24 Nisan 1873 Tarihli The Toledo chronicle Gazetesi Sayfa 2

24 Nisan 1873 tarihli The Toledo chronicle Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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^oUdd |hroiiieIe. Warren Harman Putyijhv .Editor and Toledo, Iowa, TkiriitTt W, ISJIi The r*rty Problem. gfort what shnt! polilic-1'. affmra will assume in the iinmeliiio future ia A proble®, tor I'm 8"iu.ioti wtuoh, we »«knowk'dgo ourseli quite unable. That two political organi sation* are necessary to the well be- iog of Republic is guiierilly mitted and that the Republican is the on!j party of significant strength ft a fact patent to as many aa have watchcd the wavering motion of tho old l).-tnocratic1in«s ol late years.— The pilia.ble failure of party was so der The signiBcant as to ren­ cautious all tb such as are disposed affiliate with a new party, without a rejor 1, or any principle to j'.ro olaim, and whose strengih seldom becomcs formidable. That ui material outside of the Republican |S:tMy, to make an or ganixition we doubt not but in these days Granges and Farmers Clubs, are tlie hobgoblin rora to aa itself, w OOt new party.— "soft snap" that mi^ht piesont ould be cut off by alliance with apolitical or-aniz iti-»n a id thus afc»*tit the purest an 1 nohlcst of America'* 8»iis stand abivuring with the pale ot politic*. Wailin» bin Mr a whine-? lo bll'ed ftlr the 46untry— »r rather not enter the political arena to the extent of calling conventions, gad making nominations, preferr JfrC rather to work in primary meet ings, county and State convention!) »u. 1 But Anarchy seema to have a foothold 14 Louisiana, such as is hoped will •oon be ovurcoihe, and which it is •oriously hoped will Hot obtain again while the American Republic •xtsts. A most shameful slaughter of negroes occurred in Grant parish, that State, teu days ago, which is di rectly cbargable to to the Ku Klui, ttrho infest that portion of the State. The hirtorr ot the trouble aaceudaney be la aaf* Mr. Walden and the tfack of Co., Otlumwa, Iowa Dear Sir ad­ the Liberal year, agisted aa it was by the majority of the Democratic hott, d- briefly iWs For some time, particularly since ||)fi November elections, the Kulvlux element has been anxious to get the of the colored people, who wtra in the majority in thai pariah.(or county). Tlie colored pco pie, knowing they were in danger, toftrenehed themselves about the C&urtHouse, but they were brutally attacke 1 by the God-torsakon rebel?, who se«k lire destruction of tlx* Af rican ia-e, and driven into tho "Court Ilonce. Fire was fieri i-t to the building, and as tbg negroes w«re at UMPpting to escape they We.ro shot down bh tlirt fiendish horde iike digs. The te'egraphie ad rices atate that a further timber were taken pris­ oners, an 1 subsequently taken to the river1* bank, ahot and board* Mrves thrown over­ Such biuiality certainly do- t'10 severest punishment known to law, and th :t 'may human life in Lou&.tua, it is mad* to inflict to While we tid not think this quite the beit nse Mr. W. could have made of his back pay, we gtve bim lull credit for not accepting and keeping it Had he aDnbad t.j« mnn»v t« uAuvtruauon of U. ». bonds, he would have made a more natural disposition of it but we doubt not he bad rea sons for using it as he did. ter many aa eold, and are out ih the afflicted with the mania for the organization of a Since the above was in type the Centerville Citizen (Waldeu's pa per) has reached M,'in whioh th* fol lowing occurs: •'As soon as the bill became a law Walden called on the disbursing offi cer and received the full ::mount due him. To have left the extra pay iu the Treasury would have given uo relief to his District. The burthen would have remained as before.