16 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

16 Nisan 1873 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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the press. WEDXESDAYMORXING, APRIL 16, >73. CITY AND V1C1NITY.~ New AdrertiMementa Te-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Real Estate—F. O. Bailey & Co. A ery Desirable Real Estate—F. O. Bailey A Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Matinee—Rossini Club. SPECIAL NOTICES. Lethargic Influence of tlio Season. A Card—Female Orphan Asylum. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Alien A Co—Spring Styles. For Sale—Florence Sewing Machine. Dry Goods—Covell & Co. Blacksmith Helper Wanted. Chas. J. Schumacher—Fresco Painter. Miss T. M. Pendletou—Teacher of Music. Portland Turnverein—Monthly Meoting. Aretaa Shurtied—Real Estate, &c. Girl Wanted. Spring Styles—Miss M. G. Maguire. Notice to Ladies—Reinforced Shirt Bosom. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Nobby Hats—Orin Hawkcs & Co. Boots and Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. Dangerous—L. F. Atwood s Bitters.___ Supreme Judicial Couri. APRIL TERM—BEFORE JUDGE A IRGIN. Tuesday.—Melinda P. Josselyn ys. City of Port land. Plaintiff sues for a liorsc destroyed by defect on Commercial street, and for care and doctoring the animal. The evidence shows that the plaintiff’s horBC, 15 years old, worth $200, Doc. 15, 1670, was at tached to tho left side of the polo of the wagon of a three horse team, moderately loaded, and under a careful driver, on the way from Galt’s wharf to Stroud" water, undertook to cross into Moulton street trans versely ; that the off forward wheel passed on to the plank of the railroad, that the nigh wheel fell Into a hole a foot deep at the outer edge of the track and did not rise; that the pole swun:r around and threw the horse; that his left hind foot broke through the edge of the narrow plank between the two western rails and stuck fast, breaking the tendons between the ankle and tho hoof, rendering the horse worthless; that' the horse was kept and cared for a tew weeks, and then, under advice of a veterinary surgeon, was killed as incurable. At the January term tho A. & St. Lawrence Railroad were summoned to assumo the defence under provisions of chap. 186 of the laws of 1871, but declining to appear the city make de fence, that as to the defect on the harbor side of the road the driver was reckless in attempting to cross it; that as to the defect between the third and the west ern rail, where the horse’s foot was caught, the city had no notice. Jury returned a general verdict for plaintiff $113.30. and found specially that the damage to plaintiff was occasioned by fault of the A. & St. L. R. R. Strout & Gage. Libby. Rolliu A. Ives, 1st Lieutenant U. S. Artillery, at Fort Preble, was, on motion of Charles F. Libby, ad mitted to practice law*. Superior Court. APRIL TERM, 8YMONDS. J., PRESIDING. Tuesday.—Sarah C. Robbins vs. George J. Ord way. Action to recover the sum of £6000 for services in defendant’s family since 1853. After the case was opened to the jury and before any witnesses were called tho parties settled it, defendant paying plain tiff $2500 and costs of suit. E. S. P.rown and Strout & Holmes for plff. Putnam for deit. Joshua T. Emcryr vs. Charles G. Woodman. Ac tion to recover $110, alleged to bo due on a contract for enclosing a lot at Evergreen Cemetery with gran ite curbing. Defendant says Emery agreed to enclose it and pnt a hedge around it, whereas he has only put the curb ing on three sides, leaving the back side open, and bas not put the hedge 4herc. Emery says the lot is one of a plat of four, and that be stated to Woodman it would bo throwing away his money to put a curb on the back side and Wood man agreed to it, and the contract was only for curb ing on three sides. As for the hedge, he would give Woo.lman that if lie would pay him $300 for the stone work; he has not been paid aud for that reason the hedge has not been placed around the lot. Defendant says he paid the $190 at two different times, and beiorc he knew that Emery had not com pletcd his contract. He elaims the contract was an entirety, and that plaintiff cannot recover until he completes the curbiug and puts tho hedge around the lot. On trial, testimony nearly closed. The case was tried at the January term and the jury disagreed. Bradbury & Bradbury for plff. Strout & Holmes fur deft. This is the last case for the jury this term. municipal Court. UEFOKE judge morris. Tuesday,—Two cases libelled livuors forfaited; no ilajmanis. One case of libelled liquors claimed by John De vine of Gorham, X. H., P. H. Hughes of Dover, N. H., and Charles F. Corry of Portland. Order of re storation. Fox. Williams. | Brief •Vottinao* Yesterday was ?. raw, disagreeable day. The French Soy is on the way to this city,aud will reach Music Hall on the 23d proximo. Miss Anuie Ijoui.se Cary is engaged for the Cincinnati Musical festival. Mr. William Davis, for many years general ticket agent of the Grand Trunk railroad, Las resigned his position and proposes going into business at Kingston The Haydn Society have voted to give John K. I’ainc’s oratorio oi St. Peter on their own responsibility. They will he assisted by an orchestra of 41 musicians from Boston, and Mrs. Barry and Messrs. Osgood and Rudolf sen. Mr. Charles P. Knapp, U. S. Shipping Com missioner, has opened an office in the Boston & Maine railroad station for the shipment of sailors coming from Boston. A very neat and convenient room has been fitted up in the second story of the depot of the Boston & Maine railroad, for the exclu sive use of the baggage masters and brakemen ou that road. Mr. H. W, Dennett sails for Europe Satur day. Merchants will bear in mind that the steam er Lewiston sails to-morrow night. Shippers can send their goods down to-day and avoid working on Fast Day. Three masted schooner, A. E. Weeks, 445 tons burthen,built at Bath and receutly launch ed, arrived here yesterday to load for Cuba. She is a Hue vessel iu every respect and reflects credit upon her builder and owners. H. G. Beatley having resigned his position as Superintendent of the Portland Water Co., to take effect on the first of May next, Charles M. Plummer lias been appointed to take his place. Messrs. Merrill, Prince & Co. have with their accustomed liberality contributed S28.80in goods for the Maine General Hospital Fair. Another old land mark goue, the bank of ice on Middle street. To-morrow being Fast Day the Custom House will he closed. People who wagered ou base ball playing Fast Day, are preparing to pay for hats, botfles of wine, boxes of cigars, &c. They will he obliged to send to Boston for the wine, as no spirituous beverages can be procured in tbo city. The verdict rendered iu the case of Martin Sheridan, was that his death resulted from his own carelessness. The railway employees are exonerated from blame. It is understood that at the commencement exercises at Westbrook Seminary, next June, the oration will he delivered by Hon. Israel Washburn, Jr., of this city, and the poem by Mrs. Elizabeth Akers Alien, more widely known as “Florence Percy.” The Montgomery Guards proposo giving a dance and exhibition drill iu City Hall on the 30th inst., on which occasion they will appear in their new and tasty uniform. On and after to-day the Portland and Ogdcns burg trains run into the Bostou and Maino de pot, instead of the Maine Central. There will be united religious services on Thursday iu the lecture room of the Memorial church. Dr. Carruthcrs will preach at 11 a. m. unitea prayer meeting at p. in. A company of young men gave an out door concert last evening on Federal street. A liard-contested fight took place on Fore street about six o’clock last evening. One man attempted to make a loatlier-liead of another, by thrusting his boot into his ear. The Congress street Methodist unite with the St. Lawrence street church in Fast Day ser vices. Sermon at 11 o’clock a. m. in St. Law rence street church by licv. Mr. Wright.