10 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

10 Haziran 1873 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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T HE_PRESS. TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 10, 1873 ^CITY and vicinity. Nftf Adverii«M*«ueiii* T«*Day, AUCTION COLUMN. Furniture, &c—F. O. Bailey & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Grand Excursion—Army and Navy Union. Hospital Fair—Fluent Hall. Proi. I. G. Stearns—Army & Navy Union Hall. SPECIAL NOTICES. Caucus—Fal in ou t h. Caucus—Cape Elizabeth. Smokers' Atten ion—A G. Scblotterbeck. Hair Dre.^ser Wanted—Smith. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Brooks’ S‘eam Bakery. R lilrnad Sleepeis for sale, I Removal—J. S. Roberts. Ocean House, Joseph P. Chamberlain. •Jewelry au i Fauev Go >ds—Taylor & Co. Manufacturing Business—Taylor & Co. Lost —Black c rape Veil. For Sale—Brig Wenonah. For the Islands- steamer Gazelle. Wanted—Sales Girls. Notice—Israel Luce. MISCELLANEOUS NOTTCES. Portland Shirt—Orin Ha.^kes *S Co. Dr. Ludwig has recovered, T> Parties having old Furniture—Abram Bros. Moporior ITonrl. MAY TERM, 8VMONDS. J.» PRESIDING. Monday.—Walter Berry vs. James Savage et al. Action upon an nccount annexed between two sub contractors upon the Boston & Maine extension, to recover an alleged balance of $1177.09 for labor on tbe Oak Hill section in Scarboro. Defendants admii that there is due the plaintiff $381.98; that whereas ho lias charged twenty-four cents ptr cubic yard, be was only lo have twenty cents and charged SfiO per acre for clearing and grub bing when he agreed to do it for $25 per acre. On trial. Putnam for plaintiff. Snow for defendants. Brief Jottings. About tbe 25th inst. a concert will be given at City Hall for the benefit of tlie family of tbe late George H. Caiumett. A decree was filed in the Circuit Court yes terday, confirming the decision in tbe J. Wius low Jones patent cases. Tbe Gazelle begins Iter trips to the islands to-morrow. There was no evidence in the case of the Por tuguese sailor brought before IT. S. Commiss- I loner Clifford, yesterday, to sustain the allega tiou of mutiny, so he was discharged. Harris, Atwood & Co., of this city, have b It a steamer to be used in the porgy oil t de, and a new barkentino owned by Curtis , D wis and others of this city, was launched at Dumariscotta yesterday. “Old Probabilities” appears to have decided upon giving a benefit to tbe Hospital Fair. A drifting boat containing a coat and a basket of provisions, picked up off Ram Island Ledge caused it to be feared that some one was drowned. Tbe fear was allayed by tbe dis covcry that the boat bad breken from its fas tenings while tbe owner was on shore. Hon. L. D. M. Sweat and wife sailed from Quebec in the Polynesian, Saturday. The ya.-ht “Alarm” sailed for Marblehead last evening to take part in the annual excur sion of the Eastern Yacht Club, which comes off Wednesday. A large number of physicians arrived last night to take part in the proceedings of the Maine Medical Association, which begins its annual session in this city to-day. A girl employed in Orin Hawkes’ tailoring establishment was taken with a succession of fainting fits yesterday morning and had to be carried to her home. Two lunatics got loose in Market Square last evening and began reciting verses and selling catarrh cure. Cullen, tbe man who was stabbed at Nelson Leighton’s bagnio some time siace, has so far recovered as to be able to walk out. A man on Smith’s wharf was suddenly at tacked with hemorrhage yesterday morning, an! it was at first feared that he had ruptured a large blood vessel. Twenty five gamblers arrived on one train yesterday. Should there happen to be a large number of fools in the city to-day—larger than usual we mean—these sporting characters wiil re in a rlcu Tjarvest. Some exci«>tni*nt and much merriment was caisedon Market street about seven o’clock la ;t evening by the appearance of a man wear in ; only * shirt. He was drunk and was in charge of officers Garland and Horr. A young man employed in a planing mill on Commercial street, was -atruck on the shoulder by a falling plank, yesterday, and severely in j n ied. Officers Rich and Gribbin brought into the police station yesterday a well-known Cape Elizabeth man who had lost his watch and pocket-book. He was too drank to give any information regarding the loss. Mr. Win. Catlin of London, speaks in Mar ket Square this evening at 6 o'clock. Mrs. Pat Ward and brother were arrested on North street yesterday by Deputy Bridges and officer Jackson, for playing ball with a hatchet which they playfully tossed at the heads of each other. The City Marshal found a den of misery near the junction of Commercial and High streets, yesterdoy, where tbe father and mother lay half naked and whole drunk across the bed with a babe six months oid, who had not tasted food for the day, between them. It is describ ed as the dirtiest bole in America. An elegant frosted wedding cake of huge di mensions, has been prepared by Webstei as a gift to the Hospital Fair. The loaf reflects much credit upon Mr. Webster’s artistic and culinary skill. The happy couple who get the cake will have enough to distribute among the largest circle of friends they can possibly pos sess. Citizens ought to know better than to flock to the engine houses at an alarm of lire and th is impede the firemen in their duties. This w is done Sunday night, and the delay caused thereby might have resulted seriously had the fi e been a large one. The fools are not all d ad yet. A large number of horsemen arrived in town la t night to attend the June meeting at Forest C ty Park. The Portland Cadets had an clectiou of of ficers last evening, which resulted as follows: Neal IX Winslow, Captain; Henry A. Merrill, 1st Lieutenant; John D. Osgood, 2d Lieuten ant. Look out for the Tonic about noon to-day. Boat Race.—A boat race gotten up by somo of our well known boating men, comes off in the harbor Wednesday morning. The start will be made from Union wharf at 9 o’clock precise’y. The course ia one mile down and re turn. There will be two races, the first open to a I amateurs, single shells used. Ti e second is for the championship of the harbor, open to all. The prizes are two silver cup3 for the first race and one for the second, "Hie second cup is open to all challenges during the season. These cups aro of eleganut workmanship, gotten up byJ. Ambrose Merrill & Co., at whose store they will be on exhibition this morning. The following entries have been made: FIRST race. The C. M. Henry, palled by G. D. Loring. . C. L. Ingalls, pulled bv E. A. Henry. Bogus Charley, nulled by R. O’Connor. Hump Baok, pulled by A T. Stewart. North Star, pulled by J. Welch Wax, pulled by A. H. Larkin. SECOND RACE. O’Conuor Dan, pulled by C. F. Brown. Emerald, pulled by William Logue. Sliaeknasty Jim, pulled by John O’Donnell. Gracie, pulled by C. M. Henry. A Change.—Commander W. K. Mayo retires 1 from this Lighthouse District on the 39th inst He has been promoted to a captaincy and wil' enter upon active sea service. He iias won golden opinions while with us, and our citizens will regret his departure. Capt. Mayo wil! be i succeeded by Commander Weld N. Allen.— ! Commander Allen is a native of Alfred, and a son of tbe late Judge William C. Allen. He is au officer who has a notable war record, having been wounded in tbe attack on Fort Fisher, and will make au able and courteous bead for tbe department. The Marginal Way.—We learn that Mr. John A Stimson of Alfred has taken tbe con tract for tbe earth work on the marginal way, and has associated with himself Mr. Levi H. Straw of Bostou. The track is now being laid and tbe pile work fast progressing, so that in two weeks Mr. Stimson will be able to place bis cars on the rails aud begin filling in the earth. Under his superinteudeucy wo expect to see the much-needed work rapidly approach com pletion. The contract was signed yesterday. Strife by the Sad Sea Waves.—The title of a tract of 280 acres on Pilie Point near Little River, is contested. One of the contestants re cently built a house thereon, \vhich the other tore down. Another frame was put up, and Satun ay night that was pulled down, l lie house builder purposes erecting another and the house destroyer purposes demolishing it. So the good work goes on, aDd the lawyers are ex ulting over prospective fees. Maine Hospital Fair.