10 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The Toledo chronicle Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Nisan 1873 tarihli The Toledo chronicle Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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X' I u lit .jil V i' & •s- i-. 4 S /'I &•. k & v v -f 4" -. tH' -11 &*v aL, ^jhf ^olrilo ^Itroniilr Warren Harman .Editor and Publisher Toledoi Iowa, Thursday* April 10t IS?! The lll-Fated Steamer, Another hat) been add«d to tho horrors Incident lo ocean travel, th.it periodicity odcilr. lint week, 1+ tho new and eWgaiit Bluatuer At lantic" was making A regtilar tfi(5 be tween Liverpool flu 1 Newr York', she stranded about 15 miles from Halifax Harbor, making a total Wreck of the vessel, which sunk with upwards of half the ltfO) passengers oii boird. The reports concerning the disaster are vftrioita and uonfliet ing, but from the statement* thus lar made, much blame may be safely at Cached to the ^Captain, Who appeared have littlfe knowledge of the local ity of the ship. The disaster occur red in tho night, and was at first at iribtkled to the officers being mistak en in tft6 light*, but since, it appears to have been the result of wanton recklessness, or inexcusableignoranoe bl the route. Whatever be th? cause of the toss of Itfe and property, It is to be hoped the matter will receive a thorough investigation, And if the faaltcan ba located, the lull punish menf, avf prescribed by law will be administered. Truly the perils of them that go down to the sea in ships" are difficult of conception and the wreck of the "Atlantic," with the loss of Above 50d human livings beggars descrip tion. Patrons of Husbandry. On the 29th of MarJi a Delegate 'Convention was held* at Waterloo at which about twenty granges were repreaetned. Among other business transacted the following resolutions Were adopted: Whvkras, The interests of the farmers bavo been betrayed and sold oft.t by a4l parties, we now deem it expedient to look after our owa interests—therefore, Respited, That we will support 1). \V. Adams, of Allamakee county, for Governor, and James Mikioson of Tama county, for Lieutenant Gov r.6r, at the next Stale election. Resolvtd, That, a Apy of these retolntions be sent to the Iowa lhm*1tbd, Iowa State lieptrttr aud the Cedar Falls Hecorder, with a re quebt that they publish the same. editorial Notes. The social air of Sit. Vernon was •erioukly shocked last week, by the Veceipt of news of the death, and *)iow it was brought about, of Mrs. Gladstone, formerly of that place. Mrs. Gladstone was a widow woman fcad circulated in the best society the CoHege town" afforded. Some tii&e Ago site Went lo Marshalltown, to aVoid the eliAme that was about to befall her, and from the evidence and circumstances attending tho post mor 'ten examination and inquest, it ap pears that an abortion had been pro .itluoed. A young man named Bell, \vho lires at Lisbon, And who had Iteeii very intimate with the unfortu nate Woman, was arrested 'As being in accomplice in the nefarious work that led to the woman's death- The developments of the will be Watched With interest. A most terrific raift, hail and wiud •lorm visited Biirlihgtoti last Friday afternoon, Houses were Unrooted Jrhiobmuch nd damage done, among Was blown doWu the large, flutter and egg depot ol D. K. Pond Seven persons were killed by the filling of the huune, and beveral oth ers were seriously injured. Among the AssociAtc Press dit itches of Friday was the following: In the Supreme Court to dAy in tho H»e of Miss Burnham pleading for a ten jbt to vote, on the ground that free iu the constitution meant men and women, the court decided against l^r.'' Carry the news to Vic. Wood lull, Anna Dickinson, et hi. Vice President VVilson has return %d id Treasnrer Spinner $1,448, that lieing t'« aiftonftt of the bAuk pay t^eal, less the mileage. Mus Nettie W. Coonise was ad tfcitud to the bar at Tiffin, Ohio, lait %eek. The high range of tiie gold prerifei ttjn, mentioned in our U«t isnue has iaseo ntaintsined by the balls of Wall street, who have endeavored to re ««st the Black Friday" transaction. The corn sequence ot an advance in gold is A depression in stock, and probably a uuniber of failures will !