18 Ocak 1861 Tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Ocak 1861 tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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- 'WW . THE NEW YORK SUN. "-uHlaned dally, Sunday nrqxad, at th Baa fhrildlrera, etiraet Fulton nil Nam street, and de ll vered Jo Subscriber In New Yxrk City and Tloially. M BIX ADD A itvumtii (.EH r PW weoK. If rba (ml bjr mall, Fonr Dollar 4 yr. Clrculatiot 60.000 Copios p or Day. TltK WKKLY SCR la publiehed utltnlH Ran It month, fit atari eupioa, t cnt Addrc"TIIE SUM," Oormr Kmw and lultn at, New York. RiHr I0 nKT-yf male. SKIRT HANDS WANTKU-GOOI) 9KIKT hand wanted A few rjnvt rata .lift IpninJ trimmer ar wanted at th factory, wwf th art. and 84 at, a. aVUra, 1st aoar. jim knit (j rale haniboee tffir. lei.riu SEWINIJ MACHINE orEttATOR WANT aa A experienced operator on a drover A Mater erruu machine, co tight leather. MARSH Co, Vtrt,M.r. )! VIU QLvTIMl M VCIIIXKS-WANTED LADIES to ban to era rata an Wbwlrt A Wllml lm mwI... n.eelitnaa. hr Oil. of ttl. elderf X aftiwv&Tan ! Uia cltr i tauaht all kinds of stltehln, hem Baaie, ! Lb . tucalng ruairae, and thorough manaw mfltotof th win machine perfectl, and reoora tnenriea to tend place for f 1. Thoo wantln Rood paraton aa b eapplied at 4M Canal at, ver th elir. dtM14aein S SWING MACHINEWANTED, LADIES to loarn to operate an Slnter-a, Wheeler WaVaou and ether ecwtns machine, and lareettm till attUned, a ahaa work, all tha rut", and tvery part lrnM par- See!, aud reeommenaiHl to pitoe wnen learneq I wnw II, Amd er In machines U it AUaa at, oaf Delano. il. Asweewin msonines nrsnjwnnio ir ene-i,, . at 11 C low KHPLOYMK-VT-IInie. AGENTS WITH FROM 2 TO 20 CAN meet with an eic41crit opportunity to make miner rapidly, hr aolllns an entirely new turn! ertuli of nnl rersal naoaaslt . luat patented, by celiac at Ml and BUS Uroad.arCXY.), roomNo. 0. ial5i4aa'lX JEWELERS WANTED S JEWELERS, thilv thn. who ha worked In Provi4euca or Atllo tmmaicb, and audi nunda to make pUud work naid apply, at tl Chrletle it, la the rear, Jeltl VIM 1VTA1J! AND FEMALE HELP OK ALL 1'i. nartnna wantod to notlao thr can ha auHod wltk mod tltnaUona In rrrrt eaPMltri br applrln to M VN Imo.OTMMith are, N.U-Wicaa rrmmm.nd tlila ofttou aa nlUble. jaUii4acli4 PARTNER WANTED-FOR SLE AN old twUMIalixl, or will taka a nartnar with a imall npKaL a tlut ownar hu mora tbau ha can ait.nd H. Appllu MIXIIIC, 131 Ufhtb an. Jail r 1M IJAVURS WANTED WHO Uularilanl X ItrlnaW Ulan paTrmanta,trotoIIrana. Nono tm rwid nini wanlfd, aood " and v ww; will M paid Call on Friday I !. ona o'clotk, at I-raoh'l fcUaJra. Fulton f. rry, Urooklyn. JalliTlUI WAXTED. SADDLE WANTED ANT ONE HAVING aaowiUtl-SBllllUitodUriiiaool AT A HAKp OAIN, niar tin.l a euatomi'r by addnualad a not t RI l)UU bClliXiU box " Bon offioa. Ja3 tf IIOARU Am BOOH8; BOARD .Oil 8 MEN CAN BE ACCMMO dated with rood board and good clean nl at i M aark,atNo.SlboiQMrt. JaU nil BOARD A FEW YOUNG MEN CAN find rood board at SI T3 pir weak i awl bad rnnma and eomrortabla alulix roou. Innulra a H Sanotb art, i Moor. JaW lu B O A R D I N O-A FEW RESrECTABLB m,huiln can find aood board, warm bdrooma. laraa dutnx and aittloa room, lor (J a week, at Hi) Turd euteanca out lb dm. ,or,7J,lIft- LODGINGS -AT THE TRAVELLER'S Home, No 0 Varlck at, two doora from Franklin at, arliero rerprcbtbla nu n wn ba aeoommadated with aleaa ounforULia iln.le lu'da at 11 rta par nlihtt roonu for nitl.man and wlf.,17 totw rta per nllit; aood mala and retnwluuuU airxu to order. Ja4 riM'lW LODGINGS-WITH OR WITHOUT Hoard aood clean eltiale and doubw bedded rooma. ttnaadtmm tl Ml to f3 par weak. Blaale roonu to let, by th Bb.nl or weak, lodalna at It eenta, at 10 Oak at, near laart. diUMagnil 1 & MONROE ST-FURNISIIED ROOMS A to Irt to email quiet 'amlllea with facllltl a for eoona, nleal bauaekaaplni. Tiarma moderat. JallMaclM FURS. ATTENTION, FURS, FURS. The New York Fur ManufuUlin Corapany win nil Fura a (aw d? long er at ooat, to eloa up their aotlr rtirrki Mew York, Fur alaaufacturln Co , .( t hethem at. jalDt4ac191 FLKM1NO, Mauatar. I?UR3, 1URS, FUR3. " nrxow cost. THE UNION, TUB Wllol.! UNION. NOW AMI FOKKVKK. lain 6143 KU.UX.U, sl Canal atreet. 17UE3I FURS I FUiai 1UL UUtK)N HAY IXR COMPANY, No.M I1KOADWAY, tVlll aall at an brnueua eaorlno their antlra lUck l DiadiMip tAmra FANCY rUEB, aefollfwat . ... , Krai Mink IlalfCapn $19 M Krai Mink Ihree-nuartarCap.... . W Hralldliik Vh-torluea l'H IbalMlnkMuff. $! rrnrhMliikCaiie,ltulIandltofll... J1! WaUrMInk ' " " MO riJl.rh"abla 6'W Kork Martin Vlrtnrlna 4 UO tlUhbaUellaUCape..... .... DM And all other kind, of lura la proportion. Call anon at W llroadway, .... - JaUb'US HARK J. KINO. FRENCH MINK SETS AT ft 60 FRENCH Bable mi- at W : and all other kind, of La IWw" 1 aney Fur. at retail, hi per emit lower than at any other etnro lu the ritt, at tha lludaon liny tor COinpanvf Wanhouiie, M Hroadway. kURK J. KL.NO. dell Sulll 1;UKS-r URS-I- URS M.W YOKK rlR rOHPAVY. lMIMKrANl 10 1HF. LADIK3 Tha New York Fur ManufartarlnaComp.uy, Deiiit fie Chatham a'rret, offer to tha la Ilea ot thle elty the lieet anlerted .tork of Fura to ba f mil I, an I at til fot lowtnf rate, which 111 b found tn ba bi) par oaut, cheeper lhau any other bouaa In tha elty i Water Mlak.half eapa, mail and euflh, $)t Mareb Mink, half cap mnlT and ouOa, til): French dahla cape, mud and cufta, T to l I- ranch Mink capn, ninU auJcun,$totlO French Mink mult lto4oU Water Mink ninlta, li to tlMl French nable mu9w ttbuuaai Water Mink and Frenoh Mink, halfe.pea, ai) to 1 1 1 ranch rWnle and American filch, halfaapea. id to $1 1 Water Mink, trench Mink, aud Fnueh sa ble V Ictorlnea. no to aA, ".bUBtua M.riTu: Filch Marti. Mink Martlru llrwik Mmk, and tlrry Siberian 8 lalml yWrlia, If, , Si and full Capua, equally b, A hire rarlit f c( Children'. Fancy Far. X pailta and iili'a.lua KLhaiwouiau in atttaidanc. rl.w Vork Fur MtnlSlurint t'o , K.I t'hath.m a dfJUMlC FLMlNU,Maua(cer. BlACIIlIfEBT, ate. D ICK.'S ANTI-FRICTION MACHINE, FtK rvrti itiraia, piiMninu, AMI I-KUNIINIJ l-UKbdlNd IHilN. o.. , licit-NT. KCONOMICAL AND I MAC1IINK8 IX TUB WORLD. Tun MOBT FH llUflU H.VISIl Frtedaa U all but don away with, neit to o oil l re. paired htrunalna them t and na retain ara needed tor ran t th laxKiwt machln renulr Im than n non bower for Sbearlnf and Funchlna Iron, to on Inch In tnlckneai, with a peroepUbl adurt, dolnf to work la ta moat arnooth and perfaot manna. . . .. . W refer totualareaal and nvxt euaoaaeful aetablUh rneoU In the ouutrr, to learn tha raluaof UwTartoua uaablne mad ander UICKtl FAIKNT, auch a Jooranaw-ri; Trenton, K J lCouBlJ E. am Co i Wowloaiaoe.H.1.1 J. fi W. W.Ooaaau, lun,Biai.UoTN.f York i Wrarmom Kouia Ifiua, Detroit, Mica, i VeuiMAn Fao-roar, Uollu- taw till laawi tava IvHillwUt eot. aud oUur.urtb&ttn compfcrWou with of othfr mavchln koovo to thno, th, Utf m for Uwlr oo4 la Mfrt ix nouthi vi. AMordan prooiXl ttadetl (A -Atl Ul laronaAUoa lf" BTTTmS BROTHER A OO LEHIGH METALLIC PAINT THE UN. daaia-o4, ueat tor thla Invaluable paint, ar pre pared l aupvly the Urn elaa dealer at th kaweet snaaufacturer prlcea. Tbey warrant th article to b uprrlot t any aatd la tala market, beta fully Til per rant, metal, tnr preeervtn Iron nat oilier metala. and taood and oanveae It baa n anial. ttrick buUdUa 13nrdwtthfMe4l thla paint wUlba kept perfect ly dry for many yaara-at aboat aathtr4 th prleaof vjar load si U wwrw vw-urmoiw wr au anen porpuaaa. trrKV b V mnn. nairi uik at ui j CNrt. HkOTIIKK A ( sn i-ean tc, New Tark. JEW TORK MACIIINERT DEIXiT. iKTSW-TkiB.ffitTW lAmrr othwi oompj'" rios mtalj, VTUt all other art'rle; Beadfnl If a Maehla Bh, pABurr ntbaU a-J Vt&S'CMii InuTFriotlo. ILJt MASl FACTl BR OF , naJaiS. paVf.IvT BIFTINO MACHINW1 ZTsnTa'tSI'aJI III. . it VkinWFJL 1 &&K&wiW$MmLin faWFILBg V UUVBi p- -y - - 8tros TORK MACniNZUY DEPOT. w -. 