13 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

13 Haziran 1873 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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ESTABLISHED JUNE 23. 1862. VOL. 12. _ PORTLAND FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 13, 1873. _ TERMS $8.00 PER ANNLM IN ADTANCF. THF PORTLAND DAILY PRESS Published every A ay (Sundays excepted) by the POKTLAyu t>P»LUHIN« CO., At 109 Exchange St, Portland. Terms: Eight JXdlars a Year in advance THE MAINE~STATE PRESS Is published every Thursday Morning at $250 a year, if paid in advance, at $2 00 a year. Rates of Advertising : One inch of space, engMi of column, constitutes a “square.” $. 5© per square daily first week; 75 cents per w *ek after; three iuserjioiis, or less, $1 00; continu ng every othci *:fiv after first week, 50 ceute. Half square, three ineertious or less, 75 cents; one - week. $1 (»0: 50 cents per week aft**r. Special Notices, one third additional. ; Under head of “Amusements,” S2 00 per square ^ per week: three insertionsoriess$1 50. _ Advertisements in.^erted in the “Maine State i Press” (which bn* .»large circulation in every part of the Slate) for $1 00 per square lor first insertion, and 5© cents per square for each subsequent inser tion. Addre-s alJ communications to _ PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO. BUSINESS CARDS. GEO. E. COLLINS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, :ilO l'<INCRE»M STREET, 1“ prepared to make all the various stylos of ftard I Pictures, R«-n>brunt, Medallion, Arc., from | Retouched Negative*. By this proc°ss we : Oi*t ri«l of Frcrklcs. Moles ami other im- ! perfections of the Mkin. For all of which no ' extra charge will be made. All work warranted to j please. Call and examine for yourselves. mchl8dtf ' CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER, *5 Deering Block, AT SCHUMACHER BRO S HERS. *pr!6 d3mo .1. II. lamsonT PHOTOGRAPHER, No. 152 middle Street* PORTLAND, M. Copying aud enlarging done o order. All the new styles. Berlins, Rembrants, Medallion, he Porcelain, or Mezzotint card, aud the retouched eard, by which new process we get rid of freckles moles,wrinkles and all imperfections of the skin. Call and judge for yourselves. "Motto—work at Moderate Prices. Aim to Please. may 20 William H. Phinney. Jas. L. Lombard. PHINNEY & LOMBARD, .Real Estate & Loans, No. 153 La Salle Street, C H I C A G O . Safe investments made for non-residents, and their interests carefully attended to. Reffrexcfs:—Chas. B. Sawyer, Pres. 5»li Nat’l Bank, Chicago: Chas. H. Mathews,Capitalist,Scheu- ] edadv, V. Y.; J. S’. Wins! *w & Co., Portland, Me.; S A. Briggs, Vice-Pres. Franklin Bank, Clncauo; G. H. Hnim^r, Lock port, N. Y.; Phinuey & Jackson, Portland. Me. apil2dtf REMOVAL P. FEENEY, PLASTERER & STUCCO WORKER, Having removed from the corner ot Cumberland and Franklin street to 99 Federal Street, between Exchange and Temple Sis., i« prepared lo do Plast ering, Coloring, Whitening and White Washing. Prompt and personal attention paid to all kinds of Jobbing in my line. mhl9eod3ro JAMES O’DONNELL, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, has removed to NO. 84 1-9 HUDDLE STREET, (2nd door below Canal Bank,) PORTLAND, MAINE. Commissioner of deeds for the several States, febio JOHN o. WINSHIP. Attorney at Law, 100 EXCHANGE ST., Portland, AdLaine. Jull dim ARETAS SHURTIEFF, No. 6 Moulton. Street. PORTLAND, MIC., — WILL SELL ON — COMMISSION! ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE. — ALSO — Negotiate Loans on Mortgages! aprlG_ <ltf JOST &KEILER, FRESCO PAINTERS, Office 134 Middle St., up stairs. PORTLAND, RE. Orders may be left at F. F. Hale’s picture gallery ana O. M & F. P. Brooks’, No. 333 Congress St. AII Orders promptly att. ndeil lo. Jan25_ tf W. C. CLARK, 103 FEDERAL STREET, 5 Doors East of Temple 8f., GAS AND WATER PIPING. ap21 tf J. II. F O O G , Attorney and Connsellor at Law, 119 1-3 EXCHANGE ST., (Corner of Exchange and Federal Sts.,) feb27 PORTLAND. ME. tf DR. IIERSOItl HAS taken the office of the late Dr. Robinson, 260 CONGRESS St. Office bonrs, 0 to 11 A. M., 2 to 4 P. M “ “ Sundays, DJ to 10 A. M., 4 to 5 P. M Residence, corner Pine and Emery Streets. Or ders out of office hours may be left with Mrs. Robin in son, 260 Congress Street, or at his residence myCtf BENJ. KING SBURY, JR., Attorney atLaw, No. 83 Middle Street, PORTLAND MAINE. (Opposite Canal Bank.) may24-dlm M. HEAVE Y , M. D„ Q4 2 Congress Street* Has added to bis business the Agency of the Health-Lift Co. At hi* room is a machine which all who at e troubled with Lame backs, weak stomachs or imperfect cir Cu«at * t'ie blood are invited to examine. Ma chlnes deliver-(1 to purchasers at N. Y. prices. nomoepHihic medicineti nw mmol. ju3-3w henrvfTtT merrillT COUNSELOR AT LAW, No. 30 Kxchnnge Kt., * Formerly of the U.S. Treasury Detriment Attorney in all the courts in the District of oilunvS? will attend to the prosecution of laims b«*l„re »he Court of Claims and the various department* at Washington. octll- l ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron Green on gh A Co., 140 Middle Street, PORTLAND. ME. Hilitnry. 1 i Fix-men «*, Grand Army. fi € ! B»ft* Ball, ® j School, Muonic, J (Club. HATS, CAPS AMD CHAPEAUS, MADE TO OKDEU, B3T"At the Lowest Prices..#! Samples sent on application, anrl all orders filled at short no. ice. a]»r4ti PORTLAND MACHINEWORKS (FORMERLY C. STAPLES * 80S,) Marine, Stationary and Portable STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers. Bleach Boilers amt Tanks. Shafting. Mill Gearing and Gmeral Machinery. Casilng. of Iron, trass, and composition. Repairing promptly attended to. ■ap-New and Second-hand Engines lor sale. Highest cash prices paid for ola Iron. 215 Commercial Street, W» H, FESSENDEN. apr!4tf Portland, Me. _ ^BUSINESS CARDS. PATENTS ijm — Ilf A LL ■*“ COU NJT R I E s. SCRIBNER & JORDAN, 74 Middle Street, cor. Exchange, PORTLAND, ME., Secure Iuventions, Trade Marks and De signs in all Countries where Patent Laws exist. Assignments made and sent tor record. Cousuba im personally or by letter free. Letters promptly answered. Models and Drawings furnished. Extensions, Re-issuee, Interlorence and Disclaim ers attended to at living prices. Examinations made and opinions given as to the i pateutibilitv of inventions. my23d&w3m ROSS & STURDIVANT, W HOLESALE COAL DEALERS 179 (’onirupi't-ial Mb, Portland. Sole agents in Maine for the sale and shipment of • ihe ('plpbr*atril Coal mined by Messrs. Ham I . ett N*ill A Co., of Philadelphia. I We have also lor sale at lowest market price, ' o ii\i, bsurc, Scranton, Lackawanna, and Plttslou ! Coals, ship;« d from the vicinity of New York. Ves proem lJ for the tranjKirtatiou of coals from i * art of shipment . any point desired. tfapr27 BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Agency for Sewing Machines. W. *. OYER, No. Hi middle Ho All kiude of machine* for Kale and to let. Repairing. Bakers. 