3 Nisan 1862 Tarihli St. Mary's Beacon Gazetesi Sayfa 3

3 Nisan 1862 tarihli St. Mary's Beacon Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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11l WIT. I BEX BOLT li* an iron prey, Mitten hand* high, of easy carriage and of; great muscular pjwer, i*'very doeiU. U• I fast trotter, perform* well under the sad- t die and also in double and tingle harness. ! He is nine years old this Spring, it t tare j foil getter and has made several Mice earful j ttanda in Charles county, when; his colts art in the greatest demand. Ben Bolt was sired hy Register, his dan a fine Emigrant mare out of Lady Clifton, one of the best saddle mares ever raised in this county He will stand the ensuing season, com mencing the Ist of April, at the following places on the days named below : | At Sassafras A Oak on Mondays; At Tuonan! Town on Tuesdays; At Great Mills on Wednesdays and Thursdays; At the Head of the Bay on Fridays; At George 11. Morgan's store ou Sotnr d ink. He will be let to mares at the following raff* : £lO, to be discharg'd by £6, if paid in the season. £l6 insurance. 60 cent* in each case to the groom Season to nd the Ltof Juiy. GEORGE A. SIMMS. April 3rd, 1802—tea. - " - 'T~T~r~irrirzi^—L TEUSTEi’S SHE OP iumujewb. DY virtue of auth.-ntjr vented in me. I will nil a* irurtee *<• Thom** 11, Payne, iu Inc vilir*go -f rii:vplic(i, SATURDAY, 26th of April next, I't-rrrr the hr>’*r 'f 10 and 12 u’elurk. the per-nmd pr petty of nod Tliftnas H. Payne, (onM>tiiig of h negro woman aged about 18 named LUCINDA and child; aUo a megro girl named ttOSF, aged about IS. Tn ms of hale cash. daniel j. Payne. Trustee. March 2Tth. 1862--U aunwltt 4 I.L persons indebted to me for the year 1861 f-r State at d (\ truly Taxes will ]*lrae ctitxr forward at d settle *th rame by the lOih of April next. If nor, 1 shall pro ceed to collect them at tonling to law. C. S. THOMPSON. Collector 4tl. l)i*. March 27th. !Bd2- td CVKSELRWiNTED. liiiilei>i?n d-ire> t > employ, imni'iii* ■ MV. a M*.D 0\ EKSEFR for hie farm in Medley's .Seek. Address— JO H. MADDOX. Le<-nard Town P O Man I, 27th, ’Bo2—tf .vanes to creditors. T4jrTtrßieliereli f gi venihntlbe lubsrnber it hae "hTNinrd from he Orphan a Court for haml Mary ’* county, m Maryland. letters of dminisinitKin, on the personal eeiat* of Chailes R. Gough, uf aeid c©., decease©. All per aans having claims against cite said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the aame, with W>e proper rati rhea thereof, to the auharnher. on i Lpftoe the Ist of Unoher, 1862,otherwise they may he excluded by law from ah benefit of the 'lid estate. Given under my bauds ibis 87th day of March, 1*69. MARI HA K. f OITGII. Adiun.ielratrix. March 87.1 i. Ib€‘2-4w. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. hereby gtfen that the ml seri -L v Hera have obtained from the Orphans* Court ut St. Mary *e county in Maryland, fel lers of administration n the personal estate of Perry Co n’.n, late of raid county, de ceased. All persons hating claims against the said deceased, ate hereby warned to exhibit<he same with the proper vouchee thereof, to the subscribers on oi before the Ist vf October. 