19 Şubat 1861 Tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 2

19 Şubat 1861 tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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- Si' v THE NEW YORK SUN. TUK80AY MOKNINO, KKll. 19, 1881. Arrival af tho Ir Ideal elect. Thf vnt of today, to ouf city reader., ll nf eotir, the dvent of tb firtt vVeMern I're. Moot, ml I he fimt truly (wlf-tntd working rnan who ha ever bn electa I to that hln'i cBm. II will trrlv tt the Thirty-nrrt street Utionon tho Hation Rlrer Utltroad, tt Hire o'clock, and will I conducted tbenc to the Altar Hom, throagh tho roale dmrrllwd el writer In thit mornio'i 8t"e. Of course, the 1opaltlon will I out to to the gtunt, ntt polished Illinolan, and they will fin.t that bo look Ike rtil-fplitter, tnd talke the nn etudled common ItngntR of the people - oorel phenomenon la high offlcn, to which wt tr (II too nnaccaitomed, to know M yet xctly how wo like It, of wht we think of it. We ahtll now begin to ttiJy end criuider thla kind of Provident, end by the end of hie term, mty probably hero definite Impression of com; tort, avtoilated wllh the Men of t chief Uken from the rink. All patriotic citlieni welrome him cordially to our city, od thooMoJn of praye n tacend to Hat Ten thla day for protection, witdom and atreoglh to the elected chief who poraontKi the imperilled nationality of our Moral co in- "T- PrtlH nnd mark. Tug diKiMlon In tecrit eeaalon of the UnJ. led State .Senate, In reference to the Troji dent'e nomination of Jim. I'lrrrrr, of IndU aaa, for United Slatei Dinlrlct Judge. In tho new lUU of Kenan, and of Jirkmuh 3. 1U.AC, of renuiiylvanU, now the Secrtry of State, nd formerly Attorney General, for the Ttcaniy on the Supreme Court lUnoh, ere daavrilol ly the Washington correipondenU u of moet lively and Intcrtetin character. The Republic an Nnatri are oppoeed to Itoth nominations l"Jt had ibay I n nt In befi.ro tho erceeaion of the southern Seiuturt they would andoublel'y hit Iwn conflrinod. At the Sonate in now ronttltutel, the bal ance of power i in t'jc luida f three demo ccallc N:nttora 1 Htil.va, of Illinois, l'l tin, of Ohio, and l.arniM, of Ctlif ruia inl the probability It thit tai-jr will rile to reject the nominatlona. 1'irrtir a a firmorly Unite I MaUe Senator from Iollina, and during lilt henttonlitp To Haim. male hi name no tcrloat by describing hi in aa "A great ,f anl dirty do,." Wanhlnjtonaoclcty approved Dr-iiros' description, ai Pott it hid the repu tation of being an InftJrl In religion an 1 un acrepulou as a politician. 1'irtTiT la a tmall, tout roan, aliont fire feet four iachot In height, with all the grower animal qutlltl lamely developed. Mr. Di ace, at a lawyer, and a gentlemen In kla deportment, la far tit pertor to PrrTtT. The Snntbrra Frvwident. Mr. Jrrt-ftiMon Dai re, elected by the Mont- gomery Convention Provisional I'reaident of the acoodlait eoalhern elatea, made hU tnaui(ural apeech yeaterday. It la the epeorh of a man who haa rmliarked In a had eaute, and whoeo mind la filled with at preheoalona of the corwe qwrnwt of the ranh and rerolutlonary mOTrment of which he la now the leader. Not a alntfle re tioctlnitroan in .the whole clrlllaed world will mry air. Dav hli qaettlonable oloratlvn. Tfco Crtaaa-Faeto ouhI Uaaaon. Tim proof! Increarc that the Mreanlon pill ticiana In the Under aialea are deterfDAned to omit no efftt to tonaummave their dlaunlim purpovo II Is aaero Uaa euapected new that, at the rereal Virginia eleolloti, oanaMlalee ran aa I nloo men, who wete In the eoiiaplrMj to break up the Lnloai Mr. Smtsaiau Ci-aaawa who la a member of the Vir ginia Btate Ounvrntlea, haa telegraphed to txirder tale Biembeia of the Feato Conference, urging laa mediate action tn ore r to realal the aei'eMlnii rty, which abowa Ucreamrg atrength In the cnoTentlon at Blcbnrand. Mtoj membere of the ounreotlon aeoured their election en lae pretenorc New regiilatlonecf the atrlitoat character hare tora laaund for the goTtramenl of the Washington Htj jaJ, ana eat eral ortioa of the yard are lloa'd to Tlallora. None bulefOoera are alio we 1 to enter the armory. The new aleamar aloop-of-wax TYnaaxofa la now recelrlng her machinery taere, and will le ready fur aeitlre In a few weeka. There are apprehemalona of a fatal eiploalon In the Teaee Conference. Cajilaia Kluej, the irnly anuthera maa In the fnrcea at Waihtugton, and oommandlng the aiwond artlllrry, baa bnu trane'erred I the command o' Fortrna Uouroe, by order vt den. H ooll. Tne WaahingVin oorrooiidal of the Turn eaje A ppnetu which Buuator I trot 4a made In Kxe riiiifeU'Wlonnf ttie BnH tu i.llnr day, wheu .Kibie rarrra nonilnittia w up, le alT.rdimt oc cmalon for a govt dual of gnwlp. Tea Little (I ao,l te auud to bare U'l-n by ni n.em ctiolce nf hla lanjfuaue tn reKard to tHitn the man whom Mriton tmuorlallard aa "a dirty d'V, lrl-,ni Jude Itijioa lie deilaret eoiiatbicatly thai he ebnuTd do all in nl Nirr li dfet toitiot Iheia, anl aalUBtd htaauliliralbulbe nieaut aiattly wjat ae aald. lb nvne wia hluhlr eutertlnlut While Mr Down aa la opiaiwtti III hk, be will net vile ! UMifnue Uie cunal1mi.lliu tf tlie nomi nation until after the 4th of Martli, hocitue he wauW to beee tt either rejeftad cr withdrawn, en that tHe lroildfiit uiaj aeud in the name tf aome other lienucrat whom he can aupfiort. ItMtdw IXMiotaa and Voou, it le aald that Mr. Lariuw, ol Callfoinja, will aleirefuee to c.4riu Mr. Ui.ii a. II la bow ballered that North Caroline will ge overwhelmingly tor the I'nlon. The National Ie mucrel and Wklga have foaed, and the central I)e imocratlo organ, the Btlelgh bUntlari, whkh aop porlod llaanaiKUixiB, la now a ataunoa defender ol eji Vnlen, and IU edttor-e name la aaaoclated with tbatof uaoaoa E. lUiia and the adllorof th DoogUa organ, at eandldoea for the Convention lu Wake County, No eareaakia ticket haa jel bteu aaarted la tbet huge, central county, and probablj will lot be. The etaU will elect an overwhelming majority of llalea men la the Convention, and at tte eenio tinae Tote down the Convention latelf, ar tfM beta dna In TeoneaMe. It la ttaacd, that Mr, Juaalce Warn and M". OtaaUoe Caairan-L of the f. B. 8 uprenaa Court, thi com from Georgia and the other frvm Alabama, tandoteruihMd not to realga their offloea, antwlth ataadlaf the aereaeUa of thai r reepeolWe aUtea. It haa boea queried why DatuT and hla aoeonv pUoea did not aleal the waule of the three million. eIadlaaTiuat Fund hoada,aad why they oou&a. ad their robbery to the ebiitmoiloa of tho etock o" four aeulhera aUtea, rlai Mleaourl, VlrgmU, and North Caroline, too exfiaiiauoa uual Ike otetee named wero the ordlnart Btaae alook, made payable to bearer, and probabli pwrekaanl U lha market, while the bond of the other atatea are either made payable to the Secret. aryofthelatortor, la troat for tb Indiana, or, In nevaral laaUovoa, the etatae have eol 1 to the Depart. ment lertl&catea of large aggregate eunu, tnateal of beuda, ami tn either eaae It waa entirely Imprac ticable to negotiate them. Tne TvmM correspon dent eeyo that lUtirr, or more prierly Fuiro and Komaii, took nearly all of Iba In tout Trual fund which oou'd bo made atailaUe. The Naval (Iroerml Cenrt HartlaL The naval general court mtrtlal coovenod again jeaterdaj at the Prooklva Lyoeum. I.leut. Ilaaairr, lata eaeoutlve officer of Ibe eteam gunuoii Mohawk, waa airalgnad for ehoitlng and wound ing Qeo It Daaatr with aplitol. The apeclfka tlona are tolnatffect thai la tbue acting the au cuaed gave eeaadal te the aervloe. Dertor Dia n bnnn, petty ofCoer Jokh and Jom Bnaiw, Mutter el Anna, were extmlued ft r the proaatutloo. The ffra took place on board the Mohawk at Kej Veal, un Jtouary the tlet. Toe man who w hut la etlU In the navy, and. It la aald, able to at teud to hi dullaa. Lieut. Iiaanor la n IVHilalonlau, and wee erioneoualy