—Tlie Executive Committee acknowledge tlie donation of addi tional articles and money in aid of the Maine General Hospital Fair, from the following named parties: Second Advent Society through Mrs. Joseph Currier, cash $6. Citizens of Yarmouth by E. M. Harding, cash collections $41.60. B. F. Libby & Sea, stair post. National Yeast Company, 6 boxes yeast. B. C. Jordan, Bat Mills, 2 bhd. shook. Duryea St rch Company, 12 boxes starch. E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., St. Jobn-sbury, V|., ! through I. Washburn, Jr., 3 scales ot tlieir manufacture. Citizens of Buxton, cash collections, Slot). Mrs. T. R. Lyman, New York, box fancy articles. „_ Ar Foo Fong, 4 chest tea, 5 lbs. coffee. Williams & Fulsifer, barrel of fiour Joseph R. King, North Monmouth, oOX ot webbi ug, $26. „ Geo. Hudson, 5 boxes candy. Ty,..iPi Winslow & Son, double column steam fadiator, J L. Winslow’s patent, S70, lor the Hospital. ' Abrams & Brother, set of foras and berry spoiln, platen. A. B. Butler, glass fernery and walnut sowel rack. Mrs. S, T. Hooper, Boston, smoking chair $125, box ottoman $50, briouctie $12,—$187. Mrs. Freeman McKenney, Limingtou, bed quilt Mrs. Geo. Woodbury, sofa cushion and fancy articles. Miss Marcia Woodbury, jewel cases and faucy artic.es. Mrs. William E. Edwards, child’s knitted sacks Free Baptist. Society, Casco Street, fancy articles. Miss Addie B. Edwards, fancy articles. Friend, cash contribution, $18. . L. A. Gray, Scholarship (3 mouths) at Mer cantile College, $30. Miss Maria Bradbury, Standish, contribu tion for flower pavilion. G. W. Siinouton & Co , coffee. Burges, Forbes & Co., 2 barrels sea sand. W. & C R. Milliken, 2 barrels sugar. Sawyer & Richardson, lettuce for refresh ment room during the Fair. Miss Caroline Thaxter, Brooklyn, N. Y., cash, $10. Employees of Caldwell & Hodsdon, cash contribution, $33.50. Citizens of Bangor, cash collections. $555. Shepard & Co., 2doz. razor strops. Miss Harriet J. Morrill, Deeriug, cash col lections, additional, $11. Jordan Bros., glass fernery, $25. From Saco, floor and hand brushes. G. W. Merrill, Bangor, through Mrs. Gen. Shepley, parlor ease hud table bracket Harry B. Brown, picture valued at $150. D. Weutwortb, 1 ream of paper, 1000 envel opes, 3 doz. inks. E. Dana, toilet articles $25. Sanford Mills, Sanford, Me., lap robes $109. M. H. Hall, Presque Isle’ one Rocky Moun tain Refrigerator. J. B. Hall, 1 paper water bucket. Ladies in Scarbero, fancy articles. Employees Eagle Sugar Refinery through Mrs. Geo. S. Hunt cash collection $50.20. H. A. U. Humphrey, baby bonnet. Citizens of Wintlirop through Dr. Snow, casli collections, $370 22, $100 of which has heretofore been paid to the Treasurer of the Hospital. Henry Thayer & Co.. Boston, through Dr. Snow, modical extracts $50. Joseph E. Briggs, Wintlirop through Dr. Snow, oil carpeting 100 yards. Moses Bailey, Wintbrop through Dr. Sa'jw, oil carpeting 87J yards. A. C. Carr, Wiuthrop through Dr. Snow, barrel extra apples: Mrs. Moses Bailey, Wiuthrop through Dr. Snow, rug, 2 lamp mats and tidy. Miss H.F. S. Wood, Wintbrop through Dr. Snow, 3 Italian oil paintings on glass. Mrs. F. E. Webb, Wiuthrop through Dr. Snow, frames for same. A. Little & Co., 45 dozen spool cRtton. Nelson & Oo., crape deebein collarette. McGee Furnace Co., through their agents A. N. Noyes & So a, it. cGee Pot table Hot-closct Range, ex ,ra finish. Wood, Bishop & Co., Manufacturers Bangor, through Nutter Bro3., one cook stove. Alice M Frohock, miniature bedstead. D. B. Ricker & Co., 5 boxes soap. Friend, 1 doz. Peasley cement. Charles H. Haskell, Treasurer. The watch offered as a prize to the person outside of Portland for the greatest collection of money in aid of lUe Hospital Fair having been awarded by tbc Executive Committee to Miss Harriet J. Morrill of Deerlng, she has very generously donated the same to said Committee for the benefit of the Fair, and desires to ac knowledge among her receipts for this object $22.16 from Pride’s Corner and $25.17 from Duck Pond. (Mty Affairs. A special meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, and the regular monthly meet ing of the Board of Common Council was held last evening. IN BOARD OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN. Orders passed:—Directing the Committee on Public buildings to rent the hall iu tho Old Bethel Boil ling for tbe Montgomery, Sheridan and McLellan military companies at a cost of 8300 per year; direetiug the issue of bonds to the Portland &, Ogdensburg K. It. Co., to the amount of §50,000, making §230,000 in all. (The expenditure for May, was $M4,253.111); authorizing the Mayor to appoint four special policemen during the Ho pital Fair. The fol lowing were named and approved: Ira M. Field, J. B. Warren Alex. Bell and Caleb K. Njivcoui1'. Prohibiting the sale of tire crack ers, but authorizing the granting of licenses to sell other tire works; referring all matters re lating to the building of tne Marginal Way to the Committee on Streets; authorizing the City Treasurer to hire $30,000 ou thirty years at six per cent, to carry out the co tract with the Portland & Rochester R. R. Co., relative to building the Marginal Way. Petitions presented and referred—Of the Casco Manufacturing Co., a corporation organ ized for the manufacture of cotton goods in this city, to be exempted from taxation for a period of ten years as soou as it shall invest §50,000, referred to Finance Committee; of Henry Fling fur permission to build a wooden building on May street; of Boston & Maine R. R. Co., that the city government consent to their crossiog of High and Commercial street and fix tbe manner thereof, referred to Com mittee ouStre ts; of M. L. Stevens and others fur repair on Federa street between Franklin and India streets, referred to Committee on Streets; of C. E. Nash and otberc for a fence about the North School House, referred to Com mittee on Public Buildings. The Council order granting an additional ap propriation for July 4th, was refused a passage, 3 to 4. Micab Sampson was elected Gas Agent on the part of the Board of Aldermen. Hiram T. Cook and William H. Burnham were appointed special police at City Building, without pay. IN JOINT CONVENTION. John H. Rus-ell was elected 4tii Assistant E.igmeer of the Fire Department. IN COMMON COUNCIL. The petitions from tho upper board were passed in concurrence Ezra N. Perry was elected Gas Agent. The Committee on Fourth ot Julv made a report asking for an additional §500.' The re port was accepted and an order passed in ac cordance therewith. President Small was added to the Fourth of Julv Committee. Tne order of the upper board authorizing tho Committee on Streets to superintend the work on the Marginal Way was refused a passage. June Meeting.—To-day is the opening day of the June meeting at the Forest Ciiy Park. Two purses, one of §250, for horses that never trotted better than three minut-s, the other of §300, for horses that have never trotted better than 2.40, are offered. Ten horses have been entered for tne first purse and eight horses fur the second. The names upon the list for this day’s trotting promise good speed and excel lent display. Many of the Inrse3 are well known here. The meeti ng this ye ir will be an unusually good one, tbe premiums being larger than ever before, and t he number of entries ex ceeding those ot former years. Trotting begins at 2.30 p. m., each day. Covered wagons will run from the city to tbe track and a good res taurant will lie found upou the grounds. All trains ou ihe Ogdensburg Railroad stop at the park—22 horses have already arrived and are stabled at the park, aud nine more are expet ed this morning. Tbe Paris “mutual system” of pool selling will be allowable, a3 well as tic American system. A Fixe Car.—The Pulimau saloon car j Franconia,’* uow ruuniugovcr the Eastern Railroad, U one of the finest coaches that ever | run over the rails between this city and Bos ton. It is built in the most thorough manner, with patent ventilators, \,y which the air passes through a water tank and is thereby purified, washing and cloak rooms, smoking and bridal party compartments, me water tanks, chess ta bles and all the other conveniences which the ingenuity' f mau has yet devised. The inte rior is finished with walnut and inlaid woods carpeted with Brussels, upholstered with tapes try and rep, and furnished with crimson plush pivot chains, hassocks, &c. The car is under the charge of Mr. George Swett, a gentleman whoso courtesy and untiring attention to the wants of the traveling public have rendered him so popular a conductor. Flowers for the Hospital Fair.—The pro fessional gardeners have g“uerously offered to furnish flowers one day each for the Floral Pa vilion. Private parties are requested to send in their contributions as early as may be conven ient. Albert Dirwanger w ill provide for Tues day, the opening day of the Fair, and Joseph Dirwanger on Thursday. Billiard Match.—The billiard match for a purse of $200 to come off at Lancaster Hall Thursday evening between the champion cf the State and (he champion of the city is begin ning to attract a great deal of attention, among those who are interested in this most popular of games. It will be a match well worth seeiug. Y. SI. C. Association.—The following busi ness was transacted at the monthly meeting last evening: Bev. D. H. Hannaburg, F. A. Smith, J. E. Haseltinc and C. A. Weston, were elected delegates to tbo International Convention. Bev. Messrs. O. M. Cousins and S. F. Jones, and A F. Edgcomb and John B. Carruthers were elected members of tho Asso ciation, The following resolutions were unan'mously passed: Whereas, In the Providence of God, our late brethren, Je^se Robinson, for a number of years an active and much loved member of our Association, and George E. Hatton, a new but respected member have been called by death m the triumph of faith to their reward, Ke8o.we(f, I'hat we are taught in the dispen sation of Providence a lesson of the brevity of jite, the suddennes3of death and the impor tance of renewed aetiv'ty for the salvation of young men. Resolved, That we extend our sympathy to the tnends of our decased brethen. BlOodgood's Combination.