— Therefore he brought tlie money uome apportioned it among the twelve counties oi the old Fourth w to bleed it to tho extent of ih: spoils of pu'me offijo These ine* are 'in l-p«s» le'«t|" atrial hrso. %}iio o the difficulties iu tliu lor J|jltion of of a new party aeoms to be selection ef a lea lor, which ap pears necessary iu such oases. Plen ty would be tonnd willing to be con •idered tlie standard bearer, but the secret lies beyond the mere /Sot of Willingness. The Granger! liav« become ao »u meron* aa to attract 'attention throughout the country, notaMy in Iowa and Illiilois, but they will prob­ ably District, to be applied U the school lund. Drafts tor that purpose were sent to the several county auditors. In this way the tax payers were re muoerated lor their loss by the pass age ot the bill and the cause of ed ucation promoted. The Lieut. Governorship. The name of Senator Dysart of this county has been used in connec tion with the Lieutenant Governor ship quite extensively in different parts of the State. Should the Re publican Convention see fit to place the name ot the Senator second on the State ticket, it would be a good selection and the' position ot Mr. Dysart in the matter ot railroad and other legislation, of direct interest to the farming portion of the State, has his nomination quite probable,should his name bo presented to tho Con vention in June. Tho'following let ter from him, dated at Dysart, April 8th, and addressed) to the publishers ot the Vinton Eugle explains itself: "In your piper ot the 2nd inst., I notice :i very complimentary para graph about rry fitness for the office ot Lieuii ir\iit Governor. f'r which, I heren'itli lender rny raopl sincere thank". Without, any motion of my own, or even a of ever ot tering for so responsible u position, a m-ijority of tho« in the General Assembly who ught hardest to se cure the passage of a railroad tariff law, hrtore we left Des Moinu*, re quested me to be a candi.lato for Lieutenant Governor, before the next Republican Convention. Had the tact not found its way into the newspapers, I think I should not have consented to enter the field.— Unless some abler advocate ot this most important issue, now before the people of Iowa and the whole Northwest, should be brought for ward, I shall be a candidate." Pension Laws Amended. Amoug tho last acts of the last Congress was one amending the Pen sion Law*: and the more important changes ah) thus compiled by the Albany Evening Journal: The rate of pension to tlmse who lost a leg above the lines, aiul can not use an artificial limo, is iiici-eased from $18 to $24 per montn, b« hoped that vigorous efforts will be the -rtted punWh- menu tfbo Indinn* to tW West, tho Ku Klux the South are evils such as Heel to be got rid of at soino -x pen**-, or kept so far withe minority •aa to rentier UMtt»«xi*ufleo unatteud ed by fear. Tlie People's Narrow tSuage* vj The projectors :»f this r*nd are '•Ut) aartgaine that tlie road will W* btaih. At a meeting at Cedar lUptds, luat week, of the Board Of Directors, the reports showed that anfficieot money had been pledged to defray |b* *xpens« of a r/ aonrey preliminary from Davenport to Iowa Falls. „V, Mr. Estec, tb* Chief Engin- instructed to commence the s- car**/ as soou as possible. At that meeting, Mr. Wa*hbi4rne President of the recently formed Mnsoitine Northwestern C-.mpaiiy, and J. U. Dougherty, President of the First Kalionsl Bulk, of Mnscatmr, were elect jd Direct org of the I'ijj Narrow Guagu Ouuijmi y* V -i" Tho rate to th*se persons who have lost the heading ol both cars is increased from $18 to $24 per month. But iu both the above cases the increase does not commence until tho date of the examining surgeon's cer tificate. A lather and mother seeking pen aion shall be asumed to have been depending upon the son, wirhin the meaning of the act, if at his death he or she hud no other mcaua of sup port than the proceeds of their labor, and the contributions of the son, but th* pension shall be paid only so long as it shall be n*se*sary for sub sistence. Wher* there is no r. cord evidence in the War or Navy jiepartment, io oases where surh his heretofore been required, provision is made for sup plying it by furnishing the proof by* other means. Upon the death of a pensioner, or in eases where an applieant for