repwtad to have reelgoed At the nqoaatuf the Court, the prooeedlnga are held over for the preaaat. Mr, Faaitoa nod Mr ausnuow appear f.r the aouuwtd. Tfl aurrnt or ri I'tta la the mining m- Klulia la Juwland Moaouy uecroaaoa iu aeQ. ciwryUafeweiMBUiuQnt.urfUneirlyVW THE LATEST NEWS. If rutvii.irn ro tiikn. r. sus. 0 i Political Intelligence. XXXTIta COfctJIlKHrt-eVcwBd W',iMtigtm, fib. 18. Mr. IlnAoo (S. C.) fcom the Covnmleiiie on Clalma, reported a reanl. Uoo to repeal Ike Joint reaolutloo la favor of Wa. II DruTurtT. AdojHad. The report of Ibe Commiateo of Conference oa the Di Iclenry Ml, made r Itatnrday, wae taken up and aarted to. Mr. Kie (X. Y) ireMutd a petition from the r.etmasRrmbllotfi Aaauclatkai of toe city of New loik.eealia that er.rcetblbg be done tor the pre. nntliwi of Ibe Valoa and that Omgreae elaod by the Cona'llutlon and lawa. Mr tlNiLn (le ) preaenied rereral petltiona la favor ot MeCtluendenreaoluttoue. Mr. Irwaeo (N. Y 1 prevailed a pavilion of two thtide uf the Una auliliahere of tee United BtaUa aleo the tm ulty of Columbia Colltga, etklng a mod mcaaion of the Tariff HU In regard to booke. Mr. Boat a (Mae ) preemied a petilioa from eltlaera of Maatwebuartu agalnal any noniuro mlae which would ettend alaveryln theTeriit. rliwi alo two petiuoro from cltlienaof Pblla drlhla la favor uf Ibe Cjnetliuilon aa II la, and the i aawremanl of the lawa. Mr. C'aaaa m (Pa ) preteoted petltiona from elll rrua rrntaiylvania. In favor of the Conatltiitina aa II la, aad oUera In favor of the Crittenden reao I (Urate. Mr. Han fN 11 ) pieamted the petition of l.iwva ACaiara, rajmaatrr at tho I'ennaoola Nvy Yaid, etaltna that hie properly bad been lelaed, whea Ibe Nevy Yard waa taken, end aaklng relief. Mr. Dovaue (III) presented mveral petltlom In favor of the general bankrupt art. Meeara. ram (CI ). Iiivow (Ct ), and Tea Kro CN. J.), preaenbd ttWn from dtlima of C m nerllcm and New Jatxey, favoring the Border Bute reauiuiKaia Mr. Ha (Oregon) reaonte.l the orodeotiala of Jae. W Nmi,Hiiiorelfi-t from Oregon. Mr. Mnaaiiu (Ma.) ptemmted aaveral ietltlona for the mancipation of alavea and eompenaatina for the name. Mr. TVnwia (Mwa ) offcredn reaolullonthal here after the Senate n.eel at 11 o'clock, which waa ukea un and finwed. Mr. Own (Cal ) moved to take up the P tOfft'e talla, end akid a committee uf eimfrranro. Tne Itou I ad llmilnl Iheamouolon the tfuatra amend meU fur the (Iverlaud Mall, to tughl htinlrol Utotiaaiid dollara Mr. l.tTiiA (I ai ) moved that the Benate cotfur In Ibe llotiNt ametidmeLl. floe (.'clock having arrived, the Tariff bill waa Uken tip. 117 liPlii, v ire l ipwawi 11 iwitiatoi pr- eonlcd tl e rieolntiotMof tht Citv Counoll uf II nlw, In favor of the Call rrtint rtaolutiona ae a liaala of atjtiatunt.t, TteB net then ttroceeded to the oonslderatlrra of the 1ttrt bill. Mi. Bewtau (N. V.) mrvrd an aiaendment te n dute Ibe duty on booke. whloh waa loet. A laige niinilMW oi ameuuinnuia in tuv ooiecv Cooimlltee, were ed'tpted. A diet UMtl.aiartaie on the amendment of t,te Cm mltue which leeaena Ibe dot on eu,ar,eud plw e a duty of four cenla r pound un lea and a half a cent on a l)e. Mr, Horn rrnj (Wle ) offered a prevleo that the duty un ciflwe eLd eugar reaae after the .lokh J joe, fi. whkh waa not airreed to. YeaeYlt. atve, 10. The amindmetd waa renewed ea.eing eugar not atrree.Ho. Mr I'm a (Mo ) moved In rtrlkt out eo muoh at apfilled to tea and d ffee ti II waa not agreed ,to. Mr tlAton fVa ) olfeted a proviao, that the duly at Ira and oefho ceaee when the ptiblln Treaenre may no longer be called mi to auppnrt the P-vt Of fti e Tvnartej enl. tMt. The imemlmenl of the oommlttoa waa then agreed to vrei S3, naye II. Mr. BiaauMJK I J then offered aa amendment, reducing the loan from Iwenly-one mllllnut to ten mllllona, with a pro via thai no part of the loan be applltd In Ibe preaenl lacal year. Agreed le. Mr Paaaua (afd.) repealed from lhContrallte of Conference no Ibe Kiecutlve and Laglalallve Appro priation Hill thai the committee had agreed. The report waa agreed la by the Benate. Adjourned. floaae) of Heoreoeertatlve. IVVtjowyfoii, r. 18 Jon Ci)CHfB, (H. Y )( from the Committee on Commerce, report ed a bill appropriating M,OM for tho turvey of Northern water oouraea and lalaada of the Paolno Ocean and Behrlagt Itralla, la view ef telegraphic eommunloatloii from the mouth of the Amoor hi Aeta, to noma point on the coosoe of the Buaatan pneeeealona. Kafernd to the Committee of the Whole on the elate of the I'nlon. Mr, BTixton (Ohio), from the Military Commit tee, retained a rail euapleaaeaal to the art of 1TVB and ltlT, providing for the calling forth of the ml Utla for Ibe exreutlun of the lawa of the t'nlea, the auppreaalon of Inaumdlon ami repelling In vaalon, ao aa to eiund their amvlelone to the eta of Inaurrectloa agalnat the authority of the United Btatee, and authcrtaa the rreatdrnt la caaea where II may bo lawful, to lute the mllltla la aCdltloa to the array and navy, and to accept the eervteen of voluuteeta aa cavaliy, in fantry and artillery, and i Ulcer Ibe tame. Mr. Itorona:, ( a ) aald thai If there la any hop of ptaoa It muat be by Ibe rejection of force Wilt. Mr. BraaroH aald thai the UU merely euppUed an ombwlon In the out ef "VR. Mr. Iloooca objected to the eeoond reading of the bill. Therefore the queatlon occurred ahall the bill bo rijrctcd. The llouae decided la the negative, the vo'o be lofr &l again! 110. Year Anderena,Mo.iAdennn, Ky.,Avery, IHrr, Itamtt, llooock, llouligney, llialwoo, branch, llrletow, llrewn, lloich, llomew, a. F. Claik, Clatk, Mo , John Cnchrni,Cn, Craig, Mo., Craig, N U A litvl. lot! UelanieUe, rrflmundwn. Kog- lleh, Eihrndae, Floreuce. (laroett, Ollmer, Kirna, Md , LUrrLb V , Ilanoa. nindman, II .ward, Ohio, llngbda, flfekel. Lamtliee, I,eaoti, N C, I,eake, IgamJEaHay. Mallory, Maynaid. MKealr, MIU. aon, Mbpvr, Kr., Morrta, 1 I , N.lem. N b'aik, Nocll, 1'rjton, rhala, Pryitr, Quertea, K iblntn, III , Kiifhu, Kum, Booet, Blikltte, gimme, 8 nlth, N. I! , Btt'kee, Htout, Thuuiu, Valbiodlghain, Vauce, Waaler, la!ow. Woodcou, Wrli(ht-0'l. Ntya- A.lama, Ma, A train, AMrkh, Allan, Alley, Aitliley, ll.l.l.llt, II nghaet, II air, lllake, Hrayti,ltrlfnr", ltitrbotrt.n,ltorlliiirame, llumha-n, Itulaerfielo.' ( enbll, Carey, CartiT, i'aae, Colfax, Cttklloff, Conway, Corwiu, Covode, Divia, Ml, luv.ee, llano,l)uell, Dunn, fdfcrVm, Klwanla, K'lt, .ly, Famawoith, l'il'on, Pjater, Frank, lirnah, (iraham, (Irnw, tin-lev. Hale, Hall, 111. nilt k, lilt krean. Hand, Howard, Mich., ll'ikblm, Irvine, duakln, Kellogx, Mich , K'llKK, 111., K I gore, Kllltngrr, l.eeih, Mich , Lea, Lmiraecker, IMinU, LAiveJoy, Maratori, MtKean, M Kn ght, Mt rberaon, Montgomery, M 'r iead,M trrlll, M irae, Nixon, Olln, I'a mer, I'arrv, Pettll, Porter, P liter, Futile, UtMneom K. I , tbtyoe, Boranton, Balrfe- wick, Bberman,Bm,Bpeuiaing sotnnar, nievena, Btewart, Pa , Buatten, Tapan, Thayer, Tneaker, Ti.mktite, Train. Trimble, Vandeveer, Yanwfck, Wade, W aldron, Walton, Waahburn. Wle , Waah lmm,;lll , Walla, Wllaun, Winalow, Wood, Wood ruffllO. luror the vrte waa announce. t. Mr. Ilamna (N. Y.) aald there waa nn a tch thing aa petoefcble arteealtai. Bvceaaltai le revoluliou, and levoluibai la war. Aa a portlou of the Oaafederacy lalnlnaurrettlonand nbellltai aralnal the coun try, he wuuld vote to veat the Prealdeiit with tower to met! the preaaut cut dtllon of thtoga. Mr BranToa demanded the prevtooe qaeetloo on the peego of the bill, but no further action waa now taken, the moral ag hour having expired. The report of the Committee of Thirty three waa re turned. Mr. Wliwrxa (MJ ) waa agalnot eeoewUn. He truatad thai the Peace Confer eno would reeommend eome toeaaure of adjueamenl, II can do ao nonce. The reecooalbUlty waa etlll on Cmgreaa, whLh could nut ceoape It. Hut great object wae to pre eecra the I'nlon, aad the rbj hi and Ubertlea of all within the I'nlon. lie eameetly oppoeed the policy of force, whkh would drive the eoulhern etatee no far Uf aa t pnolnde the poealblUty of renalon, and eealoualy aovooaud the better policy of oourtlla tlen, compromlee and peace, aa an example lllae. Waled In the conduct of ahoea who achieved our ladepaadenoa and aatabllahed the Constitution. He would accept any lair aad ioat aettlemenl of the eleven qiieetloci. Not Ik allghleet advantage kaa rvoultod to any part of the country by the die caaatoo of the uhjeot, but the evil or arvabrautd one eectloo agalo.1 the other. The vote thla uerxt. lug waa a damper on aia nana, am t-w obaourod the hope which ho had eutertalncd of a Baal adjwteeeai On mottoa of Mr. Buaauaa (Ohio) the enaaddera. tloa of the report waa puetpmied until to-morrow In Older te lake up the bill thai In place of any nartof the loenaownutkejliedby lew, the Preai. deot 1 autlwrlaad to Ueue baadt of the rolled Stelae of the denomination of SM, bearing not ex oeidlraralxpercwiumlnteiwel, payab a annnally oramid-armuaUy.allhediaoretloa of the Beoreu rv. and running not to exceed twenty yearn, and at HI ... .