2 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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the press. FRIDAY MORNIKG, MAY 2, 1878. CITY AND VICINITY. New Advertiftemenf* To-Day. entertainment column. The Event of the Season—Morris Bros. Grand Floral Festival—City Hall. Crowning the Rose- City Hall. Rubinstein Grand Concert—City Hall. SPECIAL NOTICES. Miss Wiley—Dress and Sacque Patterns. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. A Book for every Citizen—Collins & Brother. llWnnted—Tenement, Cusco street Seminary—Suminor Term. Notice of Copartnership—Brooks & Bnrgin. Lobster Chum Geo. F. Lewis. Girl Wanted. Wanted—Tenement. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Hats, &c—W. L. Snell. Cosmolitc—Whittier. _ United Sta'cs Circuit Court. BEFORE JUDGE SHEPLEY. Tavusday.—Samuel C. Loud ot al. vs. Maine Mu tual Marino Insurance Company. Action to recover 0 policy of $4000 of insurance on vessel lost. On Trial. Dodge of Boston. Bradbury*. —SteulTt & Holmes. The jury disagreed in the Maley case. Supremo Judicial Court. VIRGIN J., PRESIDING. Thursday.—John E. Donnell ot al. vs. City Of Portland. Assumpsit for rent ol lot corner at Poarl and Newbury street from Jan.l, I860, to April 1, 1871, at 8400 per year—$900 and interest. Verdict 8580.50. Putnam for plaintiffs. Libby for City. Humphrey vs. Gray. Action for injury on defect ive highway. On trial. Gage for plaintiff. Vinton for town. municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Thursday.—Patrick Ney, Michael Howley and John Foley. Search and seizure. Fined 850 each. All paid. Albert G. Thayer. Larceny. Ordered to recognize in the sum of 8000 with sureties for his appearanco ai JMay lenu oupcmn cauu. wiuiimtcu. Brief Jottings. The Boston & Maine Company are painting, on the shed covering the platform at the Walker House, iu large letters the name of their road, &c. Isaac Emery, Esq., o£ this city arrived homo from Cuba, last Wednesday. The fonntains in the gardens are being gen erally uncovered and put in preparation for summer use. Tho Western Promenade is thronged early every morning with people out for a hit of fresh air. Vesterday was the warmest day of tho sea son. At sunrise the thermometer stood at 38, at eight o’clock at 42, and at noon at GG. At which latter degree it remained until about four o’clock p. m. We are pleased to learn that Deputy Marshal Bridges is out again. He has been confined to the house for a week past and was threatened with fever. People thought yesterday that “summer was nigh.” The air was hot and the streets dusty. The Portland Company yesterday sent two locomotives by vessel to St. John’s, N. B. They are to be used on tho International Bail road. Five more are to be sent when completed. A young son of Mr. Boberts had his leg bad ly broken Wednesday afternoon on North St. A house was in process of removal, and a skid sprung out striking the lad. The steamer John Brooks has been repaired and refitted, and will he placed on the Boston route next week, Mr. Prince, one of tho Jail Inspectors, visit ed Portland Jail last Wednesday. He express ed himself gratified with the condition of af fairs, hut will report to tho commissioners that it is not advisable to employ prisoners in Port land .Tail The body of Martin Kennedy, who was drowned Wednesday night, was discovered yes terday. The Hospital Fair is the recipient of some antique gold and silver coins, which were dug up on Richmond’s Island some time since. There is a defective sewer at tho corner of Pearl and Middle streets that emits obnoxious smells. The attention of the authorities is call ed to it. Judge Howard lias been elected Yice-Presi dont of tho S. P. C. A.', in the placo of E. M. Rand, resigned. Mrs. A. A. Stroutwas elected director, instead of Mrs. Sweat resigned. Rubinstein is to be here on the 9th inst. Thayer, suspected of stealing Dr. Towks bury’s harnesses, was brought before tho Mu nicipal Court yesterday morning and held in $300 bonds for his appearance at the May term of the Superior Court. A grand floral festival is to occur tho last of this month, at City Hal], in which fivo hundred school children will participate. J. B. Hudson jr. has been engaged as tenor at the Slate street church. Frauk McKenney, a clerk of Lamsou the jeweller, accidently shot himself with a pistol yesterday. Tho ball went through tho palm of the right hand, inflicting a serious, though not a dangerous wound. A young daughter of Osgood Knight, of East Deering, yesterday accidentally fell down cel lar, breaking her arm. D. C. Shaw, operator at tho Western Union Telegraph office, is to open a school to teach the art of telegraphing. The monthly meeting of the Board of Trado was held yesterday forenoon. J. B. Fillcbrown was nominated for membership. The Board voted to publish Collector Washburn’s speech recently delivered in Minneapolis. Principal Stone of the High school, is renew ing old acquaintanceship at Frye burg, during the vacation. Tho very fine exhibition given by the young ladies of the Second Parish Society last even- i ing, will be repeated this evening at tbe City Hall for the benefit of the Hospital Fair. The ladies of the Second Parish Society are to furn ish the refreshment room, the receipts for which will go to the Parish. Coroner Gould deemed an inquest unnecessa ry over t le body of Kennedy, but took charge of it and buried it in the Strangers.Lot at the Forest Hill Cemetery yesterday. A member of the New York firm that has tho contract to furnish the militia of the State with a new uniform, arrived in this city yesterday, and last evening at tho armories, took tha measure of a portion of the men composing the Blues and Infantry. Ho will be at the same place to-day from 7 a. in., to 4 p. m., to complete the measurement. Boswortli Relief Corps will meet at G. A. R. Hall this afternoon at 2| o’clock. Last Wednesday some twenty-five ladies and gentlemen from tho India Street Universalist Church and Society visitsd Biddeford and gave IV11 OUVClViViiituvu« »VV vuv 1VOMJ wv mu CUIVtJl’ salist Church in that city. They presented “Among the Breakers” to their friends. Tnn Allan Line of Steamers. The Aus trian leaves to-morrow for Liverpool. It will teem quiet along tlio Grand Trunk wharves after this week as there will bo no more steam ers of this line here again until next fall. The company rnn two steamers a week up tho St. Lawrence at- present, but propose to in crease the number during the summer. This week several changes among the officers are inaugurated. Capt. Dutton who was to have the new steamer Circassian is to remain in the Prussian for the present, but will shortly ba transferred to the Sardinian. Capt, A\ ylie is trausfered from the Sanitation to tho new steamer Circassian. Capt. Aird will be trans ferred front the Scandinavian to the Sarnta rnatian. Capt. Smith is transferred from th Prussian to the Scandinavian. The St. Lawrence Street Festival.—The Vestry of the St. I-awrence street Congrega tional chnrch wa3 comfortably filled last even ing by tho friends of the society. A pleasing exhibition consisting of singing and recitations was given by the children. Tho tables were loaded with fancy articles and seductive look' iug edibles. Ice cream and oysters disappeared with astonishing .rapidity, though the supply was like the widow’s cruse. The whole afiia it was a success and netted quite a sum for the society. We understand that it will he repeat ed this evening, and wo have no doubt that the articles for sale will be disposed of. The re freshment tablo will be replenished anew fot to-night __ May-Day Pleasures.—May-day was every thing the young people could wish for. Clear skies, soft air, and a pretty show of green on nature’s carpet,greeted the city lads and lasses, as they early yesterday forenoon, sought the various places of resort visited on such occa sions, that aro contiguous to tho city. Large numbers went over to the Cape and amusec themselves along the beaches and around the crags that line tho shore. Many ventured oui to Graves' Hill, and one company, a portion oi tho first class in tho High School, took a BOS ton & Main# train to Old Orchard Beach. The New Insurance Company.