27 Şubat 1862 Tarihli St. Mary's Beacon Gazetesi Sayfa 3

27 Şubat 1862 tarihli St. Mary's Beacon Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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cmucmrs sale. ' i ON APPLICATION of Georgs M. lU IJ' IWiorof State and County Taxes for the year 1861. if i ordered I>y p' County o*iniiii*-t i.tr* f.r St. M ir\’* comii tv, that the raid Collector jirmwl to ***ll, af ter j*iv;nj Iwnij d iv< previous notice. at Iht Cmrt House d* r vd the ni**t puMic place* in the • ai.? by publication in tin* St. Mary** Iteam-n, tract .r parcel of laudcalif ! ‘ and known by the name ..{ SUITER’S FANCY, i to the highest hiudvi, U pay the luxes and . lojtul rh tin "Tv* '0 duo, au*l tins panic, when > 'M. ft he transferred l*y <irf<l of bar gain am! *alc to the purchaser thereof. My order, 0. I. SPALDING. Clerk to t’ li'itj Coimnia>jopTs for Saint Mary's county. Fib 27th, 1862—ts. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. Thai the; ► 'lt of the ah*>v r land will lake plate at the <‘ *irt House 4 air, Leonard I’owm, on 'i HI RSDAY. the 2oth tiny ul March next, at 2 j\ Uk. p. in. O. M. BOHAN AK. , Collector for 1881. Fib. 2Tlh, 1862—20 d. CBIUCTCn Sill ikV AITLU'ATIU\ of Ocor-e U. IVut. (*ulhdor of S’alc and C<amty Taxra lor the tea* Idol, it i* ordered hy the C-unty i ’’••‘ujuifeioitcra f..r Saint Mary’* ewiinty, that i .• mi.l Coll. c:#r proceed to wll, after giving I riity day • pr vi its noli** at ihe Court Hoiu*' do *r and the net put-lie pla-’c* ill the < unt and by pithlicaihai in the M Mary’s !• a-oii, a tract *r parcel if land called and k .o\vi. by llnr name of SUITER’S FANCY, the high*! bidder, to p.iv tho Tuxes ami tl-clegd charge* thereon dm*, and llie same. > itrli o|d. to u transferred by deed f Imr t-dn and sale to the purchaser thereof. M\ order. I. SPALDING. C ark to the Coin,it\ (hii.uiisdoiiiTi for St. Mary’* county. I*. • 27th, 1802. NOTICK IS IIKRELY GIVEN. Th.iMhc rAI of die ah vv land a ill lake place at i • <’ t.ri lb n** do* r. in la*o’<ard Town or. ’Mil USD A1 , the 2Utb duy id .March next, ui 2 o cl<<k, p. in. GRORGK. P. DENT. C •Ihfior ior iKtiU. F< h. 27*h. 18*,2- 20.1. .1 V WILKINSON. GROCER i (mi MaSH A H T, No. liPJ Wharf, lui/riMOHt:. K**eps eo"rt l\ ~n hat.d a large suse'rt- M-,.?.f superiorfamily groceriks, F-rei >1 and iKiimtelte Li|U-*r*. Tobac-u, Se- Ac., which wiU U* sold, whuh *ale or rc -1 d, at the loive* uarket i.rir.-*, t t .ENTRY Pit* irrK, . f all kind*, h..M *ii r> imnikMon. and-p ns! attention paid to . the sale of TOBACCO. WHEAT end other ' CHAINS. Coiiinii*iu.* • ; nil kinds excel!- . led promptly, with die -trieteat regard t* the inter* .'t of the Cwi^ijji.ee. Ptihlic patron .ge i- iu>t nupectlully soli cited. Fwb. 27th. IBC2—tf. . : i maps* FOR SALE. AN KXTU \ early 1 r .il of IRISH POTA TOES whwli c •no- t< maturitv in aix , m-ka after lle-v come up. They hare lately imported from Kuro|H< Anv one wi<.|<- i*i2 to buy, van have them at £2 .*k> per huh- t Mr. \\ i-e. Mile-tone Landing • d Mr. Sewall C> dar P ; nt, Fr sale at L. O Smi'hV Store. Pine; at Tiytur'i, St. li.iipf*'; at Mr Wla-’, Mtll •tone, and at T. MtnphvV, Piiut leaik Out. Feb. 27th, 1862—41.’ Imm im 11Y l Im* Cotintr OoniiiiiM>i<tfier for Saint-, Mary * csamly— OKDKHKD. That George M. M >hanan a C*l|.. t.*r of Slate ami County tax*-- in the 2nd * ret ion diet ri<t of St. Mary’a canity, ohm j nilvcrtieiiiienl cxpn-a-inji the name of tin* fo!