-..!. uu. h ha o.unann tor the Internal thereon, and to apply euoh bonda at par eo the pay mintof cndllore who may chooee to receive Ihaen. provided the agrf amount laaued under U Let, and tho aotf now la force enlhorlalng the loan thaU not exceed the amount nutaorleed by the aald a.1 The hill paaeed. . . , Mr. ,nuw (Pa ) moved a eAiapanalon of the mlan In'orderTtike up the U bill orgentalnxr the ,-lt.-4-l ,.nnMnli DoloradO. The rulee v ere tuapended 1 1 aaainet II. Mr, (1 tow offered an amendment, by ogreernem with the Chalman of Ibe Buate Committee on leiTlkelie, xaavimake II coalorm Olkapeni lug talla for thaiwtabllahnient of territorial govern. meet fe- NevaJa and DaouUh. Thi prepoaad tar ritory of Colorado tnuludee what remain after the erection of Ktuaaa aa a atate, and a email portitm of New Mexico and Itebreaka, making about 104 (00 tquar mile, with eomewhero botween turtj-nv and fifty Ihouaand Inhabitanaa, aa maay aa Oregon bad whrn aha waa admlawd aa a eta'e. Mr. Oaow brltfly ahowad the necoatity of giving them a gov enuueni, ai lha only one they now have U the bowle- knife and rifle. Mr. 0 e We amendment waa agreed to., and the UU paaard M) ue.oat 41, Reive tlU I o'clock, for promltuuoua debate, avimna iieuo. Uur rteiJ N V W.IT1. fVt I lULI. W Y) kaau.s I VI ) Cowm K Kivwoit (N. Y.) ibiuit(N7Y)MiHitx HTATR IJ'lilNlUTntK VtMto. Albany, Trt. Id. The till to IncroaM tho falailiataalldeputlcala ibe Bute Drirtaenta, wnerrprebdadvarerly, igretdto. A n rag waa rerHved from the Aaaealily, de IftaHnit the Biraker of Ihtt balr to re-eive rreat di nl Liana a, ta ounarqiiane of the Ulneea of the Unit floveinor. Te Preabirnl of the Hena'e prD. tm , Mr. Lap nta, drclarcd that a reaolutloo muat lie over one day. Mr WatwtaMltrl nnanloto'ie conaeiit to con atdrr the reil'ill'i now. Mr BaMtioMe r4lertd. lleeonatJertd the mee a aa Immll to the Baeate. Mr. Qatar liMmdia-ed a trill to repeal tho Ninth Avenue Rail mad grant. The ordtrof Iheneolullon being reached, Mr. llilJJMTial moTed that the BoMtker of la Aaawn. IJy ta dealgnaUd tn reuelve Peeldent Liauout la l&a aue lice fa tne i.ivnt ufiwr. Mr rH"ooa oonalderM) that the privilege be. longed of rlghlteahopraildentjirelewi. of theBen A leng debet.' eneoM, during which Mr. 1,4 pnaa, neaideU pr '". of the Senate, denlarad hlmaelf willing to abide by the deelaton of the Ha ate, Iml elndloated the right of tie Senate to the rweltlon. Mr Bnwout eff red a enhetltnte, that Whtrrat, Aa Irrepreaetble eondlet tal arlaen fur the poeeatoa of the Preetdeal elect, between the rivet faction of Rnubiloanlm Iherevore, laotred. That Mr. Irfxom.il no tetaaraph to twitch t ff at B iienectedy, and to go to N.w York direct via Tmy. The whole entlrct waa then laid on the taUa 11 to l. Aew Mr. Nemeroiia rreolarloae were Introduced relating le at ranirenurtla of the none during the reception ef the Prentdmt elect. r.venltitUy the gallerlee wete reeerved eiclonlvalv for ladtaa, aivt the lower loliby f..r laflee and gentlemen armmauiytog tham. A vai tely of reenlutlnvH were Imroduoed with an at tempt to gel ladlea an the floor. Mr Ci I naa moved thai any member deatrlag to accommodate a lady, may give hla aealnpto her. The dome were ordered te be cinead until a quar ter tfor three, eict pi for rheadmiMlon r ituiae filltlrd to the prlvilegea of the floor, and lad ee ac eompanvlrig them. Mr. vv ATtM.ii leivinea lavorauij toe neitmaa eoii bill The bill to lnc--inra the Vrterana ' f the Na tional lltiai da waaorderrd toe third tevUn. Mr Taeaa Introduced a blU to atttliorlita the Filleting Hallread Com; any to uae rail tree than &fl munna. 1 be privilege of the finer waa extended to let llaaaia. t'nltl Benator e'et-t. and tn a oaoonittae of eta of lb New Y.ok Common Council, belt to meet die Preadent eMl. The rveoiullcn of the Bertatt cnn)i1tnr.!ry of Cttvero'ir llitaa, of MwjlaaJ, were tailed ap and edited The llouae tm k a receea till 3 o'th" k P M rtrrtoua CharAO Alann, fib. H Jr (lieiuiaa, member ef the Aanrnbly, from lie Slat dlalrlcA of thla (Albany) C, waa arretted thle naomlng, oa a warrant leaned by Police JiMtlce Paaa ma, oa oomplelnt uf Iiiatrl.'l Attorney Bntrvea, charging the aald Jar (Imnoaa, with bribery and onrruptloa la demamllng money for hla vote on a bill to lnoreaae the aala-y ( the Deputy Dlatrlct Attorney of Albany Co. Gtnntaa ofla id to caat hla vote In lie favor for $ 100, and in tlmated that he could defeat the bill, and would do o If ho wea Lot paid the aald amount. The evi dence of hla crime la ladlaputahla. He waived an examination before the magletraae and waa oom milled but euharquenlly waa taken before the County Judge on aa application to admit htm to ball. Front Woaedftn-ten. iraj'inofon, . 1. it appeart from the Investigation of the nou Military Committee that Ex- Becretary Ftorn accepted A. R. "lautaifa Md fcr 100,000 muakela, but that Secretary Holt ref oaea to ronognlee the eontract. Mr. Baiiaar aaya they were Intended Sir the Sardinian Government. Hla further ahewn lha Mr. Flotb dlekrlbuted erllhoul any order, through the engineer ef the department (11,000 perouaalou muakela, 40,000 altered mueketa, and 10,000 tlflea, among the araenala at CherlcaVm, Anguata, Mount Yernon, Baton Rouge, and Nrlh Carolina. With Ibe exeeptloa of then for the leal aamed, tho aim fell Into the paeeeaaloa of South Carolina, Alabaraa, Loulalana aad Georgia, by their aeotealon movement. The Oenmltlee give M a reaaon for reporting a Mil, autaorlalng tho Prnaldenl to accept the nor vUae of volunleorn, that tt le oertala that the regu lar mllltaty foroa la wholly Inadequate to protetl the forte, araenala, dochverda, and other property of the Vol ted State la the present disturbed con dition of the country, the larger portion of the army being anceaeeiy for the defence of the fron tier. Bom of the delegate to lha react Conference nay they will probably egret by Vfedneeday upon a p'an tf adjustment, which will be tallafajtory even to the Virginia Commlealooer. The Terrltonel qutettoa waa under considera tion today, and the debate waa directed to the ob ject cfaecurlng unanimity on that point. laaaamnllo of JrcTeraon fHtvla. Mtmtymmty, t'tb. IgfA. Tbcrt waa an Ira. men uroed la Ibe Capital II II, ooneistlntr of a great eney of the beau y, military sad clllaena of the dirlenal atatea. Mr Davia conuiienced pie dae'y at one o'e'ra k. Alter rk log 1 1 lendh of the right of aereevloa, and the craniaaiiHi of the rontederacv, he eald i It Is alike our lUoreet aisl that of all those to whom we woud eell.aol from whom wo would buy, Ibultheie should be Ibe fewest practicable rmtililtina uton lha Interchange of commodities. There can be but t'tt a rivalry between