27 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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ESTABLISHED JUNE 23. 1862. VOL. 13. PORTLAND TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 27, 1873.- ~ " TEEMS $8.00 PEE ANKUM in advancF. THF PORTLAND DAILY PRESS Published every day (Sundays excepted) by the PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO., At 109 Exchange St. Portland. Terms: Eight Dollars a Yoar in advance THE MAINe’sTATE PRESS la p iWished every Thursday Morning at $2 50 a year, if paid in advance, at $2 00 a year. Ratf.8 of Advertising: One inch ot space, ength of column, constitutes a “square.” 50 per square daily first week ; 75 cents per w ok after; three insertions, or less, $1 00; continu es every other day alter first week, 50 cents. Half square, three insertions or less, 75 cents; one weok. $1 00; 50 cents per week after. Spr< ial Notices, one third additional, finder head of “Amusements,” I- 00 per square per week; three insertion* or less $1 50. ^ Advertisements Inserted In the “Maine hTATE Press” (wli'ch has a large circulation in every part of the State) for §1 00 per square for first insertion, and 50 cents per square for each subsequent inser tion. Address all communications to PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO. BUSINESSCARDiS. ARETAS SIIURTLEFF, No. 6 Moulton Street. PORTLAND, ME., — WILL 8ELL ON — COMMISSION I ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE, — ALSO — Negotiate Loans on Mortgages! apr!6 dtf I JOST A KElflEB, FRESCO PAINTERS, Office 134 Middle St., np stairs. PORTLAND, ME. Orders may be left at F. F. Hale’s picture gallery ann O. M & F. P. Brooks’, No. 333 Congress St. AII Orders promptly att. nde<l to. jan25 tf SCRIBNER & JORDAN, PATENT AGENTS, 74 MIDDLE, COR., EXCHANGE ST., PORTLAND, MAINE. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO REJECT* apr5 ED CASES. eodtf J. H. hooperT U 1° IT O LSTERER Nos. 31 and 33 Free St, MANUFACTUUEB OF Parlor Suits, Lounges. Spring Beds, Mattresses, SlcDouousb Patent Bed Louugu, En ameled Chnir., Are. jyAll kinds of repairing neatly done. Furnilore boxed and matted. octA-*6!)TT&SU W. C. CLARK, 103 FEDERAL STREET, 5 Doors East of Temple St., GAS AND WATER PIPING. ap21tf ROSS k STURDIVANT, WHOLESALE COAL DEALERS 179 Commercial St., Portland. Sole agents in Maine for tbe sale and shipment of the Celebrated Coal mined by Messrs. Ham mett Neill & Co., of Philadelphia. We have also tor sale at lowest market price, 'Vilkttgbarre, Scranton, Lackawanna, and Pittston Coals, shipped from the vicinity of New York. Ves sels proeuitJ for the tranjiortation of coals from port of shipment any point desired. tfapr27 WILLIAM HENRI CLIFFORD, Counsellor at Law and in Patent Causes, NO. 80 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND. t5T“Attends to all kinds of Patent business. marlO d3m HENRY F. T. MERRILL, COUNSELOR AT LAW, No. 30 Exchange St.. Portland. Formerly of the U. S. Treasury Depart ment and Attorney in all the courts in the District of olumbia, wi l attend to the prosecution of laims teiure the Court of Claims and the various departments at Wasbinemn. octll-'f ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron Greenougli & Co., 140 Nliddlc Street, PORTLAND. ME. military 1 f Firemen’*, Grand Army, ! A ! Base Ball, Wa.y, " LlrSj School, JtLanonic, j (Club. HATS, CAPS AND CHAPEAUS, MADE TO ORDEIt, C3T*A.t th.e Lowest Prioes.^J Samples sent on application, and all orders filled at short no ice. apr4lf PORTLAND MACHINEWORKS (FORMERLY C. STAPLES & SON’,) Marine, Stationary and Portable STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers. Bleach Boilers anti Tanks, Shafting, Mill Gearing and General Machinery. Castings of Iron, t rass, and composition. Repairing promptly atu nded to. jgp^New and Secopd-hand Engines ior sale. Highest cash prices paid for olu Iron. 215 Commercial Street, V. H. FESSENDEN. aprl4tf Portland, Me. GEO. E. COEI INS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, JIG C ONGRESS STREET, I* prepared to make all the various styles of Card Pictures, Renibrnut, Medallion, Are., from Retouched Negntirc*. By this proems we Gt-t rid of Freckle*. Mole* nn<l other im perfection* of the Mkin. For all of which no extra cliaige will be made. All work warranted to pie:is<\ Call and examine for yourselves. mclilSdtf (HAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER, 5 Peering fflock, at scntrnACHEK bro j hers. aprl6 d3mo J. II. lamsoA, PHOTOGRAPHER, No. 152 Riddle Street. POUTlilHD, ME. Copying and enlarging done o order. All the new Myles, Berlins, Bembrants, Medallion, he Porcelain, or Mezzotint eard, and the retouched c*Bl. by which new process wo gel rid cf freckles moles,wrinkles and all imperfections of the skin. Call jind judge for yourselves. otto—Good work nt Moderate Price*. Aim to Please. may 20 William H. Pufaney. Jas. L. Lombard. 1 PHINNEY & LOMBARD, Real Estate & Loans, No. 153 La Salle Street, CHICAGO. Safe invPNtmrntN made for non-residents, and their interests carefully attended to. References:—OhnR. B. Sawyer, Pres. 5'h Nat’l Bank, Chicago: Chan. H. Mathews,Capitalist,Schen cdady.M. Y.; J. F. WinsI w & Co., Powlana, Me.; 8 A. Brigs*, Vice-Pres. Franklin Bank, Chicago; G. H. Hns-m^r, Lcckport, N. Y.; Phinney <Sr Jackson, Portland. Me. apil2dtf L. B. DENNETT, Counsellor nt Caw, NO. 1 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. ME. .taDlO_ tf JAMES 0’D0NNELe7 COUNSELLOR AT LAW, ha? removed to WO. 84 1-9 MIDDLE STRICT, (2nd door below CaDal Bank,) PORTLAND, MAINE. Commissioner of deeds for the several States. feblO _BUSINESS CARDS. PATENTS —- IS ALL — C O U N R I E S. SCRIBNER & JORDAN, 74 Middle'Street, eor. Exchange, PORTLAND, ME., Secure Inventions, Trade Marks and De signs in all Countries where Patent Laws exist. Assignments made and sent for record. Consul1 a i m personally or by letter free. Letters promptly answered. Models and Drawings furnished. Extensions, Re-Usues, Interference and Disclaim ers atrended to at living prices. Examinations made and opinions given as to the patentibilitv of inventions. niy23d&w3m BENJ. KINGSBURY, JR., Attorney at Law, No. 83 Middle Street, PORTLAND M-A-IUE. (Opposite Canal Bank.)