'V. C COBB, No*.3S and :tO Pearl Street On direct route between New Cu.toin £Eon*e aud Pod Office, near the market. Booksellers and Stationers. HOYT, FOOO& BKEK1F,No.01 middle Street. Book Binders. WM. A. QUINCY, Boom 11, Printer’! Exchange, No. ill Exchange St. SHALL A SHACK FORD, No. :$3 Plum Street. Carpenters and Builders. WUITNE1 & MEANS, Pearl Street, op* pofcitc Park. Dentists. OR. W. B. JOHNSON, orer 11. II, Hay’*. Dye*Honse. F. SY.MONDS, India St. Velret Cloaks dyed nud (ininhedo FOS1 EB’S Dye Honw, !I4 Eaton Html.* I'’urnitnre"WholesaIe and Betail. WALTER COREY A CO., Arcade, No. IS Free Street. A. WHITNEY, No. 56 Ex change St. Epholxteriug of all kind* done to order. Furniture nud House Furnishing Hoods. BENI. ADAilIS, cor. Exchange and Fed eral Street*. HOOPER Ac EATON, Old Pont Office, Exchange Street. I L. F. HOYT, No. H Preble Street. Ip bolstering done to order. Furniture and Upholstering. DAVIDW.DEANE, No. 89 Federal 8t. All kind* of VTpbol* « ring and Repairing done to order. Hair Goods and Toilet Articles. J. F. SHERRY, No. 9 Clapp’* Black Cungrc** Street, opposite Old City Hull. Horse Shoeing and Carriage repairing llone in the best po**ible mannr«r by fOl’NG A CO., Wo. lOO Fore St._ Jewelry and Fine Watches. ABNER IjOWELIi, 301 C.Bftre** Street. Agents for Howard Watch Company. Manufovui'ers of Trunks, Valises and . Carpet-Bags. J. K. DURAN A- CO., 171 middle nud llti Federal 8trrct*. Nasons and Builders. N. E. REDUON, 333 1-3 C.ugre** 8t. Fatter Hangings, Window Shades, and CarpUiiigs. LOfnROP,DErENS&CO ,6l Exlmuse Mrcet nad 4S Market Wf. Photographers. A. 8. DAVIS A CO., No. SO middle Street, j J. If • LARSON, f 53middle 8f..cor. Cross* Plumbers. ! JAW ES mil.I,Kit, No. 91 Federal Street. IK very description of Water Fixture* nr I ranged nud Net up in the be*t manner. Jobbing promptly attended te. Plasterer, Stucco Worker, Ac. P. FERNY, Cor. Cumberland and Frank I i «i £t*. Real Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 93 Kxchaus* direct. GEO. R. B %VIS A Co., Wo. 301 1.3 Con< gre** Street. Silver and Plated V’are. ABNEH ROWELL, 301 Cengre** Ntrerf. Sibils and Awning: Hangings, done by W. YOUNG A CO., at Wo. IOO Fore Ntreet. my30*2m Schools. eNGIiDHH and FBRNCB 4CHOOL.430 C©Hgrcwi Street. Stair Builder. R. F. I.IBBY.Lo. 353 Fore Street, cor. Cro*« «l„ in D< Into’* Mill. <3. Ij. IIOOPER A CO., SurceMom to 1.. iff Ioffe id A Wilson, Cor. York A Ma ple Street*. Watches, Jewelry, Ac. J. IV. A H■ N. IICDUFFRE.Cor. middle A in ion Nf«. EDUCATIONAL. IfIVINITY SCHOOL —OF— Harvard University. THIS SCHOOL is open to persons of all denomina tions. Pecuniary aid is afforded to those who are needy and deserving. The next Academic Year will begin SEPTFMBEB 26th. Further information will be given on application to Prof, OLIVER STEARNS, D. D., or Prof. E. J. YOUNG, Cambridge, Mass. mar27-lamtjel-thenodtj.v 1 Navigation School J A NAVIGATION SCHOOL will be opened at No. 151 Exchange street, March 3d. to be under the 'barge of Capt. Edward Breen and C. H. Farley. Jnslrucil-n will be given every afternoon by Cant. Breen, ami Monday and Friday evenings bv C. H. Farley. The course will begin with decmal arithme tic, and well comprise Plane, Traverse, Parallel Mid dle Latitude sailing; the use of Logarithms; the use and adjustment of Nautical Instruments; Latitude by Sun and Stars, and Longitude bv Chronometer Lunar ol servations will uot be included in the course but will l>e taught if dealt** 1. The evenin': instruction will be given before the wboh* class, when the various problems Involved in 1 navigation will be worked out upon the black-board and illustrated by suitable diagrams and apparatus, and the use and adjnstme t of Instruments explain ed. Subjects collateral to navigation such as Mete orolgy, Ocean Currents, &c., will also be introduced at the evening sessions. For terms, apply to C. II. Farley, No. 4 Exchange street. feb19tf i - • What is Home without an Organ And what will an Organ now be, without a copy of DITSON & CO’S new, delightful, complete col lecOon of Reed Organ Music, called the ORGANAT HOME! Every Organ needs it! The °W|a" at HOme! 8881 collect ion ,„r r^ “ .Bans 1 200 not difficult pieces 8 0 or WW an-lzed that no dull music is in them ■ the o r g An, smooth, l*gato style used, but as an orga M at Home should be cheerful, light -And staccato music is not excluded. At present he Organ in a Home is often silent, for AA me music is not provided for It. Here is h nme-like, easy, familiar, new music, at ho I^Me in every nation, In fact all kinds by whom E verybody considers the best com posers. The publishers take pride and pleasure In pre senting such a superiorbook to the public anti be lieve It worthy to be at home In every family. Price Board, $2-50; Cloth, $3.01); ull gift, $1.00 OLIVER DITSON & CO., C. H. DITSON & C# Breton. 711 Br’dway, New York. Jo*_ d&w2w For Sale on Elm Street. REAL ESTATE. F. G. Patterson’s Real Estate Bulletin. HfniTPV TO I'WAN on Firsl-CInw IUUIl L I Mortgage* of Real Estate in B'ortl nd and vicinity. Beni Fatale bought nml sold. Kents eollectcd. Apply to F. «. PATTER89N, Steal Estate and Mortgage Broker. over ffjowell's Jewelry Store, ap25dtf Cor. Congress A R own St*. For Kent. The corner House in the new block on Neal Rejj'jaud Brackett streets. F.ne Bathing Room, iSULWater closets, Gas and Sebago. Possession given immediately. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, dealer iu Real Estate. ju3d2w House on New High St. for Sale ! ANEW 21 story house containing 17 finished rooms with closets and clothes preset, and every modern improvement; good cellar and Rcwerage; house be >ted by fun.ace. Lot 33 x 92. This is a rare opportunity for a purchaser to buy a good piece of j.ropei tv, centrally locate \ Apply to F. G. PAT TERSON, dealer in Real Estate. ju3d2\v For Sale. TWO doable tenement Houses on Cotton street— No 13, two tenements, five rooms each—No. 9, two tcoements, seven rooms each. Also House K*. 