17 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

17 Haziran 1873 tarihli Portland Daily Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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the press. TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 17, 1873. THE PRGM May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fe» •enden Bros., Marquis, Rubiuson, Brinell & Co.‘ Andrews, Went worth, Glendenniug Mo>es, Hender •on, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the ity. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. At Waterville, of J. s. Carter. At Gorliam, of News Ageut. At Batb, of »J. O. Sbaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kennebunk. of C. E. Mider. CITY AND VICINITY. Hew Advertisements To-Dny. AUCTION COLUMN. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Music Hall—Peep o’ Day. SPECIAL NOTICES. Vieuna Exposition—Schumacher Bros. Kid Gloves—Leacli. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient. Maine Savings Bauk—A. M. Bnrton For Sale—Horace Emery. MissJeuuin s—Dress Making. Atlantic House—N. B. Gunnison. Mountain Air. -Pails Hill. W anteil—Woman. Wanted Agents. . _ , To Contractors—Sealed Proposals. Addle I Sued. , . ... Proposals—Win. P. CralghiU. City of Portland—Geo. P Wescott. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Coats-Orin Ha.vke* cc (jo. A gentleman who came in from the country. Attention is called to the fact. fflnairipal I sari. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Monday.—Henry F. T. Merrill vs. Algermon O. Smith. Action ot assumpsit lor professional servi ce $10.00 Defense—Statute of Fees. Judgment for plaintiff for amount claimed. Appealed. Merrill. Motley. Neal. Entries, 10; defaults, 18; continued, 0. Brief J wifi was Cakes of ice were in demand yesterday for ■eats. A jackass.—it was a four legged one,—at tracted much attention on Federal street yes terday afternoon. Charles 8. Fobes, Jr., of this city, delivers ' tlie address before the alumni of Tufts College Cadet Turner of this city, has been appoint ed Adjutant of his class battallion at West Point. The sum of 8150 is ready to be wagered that the Resolute B. B. Club can beat any club in the State. The Emeralds play “Peep O’Day,” at Music Hall Wednesday and Thursday evenings for the benefit of the Catholic Orphan Asylum. The great sun god was was “wratby” yester day, and bis face fairly blazed with auger. The jury iu the Wagner trial were permitted to atteud church at Alfred, Sunday, under the escort of the Sheriff. The weather waves now must surely come from some oceanic boiling spring. People are beginning to seriously think of pic-nics. This hot weather doesn't make them quite uncomfortable enough. They loug for bugs iu their ears aud all that sort of thing. It touched 80 yt sterday—the mercury we mean. Eighty didn’t seem a bit scared. By-and-by. if people persist in eating, lob. sters will be as scarce as hens’ teeth . The tug “Tiger” made a trial trip yesterday to test her new boiler and engines. The result __ A dark-brown mare and grey-lined phsetou await an owner at 84 Federal street, where it was left Friday. Dirigo Engine Co., No. 8, propose having an excursion to Old Orchard on the 26ih inst.— Chandler’s Band will play dance music in the ball room of the Old Orchard House. The Maine Western Free Baptist yearly meeting commences its annual session this af ternoon at Casco street church. Meetings will continue during Wednesday and Thursday,and public services wiil be held at tbe usual hours. Small boys amused themselves yesterday at the Fair by grinding up sample packages of yeast powders in the vegetable cutter. A slight fracas occurred iu the yard of the Portland Cuinpauy yesterday, between a big rough and a little fellow whom he was trying to “clean out. ” Tbe tables were turned and the big fellow got tbe cleaning out in good shape. A card printiug press has been added to the attractions in the glass blower’s room. You can get your card printed in a moment, and as neat as a pin. Two large men and u small boy trying to pass through a narrow door at the same time is an operation among the lost arts. It was tried last evening in the doorway that leads to the bridge from City Hall A new doorkeeper made himself conspicuous last evening, at tbe Puuch and Judy show, by refnsiug ta admit a newspaper reporter. Tbe manager didn't need him any longer when be beard of it. Sparking goes on freely evenings among tbe evergreens on the bridge. The “rooater” tiiat has been given to tha Hospital Fair, is the veritable cock that crows in tbe morn. He dosn’t tell tbe old, old story until ten o’clock in tbe looming, however,when tbe people begin to assemble. An amusing exchange of bats took place yesterday, and one of our well-known pliysi ciaus was seen walking up Congress street with • “stove pipe” several sizes too small on bis bead. Vivid flashes of lightciug illuminated tbe •ky last night. One of our policemen, who has for a loug time worn a most luxuriant beard, fouud occa sion to shave yesterday. A man whom he was arresting for drunkenness clutched the beard ami took great handfuls out, sadly marring its proportions. Harry Bloodgood's combination closed its en gagement in this city last evening. Superintendent Bacbtlder of the Portland division of the Eastern railroad, assures us that there is no truth in the rumor current about town last night, of a strike on tbe part of the employees on the night trains to Ban gor. A mo3t excellent imitation of a tornado sprang up about midnight, and people passiug along tbe streets were obliged to hold ■ on to their hair lest it should blow off. The Biddeford Times says a Portland man was thrown out of a carriage in that city Sun day and somewhat bruised. Also that four Portland "bucks" stove in a shoe window Satur day. « One hundred and nine new buildiugs were erected in this city from April 1872 to April 1873, so the Assessors report. It wasn’t a good year for building either. Messrs. Roberts and Clark of the Equitable Life Insurance Co., offer to contribute 850 to the Hospital fuud,provided the other insurance agents in the city or State will increase the sum to 8500. Walk up gentlemen and follow the laudable example set you by the liberal agents of the Equitable. The Wnrd C'aurw-ra. The caucuses last evening passed off very quietly. No lively contest was made except in Ward 3, where a ticket composed of friends of Keut and Stone was chosen by a majority of two votes. The result i„ Wards 1, 2, 4, 5 and H is generally favorable to Mr. Dingley, and in Wards 3 and 7 to Judge Kent ami Col. Stone. The influence of attention and painstaking management of the campaign was clearly ,,p Vtervable. The men who usually attend and m.tuage caucuses seemed to take hut little in terest in the business, but there was a marked preponderance of merchants, mechanics and other ci'tiacns who attend caucuses only period ically. „Yhe delegation from the city is an ex cellent ene,. for the most part, in point of ma teria), and vTill represent the city creditably at Baugor. The delegates -are as follows: Ward 1—H. H' Burgess R. S. Maxcy, W. E Dennison, Rcnsgllcar Greeley, H. P. Dewey. Ward 2—G. C. g/ittlefield, A. F. Cox, Cbas. H. Baker, Tliemas \farkey, Thomas Pennell. Ward 3—William S>ter. John True, S. S. Rich. Wm Huse, Win. i.'- I* Gill. Ward 4—Thomas A. booster, Thomas E. Twitcbell, James G. Tukey, t /eorge Hall, Ed gar S. Brown. Ward 5—Benjamin Kicgsburc, jr.- Albert Marwick, Weston F. Milliken, Isaac Jackson, Frank H. Chase. Ward (i—JamesT. McCobb, Robert Hoiy.oke, Chauncey Barrett, Benjamin Stevens, Charts* H. Leighton. Ward 7-A. M. Benson, Charles Greenougb, S. R. Small, G. L Bailey, D. W. Nash. Colby University.