6 Şubat 1861 Tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 2

6 Şubat 1861 tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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mp .., e---' CfJn: ,f a-wfcLy t T - t - 3L. rw-u "" -ti. J! 4 I 4 THE NEWYOHKSUN. 1TEDNESIUT MOKSIXO, FEB. 6, 1861. SawaaaaMMaM-as. KEWKTJI OFFICE! TT fcm Ncently open mw i-nbllcattoa Cfflo Ibc M Stm fdesbrnad M lu vltlmat and pr toanaxrt rawitre) at No. " Broadvray, tinder th Arertfi Muefum I nolnl which hu la-am Jnst'y lamed "th T of New Voik" being t th 'une. lioa of It two (rand thoroughfares, aa 1 nf every Railroad and (Jstntbus Lin In lb ' l7 With liul tew t-Jvtr -.tlo-i. To reach th new Br Orac ttexxaSova, from any part of the city or 1U mvlroiia, U U waly wM7 to hall tb cmw t age or ear, tad b se dowa at th dnr. It la vldcnt I hut ther only " " P"" ' business In Nw York. Tk old stand of th 8r, Comer of filto and N-ti will nf course rax Uglicn up, at lea for lost Urn to aim. B ulnea will therein- coatin D to bo don al Duel. fl-va. iklniMtwiKirii-M:, eovuver, ft-raoyoth- r prpo- f ' l"', '' "' ''" ot " Of Ibt saleable pi rnii.. ou lb old corner, would Hot lJ disregarded ev, n how. A YALl'AM.It DISK ROOSI-proWbly It moat -ralaah! In th City, fur nur purpoeee-aan be af trdd to a aatiefactor j oc-ropaul, In our Droedway Ofac. Tte klr Heighten ! Th Union men of VlrRinl bar perhxp 3 on vn mor good than (hoy meant. 'lha TroU of Virginia )flnt mcvmIoii wattletlaro.1, In many quartern, to l conditional npon con fxtaion from th North. They probably little thoagkt how important a conJition of any con Cession, that vol Itself was. Of couraa In Ordinary timet tha North woull tbluk littla of A popular verdict against treasin, and woull aatcem a atale for tho fart, nl-nut umuib at Tjnen woul I catfcm a nclbUir for rejecting a rppoaal to rtb and murdrr tlmm. Hut m A lnf( Ui al'owanco bich calm an 1 Jii't men Only are capable of making, for tbn rpi Icnilo tnadncM wblih bna ttn en nmirly all who are anyvrire ctircrnnl In ulavo ry at tbla time, tho tote of Virginia, for fompruniin'. aa aKiKt umoniproinUIn w teaaioD, tiiiillri niiidi miuli of true loy ally and pttriotlKin at tbe bottom of the pmuUr heart. Tlie cninu nf thoiountry hul All the violent paw'um, and nil the fuel lb it feed them, on their iMr, aii'l thi' f tte of a lee Iterate and nntic iin..ircy win atuked upini the aucceMnf their almont auperbunian clt tloua. At even-liiidrantai;e, the patriotic men of Virginia have fi. tight tho battle of their country, aiiJ if yrnrr.il rrrl ror trun, have iron it, Tbla rnult ill do iimru to bet a rptrit of rourlli.ition nn'l .ronceI"!! at Ihn Korlh, tlinu'all tho adamid tbritaof troaion, KiliAtiou ami civil var, en lured at tho hind Of the repudiating auitea, to thi Ute. Nor hhuuM ton much Hrfa lie laid on lh- Conditional nature of thia Union tote. No tnan would wWi YlrpInU to pledge herKelf to the Union unconditionally. We all wlhere to the Union un ler the condition of theConti tution, and if tho Union ahmild tramplo on tho constitutional rlhta of any atate,and no poace fil and leal redrena cvuid be obtained, the bolo world would Juntify aurh etate lit main. tninlng her lilwrtloa l,v mrh means aa mixhtbo foand noccaaary, Thia ia all that tho Union men of Viririula mean, although tbe diflicultics f their late hard lllit otli;e'l thrm to uw an enaKKralisl tone of demand. Once aMiirod of Uwir poitiou,and time gained for cool reaction from the pulnr bent, they will he found rea sonable, and nill beirntmt with audi (raaraa Ilea of aimplo non-lutorferenco and lonitll ution. al fidelity, aa the northern ttatea are almost Unanimously willing to) lei J to friendly aul fair rcmonatrance. Tbey will pcrceU o the abanrdity of cxpectlnn tlie North to erect klavery Into a nittlonal in Ulution, by Incorporating It Into thecons'.itu- UW, or reconUtu It f'rf a momont in thoir Own at aloe, and will I aatloflod with fltra and Immovable guarantiea against the iujaion of Ita eilatiu righta, Tho territorial iueation, wbkh la practicably IneinifitMnt, vxcrpt to thoeewbt wih to u quire new Heidi fur rlave labor beyond our present rawwKKlona, ought ti) lo amlcal.ly aettlptl, by divldinir the prownt territory luto atatea and problbitin further cifuiaUioiii. 'Ho I'nion will ilii'irfull re CogulzeiulinbiHlv toowneraof fultUn kUefl, fo any failuro to enrvrce tiie l.iw providing for their return. It enema a If tbe Piaco Con.Te-a might now find n pl.ni of I'Jurttiient hiih tbe North would adopt fubctiintiiilly, ainl wbbU would tatiafy tbe honor of the eoiitliern htatra which tionextly aeik a fulr pba, not for soci-wlnn. hut for adherini; to tho Union. The t do hiv ing turued, Ivolh iitlons will grow kindlier and more imiua to areo; conceaaiuu Hilt n come popular ill Udh. and puldic men ho are now flrc-oiitera on either iddo, for political aulf prater vat iwi, will liud themndiea conitruinod ty public entiment to a courae more arocablo to their own ronarlriirri and bcarta if they bare any. All pnitiea will unite In firmly pM tocting tl e Ciovcrnment agnil.i't treuaon, whila bolding a patient and quiet rein upon the rc'ied ttatee. A atrong Union pnrty will lw enabled to fchow its head in tho weeding states thoni ajves, and with all the odium of general ruin and prostration of buiinesa, puhliu dliree un 1 Insecurity, and Intolrablo taxation, (not to mention that of outrageous lalonenoin, luur jvallon and plunder ) to hurl upon tbuir opjKi- seuta, will In time liecoine IrrcsiatiMe. The AMUHcrrwIon I rellnij In Alabama. Tiivt a Iron unll-iccsion fwling cistt in portions of Alab un.i, ii tcstiiled to ly citl sons of that Male who hae rotuotly anived in Wanlilngton. In Nortliera AUhann, tho pro pleareaald to be inwtly uninimius In their op position to aciccdun. It Ii well Known tbU in tho Alabama Coin out ion, luoro nil a rcxpoit ble minarity who voted ualnt Inimoliito rareMbm. After the pu'ea.rs of tho ecmbin ordinaiae, a resolution wan pafel poHtpnuing the signing of It until the inrmWrs who wei'o elected a "io-oeralluimta" had un ipor tunity of consulting their constitututi, 'lhe ordinauce waa adopted on the II ill ult., by a Vote of CI ayoa to u9 nays, mid we find by a lot ter In the Mobile AJttrtiter, dated Montgomery, Jaa. Situ, that tho tignattirca to tho Ordinance, tip to that date, were bl only three inoro uaniaa than were recorded In the rtirinlle ujinn it Jiixaafe. A gain of three, In fourteen days, from the minority of 39, d not IrxtirtUe ihhi b haste or willingnera en their pirt to yield their aiwont to thelnnane jior of the srcesstonlets. If a fair rite had U'rii taken in Alalinin.i, or had the aecespion onlinaucv )a tubniitted to a vote of the k iplc, tbiru cau lm littlo doubt that a iiiol formidable cj position to the trca njoabte pojeit of tho di-uiilun hadem woull iiavalitseii dcibipd. Hot In AUImiiiu, as In !corgla, I'K'iib. MorUxippI and l'uiriana, the iuaiiaii, of tlw lon-piraiv ugaiiiit tho Union did ml allow the oph llino fur re tlcctlon, not no;,.iiuiiii topi tiv"ii their daiis. 