27 Mart 1861 Tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 2

27 Mart 1861 tarihli The Sun Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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r 54- 1 TOENEWYOKIv SUN. WIDNWDAY MORINtl. MARCH IT, HC1. Th gaaifcria l-ana. Tmwoif lb eeeedlng; tt - tobed or tltlen taxmoni amount of United Statu pro ppf though they bare. In tho Mm way, p- . ifgawl Ihemsolva. with rmi aud ammunition. 'rat have lan allowed to KfeecnU their ff v laUonary tchem wlthoat oppoelllon, their Fto TbioB OewTmnt an htatlly coniM-Bcted at Montgomery, ha found It r.areMry to oall for Iota of dtlcn million of dollar, bearing In tsrtet at algbl pel cent. per annum, to mall It to reform th firtt fntlont of a got era nmt. laterawUhavwbee.n madeln ai-itlcrn jc-araalt to lha effect tka.Jh whole amount of tb Imo had lrady ltontlBubarr!tnd for lo tb cowling tUtoe, Lot Ilia utter fallacy of the UtfnnU la proved ly the fact that tha flat firo nUllou of tb tot will not Lo offarod to th potlie until th 17th of April. Wa dot,' moreover, If tha first fit la... Nona will Lo tubacriiied for ia lb eneediag ataUx. Moat of them ara already burdened with tt debtx, and If tbelf cHltei.i engirTed In trade would pay all thtj owe lo our north tra mrreauite, roomy would l exceedingly Mar with them. It la a well known fact la JJw tffk LntlneM clr. I that ff tho bouae xrhirk hare Bought chiefly aoutlwtrn cuttom, dur ing tie lait fifteen year, not ne In Iwonty hia escaped Iteavy loaee or bankruptcy. VilUln the Uat few da) a wo bat beard New York utcr cbanta rxprcti tho opinion that one, pond re olt of aoceenlon would be tbe breaking up of th twelve month credit at dam and the growth of a louudcr tyttnro of tr.ide tlh tho Scuta. Dut overlooking tha ttate lcl.lt and tho per final delda of tbe people for whom tbe Mut Komery Congreax lue firmed a Uovenrnant, fifteen railliont f tlcliiira ita lare aum for thorn to rai" at .1 firnt inMalimnt of their nw frovtrnrmntal exr mea, Tl fro white tof.ii latkn i'f tbe terra acrcj' I atatft. nrnii'tera lit tle mre than two millionr and a bull, aothit tbe ufleeu million tax, apart from tiro 1-ilerett, wllltitt notily equal ta a tax of alx dol lar upon every frco white tmn In Ih -lie tat. llut tbeto U aluo the nitti.intl debt of tm L'oitcd Ktalra, of nbiih the .eio.lfl alalia inutl afM'tne their prnpoitiou lafor they i tn obtain a reco, nition cf lliclr aloptiiikni from thai United tStatia fittf nirnt, and almuM they, in their mvliu'f, pK't'le t coIlHon with th l'nitf-1 Stt-, with MrxHn. or with any o'Lfr foreign t'OWLr, they wiuld aoon 1 ic'lurod In complr'- kanaruiilcv. If tl.a f.r-l Llmin to tbo people if the ftdfd Ma", i f a "piratp KOverrmvnt, la tha mreahlly of rl in fiftc,n millloutof ilollira tn put it lito o,i 'ration Low grr.at mu t Ih; Ihnr bi,i;ine- -vli u t r tkrcojoir ln-nn tiny will lie rjl'iui on fr fifirea or twenty mill ln ni'-tf to !."p it in cxMirre Wboti they hive to provide for lhlr own poiUl aerKe, for the m lintrnatrs .f a inn, for tho aupportof an arm. to proteit their fron tlera and Miprin 1'ilU'i ileprelatioiM, tlmv will undrrataiil Letter tkia they do now th rXpenaeof aeptrtn gnMrnmcnt. Thoy b iv.i riuhed into rvvohtion without cvuntiiiK tbo cot,but they will leirn it Lyanl Ly. Tbe money difl'nulty will lm the (treat diffi culty with the Southern Confederacy. Foreign capital nt will not at this aUge of lie uncer tain existence, and while it it uniecogntied Ly any power on earth, nbecribe for the fiftein million loan, though It ia propiMl to wcure tbelnlereat ly a duty of on-ijhth of a cent per pound on all cotton exported from the ac ceding elatef) and certainly American cipit allaU will not auhacrlbo for It, when they can make more than cltfM per cent vr unnum, Ly aafer iovoatnieata. Tbe Southern Confederacy doe nt conUiu within Itaelf the elementa of national gre4t eta. Iu chief itat lea ara c-tton and augtr, and tbeae are produced Ly thvo ljjor. It olTore no laducement lo tbelmpi terinhedandopprosa d labor of the OH W'uttd to eeek within lt liounJarlea totter r'mnnnratlon and K'ea'er friodem. To tlie immigrant it nmmt offer each fuLIt for ertcrprUo at the great free Veat affvirla, and It h.is olr"i ly tLoen Hi in. dtfpoeition to toiifir upon biin political fran chix'a an 1 all the rights of citizenship. Itt commerce, llii-ri-fi re, c.mnot expand like tbe commerce U Utci which lune variel re eourcea, andlnlt and cm reward the Ij'jjt ad tbe kkill of the ai;ricullur tlirt.tbe mechanic nnd theroanufarluier. Cipit.il loo, villi con centrate wbire all lindicf UUr fin! the Lett fielj for tlitlr fullent duelnpinnt. Thew are trutbaof wbicb our eonthorii hretbnn wl'l be coavinced, at no distant day, anl if they coin prebn leil them no, they would f jwo.lily fet their face against tbe men who art leading thorn oil to tbeir ruin. A ereaetw i lie&l. The relurna tf the vote in Louisiana, on the qeeUon of eeceamea hate nut yet Ueu pubLae t, a4 It la lenera.ljr tellid thai lha reatoa for tha auppretel a of the rvinnu l, that they woul t ehw mj irity aataat tbe poller of the prrajilutora. The Sew O Uaaa n-ajne whUh hut aieedil ev Ueavortd Vj have lUe iiniirtel itturns puuUehel, tkuareUe toacerie-ivulwt In ef lie Uleat liaueii Of oouraa, aa tha Onr-tiiion hw decided aftlaat eubmiMug tae fxiueiiibtuHj t.i . pele, oe re turueof tue Cvntn e'e.ili will nil lim ennie at i1-!-, ( r lieir iubiution ren vow migui lMlblrxolt k'Ulilt and rJii4ne lnl ite (JjBVuiD A itim d'.ie te eutrlbnie aoaucb txv'tati'ei I, weaoeU mk' at fiinher ff rt oqiititte cruo'ee and upultn4M of eiircir teaixiadikt, aid tn e now laMia all whom It otiy ciMtru. Ia Uker worda, le " ri!nUtort" tare '. lmced tte voire o' thr pl'l ' I.-vi'aiai,aai bj tbeir darlig treaaon lave lntlii.l.UJ tha Jouma'a wblah wai went, under I lotrd ftlrt rule, lo re. jolcetn Ihtlr freed m ad mdaien let.ee. Tha in lavement oflLepteia at tn 8 irth 1 oca of tie wont fte'um cf tbe aeitaeloa mnxaienl, but we ceonotUlleteteat th!a eoalavtmeat will La of long dntelloa). Afw Jeumala tae tha man'lawa V teelallka deapotlam whU'h la Leliif ImjioMd on akaaoutaeia ptop e, bat le loae wbo feu le ex Tjcaee tbeir honert coev ctlciia, ai.d lo tha people who have bean deoelved and Dialed, we would eqr, -.Wb would be free, TlMetftlv.a muil atnata lha blew," New Itoeka. Ilaavru & Baoriiaaa have Jut puLliahed Tiumiue" a Navel, lj Can, Wlf. Coaril, A'eo, Tka Ordeal ef ti Lthor la the Drltlaa Weal la Maa,bjWii U gaeai-L, Uilof a lepriot of lie taatniealve aeriae of ledum, oa tli iuljt leiely puVlahid tn the A )"r Trawa. IIowwiu.it WoHK'Drig. Gen. Sri'ia aod Col. B I). FoaiLir, two of Ue BeniUra of tbe Ooaooaaji court martial, wboea eeraailaalona date over tea jeare utcV, will be aud teoly ouated from Aoabytbatpcitlonof eec. S of the new mllllli law, wbloh prvvidia Ibet "eon m atlona baailag dale aevea yiari or ever ebell lonadlately eeeat ftad axplta upea the paaalrg of tbla act." Tula bill kaa already reoelred aa et&ruittlve vle In Ua Senate, and If paaeed al all, wt'.lU put Ihrouirh atuUf Ike earning fbrUlf kl. TV oat will lien bl aha egect of till Dew arraogauanl on lha Con arlaif After 1U long pretracllon will ll