a pen sion shall die before the issuanc* of a pension certificate, the ftrhars sh* 1 be paid only to a widow or to child ren under 16 years of age. But when the party has died in indigent circum*t:Hi-es, and no widow or minor child survives, payment may La made to any per«on who has in curred the expenses of the laat sick uess or burial of the ased, to the amount of such expanse. The fee o! surgeons for making ex amioation SteaL "t :—Herewith I send you draft on New Tork for three hund red and twenty nine dollars and tilty cents whioh I wish you to add to ihe school fund ot Wapullo county, to be appropriated among the several Mjhool districts therein, according to the number of persons in such dis tricts between the ages of five and twenty one years. Please acknowledge receipt ol the same and oblige Yours Truly, M. M. WALDKN. *i* ia each It is ctH^rntly reported tliat lloiii M. M. \V »M«-n, ex^Congressman from the oi Fourth Iowa district, has drawn hit back pay and wi^} give, it to the school funds ol the sev eral counties of his district. Ihe following letter which we find in the (Ottiwnwa Courier, ssem* to indicate that such is the crwc ('HNTKKVlLLl, Li.,, 4kpWI Win. H. Caldwell, Auditor Wapello to 11* two dollara in daae, including postage. In case of lJoarda ot Examining Sur geons, *ach member actually present shall receive a fee ot one dollar. All surgeon's certificates shall be made in duplicate, one to be forward ed to the United Siatea Pension Agent and on* to the Cotnfllissioiier of Pensions. If a Wido\V l» receiying a* tension on account of herself and a minor child or children, and it shall be properly eertitied bV a court of pro bate jurisdiction that satisfactory proof has been made that the widow has abandoned the care ot such child or children, or that by reason of her immoral conduct, she is an uusuitabl* person to have custody of the sam*, then the pension shall be paid to such child or children through a guardian a^poiilted l*r stlch pur* pose. Any guardian who shall embeEil* the lands ot his wards, or fraudulent ly convert the sane to his own use shall be punished by a fine not ex ceeding two thousand dollars and imprisonment not exceediitg five years or both. The Washington correspondent of the Cincinaati Gauttt who baa examin ed the new pension law aa passed and approved, mention* a change not i vides that the pension of widows shalljbe increased at the rate *f two dollars per month for each ohil I, un der 16 years, whose father died or waa killed in the army. The inoraaaa is to date from July 6th 1866. Agricultural Implements. Th* manufacture of agricultural implements has lissn of late years to be one of the great industries of this country and an {immense eapital is now thus employed, particularly in the Northwestern States. The Wash ington correspondent of tho Intrr Octan has furnished some interesting statistics, gleaned from the census of 1870, which allow the rapid growth of this department of industry. Ed torially that paper says "The whole number ot these man' ufactories in the United States was •J,070, of Which 1,008, or nearly one half, were in the ten Northwesters Slates at Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kan sas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin.— Tho whole number in the United Slates in 1850 was 1,333. Ot the whole increase in twenty years— 743—048 or six sevenths was in the ten States of the Northwest. Ol the inerease of establishments, Illinois hid the gnaust number and Michi gan tho highest per contage. The total capital invested in this branch ot industry in the United States in I860 was $3,504,20:2 num ber of hands employed, 7,'2'20. In 1870 tho eapital had increased to to 2-V249—a gr*wth of nine hundred and fifty per oent. in the capital and ot three huadred and fitly pur ceut in hands einployod. Tho total capital invested iu the Northwestern States in 1850 was $733,yj* number of hands emyloy ed, 1,888. In 1870 the capital had increased to $18,853,203 aud the hands employed to 13,979—a growth ol twenty five hundred pet ceut. in capital aud of seven hundred per cent, in hands employed. In 1850 all the manufactories in the United Slates paid in wages 2, 107.