— United prayer meeting in the vestry of the Congress street church at 3 o’clock p. m. There was a big flame in the direction ul ■Saccarappa last night. A Grand Trunk employee had liis foot badly crushed yesterday by the wheel of a locomotive passing over it. The Black Crook will give an entertainmenl at Lewiston in aid of the Hospital Fair. Five car-loads of immigrants, passengers by the Polynesian, went over the Eastern railroad yesterday. The Biddcford Times says that the lightning express soon to be run on the Boston Sc Maine between Portland and Boston, will probably bo made up of two Wagner ears, baggage ear, tender and locomotive. Patent.—Bat one patent was issued to par ties in Maine during the week ending March 25th. It was to Perley D. Cummings of this city, fur a machine for skiving and splitting leather Tbe Cary Complimentary. The concert last evening for the benefit of j Miss Annie Louise Cai'y was a most brilliant success, even exceeding the anticipations justi fied by the unprecedented rush foi seats and the enthusiasm fell for the distinguished bene ftciaire. At six o’clock the audience began to arrive, aud from that time until eight o’clock a constant stream of people ponred into the City Building, filling the corridors, stairways and Rossini Hall, which was thrown opeu as a waiting room for our suburban visitors, an awaiting the opening of the great hall, w 11c was speedily filled to its utmost capaci y. Every seat was taken, and the sixes and back were closely packed with standin„ am i ors‘ The appearance of Miss Cary npon the stage was "reeled with warm aud vigorous applause, only silenced by the first notes of the prelude to the cavatina from “L’ltaliana in Algieri.” The Kossinian repertoire—which makes so large demands upon the legitimate resources of au artist—is peculiarly adapted to display the rich, sweet aud powerful voice, rapid, brilliant aud flexible execution, and finished and animated style of Miss Cary, which have won her so high a reputation as a singer, both in Europe and in this country. After the cavatina, she wa3 recalled twice, hut merely bowed her acknowl edgments to the audience. The duet “I know a Maiden,” sung by Miss Cary aud Miss Ada Cary, was charming, eliciting an encore, in re ply to which the duet was repeated. The plaintive English song “O Willie boy, come home,” was sung liy Miss Cary with great pathos, sweetness and dramatic truth, and its power over the audience was shown by the hearty encore, to which she responded by sing ing “Coming through the Rye” with taste and arch expression. Her resonant tones were also heard to advantage in the trio by Concone. Miss Ada Cary, whose beautiful voice gives so rich promise of future fame, sang delight fully in the quartette by Mendelssohn, the duet with her sister, and the trio by Concone; and her rendition of Schuberts’s lovely and spirited song "lne Post-norn was very successtul and received hearty applause. Mrs.'Burnham’s pure, sweet an l telling voice was everywhere pleasing, hut particularly so in the duet “Mira la bianca luna;” in the solo Chi godore vuoll’ore di vita,”the more brilliant qualities of her voice aud style were conspicu ous. To a very cordial encore she replied by singing “Summer Moon,” by Mr. Marston. Mile. Carreno gave Meudelssohn's “Rondo Capriccioso" with power and effect, and was warmly encored, as also after her dramatic aud brilliant performance of Gottschalk’s arrange ment of themes from the Miserere of Trova tore, to which she replied by the ever favorite “Home sweet Home.” l>Ir. Stockbridge gave very great pleasure to the audience by his fine voice and refined man ly style of singing, in the duet by Rossini, the quartette, and especially in the graceful, teud er song “Break, Break, Break!” by Mr. G. W. Marston. Mr, Beckett was unable to appear, ou account of illness, and Mr. Coffin took his place, ac quitting himself very satisfactorily. Mr. Kotzschmar’s accompaniments wero ex quisitely brilliant aud sympathetic, as always, aud in their fullness and elaborateness demon strated his abundant capacity as a soloist. The audience was large, elegant, appreciative j and unquestionably the best of the season in I quality as well as size; everything combined to ! render the concert thoroughly enjoyable and 1 successful; and performers and auditors seem ed to enjoy the pleasaut occasion. The large number of people from other parts of the State than Portland gave pleasaut aud unequiv ocal evidence of the strong hold which Maine’s favorite singer has upon the admiration, re spect and friendship of her citizens. The con cert was a tribute worthy the givers aud re cipient, and we can bestow upon it no higher praise. We append the programme and call attention to Miss Cary’s card of thanks, which we pub lish this morning. PART i. 1. Quartette—“On the Lake,” Mendelssohn Mrs. Burnham, Miss Ada Cary, and Messrs. Stockbridge and Beckett. 2. Song—“Break, Break, Break.” G. W. Marston. Mr. Will Stockbridge. 3. Pcnsa alia Patria—“L’ltaliana in Algicri,” Rossini. Miss Annie Louise Cary. Mrs. Mabel Burnliam. . 6. Duett—“I know a Maiden”—(by desire) Balfo. Miss Annie Lonise, Miss Ada Cary. PART II. 1. Duo—“Mira la binnea Luna,” Rossini. 2. Soug—“The Post Horn,” Schubert. Miss Ada Cary. 3. English song, (selected.) Miss Annie Louise Cary. 4. Themes on “XI Trovatoro,” Gottscholk. Mad’lle Teresa Carreno. 5. Trio—“On the Ocean,” Coneone. Mrs. Burnham. Miss Cary, Miss Ada Cary.HIS Easter at St. Paul’s.—The following ac count of Easter decorations at St. Paul's was accidently omitted in our account of the day’s observances. This church was tastefully deco rated for the great Feast of Easter. On the super-alter were three bouquets,beneath this the text in Old Euglish, “Christ is risen” in letters of evergreen. The Font was filled with lilies, wreathed with heliotrope. A white cross seven feet in height, wreathed with ivy and flowers of every hue stood beside the Font. The stall of the late beloved Rector, Rev. N. "W. Taylor Root, was wreathed with Ivy. A lovely little cross marked out with English Daisies.bolding an Easter I,ily filled with Heli trope, was placed at the end facing the congre gation. Above bis seat, a fine cross of varie gated flowers, and over all a wreath of Lilies and rose buds elegantly arranged. The whole was beautiful in simplicity, and touching as a token of love to the dear departed whose mem ory will be ever green in the hearts of his peo ple. Rev. Mr. Fay of Boston, gave two very ex cellent Easter sermons. The music was ap propriate for the day, end finely rendered. The services at St. Paul’s are under the charge of Rev. Mr. Sill. N. Clark Street Bridge.—The two wide and heavy abutments designed to support the arch• on the liue of Clark street, under which the Boston & Maine railroad is located, are now nearly finished, and the directors have decided to build the arch of solid granite, instead of brick as at first proposed. The contract has ac cordingly been given to Mr. 'William Moore of Biddeford, to furnish the stone from the quar ries at Biddeford and to do the work. Mr. Washington Libby will commence at once to build the centres or arch of wood, which will be a substantial work of itself, upon which the blocks will rest until the stone arch is finished. The bridge will be forty-eight feet span, and one hundred and seventy-five feet in length. It is intended that this stone arch shall not only support the avenue of Clark street, but also run in such a manner as will form the extension of York street diagonally from Brackett to West Commercial street, and thus supersede the use of the present Beach street. Church Meetings.—At the annual meetings of the below mentioned church societies, the following named persons were chosen officers for the ensuing year: Park Street Church.—Parish Committe, Geo. F. Talbot, George W. True and George P. Wcs cott; Treasurer, S. R. Small; Clerk, P. W. Neal; Collector, S. Rolfe. It was voted to raise the salary of the pastor from §2000 to §2300,and to appropriate $600 for the music. First Baptist Church.