_may21-<ilm DR. UERSOM HAS taken the office of the late Dr. Robinson, 260 CONGRESS St. Office hours, 9 to 11 A. M., 2 to 4 P. M “ “ Sundays, 9J to 10 A. M., 4 to 6 P. M Residence, comer Pine and Emery Streets. Or ders out of office hours may he lefc with Mrs. Robin inson, 200 Congress Street, or at his residence myOtf G. W STOfKJIAfl. II. Physic! n and Surgeon, 207 Congress St., Portland, r poosite the Park. mai lSdtf REMOVAL. DR. CHAS. 0. HUNT HAS REMOVED TO 379 CONGRESS STREET, Opposite Whittier’s Drug Store. may21_ d2w 3. II. TOGO, Attorney and Counsellor at law, 1191-3 EXCHANGE ST., (Corner of Exchange and Federal Sts.,) feb27 PORTLAND, ME. tf EDUCATIONAL KIVIiVITF SCHOOL, —OF— Harvard University* THIS SCHOOL is open to persons ot all denomina tions. Pecuniary aid is attorded to those who are needy and deserving. The next Academic Year will begin SEPTEMBER 2Gth. Further information will be given on application to Prof, ((UVEIt STEARV,, I) or Prof. IB. J. YOUNG, Cambridge, Mass. mar27-lamtjcl-thenedtjyl Navigation School J A NAVIGATION SCHOOL will be opened at No. 15J Exchange street, March 3d. to be under the charge of Capt. Edward Breen ana C. H. Farley. Instructi on will be given every afternoon by Capt. Breen, and Monday and Friday evenings by C. II. Farley. The course will begin with derma! arithme tic, and well comprise Plane, Traverse, Parallel Mid dle Latitude sailing; the use of Logarithms; the use and adjustment of Nautical Instruments; Latitude by Sun *nd Stars, and Long!' ude by Chronometer Lunar observations will not be included in the course but will be taught if desire I. The evening instruction will be given before the whole class, when the various problems involved in navigation will be worked out upon the black-board and illustrated by suitable diagrams and apparatus and the use and adjustme t of Instruments explain ed. Subjects collateral to navigation such as Metc Ocean Currents, &cM will also be introduced at the evening sessions. For terras, apply to C. H. Farley, No. 4 Exchange street. * feb!9tf City oi Portland. In Board of Mayor and Aldermen, I May 12, 1873.} ORDERED, Thai the City Clerk give notice to all parlies interested by publishing a copy of this order in the -‘Portland Daily Press” of this city for three weeks successively, that this Board on Monday, the 2d day of June next, at, 7£ o’clock, P. M., at tne Alderman’s Re on in the City Building, will hear all parlies interested in the petition for Sewers in the following named streets: Middle street, from Free to Market Square. Spring street, trom High to State street. Brown street, from Congress to Cumberland street. Deering street, from State to Av< n sireet. Washington street, from Cumberland to Congress street. Mayo street, from Oxford to Cumberland street. Oxford street, from Anderson to Washington street. St. John street. A nd that thereafierwards this Board will deter mine and adjudge if public conveniences requires the construction of sewers in said s rects Rea-1 and passed. Attest: H. I. ROBINSON, Olerk. A true copy, Attest: H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. iny!4-3w City of Portland. In Board of IIealth, ) _ April 21st, 1873.) i^RDERED, that until otherwise directed we do v-F hereby desiguate the dump at the foot of Hano ver street (City Stable lot), and the dump at the foot of Franklin and Smith streets, as the places for dc posito of rubbish, sncb as dirt, shavings, saw dust, ashes, cinders, soft, hair, shreds, manure, oyster, or lobster shells, or any other matter of any kind (except dead animals) which may he removed from any house, cellar, yard, or other place within the City limits. Approved April 21st, 1873. I hereby give notice that the “City Ordinances” relating to ibc deposit of rubbish in any Street. Lane, A ley. Court,Stjuare. Public Place or unoccupied lots within the city limits, except the lots designated in the foregoing order, will be strictlv enforced GEO. W. PARKER, City Marshal. Argus and Advertiser copy. ap23ed3m To the Harbor Commissioners of Portland. THE undersigned being desirous of extending two wharves from their premises on the southwester ly side of Hog Island, respectfully ask your authority to make such extensions, subject to such instructions and limitations as you may prescribe. LEWIS, WHITTEN & CO. Portland, May 21, 1873, ORDERED, T hat a hearing be had on the foregoing petition on Thursday May 29th, 1873, at 3.30 P.M., on the premises therein named, and that a notice of the above petition together with this our order there on be given by publication, in two of the dailv pa pers printed in Portland, for seven days at least previous to the hearing. JACOB McLELLAN, ) „ . _ cAT^ric4> Portland, May 21,1873. my22dlw Notice to Owners of Lots in Ever green Cemetery. ANY person owning lots in Evergreen Cemetery, by calling at the Office ot the City Treasurer and paying the sum of one dollar for each lot, will in sure the best of care for the same by the Sufierintemi ent for the current year; and any person pa\ing the sum of twenty-five dollars will secure the * care o. their lots by the city lor all time. JAS. BAILEY, ) J. S. PALMER, J Trustees. C. E. JOS »•, ) DOGS—Any Dogs found in the inclosure after this date without the presence of master will be in peril. JAS. BAILEY, J. S. PALMER, C. E. JOSE. myirdtf __ Eastern Cemetery. AJOT1CF is hereby given that the Oity Committee -Lv on Cemeteries and Public Grounds have decided to put tiie Eastei n Cemetery in a better condition by I!':;1;™''™1 "f all delipidaied fences, etc.; amlpar TMu.Sft!? rcp lr nr I’»t such fences in order, are of smil -is » tor'bwiih. as the work of removal to-dav * ° and broken down will begin y‘ J. S. GOULD, Portland, May 26tb. Sopt. of Burials. Particular IVotir,. ,« takers of the City of Portland. NO person shall remove any bodies or thP of any bodies from any of the grave? in ibc city, or disturb or break up, or removlfa^j body in auy tomb or grave without stieeial i erm ssion of the Superintendent of Buiials.- Chap 37. Revised Ordinances of the City of Portland Perorder, JAMES S. GOULD, may24-d2w Superintendent of Burials. A. S. LYJIA.VS Patent Pure Dry Air Refrigerator; Tlic best and Only Keliable One in the market. IT is indispensable to Butchers, Provision dealers. Hotel Keepers, Grocers ami Restaurants. Will save raoie than its cost every Summer. Butchers who use it, in its best form, will soon find chelr meats recommended by their customers. The internal ar rangement is such that a current of cold air is kept constantly moving over the contents of the Refriger ator. The Patent upon this has been fully tested in I tue U. S. CourtB and its validity established in eigh teen cases. For LICENSE, RIGHTS, &c„ apply to SCOTT D. JORDAN. AGENT FOB MAINE, No. 2 Park Strecf or No. 80 Middle St., to whim all applications should be made, and who has full power to settle infringements. mch4eodtf REAL ESTATE. F. G. Patterson’s Real Estate Bulletin. TWftTVPV TO LOAN on First-Claw* iUVllFii Mortgages of Real Estate in l ortl nd nn*l vicinity. Real Estate bought and sold. Rents collected. Apply to F. G. PATTER8UN, Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, over fiovreli’s Jewelry Store* ap25dtf Cor. Congress 4k B own Sts. Real Estate for Sale* A TWO story House. 