9 Nisan 1867 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Nisan 1867 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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MORNING, APRIL 0, 1807. Terms Eight Dollarsper annum, in advance. THE PORTLAND DALLY PRESS is pushed everyday, (Sunday excepted,) a( No. 1 Printers Exchange, Commercial Street, Portland. N. A. FOSTER, Proprietor. 'J lumh Eight Dollar? a year in advance. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, is piiblisliedat the Him** place < very Thursday morning at Ir.wa year, invariably in advance. Bates op advertising.—Dm* incii oi apace,in I muiI. oi column, constitutesia •square." $l.r,n per square daily first week: 75 cents per w.*ek alter; three insertions, or less, $1.00; continu i ig every other day utter ttrst week, 50 cents. Halt square, three ins. rtions or less, 75 cents; one wo k. *l.oo; .hi ceuta per week alter. I 'ndcr bead «»; "Ami srments,” $2.00 per square pe yveek; three insertions or leas, $1.50. spkgiat. None km, $1.25 per Square lor the lirst in sertion, and -5 cents pel* square for each subsequent Insertion. „ vdve.iiMements inserted in the ‘‘Maine State I'ut'ss (which 1ms a largo circulation in evory p«r ot the State i tor $1.00 per square for ttrst-insert ion ‘ nid 50 Cents per square lor each subsequent ius»r W. W. THOMAS, Jit., JL, A. XV Y E It , A ud Solicitor in Bankruptcy, 1IAS REMOVED TO IOO Exchange Slreel, *4d Story# apPidtf Opposite Custom House. V. fl. KCHriMArif UK, FRESCO PAINTER. Oflce at the Drug Store of Messrs. A. O. ScliloUer beck & Co., JO.I Coiigic** SI, Portland, Me, jal'Jdt f One door above lirown. //. M.BBE WEB, (Successors to J. Smith & Co.) Mitnuia* Hirer of l.rntbrr Helling. Also lor sale Belt Leather, Backs & Bides, Lace Leather, ItIVKTM mi it lll'KS, sep(3dtt n ;{|| i'oiigreMM Street. W. P. EBEEMAN & CO., Upholsterers and Manufacturers ot FURNITURE, LOUNGES, BED-STEADS Spring-Beds, Mattresses, Pew Cushions, No. 1 Clapp*M Hloek- fool U* hew Hint Street, Fortlnml. Freeman, D. W. Deane. C.L. Quindy. ,__tl u A. N. NOYKS & SON, Manufacturers and dealers tu Stoves, Banges & Furnaces, Can be found In t heir \«CW It('II.19IN4* ON LliUE NT., (Opposite the Market.* Where they will be pleased to see all their former Customers and receive orders as usual. au^lTdri n CHASE, CRAM & STUhTEVANT, GENERAL Commission Merchants, Wldgcry's Whurt, POBTLAKD, ME. OOtl&iU HOWARD A: CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, PORTLAND, M !NE. Office .Vo. 30 Exchange Street, __ Joseph Howard, ,|y!)lt n Nathan Cleaves. M. JPEABSOK, tiiohl siikI ^ilverPlater —AND— Manulactorer ol Silver Ware, Temple Street, fret door from On great Street PORTLAND, ME. _J\Iay 19—dly n lilts. PBIBCE & FEBNALD, DKIVTISTS, NO. ITS ’iidiim: stkijet. C. N. Peirce. S. C. Febnald. February 21. dtf Deering, Mil liken & Co., Wholesale Dry Goods, 58 Sc OO Middle Street. ang31-dtt Fwrlliiait, IMsiiur, SHEPLEY Sl. stroxjt COURSELLOHS AT LAW, O FFICB. Post Office Building, 2d story; Entrance on Ex change street. P» 8H8PLEY. |y9tt A. A. STROP I'. R. w. rori\$ox9 Counsellor and Attorney at. Law, CHADWICK HOUSE, ‘JIG ConsresH Street. Jan 4—dtf a. wilbjjr & co., No 112 Tremont Street, Boston, Importers and Dealers in WELSH A IS* AMERICAN Roofino' Slates ! I irJAll colors and slutin" nails. Caret.il attention paid to sliippliig. marl.Wfim DAVIS, MSSEEVE. HASKELL b 00.7 Importers anil Jobbers of Die/ Goods and Woolens, A rnule 18 Free StrreiJ F. I>AVIS, \ l. “S [ PORTLAND, MR E. CHAPMAN. ) ^ norf)’Gr»dtf II. J \ PHILLIPS <1 co., ~ Wholesale Rrnggists, No. 148 Fore Street. OCf 17-dtl •tOltX W. DAXA, Counsellor and Attorney at Law. No. 30 Exchange St. Dec 0—dtf BOSS A BEEN k, I ' Zj A H T K H 111 jR H, PLAIN AND GBHAMKNTAL ST0000 AND MASTIC WOKaEEB, Oak Street, between, Congress and Free Sts., PORTLAND, MU, Coloring, Whitening and White-Washing prompt* y attended to. Orders from out ot town solicited. May 22—dtf «. «. I>OWNE8,~ MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS REMOVED TO No. 233 1-2 Congress Street, CORNER OF CHESTNNT August 30, I860. n - att WM. W. WHIPPLE, Wholesale Druggist, 21 MAEKET SQIJAEE PORTLAND, ME. aug2 ft SMITH A CLARK, Wholesale Dealers In TEAS, COFFEES & SPICES, im> fore STREET, Portland, me janu _dti <5 J. r. IJODSItOX, o Hoop Skirt Maniiractnrcr, DEALER IN English, French and American Oorscts, Fancy Goods AND LACES, HOSIEUV, GLOVES, Ami all kinds of TRIMMINGS and Dress Buttons. (£1/“'Hand-K nit German Worsted Garments made b» order. • Hoop Skirts made to ordor.