188 i otherwise they may be excluded by luw from all t>eu*fit of the said estate. Given unde? our hands this fiTih day of Murch, i m. HARRIET P. COMBS, G. M. bOKANAN. Administrators. .March 87th, 1262- Iw. ELAjaTe&K IBMtK WANTED. , 0000 corJ * BLACK OAK BARK want ed, for which the highest market! pne/* will be paid. Present piice £9 per j rord for x prime article. Apply to JOHN H. HKALf). * O'., Ct.r. of North and Madison at*., or at Chempaakc Mills, near the Draw Bridge. Baltimore, Md. March 20th, 1862-2 m. j wM?Tm | Ageoth-ruan to teach Primary School, No. 28. in ChaptU*. District, lor Che j )>rost*iii year. 1862, in wantcl It ia desirable > that h h oild be qualified to tea.*h Latin,; Greek, Frewl * and all the <edinry branches j "* an English rdMeatiun. Rer-.maieiidatious as to mural standing will also be required. I Addrnw. 11l ini r*f Tin*tes | Primary J Nn. 2/1, Mileetowo Fuel Otfiov. March 20th, 18C2—4i. NEWCOODsT . f MMTK are n< or receiving nett stippliee ▼ ▼ DOMumoi row bkrvam* - WEAR, j COnrwmg of BLUE DENIM*. BLUE FLA IDS. ) if>N AbURGS. 1 •< 7-8 and 4-4 BROWN t OTTONS. fiJc., I w hieg c iAr Uf uur rtut4iier very Lw. hi MM* It BROTHKK, h March 18-b. 1882. ) • RUUII. HILL & CO] GROCERS IQHHISSIM MERCMUIIS, JVo. 143 Pratt ftrret. Uni ,l>or ITeaf of Light, oppofile the MMg House . i IMPORTERS OP FOREIGN LIQUORS, WINES, * BRANDIES, gin, dtc. A large and „f OLD RY K AND BOURBON WHISKEY, alvavs on hand. March 13th, 1862 Iy. CLAUDE MELNOTTE. ' -_ - ““ j r handsome and thr*m:igli-bred STAL -1 -A- LION will Cummenoe hh Miami fur the J present year on MONDAY, the 2ud day of ■ j April next. He is a bright Iwiy, bred by Mr. | Lons, owner td Button, was got by Boston out ; of 6lender by Industry, Louisa Svmmcs, by Tbornbrn a Katlcr, Daisy Cropper, by OgkV j Oscar, Grey Diouieu—Hall’i Union, Loot.i |ihs, iicp. Othello, imp. George’s Juniper, j impt. Morton’s Traveller, out of impt. Sclirna I hy the Uvnlulphiu Arabian, i From the above pedigree, it will be seen, | that Cli.ude Mclmdte comhiufs more of the j Sir Arrhy bl.Mtd in hi* veins ti.an any hunn* tmw living, being descended, through Ids sire B°st<n and grand sire Titnoh on. directly from Sir Arohy, and through Ti.diu.try, sire of Slen der. and one c.f the be*t sohm oi Sir Arohy, again through Thwniton's Hatler, (the sire of L-ntisa Semmes), another distiugtiislietl soft of .Sir Arcl.y. j By I R- g- Daisy Cropper, through (her sire Grey Dionied, he is d-sernded from j Impt. Medhy. all his family being dLtinguish : *d for game and stontneaa. Claude Melm.lte 19 the sire c.f Col. Bowie’e , fine cult, Iko Marvel, which ran in the Fall of *69 b"ll. at Leonard Town and in Virginia J villi siiccc'S Terms. For bKodcd tnarta. £2O. to bedis i ebargC'd l.y J?l6. if paid in tic season. For Jet nutum tnstres, sl2. to W discharge.! hy SB, if paid in the season. Gr.uiin fee. 60 cents. For further particulars, see hau l-bills, to be published hereafter. JAS. U. THOMPSON. Mar;*li ! 3th, 1862—te. NQTICE. ALL person* arc hereby forewarned from negotiating, purchasing, or having any j thing lu do with a promissory NOTE, drawn | by R. M*. ABELL in favor of (j L. Wise for ! the sum of twenty-live dollars, dated in An ’ ‘ gust or September, 1861. Said note was | i placed in the hand* of W. G. Miller fr safe keeping, and has bec-n l.f or misplnced. GF.UKGK N. WISE. Feb. 3>ih, 1862. March 13th, 1862--4\v. | WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! inrUIK undersigned will * give the .1 M HIGHEST MARKET PRICE . 