'Ilmt a. n..t thiii i 'IilV. I Uiy kuew ihry would fail il Ij.i i'au the peo lo lung to tliirk, to lon-iiltanl wcl.h .arcfulK tho (onte llll i tck if nil- lull, A uore wiikoilly uud ui,fill nnluctl eibinifi of ruUll.iiii lm in ,ei Utu witiu'wu'd in uny country, Jlci! I ! uu'iiei.Jo)iu;j tbehj. lioruiiiliiMt.liiiiiuitauf Hi i mi lerapiMroriMil whiihb.id alwaMi Uwii pin' , to tin in. Mil t tLe Interiftsof t'nlr at.i'- the en -ran bii, tlus far. I. ill rin'.i I u n tli lie mut i-hiiiu-, loin dieret trd of iraih .iiiU lnioi, u'iii ufry piinijli of jo,'iil ir ,;uirun ill. .Vlit v.vu. aplracyto destroy great and proiperonl na. tlon, tnd to Involve people of on rao sod on Unjrnage in all tbe horrors of civil war, Is no .recorded In the pages of history, Reekie demagogue have precipitated the ponpl of sU state into tho miseries of revolution, tnd ar laboring to Inmlc nine more In the asm perils. Tbey ba nojuMillratinn to offi r for their arts wlili h tbe enlUilci"xl Judgment f the worll will approve, and, in the future, tha verdict upon them will I Ihry wore men who plottel tho ruin of their lountry, let their name and memnile he acrurto I." TiisVlrflnltelextlnr, If Its reantt Is truly rfprrentcd by th general report, will fore tho public enemy to gh up tho coateit In larlandatonce. lhe plot to euir.o the city of Warhinfrton will, therefore, bar to be aban domd, as th stale authorities will hvo ample miral an 1 1'liy-Jiul powir, a well as will and authority, to put down any kl'tmpt of tin Lin 1, long lforo th onpirators ran (p-t within range of (Icneral Stitt's artillery. If the de tailed returns confirm their arparent general complexion, our fears for the safety of tho Capital may I dirm'aml. It 4 n'w stateil, that the Meutmint-(!ener.il Ins 809 men with him, ami more to come .1 little force, to bo turo, but In the Lands of Ini' American of fliers, with the oil hero at their held, enough to repel Ovo limns as many traitors. HIE LATEST NEWS. Mr TKiniExru. to tus v. r. mux. 0 Political Intelllgenco. ZZXTlth cormttwii .? !-. aieiiate. WdAlntfon, t'tb. 5. Mr, I'itch, (In.,) from be (Va.tut Pilotlo,T, reKrtl a rvsulutloa fr trtt Him vn.oon of the mtchanlcal eiortt of lbs rtiitOftVe. Adorlnl. Mr. Wane, (Oalo.) prawinted a petition, esmfst It rtqiiMKinir IXifrex to eUod firm hj lb ConMl tuttna and ih enfmeemeat of tbe laws, Mr, Via Kn , O. J., preaeutod saveral peti tions of the eame character. Mf. Duoi, (Omn.,) prentol s pttltlrm from over 1 0"4J citlrens ot Connecticut, w.ihoul d sttne tie of rwrtr, In r r of lb pssug o( lue llanter BtM!tcoluttiM. Mr, Hin im, (I'a J presented petilluus lu Csror of tbeCBrrrrftMN rewnutious. Mr, caw.n, (Pa.,) presented pu.l'ooi In favor of utdliK tij tbe OaiiitltiitUifi. Mi. Wiohali. (rnaa.)ofTnid reailntlon, la fUH!ajrof tl e lreeldeit why Icsta were ooneen trated in Ibis dmlriet, their looser, wit II d liui.l for upecal aervlce, and 11 so, fur wbat Mrrlee. Ll'l over. Mr. Taeancii. ft it..) rnrted a rMilutl'm, pio V1U1114 lor lb nil iio ut vouiil.o In vutt (ur Piea Idi 14 ami ice P taidenl. Tbe re4i.tiuii fruiKmed tbe usual m-tlt, and wh ail.sed, Tb Imu bill wsi Uken up. Mr, fraia oftYl ndruohted lb inswieof the I bill aa nmowijr Kr tbe siiprt f lbs government. lie aisclHluietl lu lao tni me ia mij wo'ii.i im uicil Cir wir p'inii-iee. Tbe governcn tnl or t'.ilon cou d lint be preeervid or rentH-td by Kir. e, ant tl e atiemnt ..f lubi km was neeoassry fir lb oid tiary wmkinof tbe Knveinmet.t In tun of pSka, A ler a dlNcumlon tbe bill a td. 11.a Pftai.litt'a miMaue ttl iLken tin. Mr, J sisson fTet.n) wld that lu a former speech, be bail plated Bnnvlf on lu conit'lntlou and aiOftlOHttbe d'itrlneof eeeemlon, wbieb beexrotl Ueiuil to be a nti..nal heie7, II bellsreil tlial II would li tbe ilesirurt em of ur 8ov.'ini-nt vihl. I, ,i,tlii tie fitrcue.! suli-'l leull . t) I thn and compronilu' 111 uiilteri sodillieult nnl yirlardny, we bad quite a write, a pliea well d,li,..e, ,u,t conf.r in entire fee. 1, , abko !. "! .- 'J KTi! IlrMAMi) bada.rfuid lbi.1 Ins slt bl v. nmed ui ol lllo, i ue wi w oougni er i pridi. Mtrn uncalled-for abuw appoam to have been tented npon the IVam Commliiinn'ri at Waiington, for thoir refolutlon to sit with (lured doors. It appeirs to us tlut no other count could bit Litis s.iiietlnn of comutou hum. MiD who iMunio tho talk of ne'otit- fioiu outil.le siineilljmo ml Inlluence, ml frim itilsida teiponsibilily. With 'ii"H JiHirs, tbiir pn cn-ding Wuul.l ulirnvt Icctitubly do gn,erale into u I tnuoiiil t debate, Mr. Ib)t I li. M 'a burl sjkciIi in tl.e houi jeaterday, pi iiei'hiinon Ihn roll of bint iry. As Ibeonty rrprem-ntntito from a smi-din,; alita who bus bad the lnrl-m to defv the uurtirs and adlnro to thn Untoii in tho hour of llicx trituily, bis name will liao hoiu.rabld an I grateful mi iition in thn annul of hit country fomrr. All bail to the unmln-l IxkiI'.xi llKirutito.N in (!oa,Te.. 'lbo I'.rmhj lu!'i corrcepomkiit telegraph i aa followi..- lliiiWin, yvfcit'irv f, He rwulls o' Ilia Viryluia eii.lHi Lane otutjuywil tbe lliiudi of the t nlon. iLiy oow nay Ibut we bare pe-mndi for Iiifri41atinu i..l MiiiHj.le Mtileaci.1. Wlnle tbe totiltr Mitei j , t -, it i. it i.i cyinpitby wltu ae iiapooniiey wnit ie.eire.1 nli i,lv."l. If tbey really uii-au I'lil-m tbey will be n.it ImU way al leu I. Mr. Eiwaro, with lit cbiinulei Ulic hope ant i ni.fld. in e, ts rlb uWily tloi.id villi tbe ruvut. lie j rimouw tn tbu 1 nli.utire, and that all iielr !r ,UU .will follow lu eumple of lb O d 1) roiolon, Hrwaaoalnosayatliat lb woik of th n r Jer OoiJeretue is ai guml its done. TUere bi even no longer nl of k'Jnir uny I, Jeia.1 tuii al th rspltal. Vtrirtiil.i aud Mr)lnd wul lbuuoivapei. let I lb aeal of govern Miut. Two nutntbe' IrUI vt ee-eilnn have utterly de moralised lb aetiM,li4iita and eaved lb doubtful alatea wilbool a single uoneaMnion. We ol Ject to tho unseemly vaunt In tha latt oftheao paragraphs. If aa little eoiiie aad ni.iiiliiien are to l generolly exhibited by th lfrpublicau Journals on this jioint, they will soon lind the dillicully worso than ever. The Ilorder elates are not " aaed without a single conceseltin.' Concewlnn is yet as necem.iry t 1-cfore, and It Is the ground which Virginia plvca for concewiiu that makes her altitude moot hopeful. SorniKR Altn. It h reported on good authority Unit the ebljsneul of arms for tbe S iuth, thoiigb mote carefully conducted tban befortk NjlcelicgiiniuHklii atlstuea of centiauHud gooda, still ootilinuea to alnvitt th name extent, Mtinktt, hmliiad of Mnx sent whole, are taken ap trt, and alilpped In small toxes aud barrels, as provision and other nturtliaudlse, even under tbe noses of lb tltfllant Mcli"iillltni. As Iuiiq as moni y is to be made by ablpplng arms and amoiurJtioa to tbe rVmth, It will lie found extremely d (Qou'tby luy n.ean to prevent it. Knran Kelief A'uriulrta; Imrcioicof of Irrlilll. ?Le following eoointimleotlti bis Just bwu re celled fn.ru Kutoan ty thi Ktuaas ie.lu coimuiaes tn this city - liehtitntii'ii U in tbe int-itsfe. If there were tl.tity il ottHiail it.-u u Knrt, sixty .r uinily da)M iut, meilina aol, llittie it e ll w pmtiably titty ti uua.ua i. at aoi. uin Aii-iHe is up in tea c.iin-tniuut- ileiittsit-s.il ti.itaewitn tbe'itie voliiit or tie i:,l. Ii liu-e boK-N ae d mi'lrilnt ed, tli-ulb woiotl int. i !! lln ti tint boiuea witlila ll.i next ninety tl i; tlmt aiuu r but oiteisutovs In in il. r,ii vise m urine. Ibe woik i.l tin li'ut in ei t, I, met the urgent van!-m UiilKole,ii u-i iiiiifceu, and w.den. ll moial I'.iUMli'y lone Ui lie ip,,ly uf rn.ilf.n waraul, htlll null Is h" i il'm,) oil lu tbu itvelpti of Itiuii, J fnr tht Itflj; i-nr eri'oira Si tl cresl ,eiioiiiHrtbeiiiiiii ir tlie inline. Tbe ratlroa ti air doiltii nobly, mi .1 iie w ,itl y of tutivr-ratl grs titixli.jrl Ibu lului luut iaj paid, aul thai 0.1 o", Inny. Iluuil lug fin tber arrialiiNii.fiii men nre great ly Itmbtt Vim CHiiinl d i lbo i..ie of Kwiiasa areater )tn,Mt limn by fiiiwu!'