^AJ No. GCJa|»p’» IB lot-It, CONGRESS SfREET, teblJ PORTLAND, MF, dti WRIGHT & CLARK, FK ESCO PAII\ TER8, In oil and Distemper Color*. Also lb.use and Sign Paiuters, Morton Block, two doors above Pit-Me House, Portland, Me. G l/ W'o are prepared to design and execute every description of Wall and Coifing Decorations, lor < Miurebes, public Building*,Private Residenees,llalls, Gilding and Km bossing on Glass. Every de n ripiion of Wood tinisbed in Wax and oil Killiug, and in Varnlsb or French Polish. .ialtkfiiiu J. B. HUDSON, Jit., A B, T I s T . Studio Xo 301 1-2 Pone,re*« Street. CS"l.ca8un» givcu in Painting anil Drawing. February 1—dtf //. u. /' t i .so.v, STOCK ltltOKE.lt. No. 30 Exchange street, PORTLAND ME no'Hdt b. u. & a. iv, viranii, Attorney* & Counsellors at Law, Wo. il Kxt'hnngr Ml., Portland, Hie. Ocean Insurance Building. March Ift dGm B1H8NE88 CARDS. »K. A. J. LOCKE, DENTIST, No. :tCl I --J A'ougrr.a Slivel. April 1,1867. d3m __ CHABLGS PEARCE, PLUMBER, Manufacturer and Dealer in every description ol Water Fittings, FOEGE, DECK, HEAD & CISTERN PUMPS Load Pipe and Sheet Lead, JVo. 5 Union Mtrcrt, Portland, Maine. C'Jr'PuMie Buildings, Hotels and Private Resi dences fitted up with Water Closets, Wash Basins, Bath Boilers and Warm and Cold Baths iu the most, approved and thorough manner. Orders respectlully solicited. Reference—Mr. 51. Stead, Arohiteft, tirm Mess. Anderson, Connell & Co. Mar 25—lm G. A. SLSSKRAUT~ I1VIFOKTEH, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN Fiirs, llats and Caps, 130 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ... MAINE. E# Cash paid for Shipping Furs. mi'.'l.ltl Page, Richardson & Co,, Hankers & Merchants, 114 STATE STREET, BOSTON. BILLS OP EXCHANGE on London, Paris, and the principal continental cities. TRAVELER'S CREDITS, tor the use of Travelers iu Europe and the East. COMMERC1AL CREDITS, tor the purchase of Merchandise tn England and the Continent. All descriptions of MERCHANDISE imported to order. ADVANCES made on Consign men ts to Liverpool and London. marl 2d im WM. A. SABINE, Wholesale Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Fruit, FANCY GROCERIES, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Cheese, Pickles,PureJSpiees, Fancy 'r.oaps, Confectionery,Tobacco.Cigars, hiuts, Figs. Dates. Wood and Willow Ware, &c. No. 5 Exchange St., Portland, Me. mar23dlm SMITH A LOVETT, Manufocturers of Hyatt’s Patent Sidewalk Light, Iron Fronts for Buildings, Iron Doors and Vault#, Iron Mbuiicn*, Hoisting Machine*, and Rnildcr#* Iron Work Generally. 57 Devonshire Street, Boston. AMMI SMITH, fob28d3m* JOSEPH LOVETT. Charles P. Mattocks, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, BOOBY HOUSE, COB. CONGRESS AND CHESTNUT STREETS, febHdtf Portland. WALTER COREY & CO, Manukaotithees and Dealkbs in FURNITURE l Looking Glasses, Mattresses, Spring Beds, Ac. Clapp'" Block, Kennebec Street, (Opposite Foot of Chestnut,) PubSdtfPORTLA ND. WILLIAM A. PF.AKCE~ PLUMBER! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets. Warm, Cold and Hhower Baths, Wash Howls, Urasw uud Waiver Plated Cork*. Every description of Water Fixture for Dwelling Houses, Hotels and Public Buildings, Ships, etc., ar ranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders In town or country faithfully executed. Constantly on hand Lead Pipes and Sheet Lead and Beer Pumps of all kinds. Also, Tin Hoofing, Tin Conductors and work in that, line done in the best manner. IS^’All kinds of Jobbing promptly attended to. NO. I NO FORE NT., Portland, Me. Ju.ii 15 dJm ft . ii. wooTt jTsox, BROKERS, tfo. 17S-fore Street. '•n 11_ G ODD A III) A HASKELL, LAWYERS, NO. I» I IIi:■: NTRBKT, PORTLAND, Particular attention given to Bankruptcy ap plications and proceedings under the new Bankrupt act of Congress. C. W. GODDARD. T. H. HASKELL. Portland, March 5,1667. mcliGdtf HOLDEN & PEABODY, Attorneys and Counsellers at Law, Office, 220 1-2 Congress Street, Near the Court House. A. B. HOLDEN. »ep5tth H. C. PEABODY. JOHN E. DOW, Jr., Counsellor and Attorney at Law, And Solicitor in Bankruptcy, JAUNCKV COURT, 4S Wall Street, ... New I'.rk City, tp-ConmiisKloiicr for Maine and Massachusetts. Jan. SI dtf A. G. SCHLOTTERBECK & CO\, Apothecaries and Chemists, 303 Congress St., one door above Brown, PORTLAND, NIK. Comfiounding Physicians’ Prescriptions Is one of our Specialities. Using Preparations ol our i own manufacture, we arc ablo to vouch tor their purity. We also keep on liaml a full supply ot LUBIN’S EXTRACTS, POWDER and SOAP, FANCY GOODS, Toilet Articles, Heed’f Liquid Dye Colors, Wilson’s Herbs, Marsh’s Celebrated Trusses ana Suppor ers, Patent Medicines. Hair Restorers, Ci gars, Tobacco, A riifttn’ Vlaierial*. Ac., Arc. Mar 29— 3m w. k. p. cross, Sealer of Weights and Measures. Order Mlale at C. H. Brrrd A- Ca.’n, No. 42 Union Mtreel, Portland, April 1, 1667. dim J. J. 3IAYBURY, ATTORNEY AT LAW, iro FORE STREET. April.! dtf II. PENNELL A CO., FITTERS, NO. ‘41 UNION MTKEET. q , ir ork vnirran tod satisfactory. Kcferences— Stiout A McKonkav, master builders; Brown & Crocker, plasterers and stucco Workers April 1, 1SG7. d3m. - BONNEY & H A Kill MAN, COUNSELLORS AT LAW, No. l OO Exchange Street, PERCIVAL BONNE Y. DANIEL G. HARR THAN. apr&llw WM. E. MORRIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Stunllvant Block, l\o. lOOExchange Street Apl 6—dlw Kimball Prince, Dentists. No. ]1 (Jlapp's Block, Oou^ress Street, Oppoitilr Old l-ily Hull, _ mr PORTLAND, MAINE. • Kimball, D. D. S. oe I Good 11 Fred A. Prince NITROUS OXIDE GAS ! A safe and pleasant Anesthetic in the extraction of teeth. Administered every TUESDAY AND FRIDAY —BY— Dr« Kimball A Prince. Dentists, No Block, i;auKrnaaM(n.Fl7 leb.Mtf___ PORTLAND, Me. Portable Steam Engines, /COMBINING the Maximum ot efficiency, dura. " hiltty and economy with the minimum or weight »nd price. They are widely and tavorably known morr than OOO being in use. AU warrauied satis taetorv, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application, Address J. CJ. UOADLEY A CO. ■r » n LA WHENCE, MAM. Feb 8, 18t»7—d3m COPARTNERSHIP. Copartnership Notice. mHE undersigned Laving formed a Copartnership A under the linn name oi J. W. STOCKWELL & CO, Will carry on the manufacture and sale oi HYDRAULIC CEMENT PIPE, Im calibre from » la 1*4 inche., Fdli DRAINS, SEWERS, STENCH-TRAPS,MILL FLUMES, CHIMNEYS, WELLS, HOT and COLD AIR FLUES, <£c., —AT THE— Portland Cement Pipe Works, 103 Dan forth Street, PORTLAND, ME. These Pipes are altogether ahead of those made ot brick, because they arc smoother, more dura ble, eaftily laid, and c’ftiraprr. 