13 Nisan 1837 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

13 Nisan 1837 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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': tiiý~k "variety bf I."erfnFary, deut Pert oo o , resp oa d Peris I al d.o r rp oiw oinrsne. iThebir Ifaiulnifa nisemobly ne arineoVr Mrasiagintldreatm Si i oo oLs fmlaten fma arm l &cp.-Of the latest k: o i t k will best ea alo e bo ana n oand 3 fP C ISA .Yq_.._, 25 Chiar-tres t, S- with sod without Dthe maV; The mugglerm SbutarHn He o ort rH. ot ly tild; , will U er le. eatin; cy-lhahe .lHalfPi PortTow, and Qarer Thonn; Th oug ot~ok;a DAna Do Te; The isinhmugglerit. owarS Ho; lunnCley ; MR ody n t lled; Thed Do.r StM Sen~aerdowt; Thbert l etc efa InPor, Town; swt; Tle and ofOrlnl Loee; Doreta lnseen ood; T ieihehrit Soip omarl; JClgemon; t; The Malderia iD Sec.. pordowe- The , trvm eiutm nd. Pride; Cinker -Fraink, Harry and b dgeworth; The Pick Wick )lay; ýCi Oeorge Batonihe; lHone, or tlo la hIOReardon- East'e aWesti, The O8herTe;nO t Dere; The Coon [Othe Tales; Roabe.; -Oflbert Guea;rto Allen Prscutt; Twelve .dt nSiAn*; My Cousin Nichola,-RRsa aJ ItI'O Comic Sltcth Book; Belforl Ulehe, Mirriom. offin, l're Jnoes; o EU e oAram; Doereroux, The Stu it Bride.; Mynlelee ouf C7olplro, 'DDo .naiote; The Huuearian - A!eso, a variety of Standard and Ieassi s3elao_ f HOTCKISS& Co. 24 Chartres St. , r -._ . . . . ~rAC R * slAN4 allwhomi these pre ru.. lmeting. Know ye, tl.a t.Bienenen,a resident ofth ' iS. , . ' applied to me, Octave E ef.i.. h, Clerk of the court of robates, ii .a pards oS[ Bernrd. firaonnailienor suliet 1y to the neact of theJ gislnt ret c ; llnd "'An act for the further aMua. e c at judieial mlne,1'" pproved on t 18th 1834. Notice is hereby given to all wh wn it mtay'noncm, that by virtue and purouant to anor.n eMeredb} the honorable the Coart oTPebatas, in n. eglbbi h of St Bernard, bearing date Deeombe l4th,1.5 lthel matter of the tmncunsion of Antoni B1 ~0%~ granted no the petitionaof Francois Mcli 4*StdeMpMa . acting aex officio anctioneer di oam 27th day of January, 1836, at Hewlett's E n.tm ity of New Orleans, expose for pibli tehe property herelinafter descrlbed an ed rtfe aforesaid franeois Melicourt Bienve a L tl he last and highest bidder, for the'price c ve nia thmnaod dollars, vima A1t at gcli. v as given en the Judicial eon If'~ L~r ceyoaee, M'tgA..ir lantation oithl all the buildilngs and imn rtfnflO upme snituated hi- the pariah of St Be, sas io ldeyvot atny Beodi, at habout sixmilen fi'e th P4yr., MIialoaippi, meanaring eighteen arpents an 4 'froat on obth sides of the Bayou ano Boeul wit~Ka depth of forty arponts on both sids of eni layupa bounded on tho appcr lie, and on both side of ladar.n'Bavu y the property of the Roean C.tholi .orch of'tho parish of St Bernard, and on tihe lowe 4lin2"a on both sides of said Bayou, by the plantain mf M" B N Allerd 24. Another tract of land sitonted in said parish he veg tQ prpanrty of the Ronan Catholic Chureh b the Pahi4h of St Bernard, anl the property of Mr Joan, la heing28 toiues and three ret front on Itl eid.i.o ibf Bavou aug Boetl, with. i deptlh of fort sr e ý%P es of said Biyuo. -*nta yr mue ad ii*atU I)| tJ nonperm ofa .syotu;fi , hrtseen e prlant ation of ir Piery Jordesla, and that of Mr Jent Solte, having two toise an twofstfrout on said Bayuu, with a dopth of forty ht penis.. 4Eth.*ai.hler portion of land oitonted on the snot' pat' tof r msaid Baytn, bhtween tim plantation of th ai -"sbt Jorda, andt tlutet of said Jean Solis, havin .aet dbe froent on said Bayou, with a depth of forty as Steata All the eattle, horsnos, animals, and all the moveabl pmp1rpoytita . sn to maid plantatota. A ott.7l.rlit 58 ifollowin slavcs: il-ia 48 ymrae, Martin 25 years, Big Bob 30 vear, itilil t4cltssa yranesr, lifon 28 years, Hectitr 5 yre Wil. 2 3 Bill) Dupont 35 years, Big Someti 35 rsi;, L.d.l ot o 26 yearn; Ire 35 yearo, Tolfy ' ysarsLlttlamendi 18 years, lsae l7yesrsaVtlldo; d Tom l 4l , Bouaporto 15 years, Little Sam 12 year, yetles, Meny ao! yeats. Yawen 6.ycar., Sal coon t 9yea, Jsry 20 years, Silcia Rtckeps .5 year, tiinUlJaensan 10 do, with her child 12 mor old, Ma.. d30 doAbiga 1 don, Amsli 25 do, Jenny 50 do, Gine 35 dbleia 0 da. with her two chidldren, ote of II ousbatd the other q[;. mop..h, Dolly 20 yoarsBS -oasto74ars, anrd e two children, one of3 yearsn thl.. $ monthsa,. 45 ymars, Julia 28 yearn 6 r .1 J Mlye,. a o, and her hilt 5,, yea,-W.ý year., Anon 60 do } u. p. -nyer..Crsae, 60 year, Lets distb. 315 years, Macne 70 yearn; Maria 30 yseros, SLouiRose 19iymne etty 60 years, Kett S oian 1 years, egg 15 yearn . oto a eaole.-Thespumhelar shall assume the sTimatlado to pay is llUswas Rtu e n to wit: Tlen"" mTo 35,970 to the Dank of Luiians, on the 8th a April, 13 . Thearm lof 1i,35i to Mr BIlten Jad talen,en the lat hiatt11 6, ta ndthe . m a? ! e ,3s0b , on tne let Mcarb 18217. JThaanm o.-$ 0lto Mri L B Macarty, on th.m or And tis balance at one, tws, hri eand fetr years n"db notea.s endamrse to uatislaction, with otecial aso until Anal payment l sli pr iono who ecan set op any right, S ._tla claim, in and to te said planrtation, tracts t laadand saves abuse deacribtd, in eonsoqoeac ofany ianforilnlity Id ties order, decree, or jadgmtnt, before re. ird,'n.i iider whaich tho sale wan made, or any ir.e. oarlItor-.illallty In the npltraismen ttr . adoenertiae. 'm tima ormannr .f sale, or for soy getter.eaa. - .whatsoweer, are hereby cited and admnnisnhlt, to lneweauoeesiihin thirty dayefrom th firs puhliett "j. tlM detul oniuin in the public papern, shy tIte ole so wide o dresaid·ohanldnot bctttfrmrel anodIto Jasl ngr OnOaa.1 to tm orc of the Iwre cha..,. w o;;ba s and seal of olmic, ttie - dan of Jose. A5. s1t38, the 88th year of thi iudeitcttdndec of OC-rAVE A: ROU$SP;Ai;, 6' Judge.ao nfficio clerk. PAIN REVISITIRD by the authorofA year in "an 2 rol, - liner, Cunter ed, novel, y u of A cil ydo," in 2 vole. P'e Aetrea of odler talesvy the author of "Thle Fores A iinod's Hunting Tours; interspersed wir rietlic anciJotes, savings and doiign of 1 including notices of the Principal craeck S with analtieal alnteuts and general i n to which are addd, Nintmd's Letters on iddm todia.l in 2 vePs. Ben Brae, thn last of jfrlmta6it mrenorsns, by Clplt.Chmier, it. N.,naotbor ft "Ll. fa Sailor'"c tdoin . Comminirtairie on quity Juisnprndence. as admlfisitcred i Enghtnti attd.,. by Joseph Story, L. L. 1). Ovid, tran. lalsd Dden, Pape, Cpngsve, Addison and oithers. il$.sl, faming No2O and 21 of "Hlerlp' Classienl 5 lkr y Tsectice or rules Ior the enercise i tw ofthe UuoitedatsinteA trv, bv Major 8aa % .olts. Ii. A nv. in 3 