.u(f boxes of baits. Men coin lu Willi i fiUi-,1 fii-t, mtktu nitnita! tl i medty tili'(raita, aiiue tntbeir si.t,klu ieet,olbll wllbllieirfael wrupnd in old ijotlia. Yuius, vary uulf, b. c. roMLRor. Alebli'm, Jau. ?!i, l-u'.t tlulitrHmtlona niny b forward1-'! V) J hi.x 1). W ii i una, Mulropollua lUi k, Nuw York. The t'rUU-Vnels and Itoaaarn. The bill for diiconllnii'n pirtt of entry in aeicdiug l..tca hiui b.n reported In tbe I', li. 3 ju ste, wtb a recttiuiucuilulon fiat It Jinn. Tbegivietuyof the Iuteilor recouinniods that Utiigrns make an uppropnallon of iliM.tah) I ir tho relief of the deatituU Indians ol Kmaai. C"it. lauSAUAVj, of Hie Ntry, who resigned with lbs luteiilton of leud.'rln.T his anrriccs to 8 m'.h Ourolinn, applied to lb Bh-'rettry of tlie Nnyou M mday, fur permliialou t roeall his realgutliniii but he was lufumied that it hid leou ae'.epled wbea flmt teudcrtd. The defeat of Mr, (;ukii.t fur fails I Atitas BeualorgltM siiUoOhIkhi to tb t'ulonUU lu Waib InctnO. It ia anld tbnl tbe Pieildcnt b is dneldcd to n rail naU Judge 111 sne for lb va.au. y ou the Buiniine Coui-t bsixb alao tbal h will nunlaate Ju.lg-e I'ithi for lb Kansas 1 B. Judgeship. The fears of an attack ujiuu Wanhlu on hsrs greatly subsided, but Ueu. Soon ooulinues his Uiejuurtof dsfels-e. linrttl,iuon abuwi tlutt the actual aiuonutef niisieysel-idslNawOileaus is ubout $i)KI0O), ex climb e of Ibe .alue oi m ich'in ly nad Mint, lilt UllereJ tbst Ibis sel -ur v, is n.a.la iiiin lhe mii gestlun of tbe cou-pi at.iis i.i V ut nuiluu. Ills aUUd lint lb Vnrin.t ilu-tval. a In the Wuabbujloo Uumiallo wl' I.- nan t lbs mpulliy of the Coiilo In all Ibe term ry '.rtetllvr t be ac quired, aa well as In that I 'd by lbs I n.iel tttetes, In older, tbey aa;-, n t lhe pirM'U aeule msul may aland fortver, 1 be Waahlugt m nil res) i leut .' tlis 7 i.u com. niuultwtea tbe fullHwing : IV'BB, the i bUli'f lbo cos, t s.uv..y pxr'y, anl llrintBixiN, his aiielatint, wbo weie oa Lmiwrd toe aiiivcyinr ncbotiuir wbleh wis seUtd, smue tuns snwe, by lie aevtvilunls', near Xtu A'i,:u.luis, S toilet i, lljmrtHl tbimielves tielty, itl l coo,t surMy .bie,suil guv iino pailluuUrs nf ie se urn anu .sn-ipie l itiiSfe ol me let-sl. Ill-x on ittiiiMiir miii, ti i,n 'i, ,SH Ml 'i a.-., ii fom.d tl.tiatl .a,ne-' i te ii li - ttiej . ,. la, it tuld ll.ein ti llil.'u ,., i ii up w.a -eiii li,' ij t I lUlnml to ,-. un in "tin lila umt tuciil!!' ua so, 1 i ,i lerset i .n! i i pint.. I '. ,. ioi'I na f ' .' 1 . Kll i .' . 1N.i-.Ii. . I It. I .ry. i i . I- .-..!, , ll li I II , I I ,.! . il' I ' it, i , 'pf I l I ' ' I IH' Tr.. f i- ULi. I i ut tine to i, i S i v. I.. I kt Ol i I it e.ll I '..n. 4 t- ' t I ue vs. . i. ., . ih, . ', .rt ... I , '.I I . il I II i ii a i ' vt. ei . e'r l .. . il . c t . ,o .' ! I e.,i.ul ' ' r r. u n fai'nr I I l i t i ae i 1 1 1, ,vi ', e, mi 1 ttoi 1 1 itl- I . 'iSul, Ihev Lai. llf to t irtived he-e lilt' i .. to! uS' V but bail her aoverelutf i Uip y litodad over iu Inn, I. lie (Mr. Jmiiaosj llt.u imvl holt ins firai ailltleot reaeti'lt I I, 'itautna, ''Unruing, that it wtl rxiticit, thall.y Ih'i eiuvevarae of a'ilule J iris (litl.nt and r iclxa lo in. fated bHUM l the! l.r.'t.ity ann a,. i -n'V, lan. a-n . lureytd bi ll e l. , e ,f It I I '1 1l..e. T en lh- lls'lltor fun 1 l't' . I'lli J-0 ti' r."H I' .-f tl wi.n.ir-ii i.fto l.oi'-t. h.ii'I.efM . J i s .so, t a' tniti lii.i mi t Mn. A -v inr iti,. o.. k.soI ex 4ite.l ), l,el I - Unln ' .m. "II y "1 liaie t.ara lo -let, p eptt't. I. sned them iiw." Whal I li-lfitl .vl.i, Was thtre any wtot g wit.t, ii Mia bt'ti-- if hasr OrtfnnH, Ki-lilmay, al l.iHik. to 11 'I, atinils u.ni baity, and Ieruiee-H, w is tie v. .1, will eland Willi K nlilt'tty, weal if I e '. p, aial aavftl tbal city from rAoaenll 111 t tli' el' i pnrti-l.oil bas al e had for ail'r 1 I . I'oS ut I er witsigf Tneai wbiTe are tlv wo rcs v i i lily l.iliaiMit in lesving lite u.tv, i Hi aa.l ll -i tins rem tnlt.l l.lm .! il.a i' In. a a-ld Ibelr K I.K 1.1,'. who g -t d . I and t"k Kmil rlo, w eo lajgsn W ilst'B, I .. ui H.i. Hi I 'ami n la, I Kunr if.cl. now, ant 1, .'ci-u-l a will lave llnivhtu tbi'lnnke heavy aoir.,piia. tn ns f.r war. There waa a lar.es p-itioiof p-u.tls wl... Ibn.k thai line bare la-en a-ft. iains, and Ibal a-n,rlLlng ot;bl to lit dolts - but tbete waaau.itberattt, wu'i ara sftabl Ibal tujnijllilag n.ay l-e dune fur rrvatci llnton. He ej v,led In ll ebnusul fn''iiref of M1 refen-lng to Ibe Ifttl ton! Omvenitoit, atel aaylug Dial no attle bad a rlxhl to wiindiaw ir.in ine union, ana mat reaiaUue aKalnfit the laws was treason. Trearoa oiikIiI to I piitilsbrd Nif'l aud B mis, aial IflberearolraVus. tbey abmild 1,a eutilled In tratlura tewaid. (Aiilauae ) lien dlbslBxilb Carolina early bail a prejudlee aa'ual a forum, ntetil 1y the pe-tple, and litsl aeceaiitoa was no new tblrig in Ibal state, lis referred to lb early history of boulb Carolina, woo i' timed al one ttuis, thai tb, j war rf atly to go back un ler lee daailuiun of King liac'Mo'. He read aaerldreas of Ibe people of Chatli'Vou lo King llsaoe, 17oO. saying tbal tbey never liiletidiU to itiaaolve Ibal tiniuo, laiteaiiug tbealiuggleof li.de-euduee, pru6aialuf aTialiuu and rial lor Ibal llovrrnmsnl, the King, Ae Ac. Us tben referre-t to tbe attS'U-t to break up tbe gosernineut ta 1K33, by B ruin Croltnt. Tuey wer reetratntd aud Ibelr pride bueablsd, atl meu wbo speak In tbeir C-ovetiUons now say tbst t'u-y has had au iutetitliaalodiaaolv the L'uton fi.r forty years, Tbe quralloa now ia, are Ih other stale goin soalluiv IberofleJmjaW b precipitated Into ruiu by S tilth Carolina f AU 8 mtn CaroJIoa warns o'lbe more ttottham alatea Is men and money, lis aald he hail somttlmes tiioug.it BJUtti G irullna an 1 MasjatcbuaeAU nal lo tat In-al sn-(ether, and taken WaoiiHiilar on plao. wli-oelittisaiklb waabod lir Ike wavea aad cooled by tt w t-.lt till th reel of ll-e state were ready In ItUe liiein btck. Ilelhsa natdfiou lb orlu.uio of Virglaia sdo,iig lbs coiulitiilii-u, sbo-in-( leutt tbsre were no reservations or conatltloua, aid, t-Vtiu If there bad beesi, fpvulb Carolina was not ait tied to profit by tbem, as B ntth C tnillna adoitsea th cnnslltu ticsi bilors Vtrgutl earn la. Whan Alabama cams Into Hi I'niun, they ailopvad tlis ordiauue of aduiiaaiou, wbieh sa)-s this ordinance ta heruby de clarea irrevicable, without tb ooiueal ot th rtftlee. lie Ibin referred to Louisiana, srofesalng. In her orumaiao oi secession, n navsanearav right lo control the navigation of the Misalns p4d riv.r, aial denied am b right. He gave way fir a ntiHIon to adji urn. Tbe I'realseitl tiTs,nitid a ninaaage from t'l l'tlsldcUt of Ibe Lulled Hlatea, aluliuaT tbst he bad lueivcd flout Ibe tluvainur ot K-vilucky teailu t ..ns uuikina sppli, atl.Mi w Congreas ii call a C u venliru to oreai ut amend meuU lo ths C ualltutlon. Ha said It afforded him ft-rtat plstettra to erlorni tola duly, aial fell itmf. Hut thtt C ttireei would not wilb careful cimaiAt ration, 1 wolch the teat lultoits are si tilled, on account of tbe patriotic auuic fiout wbbhlbey proceed, as wall as tho gnat in an lance of lheaulu;ect. Ltidoultie tabic. Aojuuiued. llouae of Itrpreaeutailves. Mr. Tatt'S (l.v) sent to the Clerk's lib's tUs laitiialana uttltnuue of seoearilua, which waa lead. lie aaid Ibe act, which ll wsa bis ptirjioie lo ier fi.i ut, of wilhtlrawlns ftotu Ihls eaaetnhlage, in iiImv d eeietu Ibe willol thi,eopleor tliaUle, Wisotts of tiiiord iwiy taiumence Th ataitacie waa mw exhttatfd is aieiagtbe reta-eaentstivesof tbestit'ai, deli-Kntlou alter ileleMallnn, withdrawing fmiu ths leKlalAtive asaen lily of the country, tl'atiue 1 ucder Pn'Vidi iter to lie lee greatest tbe wurld has ever sea u. , waa bis solemn cotiviutli'ii ill it II every Mis ol the iiieatmice re.aiiud by lb Cotmiitteo of Tilrly threv weieiitl"pt I uaanttuoiitly tiy Uitb II inte-uf Ctsigteas, it won d pnaluos uo ttf ,1 ia realsling the lurreul sweeping al.ie after stata fnnu t'iseiii ftdsracy. If Ibe tiuion was lit be restored t-t Its lul liter cor.u.iiiiu,!! n,u.s oe oy i ousiiiittionai atueiwi Uiflls. If wecaunia.darr, Wether lu uully, let lti, like tbe patriarchs l.or sill AliRtHis, ieace li y sipniste. While be fuund no wan ant la the t'i naliliiltou for eeeesalun, he utalbtalitcil IherlgVt if rt vtilnliou, wliich bad hen ricerntreil by aol- raiu a,u tntviiju an tue uepaiiuisut ol g,vern iiierit, Meaara. MiKkax (SV) and BrASTox fO'tlo), sevtrally iitteirtipted the cen'lentan, rtlahir Ibe p.rtui tbal tie waa not counuing aiuieeir lo a mei eraiSiiil esplaiutllon. Mr. Hot emit (.i.) said hlscsllisgns was mik ing blaluc; ajtiih bete, aud certainly ll was not tat liln 'u tnierrti4 bint. Mr, Taiuiu said Ihoa who rem tin bete will buie au t pt itt.Uty to rq ly to LU teutaiks,iftbey deal re l do so. m Us prociaHtd b show that coercive msisurrs shoti d not lai employetl, aitd lhal Ibe nianut -turer itnir-l d, la'ttd upoutli B .uih for supplies of cotton. All Ih wur d besldo carui.it produoe as much of tlial ronlealal as aaiiut'e toouty in Aikautas. 