'tr'V!iZf!?. xer wrlnandbaadlalfaa,wwer era artjla. ta ewtaln macktaaw. baH aad hand plaa- lu aad tanouing maekinaa, aa. l au lrl7!t,L". ialwrilllTlf waruwa kind eraU. wlIU U iara.1 wSdaly. All fee sat a tb vary I rtfiZ?. ataai, laotrmi etrealaa aad a ? tWptAKLoTKFFy.NCW Y0iy SlSJi andK ULEBSWOOnWOltTll-S FLA.NEIW, iuad H tkar Wooo Wro-rmo Maaau-aa. LATUFA rXANF" IRiy THE NUMBER 8901 FINANCIAL, fce. KEW YORK, ThunrUy-, Jan. IT The Stuck market wu rmatlF animated ,Jar, TL ajtauc arai rerjr ma-knl on the KaltroaJ there bkh In come Inatancc ataud t anil t par cent, higbrr than TtatU.T, CouftJauca In a paaoarul ee tleineut of our political trouble aMmi Id b falnlaj ttrength. In Weetern road th tranaactlon In CI. Central ara moat loltlng, tbi atock htrlna- aJtauo aJ tine yeirtarday board, 0 per coot. A tmall lot ofOoTtrnmanlflr t XVS wi Uken at 91V, X higher than last rrmlng. In Stat rtock th buaU naaa vaa email. Th Dond Hat 1 atroiitf an J ruilnf, with a ainall aupplj only offering. In monay there I no charure, 0 a I par cent, no call and t a 0 per cent, for nrtt-elaaa paier, la foreign tichang ILar 1 nothing djliu Jt tr SUurJar'J ateamer. riral-claa pillion Loud jo 10b t a 100. On r.ria, 40 a M- Traaaurjr note are In ectlre demand at It) IV prrmlum, and hear of large purche thla morn ing at the former rata. The o Inlon appaar to gain atrcngUi Uiat th main aaard of th new Uaue trill be at roualdaralil below li per cent. Th advice fmm th Went ar Tery encmirairlng. Th laical reit from Chicago 1 4tf 5 percent, with a moderat demand. FiLhange on rhlllclphla U rlalng, V '' Pr ceiit, Tl mlnage of the Mint I now going nn Tery nt. lafiKtorlly. Within th peat i-l.-ht w,ktng .lira the Trraanrar departmetit of th Aaaay ollia haa jwld to dillora nearly $iOa,0i)O, Th Tetitonl, lnterceited oil rp Rv, ha $M, mn In gold on hmrd. Her eilrlce r to th Gib. hut. Canaol were quote! nn th f'lh at 9!'31','. Th Ttuatee nf th Pv IIV Muliul InaiimiH' Com. puny will pay an Intarrat divlitetvl at C per cciil. on outatAud ng crip, alao railerni the K-rlp of 1 ", and iaeu rertinoate fur a dlTnld of 14 par ecut. on lit net rnrued premliuna. Th annual rriort of th Wuhlngtmt Marin limit ralire Comianiy, ahow net earning of $141 ft'Cl, A dividend of 8 per cent, tu caah ha bocu declared t alao, 1 perceut. In Tlp to dealer. Th Continental Fir Inauranc Cominy haa de cre. a dividend of T per cent., payalil ou danuu 1. The Charlcatou Sivluga Institution ha auapeu lad yinrnt. Tlio Atlantic Saving TUnlc haa dei 1ared a divldou I f C per tent, on auma nf $.'iOO and uniler, and of II ier i int. cr annum ou tunn over that amount, pa-ahta in ami aftar th Slit loat. Aimeii'-l, la an official statement 0.' th outatandmg loan of the Vullcd Slat i Int. Amount. n la. Loan ofl-MI. ...fl per rent. .. .9 ti.iar,. It.,..!! 1I7. . .... Otm.'il O0....1S07 14 .. .... SWH311 0....1-u;i Texaaln'limnity.n .... 3 4ol 00) r.,l(lt Lauof I-. ..II a ,,,, C1MW 00... ,1-11 1V.H. ,.i ....H.CW.0OJ O0....1-I4 Tli InUreat 1 payable ou th first day of Januarf and July. STOCK EXCHANGE BALES-FIUST flOARD. lOOOr.S.ba.'CB... 91). 400 Mich. Ceo. B. .. W 1000 Tree. 11 D.C. . .101 W S)0 do 30ba do M; do HM do aioent' do ,.,.li00 Onta rio bSO uftV 1.100 do 1OTS' CO 3HOU Ohio C VI. . . HI COO I0UO Ttuu. Ca.'VO,. 11X 00 1000 V. Ca 74 Si iK) 2000 Mo. Ca tvV 100 r,oot do w 7000 N C Ca. 74V iralOO City fta, 'SI... 104 K0-I N. Y. Can. Ca. PSlt" lia.illnd R.8.F.D 91 kf 400C1. A Tol.B,, Ui S00 400 100 (la....U0 IS do 14V d... .MO 14 V d.)....tl0 tv do 4 do....bC0a4V lf(KMlch.S..f.b, 14)i 400 too III. Ccn. Ba... 94 900 Wi" C N W. 1 M. 41 190) do LT 41 ioOCD.AQ Spe. NX 5 mo do so 11 IVinkN.Y 93 A 8. A Leather n 101 tit Pacific M 0 ... 90 too Harlem R.Pf.. e-K 1X do l 900 d (9 BOO d) 89V 1IM do 831. COO M.S. AN. la.. 13V 109 do 112 tlO do.... toO 15J 100 It B. A M. Ii.g KH 100 do 18V do,,..lV)SoV 1AA 100 lM 100 400 IV) m, nrt 810 100 M 400 M M 100 do eta 3 d.) 83 do 84V do 84 Con. B. Sp. 8S do 5 8IV do o M d. all SV da 8sv do 8V do e Sal. dn alO 87 d .3 87V do tlO do al 8-1 WS M. Y. Ceu.B... 7sK 100 do aS U loo do alO 7X 911 do 79 60 do a 79 7no do alO 79 IhO do 79V iM do.,,.b30 79 V 0 Erie R 40 ISO do 89V g-'A do 81 too do alO 8JV 100 COO fJaUACbl. B.. H 100 d U0CHV 100 dii.,,,U0 Ct 100 do a& C4 f0 do alO fi 500 CbL R. I. B.a30 M bO do alt NV lJcMI do MV 100 do alw&l bO do MS 6) ChL II. A Q alO 70 V 100 do 704 I'iO do a30 10V 8M do H3O70 O'O 11UU. HT, H.... v hOO (ll....to()4 8nlt do 4V 1I do , l0 do....bS0 4'Vj 100 do 4V Nl IiarleiiiR 15V 00 Heading R 43 imi do 43V U'A do 44 IN) do. ,.110 41',' liMI ranauut R 113V 81.C0ND BOARD Vaa) r. S. ("a, 74. p 98 V ' Scaling R bSO 41 maai 'ireib. I p.c,,,liri IMX) d llWV .Hl Ry. Aa VB 1000 N. C. Ca 74 V liaio N.Y. 7a,M)4...1iir 10no Mhh. Sn.8 F. 74 V 5 mo linn. A 81. J.. MV 6 Hlc. Conmirri. tl)i to Mnhaulca Ilk. ,1m 170 I'aiincM. 8.... 1'0 KO N. Y. Can. B... 79 kO F.riaK 89V CO llud.KT.lt.,,, 47V lOOlIarleinB V'V ion do UV 75 Uarlem Pf 8iV 1:0 do SiV luO do I 8S? 100 do 8' W Clf. Col. A Cln. 9v boo do 41 loo d .li30 4IV bOO Mich. Cru. R . . Kt M do . . .1 10 M 75 M 8 A N la., 11 8"0 M. Can. R. 8p. ST no d 3 IflV M do t).V bJ d) alH.1V 3ii0 aal.AChl..l30 S4 900 do CS lOOCla.ATol. B.. 84V 423 do. ...to 84V 800 CU.A B,I.,,. RT 150 do MV 100 d. too 37 M do . . , ,b?5 AT 10 Chi. It A Q B. 71 M d TO STOCK FLUCTUATIONS. Thla table I derived ly oomjauhma f th First Raird aalea aath day i 4iVNCKD. lnniD. P. S.&,t)B.... Vprct Mi. Vmct Teun. ,1W... X .. Va Ca V .. N C.Ca V .. PwlftcM.8 ... V .. N.Y. CCU.B...1I4 .. FrteB V .. Hud. Rv R....1V .. Chi. R. A (J B. V .. Harlem R V ,. Reeding R 3 .. MU.h. On. R.,1 .. M. 8 A N la.. V ., M. 8 AN lag. X .. 111. Can. R.Bp.0 .. Oal. A Chi. R..1V .. Cla. A Tol. K.. , ,, Chi. AR.I.R..1V .. PoasnMlc Market. Tutraenav, Jan. IT, 14C1. Aanra Th demand la moderal lit Put at $0, and luutrd lor Pearl at tftejo li,V. Pum aad ifui Tha lnoiurr for Waatem and Stat Flour la mora active, confined mainly to th low grade then ar without much chang th demand 1 chiefly for export; th better grade ar Irregular. Th aalea ar 14,300 bbl. at 8 lna$3 83 for Su perflue BUI and Weatern 1 V 40a$A W for Kitra Stela, chiefly al tA 45; $3 6Aat4 00 air Choice do. in do.J.1 70 for th low grade of Waatem Extra, $0 ToaSA W for ehlpnllur brand of Rouml Ilnnp Fa ir Ohio, and $-1 9hT 13 for th trade braiida or d ). Canadian Flour 1 unchanged, th dam-tud 1 falri aalea of 430 bt.la. al 14 b0a7 S3 fur ExtiM, and Choice do, at I M. Biiutharn Flour 1 In Wr raquaat, and U without much changai th arrival ar limited nd th In quiry tdr for th local trdi tale, of 1,100 bbl. al ObaJO for mixed to good Superfine Btltlruoreand Alaxitudrta, and $4 loaST 1.1 for th better gradea. Ry Flour I firm, ami In Mr rciueal for lb lrdi aalea olSO01Ma.l3 40410. Corn Meal I ateady but qulel at $3 10 for Jersey, and 3 bOaJS 00 for Drndywln. Ilm k wheal rionr U la fab? rajacat l $1 IJjJ 81V Pr 100 lb. ... vYiueaii Th market la rather easier, but la ctlv.;leof8flflU-U. alHValvXe. Ouia-Our Wheal markrl I quit dull and heavy, txonrta ar holding off for later new) tnmi Euro: a fw lot hav been purchaaed to complete cargo: In all torn 11,600 buah., part laat vnlng, al 1 UK for No. 1 Chicago Sprlngi $1 Wall tl lor Mllw.uk. Clubi $1 84a. I 33 for Rd Weat ern,lnatornd $1 MforamaUloUof prliua Whit Michigan. rurlev la nulet at 7WtKc. riirlev Mall 1 nominal. Oat ara Utter and In deruaud for export; aalea nf lo.iaxi buah. at HaJIc, for Wcotara aud Cauadutn.aud Ta3ic. for Stat, Ry l better and la Marc aalM of (mall lot at Tbafoc. Corn la rather heavy and la quiet aalea