8 rooms, cellar, lot 40x93, on Hanover street. Price $2500. Terms $500 down, balance time. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, dealer in Real Estate. my24eod2w For Sale. TWO double tenement Houses on Cotton street— No. 9, two tenements, five rooms each—No. 13, two tenements, seven rooms each. Als<» House No. 28 Bramball street, arranged for one or two families; lot 40x 113, fronting on two streets. This property is newly finished aua in complete order, and will be sold as the health of the owner demands a change of climate. Apply to LEON M. BO»VDOIN or '. G. PATTERSON, Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. my5 tf FOR SALE, A SUPERIOR Hay Farm, in South Gorham, eight miles from Portland by JOHN L. CURTIS. my22 lw* then tf A Nice Surburban Residence FOR LEASE. The commodious two story brick house on Stevens* Plains, formerly occupied by the late Wm. L. WUsbn. The hou«e c**n _ "tain* twelve finished rooms, includ ing Ba ll R um, all in good repair. The lot contains more than an acre. Nice Grape Vines, also Apple and Pear Trees, t gether with a good stable and ex cellent wacer. Apply to WM. H. JERR1S, Real Es tate Agent, corner Congress and Myrtle streets. myl9 d3w For Sale. HOUSE AND LOT No. 79 Oxford street. House contains 14 finished rooms, good cellar. Lot 27 x 100 feet besides passage. To be sold cheap. Im mediate possession given. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, mayl7d3w 93 Exchange s reel. For Sale in Peering. A FEW minutes walk from City limits. 25 acres of Land with nearly 1000 feet froiitage, with Buildings thereon, consisting of TWO SIORY HOUSE and two large Barns in good repair. The Land ex tending through from one street to another, making it all available for HOUSE EOTS and will shortly be wanted for that purpose. It will be divided into two or more lots if desired. If not sold before June 1st, it will be sold at auc tion. For terms, etc., enquiro at Cushman’s Fruit store. No. 30G Cougress street. myl3tf For Sale. THE house on State Street, occupied by the un dersigned. This house is thoroughly built of brick and stone and has all modern conveniences. ALLEN HAINES. Portland, Sep. lfcth, 1872. seplO-tl FOR SALE! tebbet¥ house, SPRINGVALE. WILL BE SOLD CHEAP! As the owner wants to go West. Jau31 SAMUEL D. TEBBETS. Valuable Lots for Sale. THE lot of land on Plum Street, formerly occupied by Rev. Dr. Carrnthers. next below the Eastern Ezpress Office; also the lot on Deer street, upon which stood the Second Parish Vestry, prior to the fire of 186 >; also a lot of second-hand curb stones Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, niy7*3w House for Sale. NO. 22 Bramhall Street the south-westerly half of a block of two houses containiug twelve finished rooms; suitable for two families or one; fronting cn two streets; am pit room lor stable. Apply on the premises. my6*lm Real Estate tor Sale. THE HOUSE at No. 6 Tare Street, and lot extend ing through on Brackett street, with Stable. Also, a lot of 10 acres of Hay Field wiili a good Barn situated in Scarboro, on the Paine road near Hubbard Libby’s, ab >ut 6 miles from Portland. The above proporty will be sold at a bargain bv applying to MRS. T. E STUART, No. 664 Washington street, corner of Pine, Boston, Mass, rayld2m Desirable House on Anderson Street for Sale Cheap. THE property No. 1 Anderson St. consisting of a 3 story House, containing 18 rooms, ample clos ets. fine cellar, good water. Property now rents for $366 per annum. For p rticulars call on J. C PROCTER, 93 Exchange street, or F. O. BAILEY & CO., 18 Exchange street. ap26tf Hotel Property for Sale ! IN' NOBTHBORO MASS. THE Assabet House, beautifully situated on public square iu center of the village, on Railroad 25 miles fr in Boston. House is new and of modern style, and contains 38 rooms, dance hall, b lliards&c. Large stable, 30 stalls. Will be sold at a great bar gain; owner wishes to retire from business. Anply *o D. C. PAGE, Northboro, Mass. apr23-6w* For Sale in the Town of West brook. A FINE residence one-balf mile from the Railroad Depots, Post-office, go-d Schools and Churches, six mile6 ft m Portland; House and Ell two stories thirteen finished rooms, double parlors with marble mantles, Wood-house and Stable connected—ail in good repair, painted and blinded, Barn 40x 60 on the premises; grounds contain 15$ acres, excellent land, well fenced. 30 apple and pear trees, I acrc» choice straw berries, three good wells of water uf»on the place and good cistern in the cellar, cellar under whole House, fine cement bottom; grounds ornamented with fine shade trees. This is one oi the finest resi dences in the county. Terms easy. Enquire of 3. R. Davis & Co., Portland, or Oti- Brown, Westbrook. mar21tf The Harr Farm for Sale or to Let. SITUATED in Scarborough, and for sale low. It being a stock farm, any one desiring such would do well to call and see it before purchasing else where. Apply at once comer of Middle and India Streets, or on the premises. aprl2dtjuul* FOR SALE. A LOT of vacant land, situated on the west side of High, between Pleasaut. an I Danforth, Sts. This let has a front of about 61 feet and is about 194 feet deep, and plans have been drawn l»y How, for a bloek of seven or nin genteel and convenient resi dences, and adapted for the same. Enquire of EDWIN CHURCHILL, No. 4 Portland Pier, mar28 From 12 to 2 o’clock, P. M. Real Estate. FOR Sale, or lease lor a term of years, tlio proper ty belonging to the estate of Francis O Libby, and formerly occupied by him on the comer of Free and High Streets. HARRISON J. LIBBY, \ Afl . FRANK W. LIBBY, J A‘lm r*‘ mar24 tf The “Limerick House,” FOR SALE. The sit..