11 waanc only pioper Tor tbe tmereets of Irale, but fortLa ixtmfoit aud happluess of the nttasof the Irileaiid niank.utl tbal if tarxiantiton tstotak I'tnce, it should be peacralile. Tomorrow, probably, kiaitbrr stats will go out is ths L'nUnu It the army shall be used In the effort to taks poaasaion ia" auy (atrtlon is the South, even lbs Isrrllory, aud If the navy shall be u-ed to blockade any aouihern port, he would tall the gentleman It would lie an act of war aud from Ihut would lea,t the firm nationality ol Its Heatlbcru people. Mr. Biiaita, (N.Y.)-As tbs eutleun ladis poat d lo disciuai ibe ipisalusi of w ar and pease, ant as be dlsntuwts every question with signal a'nlily, I desire to luipilre of ti un if a blockade be an a, t of wae, whether In bis Judgment war has col already la en Initialed by the missiles uf a yet mire ag grtranvethaisctfr, naiuely, lbo se. sum of IDs toll id 8-aiea tuts, of a publio vessel of wtrof ths I niu d Butiw and lb aullstio of Ibe in nt an 1 th public untiles of the t'ulud B ales. Tost il ihls I so llieiiatnut Ibe uicaisures of lbet,ivs niuentof wlilchhehaiepikeu, esteutlally tUfeu-uvs In trie -rbsta.tir, uul rruilrrid Imperaiiv ui.ta it e peop'i atat tl.o i-eivi.renieut ot the t'o teil it , a. lu onitiic-tioittiftiti-ir oipnirr, their rUb's 1 1 1 tioli bouor. Mi. Tl' liplii'J-Wneu 0 Mrial cams tu ft' lucr, at. ' it v. ts tnitni.ttkwible a pt.'ion u.' t'.a iiuilfii pi utile weie under lb lull.i-ncs 'i wist On cMKiivttl itls a,rirtMi oil ou their lUbti. and niidcr tha tnllnsuce iif appiehenslon as otrefniiiie, ajtlaSerbasrlng on the fikirnf las llutaesnlitie 8. nilaewiijion IbreaUiie't satslnst ilieir lii.1.1 .' lean ill it, an I Ilia duty nf holillnj lulu In al iieeii'ie. Imt, awl ea t-ediK-ui- them t. a ii. it i i. ,vt. n , ii ,i t , 1,1, h the people lifatt'i , i 1 1 oi ar ' t , t ( Iivl.auiw , ii. i,-al i.i i a i ., ti i i i-i , r. fader ii ei.i-iu i., i ,. t'l, p 'pititttas- -I'li'e t-in rv ii iu i t it' 1 1 .alt luaeof i.tiltta-ltitii , it a t, I i t itiily a tti ' I..-I wer tili.l. n - r i il , cut (.rtnet'U .aa'icfreslrtln in'ihoui i , i o i In i -t, o it rJ(.! nt hueiil In-ta-teia. t ii.-iiitu o iron b . : ina.ls use of fr lie ajrae ti ,s ta , nu .t tig ao euouatruus a d.a' Lime, M'.liii'iK- . (S. V ) raited ll. pomt of nrdsr II at by Ibe aliuw tmoflUsg illletuiit, wbowaittit i Itiril tail of tills II "llaa, ll' is IMilillliN; h- ,e r.nie nf Milaaiil in ai-y oi His I a tl JJl.tei, UV ni ui 1 1 1 Miiuiislv Mr J iu iVan-iaxsfN V ) b 1 1 m!tiix aim lata itt lua Ifi'well w 11 u n Ue luljitt.t t ! Me. Tati. tit raie-a'i 1 1 ml nl t I -t altuk on lia ho ,l , f people tbie a'lU font ' t.i t'ie re UC tealo'l V'l'i-ili, Ni'th l-iri.!i, Tt'iutM-ee uud M uiri.iiiil trit.i war will tea t't, is Ilka if' i ii .t.ii .ta ml .iioirl. a-. stwiB t c. In jii t until faiaat'tt Mr. novutar, fUJ aksd the pfltllsr of making aa SfpUnaUun. B aaid thai, natal few soomsst- say, b was la a sjlnllar position with bl eolleagn. II had received no offlotal Infbrmallon than an rdlnano of sec i art on had been passll by Lonls-bvoa. As to Ih enventton, h wsoolslect4bylb,od bad noshing to do with ibstr action. II ahonld not tharsTbre obey tbelr Inairunloni. Bom of th (niton tn of that txdy wer hi personal and lnslmal friend. lis thought dlsc'mrtry had been exerelsed towards blmlnn. aetaling bias a cpyof lb ordinance. II would lhre"nrepsynoatteutlno lo It nntll ha Itcelvcd official nolle f II peaasg. (applause). Anothtr rtavasi oHnplleit him t differ with lb Betulnrsand lt"presentatlvwfrem that state. II wsa Ih only Msmbrr of Caru slet-tad th-re-fnsn as an American t'm-vt taaa, and to tbla prin ciple he aboutd t-ttml forvv. ftiplaaae.) Vrben I cam her, b silled, I t"V aa slh t4 main tain the Unsaatiluti. n of ine Un led Huttas. Wnst bas thai meet f Da-all ta tosan In nntoa of th Slates T I d.Nii, If I .in lets tn I II tii-ht. Ily the! oath t sai rand. wrn. ver Instructed by my laimeolateo-t-llu-lit-, aial sV-l lilhem to with diawBiyself "Von, this Ilatie, luatr wishes shall be compiled witn aaaanaa I recsavs lb Informa tion. I shall, however, ix isily withdraw but ra a gn my aeal. After I do ao, 1 shall eunltuu to las a t'oliai tuan, and aiaad tualiar tb flag of the ooun try that gave me hlrtb, lrog conUnueil applati. outhe floor ami In lb galleries, Intermingled with cries of "good." Tb Ilu'ia tban A OTiirsed In th action nf 11 Otntuliue of tbe Whole im tbefluttaof lis t'lilon onthe BaiatU's atnendin!nti lo in difiieney bl'l, rejeclmf lb ChlrlquI amendment by 4 J aiainal I'.'l.au'lagreslng to an apiaiaprlatlsa of II3S.000 f r tl e pun-haae of Waa nn.L'a e.ubllabment for a Oovrnmm printing 0111. by si agtlnnl CT, Mr. llmmeN ftrk ) a.l.l I i.at h had bxu wit lm for epprepriailcna 1.1 bankropt ins lieas iry.but as tbei wsa a Utile too uiuh raacaallly InlbU pnp ositian, be voted no. Mr. Cnit.i fMJ tntrodu-ed a Joint res-ilnilon, I'tuvldlnK for tbe leooveiy nf certain stuleu Indian 'mis. Uefsned to th seloct committee ou tbal sitl'lect. Mr Cai rax ftrvLl called un his bill, authnrlrlntf tbel'oalinaetrr (lansrsl to stlefMStd poatal faeilltae In autea wLers olsttaclea are Inter pta-cd. Mr. Ilsa.ai 11 (N. C ) opgaaintl Ih bill. Th P aitmaater ij.sieral a1te.nl has th piwer to dianiittln'ie th laws In such case. When the laws cannot la enforced. II would be tun euouh ! c.aialder auco a mcaaU' aa tbal ivw perallng. Wemuat tber adm'l that the encode-Petit, a are tn or out o t-eL'nlnn. lfthlsliill c.Hisiilrs tlteni in 1 1 I'nio-i. lh,m it Is a moat In jurious set to Ubdrsw from Ibam tbe poet tl l-twa. If, however, It ax, to at knowledge that Iheaa sat are out of Hie I n on, t'in be had no o'tjactioa to the bill, II knew of m, Iflvr way of a. kn iw'edg liiir the iiiileta tifteia e of tbiae atataia than by with diaw ng fxum tbeui tbe JmaUl beueDls of the gov-eittutei.t. Mr. Bmai.f tX Y) sdvoratM th tap, which was liol a coeiclve so-hm.Ioo. Itsin.ply amtatri. trd to tMe--usis ni.u,' tht oieraiiou nf a law, the eafon tnient of whb h la ltnpo-s,ible lIsw011M0.ni' fine tbe govm men! atrltl'y aial aafar as posaib e, to ecrhuaiva liusof atlity, ami dafcnl tbe ptilslc ;o;e-Tty from loeltat sa or ellmiipl 01 c'ti-rciiiU from any quart.r.wt.etlirr fnsti tt e sueet'd aitlas,,or al aaaea tbey utny seek elaewbete Wtieieve Ibatli 1,1 tlie collnlry timid nut go l-baat t ta llioi te.1, be ami d let1 trtwltbe laoperty of tha t'mtoel Blalea in i n f f) leans m nl was rati s.fa ftom sptlia I , aial ,r I, ai altna wtd Imitate tbe Mlball poll- . how couiu ids maiis au 1 Uiepe..ni ty t 1 , . atitl th cliepelche of tbe ir 'vera n . . I .- . 1 1 ' -ted wilb'.n lb same Jurtsitiiiiou? T i...ie tim-, power In tl'e soeeiled slalna to poH-i-t t loai -. "ol pun'ah f.ir larcenies tbereuf, tbe 1 '! a I . ta htviLff teasel. M ilioaax f Atk ) wimiaxl the gtsillrmaa to expla'a the Isle protenllruta In N' w Ywrk, tbe rulblngand pillaging of aouthetn u.au. Mr. ticKi.u rejilieil, be bail yet It lesm tbal the arms aelrttl Iheie belooged to aaulbern lm It. iflclslmstil lad apared fur litem SiXia I it To. 'a its st nt adlapatth to May.ir VYcsitio us suhjee-t, of aa extraordinary charatler, so which Mayor Wtatn sent a reply equally a 1 leaned in try. irbe'riKi.r)badhocn the Mayor of Nw Vurk, I. would have sent Senator Twosas a different an swer 1 eaa lally in view of tbe eling anl menai e al the latUian of ths dlfpatch, aud becausa be (Tonusa) told tbe Miyor that "It waa lmairvutl to kwiw tbe loyally of New York to southern rights.' IIS (itinaini) should Dot have received that Insult. Had h len Mayor, be should has sent back tbla answer, namely " There la no Ilnrormatlon aa lo whether or not these arms wsro to b used In n Inaiirreclhm of th cbantcler tlisl Joiia BaowN initiated, or of th character wbhb the state of Georgia loltiateil when, beftre her aeceeslno shs seised our forts an I arseaxls, but In either event -to prevent aa Insurrection fur tbe aakeoftbepublle peael aelsed and held th anna.' f Appleuaa ) Th aeceatnl atates war wilb lng tlutt tb I'nltavl But shsult pay for their piartal service, but vrould allow tb onllectioa of ns rs venue In aid of that object. Tb morning hour her expired. Tb cooaldsralloa of th report of th Cnrandlt of Thirly-three was resrumeg. Mr, lipoma (ltd ) Iraoavt ih history of Ik causa