or 31,ooo buah. at 10c. for Weatern Mixed In atoi, lie. for do, dllvrd, nd TUT4c. tor Round Yallow. rBOvnunw Th demand for Pork la good, and th supply light i holder ar aula firm sale of 473 lavLi. al $18 11V$1I Kbtnra Prima, 111 JIa$17 DO for nw Has, and $11 for old Frtme. Bf I ateady, and In fair request i aslaa of 173 bbla at 8 11 WIWalapokdMa 110110 W forRxkra. Bacoo I acare and wanted al 99 V" Drtaied nog ar la brisk demand at TT V". Ctit Maala ar mnr actvi aakaa U0 Lids, and t,. at 6Va0c. for shoulder, aud TXJs'c. for JJama. Fancy do., 9e, Lard I flrmar and m good reonaat, la part for as pen; aalea of too bbla. at 10V10MC for Western, and 19V. for cholc Cllr. Butler U tn fair demand al 1014). fnr New, and!, tc for statt. CUHllaCaliilawidatlOVo. ' NEW 'THR MRW VnT?Tr MlfM A XAXU ATlJLaTv' X JAVIV OaJll. ...... -aWH.UllU, A- W Ovll Fallen Wtret rntyrr Mrrtlng Tli meeting 1 full ef deep, tondor InUrw. Nevar molao than al tha praaent tun. Tk mirabrr nf requesu for prayer haa Lean nh Incrnod aluo th comuieacn-,ul of th great week of prayer ahowksl hl lb work of prayer haa stirred up many to anx-. lety for th aalvetlon of thlr uuounverled friend. Thee rmjiieat oiajn from widely distant plaoa. Th following ar xamlM I CnaaLavTO, 8. 0., Jul. 1, lad), "Will thnaeoflh Fulmn ttreat Prayer Motlug, who lor th Lord Jeaua Christ, unit lu earueal lryer for th immedlat coutersloo ot a young man who ha for irntlm been convinced of hi luful uoaa and need of a Savior, but who dniU hi sin cerity aud fear that hi prayer cannot be heard oa 'hat account. And will they, alas psst that aha who make thla rtquoat may b blast with th witneaa of the Biirlt," Thla rcqueal was a wtlcome mlaelva from Charles ton, 8. C, and waa rarumtly renieiubored. Awaber 1 from th al nf th John Brown raid, and tu written th earn day. Iliirnl KiratT, Y- Jau. 1, 1S01. T On Fulton Strut Yajar JfiWiry ; Dua Cnaiarun Faitinnt 1 wnU to you, beg lug au Intercut In your prayer for uiy Uuilly my hualaunl, two thltdixn, And hiysslC I hve long wisned to ba an humble, aniiier chris tian, but my limit I eo hard I canivt believe, or re M3iil. l)ear friends, prey for us, thkl wi nnybaa family, dedUeled to th Ird. I it !, every week, an aciount of yimr meeting how Ui Lird la plaaa ed to anawer ai mny of your prayer. Ob 1 thnt he wiuld aiwwar your vryr for my dear finil'y Let tne lag yon, dar frlanda, o imt rvrrj fLvj for osa oumioi'a I aio. Praysr now la our ny Anjx. Ceaa not then to pray, mitil 0 al turn hla anger from us, and any to th troubled water Peace t It till. A AwaxaiiD Win Knit Mrnn Another, from lady, from the la Ifla eonat. Y'our prari are requeat,al liy a 1 ly, prcent cat Tuvaday '.! that Qoil would pmr out th luflia-. en aa of the Holy Spirit upon th Kop'a In I irtliiud. Or jnii her plao nf realdencei that a revival nf the rvligmu of the I'.oaaed Savior may spring np In their in d.t. Ntw Yoa. Jan. 17tli, 11. Auotl rr of different chancier nir home, and l.ke mary other. " Prayer la requrate.1 that the spirit of O xl may la) iourcd out upon the church of M wTlaniila, where union prayer, meetings r Inilng hld every evening thla week, ail where there aio Iwlicatioim that th coldnoaa whkh haa ail louf prvIUal, la riady to give place tl a spirit of pi ay or and suppli cation. Plead with a, brtthieit, at th lliro i of grace." Very many rtuoabt of this character reach lb meeting. Th Secret of Sucetu."U Is prycr and pot konalrffirl." So said a young mail, "I knew, ha continued, "a mlaalonary lu thl city a year or lw ago, who undertook to win 110 persons to Christ wrnially, U did Ihhv-wroM dowu th lit ne of the 110. Ilaprayad for each on, byname, evory day, II visited, on by one, a fast a h oou!d, anil prayed with Uiera and eudeavored 10 lead them to Christ. II continued thla duty, and In oae year 100 of the 110 wsre oouvorttd. The uxla were be J oud all dispute. " A young man aald, thla personal efTort matter wtt what Brat took hold of him. "A young acquaintance came down to my office," aald ha, "la Wall atraut, aud aaked m If I would m4 him at certain hour fog prayer togetlirr, I told him I would meet him. I hav reason to thank God for that. II waa the beginning of conviction, leading to oonveralon. I ae thai earn young tutu her In the meeting. When I waa con verted, I did aa ho had dona Invited ftnothor youug man to a irtvate plac for prayer, 11 o was couvcrtod, II I now here." A tea ci tain, who lun Just returned, u he aald, from a voyage, lu whkh h had beau very mui.U blissrd, a'd h could Dot let lb nutting cljadwltU ut oiling attentlou loon pttitlmi, which tho chair man had trad al th nirnlng of the meeting. It had affected him more than all the other petition whkh hud beeu road. It waa an old ono, perhaps, lo some In th room, but II waa new lo him at leaal II had lax u but a little lime line haknewhuw to fool It, It run In this wy t "I lawrech you therefore, brathreti, by th mercle of Clod, tl at ye prearut your bodle. living aacrlflce, holy, aoieptabla unto Od, wulch 1 jour reutoiuUe sen loo." "That rrqueat take all the win I out nf my filth. I give all up. I muat comply with It body aud eoU I give myself a living aaxrlfio to th L-ud. til mi re my ov.il but all th Lord's." llrralar laMlrar. Ntw Y a. Jin. lit, ll. To the CtiTyi arul latl'j f ChrutianVhurthti in Ike ttuutUTH titattt iths I 'nii)n W would anl ills you, bralhn li, lit the spirit of Ilia a.attiilc fomiulai "(Jiace, lueicy and peaco , Al lellow-helr of a kiiu.d.iiu tb.it iiilureth foi ever," we have coiuuiou lutvreata and rclatinui auperlur j all oil Heal la uda, furnlahluir th Inula of fraternal Inleicourae even In aetmons of greateat civil comuio lion. Faith lu dud would aeem to I the only alter native in a crisis which reveal tha liniolno aud eliiirtHilfcl tcdtieas of man. It la with a profound cnu Klhn of th Imminent of natloisil perila, aivl with a din p setae of the eoluuulty aud iIwIIcsm y of this hum ble auuiiq I to avert them, Uiat we venture iliw aug Ke.tliaia to our deur brcthrcu, touching ami of th Inuncdial causes uf our dinger, and th prubabJo oonaeitueiioca to great nioralandiellgloiiM luterestaof th tlnuuU liil disrupllou of our civil ties, A diaiuar.liaiale vlww of publia aftilra ronstralna th buUel that a ayatem of gMaa and puralati'iit rrtw rirat)fia(ion ha had much to ih with lea ling Iho nation to tue verge of revolution. The Siutli has U tu slandared al the N irth, and th North aa gruaaly niiaiepreMcntodatth8 iulh. Ihetxtreniesemtmenti or unwoithy acta of Indlv luats, aial th iiayiaioirtte utteran i w Inuinalduialil laalu, puhtical or ecc'Q. slali', have beui heralded thn ngh the Uu 1 aa Ih de tla tut expreaalou of ojiliiiou of grant sirtliw, de noiikiuithiia, or seitloiH of country i whereas thoy me iy rfpreaent th extrnvagiiia of their ftulhors, and should hav beau cousUninl ti the oUlvlou thay li anted. Tai inilLb of this fratrkldd work ha. uudaiilabty been dinie I y the pil pit, but for more by tl pre. A dlatiugu shod senator, when recently akMirtliig hi hi phu. Ih inuu-tciitlis of th ouiu plalnta "uato supimaed grkvata?es, "areuuf iimdod, aildidth darvvlialajkotaii imicrupuloua praasi " Whar thcr la a tlotial atrlfaaial txcitenieiit, there aeiai to la. a pnajetiuaa ou tl p.rt of th newsjaiiair p aaa, lu both tertian, to oillerl and give every faxl a hkh would lufln.e th paaahaw au.J prejudices of one an lion afralnat another. In thai way, rlll an 1 unfair atetenasiitaar given, whkh iiuika auh Hctlou ftct undr an aairahualtaa of Ih other," If thla view of th question be oc4d, do II nut vitally affect our relation, ami Ih duly of good cltlsans north sjkI south f 1M not truth, ) untie and elf-rasped demand titrama dallberatlou lu the adoiitlou of meaaura for Ih redr of