28 Bramh&ll street, arranged for one or two families; lot 40x113, fronting on two streets. This property is newly finished aua. in complete order, and will be sold as the health of the owner demands a change of climate. Apply to LEON M. BO wl>OIN or •*. G. PATTERSON, Real Estate and Mortg. ge Broker. n»y5_ tt Governor Dana Estate AT FRYEBURG FOR _S_A L E ! THIS valuable property is most favorably located in the charming village of Fryburg, 49 miles from Portland, on the line of Portland & Ogdensburg R R. and commands a wide and mo9t delightful view of the “White Mountain Range,” and the valley of the Saco RLer. Consists of <ne acie of 1 nd. on which are located the large and fine old MANSION formeily occupied by th* late Governor Dana, and » spacious stable, all in through repair, well supplied with pure water, and surrounded by elegant shade trees. The summit of “Pine Hill” is within 300 rods. The h^use measures 40 x 48; Ellis 50 feet long; Stable 3D x 62. House and Ell contains 18 rooms aside irom closets. Railroad station, Churc cp, and first class Schools within a short distance of the house. Sold on y on account of the ill health of the owner. Some Furniture will be 6old with the bouse if desired. This is a rare opportunity for the purchase of a first class summer resiat nee in a healthful aud pleasant locality on moat favorable term*. A photo graphic view of th“ property, may be seen at No. 28 Exchange Street, Portland. For terms and further particulars apply to LORING & THURSTON, 28 Exchange Street A. A. STROUT, Canal Bank Building. FRANKLIN SHIR LEV, Fryeburg. Portland, May 24. 1873. iny24d3w Hotel For Sale or Lease. The well and favorably known B A K *lt HOUSE, * pleasantly located at Yarmouth, ten miles from Portland. The trains of the Grand Trunk l oad stop within a few rods of the bouse. Terms very favorable. Apply to tlio propri etor on the premises, or Wra.H. Jerris, Real Estate Agent, Portland. myl9-lm* For Sale at a Bargain. A LOT of Land on Smith street, ab~»ut 34 by 100 feet, with stone enongh for a cellar. Only one quarter part ot the purchase money required, a long credit fur tne balance. Apply to WM. H. JERRTS, Re.il Estate Agent. * ju7dlw* A Sea-Side Home For Sale at Fal mouth Fore Side. Iffy Only four miles from Portland, on Casco Bay. ••'I Good two-storv bouse, painted white, with aL green blinds. Four acres land and a store.— Some fruit and wood. One of the finest localities on the bay, five minutes walk to the shore. Can be had at a bargain. Apply to WM. H. JERKIS, Ro d Es tate Agent. my26d3w* For Sale in Peering. A FEW minutes walk from City limits. 25 acres ofLandwitb nearly 1000 feet froutage, with Buildings thereon, consisting of TWO STORY HOUSE and two large Barns in good repair. The Land ex teuding through from one street to another, making it all available for HOUSE LOTS and will shortly be wanted for that purpose. It will be divided into two or more lots if desired. If not sold before June 1st, it will be sold at auc tion. For terms, etc., enquire at Cushman’s Fruit store. No. 306 Congress street. myl3tl Real Estate tor Sale. rilHE HOUSE at No. 6 Tate Street, and lot extend i. ing through on Brackett street, w ith Stable. Also, a lot cr 10 acres of Ilay Field with a good Barn situated in Scarboro, on the Paine road near Hubbard Libby’s, about 6 miles from Portland. The above property will be sold at a bargain bv applying to MRS. T. E. STUART, No. 664 Washington street, corner of Pine, Boston, Mass, myi d2m Store and Stock of Goods for Sale. CpTUATED in the pleasant and thriving village of ►o Harrison, Maine, at the head of steamboat nav igation. Store large and convenient, long and favor ably known as the Francis Blake sian-* and one of the best locations for trade in Cnmbeiland county, with wharf and store house. Stock bought with cash and well adapted to the trade. Also the house in which i live, pleasantly located, with about 5 acre of land. Thu above property will be sold with or without the goods at a great bargain and on very easy terms. It not previously sold the real estate will be offered at public auction on the 1st dav of August, 1873. For further particulars address „ , J. H. ILLSLEY. Harrison, June 7,1873. Ju9dlw«&w4w24 For Sale. THE house on State Street, occupied by the un dersigned. This house is thoroughly hnllt of brick and stone and has all modern conveniences, ALLEN HAINES. Portland, Sep. 18th, 1872. sepl9-tt House for Sale [ THE two-story house. No, 8 Carleton Street. This house la in good repair, is well located in a good neighborhood. Has a good cellar, water and gas throughout. Can ho seen any afternoon between the hours ot 2 and 4. For further Information apply to my27tf EDWA RD P. CllASE, No. 3 Oak St. FOR SALE! ON CONGRBN8 ST. NEAR CA8CO, About 5000 feet Land. Willi Buildings now renting for more than 8SOO per year. Can at a small outlay be easily changed Into three stores, with the tenemen-s over them would then rent for from *1600 to *1800. Buildings In good re pair. Title perfect. Terms ea-y. Enquire at CUSHMAN'S FRUIT STORE, No- 306 Congress Street. my22 dtf Jtor Sale in the Town of West brook. A FINE residence one-lmlf mile from the Railroad Depots, Post-office. <o<>d Schools and Churches six miles ft in Portland; House and Ell two stories' thirteen finished rooms, double parlors with marule mantles, Wood-house and Stable connected—all In good repair, painted and blinded, Bam 40x«0 on the premises; grounds contain 15J acres, excellent land, well fenced. 30 apple and pear trees, 1 acre choice straw berries, three goo.I wells of water upon the place and good cistern In the cellar, cellar under whole House, fine cement bottom; grounds ornamented with fine shade trees. This is one oi the finest resi dences in the county. Terms easy. Enquire of 3 R Davis & Co., Portland, ar Oti Brown, Westbrook, martltf FOR SALE. ~~~ A LOT of vacant land, situated on the west side of High, between Pleasant and Danforth, Sts. This lot has a front of about 61 feet and is about 194 feet deep, and plans have been drawn In How, for a block of seven or nin genteel and convenient resi dences, and adapted for the same. Enquire of EDWIN CHURCHILL, No. 4 Portland Pier, _rnar28_ From 12 to 2 o’clock, P. M. Real Estate. FOR Sale, or lease lor a term of years, the proper ty belonging to the estate of Francis O Libby, and formerly occupied by him on the corner of Free aud High Streets. HARRISON J. LICBY,) . . , FRANK W. LIBBY, ) Ad™ r5 mar24 _ tf The “Limerick Honse,” FOR SALE The siicrcnber offers 'or sale his Hotel !pro] rty in Limerick Village, York County. The house has 22 rooms all in good repair, with elied and two large stables adjoining: two wells of wa*i»r on the premises, and every convenience for a Prat-class Hotel. “Limerick House” is well situated for securing I patronage. *‘®quire further of the owner. martyr JOSEPH O. HARMON. - _Limerick, Me. Real Estate for Sale. STATE18T-’ den, cold, grapery^eu! Ap*"'?,*1111 flne ,lUt *“* rnareu f V FESSENDEN, for sale. The liesidenoe of Mr. J. M. Cbnn.Mii .. . j the corner of State a<-d DanfoSh City. Tbe lot in 32S tt. on State Street S£nH,KJnthU Danfertb Street,and contains abont no 'V flu ing the Mansion Hon-e in thorough rei.afr ’.in^'11?' large brick Carriage House aud Stable. It £ on H tbe moat desirable places In the city, eltheVTn present state or to cut