vols. Jusrt received aund or -na qy WMl. McKt.LN, 7corner Cump d Conmton stn. n sqal Psraees, on evory topic ne. eontreation, arranged under ne$ renularks en the peculiar gqf" as words. lThe whole o y Ikcilitat ethie acquisitiou ofa of. ti Frlech. By A Bunlmar,a aew and.ouree:d. A ten hsudeal ot Perrn'a Tables, acrom ,{tetaislsi the teaxt, a literal and free atnst a nt.mner as to point out A o Jmtosen the French and English idoinl, plee . tetetian of the. Freteh, ncrrdling to kn cnton dto tn suWiect. The whole elortn treat' uon the souns ofthet French wil s thine of the English. French Prier, or the lechnler'u Guide po l~etea ta 4mel-o-t U to hgglty of the !homeg it..Mentetas netorling to Aba g U;ientrd 7nehmbin, j.st rureivrat sad 9beeal b , EVV MIeKEAN, _!C.or. mpd Coin tne. (MR ,toeahiateodhv Pb" ip-Frocis,') A, wtti "" etl, esteue tenlatons ofrivmdthis leen Juwne, vnwlessv, tlik. trcythfn, SWake.ehl, PIorpn, Sti*e eeulti emtte poets of the yt'enadl of i udlus itrIIIla 3sta .intig volumes 18 - irI CI.INKiER, . rT. of he Anther, by Threm new aditia, writh illustraji.us ty Ciro. P5; Ya 'ple, lhy~Ie inr ef "5tichhi,"I' gi atl." ie. t we.dlitmn, 2 voail couliter ,lW FOU uh;y she : iC7 of "rullhio.' "als&. .Lctir: 'tlnmu IV of the ncw cdi iiidi~iJi pkte I"r'1a. Jet mnec;v.l mr' ; fsw-jeew~ ?WT W.KEAN, Ii Ufk It-LIO LI cd, N 1J .'tiagtte & ntt .JL :9tw r. atniing t sh.is f iville, le, .----nts, P'aghpnn,. are late it a.k, ft. mn thi Northern citis, s large mad tw tsttint l!.its, Boots, shoat a annaiiting ntlgzemtue''s fitk - +w+, pu,nps rtoi brogans, hckd· at rttapnes; men'atilm calf and kpppd'pe6 l i elu euand brI.oas; do bootsl; Idtlout k and as preeX dtehoes antd brgans; l; lentnear best qinlity glfr swed tshoes, bregans and Mli Dlowninga; do calf and Moneaco h lekule ihoes uaml rpns; tdo lf, ato mni Mntann tadianildes and alippp~ra, do calf, buff an seat wng, a new artile; db ne alf, sel and maa co quarter boots boys',,misaes'aal children's an d awed brogoas, and dsoe of every t tlitM l ad. . Also " gcenral' aatorstet l men's alat wax awl - '-At haro ats an shoes, to0etlher wwits 10,000 pairs aegot bats qality. m.ssnt brogan, a joed in the sIottk, muntzgile. 4y for idanitiart n e; a goad as sortel ntlofm~m ats sltat kip raant bMnga, a ew articl, atl a arge quantity of an inderior quality russet andti wax b Ltdies'tin calf, eal, morocco and grain wellts, and Pnmlfente ishoe; do fine French Mat-mon anti kid run inncd'slp.plrrs do'tu shoines, wuith and wlthothnnais; do calf, seal ald aoat leather Imotees do Paauella s.w.a of all kiltis ant qualitiei dot lasting brogans; ido gt.tr. et atFfexetd Ibante. *Mians' lois igjh'isgaheesnn.o. b.gans Childrs's colored Maioon al lastin. bgb gansataml booth, &e. Genti .en'f.n' tefitaa onable.bnck silk iats; do black ansd heaver do of a superior quality; do imitation Rorani do; broad and narrow brim alqt's fitne drb asl black Roniashort lped hbats, a new mtiele. Ytouths larga size hats q didriflnet'qualities; do hildlrent's. .Men's anti hcys' black and drab wool "hae of various ihapes, with general assoetment of boys' and men's 'Phs assortment will be relplenished b the mrrival of tash packets fomn the nooe antetd ciiiest all oftwhich wil le soid on aceommodating terma. ,aung - TBNNER'S MAP OF LOUIdIANA,&e. d&o A NiW MAP or Loass.,na, with its canals, roatd and distances, fromt place to place, along the stage and steamboat omutes, bIy U. S. Tenauer. MITCnuI.'S MAP or THE UNITED STATES, showing the principal Turnpike and common roads, on which air given the disntaca in miles from one place to anothler cl the courses of the canals and rail roads thratgh out the caatrv, canefully compiled from the best ao. t tieaiest=.publoscd by S. Augutuso Mitchell. _. MIITCtieLr.'s TsRAEvyanaR,an GeUID THROO0tH THE UNITeD STATES, a map of the roads, distanned, steam boat andcanal rsu-ts, &ae. just received nd Tfor tOle by WMI M'KEAN, a23 Corner of Camp & Colmnan sta NEW PURBLICATIONS. CoTlegis a m, TNeg ol rheood by the author of "The a.,Be'erlt, by he" authora f "'IThe lirees' in two vbhlnes, 'lemefnt r of Io/ermattoo tl,, with a Sheten.of rite HiWtorv of theSctenek, by Henry WltealotnLL, L . A Practical ,Preotre On Iocqmotice Bo.iaeso e.o Rait 4aysi; a work iasntenddtO show the Construti.in, the made of acting, and the effect of those engines in cenvtying hteavy loads; to , thmeans of laertaln. iag, tn.aapeettion of the aoel, nad the result. it will prnealtcnander various circpmatnces, and in differenrt n. calities; to determine the quantitvorfiml and waterit will roatnirec to ix the proportions which ought to be adopted di tihe contruction of an engine, to sake" an swerany intentded pttrose, etc.: with practicl tables, giing atsonce tiie resilts of the formulae, founded upat a great many new experiIlets, made on a large scale, in a daily practice on tho tiverpool and Manuehuta,r Railway, with- many dietcreet engtn awnd etoniderv'toe trains etcarriageo, to which i addeld an appendix, sIt w. wing the expense of eonveying gando by ltnmotlveo nginea on rail road, by Chev. F M Cn de PFmbonr. Justreceivedandformaenby WM M'KEAN, l3 Caorer of Camp 1atl Colmonn etrret.. LlrE1TERS. CONVE llhaArioom, RECOL LE1 ! T'InNS, ofS T Coleridge. Kaniegmaorke, or OId Times in the New World; be ing No 7 and l ft til Uniform Edition of Paaiding'e Cotton, on the Religious State aofthe Coantry. Wlale Fishery; haing No 26 and 27.of the I;oas and Girls LibraHy. aJut received Iby J12- C H.BANCROFT 11 iCamp et. ICA PTA.I N IARYAT'"S NEW NOVEL, dcc. Sr n the a er, by the author of Peter Simple in o vols. Skiami/ns, or a WVinter at S.chlss HaiSfieldhh LBower SWtyra, by Captin asilliall, Royal Navy, F, it S., in 1 vol. Lord lntlden, a romanee by AHln Cunninghanm,, vol. S/meard Lee. written by Iimself, in 2 vols. I Lcapendious Hiloryofl Ialy, tranalnted from Ut, original Italian, bIy Naitleiel Gireene, in 1 vol. tor S miug No. 79 of Harper's Eateily Library. Vole. 3 & .n thie new completea and uniform edition of Wmashintoai Irving's "IVrks. Roger's Frentb and English Dictiohnary. in 1 vol, 3r. Ntitgnt's French andl English Dictioary. Boltnr'as 7'elemrane Bolrar's Keyl o Telemaoue. Il olaqr's Frech Colloeqnial PhBraie. iaoloar's Frimnch Fables nt aad y. I .meriehn First (lass Book. Colbturt's Firs l /e nssa on Arttlnmete Daubeunfaut attd Jonas's Comnplete Trelise on the mnmete art of Distilatione and Reelieicatian, new edition, translated antd reviceid by Joam Slheridla. ALSO-A few eajiles of Btlwer'c Rifiz the Last of tite Tribtecs. For anleby ii . . W. MrKIEAN, Cm.mon at. SilIl O1' 'S PARIAIISE LOST, with illustrations ýI b .:olin Mantin. Fin 'em's heanties of s r. nLn Irraits of it prin `' V't , I ,clllalu m'-lrlt:t r I.