—Parish Committee, M. L. Stevens, E. P. Chase and John Bradford; Treasurer, J. 15. Matthews, Clerk, M. M. Du roy, Jr.; Music Committee, W. P. Hastings, i R. L. Morse, and Spencer Rogers. The appro 1 priations were not made, but will lie at the ad journed meeting next Monday evening. rri ii1* ^ '*uson and Win. Putnam. The Easter offertory amounted to St. Paul's Church, — Wardens Franklin r Moody and William Gray Vestrymen, Geo. V. Ayer, G. A, C. Randall, .Joseph Dow, J. Har nsou, Nalium Libby, G. L. Norton,.J. W York Thomas McEwau, J. T. Hull, \V. Carney and Sbbiocb Stabbing Aefatr,—Yesterday two small boys were quarrelling together about the bite of an apple, when one of them took out his knife and plunged it into the breast of the other, inflicting a very- serious wound. A phy sician was called, who dressed the wouud and said that had tlio knife penetrated an inch further death would havo ensued. The boy who did the deed is very sorry for his rashness. Anniversary Exercises.—The Chestnut Street Sabbath School will hold anniversary ex ercises at the church to-morrow evening. The programme of exercises, consisting of vocal aud instrumental music, dialogues, recitations, &c., js a quite attractive one, and the occasion will undoubtedly be enjoyable._ Sabbath School Festival. -Fine Street Methodist Sabbath School will hold an anniver sary festival and exhibition next Thursday (Fast Day) evening, in the church. The histo ry of the school Bince its organization, thirty years ago, will be given. Mr. F. A. Smith is the efficient Superintendent of this school A Card. The complimentary concert 80 k,udIy tendor' ed to me by the citizens of Portland, has been made so flattering a success by the generous efforts of those who inaugurated and directed it, that I cannot refrain from a public acknowl edgment of my hearty appreciation and grati tude for the brilliant result, and for the friendly motives which inspired the action. To the gentlemen who gave mo tho invitation and to the public who so liberally aud abundantly ap proved their action I tender warmest thanks. To the artists who so freely and cordially gave their valuable assistance at the concert, and to Mr. Ira C. Stockbridge, who efficiently manag ed the details of the entertainment, I wish to give special assurance of my sense of profound obligation. I shall always hold the event and all connected with it in most grateful and affec tionate remembrance. Annie Louise Cabv. Portland, April 1873. Maine Boating Association.—Tho second annual meeting of tho Maine Boating Associa tion was held last evening at the Preble House. Delegates were present from the following clubs: Alcyon, Portland, G. D. Loriog; Ariel, Portland, 0. M. Henry; Bowdoin, Brunswick, F. S. Waterhouse; Emerald, Portland, M- F. Davis; Gleam, Bath, Wm. R. Shaw and Win. F. Stevens; Longshore, Portland, T. Twigg; Unas, Portland, R. Williams. The Alcyon, Ariel and Una clubs of Portland were withdrawn from the association as they have ceased to exist os active clubs. The Orient club of Portland was admitted into the association, and was represented by Ira Crocker and G. D. Loring. The following officers were elected for the ensuingyear: President, R. Williams; Vice President, M, F. Davis; Secretary, F. S. Wa terhouse; Treasurer, Wm. P. Shaw. TKa AlAtron niwl TTno .maAniotmiui in.Pi. 0,1. ' mitted as honorary members. Fair of St. Paul’s Church.—A Fancy Fair wil) be held at the Grand Army Hall, 22d and 23d inst. An entertainment will be given each evening. “The Mischief Maker” a charming little French play in full peasant costume, will be the chief attraction. In addi tion an original Comic Lecture, by the great Unknown. Also a scene from real life, sung by Mr. and Mrs. Suilbs.” Several other pleas ing features will be announced in the advertise ment * Elsewhere will be found the advertisement of Messrs. Allen & Co., No. 87 Middle stieet. Of course those purchasing goods have learned to go to the stores where the proprietors advertize, as that fact alone is one of the best evidences that they are enterprising and keep up with the times. The establishment is too favorably known to require a word of carnmen mendation. Call aud examine their goods. Humpty Dumpty.—Music Hall was well filled last evening to see Humpty Dumpty. The whole performance was well received. Any one that wants to enjoy a pleasant evening’s entertainment should not fail to he present to night, when Humpty Dumpty will be present ed for the last tirno this season. Covell & Company have just received from New York a splendid assortment of dress goods, &c.. to which they invite a personal inspection. . .tllNCEM.AItroFN NOTICES Nobby Hats just received at Orin Hawkes & Co., 290 and 292 Congress St. We would call the attention of the Ladies to the notice of the “Reinforced" Shirt Bosom. They iron much smoother and set better than the old style, and do not crack or slit out in the plaits. By reference to our columns will be Been where they are for sale. Call and see them._ We call attention to the sale of fine meer schaum pipes at auction this forenoon, at sales room of F. O. Bailey & Co. The assortment contains some of the finest pipes ever seen in this city. At 3 p. M. the same firm sell the schooner Mina Boyd, at I’ortland Pier. Fashion is autocratic in Boots and Shoes, as well as in all goods for ladies’ or gentlemen’s wear. The latest styles of Slippers or Gaiters, both foreign and domestic, are constantly of fered, at low rates, by T E. Moseley & Co., 293 Washington street, Boston. Dangerous!—Beware of a dangerous irnita-» tion of L. F. Atwood’s Bitters, put up in the same style bottles and bearing a similar label and wrapper. The true article bears the signa ture of “L. F.” Atwood. As a further safe guard, each yellow label and each white out side wrapper will bear the Trade Mark “L. F.” in red ink, in large letters. Caution!—Persons dealing in (lie imitation unit lu uiu uiucuuuii; uu tuu ia*». BY TELEBBAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Xho Ice Broken Up in the Kennebec. Gardiner, April 15.—The ice in the Kenne bec lias broken U]> and is coming down in large quantities, doing no damage. The river is about four feet higher than usual. The ice is passing out by Richmond, on the cast side of Swan Island, and the river will be clear to morrow from Augusta to the mouth of the Ken nebec. NEW HAMPSHIRE. A MYSTERIOUS MURDER. A Somnambulist Accused. Concord, April 15.—In Candia last night, a mysterious attempt was made to murder a hoy of 15 named John Emerson, who was tempora rily stopping at the house of Charles Rowe, a farmer. A noise alarmed some of the family about midnight, when young Emerson was found in bed quite insensible, with three terri ble gashes upon bis head and face, inflicted with an axe which was found on the floor. There is slight prospect of liis recovery. The assassin obtained entrance through a window and escaped the same way. Some of the neigh bors think the act was committed by a boy about tbe same age, named Wilfred Fritz, while asleep. Fritz is a somnambulist and lias frequently got up in bis sleep, and one night last week be was found in the attic of a neigh bor’s bouse fast asleep on the floor, with a large broad axe by bis side. H did not seem to know liow he got there, but an investigation showed that be bad got out of a secoud story window at bis bouse, taken this axe and a ladder, and gone to liis neighbor’s house, where In was found. There is much speculation about tbe affair, j _ MASSACHUSETTS. Sentence—Killed. Boston,April 15.—Patterson tbs convict wlio stabbed Mr. Shaw, officer of the prison last Friday, inflicting dangerous wounds, was to day sentenced for the crime to ten days solitary and twenty years bard labor. An unknown man was killed last night walk ing on tbe track of tbe Old Colony Railroad in Dorchester. A Growius City. In the Senate to-day, bflls for annexation of Charlestown and Brookline to Boston, came up by special assignment. After some debate tlio Charlestown bill passed to third reading by 20 to 11, and tbe Brookline bill by 20 to 8. Al though the bills have not finally passed, votes show strong feeling in favor of annexation. NEW YORK - i A'French Celebration. New York, April 16.—Arrangements are making by tlio French residents in this ncigh i—i—,Vl f,m-,1 inn',1 celebration of the an preaching evacuation of France by the Ger mans. The festival will be held September 5, the anniversary of the birthday of Lafayette. Religious Mil Iters. The auction sales of pews in Kev. Dr. Hep worth’s new church last evening, gave a gross yearly income of about $25,0U0. Tho first choice was a $1200 pew, which brought $1009 premium. The New York Presbvtcry has declared it necessary to raise $50,000 for the church exten a!or'm.tuis city, and to censure the churches that fail to contribute. ‘ln McG.