'i'hey cost leas thau hall as much as lead or iron, and do nut rust or corrode in any length ot time, but will deliver water any distaiico, as pure and sweet as when it leaves the fountain s head. They arc used in New York City, Albany, Brook lyn, Hartford, Springfield, and many other cities, towns ami villages. The Western K. It., Connecticut River, Rockville, and Hartford & Springfield Railroads use them tor cuiverts, 6u‘. Justm Sackett, Superintendent of Streets, Spring field, Mass.; Mi.ton A. Clyde, R. R. Contractor; Ed win Chase, Civil Engineer, Holyoke, Muss.; Daniel Harris, Esq., Pres. Conn. R. R.; Sam’l Bowles, Esq., Smith & Wesson, Wasson & Co., Jessup & Lallin, Paper Manufacturers, Westfield, Mass., among ma ny others, can leli of its merits. Engineers, Architects. Manufacturers and Busi ness men who have used or seen this Pipe, adopt it, for they KNOW it is a GOOD THING. Samples can be seen at If ANSON Ar DOW’S, 51 Uuiou Street, Portland, Me., our au thorized Agents. Orders lelt, there or at t he Factory w ill receive prompt attention. J. W. STOCKWELL, CALVIN STOCKWELL. tebJS eodtt Dissolution of Copartnership. THE film ot Lewis, llollins & Bond is this day dis solved by mutual consent, T. C. Lewis retir ing from the lirm. All demands against said firm will be settled hy either party, and all indebted to said firm are requested to make immeuiate payment at their old stand, No. is Market Squ ire. T C. LEWIS, N. C. HOLLINS, W. *1. BOND. C. A. PARSONS it CO. having purchased the slo. k of Clothing and taken the store No. 143 Middle street, formerly occupied hy Lewis, Rollins A Bond, propose to open a first class Men’s and Boys’ Clolh mg and Gents’ Furnishing Goods Establishment, where we shall lie happy to see all their old custom ers anil the public In general. C. A. PARSONS & CO. HhytoB fold •« the above parties our stock of * lotliing Ac., we cheerfully recommend them to our termer customers aim solicit lor them a continuance of the patronage so generously conferred upon the late film. LEWIS, ROLLINS A BOND. Copartnership Notice. The undersigned have lormed a copartnership un der the firm name ot KOLl.INg A- BOND, For the purpose of transacting the Custom Tailoring and Gents’ Furnishing Goods Business, and shall open a nice sloes about April 5th, lt>67, at olil stand, No. 18 Market Square. N. C. ROLLINS. . „ „ „ W. M. BOND. Aprils dim Copartnership Notice. MR* W. L. WARREN is admitted & partner Jrcru tills date. The lirm will be (XOTDMAN, STEVENS A CO. And we shall coiilinue the Wholesale Grocery, Flour, anti Provision business at No. 3 Lung Wharf. _ , , CLOUDMAN «£ STEVENS. 1 ortland, April 2,1667. upl 3d3w* Dissolution of Copartnership. riMJE firm of Henry Fling A Co. is this day dissolv JL ed, Mr. Henry Fling retiring. The wholc.salo Gro ;ery and Flour business will he continued at No. 29 Commercial Street by the re maining pai tilers, under the lirm name of Wey mouth, Soule & Co. W. D. WEYMOUTH, J 4 .. WM. G. SOULE. Portland, April 1,18C7. apr3d2w* Dissolution of Copartnership. THE firm of Davis Brothers is this day dissolved by mutual consent.' All demands against said tinn wili be settled by Hall L. Davis, who will con tinue the business at No. 200 Fore Street. GEORGE R. DAVIS, HALL L, DAVIS. E3^Hall L. Davis Will occupy the new store No. 53 Ex. hange Street about April 1st, 1867. Portland, March 22,1«*;7. mar23d3w Copartnership Notice. rPHE undersigned have formed a copartnership X under the name of Hmall Shackibrd, For the purpose of carrying ou the BOOK-BINDING Business in all its branches at 04 Kx^haiiffc Street, (Over Lowell & Sen tor’s Nautical Store.) Binding done for Booksellers, Publishers,Libraries, &c, &c, on the most favorable terms. Music, Magazines and Periodicals bound with neatness and dispatch. KXr"All work entrusted to our care shall receive our personal attention. Edwauo Small. James H. Shackford. marl’Odtf Copartn ership Notice. A**1 XSASllus tlli9 ,Iay retired from the •inu i5o MORGAN? HYER & CO. in favor of R. m. KIC HA LDSON, and the business hereafter will be conducted under the linn name of “Richardson, Dyer & Co,,” At the old stand, No. 143 Commercial Street, Where they will continue the General Wholesale Bus,,ices in W. I. BoimIn, Groce rim, Flour nud l*ro , isioils. It. M. iilOHARDKoN, .1. W. DYER, J- K. HANNAFuRD. Feb 2—J3m Dissolution of Copartnership THE copartnership heretofore existing under the name ot CALVIN EDWARDS & CO., is this ‘lay dissolved by mutual consent. All persons hold ng bills against the linn, are requested to present them tor payment, and those indebted will please call and settle 337 Congress Street. CALVIN EDWARDS, WILLIAM G. TWOMLEY. Tlie subscriber having obtained the hue store No. 337 Congress Sheet, will continue the huslDcos, anil will kec,! constantly on hand PIANO FORTES Irom the BEST MANUFACTORIES, among them the Celebrated Steinway Instrument, which he can sell at. the manufacturer’s LOW I! ST PRICES. Also, a good assortment of ORGANS and MELODE ONS. OLD PIANOS taken in exchange. KIT*'Orders for tuning and repairing promptly at tended to. WWI. G. TWOMBL Y. November 20, I860, dtf J.