anddenly evjiMlcked," or will anna provlaloa eaab'e itkarn to puiaue It to tie end f Wo- or tb BcEEan or Sanranr Is. rorio. Tbe number of rulaancet abated lea week wef HI alukt and waur oloiaii eleea ., W leada of sight aull reaooTed, lit i dea I Xtram, di , CI oeva, 1 1 hnr( 1 giate, 1 1 doj. lad other email ailaaala, 130 1 uatoltr of barrela iwaflaU SM of uaaoaad, dueaaed or unhealthy , ttah, poultry, a4 MM poaaJa wart itiaed. THE LATEST NEW r r ULKVRirn to ran s. r art. ' 0 i XXXTlIlh covum1 . Exixa ariaio. WoMnqiim, Ifnrrk '26. The SenaU taejil d lha e,ideiM,ii ef the reeoloti' of Mr. I.wo taala r.f.terreetle torls n VeMa, A Mr. Pawnwainea (Ky ) roee and addnl the 8ettr, lei.ivli m ite rerna k rt.aa. ,j Mr, poriti a ye.er.'ar II . (Bttixxi.tirotj rexreued O MIL. H-t "or f.am 1 Delia floiulAaj t1 aMa norerlev.nt bli inliofiiru on l&e bUf end un pr'trndtria1 neieiha be bad tbe h'.unr ti off-r, TueS'iieMi f'nra I I'jvta aa d tsalke (3aaokn tn-o'Uo n. rrmi'teii a rr mtjiio aetiu toe lt lio, cuaka n vr ebaadottd aiy f beir ! fiiiali'.M. miI not aiuii met tea 8itrf in in lllmole a'nnei wet aware ef auth an in jcnt.t fa.tt Ware Vriloia anl II nvitnate cr fedei ate autre a ware of ISH f art, and he int a r wberliriiie Itapi.Mlcana wee ewai'of ta t It wee KlorV.ua If It waa avue. vvbu wei tia in (eareof tUigrealenr. evl.. t BiMki aae tbeWtnVntr.f N"d' GiWmu rd llcaab, wateinr-ai aerl l-j (' eren, without laviaif an l'rg Ir. rrgain In AT'raii Tjere waa iv th i In lalt lo ehtw that Hie Ite illioa.n have atam-'riadike aiHt' r. Driver' of Ihetrpar l, T' ey did not tne p rw M iit ami tlanty pii 'aa-lona inn laeea b l!a. ToeR'publ rana enonly et,x oi a it hare tie Writirt-i or ca rl.llallrv miabl bare a abua of the fnv. eiMi.itliroteiXy.aad o.akeaatilulmiav o, a. era, aw., and inia waabra ded to tbe world tl ahfw llialll.a (4imj!lal have perVcled etlel peeof netrlotiau and abanrleifd tbeir "enaaoiial r'tfrnlpl.e and that tbe Bouta bare obtained more Lien trey ever aabrd for, M- CntAMix(Vi.)Mld tatt ha waa d4 aware Otaovau h alakiatovaent. Mr lltiiaiaaniiraald there waa nnRpuVljta wbo we'ld aaj ltt bia party had g'unoni.a wndiif the plf iiq on wfiidithtp eoi inie Irtraal n aahrengbtlnki rower, 11a fltianxix aiiHtrj .d bare no part In prejUaiag oe epiion an tbr p. pie. )t aeahied toblm Ibat the II Jub llcan party area hardratng anx ronailidat nf evrry lee, and nua flbeealeniileaof tie lime wt ita anaylec Itaelf In enlld baiaox on Da diatinrtite pnte'i Ira in tbe face of lreut,dou H'tu, I' II (rHe- ug a f rt, II doM ai lh tra, tad da laraa that ll la dose not f.clTl,b it f-r mlllta-y reaaana. I or tlie divert latent, tlie ion reimaietMl affraa a va meu t are been e eriert. P rti.t UaMnai for lrrel,L Mraluia, fjr B-natora and nl'u ,nj,era, lie no-l teritral nen have beea cboean. IMaevd iicelo,kaln any aJir direction Han that ofye'dire; y o'tiaagrMeiva or dUnuci'.a f-aturte of tie It-rMihl'eaQ (arty. T' a le tie ca ae wblc h bw eu, d-reil tale ounMra y, aod if hot lamMtied aall auudar M allll woiae llr)kiaan-4,a) ela'ireo teat It waa the art.Kaa atddwlaoor tbe U-pnt,1lian orantatiea to eg. clode. duerxly or lnlirrtly,f oiueeiwy Iwb of tbe rmnnKe tetniritj every cilirn of tmrj armte n aM wbo daeindWeatry will tilo Ijera hit alara p-.aity. TteUrter ilara bad len er ma ally aneaairiprf II bill IT abol a lanMiiri of.be eta.ee, yet he laeply trn'tteta tt aay teat he bail eeen ni evldenwi on I), liar ill, Iran aula to u .et ILaae etid-erore half raj, Toe b r .rr a a.-e Hiioecajririot le-utntethia Omfadaracy. T-e mai'irlty if tie non e evibtl'l. iri( aat.4i a'rnehave thepiaair ai l i a.,, an't he a xprat)d tbe 1 1 n, n mlih frrief buawlta iAm aiiiliiu tM ill. er, w'lhla a fchott tlaia, the It potican wbo ere be-e n,anlf-al aptr-t ti eire Ite ' 1'iiiau ) which the m-dar a'ava atati r'.lnit tbe ) la-Mon will be i ttl Ix ole oflliaee p We imj drift liAerlvl! itnfl't'ie iajla area loe, d no otTiitabv It r.atk ; htn If wa bare nitt Urd arife, then a one ft .,1 aeparalinj y traavy i ti.e Kpu'niaa tiaararunu an I I itr f li nil " m rt, i i, il.anl iletrinluil, at I tea, la te a. i ot.ifr letiita th-an tn drive ti I ld r a ava til. u t,i a ui, o i wiah 110 jfula -aia- aial'a. In tie b. ai ab.t ahaa toern nest tepre a i la II e Ime r 1 1 lp' s n' lie old fodaial eyarevi. II ite 1 irnrr t'ave a't.ai h M a c nvan 1 u, wh rii artniadpmlVile.tu iabMop eo'ibenon alavahoM ll a" rUI.edret, it tlelr A uy lo lej t a v pripe alti'iiu, aa inx lie aaaanalal, than, the d'arop-imi of II I iilin w.li balm labeliihaatiant ol fl'aeeo atatea, er il a to d'atat I day tbe aew emfadaiec w ill la tfce larval ,m tble oi.ntieetit Mr. Ike-oute rrpliixl, rttlimg bla po'ntt In a fonrer diacuraton t. ahow lUal the alavabl,dm eUtia bare neeomp-'alnt to make Tiey he utt tl ear Jul pn perlinn aud Juat HIU in all the Mr tlti.r'Mof I'e t'u ld giaiara IlanmUl n t r mi'aal hla auriiHae Ibat tee HanVor froia Kanaiukyden ed ell tbe .tl,n he aad aatiimarl. Toe genaior, ftfM r raying tbal tbe border eJava ,UW eu'd not ael one of tbe prrpnaitmna la'd dawn by him, and taring leatate.1 ibat there wax no hope In tbia parti ular rumarked, thit Heiktuivy, from ountaiu peek to tnnatnUlii prak, and fria.e ivery valley and aoilllnir plain, woulorliiir birth the cry ofjuatice antepiailiy. ii e iiioiuuiai onjeti wee to iKinouauiie inai t!ercvUM un cuoae for eiuli a tiou, and that Keiitu ky I ae r ate en' tvpialoy in the terrifn r e. atMirdoK In the tcata preacrilied by tbe Hjna ator bin at If uni tluat there la aa e pilaab a d veiaa on the liiieofth'rta.Beren. a half degree fa-taer ninth H.ao H' rarrraaiiae'epropoa tioncla'nied. ll waa tiue, that tbay ( Itapub Wane) hare ra onTiiaad He rigbteof the 8 niahlo tbe terrltorlae, and bare nok ai'rmiited t,i eapiel the elate ooda of NawMax'co; Ilia fact ahould bl proula'aied by eveiy t til mruen It wee all ha aakfd. lie Ihea proctedid o ehnw froqa tbe loeoxurel taal Mr. l,lMtM.lt Bikuowlrdaealbe duly Of Felaralpmae lion le elat prrerly. ei d that II la the duly of Coiuovre tri i are lee atrardlngaudb pr. tejtton,arid Ibat ll la tla duly of Ike I e Ural effiveta I J eiMuti tbe la a. M . liunninanioa aeld In at'eTpliog lo aaalal Ibarftea.ior fimn IUIrola In giplo ihrouirri bia iraolu'l mof i i-iti, Ibal ll rnmbi In k In toe ill. raillou of a ua he aald lliat be bad leenuu erl da aall!elUin K publicxnt Lava aland ined tbeir jrriw ip'ea. He (Han kVMit wr) did fay on miire tktn oua oc eaalon. tiat it a due.ii ant tally la I i laudoarl, by treai'la of tlair rtpraaiiiailta, fa turwi ml eb- liab alaai rv le tlieae r, eMa that ao,aal aieiee tbe) w old t na reitaln in the I ol n arhe- tLe po i.ity of all f it rii waa n I u u tei im - or lottitd Ti 1 null eaa , roke 1 a'raajy aed ua Vaa rfib e lorl c n an'v iQ ri ware loaila 1 1 aaW tie tla, iiat a broad narfonal iirmc pla ilia I ib u will tettrkeuer I urtiir-r. Iioiudnrtbe ealint by larauadioK tiepeop e tnat the U-ptblU ra.ua have kbanaoiiad tlie pr no p i a lo whico tbey allll toiler e. Mr HoioiaarepVet'.tbathtiullihaillegiiialir weuld tv I k" li a tKimni4y u.l la.l lie iua lhal tbay arariil In r,ia,avt to the aerril m la, bailer than avar tley di t hifore. While be did n l daoe