1 fi*r > j 1000 to 2000 Cot cN ; wnioiicd Pine Wood. * t* b(* delivered in Washington City. | Is) li y correapouJiug with us, we can • give assurance of such facilities to assist ! vessels ill passing the blockadu as will | • likely prove aatisfactary. It will be nc , ccsasry iu writing to us to give the name j of VCittfel. A. k T. A RICHARDS, Wushingtou, D. C, , | March 13th, 18G2—4t. r| ' {tiioa. i. hall, ■) f No. 143 W Crntl : KOBKKT FRKKLAND. > - Street, (opposite >. WATERS HILL. ) ( Malthy House), BALTIMORE. ItiiomasThall & Co.. COMMISSION | MERCHANTS ; For Ihe sale of TOBACCO, GRAIN and r | all kinds of FARM PRODUCE Plaster, , I CloviTuced, Groceries, &c., purchased on j comnii.-j'ion. ! March <2oth. 1862—6 m. t I | J- V AVILKINSON. ER6CER & CeMKISSION | ffIEBCIHAnT, i No. 122 Dugan's Wharf, BALTIMORE. Kueps <Mnst<intlv on hand a large assort- I men; of SUPERIOR FAMILY GROCERIES. Foreign and Homeric Liqu- rs. Tbacco, Se ; gars, Ac,, which ill he wild, w huletale or re tail. at 'he lowr* market priix-s. j COUNTRY PRODUCE, ;f d kit.ib, sold on commission, and s|u cial attention paid t< j the sale of TOBAGO), WHEAT and other I GRAINS. Commission* "f ,dl Aiuds exv< u j tetl promptly, with the r trie lest regard to the , interest of the consignee. Pnolic patronage i* most respectfully soli ! cited. i Fob. 27th, 1862—tf. ! j ADAMS & DAVIDSON. I GROCERS | AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Eo- 7 Cumnurcs street, Baltimore, Md. A LARGE supply of FAMILY GROCE- j HIES < • Waniljr cs band at lowcit market |rt<e. Sale- d lunACOO, GRAIN, le . aiiiolly attended to arid prompt m-itui t Jan. 16th, 166. tu, j "**"" "' "" 11 11 i ' M —'./!''*?" •*'*&*• ■■ w ■ Mwairsj CO-PARTNERSHIP. ffHIE I ’iulrri*ned lirvp tlii-4 day entered X into a CO-PARTNERSHIP, ifodcr the i name ami style of IFERSUSSON & TYSON, lor the purpose of conducting tho . ctiorEßY < PRonrcß COMMISSION BUSINESS, VT THE OLD STAND, f No. 121 Lombard Street. CHARLES FFRGUSSON, HENRY G. TYSON. 19* CHARLES FERGUSSON trml.l re- 1 i sped fit By solicit the patronage of hi* old i : friend.* lor tiie-new firm. • • Baltimore, Feb. Ist, 1462 t i Feb. ISih. 18C2—2ia. COLLECTOR S KBTICB. 'i _ • • PERSONS owing me Taxes • for . 1859 are r quested to pay before or j i during Court. Those falling, will have 1 I their property advertised. JOHN C. COMBS. I Late Collector.- March 6fh. 18G2—if. LEONARD TOWN in i | TJX A VI.\G purchased the entire interest of j • X.JL the Into firm of Morgan, Jamison A Co., i the undersigned will conduct the business with ; ; promptness a;;.d energy. A large stock of excellent CIGARS, maim j facturcd from the best Tobacco to l*e obtained , jin the market, will he kept convtantly on ; ' hand, and order? will be received from, ami j j Cigars delivered at Factory prices, in cither t f * j tue counties ol Prince George, Charles or St. | I Mary’s. I A libera! share of Use patronage of ihe pco ■ pic of Southern Maryland i* earnestly -hcil i crl for tlie advancement of HOME INDUS- | ; TRY. based upon the motto ol large sale* with j ; reasonable profits. 