand. April ft, 1867. apr r.dtf M M. E. MORRIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Sturdivant Block, No. IOO Exchange street A pi 6—dlw INSTRUCTION IN Lead Pencil and ('rayon Drawing, GIVEN BY MissSewall, at 331 Conffivss St., ®l,l'd Si I doors above Casco, Up Stair.-,. dtf Notice. THOSE In want of a • hanv lip" TABLE BI TTER can dud (heir wauls supplied at PETTENH1LL & FIJLLUM'S, 374 Congress street. aprullw* MEW Alt VE Kl' I SE « i'. ?» VS. New Photograph Gallery! -Vo. ViO Middle St. MMIU subscribers having ow-nod a firsUclass Pho *- tograpu tia'ler> at lseo M i <1 <u o st**oct» (Second door irom head or IIiron Street,) re i>re|mred to execute in the best posdb'e manner l'liotogcaplis, In all their diflbrcut styles, luelud ug Card Pictures, Vignettes, MinuetU s. —AI30— AMBK0TYPES, MILLED EOTYPES, Particular attention given to Pictures ill Oil aud Ink. I if ‘Satisfaction given cr no charge. Pica we call aatl examine H|iecilit'iiH. J. M. PM k A 4 0. .1. M. PFi'K, M. F. AUSTIN. Apt •;—utr Travelling BagN —AND— BASKETS, CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES, j SCROQUET GAMES, Townsend & Toppan, yOO Washington Strvot, 0,|imitr Wet Slrtfl, Aplfi-lw BOSTON. AOTici:. BENJAMIN FOGG HAVING returned |te lii* firmer place of busi ness (new store) Corner of Fore & Exchange Sts. Aud Laving replenished bis stock of Boots, Shoes and Clothing, Now otters a good a good assortment of Men's aud * aud Hoy./ Calf, Kip and Thick Boots, Youths and i nldrcn’s Calf Kip and Thick Bool . V-n’s ui.d B »y*s€Ja'f G aim 4 and Thick s>Voes, La J'os' and Miss s’ Congress, Bal moral and Sl'ps, Lubber Hoots, Aret es tud Overs. —AlrftO— Clothing:, llats. Caps, and Umbrellas. A pi 6—cod Gw jo air X. sifEnitY, IkESPECTFOLLY anncamci to k?« F*ien1» and k> the Public that he li: s tHs <htv dispesed of Ids inferes* pertain* i? t> the SHAVING DfcPAUT MENT ol his burners, to J. B. Pike & G. F. Gootiridgc. Tho latter get Jc uau, a is well known, hr** for a long time been MMs employ. Ife wor d mos. cor dially recommend bis pa: roe 3 m tb s de| artn nt to the new tlrm. lie intends himself to give hisundividcd attention to HAIR CUTTING, DRESSING, AND HAIR WORK, for which be is li i *ng up bh room i Separate rooms lor Ladies and Children's )ia routing. N. B. Particular aUentlo.i pi* l to entvng c! ld rciPs hair,_ aprtitt JOSIAII BLACK HAVING ta'cen the store formerly n . upied by F. K. Upkani, No. 182 Commercial Street, Would r.' p clVly inu roi his old pi ons and Lie public gener: l'y t' af he Intends to i o ;»constantly on band aud dci". in Choice Brands Family Flour. — ALSO Lime, Cement, Calcined Plaster, Corn Feed, Wood, Ac. And hope* by punctual attention to hiiHiticgg to mer it and receive a fa:r share of patruca; •. Aprii G—lm* Super Phosphate of Lime! For Sale by tlie Subscribers. Bradley’s [Paleal Hi-per Phospbuir el Liar. Bradley’s X t. Naper Pbaapbale af Liair. t'wc’N ftnprr Phoaphnle of Liiir. Bradley’s Phosphates are warrant.d to lie equal to any in the market, and wi!l be gold at the very low est market prices. We also have a good a-ipplv of beai qut’Uy Far mers’ IMuxier, Wxiif'i wo offer at the lowest rates. BEALE & MOliSE, Apl C—dsRwJm_No, 5 Coin mere-a* Whavl. Boots ami Nlioes ! CLARKE & LOWELL, No. 80 Market S.