—This wonderful combination opened a series of uine nights last evening, at Music Hall. A fair audience greet ed the troupe. Thpy present their usual good bill with a lot of new pieces. Considerable re gret w is expressed at not seeing Mr. Charles Matthews, who is ill at Boston. They have in addition to the usual company Zcgrino and Moulton, the great gymnasts of the age. Their feats are truly wonderful. During the per formance of Moulton he jumped to catch the hand of his companion when he missed and fell on the net that was stretched beneath, which saved him from a fearful fall. Messrs. Zegrino and Moulton will give an out door performance on a rope extended from Music Hall to Old City j Hall, every evening at 7.23 o’clock. The Burnham Claim.—Edward Pajron, Esq., tells us that the result of his mission to Europe perfectly satisfactory. He considers tho mat l ter of the claim as fully settled It is the wish of the Burnham Association that nothing shall be communicated o the public in regard to the claim until the appearance of the pamphlet giving a detailed account of Mr. Paysou’s pro ceedings. This pamphlet is now in the hands of the printer. Mr. Paysoa gives us to under stand that the result of his mission was a neg ative one. Wo infer that the much talked of will of Benjamin.Burnham has no existence, and that the Burnham family have no claims upon any property in England. Darwinism.—A gentleman in Ferry Village who lias spent some time and money experi menting with poultry, with a view to improv ing the different breeds, has undertaken to ed ucate a turkey of the male persuasion. He says as the bird advances in kuowledgo he shows a strong aversion to unnecessary labor. Last Thursday he flew upou the back of his owner aud seized his ear in his bill; ard while bis wings well belabored his sides, his feet and claws wore employed in making carpet rags of his Suuday co.it. The owner now proposes to put him through a chemical course that will resolve him back into his primitive element. __ A. Lecture Last Evening.—I'lie lecture last evening at the V. M. C. A. rooms by W. Cat lin of Loudon, missionary among the poor children and others, was of more than ordina ry interest, aud by invitation Mr. Catlin has cheerfully consented to give another lecture Wednesday evening at the Allen Mission Chap el, Locust street, emitled ‘‘Bagged London in the Centre, a mission work in Corn Cross,” il lustrated by twenty-eight laigc colored dia grams. Admission free. Collection far mis sion purposes. The Rising or the Curtain.—To-day the curtain rises on the Hospital Fair, aud the pub lic will be admitted to view the wonders dis playe l in both halls. We wilt not detract from pleasure and surprise of our readers by the describing tho decorations and contents of the halls in advance All day yesterday contribu tions were pouring in, fancy tables being fitted up, and general arrangements being made. Everything is now in working order, aud noth ing is wanting to make tho Fair a splendid sne ocss. Already many people have arrived and crowds will probably pour in to-day. Delegates to the Bangor Convention.— The caucus in Yarmouth Saturday evening elected Charles Humphrey, Giles Loring, J. H. Mitchell, aud P. E. Mitchell as delegates—all for Dingley. The caucus in Harrison, held the same even ing, elected C. A. Chaplin, N. A. Trafton and L. B. Green, all for Dingley. The Republican caucus of Staudish have chosen the following delegates without instruc tion:—Isaac L. Came, Tobias L. Eastman, Samuel Dingley and William H. Libby. Bold Attempt.—Yesterday afternoon a fire was discovered on the roof of a building on Union wharf, just as it was beginning to burn. On being put out it was found that birch bark and small pieces of wood had been taken there to kindle the fire. It is supposed to have been set by some of the scoundrels who have lately arrived herefrom New York, expecting to mak» a strike during the Hospital Fair. People will do well to keep e sharp lookout for all kinds of hlack-iegs and thieves. Casco Manufacturing Company.—The pe tition of the Casco Manufacturing Company sets forth tha* the corporation intend to pur chase a building or buildings and put in opera tion about 12,000 spindles, for the manufacture of cotton goods, at a cost of over $50,000. If the investment promises to prove remunerative the enterprise will be extended to the $750,000, the sdm fixed by the charter of the company. There can kc hardly a doubt of the favorable action of the City Government. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Parties having any old furniture, beds and bedding, or any old stuff, can have them sold at our regular auction sales Saturday morning. Communications by mail attended to. Goods sent for or will buy for cash. Abrams & Bro., 125 Federal street, under O'. S. Hotel. Dr. Ludwig has so far recovered from his re cent injury as to be able to attend to office practice. Portland Shirt—“none better.” Orfn Hawkes & Co’s., 230 and 292 Congress St. Executor’s Sale of Valuable Beal Es tate.—Messrs. F. O. Bailey & Co. will sell at 3 o’clock to-day, by order of the executor of the estate of Levi Weymouth, the property on the corner of Cougrcss and Carter streets. Sec auc tion column. C. C. Bennett, M. D., Falmouth Hotel, till 9 a. m., 1 to 2.30 and 0 to 7.30 p. m. jun7tf For Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indiges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Debili ty, in various other forms, Ferro-Phosphora ted Elixir of Calisaya made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, and sold by all druggists, is the best tonic. As a stimulant tonic for patiouts recovering from fever or oth er sickness, it has uo equal. If taken during the season it prevents fever and ague and other intermittent fevers. may21-lwt Dr. Urann at Preblo House Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. His cures are won derful. may30-d&wtf W. C. Beckett, 137 Middle street has just returned from Boston with another lot of fancy coatings and pantaloon goods, which will do you good to look at, and more good if you pur chase them. _ may23-3w If you want choice canned canned fruits, at low prices, call at Wilson & Co.’s, je9 3t Corner Exchange and Federal Sts. F. W. Nichols lias opened a Hair Dressing Saloon under Perry’s Hotel, Federal Street. je5-eodtf Vases and Bouquet Holders for Cemeteries and Public Gardens. Send for price list. Nutter Bros. & Co., 211 Market Square, Port lend. _ inayOtf If you want a good Re'rigerator, call at Nutter Bros. & Co.,21) Market Sunare. way!)-tf Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lotlirop, Devens & Co. have received a large quantity of German linen and cotton gauze, greeu wire, &c. No. 61 Exchange St. __ _ mayl7tf Lothrop, Devens & Co. have the new China board shades They ar» a great improvement on the old style rustic shades. Call and see them. No. 61 Exchauge street. maylCtf Sews and Other Items. The healthiest class in Massachusetts is said I to be the fishermen. They live on fish, pork, i potatoes and hard bread. Fresh meat but rarely, and no ice cream on Sunday. The farmers of Carrol county, Illinois, have empbatica'ly “resolved that the increase of Congressional salaries, in these hard times, is an infernal outrage upon the working people of the country,” It is stated that two delegates from the gov ernment of Guatemala recently waited upon President Grant with a proposition of 'annexa tion of that republic to the United States of America. A New Orleans letter to the Times states that a new reform party is being formed in Louisiana, composed of the citizens, which will admit the equality of all men without re gard to race, color or previous condition, and accepts all the United States constitutional amenumcnts and Congressional laws relative thereto. BY TELEGRAPH. HATTERS IN MAINE. Trial of Wagner. Empanelling of the Jury. [Special to Press.] Alfred, June 9.