*08, used iu meterials, $2,445, 705, and produced implements valu ed at $6,842,911. In 1870 they paid in wages $12,151,504, used iu mater ials $*21,473,925, and produced $52, 0CG,87" worth ot implements In the Northwesern States named in 1850, wages amounted to $574,296 meterials to $-181,670, and products to $1,739,312, In 187) the total of wages had increased to $6,836,781, materials to $12,68G,970, and pro ducts to $29,013,748. This gives as the average gruwth in manufactures of Agricultural {implements these States, for each year ot the period since 1840, 5a per cent, iu wages, 12.) per cent, in materials, and 85 per cent, in products against a growth in the whole Uuited States, of only 27J percent, in wages, 45 per ceut. iu materials, and 3S per cent, in pro ducts." Republican State "tlon. l^h^ /olJo wing oall liar been from tho offie* of the Republican State Central Committee, at Du buque, under date of 16th, inst: The State Convention of the Re publican party, of Iowa, will be held at I)e* Moines, Wednesday, June 25. commencing at 11 o'clock, a. m., for the purpose of nominating a candi date for governor, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, a candidate for Supreme Judge, a eandidat* for Su perintendent of Public Instruction. The ratio of representation will be one delegate lor each organized coun ty in the State, and in addition there to one delegate tor every 200 votel, or a fraction over 100 votes oast tor Josiah T. Young, for Secretary of Stajto,ju, Lbe Jaut.genaral election. ~J. JACOB RICH, u- Chairman Cpm. Thit fatlo*wl!1 entitle Tama .£?*. to eleven delegates. A very *6ver* snow storm occur red along the |{n* of th* Union Pa cific railroad last w'«ek. Train* were stopped for several days, the drifts being from ten to twenty feet deep, and the snow plows were of no avail. Much suffering aud several deaths re sulted from th* tererity of th* storm. BPITOWIAL KiOfWi Geo. Francis Train, the author of an endles* amount oi "bldo I and thuud*r poetry," has been examined by a bra** ol AL D's. who pronounc him of unsound mind. Ho claims to be the pagan dictator of this country and says that within 60 dajs every brick in the Toombs will be leveled the streets otNew York will be crim soned with blood, and he is the only man who can stop it. The country is certainly in a perilous condition, but if Train is our only salvation, by all means let the worst come. The United States Supreme Court has decided that the grant of Eight Million Acres of public lands by the State of Texas in 1858 to th* Mem phis & Et Paso Railroad is valid, and thatjthe acts et the Legislature repeal ing the grant are null and void. Ac cording to the decision ot the Court th* Company will be entitled to the grant when the railroad is finished, which is in accord with the con dition of the grant as we understand it. Shm A months. Conven rrrm- found passenger train broke through a bridge on the Stonington and Prov idence Railroad Saturday morning last week, at wvich time six cars were burne l. fifteen persous ktllei, and many others wounded. There has been some very sever* fighting with the Modocs, during the past week. The Jloss of troops hat been light ttnd up to the present writing, we are advUed that the In dians were repulaed at every point. The case ot the Atlantic disaster has had a hearing by a Commission appointed for »hat purpose. The White Star Line was ceusure for sending the ship frcm port without a sufficient amount of coal to last until the vessel could reach her destina tion. The Captain is censured, and his certificate revoked for two years. The cert'fioate of tho Fourth Officer, who was directly responsible tor the disaster, was revoked for ••1^' IN I 00," The Postal Cards. The new poctal cards will be ready for use on the fir«t ot May.