up in lots. Par nian« .in pmfcuUrs.oallon J.C.fe?d REAL ESTATE. FOB SALE. HOUSE No. 2 Deering St. Lot 30x110 feet. In quire at No. 12 Elm street between tue houvs of 8 a. m. and 2 p. m. jun8dti For Sale or To Let. HOUSE No. 53 Spring St., near Park. Will be ready about June 15th. For particulars en quire of OEO. E. DAVIS, SI Commercial St. lull___' For Sale. » /wt/v FEET of land on North street, near aO.UUU Walnut. Price low. Terms t cash, balance time. Applv t. F. G. PATTERSON, Port land. or WM, L. SOUTHARD, 5 Pemberton Square, Bos'on.my!2eodtf For Sale. IN Cape Elizabeth. House and land, from one to five acres, to suit purchaser; situated on the rood between the North Congregational Church and Town House. For particulars enquire of Geo. R. Barston, on the premises. Also one House and lot at Point Village. For particula s enquire >n the premises of aprleodtf JEDDIAH LOVIETT. Valuable Beal Estate at Gorham Village for Sale. THE homestead of the late Dr. Waterman, is offer ed for 6ale upon favorable terms This property consists of a two-storied House, Wood-house and Stable, and a large Jot containing nearly an acre of land,adjoining, on which are choice bearing fruit trees, grape vines, currant bushes, asparagus bed. &c., Ac. The house contains twelve finished looms besides a kitchen, large pantry, and a store room, and is abundantly supplied with both hard and soft water. It was built in the most thorough manner, was paint ed last year and is in • xceilent condition. The prem ises are sit ated upon one of the pleasantest streets in the village, (High Street,) conveniently locatod as to churches, schools. Post Office, and R. R. Station. As trains are arranged on the P. R. R. (four pas senger trains daily each way,) any one wishing to live in the country and do bnsmess lu Portland, would And this a very convenient and desirable residence. Inquire of JOHN A. WATERMAN. Execute. Gorham, June 7,1873. jnSdeodAw2w24 HOTELS. KIRKWOOD HOUSE Scnrboro Beaeh, Oak Hill, Me. This favorably known and popular Sea Side resort is now reopened for the recept ion of permanent and transient guests for the season of 1873. OTIS KALER & SON, Proprietors. iun9 lm BEAL'S HOTJEIj, ~ NORWAY. MAINE. The subscriber, having leased Beal’s Hotel, one oi the best arranged houses in the State, having all the modem improve ments and being entirely refurnished, is prepared to take Summer Boarders and entire Families at a very low price. The locality is one of the pleas antest in the State, a first class Hvery est ablisment is connected with the House, and its teams connect with all trains at South Paris, one mile distant. All inquiries by mail promptly answered. O. II. GREEN, Proprietor. Norway, May 15, 1873. myl6dlm Commercial House, Cor. Cross and Fore Sts. Portland, Maine. lilts House built since the great Fire, has recently bean leased by the undersigned, and extensive alterations are now being made, which when completed will make the House one o' the most convenient, and well arranged Id the State, will be entirely renovated, new Furniture added, and kept as n Hotel should be kept Will easily accommodate One Hundred and Fifty Guests. The Beading Boom will be supplied with every l»aily Paper published In the State. Open June 1st, 1873. WM. F. HUSSEY, Becently Clerk Augusta House. TERMS 82.00 PER DAY. mayl6 dtf OLEN HOUSE, - WHITE MOUNTAINS, N. H. This favorite Summer resort will be opened for the season June 12, 1873. Address until 1st W. & C. B. Milliken, Portland, Me. J. M. THOMPSON A CO., my17d€w (lieu House. Rocky Point Hotel, RHODE ISLAND. Season of 1873. ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. This well known and popular Summer Resort equ ated ou Narragansett Bay. between the cities of Prov idence and Newport, will be open iortbe reception of euests June 25th. To meet the growing demands of the pnblie, the capacity of the House has been in creased since last season, by the addition of a num ber of rooms, all large, airy, and newly furnished. A new Restaurant of an increase 1 sealing capacity has also been added, Eight steamboats a day from Providence and Newport. For information in regard to£termg, etc., address. City Hotel, Providence, It. 1., E. H. HUMPHREYS, Proprietor. J'<2 d2w ~ OCEAN HOUSE ! This old and popular Sea-Side House is now opened for the season. JOSEPH P. CHAMBERLIN, junlOdtf . Proprietor. C. P. KIMBALL’S Elegant Carriages. SALEROOMS, COR. PREBLE HOUSE, Portland, Me. I take pleasure in announcing to the public that 1 now have on hand the largest and best assortment of elegant carriages ever exhibited in Maine, embracing nearly every etyle now in use, Including several new patterns made only at my factory. Twenty-five years’ Experience f myself and many of my workmen, enable us to produce The Finest Cariages AT THE— LOWEST RATES. ty All persons are cordially Invited to visit the waierooms and examine onr finished carriages. Al so our factory and examine the material and work, whether they desire to purchase or not. All carriages made by me are fully warranted sry rbe public are respectfully cautioned about purchasing carriages represented to he my make unless they have my name-plate In full. jyOrdera solicited and promptly filled. Ijy Booh s with cuts, descriptions and prices sent by mai to all desiring to purchase. C. P. KIMBALL, mavlDeodSm Portland, Me. Orafton Mineral FERTILIZER, — AlfD — . DESTROYER OF INSECTS. THIS article has been carefully and thoroughly tested, during the past four years, by many ex perienced farmers, gardeners, and floriculturist f>\ and the numerous testimonials which have be< n received from those who have giveu it a trial, leaves no doubt of it 8 valuable properties as a fertilizer for all crops; and particularly as an insect destroyer, it having proved a perfect protection to rose bushes, grape vineB, fruit trees, cabbages, squashes, and other vines and vegetables, from rbe depredations of msects, and is cheai»er than any of the remedies width have been recommeuded for the purpose. —FOR SALE BY— KENDALL & WHITNEY, General Agents for the State. Portland, May 30th, lli73.may30-d4w BE CALM, aad eoasider the weight of my advice. ALL partiea who are about introducing Steam Gas or Wer into their dwelling^.lorMor anyotb? er place, will flavor themselves if tier wlb -all >11 me bef >re doing so for aa I claim to wrkf.'r a living I will apare no pains to giveemirt satisfaction In priSe, neatness, and promptness of work. Hose also sun plied, and repaired. Call and tee. p _ k. McDonald, mySdtf MO Pore .treot, foot of Plam. WANTS, LOST, FOUND. Tenement Wanted. SIX or eight rooms in a central and desirable part of the city. References first class. Address • 19 “RENT,” Press Office, jui- lw Tenement Wanted. IX or^eight rooms in a central and desirable lo * iS ty* ^,rst class reference. Address ju!2dlw RENT, Press Office. Farm Wanted In exchange for a new two-story bouse in P rtland, unw renting f >r £300 a year. Will accommodate two families; pleasantly located. Apply r to W. H. JERRiS, Real Estate APent- junl2*dlw Boarders Wanted, ENTLEMEN BOARDERS can be accomodated VW at No. 6 Chestnut Street- junl2<JIw* Boy Wanted TO learn tbe Auction and t ommission business. Salary $2.00 per week for the first six months. _ ABRAM & BROS., Auction Rooms 125 Federal st., under U. S. Hotel. ’tf Wanted. \ FIRST Class Shirt Ironer, at Laundry, Brad bury’s Court. Apply to the Superintendent on tue premia.s. jull-rt3t* “WANTED!’ TWO more sales girls at F. LATNER’S, _335 Congress Street. ^ wanted. WANTED immediately a competent Loaf Bread B.vker. Satisfactory references required. To a good man a steady job and good wages will be given. Also 2 young men from 16 to 20 years old, those used to the Baking busmess preferred. jnOtf RICE & CALDERWOOt), 22 Anderson St. Wanted. BOARD with rooms for a gentleman and wife wubm live minutes walk of the City Building. Address P. O. Drawer 1382. juTdtf Boys Wanted. AT Portland Star Match Factory, West Commer cial St., Portland, Me. ju7-ulw* Lost. TWO leaves out of Account Book, pages ‘71, 72. 73, and 74, accounts of Horse Shoeing and Joubing. The finder will please please leave the same at S. YOUNG & CO.. ju5-tf 100 Fore St. ' Wanted. A MILLINER at W. L. Snell’s, 337 Congress St. ju2-dtt 500 Good Girls Wanted Immedia tely. GOOD Girls of all nations, for housework In town and country; table girls for Saloon, Laundry and Kitchen; girls for Hotels, Summer and Beach Hnusrs; Cooks. Chamber, and Scrub girls. Forest City Employment Office. MRS. L. HOVEY, 314 Congress Street. nay27 dim* Wanted. ALIVK man to drive a Bread Cart. Satisfacto ry references requested, at BLAKE’S BAKERY, my21dtf Congress Street. Coat and Pant Machine Girls want ed at SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S. my2o _dtf WANTED Custom Coat and Test Makers at s. matiha* & c o., my20tf 08 Exchange street. CUTTERS WANTED, I — AT — SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S. myi7dtf_ Rooms Wanted. IN a pleasant part of the city, furnished or unfur nished, with or without board. Address E. B., 37 Brown St., Portland. _mavl4tf Experienced Coat, Pant and Test Makers WANTED AT SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER'S, Cor. Middle & Market Sts, apr25dif Wanted A MAN who understands repairing Furniture. Apply at 125 Federal St. apr23 tf "WASTED ! COAT MAKERS AT CHESIEY’S, mch25dtf 167 711DD1.E STREET. Those Raked Reans. | THOSE BAKED BEANS , — WHICH — W. €. COBB is selling BY THE QtJABT, at his Bakery, | NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have been tested and pronounced GOOD! • * Now if you wish to try them, you can by sending in your order have them brought right from the oven to your door am morning (Hiring the week. Or, it you say you want them Sabbath moining (as is the custom,) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh lot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. Then by nut ting them in your own ov n you can find them there at breakfast time and save’ the unpleasant task ol ! rising before you are ready and hurrying to the bak i ory P. N.—Take some choice BROWN ! BREAD with them or not, as von like. | apl5 tf PRINTERS’ NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP THE undersign have this day foimed a copart nership ana will continue the business of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING n all its oranebes, in the best style, and at fair prices, at No. 1 Exchange street Corner Fore. A share of business is solicited. Cushing Harmon Sc Jerris WM. H.1CUSH1NG PHINEAS F. HARMON, WM. A. JERRIS Portland May 1 1873. junGdSw Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS * IN ICE. No. 14 Cross St/cet, Portland. Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Or««s St., or wiih J. C Proctor, 03 Exchange St., will be promptly attended to. C3f~Pure Ice supplied fur all purposes in any quantities and at the apll LOWEST RATES. istl Country Produce 100 ™B8 Choice Vt. Graii Butter tOO Tubs Choice Lard. 35 Bbls. 14 medium and Fiu<* Pickles. 35 Bbls. Choice Limn. 35 44 Crude aud Beflued Cider. 300 Crates Bermuda Oaionn, 83r*Beans. Dried Apples, Hams, Eggg, Cheese, Oat Meal, Buckwheat, Hominy, Beef Tongues, and all I kinds of canned goods. Sold as low ;•* the lowest by CITRUS GREEN. No. 9 moultou Street. Jun9d.3w FOB SALeT_ Brig Wennnat) 235 tons new mensure mini, built in 1356. rebuilt in 1869, and recoppered in 1870. Kates A. 2, American Lloyds. Sails an.) M. rigging about new. Good Inventory can be amt to sea with very 11 tie expence, carried 360 tons coal, 160 M, Lumbel, 600 pavable hogsheads molasses. • ■ for further particulars enquire rf junelOdlw 117 g gs^rs SCALE IN BOILEBS. I will Remove and Prevent SCALE in any Steam Boilers, ci make no charge. Address, GKO. W. I.OBD, mv3dtf pHILABSKPHIA. PA. Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. rbe three iiolnts ot excellence which I claim, are, 1st constant and thorough circulation of pure air; °nd ■ rvness. no dampness mould nor taint; 3rd; no tate’mingling of odors; purity and active air, the elements of Its success. Call, ot send for circulars Manufactured and for sale hy J. f. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton sti., near Leavitt, Burnham ACe.a IeeHeuae, foreland, Ale. Jetdtf TOLET^ Board. SIX gentlemen can be acc mmodated with good Board and pleasant rooms at No. 26 Federal Street. ju!2dlw* To be Let. FURNISHED Rooms. Inquire at No. 2 Tolman Place, .lull *tf To Let ONE LARGE pleasant room suitable for a Gentleman and wife at 52 Free Street. junf» dlw* To Let. TWO tenements, near the centra1 part of the city. Apply to W. W. CARR, ju7dtf 3 Exchange street. To Let. PLEASANT Rooms with board for single Gentle man or Gentlemen -<nd wives. jun7dtf No. 163, comer Elm and Oxford Streets. To Let. ANEW Store on Atlantic near "ongross St., and Horse cars. Suitable for a Shoe Store or fancy and domestic goods or Groce ies. Apply to S. A. ANDERSON, No. 37 St. Lawrence St. niar26 dlw then eodtf To Let. rilHF. Cottage House No. 11 Cedar corner Oxford JL streets. >1. G. PALMER, my 16 _e dtf To Let. A SMALL tenement of 5 rooms in the upper part of house 22 Bramliall St., to a family without children. Gas aud a plenty of good water. ju3_ ' *2w Rooms to Let INTO. 3 COTTON STREET. j»5_tf Rooms to Let. TWO gentlemen an I their wives and two nr three single genllemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board at No. 75 Free Street. ma>9_ tf House to Rent or Lease. THE npper tenement of honse No. 31 Emery St., consisting of six rooms, all