19“ All oidcrs addressed to the undersign- ; cd at la-onard Town P. 0 , will be promptly i attended to. 13. A. JAMISON. ' Jan. Oth, 1802—ly. W ARGE WHOLESALE AND Hi retail stock or j FALL AND WINTER BUT GOODS, FOR CASH ONLY, i HAMILTON EASTER k CO., Nos. 199, 20l and 203 Baltimore hired, j BALTIMORE, ■! Have now in store, and are constantly t adding thereto, a large and varied stock of FALL AND WINTER DRV GOODS, ! embracing articles from the lowest to the highest price, in every department of the . trade. : I w buld ''all particular attention to their I stock of Goods for farmers and planters* 1 use. such as 3-4 and 6-4 Fulled Cloth; ] i Penitentiary I’laid Lifsseys nnd Cottons: Servants’ Blankets; heavy Bleached and Brown Cottons; Osnahurgs; Canton and Wool Flannels, nnd indeed every thing re ! qulred by an individual, family, or fbrsrr . vants’ use. I IMPORTING AND PURCHASING “on the most advantageous terms,” and SELLING FOR CASH OXL Y, BY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, ire are enabled to mark our goods at such prices ns will make it the interest of all to , j deal with us. An examination of our ; stock by persons visiting Belli mure to make purchases is invited. Sept. 19sli, 13G1—6w. TIIRESIIIXG MACHINES. | have for sale the PelLm Tiiplr Geared ■ Horse •Poxecr and W. \V. Dinger A CoV Iron Thresher, teith Revolving Slratr Carrier. | The machine is warranted to render satisfac tion to all purchasers. The price of 8 her*- |Hwer. 3jo inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier. 1 delivered at any wharf in St. Mary'* couutv is $lB5. Fanner* are invited to cal] at my Store in Leonard Town and examine this Thresher. Y. LKO. SPALDING. Juno 28th, ISoO—tf. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The friend* of DAxNfEL T. MORGAN pre- ! sent him to the voters of St M.try’s county as j a ctyididafe for Clerk of the Circuit Curt at ! tha election in IBG3, and solicit to hi* claim* j , a dipa*sior.nte consideration. ; Nov. 2<ith, 167. FOR COUNTY CLERK. | I announce myrclf as a candidate for C!erk"i ; sf the Circuit Court for Saint Mark’s county;l ,% 1 *espevtfully solirit the support of iu\ fiiv *• L and the public. GEORGE 11. HERBERT. t | NOTICE. f i*A E undersigned heg* leave toinformehi* : friends and the Public, that lie i* still at the OLD STAN I), in Leonard Town famine on BLACKSMITH ING, GUN. LOCK SMITHING. SHEET IRON AND STOVE WORK—in short, iron work of all descrip tion*, such as repairing CARRIAGES BUG GIES. ROCK A WAYS. CARTS. WAGONS ! HORSE SHOEING, farm WORK of ali kinds: also REAPERS. THRASHERS and! DKILI2L With his experience u! 11 ycaisiu | a Machine Shop, he thinksthat he can do any i i kind of Blacksmith Work fr.-m a kite* die t an j anchor, and on rcasoiisblt terms. New Wag , on* and*Cart* btiill than can l.e d-ne • Ji *>y other shop it. this place. HORSES! ; SiIOED at t lie <licnesi notice. JAMES A. M’CATIIBAN. BUckniuith. ! Jmri; £I,IFCO-lf. ■ SPRING GOODtk i - • i A large mipply f- Howard Dock. IWi-! (cutiary I’kida, dec. ju*t received ant! t for eel* l*f j, g. LEO. SPALPISO, ’ [ • . * ■ ■ ■ ——- ■ - BOIL DER'if M ATE RI ALS j a 5 B ■! rtrs-. I g H aßy I* The tlrrderaigned wonld call tb 1 attectnm of the Public to a**or? I mrni ..f DOORS, CLLVDS, SAS/k DO OL ! FRAMES, n ISDOW FRAMES,' 111iSH BOAHIXS, CASINGS. MOVUMKOS. MAS