otila and an nianutkt tl 1 1 ig or navigating onmmuniy,Luch aa the free sutee of the Auiei lean Cnloa. II mint there lore follow that mutual luereet would unlu ua In gri d will aid kind t fllcee. If, however, iaaflon or hurt of dominion should cloud lha Judgiaimt or In flame Ike auilittlon cf those elatea, w mutt rrepere to meet the emergenty and lntla iln. bv the flnvl erbitiemeut of the eword. the position whlth we have assumed. If a Just ivirvplii'n of n-utaal InU-rratabal permit III ieaorably tu purau our eerajrele pollliral itntrr, my meat earncet drslre will hav brrnfu filled. Hut If thle bo denied ua, and the iutetfrtty of our teirl toiy sxd Jurisdiction lie aaaalUd, It will but remain for ua wliU firm resolve to apiisal to ariua anl In voke the blreelng of Piovldeucenn a Jualcauee. F-r piiraac or teiene, the amieaerai etatei mey, under mdnary clrouniatanoea, rely mainly upoa their ml'ltla, but it la deemed advisable in the pre ernlooi:dltliaiffsfflre, that there ahouid be a well inattneted, disciplined army, more numerouathaa wouui ueuaiiy ue requirea ti a peaoe eatawisn ment. I also suggest that for the protevlloo ufour haibora and comnieice oa the huh acee,e aavy adapted to those objetU will be rwiulrod. With a constitution diffsting only from that of our father In no tar a It la explanatory of their well known latent, need from aertlimal conflict whkh have Interfered with the purautl of lb general welfare, tl la not unusual to expect that the seaasa from which w have recently arted may neek to ualle their fortune with own under tho govaenment we hav InaMaeid. For thla your constitution maa.se aduate provudua, hnl beruod thla. If I mlalake nut, lha Judemetil nod will ef the people are, that union with the ntalee fioin whleh they hav eepa ratad, la aellker practicable nor desirable. To ln wecae the power, qevelope the reaourcos and promot the hepplnea of a eunMerecy, It ta requisite there should b muoh of hoanoganliy that thn welfer of every portlia would be th aim uf Ue whole. Where thle doe not exist aneagonktm are engendered which must and ahouid reaull ta aep atallua. Actuated eolely by a dean to preerrv our own ngnte ana to praeaoee our own weiiar,u erparatlca of ta eonfedema stale baa been mark ed by a eggresaloa opon othtra, aad followed by no duaseetle ooavukdoa. Our Industrial parsulw have received ao check, th oaltlvaiton of our flalde wiuim aa beeltriare. and oven ehouid w be Involved tn war tkeie would be ao canetdeenbl dlaalnulloa la the production of tb etaplee wktua have eeostltuted our sxputs, kn whkk th commercial world haa aa lav. tweet scarcely lea than our own. Tola ooaamoa haterMl of producer aad oocammar.can only be Inter cepted by aa exterior fore which ahouid obelnict U ktanssalaston to foreign market, a course of con duct whioh would be detrimental to manuXastartng and commercial Interest abroad. In th mean tune, them will remain to ue lieelde the ordinary nmodle before tug(estd, th wall known re eource for letaliaUoa open the commerce of aa nvT' Frcgrcea of Sir. UaaaTla to Waehhagten. florioor, It., ttb. 18..-VlcPrldet IlAM un and lady lari here thle moAtnf , eo rouU for Wahlngton. lie wiU an lv atBooton thi even ing, and leave fur the wast to-morrow morning. He wae eooovud from Hampden to our city by a large number of hie fellow townercen, and waa re ceived her by the Major aad ax-mayer of thi cily, and aa Immense proceaaloa cf cllUona la In gle and double elelgba, escorted l'l party to th lallieadatelltm. N.4wtlhatandlg the earlr hour thle aootntag, Mr. Uauua wae received wllh eo tliueletlla cheer, and the warm gi eating aad aff tlanate farewell uf Ihotu aada of bla fallow cttiaeoa. la reply to a biief nddnee by U S, Ca-wat K11 , Mr. Ilanua made a few remain, aad at th train waa alerting. In lb cmin f hie remarks, he eald i I co to the dlackarg of th oflklal dutlee which kave beett conferred up-aa me by a generoue people, eadieljlng npoa lllvme Providers', I muat trust thai ootfldeoo ehnll never be betrayed. I ko)w full well thai dark cloud are lowering arouid the political borlaom and that madness rulee the hour, ail I am hopeful mill that our people ar not only level to the government, but thee are fraternal to all its dtlarna, aad whea la practice tl hall be do. roltrmUdUat lb. cxawirntlooal right, of al Ibe rule will be reopoeted aad maintain! by follow. log lb loth uittmuanastt vj vi " .w - -" -' ,w tsa ntj raaaonablr hoitn I oa, a-tl Mtpeeua ma; aad'txpett that quiet wUI be reaaoiodendth whol -.i ..in tT iv.Tyn I tmrmm vrtuuh will I 4muI( n !o ul mor,i h i -ctJ cw Movonueam of Mr, tiaredw. UHm, N. I., Fth. I. The train bearlog th Preeldetl elect and part; . left Buftal al a qeartae bofcte 0 o'clock thle enevrJ-g. Melwllbatandlng th early hour, aewral bund red people were 1 1 tienil to Wd Mr. Uncota fareweU. r r At iwana the train tt-pped Iremlo'iUa. Sim hmdr.de were neeembled to greet Mr. Lwooui, wo, In answer te their cheers, appeared en tho rear plel'nvru and almply bowed. Tae train arrirtd at Rochester at e, o'clock. A crowd of people, ntrmr-rlng not leee then 8 000, filltdlhe ai-ce around th depot. Mr, Lmnntw wne lnlrr duci d j Mayor Bctlaroit, and reepeodod to hla welcome, aa fullowe t- I coofeae mjealf, after having ee-a large andU rrjcee eicce leaving homeverwholmad with Ihie veat cueilerf faoea al thle hour of the morning. lam to vain in nigh tn believe that you a re here from any wish to nee to aa aa tndivldaal, but benaua am roe ice lime oeing to reareaentativ or ue American psnpl. I ootild tad If I would addraaa ion at any length. I hav not th ttrangtk even If hrel the time for a speech. Al thee many Inter vUws Ual era affirded m on my way to Weshing. ton I appear merely to fee you an 1 to lei you ae m end to Md yon farewell. I hop It will be una. deratood thet it 1 from tm dlaapprobatlofi to dla ibtig anybody thnl I do not addrax yon at greater lintlll (Cheering followed ) Mr Ijemui remelned steading a th rear plat f.nmof th car until the umHa of Ue crowd war raamd. At Clyde an enthnejaatle crowd waa gathered who wa teemed Mr Lrwoouv with a aalut and rbeere. Hi tbaaked th people fur lb weloeme, but had bo epeach to make, and no lira to make tl In. II wa (lad to eo them and bad them good moiolrg. Al Byracn a crowd, aettmalad at 10,000 people, waa aiiistmblad to reoet ve Mr Lisooui. A pCatorm drewd In the rational 0g bad been erected, from which Mr Linooui wa Invited to addmea lb audi ence, which, however, he deUlned to do, caving tbat they must drsw no laferoacee from hi refusal tn comply with th1r rwrnesi I regard to any caber platfrrm vrtth which hi nam wa aaaoclat ed. I'pon the platf wre we alive eaele. Al I'lica Ibe treln waa awaited by thoaxind of po ple, who wemeUndinglaaenawetorra. ThCltt-sen-'Coipe fired ralule, end lae crowd onthnilt. tirslly ebon. l. Mr. Liooi.a aaoended n platform which wa diawn utoa the track, and wa latro Kneed to th eeeemWed ooneottrt byth Miyor, lie epcke ne m'inwe i " l.adiesaist Oenilemen iI have no epeock t make t yen. and I ahall net lave eufflolenl lime to make into tf I hail. 1 have arpeered here elmply to lh,nk you heatldy for Ihla noble rereption, and to re ou end allow you to are me. I am not sure. hul at leant aa rrsards the ladlee, I have the beat of the bt'lain In the sight. In coottuiioo, I hav only bieay IsrevtelL" He waa intl here by the t,eg4lUv Committee. A I'w iii'ntitee later the l-ain pa-aad on, Mr. I.ia inn how rg a faiwella4 he loll the crowd beolo4. Mhami f,b 1 -The Pnstidonliat train arrlial hrre al l.-'U u'chs k, II being 10 minute abend ef lime. 1 he greatest eeitemhlae cf people tvereeenln Allelic bed ctatgtegatcil to witness Mr. Lin loi.ve ertlvaL Mr I.iiroia aptteared on the ptatfurmanl wae I receive vim oeainning ineera. lie wae met ny Mayor Tuaiuan, who wa't med him In a brief l crt b, to which Mr. Ijai n n leiefly reepunded. The a-orea4bai then moved It the Capital, where Mr. Limitm vena cindutU'd to the Kxecullee t;han Isr, wl ue be wa Introd iced ti tlivernr l"ioia, lleeMteifft era and luetlvemora etsff. After weUvuntur the Prealdeiit eliait, llivemnr Moaoin, jropeeded wllo hluitothe bea.1 of tie au i ol il e Capitol, wher h waa gmled by a per tttt ront of eiilauae. (loverajr Mnauan then Introduced him to th crowd. 1 ud i bier ( .Unwed Mr. Monuan' addreee.when Mr l4wtvHK refilled aefallowet "Mr. (lovernori I waa pleaead to receive a In vitation to visit the capital of the great K rptre Blale, and 1 now thank you ami theienpleef the ei of New Yolk for thi moet hearty and tnegoj. noeLt waioome. i am ma nen rry yteir i ivernor fist Ihla reception le given without dlatloctlon ef patty. I accept II lha more gladly kecauee II le . Alniost all men la tbiacountry, and tn any country where frvidim ef thought la tolerated, auaea themaelv to pcllUoal rtlea. II 1 hut ordinary ibartty to eeWibuU thle to toe fact, tuat la eo attaching him If to the pony whkh hla judgmeol prefer, the eltixen bellevee