“>re, shot in a row ou a.Third ave yesterday 10 lishtl,f St- Patrick’s day, died MettSd?stUcJuKh Ifndl? :l 1“,en£f of *Ji« bunk am-lit -it ' V'1 «ev. Dr. Thomas its Association wiP ™,,1’rauc,sco. tho Preachers’ ^5*s hv ?nltabi?2Ln?m.orat« their lives and deaths by The investigation as to the nii-i,i.,i’ .. of George Francis Train was to ,i.„ C0n<iitl011 before Judge Charles Daly and a so/ - r,esumed District Attorney Phelps* openedPth!>al J"r-VT mgs, stating the object for which thei„Prr„°C,eed' enpannelled namely to discover wheUa r *^®11 was or was not insane, the result of wlii/n m quiry would determine whether he could®'£ tried under indictment of publishing -m scene paper. Dr. Tliadeus Cross testified that at the request of the District Attoumey he and Dr. Hammond had made an examination of Train. From conversation, manner and up. pearances of the subject of investigation, ho formed an opinion that Train was of unsound mind. The witness visited Train twice and conversed with him on politics, religion. Grant, Greeley and his property in Omaha, Train said he was a Pagan dictator of this couutry. lhe nation could not get along without his prship. Greeley had been poisoued. >V ithin sixty days from March 13. every brick m the Tombs would be levelled, and streets would run with blood. He (Train) knew this as lie was the only person to stay it. Dr. Du rant had $40,ooo of his, and paid him 18 per cent, interest. Wall street and the banks were rotten and would have to go up. Gen. Chat field, Mr. Train’s counsel, cross examined Dr. Cross very severely, asking him if ho thought Gallilew Bacon, Newton and Socrates were insane because they formed theories ° *elJ own in direct opposition to the general belief of their era. At the conclusion of testimony of this wit ness the court adjourned till to-morrow. The Tnmmauy Ring< • It is stated that a number of the old lam many ring, including Aleck Frear, have gone , to Albany well supplied with funds to defeat the new charter forthis city, which will, if accom plished, result in retaining several important city offices in the hands of Tammanyites. VniioiiN diallers. The Mutual Gas Company promptly discharg ed a foreman for employing a striker. The men who went out from the New York Co. s works are seeking employment at anything and anywhere. During an affray in a Williamsburg saloon last night, Joseph Beal and August FermatU (Germans) were dangerously stabbed. Several arrests have been made. The Herald Havana correspondent says that O’Kelley’s case lias been taken charge of by British Consul Dunlap and there is no im mediate danger. The minors of O'Kelley’s death are false. The weather is pleasant here ta-day, and there is a mild west wind. The steamships City of Antwerp and Minne sota to-day brought 20d0 passengers from Europe. TM,,. _ ..f i i_l... ii.. inri’ to-day; relative to the conspiracy of usurers to cause a money stringency, elicited nothing. Henry Westliall, a boy, for stabbing a teach er in the house of refuge, to-day, was sentenced to five years in State prison. Janies Burgess, a forger, of Brooklyn, has been sentenced to four years in State prison. Judge Blatehford to-day granted a habeas corpus in the case of Carl Vogli, the alleged Belgian murderer. Alderman Ottendorfer refuses to receive bis salary, both as a member of the Board of Su pervisors and as Alderman, on the,ground that the salaries paid are excessive. President Grant has pardoned Joseph Hart nett, sentenced in March. 1871, to ten years im prisonment for embezzling letters from the New York post office. A private meet ng of the brass manufactur ers of the New England and Middle States was held to-day. The general interests of the trade were talked over and an arrangement made re garding the settlement of prices. Henry Coulter of Pittsburg, will row a race with John Bigliu and Ellis Ward at Spring field, Mass., July loth, for $1500 «ud the cham pionship of America. Sia<l Accident. Newbubg, April 15.—Last night the resi dence of Sylvester Townsend in Matteawan, Dutchess county, was burned. Loss $3000. This morning, whilo a number of children were playing about the rains, a chimney which had been left standing, toppled over and bur ied five little girls, one of whom, named Alice Underhill, aged 11, died in a few hours after wards. Three others, Mary Coleman, Kate McKiunin, and Elizabeth Seuni, were seriously iujured and will probably die. Kate Coleman was also injured, but will recover. A number of boys were driven away a few minutes beforo the uccideut. Later—Kate McKenuy is dead, and Mary Coleman is unconscious and will die before morning. Katie Coleman and Lizzie Senine are terribly injured, but will recover if conges tion of the brain does not set in. WASHINGTON. Various matters Washington, April 15.—The Secretary of State laid before the President to-day a letter from Minister De Lary, received Saturday evening, somewhat in the nature of resignation but leaving it optional with the President to ac cept it as such. The government has received no despatches from the Modoc couuty the last two days. The President hes appointed Benj. T. Wallis Collector of internal revenue of the Ninth Massachusetts District. Good Promises. The chiefs and principal men of the Kiowa, Comanches and Apachees Indians having peti tioned President Grant to release Santander and Big Tree who are held as prisoners, have promised to restore all captives and property, and behave themselves in future. These chiefs will be released as soon as safe escort can be given them. Treasury Balances. The following are the Treasury balances to day: Currency $2,773,930; special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $25,465,000; coin $71,310,887; including $23,307,600 in coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding $358,558,542. THE M0D0CS. The murdered Peace Commissioner. Boston, April 15.—Specials to the Advertis er say that Dr. Thomas, murdered by the Mo docs, was one of the leading Methodist divines of the Pacific coast. He was a man of promi nence and much ability, one of the highest offi cials of that church, and for some time edi tor of the Advocate at San Francisco, At the request of the Secretary of the Interior, Sena tor Sargent was asked to select the man he thought best fitted tor a peace mission to the Modocs, and after consideration he recom mended Dr. Thomas, and telegraphed to him to ask if he would consent to uudertake the duty. Upon telegraphing his consent he was commissioned by the Secretary. It is stated, both at the War and Navy Departments, that General Canb.v had full discretion in regard to the course which the Commissioners should pursue. An Eulogy of Cupt. Jack. William Welsh of Philadelphia, until lately one of the Indian Peace Commissioners, says, in a published interview, that Captain Jack is as honorable a man as can bo found anywhere; that liis character is so good that lie believes there must have been some excitement to pro duce the assassination of Canb.v. Mr. Welsh puts the whole responsibility of the conduct of the Modoc business on the War Department, which, he says, while treating with the Indians has been preparing ta light them. Appeals for the Savages—Extermination Determined upon. New York, April 15.—A, Washington des patch says that telegrams poured into the White House yesterday from Philadelphia, Boston, and other strongholds of the Quaker policy towards the Indians, beseeching the President not to allow the clamor of an ungod ly press, nor the passionate reasoning of those about him, to swerve him from his Christian philanthropic peace policy, on account of the murder of Gen. Canby aud Dr. Thomas. The President saw Gen. Sherman aud a number of other prominent officials, and to all he said calmly that the Modfycs must and shall be ex terminated, not as a passiouato revenge for their atrocious murder, lint as au act of justice as well as protection to the peaceful settlers in that part of the country. Mr- Mcnchniii Recovering. A special states that Meacliam was not fa tally wounded by the Modocs, and is recover ing. Western Nenlimcut Gov. Austin of Minnesota, telegraphs the President that the people of the Western States favor the decided policy in'dealing with tho Indians, the present missionary policy hav ing no advocate on the frontier, except thoso pecuniarily interested. A Trcneht-rons Tribe. Col. Chapman, an old Oregon pioneer and President of the Portland and Salt Lake rail road, said last evening that the Modocs were known throughout Oregon as tlio most treach erous tribe on whom kindness is utterly wast ed. _ THE ATLANTIC. Tin* Scenes about the Wreck.