—A meet ing of the corporators of the Portland Fire In surance Company was . held at tho Collector's office in the Custom House at 3 p. m. jester day. Collector Washburn was elected chair man and M. N. Rich, Esq., Secretary of the meeting and sworn is. The act of incorpora tion was then read by the chairman. By the ant the capiital shall not be less than 8100,000 or more than 8500.000, in shares of 8100 each. The act was accepted. The following gentle men were elected additional corporators: W F. Milliken, 1. P. Farington, A. E. Stevens, E. A. Norton, J. B. Coyle, W. W. Harris, G. W. Woodman, T. E. Twitcbell, W. Henry Milli keu, Albion Little, John N. Lord, Charles E. Jose, W. F. Phillips, George P. M escott, Jacob McLellan, Edward H. Daves Thomas H. Weston, George T. Davis, Russell Lewis, Rufus E Wood. Jaines G. Tukoy, Charles Perry, P. H. Brown, J. M. Brown, and F. W. Bailoy. A committee of'cighl was appointed to canvass the city and solicit subscriptions to tho stock. ' The committee consisted of A.K. Shurtlcff, chairman. T. C. Horsey, J. S. Winslow, H. J. Lilibj', G. S. Tyler, W. W. Thomas, W. F. Milliken, and Charles Fobes. with power to add to their number. Adjourned two weeks to same place. Crowning the Rose.—City Hall was filled with an appreciative audience last evening to listen to the sweet voices of tho young ladies of the Second Parish Society, in the cantata of Geo. F. Root, entitled ‘'Crowning the Rose.” The thirty-six young ladies were very tastily appareled and moved with ease and grace up on the stage. Wo were struck with the full ness and richness of several of the voices. It is impossible, among so manyy with so much that is attractive, for us to discriminate. Tho whole entertainment was a success. The pleas ing and novel sight witnessed around tlio tra ditional May pole drew forth rounds of ap plause. In tho ante-rooms were spread out tables iiiioii which were displayed a large vari ety of fancy articles that were for sale. The refreshment tables were liberally patronized. Wo arc informed tk'at the young ladies have generously volunteered to repeat the cantata this evening at City Hall for the benefit of the Hospital Fair. The ladies of the Parish will furnish the refreshment tables, the proceeds of which will go into the Parish fund. Trout Breeding.—J. M. Kimball Esq., of this city is fitting np the Dr. Buzzcll place in Cape Elizabeth, which he lias recently purchas ed, as a trout farm. He is building three small pouds which are to open into each other. He has also made artificial streams running out from and into the ponds. Here ho proposes to place the fish after they are hatched, and keep them until they are in a proper condition for the market. His plan is to sell no fish before they are three years old. The eggs from which the fish are derived are to be kept in a house specially arranged for their reception and pre servation. Th'S houso is to be artificially heat ed at a given temperature. Mr. Kimball has twenty-five thousand fish already out of the egg, and the little fellows are swimming about lively. A visit to this establishment will fur nish an interesting and profitable recreation. Maine Gexebal Hospital.—The Executive Committee acknowledge the donation of addi. tional articles and money in aid of the Maine General Hospital Fair from the following nam ed parties: Cnmfnings, Leavitt & Widbur, lumber. E. N. Perry, bats, caps and umbrellas. tv_ a • T 11_d. n. ..a 01_1_ A'll.uavt) A'AVMyilW^ W vw.| V* complete in 6 volumes. Johu G. Hayes & Co., one half dozen silk hats, extra superior quality. Eastern Express Co., tree carriage of all ar ticles intended for the fair. E. Nicksori & Co , valise. Brown Thurston & Co., printing for the fair, 850. Hooper & Eaton, mirror, carved frame. George H. Webster, mammoth wedding cake. E. A. Burnell, Greeve set, collar and muff. 8weetsir & Merrill, bill of dry goods. Vickery & Leighton, bill of dry goods. John A. Titcomb, cash contribution, 820. Chas. H. Haskell, Treasurer. A Silver Wedding.—Las evening George E. Taylor and Mrs. Taylor welcomed a host of personal friends at their residence, who called to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Taylor upon their accession to the honors of a silver wedding. Among the many and costly presents received were a splendid easy chair, and a solid gold Fast Master’s Jewell, from a number of his masonio friends. After a period of social intercourse, during which the lady and gentleman received the hearty congratulations of those present, the party retired, wishing all kinds of prosperity to their host and hostess. Five Hundred Children will be interested in an advertisement that appears under the head of entertainments. It will be seen from it that they are called upon to aid in the build ing of the Maino General Hospital in an im portant direction. If our young readers will but enter iuto the enterprise with spirit they may have the pleasure of contributing a goodly sum of money toward the building of the Hos pital. Of course there will he a general rally Saturday afternoon. New Music.—From C. K. Hawes, 77 Middle street, wo kaye received tho following new mu sic: “Little Sweet-heart, come listen to me,” a song and chorus by Arthur W. French; “My Soul is Dark,”—Ballad with quartette ad lib.— words from Hebrew Melodie, music by Ida Walker; “Dinna forget yer mitber, Sandie,” by the author of “Mollio Darling, &c.”—all pub lished by J. L. Peters, New York. The International Line.—The steamer City of Portland, now lying at the 7?. S. & P. Railroad wharf is in a considerable state of forwardness. The boilers made by Messrs. Coyle & Quinn, Commercial street, have beon placed, and the wood work and machinery is being rapidly put in. It is expected that the steamer will be ready to take her place upon the International route some time next month. Installation at Mystic Lodge.—At a regular meeting of Mystic Lodge of Good Templars held last evening, the following offi cers wero installed by D. G. W. C. T., J. E. Conway:—Loring Lombard, W. C. T.; Florence Page, W. V. T.; Charles W. Cloudman, W. 8.;' Sarah Stanwood, W. F. 8.; T. W. Burnham, W. M.; Frank Curtis, W. C.; Haverlock Mc Lean, W. S. G.__ Police Notes.—Last night at the police station there were ten cases of drunkenness, one case of larceny of a pair of trousers, and one lodgor. We arc requested to say that the parties ar miafnil n ^/l n », niwlit no rvi on ATI nil in t Tv Argus yesterday, did not board at Sir. Arthur M. Sawyer’s, No. 30 Free street.—Argus. Very true, as Mr. Arthur SI. Sawyer does not keep tli3 boarding house at No. 30 Free street. ** Ferry Village. At a meeting of Seaside Lodge, I. O. of G. T., Wednesday evening, the following officers were elected: W. C. T., Jas. H. Harford, W. V. T., Julia Bolteuliousc; W. Chaplain, Rev. B. Freeman; W. S., Frank Skillin; W. F. S., Andrew P. Osgood; W. T., Herbert Thurrall; W. SI., Frank Davis; W. I. G., Horace Upton; W. O. G., Charles Talbot, This lodge now numbers two hundred members and is in a flourishing condition. A. tllStELLASEOlN NOTiCKS. At o’clock p. in. to-day F. O. Bailey & Co., sell at salesroom, thirteen chests choice tea. Grocers shonld attend this sale. Cosmoline, the nc plus ultra for all skin dis eases; is odorless, will not become raucid, and as an emollient is far superior to glycerine, Can be obtained at Whittier's Drug Store. __my2eodlw A fixe stock of Hats, Bonnets, Flowers and Ornaments and all the nevj colors aud shades ia Ribbons and Silks, just received at W. L. Snell s, 337 Congress St.