— They are simply ordinary tard*, whose "contents" may be "noted" by any curious person. It is to do tin work of a sheet ot note paper, au en velope and a postals stamp, iu 'coin b:nati#n, all outside. It is made of "band paper," meaning paper worked into a solid mass without pasting.— Each one is to be five and one ei^ht inches long and three inches wide!— It is to bo adorned with y arious official marks, and it is to be stamp od with "U. S. postage, one cent.'1 Lines for the address are to be on one side, and tho message is to be written on* the other. When the message is written the card is ready for the mail-bag. Tho postal cards will be eold at one omt each, wheth er one be bought or inoro. As to the advantages of the syste n there aro two, clieapnonn and facility. The saving of nioney en every commuica lion is two-thirds on ordinary letteis. In time, one saves tbo folding of the taper, the sealing cf the envelope aud the possible affixing of stamps. —[iJavtnport Gazette. Our cotemporary should have add ed that it also saves the saliva used in moistening the euvelop* and stamp, when tb* latter ia used. Howard Township Census. Number ol Dwellings, r. Families wfcite male*.' female* 1 votdrf 1 militii acres of land im­ proved 13,186 Bushels oi wheat raised in '72 75,265 corn 140,925 wits v.. v f}6,780 barley 12,.'{0 Pouuds of wool clipped 1,070 No^ o! cattle, },090 Value $1.1,025 hors^'^685 «§:», mule^ Moneys and credit* Value of taxable farming *_ it i Ti#iu' ehinei y and ether taxable property Totil value of KEW ADVERTISEMENTS. TO SEEKERS —or— GOOD BARGAINS, We would respectfully an nounce to the public that we hare received our new Spring Stock of Goods, Which have been selected *ith much cflre, and with especial reference to the wants of this community. XJ r- Odr Calicoes ire dlaiiit are not surpassed for beauty and quality. N Our Dress Goods are choic©, serviceable and adapted to the season. Our'Sfifiwlsand Fine White Goods arc various, nice and in- So. O'Neill guilty of murder in tho nrst degree, and worthy of death, and Tom. O'Neal, who was an accomplice in the deed was recommended to fif teen years imprisonment. The mur der was committed near .Clinton, this StalO last fall. If these two O'Neal's suft'er what the jury recom mend, and Jack, the third of tho O'Neal trio is treated to a hempen necktie, the Sucker Stato will have set ao example worthy of imitation. vi finer Our line of Sumrrtet* Casi meres Tweeds Jeans Und Cot tonades is complete. 3NT Our Stock of Cloth ing is Very Full, ss We fell Choice Groceries at a very small profit We have a large lot of Boots and Shoes, that will be sold cheap. We have a geneiil assort mentof Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Boots and Shots, Hats and Cap*, Notions,and other goods, to which in vite the attention of close buy. ers. £j We three have no bails, bat we mod respectfully invite the public to an cxam-wi/ion of our goods and prices. WEIT1NG BRO S. Notice Is lierehy ui*en, that my wif«, Susan Ann Barilett, has left my bail mil board without liny just eanHe or provocation, and this is to forbid siny jiereon or ]criuU8 burboring or trusting her on my a.-oount, for I will pay iv. d»bts «f her coutruc ing from tliia iiie. 1^-17 A. I'AtlTLETT. STOP" AND LOOK IN AT THE BOOT &SH0E STORE OF W. J. BURNS, Just established in the build ing south ©I JT. W. Bro^c's grocery, NEW GOODS, NEW STORE AND NEW PRICES. LADIES ana GENTLEMEN will consult th^ir own in terest by examining goods and prices before purch* 17$ 17* 438 430 208 171 A Specialty made of SEWED tfORK* 81,550 440 245 3,921 630 1,325 /|t J' IJ J},*, sheep ,162 ,*• swine. -§|896 vehicle# 23 B0L10WAYS 1,539 personal prop- erty 40,295 1 otal value of land 177,108 f. 4 Total amessgiMit $093,373 Ankount Exempt from taxa tion on accoant of or- u. «b*r4**nd forest frees $II,021 II. II. Witiiimjtox, Assessor. &6RyMaN HIS OWNfWsiCiAtt ORIGINAL NOTICE. gTATB OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S. S. Td William E Shaver You are hereby notified tlUt On or beror# the 15th day of April, A: D., t873, there will be on file, in the office