- J >win2 tract 'r parcel of km), the amount of t i\e* due therein. t*ifether with the name nf • the (lersnu chargeable with the same, to be i erte*i :nce per week for and dnriae fmir ; * reks in tin* St. Mary’s* llracon, a newspaper , pubMwhed in St. Man ** canity, notifymj. tint I rude** the St and County t txiw due m; the 1 r dd Unda ahall le paid to tlie add Collector M-ithin the apace of thirty dav all* r the pul*- b--ation of Ihe l*Cire aforesaid ia completed, tiia land* aforeaai-i or aucii pari* thereof a inav la* i.wuaarv l rain- threinu due thereon A hall lie -dd ! the higheat bidder for the )ay luc.it of the same. I^6l .loliu M. •% H--W* L. Springer own- , -er-; nuno- of land Pi. (war Point, 120 ■ nr. a.oouitl nf (aXo> due thereon, 56.82 - Hv or*l*r. G. I. SPALDING. CVrk. | ■ • NOTICE ia hereby given, (hat imleaa the Stale ami 4'mntv taxea due on the iamla afor>**id. ►ball be pmd t* me “ti **r 1 <•*(<re the emi *f thirty d iva alter the above publication k coin- * pleted. the <dd landa r tn li part* thereof •* 1 bU*V la* meecarr to rai*e the >t*nlae tbrreoti * t'<t**her with the coat *f adverfi>mj and legal ! i'lltf.Al. ahali la* —dd to tin highest bidder for! the prt\ u.iriit of tin* ai|ie. GllOltGF. M. DOHA NAN, Odlec*r. 1 cb. 20th. |h€|-|w. ) ' hPUJNG (USKkS. f ; A*’ • * “fp f How*id Duck. Pent- ; tenfiiry PUiJ-. Ac yut ceiri and , ■wj-4* by I £. LEO. SPALDING f i ** .. 3LS —" *•- —" - . JJ'WHrt NOTICE. lIIERKRY for.-wjsro ad peron frora • irartiugmy wife. M AKY K WHLHKKI'J i't* my account. a I will pay no debt-* of her < ronfracting aftet thin date. Ako. harlmring her. Said Mary R. Wbern-t h*ft • my liouae .m Sunday night Isnt. the l)th in ►tant. ami when la*t hcnnl from wav in wur f<any with two ►•4dietain the nitgl.burlircalof Kdward Tu >man*i *t* rc, on the T .r.- Nu'.cL eti U.Md. JOHN C. WHKRIiKT. Feb. 13th, 1802. Feb. 2 th, 1862—51. MUWSJUt. C authorilv nf I have nixed nd ta- ■ ken the f- 1 lowing properrv t* j State and (’ •uufy Tam ami the legal charge* tnrreoii for the year* 1818 ISo'J and IfctiO • N. gro Man “BUY,” the property •! -I hn S. Guylhcr. And I hereby give notice, licit or TitUltS- ' D \\ . the 6th of M Trh next, (if fair, if nut. ’ the m-xt fair day thereafter} at the GllK.\T I MILLS S lOUE, in the F.i lory Dkliirt. b- | , twen the hoist* of 12 oVh* k in. and 3 ••*-I i chads, p m. t I iril! proc**nl to nell at Public , Auction the alif.ee nmm*l pro|rty for ra*U.' rl*< *ati)<fy State and County Taxe* ami the ■ l-gal charg-a tlureou. a* above inenttoueil. GEORGE H. DENT, j Collector. Fd. 13lh. IHC2 —ls. i CO-PARTNERSHIP. fpilK Umbmcmd have t|d day ess*errd 1 j M into a t'O-PARTNKRSIIIP, under the name ami style of • FER6USSON X TYSON, for the jnirpoM; of comlucting the j GKOCEHY & PRODtXK COMMISSION BUSINESS. ;AT TilK OLD STAND, 7 Ao. 121 f.om l mnl Strcri. l CHARLES KF.KGUSBOX, HENRY O. TYSON. nsr cnmilks fergcsson wmhirc * peel fully roli.;il the p.tfrouagc -f hi* old • friend* b-r the new llrsu. I lab i more, Feb. lid, 1862 Kell. 1 Uth. 18i>2—2m. ROAD NOTICE. %T OTICK if hereby given, that the under* ' i 1 Mgncd iir-ud* to apply to the County . < , 'oinii , .i*i*>tier* t--r St. Man’s county f-ir tls j privilege of closing a Public K*-al, which m-w , run* thr--11.4)1 hi> F rsu. ARCHIHALD PRICE. Feb. 12i!i. 1862 —301, i SOTU'E TO CKEDITORS. - j NtlTll'Ki* hereby given that il.r *ni t-cri her* have oliiisne*l from the Orphan*’ Court nf Si. Mary ’• county in Maryland, let •er* of admisiiattaiion on the personal e*ste if Jioppli Herbert, } ite of tasd county, de ceased. AH pernonn having claim* again*! ihe said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the j saute with the proper vouchee thereof, to the 1 aiihecriltem on nr before the lath day of .