&C. J. BARBOUR, DEALERS IN Hoyt's Premium ^Patent Bivetted Oak and Hemlock Leather Belting, Lace Leather and Hemp Packing. Rubber Belting, Hose, NIrani Filching, Clothing, Ac, Ac. Wo. 8 Exchange Street, Feb7codCn.FORTLAND, ME. K. V. BURT’S New York Goods! Constantly on hand and for sale by T. CURTIS & CO., 02 Milk Sts, Boston, The only authorized Agents for the sale of these Goods in New England. T. C. & CO., Also manufacture the finest quali fies ot Gents’ Sewed nml Pegged Calf Boots and Shoes! OF EVERY VARIETY. Mai'7—T, T & S lw* FURNITURE ! The undersigned would respectfully call the attention of the citizens of Portland to the tact that he is prepared to offer them PARLOR SUITS —AND ALL— UPHOLSTERY GOODS V' UIHOWN mANWVACTVBK! Which he will alwav, WARRANT TO BE AS REC OMMENDED, with Prices Beyond Competition i N. B.-—Repairing of all kiBd. BeBli, Bnd promptly done, CU AS. B. WIIITTEWOUE, (Successor (o Oeo. T. Burrmght 4 Co. ) t.l»2(Kltf_I.AWCABTBH 11A1.1,. For Sale Cheap."" 40 M feet extra Southern Pine, inch thick and from 5 to 8 inches wide. 10 M 11 inch do, l‘J to 14 in width. R. DEERING, jan30tt Hobson’s Wharf. Commercial street. REMOVALS. STe M O "Vr A il! Nnv Store, ftew Lnods. Slum Brothers, Have removed to their new and splendid store, No. 147 Middle St., kvask iiui.dim;, Next Below Emery d> Waterhouse’s Ami have opened a fresh Stock of Hats & Caps! OF THE Latest New York & Boston styles! ALSO, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas, Canes, &c., &c. ISP'’The Cook & Aldrich Young Iflrn’i* Drrsa Ilat made to order by the French Coxformeter, and warranted to tit. Mai 29, 18C7. iur30d2w R JEj 31 O V A L : rpHE U. S. CLATM AGENCY of W. H. FESSEN 1 DEN has been removed to No. ASi* I -‘A ton greNN Street, corner Chestnut, near City Hall. apr8dl w* “UEMOVAL. WE have moved our otlice from No. 73 to 140 Commercial street, over ihe store ot N. L. Puiinton. Mar 30ed2w ROSS & STURDIVANT. REMOVE JL. DONNELL a: GEE ELY, Commission Merchants, And Wholesale Dealers in Groceries, Floor, Pork, lard, FMi 4c., Have removed from No. 62 Commercial street to No. 33 Commercial street. mar 30- lmd.V w R E M O V A lI DAVIS & DRUMMOJSD, COUNSELLORS AT LAW, - A_NI> - Solicitors in Bankruptcy, No. IO<» Exchange Sirccl, SEtr^ppposito Portland Savings Bank Buildiusr. Portland, April 5, 18G7. apt fidtf remoyal7 Stevens, Lord & Haskell, Have this day removed to the New Store JST.-S. 54 & 56 Middle Street, (Over Messrs. Woodman True & Co.’s,) Tlieir old place of business previous to the fire, where they will keep constantly on hand at whole sale a Well Assorted Stock - OP - BOOTS X SHOES! Manufactured expressly lor the New England Trade. Also Manufacturers of Boot and Shoe Moccasins. Portland. March 6tli, 1867. uiaiTJtl It E 31 OVAL! FAIRBANKS’ STANDARD 1 SCALES ! l atent money urawers i Rubb'-r and Ivory Handled Table Cutlery. ROGERS’ SCISSORS —ANU— GEMERAL HARDWARE, AtKING & DEXTER’S, 175 middle nn«l 118 Federal Street*. feb 19 d3m KEMOVAL! The undersigned having removed from Moulton street to their NEW STOKE, No. fi Exeliait^c Street, would invite the public to examine our largo slpck ot House, Ship and Parlor Stoves. We linve for Sale Hie P. P. Riewnrt’H footling natd Pnrlor Mfove«, CSanluer i'hihoii’s new Cooking ttiovc; also n new Cooking Niove called llie JP EE It E ESS, said to be the best Cooking Stove now manufactured. We are Agents for the McGregor New Furnaces, both PORTABLE and BRICK, and give our personal attention to setting them up. We warrant it the ISe«t Furnace ever offered for sale in this market. Grateful to our triemls and patrons for past patrou age, would solicit a continuation of the same. . °« «• ^ ®. W. NASD. mcli4dtf _~ It E M OVA L . JAMES O’lIOryrN 101. J,, Counsellor at Law, Notary Public A. CommiMMioncr of Deed*, Has removed to Claj p’s New Block, CUR. EXCHANGE AND FEDERAL STREETS, Jan 15. (Over Sawyer’s Fruit Store.) (ltf H JbTM O V A J_. ! W. II. C'l.IFFOItlt, Counsellor at Law, And Solicitor of PutentN, Has Removed to Corner of Brown and Congress Streets, iala_BROWN’S NEW BLOCK. dtf Harris & Waterhouse, JOBBERS OP llats, Claps and Furs. . H ARRIS & WATERHOUSE*'wholesale* Defers in Hats, Caps, and Furs, have removed to their New Store, ATo. 12 Exchange Street, F. R. HARRIS. de-ltf J. E. WATERHOUSE. JADIKK08F MJBttKiXTiCT Dealer in • Watches, Jewelry, Masonic Regalia, and Mili tary Goods, No 13 Free street, Portland. —°.ailu' store with Geycr and Caleb iyI2dtf PACKARD, Bookseller and Stationer, maybe louiul at No. 337 Congress St.., corner of Oak _ jullGtt RS. WEBSTER if CO., can be found at the store • of C. lv. Babb, Clapp’s Block, No. 9, where we otter a goed assortment of Clothing and Furnishing Goods at low prices. juj k; QMITH & REED. Counsellors at Law, Morton Block, Congress St. Same entrance as tl. S. Ar my offices. iy!2dtf Collins, Bliss & Co., Produce & Commission Merchants, Cash Advances Made on Consignments. 