| l. t -I,.. name. rs oln l t estred fiom originl pontlaga by enioelcnt artists, with extrswt illstratsig. etach sutject. Finder's landscape illastrationsof tihe Bible, consi t ing of views of the sost remarkalde places minttioned i- tic Old nnd New 'I'stontntsfroos finished drawings, mlado from original sketches takent on tile spot. leHcth's Galleryotf Britias n raving. The Gallery of Modern Britisi Artiists. The Strinof Pearls, a collertion of first rato engre Sgoin. Illustrations ftSha Passes of the Alps, ry whBicl Italy cr ransoioteo wlit Frant , Switzerland atd (ler n:anv. Be Willin BIlrekecndto- ,F. R.S. memabslr of hte .oademy of Fine Astat Floret:e e amd oome. 'l'ho Angles Sotwcnir with illustrationso A Gareaod of Love, wreathed of pleoaant flowoer grthesed is the field.h of English Poesy. Filsher's Juvenile Scrap-Brook. ly Bernard Bar. Ti Econpmv of H luman Life. By R obrt lodsley, illnstrated br cnvravitgs on steet. "lie sittoth is his cell respining, and thl good that Lstplteeth to uathler, is to int an ervil." ltrtorn's Auatonmy of Mehlntcllv.y. The Book of Gems. The Poet'dand Artists ofGtent Britain. Edited by S. C. Hall. Tile istaory of Rome. By .. B. Wrtlaht. Transo lated by J. C. Nose A. M. 2 vol. Just reed and fertbaln by a?7 HOTeIIKh184, & Co. S NEW PUBLtCATIO Ng. - Y AUNT PON'f'YPODL, a nove, in 2 oln. The Dsoeded, bv tise antlhoress of "The DisiMltrited," "Flirtation," A.c. inl M le. Tole Adenltare o ;aof rh stoan is ego e. loare, will numerous wod cuts. tanaperdorn; or News frlt,: Our Neibhbortood: bie ing etkrhise by tse author ae "Our NeMghbortKuod," &c burg and Moscow, throuh Conland and Livenst, with chatncerisic sk etches of the people, iy LeiIh Bitchie, Esq. aslthor of Tuoner's Astoal Toutr," "Schbederhnnnc'e," &e. Narreatie of the Arctic Land Ecpdieion to thoaetonlh of ti greant Filsh river, and slang the hiofic of tihe Arctic Ocean, in tlie years 1833,1834, as 1875,1 by Cnpt.ai Back. IR.N. commander of the elpedition, illustrated with a mtap. Juetlreeined and for.ale by WM M'KEAN, a corner Coamp and Common slt. ITIiE soubhserlsrs flsa received per receat orrivlra 1 and effer for sale Bostos iron eompanynails, wintes strained Sperm Od, neoil straintd durgfiucd whale oil do eonsstil eilst of cedsr and woris'od, roll Brnastosne, naofloemtu ed Toblree of various- qulities, prerm can dties, Tallow do Sweet Chlgoanlute, .Sntsitoh in ,t.ll bo es, soft shell Almonds, Crlie ualt Peter, a stPrieri arti. sle, Pongee silk Hldkf's, ris patterns, 7-8 arid 54 black do obhetings, 7.- alil 4-4 L.owell eoltts, Lowrence .and Applreton 4-4 bIow rsheetings snilmlle for the Mlexican snirlnt, s.perior lusdlo brownnslieetisgs, Raveon's -luck, BIell's selrrated paste Rlncking, Noreos.ss do Steven's portlt balaocse , all sires, playing canrds f eariosnt quali ties, a gonso.uanormeust of sensonahle elothling, hatsalnld. slucsn-20 coses parraosl, and umbrellas, rich patterns nnd.latest fashions. ma5 BRD4) F, TORE & Co 184 hgsazine st "r . AFONT'A 7 Camnp Stre.st, ias on hland anil .offerejor sale 1110 loIndian hbbls dry Mlalaga wine. 200 qr casks do do 30 qr caks Goonci ilo, 50 ti Lisbtn dot6 hf pi.on Mansdeira, ido 10 qr casks do, one eighthl ldo do 30 doass dol'd, 31) do (tocin wsjne,:50 do port .In 40 do ohl Burgsndy, l30 fpiipes Londont dock hreh.ie, 10 pipesCutaloidanredwice, 10 qr easkssdo, 50 lfltiyes sat. esni wis 50 dIlo Mediterrnean red wine, 30 qrcasks Hicily Madeira wine, 2 casks, 19 don London pIortrc prints; 20oaoka ontt sllled ulmotds, 50 boxes shelled lmoonds, 9sares liqtorle pastel 8 eeroots Corteeas in digo, 4 canss fus Arohid, 30 nrca asosrted hpickled fish, L20 eases Poselmntr tea, 50 61b boxes Iystit ido, 31) bbils plrkhed codfish, 150 do Potosuso herritng, 30 kgs lolshen PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMIIPROVED EDIITION OF DR. Goldtnrtlt's Abridgment of tle UHistory eof Roane to whicrl is prefixed an tntrudoteian to the tssdy of Romnn Hisiory andi great variety of val tnhle iinfeor. mnstion addetleftrogllsost tile work, on tihe Mlanscrs, institsutions and Antiqsiines of the Ron:ms; will its titerots biographiesl and historsnil Notes; and qttea ions for cxumnmation at the end of each soectiis. 11 lastrtedwithl thirtye emravings oat sled, bi Atherton. lts.oca's hniprmed Edition of i)r (4dislnmi's Hitsto of England, from the Invasion of Julius Csesor to tihe deathl of George ld, with a continuation to the year 1':12. With questions fobr exoitmostltn at the atir ol ercs section. Besides a variety of valuable isnforsa. tion andded throusglot the work. Consisting of tables of contemprarsy fSvcrrtins soda emninent teraools. Copions explaatnry notes. tRemaorks on te pali-. d.ies, nma re and lilraemtsr of thi age, An soltine of zthe Coustitution, duc. &c. illstratedf by many esg.tv. logo. GcvY' Er.sore' rs or A'rosooyant an lls Aorildglsets of Keiith's New Treasti n hetile Ue of Globes. New American cditil,, with additions snd iprvemnt., and at expiatnion of the .atronomicl ipart of the Atli riean Ahlinoae. 'Just received onid for sale by WMI M'KEAN, s.v 24L eosearoftnmp and (Cottttnss .ts OTIHE NEW YORK BOOK OF POETRY, in T one volatiM. A Treatise on'the l.aw of Eridence in the Coirt of Equitv. By Richard Newcombte (;resolv, Ens. Reports ocaIrs nd'judged in the l)istrict Cturit tf sile -Unit-d SIties for tlt R asterti District of I'eInsvl. rasnis. I. iletoy D. Gilpin. Just receiveid atndl for cole bt OVJI. SIeK5IAN, m17 Cosrer of Cfalpp antl (saonattos ti. [I, 1.€)UI- R ;.;bls l mu t~efom stemrsst Alrtonquii, Stilr <aie !Ly ss; DI()lIsKti.I , .2 .-'4l r. I.e..e..n, wilea t i hfUres his tiendt omj the puitfa iiene~.ti hind #p: is - w Sqgtatel IF. , Roes, .S.erma Rsppe ." Am ericall bapoe sl N tih . o.e s ldtalotel, *A ofinsai gentlemlan's, It.,.ut, '- ukeatltetscq, r h u Ulasliq r, HLM. Omar, Jurn.oa, , Pari, luareiiad.hu, R "all' aunrs Happee. bno'thl and genti.n tonth powder. SBb ACCO. - F.1ac n t cheng, sweet setaed r plain. Fine out smokhio, of various qualitidet Ilib-Toot Virlaia, Spnaioh, k . Theobovenrtiaren anealtl *rented ao g d, fnet sa p ort to anythng of the kindm Impoted, and will be f'nihed to dealers on timhe mostierl tdrnis. inay 4 EARDWARE. S -ilt MAOsAnno STReET, NEW1,O HEANS. OSEPH KNETTLE, & Co.