—Rev. Dr. Robbins of Rochester New York preached last Sunday in Dr. Small’s church in the morning and Dr. Shailer’s in the afternoon. His efforts were very highly appreciated. It is said that the trustees of Colby University have offered or are about to offer him the Presidency of that Institution. Gentlemen long acquainted with Dr. Robbins and qualified to judge are confi dent that he has rare qualifications for the honorable and responsible position. Maine General Hospital Fair. SIXTH DAY, Yesterday’s intense heat drove great numbers of people into Fluent and City Halls, seeking shade, soda water and ice creams. The attend ance from out of town was good, and nearly every one in the city visited the halls during some portion of the day. Between the hour; of one and three Fluent Hall was crowded by business men in search of lunches. The tables presented a very pleasing appear ance yesterday morning, the stock of fancy ar_ tides having been replenished, aud the decoia. tions brightened up. The Dover Stamping company of Boston have generously forwarded to the Hospita1 Fair several handsome and valuable articles of their own manufacture accompanied by the following neat little note: , „ „ . Boston Jute 11, 1873. Mestrx. A. A. A oven A Son: Gentlemen: hverytliiuz in Maine interests a Maine man. We are one, ami in^i modest way, would cast our mite into every good cause Started there. . A. “Hospital Fair’’ is suggestive of suffer V1--—Belief is the needed antidote. Trifles from each make an aggregate that performs wonders. Our trifle—w- send to day to your name—to he placed “where it will do the most good.” Tbauk you for the hint. Ke-.pl. Yours, Dovkr Stamping Co. To-day the Pine Street Church furnishes the tables. A nice salmon donated by Messrs Cline & Atwood of this city will be served up. Any quantity of splendid butter, fresh from the country, will be on hand. All who attend may rest assured that the lunches will be cap ital. The chairmen of the several religious socie ties are each requested to supply fon' waiters for the tables to-11 orrow without fail. All articles purchased at the household tables by people living iu the city will be delivered at their residences without extra charge. Tli- raffles, as usual, caused considerable ex citement They resulted as follows: No. 62, fern stand, ticket 4, Lieut. Folger; No. 16, ebony and walnut chair, ticket 3, J. Hegan of 8t. John, N. B.; No. 63, silver ice set, ticket 50, Mrs. J. G. Curtis, Lewiston; No. 70, clock at J. Ambrose Merrill’s, ticket 100, Mrs. J. G. Cnrtis, Lewiston; No. 41, easy chair from G. A. Whitney & Co., ticket 97, C. M. Cram, Mechan ic Falls; No. 43, prize doll and wardrobe, ticket 119, Miss Lizzie Marrett; No. 52, (two prizes) easy chair from South Berwick, ticket 107, Charles T. Varney, foot rest, ticket 76, Mrs. A. K. P. Barton; No. 24. (two prizes) fruit dish, ticket 2. Mrs. W. P. Chase, sofa pillow, ticket 32, Mrs. C. E. Jose. The glass blowers' prize was drawn by ticket 8676, holder uuknown. Dr. Hunt leads for the surgical instruments, Dr. Burr for the easy chair, and Mr. O. S. Fogg for the Kuight Templar's sword. On Thursday evening a concert in aid of the Hospital will be given in Augusta by the Cho ral Society. On Friday evening a concert will be given in Hallowell, by the young ladies’ singiDg class, assist-d by the Hallowed Cornet Band. Some excitement was caused in the hall last evening by the bursting of the boiler used for vaporizing perfumes at the soda water staud. Iu the confusion consequent upon it an elegant flower vase was broken and a jar of cologne emptied into the tank containing the gold fish, nearly killing them. About $70 a day are taken at the picture gal lery. The receipts at Fluent Had yesterday were about $350. Cumberland mills Village. Cumberland Mills, Jane 12,1873. Mr. Editor,—Perhaps a line from this thriving village showing the improvements now taking place will not be amiss to some of your readers. Alive manufactory is what a place must have to thrive well, and that we have with all the qualifications necessary to add wealth and prosperity to the place. I al lude to the firm of S. D. Warren & Co., paper manufacturers. This firm have completed their large mill and reservoir, covering two acres which gives additional employment to fifty men, and turns out fourteen tons of paper daily The “White House” so called, has been moved and made over into a first class boardiug house. They have also built two good dwelling houses on Warren Street, a new stable to their parsonage on Rochester Street, four new double tenement houses; and are soon to build several more. They are now preparing to build a coal shed 200 feet in length, at the junction of th Portland & Ogdensburg and Portland & Roch ester Railroads. This does not comprise aU the building which has been done here. The Misses Fields & Libby, have just completed a nice dwelling house on the corner of Main and Brown Streets, Jesse Twombly a house on Rochester Street, S. A. Caldwell and A. Mer rill, a large French roof double tenement house at a cost of several thousand dollars, Albion Bickford a good house on Main Street, Richie & Pride a livery stable uear the Portland & Ogdensburg depot. Win. Lamb, is building a large dairy barn, 72x42, with all the modern improvement, also Howe & Raymond a barn, on Main street. A Union Depot is al.o to be built by the Portland & Ogdensburg and Port land & Rochester Railroad. When you remem her that this is but a repetition of what we have been doing, with an excellent prospect of a fu ture i ncrease, you can form a better idea of our“futurc greatness." * Matne Hospital Fair.—The Executive Committee acknowledge the donation of addi tional articles and money in aid of the Maine General Hospital Fair, from the following named parties: Win. H. Taylor, 50 lbs. tongue. Dover Stamping Co., through A. N. Noyes & Son, waier cooler and other merchandise. Richards Si Co., through A. N. Noyes & Son, wire goods, &c Mrs. Barrows, Fryeburg, shawl. Bath Times, E, Upton & Son, advertis ing. Boston Lead Co., through W. F. Phillips, oOO lbs. white lead, 200 lbs. sheet lead. Charles P. Knapp, gentleman's dressing case. Musical Club, catb proceeds of entertain ment, $45. Mrs. Elizabeth Goddard, Cape Elizabeth, cash $20. Capt. G. Waldron, Cape Elizabeth, cash con Deering, additional cash contributions. Mr. McLaughlin. Scarboro, one box butter. James M. Kimball, valuable oil painting. I). I). Arthemy, Augusta, fresh salmon. Reuseller Neal, Augusta, box butter. Sir, Linfield, handsome doll, dressed by Miss Lord. Citizens of Hallowell, box fancy goods, pair boots, <Sc. Coller, Hamilton & Co., Augusta, valuable travelling bag. Miss A. H. Patten, granddaughter of Col. Geo. Stanley, Augusta, cash contributions of $430 John P. Squires & Co., Boston, five tierces of lard, SlfiO. Miss Louisa T. Babb, Deering, elegant re clining robe, $100. Hon. .1. H. McMullan, Mayor of Biddeford, cash $1000. John E. Palmer, Leghorn bonnet trimmed, $138. Mrs. 8. H. Cummings, wax cross, autumn leaves. Charles H. Haskell. Treasurer. Matrimonial DimccLTT.—A man named Lowe, who bails from St. John, came into the police station yesterday, and said that bia wife bad taken £00 in gold from him, abandoned his bed and board, and come to this city. Dep uty Williams huuted the woman op, and brought her to the station. It seems she had deposited the money in the liank. An inter view took place between the husband and wife, storming at first, but finally loving. They first accused each other of infidelity, then wept, tl" n embraced, and finally departed arm In arm, cooing like a couple of doves. Meeting at the Falmouth.—The officers of the Department of the Gulf, resident in this cty, held a meeting at the Falmouth Hotel last evening. No business of puWic importance in relation to the contemplated reunion was tran sacted. The meeting was ad'ourned until Sat urday, at which time a number of officers from other parts of the State arc expected to be pres ent. __ Nearly Drowned.—Sunday afternoon five men started to cross the B. & M, R. R. budge across Fore River. The draw was open, so they jumped into a dory with the intention of sculliug across. The dory capsized and they all fell int.'the water. Three could swim, and so got out easily. The two remaining were rescued with much difficulty by some employes of the Boston and Maine, who saw the accident and hastened to render assistance, Ah.<iy & Navy.—The Army & Navy Union have alvrays had great successin their initiatory excursions over newly opened lines of road. The excursion over the Boston & Maine exten sion to Old Orchard this morning will Drove no exception. Platforms have been erected for dancing. The Portland Band will be present, ami of couise will furnish delightful music. The lovely “Fern Park” will be opeu to visi tors. Special trains leave at 8.30 a. m. and 12. IS p. m. Suspicion of Larceny.