he thereby promote lb beet laureate of Ik whole country i ami whea an election le passed, II I alto gether binning a f re pooule that, nnul the next election, Ibey ekould ben en people. There eeptlon you be v extended to ma today, te not given to meiawnunally. II ahouid not be ao, but a the representative for the time being of lha majority of the nation. If lha election had resulted in Ue lection of aluer of th other candidate, th asm cordiality ahouid hav been extended htm a I ex tended to me thi day In their testimony of the devotion of U who! people to U Constitution and to lb whole I'tlon, sf their dealra u pec Etiutie our Institution, and to hand them down ax air perctloato lucueadiuf generation. Thi address wa ercompan'ed aa t followed by loud applaua, and Mr. Lijioolh, after biwlag lo the vel crowd, we conducted by th Commlttae to the Assembly obamber. The Seakefe desk wti occupied ty Benelor Coins, and by Bpeakar Lit tirjiain, who stood on th le- When Mr. Lu-(-otn entered, Ik whole amrablage roa and greeted blm with loud clapping of handa. Banttor Coi via addremed htm on batnif of the Aaeemb y. Mr. LitfOL" responded aa follows I II I wllh feelings of great d 01 lent that I meet you here, yet I have ami confidence given me by Utgecervu rummer In whloetyeu hav received me. I cannot euutmee Ual thla baa been done with reference to my peramal eervloea, but that II Is don la ao far aa I am regarded a lb representative of th majesty ef thla great Dalian. It la true thai while I bold myealf without mock modevty, the humbleet of all ti Individuals that hat ever teen e'e rated to the Presidency, I have a no re dl ff Cult U ek lo poriba m than any one of Ibera. Yon hav gaoenmaly tendered m lheupportof th united people of Ike (Ireal Rmplr Butte. For this. In behalf the nation, I thaikyo, I do not propoit to enUr into aa explanation of ai.y particular policy lobe adopted by Ue Incom ing administration. I deem II Joel to all. thai I should kave every light that can be brought within my reach, In order Ihtt when I do ao B)k, I ahall bar eiijoyed every oiiportuxuty to lake correct and true ground i but wbin the lime comee, I ehall epeek aa wall aa I am able for Ibe gool of the preaenl aixl future of the coutdry i for tie good l'th of the N mh anl the 8ouib c( thle ootiotiy i fur the goo.1 of lae one aud Ibe other, exd of all aei liona of the c tuntry. fit mnda uf atilatwe.) In the n eantlma. If we have itotiente If we restrain outaeivee t tf we allow our attlven md to run off In a a.alon, I atill have roiifdsote It at the AUnlgbty, the M'ker of the uulverae, will,thrtiuth the Inalttimciiialiiy uf thle gitai and icwllictait 'ple, bring tie Ihntugh tbutaabehaelbrouh all the other diOiuultlea of our cuunliy. The nbetoarl IVetlon. St. Ziei.. tb. 17. A Joint renclulUn wa lutioduted In the Benate esterday aflemoon em powering the Governor to call out the military to S rewire Ibe peer al the election In Bt. Loul for elrgete lo the Bute Umvenlloa tomorrow, anl after an exciting debet It we paaeed by a vote of If to 4. The resolution wa than asut te th Haaa, and a motion matte to iupnd Ue tul In order to receive the alov roaolutioa, wblch wae lost Meyor Tlintr, II I understood, haa taken the must effectual measure to prevent rioting In any form, nod uo real apprehension of dLaturtnnoa now llel. Sf. mi'. Fib. I. Incomplete return Indi cate Ue eleoilnn of the I'uloa tliktl fur the Stale Oiinvenllon In Ula city, oy about 9 M0 majority. The ele Hon paaeed olf ipitel'y, ao dlslurbaao of nay kind oecorrleg. The return from th ute, ao far aa received, fa vur th elestlon of t'alon oanltdalee. a Yliakaka Ceanatlni JtiVJtsvtnd Frb. 18 Th Commlaaloner from Mbunaeippt and Ho-wgla, nddreeerd tba Cenveotlon today, appealing strongly to Virginia to go with Um,snd picturing U advantage of cueh a court. and lb danger of ramtlalag wUk lb Noith. Tb epeoeheo contemplated no aw-h event a rounlan. Mr. Pant tom, of South Carolina, speak tomorrow. Grfjneral Tdesrapb. Tm faauvkthac ta Aleitim, Fb. II. Mr. IItatt departed yvav terdsy sibarnoon for U Xaat, having acoompUahad Ue object for whloh h aama, which waa lo aaoer lLn U tru condition aod to hurry tirwaid the stab! Uh rreut f ralUfdapoa In th laWrlor, which la being puahed forward aa rapidly aa poealale, un. der lb energy of OoL l"oiaaox. Mr. llrart go i! to urge forward th xeovnmeul ta reference to leflabuioa, and to drvtee relief gtnernlly, Canlerndn, IauaeVTWea. ITwtmeej, Frb. 18.The Supremo Court of lh I'nlted Bialea recently, la a California land eaee, eetebllehed aa Important principle a to that WW: In exact, that wkeie a Ualaiaotka otlnd a ccnflrmallsa ct title and a patent, Ihe advent lolly la pueaeeelon cannot, la aa notion, resist U title of lh petrnte. Ft taDnifaU- ftufuLt, Fib. IS. The (tore No, tl, aad S JO la Mala elrotl, oocupltd by Mseara. Mo tar A Wuiia, bout and abo dealer, aad A.J. Marutwa, diugglat, wer deetivyed by fir leal night, lh lock waa t amoved with bvi Utile dtmagei fully Insured. The eeoond ttoor wa occupied aa law rfWeei the litrailr war saveil. Tb third and fmrU etorlee were occupied by profteeor Uanur, Chemltt, a a laboratory. The buUding wa.kaowa aa Towasend Iltll block, ar d owned by O M. TVliaoi of K'ltabeth, N J. Tne Imllding le laaured for $lt,flno, tn Ra. lata Coanpanle. Tbe total loae la about fla,0. It 11 ronEjUToon In Roma that Ctrdlntl W'ltEMAM I In Ul health and not llkelr to lie loud. Bo dUtaatefal to tht Pora hat tmna th liai kwtrdneu of KngllthCathotlui to afford blm peruaitrr aid, tnd ao coovltiod It b that all hlitronlde ipriug from Kngllth sources, that bit turceuor M ArchlHAoii w ill 0t tutvtUl nk of Cardinal. Opfalerel of lha) 11 TIk Journal of Cammtret haa little faith in thtlabni cf th Peat CocArtnre, becaoM H I dcetltule cf the authority to rjnoro It crmliadan. Th JmirnaX theiefert d see sail that th whol queatlcn of ndjustmtnl b rafeired to th people. " Tb llTtlt, la a rambling article en Mr, Lne not ' eechea alac h sUrted oa hla Journey to Waehlngton, draw from them th Inference Ual th President elect 1 not lo be feroed by Ue ex treme and impracticable member ef hit party, but that It I hi determination to pnrrt a policy whkh ehall deprive the Bout of every imiim for disun ion. Th JTrrafd look forward te aa early dUeelu tint of U aonthera confederacy, and lay i Arpearanca IndlcateUatanew era la about to dawn upon tb country. Th position ef the new admlnbarMlon and especially of Mr. Sa train, U rmdoubtedly difScult bv no Individual posseeee In n higher degree than hlmeelf, the eegaoliy and subtlety to meet it requirements. If be adhere tMnevertagly to the course bt aaa apparently mark ed oot tor Ue futnre. end. If U speech delivered by Mr. I.ixnot n el riuSklo II to b received