-Importers efForeign J and Domestic Hardware, are receiving farom Pn rope oid the Atldntio Cities, direct front tS Msanuftoc turernt an extensive asortment of Fanecy and lleavr Hlardware comprising every article in die llie whieh rey offer low ,. to ntry Merchants and others are inrited to call sod examtine their tek-whiech eonslstsia pu't, of table bhtutcher's, pocket, oadllerrs'andilstrllknves,plated and I Britnia tea lpnno, nerlle, pin,.ooks anod eyes, sho veleand epadeo ting, tovells, bndtmer, andirone, lrit tania sil japane ware, brunhes,llank bodlis mid pa per, looking gloes, anvils, vices, berew plales, hard, ldgn and nail hammeri, emitha bhelows, American cml Englial blister,,nst, shear, Getipan mad .croweysteel;t, r pleglh mouldls trace, ox andtlog chain, watdilng, Louis-. ana h nd grubbing heon Mlattocks, pick axes,eorn and grss cythes, Collins, Kings and immon. chopping axes, wrought, re and ut nails, cotton and iwool eai. coffee and corn millspltnee and plain irensthis i eosl, lgeseks, sad, iro.n e s and hinges, mgnns, piotl , neho powIer and liqmr flabnkpsoreudon caps, "ortos, lal, brases anda ballwMetar kettles, gns, kneob heat, tretnk and pad. lock, bsWlle bits, .atimpe, NEW GOODSk.-B H tma.nd ac co ar niw i oebvin freom ean irv Lhi a uoo,. d dtertoug.l endhri$ Ccrdia, from New Ydrk, great variety or Sgods in their lie, whick ttgthir with their fmormal stock on.had, mnakes their ssoatmengrorv cgmplete. rnhe fillowing composd papt, viz: skit l twint, curlshide, teck anmldreasingemlhehoa do of all desoripliuon, It dia ruebbers ilkatd worsted enltle' garore, camuion & Sfine clae susopentrlte, lo etfoco annd Lucifer marthde, Seldlitr powdees, pawd.i pnffs and boales, gilot powder, pocket-hook and wallets, needl "books, shell pinrl, ivory and nioroeee actd aeues, end rnamenta ,laineo s la bdadt, necklaces nt negligeds, bead ckhains,bead .eklneces, eat glnaqano plain,ered,silver an gilt oneads, SIndian teands, ello and pfameng pistal and large pew der fluskh, shot belts, horse, belt.irdket and ditlding u pietols; double anlsingle barrelled-g.ne, Bowie knives, and dirk. scissors, aheal, pocket kniv*e, guard chainse, and 'ibbons, waist buekles, cloth, hir tooth, nifeomb, rumh. showene,plte, floor and dttirangrushes, Cologne, SFlnrid, Iavender,'r e and bay water,aaorted essences, nod extracts, Mlaccsarr, hear, ntiqule, and Wati.'s ve. t griail e hair oils,. shacing and toiBt-eope of All les. Seriptionn, leadis' and gnutlemeo' deks and dreJing eases, hair rieglete,frinetteo and braids, plsia, fincy and mtnieal work ~ln es, plain and gilt, figored, coat and vest bultoas, pearl and ivory shirt io-dehirt studdt gold and silver peoeil.caeest toothpheko and tswee.ere,prltell and glt Inoketn, a iinistre . do, siher, hnes and steel thialbles, hooks and eyes, hair pins, imitation fnuit,blt and rediak,slahoe blacking, violins and guitar,ribbdd. and plain peressnen eapo,' lnSn twine, mented eoih lens, gold anid gilver tare and fringe, letter paper, game bags, riding whips, walking. canes, pnygcards, fin gold, plated and gilt ihwellry &e. - The above, together with a great varity of other-arti les ar offeredl at whnlesanleor rtail-anaconnmoduffng terms. N B Shell romes repaired. ,OYLE 1s MAY, tinml, Sig,, ail-tllOrnmental SPaiiters, No C arenodelt -raet, two doorslrom al street. Imitations of the following woods and rarbles, ex ecuted in a masterly manner, woonl. "Ana6Ixa. Mahogany, E vpitnn Muak and gold, petit, - Pilaffs add Antico, Pellerilti, Oriental oir vend aitillq, F Cirled do, epc., Curledl Maple, iiqd.Stone, t . Bh-sEye iF.r Dorby Granite, tsetit W noe, Potemool Hair Woon, IDove or Bolrdello, Yevw Tree, . Italian White, Uoromandle or Black Sienna adl Brgetelba, " Iose Wool, Amrican Grey, Ash White Oak, a..ks e. k&e. Curled F.lit, Specimens to be seen at the slop. Points. ol.s, glas, eipal varnias, rt on, hlld oad for sale. ni * NEV OIILEANS SADDLE' & HARoNE S WAREHOUSE, No. 30, CoRNER CUSTO.1t1OCSE AND COIARTRES STS 1I'I i ubsriberl s are tow receiving hy thle packet Sland otlai' late arrivals4'om1 New York, in-addition to their former stook, a latge and handsome nssortmont of of Saddlery, omking their sunpply for the season ample and eooplete-comprising every kind and quality of artiole in their line, among wlicht :re S adies' and Misses' smhlles, pltin and quilted, as Gentleman's do plain, Spanish and Creole, Boy's do dp do. Bridles, bridle flilingstcne sntingales, h Velices att ndettii bags,. Brussels and Valencia olrpet do. 1 Worsted girths and sursingles, o Cotton do - . <o. S Worsted and straining webh. Snelhl,-trees and stitrup leathers, Hlolsters and pistol belts, Best iron framed leather trunks, of assorted sizes, - Brass ail boottop d6 doit do I Coach, gig and crop whips, lad ies'and Gentleacn'stwig do, f Plated, brass and Jalaned tomucht rness, D)o tdo do ' gig - do, Do do do Iarotahe do, Cart breechini, collars, bridles apd lbnes Hook aold chan hamers, r Ca harness complete, , Skirting, harness aml band leather, Bridle and top do, t Morocco, deer, sheepand hog skins, Horso brushes and curry cotlts, Together with a lrge assortmett of plaied,inass and t steel bridle hits, curbt chains, stirrps, spurs, Ste, 6t' ettslrown oimlrtation. Also, 8100 tplougs, of King's ihind, of assorted sies, just received freo tle tatitufa orrttE- tEnSild, Corns. allof whlJh they lierat wholesale nsd retail at the lowest .prices and on terms to suit customers. They will slsb cntilnue to receive tleughtile year, by the jocketsfrom sNbw York;h$ea. supples of gools of every description in theilrlite of bnstiess. m4 SMITH, HUL'BBARD & Co, C. H. BANCROFT; THOLESALE AND RIETAIL DEALER in Y Books, Statioinary, Musieal .nst.umet.s, Faney artilee s,&ke. No. l. Csm street, kes eonstatly o hanl i tlarg assortment eof elank IIog, .lMops on hRoless, Lettoue Paper Pocket Maps, " Coap do Manifalrs writers, Inuled lde Pen knives, Folio Post, Desk do lank dlo • Pocket Books, Commereial do Wallets Packet do h'ote books, PrittingPaper, Port foltos, Wrappmng ido do do with locks, Draeing do do do fortraselling Maarble a I Portable writitngdeaks, lolredl do Irhessingcssea., oCopving do Writing ink, black and reid, lon*eo do Copyintg dn " Tissue do Indtelible d Mutsic do Ink Powder, block and red Pla. tlg Cards Copying do Visitlng io Sealtlg Wax Proining do. Waters, Porcelain do Wafer stamps, lalnk Check, - Card Racks, Cheek Bopks, . 