which 1I lo th I'liaasat dlflinillls, th pta-amottnl one being tbe leetlon of a Praatdsot on a asrtetly rsognpblcsl and aedlonal Issue, repressntlngjrln elpls lioalll to tbe right said loureeu of th Booth. He ad vocAUd tha propositions s areasno able laala of adjustment. Tbe House picaed Mr, Bri-rmn'a (Ohio) resolu tion about oxtemting tbe lim before tbe Oummt eitmer of ratents, lo take teaxlmooy sgatnsl Ibe x tenalim of MoCta-attcVs reaping machine patent. Receaa from from 4 till I I, ti. Ia Ibe evtnlng sesalen, Mr. Moots fKy ) mads an antl-accemlon speech, aud Mr, Trauai. (Ohio gsvo tbe riaM'tts whyh would nut vut for th Cairrraiiirti proawltiu-ia. M:V YOltK IJItlLSI.ATI'Ul' Senate, Albany, Vo. 5. The Senate took up tbo readiitiutispiorf -rrlng to tbe General Qovetumenl tlieeuCorvamiiit of lhe slat forth United 8tale dijawit fuid lu uae in tbe state. Mr. M taiiiu mo (d its teferenc to th Financ Con ntit'ce. Mr lltatmNr moved to refer Iheni to a e)ecal coniotHlee of three. J. M LKoiiMtai'iiv readalstler from dsn. pix, urglisr ILe aia-eily udupttonof the reaolutlona. A dabote eiutueil, Mr. Bi-imola opposing any la struelious lo the conr nilltee, aial the iMHolutloiis wire eMiitually refer, ed lo Ui Comuduic on 1' nance. Me. Mamkbxr proaer.ted a numerously si -nad laHil ontnfavnr of the submlssiou of the Cxutxx lim t'ii mnitaa to the a-op!e. Mr. MiM'asa iutitaluced a bill t-t protl.l.' tlutt let IneiiraiHi. ii'itia.ny be organise 1 In New Y 11 k or Kuie'e tl tmly, with leas than .'aai.Uisj capttai. lbs VlrtjLuiacjLniljaluu reeulutiuus were takeu up. Mr. ito-xTaOMmv offered an atueadmsnt express ing wriiugifas lo unils with the !,-ielature of irglniauud ether r-Ulee Lu au a4 oattun for a ontivtiil'on to saaeinble at an early dty, itrojejslu aiuaitdtuciili to the C maiilulioa fur ral.fiiatiou by lhe ta Velal atatea. Tbe lull was read a third time, aad hut by 'J ti IT. le.pitilng tw.lblnta of tit ittemla-ta toxss it. A uifU.tt to ieoous.dcr waa laid on the tabic. Th Woatlaa-raTi 0gvesis. Montgomery, AlaFtl. BeDuring thrrbv cussina ladey on th adoption of rule, Aitx. II. Bnrniura, aald tbal th mis wer mad on la prlsdpl that ws ar a Congr of aovsreign and lbde endent stale and must vois aa atstes, rending a dlaruaslon est th adoption of th reso lutions, providing for the sppolntmaot of a Com ttiltle to report form of Provisional Uovcrauient, tb Congies went into secret seaaton. From Waahlnalon. n'nJU-iatVm, tlb. 5. F.r 1'resMent Trt r.n on taking tbe realr balay as th presiding orfiesr of threaeCivrntlon,deUrered an address which la euloglreel by those who beard It a highly pa trlrxto and enuclllalory In its character. Th pro ceedings weis chiefly confined to an txpreaaion of views In a aotnewhat rxrnvereatlenal way, A eoma.itic of Mew York tnerchaut ami other from that city ar now bsrs to oppos th MonriU tariff HU, prilclpally na account of tit feature In It prsposlag lo iou.lify th warehousing salem. Tbs tellers to count lit vols for President aad Vic Pieldent tomorrow wrrk lu tbe Joint meeting of th twolliusc, are Mr, TaoMsvi.Lon th pa-1 eft! Semite, and Mr. WisiititlsS, of Illinois, and Mr, Pun ra, of Mlsaourl, on th part of th Uoum. Bsverat Alalatnia rostmiaters have decline 1 ta ret.der tbelr acomints, saying lhi4 they will await th action of their aval. Additional evidence continue tn be reoelvd tl at private correspondent Is violated la th South. Ca ix'na Smart, I.AVALrrra ami row si.l, bar be tn appointed aa a court of lu'pilry al th ropiest of Csptstti Asotitso-io, to Isveatigst tit circum stance attending tb aurreuder of th Panaaoola navy yard. Tu court w.d meet on t'rtdey next. CumroaniUr WalKra 14 ti be court martUl'ed for acting contrary to orders In bringing the atureahlp Bufp'y ,0 New York, In, fad of proced -rig to Ver Vrus, wltu pn'Vts out lor tnestuaaroa. gerreury of Slit" III ack ws -.ijay nnialnt'ed I tba PiTiiLe, aa aes a'txte Juitlce or lbs rt tprame (kinx. In p'ae of IHxuri.. ttecevavl, aul J,. mm Pmras )u4uct Ju'ateof K es. T eOirrs'iues wb u 1 t" ,d 1 ' n ' tnt real slttce toe aecsalo'i .f I. u . tut 1 . 1 'i (anet- asudln las B ipie'ti. Court t- oest il iy, lloeti I raaacoliu .Vets Cb.Vni. t'rb, 4. l'sruacoU ahicel of UteSd ar ! e t(al. A truce h ui I eon concluded between Lieut. SLrai-aimaodthea'-te fm-res. The M -a- Ipplau wet to leave fur bom I to day lie A'al s ea trearps reus n until relieved. Pn-ia I tiorirat. 0O'lrn . S, U . t'-h, . Them Is no truth vil.ateur 111 tia tsUMO.aut, that fort Bumler Las been relrafurced. I.verjtk og Is qilltt her. V'othlnj of Isttreet Is trans-.il lng. rrtinsalvnala aad Tlri-ibln. KiirrUhnrg, Pit., lb. 5. Governor Crnnf haanderid aaa'ute of thlrty-fuur guns to be fired In hcsiorof Virginia. Mr. Biiatira off, rail reso'ttt'ons congTatnlatery of Virgin In the House UuigbL Laid over uudsr tlteiu'e. - Tbe rw Orlran Caatosn Iloaara I'Luritlf, lib, I. Tbe New Orleans Custom Houre refuse to de'lver foreign good to LouUvlll Importers unlsr the UmlsvlUe Surveyor will grant caocellliigceitifl, ls tor tb good ur tb dalles tbtrtoit be paid at New Otleaua. TLe v-nocraf, Duugla newspaper, bolated th National Hag over Its t.flic today, aViw Oi UanM, l b. B. Tb Custom II rue opnd yeaterday fur buaineaa, under th Uuverafheni of Louiaiana. Ttse Tlrbxb Elea-lUsu ifu-sainoron, t'tb. 8. siov. Wr Is reported to tat elected delegate to tb Ounveullon from lMn-, cetas Anne rntinty. tuAtnerid, la, frb. B A Urge portion of the dob-gate elected to Ih Su Couiealion are called CtilunlstM, but very few of tbem are atibmtseien'eie. Tee question of referring th action of lb Cuo- veution to tb la-opl 1 doubtlea oatrisd, Trx-auv -Vrte Orbwna, rib. B A rumor reached this oily, jsaleidty, that tb Texaa BUI Couventlon had auaw d an ordinanc of aeceaalon, by a vule of I'll lo 0; and-lbat tbaenllnMiit In atvorof uniting Texaa to the B'.utbtra ConftdoracJ, waa largely In th sacCLdant. Anr Orleans, Feb. 4. Austin, (Texas,) datei of Ih Sfith ultiuto, atrereived. (lavernoe UocsTow bad sent In a meeaiag 10 Ibe Texas Legislature, coudetuutng Ibe reautuibuot ad opted by tb I,egilatur of the state of Nsw Yuik, teodi rliui men aud money to lb Faleral govern nunt to coerce the Btutbrm st-tle. 11a txpreased tbe hopa Ibal the people of Tn is would act a a unit in defeure of tbelr rights. Tbe rtsolutlou ! submit the ordinance of seces elm to the 1 opl had beeu lust. The llouae bad Istsaed a bill eatabllshlng patrol throughout tb state. The State Convention had passed a military Ml), piovldittg f ,r two new regiment, one of artillery and the ther of Infantry, to couslat In all f about 1 eouiueu. A'en OiU-mt, Feb. 4. The Texas Conven tion met al Au-ain ou tbe isth. N lmrtant bust tas bad la-en trantiacled at Ibe dale of our advices, latt it was believed the aeceaat.si ordinance would la. aul mittetl to the e ple ou tbe Jnth Inst., aad a new