|jpeur among the "shorts." The Vinton Rtgle hAyst *U te ro t^oVed, and probably on good author itf, tliAt tho Sabula, Aokley A Dako ta Railroad has passed onder control '6f the Pennsylvania CentrAl, And that the farther extension of the fine 'from Marion in the immediate future is uot probable. We nndersUuid tliat the entire Milwaukee & St. Paul system of roads ptast-s to the uon Uy19$ il«e AAiaa inter®*. fpfp coMmisiitiinj. Citizen's Savings Again. Batik Et)iT«»ii CinioNtrLEOno Week Ag) todiyii was decided by tliosu who ha I le-en interested in tKo es tablishnicnt ol a bank in this place, to organize a Savings Bank, with a capital of one hundred thousand dol lars. Of this, pott are already aware, but in order that the many may be ac quainted with the tact, this commu nication is a I Jrosso to you, Not withstanding the prophecies of a few Individuals, whose wisdom (they being the judges) is past comprehen sion, that a large number ot men could net possibly establish an or ganization that would be sound, the many believe in tSeir ability to in corporate as wisely as if a tew should concoct Bome schema, and then com pel all to Adopt their peculiar views. To-day we have fifty names on our subscription list, comprising nearly every business Man, attorney and mechanic in town, aud a number of the best farmers in this vicinity, with Seventy fiee Thotuand dollars of the stock pledged. We ihiuk this is glory enough tor one week, and do not care to place more ot the stock in town. The balance we desire to distribute through the couuty, among good men, in order to get additional interest enlisted in the bank wh« n fuily established. In order that far mers outside ot this mmediate vi cinity ma/ have a chance to take a little stock, I call attention thus pub licly to the enterprise. Of course it is itftpotaible to explain fully the mi nutia iu the small tyace you can al low me. I will only say that the Bank is to be an inaorporation under the laws ot our State that every stock holder will have a voice in the adoption of articles of Incorporation that we have secured the advice aud assistance of eminent bankers, and tl at, every effort will be made to or ganize an institution that will be a credit to our town and county one also that will be a benefit to those interested, and a convenience to all. Any person desiring a little 6tock, and wishing more particular inform ation will be fully advised of the aim and object of the organization, if they will call upon me or any ot the gentlemen connected with the enter prise. Please call particular attention to the fact that a meeting ot the stock-holders will be held on Tues day next, April 15th, at one o'clock, p. m., in the Court room, at which time the Committee appointed to draft Artieles ot Inuorpor&lsa will submit their report. Respoctfully, L. B. NEL8on» TcLftDO, Iowa. April 8th, 1873. Sabbath School Ion. Convent- The #AMmAIi School Convention held at Bovina School House, March 30th 1873 was called to order at ten o'clock A. M. with a tew remarks by the chairman J. T. Ames who stated briefly the object of the meeting Reading the Bible by W. W. Blanch ard, prayer by Mr. Ames. W. W. Blanchard was then ap pointed secretary by the chair when the convention proceeded to discus various questions and subjects as shown by the programme. Mr. Ames spoke at length on the variety o* Scripture Knowledge, showing thr necessity of early train ing, and was followed Ly several others in earnest remarks urging parents to send their children to Sabbath School, and not only send them, but come themselves, take a part in the exercises, help maintain them by their preseuce, and render whatever aid was in their power.