—The Cable Ship. Halifax, N. S., April 15.—Tho weather was too rough yesterday for tugs to venture outside the harbor. A few persons visited the wreck by land. They describe the scene as terribly grand. The south-east gale which prevailed Saturday and Sunday mornings, caused a heavy sea for miles along the coast, and in the vicini ty of the wreck, breakers were mountain high, no lioat or vessel attempted go near Marr’s rock or the sunken hull. Its feared much damage has been done to the wreck by the gale. Hon. Mr. Norwood of Rutland, Vt., is here looking after the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. He offered Captain Sheridan $1,000 for the re covery of their bodies. Capt. Sheridan re I nidi buan ao own no in n ao oaic 101 xiia uivcrs to enter tho cabin he would direct them to do so, and if he could recover the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher or any one else, he would not charge for so doing. The steamer Kjngaree which was to have sailed to-day for New York with the shore end of the new Atlantic cable, is still inport. Louisiana Affairs. New Orleans, April 14’—The receipts of cotton this week will probably exceed 25,000 bales. It has been raing hero ail day. A mass meeting of the people of the parish of New Orleans for considering tho formation of a people’s league, to sustain McEnery and resist Kellogg, was held to-night at Odu Fel lows Hall. New York, April 15.—A Now Orleans de spatch states that a decree was entered yestor dav in the United States Circuit Court, in tho case of Henry J. Gardner and Peter H. Butlei against the New Orleans, Texas and Mobile Railroad, ordering the foreclosure of the road for the benefit of the four million dollar bond holders for default of payment of interest for the last six mouths. Warrants are out for violation of the En forcement act in tho parishes of Grand Rapid? and St. Landry. _ Ku Klux Outrage. Cincinnati, April 15.—The Gazette’s Frank fort, Kv., special says that at midnight Satur day, a baud of masked men called Richard Williams, a farmer in Henry Bounty, to his door and commenced shootiDg at him. Wil Hams had previously beeu notified to leave anc armed himself. He returned the firo and kill ed one of the party and wounded three others. Williams was wounded and is now in Frank tort for medical treatment. The loss by the burning of the Chicopei mills is put at half a million. RIOT IN GRANT PARISH, LA. Colfax Recaptured by the Whites. 80 to lOO Negroes Report ed Killed. New Orleans, April 15.—Tho steamboat Great Western arrived this afternoon, bringing stirring news from Grant parish The whites have retaken Colfax and there is not a negro to be found for miles around. The passengers say the negros had strongly intrenched them selves in tiie Court bouse and built breastworks three or four feet high. There were, it is said, about 400 men arrived, equipped thoroughly. On Sunday about 12 o’clock, about 150 men gathered from the surrouuding parishes and attacked the breastworks, and a brisk figlit was kept up till somewhere near 3 o’clock. The breastworks were then stormed and cap tured, tho negroes taking refuge in the ceurt bouse, the doors of which were barricaded. After some further fighting the negroes flung out a flag of truce, and several detachments of men advanced on it when they were fired on by tho besieged party, wounding several, one of whom was Capt. Hadnot, who was shot in the bowels, and is feared fatally wounded. They retrpated outside of the breastworks ns tlio only means of dislodging the negroes,the Court House was set on fire, and they were shot, as they came from the burning building. It is reported 80 or 100 neg-oes were killed, and none afterwards were to be found for miles around. The Captain of the Southwestern makes tho following statement: Wo arrived at Colfax on Sunday evening about 8 o’clock, and found the white people with the shorilt at their head. I suppose they had captured tho town after hav ing had a conflict with the negroes. It was re ported to me 100 negroes had been killed and many wounded. One white man was reported killed and two very seriously wounded, Messrs. Hadnot and Harris. Mr. Hadnot was shot through the bowels and is supposed to be mortally wounded. We brought Harris and rfladnot down from Colfax to Alexandria. Three or four other white men were slightly wounded. About 100 negroes escaped, hut it is reported the whites were sun pursuing mem. ah me leiuiers or the yot escrped. The negioes ambuscaded themselves iu the court house and the whites, finding there was no other mode of attack left them, set fire to the building. The whites numbered iu the neighborhood of 1.50 men. The fight lasted from 12 o’clock until nearly five The whites now are in possession of Col fax, and when I left late last Sunday night everything was quiet. Sensible Insanity. Philadelphia. April 13.—John Sidney Jones, who recently set fire to a store belonging to liim on Second street, and declared insane, was taken to Harrisonburg, preparatory to being sent to the State lunatic asylum. He, however, escaped from the third stcry of tiio Lochiel House, descending the water pipe to the ground. Jones’ estate is va'ued at $33,000 IIETEOBOIiOGICAL . PltOn.Vr.ILITIESjFOIt TnE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. War Df.p’t, Office Chief Signal Officer, Washington, D. C., April 15. 8 IP. y.\ Probabilities—For New England and Middle States north easterly winds and generally cloudy weather. wukeTg n. Meeting of the Mexican Cougrrsa. City of Mexico, Aprils, via Havana, April 14.—The National Congress assembled on April 1st. President Lerdo’s message announces the prolongation of the term of the United States and Mexican Mixed Commission for two years; expresses sympathy with the Spanish Repub lic; promises to increase the facilities for edu cation, and anticipates a speedy conclusion of the commercial treaty with Italy. The Mexican commission to investigate the depredations on tho R o Grande frontier, will' soon bring its labors to a'close, aud the report will lie submitted to Congress. The United States has offered its friendly offices for the restoration of Diplomatic inter course between France and Mexico. Later from the Topr. Rome, April 15—noon.—Tho condition of the Pope is unchanged to-day. Cardinal De Angelis, Chamberlain of the Roman church, has beeu summoned to Rome. Paris, April 25—evening.—There was a ru mor on the Bourse late this afternoon that tho Pope was dead. It has received no confirma tion. Baron Liebig. Munich, April 15.—Baron Liebig i.« danger ously ill. Trouble in Alsace. Strasbukg, April 15.