gritvauoaa, which, on thla hypaheels, may pruv ti b partly unreal, and at beat ar graatly xggertd f Mutual li launderatandlug ha teen often euough th occa Ion of dotneailo or natloual taiaintty ti Indue th titmiait atter And forbearance, before Irrevocable action Involving Ih honor aud the lulerwt uf thirty millions of anul. lu ourjudgmtnt, dear brethren, th time haa come for a more calm, dlacrliuiuutuur Investigation of th rauae of Impending (asrll, and for mauly, Cliriatlan tfluit, under Oal. to avert them. It I u a, Ini that intelligent. Christian patiiotlam luu snovumbal to fanatldsm and daniagogiaui, II may b diaheart nd or stifled, for lb lima, by the nuaguldal paa alona of men lu on locality or anothsr i but It live aud glow la millions of heart all over th land, and In them all It I lojal to Ih Onialilniion, th Lnlou, and th B.Me. We ahuuld hat.rd uahlug lu thtl pledging th great bndyof Ih peopl lllthaae northern itate w do not, will not dlatruat th great body of th peopl in th amthem staua. Why then thou'd w not aeek to put au end to the list ing spirit of mistrust and alienation, to atay Ih pro grea of groundleta erlmlnatkai and rcriiuluatiou, and Join hnda, according to the grai and wisdom Ood may bestow, in th blsaad office of peas ei oak r for our dlatractrd country f It ltourapimiprlala work. Dtaldas Ih Interests common to all cllltena, w hav a vital saklulb perpetuation of our Federal I'nlou ou other and higher ground. The honor and prosperity of Prot estant Chriatlaiiity are I vol red In Ih Iaeu. A fail ure In our gret tprlmenl of elfvmmsnt, b Idr affording sad proof of recreancy on the part of Amerlaan Christiana, would b tnterpraled la all land a vldeno of th powarlaasnn. of th only system of nligion that elalios ti f urnlah an adequate bust for self-governing InsVtulluu. Disunion, too, would Involve th ruptur of cbarlaked aoclaalaatl cal tie, and th abandonmaul of cc-ooarailv bnwv oleuc al horn and abroad. Tha noble nempl of American Christian nlrprt, and Ih rising Influ eute of our Chriatlan eivlllaation, muat wan and react, M the life-current of uharUy dry up, and Ih nlghl of our brief and brllllanl day gather gloom. Andabould prevalent prahnlon ripen Into fact, ao that armed atrtfa ihould ay th adjutmnl of diificulti InsoluUt to reason, paaiiotlam, aad rllg ion, and thu pv th way for popular infidelity, Bau4h-iirklug, Ikeiitloiisnn sll the terrible conoona tenia of civil wardww Justly would th guilty auahot aad abattara of thla misery b vlaitad with Va aatladlotloni of Chnalcndotn, aud now bit ter anuet b tha MuvrucbM of thota who ng lasted any part of their duly lu arresting or avartia ( ttir "lrt rrt-itiTtrlit Weaaa djutav plrU tf (atady; w4for YORK, F1UDAY, JANUAftY 18, 18rtl. lr-tK,i.hvaour roitg.atiixiinpt anl theetl. k, c! aolourtlmeadanu id, w nldnn ler 1'ia pc,l- with every nnialitutlonal neit. I'liawrrvnur teilie ti the Ci uatltullou. Justly Inlerpretait, nnd a pr im,4 return to Its spirit and requirement., wherever there may bavsl-ean diretavwic from eill r, wmil a.-em tolalh flivt djty (if illianiis aul lerialat'ira. Ill our finn, aial wo think Intelllgaul ninvlrllou, that only a very Inomialderabl fraction of th ix.pleof the North will Leeitale In the diathargsof IlielrCiin illlutlonal oi hgalliaw, and thai whitever eruvtreanl are foand I b In coiillut thrrewith will lie annullnt. Ami II la our fhithrr belief thai an Inalrik ted an 1 ran rected puldlo sentiment will eonstraUi stricter rt gard for truth and for Ih right and feeling, nf man, on the pai t alike of the prea and th pulpit, In Ih rooular dlaruaalon of twlitlcal ant aural nuaatlona. Thus will th more immediate causa of allramad fitting be auiiprrsaed, and th heallngtiuih of time, II Hoaannalve exertion, of faitri dlo men, th jieac-. Inspiring Influence of rellgliai, the sjilrll of fervonl prayer, and th favoring providanc au 1 grac of Ih Triune Ood, will cement anewth Imalalhat unite the North and tho South, lha East ami the Wait, la one thr1ce4ileaMHl American brnihnrhood. To this end, dear thethren, and for the k of Ihov plrilitl gift so lniratlvly noedeil 1 y our Ameri can Z!cn, let us unceasingly Implore th outrnmnnira of tha Holy Spirit on the ruler and th pcoplo of three Culled State, OttMar Sraiwo, Pator of Itrlck Pre church, N Y, W. W. I'Nllxira, 1'a.tor of I trat Prea. ehnroh, V Y, iiaiwi irm i nivemtv mare ilversltv place I"ma church, N. Y, rtaenth-atrert I'm. ehiirnh. N V J. MrKllov, Fonrtaenthtrert Jona M. Kaana, Kiitrrra-etroit Praa. church, N Y, i'H.aital'. McIivija,lilahopof Prot t-pl. church, tlhlo, Inrtnnatl FaANria I, Haw as, Kce, nf CaL Pro. F.pU ehnreh V Y, THoatalliraaTathoa, Rector of Urac Prut, l.iua. rhurch. N Y. Win iiaF MnauAK, Rector of 8k Thomas Pre. Kvi. rhnrrli, N. Y. Jon t'oTmi garni, RiTlorof Charch of th Aercn- II litre. Seen larrFvanr Knnwle1saSa-l ly.N.Y. N ItANoa. Method at Inbavinal charch. N. Y ainii ni. v , J P llimmw, MithndM I nl-enpal church N Y Jiaam Uoliiii li, rVcrt-tary Am. Ilihle nodi tr, H AaiLMriVKNrt ii, nn M th

t r Dkiw rhnrrh. N Y t owaaii Livllliir, Paat r of llantl-t 1 al.irnacli N A II liicLrrTs, 1'a.tor nfral.llptlt church, N Y 1 noma 1 a itt, rtm IVtor of Cvilial.lj Kif. Hutch church. N Y, (i roans w itTirro,ra,tirof Twen'y BraWt, Dutch church, N i las to I raaiH, Chancellor of N Y. 1'nlvrr.ltr 'liniMAall Hkinnk.! nlniiThen Seminary, N, Y, llraiv A ItitiaiiMAi., Philadelphia. t HARl ta WaiatwoBTll, Philadelphia. t uiaiti. W. Sinsilia, Phlladelplila. N P. IlKtsm Phlladeluhla hOHtr ATTa, Pblladi Ipllla JiMKaM IBowkLU Pliilaihlphl. .loarfilll Joaaa, Phltadeliihla. ,1on Paaai. 4th avi nu lia.hrtTlsn ehiiroh. N Y. N Mortal, I aJorcl tlr I lYcabjttrlan ehurcli. Uia- la-ttl, New .1, pair llaviii ttiua, tltturof Saeiud PrwihrU'rlan church, rilaatath, Nfw Jenaiy CliAa. lloi.ia. rheol.lcal Seminary. TMncdon, V. J, Aim I Miami. I heoloaloal Item , l'rliiv to i. N ,1. Jon Mm i kan, Preit. Nassau Hall College, Prluooton, New Jersey The New York Military for lb Inlon ! MaJ. General S.vtiioun lm oilKUlly ten tor nl ilia Rnvcriinr, in tho nam of tha Division lloard, Ilia sorvico of tin) finoat IhmIjt of troap.1 la Ibo woslvrn wotld, to Ih) ra.nl at an hour' no-tli-o, for any duty whit It tho proacnt rmcrgon cy may rciuiro. TLo foUowin,: U tha correi- dene t III FtHtttn"! F fwf it P. .Vorvatn, Oorarnar, a a , if, 8ial have the hiaior tl coinmimlont It you the luianiinoua wMatt?o, by th Ilivlslon D rtrd of tlltlcar of Ih First Division N. Y. SUt Militia, of a Rmh lutiuu autliirlalng m l teislur to y in tholr aorvice for any duty which the present euiorgeucy m,y quire. I have alao the honor 1 1 aUt In response lo tho In quiry recently mad thnnwh th innu.Uora of your Military Staff, dcpuliil for that puraw, that tho o tranltrd, uiufornied ami disciplined lnaia of this HivtaUi, div.diil Into lli Ruglmcnta, n iw Inciwla upwarda of aaveii thnuaaikl men oOloora, U-iu-cum-mlaahaied officer aial privatna. The unuutfurnied MiUHaof this Division, now Oil. rolled, amount I upwards o( 3,000 men. Of tlieae a large uuuilier ate meu who have nerved their en yers In Tarlotu Rsglmentaof llila Pivl. aliai, aivl wlmarellal.le t la tallsl luto mirvl.