— Among other questions before the Convention was one "how to sustain Sabbath Schools." This quostion re ceived a common sense remark by Mr. Savery, one Seldom applied to Sabbath Schools, viz.: all kinds ot business requires money and Christ ians should not expect to maintain a Sabalh School without the tame.— The question whether Sunday Schools should ae discontinued during the winter Months received a share ot at tention, some claiming it was best, while dthers took au opposite view. Mr. Ciark made a few pointed re marks ih regard to Sabbath School boofcs, claiming nome ot them no better than novels, but urging the taking of Sabbath School papers.. At the conclusion of Mr. Clark's remarks, resolutions Were adopted thanking the members of th* con vention for iht-ir xttuiiduice at Bo viua, an rcq lasting the Sierctary to forwar a copy ot the minutes of the convention to the Tolboo Chroniclb for publication. In conijluaioii I Would siiy a few ot the speakers failed to be in attendance An account 6i bad roadi*, yet the hohse was well filled by the people in the vicinity.— Convtatfon rfjourntid Sine Die. W. W. Bi.AM'iun*. JltKJieUM'} From Chelseai We had A little excitement here bii 8atUrday, in which a rascai from Brooklyn named Dillman Blackwood was tho chief character. Ho carrie here Friday evening, putting up with our Iiev. landlord of the Elkhoru house, and in consideration ot the frefe hospitality extended to him, he stole the landlord's cigars, for which |he latter talked of having him ar rested, but concluded the matter was loo trifling. His next operation was to go to Rawsort's wagon-shop, and borrow a saw, a chisel and a mallet, promising to return theiii in about twenty min utes, representing that he had a smal job to do at the hotel. But instead of going to the hotel, he made speedy tracks westward on the railroad. After the true state of affairs was known, Mr. Ivawsori, by the aid of a swilt-footed mule overtook the would-be carpenter, sibout two miles west of here, brought him back to town and secured his tool's. A crowd fathered around, aud many were the suggestions as to wlmt \Vas best to bo doue with the offender. The rever end gentlemen who had lo*t the ci gars proposed that if the crowd was willing, he would give the young man a thrashing and then let him go. But the young man coolly inform him that was a game at which two oould play, whereupon his reverence ooncluded the best plan was to let him go firsti Mr. Rawson acted on the plan of retu-uing good for evil, took the young lad home with him, gave him his dinner, and Bent htm ou his way rejoicing. This time he took the op pooite direction, going toward Belle Plaine, and after he had been cohe some tune our reverend landlord dis covered that his best boots were gone and an old pair loft in their stead, he losing about five dollars by tho trade that somebody had made without consulting him. Blackwood had informed Mr. Rawson that he had made the exchange. An infor mation \fras filed before Esq. Roach, a warrant issued and placed in the hands ot constable Littler, but he has not found the youngster yet. It has since been discovered that he had also stolen the landlord's gloves. This young man says he is 2'i y^ars old but he does not look to be over eighteen. There are persons here who ari ac quainted with him, and who say he has a mother living in Brooklyn that he is noted as a thief that he has been arrested several times, but again released for the sako of his Mother. Penikk. TOLEDO PUBLIC SCHOOLS REPORT By Classes, for the intermediate and Higher departments, for the Winter Term, commencing January 6th, and ending Match 28th, 1873 Teachers $ ErTIE M. MUSSEIl, R8' A. H. STERRET. •s? O i s s v* 3 5 I 3- HIGHER JHtPT Si a S is IaiS if i^ i9 a l*\r l? iris A OUJ9. Willie Free George Brush Horry Stiger William Roberts Eliza Dexter Ella Fletcher Mary Stoner Verona Somers 0 93: 93: 93: 4 i 0 90! 9i 9i 5 1 5 80! 89 88 7 0 0:100: 90! 95: 3 0! 96 98 97! 1 0 1 0 100 93 96! 2 81 90! 8'j 9(: 6 38J! 59 oo :30ji :»i0 '60 o 30 0 SI 88! 