\'i.*., Iki'J, otherwise they may lie excluded by < law froii. all benefit the said estate. Given - t miilei uur hand* this 13lh day of February, 1*62. ANN C HF.RISF.RT, RICHARD PAVNK, j Administrator*. : Feh. 13:h, H6l—lw. NOTICE. . FOIi THE r.i TCXEX T HIVER ; VIA FAIUUAVBN AND PWTM FOINT, i ON and after WED -18 2. the Sle.-.uicr I ter will have her tv hart j every WEDNESDAY MORNING at hall' past six ’clock fur the Patuxent River, lle ! turning, will Dare Hill’* Landing every! 1 Friday iiiondug fi Benetlict, leaving Be e* 1 * diet every Sauinlu im Tiling at 6 ••’clo k f<*r : I Baltimore. 'Tailing at all the usual landing* < on the River, :tl* at Plum Point umJ K is . Haven, going and returning. M. L. WEE MR. Jan. 30lh, 1862—tf. ADAMS k DAVIDSON. GROCERS AND ; COMMISSION MERCHANTS, \ JE*. 7 C’ww<iYV atrrrt, Baltimore. Md. A LARGE supply of FAMILY GROCE- • KIES i;<>i:*tantly or. hand at luwc*t ’ market pri're. Sjlcs id TOBACCO, CRAIN, At., strictly ' attended to and prompt return* made. I Jan. Idth, 186. —oi. j LEONARD TOWN i iHijpn HAVING pun ha*cl tin* entire interest of tise late lirm *d Morgan. Jantirsai A* G>>.. , the nndersignnl will conduct the bu*incsi* with - promptness and energy. | A large *iHc •>( excellent CIGARS, maitu ' factumi from the k-.t T>4c oi • l*r oUaineil , in the iiiarlurt. will k* kept uMistanilv on j hand, and or hi> will ok removed from, nd • Ogam (kfimal at Factory price*, io either ul • ' the counties t Prince Gegge, Charles or Pt. Mary’s.. . 1 A tilieral sliarr **f ti e patronage of fl*e iierw . . pie of Houtlwru Mary Ism is earnestly rdh it-1 fed for the iwh<cfSMn* of HOME iNIU’H-j j TRY, b.4*e<| tij*n (he motto ul large *ale wifi. I Ireaswnalde pr*tit*. b. a. ja::l;iv\*. ; Jac. ftrtt, IM2—ly 1■• - WANTED. [i TIfANTED a TEACHER for Primary 1 School No. 2 fir the year 18C2. IK \ must be va|Mtldrof tnching ike usual English brioche* and he of g.nd umr-d character. — , } Teacher of middle tr age prt ftrmi, Addm*, JAMES L. LANGLEY. JOHN 11. HOLMES, WM. McK AY. JOSEPH RICHARDSON. Bt. J in, 1802 —4t, i NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. ' ON apjdi'**tn n of M. M. Hr.} Iru and G*. Ffed Madd->T. adiiiinßirt"r< nf Oforge Haydn, late of .St. Martha r >untv. d-r*a-*"T. ' It is oi dr red by lt Cain, that the said ad inini-tramr* notify (Tie creditor* f the said . d-cew*ed, to file their Haim' l against tin* -aid deceased. in the Register “f Will ! Office on .r Iwf re the 15th day of May. 18C2. fi>r div- f idem I. anl that thi* order he puhlidied in the 1 ' St. Marv’s Beacon, once a week, until tin* said V 15th of Mav, 18C2. i * J. T. M. RALEY. ; J Register of Wills. | * of St. Mary’s county,Mil. * KWh. 13th, 18C2—3in. NOTICE. f|M!E ntlHA:pnni has just received % large * supply f Indies I*A I (TV end HALL Good* consisting ul ; | White and Colored Tarlcton*, ’< Ladies white Ivi 1 Slipper . Ladies White Kit! Glows. Ac. kc. ♦ A Isrt, , Gents White Kid Glove*, •' Gents Fancy Neck Tim, t Gents’ Fine Shirt*, ami Collar*. Ac. Ac. K. LEO. SPA I.PI KG. Leonard Town. January 3rd. Idd!