TLES. ami every description of House Build- j ; ing material*, which they have constantiy on • hand, and which they can furnish at the short ; **!• notice.* 1 . They are also prepared to furnish at the i idn'-rteat notice FK.4HIE WORK for Gutry Houses. Cottages, and aubnrhan Residence*-, according to aoy plan or design, -all "ready fitted to be put up oo their propos ed site*. • Farmer* and others, desirous of buildinf , in tire country, would tiiut in. t!iir,ad vantage j .by giving us a call before .purchasing else where, as we are fuily prepared to execute vrbrk on the must reasonable tenus. And the advantage*, which we otter iw firejuiring all the materials that may be necessary in con structing a house, will he found to save the | Builder a great deal i/f vexatious delay and ! expense. #qT' All ordecs left at their office cr ad -1 drese*l to them by thSil will iiVeel with 1 pronip and satisfarUoy attention. M A UGH LIN A JOHNSON, Steam Plaining Mill and Sa*h Factory, I East Falls A venue, near Pratt Street Bridge j Warehouse No. uo, Pratt street, Next door to Penn A Mitchell. Bait. Md. Apr 1 19th, lb6U— ly. i j CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. \\T E. ANDERSON, Nos. 10 & ] * * 9. Second Street bettreen Frederick Sire i and Marsh Market Spare. UalJmore. Having the largest Ware rooms and best | assortment of Cabinet Furniture in the city j Lx prepared to sellevery article in hisliue upon i the most liberal and accommodating terms. I Having had a long experience in this line ol , business, he Gaiters kiniselfthat he can com i as to excellence ot material, beauty oi j Workmanship and range of price*, w ih any i establishment of the sort in this or any other city. IDs general stock embraces a lull and complete assortment of Parlor Chairs. Sofas, ■ forking Chairs, Spring Lounge*, Chamber i Suits, Par room. Office, and Dinigg Chairs , '. French Tele a-Tetes, Setters, Arm Chairs, i Malfra-ics . Inking Glasses, d-e. , of every va ! riely and descrip'ion. He ha? also on hand i Bedsteads of his own manufacture, which can be put up and taken down in two min utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wi hing to purchase Furniture, are requeued to call and examine hi* Stock before buy ing elsewher* ’sure to find the right place Nos. I Oik 12 Second /breet—War*l>ouAie with 80 lee front and & large Folding dotjrs. August 11 1 h IS"9 —ly. DENTISTRY. PERSONS nmlit.g the serviic* < f n ratc LViitbt will .In tvcH t< cmidow Dr jJ. lUKDOLFII W ALTOV r n in * tend* lix atiug himclf in the village <■ f Leon- I *rd .J tUiif. tinier* addressed An hint fllP-Ugh ; ihf’Lniianl i’owii l*.,st Mijii-e will receive Ipr.iiupl attention. His terms are cash. Dr \\ alion ha* had cotisidoreranle experience in hi* pr.'f. s-i.>n, is inodc*rgle it. his charges, and j ha* In Variably given satisfaction to thort wti.‘ j h:tv*e eirployed him. f Tu give rlje reader* of j tl.rr fteitcon some idea of tlie standing ,f Dr. \V. as a PRACTICAL DENTIST. Hie ful j lowing letter, addressed to him by Dr. Niuiau > i J’mkney, U, S. N,, is appended : U. S Naval Acaifmv, Annapolis, Maryland, April 2*l, I 8. r >. Dear Silt:—lt gives mo great plasiirc t ; express the confidence I have in your skill as ; a Demist, and to recommend you, as- far a* 1 I ■' have influence, to the patronage of th Public. I have had an opportunity f witnessing vour of operation, aim have n hesitation in • aflirming tliat it exhibits your thorough kmwl , elgC of yu profession. 