-e lu raae of In.urreiHI.iii ami luvaalon. Thea men would irenarally daalr to aerv. Ill tlinlr old Raglmnita, and In caae of emergency would rha k lo our elaralarda, and the unlf-md torn twuU Uiob luctwwai; t) lS.OOO or 10,000 men. A lrg number of th offloart and man of this Divi sion ar trained a artillerist, and In rase th V. 8. Unveraroeht should flivl it nereeeary to withdraw the treldueof their trooiai from thvllvrlairof New York, for th eouthern fortlfli-atlous, I could detail a auffl rlent force ! supply their place In 14 hour, ami could replace them from lime to time, a long aa wight be neteftaary. I hoie lo have tha pleavir nf aiwlnj ymt In the couraa ot lha next wet k, nd will, In the meantime, prcir sin h additional Item of Information respect lug Ihl Division a uuiy las doalred. I am, very reap'y, your ob'l acr'l, 1IAS. W. 8 INUFORO. lUw Yoxk, Jan. 11, 11. BrATt or New Ymta. F. run PTATMfrr,1 At hanv, January 14, 1-nil, f Sta I have refelvcd ymir favor id the 12th Inatanl, Informing nienf th unanimous passage of raaiilu llon liy thn Hoard of Offlcera nf Ih Firat Division of Niw Yoik Stale Milltl, lanilerlug, tlnvjugh you, their vcrvlce for ny duly which th proaunl einer geiicy may require. In c4lng as I do, provisionally, ths proffiiied service, I caiui it oiuil l Cinnmend the proluptncaa with which nfliceia and inuii throiirfliniit, luivo re. epouilcd t the call ujaiii their putrlotiain. The alac rity exhlbitcl by the First Division Is but au euni'tt ofthedls)itlouof theop1of N'W Ymk li rlaa to the aid of tl e Federal uthoiitie lu thla or uy crisis, with the sntnn rtiaillnpaa and uiimlmily that they would rally to th defence of their aUt and inuukil iiuititutioiia. I am, very i ewact fully, ynura, K l MORrJAV r" Mijir ficucril CUA3. W. Siauroais Njw luik, City. 'llicre is at present much actltity informing lnirnilvnt i'Oiiiniea, tlio mumlier of which are ready lo go whenever volunteer are culled for, Ono company, th " Union. Volunteers," commence.' 1 drilling last evoiilnif at tho Morctr House. It waa started by a Hiikckinhiiwik m.in, a Doioi.ts man, and a Krpulillcaii, and contains men of nil parties. No ono Is rocoive I aa a munla-r, who does not plains lilmilf to volunteer for the toniio of tho (Jovornmoiit at a moment 'a uotlif. Our lily Trnltora, liie Tumi atatu tlut ex.-CuituciIn.Uii Kkhri oav, now aiivt tin markt mainour of CougruM from thl city, has bum engaged for aouio wockt lu raising c iiniuiile of meu in thl tlly forHunic aonfnaf tho I idiral (iovcnim.inl, and hu rulurucd within day or two from Siuth Carolina, which he visited for the purpoae of oonccrtiug aouiaeffiicllvu plan of oiinlli us with thg dltuuloiilals of tliat Bute, Thcr I reuaou t) bellv that pnanlae wcro niadd, which are to bo fulfilled liy movements In Ihls city, upiai which it will be prudent for Ih fedurat author. Ibe tud tli Uraiul Jury toketpau eye. If Kxuat-. at Is real'y movlug for hi owu Ignom'nlous ex pulsion fiom the IIuuso of Ri preaentativoa, It Is 1 1 be bi i J thai he will be allowed rope enough before he I brvtigl t to, ti lusk out a clear it, The I,a!i Town SIretlnaT aad MaJ. Anderson. The following cormpondeuce tuti boon banded to ut for publications (Copy) Purttran pint, Jn T. 11. Dear Bin A jirealdlng omoer of th graal publlo maetlng held in Ihl city on Saturday evauliuf laal, th agrteabi duty devolve on in of trausnntliug to you th eualoaed Mooiuil of It proceedings, a pub. Ilehed in our morning pr. Although I am wall awara that th consciousness of having parlomied hla duty Is th soldi! blgheel rawaid, and that, thautfor, your lov of oouniry neeil no afiur to Incite you to continue t illhful to ita fUg, it la uo Iraa the duty of your fllow-cltlsenavrywhi to gnail your avtriotia doing In th prseeut erilou4 criala of our uatioual affdra, with their hearty aym- Iatiiy ial aMilatia. In this feeling, rsinns1ve know II ti) lai to tbt of th vaal meat of my fallow clttaeua, I have great pleasur lu Uing th Instru ment of making to you lb preaont cuiauiunke Hon. Trusting thai Ih Fedoral ftovrmnienl will per foi m Its duty towrda you and th brave officer and men wider your oouunand, by giving you, without delay, th needful reitdnrceinent and supplies, I have lha honor to remain, dear sir, your moal obe dient aaivanl, Wat. D. Livru, To Major Roiwrr A nana, U. 8 Artillery, Commanding al Fort Buniler, Uharleatou, 8. U. Mtjo aannaoa' au lt. (Copy) Foit ScxTta, s. C, Jan. 11, 1SC1, W,D Liviia, eq,Plilla,lalphlai Ixar Sir I hav th honor to cknowledg th re ceipt of your lavor of the 7th lust,, uuloalnf a copy of the proceediug of Ih public meeting held In Phil adalphla ou Ih bth Intl. I will not attempt to axpraa Ih feeling which auch an tppraval of my poor effort to do my duty ex cite, but will now merely thank you personally for the handsome manner in which you hav performed your part, a pnandlug ofnoer of the meeting, aud for th flattering tarui of your letter of Irauunltul. Hoping that, by th blaaatog of Ood, Ih Impend ing tkarm may b dispersed without bloodabd,l am, dear tlr, vary rpenniiiy, Your obedient ttrvant, Roaan AjfDfawoa, MJur U, 8. A. ?. tifotT. Ilakva IakgUUtare. A Joint resolution baa paued Ilia Maine Legis lature unanimoaalr requoatlng the Governor to Under to the President of the United State all tha resource of Maine, both In men and money, for tha maintenance of Um Union an 1 th en torcenicat of th law. Tbkovor tbs larLOutCB of th Empefer and raspre., abopa In Fail af ttovr tbilt OR Vtutaaf tf S enrtt uMpi, Foreign Intclligcacc. i a Six Days Later from Europe. Arrival af the lVatan'aw Cop Rur, Jtn, 1(5. Tha Ttu'onit, from firemen Pal Suitliampton en Ih Till limt , has ar rived off ihl point. Th Now York had arrived out. .fa-rrmot, Jan. S Th notion market openel I day qulel, but mora buslnaa wtt d i Ihtit Ih do main Indicated. Th maikel clowt toady, willt aalea of 1 000 ba'ea, Including 1.000 ou aNutatiou and for txart, Th Liverpool cotton market I active, but price ar nol ai dear. Iluslneaa I Impedel ou Ih rail' way fttai, canal by fruet. Lomlon, Jan. 5 Ktmmj .Th fundi opened w.lli dullneaa, owing ti the expectet Indian lou, aud cloacd without revival. Caiaola, which closed yeatetd y al 91 1 1, are quoted this even ng al 9J I -4 a 91 3-4. For Fe!uiry aocotm! there ware trant thai tt 91 1 1 a 9J hit. New three per cculi. ire tl 911-) 911-1. jM-fa, Januarys, S P. M. The Rmrv hu been etj In dMiaopietne of Ike deilluo lit Ung'iali funds. The rrruV oianwd today tl Cif. 75c. aud closed al CTf. Jlc. -niA,J,tnwiiyC. -Tlie Mtnilnir puhllahea a d ctee modifying the duties on Ih Importation of raw and dry hide, eklua uf 11 kinla, l,ure hair, oleagU uoua fiulta, uleagiiaais 'seeds hemp aul oilier fl'a mi ntoua vegetable . a'tii, on ciijiiier, pewter, leaile rto. Th Mmtoiir 1so ccaitalna a d re raiaing the lu lereat i n Irenaury lillla to tree, three and a half au I four per cent n si live y. The .V mttrftr also announce that oil account of Ih death nl the King of Pruaai, the ball at the TulUeriti lllliepo',l"",,i yvfA, Jan. (I, Yesterday disturbance! to ik place al Kietekrenqd, Hungary, which ueoawllatadlho Ita lorvintloii of thvgarrlaiu. The roldiara war Oom pi lied to make us of lhe,r fir inn c at.d fir peraoat were acvcirly wouudisl, (idWo, ria ,W trneitU a, Jitit. 1. Thirty gum only lucvo liecti used In the bombardment t dty, A m ir tir lattery has heMi ralalalahed In a valley In a ahel teirdpatltlou. arti.Jan . Naguliatlom telwotu Frutcl aud St'inl have been opened iiiemlng (laeta. ,ajia, Jan. 4, 1'.U Aconaidiacy ..f tha Bourbon latrty haa liMiidiaoovcred. bul U Is witliout Lntioit tanee, Four Royalist Uenntala hav I eon anaitad, with aanii of Wia igcuta of King FatifcU lL.wki had came from (laeta. rrince Caimkai) Is evKTt. her on tli l'h tint. .Yoplea, Jan. M. Beveral Noapolltau officerf hav been arrested. Th lannhardmcnl of (Iteta continue. 