—tf. ron sHLimr. i PHILIP H. DORSEY, thankful to hi* I j friend* and the public for ihe supper; he re- | ceived nl alie late election offers hn.io-If ;■ "iim , I as enmfiilale lor Sheriff and molo-ilm ihe votes j of his fellow-citizens of Si I. Mary’s county at • the next election. •Not 91*’, 1861. | HARRISON EDWARDS, oilers himself j to the voter* of St. Mary’s County ns a can didate for Sherilf at the next election. Nov. 2|st, 186!. •j A CARD. Doctor gust a v i s c.\ ntkr. having, located itjiniM-il in <'harlotte Hall,respect- ; i ally offers hi* pnd<‘*)*iiii.al services to the pub- . j IC. His office is that formrily occupied by • I i>r. .1. K. Shaw, where he can always he found except when professionally engaged. RbKKi.NCK.—SaitlUcI ClieW. *.\|. D. Pro lcs <r of Principles and Prat tire of Medicine iu the University of Maryland. March 7th iadl— lUiu. I- ■ 1 I LUMEER JtOTIGE. BURNS v SLOAN return their sinceip i thanks to the Fanners for the;r liberal patronage lor the year past. Their -dock 1 ; , LUMBER is larger thru ever and letter a aortrd; and we are determined to tjffer great | inducement* to cash buyt-i*. Apply at the . . inner of Kntaw and German streets, or at 132 ; Light .street Wharf. BURNS A SLOAN. ; Baltimore, Mil ; • Feb. 2nd. 1860 —— | i FOR CONST iBLE. | ! J. EDWIN A BELL announce* hinself nr a ! . >ri didate fur C<n!aliV in LetuiairtPTown l>i*- ( trie at the election in and asks the sup- 1 I no ll of his friends ami. fellaw-ritizeus. Nov. 2dth, Pfil. * | Xt.BRKT TKK63. J.i MlftO AS i I _ i TREGO &. MORGAN. p n o i) u c k COMMISSION MKHCILINTS, And Wholes*!* Dealer* tn is iqu o h s ja i) c i r;.? ns ■ N 0.37 CHEAPSIUE. near Prattaf., ! JUIsTLMOtti: ] D>- Erery descripHc n of rrut tty Piodue* cutrusted to out can tviHrr i iHriitan fion. Apr 1 18th. ISs^—tf. i sit® : STOI.EN from my stable* in Medley**; Neck, r ear Town, on Weiinm . day the Itlh instant, a bright kiorrcl At..re. ; with tluxrrl mane ami tail, medium size. *toiit ily huilt and alsut 12 years of age. 1 it are i i>eeu informed that an animal, answering to 1 j the above description, was ridden past Char- j . h*le ilallmi the I 4tli. hy a liegr.t man. and,* from )>is dcs4-riptiuii. I am saii.-ti*-<l that he is i tine party that stoic tiic mare from nv stnhh-s. • The uegn* is 5 feet G incites in height, thin j | faced, of a dark chesnut color and alnt 4!) , years of age. He represented when I : in my iseigliiMrh<*od., to l free, bit i have * 'c.irnvil since his departue that he is suppose*! to lie a runaway slave and poduhly stole my mare with a view of reaching Washington or some one of the Federal encniiipnient* in ! Cliaries C*unty. I will give Hie ala.re re , ward f..r the delivery of tlw stolen animal, I ‘°r Hlftal c< mpensatioii f,,r iafurmali-n lea 1-- ; ing to her whcnmUatf-.. i, EDWARD fH\VN.s’. , I Leonard Town, P. O. i Aid. ; Nor. 21st, 1801—if. • ‘-fijssoL rnox or i (XyPAHTAKBSIHP. 1 hrtiXAßp Town. ) Jan. I*l. IM2 i .( rj'IIE CO-PARTNERSHIP h.iHoi. re *x . • i.-img in ila* 0i f ar Manufnctorv of M- r- , g*n. Jammu \ f this day dissolved with inttlHMl-oatsei.t hy the tiiid r>jgiMti. partners, in in art st: All )>rr><M. indrhutJ to the him will pletise settle Utth U A. Jaitdsoit. who is ’ authorised to jecvtpt 4hU. , ‘ J, FF.LIX MORGAN. ! i B A. J A MJ.mj.V 1 Jar a-b, 13:2-Si. * i • t LUMBER, * | SHINGLES. j ' LATHS. BRICKS, ,1 LIME. J HAIR. '•