1 am, sir, very respectfully Iy **ur obedient servant. NINIAN PINKNEY, Surgeon G. S. N. Dr. Randolph Walton, Annapolu. ■ April 4th, 18C1—tf. J 1 I- I m LUMfiKK ) shingles:: FLO KINO. 4tC, j invite the attention of onr frin.d* an "" Cunsmmrs, generally, in St. Mary's an ! Adjoining enmities .o our exrcr-ive asseMnien ol seasoned BUILDING MATERIALS. - All paities rontemplafhrg flip- erection Dwellin'"!.Barnes, fkc., will find it gre' tly ! lh*4p-iuWani(ige to give ns a anfl, as- w e car. ' sdtit luwtst rates lor cash or Negotiable pan pCri,-. . • , j .FfAioc*, Sa*h, Ac., furuished at J Mill prices. Order* filled fur Bricks, Lime, Hiur, Nails, rc. ' tfo Wharfage charged .>q Tt bsclr receiving 1 Lumber fr.'.m >ur Yard CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, A CO., J • • * Wcat side Union D**ck, „ Norfolk Boat \\ hart Marcli 18G0—tf. I N O TI_C E. j ALL persons indebted to me for taxes f-r thi* y ear will please c.nie forward and j *ttl*s the same to me, or Capt. J. .J, Alhun i. J .n thirty tiays. It n<>t setih-d in thirty day> i I r ‘*m d ile, I shall l>e c<*mpel!d through Lc ccfaily to Collett hv law. GEO. M. BOH A NAN, t I Lul i/f 2nd, Di*t. I 21a. 18451—tf. | a JAIIEB S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY * OGUNBKLLOU AT LAW, • Ltonard Toten./it.Mary's Co. Md., counli^ Bt * MM >'*aa*HhtaJiUuir.g 1 Feb.lW 1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ' ’ NOTICE I* her.:v yivea thnt tb* aiibacrtber 1 ho* obtained from the OvphmnS Court | of Si. Miry** county in- Mary lard letters of adminintratton oa the peraona , e*ate of JOHN T A YLO R, late of • said county, deceiaetl. All perarm* having! •'bum* ngainst the .ttd !•-. a*el are hertbe | warned to exhibn ihe name with the pv>oer vouch** thereof, to th* *u town her, m er before ’ 'he 1* dtiy of iolr, lh6J, ofterwia* they aaay ’ •* uy lav from all benefit of the aaid I estate. Given under my band this 16th da> of Jaouarr, JSt>2. - JAMES H. ALFEY. I Admiaiat rater. Jan. Ifith, 1882—4 w. -ji i ________ J DAN AWAY train the Kulcriber, living . i *■'’ near the village of Ghaptico, a jew day* | .sir.ee, a fr*e ngro b*-y named HENRY; i •IOXI’jS, wii.sc iim* 1 recently Luight of C. * iC. Haily. I learn that he lain the lower part ; ,of the comity, piobah’.y lurking about Jutland. : the pn.pcrty of 11. G. S. Key. where h* b*s I relation*. ,\|) jM-rsmis nre fotewarn*l against I harboring or employ ing said negro Ikv. il* ' is ratiir-r blak. st<a>|sa good deal, anti has ho awkward way of expressing himself. Hn it ; about 20 years f age. bad >u when he left a ; g‘***d >uit of i-|..rheit 4.f w hile full clopj and black hat. 1 will give the above reward for his apprehension a-.d delirerv to me. JOHN A. BURROUGHS. Jan. Oth, 1862 —3.r. j rniiVDCD 1852 char ruten 1M LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE 4 CHARLES St IDi riMor.t. Md. The f.wgeit, .Vest Urgsnth Turnultr i a*d Pop'dai r, o'iimereial Cnlhgt in the UniUJ States. Designed lixpresslv for Young Mi n’. , Desiring to obtain a Thorough Pr*>rtuol Bn* | iu*s Filvrnlicn in the shortest possible lim and at the le.ist ex[*ense. A and Beautifully Ornamented f’lrctt ; lar. containing tpw*rds cf Six Ur.r.r, tvith Specimen of Pmmonthip, and a Large Eo i graving (the freat of the kind ever made in ibis jonnlry) re)'re}ent; tHe Ir.tenrr View cf the i Coilere. with Catalogue stilting terms, 4c., will he sent to every Young Man on application, ! free of charge. { W rite immediately and von will receive tli nackagc by ret am mail. Address E. K.LOSIER, Baltimore MJL January 24th, 18^1—ly. t ; : r ,' PETITION FOR THE BEXKGIT OF THE ; IN'SOL t EAT LA US OF MAR YL.f.M) , t ir-uit Court for St. Mary’s C.,. ) March Term 1 Sf. 1. f OR DFRF. Dhy the cmrt that the ("Vwhtor •■f JAMES A. NiyißtAN, a pet t toner for the Uun flt of the Insolvent Liwtt d‘ Mn , , tylat.d. be and appear before tho C-irctnt (.''Uiri for St. Marj’n C'tinty on the third M-<nday j of November next, to slv W' ca*i?