7irfn, Jan. IVA Tli (rinfon any that Frluo CaaiuiAa and M. Niuaa will prabably latva, for Naplea tuTuwday next. Clearance front 9Iobllc The Mobile Custom Ilouto lia.1 no time to par on Mondiy. Monio twenty-six vessels tleared that day, with carpjoea worth between three and four million of dolhtrs. Tho reason of tbis extraordinary activity m ty do found in the fact Uiat the owner ami utbar intaroeteil rapveted that Alabama would lie out of tlio Union J eaterday at tho )tcsl, and that the eital. rt way waa to tako cua,fancoa of tho late Uucle Sam. rather than wait for the authority of th rtew-born ovoNlgnty of Alabama. Joiife Tl t Jrtl, Heaatorlal and linbermaterlaJ. Itrwnr H. I.ank was Inaugurativl (lorornor of Indiana nn Monday, and on Wolnwluy waa elected United Statci Scnalor by the Legisla ture, lie has resigned the Goveniorahip, and O. I". Moit rut, tin) Lleutcnant-Uovoruur, baa uoou aworu tu. Criminal. I)omo TFMPOfl'.'tr AnsFyoR fronl hla More, at New Orleans, on rridiy, Mr, Cunt minus left hi otrrtiuit on a tabic; on Ida return. he found wrapped uji In it a Imnntlful luihy, fine ly (1 rosso. I, ami ita liugera loaded with rin", AU tiiotiKh do lias auvtiit ilnidren of uia own, be una adiptc'd tho little wiiif, A piucricAi. johKit drew away a stool front umler a romiianioii, aa ho waa Koiu to ait down, at Norlliliol.f, K. V., about two montha ao. Ilm fioor fillow foil lmikasr.il, broke his spina, and inured till Wednesday, when ho iliod. lha Juki r lia Iho id line of supimrting; tho destitute widow and baby of thn victim of Ins fun. Attiik AntM L'xritKM. unniiKitr Tititr. on Tiii'edny, ut llmltf Kirl, Mr. IIkikiisiiy siim mml tipfor Ihu i r.iscruli'ui lirif, a la the cua tiini ill (Jounixtiuit; ha went ovir Ilm cvldonco in fxfinao, uud jsjiiiled nut tho dimnlno; priaif aahut HmuiiN-i, lint tlio remain of a prom lillswiry note, knovin In liflMJ been in the aafe, wus found In his house. After ho had spoken two hours. Mr. Liwimh ojauiud fur tho defeiiio, show Inirlnut Kkiixmio wo not In the sUUi al the tiinu of tho roblatry, and that, if In lirtahto for li ivinK Bonn) nf the stolen notes in tits (hissus klun, tlio case, aa a niiltcr of stolin property, must Im trie I In M im.n Iiu-k'IIs. Ita rUinual to liato proved an tttibi In tint ctso of Aviikkw KmiKitT) and with regard lo Mri'iinixs, thora were four otlur lemons on the cur luvinj? acvusa lo Iho lijtk;ueiar. He aniuia.lvirte.1 nuvorily on tho lour so tuki it by the Cutiii.iny, In frighten. Inrf Kixnfy to turn status evidence, to save himself nini acrcin hi unknown accomplices. tf , l'i, ... t l1iu.ti C. .1... nnu.1 ulli.n , I, C.l 1. n ",. OUDHI), IV. ,,(U ,UH.UllUII eloquently viii.luate.l tha tonduit of the Coin- tuiiiy uouuroit rcttiitr cmuonsiun to uavo iaanan artof jsnitcntn assirtod tluit convic tion nu tho single eviduice of an accomplice tould lie had, ami ended by tuiyiiig; that tho do te tnce hud worked up tho cu.ie. laifore Kutiicr had oia-nul hia liluuth. On iVuduoadny. Mr, Hmitii iIomxI, In an eloquent fpiiH.li, for thu ibv fuiice, lie taikn fur four hours, tin I waa fre quently luttrru pied by iipplaiiso. Uo reviews I the whole testimony lit detail, anl arginn tint KiMNKT'aevidencti waa w holly false, and Uiat, with the dowufall of this, tint cits fell to th ground. Jude McC'vitur chari;ixl the Jury in au addrraa of two hours' length, in a fair an I im partial manner. On Thursday morning, thn Jury hrnu",ht In a verdict of guilty against A"i- liitrw koiikktk, i.KwianrnitiiNS, ami toitriK Kki ukki. 'J hoir dotectinii waa wholly utlriou Ullo to I'liiKUTos' detectives. Calamities. Mr. E. iViiiTr. fell DKin In a church at Tortland, Me., while rising to make sumo re mark to the congregation ou Saturday, Cius. SuTiixBi.Asu was anoT by hia com panion, last Friday, accidentally, while out hunting, at lltrf Foot, Wia.; uia lift eye was blow n to piece. Kiouim HA.VK ottcnitEU tn the Mississippi aud Ohio Kivers, Interrupting; telegraphic com munlcatlon aoutli of Naslnille. There ar no meant of awertainlng tho damngo done at Jirea ent, nor bow lonu; the Interruption will continue. Two nt it mioa In Brattl Suuare, Doston. occupldl by Winsiiip i Co., truck maker, and liy several I rokers' ollicer and other tenants, were destroyed by fire on Wedne Uy morning. I)is 1j,iW. Two firemen were badly injured. 1m ItuxBVitr, Mas., Wedncatlay morninir, Ltttl'H I'kkhy. a reataK cable citixen, waa knock ed down and robbed by highwaymen. It It fear ed hit injnrlea are fatal. MattTlf Hell IVA and Thomas UAiiitrwirearreste-lfur tbaaault aud robUry. TiiR nnu rn op nt vis's hiliji In Kay county, Mo., explmleil last Wrdiiwalty, instantly kill. In Henry 'Ihnniion, Jesae H1kk"i Kamott Tan ner, two brothers named M., Mrs. Davis, a negro man laslonging to the Utter, and acrtuutly injuring Sanford Iforhaiu. Foreign I tea 8. A nor who had ukhi if ma BAnrr ot elaf big at luingint;, hanged bimtolf effectuajly at Jiultlnguam, England, Dec, 11. Tiik nxqcinED rkpaim of the " Great Eastern," now lying acurly and anugly o th beach at Milxord Ilaren, bar un ca raenced, and ar vigorously laslng carried ea. Thty will be coxaplttad early la th spring. Tin RBcroBY or St, Sraruia', Wlbrk, vacant by the deatb of Dr. Colt, ba bee tiUoel fer 1M yetrt by three clergymen oaly, .m.l P-m U C iuim Kl . r- U-w ltV ToroiLsr, tl ywrsj and the Uto rctr, ti year. Tn wnrntR ii TRY hvbr li OaiA DarrAnt. Tha London paper say the hawvy anow storm and kn froata now vl tiling th country find no prrall-. ra la th remam aMC tf rlukt, TTal0Ul laViiT.aUal V-u) " ttiet. SUN. PRICE ONE CENT Inliabi'ant." Ko part nf tho kingdom appear lo hare cars pad the visitation of winter in ita acvireaf asrrct. Titr I'Aat (Tositrt raluo 1 ly't teeth at eight thoutand franc. An English Rovemoa was re entry knovkcit down by a rarrlage, andbf Uie aciident lost all her troth. She brought aa action of dem-iKc and tlio tribunal awarded the abore amount. Amowo tiii crntoairtM or I-orr0" fjn may las mentioned th appornc of lord Caithnkm In th metrnoolis. auidiinf hla ttoant rarriage. He U Ml 1 to hva driven through the moat crowded ptrta without frightening; the horses, an thres.la.1 the vehicle, thickly atrevrn a they are tn the city, with ease and elegance. Minim. Cnrv u.ir-n, the well-known political economist, haa Imcn just named lirand Ollloer of the liegion of Honor, This ftvor lut lsn con ferroil lr th Kmimror in teslim ny nf th ser vice remlcre.1 l.v At. CiirvAurtt In th prepa ration of tho Treaty of Cotntnerco with Eng land. At ExTttAORmfAitr Lio Tavkr la new exhibiting hia skill an I courage at A-tley's Amplilthcalre, Iindnn. He haa half-a-doxen of tha bug mnnarrha nf tli brat creation at hi command, ami coolly ramp with them In their Cre. Among oilier tliiuga, he take a )JaU) full of raw piece of Iwcf Into the den, ant dlftrlbatea them caparirloualy, now to onelmast, new t an other, wliilo the rest i-atlentty await tlwir turn. MMR.'nrnKniu I.Ar.tYRTTK, ilaitghter-ln-ltw of the brother-In-arma of WAaitixnrox, died in 1'ariareiriitly In her eightieth vnar, .Shows Ihedsugliieruf M, Dpstutt t'KTittrr, author of "llio I'.hniiuitiof I loalogy." A foreign cor resaiulnt tint asks nf the iterfaar-l "Of superior aliililioa, highly e.lucate.1, an I aa re niatkalle for kindnea u I giMalaoa as for her Intillorliial acquirement., this lady wis an Idol of her fimlly nn I the rcntreof a'wMo circla of admiring Trim I. Though Mini and in bal lieal ih for many a irs irerli'U. to her dec, her rhtHTftilncs; serenity an I generous, devutioa lo all about her, rouuiinsl unlinivalrtxl to the U.t." Wmtt (lARtiiAt in left Naples lie went swsr with only a few pinalrca tu his poki-L, or rather inllieiHHkrt of hla acrrctary. Ileing rem. in ttratcd with by sonveof his friends on tho Int irudcnre of nduniing to Uapnra without a larger supply nf money, ho replied lint "bo rliould find' plenty of' w licit nn the isliml, and wa therefore sura of bread: (hit th fruit an I vegetable prninlrr I a good J loll when ho loft, and that lie had no imod ef a largo stork of money," In llns, however, ho was mlsUkon. On loathing hla house ho was met by tho iiiasnn he had sent for from the m tin !iiid,lwfor quit ting Cai rers, to mend tha roof of hit rottago, which wa In a trrr bad condition. Ilm mawm hud in hi. hand a lull lo tho amount nf ouo hun dred and tlfiy piastre, for rejmlr.. The tlenoral offered him thn ten piastres ho Invd drought lutck, sauring lilinthat tliey were all he possessed. . T he mason rofuscd to take them, declaring Uiat tho man wlio had la-cn D'utator ceiull not bo without money, an I his taken out a anmmoni acninst him to comtvl th payment of hi bill. Meantime tho roof leaks at luvlly al ever, and tisrilialill has been oldigod to sent b) the nuia land fuf another mason. Till' 1 01.1.0 VllKO AlTEAHtU lit t pott of J'0- tcrJty's edition. nilaaovri IgkJalar. 