981 931 4 a CLASS, Clara Wical Mary MeClain* Lillie Beldea Belle Miller Sylvia Belden Alice Harlan Julia Guilford Emma Frasee Clara Granger Mary Wilson Lottie Frederich George Melick Thomas MeClain 63 1 7 i 59 I 1 i 160 0 i 49 in i :39J 51! 4«| i3ii 129 1 6 •51 i 9 i *1 !23 !27 41 0 i« i 1 i 145 5 William MeClain j&O i |j #7j S0j »4i 6 o CLASS ISO Union Stoawr Daniel Connell Harvey 8herwood 45i Charles Davis 144} 2 Clarence Coates 145 5 Erwin Ingham 110 1 Robert Raines 130 George Dillman IfO Charles Appetgate:59 I 1 Frank Miller ioU 8ii 7i 86j 89( 84:10 Plor'ce Wilkineen 160 1 lj 88: 07 931 2 Mary Cornell Clara Jacobs Fanny Johnson Ida Loughridga Lafayette Linton Brjd A Bodflsh i 1 0: 901 90! 901 6 01 93: 90! 911 4 21 93: 85: 89! 6 6: 87: 96! 911 4 21 85: 9-21 89: 6 01 95j 801 90i 5 3! 79 79! 79 11 li 87: 88! 881 7 0! 90 81! 86: 8 ej jjj 01 95 i 88 92! 3 21 90 88! 89! 0! 97! 93: 95! 1 0! 94! 951 95! 1 0! 90! 89: 85! 9 2! 80 70. 75!12 CLASS. Carrie Guilford iMf* -1}! OjlOOj «»|l00! I Hattie Dexter 60 1 0! 07: 9oi 96! 4 Viola Stoner j«8 I 2 i ©j 991 94! ftfl 4 Belle Casemsn 121 1 i 0: 98: 94 90i 4 Ida Ferris !o» 1 i 1 84i 95: 8# 10 Louisa Coatts :S1 4 84: 92 89110 Clara L:at6n |«9 ill 1 21 90 96: 931 7 Add.e Cannon 143 4 1 21 96 96: 94j Agnes R$ndol{li 3}i Oi 98j 96 97i 3 Charles Sehaffer 140 jl5 2l 861 831 84jl3 Oeo-ge Springer 138 12 31 851 87 86! 12 John Johnson 60 1 01 941 90 92 8 Charles Brunei 122 2 0 96: 971 96 4 John MeClain 1 9 i 01 95! 80 87111 Frank Graham 149110*: li 87! 93! 90i 9 Them is O'Connor jMt: 41: 11 96! 9&S S James Bo lfisb 152 8 3: 85i 87! 8! 12 i Harry Wilkinson |44 7 4: 85 89! 87! 1! I drl^as SohnarepO fftt tt| 3 MISS FANNIE A. FRAZEE, TEACHIR Of INTIRSfBDIATE DEPARTMENT. i PS a if *3 2 il \l 1 :2!3 :3 3 V o O _?* jt i. CLASS. II i 60 Virginia Stontr Alice Moore Jennie Cobb Anna Johnston Kim* Dexter Flora Fraxee Carrie Ingham Albert Loupee Willy McClaid Oeorge Stirers Gusiavus Lichly Orrie Allen Henry Nauerth James Moore raft Ada Norton lUttia LftdOM 0! 95: 99! 87 i 3 2i 97: 97i 97: 3 2 91: 93: 92: 7 0j 98: »9i 99i 1 0: 98: 99: 99: 1 0: 98: 97: 3 0: 95 99: 97: 3 o! 03: 91 i 92: 7 0: 97: 99: 98: 2 l! 96l 94j 95: 6 0: 95'l 991 97: 3 9: go: 88 89: 9 9 t)2: 88: 90: 8 0: 95: 91: 93 0 8: 93: 91i H2- 7 Oi 08 30: 4 53 60 66 i 4 i o 6 0 i 3 160 i |47 I i'JO 160 81 •8J W 6 48ji 4 a CtiASS. Sammy Melick 59 !tiley Johnston |5S dial ers Shnnklin!55 Charley Liehty j|0 Augustus Miller iOU John Defrance, David liurrighl May Olney Mary Young 1 1 93: 97 95: 2 i 0i 94: 96j 95: 5 1: 96: 951 96: 0 i I! 941 991 96: 4 i Oj 94j 941 94: 54* lil li 93! 90! 92i 6 !o« i 1 I li 93: 99 i 9tt| 3 5fli: 9J: li 95j 99: 92i 6 HB l'jii li 94j 90: 92 6 :0 :li0 :58 Matilda Nauerth Lizzie Brown Ella Frazee Emma Whitten Carrie ISliin Jennie Graham Aggie St ruble Lillie Stivers Fiankie Lauou Etta Truidell Itnog'e Slierwoo Laurtt Canncn Ida Butler Charley Butler o 2: 9« l'Jo 98. 1 0 i o' 90i 98: 97: 2 2 0: 9i»i 98- 97: 2 oil 0= 94. 98: 96 8 0 0: 07: 99! 98 1 :«0 5Ui 8i: 1: 90 92! 94 152 8 Ol 97i 99: 98- 1 ioo i 0 li 901 98! 97: 2 .•54}i 6}i 0i 9*- 94 95 4 •85 15 i 4i 92: 80: 8i 9 i40iii9}! 5 62: 74 8»:1« :53 7 2i 99: 93 96: 3 i25Ji 3}l 4! 9i 8!J! 89: 7 26 4 3i 941 82! 88 8 Rank of Both rj CO I'S Average of Both, co oi Per cent, of AttenJ ance, Per cent, of Punct uality, No. of Tardinesses, o Au Average Daily tendance, I CO CO 5 "co'iQ O tiOM •o o "N r. Average Belongirg, Xtitnber Enrolled Y t: o I bT -2 5 u .£ a. a a O I S rs 2 tl o "3 ri IM CO —. S Jiy Average ot iiotli in sevtMilli column is moan tho average per cent. of punctuality and attendance. It will readily be seen that tho depart ment having the highest average, ranks first 011 the list. The same ex planation will show how tho rank of each scholar is«fbund."