s.vsn, noons > n a sui ttkhs, ;* TjjlOHwaie .at the rcry incest pr tf for CASH •* ‘*r APPROTED cre*lir. lh-f.'re buy-* 1 i".g. call and see ns at the corner of Lnta*v 1 ;nd tirrman Streets .. r at 132 Light Street “ Waarf, Baltimore, Md. '* f BURNS A SLOW’. March 21*t 1801 —tf. i - - ; NOTICE. I JR. WILL! \M H. bay- 1 ing lK*ate.l in C'aaptieo. orler> his pro fessuai.il * rvicc* to the Public, and can al ways I** found, when net prof* sm uially <t>- t g*cc<l t id Boswell’s Hotel. I also refillll lli\ I ihsitk* to my frietnls in the neighborhood .j ; . St. ClemcMt*s Bay for ll.rrr former patr-u.age and will always be happy tu wait <u them . at the* shortvi*l n*ticc. Xuv, 28th, ISol—if. i •HOFESSIONAL. ‘ DR.J. R.THOS. REEVES ha* b*ate*l ' at “WHITE PLAINS,” ab. tit a mib Iro.n the village r-f CltapUc**, aim rcsjwttfull} ; otter* Us professional service* t the public. Sic will trvotc bino'vK exclusively tu the practice of bi* pp*fe.-si>u. * Jar.. iGlh. 1802— f. - - 1 f X£ IF FA L L A XI) WTXTK/I GOODS 1 underaign*.! h.ts just returned fi oni h JL City with ihe large*! .ana hem selected stock ! af FALL,nnd WIN I KK GOO!>S ever otiere 1 , tu theritizenaofSi. Mary’* Ctuiiny, nuisietnitr >ii purl, of very superwvr quality of Heavy Goode i fui Servants’ chiihtng, at the ninxt nm lerat • price*—also Boot* and Shoe* of the niovt aub* ptaiitiai make, ami beat material. Beaides ('‘luih* Cuasmiere*, vesting* and all kind* of £ne dress Good*, tor Ladle* and Gentlemen—a carefully : i selected, and well a**nrt( • *turk of ready made dot long, manufactured expressly to order, and * i variety of articles ufulmost ev ei y kind no where . else t<> lie found m the county. He respectfully so licits a call from those desiring to purchase, fee’- iiigasaureti that in* thorough acquaintance with the business, resulting from a long residence in ’ tlieciiy, will enable him to otter such induce iiteni* as v> illuefy cuinpetiiion. E. H. JONES, I Clifton Facta>ry. I Septembcj 27*h —ly. NOTICE. i rglUFs C"-paifiicrshiy hervtufojc existing ‘ ; under the firm >l COITINGHAM ; 11 AR Dl N( i> this day dissolved by ruutua! 1 J consent. Win. H. Hauling i* alonc-auilior , ized to acAlv the business >f the firm. SAMUEL CO’ITINtJIIAM. WM. H. HARDING, liultiuwre Jan. 1 l.'Gl — 4w. I The nudersignerl, having Bought out tin Interest of Samuel Uoltingham oi the firm nl | • /otlingham A Harding, will hereafter conduct 1 the bllsilitss in bis own Name,—and be Uiosi ; rispecffTilly solicits trie favor >t the lri<nd : the old Fii tu. WM. H. HARDIN i. ; MARYLAND i | AGRICULTURAL WORKS TO Tin: FAII.Wins OF SI. MAH VS : —1 would most rcsp'ctfuily eall \.:r at-; ; tentioii t*. my large assortment of IMP I. K- ' ! MUNI'S. I am inanufatiiirii g and pre ! paring a larger assortMient of A>jn< uUnrul J,n . fJnnmfs thar. I have ever Indore ottered t< • ; hr public—Horse Powers and Threshers, • Wheat Fans, Corn Mills. Corn Shellers. ’ Plough*. Ilairows: Cultivators, aiui nan\ ; , >ther rotichs f>> nrm.ei* us to meidi>&. 1 ; )-nn supply tl ■ Farnnr with -very thing In , :uav want. With regard to H*.r>e Power- ' I -would call particular r.ttenti<*n In a fii r : i..t >f pkj.tuxs nnn.F nr.inKi 1 P OMKHS, to urork trifh *r tri/Auni hnnd, I Khuh. arc n>>l attrjntxtcd in this or ai:y othn market; and I tn>ot respectfully invite Ih>*H i who are iu want 1 Machines to give me a call. * ias I lit'l confident that 1 ean suit the pur- * ■ chaser. I am making a CORN MILL fi r : grinding G*rn at lloiuc. This i* n go- d Mill. 