81 Ijomt, St., Jm. 10. The Convention bill paase.1 th Bonnie laat nlglil. Th vot waa, yea., SI i nays, 1. Tha bill leaves It to the voter to decld at Ih Ilm Ih delegate are elo led, whether th -caaalnu onifinraf, If passed, shill be (ubmitted to th people Sir ralifli allon. The elet lt of delegat 1 t be hald Feb. lHth, aul th Ctvutkon ou Ih llb- Arkaaaa IaUatarr. UtmphU, "TiTin., Jan. 111. The Arkansas Leglsutlur haa unaulmottaly passed a bill tulaullllng tho question of calling a Cooventlou to th people oa the 11th of February, If a majority favor a C'eavta- Uou th Qovernor la to appoint the d iy, IVnuaylranla. rhiUuUljihii, Jan. 10. 'lTio Ltncatlcf Et. , of this (veulug, cotiUliu a communication from NiTatMiiL Ui'ST, a Republican, enmeitly urging Ih Stat Legislature to Like liumedial steps toamcllUI lha border slate ly ecu ling coiumlaalonar ti their legialiiture with pledg of Pnmaylvaiil- rdl iier foi2u"""f her coualituiiunal duties tiwtrda tvtry sUte, 11 ti.mtc'taci the exnti"ua of IU disunion emlannrlns lu thoi slalM, North ( arollna. Hulriih, X, C, Jan. It!, Anil-coercion reso. lutii lis weie iwasod lo aemnd reading In Ih Uoua laal uighl, and will hn conaidiirml aain tnuorrow. Th l eMiIiitlons are rlrang against oerclou and pleslge Ih whole 1'iwci of th sUt to realat any attempt I y the government t csvee a ao aliug slat. 1 b convention bill Is being debated lu th lima loulght. South Carolina. Vliniti-itim, Jan. It!. (Jov. IVKarts has sent a iiirssnge to lha Loglalature, advising tha raialugi two nan military co'iiimutM und oil more regiment lo serv three eia, Hu mlvl.ee a ainiiaiieut g ini tial of the riteuslv fiHtlflivilloiia In 8 "1th Carolina. Thla may b cipilHlvc, bul Considering that w shall ataiu have a 8 nilhem CmiAdaracy 11 will be liwcaaaiy to pnitial the ara uacat, atal afterward transler Hi Irooti to thu aoiiihern government, Th faiuitlcnl rxiltemuiilof iioithem jaaiplo show us that If weipccltopreaerv penc, w nnuit proper fbr war.a Th I louse of Rcpreaeubillvet have paaacl the big to stay the collet tiou and pniaecutlouof all debtadu by South C.rotjams to men in th nuUHiIaveUoldlug states, until after Due tuber nttl. Lieut. Mean, of fort Bumtcr, ranched here thl af tertaaoi, ou a leave uf abaaia. lo go home, lu Ylrguila, ou accouul of th lllueaa of Ids alster. The .llobUo t'oUecter. Mulilf, Jan. 15. Tho Collector baa rcfutud to honor fcdtral draft uutil order fruui th Ooveruor of Aliibam. Impurtnut Dlapatrhrai to Ibe C'ouiatandci of Ibo tiolf Hqoaulrwu. A'tis OiUims, Jan. 15. Consul Pickkxi went to Vera Cms thla inouilng, buurhig liiqairtanl dl. Uhea from Waahingtou to the Cuuiuiaudor of lb tiulf S piadnai. It I riiinored lhy wer for a con uintiatluu of th fleets at th muutha of tha laUaala hI 1 1 and the Lurhor uf reuoucula. AntU'oerclen la l-hliacdelptaa 'sMU'fV'jiAui, Jan. Hi. There waa aa immcase gathering al National Hill tonight, favoring the cut cllUllou and not th eawclou of th South, and a peaceful trparellon If II muat b rather thau m aivd wr, Ou the reilutlons being read tlwrt wa tvIJeutly otn dlapoaltlon to opissi Uitui by a portion of Ih audience, tod a gentleman oa Ih platform roe t aineud Ihtiu. II wa linniadiauly leaaivud. A larg a41c furc wa lu lntaudanc. SisMcb. war mad ly Hon. Ittua Radacl, Oaosua M. Wutaro, I'. S plalrld Attorney, lion. Wa. R. Burl), lion. IIsjijajiis II, lluwaraa, aud othflis U RaatxiNaiiai Ilamuerata. Several attempts war mail al dialurtamce, a crowd frequently cheering for Ih L'uiou, Oenaral SoOTI.aial at ijor AantaaoN, and groaning lor South Caroliaa aud Ih Faluietto a ig. Al laugth Ih leader of th ofiiMailtlou waa Ihruwu out of th window, A ao iifgrttexclteineateuaued,ud mauy uunutoa ItsKd befoi older wa taatorcd. Otl Ih question being put by Hon. Wa. D. Ram, "a to whar Fauiurylvaui would go kl ca ef a dlaninibeviienl of Ibe L'nliai," himdren1 crlad T Ih South," which tciitlui.nl wa lustily .hatrad. Ih South waa aaked to wall until tli Pennsylva nia Dmocrcy were gln lu tiower. AU th tpeeehe united lu commending Gov. Cta Tctra Inaugural addroa for it oonclllatury lout. Vnm taaagtn. WaAtnghm, Jan. 18. Col. IlAtxa, Comml. alouar Ireuu South Carolina, baa, II hi understood, ii.Kl.raUd bi view arac hi arrival her. II will riuln kreveral day. Th opinion I almost unaalmou la teconlon cir cles llil all rolluuoo for Ih preeanl houldblu dloutly avoided. Col. liana haa ba dally court. atlllug with th leader of th Mceadon mcretmant, who ar opposed to precipitating hoetlllllt. Ilia kallrved thai atrong rprentaUona hav ban mad within two day paat, urging tha aalhctitla of South. Carolina to aflbrd Major Ajisaaaoa vtry nullity (bar niarketlng aud Muat douMatio tupplis. A plan I Dow befor th Cutumlttc en Fedaral Belatlon of th lieu of Delegat at RUir.nimtd, which U retarded with much leterwt ui pulltiaal eirvlea bar. Th ld origUated with Hr, Patoa, ef th Fdrl Qouaa of Rs)asanlalivs, ual ha r. oalrtiitha coxrlU) waiiatw0Mr4 of ateatra. Oamav, RATES OF ADVERTISIJia I v . .TERltrl CASH IM AllTANCB. I AoVrtJemania-rrtr arrary FAUk LINFAav. Iwo wrs-da, er lea, on day, no arai tvroday - l 'y i 1 ) sua eaiyat 1 ID, AU laata tuauinstds,aamprtccliday. - i M irlagea and Iaaatb. SO crocs R sack Ihatr Bj Mm liiy dvartleeineiiWaf' f "ir lines, Inaartsd at i.vr if. ant of Ih otVte $4 tie every 14 Inaartat 4viitlWDrttsrTnlvdttTin)fr)caelorlr. F.M. 1 ahliatitnera I entlraiy eleavst oa Snday. j nnr, fraarxmitire, Dorqu, WtluAai C. If taal oil tr diatinaniaheJ mj i ' " n" ,i viMviMMewj. ldaa of am tl em and ravarrvmtlr ptnloti. I Tl pla I a erie of reaoinilona, rtasngw AVsf Thar must b som deitut. i .i.iJ ettlemenl of U.esiary q'leatou between thai I ""'ima oi tu ccmniry, or eepartnon will b loanrl bl. 1 amnnVPreiinelug th Crittenden coctYincJ amended by Mr. DncoLt, th basis of a (alt al honorable adjustment, and a th laaat that TaDrtJ feela she ran take a aaulamant. raroThlra,rtUmeolofoocmalaalorrwja' Ut In Ih I Wou, lo reprwaent th actioa of Tlrwwj aud to luvlt a reapoua to thl meaeurt of ooaotl lion. t f"mriA A alrorur ppal to thFdrat Oovwii mem to auy it hand, and arrwat all act whUh at) lea.1 to t eolllaioo pending th mediation of Tlrwu) fV'A Au tTeii to Ih Mordiag testes lo pristj th exlating status, and also to auatala from all at i which may precipitate t colllakai. Llut. Hall left fciday with Instruction to Kaj Aanxaarm. Their character haa not trajuvptrad, k II I ascertained from a reliable eouree that I troop will not h withdrawn from Port Sumtar.f demanJed by th South Carolina authorittat, ( thtl lhual will Mdaudal, Such la th condition of affairs. Ths Senate, la (xecutlvt aesalon. today eonaVvat tl. ppulntmut nf Mr. Tstlcss, chief eltrk at New Yoik rwt Ofnce, a Poalmastar. Hi ST". II teonl Maes1 Tli minority report hv not yet alt beta trim the Commute of Thirty -thre. Mr. Leva, Oaorgla, ami Mr llAaiivort, of Texas, unlteon thing Ilk tl I'lmasi.. Isul. Mu-. N Fmv have each prtaentnd their viawt. J M Aiuai, of Meaa. huaett, withdraw hi to II majority tei.irt, for Ih reason