aa Indi cative of a growing drminaloa to adopt aad abide by conservative tnlon views, both will make tor Uemeelve name emnrav th high bt th hla tory af U elsleemen, peerbaa aad beneflwtor of th tepubllc The Evnung IVf eenlraat th nty' and ton of th apeeche deliveeed by Kr. liramm and thoee delivered by Mr, Jxmuw Dtvia, Ue Provlaional Preeldenl of U seceding saabM. Flret, of thir pernerad position II any i Mr tiBcoui I lh nmmlainlnstlly (laded Prv idant of twenty five mill lone cf free people, eod r. preaente red only th ptindpl of ordar In general, but th nobles! onnatllull of government thai evir th w ledum ef man devieed. Mr. Davia, on th other hand, la theckoaea offl-nrof a packed aon venltoo of dlnelftctad traitor and echroere who can allege nothing against th government from which they revtJt, and whose leading mottve ar a reat leaa ambition and malignant prrjodloie;elat Uetr fellow-mm. Mr. Linogia oarrlea wtlh him th ympalVleeof Uewbole enlightened world, while Mr. Ilavu provokee etUar lu execratloo or It ri dicule. Of their apeeche, II say Mr LrKcoi-n talks aa If lo rational man. wllh a calm confldrno la Ike good sens of hi hearers, aad la the peaceful and recuperative workings of the Institution! of hie country , but Mr. Davia lard bla speech, I'ke It b Acta', with "olda, guna and trUgrta.M and anutf war alar elf. N'inrdy le going lo fight Mr. Dlvra, and he oquarre off bt-nwe he haa got an nppeint. The government of the I'mtetl Slates will retain arid defend It prupeityi II will execute lie reveuue lawa where II can, and wher II caniot, II will euspeid them i bill II will make no aggressive waie. If Mr. Davi resist It In the exercise of lu iiiitloulitid light, tbe war will I of bleowntnt. king. He will make It, !. red ae our failure, te wham he refers, did against the onprouion of a government they disllkid, but at a ratk'e aul rrary Inainreiit Mr Dtvte known. and hit Vko President, Mr Brrmaaa, knows thl the giveru meritoflbel uiiel B'aiea ha lievi in every respa I nsl, eqtiltable and generotia. It haa never In fringed. Inn I Ingln lespect, Ufon th prsrejallve of sny sotitbern state , II ha never trampled tt am tbe rlghta of any southern Mtn i aad tea revoli againMII lentd a revolt against tyranny, but Ihe wilful and turbulent Insiirrnt lion of Dtliltcal fa- nailra, who were caat d inn from power by the regu ar ctloo of the government, and who have teeolvid lo rula where they cannot rule. Their nheovile, notlo extend Ue principle of Diw'er government, but to build up a vast, alav ding mllltanr tyranny. Througntmt th world their oonduct excite no aptwoval, but provokee ra ther oohim aod dim-race. No nation will w hall them a benefactors, nn Individual ef a lmg piai ritT ever rise np tn call them blamed. Wbrn Mr. Davia, then, compere hi poeltloa wllh tbat ef th falhateof lb rapaUla, he either wilfully fHlaifle history, or la made rnaan by a rotten conceit. (I a ant hli onradrate are no nvaellke Waniaornii oa 1 hie omnrwer Uao a Chlmpanxe steal big en African baby I Ilk Cotxa mr dtecoveiing a new continent. W woadar, wb.Ie he speke, thai Ue ghosta of tboae Uluetrteul men did nutory ehame from their grnvea. A HniwnMKRoi!AT having tl.OOO Invest ed In an Albany SyiB(r Bank, when they de termined to pay no Internet on depoeiu over tm withdrew f2,00U and ndepoeltod th urn la tb ram of hi wife. A few day ag th wife died, inteatato, tod tt tu feared that th merchant hard aamed urian woald ft toberhHrs. A recent daculon of UeCoart of Appeale, however, proved praotdent for blm to recover hi money. CITY NEWS. AmtirAf. or thi Paemdt Elect. Mr. Lisooui will arrlv bar today, at I o'clock P. M-, al U new depot of U Hudson River Railroad Company, 0U street, whlck will then be opened for U first Urn. Th Mayer, had of depart ment, and member of U C jtnmon Council, will be In walling wllh carrUge. Mr. Ltaooin will ride In th mme carriage the Prlnoe of Walae rod lnonhla receptlcn her, and drawn byth cam alxheeaee, Th rout of proceaalon will be through loth street to Olh avenue, down Oth avenue I Md street, U rough Md Ireel to Broadway, and down Broadway to bla hotil al Ue Astor II cm. rollc Buperlnlendent KtnnaoT haa detailed 1,500 men tor duly along U Un of reception. Twenty tour men will be tatloned la th Actor Uoutt dar ing the sUy of Mr Lrnoota. Acommltle of Ihe Common Council, wllh torn mltleee from Mveral organirationa, will acoompany Mr. Lrnooui from Albany. Mayor WooUxpct td a deliver a speech of welcome. On Wedneeday, Mr, LiafOt I xycted to re ceive hi fellow-oltiten at th Oovtrnor' Room, Cllv IU11. II la undaretuutl th Amtrican flag I lo U helatad today at th usual plaeee, tn home of tbe I'nlon, aid Ihe President elnt, and to remain flying till th 4th of March. 8AltoinT 8. PitrtTiM. Thi original and tcrenttle genius the oral or I, al 'thunderer of Ike Bnilh-wrat," torina the eulject ef a brilliant loo. lure by Rev, W. II. Mn.au", at th Cxiper Inatl lute, Thurdy evening. C TT MoRTt.TT. Pctthi for the week tnd lag February 1, 409, lm.ras on r last week, 43 deireae from name week, laat year, tv. AcuU dleeenea, 83T chronic, 139; external caueee, S3. Adult, U children, 941. Malee, 100; femalea, too. Tu new flan for lb C9th Uefilmcnt,wlil.h wo aetlced a few deye line, will b praaenled te Uetn between the ltlh and lOlh of March, al U Cooper Instirote, and for th Bret time b born In their rank on th 1-Hh of March, when tb ragtaoeal will make a volunteer parade. HavrToak Utrnu. four Eepo w rturiir lftTif, 18CL Total remaining Feb. 8, Mlt admitted to Feb. 15, 00; dlchargd, cured or relieved, 41 1 dint, B. Ktntalalag tt data. Ma. Malt,tTl. Femalee, 81. t'ouMrsoioaant or roLiOav Tba foUovaUg patrolmen were eworn la Friday! B. It, Wmnejr, fjtarmrly of th Detective tor), A. B. BeJuerrT, Mainisa Rosa and Joaara Rainta, No otaar buai. ne of lmportaao wet trannaoVed. Rrxnr roa EaJiiia. Ai th but Baottlag ef lk Oermaa Ole Club, Teuioola Mneeaanrchor, It vtaa unaalmoutly rnaotvod to give a mam, fcr ik benefUof Uetr enflWtog oouDtrymen In Kanana. Mann. Moamrtaui, Baavn and arssiany ai ap. paiDtedaccsnmlnle tomak the piiMelii to Aa Iwctt-xt o roa PBAjta-r Wae. A little boy appeared al the Mayorla Orfio yeater day aJlaraoon, eompUlnlag that h had bean de frauded out of about two dollar tnd a half by a vigilant poUcamaa enforcing lh now peanut law, Tb youthful vender ef oheep refreeSmeoU when canghl by th ludght of th elab tnd ahlald, la. U criminal act of telllnf a "penn'orth" of bla. stock la trade, we told that U "haM fork over-a Y" tht polloeman would let hla go. Plv dollar th boy had not, but tht oaVtr look from blm. two dollar and about fifty cento worth of nut, than bidding bun "go and nia ao mora, The policeman Una taking U dlavbarg of U law In hi own bar-d ba not yet been discovered. I1cab or CwrscxLMES. la tht tbseuc id a quorum Ual tvenlng, thit Board wat adlonro td to next Tburaday tt five o'clock T, M. Wlnm, AcciHnra, IrrAnnaDiu Coroner Sobibmes held ta Inquest yeeterday, al No 14JtLoard etreet, a po tht body oft malt Infant, who died froan, naglart rath part f it mttatr, WrtU(BA Kaser, a servant girl. Ill year Wage. Th moUef, wh U unmarried, gave birth to th child an laaday, and stale tbat It wa etiU-bern. A Boat eaertem txamlnallisi ahowed. however, tbat Ik ckUdwnt born alive, and dld free nffacttlon. Tht J iry rendered a verdict of " Death from aagtM tu. th pait of Ha naothtr, WluieuiinA Kaaa. Fatai, Aooa(T.