* THE largest and best assortment of Clothes for Boys’s wear to be found in this city, is at L. D. Steout’s. mayl-dlw _ Dn. Uraxn who has made so many wonder, ful cures of cases supposed to bo incurable, wil lie at tho ITeblo House every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for tho present. All should sei him. _ apr28-tf Dr. O. Fitzgeeai.d, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon will remain at Roon No. 11 Preble House, Portland, until Satur day, May 3d. Don’t fail to see him, as hi: cures are almost miraculous. apr2G tf Duroxco’s Golden Pills are unqualified. apr30-eod3t&wlt A Question of Time.—The recent cough o | cold, that without proper treatment may bs j come chronic and last for months, can bo radi cally cured by a few do3es of that invaluabl pectoral elixir, Hale's Honey of norehound am Tar. Sold by all Druggists. Pike’s Toothache Drops cura iu 1 minute. may2-eodlw&wlt BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Terrible Tragedy in Aroostook! DEPUTY SHERIFF HAYDEN AND ANOTHER MAN MURDERED. Tho Murderer Caught and Lynched. The Heads of Hayden and Hub bard Chopped off. [Sdecial Despatch to the Pross.] Presque Isle. April 30, via Hocltox, May 1.—This community has been startled by one of tho most shocking tragedies that ever occurred in this section of the State. A messenger from Maplctoh Plantation, a few miles west of Presque Isle, has just arrived with a report that Deputy Sheriff Urauviile A. Hayden of this town, and Thomas Hubbard, were murdered in a camp in Chapmau Planta tion, about tbreo miles from Mapleton, Tues day night, by James Collius or Sullen. The murderer entered the camp where four meu were asleep, and with an axe murdered two of them, the others escaping. He then set fire to tho camp. The men brought the news of the terrible deed to tho settlement, and the news was quickly sent to Presque Isle and all over tho country, whereupon tbo people, exasperated by the causeless butchery, turned out en masse to aprehend tho criminal. The next day he was found in the cellar of his house in Maple ton, and immediately hung by a party from Presque Isle. There has never been an event in this part of the State that has so terribly stirred tho people. Mr. Hayden was a mau about 37 years of age, a trader in Presque Islo and for several years Deputy Sheriff. Few men were more favorably known. He leaves a wife and son about six years of ago. At this time uo cause is assigned for the terrible deod. Eater. Bangor, May 1 .—Lust Tuesday Deputy Sheri iff G. A. Hayden of Presque Isle, accompanied by W. H. Bird aud Thomas Hubbard, went to a shingle camp in Chapman Plantation, to ar rest one Joseph Cullen of Mapleton, for break ing into Hon. David Dudley’s store and steal ing a pair of boots. Cullen surrendered with out opposition, aud it beiug late in the evening the party concluded to speud the night in the camp. Id the night Cullen got up and chopped off Hayden’s and Hubbard’s heads with an axo, and was going for Bird and a man named Swan beck, who kept the camp, but the two latter escaped to the settlement and gave the alarm. In the morning a party found the camp burned and the bodies in the ashes, and the greatest oxcitemcnt ensued. Cullen was found in the cellar of his houso in Mapleton, Wednesday morning, and arrested, aud while being taken to Presque Isle was set upon by a party from that village, who hung him to a tree. The af fair creates more excitement in Aroostook than anything perhaps which ever occurred there. [To the Associated Press.] West Point Appointment. Watervtlle, May 1.—John H. Philbrick, i son of J. W. Philbrick, esq., of this place, was the successful competitor for the West Point cadetship for this district, at the examination made by the Faculty of Colby University. MASSACHUSETTS. Extensive Damage to Stores by Water. Boston, May 1.—A water faucet carelessly left open in the upper story of the building No. 80 State street last night caused some 812,000 damage. Thomas Groom, stationer estimates his loss at 810,000, his large and valuable stock on the first floor aud basement being nearly ruined. Other occupants of the building suf fered loss aud trouble by the wetting down of their offices. The Doctors Controversy. The case of the Massachusetts Medical So ciety against homeopathic members, after a two day’s hearing, has been continued to May 14th, when a decision may he expected. Sad Affair—Varioas matters. The mother of N. P. Banks died yesterday in Waltham, In Actou Tuesday night, Frank Stevons vis ited his stable under the impression that horse thieves were around, and shortly afterward his wife started to look for him, and in tho dark ness ha shot at her for a burglar. It is feared that lin inflicted a mortal wound. The workmen on the Portsmouth & Dover Raiiroad are on a strike demanding $2 per day. The contracto rs discharged them. NEW YORK. Hew Railroad Corporation—The Succes sor to the Vermont Central. Nkw York, May 1.—A St. Albans, Vt., des patch state that hooks were opened there yes terday for subscriptions to the stock of the Cen tral Vermont Railroad, which is to take tho place of the Vermont Central Railroad, which latter is now in legal difficulty. The charter for a new organization was obtained of the Legislature. In two hours over $2,000,000 were subscribed, the parties being the New York people interested in the New York, Boston and Montreal Railroad, which will be united with the Central Vermont and the leased lines of the late Vermont Central road. The Goodrich Case. Detective Folk, who has been absent on a search for the murderers of Goodrich, has re. turned unsuccessful. The detectives are finally convinced that Goodrich committed suicide. Various mutters. Mayor Havemeyer made no nominations to day under tho new charter, contrary to general expectation. Receiver Strong of the Atlantic National Bank states that the assets do not correspond with the books. In the latter he found entries of loans, to which there was uothiog to cor respond in tho cashier’s drawer. The 105th annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce occurred to-day. Win. E. Dodge was re-elected President. The other officers of the past year were also re-elected, the vote be ing unanimous. Mr. Dodge addressed the Chamber concerning the suits against the firm of Phelps, Dodge & Co , which he called a con spiracy to destroy the mercantile character of the firm. WASHINGTON. What in Said at Washington. Washington', May 1.—The military authori ties are without additional advices from the Modoc expedition. Nothing has been done since the telegraphic consultation with Presi dent Grant aud Secretary Belknap with regard to conducting the operations against the Mo docs, further than to leave the matter to the judgment of the oommander of the Depart ment of the Pacific, who lias better means to judge of tho situation than the Washington authorities. He has power to employ addition al troops, if in his opinion it is necessary. A statement found its way into the press that Gen. Sherman declared himself in favor of taking scalps, but that gentleman himself pro nounces that story untrue, if for no other rea son than that he can see no advantage in scalp ing dead Indians. The Farrngnt Claim. To-day in the Supreme Court of tho District of Columbia in general term, tho case of the claims of the late Admiral Farragut, officers and men of tho West Gnif squadron, was ar gued by R. M. Corwin, special assistant At torney General for the IX. a , and Gen. Butler and N. Wilson for the libellants. The case is heard on appeal from the recent order of Judge Humphrey’s for tho payment of the commis sioners award of $2*18,000. or $200 per man. Hon. James Brooks. The caso of Mr. Brooks wa3 so peculiar that his widow has allowed a post mortem examina tion to be made, at which tho physicians of tho district have been requested to be present. The remains will ho taken to New York to-night and buried from Christ’s church on Saturday, ot which the deceased had been a member for over thirty yeais. Various Hatters. The Supreme Court to day postponed till Oetober the application of the counsel of cx Gov. \Y armouth for an allowance of appeal from the decision of Judge Durell in tho Louis lana case and gave leave toJBUillips, counsel for ! J?JlIe t',c record aad other papers. The Post Office Denartment tn-finv ..I,i.,.i tlie contract for mail messenger service in New York city for four years from the first of July next, to Amizi S, Dodd tho present contractor at !