—Deputy Williams arrested a young woman on Free street yester day on suspicion of larceny. It seems that her employer left bis pocket-book, containing four .900 bills and one $10 bill, under his pillow when he got up in the morniug. Missing the the pocket-book about noon be went home af ter it, and found it on a chair with one 850 bill missing. No money was lound on the girl. The Voting at the Fair—The Executive Committee have decided that the votes on the surgical case.Dr.’s chair and Knight Templar’s sword, shall not he opened, counted or declared until the final count on Wednesday evening at nine o’clock. Arrangements are in progress for a visit from the Saccarappa triplets on Wednesday after noon. Full particulars will be given hereafter. Mountain Air.—Elsewhere is an advertise mentof a very desirable stand for sale at Paris Hill. The location is one of the most desirable in the State aud the buildings have all of the desirable appendages to a country village resi dence. Westbrook Seminary.—The exercises of the graduating class will tie held Thursday, June 19th, opening at 9 30 A. M. The address to the class by the Kev. W. E. Gibbs will be delivered at 3 o‘ clock P. M. After the address Mrs. Elizabeth Akers Allen will read the poem. Caps Kllutelk Sixty rooms have already been engaged at Cape Cottage, eighty at the O eau House, and at the private houses about the usual number, j to be taken the 1st of July. Peas and potatoes ure in bloom in early loca tion}. A Sunday School has beeu organized at { Kuightville. CapL Dodge has his yacht ready for summer excursions. F, E. Knight has his craft newly painted and fitted up. Several gentlemen from | Worcester are expect jd to spend the boatiug sea-mu with him. It is suggested that the County Cotnmissioa ; ere prepare a footway to be used while the draw oil Portland Bridge is being repaired. It could be doue at a little expense. Hundreds of work men of your city use this bridge iu the evening to enjoy a cool breeze who cannot speud time duriug the day. * nisi I I.I.WI OI is NOTICES. Coats and Vests to match, Diagonal and fancy wears (imported goods). I Orin Hawkes & Co’s., 290 and 292 Congress St. A Gentleman who came in from the coun ; try the other day, asked a Portland boy, “Why do you buy so much Tobacco from Stebb'n’s Cigar Store?” The boy answered, “Because I chews it” junel7 3t Attention is called to the fact that the date fixed for the examination of applicants for po sitions as teachers in oar public schools has, for unavoidable reasons, been changed by the Committee from July 2nd, to July 3d. Periodicals.—The Atlantic Monthly and Our Young Folks for July, have been received and are for sale at the book stores of Messrs. Bailey & Noyes,and Hall L. Davis, on Exchange street; and at Loring, Short & Harmon and Augustus Bobinson’s, under the Falmouth Hotel; also at the school book, music and periodicals store of E. C. Andrews, No. 36 Centre street, at the book and periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall, and at Wentworth’s, corner of Congress and Oak Sts. Free Art Exhibition.—At 120 Middle St., the former headquarters of the Hospital Fair Committee, are to be seen a fine collection of chromos, watches, revolvers, etc. These arti cles are for sale at one dollar each. The modus operandi of selling connot well be explained here, but our readers should step into the store and satisfy themselves. They may rest assur ep that it is no deception, and that they will get their money’s worth. F. W. Nichols has opened a Hair Dressing Saloon under Perry's Hotel, Federal Street jefl-eodtf Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Booms, 27 Market Square. feb25-eodtf For Sale on favorable terms, a valuable slate property, partially developed, with most encouraging prospects, iu the eastern part of the State. Owners refer to S. T. Pullen, Esq.. Press office. jel4-dtf For Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indiges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Debili ty, in various other forms, Ferro-Phosphora ted Elixir of Calisaya made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, and sold by all druggists, is the best tonic. As a stimulant tonic for patients recovering from fever or oth er sickness, it has no equal. If taken during the season it prevents fever aad ague and other intermittent fevers. may21-4wt Dr. Urann at Preble House Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. His cures are won derful. may30-d&wtf C. C. Bennett, M. D., Falmouth Hotel, till 9 a. in., 1 to 2.30 and 6 to 7.30 p. m. jun7tf Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lothrop, Devens & Co. have received a large quantity of German linen and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. 61 Exchange St. _mayl7tf Dr O. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon, will visit Portland again at Preble House, by request, Friday and Saturday, June 13th and 14th, remaining two days only. Don’t fail to see him; bis cures are truly wonderful. juuellth-tf BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. MOST SHOCKING TRAGEDY. A Family Murdered in Thorndike. Three Persons Killed in Their Beds. A Relative Arrested on Suspicion. Farther Particular* #f the CrisM. (Special to the Pres*.) Belfast, June 16.—Our citizens were horri fied this morning by a report of a brutal mur der of no entire family, committed last night (Sunday) in the town of Thorndike, iu this (Waldo) county. The fact* so far as can be learned are that Almon M. Gordon, and his wife and child, were murdered in cold blood in their bed* aoine time during Sunday night. Two other children were also shockingly muti lated, and probably left for dead. The house was then «et on fire to conceal the hellish deed, but fortunately it was discovered iu time to put it out and the bodies were found before they were destroyed. Coroner Poor of this city, summoned a posse and jury and immediately started for Ibe scene of the butchery. Later.— Further particulars of this horrible tragedy have been received. The deed was committed about 3 o’clock this morning, or the fire was discovered at that hour, burning the bed upon which the bodies lay dead. It seems there were seven persons in the house; Almon M Gordon and wife, and ,hree children aged about seven, five and ore years respectively, a little niece about ten years old, John True Gordon, an elder brother of the murdered man, and one Ward, a young man about eighteen years old, who was at work on the farm. John T. Gordon is about 28 years old, and Almon was about 25 years old. The condition of things were first discovered by Ward, who heard the children cry, which awoke hitn and he smel’ing smoke went down stairs and found the bed in tho room on fire. e immediately roused the brother, who also s ep up-stairs, and gave the alarm to the ' 71’and after severely burning bis hands Tho siirn,fX:inSUishi"« "he j nth *a njft bis view was a horrible one. In the bed lav ai»« ~ ... , •’ Almon Gordon his wife and youngest child, weltering ir. bi0’od ‘ Mr Gordon and his wife were st0Ue dead and had evidently been killed instantly by blu'w3 fr J some heavy weapon, probably an axe a, one was found near the bedroom, upon which marks of blood. Hugh gashes in the 1^)^ the victims told the sad story. The little ho about a year old, was still alive when found but died in about an hour. The other two children slept in the same room, and are both yet alive, though one was nearly smothered by the smoke and the other was injured ba-lly. The niece, who slept up stairs in another part of the house was not molested. John Gordon and wife, parents of the inur- 1 deretl man, and who lived with him, were absent on a visit in B.tngor. The deeds convey ing their property to their sou Almon, who was murdered, were put on record last week. The older brother, John True Gordon, who is an unmarried man, has been taken into custody. It is said that blood was found upon his clothes He will probably be brought here for trial The community is terribly agilpted and aroused and threats of lynch law are made. iTo tbe Associated Press.] Belfast, June 16.