-0wof 0'Keri te.4 ta bqueet yrsterdav, tip m the bcty of an nnknowa roam, about in year of age, who died from a free tor oftheakull, received by falling lots the area of No. TB Oder street, while Intoxicated cm Boralay night. Deceeerd bad dik hair and alltwtrarksf. and wa dressed In a b'ack coal and paaU and Held veal. A verdict of " Accidental death wa ren dered. i1fWwimTOnf Scmawint held an tn epieet yesterday, upon lh body of Jaar Ftnrn, a ealor, who w drovrmtd by falling Into th dock, hot of Wall etreet, whl'. IntoTlcaUd. Dweaeed wme a native of Rhode Island, M rear of ag. r diet "AccloVennal death." aU tntotrbjencn. Ali rerrn lAmrurr-Tiro. Re xi, a bag maker al Me. 1M Duan etreet, wtl arrested ya terday, ehard wlU nntaajptun to rob ta atova f Ffiwatn Yaareme-r of etgbl eewlng marbles, a aaa of munlin, a quantity of rjroe and pjUaa, aod caber property, valaed la all aa 0I4I4. Il appear Ual whin Mr. Yunnan- dstk arrived th etnr la th mnrnlag, h found la act teed lower lag th gord down lb hatchway, and a call wait lrglo recti nihara. Oo being aked by tbe dark whet b wa daing, he gave hire Impudence, ijs cOVer wc called, when Roau. onndeanended tn nay tbetke had bought Ue good of Mr. Jaon T. Yiirraaorv. Thi aemon we enalled to neat etaeed tbat thai a-eertlon era fats. Rowmx wa then wreeled and taken before Justice Otnnava, who hold him to hail la t,0M lo anrwer. DttcoarD aud Rocnan. Jotm TJ(.fJts wae arreated yvarteteVty, charged vrllh having on Sunday nlht antlcod Jrutm lam, res'dlng tl th comer of Battery Flac tad Oreenwlck etreet, lato a dterepulable boa, wher he era given drugged liquor te drink, and whea rendered Insen ell.le, robbid of t'B UiJmaa ooatiaMd hU guilt, end reaanrad StI of the tul money, He wae than taken lo Ihe Tom he and committed tor trial. II I a Bwiaa by birth, II year of eg. CarrcM or Bt;noLAa,Tlit offie of If r. Jona Otxmoj, No Ul Went (Olh street, em broken Into a few night ege, and robbed of rtlclee to U value of $10. Yeeterday, Jona Mnnaa, who re cently waa let mil of Ue PtnlUntlary. aod Aaon aaut SciJivan, wr arrested a lh burglars, and anm t th stolen property wa fount In poeseienon of tbe letter. Mom ahewrd flhl, but waa brought to termaby a knock down blow npnn th heao wilt the butt of a revolver. Th prisoner wer held tor trial. jAwrnDoBAi tnd 0k. Tnovrwv, boyx, were arneUd early yeeterdey morning. In the elor of Favuan At Co, N 107 Water etreH, which they had Irroken Into, The boya had ransex ked eevernl deeke, but totmd no tlunler whkh attlte-t them. Tby were taken lo court and lathed up to answer. G unto it II. Dk tn, t youn man, waa ar. rested on suspicion of being i ne of th pftrtle con cerned Inn burglary at Ihe Jewelry ettre, Ni M, Bowery, eome weeka ago, at whleh time about t3o0 worth ef property wa carrlol off, a rn f which haa been re, over ed. The accused wa held for txaiainelu. U2QAI. UKI'OUr MONDAY. Raporma Caart. fmal l'imituUwn of lh Imlltnn li-qrtiti-fun tnea .tfjrf.T tf (Ac Anlicatlm of Jovph . iVecl fa I ivuUaKjfd rvm A rreef Thi case ha been heretofore eUUd bi full In thn Ben, and on th "ah Instant we rt ported U decision of hisbuner. Justice Bamar.1, sustaining ihe ufSi'lncy of lh prooeedlngeand remanding Mr. Bene to Uacua tody of tkaofrlcen. t be uken to Indiana. The Court, hewdrer, at th requeet of Ihe ermn eel tor Mr, Sweet, John P. Unheal, reeerved the final disposition of U case, la order to give Mr. Orahem further hearing. Th oae now cam on again, but Mr. Qrtham did not appear tor th primmer. John Burrlll ap peared Instead, aad applied for n further adjourn ment. Ill Honor, however, refueat, and eteted Ual h would discharge th writ and remand U prisoner In aoenrdaar with hla former dedeton. Al a let hour Ue evening, a writ of Aooeai em i leaned by Judge Air ax, of th at. preme Court, wa aerved aa Detective MiCoao andBLnia, directing that Swear be brought b K tun an rrvuy atxt. Cesam rteeua Action ajaiiul a Suprriar Court arrfoc Thi Xnfrtcreoeker Lift aavranc Cbrnpoav . Jam W. Whiti Thla action wa brought upon a promlasory note of U defandant, who 1 now on of U Superior Court Juatlcea. Tb defence eel up wa that U note wa umitoua, baring bean mad In payment of premlume of Inaaunnc policia whloh U defendaal took out tn lh above-named company, aa a eon daretloa of a lean n band and annrtgng. TneplaliUT obtained a Judgment, en Ihe ground thai thla answer wa frlvckra. Th defend in! tkeo took th eaae to Ue O moral Trm of thi Court, whar U Judgmeol at th Special Term wa af nrtatd. I'Bkteel BKntew (Ttrrns Coart. Before Jostle Saatur. J Park Anna Murjer$.ta th rat of Cordon Hlree eonvtcted of th murder of insrain of th bark Anna, U Jodie staled that th priaa oner had bean oenvb-Wd oa evidence, whloh la an other case had not met wlU crodenr, under inch clicnmaunceettwouldkoa hardship to end Ue aonuwd to prison wher U vidne In hi opinion, did not warrant a eonvtctlon. H ebotild Uon tollow a preredantestiWuihed by Judge Hall and discharge Ue prisoner en bla own ncognlaanot la Ue sum of t300. Th petit jury were discharged for tht term. BROOKLYN. Dkowinn, On Saturday nttfht liut, on of tht Fulton Ferry boaU, In going Into th (lip on th Nrw York tide, ran against another boat, still Inetenod to tht bridge, whea a paaaenger la at tempting lo Jump from on veesel Vv th other fell between and wae seen no more. He waa a well dreserd, respectable looking maa. N one on board appeared to know aim Mery effort waa made to Ai.it Ue body but without euooee. Rex ovrit p.r A Rati road Car. Aia CaaaiDT, a llltl girl, aln yean of ae, waa run over by one of the Central Railroad can, la Atlan tic near Itoerum etreet, yesterday morning and one ef her lege waa abra kingly mangled. The accident waa cauaed by fal lnr fiom Ue first platfiam upon whit h eke had Jumiie.1 while the ear waa In motion, for U purpose niuking a freatld. Sh wa con veyed to the L. I. Oil lege IIosplUl. RtinintBiKB. Tho totp nutrufactory of Waxaa A Boa's, In Kent avenue, wa feloniously cuUrtdun Saturday night. Th burglar took th Iretble of ahatterlog the leek of the safe by mean of rowCer, but a It contained nothing of value, Usy bad their labor for their peine. On trondny evening U ball of tl Lafiyette street waa enured by thieve exd five over coats, belong ing to Umdera la lb house, wsr cerrled away. Tim Ko or FmacAai. Tli llth regiment hav decided to have a battalion parade la honor of WaaiuauTO' Birth day, on U (id Inst, Tm Rtczrnov op Pamipgrr Liscols. On hundred ef th polUameo of UU ally hav keen detailed to do duly 1 New York today. Obookltb Comtos Conctt. Th Board bald a regular meeting laat evening. Tb Commlttae on School, Arte, ., to whom wa referred th nomination of eultable persona to U vneeucie In th Board of Kducatlon, reported In favor of appointing Miiae. Peter O. Bergen, U. R Pteraon, Ansa F- Ualflald, M. 8. Bamham, Daniel MoOebe, Jaaae Lloyd, Xaoaaa Carroll, Samuel Oraham, Marriott ktVJUmly, Joan R. Jargeur, Jaa. Murphy, Patrick Maehaa, fc. D. Wlaaat, Ucraalia Dover aad E.Q. Wbllloan, ta plaeaof Manjr. Pater U. Began, Samuel BceU.Iaeeo Brlnkarho&II S. Biunaam. Denial McOaba, John D. Cor. W. W. Crana, aaephea Overall, Wnv M Harrta, Jeaaa Uibeon, Jtme Miuphy, John Pauldltf, Jarad Bpaaka, Theme Bnlllwan and K. 0. Woitlook, wkoaa term of effloe ha expired. Tb report wa adopted Alii mail BAIT, fxaaaand ruei.vDalag In Ik negnalr. Aid, K M """ "' th loUowlao-a Waereaa, Il I apakally aoprearla In Man ef muu numn ana an xteoa is snnosaH day, daolar their Asvotlcn to th oare aad lae laatttutloo a, b-etmlhtd Uem by.Ah Uvea and fjrlunea of Uetr huhera i aad, wt arena, Friday aaatUdaemedtobe, byall natrteta, a. national day by being th anal sareary of the btrtk-day of th Inw. aaat u oeameii i or, oy by being the anal sereary aanetal waaiuatasaa. 