tbiawaatte laee; Le faalitd Ibal Kaol vky aud every olhrreta'eabould ku'.w tne f at a. Me, too, dealie.1 to til tbe llpulilicau partv out of ptwer, teithe woiibl not foe'er tieklmd f-elee 10 Ilia H rtllb for ieity purp eea. Ua would ta I the N nth ilnuttbe H'publluen arty, avrn I f 11 npraied to a inr nam., Mr rex ktaniiteiig;iaiad that M-. Dttr.ii x, uow aak the K iiitib'tt aea I ere the rnea n for o nit t ne; tn Ir-elarueitial bll.a, aey allual 111 u, or pro 1 llitl mi nf alavrrv Mr. I H'Oi.LAa ta I Had, Ihnl b he I aal 1 that lhy eo eoad Irote ajalrl.!,' nopaldrraltona, an prf aut fiiriier ea,uttion of tbe I ut.te II a wauted bi cnieh riwiiaviiil diatmWuiai in Km 11 kv fa p awae ) lit waited ti ftlraiigiheu hie (Hta ain kiroa'ai benr e. Mi CaiaraniovadtlatM- i Tmaa'are.o'iitl'm, cilltDjf f r lufo matlon relative 11 iba f ria, navy eere, Ac. and wllfh arae lend ng te'oie tie baeaie. lie la.d on ike ulla. tj Tie . hi .tu a waa dnicad In tbe aTiruial've t.l avail .1 11 name r roa -Arlhiliy llirfflarn. G'ark. ( tManiar Ri. ' tr, 11 e, i Oilttla, I'o 1, r aitr, II l-tira.llirrs lliaa, K Wat. I.aae, M frill, K ca. Hhartoan. 81m. 1 "! 1, 8 u..uer, T. u Kjtk, Wikluaon, Wilani, Wilaaei. Aooa-I'rrtkierlde Ilr Khl,llllegrnn, l llrlaa, Halt' l.iltaru, M Kuell, (araialla, Polk, I'Juell, Wale. Mr !r. kiKaii'oaaikrd'eave fci . 1TV la fj ',,. ug leauliiluii n, If no objatttn, wouit a.k a v 4e ' p 1 1 1 1 ow ' lai il Tba lliagenkterrcovin'ot and air ee tl a iaui ' f te I tiled H aa 014 fo u toe 1 ia.ua of the t' lefrterata Mtau-a Mi Kii-ia llli'i ) Llllieve Mr CuMtXtk f V) lema -el that be bal raen u; a ainil'k rrailtltlttu, with ona ittletlii a dittou Ua bad e'toeu il 10 arvaral g mat tra, kitdit tad n.et Ibrlr approval, li wai aa feU l'a Jt'reiltvd -Tnei e ike eptnlon nf IteSentVa, It le ei.wdirat that tha I' twldai I withd-aw all faoral troonefieintteataaei of 8 mlh Carolina, (leirgU, KlortdA, A'alxota, Miaalaaippl, Tite anl I.ituai. ana. at.d at akin f'O'u ell m laeipla 1 1 eol e-X the revenue In II e-enataa. M. Cmkouam addtd, Ibat If Iba Irmna be with, drawn, tveiectulht to btftrtbiuavieaa to theetl. actlenofthaiatar.ua , Mr. CoLi.aaa (VI.) reeved tbal lit Banale ) iut-t txei ullve eeeaion. Mr. Llvik KikBiiiia aald Iba matlon etttild not be mad, aa M'. Cl.ieoeaK hat Ihaflur. lie bad no objacilan lo tbe I alter 'a reaoletlon. The Chair aa'd Ibal ol.) re lion hirlnz btto made Iba leeolullon. It Ilea over. Mr, Ci lanxB'a motion prevailed. Afier lha atecul.ve aaeaion, the Senate ad . juiucd. frTATS UUiliajLWUll Hawaala, lutiaTa. Alton;, March VS. Sir. IUmmuid reporte-I favrikbiy tte bill rrevidiug agatuat Iba mutilation oftbeitootdtln Now Ymk, Alao, favi rably, tbe bill amrndlfig the revlef 1 italulra it'atlva 10 trial by Jury. Mr K"Tt-li trp-nud favorab y, tha bill coop'ele, lotpreveel tbe alulaaralioa, and aup tbe Ira. ftjlnawlllml'k. Dy Mr Mofiaaw Corpltte, the b'll to reorjaa. le lie Aeyium f r 1 J lota. 11 Mr. K"iaoe Ooeaplete, lha bill laoorpora tlna lite Nttw York Corn Lirhaige. Mr McLaon Mrjai'UT lnirodutiad a LIU aulher- Itu g tiua iiuprt.veu ant of navigation on Iba U arlem Kiver II panvldee for tbe ep .allotment by tbe Bu peiv'aoia, tf four Ceeinaireioaiere to IOk kaar tbe imoiriieu.ti.iif Harlem It var. t bold rfflief.ar four starri atiihorirai Ike raiainjr of ttOU.teM for the puraoee of tbe bi Tne bin i luoorporaie tua Bare uapieil ua., niw Ytek, waa petead. Tee aiieeal kotiroDllalLOnbllt araa made Ihl enav clal tidar t'r Itt-nionow al noam Tbe b L to auerad Iba ebaiter of lha L tu I alaad B It Co , waa itaeeau. Tl a ' al' r till 1. 1 I "I, to pa, t',e tnert en the 1 veiveu.laj oabt, aa laid atide ei lie nnt'er kteadtsf Liat 11 waa t, ta ttduced to ont loaiVar of n-t- . Aawnab'r. Tie bill peeaed ly Iba Renale lo a-need lha aet ra'auva to lala.d aavuration laaaraaca, allowing ell erratnanlaa to Ineure lake aad liter rlakt, waa reaaarttd complete, end, by coiutenl, retdatblld tin a aad peerwd. Tkerveacurrettlreertloiloratte ament lha reeolo ttoawitb rwfereace to tbtOrartof Appaala anl eeeiiee ef Judf, were onpaidered la Cm mil tea ef tie Waoia. Imarreaa wee teptrtari Tee bill toieovUe for aubielvl' j le iba pa pie 0 tbe alkie the queavtna of rUtln- 1 tu to revtaa and ameaad leeeniaatUnaleii waa ta an Mr ItinouAM arnuart to favorofte it, .Le groutd that the preaeit eyetem of nva'S'iwal, In tlaa legtaltuva, exeoealve, aad Judlelal depart rrra. wee defertlve, a A needd reraod-lllne; At Ilia tia e Ue government la bieeklne; np all erwd ua. we treat amort powerrul aevernteeot. Tee) arcltve akould Iteelottal with greater aulhttil, akd mote eiuemaiy powera 'I a I'll wax onlrred le a third roadiar. lualtlllokntcerral-ie lifaamd h-atn laeurin.t raeipamee It Ineure tbe fideiay ef eiftke erl tPI'aieln paltlrma of Irtial, ejklnat accllat'1 ty rel!roadeieaaaafnbita, aaraiaet n aeeeari or IJ y ttbi'tareorcaiale, and anautet breek.ga of g'aaa, wea m net en in a teiro raayiieir, Tbe Mrerotieliaan llrealah bill waa Ikew laVai np. Mr. Ham. ayoke In favor o' tte bill and irate ewrepli $ eharea e(inat ibea nklkaay of Ike prea eot brwith lawaand Health Tl atroU. Mr iarioi taint aia.keaxaleet lha Mil. rrvgreee wee repeTleden Ihebealtb btlb Tbe bill to Irce noreie tbe Itanare' II ink In the City ' New York wee Uken np ll tl 1 nmiltae nf tbe Whole. Mr llcvt inaoe ap kr laejeirof re 1,11', tut ng fat iba l-fi an waa de'nandel, and that It would prtilatbiy be aeeured teui aeaalot, tn the ganeial Iniailwaa ef pawnbrukannf , wh rh la M iartaatva ou lre p-w r. Hut tble bill would Id a freei ajeaure prrtaat llie eub le frm tha ruinoua nletaet cl arffad tf IkwnVokera Mr Tiatiiiirr novtd teinarrl the name ef En warn L Iaokkriiv ea itaatrpaialor, In plaua of llatl.lt I). (Jtaif Carrltfl. Tta Mil waalbeneroeredloalhlid reading. Mr, Kaaecu n ovod to I iy Ih a billon tha ta da, The ayteeta't lore wtrederranded, aad toe ruo tkei wee rattlad, 4T aatalbal 13. 1 h e. 1 rotiab y, k Hi the U' for Hla aeaalm. Mr llieee lib called frovi the teh'a tbe motion t" teiortit tie enacting e auaeo' the bill to la Ci rietaie tbe New York reeeengar UUf I-'ne Uolnpkliy Mrwate. Yooeo. t'oitea, Aa-iil.ia 10a, Wirtn. rorr, Waurr Kmaoa, an I llaaov. mate a Mmna fiiiil aehaihe moiion, ant Mr. IliaoeiU. arnl .lonaana rrke In tta f vor, afw-r a 1 ntf detaie the moaine wee Bain laid on tbe table, whica diap laaa f It fot tko latlarce of the aeaeton. The Mil to pr,vrfe forthe enpmnl neat of Janl lore In Ihe Iilrtilcl Coerta of Ntw Y rk, waa or Cared toe Iblld reaillpg. TeaU.l loanable the at-hotta of the rtlMrak'a A'dB cety of N-w Y -tk, to pl'e pa e la lha rllatrieottoti or tha O'reanwinUhool K'lttd waa or deirl tiatblid rakdiig. rVajiti Caiallna Htale feaveoilaiu Crrr' ,,, .V'irro !