of «He Clerk of Circuit Court, of Tatna Oountv, I?»wa a pe tition of Jesse S. UKue, claiming of you the gatisfsctien ofacer afii mortgage given by Benj. M. Clair and wife, to you, William K Shaver, on sotlth half cf lot No. fire ai the south half of lot No, two, block one in West Irving, Tama County, Iowa, and dat ed February 28tH, 18'5«. for the Sdm of Oue Hundred and Fifty Dollare the »*aae being recor-ted in Book B, page 108, of the records of Tama County, Iowa. And that unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon, of tlie ieoond day of tlie next term of sai I Court, being the May term of said term, for Ihe jyear A. D. 1PST3, commencing on the first Monday of May, A.D., 1873, at the Court House in Toledo iu said county, default *111 be en tered against you, and judgment rendered thereon. HEORGE RAINES, 15,18 Att'y for Plaintiff. YOU want to sell anything, advertl 1 it in the Cuboniclb. ToTue suffering. The Rev. William II. Norton, while residing in llrazil as a Mission ary, discovered in that laud of ined icnes a remedy for Consumption, Scro fula, Sore Throat, ('ought, Co.'ih, A nth ma and Xti'i ons II cri'n's?. 1 lis rein edy has cured my self alter iiil ••th" medicine had failed. to heni ftt. hn auffbring. I will send the receipt for preparing and u^in" tliis remedy to all who de sire it FREEot charge. Please send an envelope, with your name and address on it. Address, Rev. WILLIAM II. NORTON, 676 Broadway, )(Tr I CAUTION- 's Pills IHE immenac demand for Hollowsyeipled and Oiatraent, lias tcni]ited unprinmodi p«rti»» to counterfeit New York City. Very v- Vur goo were bought cash, and we will sell as close to Jirst cost a» any lire house can safely do. i i valuabls tifiNJ*. STONE'S RESTAURANT Is wherd yoii can get A QOOD SQUAREJ^ Ti. .#'.»"?. .loY A UxgQ assortueut at Boots ^nd SheM and ,.-C^ ROC rf^ Kept conaUntly hand. •9. Uue Joor vest of borcsr A Yall^ Ptug jtore, Toledo, Iowa. '.i4+ o n NEW STORE! ASMUS W0HLK, Has just opened a ne*r Store, near the Elevator, whero cta be bought, GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, JUTS AND CAPS, QUEEXSWARE, QLA&& W ARE and WOODEN WARE, Ailhe W. F. JOHNSTON &: CO., ll«ve Iiofl- open ftn-J on cxhitmion, cim Largest Stock of General Merchandise in Tama County, consisting of Domestic aud Fine Dress Goods, tteady Made Clothing, ... 1 Boots «nl Sho««, Glass and Qo«ons Wau», ILits and Caps, Groc«rk*«, Hardwure'and ui al Iinik'ineiit8. Uinlirellas. Tjirasols and nsroTioisrs OF ALL KHISTIDS. bliawls, Marseilles Quilts, Wall Paper, Ac., &c., which they are preparsd to sell ht LOWK8T prices for CASH. Aiming to lead in all movements, having for their object SMALL PKOFITS and Quick Return*, and tu itirumli to tli« m.uule ot lama County Goods ot titu best Quality and Manufacture^ at greatly reduced marginal prolits, they would solicit an examination of their stock con fident that they can give ENTIRE satxsfaotxon 24tf Both as to QUALITY and PRICE. o V- 1 O %-P o 0 i i lowest cash prices. His entire stock'is ^v'ftnd NO OLD GOODS OFffiSHfr' for sale, at any price. Call and exaiLi'ie before tire hunting ^lewhere, 2-ly THE PEOPLE'S STORE /'i Special Announcement. Ill addition taoofr former announcement tliat 6ur stock to Dry Goods. Hats & Caps, B6ots & SbD68« GROCERIES, QUEEtfSfrM&i 0, v & u u V Speaks for itself, we take ple*sur« in calling attention .to the following »*~JLOXy. WE 30tb* ORBEST modi* «iaa». In order to protest the pub'ie atad oar. el*M, we have issued a new 'Trade Wsrk,' onaistinj? of an Kgyptian circle of a »or p«nt, with the letttr II in Ibe center. Erorr box genuine Holloway l'illsand Ointmont will iiave this trade mark on it noaSMS genuine without it, N. y. Chemical Co., Bole Proprietors. 76 Maiden Lade, New York. .'*/. rV Siieoial GOODS mjt J© a^GUR A n A »#ir %Z\«\"1\ vA /viH-'sVf'' i i n 0 v '--m- •u.in 391i y v W. F. JOHNSTON AlfD CO. -.V W "V* V- 72?M a i &m'{ ilH4 i i'DUH V W *rfl Ti'"l It". TAIH&TAM: TO3IT .'i. "%-M FttEfi MORSE, WWbzMi

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