—Louis Wagner was put up on trial Monday afternoon for the murder of two women, with an axe at Smutty Nose, one of the Isles of Shoals, March Cth. Attorney General Plaisted and Couut.v Attorney Yeaton appear for the State, and ex-Judge Tapley and Max Fischacherof Boston, for the prisoner. A list of 70,jurors was called, ail of whom an swered to their names, except Hon. John H Burleigh. Judge Barrows before the empanelling of the jury gave some general instructions. He said if the jury had formed an opinion, one way or the other, as to the guilt or innocence of the prisoner, and entertains that opiuion now without waitiug to hear the testimony, then he *s incompetent; but although from reading newspapers or hearing reports, he may have received temporary impressions favorable or unfavorable to the prisoner, if he has no opin ion w prejudice which will prevent him from doing impartial justice when ho hears thetes timony,\hen he is competent. He proposed four questions to ho answered by each juror who should V drawn, before he should he sworn in chiel. First—“ Have you formed or it pressed any opin\ou as to tlla guilt or inno. i cenceof the prisoi«>r?” Sccond-“Do you feel prejudice for or against the prison er. ^ Third—‘‘Have 70a any conscientious scruples or opinion respecting capital punish ishment, which would prevent you from render injj an impartial verdict accojiling to the evi dence? Fourth—“Are you selated or con nected either with the deceased ot the prisoner by blood or marriage, in or within tho degree of second cousin?” The Clerk notified the prisoner that he could object to the jurors as they were called and be fore they were sworn. Thirty jurors wore drawn from the box. Threo were challenged preemp torily by the prisoner’s counsel; fifteen had formed and expressed opinions and were set aside as incompetent. Tue jury as constituted arc as follows: Ivory C. Hatch, foreman; isiac Eaton, George A. Twombley, Horace Pi pet, Levi G. Hanson, Na hum Tarbox, Benajth Hall, Charles Whitney, William Beanal, Bobert Littlefield, Isaac Lib by and Calvin Steveus. He jurors were allow ed to send messages to thei- families. John Moody, John Maddox and Win. Drummond were sworn as officers to Ueepthc jury together until they agreed upon a verdict, or are dis discharged by order of Court. Tho Sheriff informed the Courtthat ho had provided quarters in the jailor’s moms in the now jail. The empanelling was linahed in less than two hours from the first call ol the list. Mr. Yeaton asked an adjournment, Mid will make his oponing statement Tuesday morning. The prisoner is a Prussian, young, athletic, with a florid or somewhat flushed countenance. The victims and their friends are Norwegians. The hotel register shows witnesses from the Isle of Shoals as follows: John S. Hontvett, Mary S. Honvetf, his wife and only -urvivor ot the three women from the Island, Matthew Hontvett, brother of John, Eran Christensen, brother of Mrs. Hontvett, George E. Bredsen, who took Mrs. Hontvett from the island the morning after the murder, his sons Waldamar and Emileslar Nelson. Other government wit nesses will come on the morning train. Excitement at Thoinaston. Two itlcn Attempt to Escape from tbc State Prison—Both Re-captured—One Shot. [Spec-la! DespaMh te tho Daily Press.] Thomastox, June 9.—Two prisoners, Kirby and Wright, made their escape from State Prison at G.30 this afternoon. They cut a hole through the roof, jumping twenty feet to tho ground. Both were captured, Kirby being shot in the head but not dangerously. Sadden Death. Eastport, June 9.—John French, for some thirty years a prominent merchant of this town, died suddenly of heart disease last evening. NEW YORK. Destructive Fire-SI.oss 300,400. Newburgh. June 9.—A large fire is raging on Front street, in this city. It commmced at 9 o’clock to-night in William O. Maillei& Co.’s store-house and communicated to thei: barge Newburgh. The cargo and storehouse vere de stroyed. The fire exteuded northwaid, and the coal yard of D. S. Warring, barrel factory of James G. French and several other build ings were destroyed. The storehouse of E. T. Kidmorc is now burning and the fire threateis to sweep the entire river front of ihe city. Tbe damage thus far cannot be less than halfa million dollars. Mayer Shutes has telegraphed to Poughkeepsie for help. Later—The fire is now under control. Tie barge Newburgh is drifting up the river and i still burning with a large cargo. Total losi $250,000. _' WASHINGTON. A Commission to Try the ITXodocs Washixgtox, June !).—Gen. Schofield has been instructed by telegraph to-day to appoint a military commission to try the Modocs. Treasury Balances. The following are the Treasury balances to day: Currency 86,211,595; special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de po.it 830,285,000; coin 876,791,878; including $34,332,500 in coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding $356,000,000. Prize Cnses. In the case of Farragut against tho ship Me tropolis and others, a prize case in which an award of over a million dollars has been made b.v tbe arbitrators, Gen. Butler moved for au affirmance of the award. Mr. Corwin, for the government, filed a mo tion requiring tbe arbitrators to file in court the evidence, particularly that of Admiral Porter and Bailey, and also enquiring whether the steamer McRea, having been built and used by the United States from whon- she was taken, should be included among the vessels captured or destroyed. Tbe motion was overruled and tbe award of the arbitrators affirmed. In the District Court to-day tbe case of Col lins against the Florida prize case, was argued on a motion to dismiss tbe libel filed by tbe government on the ground that tho seizuie hav ing taken place in a Brazilian pori, was illegal. Geu. Butler appeared for the libellant, and Mr. Corwin and Judge Fisher for the government. Judge Humphreys overruled tbe motion and re ferred the case to Gen. Mussey to take the tes timony. The Florida nevdr reached any port in the United States, having beeu lost or pur posely scuttled on the way. Patent Extended. The Commissioner of Patents has extended the patent of Hezekiah Conal of Lincol, 1!. I., machines for winding thread on spools. Various matters. The Polaris investigation is now conducted in a large boat house south of the Admiral’s office with closed doors. The Tallapoosa left here last night with the Esquimaux families of Joe and Haus ou board for the cooler climate of Maine. The remainder of tho ice floe party were transferred from tbe Frolic to the storeship Relief this morning, where they will remaiu until the investigation is concluded. The Frolic left this afternoon for New York. The Oregon Indians. New York, June 9—A letter from Walla Walla, Washington Territory, of the 20tb ult., states that siuce the Modoc'affuir the Indians iu that vicinity have beeu quite impertinent. A nar'y of five recently attacked an old settler, who repulsed them, aided materially by a daugh ter of eighteen, who wielded r hatchet with ter rible effect, and a young son. All five of the Indians were badly wounded aud fled. The event had a salutary effect. Some 1500 Indians are ou Snake river procuring winter supplies of salmon, and are peaceably inclined. Al1 fears now of an Indian war have passed away. Tbe recent earthquakes have greatly scared tbe In diaus. A Mau Accidentally (Shot by an Officer. Dubuque, June 9.—At Fort Dodge, Iowa, Saturday night, in attempting to arrest Charles Haines, a saloon keeper, for selling liquor con trary to the ordinance, a riot ensued. In the scuffle between Haines and Marshal Brooks, the lorrner drew a revolver, which Brooks in trying to wrench from his grasp accidentally dis charged killing Haines instantly. An Expedition into Or. gon. Bo\le Camp. June 9.—Gen. Divis proposes to have cavalry, light battery of the fourth ar tnlery and infantry, and inarch through Kla math county to Forts Waruer and Harvey, and as lar north as Walla Walla for the purpose of intimidating the Indiana. Preliminary orders for this movement have already been issued. Reports from the Red Cloud agency stale that Blue Horse, High Wolie, Slow Bull and Red Leaf were friendly and doing all they could to preserve peace. THE MODOCS. Testimony Against Ilic Murderers. San Francisco, June 8.—Despatches are re ceived at Yreka this morning from Po.vle’s Camp on Tale Lake Peninsular, dated the 28th. as follows: Soon after the arrival of the Modoc prisoners at this comp, Gen. Davis sent word to the set tlers m Tules Lake and Long River counties that he desired them to come in and identif y the murderers in custody and the stolen property recovered from the Indians. Among those who responded were Mrs. Boody and daughter, Mrs. Schiera, two of the women who were widowed by the Modocs. They teil the following story. Boody and Schiera took up three quarters sec tions of land near the mouth of the Lost Iliver last August, and settled there with their fami lies. On the morning of November 29th, Capt. Jack’s baud of Indians were attacked on Lost Iliver by a party of volunteers and compelled to retire. Hooker Jim and his party of Modocs were on the north sido of the .river from Capt, Jack, but knew of the latter’s defeat, and dur ing the same day, Boody and Schiera were murdered by Hooker Jim and his associates while they were cutting wood and herding sheep within a mile of their house and utterly unconscious of danger. The agent ot the Yarnox reservation had promised the settlers that any offensive move ment against the Italians should be made kuown to the whites in time to afford them op portunity to o'-tain safe refuge, but the mes senger Sent by the agent failed to perform his duty, thereby facilitating the massacre, and the arrival of Boudy’s team without a driver, with blood upon the wagon, was the first, inti motion of the terrible tragedy tiie poor woman received. Before noon they found the bodies of the murdered men, stripped of all elotning at different points within a few miles of the house. They also met the Modocs, Hooker Jim, Long Jim, Curley-Headed Doctor, One Eyed Mouse, Kuck Dave, Hump