(!. The State Conven tion mat Lira ted 1, Mr. Biiieui ra oTaed a teaa. Iiatloe tlat a'ltbe en pllae of proviaiona aotl mail ftttUiliaa now allowtdl. Major AeoreaoN and Ike ta'tia.mat ('oil H imier abotild be out olf. To reeoltitl .ti waa ordeted fitr r malderaltO'l ton trrow. There will be aomadlactiaaiooon theC in-tltttll'in of Ibei.'l.f-dnaled Blaler, hul II will be ratified by a laige n aj orlty. Fa-ettn XVealileale. If Ainv'ti't, if.iriJ ''(;. I ,o !t.n,t0 to lay c iifciitd aha tollowit noaiinatittaa Vilu. H rtiuiiil'tm, B ' ratary of I,airattNl at ra'iseiid Aatnttll -aa-lTit i, of M ititea da, B tLrtltry of l.aKaa'oti at 11 iia.ala A iTbne J lirjar, if() egon, C rorntaalinart tie BanlaaHte .ii'a (lo K II 'pkiea I'odmul v.d'aerl n, )Vn. Aloig t t tar laoiiiltiklioaa painitl'ir. are Wan. A. Iiait, a.a Ataernay for the uoiiiiani diatrlct of Nae Yuk. a-t Illtin.n, Pj tronHterat Albany, N. Y Tbat-roiall Klw-rd.of K'Oiutky, Altniy for C ''o ado. (ten W IleraTuar, V Mtmaater at Htrrlnbtirg A'v n a t in Irn, ol 1 rwa, I'oatmaater at Meinphla, Tfen Alvln Bitiiidara, ef iwa. 0 tvarner of Nabraake. I'irk lltaaurtk,of Oulo, Minuter Ktaideat al A rputttwr David K Carer, of o do, afintater ItMldvnl al lUllVd. For eeve'al weeka peat, repine have prevailed that .nany fair h men in enme of tbe eeced'd etetee titendrd to aptly ti Iba federal Rovarnnaaul for appotnunente tbarein of Judicial offiaera. Tee tiuthof Ibaae atteDai.aa a-aa a to baemflrinad, la )an, ly the f.cl ttal l'ie l'realdant kae nominated lleorge W Lane aa J idea of the Northern and BititLem d atiieta 01 Alabama. lb military officera In cbargeof ta bureaua of the war iia,iert oetis ueing eparenenaive 01 a chaste of e'eike In the buaineae with whloh they ereottnntctaal, bate, toaether with Lieut. Qaaaral BitnT, Jo'nvd In a reuaonatranca agalnat auoh a practicing. Tt'glalat Mat Ceevrallea. TUchmon'l, March SI!. In the Cunvtntlon, today, Mr. Pax T tia made a apaecb la favor of Ike majority report, utaklag a o ear, dietloet daman t u-ou Ike atierbaltva r f aeitkrallon tie believed tbet thepraaaenl waa lull of hop froai both eec tun lira fair end Baal eellleinral of Iba axlatlng diffienltlae. Mi Wi a ! k erotikda that tha guarantee da nkiird aia In-tifliit itt, Mr Nro followed egalnal aecaatlon for a Itn edv tf tne raleaiUtfceiiate Mr llaLl.of Miral,iir-iad lie C'inttitull e of IbeC ufrdt rale B elaa ate auheiltuae for taeCm D I'tea'tt reaf trl Mr. Wvac.l'e.1 for lie reading. Mr C'l.KMr atkUieaUd tlael in purpjeeof Mr. Mlkk taaad. lay. Tbe (Jmvimiin la atlll lneeaahin Froaa Albaay. .1in,v, March M. tiov. MoBCiAn arrive.1 hok'e Ihie moralitg unbapplly deatioyiog tha cap ital if aroaalviaouierigwho were eagerly epreaditg tt.e rumor ibal l,'en.Tl vernor Caaraanx, In lha abaci ce i f the (Ijternor from lb alala, Inlendud to ami e tenth of ayiKtlnlmaola tnlo Ih Butte for unfit aiklun. Ijtler Ireaa Tvxaa- .Viv 0' leant, March 25. Th ataamihlp Atiatba, with laaar datea from Ditau la oouilug up. Bra bilcga $214 MM) in epecte Tbe Clovoraor uf Ariaone, In teply t the em mlaaiiueia epatltted by Tvxae tictaf.r w th New M alcaeud Ar a ana. In regard to tte fornaetlon of a OtlffdaiMy, tad Invited them total preaeel at a Uoi.vaniltia to la betd la Meaallla on the lDta of March neat, looooeider tbe preaeul chili I alar frwaa Mexlroa AVir Prftowa, March J.'i. The iteamthip Taomaaea, lee arrlvad her with Yera (;ru dalea oftleeuilut. Tie I' B eloap of war M acadoolea waa al Bacrl n.'i'ie Tie principal mad to the oily of Maileo waa aeaiu.utar w.th battda ef robbera. OH. Al mum, of tbe IMtiah atetmar Valortua, baa taten eaverely wounded while returning from tne ly of M- xloo to Vera Crua Tbe ei Uktitutioraei govarnaoent waa making but alow pnignre. (i 'tumor 7.auoat wee dead. Kutuori la-i ttacbad Iba Capital thai a parly of filtl tiatere bad Invaded Lower California. It waa alao repnrtttd tbet a movemeol wax vro- gnaail g h v the eekratioa of a numbar uf the laor err Hiaa,aandlbeir ere otlon inkt tbe Sierra Ma Ire. M nalaur Baiiuav, French Mlulater, had pre- aiutad bla eiedeiiliala aad bean formally reaielved. Itargluy Safe Illowa Orrra. CM Spnngt, N. Y., March 20. . llurglari ei e egela in our village, and enmber eafla hke neea blew i pea. The ante o( O M. Uaivaa, lumber mercbai a, nf tbla village, wae broken open lael aighi, aud bla Irian talk, ea of Ilaaaitaa Oral, waa bl'iwarpni by loeaua of powder, and abrat $70 taken. Tke berglare di Ideal four kelee uf aboui an etablh of aa loch la diameter, near the Ica-k, la wblob they muat hate pouted aba powder. Ueveaa Niih aad rVewlh. Th revenue and tha expense of collection In anuthera porta, for lha year ending Jun 30, 1800. were at follow!; Datiee enlle.ted. Expaoae of collecting. ITtflVai 8 1.4-4 4J.S04 S9H S.40) 1.SV5 S,lilS 3,0IS lHi ,7l Cberleatno, 8. 0 8I ttanaab. Oa Ul and M bile, Ala 143 118 ick.be.rg, M aa 11433 VaroanaiDa, Y a M fx'4 ranaaeola, Da ,, SO SM Hew O leene, Lt 1 f4 I1H Ttxaa, Taiaa 100 Hod llraxe d'Baktlago,,,, UO-lo l'aeadal StjiVa UfiM S4V1.T5T Bjd.eo; Al th whol amount of ravoBQ collected" la all the porta, for the year, tnu orrr ju-'j mill. khu It will be ttrn that the aecejlog confede racy reallzea only ont-turtt 0f th, pMceeda, while tbeir abar ai italea would U cne-alxlh. An BXTBAoiDiitABaY rarittvEii Bnr, Sa. msiL Hot, only 10 year oil, baa twice tried lo attaon bit father with atrjthnlae, at Corn wall, C. W.( falling in tbla, h allot bit father wbilaauleen on Sunday and la now In Jail. It la thought that th man will die WhkCiBB bt hum, A Max once formoat In tha medical jirofeaelon, tenanted th levk up at Helton oa Monday nigni. uown, airp uy atep, he haa goae, aacrltlced a lucrative practice, a fortune of 150, 000, friend all for hla da men appetite. J. IlBocKWAr, In a quarrel abtut a plough, with 1. llBOQHTr, at Mentgomnry, Mo., laat weak. Belied a market loaded with Luckihot, ad (but Um dead, Iba murderer eec apod. lltaij HriK aaeliviibe riol-a Kiver rtir luattt Ceaopaay Ac accldeet eecurlsg on th Uadaon Hirer Itallroed, at Stuytan DoyveL aonae three or four ywtn ago, ta yet within the recollection of ourreadtrt. Among thoat Itjarad wa Dianor MoCLfwukr, of tbia city, who lingered be tween life and death for two or three weeka, nd who. aloce hia recovary, hat ruffe red ma terially from tha Injuria there tuttalned, al LHng of an Internal ba'ure, ha hat not been in that central good health thit ha iuatalael ttinr to tha accident. Ua baa, aa wa leim, drought euit aainet tha corporation, claiming damartaln tha mm of tium. and tha suit 1 to Le tried at tha proaont Court. Iba accident in riuiailoa oecurreet unner rir enmi-ancca lnllcatinr cu'nible negllgnnr. The train waa dataine.1 on the Uack by a pra vlout accident, and another train wat follow- lev rlia n. It waa net warned la time. 1 ' da. hoi into th aland Ing cart, tmaahlng tkt n and killing ami malmln ptaaengnra. Biahop tIcCujKRT waa caught by ttia feet Letweea two cart and ilrac-rrrd ini rllmanon, reciln Itijurlflt which ronlined h'm for nine weeka, and from tlie tfT.cla uf whhh he ia not likely ever to wholly recover. The caae wat not aulTered ton- Jirvl ,,1,t tha Rtllried Gimpiny tendercl 1,'J, which waa aocepteU AatJny A t'wi. Whiif untrvK, rtrBtufi nottgLATKon Wclnenlar night, at St. L-ula, fjaoai'. HrrrLe tried lo atioot th mraon " hia brother in bla iff -tla to prevent tbe gua being tired wal ahot through bia heirt, and fell dead, axd aim big, "UiuiariK, nu have ahot me." CITY NEWS. FriAtT ok rAStnvi-a, Tt Jewish fait of Paaaovir raminetaced M ody aveulng, anl will cnllnue eight daja. Ol the Irtt, atc-nl, inth and let daya, no hue neea la tranaaet 1 by atrl:l Jewa. The other dlya of the feel val are free freak euih rertra'nt. The I'aeaover laeee of Ike meel Important aulcataful y obaeivad of all th Jeeleb bativaia. An Fximixivk Inorro Horxrt Recently lb upr perl of Franklin Market, formerly ceci- pli d aa tl Firal Ward P dloe I lion, baa been 0 10 vetted Into aa Immenae lodging room for th ac romnk datlon uf i"r ptiama. Il la capable ef Boooninaoilallng neeily .'") peri tna, and tbe relume ahvw anavetageof lMlodeia every n'gkl. Tha alrepera ara rargel haada up oa Inclined p'at foinaa, end are puked lonrfiar like I) lVk leriiDgaloa Lji. Tea plat. li healed by a Urge atove. Npt Anvonr. It l Hated that tbt 12th irg'inanl aie al-rul lo build a new armory la the vt.ii.iiy if Htvaiiih avrnne and eighteenth etrert, f r their ' wit liae. Tne propnaed plea la 1 1 leaae a lot, .n?"0 fel. ai.d ere.