—Alu.ond Gordon, and his wife and child were found murdered in their neds in Thorndike, eighteen miles from here, this morniug. No further particulars have as yet beeu received. fitend Despatch. The following additional particulars of the Thorndike murder has been received: John Gordou, a man of seventy, had recently con veyed to his son, Almond M., his farm worth $3000, taking hack a mortgage for the life sup port of himself and wife. The other son.Johu T., was dissatisfied with this arrangement, and probably tbongbt that by the death of his brother and family, that the property would fall to him. This is the only motive thus far assigned at the time of the murder. The old people were absent ou a visit. The inmates of tile house were the murdered man, Aliuon M., aged 23, Emma A., his wife, aged 22, their childreu, Ira B., aged ti, and a little girl aged 17 mouths, Anoa A., niece, aged 9, John T., the brother, and tbe hired man. At about three o’clock tbe latter was awakened by tbe shrieks of tbe little boy, and immediately discovered that tbe house was on fire. Alarm ing the neighbors tbe flames were extinguished without much damage. Tbe bodies of the fath er, mother and infant, who occupied the same bed, were found mangled and so scotched a* to be hardly recoguixable. Tbe little boy, who slept in a crib in the same room, was severely wounded but may survive. Tbe bloody deed was evidently committed with an axe. which was fouud ou the premises. Tbe wounds of the three murdered persons were inflicted upon the bead, and mast have caused instant death. The brother, John T., was soon arrested and remains in custody of the sheriff. He is 28 years old, a farm laborer and unmarried. He maintains a sullen indifference, refusing to ans wer atiy questions but saying that at the proper time be will defend himself. A jury of inquest is now in session under charge of Coroner Poor, but had not rendered a verdict when the last train left Thorndike at half past six this evening. The prisoner will probably be arraigued before the Police Court of this city to-morrow. Trial of Wagner. Seventh Day—Afternoon. [Special Dispatch to the Press.] Alfred, June 16.—Edwin Burk testified that Wagner was on board his schooner, three weeks before the murder and asked me to loan him a needle. I did so. Cross examined—Wagner knew that we usu ally landed with our dory at the foot of Picker ing street. The thole pins of the cory were new that day cr unworn; when we found the dory the thole pins were very much worn. Peter Johnson testified—Was with Wagner some days before this murder on board she schooner wheu Edmund Burke loaued him a needle. Cross examined—I fastened the dory with two brace of hitches around the post the even ing of the fifth.. Stephen A. Prehle testified—The officers, from the descriptions of Wagner, got upon the track of a man. I showed the wrong mau. Harrison Berry testified—I baited trawls at Bier’s wharf the night of March 5th, from to 12 or 1 o’clock. Cross examined—Did not see Wagner that night. Timothy Chalice testified—Saw Wagner the evening before the murder at 7J o’clock at my shop; he asked for ale. Wm. M. Thayer, editor, testified—I inter viewed Waguer immediately on his arrest; he told substantially the same story as now. Dr. James F. Babcock, Professor of Chemis try in the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, testified that after blood was dried on cloth and then soaked out, the microscope could find mamaliablood, but not safe to pronounce it human blood. The counsel expect to close the testimony Tuesday noon. [To Associated Press.] Fatal Accident. Rockland, June 16.—Mr. Augus Mclsaac, a foreman in the granite quarries at Dix Island, was instantly killed by the premature explosion of a blast on Saturday His body was brought to this city and buried from the Catholic church on Sunday. He belonged in Bangor. Injunction Denied. Lewiston, June 16.—In the petition of Gill vs. City of Lewiston, to restrain the city from issuing bonds in favor of the Lewiston & Au burn railroad, heard on the 13th, Judge Dan forth has directed the clerk to enter “interlo cutory injunction denied.” NEW YORK. Sunday’* Record of Crime. Nea York, June 15.—There were two terri ble murders, one moral stabbing case and nu merous other crimes yest rday. Francis Gillen, aged 23. stabbed his wife Ellsn, aged 19 yeers, four times in the breast, killing her instantly, at their home in Crosby street, last night. When arrested he said, “1 stabbed her because she would not live with me.” During a drunken brawl in Patrick Hughes’ East Houston street saloon last night, Edwaal Kirtland, a ruffian, plunged to the hilt a long knife iu the breast of James Duffy, a laborer 23 years of age. Duffy threw up his hand and exclaimed, “1 am done for,” anu fell dead. The murderer escaped. James Curtin, while drunk, abused his young wife, at No. 24 Road street, when her brother John, aged 16 and supposed to be an idiot, brained him with an axe. He will die. r.xpioMoii The old steamer Killvor Kull exnloded her boiler this morning when loaded with passen gers from Elizabeihport and other landings on Kills. The entire boat was filled with steam and great alarm was manifested, hut the pas sengers were all taken off uninjured by the ferry boat Thomas Hunt. The vessel was but little damaged. Hilliard Hatch. TTbassy. the celebrated French billiardist, ar rived to-day from Chicago to join in tbe graud international billiard tournament which begins at Irving Hall on the 23d inst. The game to be played is three ball varum, the Cullender level table being tbe one to be used. Several rich prize* are offered, aud all the billiard experts in tbe country are expected to take part' Various Hatters. The trial of Woodhnll and Ciaflin for libel ing Challis has been postponed till fall. The trial of Sharkey, for murdering Duncan, tbe alleged gambler, began this morning before Recorder Hacketh The court room was crowd ed and much interest was manifested. A party of drunken men beat Edward Kier nan fatally, in a lager beer saloon in Brooklyn last night. Edward Palmer has been arrested for being one of the party. The vestry of Trinity church was robbed by burglars last night af several books. The poor boxes were emptied and some clerical robes carried off. Charles Bogart, a member of the stock ex change, is dead. Another illicit whiskey still was seized in the 5th ward of Brooklyn to-day, without re sistance. WASHINGTON. Oar. Kellogg Again Heard From. Washington, June 16.—Attorney General Williams has received an official telegram from New Orleans from Gov. Kellogg, iu which the latter, contradicting the reported interview with him, says: M.v requisition calling on the Pres ident was fully justified, and the President's proclamation has had the most salutary effect in all respects. The taxes are being paid more rapidly than ever before in Louisiana. After providing fvr the January and February inter est we have over 850.000 in State funds to-nmht in the hands of the fiscal agent. We will piy the March, April and June coupoos early in July. The injunctions only restrain the pay ment of interest on five series of bonds out of twenty-five series. There is money enough to pay the interest on all bonds in the hands of the fiscal agents. Treasury Balance*. The following are the Treasury balances to day : Currency 87.ti60.328: special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $31,345,000j com $73,719,847: including $35,670,300 in com certificates; legal tenders outstanding $350,000,000. Bescne of the Polaris. Commander Green has been ordered to take command of the vessel to be despatched for the recovery and relief of the Polaris with Lieut. Coinaiander White as executive officer. The Serretary is engaged in making the selection of a vessel suitable for Artie navigation. Efforts are making to start tbe expedition early in Ju ly. The Juniata is taking out her guns and uruvisioning for iier voyage of inquiry and may leave the last of this week. Seal Oil net Free. The Secretary of the Treasury has deci led that seal oil if not embraced under the term fish oil so as to be entitled to free entry under the Washington treaty. The Outrages the Texas Border. The committee to inquire into the outrages on the Texas border deny the reports that the Texans made raids into Mexico, and say there I is nothing there to induce them to plunder their poverty-stricken neighbors. All our citi zens care for is protection in their persons and property against incursions from the Mexicans and Indians. After the Commissioners went un the Rio Graude to take the testimony the Mexicans on the lower part of the river crossed aud began thieving operations, tor which they were puraued and chastised by Col. McKenzie. Tne Texas Legislature instituted inquiry into the Mexican and Indian wrongs upon citizens of the State, when some of the most respecta ble residents of Neucez vallev went to Austin aud gave stronger testimony than they had pre viously given before the Commissioner. The Commissioners represent the amount direct and consequential to those who suffered bv those raids at between $50,000 000 and .m00O,00<>.