txxiveullon be called to assemble on tbe 3d of Maich. The iTouaa rewdutlon givlrg the govemuient aata I on tu the cotiitnllon had paaaed the Senate, by avutetf it to 5. Demtf f Itv. Mrbala Manray. aVcvart, t'tb, . Th Br. MicnotAs Mtm sar. D. D , th wall known Eu-waa, died tssl waning at b I rwldsno In Klliabsth, of a diss of th heart II wa a prominent man la th Old School rresl-yterian Church, and past r of th first church In Kllraleih tar many year. ntar-rvptlkCKraila ft Pas OfaVfta trJwauLU, y,b. 6, IV.slmsjtter 8rgr.vr.it, of tbla city, ha been rsmove.1 oa account of a an discrepancies In bis soyroax. Mr. D. M. H01L, Special Agent of tha l fatiXiiistit, ha aasumsl Ih eluLea of tb offic lor tit present. The) Atnlenaan Cause roTonft, Ib, (.In tha Axn-tiwo ma preoedeta kaa been given so lb Canadian over lb rjur'lah writ of htal corpus. The cas will b argued oa Friday beor th Court of Coouraun l'lsas. J AsnemUy, At U noon. In aecor.laac with th lew, th As. sentbly protxede,l to nominal a candidal fur elen. turn lo Uie I oited Stales Senate, la plac of Mr. W. II. Bint aiu. Me. ls lllisis, of Altvxny, wss itonilnttel by all Ilia R tilitillcans, exci-jH Msaars. ANinnav. Fun t Kutui and Kit a, abaeut) and 1'srjiiiiuiuUT, nul votmi. Mr. I tin mo jtrvuoca, ofOnal.lt, wss nomlutted by all tie Daiotvtau. excel I Maaars. Coiam. not xotlrr! and I.nan, llnaii. and Woonaur, abtwut. Fur IlAtiuis, W: for briaics. 31. ll.e llisis then luHatuated Meearr. Kiias W. LVAVRatsoTeni and J. Causon llnrvratST. fur Hagents or ths I'nlvervlty, lu plaesuf Oavib Beau, aial Qto. II. CntsviX; lb Demociallo Vol baiug can fur Ja SKuuii W. t'l uu i.v us aud Joux D. WiLUiait. Tb two Ilouat-a then mat la Joint seaaton, ant the notutnatious lieing fuund bi agree, Isa lUaxu wa declared duVy elected to the t'o'tet rtutlts a,n ate, andLrAKSKOXiuaud UaivouXT, Itsgeutat of Ibe I'nlieislty. Mr, TnruiKa, Iry unanimous consent, reported, at twenty minute to 1 uVl.a-k, a bill for the relief of Hi sun, ring peopl of Kxnaaa, Mr. CAur read a lele-rraphle dispatch, first r-. cetvrd from TuAOtisr Uvatt, Imploring aid to ths starving -xcpl of "Causes, saying that faO.ooo pea pte bav anW a txiunly between thetasttvss and dealh. Tbe bill appropriate $100.0CO, to he Imme diately paid out of lb treasury, for th pun. has of food aid tb payment of traniepoctallon. Mr. Krtsan desired th bill to ll ou day, a It made no provisions fur proper car or outlay of th mousy. After a protest ted session the resolutions on the Virginia pmjos tiuo was arueu led, by adding the nainee of Mr. Jnun A. Krxo and Usaeral Wool to tb Comiijiualorans, aad istsaed bv 1 to 11. latbevourse nf delate, Mr. IIammo-iu mad a speech lu favor of a sepaiaiiua of lb L'nloa Into two i-anlrclciactes, se that in the Northern Confederacy tbe curse of slavery might be fur ever excluded, and 1101110114" afuuutepuf a Slav sver disgrace tl aut I II. w 1 replied toby Meesrs. Cot vn and Brixoia Ibe iMlnr is wbian (lenoiincext ht aieeoh aa tbe ntt at dialoyal and iuceudUry ever uueiecl In tu Slat bsta.t. The Virginia Conference. Wuih'my'vn, tl. 0. Tbo Virginia Confer rise le aa-tiubled Ihta morning. Tbepriaaadiugs werl ojieuod with prayer by ltei. lit Olstsr. The l' iiuiuiilee on Orgaalssallun rrpirlsd ex l'n sttli'ut 1 vi sa for President. A ruHoltiiiori was adopted to ccntlnii th fnlir seaaiun with cioaed doors. 11 wol be iiupoatibletuobtalu a rqxirt of the p.o e eeiiitaa. Ia)aUiana ,'nf Orltont, ',(. d. Tbe convention to-day epiai'Dted a oomutlttee tit adopt a flag. A reaoliilliai waa offerred that the Couveullun shall net cn-udder itself a legislallvs lady except f.tc tbe parih ular purjvae for which It was called It'g.tbtr. Tbe ttpinse of tbe convention ware ststr I at JliMSSI ar week, aud a proposition was niflsti tdj. orntLe tiutrtutiun aa auon as imastule, aut re lined, I'nloM dlfv-tiuaT In Hasten. im'., hb. .'. The Unliii Moctln - It Ian. nil l, I t-lny I. im fully aiienled. Mtvr "A ,1 tats 1'-,' ed iho lilel'ri "id- , a'lt J il' Airi I'l-l'lllillUWUI'f: 1-JI, Ivlaaraarhaaetu laT-glahilore lloitim, f'tb, 6. Tbe House passed thn re-' solve fur the epjtuliilioml of rjommisaioners lo Ih Weahinfiton C-iuventlon thbt ftruoun. tn ooucur-leia-e, and (lov. Anihaiw bat sppulnted Joua 11. ti.aiLaiiu of Btakhrtdiiei Ciiaxiia An , of Wor ca'er;tiasuia8. Il-cxwtnj, of Urotun; M 1'otnis, of Miltun; Kreaxi'i 11. CaowHiaauisi n, of 0-mii.si; Tiisisxiu us P. CiiAxnixa. of llrouklinei and Kiua axii P. Waiiss, of llavecly as Commissioners. frlaalclpal Ilcctlona. ?oci(rT, t'tb, 5. Tb cntlr Democratto tli1.!: waa elstledat ibe cbirter eleition,ln Pal myra, yealeiday, by from SO to 49 majority, .'tAt-'uim'iOin, jVb. B At the charier election, 11. li, Hsntos, lumocral, was elertect Pieatdent ver KmiMtus, Kepubllcan, by 100 raxjurily. I'liitr lieitaaiallc and two 11 -publican Aldermen w.rs eli. l,d. Tblity-fiMir guus wer fired by th IHUiiat aautvt luair V ctury. General Telegraph, Tie Pony 1'jspres.t. Fort Kcantfy, Pec, D. Tbe Tony Kxprcit paaaed here at V A. M., with ButPranc.eoo adric of Jarultnh, ll.4'i P.M. Thssltctiou of a(iker of ths AssemVy n th Itch wss enai ted by a coalition UHaresn lb Kapub llcsn and Dorjoijis nemocraU. A simlbu-e liiion will be atteiiiiad to ele, I a Doooucs carat data of n-rrtbem bias V. rt. S'listor. A partion of the llixi trjisinoiand PoctiLAsuiemuenars negatlat tag to oombiu on swu oulhrn UoVtJi-s Ia cral. Th Qovrraor'a messag waa dsllveisd on tha 13lh. Tb prlne-il faster was lb strong ground taken in fsvor of prewsrving tbe i'nion, ami opiltiua to a Pacifio K. public umlt r any clrcumstancs. II argas a peti tioning of emigres to alter tbe easier boundary of California ao a to lak In th Waabu silver re gion. Tb receipt of th Btat Treasury during th iau,lysaxofatisthxpeodltturasby $")J0. A Unlou Hire utt: ts mpoiad at 8 tcra nsnto,whsn all II iwrati.late. let Coital Bates Btuatur Will k culled on to diflu lb r -msttlout. Thfallowint; ,s ooniiilet lbiof a'l lb known xplraote for the 8 natnrahtp 1 Juuea A. M'Dou gal, J. W, llwnvor, llrnu'id Itaudolpb, John Oua nasa, John Curry, John Hoipe.t, J thn Illdarell, J. '.Huge, end Humphrey Or Itlh. O. I.. StafVsi, Wilao Piinl sud I.elaud Uiaitioid bars teen spo ken of 00 th Kepulsiioaa side, and A. M. Q vn vn th ltreckllirldga. hl.ensrs Iruia Cisigreeameu B.101T and Tleacu. ad-. v cat ng a Pat fir Republic, ar published tn a.1 lb leading patrs and severely deuounced. Only Iwj or three elaaxtre eotutlry lisjiers defend or excuse either of the letter. Keeoltitu its have beeu Inteo-lui ed In lhe Benst, dic'arliv t'alilumia la fidelity to lhe I'nion and In pi -ta.il.,, n toll. a aet'ea.ioa ol auy Blue, which It la bellrveit will pate I. Hi. houses by hug aisj trltle. Ju.lj; SiotiiiMir.'a tlecuion cooflmis the new Aluiatien iniia'a, i.. the ilaloiantaai net the United btatrs, with stv, n a-rteneuclls of Immediately sur inuuding land, eccorduiglo the Meilcsn mlu ng laits. llsrejecia tbelr claim lo lures thouaud vatss cgujors recuuUily adjoining lands. Jcnox llotriNA" cooiurre.1 ui lbs decree, hut disseuted trom Mt'All.iMTa In mary points, believing the claimants entitled to mare land. Tb elaimant have entered an appeal. Mining will Immediately la resumed, and lue people of Bant Clara County ltave bad a Jubilee over the prospect ol a return to lbs picarntnij existing ba'nr th mines wer eli el, sud iiuuihcda ol lauurirs deprived of employ, mi nl. " Tbeex'olve warehouaeof tln and Wars, 6sn Praricit-.s oner of California add lltvia atrtets, tn which were alored large qiitnltles of l.quors, rasil'es, provtslista, Ac., wits parva'ly d's InyMl by tea on Ibe uUbi ot toe I'm. Alatul fbi oni wurth iauterhabdiaO waa Ui.ltvycd, wat . ) II allied, frvtaheft af lb Pi The irtof.fhas a s-ocnlulv ar It! en tb ,Jatu!etn"ectof lbs AM'ltsa.'" a.a. . ,andth seeeasion i.ivement,oulbfuturaiil i.o-Mof fjiext