233,&tate St, anil 130 Outral St, BOSTON. NEW ENGLAND AGENTS FOR THE Nonpar iel French Guano. It. is claimed that this Fertilizer ip superior to any m the market, its virtues and merits over others,bc ing to prevent all insects and worms from desirov ing crops or plants without burning or injuring those ot the most delicate nature. It is much stronger than the Peruvian, thereby requiring a less quantity to permanently enrich the soil. Price $(,*« per ton. Send foi Circular giving full particulars. mrl5d&w3m Notice to Land Holders. Mlt O’DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared to take contracts tor building, either by JOB or by BAY WORK. Cm* furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. A ngust J7th, 1$6<! aug20dtf WM. e n UNHA M, Announces to his friends and the public generally, that he is prepared to take contracts by the day or job for ^ excavating Collars, Kemoviugr Earth, Taking Fowl] Walla, Laying Foundations ,&(>. Mr. Dunham willcxoculc all contracts entrusted to him with the same prompt n> ss, faithj'ulness and des patch which characterized his last season's work. In regard to which lie begs leave to refer to the follow ing gentlemen:—Hon. A. W. H. Clapp, Hon. John Mussev, Hon, W. W. Thomas, Janies Todd, Esq., M. G. Palmer, Esg., John B. Pike, Esq. P. S.—All parties wishing earth, can have their orders filled by leaving them at my office in the CHADWICK MANSION, NO. 240 CONGRESS STREET, mch9d3m PORTLAND, Me. OUT OF THE EIRE l B. F. SMITH A SON’S New Photograph Rooms, —AT— NO. 1« MABKET SQUARE. augao n U« INSURANCE The Best Investment! 5-20’s & 7-30’slTs. Gov’t Bonds a ice Boon: BUT A POLICY WITH THE GREAT Mutual Life Ins. Co., Ol IN <->v York, IS BETTER! Cash Assets, Feb. 1 $18,500,000 St^~'€wovernmenl Bonds nve Exempt from Taxation, ko with Money invested in a Life JPolicy ! If you have $50, $loo «r $1,000 to spare, or to in ve.-t, there is now here you can place it so securely orsoailvmtageously as w ith this Great Go. Govt. Uonds may be lost, stolen or destroyed by tire, as many have been. A Life Policy if destroyed, stolen, or lost, may be restored, and in no case wall there be any loss tit the money paid. Foi the hoi.r man it is the best savings Hank ; for the rich it is the safest investment, yielding mure than any other. Any one having doubts may bo saiisiied bv calling atourOllice. ® Do not insure until yon do so. No other Company can furnish stick results. The following statement of Policies, tufccn out at this Agency and now in force, show the large in crease, or dividends, over the payments iu these tew cases Many others, with references, can be fur nished if desired: No ol Sum Ain’t of Dividend Pres. val. Policy. Insured. Prem. Pd. Additions, of Policy. 518 $3500 $2252,25 $2740,22 $ I."240,22 6ii6 500 261,23 375,02 875,02

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JOHN KINSMAN lias a pood assortment of gas fixtures of all kltnls, and will sell them as low as they cun be hoiioht In Boston, New York or elsewhere. JOHN HINttnkN, Union Nirrrt, tnchldtf_POItTl.ANI), Mb._ Lewis m.ltl'K, Attorney,and Conusullor at Law, ^o. 8 Clapps Block. jnlal DAILY PllESS. POUTLANl). Tuesday Morning, Ap:il 9, 1SC7, Weekly Provluoiul Krrard. Tlie Provincial press lor tlie past week lias had a new subject lor consideration, arid quite as much lor the amusement as lor the insti-ue tion of our readers, we copy some of its re flections upon the m SSIAM AMh'KH'AN TRKATV. Tlie Montreal II t/ness considers the event of tlie year thus tar, the cession ol Russian America to the United States, and adds: This will nut, so far as we ran see, attect British America in any degree, unless it stim ulate the United States to efliirts to eonneet their separate dominions. British Columbia anil \ aneouver Island have about six degrees ot latitude, or 400 miles of coast, including the principal rircrs that fall into the Pacific from the interior, uorth ol tlie Columbia River. An iil-dctiued boundary line may lead to disputes, not only between fur limiters and gold seekers but between the British and American Gov ernment* ; it is, however, needles* to anticipate evil. The H. B. Company will not be jnbilaut over the change of ownership, which will prob ably result in a much keener competition in the fur trade of the region in question. It is, however, to be observed that the United States has never yet sought or accepted the sovereignty of any territory not adjoining its own; and if Russian America is accepted now, that act will inaugurate a change of pokey which will involve the inconvenience of defend ing a distant dependency that Russia is seek ing to get rid of. * The St. John Globe makes this new treaty the occasion of letting fly a shot at John Bull for his reudinness to confederate the colonies. It says: • This cession of territory is one of the most remarkable signs of the times. European Governments do not care about holding land on this continent. France thought the trou bles in the United States afforded her a good opportunity to get a large slice of Mexico, but the war was settled in a way she never expect ed, and she withdrew as quickly as she could. Russia has, it appears, been willing to sell, as soon as she could get a purchaser. Ami it is evident that Great Britian would do the same, She is quite willing that the colonists them selves should be the purchasers; and “run” the country on their own hook. Or they might cuter into a partnership with the United States, and “run” it