— Five hundred petitions in the way of complaii ts were presented to the Commissioners, sup|H>rt ed by 1600 affidavits. Many of the |>etitiou< rs and atliiluvi s are represented to be men of fine education and most respectable character. As to the Kicbapnos it is supposed there ure not more than 200 winners of them altogether.— One of the old chief in referring to the proposi tion of the United States to the KieWapoos to go on a reservation, said to a Commissioner as follows: We would have hut a small growth of ground aud could not make raids ou other reservations. Here we are supported in part by the Mexican government, which not only supplies us with provisions, but giws us money, and when we want to go into Texas the Mexi can merchants and planters supply us with horses, guus and ammunition auJ previsions, that we may make our raid, and we pay them from what we capture. Besides we have a good country aud fine cli mate. many privileges and the whole Texas border to raid ou. The commissioners think that if the captives taken bv McKenzie should be restored to the Kickapoos they would be no more inclined to return to tin* United States than they are now, and hence they doubt the complying with their requests. The Secretary of the Internr will take no pres *rtion ou the telegraphic requestor the Kiekapoo commissioners except to refer it to the Secretary of War, with the suggestion that he confer with the Secretary of Stale ou the subject. Hfew Mail Merrier A new mail service was ordered to day on wt oontoD & Maine Railroad betweeu Salmon Falls and Portland, Me., 44 tniles, from July 1st, pay to be fixed hereafter. A TERRIBLE CRIME. A Woman Poisons All Her Family. Chicago, June lfi. — A despatch from Deca tur states that last September A. W. Drake, a farmer, living near Nawcaqua, 111., died uuder suspicious circumstances. Mrs. York, his mother in-law and house-keeper, was sus pected of having something to do with his sudden death, but no steps were taken in the matter, and Mrs. York went to reside tvith her son in Kansas, when a few days since she was taken ill. The physicians told her that she had but a few hours to live and she then confessed to having poisoned her husband in 1805, Mrs. T. W. Drake, her daughter, two children of A. W. Drake, wife of E. R. Drake, formerly of this city, and last September A. \V. Drake. She then went to her son’s a short time ago and made a mixture of poison to administer to him at the first opportunity. Feeling unwell a day or two afterwards, the went after some medicine to the cupboard and by mistake took the fatal dose prepared for her son, which re sulted in her own death. Desperate Fight With Thieves. Chicago, June 16.—A desperate fight occur red this morning at the corner of Halstead and Erie streets, between three police officers and some burglars, which resulted in the shooting and probable killing of Jack Allen, one of the most dariug and notorious thieves in the coun try, and the capture of Dave Riggis alias Rog ers, or one-armed Dave, a scarcely less noted villian The burglars were spotted last night by Sheriff McDonald of Sioux City, on a train from Milwaukee, in which c ty on Saturday they robbed a dry goods store of several thou sand dollars worth of goods. McDonald telegraphed to the police head quarters here and three policemen met the train at the depot, bnt the thieves catching sight of them, jumped from the cars and ran. The officers overtook them aud met with a fierce resistance on attempting to arrest, them, Allen drew a pistol and fixed an ineffectual shot at officer Simmon's, who returned the fire, one of his shots striking Allen in the side pen etrating his intestines and inflicting It is be lieved a mortal wound. Riggis also fought desperately, but finally was captured and is now m jail. About $2,000 worth of stolen goods belonging in Milwaukee were recovered. The third burglar made his escape. Arrest of Alleged Train Wreckers. Norwich, June 16.—Three men were arrest ed in Plainfield last night and are now in prison here, charged with placing obstructions upon the track of the Norwich and Worcester Rail road, Sunday morning. Engineer Stanley P. Cooper of Preston, and Geo. Harvej, firemen, were severely injured by the escaping steam from the locomotive. A plank was placed upon the track just below the depot at Dav ville, hut was swept off by the cowcatcher. About two hundred feet further on the engine encountered a tie in the very heart of the vil lage and swept it some live hundred feet to a switch, where it caught, in a frog and threw tlie locomotive from t*~e track The engine could not be stopped and it swept the capstones from the bridge over the five mile river, and tlie locomotive^ and three cars, containing sixteen persons, fell into the bog meadows some four teen feet below, burying the engineer and fire man beneath the ruins. After hours of labor they were extricated, badly bruised and scald ed, but are reported doing well to-day. The Raida on ike Rio Grande. . New York, June 16.—A Washington spec ial says that the Mexican Border Investigating Committee have returned to that city to pre pare their report. They have been engaged constantly since January 10th. ard have heard evidences in 400 cases, and have received in ad dition 1300 ex-parte affidavits. Several women and children who had escaped from the Indians appeared before the com mission aud told the story of their terrible sufferings. The Cam anclies are said to be mainly engaged in the business of stealing and selling women and children of the white settlers, while the Kicka poos and Li pans and Mexicans organized as such, chiefly confine themselves to cattle steal ing. Raids of these people are so frequeut th t stock raising within 200 miles of the Rio Graude has been well nigh abandoned. Five Persona Drowned. Montpelier, Vt., June 16 —A painful acci dent occurred yesterday afternoon in what is called “Number Ten,” in the town of Calais. About twenty persons of all ages were out upon a small pond for a pleasure ride, using two boats which were bulged together. One of the boats immediately began to HU with water, and almost before the party were aware of it they were capsized. Five persons were dmwne f, namely: Lafayette Fecliout and wife.and daugh er aged five years, the widow of Aitiusa Mc Knight, aged about 28 years, and Lydia, a daughter of W. E. Tobey, aged 15 yean*. As mauv more were taken from the wafer uncon scious, but w. re restored. All the bo*lies were recovered last evening except that of Fecliout, w hich will probably be found this uiorniug. Suicide. Hartford, June 16.—Timothy Hulbert, long a prominent iron manufacturer in Winsted, cut his throat with a razor Saturday uight aud died Sunday morning. Depression of miud in con sequence of ill health was the cause. He failed in business about twenty years ago and paid 40 cents on the dollar. About ten years ago be was successful again, limited up his old credit ors and paid them in lull with iutercst, though not legally bound to do so. He leaves an estate of about $30,000, yet. because of some losses and feeble health he had recently a constant dread of poverty. The Cholera. Memphis, Tenn., June 16.