-! oa II a Iw el try tid ing. Die lower fl air lo be paved with ooncreie a-.d in' dea a irglinet.ul d lll-rnim, while onouty, a'ia., ai.d DarHlng rooiua ara to be on l'ie flair a ova. Cito-ov I'll ex -.Since tho organisation nf Ueprrart,! Urotta II 'pulioetil lu 141I, In lite lat of Jeioiary, isA, Hare kave bten laid of plpeiof 44 liibe iiiiemal die nrlar, 4 04 feet, 8'1 ini h pliie, C'l ".4 M I, 3d lot i p p., 31 -CI feat, 21 ioh pipe, 6 401 fre ,W lifV pi, 41,311 fart, lC-lnri pi fa, II '11 f f. tl inca p'pa, SiS.Stt f-el, 14 iMh ppsb,?U frat. Clcchppe OM,:i feet, 4 Inch p'le, u 4Ti fte vaklitg a V tat ef pi pe of 4 Intbce and over la diameter of l,4tVbt feet, or fit rnlltta 3,h!4 feel. Tiir I.ttK Savi.xo bexrvoIaXT AxaortA not of iLlariiy, Tu TiLaaron F.ep, Preeidtnl have awarded 1 10W Cuati ta Foetaa taaaler of tha amick L'vony, $20 lo AriKaatNCoLwaiL,raaa terof thebtrk Malaliy, and $1S aaci to Jtaiaiaa Daavoi, Joiia Col.trau. and Wauaa N era a en, of th ereea of the abova veeeala, foi their merlbirt ona eervloeeon the tlat of Dfcembtr leal, la uta ning a life boel aiyl reauu'ng eight Uvea frjra Ike wreck of lha Bwedirh bark Johannof Qjtteeburg, Capl Pi-. which atraaded oa the eiuth ahor ol IKg Ialend, oppidla U am petead. Five of th crew, In attempting to man the long button tha day pievleut te Ike leaoua, were drowned. rAaaiam Warn. In th Soman Catholic and Eptrcopal ihurchettbe preaent week la being obeeivtd by epidel rellgloua aerv cea, oom meooretlvi of the augerlnga aad doelh ef Cbrlax. Oa leet Sabbath braDchee of pine and apruce, In atead of (aim, were diatiibuled lo lha eongreg. tloxa In IL virion Calholl church la th tlly, la mamoiy of lha Jaw caatlng groai braachee Lefot th Bavlor on bla Irtumpkanl aalry Into Je rnialim, Oa Ft May, calltd Good Friday, Ih crucifixion will b ommamoralal. Dr. Vibtoh will preach la lha mornteg of that day at Trinity, On Balurday, at 3 P. M (Gtiler Era; lha Provl Vtalotal lltalop of lha dlooea will adualnlater the lit of ooollrntklion al Tilally Church.

Kav. Mu. On.xinui. Thla earnaet and elo quent young tviatcllitt, from Ireland, la now preaching In lie city al lha Kiv. Dr. Qu.imn Clutch, WeilSli alretl, Laween Kih and Oth av nura He will prrech on Tl urn lay md Friday tvinlnga ef lilt wetk. HACBrn Coxt kbt. A sacred concert was givan leal eteuicg al Irving Hal', corner of Irvlag r.aceanllMh alreel.by Tof. J. M. V. lltaoe.of CopeokBgen, Deumaik Tb concert wal given under lie patronage of A'chblahop Hcaua, end olhera of the Cathollo ulergy of Naw Yelk aad vi cinity. Tbe entertainment wa reepectably at tended. A Srrcvi.ATiot Mr. Habbum bu racelvod from a B mlh Carolina Yankee, a apecltaaaoflka epongy, atrlogy, laipracllrahl and uaalaaa weod wklok la Ike choeen 'tlatlonal' emblem of Ike kaadful of fanallca who call themeelve the Tal mattoBlale." ne aaya thai II wae chipped from on ef tb porta of tha feraoul floallag battery, which la lha ride o' Ik clilaana, aad th butt of the military men of Charleatoa, Ilia prep aalllon lawhetber aa a prtvat filihueterlng apeeulatloa of hla own, cr aa a fitcal expedient prompted by Ibe uceeeltlaa of It pnMlo Ireaanrj, doea not clearly appearlo tend Mr. lUBNrja, a big ehuok nf battery jailmeiln, for cue hundred dollara. We kav nol heard that the ahowman haa oeie down: Chabub Aa niter tmk lUkBOB-Mirriritt. Tbe commits of tbe Sieve Basalt erolBtl ta la. veeilgeutbe cta-gea agalnat ibe Hatbtr tlaetere eonimaci ad Uk t (vldaaa al tb A 'lor 11 maa on Bt'u-day, aid eontlnuad 1 11 yeilerdiy. Tnare ara 'even llaibor Maaura La Naw Y.ik, aad obargv r prertrred aa'nal tit of lb am. Mr F, W, Bteentn tret fl A thai he wit em ployed lyMr. Aaeait,lhe liar vr Muter, wbe dirauud hlai too. 11 el rrom a 1 ech-enara, barge and tavel boa a tt, whieh wae th loeeat aum cbargedj et lecwd fS from Caet. Curr-a brig; aa algced btihatoveaaea allhapiara; AaetHLx wae at th offce only one weak ta a month, and then waa drunk erary day; I would go lo lb d ck I'ruak. and order tffTtale Ibal refuae.1 o pay fltaw Mr Kuwaen Uora laitlfSad tbal be kaewof Aa-MAkiJ-a laoeivleg illegal f.ei from taeaeUi be re evd an Illegal fee from a potato ukooner al pier 13; a'eo, a chick for 10 for a berth fir Ik Bridge water Amuhu wet aa Intemperate raan, and aa knowledged thai h riceltad IJ0 per month from hla drpu'y, Waa no, whe reoaived a eelaryef fO per monlks lha black malltag waa a regu'ar aubjeot of owtrera t on a eong ak'pping aeeala. Mr. Jacoa Haanoa ewirnWaa employ! by Aeeamj airra May laet i received annoa varying roro $A to tV from eajAalaa tor purer eoe for berlh i knew tbla waa Illegal AjtaihLB knew of Hi received $00 ftjejlbeeh'p Ja-oaa L'ttlaflall t In Oeobar laat,wban drunk, AaeAjtu ordered a ablp froaa bar berth for not paying a re oollected labninonthfiMiatblway II waa th ouatom of lb C-illackar of tbe Foil to ooUest th faaatroa veeeele at tbe end rf tv-ry month. OPT Doi'ourrrr, a polcman, proved lhal h a-realaj j t) akbadib a ahot tlm tinea, fir BJii'ill and baivaiy on Ciitaiorra Hi. AxcBir.aj.0 IIau. teat. ted thai ke waa Captain ef Ike 1' an i cm varied with Mr. Miavu relative te Mr Van Nara receiving uaoary for barlha Illegally., and Ihiaaiem-d, that If Iter w:aaoroompiatata, ke wu1d Inform lb Oivemor i oomplalnta war mad agalnat Mr. In iulb and Mr, Daaanioti oa oae eocaalon loalaWd tbal the latter akoald reund tM ukrn Illegally i metoha'u ware willing to pay handiomely for grd beilha for Ihalr ahlpa Capl. Ilaitiaa era e aaid tla for a berth. I'nat IlieaokP, emplo ad la towing veasate, taatiflod lo bating aa underetaa ling with Mr, Mabtix relative to bowleg aalpi Into hla dlatrlci lata blm lt urr cent. LtAKi'ira Kxxar, a cnmmtaalon merchant, de pteed lo katltg aUpe al all th diatrtote, aal that II wae cuettamary lo par barbjr maetar far aaeolal prlvlligtw! knew if $U beiag tbut paid Ijt p'eaa i tavar paid feee to UtTta or Anaaaua. Tu.ian j Uockton wae engaged la Ike ahlp- Glag btaalneae on tbe Etal Elver, but naver paid ia bather meatere keyihUtgl fbair or Bte yaare ago. paid fee tur bertha aa algb aa tl0. Other wiiu.aaa wear aianalaad wtlhoultifecUag the a pact of th caea. Kw Wabd ScBoot, ur tu TtntarTr-rnrr Wabd. Tba new ward achoal baUding, Ha. 14, la ITIh al. eat, between Becjad aad Telrd ave anee, waa opeoad to lb InaecUenef tt public oaM'hlay, It la a eplendid btiek bwlkfiag, with brow atoBa froat oa !?ih etieet, H (act franl try liO feet deep oa the firet Itro Soon, and 190 feel deep oa tt twe tbite. Tacr art alao Iw froat xh ga S5 Ly JC feet, and two rear wlag 41 by tl Caet Ta bulldljg la entirely Sreproot, aa 1 la I i claaa rootsa offara aocoinmodatlona for 1,000 child ren In lha grammar achooia, and 1,600 In la ptl mariaa. A'l th roeraat r aupplUd with appll ancea fur haallag aad ventluatlota, and la each la a wardrobe for tke nee ef Ike eckolan. It th play, ground there are 14,000 eqtitr feet, 0,000 of watch ara uady cover. Tk clalrwaya ar of aloaa, 00 eavh fl jo( tit Credua ta Intredaoed, end on th y tier floor ga 'or Ik uee of arenltg a eel l. Tb "ad .fit edtfj I between 0,fto anl tT0rt Tke junli-g cf th acheol wl'l Uka place oa Wed fteadeyaext. II.'