—The Governor of Al sace has removed the burgomaster of this city because the latter said that he only remained in the country in hopes that it would be restor ed to France. Police director Rach has been appointed to the vacancy. The Common Coun cil protested against the appointment, and re fusing to sit under Bach’s presidency, have held no meetiugs since tho change was made, and the members of the council have conse quently been suspended for tw'o months from the exercise of their functions which have been trawferred to the new Burgomaster as com missary extraordinary. MINOR TELEGRAMS The Ilerald Havana corresponded says that O’Kelley’s case has beeu taken charge of by British Consul Duulap, and there is no imme diate danger. The rumors of O’Kelley’s death are false. The Jersey City Board of Edu ation Monday evening, discussed a resolution “that no child be compelled to take part in any devotional ex ercises, vocal or otherwise, in opposition to the wishes of the parents.” A Richmond despatch states that a party of Georgia Ku-Klux went to Edgefield last week, whipped all the negroes on the plantation, and returned next night, firing on them, killing one ana wounaing several otners. Biilwell the Bank of England forger in pris on at Havana, has been fully identified by Eng lish detectives. Fires are reported on sugar cane plantations in Cuba, At Trenton, N. J., Judge Nixon of the U. 8. District Court, specially charged the grand jury to iudict all persons in that State using the mails to circulate obscene literature. A St. Petersburg despatch says that the reigning Khan of Khiva, has executed his chief counceller, imprisoned others who are enemies of Russia and liberated Russians held as prison ers. A considerable demonstration was made in London, Tuesday, in consequence of the release of the five gas strokers engaged in a strike. Messrs. Potter and Ogden spoke. The Swiss Times says that while Gavazzi was preaching in a chapel in favor of the sup pression of religious corporations, an attempt was made by Roinists to fire a bomb into the church. The funerals of William and Mary Merritt, victims of the Atlantic disaster, took place at Poughkeepsie, New York, yesterday. An injunction was granted by the U. S. Cir cuit Court at Cleaveland, O., yesterday, re straining the directors from leasing the Cieave laud, Columbus and Indianapolis Railroad to the Great Western and Atlantic. Boss Tweed is humming about Canada to es cape the New York Legislature, which wants to interview him. The clock factory of Welsh, Spring & Co.t in Forestville, Conn., was destroyed by fire Tues day. Loss $80,000; insured $16,000. A grave yard situated on the bank of the Ar kansas river, caved into the river Sunday, and about 700 bodies were washed away in the rapid current. The weather continues too rough for work at the wreck of the Atlantic. The White Star agents have agTeed to pay $50 for every cabin, and $30 for every steerage body. Eugene Hail, of Rochester, N. Y.. in a fit of jealousy Tuesday, shot his wife twice, and then shot himself. Both will recover. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Foreign Exports. HAVANA. Brig Joseph Clark—7180 box shooks, 367 pairs heading, 22,575 shingles, 12 empty casks, 48, 539 ft lumber. HALIFAX NS. Steamer Chase-2200 bbls flour, 2720 gals ale and porter, 1680 do whiskey, 270 do spir its, 900 bush barley, 650 do oats, 10 bbls bacon, 6 do facings, 142 pkgs paper. 1002 do farmiug implements. Foreign Imports. WINDSOR, NS. Brig Wild Horse—270 tons plas ter to order. HALIFAX, NS. Schr Maria Joseph—72 Inns of coal to A D Wbldden. Boston Htock 1.1st. (Sales at the Broker’s Board, April 15.1 Eastern Railroad 7’s.101 Eastern Railroad.100$ Portland, Saco iS: Portsmouth R It. 131 New Fork mock anil money market. New Yoke, April. 15—Jfoisi/ng.—Gold 118. Mon ey 3-16 per cent. Sterling Exchange 107$ @ 108$.— State stocks very quiet. Stocks steady. New Yoke. April 15—Evening.-— Money still tight with all the loans of the day on call at $ @ $ per cent. ijci uut| iuuoiij « o « rvl .•vwiuid cut* rency fry express about $1,000,000. New York Cen tral has commenced to disburse their semi-annual dividend, amounting to $3,600,000. One of the lead ing banks called in a largo amount of loans for t8 morrow, an operation supposed to be connected with city finances. A petition in favor of the repeal of the usury law, signed by leading bankers, goes to the Governor to-nihht, and it is reported he will urge the Legislature to repeal the law so far as pledges of per sonal property is concerned, leaving the limit on real estate at 7 per cent. Outstanding legal tenders show n gain of $160,000. Sterling Exchange opoi.ed firmer the leading bankers advancing rates to 107J for 60 days, and 108§ for sight, but this checked the demand aud tho market closed dull and weak; the actual business was at 107g to 107$ and 108$ @ 106$, respec tively. Gold declined from 118$ to 117g on large sales by a prominent ‘•Dull,” amounting, it is said, to $4. 000,000. closing at 117$ @ 117$; loans at 4 per cent, to 1-32 for carrying to flat for borrowing. The clearings were $75,000,000. Treasury disbursements $121,000. Customs receipts $415,000. Governments heavy and lower. Stato bonds dujl. Stocks opened fstrong at an advance on last night’s closing rates, but by noon a general weakness was developed and under consid erable pressure to sell, apparently from the bulls tired of paying extravagant rates for Money, as well as a steady hammering by the bears; prices wore forced down $ @ 4 per cent, throughout the list, and closed at about the lowest prices. The market was very ac tive the latter portion of the day. The following were the quotations of Government securities; Uuited States coupon C’s, 1S81...119 I United States 5-20's 1862.117$ United States 5-20’s 1861.117$ United States 5-20’s 1865, old.119$ Uuited States 5-20’s t8C5, Dew.. ... 116$ Uuited States 5-20’s 1867. 118$ United States 5-20’s ..11GJ United States 5’s. new.114$ Uuited States 10-40*8.,coupons.1123 Currency C’s .. -- •* .1131 The following were tho opening quotations .oi Stocks. Western Union Telegraph Co. R3J Pacific Mull. 50 N. Y. Centra’ and Hudson ltiver consolidated..., 1001 Erie. 641 Erleprelerred.741 Union Pacific stock...... 32] road Becurrttesi wurc *^e lunt nitons for Pacino Kail- ! Central Pacific bonds. Union Pacific do—..*0?$ Union Pacific land grants.\\\. I Union Pacific income bonds.*.*.“.* !'*.7^? ... -. .. .. *-» Domestic ftlurketn. NEW YORK, April 13—Evening—Uotlon .lull and 1 to lower- sales 582 liales; Middling uplands 19ic.— Flour quiet and steady; sales9200 Uhls; State 5 so ® 8 25; Uotiml hoopObio 7 20 @10 50; Western bjoj 10 50; Southern 610 @ 12 00. Wheat dull, and to sell ] fie. ly 1 a, 2c lower; sales 31,000 bush , No 1 Spring at 1 73 @ 1 77J; No 2 do at 1 58 @ 1 07; W inter Red Western at 1 70 @ 1 00; White Michigan 1 8a @ 2 13. Corn steady and iairly active; sales 91,000 bush; new Mixed Western G1 @ dale, latter for elioico; old do (faj . ® GGlc alloat. Oats very quiet and steady; sales 3J,- i 000 hash; new Western Mixed 50 @ 51c. lleef steady . at 9 00 @ 13 00. Pork firmer; new mess 17 50 a 17 MI. I.ard steady at 9 @ 9Jc. Butter firm; State 32 @ 46c. Whiskey a shade firmer at 91J @ 92c. chiefly at 92c. Klee is quiet at 7} @8Je. Sugar Je lower and weak; Muscovado 6} ^ 9 1-1 tic. Cotlee is dull; Rio at 16$ ■ 19c in Gold. .Molasses quiet and firm; New Orleans j 67 M 75c. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine firm at 53c; Rosin steady at 3 35 for strained. Petroleum is | irregular; crude 10 @ 101c; refined at 20} (tr, -0$c. , Tallow steady at 8} @ 9c. . M ... Q | Freights to Liverpool quiet; Grain per steam at 8 . @ 8id-~ Watertown, April 15.—Cattle Market.—Receipts of beef Cattle 22!) head; prices have not improved trom last week, there being but few buyers at mark et- sales of choice at 10 50 ® 1100: extra 9 50 @ 10 25; first quality 8 00 @ 9 Of); second quality 6 00 @ 7 50; third quality 5 00 @ 5 50. Sheep and Lambs—receipts 2399 head. The Sheep trade is little belter than last week; the Albany mar ket being short of Sheep caused an advance in West- | era of $e lb; sale3 in lots 3 50 @ 5 00 each; extra 5 25 @ 7 50. Chicago, April 15.—Flour is quiet and unchanged; i sales almost all private. Wheat dull and unsettled; ' No l Spring 1 28$; No 2 do regular at 117}; 1 19} for i fresh cash; 121} seller May; do June 123$; No 3 Spring 110@ 110}; rejected 95c. Corn steady; 318c tor No 2 Mixed regular; fresh 33|@ 34c cash; 342c seller May; 37c do June; 40c do Aug. Oats firm and : in fair demand. Barley a shade lower; No 2 Fall reg- ' ularat 68$c; 69 @ 74c for fresh, according to location. I Provisions active and higher. Pork closed strong at ! 16 40 cash or May; 16 87$ bid for June. Lard steady I ujv U11 ojrvi,, owuti i«ay , UU tillin' OJfC. 13I1IK meats in good demand; shoulders at 6$c; short rib middles loose 8$c; short clear middles loose 8$c. Ba con quiet and unchanged. Whiskey is steady"at 86$c. Receipts—11,000 bbls flour, 11,000 bush wheat, 33, 000 bush com, 33,000 hush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 6,000 | bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—4,000 bbls flour, j3,000 bush wheat, 16, 000 bush corn, 18.000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 5,000 bash barley, 0900 hogs. xOLSDO. April 15.