Itrltatn, Canada and th Untied f d a-ualtedj States. Shou'd the atle-npt 1 1 make the C tnadian court subordinate to the Kngllah courts, b firmly rsslated, and should lhe llntlsh Oovennaent, by recognising th nsw 8 luthern Confedsracy provok war with Ibis country, Ctnad Would become th Been of hnatillllat, anl Ita Ur-ra trads with th Butnwou'd h destroyed. Umler auch clrcnrn stences, Iha Vorii IhlrJis that Canotla, dlsallafi-d by Ihls alias k on th Indepen lene of her Judges, tulghl prefer to link her deet.ny to ours rstker than submit to suck a blow to her prosperity as would b Inflicted t-y a war with th United Bute especial ly, aa ley the secretion of th slava states, one of lb hitherto chief objections emong lb Cantdlans, to union with ns, would hav bsam removed mtmely, an UDwUHngnen tj b lmpllcste.1 In Ih guilt of sis very." tlut In surveying all aid of tbe ques tion, it may occur to aunt British statesman, that England's trade wlla toe Smtii lsiu.tr Important toberthanauy advxntages she derive from her North American dulon'ea, aud that her beat coura would be to picvdjt. If poaalble, a war between lb North and lb Snub, tJ medial between the to section procuring Into the Nirth th reoognltl.n of sokthem lodependeia e, and arraag aj wllh lb North, In return, forth antexstlon if th piov Inces, with tbe'r conaeut, Tbe rri'-vn attack th recent coxcUlatoty P-areelMmad by Boat r 8f axn, quoting from a raeeh which he mad liouielletely befor Mr. ijKooijt's election, to show that he has sb.11 lon.d ths p)s.ltlon which he occupied on tk slavery n a tlcn, "only fire mouths eg 1." Th arllul reads bk saojieu declaration erf war wam Mr. Sswabii, and tLoae Republicans who sustain hi cunel'latlun view. Tbe Times Is eonft'ctit that M". Ssarasn's s-tee-es-sur tn the Seaale, Judge llisxis, will not en omrags eUosenei.-ns In the party, but will aim to ualte It tn support of Mr, LtxooLs'a admlnlatrstlmi. lb Time alao traces the plans anl operation! of the great conspiracy for thed.aniiti"0 of tbe Utiles, of which C"so, Fuitd, Tnnm-sox, JfrrrxsoN Davis and otbsra, wko held official potations al Waahlagttsi, wer the original, in snd shlef leaders. It eatimates that adding th money raised by I'eoti,' fraduleut accepUucea, the armt sent South hi arm th secessionist, ami th fort sur rendered, tb whole amount of which our Uovern nienlhaabcn dsapolled by this stupendous con spiracy, must equal JlS.fxW.OOO. Th rmte believe thai Ihese robla?rlea and atlture wer planned and exeaited, a much for tha purpose of ggreslon Uma Mexico, as for do-feta-e against noithern coerclun. As s-ioa as the southern army, now firming, Is relieved fioia ths tear of ixajrclou. It will be launched aguUut Mili eu, with Jsrrsasos Davis as its leader. CITY NEWS. HkatCco. Skating still continue (ood, both on th lak at Central Park aad al llHth street, and during resterdy bug number of parson visited each plac. Th ladlss, however, do not ap pear in a great number a they did on om of tb beautifully clear and cold days la th earlier pottloa of th skating season. Umuh.t rem tub West. Fcbrtury Sib. A company of about 10 boy and girls, twenty or phana and duatltut cbUdro, left tb city thi after noon from th Children's Aid Society, under th charge of Mr, II. Fxixpixa. A number ol fine look lng lad from th Newsboys' Lodging nous, ac companied the party. Among tbem were, also, aoapiKr workleg girls, whom tb Society have aaeisted, and a fsw families whom poverty had brought down from good eircumaUnce, and who wer happy to b tided to find employment tn th Wtat Tbey war lu good spirits, uud aullclpat a hoepllabl welcome In th Weal. CfrSirr.n.iT Monet. Latt evening conn, terfeit $i bills, onthelUnk of New Armtteidim, New Yoik, made their anpearanre. Ths nill, m-td a few arreet. The lulls srs pwurly execut ed. New YurtK Tin-ivKBEt Th eleventh an nual ball of th New York Turnvereln eama off un Monday evening last, at the City Assembly It aims, and was a most rte-estaful afftlr. Tbe aaaotnbtnge present embraced a Urge nunls?r of our btatt Ger man citltens, anl they gsv tbem-ielve up entirely to amnaemeul with all the social ardor of their nallouel spirit. Ths hall Itself was d xwrated with American digs and the banner of tb Turavsnln. fto lata Cassatoe4 ftai xtv HeiKsef la -rltw nf tba -riwiant -tit ' "ptoji aad earase-rtstrt dlA-trtsa, arnocg many vrorth-1 tag peocU of thi city, w bav dsts- inliasn, tl c-ntlritjoea,teoraxu"colmaop-J artpleyaoeat, and so offeri of jmpleytap ' -k- .C- - - a I.A MM aenna snao miw u " aw - w th advertising Intersex of a newrpep. W pi-nptw. for tk preasnt, to admit Ml menu relating to employment, at ONt BUI (orONI LINK, tndeavortag o lo arrsng slfy them a to sxpree all thai U really nee tn moat case, within a e.sgU lis. All who can con tries to offsr any kind sf s meul will thus b noourag4 to raavk th known to thoaod Ihey ar many wh b glad of tk maleta) naeaaure of rstlsf. Even (or a very nnlmrortant job, a shlHli well be effcrdod. when It wU bring lo th de very sppUcaiiU who most need It aad will bl willing to do It satisfactorily. Il us-uilly happens that when per- a-sl employment, ea 1 prilled to think of at' for them hog nets and oa th othar hand, as we have anm lilt', Job w could give A remuiiber tb aad entreaty of som fsilow with regret and lb Wiahlhalw knw find him. When rsnploymet.1 1 oanty, It 1 th portent to bring out all there la of It, and to' II as much as poeslbl among th moat need Many, In a time like this, will feel II Usb aad a pleasure to rtau employment fur lb lute, by giving out work whteh they ar ed to do Iherwelvee, or by having aomsxhtr. which Ihey can affird but do net strictly Is evident that I7 oOiring It In th Sv glv It at one to th most ne"Ty and W willbig to work. W would earnestly neommftnd h.isekeej employ a'l the ettra help Ihey can affird time. If tbey have tk means, let them little for th truest charity liberal employ th needy -and so ease their own labor I, be, or make It a llUi easier on waakta. inr lustaaca, to their reg-ilar domestic, bug line In the Bon will tax all trouble I lng fur servants, and bring th vary one - thentaelvee lot king anxloualy fir mlyTrii Ilenevoleut perrm will often fiol that 11 aseiexanr they can render wtll be, to pay fori hilling Inseilniia of the f aa In th Boa, On th other hand, th Unemployed will aided by th accomraodal,uu w offer, tl known their wants and willingness, and alt nolle loth of benevolinu and Mlf-lrileraavV ployera will asm laa Increasing their force, 1' us of tbla cheap facility, It.ls hi-pl, will dot, bring both cbtsa Vgelher and to equine fM fusion of rel.eX. Botrtn or Sitmvixom. At a regular mect-ng yesterday, Bupeiv.aur Luna offsrel a re aulutloa empowering the Committee ou Repair and Supplies t cua any iieceatary repair to be uiad to Bar lata Ilrldg, withuut a repiialtlon belng tlct made to tbe II ard, tbe onst of such rep drs nut ta exceed $1001 auy one lime. Adiplid. 8uiervlaor Bl car oflsred a resolution sulhorlxlnf tb Comrultte oa rrlntlng and Stationery ti ad ver U ae for iroptaj' fur pub'isiiing and advartlalug ao-lii-e, reporte, Ac., ordered by the Hoard to b pub liahed. llefened. A requiaitltsi from th Itwtilct Attorney for addl tlnrutl clerical aaatalaiKe was referred. The follow lug statement of Ih condition of th County Treaauiy was reeaterd and fi'ed i IlalancJaa.tbtli , $401 Ml Tt Itecelpl Sl.lDu U ii.;ot 8j . 7.S.