-criber offers *br sale bis Hotel pro; rty in Limerick Village, York County. The house has 22 rooms all in good repair, with plied and two large stables adjoining: two wells of water on the premises, ami every convenience for a first-class Hotel. The “Limerick House” is well situated for securing liberal pat rename. Enquire lurtner of the owner. JOSEPH G. HARMON, marl3dtf Limerick, ide. Real Estate for Sale. HOUSE AIVD LOT NO. 7G STATE ST., Lot contains 34.000 feet of land, with fine iuit gar den, cold, grapery, etc. Applv to W* H. FESSENDEN, mar6tf 215 Commercial street. FOR SALE. THE Residence of Mr. J. M. Churchill, situated on the comer of State a«>d Danforth Streets in this city. The lot is 325 It. on State Street and 151 ft. on Danforth Street,and contains about 50,000 ft., includ ing the Mansion Hou<e in thorough repair, and the large brick Carriage House and Stable. It is one of the most desirable places in the city, either in its present state or to cut up in lots. For plans and particulars, call on J. C. Procter* may!9 dtf For Sale. THE subscriber, having located his business In Boston, now offers bis residence No. (1 Deering street for sale. The house, with its improvements, is first class. Price oni> *t3,000. Terms easy. Can he examined daily from 10 to 11 A. M. and 3 to \ P. M. Will be sold with the Furniture ii desired. mylOtf GEO. M. HARDING. Hotel For Sale or Lease. The well and favorahly known , BAK> K IIOIINK, pleasantly located at Yarmouth, ten miles from Portland. The trains of the Grand hniism—ITrunk road stop within a few rods of the terms very favorable. Apply to the propri Ajn^ffi^ihttYm.H.Jerris, 'Estate * °K SALE! COKGBEag <(T. NEAR CASCO. About 5000 feet land. Can at a small outlav be easily chanvoii store?, with the teuemen s over them « i°* t^re<‘ rent for from $1600 to $1800. Building t«ou,lhen pa r. Title perfect. Terms ca y. ^ guotl re‘ Enquire at CUSHMAN'S FRUIT STORE, No* 306 Congress Street my22 dtf ‘ REAL ESTATE._ A Sea-Side Home For Sale. Only four mile* from Portland, on Casco Bay* Good * two-story house, painted white, with UL green blinds. Four acres land and a store. Some fruit and wood. One of the finest localities on the bay, five minutes walk to the t-hore. Can be had at a bargain. Applv to WM. H. JERhIS, Real Es tate Agent. ‘ _my26d3w* New French Itoof House for Sale. LOCATED on Thomas Street, near Pine. Has 15 finished rooms with plenty of closets. Gas and spring water. PriOe $6000. Apply to WM. H. JEli RIS, Real Estate Agent. my7*3w HOTELS._ ^REAL’S HOTEL, NORWAY, MAWE The subscriber, having leased Beal’s Hotel, one oi the best arranged houses in the State, having all the modem improve ments and being entirely refurnished, is prepared to take Summer Hoarders aud entire Faan eEies at a very low price. The locality is one of the pleas antest in the Slate, a first class livery establisment is connected with the House, and its teams connect with all traius at 'outh Paris, one mile distant. All inquiries by mail piomptly answered. O. II. GREEN, Proprietor. Norway, May 15, 1873. myl6dlm WEBS TER H0USe7~ 388 HANOVER ST., BOSTON The Proprietor having refitted and refurnished this Hotel, respectfully solicits the patronage of tho^-e vis iting Boston on business or pleasure. Trusts: Rooms ind full board, $2 per day. Rooms without board, for each person, 75c. to $1. This hmse is within five minutes* walk of all the Eastern Steamer Landings and Depot. It rontains 125 rooms, «jverv convenience for comfort, and under the management of Mr. G. *V. RELYEA, must prove attractive to the travel ing public. Carriages in constant attendance and Horse Cars pass the door. mahl5eod3m Commercial House, Cor. Cross and Fore Sts. Portland, Maine. This House built since the great Fire, has recemly boon leased by the undersigned, and extensive alterations are now being , , a. ..-made, which when completed will make the VnlH B House one of the most convenient, and well arranged in the State, will be entirely n novaied, new Furniture added, and kept as a Hotel should be kept Will easily accommodate One Hundred and Fifty Guests. The Reading Room will be supplied with every Daily Paper published in the Slate. Open June 1st, 1Si3. p. HUSSEY, Recemly Clerk Augu>ta House. TERMS $**7.00 PER DAT, maylfi dtf GLEN HOUSE, WHITE MOUNTAINS, N. H. Tins favorite Summer resort will be opened for the season June 1**7, 1873. Addrers until 1st W. & C. R- Milliken, Portland, Me. J. M. THOMPSON Sc CO., mylTdGw Glrn House. Henry Ward Beecher, At the late Tyndall dinner, said:— “I don’t say ' hat g wi Sewerage is Gospel, but 1 say that bad sewerage is heresy /” STOCKWELL, TRUE & CO., say: “If you use Cement Pipe, you will have GOOD SEWERAGE.” DIPLOMA AWARDED, — BY THE — NEW ENGLAND AN** ItlAINE AGRI CULTURAL SOCIETIES, -for Best Cement Drain Pipes. GEORGE R. CORING, Frost. DANIEL iREECHAn, Nce’r. SKI II SCAM ,ION. Front. SAM, BOARD.HAN, Moc’y. The Cement Drain Pipe made by Messrs. Slookwell. True & Co., hns been used by us for the last four years or Drains and Sewers. We have found it entirely satisfactory, and have no hesitation in recommending it for these purposes. THE PORTLAND ROLLING MILL, By Goo. E. B. Jackson, Treas. the T>onrrL^Aisrr) Cement Drain Pipe Co,. Manufacture under Patents of 1870, ’71, *72. & *13 at Works, Corner Danfortk St., and Western Promenade, HYDRAULIC, CE13EIT, DRAIN AND SEWER PIPES. Superior for WELLS, as it keeps out all surface water. Best thing for SEWERS and DRAINS, as the smooth interior, aud moist surface tends to keep it free from clogging. CHEAPEST thing in the long ran for these purposes. ' The matter which is to be carried away, sewer ac ids, &c., har ens the pipe us it passes through. E3f“It is also largely used ;or Chimneys. Sold by KENDALL& WHITNEY, N. M. PER K11«S A: CO., and by SIOCHWEH, TRUE A CO., Props. P. S. In ordered our goods, it is for the interest of our customers to giro us all the notice possible previ ous to wanting to nee them. We call especial attention to the ARTIFICIAL STONE VASES, Which are peculiarly adapted to the growth of Flow ers, Sh- ubs, and Plants Because the moisture is re tained «bouf the roots causing the plants to flourish with great vigor. Portland Kfrosene Oil Works. Messrs. Stock well, True & Co., Sirs I have used your Cement Pipe at the Works of the Portland Kerosene Oil Co., also at my house, for the last live years, and fiud it admirably adapt ed to the purpose. At the works of the Company they have l»een sub mitted to hard usage, being at times exposed to hot vapors and gases, as well as to water both hot and freezing. WM. ATWOOD, apr26eodtm Supt. Portland Kerosene O 1 Co. Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE Is nerebv given thrt tho Arm of RAN DAL!., MCALLISTER & CO., is hereby dis solved by mutual consent. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENKY F. MCALLISTER, EDWARD H. SARGENT. Portland, March 27, 1873. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of RANDALL & McALISTER, and will continue the business of dealers in COAL & WOOD at the old stand ot the late firm of RANDALL, MCALLISTER & CO., GO Commercial St. They will settle all demands of the late Arm or Randall, McAllister A Co. JOHN F. RANDALL, henry, f. McAllister. Portland, March 27th, 1873. niar29dtf For Sale. Tw i CARRIAGE HORSES. Inquire at City Ho tel. ' my2l*Iw JOHN P. DAVIS. WANTS, LOST, FOUND. WANTED! ON the Portland & Ogdenslmrg Railroad, bv the Subscribers, 200 laborers. Wages S2.u0 per'day. 20 horses and earls with drivers. Wages #5.00 per day. Long job an l prompt payment. FULLER & HARDING, "iay24-lw No. Conway, N H. House Painters Wanted. INQUmEofE.'1. MORRELL 11 Danfcrth Street at 7 o clock in the morning. _!!?«__ lw*_ Wanted. ALIVE man to drive a Bread Cart. Satisfacto ry references requesicd, at BLAKE’S BAKERY, m-’21dlf_Congress Street. Boarders Wanted. A FEW gpntlcmen can have rooms (with or tvith out hoard) at 27 Spring St. Also a pleasant iront. chamber with Haibor view. Suitable for a gentleman ami wife. A private stable with carriage room on the pre __my21*2\v Coat and Pant Machine Girls want ed at SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S. my«l _ dtf WANTED Custom Coat and Vest makcer at 8. lllATHIAM 4c CO., myzEtf 98 Exchange street. * CUTTERS WANTED, — AT — SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S. my!7_lltf Rooms Wanted. IN a pleasant pari of the city, furnLshod or unftir nisned, with or witliont board. Address E. 1>., 37 Drown St., Portland. may!4tf ___ Expcricsjrcd Coat, Pant and Vest Makers WANTED AT SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S, Cor. Middle Sc Marlcet Sts, apr25dif__ Wauled A MAN who understands repairing Furniture. Apply at 125 Federal St. apr23 If waivt¥d! COAT MAKERS AT CHESIEY’S, mch25dtf 167 MIPBliE STREET. Lost. A T CITY- TIALL, on Friday evening, at the XjL Blues* Mnsquera ’e, part of a new Waterproof Cloak, seams stayed with white tape. Another was left in place of the one taken, which the owner can h ive by calling at 143 Middle street with the one tak en through mistake. feb25 Wanted. A PLEASANT mom on Spring St., or vicinity, furnished or unfurnished. Without board. janlOtt Add .ess BOX 1336. BUSINESS DiliIX TOBY, Agency for Sewing Machines. W. 8. OYER, No. 373 Middle St. All kiucl* of Machines for sale aud to let. Repairing. Bakers. W. C COBB, Nos. 28 nu«L30 Pearl Street. On direct route between New Co-iom House and Po-t Office, near the Market. Booksellers and Stationers. nOTT,FOGG& BREED,No.91 Middle Street. Book Binders. WM. A. QUINCY, Room 11, Printer’. Exchange, No. Ill Exchange St. SMALL A SHACKFORD, No. 35 Plum Street. Carpenters and Builders. WHITNE1 A MEANS, Pearl Street, op posite Park. Dentists. OB. W. B. JOHNSON, orer H. 11. Hay’., Dye-House. F. SYMONBS, India St. VelTet Clonk, dyed and Gniabed. FOSTER’S Dye Houae, 34 Union Street.* Furniture--Wholesale and Retail. WALTER COREY A CO,, Arcade, No. 18 Free Street. GEORGE A. WHITNEY, No. 50 Ex change St. Upholstering of ull kinds done to order. Furniture and House Furnishing Goods. BENI. ADAMS, cor. Exchange and Fed eral Street*. HOOPER Sc EATON, Old Pont Office, Exchange Street. E. F. HOYT, No. fll Preble Street. Up holstering done to order. Fnrnitnre and Upholstering. DAVID DRANK, No. SO Federal St. All kinds of ITphols « ring and Repairing done to order. Hair Goods and Toilet Articles. J. F. SHERRY, No. O Clapp’a Bloch Congress Street, opposite Old City Hall. Horse Shoeing and Carriage repairing Done in the best possible manner by S. VOIJNG Sc CO., No. lOOFore St._ Jewelry and Fine Watches. ABNEB LOWELL, 301 Congress Street. Agents for Howard Watch Company. Manufacturers of Trnnks, Valises and Carpet-Bags. J. R. DURAN A CO., 171 Middle and 116 Federal Streets. Masons and Builders. N. E. REDLON, 333 1-9 Congrea. St. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, and Carpetiags. LOTHROP.DEVENS a CO ,61 Exhange Sreet aud 48 Market St. Photographers. A. S. DAVIS A CO., No. no Middle Street. J. H.LAMBON. 153 Middle St.,cor. Crow. Plumbers. JAMES MILLER, Ne. Ol Federnl Street. Every description of Water Fixture. ar ranged nnd act up in the bcM manner. Jobbing promptly attended to. _ Plasterer, Stucco Worker, Ac. P. FEENY, Cor. Cumberland and Frank lin St*. Real Estate Agents, jonsr C. PROCTER. No. 03 Exchange Street. GEO. R. DAVIS Sc Co.. No. 301 1-2 Con gress Street. Silver Smith and Gold and Silver Plater. M. PEARSON, No. 22 Temple St., near Congress. All kind* of Silver and Plated Ware Repaired. Silver and Plated Ware. ABNER LOWBLL, 301 Congress Street. Schools. ENGLISH and FRENCH SCHOOI.,430 Congress Street. Stair Builder. B. F. I.VBVtV. Lo. 252 Fore Street, cor. Cross St.a in D. leno’s Mill. G. L. HOOPER St CO., Successor* to Uittleficid Sc Wilson, Cor. York & Ma ple Street*. Watches, Jewelry, Ac. J. W. A H. H. MCDUFFEE,Cor. Middle Sc Union Sts. MEW LAUMDR1 ! THE undersigned having assumed charge of a new and spacious Laundry would respectfully an nounce that he is prepared to do washing for Steam ers, Hotels. Families, &c.,* with -pecial tteniim paid to Ladies Dresses, Skirts. Laces, Gents’ Shirtt and every description of fine washing. This Laundry beiu provided with the newest and most approved Machinery, and experienced help, the Proprietor believes he can guarantee perfect satisfac tion to to his customers. Location, Bradbury’s Court, En trance on Fore near India *t. . , JOHN SPENCER, Superlnten lant. Late Steward ot St’r John Brooks, Boston and Port lallJ Lilie_ t'cbiidlvr Dissolution of Copartnership. N0.™,18 he^by given Hint the copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Sam uu Rounds & Sons, Is this day dissolved bymutua consent. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS. CHAS. F. ROUNDS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the firm name of Rounds, Sar gant & Co., and will continue the Business of dealers i Coal & Wood, at the old stand of Samuel Round*. & Sons, No. 36 Commn-cial Street . f They will settle all demands ot the late firm o Samuel Rounds & Sons. HOUNDS, GFO H. ROUNDS, EDWARD H. SARGENT. _ dtf apr5 —_—-. A Fine Business Opening FOR a young or middle »ge<l man of unexceptlona ki Vharaeiei Experienced accountant and one doL'ars capital. Investigation is Invited Address B“* 15 Portland noySHf THE GREATEST SHOW )N EARTH ! TEN TIMES LARGER THAN EVER ! P. T. BARNUM’S GREAT TRAVELING WORLD’S FAIR: •ww'SaKTfcsaE^^ tine Zoology mil Ornithology, Roman Amphitheatre, Jubilee Concert. .Tluxtcnl C'oliM«‘um. and Dan Gastello’s, Signor Sebastian's and Mon.x. D’Atalie's Grand Triple International Equestrian and Hippodramatic Exposition. Which at a challenge otS 100,000 is large cnongh to entirely swallow up hall a dozen of any other fo called first-class shows advertised in the country. NOTHING I.IKll IT ON EARTH ! Will Exhilt t in Portland, Wed. May 28tli, on Western Promenade, Giving: Three Orand, Ji’ull and Complete Performances of the JCntire 20 GREAT SHOWS. n D1?,LYTMSi?IJPiG’1 rn: ERN00^ and EVENING. Doors open at 10 A. M. and 1 and 7 P. M. One Single Ticket, (50c.i admits to all. Children under nine tears of ate. <>5e Reserved Amphithcntre Sent.. 73 Cent.. ’ It will not require more than one glance at Mr. Barnum’s New Amusement Enterprise to thoronghly satisfy ihe public as to the relative difference between an 1 ® J ABSOLUTELY GRAND, MAGNIFICENT, FIRST-CLAST EXHIBITION and an ordinary h w. How ver, to stop cavil and close the m mths of boasting charlatans and travel ng mountebanks, Mr. Barnum, however averse to step aside Iron, his life-ion ' noliev deems it neceassrv in order to protect himself and the public, to offer a .erics of * P J ’ uecms it necessary, in $1,500.000 CHALLENGES. OPEN TO AT.T. THE wnnrn a‘V c™lau}en *" l“e vommned attractions of any t ree shows in the United Stab s 2d. 1 hat he owns, controls an I uses more railroad cars oi his own <1. sien cans) met I m nn.i i ,, i i°n AMieric^comhiuwl™111118 "t‘,‘:k Mr6d U°m dMteeut r“R«>ad corporations" than any tl!”c railro^show" This statement will receive further empharis when It is understood that each one of the cars owned or I cluHvely by Mr. Barnuni contains thice liuies the capacity oi ordinary cars. The characteristic an I strikin' features of the Exhibit! n con-1 t in Novelty, Grandeur and Divenitu A mengthese will be seen THREE GREAT Cl Kills TROUPES. J' and three separate and distinct arenic, circus an I spectac liar rings, seen by the whole andlencc simultane ously, in One Colossal Pavillinn, largo enough to seat comfortably 14,000 people. There need be no appte heu Ion on the parr of visitors, as to the ample accommodation for even body, as the management will not sell a single ticket after the .eats a*e occupied. IHl COLOSN4L TWENTT f INritE-POI.il TENT will contain as many spectators as twenty rdln ry shows. Ths last gl and achievement of P.*T. BARNUM Is Tlie Largest and Most Attractive Combination of Exhibitions Ever Known! and remains ABSO UTE1.Y WITHOUT A PARALLEL IN THE HISTORY OF IHE WOULD In the various departments of the c mibined Exposition, which has reallv grown to the proportions of a GREAT TRAVELING WORLD'S FAIR. ARE CONTAINED 100,000 New and Interesting Curiosities, 1500 Animals, Birds, Beasts, Reptiles. Crocodiles, Aligators Sea Lions, and other Marine Monsters, ;!(K)0 Men and horses, Twelve Gorgeous Tableau and Statuary Chari ts, 100 Resplendent Gold, Crimson, Ruby an l Cerule n bedecked Vans, Cages, Anima’ Dens, Steam Calliope Polyhymnian Organs, and tht Great Musical Chariot of Mnemosyne. .... The .Great Three Mile Procession, which is made about nine o’clock every m irnin* is interspersed with sem es of Trained Elephants Came’* Dromedaries, Reindeer and Elk in harness, Tiick Horses and Ponies, Arabian Thoiougbbreds elegantly ca pris.nel Stteds and Pal fries in I iverv, Living Wild Animals, Comic Automaton Clowns and Gymnasts G:.*otesque Mechanical Ball and Globe Jugglers, in FULL PERFORMANCE IN THE OPEN STREETS. The GRAND SPECTACULAR CORTEGE will be agreeably enlivened wiih Three Silver, • ornet, Brass and Musical Rands, Polyhymnian and Chariot Organs presentod in such manner ns 10 lie well worth poing a hundred mile* to see. Among the Museum Curiosities will be exhibittd three times daily Prof. Faber’s WONDERFUL Wonderful THLUiNG WAcmlSr- wild FIJI UANNiBALS. 1ALKIMG IWAfHlNCS* Which sings, laughs and talks mall languages, and lor the exclusive use of which Mr. Barnum, for six months, pays $20,000. Also the wiU Fiji Cannibals, Modoc and Digger Indians, the celebrated What-Is-lt, Giants. Dwarts, Bearded Gin, No-Armed Boy. Curious Phenomena and Freaks of Nature, Living Mra Li on*, Bare an 1 Expensive Wild Aminats, (>ne of which costs inoiethan ten cages of common specimens,) such as he Giant Blac*« Rhi loceros. six fee’ high and as large a* a i African Elephant; National Portrait Gallery, containing 100 life-size Oi Paintings of all the Presidents, Statesmen. Military Heroes, Kings, Queens, Potentates and Celebrities; Prof. Roger's group of dns*ic mi l 2li*toric Atntnary, B diem an Glass Blowers, and a hundred exiremely curious aud exquisite life-like, moving, mechanic il Au tomatons, from Paris, F*anca, and Geneva, Switzerland, consisting of Tableau aud Landscape Trtnsforma ion Scen es. Pl aying ountains, Running Wa er Mills, Flying Chariots, S dling Shir s. Moving Railroad Trains, Rippling <'ascades, and thousands of the most curious and exquisite works of itlechniiiam and Art, sufficient of themselves to constitute a first-class exhibition, and so extensive and elaborate as to re quire a Strain Eaigiur to operate them. At the close of eaeb En ertamment in the Great Hippodrome Tent a talented corps of Colored Southern Students, better known as the ORIGINAL JUBILEE LINGERS will give one of their unique and gran 1 Concerts for the benefit of Southern Schools, Mr. Barnum having lea od his Pavillion to tlie*e Cham pi »u Singers for Freedom ar a mere nominal price for this laudable purpose. S'JEAMBOATS an 1 EXCURSION TRAINS at reduced cates will be run on all tributary lines to convey the multitude to and from the Great Univer.-al Exposition. Doors open at 10 a. m. and 1 and 7 P. M Oue Single Ticket. (50 cents,) admits to all. Children under nine years ot age. 25 cents. Reserved Seats, 75 cents. In order to cau and protect, the public irom nutsido impostors and speculators in spnrions tickets three separate Ticket Offices a e provi *ed, trom which tickets cau be rapidly dispensed without delay. ISCIF’Err© Ailmbsion to the cniire Great Show is guaranteed to all who buy the Life of P! T. Bar num, written by himself.