'aper ilos, Notes, Crdl Cpases, Drafts, Poreelain lates, illts of E!xchange, Paper do Do Lading, Stone do qntlis ferevery tuality;, Chess men and boards IPrrl'b is Pens, Berc amue do Foutino d" Dooeincos, Patent Idul ' abbar Cice, Sis'tenS ',o Dii sted'smaps, Giillintt'o.LoUrgressdo- Globes, Ladies Itu Ites WritiHg and, Jones' A sadtmienl do Stind boxes, Plesatett Ittted leoreie tPotter. Goic Ever tPoitletlPcncil Pietures cases. Pitture frame! Silver do dq -Litiogaplhic rints,, lroze Ink tads, Water Colors, (lass de PlaintB.xeea Pewter do do brushes Se. ke. e'gewstow d do rtnnze ilas'weigtts, Alto sar ex sive assortmett of ast adrdsld osiscella. neous, lawsld mtediad books. .4st 1fr te; Uarllorirhg Perlodteslh. Reputlioen of the L tion, Edinburgh, Foreign ntul Qtnrterly Rpviews. hliackwooi's MaZreaines Littcll's Museum of Foreign Literature, Science and Arts. JOHNSON'S Mledical Chirurgical Review, the Amer. ican Jurist, the New York Mirror, W'aldie's select eirclating Libraryv, Waldie's Por Folio, the Penny Magazine, the Iteiuhtlie of Letters, Parley's Magazine. A bindery and blank book manufaetory is connected .1 ACKEREI, LIME, &e. 11 .71 bbls. tmnekera, nos. 1, o an 50 halfhurrels mankerai, nos laml' 1129' canks of lime, 20 bnhUes hay, 5000 ftt tamboer, Istnding freo, brig. Rinaldo and for sale, ht J17 STEPSO)N,AVER iY& CrO. thOI.iEARa S n citecc of Imiotetttoinish eerifi, mitd I for sale at threir pesnneiut Writing Actt letiaes No. -6 Chtreos street, New Orlealns, 189 llmotldwany, Now York, Dmstphite 0t., Mobile. It jr partieularlpdegneede fosr privtess lear ers, oand schools, snd is entcnluted for piersons of aill ages. L.tdies and gentlemen are invited ttcla l and oxatiuee the system for tetnsetlves. lasons are given at s tell Itotlses as mtav stit the eanvenienee of all, and to clasnes formed it' noy part of the city. oldiles wlio prefer it can receive lessoos at their own re sidences. Prron psin for one rmrse oftlesrsnnres re desired to attenrd untol theywnrite as erll as they wish. smt T)OI.ItEAR. d. ROTHERS. " B ROGA NS.--lndinag from hareqe nDrmn, 3 ecares I en'siel and bos kip tW'ggd brunnsr; 10 do Ruwtt I tiPr negroer, for sale by -I BRiLDGL &Co. 9tD 134M'agllazine so. ast bhoard o"l Orl gagl-, Hghhilader, P-toker, Merry Andrew, Fengh and Gerau cplay cardn; d ack gatemnonLt BIardsa Chlealen e,1-4 s 2 3-8 inch Bil hard Bitsbn 811t, t0" saed hiebtidelamndio D esin antlhd ' ait aOthir travrevllner)reaei.br mt. gnilt Peeket, Horejorna's, ei Dtllleh g Pistol,, dasble ot single bet hd le Gait; Giae Bagsi;Shot Belt.i, Powder I and Pistol Flasks; Drtaln tttes and l)rinking Cups; Peeuel Tion Caps and Cap l.Oklre; Cloth, flair, T.oth; and Nail o"sler 0ot a Tand Culorine Tooteh a Toobth Powder, Toilet.sad liasviv g oajmen, in %a e. riote long Hair Banids, Ringlets md rizettes; Pearl and Wolee Pewder o Emery latge; ary Tub Cushiens: Patent Slhdes or bartern- Gnum E!astie Souspedersr; pres;Wf- lo; Waist Buddear Bseneet;s Bead Necklanes . le' Gilt ad SBitavred Benda Indian Bends, Bell C and Pmr Shell ewiast mide and Dressing Coumbe; whiali,in addition to their e'ormer stock on hand makes their aortment very oompletea andwill be sold low and" an liberal term, at the sign of the Golden Comb. j25-tf 70 Chartrea street.. ted HO I a.SA-L AND It TAI L U.1I Ari 'A lti'YlT lTORE, 1can 18 Cams street.mu - cler aihhop's Hotel--The suberiemrsener now epne'tg at their new stand, an exteosive.assoartmen anrtleesd their line, oeelsrisleg every Variety f Combs,. r ra tes. Perflimery, laooking- Glasss, Pleyha g Cardls man a loge ncehber. of Pakey artidles. -'bh fallowial rx pelt a descriptibn: r COMIBS--Tortohewnd llrazliann4digh top tuck, jdl aed earvedl; do do, twist, long, necc, pufo; ide, posew . and dresaing, roy and' hen; fine it.tk, dressing and pocket comber horns, edding ant horsh samhs; wooden, rdt1 rtg, finre tooth and ~oodklet .a e t P.RsFIMlERY-At general aesaca.an - of Frenbch. and American Perfnmonry, eoasistins .. jAl gne water in bottles,.of all lsepr s and slzel; ilas an cr, Foriihd, rose, roange, leanre, jesamine, bergamoa , Jmllelflears, etc.; fancy uaeps of evaesnt'ecrrlition; mecasnar, antiqun, end vrpefesle halr oil ati erLelin b flnl; ehlorhte teeth ,wash, sarbaic andl hclome enia riocue.eested cad plain d toilet owdeer; pomatumc pradeem clts* etc. S BItSH prmstng a -great variety of cloth, lhair; hat, flesh, tooth, clml, comb, shaviang, plte, hearth, fine and pindlain olutlmg e wecag onm eantmb furniture, s, Icrebbing acd- wldte was, Ilorpe, shoe asnd tanner's aeouring, g saaremee varnish brushnes, nd smh and' rain l agtol iof all'siera. - .l s, hLOIU I.S GLASSES--Compriqing geit framer of various sized, o5, :i 1mi I draw toilet' tlaerma st als, Stoilftlld.sooks esItemagnifyt g miner, etc. ,. Plil.A.eheiG jdc.i .SEacgle, Hutty air ooma tihlader,.Smdel (dirterevre Frech and-hite Iback iM leg Ca.trds F i ANCY AND VARIETY AIRTICLES-A ape supelir aesetmecet of lertnble desks, ladies' and gentle tdRses drestings aansenld ladies; work boxebifaes. box es of varioue debeeinilstos, sitatsle for the netw year Sand Chroinms' gcstls;Reket boonu ol all sorts; saean dres, muslte-orxs, lead wpeoils, rayons, violins, bead Sags an u es, AN assortnlent of fmtcy beads, superior quality billiard ball9,.pstt blaekine; bo eseirt, rvest -fall' and suspelndr ltutnst; lpea "1 _14aitons and ahi'tstude razor atr1; gar machines "forte tlt; atgljgit t Spania atnil melee sengate; nmaeu.ba, Paeris, "ippee and Seatch sniffs; an assaortmelt of Ilai d ancd woct canesr; back. gammoen hoards; dice, faney seecnes, optics, Jews harls, Iarrmoleai luciter rmatches, pins, meedles, -ertussieo eps, drhnking daps, hunlting tflasks ad gaien bags; steel, Sitoer aed phted speetaelesi thhnbles, twelle, eta. a hkindshm a -zOtment of engravings, anc a lurge vavier ly of other artifles, ol f whieh will-bc sold fa low r -prl.es, for qgas or aly acceptances. - mayv4 ""EEESk-.D'LANGE. AFN d CONCEN_ TRATED 4COMPOUND SYRUP OF BARSAPARILtLA, FOR THE CURE OF 1 Scrofn.a, or.King's Evil, Conie Rheunatism, Clhromnic Cutaneous Dis- Paeins in die Bones, by, free - "eoee, " use ofMercury, ' Scaly Sgrptions, Mereerinl and SypliiliOd Af e Pimplesb or Pustules on the fections, - S fae,- " Bilesby an impure Isbit of Tetter, " . - body, And all disordr arising from the eontaminated state of Sthe l blood, thb injuedicous use of o.icren'ry, &c. -.ROBI the success tlhat has heretofore atthnded this -1 conveuialt and actbie Syrup it is with the lflest j centidece o'lered to the Medioal Facutyv mid-sulterling community, as the most lpowerTul curative agent in die abont ncleed diseases, tand for thie purilfation of tile blood cll eradicattn of seuch complaintsas arise f-om lthe blood being ic a vitintedstate. This very coneecntrutdd Syrujpis preparcd with the greatest plharmaeeutiesl care.ancd aectrecy,-tnul coataia. ile active principle of S.airaparilla in lthe most concen. tented degree, cocbineld withle tervegetable subetanee of knoawn eficacy . The great de.eratcm- with -pltyaieiana in biing able to exhibit a aInrge. qantity of Sarsaparille s I e neall dose, has been cbhined ie.lhislprelnnatioa the-e, being felly convinced ofits merits, confidetlsy adeienister it int thelcourse of their proctice. Price $1 50 per bottle. Sold orly at SWAIN & BR(OTHERaS drlrg store, NO. 11 Caacl eret;,. -here may he had, fresh and gnouine, direct fromn tle lyrI.rie- • tore, Swain's re.leoncc and Vereeifuge Potter's Ce.taoll con, Carpenter'a Prcparations, and a largo and generil assortment of.fresh drugs, chemicals, bec. m4 i EVs\:litatl AGUe.