. L OLtr t'Pruaclpalof UaMa'e, and Mia C. V. Wurrair of tha Fetaul Depart ment. lUonr rtr.tr Bociett IlASiEB. A tpleo dldly etaoroldered banner haa Jual baea ooulle'd fur Chrukr L-xlge Me 4, ef IhaAnelml Order of tb Bid of Hermann (German), by Mr. Fa Km", of No. 140 Seventh atreet, which metlla ape cUl ulkenilon. It la of blue allk, i ftet wide by a'vm la bright. On oua aide appear Ilaxaaaa, th coaq larur, after wheat tb erder I uartted, dmeeed 1 th garb of a Tent ! wtrrtor of lb e.dea tlm, brandbihlngalo'it 1, and tramp ling under foot the Rteita .. and faace. Oa la other aid la a large wreath of oak and laurel Intertwined, aunajunled by ahielda 'tearing tha aruieof Oaxmany and Ike Vult-d (tatea, graaped InUaoltwtef an Atnarlun eagle. lathe ceaU of tke wreath ara Iwebanda clarped, and tbe In. ariplton."8ona nf Hermann, Cheruakar L"Ntre, X J. 4. Fotikdad N. Y D. Cah, It 43." It wUlbt pub licly ex1-lulled for a few dare, at tha International Art loatltution, Ne. Ol Broadway, IIoabd or SrritBVixoRX. A regular meet leg of Ibe Btarl waa ted ytaterday e'larnoju. The followlag alatement of tha ceoditioa of the C'atinly Treeanry wae rrralv g and fllaaj. Ilaiaaca Mart ''th 141 fltt ttj recaieta, ;,. ("it 61, layr,aLla,8i,lw. bOj lalaace March 'itL $ai7,;iri6. A ttaolaLAS of Mr. Tnain, ti ai-propr'au tl.fteo tey iba ftxreea of aa ary till ) pu'y C nitty Cib, waa lefaiul le C-i-auiilta oa C'Unty OS-XBi 1 ae Commlliee mi Annitl Taxex wax req-tealad loreiattt to ihie II etrleone mie at-curale math ,d of ntd fying atiee eaaaaaad an peeenal aatiata, ia oidar bi avoid the Lamer tna ap,il catlnra fur lie rtmleetrnuf taxea. The lljard Urn aipurned lo Tutadey Lett. Fire, laaietaie, Acrldrnla, oVe. 1'ihb ix CovBTLAxttT SrKixT. Ye'terday mornliig, about kk'.f pact t o'chak, a fire hreke out In the Lelldiug N ta , 11, and 13 (Piambara atrard, known a the Weetern II te'., II. l. Wwuiiaaraa, pn p-iri.it. TLeflrii otl&taaitd la the drying room, eitnaied Ititherea-prrt li f ibe amh Heir, anl it laitin-ael tililneiai doii In apparatua uaed la baatug tne rratm. T. e irnitiug ron-te, lit wjahreom, aut lb eerv BL.iVbirr"iua, aia a.iua'el Ik Ita uppor porilan of tie I ii! lig, and aitwii'.aiar ln.g He erfjrit .f tte fit'uini, lala pottioi tg tla bullla waa daalrttyid. Tie Tort.a 1 taled on the lower f! lira lit Ite iter part nf lha hu Wing waiaooua derably dti.eid b water, Tbe ferew mtiuf Ine laundry, Aka ilii.tv J In thedrxitig room at ma nana the fir broke out, and ana had a narr iw eaca. aa eb waa c utpesad tat aav heraelf by creeemg a tlaik tuieai.i lla wiLdmacf tie maa buMing. celree ef M'. Wiatua.vra laaUeul ill ew t in eitrad ft $30,000. Tee btiildlog, owjad by B B. Ilateaa and Wu II Dwvra ia daevaged t tke eai-et rat il I M . leaured f tr VrO.iaial Tke butlMea id the total will go on aa uantl, and lha n-raeary npura will be male wlaloul delay, Flint is IIboomb SrnBrT. At half.paat 8 Cc'i Ik jetlertiay morning, a trifling fir ocourrwt on Ih ai'crnd fl tor of Ibe tenement houa Na. 898 U nrnie alreet. Cauae atxt JeLkaL IIcmax BrMAixs Fuomi. A tmall p'jie box containing two human arata preeerved la aloohol, waa found yeelardty, la th deck, foot of Warrta etreat, aad Coroner Jacaaaa waa notified of the ctrrntDatar.ee. Aaeiamluatioa ahawedtbal Ihey hut been operatad npon by aoat medical atudent, end aa lathing rartkar waa known abjot them, lha C 'toner urdarediaem to laalnteriad. Tha box waa addiaaeed to " J. D. O Quilt, Maw O.-laana, La." afaltca latellgeace, A;r, AMA01T OM A UtaOKKEarCB Dr. lies- Baato, who, aoma moniha ago, wet arreated a a awlndltr, but discharged, wat yeetorday rear reevd. on a charra of kavlng, ou Frtlay lait, av ian tad lltaax HauiK, bo-kkaakar at tea L'bby Hour In Warreeetraat wkea be kaoakat doar end kicked In lb breaaai. He waa locked up for a while, and then admitted U hall to aniwer Ike charge. A JrAtort Wirr. Mrs. Jaxx St-nriKiDr whra huabend Will lax bad departed tar, end grtneloltta with another woraax, atN. 11J I. tit fid atrietytete day went to Ibe hou-aa of thla lady, and ateiplad to ihoot ber, butlbepatol mU.al fl e, and no damage eoaued. U dh lad'ee then got icbia flail, and wara taken before Juaiice Cta. oilv, waohald lieu to twa.l furilr examine- lion Kivrn Tiiiei f. On Monday nigh.', two j-uug naa.uaaitd Tuouta Ki.li and Wa Wiiitb, were ainattd an kard lha eehooner U bard Low, lying al pier N . IS K. R. Tory lt4 brake lato tbe cabin and eloien aoiueettttbti'g, wnicn they had put Into Ike licking of a bed, realy to carry r IT. Xxilt, when errtaoad, profeaae.1 to l-e one uf lha baarbjr e-tlltie. aud ectutlly ahowed a b-lt wit a tha word "Police" npoa II The dodge did not, however, work, and ha and hla coefader alee were locked np by Juvtlce Kbllt for trlat. Cacoht ir tub Act. Two young mno named Jon FiTiaiaaona aud Jovia Caaan.1. war detect d, yeetariay, tn Ih act of altampllng In ea ter Ibe dwelllag af Pjllce Btrgeant, Joue W. t'a tp an, N t. M R tbrnaon atreet. wuh (a a key. Tn Bergeaat heea-d them et work whllb wae at dm nar, and on opening lb dtor uddnly catgut Ihemlxh. Tbay profeaeed to be trying W Had a Mr Bum, JutaeKau.i locked Ihera up I an swer. Tun late Bask KonaaBr. A large crowd ofpereona, aixlmia to like e look at Ibe tunnel re cently made by burg'ar la their ffntl to reach th aee of lb N-w Yolk F.xcbaaga 11 auk. aetamblel about tha bank, yataeerday, but meet of them war dlaeppilnttd, a lb nolle kept Ih avenue to the baikileer. During the day. Captain J tamo, of Iba 8rd Ward police, aad Iaeuttve Kaira, maraaced to aneal Jotia Hatrnaie, a notorto ' E vllah bu-g-lar end cooredarwae i maev tejrglerte of Diok 0u I tan faow In the T"mb), Oab'l Daivtarr and Jo aiiiiMrita. Siitrrinjiaaja Ike p lice are oa Ik wri f trait, but tbey Ihtnk otherwla. Ton igh Ibere lane oa I'v vtdac agalnat BuarriaxDab wa locktd up to awall aa axamlnatlua. UMAXRKrORl -TCBSflAY. Oaatl af Appea'a. Tbe preaent term of thla Court convened la thla city Tua. Jay m rnlag, occupying th hall ef the lljerd of Cjuncllman. Tha aighl Jndg com- Selag tbe Conrt were all preaant, Comatock, Ctly u)ge Tba roata waa crowded be tht carloua ef tble till. 7Ae eld caai c Sandart avatfad (Aa mfhlh Aae. mm ixaalnKkl Uraitfatmi, waa takM upi tb.ecett la feaduar to tk reaaaere ef New Yerk law report ThplaMff Rtarlati Bandferd, tuee aa admlole trktor of Gilbert Banoford, daoaaeag Ollbert BttttV feid mat hi death under tha following olrcuek atanoee. Ha got open tha defeadaaTa oar, but refused