* Per cent, ot'attendance for win ter tenn, ?72, These facts suggest the imperative need of a wood house, and the no oessity ot employing n janitor, who shall make it his business to carry fuel, and attend to the fires, especial ly during the Winter term. As an item ot iterest to all, I will say that, at tho commencement ot tho term, a friend of good schools offered A prize to the pupil of the higher department, whose class rec ord showed the greatest advancement in scholarship daring the term. The prize consists of a fine gold pen and a silver extension holder. A star designates the name oi the scholar who receivod it. 21 90 96: 93: 7 0! 991100 100! 1 01 991 98 100 1 ®i ggi g^i 01 age, but was not in attendance during the latter part of the term. 5: 93: 92 88: 8 3: 961 94: 95i 5 11 961 9^: 93! 7 0 98 100 99! 2 2 88 89 88i 8 01 961 96 90^ 4 0! 921 971 95! 5 0! 951 80! 88: 8 One other pupil has the same av- DISCI Pl-tNK. As in the so in tho present, I still firmly believe iu the mainten* anue ot strict discipline 111 our schools oven though resort must bo had to oorporal punishment. ROLL OF it9irOR, comprising the names ot those pupils who were neither tat*dy nor absent during the term: 1st Primary—Willie Galley, Wal ter Belden, Willie Rieckhoff, Katie Arb—4. 2ud Priio arjr—Willie Johnston, Frank Conant Freddy Conant—8. 3d Primary—Walter Galley, Char lie Newcomer, Clinton Wagner, Flo ra Tripp, Jessie Stoner, Lizzie Stoner, Fanny Beldea, Davie Stoner—8. Intermediate Gustuvus Licfcty, Willie MeClain, Lizzie Brown, Carrie Blinn, Anna Johnston, Virginia Sto ner—6. Higher Department—Ilattie Dex ter, Lillie Belden, Mary Connell, Ella Fletcher, John C. ohnston, William H. Robert*, Unloti Stoner —7. Total nnraber, 28. The spring terra %ili Commence April 14th^ 1873. r3BN®po^tfuiiy, .4^?*: :.^r 1 i 4*« niiiilimn •i.iiif --Tt .*. LIST 6F LETTETIS remainiag uncalled for in the Post Offioe at Toledo, Iowa, April 7th 1873. Mrs Ash Harry A Con aw ij Mary K Clark W II Cooper Leppat Joseph Martin Piatt & Wilson Cyrus Quick Davis !i 3 IE Isxac Randolph John Itober4s Elizabeth Richards Geo 11 Shebly Samuel SteeL Satie Wilson Catherine Week Sylvauus Wood San Drakouii Dearborn Austia Ellsworth Lucy klliott George Qleason Mortimer Hunt Daniel H.iskell Mrs Cannon Hall fi«: S. Terson* calling for thore letters will please say advertised and give date of this list. EMILY L. DILLMAN. P. M. SHERIFF S SALE. BYthe virtue of a Special Execution, dated loth of March. A. 1873, to me directed, issued oiit of the offic of ilie Clerk of (lie District "'ourt 'of Tama county. State of Iowa, in favor of Hiram Bates, and against II. C. Bates and Julia Bates, on judgment rendered by said Court at the February term thereof, A. D. 1873, agaiust the said H. C. Bales, for the sura of $1,409. 9 and a decree of fureclosure ag»inst said defendants wherein it was ordered, ad judged and decreed that the following de scribed real estate to-wit: 4 4 4 3 6 The south-west qunrtei of section thirty six township eighty three [83J, range fifteen [15], west of the 5th P. M„ in Tama county Iowa, be £old, or so much thereof as is necessary to Satisfy said judgment, interest and csst: Now, therefore, public notlcd Is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shall on the 1st day of May, A. D. 1873. be tween the hours of 9 o'clock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M. ot said day, sale to comfaense at the hour of 10 o'clock .4. M., at the front door ol the Court. House in Toledo'Iowa in the County ot Tama, offer and sell at public outcry, to the highest and best bidder, that bids two-thirds or over of the appraised value, for cash, all the right, title and in terest of the above named defendants, in and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisf v said judgment for the above named sum together with costs and all accruing costs, unless the same Bh&ll be Sooner satisfied. KNlGuT DDXTER, Sheriff of Tama Co., Iowa. ^Archie, 1873. APPELLATE & KINNE, 1C-16] $ '.45 Attorney tor Plaintiff. ORIGINAL NOTICE. j^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, 8. S. To William E Shaver You are hereby notilie tint on or before the lotU »y of April, A. D.