'h* I wen tested and pronounced so by expe- ’ J rieiKvd judges. To thin i ask jour *| *•-, ' trial attention. I lender y.u my sincere thanks for the , kindness heretofore shown me and br-g a con lMuai.ee of y.uir favors, drteru.intd to make i a strong rfl>rt to please all who give me tlicit custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion by being directed to WILLIAM If. HARDING. 150 Pratt street Wharf, Haiti more, Md Feb. 7tb. 18;’ —ly ■=- *■ - ! of co-partnership. f I HF. late fit nr i Bin.n <f Mruhhx i.- -1 ibis day di*wi]ved by mutual c.ncnt. Persons in.k-btt d In tis are lu rebv notified t <**ne forward and settle with George A Simm*. without ikdat*. a* b h auth>'tizel !■ * MttU the biuiness id* the Ute firm. GKORtiH A. SIMM.* J 0. If. MADLOX. Fkpf. 3rd, 18G1 —tf. UrSIXJL’SS J S O TICE. j f|IHE undersigned, having purchased tin J intern* „f Sinn** V M.vld* x in tl^! Mercantile husiucss, will continue to s-ll a< Ibe tld stajid. and solicit a continuance of the i very liln ral patronage extendid t* the tile ; firm. 1 .icy will kt*rp coustautiy on limmJ a good asscrtiuenf of M | ufll sell o. ’ such terms n* ratilu 4 fidl pl*-aai! the old rU'loim r* of Uhj house and the imHie gcu t-raliy. GEORGE A. A- F. X SIMMS. Lc-nani Town, sVptc.la*r 12th, 18GI —tf. WAITED "■. WV or HIKE 1 r. r 12 likely \ M NEGRO MEN and WOMEN. f which the market prices or wage* will he 1 givan. f Also. KATTKIi CATTLE oan 1 *hi I f**r the hrat market price* ty apple ing iv I ur d f ssing, ’ I •Ml. f. M AMHIX. Leonard Twa I*. O. JuU. 2rL rum SAINT MARY’S FEMALE , SEMINARY rllh’ next annual session will com lornr nn S \’l t KDA V, the (3th of S. pisnt | >rr. uader the dirertioa ul Miss I.fiTTY . JIIUH, t> Pi itirij-tf. >i>trd hv a corps •f efficient anil experienced Teachers. The course of instruction i? as thorough at it any otherla'Diutioii in tttf country, and vl h-* than lialf the u.seial Ti e 1 trkulasiir yeai ia divided into two term* of ire months earh. per term, payable in alliance: % r >ll t’.e branches of a thorough English education, including B<>arl, Tuition, Washing, Fuel, Lights and Bedding, $75.0(1 ■stationery. 2.Z1 Tuition for day pupil*,including lu I, * 21.00 •r.ranaTE anrsain: Frfnch, 14.0(i Music, with the nso of Instrument, 23.00 ’lravving and Painting, exclusive .f lUafcrials. 6.00 Painting in <>;’ Colors,exclusive nf unuciials, 10 00 For fui’her information, or for Circular*, tpply to the Principal, St. Imgue? Po** Oflice, Saint Man ’s County, Md. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board oi Trustees. August Ifilh. iß6o—tf. PATUXENT RIVER LAND /■ U tl S A L E . IF not k< >II at private sale before SAT- I KDA V, October the 20ih, 1860. I will offer at public sale, in the village ..f Cl IAII LOT’TF. HALL, on that day, the FA It 91 nn v bch I now rrM.lc. This Farm is sitnnte>l >n he Painxent • River, a>lj>*ii<iiig the lands f Mr*. K. L. ; Thomas and Maj, James Collins, and Con tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. Person* wishing to pure base land >l Mija? ■ riur (pialily, where g.Kni health and all the j delicacies of the w aUr arc to be had, a.e requested to call anti examine the premise*. Steamers, to ami from Baltiinurr, pass this . land every day. This Farm will be divided and sold ii ’hrec part*. 