to pay hie fata, alleging thai tba day before k bad paid. bil waa not etrrled to hla da, ttaeitaa. Th ooaduetor Inaiatad, aad finally ejected th da ceased, nom tha ear with each vio la no that bl geeth we Ih oooaeqoeraoa. Platans' brought tbla action la the Buparlor Oouit, betnre Jietloa Baerorlh, end reoeteaed a varoloa ef tied 10 Tha deferadtaaatappeeled to tb Oeaerai Term ef lhal Court, when tb verdict waa iwvereed aid a aew trial at dared, on th ground tbal tha vardlol waa agalnat tha treighl ef evIdeeoasuallnooBflxt with law, aa oiarged by the Court. Tha plalatlff bow appeale to thla Court, th pound of ih appeal bamg lhal th Oimpuy ara Italia for th wnangful act of their agest, whaa ha awed under their dlrxcttoo, aad oonatqutaHy ar now Uahla. The defendant raibrl thla polat, o-mt lading Ihtl th rempany are net Uahla for a mtlaWoiaa act of Ikelr agent. Ia auch a caae, th erxaductor aloa I llab e, as well in a aivll a a Minimal action. Diuaion reeerved. Tht ess f th City tfBufHt tn JfjnktlT wat then proceeded with. Tne aou.to wax brought to recover a penalty fixed by Ih O-arpirttloa cf BalTtlo upon auch pereoua aa eho tld leave balldiagi acroa or Into tb aveet of that ally, Tbey allegt that in 1S4I In IntaaUt of appellant (the defendant) moved Iw building Into a puiuo air ret of tkal city Appellant ooatrnda lhal lha eilaared atrvat wae private properly. Tn cea la bill juel commenced. OoaM afOyar aaet Txarmkeer. Defer Jiiatlo LaoaAao. Senlmct of Matulu3ktrRtlaiM of Wft and AftWrrei Ctkrlne Cut pleaded guilty to inanalaughtor la th third degree, la oaualng lb drathef lttger tofaua, en th night of Ih ttal of December laax. Bb wa jotatly Indicted with Mi chael J jatia for tha naanalauatkle. Jaetia kept Ca. thartn for hla mlaxraae, and, on th Bight of tha f.ay, ihey war atanding U Duo iirwt, naw tin adwef, when tii tax. a'ang Bed aaeer'ta I an beat Jeatxa, ga una blta down aad pweAeStie hm whea doer. Cateaiiat eat to tha daeaaoe ti ker lover, drew a pax,kn1fa aad atabbed L.a la tee era. He laid In dart la tte boap tal aad wa tboogbt la a fair way to reenter, wkea erycta aa Irtwrraeel.rrene tha rffae'e of which he died Tk Port iBincd Cathaixaa ta two yeexa la tha Btata rrlanea. Jeaeta xra Ihea arraigned, whea the Jadf read aim a em laawra, allwdingto al.e reletioa he her to Ibe woanaji, and aexgaetlog that If ah had baarm kl ertm laataed of hu mlattea. lha law woa'd bar Jortlfiad bar la a-rjaaoUe hlaa,laataoa esaklng a wide dlatlncilow tn nwar ef thoaae wkt lead a merel lift. AalaaraxraaaoaTldentateahew that Jjetia wee any w,y concerned a th killing, he wa du- a.aa.fa aataaaa yf , i,y, Bapreaxas Caarx. Allachmnt ajtintl thi property of Rurglarl, AtbtiL Frth rma flnrke et ol. Thla ra.ee earn ea al Ua chamber of thla Out keld by Jo. Ho Butler lend. It la aa actio brrma-hl at-tlnrt tha bar el ara. wrteeedartsfat'empltirob tbe Nlw York Ex hence Hank, aa k.9otiet of which waa y-okarday gl rrn li the reedaea of llegta. Theergeeteihae kt-tlttuli Ir eecute by tttwhrneat thprr.ptly, oeo Blatingof oarpeta,Ao., lefi In tha alireateepiedby tha t'tug'ara, and from wklck tbay Lava at aud danty decamped. Mr. Firk II will l rem nberwd waa etiraattrmed to leave tla hex of money with lea Ilaek e.ck nlakt for i"a keeping. On thla oo oaaloa lha tox we brilt In a lit tie laiar, then iienalt aad the clerk did net put lheb.it in eide lie aaf, which bad thee been locked up f the argil, but placed II to the lop of theaafe, kul Iruddeoflh Vkiilt. Tht rolabere were tin toll to pan It aafa, although by atiiprnne; off tbe tare, tring bole. Ae., taer lilad ettry p ae ble m ntna todlao. Mr. Terk'a box, aowrrer.thay look with Ibaea, which etatelaed aiaoul $1,000 In entry. Mr. Feck. ll.ref,.re, brlaga thla aclleo. aad aow tnovid Ite Court toaaal aa aaarLmaai to aacnra 11 prnpatrty on tb rrouad thai the bar ('an are hla atabtore,Bnd have ebetnrvded. The C mrt eraov ed Ibe kkkaohnaenl. By thla mean, Hi, Feck Wall prooaeiy recover an acta aa bu toex. Oeaeiia riaaaa. Tht TeiMciit DjMlin of It I Coraorcion. auavapk Rlijj t Tht M tjor, Attt-cmxn, f Tail eaee cam i B to tx tried bfor S Jdg Daly.without ejury, It btaiar aaaqtltycae The facU at etaled by tbe p'alutlff al ow tbal ea lha 7th of Detemtar, lsrt,tbe plaintiff bexama Ibe pu-eaaear ef certain trovarty In tbe vie ally of UOwh at. eat, lalhlacity, eold pareuent to Ik advertla next of dr'amlao-a. Tn p'ainuff, aa kllr.ed paid tbe en at tg to 000 fr ine Bua prope ty, ' vto el wnicn ne paid in eaah. and tb batlanc waa aecurei by latnd end merigMe upna ibe eaid prtteny to Ik cVandakte, epoa wkk'h plktnlitr a'lagaa ka ha aleara rearulerly paid tn Intartet, Tn n'alotil took a 'warranty deed, with full cor" from the narmaart r.d aar.wre-I Into peaaraalnn. T- plaint ff. howtver, a leei that ia tbe tl'- of Feb rtuary. 140, the daf-adant eaaered up-tn the preiai. eee anid vltxd him from tht p laaaoaxon, by vtrfne, ae allagtd, of an act of tha Lnartel-aiure reiat'air tti public parka In tlla city. Tae p'tictln htwayar, el eaiee la al at the I ma Ihea Irantartlotaa were g Ing tm tartaraa-n him and the defiitdaala ta aal I d fr4.dide weie actualy ailnltlng tie petteaate of iL aaideci. Tte pian tiff th'ii avare loei adaiiutia attlafai tit n baa bate, d-nied aim by tbe dorefadeule, atid aaka tbal tbodeed to hint, et wrll ta hla b nl BLd mtrigage, mty bacaace'le't anl ba reatorad tt hlaformir uoalilon. Tte def-ii.iia ttatj all tht materiel a'f'gatlora lair ormpalot, and aver tlat under the aatd act tbe pm-erty b-eaine itcieakry toleapproprlal'd for a in 4io paik an I Iba ale. quale ctepjatuiaiitin haa len awarrlad he cirtimla rl eeta. ui drr laid aal, li.l tbal piaiaa.IT ttfuaea to actxpt auch corrpwieatiot. Cell 1 1 ef l.a-ne-atl Hrm. lltf. re Judge M'Tithx. Arzalii V. Dutler, who waa in llctei for p.itr Irg ooneuieit back "ilea, waa triad and evq'l taett. Jnln uber wae ee,eand to Imprieoarrteoi In Ibe peclteutiery for alt moLUia, on a p'ta of ptt.i Itr cany. A'H itinird. BROOKLYN. Mb. Jobi C Dcetea, a well knjwn iitlin of Brooklyn, died sudden' at hla reeidtnoe, N ' 174 WaehlngtM el real, yaaUrday m mi eg, tKm oottgeaiioa of tba loage. Th deocated ha been a pinatlDent, Laid woik ng pollikiau for eoaie year, and 11 la undeiat t had receive! ine appotnliHtat of appraiaar In Ibe C'leto, Heuas in p ac or l( a. M F OnmL, resigned. lie wal a brother of Geo. U.n Heal U. BROOKLTKnrjTrLtemMATOBAtTT Cos-vi-vio.TteRipub,lcan Mayoralty Convention met al Ho. V Court alreet last avenlag tor tha par poee of nomlaeiieg a cetdldale for Mayor. Oaaooilon of Aeiaaw FmoaxALo of tba td Weld, Mr D O llmuur of lie Cih Ward, wae aboeen ccairmaa. J. N. BTtaaaar.fthalTth Ward, and Wj, J llciiuiXiOfU l.ib Ward, war appointed 8 acre tar lee. The delegates war called by Warda. Tb td Ward delaaatlon we c miauled and atr an ttp'anailea by each if the partie la Yen Kenrsti delegare wet admitted. Meeara. tntouAUtof ibatd Wa-d. at UtArn of tha 14 4i Ward, wrr eppoint-d Teller. An lafntmal la lot lor a candidate for Mivot wae tleutnlndu.lowlth the folio wlog reeall i .Whole nurrber of v ee. M Uaaai A. Ktev, 13 1 UaniHiBHAix.Ii BarraJ Eaerats,g Tua II Rt'iaan,! Famraa-nrViiioLra.il, t,va, (j,Tl 0, Bwinxn CaowxLL. 