^ tS73, there will tH on tile, in the oflice ot' the Clerk of Circuit Court, of Tama Countv, Iowa a pe tition of Jesse 3. LaLlue, claiming of you tho catistebtion ol a certain mortgage given by IJenj- M. Clair arid wife to yon, William I". .Shaver, on south half of lot No. live aid the south half of lot No. tvo, block one. in WeHt Irving, Tama County, Iowa, and dat ed February 2Hlh, 1H (S, for the sum of Oue Hundred and Fifty Dollar* the same being reeoHed in Hook K. page 118, of the records of Tama Couuty, lowu. Aud iliat unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon, of tlie duisond day of tlie next term of sail Court, being the May tirui of said term, for the Jyeir A. D.,1873, commencing on tho first Monday of. May, A.D., 1873, at the Court House in Toledo in said county, default w 111 bo en tered against jfoii, and judgment rendered thereon. 87.2 Pet cont. of atteiulanoo for win ter term, '73, 89.^ Several disadvantages have hindoi ed the desired progress of our schools during the past term prominent among which are, litst:—tho severity of the winter storms and cold sec ond, smoking Hues, and wood cover ed with toe, sleet and snow, so that some of the departments were cheer less and uncomfortable at times, in spite of all th|it the teachers could do. GEORUE RAINES, 15-18 Att'y for l'laiutHf. 1$ COMING A 11^^' We have juBt issued kjl l\lxLkjO Strauss altzes in Twr Volumes, pi ice $4 ench In boards, |f each i cloth. The two volumes contain over 10 ETS FAV0KITK S in sheet form. In ordering from other deal ers be particular to ask for Peters' Edition of Strauss' Waltzes, is it is the only correct and complete ed n. Address.I. L. Peters, Music Publisher, 596 \\T A I Broadway, N. N Y ALIA 1^. [4-"-18 Bartlept SBALBIt IN HEAVY sod Shelf Hardware, STOVES, TINWARE, ETC. All kinds of Tin vork doas on thgrt Ntitioe. ORIGINAL NOTICE. ^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, 88, S' To Oeorge W Fowler, Jane Fowlar, Eli Fowler Eli Seebert and W. Joliustou. 1 ou, and each of you, are hereby notified that on or before the 24th day of April A D. 1873, there will be on file, in the offloti of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama county, a petition of John Beale claiming of you all the foreclosure of a certain mort gage givon by George W Fowler and Jane Fowler to said Beale on the North east quar •Cr (J) of the south east quarter of section No twenty-three [23] also the North lialffl of the south west quarter of section No ,m Sttryey. also claiming a personal judeacnl aga.ns Oeorge W Fowler to, One Thous snd Dollars on two promissory notes with ".ura'ii'rT' tortelJfir If Tfred A. ii. STERRETT. Principal, ed fherfon" PUBLIC SALE OF SCHOOL LAND. VTOTICE, is herfefcy given, that I will oh i y o 2 9 a y o A i A 1 8 7 a the hour of two o'clock P. M., at the front door of the Court House, In Toledo, Taica etiuntv, Iowa, offer for sale and sell, tb the highest bidder, provided the same brings the appraised value, the following describ ed school land, towit, The northeast quarter of seotion No. sixteen [10], in township No. eighty six [86], north of range No. fourteen [14] west *f the Mli I'. M. Terms:—One fourth cash down, the bal ance in t»n years, with annual interest at the rate of ten per cont. per annum. March 24, 1373. THOMAS 3. FREE, 18-16J Auditor. NOTICE OF BISOLUTIOX. The firm of Walters & Reynolds has this day dissolved, by mutual consent—H- R. Reynolds retiring. All persons indebted to the firm or W. C. Walters will call and settle at once, as they must have a settle ment with all. WALTERS & REYNOLDS. Kareh 26th, 1873. All indebtedness of the firm assumed by W. C. Walters. 14-16 TO THE SUFFERING. The Rev. William II. Norton, while residing in Brazil as a Mission ary, discovered in that land of raed icnes a remedy lor Consumption, Scro fula, Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, Asth ma and Nervous H'eaknest. The rem edy has cured myself after all other medicine had failed. Wishing to benefit tho suffering, I Will send the receipt for preparing and Ufiii" tliis remedy to all who de sire it FREE ot charge. PI ease send an envelope, with your name and address on it. Address, Rev. WILLIAM H. NORTON, 076 Broadway, New York City. TT \a-\ s a rpr/ PO folfowin^r t0*n8hiP No eighty, two [82] Range No fifteen [lo) Won of 5th P. M., containing one Hundred and twenty Sttrve^aU0' C83' fteCOrdin« We ^government rea®onable ORBGST ICOODSc At- th»? .