|unre. ' "1^7’K can and will sell as good a quality ot Boot* v T and Shoes, at. as cheap rato as can i»e found in the city, We have some shop worn ^notjs and others a little out Ol (lie present style which we wish to closeout before going into our new store nud will sell them ut Less Than Halt tlie Original Cost. (’all ami examine for yours.Ives. opposite Preble str,,t‘fi_ aprilr.ini new c 3 il RKDOINtrs Russia Salve (Established lsiifi.j Price 8S Cents per Box, Is the Universal Remedy tor BURN8,SCA LI >S, CUTS, BRUISES, and all K1.1 IS 11 v ,r ^JLBLAINS, CIIAI PEO HAN US, PILES and OLD SCKOFU I AH'S SORES: EBUPT.ONS, BLOTCIIKS, SALT RHEUM, and all CUTANEOUS DISEASES. REDmNO'S KUS.SH SALVE id a purely ley, < table O.ntmmt. made from the very Immi in it >r* us and combine, u i. If Deal hkai isi; iowkhh than any other prep, vale in before the public lit timely an,,’ cation too bveu the mea-a of Having thocaan... oi vajealde lm ... rtl evi'iL' a vn 7 amoim of M«lb. ng. and wherever u ed, baa proved itael t. rea’ity A lulOM T(. autvKJUJOU hi maiiity. SIXTY YEARS' GENERAL USE op THE RUS SIA SALVE IS A NOBLE GUARANTEE OF ITS INCOMPARABLE VIRTUES AS A HEALING OINTMENT. The very large .ale of REDOING’S Russia SALVE, during the past sixty years, hoe eivt-nriae la hundred, of mwertliy iu L .Uun*. imii iiTr.iuirhn.it all oppnaition, the RUSSIA SALVE mailta K ", supremacy aa a rcli ihle preparation, bavin?a and permanent sale, and never de’eiiorm n , In ity, bv age or elimate. xod iambi to (lealera at-a irb'e enabling (hem In rea'lze a gcnereca profit t#» .Vi.. For Bale by al' lirugg ala and ApotVoa -iea ' BKBDIilG * CO., Prr,ptir„ni, Apl (Wo, 13m ^ BOSTON, MASS. SAMUEL F. CORE, IVo. tnn Congit'ss Street, NKAK HL\D OP UHGKN STKHJfr. P,AJJO FORTKS, MelodMns, Organs, Guitars, \iolms Baums, Flu.nas, Music Boxes, cartinas, Accorneoiis, Tamborincs, Flutes. Flaueo leu, Pies,o8 Clarionets, Vlol'n Bows, Music Si.aCa, Moale Stands, Ocums, F.ics, Slit; Music, Music Books, V:r an anil Omtar Strings, Stereoscopes au.l \ lews,Umbrellas, Canes, t usks, Bird Cages, lm,k ingidas. -a, Albums.Stationery, Pens, li-',-, Rocking Hi.rsea. Pic, urea and Frames. Fancy Ba*k. Is, I l.il dren s Carnages anil a great variety of olhee articles. Old Piano* Taken in Kxrkaage far New. “Piano* aud Melodeon* t uneil and to rent. April e—If Valuable Keal Instate for Male, or Kxt'hnnge for Property iu Portland. THR Beal Kitata owned by Faacah P. lUbuson in her life Cine, and necupied by her and her husband. James Ft. K ibiueon, situated in Wet.brook about one-bslf le'e Item the form'-in a n' (he Horse Railroad at MorriTs Corner, on the Windkain Rood Said Kaun contains about IF rly live nctn of t :eel lonl land, mostly now, a port am sti'l unclaimed Mr. R diinson w:i , a dealer in A- .(cultural Imnlc menls and FenT ors. These Fer.i' ze;. i.. . with a lilwral hand upon tl-'s land, I inn nr II I.. • high «ta“e of cult'rat Ion That part ..•.de-ful, lion will cut 251 .11*1,1 l av .,„,t u, bellovcl labeca valuable a piece of I.