-J Si ,iii. 105 55 Payments Oi'aut Jan. Slat Th amount la altout equally divided between tb Broadway and park llanks. A stalsroem was received from th Financ Do paitaienl, abowing tbal on behalf of the O-iouiy there ha been expended tirlng th past moatn $tO,i;t 114, and tbal that t a Lalaaie of unex pended a pro.s-iallous, aioounting to toJ,(a;i sa. Th Cusamllt ou Annual Taxes rejioitaid In favor of paying bills lor post mortem exunlnatlong during lie past quarter, amounting to $700. Mr. Wntain wbtbed to know bow it wsa that se many imar mortem were bed al U'jtckwsll' Island and Bsllavu Hospital. II thought lhr ought to be som explanation of this. Tb report wa laid over. Supervisor DAVra offjred a rasolutloa nquaatlng tb Comiultlee on annual tsx to ooaslder th pro ptleSy of making ailicatlon to tha Lsglalalur for such amemlmenl of tk law a ahall provida lor tb oollsctlon of taxes at an earlier period In th year. In aeeorsUao with th 1-eoa-ameiaUUoa of Iks Comptroller. Ad 'pled. The Ctxiimitte ou Printing aud Stationary, -porttd sdveraely to paying a bill of Ulna Uro'a, smomialag to tit, for books fumlahl Jon II. MoCcni, City Jodg, without authority from th Hoard. Tb report was adopted. A tail of Wirraoor.UAiijakafK A Co., araount ng to $70, Inr printmg election notices, Ac, wa telused (sarmtut, tk bill not being a legal county ebaige, ' Dy a resorjtlon oflVat by Mr, Ppxav, tha Board tendered ths use of their tbauiber to lh Co art of Aptajala during It next aassUon. Mr. Trxn offered a resolution calling on th Comptroller fir a statement of tb name and nnut liTul rertoii employed in the Bureau o( lbs Col lector of Taxes and A'aeastueuts, an 1 tb aalariii paid this.! under the new law orvaiiislng that lloaid, and alao under tb old law, Adupisd. Tb Uuard adjourned to Ti.ra lay nrxt. Klrra, Arclilenls, Inqarsiia, eVc- lou-.li Ui-tti. Tho boiy of an unWnown man, dresaad as a laborer, was found on Tuesday near pier 31, In th East river, Il was much d. comprx-id and could scarcely he I dsut Had. An ln queat will 1 held upon It by Coruuer Jaokvui, Am rwKKO-v m.vjj, drcsacl at a jailor, was found on Monday nlgbt sick, In 00 of th streets or lbs pirst Ward, aud taken to th 8b4ion Hniae, w tu is r died uua aftsr admlaalon. Cnnierjt' -a iv I lid en lispae", 000 1 t'u. '.sly t l u v, n . , '. alb 'iuiulr.tn 1 'rn. " wnsisLda.. a'i'i'C'lty ,ctts, sCC 1'lllrJ I'll if o (!rRM!f axii rrni.ian Ai.Mtftom til ll-tAlaliJ-STIt-i PII.U I'lT.lrt THE BODY, and alp dlsea-e In the ll exprllt from the body, I th preeat C BORE THROAT COM 18, COBTIVENKrl KUIXMATISMS, thilr I'BK Ql'IfKLY RKa bi alth. hold tt eents per box, si V7 Canal I 4 lulon S mar. Tina hximi tiik racat. rtMri.r inf at usntum-saiiaMnm, mere win laatneafiafitta. and children there Pi aee Ol Aarjsa' Ci J.ferali tb Tat Bea Lion, tnd ths Happy Fsmll. , "Ri-m'i Work. Inbanltitaal IrtalaouM "A voonf man. who re-e nan as-o. li la nna, nnaclua billa at t.ldrava. Illakl aalnt-. firat elaaa aceouatsat, rasa has ntlosA htmt, aesTiaaxTax- L0VE OP STK0XO DTUXa CCU9 DE. UXLS WOHDKBrCL POWVE May be gtvea fanknown to th drinker) la Oofl - a, uu ii-ram n, ti, aaautu av- ti I : Bl acre, i ami IU FultM at, Hmoklm 1 alao at Wg T. MAI rliii-tnr. Perfertlr bsrmlraati earreraic steaj inwmnev, vitKixatnaen risi tu Hrtatd ft, Newark, N. J. raiva -jars ijuujaa. A Ci.ntc cm Tradr. -Fowi.rtB at M No. BOM Broailwar, ean, by aa axaralaatlon of I vsaustttm, ten rou wnat to antlerxaxa, full written desrptlons given dally. PTra-T PATEKT StTUnifK AND MaTMO. VAPtia BATiia. lrC-I.T)N ST.. NIYD-tX. I and No. 0 WlLLOUUUBT BT, BaxOOSLl Thes Bath hav besa la lueo-asaSsl aaaraiVTaB xvatra. ana oavst nvxsi oniisia! SBaTasa Tnea Baths are neerul beoauaa ihr I. fatuallae tke elRulatloo of the blood. 9. KMatabllah luaeoaibl npsxaatlara, a, ptmlnish nervous Ixritavbdujr. A Our all aiaeaaas of la ikla. B. aUawTaneraa4aaSh-iaiaaef aaer-iaT, o. Olv sen to tk oUaatlr orxaas. tOferuaute swelilnas aad otssta-aeAloa. Cxers a oosusost oor-n,nvaa ass aea7X,aaTi balt aaavM, aoss TaaoaVa oaorxv, r-axruiaafi1. BBane- ua9a oissaae R. F. IIiubaro'i "tViu CncRBT Bn-r-1 Better than tbs beat pares- tha Ik pure, seal th beat maU rUlaal ware taasful, saaawlalty till euiecDiea srsaiis,aaa frflrsoa roTnag us s Bakln alow pnaraa I TRY TflE WILD tTIKKT rHTTintsl we would recommend au who are amicted trl M appetltA lalatneaa, pain In the ebeat,or th I Inrideot lo the amina acaaeta take IL P. II HI Wild (.'berry Hitters. It b natures owa rem eanaox tau to lamemi tn lttalteY, an w wlaa a trumpet's voice lo tell all the smlctee where I find this unrivalled Banaeea. Bui as aumaraui have been eracticed of late, and aa no ether wi ry DtiTers is 'Tom sa reoi-,- taaa yoor paysicra tn maj wrerr doctor knows this MUen to purer wiuea. j ra. snrw yoj rairensae rne entr 1 rherry irkten af R. V. niBRARIrS.li! I York, and J. W. UAYU. II Palloa at, aKasXERAIs ItOTICES Tbe ('rtraaaanntlTtt serb-nd. COl (lllrV t'OLPB, RA1KINU BfaOOD, Vi TUK SIU8 AN1 IlKtAur, As. J aurae ana airauar eomptainta ar DM cored Lr 11 YA ITS lulnuinlj, lUU-n, It cured Mr .1. II. Ootsui of pala la ths slJaJ and splttui of blood, after he had bee atlllrl leers and waa reduced t the I art atte of wJ and ennslitered beiond the reach of msdlolol Uodwuiollleelssl No. 114 KlUsbetlt sxrest.1 now In tha en lovniant nf narfaa-t kalta J 1st the sltUeted call and ae him. Depot Saul "ini. tweaaaa yvi twice. At the) Arsnal Ueartlast of Ha New Cltr and Couatr Lbionr lleaiera Prnaaettva 1 held at Ihilr rooms ttbruary 4th, 1401, the lei lleket waa aaaiitmottale elected 1 Prealdeat, 1 Koohe t Pint Vlee-Prealdeat, That. B. Kerr 1 r 1 ho. Cassia 1 Third, J.J. CaUr Tmssarer, ll MulvlhUI 1 Financial Beeretary, l'U,r Iiajtl eoraiue rveeretarr, refer Movoau. Trosttea Heni, Ji.bn Keynolda snd ralward Hare. K xatniminee ,ieun Kasuir, wuuam Walsh an I. Thomas Law Commlttt- 1 homes Kyau, s Mlcbas Uesr. T, P. Kernolda and Joaepk Mclal Berteaut-ai-Anaji, Jime Bsndford. Pater Md oecretary. ,BOClKTT NOTICES. tbs j '4-1 a Kaa 1 1MB WartU Tmsim Poel.tr will hold publle meeting la tb lit Hill M. ". f'hurrh, rita at, between 1st od i on this Wednesday evening, otb Inst, eommre 7M o'tkark. Meeen. I"OEH A CROWE will 1 lb meiXlus. Means. UK HAS snd PI" I viu auiB ac-vt rat ooea. tome one, eerae atL ... ,,. WIU.IAM U. IWaCWrXL, VVU.X VrtlVAtVfrfAa oext. NstlceA aal anr-llaui af lis Be. J Roniaa C'alholle T. A. IL aVaataSr. will ha ll their roetxlag rooms ta Kooeawelt at, tei CI hursdsyi eveolna, at 1 ocloak, to mer-ls for Ibe eelehratlesi of ta eaattta rat Ireland's Patrea Baut, est th 17th of March raiorttiel attsBdanee la reueaated Be antes? sf I sxeuavatsia riwat uaiio uareit-si, see. urvrxtiayer- AUe-aiaea. Tae r r"m'!L1-" Sitln,r . .th ."aw Yrk larer-a 'B. P. lulon, will beheld la Coo IJfl'h,1 .w?oster tt on ThunuJsy evenlo Jib at Tht o'clock. Punetaal attendanas of all bi-rs are reouestod. WM. IIOLT. I'realdeet. I '11IOMP80N, Itio; rkeretair. ' jal Neplaaa DlvlaUa H. af T- Na. 3, vetll 1aPi.e",,?,,Pf "', at tb laebrlsieaj IM Chatham at. this (Wdoaaav eraadas, al clock. Uoeat soeaAtng and alurin. ipaakssi. en sad tu rublu In garal ar rsspeetYally ti AMTicusm worn bamj?. 1 HOESK FOB 8ALE-A FINE 80111 .. .hesse. bsrml eart, set of silver monntod ha all la goud rdei alao a amy poney, S rears old. 1 husgyi to b all sold this wsok. ApvJr (J7 H ". fast 8107 TT0RSK8 FOR SALK-t IUT 1101 . . Juat from th eexmtry, from a to I years 0 lianas blrb; tit for coal carta, atevedorns, or anr town works alao 1 Canadian pouec, hi for any bueuices; will b sold cheap. Impairs at HI Can T IGHTKK FOR 8AI.F.-UNE D P. -- Ushterof 80 tons, and on npsnof about f i?.rcr.,7".w,u' ha sold eiteaa fr eh. Apj WILLIAM II. UALL, 103 M tide , lane, felt t! CEWINO MACUINES FOi: 8ALR-S1 J ers tenuln, H xre'a, Umver A llak r'a, al low prior, warrant d food: all kind. lensdriil needles, o, at bsai ttian e,. Maehl tee eeh audbouiht,atlbuhluat.J,P,MOi;i:t:. f.3: WAC.0X8 FOR SAI.F-ALL KIND tss-luers wacona eon.tant!v on b rd sr u jrdvr,siirlt ss noe-rs, l.aaira', n'muher', Ic. "kill ami tir'te-. Ki ere article r.t here la tua tsnle-.tniauiierand warrsnted It be aa r..nr, V 1." lillinilll'la plana xfavnrabla aa sne tha I " ,n"J.a. . "" ""' v-naaled wauna. In so. I iter B I W H I 'M Wsoj I act ry, Did .1. b a iusJal'iujJ Mb are, fgO-