^i foreclosing said morigagennd S r" J'0a ttppear and defend on or before noon, of the secoml day of S Te"n said Court, being tlie Term of said Court for the year A. 1873, cotnmenciugon the fir.t Monday «f t«. at'he Court llouie la Said Coun,y» default will be cn- y0°' and judg#n,ent 15.,. APPELOATE k KINNE, Au'y» for Plaintiff. ORIGINAL NOTICE. CTATE OF IOrfA, TAMA COUNTY, 3$. To EUy Johnson and hi* wife Louim A Johnson. Charles II Roberts and lilt #ife Mary Ann Roberts You, and each of you, are hereby notified that on'or beforethe2oday of April AID l§7n there will be on Die, in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama county Iowa, a petition of Squire Bruce clalmin, of y»d said Eliy Johnston Three hhnd* red dollars oa three promissory notes. claiming of all (lie defendants the foreclo. sure a certain mortgage given to secure eaid poles, said notes aud mort gag* beinc described iu said petition. N\» person** claim Is made against any ot said defen dants excepting said Elry Johnson. And ili.'tt u.iless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon of the second day of the next term of eaid Ceurl, being the Moy term of s.iid Court fer the year A L. 1573, commencing on the first Monday ot May A. D. 187H, at the Court llouce in Toledo in said county, default will be entered against you, and judgment render ed thereon. T. S. FREE and O. R. 8TKUBLK 12-li'iJ Ait'y's tor Plainii£ ORIGINAL NO TIC A. 8' TATE OF IOWA. TAMA jCJUNTT To William II. Fiizgerald: YOU ore hereby notified that ibere is now on file, in the office of I he Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama County, Iowa a petetion of Nellie M. Fitzgerald, claim* lit. of you a divorce, on aecount of deser tion, and also Claiming ttie custody oTMel vm F. Fitzgerald, miner son of yourself and plaintiff, and that unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before Noon,of (he Second day of the next tern: of said Couri being the May tenn of said Court fer the jrfeiir A-. I)'. 1*7^, tiniinencing on ihe first Mouday of May A. 1). 1875, at the Court House, in Toledo in said County, default will be entered against you and' judgment and decree tendered thereon STIVFR8, SAFLEY & WILLETT, '2-15 Att'ys for Plaintiff, NEW STORE! Has just opened ft new stdfd, near the Elevator, where can be bought, GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, BQOTS AND SHOES IIATS AND CAPS, QU EE SWA RE, GJLA S&' WARE and WOODEN WARE, At the very lowest ish prices. His entire stock is new an.l NO OLD GOODS OFFERED for sale, at any price. Call and exan.i-ic befuro purchasing slewhere, THE PEOPLE'S STORE W. F. JOHNSTON & CO., itave now open and on exhibition, tho Largest Stock of General Merchandise Tfltiia County, cdhsiSting Of Domestic and Fine Dress Goods, Ready Made Clothing, w, „r 0 1*3 Boots and Shoes, Glass and Queens War,, Ilats and Caps, Groceries, Hardware am} Aa, i.,i|. ttral Implement!?. Utnbre]!as. Parasols and isroTxcasrs OF jlzjXJ ,moV(1ments» living SMALL 1 ItOMIb and Quick lietttrns, and to inrnuli to th« people ol lama County Goods ot the Best QujiHty and Manufacture at greatly reduced marginal prohts, they would solicit an examination of their stock, con nacnt that they can give GROCERIES, QUEEtfSlI ARE, $c-, itSeIf' We take pIea9ure Vpoolal SlTUietlii OUR— a o e i for their object 1 SATISFACTION 24tf Both as to QUALITY and PRICE. Wi F. JOHNSTON AND CO. Special Announcement. In addition to our former announcenieiit that our stock t) Dry Goods, Hats & Caps, Boots & ShoeJ """'ng attention to lk«] St FREE MOUSE, XQIIMO, IQW4 IS I *t ~%k «la fKh ••u la ia? FrU titM

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