—860 ages, illustrated. Reduced from $3,50 to $1.50. “W rth a $100 Greenback to a beginner.”—Horace <Greeley. Will also exhibit in Portsmouth, Tuesday May 27th. Lewiston, Thursday 29tli, Saco, 39th, Dover, 31st, Haverhill. Mass, June 2d. may 12-d 12-17-21-23-27-28&W 2t TO LEI. To Let* HOUSE No 38 State Street, corner of Gray. Pos session given at once. Apply from 1 to 2 and C to 8 P. M. W. F. HUSSEY. my26d2w To Let* TO a small family without children, the lower part of a new house on Carlton Street, near Congress j Enquire at CUSHMAN’S fruit Store, No. 30G Con- | gress Street. niy22dlw To Let THE upper part of a 2 story honse; contaius G well fiuibbud rooms, plenty of hard and soft w ater. Enquire at 254 Lafajette Street. my3cod14t*P. WILLIAMS. To Let* FURNIS H ED Rooms. Inquire of C. E. SMITH, mayl5-d2w* No. 2 Tolraan Place. Rooms to Let WITHOUT board. Two newly finished rooms, adjoining, suitable I >r gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen. Apply to my!4*2w No. 24G CU vlI^EULAND STREET. Rooms to Let* TWO gentlemen an 1 their wives and two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board at No. 75 Free Street, in ay 9 tf To be Let. AT Morrill’s Comer, Deering; a first-class gen teel Dwelling House, Static. &c. Convenient to both Steam and Horse Railroads. Aiq.ly »o W. H. JERRIS, Port laud, or Charles E Morrill, near premises. myodtf House to Rent or Lease. THE upper tenement of honse No. 31 Emery St., consisting of six rooms, all very pleasantly situ ated ; with Gas and Scbago Water, <2fcc. Inquire on the premises. aprlikltt _WILLIAM H. GREEN. To Let. ONE OF THE BEST OFFICES ON EXCHANGE STREET. Enquire of GEO. A. WHITNEY «& CO,. mar24tf No. 46 Exchange St. Quiet Board, A GENTLEMAN and Lady wishing a quiet home can find pleasant rooms with board at No. 4 Cotton street, second door from Free street. One or two single gentlemen can be aceomraodated also. jan7 STORE TO LET\ A large brick store in the Rackleft Block, corner of Middle and Ccurch streets—basement and firut floor, eleganth finished and adapte 1 to jobbing dry goods oi other similar trade. Apply to ALLEN HAINES. septlldtf DJIUGWISTS STAAD ]V()R BALE I One of the very best stands In the city for a Druggist, is on the corner of Pore and India Streets, which is now offered for Sale. For particulars inquire immediately of Lufkin & Co., No. 2 Woodman Block. MRS. ELIZA A. CUSHMAN. Portland, Apiil 15.1873. aprl dtf Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. The three point? oi excellence which l claim, are, 1st, constant and thorough circulation of pure air; 2nd; rvness, no dampness mould nor taint; 3rd; no lute mingling of odors; purity and active air, the elcmeuth of its success. Cali, or send for circulars Manufactured ami for sale by J. F. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton sts., near Leavitt, Burnham & Co.s Ice House, Portland, Me. je5dtf HENRY CLEWS & CO., 32 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, Offer for sale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT, CON YERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS — OF TI1E — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min nesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued i merest in currency. At which price they yield over 9 per cent., and are strongly recommended as a Safe and Profitable Investment. This Railway Is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, which is ho moat prosper ous State in the Northwest, 'yeing the only State in the Union free from i>ebt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed In i February, 1872, and earned during that year an av erage of $83,000 per month, being a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. The earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,500,000, or more than $125,000 per month. T"e ilwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postville, on the Milwaukee ami St. Paul Railmod. a distance of 110miles, passes through one of the richest sections of the State of Iowa, and furnishing an outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes. The Burlington, Cedar RapUls and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to tbe New York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official lists, il:us furnishing dealers an advantage enjoyed by few of the new issues of Railwav Bonds. The eniirt loan has been sold, except about $300, 000; which we now oiler, to cl se it out. All marketable securities taken in exchange at cur rent prices, wiilioat commission. For sale in Portland by Robt. A. Dird, ap26dtf 97 E*CU«»K« BOSTON LEAD CO., [Incorporated in 182«.] J. II.Chad wick & Co., Ag’ts, Office 22, 24 & 26 Oliver Street, BOSTON MANUFACTURERS OF BOSTON Pure White Lead! Dry nart €3round in Oilt DRY AND GROUND ZINC, LITHaRC-E, RED LEAD, LEAD PIPE, SHEET LE TIN PIPE. TIN-LINED PIPE, IRON PIPE and FITTINGS, PUMPS, Ac.. Ac. Our Pure White I-ead. both dry and ground In oil, me warrant to be ntrirtly parr, and guarantee that tor fineness, body and durability, it not sur passed by any Lead in the market, either foreign or American. yin order to protect ourselves, we have adopted as our t ade-mark an eight-pointed red star, with corporate seal in the centre. This is on every pack age of our Pore Lead. None genuine witnout it W. F. Phillips & Co*, AGENTS FOR THE CO. 46 & 48 MIDDLE ST. fet>18_lyTT&s Ship Timberjtnd tneesT I HAVE rnc largest and best stock nt u lathe State. Tuoben^nX, White oak Treenails, and "an furnish * **®Ded " i Hackmatack, Hardwood or Wliitc Oak Timber and Plauk at the lowest cash prices. Portland, I*jC. 30,1872. ** TA ' *'*u* THE PRESS, TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 27 1878. Gossip and Gleanings. With most men life is like b: ckgainmon, half skill and half luc <.—Holmes. Methods are the masters of masters.