—The weather to day is very unfavorable for improvement of the health of the city, as during the night the mpreury fell 12 degrees, and to day was rainy and hot. There were 19 intermeuts to-day, i5 coolera and- 4 cholera infantum. The city council have passed an ordinance establishing a board of health. The Cholera. Since Saturday 32 interments from cholera have been reported. Large per centage of those attacked have recovered. The deaths are nearly all of colored people. Various Matters. San Fkancisco, June 16 —All the Modec prisoners have been removed to Fort Klamath under strong guards. The reported invasion of Sonora, Mexico, by bands of Apache Indians from the vicinity of Tucson, is denied. D. O. Mills has resigned the presidency of the Flunk of California. It is reported that YVm. Sharon has finally purchased the interest of Huntington & Hop kius in the Central Pacific railroad. Counterfeiter Arrested. Chicago, June 16.—Special treasury agent Bailey arrested at Spr ngfield, III., last night one of the most troublesome of the counterfeit ing and forgery fraternity, Merrill alias Moore, alias Morris, and probably other aliases. On his person were found blank drafts on the 1st National Bank of Memphis, National Bank of Grand Rapids, Micliigau, and two or three na tional banks in Vermont. He also had a letter of credit, doubtless forged from a banking house in Utica, N. Y Yellow Fever. Fortress Monroe. June 16.—1The Norwe gian bark Asto, from Havana for Havre, arriv ed in the roads to-day with yellow fever on board. One man died on the passage. The captaiu and three men have the fever, hut are convalescing. Cholera i « C ncinimti. Cincinnati, June 16.—The past forty-eight hours have developed the presence here of cases of sickness resembling cholera. Three cases proved fatal and three others, each of which had ail the symptoms of cholera did not prove fatal._ Hung by a Mob. Nashville, June 10.—In Ruthford county about three weeks ago, Joe Woods (colored) ravished a widow aud ki.ocked her head with an axe. The woman died Saturday. A party of fifty men huug him in the woods, ME rEOKOLOBICill,, probabilities fob THK „ * SKXT TWENTY-FOGS aOUfig, War Dep’t, Office o (>FF1CEH, Wasl.ingp.n n. c"" ' L ( June l«, ir p’ y j ( For Ifew Rnvlnud increasing cloudiness and occasional rain area* to-nighr, but wiuds veering to the westerly and northerly on Tuesday with clear and <-tearing weather are probable; for the Middle 8uu*«, light to fresh westerly and northerly winds, clear or partly cloudy weather on Tuesday; for the lower lake regiou, winds gradually shifting to easterly and southerly on Tuesday, with clear or partly cloudy weather; for the South Atlantic and Gulf States east of Mississippi, generally cloudy weeather, rain areas and light to fresh south-westerly and south-easterly winds; from Ohio Valley and Missouri to upf»e» * lakes, diiiiiuishiag pressure, easterly t*» *»uth erly winds, clear or partly cloudy weather; ft»r | the north* west, easterly to southerly winds. «ii- 1 niinUbmg pressure; for Tenu *ss**e and Ken- I tacky, partly cloudy weather and occasional raiu areas on Tuesday. Fo K K 1 e* N. A New Alla.lie Cable. Loydov, June III—The iU-.iiii.hip Great has tern commenced laying a new Atlanta fa ble fri>ui Valeulia Bay.Ireland.!.> Sydney. C. B. A despatch fnmi on board dated at noon to-day reporu the great shipin lalitu'le 52 53; |»ugt tude 14 33. mul had paid out 17« in: lex of cable. All wax well. The ■appitaaiaa af BaHglaw Carpara lisas. Home, .fuue Id.—'The biil for the suppression nf religious corporations haviug passed tlu* ('handier of Deputies is now before the Senate, which has adopted the first seveu clauses. f faunae. ia tbr Vliui.lry. Dttawa, June 1(4—J. X. Gibb* has been j sworu ill as Postmaster General. Alexander ! Cauiphell, ex-Post master General has been ap- 1 pointed Minister of the Interior. Mr. Mason I will be Minister ef the Militia. Montreal, June 1&—Mayor Cassidy died I Saturday night. MIXAK TEliECRtng. Mrs Curran of New Jersey, woke up Sunday to find herself sleeping with a corpse, her com panion the wife of a jail bird, having died dur ing the night. There were three children in lied with them. Pius VV. Designer, a stone cutter of Newark, , ■ J-i cut his wife's throat from ear to ear Sun day night. She leaves six children. Four persons died from yellow fever on too steamer Yazoo, from Havana to Philadelphia. It was attempted to keep the fact from the public Revenue officers attempted to capture some whiskey stills in Brooklyn Sunday without the aid of the police, hut a mob pelted them off, and the owners carted off their machinery. Beecher preached another Universalist ser mon Sunday. Sir Barte Freres reports that thirty thousand rohnntoaslaave?yUa"y eXpOTted frol‘‘ *««» *'"> •iim,d3om'l?°bb and Savaf5e- tha commissioners nl r.! Jnqai™ >uh> the depredations ou the Rio Grande, had an interview with theSec retary of State Monday, and related to him the result of their mission. The remain* of Minister Orr arrived at Co lumbia, South Carolina, Sunday, and were placed in the State House. They will be taken to Anderson Court House for interment Wed nesday. T Uiuvr. __ . . . 7 - *7 hi mo |nue wuouk oi New Jersey aud Delaware during the past three days, entailing much damage. The Shah of Persia will arrive in London Wednesday. Extensive preparations for his reception ary being made. Guild hall and many other buildings will be handsomely decorated. • h°uses valued at $30,000, were burned in Mexico, Mo.. Sunday. Incendiary. Tl>e court house of Green couuty, Ark., was destroyed by fire on the 12th inst., with all the records. The Shah of Persia arrived at Brussels Mon day. Base ball—Baltimores 7, Washingtons 6. A detachment of ninety soldiers were sur prised by Cuban insurgents near Yucatan, and forty were killed. John B Wells, formerly Governor of Cali torn la, is lying dangerously ill at New Orleans j FINANCIAL AND COMiUFAICIAL. Foreign Exporm. BUENOS AYRES. Brig Belle Prescottr—338,519 ft lumber. 59,500 shingles, 11,1(17 yds duck, 2 carriages. 2 harness. R Parker—367,786 ft lumber, 11,610 pick ets, 10,000 shingles. WINDSOR, NS. Schr Pointer—600 bbls flour. Foreign Import**. ST. JOHN. NB Schr JL Cotter-166,388 feet lum ber to Geo S Hunt. Bouton Stock liin, I Sales oi. the Broker’s Board. June 16.! Boston and Maine Railroad.118A Eastern Railroad.. 105 New York Stock anil Money Market. Nkw York. June 16 Morninn.—Gold at 1161.— f Money 4 per cent. Sterling Exchange 100 @1104.— ! Stocks steady. Stale stocks quiet. Nfw York. June 16—F.renma.—Money in exces sive supply and lending at 4 @ 5 per cent., and closed easy at 3 percent. Sterling Exchange tinner at 1094 (a) 1091 for sixty days, and 110 @ 110} ior shorl sidit. Gold weak; oi>ened at H64 @ 116}, sold freely at 1164, rallied to 1164. from which there was a rapid break to 1164. succeeded at the clearinghouse by a further decline under rep >rts that some clearings were not effected to 115} @ 1152, the closing rate. The clique is believed to have been sellers; loans 1 @ 4 per cent, for cari yin.* and flat for borrowing. The clearances were 115,000.000. Tre sury disbursements $359,000. Governments dull and lower with unusually wide difference between bidding nnd. asking rates. State bonds very quiet. Stocks opened dull and heavy,and np to the earlv call were weak with a decline of 4 @ I per cent. Western Union sold low as 85|, rallied to 864» and closed af 86. The pool were buyers up to 864; Pacific Mail was dull between 39} (a) 4n2;opening and closing about 40; Central steady alldayatlOl} ® 102; Eiie weak, falling from 65 @ 6*4. closing at 6*4'- Rock Island steady at about 109 ;Itidimia Central declined from 29f @ 28}. and closed at 29; St. Paul fell from 52} @ 52. and Ohio and Mississippi from 284 @ 27}. The remainder of the list showed changes of only 4 @ I per cent. The following were the quotations or Government securities: United States coupon 6’s, 1881.122 United States 5-20’s ISG2.116 United States5-20*s 1861.... . 116# United States 5-20’s 1865. old...1174 United States 5-20’s 1865. new. 110# United States 5-2‘»’s I8G7.121 United States5-20’s if68 ....120 United States 5V new.114 United States 10-40’s.,coupons. . _1134 Currency 6’s . -...114| ! The following were the closing quotations of Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 80 Pacific Mail...... U Y. Centra’ and Hudson River consolidated. ...toil Erie. 041 Erie preferred.. ...*.'**’** * * * * 72 Union Pacific stock. 