Jerry aud Mrs. Hooker Jim, who were all implicated in the massacre. While tile Indians went to the house to fiud other male victims these women escaped and travelled night aud d ly, suffering many hardships, aud reached the house of Mr. Kapp in an exhausted condition. Gen. Davis received the woman kindly, heard their story, assigned them a tent and promised to assist them to recover their stolen goods. Thisforeuoou Hooker Jiui and Steamboat Frank, who had just returned from a scout af ter the four Modocs, were taken to tiro bank occupied by these womeu. Hooker Jim was identified by Mrs. Boody as one of the Indians concerned in the massacre. In response to some remark about the robbery of the house, Hooker Jim said that Long Jim took the long purse ar.d he (Hooker Jim) took the short purse. At this point of the interview the women became greatly excitpd, began crying, lost all control of themselves and started in fur desperate work. Mrs. Schiera drew a pistol and went for Steamboat Frank, and Mrs. Boody drew a lcnifo and dashed at Hooker Jim. Gen. Davis fulerfoietl ;aifi disarmed both of the women, receiving in the struggle a slight wound in the palm of the hand near the thumb from the knife in the hands of Mrs. Boody. The savages during the scene stood like stat utes; they neither spoke nor offered resistance. It galls Capt. Jack aud his comrades in ens tody to see Hooker Jim and Steamboat Frank travelling to and front will, and armed at that. He does not understand the consequence of turning states’ evidence. This afternoon lie became greatly excited and gave vent to his rage iu a fiery orati -n. He rose up in his chains which Schonchin and in a strong aud im pressive manner recited his grievances until an officer compell“d hi.n to desist. WHO ARE THE SAVAGES ? Cowardly Massacre of Modoc Prisoners toy Oregon Volunteers. Sax Francisco, .June 9.—Despatches from Boyle’s Cainp yesterday, relate the particulars sf an atrocious massacre of the MoJoc prison ers, supposed to have been perpetrated by the Oregon volunteers. On Saturday morning James Fairchild and about a dozen other men left Fairchild’s Rancho, Cottonwood Creek, with seventeen Modoc captives, including women and childreu, Shacknasty Jim, Bogus Charley, Tehee Jack, Pony and Little John. The Indians were in a wagon drawn by four males. At the crossing at Lost River the party encouDteied a bedy of Oregon volunteers under Capt. Haiser. The soldiers gathered about the wagan and questioned Fairchild. The latter told them the Indians were all Hat Creek’s ex cept little John, and there were uo charges againstvhem. Fairchild undertook to push on to Boyle, Camp and the volunteers returned to to their c^np near Crowley’s. On the rujd Fairchild noticed two men ahead ruimj to Rocky Poiutasif to intercept him. Wheat,he team approached the two men one of them iresentcd a needle gun at Fair child, saying, ijet down you old white-headed — , wbattuthority1’ said Fairchild. “By mine.; I am goiug.p till the Indians aud you, too, was the reply The leader caught hold of the mules and upptched them, cutting the harness. Fairchild Ringing to the lines escap ed to the grouud. TV poor wretches implor ed for mercy and be*cd Fairchild to save them. The warriors wt*e unarmed aud kuew resistance was useless, fhey were the coolest in the party, although facis, inevitable death, but women and children slir,be(], groaned and wept piteously Fairchild 1^] ,,'otliin- but a small pistol and six inches fronhis ear was the uiuzz’e of a needle gun. He sav, that the tears came into his eyes, and he mingle pjs entrea ties with those of tiie Modocs,«, hopes (he massacre would be avoided. He-adds: “I1 was a terrible scone. One I never sun forgot; T shudder when I think what 1 saw a-d heard.’ Tiie tearful voices of those women a,d chil dren still ring iu my ears, but the cowardly hounds were not to be balked.” A she, aIK] Little John lay dead in the wagon witli a bqiet in his brain. The mules dashed away \v'th Fairchild who became eutangled in the line. Five more shots were fired iu rapid succession, by which Tehee, Jack, Pony and Mooch were killed and little Jonh’s squaw was frightfully wounded in the shoulder. Awav ahead, on the road in the direction of Bovles Camp a cloud of dust was perceived, in dicating the approach of a team. The murder ers espied tiie dust and shortly afterwards were riding speedily away. Sergeant Murphy of battery G., 4th Artillery, with ten men and a teamster, came up to tiie scene of tiie massacre. The Sergeant took charge of affairs and r tnaine 1 with bis men on the ground. Fair child, a teamster and the wounded squaw with her two children, came at two o’clock this morning. Fairchild reached Gen. Davis’head quarters and related his story. Teams with an escort were at once sent to bring the prisoners dead aud alive. No stens were taken for the apprehension of the guilty parties, who are supposed to be Oregon volun teers. The warriors killed were not charged with murder. Those who know them best say they have only participated in open fights. Every one here condemns the affair. There is no doubt the murders were carried out on a carefully arranged plan, as Fairchild noticed horsemen in the road ahead and behind them when the shots were fired. The Cholera Inerensiua* Memphis, Tenn., June 9.—The cholera is be lieved to be on the increase, although there is no marked increase in the mortality since last week. The interments at Elmwood were 55 against 2d the corresponding week last year, and an average of 19 during last year. NETEOROMICilCAL. PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOCR HOPES. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. C., > June 9, (8 P. M.)i For New Enelnnd falling barometer, easterly to southerly winds, dear or partly cloudy weather are probable. for Tuesday. For the Middle States and lower lake region, falling barometer, fresh and occa lionally brisk southeasterly to southwesterly winds and increasing cloudiness with areas of rain. For the South Atlantic States, fresh southeasterly to southwesterly winds, partly eloudy weather. For the Gulf States east of tho Mississippi, light to fresh southerly and westerly winds, generally cloudy weather and rain areas. For the northwest and upper lake region and southward to Missouri and the lower Ohio valleys, rising barometer, fresh and brisk northerly to westerly winds, clear and clearing weather! For Tennessee and Kentucky winds veering to the westerly and northwesterly with clearing weather. F O U F1 G2SJ. Spanish Affairs. Stormy Sndoo of the Cortes—Great Ex citement among the People—Figueras Continues. Madrid, June 9—Evening.—The session of th» Cortes last night was one of the stormiest on record. Owing to the confusion which pre vailed in the chamber, the closing of doors a poitiou of the time, by whieh reporters were excluded, and the late hour of adjournment, the morning papers were unable to obtain com plete or correct reports of the proceedings, and many false rumors in consequence obtained cur rency. The statement among others that the ministry proposed by Senor Pi Y. Margall was nppmved is incorrect. The House finally re jected his ministry, and called on Senor Figue ras ta resume tht conduct of the government with bis old cabinet. Tire following is an accurate resumeof the sitting: The Cortes af'er passing the resolu tions proclaiming tho remiblic, adjourned till evening for the purpose of completing the for mation of anew ministry. At 7 p m., the Home reassembled, and Senor Figueras opened the debate. He advised the republic to bo united and warned them that divisions witlii u their ranks would prove la al to the cause they held dear. The question then came up whether the ministers proposed by Senor Pi Y. Margall should be voted on eil filoe or separately. An excited discussion followed which was accom panied with frquect scenes of confusion. A motion was made to go into secret session. Senor Castellar protested. The Cortes he said owed it to the country that their proceed ings should be public. Senor P. T. Margal finally announced tlict in view of the sad scenes of disorder which lie could only consider as ev idence of distrust he would withdraw his list ot ministers. A great uproar followed and could only be silenced by Senor Figueras, who rese to move that the ministers be directly L by the Cortes. The motion for a se.iet sitting was t' on renewed and adopted, and at mid S .henneries were cleared and the reportr ers excluded Around the Palace the streetf were withac excited throng, and within the chamber the greatest agitation prevailed. 11 was rumored at one tune that an armed crowd had ent-red tine Palace and threatened to break into the hall. Moreover a tight between the military and the people in the streets was momentarily expected. Castelarand Figueras succeeded in restorin'* calm in exerted themselves to good effect'in'»Mn,ef and the populace outside. There beimr pecto t an agreement.of the doEtK asVX' coiuoositiou of the ministry Figueras brand Margall were successively called u,„,' to form one, but they either declined or failed in the task. After repeated consu.tations the whole Cortes finally appealed to Senor Figueras to remain in power wi h the old cabinet, and he at last con sented. At. 4 a. m. tho doors were thrown open and the Cortes proceeded to adopt a vote of confi dence in Figueras’ miuistry aud then adjourn ed. Burning o( a Palace—Ireland, London, June 9.