---Jact recuicel lee Iwu el -o, Snit clixtue e, never fails to rece this most diobess; -g nf llatsetne4aeitereitant lever-cor Feveeacnll Aite. 'This medeeie is tmlivc.eelt- adlmittedl to haa. eclipsed the lcl eteasions of every oteer-motle ofl'ceale meact, anti thelerfe aslperseites tlhe emlitoymeat of eany Sotlerremedy, wllerever tihe F'tevcer eml Aguec exists. ir asuleriorrmerits of thie Tanic Mixtece rests ucpon n eve. ' eel imlportaet qetaleltes. It is entilely of a vegetabler contposrtion, prlevents relapses of le dlisease, etaeb If lilres a aonnoc l ani plermeneet applette, obviatesecosltiv. tess of the bowels, end invigorates aend foretifiles the e tite sysltem. Fo- sale, wlaleselte aitdl retail, by tihe agette, $SWAIN acld I fO'IIEIlt, ]r)euggists, __ _ _4. No II, Canale st Royal College of Ptysictt, Lo adon. the IlIvol College of Sureeons , Lieelottlte of Apethe car.y's tUomopay, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Sur-geot to tie Royal Uoion Peio Asoiatiol, Lataster Plaee, Waterloo Ithdgy, mid Perpetoul Plupil of Gy's. otal St.'lthommls' lloolntals, London. This valoalde medicine, the result of Lently vyears' exlerience and unpnlalleled success io the yxtonsive "tand highly rtalse-ttfle pofetioe of tie tioprlieh, ptal., tiised by the litolty autn nqbilitv, tod is now inotirofetil latihe notie of tie Amtetricen s lic, at the earlest- s0- lidittioa of a imober ot'gentlemen of log b og h-i sialtlin in the trofession. It is lho ed, as a o pIelni.i bnmy itep, to'cheek the eils sid iital c toseqnene.s sin front the t ti e iumeos tmiot dletcrloo oostrtcRaltimsted lopen tle piblie ity the nhldfit rleriatead prtolns of miraculous trtes, and ether ifaien, by a set of literenlst y, innprliipled itctendtlers so totaly'igitor.,ts of mrdieal sclence, that it impossoible thte nonstious dtluion call atyv lontger go dtwn wit the irotlli r eot people ol''tish eooltltry. 1_Itp l 1s 1dis, miltl ab ' agVrtbl.: It theoirvnatre, slt.id he el. toh Ivery lamilyi h cwites 'tfsudteu illesi, fot, by their o i mpt'admtommiittioti, eh6lera,eranqe splitls, foyei, tand other taPrmrng mroplaiatr, ohli.hr too o .lepre"ve iEtal, ntHy bte spedi i eotted o prelieote!t, l olufit, al tlhose wtlisi:alnr gtodt t IHeasltlh, should never- be wilholtt them. 'The are sold hi paokets at sttetens, $L od-*.e$uaII , ty overt'y repec ttable druggist, iooksbleain l viendof mediine ii, the Untolt Statel and the CatlaOs, ivithe.opious dntoetiont~, togethler with testlitooiibs of pjirelsioiil ability fl-m time folowilotg Emioeot gentlemqot Sit AsPle Coo.edr, J Abernethy:, James Blundell, M.!., \V. Bae., A . D.; -J. Astdn Key, A. 'ramptoo, M. D., s oIljt mero others. The originols nof y he seen n Tioasessib, ofthe Goeneral Ageat, by vhoht the moe.ihrcb ts imotrted itto th esountry; and to whom ai l rol'poeatios.trpenie must he'Smade. e JNO: HOLBF.I'N, 129 WaeVerly Pilane N. York, Sole-Geierol Agent for the tnilted States, &.o. For Hde by appoiltyent q" tlhe origioa, prolro ietor by SwAtI & Bnonolu 1l)roggits, No It Clon strelet, Ieortm Agetlits rl ev ttakl.e of .llnttsllnt. . ul Th i : L'iLO'L ." : l)l'LOML T bIC CODE-The 4oeri C elo Diplomatic Code, embheing. a eolleetmn of treaties o andeoventionabetween the United States onid Foreign Powers, fromt n177 to 183.r, with an abstaet of importnotJoudie.tlandeisions, on points coinected with our foreign relations. - ALso, a coneise htplotantie Mo. tal, eontotnin a ummaory-of te law ornotiooi, fromn the works oflie efort, Vattel, Mlateres, Ward, Kent, Story, &e. and orher Diplnmaeic writingp on 'qtestioes of-international law--uerftl ttrttblie ministers and eon; soIuls, antdfor all atbres having triielol or-eommoergial itt" tereourte with fireignntio.s,-By John Elliot, in t vols. jit receiveli-.td for sale by WM. M'KEAN, ao8 t'oreir of Camp & Comtmn iRt. &o .resiloene i Little Pedliwgtrn. CeRINne, or itly; by Madatmo de Steel; Holstion, Irotaslated for thte Librar of Standard Novels; The Po rjetill Passages, by L i L American editiom, vwih tnu merons oorertions in l vtols. I)Rare's A-iD lt.LeCr's Potts-new edition: 2 vols hound i rase, TIlt worts or-,JOHN DRYor.N--in verse and prose, with. a life, by Roe I Mifordt: new edition, complete in 2 vols. Just received and for sale by m 12 XV MKE-AN, ear Comp & Common sts L gp Kpblie of Texas in the United States, are ott thtfrietl to dispose of tle Pu'blic Lands in Texac, and tdrip is tanw ready in rertiflaeote of 6140 acres eact. And all aeoounts or dtlbts due by thte Republie, t.ltt auditied, cant he settled for in scripn, provided thei amouit a not lessihatit00 acrea. i1 TIJOMA* TOBY : IROTIHERS. ' A'Ii()NA LY--S.teel'pens, a cotmlplete nssornttent, v, eonoeiatjtg of Wiuidle's itgrteetito, Ne tlue uhensr, I'eerrvant,.dxtn fine, Crow quitli, ladies' rpbvs, Cloc. ald's regulativo, diampnd, elongated, and giliets, natihr dion Freoih wafers, extra fine red andi blat k stoing -wao, patent gttn elastlc, rel toper, ultodger' poe, poe. let. and desoikoves, erasers, letter stanilps, brone" atit lacquered iukltands, .jpe weighlnts, pnrallel, round ant nat rulere, matlheltmnllteal intruoetllls back gaInlol hoards, drawing pencils, Bristol hidelrd, ild te dr.witg paper, banker's eases, port foliet, pocket books, wullets e. JSrt receivell andti ,r sale by el IIOTCII(ISS & se, 24 Chanrlsrr t MiEW BOOKS-A Iady's Oi> or wotman as sh se.htito be. By Janeot Stanforl. Radoti R'aieee'itons of tits Ilotse of Cotolntos fron thile year 1830 to the close of li.35. laeuldiie por tonal skbtuteh of tltp lendine members -of all parites. Aets dte .ifos.f/ldl, atn Itistorical tale, be Thiomas C Graitatt, iloth of Jaqoueliue oflelland, Highways nd' Blyways, &c. in vols. 'Tke Ile.rens,hy Ilohert-lMtie, autholr of a guide to the servation of notuter &e jst received and for sale Iooi5 lIOTtIIKISS S on, 24 Cltore st t CLOTH4NUG--I . p. FREEM.AN t CO. NO. 3 iMA --/ GAZNlN ST., are tioe rereeving their supplins of T lland winter elathing, and will eontilnu to receive rshipmeats byv revery packet intlroghout the seasol. Thl'ey hav an hanlid, anil are now otmttipg a renorolaonroi.. hltoe of ille'aollnd ootta. goods;sulntable either br l, city or couatry trade. As .Aheir aasortment will tie ligOe merchantst, frioit the eoldtry will lind it to their d.natnte to call nttd examinm thie lgoods. sl Smonth of the Bevou Froit, at the htead f Soloonee Nuvigauwion Stite ofu Missitippi; eoatoining 40l Acres, etmhrcitog both aidtes of the river, and nit whith is otrmi hoIase. '1his lead is wall woodrd with live oak, ,irch, pine, tetc The situation is on eligible ote four it SAW MII.1.. T'he timber for witeh and for the danlo i nleodyv cut, .nd tstnyle erected t ia mnodelrate expenst . Its pr,',mlity to the citv of New Orleans, tlt ine euni, r andlinrroetiag demantn for ti-bner, is worthy the tt'-. I Son of eiv person dl.iero.o of embarkhing in the, bus- I. tess. For lesn sppel to e JIt WE I IAN, Meetr.htn'n Exehonlos B ftO e~ai!