1 1 Euwaan A I.Auaiar, 1 Oo tba at baubcemaniof io bail , ins nau.ee ef Me.e ltoisa, 8iK"Lia and Cxoatij. were with drewa. Tee firtt fiimal ballot waa aaf tl'owat Whols auaiber of v.tlee, 87. ll A. Kxxt, 13 i Cro Hai.1. pj w cuv, 13 Tnare peine; no entree anotler b"ot wae hat, rest lung In the nomlnalioa uf Mr, Kter, by iba follnwrt vote . II A KrT,S9Oen tltlUll-W CoiT. . O t roram.r of Mr II" win, cf tLe lal Ward, the nomination was made uuan inoua TbeoQlwre of tbe Coovrndon went dealgnated aa a coinnvttee to aponri Mr Ktm of bla noiuint tlou, when tiey att'titied ti.ibat.a'1 of the chair, Mr Ktav laaiaa irtit -1 1 ia Sth Ward. Ma fir. mar'y rapieaented lie Ward In the Uoiuui m C tun ctl Ward Kotn5 tnoitt The felhwlng nomi nation for Wa d efficrrt Lav Ihua far been made by th Kepublicanat Plh Want A'derman, J aba Anderion; Bnpervl arr, Jatuea L'tleil! Conaaabie, Co laaa K Oiloru. 10b Ware -8u,ev.r, William II llmard, Aa. eaeoor, Oaorie Wliitti iiBUble. llarberi Vn Winenl Hut Wartl A'darman, Qhariae II Km. Laii Biijierviaoi. I rare a C K rbyi Conatalla. II h Jemlotear 14'hW.rd Bupervuer, JohaThomi s m; AtMBenr, Bonuyler Fi iiups. Iba Denrtratie aad Union partita Lav coml naiad tba following: SdWaid Alderman, J-bn Tl BTattm; Bnpar vt tor, Jonathan B B ewert; C -nauable. A A Wd Hante Hah WerdA'dermaa, Jamaa II, Citn wU B ipettlaor, Felix Cantpball CAViita ixopaSkweb. A Mwr la course of construction al tba ooraer ef F illtn avenue and Hanover Place, Ml In )etar'ay, and tv m .lot y covered eater! workman. Tbay ware a.' extricated wtlni'ttlauetatnlng asuou Injury, lsDic-ikirrrr nr tiiv. Gbasd Jrp.r. Tlie C mrt if Oyer and Termlaar etnvn 't yeatard-y anon, leg, fot the r-U'poeecf receiving tie il.anl Juiy, whohevlng cnmpleae,! their labor, made Ibeir final preaentmenia la aidl-lej to over too ladictatehaaagainaapaieona charga-1 with aallmg liquor lllaga'ly, 31 bilU wr touud agalnat other In d flaii.t kffiitcea Toennmberof petona Indicted. xalnalv f l'quor deelera, waa 4). Tha Grand J my war die- vuaiaitt wiau iae a. atoaa ol las ajt'tirt Hiaiitrst is the Covet or Ststiova. M cabl MaiiAPv, waa arraigned la thla Court ytaterdeji for aaaauli a-.d UtMry with lattnl to kill. Thadafendaai and Turn at KtraaiLL, lived InlbaSfiwaid. Is Nttemtaruaat, aqiarrel aieaa brlweea tke two faauluar, sad oae day, aa alaeeil, Matuitr met 110'au.L in ihi alreet, and Imwi him with turh aevaritr. Inai II waa found sdviashla to aaadhimlothahoeislf ireatmakl. Kt Rue- aatLeniH ner nuaoanti' aa, waerenpoo Mr. Maaultv oemmllted lavage aaaauli upon Mrs. Bittan I , Mananx pleated allay to email tad bseiaay. and wa astaiad to the Pen'tantiary lor elxtydaya. Mra. Mananv.wbo waa alao iadietad. pleaded gulliy, but la view of Ine fat that her auebatd bad baaaaeol la tha paollautiary, tea laaoe wae auapaodad. Baveral other csaea war ealled up, hut dafandaata not Imng leady, Ih Cenrt arjotured. WILLIAMSBURGH. Iloca JTixriEO iMraoriMcSTl. The Com mon Council, so Monday night, adop'ed two rese" Intaonj of considerable Importance, to Wllllama kurgh. On waa lha eel ee Hon of a alt for a new elation hotua for the bah Freolaci polloa, which had bean much needed for a long time, a lha eld reokery tha maa now occupy La neither oomforta bla nor aata. Tha naw building I to ba located oa tna corner at Fourth and Nertn rirat arreaae, a locellte that haa racantlv beam araatlr tmnroved by the capaulng of 4th etrawl UuvuaU what wa tor. many vtavskHceisrvparwats. The other tnportanl roeeeuiswraa th adoption of a resolution providing (ar th opralag ofltth alreet, from Plvtalon avenue to Va'oo avenue. Tbla measure II la thought will largely enhance tb value of property la lb neighborhood. Sou bbbt. About 8 o'clock yesterday morn ing th basement ef th dwelling house cf Mr, J. A. Bbaplxv, 60 Baventh alreet, wu entered during tt temporary abear ce of the oocupaela, and robbed of a quantity of clothing valued al tT6V Kobbibo A CncRcn. Some tlm daring Monday night th U naaa Cathollo church In Mav. Iroeeavtnea, beteresn Ewea atreal and Oraham avtoua, wa eoterrd and robbed of a bx oonUlnlng tto In peaalae, two candieatlck, and lbar article ofvalu. Tb burglar then galsed an entrance to lbeddllethuieflh,pMa,, sod bok open bureau, fro, which tbey took 49 In money aud a quetliiytfa'iAlug, He property of Father Bar. riA. Na o'ne lo Ihep rreartlin of lit itbc-j laayrt Uea obtained, '7 JK113LV Cl'lY. A DAxatBora reacncB. Kx-rdrTa3U!Be waa aaapUed ta on Tuesday af atnaeoa by a yextg Oermaa maa who atttea that hi wlfb I la th wa JtaM pracxlre of utat nrwhlne, tor aoea perrpee to hiaa naknowa. Ue ka applied le Ita dtg-a-eat Sr" JfiI -"i M -- rl'teal abey reruee to furwah 2iwi!hJh,."ru wtttahxaatlon of eaaewae 712 Sm IVtTTutg her. Having Ike fear of . .? ?. ' ta oae ete eheald takt HSL fiTTPK" m 'hM1 fewndlala bue, ha applle foa aoaxm by U anakapal aath- Beno-derTnrewraa'-rred hire u tke DlewtctAU tnrtaey fur advice oaltae delicate eolt)an liktwiee le a young woaman.kkd probably tgaoraal af th aluejKT CirrDiatr. SoctrTr. TkU body met la annual aaaaloB at th Ueddlag fat . I. akarck on Menday evening, th lien. Aaa 8. Jewa i. reeidTg. Oakert wee ejected fer la aa-iiae? yetr.eirt " A 8. Jawall, Pveal. par. Maarrt Irnbrla, Blddla i d I utn. and M-aera. It ill and Balltkxry, To. .,.li,, ferttee B. Uavattp-irl, S-cretary , Jaaarrh MfOoy, Iveaeutar gat, Me a. Lecaa. 0-chraaa, VeraJCka' aad Verr ndr, eed Maaare Watteatrk. ? ,lk!n,S, w''('a VU- Yamageta, Btf, aid Wttrlil, BJaaagtit. A Unaral cauerUea waa Ltkt n up. KuvcurA rBiwABtw. Tb nepuLlloajit of Jerrey CHy held Ikeir prlmaiiaa ea Meaday evening, and elect I itelatfaiee frnn ibe verlotie waraa to matt la ciwvenitoa f,T th, a,nrpa af muiiiattiue: aontnpai nuart. The Cattt maa will be held kl Weil wood Uall on Thoieday rtte- a' HOW TO RK t TIIK Wvab Aim DrmuTATBo PxaAiAxa tBOia not negleot getting. e k-ltle of Pr. AeAeraoaM Ijm roRTtlAU Tver win find as warm weather enema In, thai rSktr fenrnl health tbrotitkoet will bat (really Imtrrered try Itane- iTtmll. Te be had tl 01 aUgratk av aatd err. Alien and olantoo ate M. Y. Kmv tvrrtns itEtrn or Au. 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Merrh tiUi, at TK o'clock, as baaloeaa of latfort ltc 111 bt tlnaa(trd Ilr o' dee ......,.. .....'r"-,1t FAlERSON. C. D. MICHAEL DULY, O. B. f0 Janrietaoen Ilsrerakoera P. II aed II Ho. fltlv t' r-iiirrle4 'o ettand e apeclal matting te b- held at 1 nion Hall, con er of xvd at a id Sd avn, on I hla (tar.d ea.taij e-rnl-r. M rn IT, at algbt o'clock, tore eke arrkDirisante fert hire a meetl't rrem. a we a . rn nrvafron lla mtraira llall- ta eterrtf MI"HaI, PL'U J, fttalo' ot l TlMOUY tOLUiAIt.bteietair. 4 It, I'. A f bain at I'. A. aad Ihelr Fae lllt'a and lad ea -ad r-rtlem n ren,.r I y, ma raarct ill I tl i'l s'tntd a e tar1 n Wnvdv svtn J Ire 4,tp In.t bi the rnrmeof PUtno'x Chapter llt'L-atE' C.ttar Flare l dsora Mmril f lUnrkar rt be l)r.r V K ttlAKeSfYtlateadler d the 1 roe A nerieae. s BnMrrt "Mr I'amnore." Ad.'btaon 'ram Kairrtaaa f s.rili ' aa- NllfraA. O. II. No. 7 -A ra,taM-ll tlasaHasr of the tbava i nmker elll be hi'd tt Mllliiaaa'a HalL J.-VX---T Vah at ad Trk ,t. 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