between them. She would never send a man or fire a gun to prevent it. The Toronto Globe, with evident ill humor, after copying the telegram in relation to tlie treaty, says: The sole object of the United States Govern ment, in striving to obtain possession of Rus sian America, is the miserable advantage sug gested in the above telegram of shutting off the Northern portion of British Columbia from direct access to the Pacific Ocean. The Terri tory ceded, so far as known, is of very little value to anybody. Mount St. Elias lies close to the Pacific coast in the 00th degree of north latitude; and lrom that point a mere strip of Russian territory runs down some 400 miles along the coast to Fort Simpsoif} and immedi ately opposite Queen Charlotte’s Island—cut ting oft British Columbia from the Pacific for that whole distauce. . With the foam all white upon its mouth, the Globe, in a tone of affected humor, adds: The idea of anybody getting excited about this affair, is simply rediculous. it may afford our Republican neighbors an opportunity of extending their Japanese system, and making themselves as disagreeable as possible to the bold pioneers who penetrate the northern re goius of British Columbia. But the acquisi tion of 481,276 square miles of ice, with a pop ulation, all told, of J,000 Cossacks aud 50,000 savages, is hardly ail investment to Is* coveted by anybody not afflicted with an insatiable craving for useless territory. The London Free Pres* takes a sober po litical view of this proved transfer from Russia to the United Suites. It says: The cession of a large tract of territory lying in what has been kuowu as Russia America, to the United States Government, is an occur rnece not without its significance. Commer cially speaking, the territory cannot bo said to be very valuable, though modern discovery may yet prove it to be of no little consequence. * * * But, however tills may be, it is from a political and territorial aspect that the mat ter becomes ot great importance. The acqui sition of a possession having a coast line of fif teen hundred miles, and running into the in terior for a distance of one thousand miles in some places, in all nine hundred thousand square miles in close proximity to the British territory, is an event which indicates a forecast of no little moment. So long us the iumieuse tract, sixteen times as large as England, was held by Russia, the British {tOHAessions had for a neighb or a Power uot likely to agitate tor enlargements in that direction. A kind of balance of power was maintained between the throe occupants; hut if the occasion is con cluded of which there seems no doubt, the United States will have an overwhelming pre ponderance. * * * Every foot of ground gained by the States is a menace to other na tions, but the most so to the only power that now holds considerable territory on this conti nent besides themselves—England. France and the other Eutopcan nations have a more remote iuterest in tue matter, buteven to them, the rapid accumulation of territory aud power by the States liiu^ have its warning voice. The downfall of French influence in Mexico is an affair due to the machinations at Washing ton, and in a few months the world may see a protectorate over Mexico, on the part of the United States, which will be but the immedi ate prelude to to occupation and annexation. This accomplished, and it will be seen grasp ing in its gigantic embrace the whole of the North American continent, save that which is comprised in Canada and the North West ter ritory. To what this result may lead it is uot easy to predict. AMIABILITY BESTOKED. The Quebec Chronicle puts ou a very amia able air, since the Confederation hill has re ceived the Uoyalapproval, and says: We have uuw ceased to be angry, and feel that we can ali'urd to laugh, at the officious in termeddling of our Republican neighbors with reference to our affairs. What the House ol Representatives may choose to say about tlie government of these Provinces is of very little consequence. We know they are not pleased to see us prospering when they themselves are iu difficulties, financial, commercial aud so cial, from which they have no immediate pros pect ol being able to extricate themselves.— That these difficulties, in place of involving us, should on the coutrnry tend to bind us to gether fiotli in politics aud iu trade, is a result, wluch however natural, they cau scarcely lie expected to regard with equanimity. The following, howevtr, fioin the same pa per, shows that our northern neighbors air obliged to indulge in an occasional dessert ol HOI'U (1 RAPES. Much to their surprise they have discovered within the last twelve mouths that we can live without them, and that the mere they im pose duties witli a view to exclude our pro duce, the loss is only lelt by their own mer chants and consumers, while the prosperity ul the several Provinces has increased to an ex tent never before equalled. At the eud of the year which was to see us knocking at the door of the Union to save us from starvation, Cana da, New Brunswick and Nova >Scotia have had the largest and most profitable trade they have ever known, and the fiuances of their respec tive governments arc in a more nourishing condition than ever before. The political un ion that is now practically accomplished is with