—The total 1 -ss b.v the burn ing of Alexandria Palace is estimated at S3, 0l)0,000, on _ which insurances amount to SGOO. 000. The (ire was caused by the carlessness of workmen who were repairing the zinc roof. No one was killed as at lirst reported, but several persons injured. The supply of water was scarce, hence the rapidity with which the fire spread. Within a half hour from the time the alarm was given the entire structure was enveloped in flames. One by ono the great domes by which it was surrounded foil in with a sound like thunder. The. large organ was de stroyed, but some valuable pictures and other works of art were saved. In the House of Lords to-day Karl Russell introduced a bill for tlie better government of Ireland, which abolishes tbeufUce of Lord Lieut enant and provides that the voice of eight per sons out of twelve will suffice for a verdict. The object of the measure is to restrict the power of the priesthood and secure tho conviction of criminals. Tlie Character «f the Sew doverament. New York, June 9. -A Paris letter speaking of tho new government of France which suc ceeds Thiers and his cabinet, says: One fact characterized the accession of power in the bauds of new men. The transmission of tlie news to Prince Napoleon bv his political friends (bat be might return without dauger gives rise to the probability that the arrival of this Bona parte will soon be followed by that of Cora Pearl, who was an adjunct of the empire aud an especial friend of the banished Prince. Sim plicity and rectitude in private life go out with Thiers, and the can-can comes in with tho friends of monarchy. It is still the republic, hut the difference between the republic of yes terday and that of to-day is, that then it was in the hands of its friends, and it is now in the hands of its enemies. mexican Afluirn. St. Louis, .Tune 9.—Dr. D. H. Williams, who has resided in tlie State of Cobahuila, Mexico, for two years past, has reached here. In an ac count of affairs in that country, Dr. Williams confirms the report of the capture of Gen. Lo zada, the rebel chief, and states that it was be lieved lie was immediately shot. In relation to Gen. AnKenzie’s attack on the ICickapoo Indians on Mexican soil, Dr. Wil liams is of tho opinion there will be no serious complaints made on the part of tho Mexican authorities, as the latter have felt the necessity of some mutual arrangements between the two countries by wliieh Indian marauders upon eith er side can be followed across the river aud pun ished. The Doctor apprehends that the .Mexi cans will use the act as a precedent, and follow fugitives on this side of the Rio Grande. They will be sure to avai. themselves of the example set bv the Americans if not disavow, d This will eventually lead to trouble and plunge tho frontier into war. Such a result would, howev er. he hailed by many as desirable, as it would load to carviug out another fat .slice from the sick man on the southern border. There are, however, efforts being made by some of the leading parties on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande which may lead to negotiations for an nexation of mere Mexican territory, in order to strengthen the boundary line and by which Mexico will be enabled to pay her debts. The territory coveted for this purpose embraces the States of Nuevo, Leon,Cohalniilla, Chihuahua, the north end of Durango, Sonora and Lower California, known as the Mexican frontier States. 'This would shorten the boundary line one-half of the present meandering of the Rio Grande, and leave a frontier that would be much more easily protected by both nationali ties. MINOR TELEGRAMS. A Washington special says that several cases of sporadic cholera are known to have occurred in that city recently. Governor Whyte of Maryland, has respited Hallahan, and who was to be hanged Friday next, until the first of August. As a passenger train Sunday for the West ou the Union Pacific road was passing over the trestle work on the last approach to Elkborn Bridge, the engine, mail and express cars and a car loaded with fish went through and fell into the water. W. Carey, roadmaster, is miss ing. It is supposed he was drowned. No one else was hurt. A boat with ten young boys from a school of Norwalk, Conn., while returning from a picnic on Saturday afternoon, was run down by the steamer Ainericus and three boys drowned. Then-names were Chas. J. Bostwick, of An-, burn, N. Y., a nepliew of W. A. Seward, Ed ward Morris, of l'roy, and Wilham B. Crane, of Somers* N Y The bodies were recovered. Gen. Davis has been ordered to march as far north as Walla Walta, Oregon, for the purpose of intimidating the Indians. Gen. Schofield has been instructed to appoint a military commission to try the Modocs. Alexandria palace, near London, was totally destroyed by fire Monday afternoon. It is re ported that seven persons lost their lives. A fire was raging in a timber yard in Dublin Monday afternoon; a mob collected to plunder and the military was called oat to preserve or der. They charged ou the crowd and many were wouuded. George Viney, aged DO years, was killed Snu day on the railroad track in Bradford, Mass. Charles Parker, aged 21, shot himself Sunday in Wellesley. Mass. A new indictment lias been framed against Tai tor, the Atlantic Bank defaulter. •John Merritt was killed at Lowell, Mass., yesterday in attempting to step on a moving train. He was a native of England. Mrs. Emeline Jones was killed by a train in Providence, K. I., Monday. France lias paid the first installment of the last milliard francos due Germany. Sunday, Lyons, France elected 35 out of 3G radical nominees for municipal officers. The remains of Sir George C. Cartier, have been received at Quebec. Dace ball—New York, Philadelphia 8, At lantics7; Baltimore, Bostons 6, Baltimores 14. Capt. Jack says be didn’t shoot General Can by. Base ball—Philadelphia, Athletic’s 22, Mu tuals 3. Three painters fell from a bridge of the Pennsylvania R. R. Monday, in Centreville, Pa , two of whom mere killed. Wm. I{. Wales, an accomplice of R. S. Dud ley iu the mail robberies and draft forgeries, has made a confession, throwing all blare° ou Dudley, , — The Allan steamer Acadian arrived at Hali fax Batur*ay, having run ashore in the Straits of Canso Friday. ' A fire is raging in the Lerigan coal mines and an explosion is feared, A fire at Bowdan, Ontario, Saturday, de s.royed Morris & Ash’s saw mills and factory. Loss $75,000. The scouting party sent out from Fort Mc Pherson two weeks ago, were caught last Sat urday in a severe rain storm ou Blockwood’s Creek, and six privates of Co. F. 3d cavalry, and 24 horses were drowned. There have been severe storms in tho West and Northwest for past three days. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Foreign Export*. WOLFVILLE. NS. Sell Melita—800 bbls flour, 14 mowing machines. Foreign Import*. WESTPORT. NS. Schr Hibernia—725 qtls codfish, 100 doz eggs, 3u lbs dried sounds to order. ST. JOHN. NB Schr Geo Calhoun—131,133 feet lumber to Geo S Hunt. Receipt* by Rnilroml* nod Mteambnof*. Steamer Dirigo. from New York—171 balos rags, 5 do cotton, 5 do jute, 3 do wool, 75 rolls leath er, 70 do carpetiug, t2 hlids sugar, 3 do tobacco, 4 tes do, 000 bbls flour, 200 do sugar, 6 drums soda, 10 kegs nails, 4 >7 chests lea, 35 I>dls pxper, 3u bags coffee, 220 boxes soap, 200 do raisins,50 do saleratus, 40 do starch, 20 do haruware, 30 do drugs, 12 do clocks, 8 do to bacco, 55 do pipes. 10 bags ginger, 1 carriage, 1 wag on, 2 horses, 3 pianos, 250 pkg* sundries. Boston Stock ftjlst. (Sales at the Broker’s Board, June 9.', Laconia Manufacturing Co rights.25 Eastern Railroad.1. do do . do do .105 New York Stock and Money Market. Nkw York, June 9 - Morning,—Gold at 117|. Mon ey 5 per ceut. Steiling Exchange 109 @ 110}. Stocks weak. New YoRK.June7—£wewi wo.—Money easy at from 4 @ 6 per cent.. Sterling Exchange dull at 108 5-16 (g 109 tor sixty days and 110 @ 1104 tor si^ht. Gold quiet, opened 118 an l ciosiug at 117} @ 117}; loans 4 (a> 6 per cent, for cam Ing. The clearances were 39, 000,000. Tue Assistant Tre surer disbursed $278 - 000. Governments quiet and firm. Stata bonds dull and ntea ly. Shocks opened active and strong with an advance of about 1 per cent, iu Ohio and Pacific M .11, but under heavy otferiugs the market became depressed. After mi iday there was a recovery from the 1 >weat p *int of from 4 ® 2} per cent., but the ad vance was not maim ained iu the afternoon. Dealings in Western Union shares were weak on the rei>orted issue of 16,000 shares to purchase the controlling in terest iu one of the opposition lines. In regard to the Ohio and Mississippi it is stated that the directors recently amhorized the issue of $1,000,000 7 ;>er c lit. b >nds to run ten years with an annual sinking fund of 10 per cent. Of this amount ?4u0,000 have been is sued and taken by the directors at 80. Half of the proceeds have been issued to pay otf the floating in debteddess, and the balance to bay steel rails. Iso more of these bonds will l»e issued till the President ol the company returns from Euroi>e. The market closed feverish. riie toiiowing were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon G’s, 1881.123 United States5-2U’s IS62.117 United Slates 5-20’s I8G4.117 ; United Si ales 5-20’s I8G5, old...110 United States 5-20’s 1803, new. 120 United Slates 5-2o’s I8G7.121 United Slates 3-20’s H68 . 