-isb r AYE ja t eivetatat helir' Foislhlg W\are-hoa I No. 17 C(:sap street, by to.eait arrivals Irom I:tu rope,; and tis North,l arge a(tditlons to their stock ol tisefitl hd om, Iantut.imo. keeJing articles, waich col- I tetivel (tyh(ebeli se) form er ossortient more genea .1 gtntdeai.iete ttio i itolbe found in anuy ilt iar ssto htloent kaOai consitina of SiLVERi WARR. -ofofee and tea sets; pitahers, waiter,, eastors, esndlo sticks, cup, tumblersand gobleast table stel desesrthbrs; table, deset ali tea spoens; marrow and csgvy, or ta gft spoons; sug" tontgs; uar, stance atnd soup lndles; Istter,fruit, a!Oddin angfishl kalves; pickle a.tl Ldesert knives mid forks, napkins, ritis, &o. pioipaelly ta1an the mnoufactory of Me B. Gardiner, of, Sew York, whose long estblished-eputation for dithe manuftotur of silver ware' is sufficient bgtallatee of its superior LATED ARE OP SHEFFIELD AND it1 MLNGHAM. Tea and coffe lurn, teaeste; astors, liqunr and cnr did)ntands; superbe andlebrs,and Epe.gues with mir ror plateatux, tbr centre of tie dinnlier or supper table; t waters rouoed and oblong,- from 8O to42 ilnces; beef steak and veg.etabe dishes; rich dish covers; cake and bread baskets; decanter stands; mantle aned elmmber candlestieks; winesttaliners; coolersand syphaons; deenr ter labels, elret eorks,-tea straihers, table bells, tea, ta ble. egg and mtstard spoons; egg boilers and stands, toastrlaces, ks. S sILVER -ON STEEL WARI . STable and desert knaves, oirks and spoons; soup and sauce ladles; dlitecand fiish knihes,.ehcste solpq as paragus tongs, vegetable forks, tc. s JAPANRERY. Fine Gothic Sandlwich andt round oanes waiters, in ae tts andl single, from 8 to 31 inches; do of bapier mar/se; breiad, cheese, tiad kithfe trays ; large uplright idalte wnrmers; spice, bngar and cash boxes; presslig cases; Inlia ten tables in nests, cadltles, Japp:. thad and of rich tortoise shell, cto. LAMPS. An extenh'e anmssrtaz t, among wldek are AstSen Slamps, all brnze and aIlt, atnd of racltut glass;.snntle lampas ldo, rl, earl lin and with glaosbartsms ; very Sosplendid cut glass do; bronzed atdJapanued side or bracket ar laps. CHA.' EL'IERS AANN) I GIA G LAMPB. "iEnglish amid Flinch cut glass chandeliers or lustres ol i, It , 105 , ODand 94 lights; French Ieronzed aud Clt Greehei lamnts, 3, 4 and 8 lights: hall Ielaps land la terns, ieoh houoze boat r centre" lamps for drawing rooms, fgt.a 1 to 6 riats, lamp slhaes, glasses and wieks. wIIANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBRAS AND VASES. Bronzed slid marble; brosed alnd gilt, and all gilt, with fixtures, ete; counting lhousend kitchen clocks; brosaed inkstands, cegar do; paper weights, thermome erb, card racks, candlesticks etc. - CHINA WARE OR PORCELAIN. English and French dining desert, tea and cofee ser vices et plain white, gold edge,- and very riclh fancy 0, styles splemcid toilet setts; waiter atid milk pitchers, Smautle asas; fianc card racks and baskets. - EARTHENWARE. Dining, desert, tea, coffee, breakfast and supper setts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Casto-nchina dinner astts, CUT GLASS. Decanters, pitchers; claret and colored hock deenatres; v owls, dishes, celery vascs, salt stands, sugar howls, butter tubs, Cinger basons, tumlders, wine, ehampaigne, cliret, cordialslemonade andl jelly glasses; fine colored hoak glasses. Also, candle shades. T'ABLE CUTLERY. Fine ivpns balance handles, self tip and busk handle knives and ferks of 51 and 53.pieae, for by the dozen; e ivory handle knives only for Miver forks; guarid asd g.ame arers; long slicks forroluid becf, oysterknives, r out cracks and pieks;.ugr cutters, cork screws, etC lRItTTANIt AND BLOCK TIN tARE. if eiTc anil coflee setts anm urns with 1 anid 2 facets, suitable for hotelt and steancbous-; Sompns sad ladles; venson dishes with covers, oysters or chaflgndishes; dish covers, plate ibetears, cofllee gregs; tea kettles oni stands cwiltRl htcis, efL oilrs, etc. AE. tgrass and wire fenders, brassandirons; brass and steel shovels and tongs, ete;coplar coal hodls and punch ket tles; brass spittons, elimney hnooks; Jlapaneo;, ibrans ani bronzei handle hea'th brushes, fancy bellows asd tnamb bruslhes; crimiping and lluting manciises-, umbrella aosads-, grate'lfootmen for worns, plaltes. KI TCIIEN FUtNI'1l'U R.-Conusistlg ofiron0 tit, brass,, roppernallawoodenae ares, being a ecllection of all utleuaissusuaally rctsiel tor culinaray liuaposes, ndl e in briel'ahiost every erticle wanted by bhose keepers I can he fiund in their establishment. g (Silvermnl pthied ware epslai andas repolishylas n new. .Iaops repsired and febroezcd sdese t - I HOLESAIlE AND ItETAIICOlMB lAND VA So RIETY STORE--at the sign of the golden eomb,Mo70 Chartres stpeet. Thes slderibers have re ceived, in addition to their previous ati:k on hand, na full it nd complete assortment of articles in their line; viz: ismbsa, perfunery, Jewellrv, brashes, -locking glasses, funey artictles, &-. consisting in lpat as Iollows: Al lit--turtoise sliell, wroulght nul plaiucktwist, quilled back, long round, dressing, side pull; curl and neck, Brazilian combs of everry description amongst which are some Mexican putters, Ivory eomlh of every daescriptiorn hoc, dressing and packet, together witll a Sgeseral assnortmentcl of Frciuhand American. IPEIFUM ERY-Cologae, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, rosae, and orana e flower wafirse of every sizCe and des cri'ption, ecamphoi'ated Cologne, extlract of BlergacOt, SIlany soaps ofail kindt , shaving io in cakes, and loats cream soal do, Word'as vegetablenr hair eil, hears and an tiqLedo. IPnstlr's smnellig silrs, Ilain and porfietod c toet powder Ircama pndar, pois irmilison ail indbexes p Iantatm in piot. and rolle,urnsi a tndl chloiane toot wash and nladeala , with a gcueroal assortment ofsa " IJE\VELI.tILY-I-samo afthelatest aend moast favilioan N- 4, '"tt+ ,,,+,al'iltm. ol" tvhit,.nnr l r 1d rnrcelilnn.tjl, a l et arrTols,act In ilagree, I)reastpjins lfn a gro ne-l tv of pittclns, watch trienii;gs, ill and svCe atklies, ssIhl'er tlimblesr, silveroand goldkpt Leils andl eardl chaisioa BRUSIIES--Cloti, ihair J,uast .,tcrtlnablac li,flor, at, naesl a tooth, plate comb, Nail, s, IV, nvlg, o acumi I OORING GlrASySES--iaman statin and toilet S tglass, imganifying aclh French dlressing fglcsos, la le do, witl a latri'ci of othr kindls ot aauirealhs-. FANCY AND VARIETY AR'lICI; S.