very pleasantly situ ated ; with Gas and Sebago Water. <&c. Inquire on the premises. aprlbdtlWILLIAM H. GREEN. To Let. ONE OF THE BEST OFFICES ON EXCHANGE STREET. Enquire of GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO,. mar24tfNo. 46 Exchange St. STORE TO LET. A large brick store in the Rackloft Block, corner of Middle and f.euroli sireels—basemsut ahd msr floor, elegant), finished and adapte 1 to Jobbing dry goods or other similar trade. Apply to ALLEN HAINES. sept 11 dtf REAI>Y MADE SUITS At lessthau Manufacturers’ Prices. Suits, *6.50, $7.50, $9.00 $10, $12 $13.50, $15. $16.50, $18, $20 $22.50, $25, $28, $30and 32. Please bear in mind that these suits are all well made, and for style, fluish and durability are equal <o custom work. 171 Fore Street. J. F. SISK. D. W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET 8T., — AND — 3 9 EXChANGoi ST., Parc Iec supplied Tor all purpos es, and .n any quantity ut the LOWEST RATES. api4 BVRBOWE8 BROTHERS, CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS, Doim’w Planius Mill, foot of Cross Sit. HAYrING enlarged our shop aud fitted it up with the latest improved machinery (by the aid of wbi* h we are enabled to get out cur wo-k accurately and expeditiously,) we are now prepared to take con tracts of any size in the building line. Plans and specifications prepared at a reasonable pri e. YVe can ou the shortest possible notice furnish the win dow and door frames aud all the inside and outside finish for any description of building. Those about erectingsea side house* please take note of ihe above. YVe have superior facilities for the manufacture of in side blinds, aud will furnish them all painted and hung quick metre. We make a specialty of building aud setting up machinery, and would be happy to re ceive calls from paries using power who contemplate a change of quarters, or that may need any service in this line. YVe are also prepared to contract for the manufacture of patented articles on more favorable terras than any one in the city. WILLIAM BCKUOWb 8. * J. W. BURRO WES. myl3tf DRUGGISTS STAND FOR SALE ! One of the very best stands In the city for a Druggist, Is ou the corner of Fore and India Streets, which is now offered for Sale. For particulars inquire immediately of Lufkin & Co., Xo. 2 Woodman Block. MBS. ELIZA A. CUSHMAN. Portland, Apiil 15,1873. aprldtf GAS STOVES'. I WOULD respectfully inform the public generally that I have a good assortment of Gas Stoves for cooking and boating purposes. Specially adapted for cooking in hot wcaiher. J. KINSMAN, NO. 128 EXCHANGE STREET, may 30 dim Ship Timber and Enees. I HAVE the largest and best stuck ot Ship Knees In the State. Also best quality seasoned White Oak Treenails, and can furnish Hackmatack, Hardwood or While Oak Timber and Plank »t the lowest cash prices, .... !> TAVLOB Portland. Dec. 30, 1872. tl Clothing Cleansed CLOTHES Cleaned and Repaired at short notice ana all kinds of goods dyed in a thorough man ner. Also Second-haw* Clothing i or sale. All orders will receive prompt and faithtul atten tion. WILLIAM BROWN, Federal Street, mv20dtf_ Near the Park. Railroad Sleepers for Sale by the Cargo. Delivered here or nuv point. J. S. ROBERTS, 191 COMMERCIAL STREET. innIO .r Annual meeting. THE Stockholders of the Portland Steam Packet Co. are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting ot the Company will he held at their jffioo on Atlantic Wharf on WEDNESDAY, June 18, 1873, at three o'clock P. M., lor the purpose of choosing officer, for the ensuing year, and to act upon any other business, that may legally come before their.. ' CHAltLES FOBES, Secretary. Portland, June 4, 1873. Jud5-dtd SEUACiO DIE WORKS, 17 Plum Street. THE proprietor* of this establishment will just *ny t • the public that they are prepared to dry bv steam and also prepared to dry, e'eanse and nnish all kinds gent’s wearing apparel, and also ladies’ dresses, shawls, cloak*, all col rs, or cleansed aui warrant them not to smut. „ mylfdtf JOHN S. MILLER. Portland llisrli School. THE Piincipal of this School having, by reason of otter engagements, declined to be a c miniate tor re-election, applications for the position maybe made in person or in writing, accompanied with references, testimonials, &cuntil Julv 14, lh73. The next term will commence Aug. 25,1873. L' W1S B. SMITH, Chairman S. School Committee. Portland. May 28, 1873. dtd Portland Savings Bank, NO. 91 EXCHANGE ST. ALL deposits of one dollar and upwards com mence interest on the Ural day of the month following the date of deposit. raay2y-dif FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. Removal. t J. m. ROBERTS, has removed to 191 C minercia! Street, next door above old place. Extra pressed Hay ana Straw for sale as usual. JunlUtl THEPKESS. FRIDAY MORSiso^ JUNE 1;}< 1878. Gossip and Gleanings. Count von Bodelschwiagh, orvnxmU, died recently, leaving a great name behind him. Boston proposes to make the tangled wreck of streets in its burned quarters rectangled. Carl Vogt has accepted an invitation to give a series of lectures in the United States. The identical horn used by iVallacein hit Scots-wha-hae-day is in the possession of a Caledonian antiquary. The police of Cairo, 111., are after a ghost whose walking costume consists of a stove pipe tat and a pair of double-eoled boots. In allusion to the prevailing fashion of men's head gear, a playful man says that "‘it’s no use putting a head on a fellow, now, un less you put a white hat on it.’’ The editor of Appletons’ Journal thinks that many persons are a kind of intellectual wall fruit, sunned and ripened only on one side. The third posthumous uovel left by Bul wer-Lyttou, and just now discovered, is en titled “Pausantas.” Messrs. Routledge have bought the right of all his works. An eight-year-old girl at Eaton Rapids, Mich., sets 4,000 ems of type a day, and enough in an hour to keep two compositors in corrections for a week. The Chicago Inter Ocean says, “Lucca mounts the diatonic ladder with the tread of a queen.’’ The tread of a queen ascending a ladder must indeed be an enchantment. The Boston Tratmcript says that persons who send poetry to the newspapers should al ways retain copies. If most of the >■ would retain the originals perhaps it would be just as well.