—Flour in fair demand and firm at 8 50. Wheat is firm at an advance of 2c; No 1 White Michigan 1 82; No 2 do 1 60; Amber Michigan on spot 1 C7 @ 1 66$; seller May at 1 70 @ 1 70$; do June t 71 @ 1 72$; No 2 Red 1 67$@ 1 68. Corn quiet; high Mixed on spot 42c; do seller May 43c; low Mix ed41$c. Oats a shade higher; No 2 at35$c; Michi gan at 35$c. Receipts—0,000 bbls flour, 2,000 bush wheat, 6,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 13,000 bush wheat, 10, 000 bush com, 1,000 bush oats. Detroit, A prills.—Flour quiet and unchanged.— Wheat steady; extra White at 1 W$ bid, 1 06 asked; No 1 White at 1 88$ @ 1 80; Amber Michigan at 168 @ 168$. Com steady; Yellow 43c bid, 44 asked. Oats quiet anil unchanged at 36c. i« Receipts—1,000 bbls floor, 1,000 bush wheat, 00,000 bush com, 12,000 bush oats. Cincinnati, April 15.—Provisions strong and offer ings light. Pork at 16 75 bid. held at 17 00. Lard linn; steam at §Jc; kettle $$ @ 8#c. Bulk Meats are strong; sales shoulders at 6gc; clear rib sides at 8§c; clear sides 8fc. Bacon in good demand; shoulders at7@7$c; clear rib sides Oc; eloar sides at9$c.— Whiskey steady at 86c. Ch arleston, April 13.—Cotton is dull and easier; Middling uplands 18$c. Savannah, April 15.-Cotion quiet; Middling up lands at I8|e. Mobile, April 15.—Cotton nominal; Middling up lands 18$c. New urleans, April 15.—Cotton is in limited de mand ; Middling uplands 18$c. European Market*. London, April 15—11.00.—Consols opened at 93f for money and for account. American securities— U. S. 5-20’s 1865, old, at 94$; do 1867, 93$; do 10-403, 89$; new 5s, 90$. Erie Rail way at 51$. Frankfort, April lo—ll.OO A. M.—United States bonds at 95$ for tlie issue of 1862. London, April 15—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed un changed for money and account. American securities—United State 5-20’s 18£7, 93$; new 5’s COf. Erie 51$. Frankfort, April 15.—United States 5-20’s 1862, closed at 95$. IN 8 T 0 CK ! One ol the largest assortments of ROOM PAPERS TO BE FOUND IN THE CITY. Also daily receiving all new styles. Stamped Gold, Bronze, Patent plain washable Tints, of every shade, Fresco Borders, New Patterns of Hall Decorations, Satins, Ac. Every variety in fact, from the best to the cheapest paper made, all of which will be sold at low price*. CALL AJXT) EXAMINE, XT ATT r T\ A TTTC1 x Li* -I—s XX V 53 Exchange St. apro (i lm Bleaching Campaign FOR 1873. Coute and see what a variety ot Shapes we have for the season. We arc now prepared to remodel old Ilats and Bonnets in the high est style of the art at Sweetser’s Bleachery* 342 Congress Street. ap2 eod3w ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron G reenough & Co., 140 Middle Street, PORTLAND. ME. Military, 1 f Firemen's, Grand Army, ! A ! Bnne Ball, Navy, School, Masonic, J (.Club. IIATS, CAPS AND CHAPEAUS. HADE TO ORDER, th.e Lowest 3?rioes.«j!£3 Samples sent on epplication, and all orders filled at short nolice. apr4tf RRFGGISTS STAND FOR SALE ! 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HER &EY, Collector of said City, on tho 1st day of Sep tember, 1871, has been returned by him to me as re maining unpaid on the 31st day of August, 1872, by his certificate of that date, and now remain unpaid, and notice is hereby given that it* tho said taxes and interest and charges are not paid in the treasury of the said City within eighteen months of the date of the commitment of the said bills, so much of tlic real estate taxed as will be sufficient to pay the amount due therefor, including interest, and charges, will, without further notice be sold at public auction at the office of the Treasurer of said City, on the lfith day of April, 1873, at 10 o’clock A. M. Xame qf Owner. Description Prop. VaVu. Tax due. Bodge Joseph CL, 1 houses and land, 60 Green St., with Styles $2,8C0 $70.00 Childs Harriet 31rs., land 17Cross St., 1,300 32.50 Clark Leander, house on land leased of Philbrook, Cumberland near Washington St., 200 5.00 Coburn John T., Guardian Heirs of Edw, Hannah, land Merrill St., 500 12.50 Cowie John, balklings on leased land W. side Portland St.. 300 7.50 Crane John J., land 4 Munroc St., 2(0 5,00 Dodge Richard T., foundry and land 100 Green St., 1,800 45.00 Dyer Isaac, buildings ou leased land Union Wharf, 300 7.50 Hall John R., (land and buildings on Cross St., 1,800 45.00 j Hill Nathaniel, house atd laud cor., Dan forth and Walnut Lane, 1,800 45.00 1 Hobson Joseph, Hobson wharf and flats. 2),000 750.C0 j land Cumberland near Montgomery St., * 1,200 30.00 Kilvert End $ M., bouse and land 113 Bracket St., 3.000 75.00 ! Leighton Robert Jr., building cn leased land north side of Newbury St., rear Market St., 400 10.00 Libby George, house and land 78 Cumberland St.. 3,300 82.50 I Owen Hannah, land Newbury St., leased to Dresser, 300 12.50 . Pierre Charles H. L., building and land 43 Newbury St., 1,300 32.50 Pratt David,store on leased land cor. Preble and Oxford Sts., 300 7.50 Rand Hiram J., land rear Mayo St.. 200 5.00 Robinson Robert, house and land 17 Tyne St., 2,000 50.00 j Smith Francis O. J., land east cor. Congress and Exchange Sts., ex tending through to Market St., 12,000 300.00 Buildings and land west side of Cross St., 4.000 100.00 Sweester James S., J house and land 10 Summer St.. 800 20.00 Trafton Josiah, land Douglass St., 200 5.00 Whitney George W., land rear Anus House St., 200 5.00 HENRY W. UERSEY, Treasurer. Portland, Apr. 14th. 1873. apr 14-15-16 TIIE FINEST LAUNDRY WOR K AT the request of many of cur patrons we have arrangements to laundry Gent’s Collars and Cuffs. Every article will be finished in the same shape, ana mado to li>oi precisely as when it was first new. The prices are as follows: Collar* per dozen - - 36 Cento. Cuff* per dozen pair* - 74 Cento. As these prices are only about one half the usual price of the poorest work, we shall only receive and deliver them at our store, and no package will be de livered until paid for The name of tho owner must be in indelible ink on each article. Citizens of Portland, we oftcr you the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of always wearing a new and perfectly laundried collar, and at a price that must commend itself. CHARLES CUSTI8 & CO.. 493 Cougresa Street. apt __dtf New Sewing Machine Rooms No. 286 Congress Street, OPPOSITE PREBEE HOUSE, UP STAIRS. All first-class Sewing Machines, new and second hand. It will pay to examine all kinds together and judge for yourself which is the best. W. S. DYER, Agent. apl4 _Ito “Ram burgs \ WE shall open this day one of the largest and best line of Edges and Insertions, ever rpotted in Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 12 l-2c, 2©c, 25c, 5©c. COYELL & COMPARY. HAMMRGS! jan21 _ tf ~~ CROASDALE’S. GENUINE SUPERPHOSPHATE ST’Blchcr in Ammnnia and Fh««|>horir Acid* than Any Other Fertilizer in the market. CONANT & RAND, AGENTS FOR MAIN E. 153 Commercial Street. Portland. apt da*w3wl4 COTTON SEED a i ^ A i. • ivi l n u ■ 2000 Bags Cotton Seed Meal —FOB 8 AIX I1Y— KENDALL & WHITNEY, tel>7«ltf Ship Timber and Knees. I HAVE tho largest and best stock ol Ship Knees In tlie State. Also best quality seasoned White Oak Treenails, and can furnish Hackmatack, Hardwood or White Oak Timber and Plnnk at the lowest cash prices. L. TAYLOR, Portland, Dec. 30, 1872. _tt Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. OLD Booka bought, sold, or exchanged, or loaned for one cent per day. Send three cents for cir culars. Agents wanted. ALBERT COLBY & SONS, 11a exchange St, Portland, Maw., and 156 Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md fcb26 ilAwtfwfl Caution. THE Trustees of the Newbury St. 4th Conffreim tional Church wish to say to their frien.ls that in person is authorised to collect money for the benefl of the Church. Knowledge haring corne d them that, person or persons not connected with the Church o. Society has been soliciting aid in the name of tb Newbury street4th Cong’fChurch this istoeantim our friends who wish to id us In ’ our endeavor, t sustain the Newbury Street Church apilldlw Notice. /^IHAS. W. PIERCE of Portland, retires from ou ' "™>> and Ills iuterest and responsibility cease, trom this date. NORTON MILLS CO., Lumber Manufactures. Norton Mills and Island Pond ,VJ. Island Pond, Sept. 5,1872. e,u AUCTION SALES. Schooner in inn Boyd at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY. Airtl laih ” ' shall sell ai went »b)» or 'p'ortland^rifi' ,Te Schooner "Mina Boyd,” toMther with he? ‘tTtkto apparel and fueniture. Said Schooner la 50 70-100 tuna, N. M., Essex built, all of white oak and tn eood order throughout. Sale positive. * For particulars call on W. 0. CROSBY, 3 PortUm.1 I'ler, or F, O. BAII.EV & CO., Auctioneer. ap9 _ __ dt«i Elrgiuit Mfi'iwhajiarWi^rai Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, April 10th, at II o’clock A M., we shall at salesroom. 