a view to increase this prosperity by con firming our independence of the States com mercially. This, at least, may he considered the great result to be arrived at. The idea, we believe, is one that has yet scarcely dawn ed on the egotistical minds of American poli ticians. The above is refreshingly cool. If suspen sion of reciprocity has been so beneficial to our neighbors, bow happens it that Nova Scotia passed retaliatory acts which even now she refuses to repeal, and thus, to spite us, taxes the very bread with which to teed her population. In relation to the burdens of the two countries, it is a notorious fact that Pan ada has a public debt which, in proportion to her population and resources, is nearly if not quite equal to ours, and even tn time of peace is increasing that debt, through the enormity of her expenses compared with her small rev enues. It is also notorious that labor is l(et t«r rewarded here than there, insomuch that ose of the crying evils of that country is the unwillingness of the better class ol immi grants to stop there, and the mcreasmg dispo '. - men—and women too—to em sitiou ol young “» 1 ierat,<' to the States,-the former because <>t hot ter business pros|M-cts, and the latter to work . our factories; amt besides this.it is the constant refrain of all enterprising Canadians that they want Yaukee enterprise and Yan kee capital to elevelope their resources anel to build them up in wealtli and prosperity. PARTY SPIRIT. The administration papers in Canada— those which support the present ministry—are generally deprecating the party spirit likely to spring up in connection with the inauguration of the confederated government. The To ronto Leader says: It is an alarming proof of the partial de bauchment of public sentiment when any con siderable section of tin* population can venture to propose the formation of a party without any guiding principle. Still worse is it whet] the necessity lor any such light to guide them is ignored, and when all exhortations to wait till some issue oil which men can honorably divide arc passed over in sullen silence or de rided with contemptuous jeers. This is the general teaching of that pop tion of the press which has opposed repre sentatiou based ou population,and known us the conservavative or tory press. The uu>t>e leads off in the opjiosite direction. It repre sents the “outs," and perhaps one reason why the “ins" are so much opjiosed to the revival of party strife is because they fear its etleet in jostling them from power and place. the new POLITICAL RELATIONS. “Now that C'oalcderulion is as good as ac complished," says the Montreal Hifitem, “it is useless any longer to discuss whether that measure was desirable or necessary. Upon use points there were various stiades of opinion, al l of which required to lie explained and considered; hot the time for such discus sion is pas,, and all win he ready to admit that d there were many difficulties in the way of the proposed change, there would also have heeu difficulties in continuing as we were.” Tie I Hines* concedes that Canada West is to have the least measure of power in pro portion to its numbers and wealth, and to I tear the heaviest burdens. It says; It is notorious that Upper Canada, which contains nearly the hall of tho whole popula tion of the Confederate Provinces, and prob ably a full half of the wealth, will have con siderably less representation in proportion to numbers, ami will have to bear a considerably greater proportion of the whole burden than her proportionate share; but these disadvan tages she was willing to accept in order to ob tain ibe uncontrolled management of her in ternal affairs, and be freed from the still great er burdens she has hitherto bad to bear ou ac count of Lower Canada. FALLS INTO LINE. Tiie Montreal Herald has been oue of the ablest ol the anti-Con federation papers in the Provinces, lint now that Confederation is vir tually a fact accomplished, it makes a virtue ol necessity, and comes out In the lollowing style, for which the Torouto Globe pats it on the head affectionately: Whether this revolution was really desired by the people, or is likely to fulfil all the anti- • creations of its promoters, are questions wh ich it is now nee!less to discuss. Our own views on both points have been frequently expressed, and are well known to onr readers, anil we are quite willing to leave th^ir vindication or their condemnation to the logic of events. Strongly as we deprecated the impending change in our form of government, while there was a possi bility ol'averting it, now that it is inevitable wo hold that it is the dnty ol all to give to the new system a fair trial, and to endeavor to se enre to the country, through its instrumental ity, the blessings of a stable, ait efficient and economical government, THE RIGHT OF SUFFRAGE. Suffrage in Canada is made dependent on property qualifications. Residence is not es sential. The British subject votes wherever he has the required amount of property, no matter if in a dozen different places. An American, with the property to back him, may vote by just taking the oath of allegiance. Non-payment of taxes disqualifies. In Mon treal on t lie 1st in St. there were 7,618 quail lied voters, aud 8,750 disqualified by reason of non-payment of taxes. MINES ANU TRADE OF NOVA