1 'Terms made known nn npplicatmn tn tin umlcj-dgmil, and j*os*.*ssioii w ill be given or the first day f J.inmrrv, ISnl. ' # \V. J. C’ARTWl.'llillT. I Charlotte Hull. P. 0., Saint M.vrv’s County. 5 ' ML ‘ August GOtb. IB6o—tf. i i BURDINC SCHOOL. | r Mi.'*es C’ostigin bavinj s<-i*mjcil Hi* * MTvi>*esol an experience*l Mi-ic tcarbci , will receive a limited nuiuber .>! \ >nng hnlie j for the scholastic }ehr tHgtm.ing ist S ji. | TERMS PAYABLE HALF’S EARLY IN ADVANCE. .11 >aid r.iid 'l’niti nin nil the branches o r i*. Englid. Fdiicafion ■ r .inniim .\L;xi V.k i A iii'trukitcnlai §lO per q>.ar Ur. nrb ;* If dian 5 ;>pni.‘h o “ ■ Drawing :nl Painting in Water Colors !i ** i < >il Painting 10 “ Ihe utmost attention will l<? paid n-, ? :he lieallh and c>unl<>rt, and evrrv eff- it made . i *n advance the moral and intellectual culture • L*f tie ir nnniU. . ’ • 1 A d>l rest j SIMM ERSE \T Oakville ?. O. ht. M.uv (.’. August Ist, 18C i tf. I - i . ■ .. ' -■■■- -T. g ■ NOT ICE. FMIIIK undersigned wish to inform fhe ; JL fiei'plc of Saint Mary’s and aljouru ing countie*, that they ha\*ejaet completed i 3 FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are . pn |mred to haul out vcw*ela of any aixe, i and will REPAIR. CAULK, Ac., on the j • most reasonable term*. Prompt attention , to all work, and quick dispatch will be given in all cases. The Railway is situated about j a quarter of m mile from Ijconard Town on a tine oyster creek, where wc will also build SCOWS. IK)ATS, or VESSELS, il ' required, mi the lowest terms HARRIS. NORRIS k FOXWELL. July UHli IStiO-tf. i I in— w 'III ■ ■ . irnw. j. s iconsmci. oko. p. tkihv J. H. II A R IltftT V . WSTM HEIM .NICODEMUh A CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FIUSVb Mimic urn. AY K.\ r.LI nfeCMi'TKiK, KD.HfcS BALTLMOREST. BALTIMORE, i March Ut. 1860—tf. VALUABLE MAXCFACTLKIXG FDOVERT i* fVM OAJt-Mi ■ r R.vbu*Ur |w..js r v.known *> CT.IF-( TttN FACTORV and ORisT MILL; powvr|. sHnaictl on Uac Head Wmr af St. Mary’s itr iu Saint Mary a cnntv. and einWatiug ab-m tbr , hiiuuitd ami R'ty acre* <d law*, is i |]-red at Private Stk. Thi* po|irrty has mi it :• K|'OR£ HOU.sE, which w a •-*! stand f * l,umnr**, liftTEL* DWELLINGS. WstUfK Ac. Tl*e ~.0-, |x-rly will le s*dd ii. acc* intisxiAtihg Umn>. F*f lurtl*rr parlicolara, ap|dv tn, t THOMAK W. GOUGH, ,1 JO. t‘i *ISREST. l*i:vrv! Town p, 0. Not. litl, 18i;A—u. — _ T AlttF. WHOLKSAIJF! isv I Jk ItETAII/ffrftdft i > kai.l axp n rxrut iuefoow FOR CASH ONLY, iron it on kantkh * ro . N*. 199, 2 1 .*! slid liu jSttlii'morc frcr*. lIALTTMOfrE. Tfsvc now in Ftor, aud arc frnitantlr adding ttareto. a larjc* and varied n >ck , ’ y \M* AKD WINTKJi DRV GOODS. embmeinp an'elra frem tue lowoel to it-* highest price, in every deportment of v r trade. A\ call particular aUtotim In tin r ?tock of (_ioois for farmers and planti-v-A u>o. rtreh as 3-4 and 0-4 Fulled (... ; Penitentiary Plaid Linger* and O-dt.m SiTvants ll;iiik'U: b***w Rle-ichcd r--! Drown Puttobs; OsnaV-urcs; fSnb'n *• 00l Flannfin, and indeed every iMur • ijuircd by an individual, family, or for *• v ants' use. IM PORTI N'G ANIi PVRCIIAS!NT “on tl.e moat advantageous trrnv*." r• ski.um; run cash om r. BT TVHULKSALK AND RETAIL, we arc enabb-d to mark our goods rt e r price* as will make it the interest of a!! deal with a*. An examination of * slock by jvrf'Uis visiting Ualtiiuorc to in. porcliasos is invited. Sept. 19tk, 1861 —Cw. !