1 aaoctei vxtainaiwae. Turaon, ravaoivto, Tba en Filday, the txd of FabituJ-notgct, Ut flag b holeaedoa Ue City nalLUe ujiee b clond, aad Ual CoU OaAJUai uf Ihe TOlh rlglnnanl b rtqaaate ed lo fire a sslaae ef 100 gun boa Fort Qrnta. Aitoptod t tnd fitSO to pey t xpnnaae. Aid. Frjtn offored read alio to tht effect Uel a loly oom milt ite of five h appelated to preoeed. to Albany to attend to Bjaki Intartato. After torn aisraatrlon tb reeolaUo. wa loot by 1 aye to AUt Ciaoow, co Icara, tATartd th Ulandnf , which wa adopted t Hraeeea, Tb PiesUaetakKt, Aaaaajualjaooija. has left hi boat lo a im th poallian. tt Freat. dent of lb United Btaaen, Uctod thereto la cany tonally wita U Oerurlltnaton thereof tow, tbare. tore, tor tbapurpoaaof lantUying onr loyally la U Uenatitutlon, and. our rai-wd tor UeFraaldaul elect, and tbet Ue peoala uf Ut city of Brooklyn ar for Ue I'u'oo, be Ik iiittttd, TkaAaVA Mayor bt xeqiteated to Invite th Prsldstaloca, to vlstl onr city, ahd acoeidth weloome o n ciVeena, and laat a commltu be ep polttotl tcgo-ovane with hi Honor Ut Miyor la eeiiylurgv'at tut abov leoolutio. WILLIAMSBURGH. Yova DtmaLABi Aeetd. Offlcoc Cao Abam yestmday arreeerd Tuu. Roam and Pat sJcsDrTnxa,waonrockajgdyriUhTk1n laat tht fhoWy ef Mr. Tana DaVra, on th oemec of North 10th and First eet. nnd a teal log a quan tity of lead tod copper. Tbaf wr oMimlttoa tt tiartdnJrnvaV JnaUMCAiAaaiu Caaoaltt. On Sanday rre alng CnAi. els', a lad! yeerx of age, while playing vrllhc chQdiTa on theor of F.w tnd Grand etn bad hla Ug broke by t pll of lumbar fallLet him. Allrorn ItionwAT Roanmr, Lrorol aTlrwiti. wa rretd on Sunday alght, c with highway rNwry by Mr. Nionoua Ku Tho neciunj wa held for eiamlmWlon. JEIISEY CITY. Kottrtirm or Amox run Wirt To" Brotrotrr or Pxraoaan, as tn I vtost wa-nar ran exa-iaac re Fs.sovoio. T Ctmitroe of Ik HsVsnn Oeiaer Conrt Hoel wa agahvtUeel yeateiday morning by j iiifj aexioua to haw u doom of Aaaoei, lh w ytoinmer, ana artovxi ne pernone vear eong ontatd anabte feat aa nrnc. Th gnllegl waa swatrely Cled wlU woman- gaenff rVtrfl t repetition ean die graosfal atwcMdlng ef Monday laa prevenlnd. Th enlpvlt vraa coaduried to Jary-room about A. M tad tear remained tu aa opening oc xn veun, at u A. M.. el wkl honr be wa bveught betor Jang Oroan, aad aootel Judaea Fnvn and Ft. . t'ptmUangasked,lfkebadeayUlrallomyarl Judgment ahonld nor now b feawed, Mr. Aatfl 'Ihtvttntnytbtt Ifael hunoent, p alc nid. Judge Ootib then proceeded I pivaa no s te a, (renewing Ik fhrt la U naeep wb we. "That Wa. A aeon betaken henceid eanli la lh county Jail until Wednesday Ik lOlh day derteaper, aad several times luf iMjn1 JmbwC waa py ssntawng nie imaooancw anu I ueiglllg tvonrn wiaa aavma; oanaea nia wuarn aeain. At thn clean Judge Oonxa aald, "May 04 naercv on vevir ernil. Tba cetsoner leplled. "Ood erUI kave merrv i me, but man hnan'l. I am Inoooont i I will any nntf! U laa." Th condemned man cm Ik. ooayiucaea eo ninceii. ,( STAamao AS Orricrn. About 3 o'cluVt ' Sunday morning, officer Kiumvlit nd sum wer called hat U bout Nh. 141 St4 etreet. to quell t disturbance between three i Oflloer xruiatur wsnt Into tl, bouse end altera L ed to elect a ataa named PaTtaut llanmaan, wh ll la eueg . ins in leaver etnwa aim iwuo w m knl'a. The first blow cut tkroork Ua efnne clothing on hla side and the knife srexed Ue ski Tbe second blow took iBert la th thigh, caualaal wound an inrn aeep ana two incnee la length. TJ Uree fallows then made Ikelr est epe. Oa S-mdd nlchl two of Ike men, Tuoui Cxsutwoe anl Ma Tiinw Rreent t, wer taken Into custody, but Ual aioaa la situ at large. A Mtorii KiHtitrn.Himc time durin Sot day night, Mr. T. C. Ilanw' dry goads Vwl t 49 M"Btgonery etreet, wa entered by break H open tb tear door, and a quant ty of alike, aatMJ end dulainea wine atoltn. Ni clue lo Ue rebbal kaa vet been otaalned. Tun Gun tr T.tl or tiik Road. NIUI1TBIUDK i or THT. MASKRD ROBBRTt OF HOUNSLOW I IK. AT 11. BY DR. J. IL ROBI1801. b a setting at aUUeaoee draol la tttt MR YORK MEHCbJtT. run tiik x nnniTm-tT Ain tiik x iwrrrar- en I1AVE Cl'BiT) MILLIONS OF DKADACUEh. H NCRYOrS AFFrXTtONB, A.. U irRAtfTlKXTiI'll VtarTABUI 1-NIVir.Ea.AT! --7 Have already ttenrad a high character ee t tflclent anrgatlvn. Thar, In feet, hav ether oaalrtlea whlck eonxtna to saMvetbe blood of rltlee ne long aa any remain. FarCotK, Cofuaa, Aanoja, Dvartria,CeUi Coermorsae, Mnavoct aad Btoa llxana'tma. MirMW vn BTOaaaoa. And a aa anttbtneo merTlilne, they are nnrt The tick, however aflretod, aaoald at eoe thi admlraaU ttadtoine. Bold both oentad aad plain with amfl tn FsMTCIFIJi OFFICE 4 OAXAI. 8T4 N.4VNION8QCAaX AND BBCNTOITI TM BOWBl Th Pbuidcst blkct, m hi ArtnivAr. ay, will t tana kr ihouean rrem tne wtadt w I baleenlea ofHenram-e Mn ina, wh will else n 1 man sin m awing wenacva. To hAwmtn.To cccrMnrv, should find nndentaad rear eentbillttee and no no far In Hfa th may be latont i a PhrenelAsfcal 1 emlaaHea by rref. Fowl will enable yew to ) far you men If each Is th eaee, and shew yen k tw maf d ueveioye. uauainccuenritaanty, PlBBCT FATETT BTTTJIUTt Arm MJEDWATaTJ YAFUR BATJia, in FlXTttlf BT, NBay YORK. aadtra.0 wajaOioainVr it. brJoixi Ttaee Bathe tar bata eimssfsl eterarloa for I ysata, aaa aav given naivereai eauaeaaxaen. These BsAk are asal keeeaee taey I. Kqualla tbe elroalatlea ef Ik bleed. f. Its estabUsk In ma IbUs aU ratten. I. IHmtnbk nerveus IrrttaWlllr. A Curs aU dlaeaem sftka akin. B. Resaere all aflnots ef rresft A litre tens to the dlaesttv era. t. Qveror ewelllnis end ehetniraisa. a. Cure a oonraoa ann, mvna anw a nana uit naruw, eon vnaoan, aneeei R. F. BnaAJtos WrLB Cnur Brt at Bettor Uen tbe best-tnnr than the pares--! XTvae id oaa maemaia aiwara naerei uspisaai wftk mmtmm hla liwisims snil nensu rsAsvsrlss - . ,-,-.--, --w ri .. TRY Tlfk: WlaJl'i'li TRRT BTT.TTI ajrTi, would meomnaend all who are aJUIeted wltn ' BARIra WUd lerry Hitter, ll b eitturrt ami nfi N ady It cannot fall to aonafll the Invalid, aad w ' w bad a trampefe vetoe te toil all Ue emitted may eaa nn utla oanvaie panaoea. Hul ae Bi eo frsoba bsv bee srertleitd ( late, aad aa n wild cherry bittern te TuM a aned," (ask year v visa, s vrar tiovwv isnvi i's miun is purer ear port wia.j u ur yu vursnaen id, oaiy laa Wild Chsrvv Bitten of B.F. iriHBAED.llnl st,N.YaadJ.W.llATral,mrtn1t,lareeaiil Xow wTTTirxr Rbaow or all. aROVT.R IIAKTK.S cwrwmkTm NOHH.XXM mtwita bun 40 and ajwarde 4f Breadway,M. T. Baebt'b TRioonTEBocri la tb beat n ebennent arttete tor dressing nnd hem fjing, elranln, enrlaf . wemrilng and nntiiilin f anir. i "i"t cry at, nsaa or an an Idruukan. iwncum. afctbraPa lleanietnrhle Ptoertflo HenaeWl an aasd wlUk greet ensues. Th list eemertaea rWf edtoa Air mart an the Ills that Hash I hair to Pl kfteealepsr hex. P1U1X1V IJUL PmerioVtr, I I Broadwar felt KIM J ?r i wvumcAi. r4ktenlllth Wnrd. Hataut nal Wa(1 Cemnalttrt win nasi at MAYEKak tt Met, en Wl neadar evenlag, fc tnetaaa, tt IH etHoea, foe ee ninaUon. Br ards af th gnaaral eeoimittee. 1MW4 eakaaannk) towue nf Ms tntttao " rH mt tan sate af kiikaiiiil Ya-skeraH slmihMlsstUiCerdwlaeirBiletrhnw'W te mdceer wajeaMt net sal ls tnaath naf gF nam. D f infu T rhii TaUt. MOaaTuT ais, O. BThnvntan fto tbsr xner wlU b hU- tUa aba raaU, rars-vh te 2St -fAN?tr JQUaVMTItlMBLK, U. n, 1, Ynaaann Oteraw nf In War aX tfU. adjesatd metdlne will be held thta (Tu.v) I lag, Feb. lttb, toTMe'etoek, at that atoeeee Uao. aaa aaa naai reneee ev an asanas ' toi.y i ef Wnahlaaiea'a Birlader, by endar, A. Iivl ,Cell7.'al(Fe.A-,'t. UiJ LEYDON, kw. W.YtfXy A. T. AYTn enfaco nnd BTe born Weldease Led, Ne , . P. A ar rwumtad t , serobUetnielT reeena IhJ flnaedarl eveaina. I" InsL, al TW preeUely. In erier to jay our .InUn" frkmdlrvWtto Phomlx Jad-No. Ik, A. Ptf Everv Individual member 1 expected to attend " OUVU.LL - r rerrn vwaer - nf ta. eL nnd; yrin icUia. rbslmna A Mlnnif Nnl8,AO.n-vt twc Tr- nvnewm. tj low tn tnaraaa year rrxt Inndtoad 11 nbensrrvteeniisjieiilAnninl.nliin ToawiUsyl tdtolafUnarnnaneodehaaaaf tettxn a rij p tnWnTSheaj as m mint t to-attend. IBAAAll X Pvoeo-T. Vrm n-u. xxiaaen anna, ran. in t ne, to ef the nbo drvtsb wtlt a aM at tbatr ' Ina reeene oa Wednaadar awake. Ik avtk las'" Trf ftiaak ISmatuat nltendaae la rerrowtod f mmA arui.liu liafkWAN. Pna't 111 H&ntKTvnVrmm jmiN la iiunuW TucJl v -vi-5i;iir'' " 1 "l a.N. j IVwU i i(uuiwiil "- f