—Tal leyrand. The MSS. of Balfe, which his widow lately presented to the British Museum, fill 53 vol umes. Miss Harriet Fenimore Cooper, I be novel ist's daughter, is writing a history of the Oneida Indians. Two white oxen appeared in Louisville the other day, and they looked so like small snow drifts that every man who saw them sent home after his overcoat. The city marshal of Eutaw, Ala., has lost his office for starting a lottery, whilst in pro hibitory Massachusetts a man would stand a chance of losing hia office if he didn't start a lot o’ rye. We knew the fool would turn up some where who would put his postal card it. a stamped er velope and mail it that way. Covington, Ky., is responsible for him, and he thinks the cards are a great convenience. A New Haven tobacconist has offered $12 for the petrified Indian lately sent to Tale College from Calfornia to use as a cigar sign, and the faculty think some of realizing on the corpse, k owing that at a simple hint the students would steal it back for them. The Oberlin New Era says of a suicide there that “a pair of shoes belonging to the deceased were found sitting on the ground near the cistern ” We hardly know which to admire must in that pair of shoes, their in telligence or their touching devotion. The Ann Arbor (Mich.) lecture association took just $49 less than expenses in 13 lectures, last winter. They cleared an even ‘25 cents on Ednu nd Yates, 50 cents on James T. Fields, came out >quare on George W. Curtis, and made $84 on Beecher. Covington, Ky, is wondering at the queer antics of an old couple in its streets. Every day a venerable dame appears with a ham mer and nails, and securely fasten) up the gates in her locality. In her wake follows her aged consort with a crowbar, who pa tiently undoes the work of his predecessor, keeping about three gates behind her. Haverhill has a somnambulist, who gets up and does the weeks washing, hanging the clothes on the line, and returning to bed be fore 3 A. Yl. Last Monday he did the wash ing all right—bat on Tuesday lie rather over did the business.by washing again the clothes he washed on Monday, and his wife has tak en precaution to check his propensity. A Western editor, who received half a doz en soft-shell crabs the other day, says h> the next issue of his paper,"They were indeed delicious, but were evidently intended to be eat n when dead, as one of the cusses w ent skittering up and down our throat two or thre ■ times before we could mash him with our bough ten teeth.” 0 -—— Apropos of Pullman in London, they tell a story over there ol an uncultiva'ed New York er who received the fa ewell card of a tr end with the cabalistic “P. P. C.” In the corner, and after a long puzzle as to what it meaut, finally had the bright idea that it meant Pull man’s palace car, and that this was the pho nographic way his friend had of telling him that be had gone to San Francisco. Cham, the clever caricaturist of the Chari vari, has discovered a way of overcoming one difficulty in the organization of a second chamber. He represents, in the Chari-ari, one Assembly above the other, with a trap door in the flooring that separates them, and M. Thiers perched on a ladder, with the up per p.art of his body above anl the lower por tion below. By this means he may be present in both chambers at once. Always carry a revolver when you go out horseback riding with a young lady. Mr. Bragg of Visalia, Cal., carried one when he took Miss Kemp to ride, the other day, and, as they were both on the same horse, when the weapon wt nt ofT, the bullet entered the young lady’s knee and came out at the an kle. Her dress was set on fire, and she was seriously injured by the falling from the horse, but such incidents arc trivial In com parison with the sense of security which an able-bodied man derives from the possession of a pistol. Fertilizing Properties in Bones. The true value of bones, aside from their importance in tie arts tor handles, rings, paints, clarifying sugar, etc., Is fast begin ning to be appreciated in this coun try. Peoo.'e were horrified a few years since by tbe published account of tbe tons of human hones transported Iroin the battle field of Waterloo, to be ground and spread over tbe worn ou< lands of Europe. From time immemorial it has been known that veg etal ion, and particularly trees, thrive im mensely in graveyards. Now it is neither the gelatine nor glue that holds tbe particle of bones together, nor the lime ot which they are composed, which gives activity to vegetable growth alone, but the phosphorus in them—that inflammable ma terial of which matches arc manut'acured, known in its combinations as phosphate of lime, that plants seize upon with avidity as food. Nothing else within the range oi agri cultural experience so rapidly develops the cellular structure. To be most useful bones should be pulver ized, and that enables water to make a quick er solutiou of the phosphate, which tbe mi nute rootlets immediately absorb and circu late through the stem, leaves and fruit. Save tbe bones, therefore. Let nothing go to waste. There are actual treasures concealed in a dry bone, if tbe right course be pursued to exact them. In tbe skeleton of a horse, an ox, or ev»n a dog or c it, there arc about from one to four pounds of phosphorus. Tbe carcass of any of these animals, cut up and distributed among iruit trees, inslea I of being buried out of the way as a nuisance, would be to them a rich entertainment of delicious food. —Colonial Farmer. What the Lecturers will talk about.—Mr. Jenkins of London, known as tbe author of “Ginx’s Baby,” is to visit the United States, tbe coming season, and lec ture on “The England of to-day” and the "English Satirists.” John B Gough's new lecture is entitled “Now and Then.” Mrs. Livermore will give her views on “Women’s Husbands.” Rev. W. H. H. Murray will tell what he knows about “The Perfect Horse,” which is a good deal. Ex- President Hill of Harvard college will descant on the “St aits of Magellan’* and "Juan Fernan dez.” Mrs. Leonowens has prepared new lectures on Siamese lite. Dr. Hayes, tbe Arctic explorer, announces “Far Northern Life and setnery” and the “Histo^ and Progress of Maritime Discovery.” Thomas Fitch of Nevada will give tbe experiences of “A Sagebrusher in Vienna.'' James Parton will take a hand—purely as a lecturer in “Our Scandalous Politics,” which may, per haps, introduce some allusions to the salary grab. Dr. Dio Lewis has ‘wo 'mportjnt themes: “Our Girls” and John Lord has a n.m.hero 1^^ ^ £ resentative men. .,nli tr,nj,;i ture, if bis health be heart tom! PliilliDs will also doubtless oe neara iroin. «1 Rmitwell is also named as a lecturer, ^‘se-tfon Mrs. Julia Ward Howe’i brmes are “Paris ’ and “Sarto Domingo.” Col T. W. Hieginson s are “Lc don” and “Thinking Animals.” Bishop Gilbert Ha wn will lectuie on Mexico, Prof. John Fiske on the “Darwinian Theory,” and Kate Rey nolds ou Charles Reade.”

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