120 United Slates 5’b. new. 1«5 United Stares lU-4o’s.,coupons. ....114 Currency G’s . ....114 The following were the ciosiug quotations <f Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co.834 Pacific Mail.4«| N. Y. Centra* ami Hudson Uiver consolidated... 100} Erie. 82j Erie preferred.. 71 Uuiou Pacific stock. 284 The following were the quotations for Pacific Uail road securities: Central Pacitie bonds.1034 (Jumii Pacific do. 86} Union Pacific land grants. 70 Uuiou Pacific income bonds. 63 Providence Print Market. Provides, e, June 9.—Printing Cloths—market quiet at 6j @ 64c for best 64*8 Ueuifauc iTIarkeb, *7unc 9—Evening—Cotton Jc bigber and more aettve: sales 1729 bales; Middling uplands @7 75-' I* oul, Isboavv; sales 8°fl° bblr.; State B 40 I » 9*’- hoop Ulito 6 6S s 9 75: Western 5 4U firmer Vlthfair c* “ 62,° ® ‘L00* w,'«“ U » "hade No 1 Smlna i i demand; Rales 69,000 bu b 1 43 rgjl 4S? “. No ^Spring at 155; No 3 Spring fully to higtler " KSVjSftf^P 1 91 & 1 7»- '-on, tern55@56e. Oat, .W00 b“.sh 1 n» v MlxedWcs new Wes.eru “,n?'‘*"*ed; sales 34.0«o bush; steady; new mes. 16Cu- J$47°- , Bc*f steady. Pork excited and higher at at 4 fa? ptime >4 00. Larn U changed; new State 25 ,r .Jr- ““tier quiet and un Rice steady: Carolina at 71 ri ui bb£ey lower at 93e. refining 7J @ 8Jc; No 12 l Sagar Jo higher; and firm: Ki > 17} @ lojc In Q7>|T Coffee quiet and unchanged;clayed 29 u 3tc. NewTmi'-*0’' uullt 8sc; Port . Rico 35® 06c; Mi.scoiado i?n,vU7 " Store*—Spirit* Tur|*entiue quiet at 40i«; tuv’ n .»v» at 2 90 for strained. Petroleum firm; eng,!,. V“l‘*n refined at 10}c. Tallow weak at 8 @ 8 15-i6c. ’’ Frereights to Liverpool dull; Grain, per steam at 114 <jg 12Jd. Cincinnati. June 9.—Provisions quiet. Pork held at 16 374 @ 16 50, most held at 16 50 ® 16 73. Laid is quiet and field bigber: no round lots otto lug; stem* at 84 bid nu si>ot; 84c for July; keitlo nominally at 81c. Bulk Meat* mm; shoulder* at I®6}0* dear rib *ides held at 84; clear sides 8}c; light jobbing sales. Bacon steady; shoulders held at <ic;; clear at 94 @ 9|c. W uirikey steady at 89c. Chicago, June 9.—Flour dull and unchanged.— Wheat quiet and unchanged; No 1 Spring at 130; No 2 Spring at 1 25 cash; 1 24} seller June; No 3 do at 1 14; rejected 98 <® 984c. Corn firm and in lair de mand ; No 2 Mixed regular at 3Mc; 3Cjc for fresh oil spot: 34|c seller June; 371 @ 37}c seller July; 40} for seller Aug; rejected at 31 @ 314c. Oats steady; No 2 at 284 on spot; seller Ju y 29} @ 29}c; reected 21} ^ 23c. Rye firm and in lair demand; No 2 at 61c. Bar ley nominal. Provisi ms—Pork is quiet and a shade higher at 15 75 on spo2; seller July 15 g.5 'a) 15 80.— Lard quiet and nominally at 8j cash. Bulk Meats steady; shoulder*. 6f @ 64c; short rib 84 @ 84c; short clear middle* 8} @ 84c, all loose. Bacon is steadv; ahouJders 74c; dear rib sides 94c; clear sides 94c.— Whiskey is steady at 90c. Lake Freights quiet and unchanged ;Com to Buffalo at 6c. Receipts—9,000 bbls floor, 60,000 busbwheat.2tl. 000 li.isii corn, 173,060 hush oats, 5,006 bust rye, 2,000 bnsb barley, 00,000 bogs. Shipments--?,000 outs flour, 19,600 bush wheat, 283, 000 bust, corn, 169.000 bash oats, 0,000 bush rye, 0 uoo bash barley, 0966 bogs. wrt.ol'!ei,0','4luiej9.—Flour Is dull amt unchanged.— Wheat anil and declining; sales ol No 2 Whito Wab asb 1 80; No3do t 76; extra Wuite Michigan atl 85; Amber Michigan on s|s.t 159: seller June at 1 564; seller July 1 56; No 1 Red on s|wt at 1 63; seller June 155; relectedRed 130: No 1 Amber Illinois 1 67: No 2 at 1 63. Corn is steady; sales of high Mixed on sm.t and seller J.ine 4!; seller July 454c; seller Aug 47c; seller Sept 48c; low Mixml 43c; Yellow 444; M.H.isan 37Jc; White 47c; damaged 31. Oats a shade higher; No 2At 364 @ 3'; rejected 36c. _ e1"0 Freights firm; to Buffalo 4 ® 4Jc; to Oswego 8 4C 84c; to Kingston 8. 6 Receipts 2,066 bbls flour, 30,000 bush wheat, 6 066 bush corn, 8,000 bush oais Shipment*—4000 bbls flour, 23,000bush wheat,19,000 bush com, 2,000 bush oars. ’ ’ Detroit..June 9.—FIour quiet and unchanged.— rrlu11,^0. antl extra White 1 84; No 1 . } Amber Michigan 1 62 Corn is steady at 43c. Oat* in good demand at 374. Freights to Cutfalo 44 @ 5c; to Oswego 84* Receipt*—4.000 bbls flour, 9,000 busu wheat. 2 0C0 bush corn, 00,000 bush oats. Shipments-3000 bbls flour, 0,030 bush wheat. 0,000 bush corn, 2,000 bush oats. ’ land**—1@H18JS*’ **une 9-~^0b,0D quiet; Middling up land* at Ity-’ Junc 3--Cotton heavy; Middling ui> 18c!°B1LE’ t?Une 9 “Cott6B firm» Middling uplands Orleans. Juuc 9.—Cotton in good demand; Middling uplands 184c. ’ Havana Harket. Havana, Juno 9.—Sugar—No 12 0. a. 10} @ 10} rs. Exchange buoyant; on United States,short aighi cur rency, 19 @ 20 prem. European .flarkola. London, Juno 9—11.00 A. M.—Consols opened at 92} for money and account. London, Jnno P—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed at 92} for money and account. American securities—U. S. 5-20s, 1865, old. 91!; do 18«7, 92}; U. S. 10-lOs, 88}; new 5a at 89 1-10; Erie at 43J. ^*?ne P* M.—Cotton closed firm; Middling uplands 8Jd; do Orleans Old; ►ales 12,000 bales, including 2000 bales for speculation and ex port. Freight*. Philadelphia, June 7.—Freights—There is rather more doing. The rates to Liverpool are 3s for F our, 8fd for Grain, 30 @ ;i5s for weight, |@7-16*1 for Cotton, and 45s for Bark. In Petroleum there is more doing. A bark was t iken to Cork for orders at Cs 6d (jg 7s, and one to Hamburg on privute terms. ENTERTAINMENTS. HOSPITAL FAIR. REFRESHMENT DEPARTMENT, ELUENT HALL. THE ExecnMve Committee take pleasure In an uouncing that they have, through the couitesy of Mr. Fluent, obtained the use of the spacious and beautiful hall, known as F L U IS N U’ Tr . I and that it has been hardfnmeTy U!1(!'“W)11 V eutelttlt 1 fitted up, and will be need as a FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT, During the Fair. The religious s cieties of the city w II furnish refreshments and flowers. Scores of y«ung ladies, in pnuty and appropriate uniforms, wil serve on their respective parish days. The flor al dec »rations. which are under the supervision of a lady of exqnisi e ta«*tc. will b«* unique and beautiful; will e several pieces of music have been engaged to lend their charm to the scebe. All persons visit! ug the Fair are invited to visit Flnent Hall. Entrance by tha bridge which has been constiucted across frqm City Hall. No extra charge for admittance. Doors open from 11 a. m., till 10 p. m. B.-Societies are requested to send in re freshments as early as 9 a. m. JelO MTTSIC_ JTAlLLT “HE S GOT TO COME”—AGAIX! Remaining for Nine Nights, COMMENCING MONDAY, JUNE 9th. HARRY BLOODUOOD’S Minstrel & Burlesque Combination including the old favorites and seven new feces, all great stars, completing the roaster yarieiy entertain ment oc the road Look at the great names of SIGNORS ZEG31 NO a d MOULTON the premier Gymnasts ol fcho World, who will give an out-door performance on a single rope extended trom theOM City Hall to Music Hall, at 7J c’clcck. iifr. G. F. Moore nnd Minn Kitty 11 < mlrrson, Singly they are grca‘—together they will never have an equal. Mr. Andy J. Leavitt, the original corner-stone of Ethiopian Come ly, Banjo aod Sou*. Raley Brothers, in their beautiful wooden shoe specialties, invite competition. Minn LMr Riildelf, the charming little queen of serio-comic vocalists. Blood good II mine If. and a dashing company oi twenty others. ESF^PRICES AS USUAL. Reserved place, tlck I ets now ready at box office m4dtf ARRANGEMENTS — FOE — Maine Gen’l Hospital Fair To be holden in CITY AND FLUENT HALLS, PORTLAND Commencing June 10, at 2 P. M., Ta caaliur Eight Dnya and Evening., (SnndnyH rxcepicn). On each day after the lOtb the Hall* frill be eneaed fman lO •’Clark A. M. aatil IO o’clock P. n. Govornor Perbam vrill deliver an Address at tho opening of the Fair Tuesday afternoon. Murlc by the Portland Band. The Refreshment Department, under the charge of the Ladles’ Executive Committee, will be In Fluent’s Hall, which will bo connected with V itv Hall by a Bridge. Entertainments will bo given each evening In Re ception Hall. * It asilii Hall will be used as a Picture Gallerv. where the largest and (inest collection of Picture# ever seen in Maine will be exhl ited. Anion • the other attractions will be an exhibition of Glass Blowing, a manufactory of Earthern Ware, Punch and Judy show. Shooting Gall, ry, Ac., Ac. Arrangements have bceu maoe with ail Italiroads and Steamboat lines in the State for half fare. Tick ets good from the 10th to tfetb of June inclusive. Aarnl slon Tickets to the Fair will be sold with all ball fore tickets for 25 