27| The following were the quotations Tor Paciue Rail road securities: Centra! Pacific bonds.103 Union Pacific do. 87 Union Pacific laud grants.70f Union Pacific income bond**. 62} DamfNlir Vlnrketx. New Vottk. June 16— (evening—Cotton nominal and 4a higher, except, for ordinary; sales 677 bales; Middling upland* 20}c. Flour dull and heavv and 5 @ lOi• 1 )Wer; sales 9700bblr; Stale 5 15 @ 7 40: Round lump Ohio 6 50 @ 9 40; Western 5 15 @940: Southern at 620 @11 00. Wheat rather more steady and un 76,000 bush; ntTv Mixed Western 54 @ 57cT old 5c.— Oats heavy and lower; sales 52.000 bush; new Wes tern Mixed at 40 @ 42)c. Beef steady. Pork firm; new meS' 17 00. Lam quiet and weak at 8} @ 94c.— Butter is Rteady and quiet; Ohio 15 @ 23c; new State 25 @ 29c. Whiskey steady at 93)c. Rice steadv at 7) @ 84c Sugar is firm and more doing; Muscovado SI ®8)c; refining 7| @ 8)c. Coftee steady; Rio 17) @ I8)c *n Gold. Mnla*se* quiet and unchanged ;New Orleans 67 @ 8“c; Porto Rico 35 @ 60c; @ 32c\ Naval Stores-Spirits Turpentine more active and steady at 45@ 56c; Ko«in active at 2 90 for strained. Petroleum dull; crude)S}c; refined at 19)c. Tallow is weak at 8}e. Freights to Liverpool quiet; Grain, per steam, at 12)d. Chicago, June 16.—Flour dull and drooping, extra Spring sold to a limited extent on private terms. W11Kit unsettled, irregular and lower; No 2 Spring at 117) @ 1 19) on spot; 1 16) @ 119) seller June; seller 1114 @ 116), closing at outside prices; No 1 SI 25; No3do atlUo; rejected 90@92. Corn ar; opened dull ami closed active; No 2 Mixed at 30 @ 31c <»n spot for rsgitlar; 33) @ 35 for seller Ji*r ly; 37} @ 36) seller Aug: closed at 31} for July; 38) for Aug; rejected at 274 @28. Oats closed active: sales ot No 2 on spot at 26); seller July 27)c; rejected 23) @ 24. Rye dull and lower; No 2 at 66)c. Bariev dull and nominal. Whiskey steady at 90c. Provis ions uuiet and unchanged. Pork at 15 70 on spot; 15 80 for July. Lard at 8 32) cash. Bulk Meats are quotable at 6| @ 6) for shouldei-s;sborr rib middies at 8f @ f.)c; 8) @ 8)c for short clear middles 1 tose. Ba cm; shoulders at 7)c; clear rib sides 9)c; 9|.t for clear fUb. Lake Freights in fair demand and lower—Corn to Buffalo at 5). Receipts—8,000 bbls flour, 72,000 busli wheat, 201 - 000 bush corn, 90,000 bush oats, 3,000 bush rve. 0.000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—9.500 ools floor, 86,000 bush wheat, 222, 000 !>u*ii corn, 180.600 bush oats, 14,000 bush rye, 2,000 bush barley, 0300 hogs. J Cincinnati. June 16.—Provisions—Pork ouiet and steady at 16 00 bid; held at 16 50. Lard quiet?st£2n heM at Sic; ke.tlo at 8*c. Bulk mTuis firm ’.boul ders held at 6&c; sales at 16 6u per cwt; clear rib side. «irc; salt‘3 at 8 47 per cwt; clear sides at si Bacoo flrm; shoulders at 71c; clear rib sides at ntc- lob bing sales of clear rib sides at licit! at 9* ® ul,. to key steady at 8Uc. * " u,s lOl ano. dune 16.—Flour ltifulet and unchanged — Wheal 2@5c lower, closing Him; sales of No 3 wi,ii« Wabash 1 53; No 1 White Michigan 155;Amber Mich" igan on snot and seller Jane at 147; seller dole at 1 451; seller Aug at i 38; No 1 Red I 53; No 2 at 1 45 Corn is dull and lower; sales of high Mixed on soot at 4U; seller July 42Jc; seller Aug 43}c; seller Sei t at 441; 1 iw Mixed on spot and seller June 45c- While 47c. Oats dull and declined 2c; sales of No 2 at 8 i*sjc Freig,l,B flrm: ,0 Buffa'° 4 @ 4Jc; to Oswego Receipts—2,000 bbls flour, 22,000 bush wheat, 54 000 bush corn, 14,000 bash oats ' Shipments—3000 bbls llonr, 29,000bush wheal,52,000 bush corn, 3,000 bush oats. J,,n.e !6TFloir steady: choice at 8 75.— Wheat dull and declining; extra White 1 80; No 1 V> hite 171 @173; Amber Michigan opened :it 151 an 1 closed at 1 49 @ 1 50. Cam is dull aud lower at 42c. Oai^ dull declin ug at 34c. Lake Freights dull aud unchanged— to Oswego 8) @8). Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 2.000 busu wheat, 1,000 btish corn, 3,000 bu*li oats. Shipments-000U bbls flour, 0,000 bush wheat. 1.000 bush corn, 2,000 bush oats. Charleston. June 16.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands 18) @ 18}e. Savannah, June 16.—Cotton flrm; Middling up lands at 18)e. Mobile, June 16 —Cotton firm; Middling uplands 18}c. Nsw Oitr.KASi, June 16.-Cotton in moderate .1*. m&nd; Middling upland* l*4c. Hiraan .Harket. Hataja, JiimII-S jjv mlw ami aftvaaral; \ , l* .J Sup»r. inferior to common If 9 *| ra; lair twf»«i r*> ■Will Ma^n;p.,Th grabs loj » >1* rv U^ulMillavui if r» jar keg, >1 ia m***t»n^ at Hnvau* ami Mnlauaas .racwtpt* lur tW •** nutlTw^T *4*1 32.» bhds; rsp^ted >,ww >•>%. * *"•k""• 'Mi *■* **• * * '.*** hW tt..m !« n» mm talk ••d order. loitiL ‘•mm"*’ * ^ other ..I »atb - “• A '**. ku4h>g ,1 Exchange | #t fancy St 9 ili arm n2^* ^ ^ bfbt. w» •hurt tight tJ) S «H i K.r.u... «WWh hiiiw>. Jum It—It.M A. II_i_ . _ _ . K| for »*w‘r and !bj tic arm hi * k‘*’4** •* AwrrK'AN MHifltka* ■ t. H V> t*46.1,44 4< '-a H«» 11*7, S2| •* do l#-h*. *9; new a *..* JJ* * Kalina* at 3#f Lom«o. June 14—5 u#F. M.-Io*—4s rk««| u lor money ami account. AmerbAB tn-amka chwfi •»nrhaa*"*l. ri tJiKroir. ilwnr 16. -Caked States VSa IM2.-I UmtMoL, June 14-4.* i*. M.-C«U«a cfcar I •tend* ; i>ak« 12,ouo babe, i net tail ug S64 baka f* >r speculation and export fifljtia. CiAiLsnoN, June If.—Freights to Uverpool by •teaiu via New York, f I ou uidands; If I on sea Is land*. Coastwise—to New Y >rk, b> ■team. 4c P It on uplands; ft V p tee on Hke. ft* tobblon Item la; by sail. Sue p feoa K<*in; fll 9 1*4* M on Lumber; f 12 9 12*1 oa Timber. To Bo*(on. by sU-atu, ic 4/Ibon up .mb. $2 So |» tiero- ou Stoo; 1 .Ocon Kffcln; resawed stuff IS 3 12 30; PWphsus •JW «S SO. To Providence by sail flu so 9 11 p Mon Bosnia; by steam, vis New York, Cotton ic. 1 Through bills of landing given to B aton. Provident e ami New York cities are regularly Issaed on this route, and dispatch guaranteed. Py -ail, $8 It.M 00 Boards; f 12 on Timber. Vessels are in demand to take Lumber freights from Georgetown, S. C.. Da- I rien.and boilla River Ga., and Jacksonville. Fla., j to Northern port*, aud $10 u f is V M are rates on Lumber aud Board*. gNTEBTAINMENTHL GRAND EXCURSION — TO — Old Orchard Beach ! TUESDAY, JUKE 17. 1873. THE “ARMY AND NAVY UNION” ,n- j nonnee lo their Mend, ,nd the public that tbev are now aide to fulfill the promise , ade, 01 giving them the first Excursion over the Boston & Maine R. R. to “Old Orchard Beach” and “Fern Park.” i This delightful trip Is only one half hour’s ride, nnd i every one who goes will feel amply rewarded. A ! platform for (lancing will be erected In the Grove, I and a select orchestra from the Pori land Band will ! furnish the music. Tickets lor the round trip, in- I clnd'ngdancing, only 50 cents, for sale by the com mittee, at Rand & Thornes aud at the Dejiot. Trains will leave Boston & Maine Depot, (late Walker House.) at fi.co A. M., and 12.15 P. M. Return leave Old Orchard at 5 F. M, jamdld MUSIC HALL, Wednesday & Thursday, Jane 18 k 19. PEEP O’DAY, or Savoarneen Deelisb, By the Emerald Boat Club — FOB THE — Benefit *f the Catbelic Orphan Anylnm. Music, scenery .in'! costume* new and elegant. Admission, Gallery 25 cent*; Parquette 50 cents; Reserved seats, Orchestra Chairs in center 75 cents, Doors oi»en at 7, Curtain rises at 8. ju!7 dtd HOSPITAL FAIR. REFRESHMENT DEPARTMENT, fXUEUT HALL. THE ExecnMve Committee take pleasure lu an uounciug that they have, through rbe courtesy of Mr. Fluent, obtained the use of the spacious and beautiful hall, known as FLUENT HALL, and that it has been handsomely and conveniently fitted up, and will be used as a FIRMT-ULANt* RESTAURANT, During the Fair. The religious s -defies of the city will furnish refresh men Is and flowers. Scores of young ladle*. In pretty and appropriate uniforms, will serve on their respective parish days. The flor- . al dec nations. which ore under the supervision of a | ladv of exqnisi'e taste, will bo unique and beautiful; i wbi'e several pieces of music have been engaged to lend their charm to the scehe. All persons visitiug the Fair are Invited to visit Fluent Hall. Entrance by tha bridge which has been constructed across from City Hall. No extra charge for admit tarn e. Doors open from 11 a. m., till 10 p. m. . 