>53,389 per auuum. Tlie servico consists in carrying mails between tho various depots and landings and city post office. Instructions have been given for the des patch of the mail to Bermuda by the steamship 111°t|da from New York on the 8d inst, , ‘e Commissioner of the land office has re ceived a telegram announcing the death of Sur J’eral i?earh of Washington Territory. . mm'.B8'onfir °f Patents has extendeded MassSte.l1 Andrew Spring of Hyde Par , forms una30.UrS> f0,r lathes for turning irregu tensiond tll° application for tho Bridgeport ?atcn,t of James C. Cooke of • bing" ’ ’ °r the manufacture of Web ludiau MCnucrs headquarters to-dav0^!11^ made at tl10 military 1 tel?ige u ce had been in prehension of wide-spread i!T to ,aP' The various tribes are generate?11 host5,ltle8 is suspected, however, tlmt manlff”.?16' 11 men are making preparations Jfor the y0Unij spnng and summer horse stealing expeditions mail matters Burnt ; Denison, Tex., May l.-Tho mail which left St. Louis Tuesday night on the Missouri V®,, i sas and Texas railroad, was burned near Me At l lister, in Indian territory, about two o’clnek this morning. Forty-four pieces of bageae* belonging to passengers was also destroyed The burnt mail matter comprised mails for points in Texas from all States except the ex treme Southern ones. Fire in a mill. Providence, May 1.—A .fire in the spinning room of the Merino Mill of Jonston, this after nooo, caused a loss of about §10,000; insured. Strke of Mill Hand*. The first of May was the day fixed by the members of the ten hour association for a strke in ail the cotton and woolen mills in the State heretofore making G2J to 0(5 hours per week, consequently in a considerable number of the mills most of ti e operatives left work at six o’clock this evening instead of remaining until GJ or 7 o'clock as tho regular time might he. Some of the mills lost so few hands that the machinery did not stop. In the delaine mill at Olneyvillo, most of the help remained at work and a noisy crowd from tho other mills and outsiders assembled and hooted and groan ed. The police from this city and North Provi dence were snmraoued hut no serious acts of violence were committed. In Woonsocket there was some noisy but harmless demonstration, tlie help leaving nearly all of the larger mills. The woolen manufacturers would like a general suspension of work. It -is probable that tho cotton mills will shut down temporarily. Fire in Chicago. Chicago, May 1.— Firo broke out this morn ing in Wilson llros.’ shirt factory in the third story of No. 63 West Washington street, and spreading rapidly, tho entire building with that adjoining, No. 61, occupied by Fairbanks, Morse & Co., scale dealers, were entirely de stroyed. Peter Smith, wholesale dealer in no tions, occupied the first and second floors of No. 03, and loses his entire stock valued at §40,000. Wilson Bros.’loss is estimated at §10,000 and of Fairbanks, Morse & Co„ §60,000. No. 67, occupied by Dean Bros.’ and Hoffman, whole sale stationers, caught fire and was deluged with water, damaging the stock very heavily, but the amount is not known. The amount of . insurance and the names of the companies havo not yet boon ascertained. Indian Punishment of Murder. Chicago, May 1.—A Des Moines, Iowa, des patch says an Indian of the roving tribe of Musquakoes which infest this State, a few weeks ago murdered one of his tribe. The tribe were then and aro now encamped on Skunk River, near Colfax, Jasper county. The murderer was put on trial and it was decided V.» nUn„l.l -1 1-_ 4-/-V death. The sentence was carried out to the letter. The Indian was tied to a log in the woods and several Indians were detailed te car ry the sentence into effect, which took eight days. Other cruelties known only to the In dians themselves were added to tlio torture of starvation. Lfoch Law. Louisville, May 1.—About midnight on Tuesday night a crowd gathered around the Mercer county jail at Harrodburg, aroused the jailor, demanued an entrance, took out a negro boy, carried him a short distanoo from thejown, and hanged him. Nearly a year ago he was sentenced to imprisonment for an attempt to commit a rape. The jailor permitted him to go after his cow evenings, and one day last week he made a second attempt on the person of a little colored girl. He was found hanging dead yes terday morning._ Kentucky Democratic Convention. Cincinnati, May 1.—Tho Kentucky Demo cratic State Convention at Frankfort to-day nominated .Tames W. Tate for State Treasurer. The resolutions are to reiterate the doctrine of State rights, favor a tariff for revenue only, rig id economy in govermential expenditures, zeal ous care of the election franchise aud subordi nation of military and civic authority, to wel come immigrants and invite co-operation of all opposed to corruption and consolidation. That Somnambulist. Exeter, May 1.—The Fitts boy somnambu list was brought into the Supreme Judicial Court to-day, but no proceedings were institut ed. A legal examination of the case will ho held at Candia next Tuesday. Dr. Perry pro nounces him insane. UETEOROLOOICAL. PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWTNTV-FOUB HOURS. War Dep’t,' Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. C., > May 1. 8 (P. M.) ) For the.northwest and the upper lakes, and at_a- 1_If!__!_1 .U. 1_ALI/. valley, northeast and southeast winds, rain and threatening woather, partly clearing to-morrow with lower temperature; for Tennessee and the Gulf and South Atlantic States, occasional rain, south-easterly and south-westerly winds, partly oloudy and clear!ng weather; for the lower lakes and Middle States, a falling barom eter, south easterly and north-easterly .winds, threatening weather aud rain; for Canada anil New England, increasing cloudiness followed by rain. Cautionary signals continue at Du lutb, Chicago, Grand Haven, Milwaukee, De troit, Toledo and Cleveland, and are ordered for Buffalo, Rochester and Oswego. FOKE1 GN. Reported Defeat of Dou Allouso. Madrid, May 1.—Don Alfonso is near Mau resa, in the Province of Barcelona, at the head of a band of 300 Carlists. His wife accompa nies bim. The Carlists continue to burn the railway sta tions, using petroleum to facilitate operations. They have also torn up the railroad tracks and destroyed the telegraph wires at several points within tlie past few days. Their military ope rations, however, have been much restricted by the activity of the troop3, and the government is sanguiue that tho insurrection will soon l>e entirely suppressed. A telegram from Ccrvera, in the Province of Lerida, near the line of Barcelona, announces that the troops have come np with and defeated Don Alfonso's band of Carlists, before reported in that vicinity. Spanish matters. Senor Accasta, Minister of War, has resign ed and will be succeeded by Gen. Nauvillas as soou as the latter can be recalled from tho com mand of the army in the north. The French Ambassador, the Marquis of Bouille, lias sent to Senor Costclar a protest against the demolition by the mob of a church in Cadiz, in which was contained a French chapel. Opening of the Vicuna Exposition. Vienna, May 1.—The exhibition was inaugu rated this afternoon by the Emperor of Aus tria, with imposing ceremonies, in tho presence of a vast assemblage from all parts of the earth. The proceedings wero begun with an address by the Arch-Duke Charles to the Emperor, con gratulating his Majesty on the auspicious event, and asking him to pronounce the exhibition open. The Emperor replied briefly, expressing satisfaction at tbo completion of preparations for the great work, and then formally declared the Universal Exhibition of 1873 open. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Em peror of Austria in the presence of members of the Imperial family, royal and illustrious guests aud state and civiu dignitaries. Tho weather was unfavorable, hut the crowds from all parts of the world who witnessed the imposing cer emonies were numerous, filling the rotunda and transcepts of the building aud portions of the grounds surrounding it. At noon the Emperor Francis .Joseph entered the rotunda with the Crown Princess Victoria of Germany on his arm. Ho was followed by the German Crown Prince Frederick William, who escorted the Empress Augusta, After these came theeldest son of the Prince accomoanied by the Prince Imperial of Austria. The Emperor took his seat on the throne when the combined bands, numbering several hundred musicians, perform ed the Austrian Hymn, which was succeeded by the Prussian Anthem, amid the cheers of the multitude. The Archduke Charles then rose, and addressing the Emperor, said: Sire: Filled with gladness I salute Your Ma jesty in these halls, devoted to progress and to peace. Your participation has fitly brought to completion a work which now draws upon Aus tria the eyes of tho world, aud has secured for the Fatherland a full recognition of the part she takes in the promotion of the welfare of mankind through the instructioirof labor. May it please Your Majesty graciously to receive this catalogue and to declare the Exhibition open. The Emperor receiving the casket containing tlm nafolonno r.mlIorl “With lively satisfaction I behold tho com pletion of this undertaking, the importance .and significance of which I appreciate in the high est degree. My confidence in the patnotsspi and capability of my people, in tho sympathy and support of friendly nations has accompa nied the development of the government. My well wishes and greatful recognition are devel oped to its termination. I declare the Univer sal Exhibition of 1873 opened. Prince Von Auresperg, President of tho Council of the Empire, advancing to the foot of the throne, addressed the Emperor as fol lows:—Sir, with feelings of modesty and at tho same time of exultation and pride,, the people of Austria gaze upon a work which tes tifies to the increasing power, and the growing esteem for the fartherland, and to its active participation in the great task of culture. We owe this work entirely to vou. It is the ern bodyment of your motto “Power and respect come from union which is strength.” Wo therefore lay our efforts at the foot of the throne. The ceremonies closed with tho chorus “Soe the conquering hero comes,” sung by the unit ed musical societies and choirs of the city. The Emperor and Empress having completed the circuit of the exhibition, thov departed amid tho salvos of the artillery and cheers of immense crowds grathered outside thebuildiDg. french and Spanish Rumors. London, May 3.—M. Barodet’s election con tinues to cause anxiety iu Paris. The govern ment is preparing constitutional bills to be sub mitted to the assembly. The tenor of all the advices received from Paris have indicated that a serious conflict is threatened. Later advices from Spainshow rumors of the shooting of Cure of Santa Cruz is correct. Sev eral engagements arc reported between small of Carlists and llepublicans. South American IVews. Lisjjon, May 1.—The mail steamer brings dates from Bio Janeiro to the 10th ult. A misunderstanding had arisen among tho ministerson the policy to bo pursued in a dis pute between the clergy and Free Masons, wh'ch was becoming serious. The yellow fever has almostdisappoarcd from Bio and other towns on tho sea coast. Tho revolutionary movement in Paraguay is suppressed. The New Ocean Cable-Small Pox—Emi grants East. Halifax, May 1.—Much astonishment is ex pressed here because of tho suspension of the work on the new cable to ibis city, and people are greatly disappointed that the Great Eastern is not coming. The suspension is said to be in consequence'of tho recent amalgamation by ca ble companies The fishing schooner Madame Boland, which was in qnarantine here with the small pox on hoard, has been released. Three of the crew are In the hospital and one died on tho banks before the vessel arrived. A number of Danish cmi'jraiits, recently brought out by the New Brunswick government, have left for tho United States. The Wreck of the Atlantic. Steamer Lackawanna arrived to-day noon from the. wreck of the Atlantic. The wreck is almost blown to pieces with gun powder, and large quantities of goods were recovered yester day. Fourteen bodies were brought Tuesday and 27 yesterday, mostly women. They were frightfully mutilated and were immediately buried. The total number of bodies thus far recovered is 351). The Falmouth arrived from Portland this morning. Tho Fishery Question. Ottawa. Ont., May 1.—Iu the House of Commons last night, Mr. Mills moved a resolu lutiou that before the arbitration to take place under the terms of the treaty of Washington he entered upon, it is proper that tho limits of dominion and jurisdiction should be decided. Sir John McDonald in opposition advanced the plea that it would prevent Canada from ob taining any compensation for the twelve years the treaty lasted, as Americans would not con cede their view of the fishery limits. He ad • mitted that the commissioners appointed to conduct the arbitration could only arrive at a very rough estimate of the sum due, aud said that communications were passing between the Canadian and Imperial governments on the subject of headland rights, and that tho ques tion would probably bo referred to international jurists for a decision. MINOR TELEGRAMS. Gov. Beverage of Illinois has issued a proc lamation designating Friday, May 30th, as Decoration Day. The Indian Commissioners discredit the story of the massacre of Americans in the Black Feet country. They had despatches Wednes day from the nearest military station, but no mention was mado of a disturbance. A telegram from Cernera, near Barcelona, announces that the troops have come up with and defeated Don Alfonso’s band of Carlists. before reported in that vicinity. The Captain Goneral of Cuba has refused to deliver O’Kelly to the commandor of the Brit ish gunboat Plover, who promised that O’Kelly should not return. The Postmaster General of New South Wales has been authorized to make arrange and Australia. The reports of Indian troubles in Manitoba j are without fouudatiou. lu Brewer, Qhio,Mrs. Kellouberger was shot i and instantly killed by her brother-in law Wed nesday night, as she was attempting to release some cattle that he had impounded. The American Public Health Association met at Cincinnati yesterday. Dr. Stephen Smith of New York, presided, Tho Northwestern Episcopal Convention met in Cleveland, Ohio, Wednesday. Resolutions were adopted to increase the missionary labor 50 per cent, and strongly disapproving adding to or omitting any par', of the prayer book. The Italian Ministry resigned yesterday in consequence of an adverse vote on an appropri tion bill. A new ministry has not yet been formed. The upper House of the Prussian Diet has passed a hill for the regulation and control of the clergy. The Portuguese government has ordered all I Carlists from Spain to leave that Kingdom, | giving them.thc choice of going to any country j except France. The steamship Francis Wright o£ New York, ! for Wilmington, N. C.,. sunk at sea earlv Thursday morning by springing aleak. Ail ! the passengers and crew were saved. Tho Brooklyn Mercantile Library will here after he open Sundays. • Base ball at Philadelphia—Philadelphia's 10, Baltimore’s 7. The Pennsylvania State Convention is called for Aug. 13th. The jute dyeing estab)iahment of J. D. Ma keri, New York, was damaged §25,000 by firo Thursday. A despatch from Portland, Oregon,Thursday, denies the threatening conduct of the Indians in Eastern Oregon and Southern Washington territory. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Eereisn Smportn. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Carlotta—7 pkgs halibut, 4 do mdse to J F Llscomb. ST. JOHN, NB. Schr Pioneer—3309railroad sleep ers to order. Boston Stock List. (.Salos at the Broker’s Board, May 1.1 Eastern Railroad....107 Sew York Slock and Hover Market. New Fork. May Morning.—Gold 117|. Money at 1-16 per cent. Sterling Exchange 108J @ 109J.— Stocks weak. State stocks steady. European Markets. Feaxkfort, May 1.—United State* 5-20s 1862, at 051. firmer and prices have advanced $d. Public Debt Statement. Washington, May 1.—The following is a recapitu lation of the public debt for the month of April, as it appears on the books of the Treasury: DEBT BEARING INTEREST IN COIN. Bonds at G per cent.$1,333,738,650 00 Bonds at 5 per cent. 414,567,300 00 Principal.$1,748,305,950 oo Interest. 39,569,024 77 DEBT BEARING INTERERT IN LAWFUL MONEY. Ccertificates of indebtedness at 4 per cent.$ 678,000 00 Navy pension fund at 3 per cent...... 14,000,000 00 Certificates at 3 per cent... 215,000 00 Principal...$ 14,893,000 00 Interest.. 149,543 00 DEBT ON WHICH INTEREST HAS CEASED SINCE MATURITY. Principal.. $ 2.524,550 26 Interest... 321,184 15 DEBT BEARING NO INTEREST. Old demand and legal tender notes.. $ 357,231,564 50 Certificates of-deposit.,.. 25,120,000 00 Fractional currency. 45,664,625 €9 Coin Certificates.... 24,7S7,400 00 Principal..... $ 452,803,610 19 Unclaimed interest. 16,604 84 TOTAL DEBT. Principal.$2,218,527,110 45 Interest . 40,056,256 76 Total. $2,258,583,467 21 CASH IN THE TREASURY. Coin.:.....S 76,976,440 00 Currency. 2,997,871 25 Spocial deposit held for redemption of certificates of deposits as provid ed by law..,. 25.120,000 00 Total...$ 105,094,311 25 DEBT LESS CASH IN TREASURY. May 1st, 1873. 82,153,489,155 26 April 1st, 1873. 2,155,736,641 56 Dccroaso debt during the month.$ 2,247,485 60 Decrease of debt since March 1st, 1873. 3,891,543 57 Decrease from March 1, 1869, to March 1,1873,. 368,082,559 48 RONDS ISSUED TO PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANIES, INTEREST PAYABLE IN LAWFUL MONEY. Principal outstanding.$G4,623,512 CO Interest accrued and not yet paid. 1,229,470 24 Interest paid by the United States. 18,509,280 90 Interest repaid by the transportation of mails, &c. 4,185,438 G8 Balance of interest paid by the United States. . 14,323,842 22 New York, May 1—Evening.—The monetary sit uation is marked by the increased stringency aud the high rates of interest, ranging from 1-16 @ i per cent, per diem. There was a heavy calling in of loans by banks holding city funds as tlio corporation is pay ing out nearly $3,000,000 interest ana other matured obligations.. The lending capacity of banks was also temporarily curtailed by drafts in settlement of half mouthly receipts with country hanks. The payment of gold coupons caused considerable sales of gold to banks and brokers, which also absorbs money for the moment. Express companies brought $1,500,000 cur rency. Tho liabilities on the Stock Exchange of Swan & Co., who suspended to-day, are reported lo s than $10,000. The fact that the 10th National Bank was a creditor at the clearing house this morning to the amount of $2,000,000 is explained to have been caused by the transfer Oi. city funds to it from the Broadway Bank. An investigation will probably be made into the aftairs of the Manufacturers’ & Merchants’ Bank, a small State institution, tor the purpose of setting tho rumors perhaps unfounded against it at rest. The Mobile & Montgomery Railroad has de faulted on Us May interest. Sterling Exchange dull and heavy at 108* for 60 days and 109J @ 109J for B.gUl. UUIU UKU, I1UXV, UIIU UCCUUUlg UUU1 111 g ,OJ @ 116}, and closing at 116} (5) 116}; loans at 3 per cant, to 1-16 per cent. The clearances were 55,000, 000. CuRtoms receipts $420,000. Treasury disburse ments $242,000. Governments Bteady throughout the day. State bonds arc neglected. Stocks, with the exception of Western Union, were very quiet with slight fluctuations, but that stock was actively dealt in and evidently bears the brunt of the battle between tho opposing forces on Exchange. The transactions in it will probably reach 100,000 shares at 84}, 85}. 841, 85*. 84}, 'and brokers of tho clique offered puts at 83} for 15 days at} per cent. Other wise prices were irregular with a general decline in tho afternoon when money was most active and stringent, but closed steady though quiet. Tho following were the quotations or Government securities: „ United States coupon C s, 1881. .....120} United States 5t20’s 1882.ex.int.114| United States 5-20 s 18G4ex.mt.114} United States 5-20;b 1865, oldcx.uit.,.117} United States5-20 s I860, new. nil United States 5-20 s 18C7. 110} United Slates 5-20 a lfGS .118 United States 5’s, now.114 United States 10-10’a.,coupons. 113* Currency 6’s . , •• .111} Tho following wore the closing quotations 01 WcstoVn Union Telegraph Co. 84} Pacific M&H• .••••«••••«.. N Y. Centra’ and Hudson Hirer consolidated.... 100J Erie.'.. . Krieproferrod.,. <0 Union Pacific stock.30J Tlio following were tbo quotations for JViciric Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds. 103} Union Pacific do. 86 Union Pacific land grants.74* Union Pacific income bonds. 72J Domestic Markets. AiaBANY, May 1.—Cattle market—receipts 2380 bead of good average quality; sales show a decline of * @ §; indications are tqat tho supply will bo largely in excess of tho demand; range 6 @ 46c. Sheep—re ceipts 2000 bead: no demand; few sales at a decline of 4; highest price 74c. New York, May 1—Evening—Cotton is steady with good export demand; sales 2965 bales; Middling uplands 19|. Flour dull and heavy; sales 9550 bbls; State 5 75 @ 8 25; Round hoop Ohio 6 90 @10 50; Wes tern 5 75 @ 10 50; Southern 6 00 @ 12 50. Wheat opened dull and lower jgrades 1 @ 2c lower but closed rather more Steady; sales 62,000 bush; No 2 kee 1 67; No 3 152 @ 1 56; White Amber State 2 25. Corn is heavy; new 1 @ 2c lower; sales 56,000bush, now Mixed Western 69 @ 71c ;do old 68c ju Jto *e. <Oats 1 @ 2c lower; sales 52,000 bush; ^Pork new Western Mixed at 50 @ 524- But flrmer: new mess 19 00. Lard guietat 94@ lo?er.: flSS* ’SSceltoody 1L?7| @ Whiskey is a sbudeirmer at 02c. Mawoyad(/ 7Jc ,lre. 84c Sugar quiet bat' cry Caftee strong and fining Porto Masses quiet 2nd active; ftlo at 17 @ M67 @ ftl. Navaf Stores uneliangod, New lower at 52}@ 53c; Uosin quiet Petroleum is quiet audashiie®2dor. crude 10ic; reflued 20} @20}. TFroight3toyuyerpool steady; Grain, per steam, at 5}d. Chicago, May 1 .—mm,* 1 „ extra Spring 6 00 @ c 75 uri»ii5u aiV* unchanged; bat lower aud closed quiet and ^ ^odverately active 1 23} for cash, regular Tiller lT ' k2Luring at June; No 3 Spring at I 15 (<g 1151 y’r'.;®*§ 1 28} for but no sales. Coni in fair demami’au.f wiil 980 weak; No2 Mixed at 37 Jo caeh @ 401c for seller Juno: rejected 31e. Oat8 ln « mand and advance.!, closing and a shade oa"fro ' tT; best pricee of the day ; No 2 at 30$c for regular and cash; 304 @ 31c seller May; 33k: sellerjJune; rejected 29 @ 30c. Rye quiet and unchanged at 69 @ «<jc for frefdi. Barley steady; No 2 Fall regmar 7l$e; fresh 78 @ 80c. Provisions—Pork irregular, closing quiet and lower; 18 50 @ 18 75seller June, closing at 18 50. Lard quiet and a shade lower, closing at 9 30 for seller June. Bulk Meats are m fair demand and farm: Bhouldors 64c; short rib middles loose 8$c; snort clear middles quoted at 8| @ 84c. Bacon is unchanged ; shoulders 8c; clear rib sides 10c; clear sides 10$t\— Whiskey is steady at 87c; offerings light. Receipts—7,500 bbls flour, 22,000 bush wheat, 19, D00 huso corn, 56,000 bash oats, 3,000 bush rye, 3,000 bnsh barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—7,000 obisflonr, 67,000 bush wheat, 231, 000 bush corn, 65,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 5,000 bash barley, 0000 hogs. Cincinnati, May 1.