■ ‘ TUKESJIIXG MACHISES. I have for s;!o the KrUon T> >/4i' (7.. ■ Jhr*r l*ntrcr and W.W*. ranine A "■ ln>m Jhr<i*htT , wifh l!rrvl r ituj S J r< f C'nr' rin* ni.iflr.ne ia xxarnilitud to render satis! tiii to tli piirrhufra. The piiee of n hr poxxer. 3u im-h Tli’cul.er and Strav. - -'. ■ •Irlivered at any wharf in St. Mary # xsmai . is A]Ho. , Karima arc iuvtu dto call at mi filore it fx.‘oiMird Town Hud examine tot* 1 hiwlifr. \ F.-V.KO. ftI'ALDING June 28t1i,. IfciiO—H'. \ FOR COUNTY rLMRKSmr. The fiends of DASTK.f. T. MORGAN pi sent htts the \irrs of Ni M ir *< eoiit ?\ . i nndjdatc f r Cleik of the i 'r. rt (• -tirt tli,* elect n u \it -v\ 1 s< !' it to Ida r i dispassionate •-m*sin< r.tii<>n. Nov. 2*tli, ’yTiT. FOR COUNTY CLFIIK. I announce mvrelf as a cnee • f the Circuit I'otirt f*r S.ii-'J u v : ! -ejijHTt tnll \ sopi-Jt t: C Sl.pjM fi; v • !► and ti.t pel.lie. u. j:; russouTiox or ro~4 * swr I'lli. co,iarli.* r*i.ip ia-.cf r ■ fxM-ei, tik t;n<i' , r i;r.L i. i:t ■*. lil'j style ..f V ! • rt: •t, (r .•!Vc! I x liiUttir] e, i,m it. All • lei It i •■ lie l.ir lirei '.rv J r r '•• u<i t'.ixx.i.d a . - ~ i.lx; i • •*. wil.fMit delay, holier paitx in,". -C tie Hie burilifs< tin lim W M. f. I.NA J1 <.k* n, in.ll;■ i S' pt. CAt* , If f' 1 -tl NOTICE. ryT P urdersii:? f! !-sxr to •• 'ori i* 1 ’ "■ friends and tj.*s I'ui ’le. tliat l e is oi'i-.. | the < 11. l •STAN Ih in !,e.<nard !*■ -xer., i \*• • I 'tl iil.At KSMITfUNti, N. J.'A-K I- xM'TTiIMr. SIIKI/I lld iN AM'SU.I .WORK—in . ii'-n •d. ;!: d,. r • tinrir. such as rspauint: CALUSAGi i*’< <•- LIKS. CARTS. WA.ioVS, ' JKUISF. MdihlNU. FARM Whl a -.1 •! kinds; RKAPr.IUs, J lIKAsIII H.S :.i ; d ! DUlhl-S. With Ills experience li v<;. -tl a Mn-ldi e Shep, tJdnks tl.nt he r.n ..■■ an; ' kin-! l dlaxketr.ilh Work from a kiiwlie - anchor, and *>i* rm* ■(<al*U lun. N- n V. a. ■ tm and Courts lnijll elieapi r tnaii ( :-i ’ e ■: ;il iiuv oliief sto p in tld place, lit j,;;-** : SIIOF.J) at ti e Mlieriest n.l<. e. JAMILS A. M C A Till; *> N’ r 13 . - . all kU i 1 January 21, ISC0 —ts*. WANTED. t r r*HF. snWcriher wishes t.x luv a I 1 LIKKf.Y YOt’NO NLCUOKS,# | sexes, for which thr Uiiiiierf market ]>ih i lie paid. Prriuiis t> sell, xvl.o i ; see himr during kis pnw lit tnr tlir.oi* Soiitiico Collidin' f the Staff, will Imv j order* promptly rop'ink^t",bv a.M* •: ALI.T.V S.‘ lOKS. V-*a#hi:i*toi;. Il‘ Feb.2nd, 18C0 if litoiiKit rsoN i Bia.scor:* srrcKFSOKS m K. n. kin.! n. AT lit* OLD STAND. U!, W. PHATT f-TPT * IIA I.TIMORF., i flTcr th fir -terx!f( ♦ agents, |r ,r the sal. .f ritftJCf fiH.ilX. and all k : ndf ••{ l*K(f'l'ff, pled i C their unliring Hf,-rts !o r ider sal.ofacti' all xno max jMtr.-i tM li.. ■*,. hslir.d a* x vnees ms'lr on runs gs.uiri h. March 22nd. !>*•*•— *ij' ■ I M 9a • \AME AND FEKD S i 0 H. d HlUawoiH 3t WH. It. nOKR.a. (srrcFssoß to jo ifn ii m uiioi.F.sAii:i akt r.rr.ri nr*’- liliNiN Hrids lints. < C;M.( ist'h pf.A3j- hi; Crr, Olitf,<stiri Kca!,Chit ***** WJ fV De. -n rd. 1 H;>,h— 1\ . ft ' m r If NOTICE. A l.t. persons wiu *I*4 x unfit, ■Xirli ne >y* elter . Wllt-lir* e l-io-tr r. i r*w|Mn4* net hy maiho t* r tToha. <• <r Kii>, fimali, Md.. or hy steamer St. .Nreljlei- , o I'nappel Point. i*harles tfou n' x . Md W.a. T. AMI'HU 1. Frh 3rd. 1 S.*9—u.