that th rn mrmbrrs hav generally retired fhmx the 0a niilloe, Ihrreby showing au iinwllllngnas to aeoa anyth'ng ilia N atb could yield In Ih way of oeJ promise. The minority rei.wt gnd by th 4 prrwaitiCivea of the Pacific euaet, Mr. Bwt and Stovt, drelare the rwpilalte eat for Cooatll thauil aim ndtnetits by thla Cmurioa eani4 b aa and auic liter la auch a c-mlreriety of vUraataa oiilnhai aim ng niemlarra of th aero parly a la ' no ho) fn in 11. sir action which would mast alt 4 maud, ILry at willing ti refer Hi matter of did eia'e U twi ii th N irth and B-eilh to th aoar . Federal vwer, and t th dc'egsl lctd wtth view direct bi their m-ttlement, They concur In many of Ih measure reoomrsaaai fd I7 Ih majority, and report a resolution add ilia, al ti theirs. This resolution received It vot, wkl lo voted egaluat II lu Ih CoimnitUwa, ami prop ut call a Niliiaial Couatitutional Conveiitlou. Th tn-nuri if th American Odiatlaatina ciety lu bl resrt riad al Ih annual maaalns; ta night, aaid th statement that th Africans lakl from el.aird th FAliohnd laien anld tuti slavery t th Afrti au tn.ial, waa falae. They ar now ut L be tla, aud well tlraluba laaalalarv). Uu-kmrml, Jan. 18. The House Comml tt. Fe-leral Relatione rtMrtcd on Mr 8rrHraiguti that It la tiirxpidleul (ar Ih Federal Uovarnnaaa under xlatlng 1 trcumalaiicas, til mak any a,i.litlwal uillttaiy lone, lunaimu h as It would b liabl to eat oaiinKllou and tend to create nneaaiwsa In th pat, lie mind 1 i.Ki reqiieatliur Ih Oivaruor to obtain I media'. lufonnatiou of th puraw ot th gena gnveniment with reaai t lo ttrengthenlug th railltai fore tn Ih araenal, AV., In Virgiaia. No actioa wa taken on th reiiort. Th Couimilte wer graaat leave to ail during ih eeaatiai lo coectljtr th toayaa kant lufonnathai recently recdv!. Th proceedtiig oi th Senate ar unuunortaaa. Fraat Alabauna. The following extract are front a private U ter written by a lady redding la Alabama U' relative lu New York t MotrroointiT, Dm. 10, lai. MrDXAt i Chrlatmaa Day la now paaiwd, I thai I caiini wiah yon a 'msrvy one," bul ahould not have naaed off nur lively with you thau wil ils. It must hav been dull Indeed. I feel anrr ft th dark! Ih week ba beeu very different ha fuTmer year and nev.r hav Ih.y baau k4 I eloa beiore. Thl week ha alway biouf4 1 theiu, but Alnlltlonlsls have taken tt from taa Ihla year, and newt likely for th future. I acema to litre, beta gvutral plot through IU country for thtm to rl aul muras th while, during Ihl lime, bul fortuntUIr (t u II w dlonvrcd lli time, aij PF&J, ivVl bit and white, hav beeu hung, after a thorough trial as! Inveeturelioii had proved lhair guilt. Wtia not a our omit tPUhaut ioubw; to our jniiaU and owing Ut or riatyfur muvwifiar was. Cotra ravolvsrs -. brought almost any price thai vrasaakeil larV""" From ea. h Wai d, tu add tiou to th aoldler guatc1 lug Ih caiill.il, aranatl and magailn, and th regular ulgU watch, ar alx eilissna each nlgt patrolling, making fortylghl cllltena oul tin 1 his stala ig affi.ll, Willi political eicitemeut, h Uiad cur holldiya sad one al the Siulb, and I Ih or dellldoil dirkry Hi aaddoal irobably IImhikIi many, doubtleaa, ar lisiklng forwati lo Ih 4lh of Mirch in lb bellaf that the; will then II lav frre. Thla ha bevti exiirtaasd It aoiue oi iiieui. - - - as . it ma greatest 1st wa have In tho house. Th arlrl and nivtalf ar deal ecaluat It, bill uw ftaes la f eery mnfulmnnt m say out iiurt. 1 doi'i Ilk Ih Mi of diauulon tt all 8 mi Low tli ti nn diatuiUai and aacrillg ar y laiyinon In my i imla Yet Ih s intli bTassn loroat to this iiieastit liy th North. What a dismal dat we have 1 It has rained now for 84 hour ateadiiyat there Is no pn -(sit nf Us stopping far auHhar N ,o eerriv tn th rAurraea, no (mIm run.;, bul th Cba tholk, wIiomi memlan-a put Ilia PniteatinU lo haai by their JielTMiVi rats'. I feel loo dull to writ any thing InlereMiug, rather that will prov aaisfactsN lo you. ,Saciun, iworv jiig oaj hunt fiaaat, ar al we think of, au l doubt! your mlud 1 siuular cugnuod. Ttmca. letter from taa rear rrrary af Far. Wa DtvAtniaaT, Jan. 1, 141. Hut i In answer to your letter king for infar million on certain potuta tpeciHail In a reaolutae ndi ptid by thn Committee on Military Affair aj the llouaeof lbpreai'iitativrs, on thelilitultlnaw) 1 have the honor to state a follows t Airording totbe latest nsrt of theengin oflii er having charge of the const ruction of the dat fun rsof the harlair ef Charleston, evervthing rarest t ical.le hint la-en don to place Kurt "Moultrl hi an cllicicnt condition, and. with a proper frarri son, it watdcemed susceptiiil of tn energetT at frnse. '1 here were then employed at that work aaa itiuer and one hundred anil twenty workSM independent of tha rrguLtr garrisou. On ta evening uf tile 2Cth ultimo. Major Robot A liruaov, Klrtt Artillery, In command of tha trooi in Charleston harbor, spprelientive of lbs safety of his ronimaud from the insecurity of ta fort, and having reason to believe that the Soatt Carolinian contemplated or were preparing t prorewl to a hostile act against him, ana desiring to prevent a collision and th ttruiloa of blood, evacuated Fort Moultrie, after leaving order foi rpiklug tho cannon and disabling soot of thai larrlagea, and remov d bis forte to fort Sumbar, where tbey now are. Castl Pinckney was, at the date or the labatfj report, in good condition a regard Drewatiorj, aiul, with a proper garrison, defensibl as it can bo nuvle. One officer and thirty works) were engaged in th repair of th citterns, re placing decayed banquette, and sttoudljur It) other nutter of detail. Since the dates of th reports referred to, Tort Moultrl and Cattle Ilnckuer have been taken poMcaaion of by troop ef the Stala of Scant. Carolina, acting under th order of thaOorer. nor, and ar now bald by troops, with all ttaa armament and other publlo property tbertta fat the time of their teliur. I mclue a ttatement, No. 1, of the numb ami deacription of ordnance and anna, at tftsi dat of tb laat nturna, at Fort Moultrie, Caav tlo lluckney, and CUarleaton araenal. tlvelv. That arsenal, with all It content. alto taken poeeeatlon of on th 30th ultima, bay an armed body of South Carolina troops, actuait under order, of tb Governor of th state, aa r presented In tb following report of FaaDaaaw ick C. Ilcurunars, mUilaxy lUrekeeperooraV uauc In charge, vU i "Thl arsensl vu ttkeo by fere of arms bay the milltl of South Carolina, by order of Oer eriwr t'lcaaw. Tb commanding omoar watt allowed to salut hi tug befor Uwirlng It, wlSk one gun for each state lu tb Unlou (uarsj twa) and to taka It with him, and th datachmaat t occupy th quarter antil lottmolleca Washington can be obtained." At that time tb fore under hla control I titled of nine enlisted soldiers of crdnaiica tixr hired men. Very repjctfully, Yourvbedii lent serraret, J. IIOLT. Hen. BctjAMis Stajitov, Chairman Cotaaatt. tee oa Military Affairs, II. of tpreMotaUva.,' Quantity and datcrlptlon'of ordnano audanaask Fort Moultrie, Cattle Pinckney, aad fi)titJ ton Araenal i i Fart Mealria. naaaataa. a-iiiiiiiim ina waw.M. ....... ........ . 14-j uaas Iron twna. ..... 1 g-luah wen teraaibttil. ....... Ill " ' ' -hii.lia.is 4t-panaar tra ra. it 4 14 onajav area aaak awU l-uaSat bra aal hwll net I -BonadrU Iron BU avuat...- a UfaidUlri aWlolaewraaar.MM nnt aanaaiataasnra t Oer4 saawa,. ..m... ... I ar,.M....a J puanaar m n awna-..... .. ft -... . .. - aaat.... mm m. ...... jWa Filiit lock Mnaaeta, tJaarad ta Mtvajaaatau ......... lafJtn I ravwuasioti massuHa, oaoavw w.......Maa.M.M.tjfaw I Fwnuadoai rlaa aalnaeta..;...., ................ tltatfaj . rr.Malt.reat.wtmt?airaaS jjsaaa. .......,.. 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