- I ol if, sire as can Is- found |„ Ibis county. It has a . on tor i.Y ,t t.l nal* . v ne smno I,r the flnest bull,ling b,lH Hat en . Is-d Ibis rapully trowing poniimofthu low i c West brook. There is uj on the lot a largo mib .law tin I Mini w*«|| tinni'icfl Bain. This property will be oohl on . •«> an able lc ns a* t o price a ml pay 1110 .1t . or« '• l»e exchuigi I lor real estate in the city of Foitbnil. E. N TERRY, at Sheriff Office, Portlaml or F. O. BAILEY. Audi* ne- - amt Real Estate 1 ker, 17<! Fore Mi ect. aprC* F A Good House foe Sale WITHIN five m'nntuswalk „r«fce P) ,, otti.e, pleasantly situate,I, i„„ H.,d bait stories J“-h th.'rou^hlvtu.isbeU, hunt au,| so. water, tras, tun aee, outbrnidiuKH ami yard, in pernet order, amt possession given imnn d'atelv ^ Inquire at this office. ,\pl <;_ft Second-Hand Wheeler .V Wilson Sewing Machine* LlOIi SALE CIIEAP— oay he seen at P nhu N.». 7, j ‘l-__ *54 toogrcHH Hireet, 1 .m a to 10 A. M. ami :: to 1 r, M.. tor ten days. K. S. I >RA KE. a pi 6 Jt TVOTICE ANY person wishing to deport dirt or rubbish will find a place on Franklin whart ApUkllm f mow advkktiskimemts. SS\ER’S JK%o*tsTOREo»^ iiV „■>-"" "*/ ' See what the Great Tragedienne jays. '• ••Jlaaaiguioi:—In l>r. Ciuveeiaa'a Enraass 1 recognise an old friend, having used It aa a coa Iiietiiiue and toilet article for several year* Tho hollle is not the same style we have In Paris, but loaoi the use of the preparation l llnd It to be the JSmo as that pul up In Prance. It Is the ea.sr *a ioTa aoa TMK IIAJK l have ever found, and 1 am clad to know It Is becoming so popular in America. * ADELAJIIK KlNTOBl." V % % ruv. and *" ^ cf” ^ ^e><h.,lngO« ,^VvV ^^' "nd is ft*! y0^ £#ATRIC*s Wt>«‘liK a Potter* 1 loptton« Importer* and Drugsri*!*, Wholesale Agents. For Sate l»y CROSMAN & CO., .‘10T> Congress si. April C—-eotll w MISCELLANEOUS. JONES & WILLEY Removed. Hoot and Shoe Store. IADlKSatu! (Imts, we wish to cull your atteu A tion to our stock of HeiiKonahle (roods, All of recent manufacture, with special reference to retai'iii^. Itisonr a1 n to keep a cimiplete assort ment of styles ami qua'ittaa adaptc.I to the wants of all elasse, of which Wo have learned by experience in retailing. He have no hesitation m saying you wifi find oor PRICES TO COMPARE FAVORABLY With those of any other dealers in our lint*. Your special attention is desinnl to our line ol Ra da's’ aiot Misses’ Fain y Hoods o I alt styles. Bronzed, White, Blue, Red, (loltl and Silvered colored Roots and Hlippecs, <U the beat material, and made by experienced n.oirknicn. We also have Hurt's Hoots ol' all Sty Ion. Wo shall give our .