—Provisions firmer aud more wuve. Pork nominally at 18 50. Lard is firmer at [krfor steam, generally held at 9$c; kettle held at 9$c, jobbing sales at 9Jc. Bulk Meats strong; shoulders at 7 @ 7$c; clear rib sides at 9$ @ 9$c; clear sides 9gc, closing with increased firmness. Bacon is firmer; shoulders at 7$ @ 8c; clear rib sides 94 @ 9gc; clear Bides 10 @ 10$c. Whiskey steady at 86. x ole do. May 1—Flour steady. Wheat in fair de higher; No 2 White Wabash 2 05; extra W uite Michigan 2 05; No 2 do 1 68; Amber Michigan seller June 1 76: No 1 Rod 180; No2 do at 1734 — Dornlis a shade higher; high Mixed on spot at 454c; Boiler May 45$c; seller June 46$c; seller Aug 484c low Mixed on spot 45$; seller Aug 48c. Oats steady * No 2 on spot at 29$ @ 39|c; Michigan 40c. Lake Freights—to Oswego 9; to Kingston 84 for coru. Receipts—16,000 bbls flour, 7,000 hush wheat, 46,000 bush corn, 3,000 bush oats. Shipments—0000 bbls flour,3,000 bush wheat, 37,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Detroit, May 1.—Wheat steady; extra White at L 93 bid; No 1 White at 1 88; Amber Michigan 1 73. Dorn quiet and unchanged at 47 @ 47$c. Oats quiet »rd unchanged. Freights to Oswego 10c. Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 9,000 bush wheat, 0,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Shipments—2000 bbls flour, 17,000 bush wheat, 0,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Charleston, May 1.-Cotton quiet and firm; Mid dling uplands 18$c. Savannah. weak.-Cotton Is weak; Middling uplands at 18gc. Mobile,May l.-Cotton is quiet; Middling up lands 18c. New Orleans, May 1.—Cotton easier and in fair demand; Middling uplands 18$c. Havana Market. Havana, May 1.—Exchange on United States. 60 currency, at 74 @ 74 piem; short sight 10 @ 12 prem; 50days in gold 24$(a)25prem. London 38 prem; Pails 21$ @22 prem. Freights New Orleans, April 24.—Freights.—The supply of tonnage very light and demand for room activo.— There is a large stock of Tobacco, Com and Western produce, etc., in addition to Cotton to be moved anil shippers were willing to pay high rates. We quote Cotton to Liverpool, steam, | @ pi, via New York |d; to New York lc; sail. Cotton to Liverpool Jd, Havre ifte. In Bremen He. Antworn fVim to Liverpool, steam 16d. ALLEN & CO. We have just received direct from the Importers their SPRING STYLES FINE WOOLENS FOR Gentlemen’s Wear! Please Call and Examine We have also in Stock a line of Fine Custom Ready-Made CLOTHING y - * g\ +*■ -I ^ /""OF OUR OWN DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE, which has the same genteel appearance as those made to order. 87 MIDDLE STREET .. : -» » ■ *T ♦ PORTLAND. April 16, 1873. WF*M3w D. W. CLARK & CO., — DCALCRS IN — ' " - : r : | ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST„ ■ ' * : ? -r t'v — AND — 32 EXCHANGE ST., Pore Icc supplied for all purpos es, and vii any quantity at tbe LOWEST BATES. apr3 Leavitt, Bnrnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IK IC E. No* 14 Cross Street, Portland. Orders left at Ice Offieo, 14 Cross St., or with J. C Proctor, S3 Exchange St., will be promptly attended ' liy Pure Ice supplied fur nil purposes in any quantities and at the aplO LOWEST RATES. Istf THE Maine State Agricnltnral Society will hold its 11TH, EXHIBITION AT BANOOB, September ^6^ 17,18 & 10, EyOver 80000, in premiums aro oflerod. mar 33 ’ deni For Sole. SHIFTING TOP BUGGY, nearly new, run only a few months. A premium carriage and made by one of the best workmen in the state. Will bo sold at a bargain; Inquire at No. 6 Gaboon Block, Myrtle Street. myl*lw ENTERTAINMENTS. Maine General Hospital F /UR. “Crowning the Bose” AND — BRAIDING a may-pole by young cvdif.s who have kindly volunteered their service, for the benefit of the lne MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL, ! will be repeated on This Friday Eve’g, May 2d, I — AT — CITY HALL. Doors open at 7 o’clock. Cantata commences at 8. Tickets 3.1 Cents. For sale at Hawes «6 Cra gin’s, Stockbridgcs’s, Hoyt & Fogg’s, and at the hall. my2 It THE ANNUAL Fair and Festival — OF THE — Ladies of the St. Lawrence St. Society will be held In their Vestry on Thursday aud Friday, May 1 & 2, AFTERNOON AND EVENING. On Thursday evening theic will be an entertain ment bv tbe children aud a hot supper will be served. On Friday evening there will bo several of the Jubi lee songs 3ung aud other entertainments. Refresh ments will ba for sale on both evenings. A taney table will bo well supplied with useful and ornamen tal articles for sale at fair rates. Admission 15 cents; Supper extra. ap29 d3t OWEN’S BENEFIT — TO THE — I -m*- • /N YT _ . _ Oil Y1 • illume wen. iiuspiiui run, Saturday Night, May 3,1873. Hcnlc of Prices—Reserved Seats 75 cents and $1.00$ General Admission 50 cents. The latter may be had at the following places: ! Stockbridge’e music store, | Gilkey’s apothecary store Falmouth House, I Dana s “ “ Preblo “ I Abner Lowell’s jewelry United States Hotel, | store. Reserved seats to be had at Stockbrklge’s music stoie, 15G Exchange street, only. ap29___td MUSIC HALL. i Manages.me. theo. Hamilton. MR. OWENS, In response to many requests that he would appear as PAUL PRY, Has made arrangements to deviate from his arrangod route, and will appear ONE NIGHT MORE, — ON — Next Saturday, May 3d, FOB THE MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL, <See correspondence.) On which occasion he will present Poolo’s Comedy in 3 acts, of PAUL PHY! And his Farcical pieco of absurdity, the LITE INDIAN. Mr. Owens iu 4 Distinct Character's Saturday Evening, Mat 3—The performance will commence with Poole’s Comedy, In 3 acts, P Y U L P R Y. “I Hope I Don’t Intro Je.” Paul Pry.MB. OWENS. To conclude with the LIVE INDIAN. Mr. Owens in Four Characters. Scale of Prices—Reserved Scats, Orchestra and Parquctto $1.00. Reserved Seats, Balcony, 75 cts. General admission 50. 63P*The sale of scats will begin at Stockbridge’s music store, 156 Exchange St., on Tuesday morning, April 29. apr28dlw MUSIC_HALL,_ “They’ve Clot to Come,” Potnririim ah Oinlr aw/1 a-_ _r <1.. Provinces. For Two Nights, MONDAY & TUESDAY, MAY 5th & 6th. , HARRY BLOOD ROOD'S minstrel nud Burlesque Combination, Including the Monarchs, Waiters and morion, the greatest known Song and Dance Artists. Charles Jlalhewt and m’lle Belle Celeste, in their astounding Aerial Flights and terrific feats on the Flying Trapeze. CLARKE, MANNING, RIDDELL, BLOODGOOD HIMSELF, and twenty others together with a Full Braes Band and Orchestra. comprising an entertalnmont of acknowledged supe rior merit. For particulars see posters and programmes. W-Pi riccB as usual. Rcservod places ready at Box office, Monday May 5th. C. H. JARVIS, Agent. HARRY NILES, Business, Manager. apr30dlw THE EVENT OF THE SEASON mijsic5~iiall. One Night Only !! THURSDAY, MAY 8th. MORRIS BROS’ MinsrSTHELS. ION, BILLY AND CHARLEY MORRIS, and their monster Company of TWENTY STAB ARTISTS. Minstrelsy a hundred years ahead of the times. No Females, near acts in White Facts! MINSTRELSY PURE AND UNAL LOYED. All the old favorites and a host of NEW STARS. The Monster Company in a Grand CHALLENGE PROGRAMME, introducing.btulcsqnes, farces, Ac. NINE COMEDIANS ! Prices as usual. Reserved Feats now ready at Hawes & Cragln’s mu»ic store. Carriages may be ordered at 10.20 P. M. Look out for programmes, posters, Ac. my2dtd RUBINSTEIN GRAND CONCERT — AT — CITY HALL, Friday, May 9th, 1873, at 8 P, M. MR. GRAB has the honor to announce as abeve to the citizens of Portland and vicinity the FIBST AND ONLY APPEARANCE OF ANTON RUBINSTEIN, the greatest living rianist, HENRY WIENIASKI, the world renowned Violinist, NILE. LOUISE LIEBHART, the eelebiatod London Soprano, HONS. L. REHRIELIASKI, Accompanist. POPULAR PRICE8. Admission including Reserved Seat *t.