8T-N. B. -Societies are requested to send in re freshments as early as 9 a. m. jelo WING & SON’S PIANOS! (Successor, to DOANE, WING & CUSHING.) The American Piano. FIRST PREMIUMS. Illinois State Fair, 1870. Alabama State Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 A 1878. Texas State Fair, 1878. Namerons County Fairs. From Mr. Edward hoffman, the egfebrated Piavist. ‘‘1 conscientiously believe that your Piano is In every respect a mott magniriceut instmmenV* Form the “Independent” -The Amercan Piano has deservedly become very popular instrument.” Purchasers* testimonials from all parts of the U. S. WARRANTED SEVEN (7) YEARS Prices Low for the Quality. Responsible Agents wanted for unoccupied terri tory. In localities where agencies are not yet cstab lla’iod, un »1 such are established, we will sell Pianos to the public at Factory Wholesale Prices. Semi for circular to WING & RON, 417 Broome St., New York.! apO _ _ ly C. P. KIMBALL’S Elegant Carriages. SALEROOMS, COR. PREBLE HOUSE, Portland, Me. I take pleasure in announcing to the public that 1 now have on hand the largest and best assortment of elegant cariiages ever exhibited in Maine, embracing nearly every style now in use, including several new patterns made only at my factory. Twenty-five years’ Experience f myself and many of my workmen, enable us to produce The Finest Cariages AT THE— LOWEST RATES. gy~AU persons are cordially Invited to visit the waterooras and examine onr finished carriages. Al so our factory and examine the material and work, whether they desire to purchase or not. All carriages made by me are fully warranted. syfhe public are respectfully cautioned about purchasing cariiages repiesented to te my make unless they have niv name-plate in full, reorders solicited and promptly filled, jy Books with cuts, descriptions and prices sent by mai to all desiring to purchase. C. P. KIMBALL, mayl9eod3m_Portland, Me, HOTTEA ROLLST — AT — BLAKE’S BAKERY, Every Afternoon at 6 O’clock. J”"1?__,nr M Announcement. R. JAMES L. FOO« la admitted as a member of our firm from this day. „ J, B. MATHEWS * CO. I Portland April 2,1*73. tt AUCTTOW BALER **> !•*. Rntlr« A I •. turiMunn \ alualde Keal Kstale AT Aljl 'l'iox ! <•1 4KI>I%V% « * l** *t * bsrtaa II kagpd *4 friilnl. In ~iri T«r*4i 9 I hr arlftirrAlb 11?) 4i| «| Jva«s A* K 1*74, || •• rletk to tor frwtn tto 4b«> tB«k| Mnl *mwt* «ft >•««! In mmM Im* nomtotwl. nr (it. §%.- (Sh toto pi, atondl> ** ■r»miurn 4 » I * * »4 Me-m. Mat • 'ten «Ing «K*« i W —I ml *4 nnni * 1 V. Itorc tt .k. Ml > DM*'** In « |»«ri «f Iw ■ a, FUn |t . | ku. 3, plan #. :U v* U*o« t par. - | (to w*II In -*n 25^*“ • :v_k **« - * -* sin#*, War, i, ' rlka .i4 Oitr »tv«* ». j. ** * “*L# ** *to l «•! tolMIng Una in tto „ *AVt>.LF HAGGtTT, O.arrfU.. „. in |*«*| I Hi liiMirr. i • * <1~ twiin. OX Welaitoy, Juno 18tb, at It »Ylaek « u we •'•all soil at l*»ua* corner of park and Cum rest streets, Bi iiMie's. ingrain and oil carpet*, sofa, ca d and center table*, chairs. I 'iiuje*. mirror-, curtains chamber furniture, feither beds, halr»nd other mat tre-se*, spring beds, ward robe*. steerls baker, re frigerator, crockery, etc., together with the kitchen turn Hurt*. F. O. BULKY A' CO., Auctioneer*. JelO Furniliii**, Cai-pit*. Ac., al A action. 4T >ale-r om, 18 Exchange street, on WEDNES DAY, dune 18th. at It) o’clock A. M., Parlor Suit in B. W. and Hair Cloth, Sofa in B. W. and Green Rent, new and second hand Carpets, Chamber Fu nlture, B. W. and Pine Ward Robe*, Spring Beils, Mattrassee. Cook Stove, Refrigerator, Crock ery and Tin Warr, Kitchen Furniture, ^c. A£ 12 M. one Row Bout with Oa s, in good order. •*. O. BAILEY A CO., Asrlienrers. jull fit tl Fine Pleasure Homs at Auction. OK THURSDAY, Jmie 19th, at 12 M.. we ah 11 sell on south side of Portland Pier the two floe pleasure Boa's named Anna and Laura. Each boat will seat from 15 to 20 ikthoiih comfortably, are In perfee’. o:der, with all necessary tackle and para phenalla. Sale positive and without reserve. At same time 1 Row Boat in good order. V. O. BAILEY A CO., Asctissem. Jul4 dUi Very Valuable Farm at Auction. ON THURSDAY, June 19th. at 4 o’chck, we shall *ell the well known and valuable property known n* the Cushman Farm in New Gloucester, Me., 18 miles from Perth.nd. em»t.isting of 120 acres of ex cellent land with building* unsurpassed by am farm buildings in Maine. Orchard contains t>00 apple w 1th abundance of < ther Fiuit Trees. This Is an oppor tunity rarely met with. Sale positive. Printed de sciiption and jtarticulurs furnished by F. O. Railey A CO., Auctioneers. Double journey tickets issued by G. T. R. R. to at tend th s sale t<> Pownal ano return ut one third more than single first clans rare. julldtd Desirable Real Estate iu Deering at Auction* ON SATURDAY, June 21st, st 3 o’clock P. M., we shall sell the Wentworth propertv (3rd above R. K. cros-In.*)on Mechanic street, Woodforu’s Cor ner. The almve proj-erty e nsists of 2 story wooden house containing 12 rooms, large pantry, closets, good cellar, brick cistern, woodshed and a s 'able 20x25 ft. The above building was built new five years ago by the <lav. in the most iborough and substantial man ner. The hou*e is well arranged lor two families. Lou8x66 ft. Tlds is a very nice propeity, situated a few steps from horse cars and in a goi*{ neighbor hood. F. O. BAILEY A CO , Auctioneer*. J n16_it A BRATIfc Ac BRO. AartUarrr. anal <ov-,mHmkaaM, give Ibeu *perfcal a'trmlon to veiling Real Kaaata, Furniture anal Meicbanolvcnl all kind,. Horvea Car riage-, *e. Adv ncev made on consignment!. Reg ular Salev of new and ,eca>ual-banal Kur alt era at tb« Auction Boom* every Saturday morning Comaaa ntcatinnv by ntitll j romIlia vttenaleal lo »H line A HHftlRKR. 125 Fe lerml St., under the 0. S. Hotel. K. B. Money aaliancrd on M niche.. Jewelry, Furnltnre. Clod,inf, and all go, da of value. apr23 dtf THE EPICUREAN TABLE SAUCE. Received (be higheat premia na at I he A mer ic "■ loatiinlr Fair, New York Cily, IN74. IT IS THE BEST TABLE BELISHIN USE. Kepi by all First B Class Grocers. Every Well Fur nished Table Should Have It. TP 2 Epicurean Table Sauce I f’n * 96 BLACKMTONB •T., BOSTON Jul2 dSm READY MADI SUITS At lessthau Manufacturers’ Prices. Suits. *6.50, $7.50, $9.00 $10, $12 $18.50, $15. $16.50, $18, $20 $22.50, $25, $28, $80 and 82. Please bear in mind thst these snlts are all well made, and for style, finish and durability are equal to custom work. 171 Fore Street. J. F. SISK. Jn« dim FISH AND SALT. NOW RECEIVING 300 qtls. new and superior English Shore Cod. — ALSO IN STOKE — New Short; and Bank large and mrnlnm Cod, Pollock, Cnsk Had dock. Halibut, Smoked and'Pick led Herring-,, Tongues A Sounds. Trimmed Fins, Heads, superior qna'ity Bloates Hews mackerel with Nos. 1 and *2 of s me. Also Turks Island,Cadiz ft Liverpool Salt DANA A CO. Jul3 d3w Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE ft RETAIL DEALERS IN ICE. No. 14 Cross Street, Portland. Order* left at lee 0«ce, 14 Cr«w» St., nr willi J. C Pr,)Ctor, 93 Elchange St., will be promptly attended to. fcy pure Ice supplied for all purposes In any quantities and at the •I'll LOWEST RATES. istl FRESH SALMON^ A prime lot of Fresh Salmon for sale bv JOHN LOVEITT A CO.. ■ 04 rOM.nKRCIAL STREET, At 20 and 25 Cents a Pound. Jul3 dtl HOT TEA R0LLS7 HOT TEA ROLLS can be had from W. C. Cobb’s Bakery or Carts EVERY AFTERNOON. my15 tt WY STOCK OF Cn-tom Made Hand Sewed Boot* and Shoe* u »ii|«rlor to «uy other Stock in New England In point oi quality, at vie, finish and lit. So don't wrong Crself by sending your mea«ure to New lork or ton, when you can obtain Ibe very be*t boot* made, and always a sure fit, of jfl# ©• PALMIEB* my 9 t’KW* taxes. whleK re" main innald that the lime required bv the statute nrevou.Totli.adverti-einent tor -J. haring ex IdrJl »ueh esiate* will be advertised f r sale, If such Lire, a if nut paid previous to June •-’lit. taresaie f- H. W. HERSEY, Treasurer and Collector. June T, lffts. JuCeodt21 COUNTRY BOARD ! boarders •hi) be accomodated at Ridge Cottage, 1J miles from Bridgton Centre. Good air, magniti ent mountain ind lake scenery, line drives, convenient boating and lulling. Add teas, \V. G. KIMBALL, Bridgton, Me. m> 16 eodt

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