*, if attv thi-y i have, why the said Jam** A. Morgan, shail ! not have lh- bt-n; fit of |he said law*; pri.vifl- Icd s copv of this order he inserted in the 6*l I Maty’? Jha -on < i a work f r thr* month 1 before the said third Monday in Nv<vciiibi : rn xt. Bv f-rr'er, JAM F.S T. BLAKIS TO NE. C-rk. ; July 25th. ISC 1— r.m. ; r II H E com mis* tor.* for county offic*-* *]** | X ted on tl e sixth day of November last wer* received and filed in this Offi-e o n the 22nd November, ultimo. Th* Cons uit;on , require* nil persons elected to office, receiving ja commission from the State, t qualify within 1 ' thirty day ’* nfter the comms-don i* file!. JAM KB T. ULAKIBTONK, (Merk. . j Dec. sth, l a sl tf. I THAD.K. PREUBB; I Attorney aml Cuuuscllor at Law, And General Agent fur Claims, ; LX atttvud t* thu collet.ion of all ▼ T claitT* Mgaiiist tho Oftitral Govern ntent. All emu pi indent ion* addressed to me ' af T.conard Town will mevt with prompt al ti-Mion. j Jnu. 9ih, 1802— Lf. I ! NOT! C E. E. LKO SPALDING return* his fl ank* to his unmerunti customers fur the hlKtral pa trot.- nge he ha* received from them, and pledge* ( himself to !tcc-p n CHOK E STOCK OF ,G< tOlVi always on hand, which will be *oid ; very iuw f .r cash or its equivalent. K. LLu M’ALDING, Aprii 2nd, 14^-0 April ith, Ih'JO— Iv { NOTICE. : FOR THE FA TIN EXT RIVER FAIR HAVEN AND PLUM POINT t. t will lea re her wharf ‘ every _ WEDNESDAY MuKNINO at halt past eix ucl *ck for the Pai.tixeiit H ivtr. R • ‘ rui.£. will Dave Hill’* landing own Friday merriug fut B*uedict, leaving IW *- diet erery Saturlay morning at 6 oVlmk ft* j Baltimore. Calling nt ali the usual landing* j jon lle River, also nt Ploim Point uod F ir lUvea, goMi j aud reiunm g. M. L. WEEMS. Jan. JtOlh, 1802— tf. DISSOLUTION OF (.^-PARTNERSHIP. - —- I_r• k arn T'.n x. \ Jau. I-i. j rjMIF, TO PARTVF.nsniP bentet. re ex >Mug in the Cigar Matiufaiicry of Mor gan. Jaime*-it Ac in tt te day disni-iv4-i with i leiituai fuiihiM by the undersigned, (urtitm • it iiikrtM. Alt person* mdel tod to the firm ! wih { lease evttie with B A. Jami*o*., u!, y i* nutbuiixed ta receipt in fell. J, FELIX MORGAN, ! B. A. JAWIfcO.N ! Jib. 9ib, 1802— 21. WANTED. w^A,^Kitat> L mtm herapaUeof mum' Kifg’ , . brand** ud b.<i| tn<a?^b%|fofH<>r.— ; Tw! *r nf runhile or advanced age Kra •l AMKS i, LAXOLET., i .1011 N 11. HOLMES, u WM. McR aY. Joseph KiriL\Rn?OK. . ,•., Sr. Li< vr. o Jan. 30lh. IS€2~4t. • • ■ :. s NOTICE OF HIV IDEM*. ON ipplicalH.R of M; U.< and CJc* t Fred. . Haydn, late ol J<t. Man a oitiuljf, iW*>r \ .It ia ordered hr tine Cuirt. that fi a u<i ... • } wlniatratora notify lie creditor* of-tl.e .e I ; deceased, lu file their claim* fuairtt H*** we I ; dereaaed, in the Hester TWilU’ “Olnce .> *r before the 16th day‘of May. rd ; - '. iocnd. and that this ••rjl*T h* puhltidjyd in tl a • St. Mury’a Ihacen. oisrc.a wet L, until the w. I I&th vfMa. IMS. * * J..T. M.