«0, salo of which commences at Stockbridge’s music store on Monday morning, Mav 5th at # rfaock. Stcinway-s Pianos used at aMbLVeta concerts._____my^dtd grand FLORAL FESTIVAL Five Hundred Children — AT — CITY HALL. MAY 81, 73, — FOR THE BENEFIT OF TIIE — MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL. MR. W. L. FITCH, would most rcsnoctftilly invite all who have been members of the “Threw o’clock Singing Schools,” in the past, and all others who would be pleased to join in this Festival, to meet at the “KAEPTION HALL ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, HAY 3d AT 3 P. M. It is designed to organize a chorus of fife kundrtil, and commence at once the rehearsals. Let us have a generous response. Rehearsals Saturdays and Wednesdays at 3 P. M. tP Please bring ibr Hocking Bird. JB my2 (Et AUCTION SALES. S. BAILEY A CO., Commission Merchants, — AXD— UCTION KERB NO. it EXCHANGE NTHEt t. Next below Merchants’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, OEO. W. PAKKKIt. IIefehi'xcfs—Messrs. II. J. Libby & co., and Hon Charles 1*. Kimball Port lend. Me.; Messrs. Leonard Si Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston, split BV J. 9. BAILEY A CO., Aarlleiwn Furniture, Cnrpi’is, Pictures, Ac., at Auction. WBa?-» “®" »t auction at our salesroom on rai ment ,!r rY’ Ma>'2d, at 101 o’clock A. M„ an assort PLtstif„Y^,pct“’B™l,sel».»-F’ly ana Chamber Car Chaira Bn?cau^"Sl,d,W’ Barlor"“ltln Hair Cloth, and Woolen uw3ab n’ B^hteaile, Crockery, Glass Picture"™, Kr^.YH ’,.Bf'«ms, TraSM, about 30 line Also one setoSdtaid W^;?u*’s1J?or‘’ Bliod<’’ *c ap28 uan 1 " “ten and Harness. ----- dtd ByJ.H. BAILKV&rn T a w CO., Anciisaeers. Ciolit Hunter case uUi..i. . Chain »• und ON FRIDAY, May 2, at. 11 o'clock a m , . We .hall Nil One Fine WaUlmm Wat,» S' Oolrl Hunter Case, Tull Jeweled CT^ometeJ b5li« new and In perfect order. A Gold Chain, alsoiio”’ »pr29_ ’ w ' Tea at Aaction. ON FRIDAY, May 2d, at 2J o’clock p. M., at office, we shall sell 13 Cheats choice Tea, fold to closo the estate of a decotoed dealer. Ft O* HAII.E Y A CO., Auctioarrs. ap29__dtd Beal Estate on Exchange and Mar ket Streets at Aaction. ON SATURDAY, May 3d, at 12 o’clock M., We shall sell the very desirable lot of land situated on Exchange and Market Streets, north of the Okl Post Office lot. In Portland, and bounuod, beginning on the westerly side of Market street, seventy-seven and eight-tenths feet from the southerly side of Con gress street, thence south-westerly by land of heirs of James Deering fifty-four feet, to Exchange street, thence north-westerly by said Exchange street sev enty-one feet to a stake, thence north-easterly paral lel with the south-easterly line herein described for ty-eight feet, more or less, to Market street, tbence south-easterly by said Market street seventy-one leet, more or loss, to the point of beginning. For particulars call on J. «fc E. M. Hand, 121 Mid dle street, or F. O. BAILEY & CO., Asetisaeert. apr2Ud For Sale at Anction. THE centrally located brick house, No. 28 Frei Street, corner of Cotton. A good location for a Phyeician or a Dentist. The lot Is sufficient hi sli« for two good stores, which wilt bo wanted hi a few premises hulng within a few rods of woll ostubllsbed business bouses. The above property will be offered bv auction, on Monday, May Mh, at 2* o’clock, P.M. bAII*£Y Sc CO , Jlutfeawn. apr29___»dlw Administrator's Sale of Beal Es tate. WILL be sold at public sale on tbe promisee. In the town of Deering, on the "Gray road.’’ about one mile from Allen's Corner, on TUESDAY, the sixth day ot May next, at eleven o’clock A.M. So much of the Real Estate. (Wood and Timber land.) of Geo. Frost, Esq., late of Westbrook, tn tbe County of Cumberland, deceased, as will produce a sum not execodlng eighteen hundred and twenty.stx dollars. By virtue ot a License from Hon. J. A. Waterman, Judge of Probate tor Cumberland County. THOS. QCINBY, Administrator, (with Will annexed.) Portland. April 4. 1873. Immediately alter the above sale will be sold the valuable property at Allen’s Corner, known as the Knights field, containing about 20 acres. This Is one of the best fields in this location. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Aaclimeen. myl ___dtd Desirable Proper!rat Gorham Vil lage, to be sold at Auctt4>u. PURSUANT to license from Probate Coart, will be sold at public auction on SATURDA Y, the 10th day of May nest, at 2} o’clock P. M., the valu able Estate known as the “Broad Flace." Said estate consist* of about six acres of land, on which aro a Urge two-story House, Barn and out-bulldhigs, fruit trees, shade trees, &c., See. This is a moot at tracts o location, bat five minutes waU from Churches, Seminary, public School House, and B. R. Station; and will unquestionably be sold at a bargain. A train on P. & K. R. leaves Portland at 1| P. M.. and ono returns at 4.25 P. M. gySalo to take place on tbe premises. JOHN C. CARD, Ex’r ot Will of the late Henry Broud. r.firlifim A nril 7 1R73 onrOrlltiwTw I fieri iltH* I [BITION. I beg leave la fnferna my CmMaacr, and the Public in general that ■ will exhibit Wednesday, April 23. THE LATEST NOVELTIES —or— SPRING GOODS French, English and Domestic, in the greatest variety. Soliciting year esteemed rails to examine goods and prices, I remain, yoars very iwpec'.fully, T. LOBENSTEIN, NO. 1 DECKING BLOCK. ap22_____ GRASS SEED. 3000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1*00 “ Canada “ lOOO “ Bed Top “ *O0 “ Michigan Clover “ 300 “ Ohio “ 400 “ No. New York “ lOO “ Pea Vine, “ •• 1*0 f Alstke lOO h Millet - lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ lOO “ Orchard FOB SALE AT THE. Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mch26 tf Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEANS — WHICH — W. €. COBB 1* telling BY TIIE QUART, at hie Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, bare been tented and pronounced GOOD ! ; Now If you wish to try them, yon can by sending In your order have them brought right from the oven to your door any morning during the week. Or, If you nay you want tberu Sabbath morning (as is the he will send you Saturday evening. Then by put ting them in your own ov< n yon can find them there at breakfast time and Bare'the unpleasant task of rising before you arc ready and hurrying to the bak ery. I*. S.-Tnke wme choice BROWN BREAD with them or not, an yon like. apig___tf Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship c«. CJiDEB COHTUACT FOB THB CABBTIBO or TH* Canadian and United Slat.. 3l.Ua. rawengera booked o Lcndon deny and Liverpool. Return. Tielcet. ► granted at Redrnwd Ratei*. v The Steamship AU8TRI Ui, Copt. Ritchie, W1U leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, may 3d, Immediately after the arrival of the Train of th previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ac cording to accommodations).970 la 99V Payable In Gold or Us equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. For Steerage Passage inward and outward, and tor Slcht Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street. Portland, Not. tilth, 18T2. novMtf NEW OYSTER HOUSE T. S. HATCH Respectfully informs his friends and the public that be has leased and fitted up in good shape store N#. riOT Congrats Nirect, nearly opposite Brown street. A frill supply or fresh Oysters, cooked in every style, and for sale by the quart or gallon con stantly on hand. Hatch's celebrated Ice Cream sup plied to parties on call. mcb&tt 500 Bbls. Algae Fertiliier. 200 Bbls. Fish Cham, FOR SALE BY t’ONAJIT A RAND, 133 COmiEECIAL STREET ^____ *d3w Tv Owners of Jersey Cows. Tnf£ ??r'6r*Pure W«xi«i Jer»ey Bn U i -M. for tho uto of Cows daring the present season. __ JOILN EKK1). • Woodford’s Corner, April 3,1«3. apkilm*

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