—N. Y. Commercial. A New Jersey man has succeeded in rait iug some very fine bananas—from the cellar of a neighboring truit dealer, and says the cli mate of tbis country setms well adapted to this fruit. St. Louis thinks that the ftinniest th.ng be low the skies is to watch a Texas steer’s ef fort to induce an able-bodied man to pait wilh his red shirt without consideration first had and received therefor. Janesville, Wis., is soon to have an i rota tion ‘‘Belshazzar’s Feast,’’ if they can find a man without the ague long enough to keep his kuees from knocking together until the proper time comes. * The Bradford, la., Junior Base Ball Club play rshoit-banded at present, the catcher having received a hot foul in the stomach and stepped from the home plate into the iueffa ble glories of the life beyond. The selectirn of Constance—the city where Huss was burned, and the laity were deprived of half of the holy communion—for the great September convention of old Catholics, is mentioned by Moravian journals as “the Ne mesis of History.” A singular epidemic broke out in a Kausas town last week. Every wife in the town was suddenly attac ted by an irresistible desire to present her husba rd with a nice little dress ing case, with shaving materials complete. *An attractive young woman had opened a barber shop in the village. [Bayard Taylor’s (May 20) Letter to Tribune.]H The Yienna Exposition. —— A GENERAL REVIEW OF THE SHOW. The fine weather continues, aBd a new spirit co ves over the world's show, and everything connected with it. The arrange ment of articles within the great building is now so far advanced, that the completion of the lacking departments can make but little difference 1b the general effect. Having seen a'l the memorable exhibitions of the kind. siDce the first in Hyde park, in 1851, I ven ; ture to sketch the characteristic features cf • each, in the way of comparison. As a single grand picture, nothing has since equaled the world’s fair In Hyde park; the building, 1600 feet long, with all its treasures of art and industry, was visible at one glance, and from every part of it. In machinery and crude products it was deficient. Eastern Europe and the Orient were scantily repie sen ted; but all that was displayed ss filled the great spate that it pi educed an impres sion of infinite richness and variety. The first Paris exhibition of 1855. and the second London of 1862 were crowded arid rather be wildering. The buildings were nigh, with upper galleries for the lighter waies, the aichitecture was pretentious and not partic ularly imposing, and there was scarcely space enough in either for the visitor, to move with comfort on a crowded day. I only saw the fair building in New York, at the end of 1853 afier most of the goods bad been re moved In design, it was much superior to either of the former, although so much smaller in dimensions For practical ar rangement there has been nothing like the Paris exposition of 1867. The general effect was sacrificed to this feature, no doubt wise ly. The concentric ellipses, beginning with machinery at the outside and ending with the fine arts in the center, each country cutting through them like a broader or narrower slice of pie, formed a plan which was instantly understood; and, knowing it, each visitor could find exactly what he wanted to see. There were no 'imposing vistas, no grand combinations of form and color, but a thor ou'.’bly scientific order. It was a fuller repre sentation of the industry of all nations than any of the exhibitions which preceded it. Here the first characteristic which strikes a visitor is the vast scale upon which the show his been arranged. Yet, although the ma n building is nearly double the length ot that in Hyde park, it produce i nothing like the effect. Owing to the comparative low ness of the wings, a»d the great higlit of the show-frames and temples and pyramids which fill them, the eye finds no vista. Your aching feet tell you the distances you trav erse, but your vision is constantly checked, bewildered and deceived. Even the rotunda, which gains by i‘s vast span nearly all which it loses by its squatty cliaracter, is deformed by the strange, irregular, inharmonious piles of productions cumbering its floor. Scarcely one of the transepts is visible from its junc tion with the wing to its extremity. On the other hand the space betweeu the cases is so ample that 50,000 persons might circulate wiriiin the building without much jostling. Machinery having its own hall, agriculture its dozen special pavilions, and art its detached temple, the internal arrangement is greatly simplified, and will be found sufficiently prac t* uut amviita aim nr-nmi ejuiupr . are at least as well represented as on former I occasions, ell Europe e»sr of a line drawn from the Rhine to the Mediterranean, with Egypt, the Oilent and Asia, make their best and most varitd display. This wid be the main point of distinction between the pres ent and all the former “World's Fairs.'’ At Paris, in 1807, the idea of Illustrating the ar chitecture of different countries bv detatched buildings was, for the first time, carried into effect. Here the attempt is repeated, and on a much larger scale, since the available space is three or four times as great. The limits of the champ de Mars, however, while they crowded the edifices much nearer together, rendered it possible to turn the intervening space into a finished park. In the Prater this cannot be done. Only the square of six or eight acres b tween the south portal ami the rotunda, and the sn aller garden-court between the east portal aud the hall of arl are carefully laid out and set with shrubbery and flowers. All the rest of the very exteu sive grounds is in a comparatively rough state, and must remaiu so. The soil Is a loose, sandy deposit of the Danube, so low that it holds water like a sponge wheu it rains, and turns into fine dust after two or three days of sun. Nevertheless,the • wo or three hundred severed buildings, when fin ished, will form by far the moat picturesque and Interesting feature of the exhibition to most visitors. Within the bnilding the work still goes 0D> but in many department* them are signs of 1 ts approaching end. In ihe United States ill is activity; spaces are allotted, boxes dis rilmtcd, and the skeleton form of the dis llav can at last be traced. I think the work ivill be for tbe most part finished, so that we iba.ll not be much behind England and Prance. We shall have tbe best exhibition ive have ever made, except in art. We shall Hicupy tw ice as much space as in Paris, aud ■liow a much greater variety of objects. Switzerland is still the only country iu ccm plete order. England and France, by hard work, have nearly finished their portions of the main aisles, but toeir transepts are cum bered with unopened boxes. The same may be sa.d of Italy, Holland and Germany. In wine, Austria and Hungary tako i ’ n both, but little more is necessary '.£"*• . ' be gorgeous jewelry and hobe feet h “r Austria balance in bright ef lfK, »l Porcelain and pottery adfnUv Ofm 1U<! 01lb,'ren‘l- Pausing betore a di play of Bohemian crystal, 1 happened to notice a iatge printed card, beaded ‘ U S A Customers. The first name on the list was “Sir Henulton Fish!’ Of the eastern na tions, counting Russia as one, Greece and Tuuis are just finishing their work, while Turkey, Persia, Japan and Egypt will each require ab ut eight or ten days more. The nearer part of each transept is now opened to the public, and prohibitory ropes aie drawn across the remainder, instead of the former hoard feuce. We can at least get sight of this picturesque end of the great building, and inspect somewhat more than half of iu contents. The Turkish trails* pt Is the only one which gives an unobstructed vista to tbe eye. The vaulted roof is draped, from one end to tbe other, with immense carpeU of ail deep and rich dyes; palm trees (with rather shriveled plumes) staud between all tbe win dows, an«’ between these again, life size fig ures, in couples, illustrating tbe ethnology and the costumes of the Ottoman empire. Lading a Mlssl-slppi Steamboat The following is an extract from a Denver letter of the Danbury Newt man to his pa per: The river is much broader at this point than I ever expected to see It, but *-e cannot always have things our own way in this world. The cbanut I is about three feet deep opposite this place; I don’t know the exact width of the river, but there is no doubt but that tbe water is as thick as It Is broad. Tbe traveler should turn it over with his foot and so look at both sides of it. Ail was bustle on deck wbeo I got there. The boat was taking on its freight, and about thirty lively negroes, and one very excited and awfully profane white man were doing the business. That white man was a study. He was the mate of tbe vessel, and what he didn't kuow about rhetoric could be held on the point of a knife blade by a nervous man. The thirty negroes had all they could well attend to to keep up with bis uew oaths and roll on the casks. Without auy cessation they bobbed from the boat to the shore, and from tbe shore back to tLe boat, and all the while that Mississippi elocutioni«t danced around and swore. When I got on tbe boat 1 sat down on my baggage and watched that man. Being a resident ot New England I thought I knew something’ °l wickedness, but 1 was mistaken. The negr^** were unitormly dressed in pants, shirt and hj** Son)e 01'the hats wete ornamented with differ.'01 colored ribtons; others, again, contained but * *in'P!e brass plate-the tiade mark of a retired f?n'nTlley werc <lrlven N'we sheep, first to the shore and then back to tbe boat. Th* least hesitation, the slightest misstep, was noted by the orator and promptly incoiporat ed inio bis discourse. He couldn’t have been ,T,,re tbeV bis own fathers, which it is not likely they were. Offensive Ad ertUing. The Massachnsett. Legislature has passed a law against the defacement of uatural scenery. This, we take it, applies to tbe painting of advertisements upon rocks, unit ing them to boards upon trees and the gen era! obtrusx>n of the notices of quack tot-di cine vendors along tbe lines of our railroads. It is quite lime such a Jaw was enacted in al our New England States. Some of the very finest bits of landscape are rendered worthless, comparatively, to tbe observer by the daubs of paint thrust upon sight in or on tbe most salient point. We have in mind now a spot where within a few rods there is. in the summer and au tumn, a combination of beauty seldom seen. The water, the flowers, tbe drooping bushes, tbe eve green trees and the back ground of gray rock form a picture bright, refreshing and attractive. But on this rock, over which the green vines and red variegated leaves trail so grace fully in the September days, and wbicb of it self is a conspicuous object, tbeie is a sprawl in . parti colored advertisement of Indian bitters. As if tbe fences and tbe boulders ai d barns were ni t enough, these “t< (lows of the baser sort” take possession of every available spot, regardless alike of the laws of trespass and aesthetics. If the people would enter into a solemn league and covenant never to purchase any thiug so advertised, the evil would soon be cured, but as it is vve shall probably have no spot ot purely “natural scenery” within tbe vision of the railway traveller. Such an offense against good taste ought not, however, to go un whipped of justice.— Providence Journal. French Love and Patriotism.—The Gaulcis, in announcing that a young lady of rank recently took a veil in a Parisian nun nery, thinks it proper to “reveal a fact” which it evidently thinks too good to be lost. Her father's chateau during the war became the bead-quarters of seme twenty Prussian officers. One day, on sitting down to dinner, “one o( them forgot himself so far as to clasp tbe young lady round be waist. She took up a long knife and stabbed bite to the heart. She was arrested, but released in a day or two on the order ot Prince Frederic Karl.” Ano ther s'ory Is that an officer, who fought most gallantly at Metz, was sent a prisoner t» Germauy, and w hile there fell in love with and married a German girl. The oiher dav be returned to Paris, and went to bis <lub as usual; but to his surprise he was immediate ly expelled on the grounu that be had mar ried into a Prussian family, Zenas Thompson, Jr., SUCCESSOR TO J. M. KIMBALL A CO., IHANITFACTVRKR OP FINE CARRIAGES. Year* Experience at the “Old Manufactory.” I am constantly manufacturing and hare in Mock AH the Leading Styles of Light Carriages. I All work made on the premiMi nnder my persona supervision Iroin the Best Selected nnd meet Reliable Vlnte rjnKMMi'rpss.ned in Klegnnce, Mlyle nnd Cuts or Drawings furnished upon Appli cation. ‘•Old Repository,” 302 & 304 Congress Street, PORTLAND. CAHD, I take pleasure In lecomrocn Ing Mr. Thomnivm and his work to all my old fi lends and iatmn?P^h« may want a reliable carriage at a fair pi ice Mr T lias been in my employ and associated with me In businew near y 20 years. J. M. KIMBALL -i- i_ eod2m The National Board of Fire Underwriters —HEREBY OFFERS A— REWARD of $500 Fot the detection oonviction and nonishmentof par ties charged with the rtlme of am n, In tiring the Premises situate on Larch Street, ‘Vh« c«ty of Portland, on April nib, !«•; *»M Reward will be paid only on due proof bal*H famished the Executive CommItfee o.' the convlc’Jon and actual punishment of Hal l criminal*. By Ord-ro. the Ex ecutive Ccmmirtee. ___ T /-.v * STEPHEN CRESWELL, Chairman. Nfc.y York, Mat 15tb. 1873._B>x24-il2m $300 REWARD. City ol Portland. City Marshal’* Offish, May 14,1*73. Three Hundi-ed Dollars Will be pal I by the city to any person who will glvo Information that will lead toiheatrest and conviction of . he i>ereon or | e anna that set lire to the bouse of M Welch, on Latch street, April 27, 1*73. GKO. W. PARKER, mylSdSm Cdy *i»v«b«i

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