cents each. Congress Hall will bo oi en day and evening under the charge of a competent person for the use of vis itors to the Fair from out of the city. Entrance to this hall second door from Temple street on Congress. Admlaalaa la the Fair Cents. Contributions for the Fair will be brought ree over any Ol the railroads or sieamb at lines n the State running to Portland or bv th- Eastern Express Com pany If market “Hospital Fair, Portland. A. W. H. CLAPP, Chairman,) C. H. HASKKLL. Treasurci, I C. E. JOSE. Secretary, I Executive S. C. GORDON, i S. H. TEWKSBURY, f H. F. FURBISH, Committee. F. H. QERKISH. JAMES E. CARTER, J Ju2_did ARMY & NAVY HALL ! Prof. I. GL Stearns, tho celebrated PSYCHOLOGIST ! Every Evening this week, Come and enjoy a hearty Lan?h ! Doors open at 7; commonce at 8. Tickets only 25 cents. gyinstructlin in Psvcholcgv from 7 to 8 previous to the Euteitainniant. Terms (5.00. juniodlw BILLIARD MATCH. A Billiard Match for a PURSE OF mOO between Mcnra. Henry Sblel Bnd ncorT Smith of ihia city wl 1 come oft In LANCASTER HALL THURSDAY EVENING. June 12. Tickets BO cents. Play begins at 8 o’clock. ju9 4t ENTERTA I NjVIENTS. Forest City TROTTING Park ! PORTLAND, ME. 1873 June Meeting 1873 Junr 10th, 11th. 12th. lilth & 1 Ith. $2lT00 US PREMIUMS. TI’ESOAV.Jaur lOlh. PniiciA t For horses that have neT 11WI \ er trotted l>etter th in three mlnntes; $150 to first, $60 to se ond. $4«t to third. „ Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Auk, Boston, names b. «• Urn Watson. lieT60*8*5 m. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names b m Nel Pnrityf0 ^touni«an, West WatcrvlUe, names ch m t earnaugm dchu. k AiUisi. itArolah Ma.. h a wn.,u. F. Brlckett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g M«nldle Ludlow Bov. A. D. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Houcst Brock. George M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names br g Bil ly Bumpus. H. E. Willis, Medford, Mass., iwmes ch g Mystic Bov. J. N. Woodard, South Framingham, Mass., name* b s John Lambert. Jam™ nnstin, Mystic Park, Boston, names b s King William. WEDNESDAY, Jane lltfe. PlirttA ^9 lA I Free to all road wagons, A (II | wagon and driver to weigh 300 tbs: $150 to first, $75 to second, $25 to third. Lon Morris, Mystic Park, Boston, names b m Ella Elwood. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, MaBS., names ch g Ludlow Bor. Dan Biglcy, Beacon Park, Boston, names ch m Fanny. Wright <& Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name ch g Au'-urn Boy. S. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names ch g Troub lesome. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names blk g Regulator. Pll i»wft W1 All \ For horses that have nev l 111 SI? ^5k( er trotted better than 2:35, to be trotted under saddle ; $G0 to first, $30 to second, $10 to third. ti. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names b g Toby Candor. Wright & Xorcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name blk s Lo hair. Charles Hatch, Bangor. Me., names blk ro Ink. H. fc.. Willis, Modfo d. Mass., names ch g Mystic Boy. TIICRSDA V, June tilth. Purse : $150 to fiist, $00 to second, $40 to third 8. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names e m Lady Walton. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, names blk s Lot hair. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m Grace. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names b m Flo ra . J. F. Beck, Solon, Me., names g g Ed Gray. Geo. M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names blk m La dy Hassail. Pmden f.etonrneau, West Waterville, names b m Lady Mansfield. Hiram Wo<»drufr. Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Tim Watson. George H. Bailey, Forest City Park, names blk m Fearnaught Belle. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names w g Baby Boy. PnPkh $QAA l For horses that have ner A UliSC ^50 W# I er trotted better than 2:37; $175 to first, $75 to sec* nd $.50 to third. J. N. Woodward, South Framingham, Mass..names bs John Lam be 11. James Dustin, Mystic Park, Boston, names b g stranger, formerly Muggins. Dan Blglcy, Beactu Park, Bos’on, names b m Lady Wentworth. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name ch g Auburn Boy. F. Brickett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. Geo. M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names br g Billy Bumpus. FRIDAY, Jane I Jib. PniiCA GtQAA \ For horses that have nev A 111 SU ^dvF\J. J **r trotted better than 2:38, two miles and repeat In harness, $175 to first, $75 to second, $'*0 to third. H. A. Hall. Boston, Mass., names f m Caouchonc. A. D. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Honest Brock. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m La dy Went worth. S H. Jacobs, Skowhegan. Me., names b m Belie Ja cobs F. Brickett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. L. J. Brackett, Windham, M., names b m Maine Girl. Pruden Letoorncau, West Watcnrillc, names blk m Gentle Annie. James Dustin, Beacou Park, Boston, names b s Willlan. Prtrse $44KM nlliiiWWIRam, $250 to first $100 to second; $50 to third. G. G. Brown, Bristol, N. 3., names g g Bristol Bill. James Dustin, Beacon Park. Boston, names b g Frank Palmer. S. H. Jacobs, Skowhcgan, Me., names cb m Troub lesome. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names ch m Fanny. _ . A. P. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names Back skin g Royal Mike. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Sam Curtis Charles Hatch, Bnngor, Me., names blk m Ink. SATURDAY, Jane 14tb. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Three Hundred a..d Fitly Dollars, Maine Gen. Hospital Prize*. First Premium. Martin & Pennell, wagon, valued $250, for horses tiat have never beaten 2:45. Second Premium, Gold Mourned Harness, value giro, for horses th«it ha e never beaten 2:35. Entrance fee 10 i»er cent.,to close Friday noon, June 13th at 12 o’clock m at Hospital Fair Headquariers, under Falmouth Hotel, or with the proprietors of the track. The above races will all be mile heats best 3 in 5 in harness, excepting Nos. 3 and 4, and will be trotter! under the rules f the National Association. Trotting will commence each day at 2| p. m. Covered wagons will run from the city to the track and a good res taurant will be found upon the grounds. ly Pools sold and settled at No. 14 Preble street, rear of Preble House, every forenoon and evening du ring the meeting. Tickets 50 ct*.; season tickets admitting gentleman and lady to oil races over the Park this season and for driving on the track $10. Badges good fur four days trotting, $2.00, can be bad at the rate BAILEY & WILLIS, Proprietors. juneftltd GRAID EXCURSION — TO — Old Orchard Beach ! TUESD IY, JUNE 17, 1873. THE “ARMY AND NAVY UNION” an nounce to tbeir friends and the public that they are now able to fulfill the premise ade, oi giving them the first Excursion over the Boston & Maine R. R. to “Old Orchard Beach’’ and “Fern Park.” This delightful trip is only one half hour’s ride, and cv< ry one wh • goes will feel amply rewarded. A platform for dancing will be erected in the Grove, and a select orchestra from the Portland Bjnd will furnish the music. Tickets tor the round trip, in cludingdancing, onlv 50 cents, for sale by the com mittee, ar Hand & Thornes and at the De|»oi. Trains will leave Boston & Maine Depot (late Walker House.) JulOdtd [Establish*! 1847.] DALTON & INdERSOLL, Wholesale Dealers In Plumbers4 Supplies! Nos. 17 & 19 Cnl.n Si., Bo.to Plumbers’ Earthenware a Specialty. Iron Soil Pipe nnd Filling*. l opprr Bnlh T bi Copper Batb Boiler*—30 to 100 gallons. Brsu A Plated Poucefe—every variety, for water s cam anti gat*. Bm* Pipe St FitUo**—full lines. at Manufacturers* prices to cbe trade only TiTustrafed Catalogue* and Price List, showing 600 drawings, furnished to customors. myl**xllm Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS vt ICE. No. 14 Cross Sfccet, Portland. Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Cross St., or wtih J. C Proctor, 93 Ejchange St., will be promptly attended to. tyPure Ice supplied for all purposes in any quantities and at the apll LOWEST RATES. lstt IF TOC WANT TO FIT A DIFFICULT FOOT — GO TO — PALMER'S, 132 Middle Street, Where yon can get a wide or na row, foil or slim Boot Jujit the width and U-ngih that will bo easy graceful, an*' enjoy tho rare luxury ol weailng a per feet flulng Boot, 1 m.vloodSw New Boardins House* THE Subscriber, haring leaved the new and com mndlons h**use, recently erected by’Oeo^B* *>■" via r£ Co., up n the "Blanchard property. 004. M>ga St., takes pleasure in announcing to the pubut i at he will about the fiiat of April cprn it Jor a ares, claw boarding house. Kvow^J0 ~» fh" jiarticulars as toM-, and from 2 until a Ht#yhouse ftoro8.8. KNlOnT. ~ yil STOCK ffsanfjsftfi Vlt ». sty fe. finish and at. So don’t wrong yourself ov sending your measure to New \ork or B,ietoo when \ou can obtain the very best boot* made, and always a snro fit, of n. O. PALMER. my 9 eodfiw JOB PKINTINAJ neatly exeentad at this office.

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