-pecial atioutiou to the manu f.ictuure of LADIES’ & GENTS’ Hoo i n unit Hlioeh, Made to Measure. And all (ioods WARRANTED as recommended. N. B. Repairing d me in the neatest manner and with despatch. REMEMBER THE PLACE 16.7 Middle Street, Portland, (Two doors above Emery t& Waterhouse’s.) JONES .0 WILLEY. April 4—Iw NEW GOODS! JUST DECEIVED. A Large Assortment of English. Scotch, French k American CLOTHS, For Spring Wear. A. E. WEBB, Merchant Tniloi-, Chambers 3, Free Street Block. April i—It Spring Millinery ! No. 2 Deerlny Block. MRS. CUSHMAN Has just received a fresli assortment of early SPUING GOODS, <>t the latest styles, to which she invitt m the atten tion of the ladies ol Portland and vicinity. April 4—:;\ved HAYES & DOUGLASS, IMPORTERS OF €ROC!KERY WARE, A HE now established In the new Store, built ex pressly Ibr them, No. 14S Middle Street, Where they will keep, as usual, a Hill as- .rtment ot Crockery, Glass, China and Plated U001>S; Lamp*, rhiaarpi, Wicks Vumc*, Ac. a pi I I w .YEW PUMP. rpil E suhs«ril»«r has the Agency of the A MERIC AN A SlillMKIMiKJ) Pl'Ml', superkir to any Pump in the market for ueep wells or (-{stern*. The pecidiar advantages of this Pump is •implic. • ly, «Jailability, iirn-r freezes, and it* GREAT POWER. t'*roui?ig lorn twenty gallons i*r min ute tj lolly t*ior*and gallons per minute. No packing oli any I 'ad rei|ns-ed; not liable t.» get out of reprir. One ot them may We Been at 124 Ex change s. roet, rear of uiv old stand, and one in work ing orderat my Store, No. ISO lore Street. n , , M W. A. PEARC E. Portia nl, April 3, 1W7. apl 4dlw BASE BALL. BATS, BALLS, SCORE BOOKS, BASES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AT GETER’g, lO Free Street, Agent for the Itosn Hull. Api 4—tr ALEXANDER D. REEVES, TAILOR, Respectfully returns thanks to the citizens ol Prrtlanil, and Stale generally, for liberal patronage during the last eight years, and he is happy to inlorm them that he Inis lifted up No. .S> Free street (tirst door above Centre Street) for a permanent place ol business, where lie iuteuds to carry on tailoring in all its various branches, and all goods kept by a tirst class New York Tailor, may always be found al A. I>. Reeves, Tailor, IMS Fptse Street, The attention of the ladles is invited to the Bazar ot F ashiou, a loreign publication re ceived weekly; and they are also invited to call and see the latest'styles of bugle trim inings. All goods or garments at Ue lowest prices fori“h- apU-Jtn “ Cole’s Restaurant I” L. D. COLE n*v he Form> at the oj.h stand ■ 17 KxcliuuifP Street, 8 Ally to sen all ol old cualomon au<l aa many new 'ones as may lavnr him with a call. I Portland, April 3,10ft. apl J uilm Inside Steamboat Line TO BANGOR. THREE trips per week llio beautiful, staunch and awift steamer *• niliss Martin,” tons register) Alliert Wood, Raster will commence her regular trips lor Hm? season to ltangoraod intermediate landings about the lLth inst., leaving Railroad Whar», foot of State street. For lurther information inquire of ROSS & STURDIVANT, General Agents, 14jjCommercial Street April :i, I8#7. dtf NOTICE. ra.rs „„ an,I after Monday, 8th i,’,*. nnttl Pori Ian?/, SST^™" ^““Su ,o°.Wasron Builders. \ OtrK attention ih cjiIumI to Itenn.di'a ■> 1 Pmptng Wagon. It in simple in eonatrurtj??1 and costa uo more than any wagon. The load equally on the lore and hind wheels. It (uno.u 5«" “*« axles. In short, this dumping w^SIata tin, last extant. Wo wish t» corresnon.1 ioT** " * builders throughout the country In 'I, it ion to rmSi* mg and selling these wagons. Addrei, “"k