18 Exchange street, eighteen Meerschaum Pipes, warranted ns fine hh ever imported They can be seen at window of K. „*)?Pn'an» corner of Middle and Exchange streets, until day of sale. ** °* B\ifjEV A. CO., Auctioneers. - -_ did Kcal Cstnle on St. John Street ul i vs wp Auction. O ihe valuable^eaUsVanL’ v 3 P’ M” We a*1*11 1 con.list lug oi K ji K»orvtai6 *\°* 52 st* John street, basement, contaiuW 7 L«„no,ltn House with brick lar Ac. Also a 800,1 «*"•»*•. «»« ««»* , above iiui)(iinnH jtav * thorough repair. Lot so x no >»cn put In very pleasantly situated a ," ’ property Is 1 erma a’ sale. “ 'a'uablc. Title e«xl F. O. BAII.SV A fO a aprl U > An<li«ueen. Very Desirable Real EnTutc «£' niture, Hebe. Plano,’ Auction. w ON WEDNESDAY, April 23d, at 10 o’clock V m we shall sell the very desirable property No m* Cumberland street, corner of Boyd. The house i« H story and contains Dining Boom and Kitchen *17 ishcil in hard wood, suit of Parlors and Library fin‘ islied in black walnut and ash highly polished, two marble mantels in parlors, seven Chambers, Bath Boom finished in hard wood. House furnished with Furnace, Uas, Sebag* Water and all modern con. venicnce*. Parlor, Library and Hall elegantly ire* coed. All ether rooms we1* painted. Ibis property is pleasantly situated, wlthiu live minutes walk ot City Hall, in one of the best neighborhoods, and is very desirable. Title perfect. Terms easy and made known at sale. Can bo examined upon application to auctioneets. Immediately after the sale of Beal Estate will t*< ihmu fciio r uimiurt* lit hwtc uuuac, i wimwiium w* * ■* lor Furniture in Black Walnut and Green Damask. Center and Card Tables, Turkish Easy Choir, Cros ley’s Brussels Carnets, Satin Brocatelle Curtains, French Clock, tine Vases, Engravings, Craspadores, 5 Black Walnut and Chestnut Chamber Sets, Hair Mattresses, Spring Beds, Toilet Sets, Curtains, In grain ami Tapestry Carpets, Lounge in B. w. and Green hep, Parlor Coal and Gas Stoves, B. W. Ex tension Table, Side Board, Silver, Plated Service. Salver, Ice Pitcher, Cake Baskets, Castors, Glass an4 China Ware, Magee Cook Stove, with the entire Kitchen Furniture. Also, at 2$ o’clock, one Webei Plano, peven octave, elegantly carved, rosewood case, price ?850: one fine Harp, double action; one Howe’s Improved Sewing Machine, nearly new. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Asctleneen. aplb__ dtd Beal Estate ou Franklin Street at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, April 23d, at 3 P. M., wo fball wll tbe property No. 99 Fraaklln .treet, being the southerly half of a 1} story double house, con tains 8 rooms, large Pantry, ample Closets, good Cel lar, Sebago Water, good enment drain, all in prime order. Lot 35 x 70 feet. This is a very pleasant little property in a good neighborhood. Parties wishing for a moderate priced home are invited to examine. Terms at Sale. F.O. BAILEY Sc CO., Anctioaers. uplC dtd Desirable Properly at Gorham Vil lage, to be sold at Anction. PURSUANT to license from Probate Court, will be sold at public auction on SATURDAY, the loth day of May next, at 2} o’clock P. M., tbe valu able Estate known as the “Broad Place.” Said estate consists of about six acres of land, on which are a I irge two-story House, Barn aud out-buildings, fruit trees, shade trees, &e., &c. This Is a most at tractive location, but five minutes walx from Churches, Seminary, public School House, and R. R. Station; and will unquestionably be sold at a bargain. A train on P. & R. R. leaves Portland at 1| P. M., and one returns at 4.25 P. M. gy Sale to take place on tho premises. JOHN C. CARD, Ex’r ot Will of the late Henry Broad. Gorham, April 7,1873. apr9dlaw3w then dtd* J. 8. BAILEY & CO* Commission Merchants, —AND— -A. CTCTICXN^EIIS EXCHANGE MTIIKlif. Next below Merchant*’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. References—Messrs. H. J. Libby A vo., and Hon Charles P. Kimb.il Portland, Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston. split ASSESSORS’ NOTICE THE Assessors of tho City of Portland hereby give notice to all persons liable to taxation in said city, that they will be In sessiou every secular day from the first to he fifteenth day of April next, inclusive, at their room iu City Hall, from ten to twelve o’clock in tho forenoon, and from three to five n’clo$k in the afternoon, for the purpose of receiving lists of the polls and estates taxable in sakl city. And all suab persons aro hereby notified to make and bring to said Assessors true and pertect list® of all their polls and estates, real and personal, held by them aa guardian, executor, administrator, trustee or otherwise, on tbe first day of April. 1873, and be prepared to make oath to the truth of tbe tame. And when estates of persons deceased have been divided during the past year, or have changed hands mnu any muse, inn umiuui, uuuuumuiiiui, ui uuici person interested, is hereby warned to give notice of such change; and in default of such notice will be held under the law to pay tho tax assessed, although such estate has been wholly distributed and paid over. And anv iicrson who neglects to comply with thin notice will be doomed in a tax according to the laws of the State, and be barred of the right to make ap plication to the County Commissioners tor any abate ment of his taxes, unless h^ shows that he was una ble to offer such lists within the time hereby ap pointed. t^-In no case will the possession of Government bonds he allowed as a plea in mitigation ot a doom. S. B. BBCKETT,) WM. C. IIOW, J Assessors. WM. O. FOX, ) jyBlank schedules will bo furniscd at the room of the Assessors. Portland, March 28, 1873. • d3w Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UKDEB COSThAOT FOR THE CARRYING OF THU Canadian and United Slatra ail*. Passengers booked o London derrv and Liverpool. Return Tickets granted at Reduced Rates. Tho Steamship SCANDINAVIAN, Copt. Aird Will leave thin port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, April 19th, Immediately after the arrival of the Train of ib previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ae- . coi ding to accommodations).£70 la £8M> Payable In Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. F^r Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lot Sight Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMBS L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street. Portland, Nov. 10th, 18T2.nov20tf GRASSSEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ *• lOOO “ Bed Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ •• 400 “ No. New York “ “ 100 “ Pea Vine, “ •* 150 “ Alsikc » “ lOO “ Millet •• lOO - Hungarian Grass ** 100 “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mcb2C ____ Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS — lit — IC E. No- 14 Cross Sheet, Portland. Order, left at Ice Office, 14 Cross St., or wiih J. C. Proctor, 93 F.xchange St., will be promptly attended to. r cv .o T,.« f.«r nil mimosa* in Ull quantities and at the aplO LOWEST RATES. latf L. C. JOHNSON & SONT, —-ItAYING TAKEN TUE— RESTATJR^NT under tl.e New City Building in Lewiston, tor the term of five years, would now soy to the public that wel uta: d to keep a first-class place in every respect Onr B1.1 of Fare shall be in keeping wi‘b the Portland and Boston Markets. Those visiting Lewiston do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ and Merchants’ RESTAURANT, CITY BUILDING, rine Street. LBWINTOlV, MAINE. LEWIS P. JOHNSON. Jan21_ PORTLAND MACHINEWORKS __«t*iA SON,) 1 > J 1 , I w. II. FESSENDEN. aprlttf Portland, »e

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