* R.Vf.KY. }■; Will*. **f St. Mrv* county. Mo. Frl. J 3th. I*62—Bfil. * V ‘‘ | *—• -*•*•*- NOT<£&. i 'J.HiF * Kiijrjdv of LUe* PARTY (US.J BALL ' Tood‘coiißl>fmg CT *’’ ■ i White ami Colored Tarletrna, f r,^ Ladle* w!)it#’Kld Suppira LaJiw. While Kid Givm, Ac. Kc. A l*o, * t ; Ucnu White Kid Glove*. Cauls Fancy Neck Tio. (leujta* Fine Shirt*. ai.fLOlbtr*. d;.\ A.-. K. U O. SPAI.fttVO. . January 3rd, 1801—if. • /Oft SHF. tilt F. .. PHILIP 11. HORSEY, thankful to ! i fr;**jula and tin* public f.<r the *u !'* rl he rt • ctiveJ ni the late election offers hinntelt hi;: n , as a ;ni.d;daie (or Miend' and voile t* site t> • of hi* fellow-utixeii* of *l. Miy' roumy nl ' the next elertio *. ' ’ Nov 91*, Ih*L [; HARRIMON EDWARDS. V* himaelf • o the voter* nf St. Mnir' County as a can* i i didaie lor Sheri tl* at the next election*. Nov. Slat, Ibfil. * ;f A CARD. . r|CCTOU OUSTAVra CANTER. having locateil hiniarlf iii (’harl.itr Hall.rcspecT **l1 V’ r *n*f Id* professional Marvin *, to the pt j !ir. Hi* olhre la that formerly ncoipin! lyr I Hr. .1. F. Shaw, where hr ran aimay* 1 o , found except when profr.vi.tmlM hr2d Rrrrnr.nrr.—Smnrl (Vvr, M. 1. PL | of Principle* ami Print/** orsMedirine j in the I’nivere’lv of Maryland. March Tlh iar.l |Oru | LUM EDH NOTISL Bl HNS <lt SLOAN return their si"/ (rr thank* to tire Farmer* lor .their li'-i l patronage for the roar p.ut, Their <*to. ~ • ! LLMBKi: i* I&rpT tln et ‘r and I •• n r .■.- , <tortr<); end (; are HHtriliirtil frr/;V r v, r ] ioducemertß to cash .hnvi i*. Appjv at th.- corny nf Ijulaw ami Geiiuui. atn elr/or at K 2 : Li'jjlrt street Wharf. U RNS ft M <A X. ?yiltuuir, M.l IVj 2mi,lfcCo— I .II JliM. ,IL i.. J un.. J| |sa® uma. ; IO Nick, near Lmaiard Town. e-hj. - : duv the 13t:l. inlaid, a S .rri ..1 •, aiili tlasvd inane as-.d tail. n.**Htum,ei>..-. >t ti* ly built itr.d -h< ui 12 \am i-f 1 I } iK*en intonuni tLmi an auitua.. a.j>. i-i • ‘ the aln.ve drC!lpti *ij t va i .Llr;. j v.1i..- ! | lutic Hall or. the l4Jn by a ,ipi:i. a- < , Ifrntu hi deacripti* n. lam ralhlVd !.* t th* party that et*!• the man* :rcm r'. s*;i• Tim nr|jro ir 5 Kilti i i.. Lc:iit, (1 i;i > fio cd, of a dark ehe>r.ilt c*!ct . 40 ! yeai!* •( age. He repreeeiitid liffnM*th in my nei|(iira.rh<-(Hl. t<. fr. .‘l-iu i I V*aiiul *ii.ee inr ilepart'ttr tim J.ei- Mir ’!•> li a munway iavt .c i pr-.l n.l J ; marc with r viev. <> r * f , i: . ;in ~ T/..-.liii.' ’ | irne ore >f ti.? F ewufti<u4i.< [ Oiar w (Vniily. I will gi-t tj rt . jp*. t ! ward f.*r tin; deliverv •>! ’the r)..!-r . * • *>r hljeral c mj*v Mti .■ * -r inlwmii.V --• mg to her wuvrv.b nt. . .... i KhWAHP iwv,y\v i I.HtU'll HI , P I* I . Nov. 31*1. -1 C I tf. .. j • ""■i"HLILL- JT >"• •.*.. i-n- . Pl*< >ii.i( )NA,L- Dn. rn.Mii.K- cdmh*: v ; ,v:., r • rated b:tn%lf tl -**<: fi i‘. y. \ T , M ILLS for the purpose A *r*r^f-ltsi> 55 hif prpfcseicu eau alwr.; l-< fitin ?it t’; .residence of J J /.iln.in, r.iivtii.ot j profreeionally or.traced. * Jan. 2ud, Ib4i2—if. I |w| | UISSOLi 770A' OF ( m O. I M ft* T\KL‘- smr • f IMIK enpattoer-hip ii<**e(.>f..r ewisti i; I - j iWi-eii the tiiah-r-ijiix-i. t!io lij-M and *t\! *t La'u hfc LtrTa.il. \> iTi* .! r<4ni hj mutur; c r*THt. , to the late hmi art !. r t l.y r/gm-Aied to .c. line forward :m*l a. tile th- ir in. J.-l t< Jim-h u tßout delay. rjU er psrrv i- anliarztt, to **ui the bu(!< *oftl <* t 'III • V V i . i lAf lf, lf.o ii. iaKi::fi:i:r. A sh*p|. Soil., It., l—if. * NOTIC.. . 0 Cbnppiei Point.UUarif -ouity bid. * W vj. T. CAMPBLLL. Fw. Srd.lßr.9-U, i ) 1