SCOTIA. The trade returns of Nova Scotia for the year ending Sept. 30,1800, show f>. iatge fall ing off in exports, notwithstan ding some of the Colonial papers claim that the suspension of the reciprocity treaty was upon the whole a benefit to the provinces. In 1805 the ex ports amounted to $8,830,093, but in 1800, on ly to $8,043,095, showing a decrease of $787,598. The exports to the United States show a decrease of $391,247; to Great Brit ain, $470,858; to Prince Edward Island, $52,348. The exports to Canada increased $136,571; to New Brunswick, $187,538; and to Newfoundland, $35,420. The abrogation of the “Reciprocity Treaty” with the United States, and the iuqiosition, in the latter country, of a somewhat heavy du ty on eoai, bad its damaging effect upon the coal trade, as the United States was the lar gest consumer. The number of mines worked during the year was about 70, add tlio average mini tier of men at work, nearly 070. The total yield of gold was 24,102 ounces. The yield of the quarter ending December 31, 1865, was 6, 044 ounces; lor the quarter ending March 31, 18ii0, it was 5.018ounces; lor that ending June 30, 3,916 ounces and for the last quarter, 7,1x3 ounces—malting the total above given, 24,162. The number of crushing mills employed was ;S8— 27 steam power and 11 water [siwer. The amount of quarts, sand aud gravel crushed was 30,9ti3 tons; the average yield per ton was 15 dwts. 14 grs.; and the maximum yield was 87 oz. The average yield per man for the year, at $18 50 per oz., was $670—which exceeds that of auy previous year. Although, therefore, the total yield ot gold for I860 is slightly less than that Tor 18#i5, the profits to the miners were greater. The last census of the British Provinces was taken in 1861, with the following result. Canada West, 11,396,091; Canada East, 1,11, 500; New Brunswick, 252,047; Nova Scotio 330,857; Prince Edwards Island, 80,857: Newfoundland, 124,288, The preceding ten years hail shown a rate of increase as follows: C. W-, 4.34-2 per cent.; C. E., 2.50 do.; N. B., 2.00 do.; N. S., 1.82 do.; P. E. I., 2.07 do.; N. F., 1.50 do. These rates of increase seem very small— almost like standing still, when compared with the rates of increase "in the United States, and suggest the thought that it will be a long day before the “Dominion cf Canada” will greatly overshadow its big coua iu on the south. Allowing the same rate of increase since as before the census,—and this is all the provincial papers claim,—the pres ent population is very nearly as follows: Upper Canada ... 1,802,056 Lower Canada - - 1,288,8X0 New Brunswick .... 295,084 Nova Scotia .... 368,78t P. E. Island - ... 91,443 Newfoundland ... 1311,1x10 Total - - 3,967,3*4 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. Lord Monck, the Uoveruor General of Canada, is exacted to leave England on liis return the first of June. A difference of opinion is springing up and awakening discussion, in relathm to the location of the Inter-colonia Hailway. Different routes contended for will involve a difference, it is said, of $5,000,000 in the cost of construction. The cause of Temperance is receiving a good deal of attention from a portion of the press, and frequent notices apiiear of lectures upon the subjects in the cities aud large towns. (F<w the Press. I Omr Public School,. 1 f there is any thing the good people of this town have to he rebellious about, it is of our Public Schools, and we need a kind of waking up to make us fully realize our un favorable condition in this respect when com pared with other similar concentrated 'locali ties. We all know the school privileges for tho youth of this town are not what they should he. We cannot say this is from lack of ability, or willingness to do, on the part of our people. In fact, it has become utsenerul feeling that wo are drifting about somewhere, on an uiicer tain'sea of inconsistency, in this particular. Still, no one lias the courage to sound the trumpet of reform, and dolor the yonth of this town, what they are helpless to do lor themselves. These are times of progress. The youth of twenty should be as well in formed as the man of thirty a third of a cen tury ago. Now let me ask: are cur schools as good as they were, thirty years ago? I contend they are not, Thun, wuy should our youth be any more advanced than those of thirty years ago? Arc we dealing honestly witli them? Won’t they rise after they get out of their school days into the world and exclaim: Oh! Parents why did you fail to comprehend and educate us tor the latter part of the nineteenth century? And what shall we say? Why! we shall say some thing like this—that before our day, our Father’s set up for this town, and its vicinity, au Institution of learning for the education of youth. The State gave it tunds. It was founded and managed by men fully alive to the requirements of their day. We remember its Sherman, Shcpley, Weld aud Hoods, men that gave character, soli wood lumber, where now is granite, brick and mor t&r. its Trustees were men belonging t" t,M " eration in which they h ^ ,o suit the rcqu.ro™* ^ „ ,t ,y„ A. VeanTwenLby fit pa—' •»*»*- management f kind of tide-bound clique, whose extmva l„t ideas have retarded its usefulness as an institution, until now its funds are well-nigh

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