--Frenh. and American portable lesal s asnd drestng eases, -ome very rich udl inch, finislled lIadir. norkolsaxr snd desn I singo cses, wilth anid withtt mastioi; musicarl hxes, Ac eoraliaus of various kicls, violis and guitarsn-eilver andi s pllated pouencils and lleoada,wood pencils for carpenters and a crayos,mautle clock,guas and pistols awilth and will"oans rl eases, p.caaion cpc, pe ssllusaion cap clargeronipple f .ea-,sidriver, eshot belns,gaiaoe bhos, paste blackhhtoy I te a setls;niandia beads.ofevery kind ells lnd plum;es, sfinenaIl conuainoi , knivesi razors and scissors, tlimbles, t needlers. paile, ilvet lIsedl, scel- nd-easmumon seetsa cles poc.et books and walletsniaa vrigu kinds, v-aitiig carito ann curd cases, Inpyi-untrdi of Frendh German and America mnirufacture, dolls, lnitationl frait, shaf S-boxes, praats of varhis kinLd, Saindera' Pomeron's, S'Emmernpn'p, Hillnan's and lluwkin'a razor strops e and SmetsUic'iones,dirks, fancy beod neckasce, do vstth-.-tr drops; toy watches, pearl buttons, powder flasks eu nand plain seed beadi, gilt aahdl sildr do, guon elhsfia suspen deroarld -gIorat, plain and 'word cang,.liskgoanuain bunlrs, dale., opticaleulviennea, jeiwoboisi, locofoeo natchl esand dlrinkihi ccup,, with agreat vrilet/of other erti Sele, nil ofwhnlich will be sold o , EadRh oeb city "eeCep - ceo on 12 months credit. "B H LMMSONS, & o. - d4 • • 7iIChrtretdt. - a --BO KS--C-ontli, irDisced, with other Tales dnd 1Fantie, by 'c}lnry F. Clhacly, in 2 volumes. S "Comel sweet music bath a smat - - And a bnlm for every heardal' The Last day of 'omnpeii, in one volume--naiform editiou The Amlalet, for 1838 Jaist receiveda anitair saley ,, . 10022. HOTCfIKS s Cc, '24 Caerca-na. jan 22 HOTClKISS & Co, 24 Chartresnot. St - A'lEQF LOUISIANA-Parish of. Ouchito. t IJTICE is heroby iven to non resident owners and I cprojriatotreof lads especitlly to- Daniel W Cox, Henry 'ulnern orto any other person or persons, wtolm it muvrcrotlh concete , their heirs, executors, admitai istrators and assigns, in pola-usicc of ive several or dinancem' of the Police Jury of sanid pariah, pissed and disproved on thle 15th of Jtily, 135; the 14th S.eptember, 1835; the 8th July, 1836, atiditheuth of Dec. 183.; and ofmthe Ith Feb. 1837; and farther, in Icursannce of the different sactiona of an net tlasedf at thea 2d session of the-4ILcgislttute afthe t'lerritorv of Orlesna, entitled. an act "relative to Roadd and Levees, atnid Ijte Police of Cattle," approved ith o FApril; 1807; and of'the lot, 2d, and "3d, ctuons of an act passed at the let session of tie 7t1 I egilaturcof the state of Louisiaoa, entitled an aet naupplemoentary to the several acts relative to Roads nadJ.ave.as," .pproved Feb 18t11, 1825.--Tht tonless the roades nd otlhur sorks, aitserdaiued by hJe said. l'o lee Juro.and in puropance to laws, sholab be weotk.d and corll4recd, os the orlinonce or erditla oes dof xid rmelie Jury, itg sO wrnc to lun wdi ..t..o.r or bcfnroe the lot o'Jsly, A D 1837, thart.he same'will he done at the chnrgeandclpense efsatd unio resident proprie tort, and that p.operty suflicilt will be acicd and sold, to satisfy the expenses tl;hus oeeasiocnd. LEWIS F LAIIY, m7 Parish Juldge. ETAT DE LA LOUISlIAA-.laroine du Oua.hita. A is. SEat par le prisent donne a lout proyrrietaece felier son resident, specialameot a Dantil V.Coxe, Ilenry Turner, an a tout attle perianne on persomncs tee alas pent Concesocr leuar, periteuirs Eetiteeurs Adlminis trotuers,,ou nyunt cots, suivant 5 divnrses orldoManoces du Joi de Soli tle In dlittlls Paroisee, passe ct oplproeve le15 do uillet 1835 Ic 15 deceptembrh e 1835 tl icJuillet 11361 e 5 de Dece hreh 1886 a le 7 "li'rier 1887, ct de floesativant lea diierenes section d'ln acet passe ale oe session de In lace -.ral.ature du terriucc d'Or resnes, Intifle acte rclalif -aux chennins at-leven, et ale Police des apitnnaux alplonvele ili Avrel 1807. Et dole Ire,2do et 3lce. Section d't atne passe aeale l oeeo sionela7nm Lgisltture ceIeittle Ia Loisinnu Intitcle ete aulppleltencaire dun divers nctes relatifs anux clte tfits et levees approuve le 8 Fevrier 1825 A mnins qUe lea ctbemns t autnc s tranveul qui sot1t ordoane par lt ,lit Jurn do Ptliae suimant Ib.'Li; qn le chito travanux.soienl executes t flit selbnn'ordnsucet far . Inas ordotinandes da dit Jure do snluton contermitc aye In oi aretn oa lIo "le de Jeillrt 1837, quc ler dits reavaox eeront txeartes a In cloarge ct cox fraix des dits colc residents irolperctsoirestet lune claes Ipoarices atfllseotsf'erool mision et veusc peour payer le olai.. 6ccasrionnc p.nale dits chetinas et travaux. L 10 Fevner, 137. m7 LEWIS F. LAMY, Juged Parenisse.. A )ISCOUIRSE an Ile Life and-4lnharaetlr the A hion. George Mothews, late presidtlg judge of tlhe Supreme Court of the State cf louiscana, l., the Ilon.. Charlas Wattn,at the request of tilhe nmebcer h etlhe bar of New Oroltn. Just publis ed anl fi+rcale hy f2_5 BENJ'N LEVY. ( lRANGF FLOW RIt & ..SE WA''ERI-Inea.is Sters of five galhens ech, and in boxes euntaiu ing en.t. ote doz. small bottles, rt.'', from Mars lies FEc sale by I. BONNAIIEL, f2 Tehnouptctlan street. L OST OR STOI.EN-A liberal reward will be giv Seo tor the recovsary.rfa Pocket Book with its con. nts.t. tlat wc s taken oclrolpodal fealo my pocket on Scundayevecnic las wt,ohile in tile crowd iasnsilmo Ito pUt cct thle fire it Cnam street. Thloetckct ho k isa ceo, cmc or elarge sire, orlalacked leather, with ile nanoo of WVm. B. ttriclge written on it ic two or llccre ticees, octhtinccg unlcerocal paplcersof onl[ prtaunce to tlc ow-. Cr. Apple t thie Ieee Anaccroen tIcler. WM \V1. B. BRIDGIE:. FilE INIIAN'S lANAREA. '1 r'R tb .Ul.o lorlemttctoI ti p";:inafoloevkingslevillntl, tc hehltio or` hip goat, hwLpienfohtcc, stlt trhenlm, soilliiitic dli merc:urial dliseases, Ilrieilat;ily ttpgt' aed p:fillttatffTeeCtio Oftle bones, nleer tl.O.tfc diSls tris, uleers of every description, Ltver'abrel,I d iternal lie sore eyes, cr)yoipelis,klothcis, iil evry otellltfyol eo toneons alteltion, vtronic Ctatarrh, hleid aelti proered- - ilg from any acrid humor, Lain in the Stomnoeh ned dyl. pepsin prooeediilg rem ariatlion, afloetiootfOthe les', - chronic iotnnlaotioo ftlie kitteys, lltli iennclln d dobifi iy ctnc!l by a torpid aotion of the vessels of the Sllo. Li Is sn:llonitly efitcaclots in rttonttr tllhose eoostitlitlOl i whldii h.nvetieell.brkaii dlowO iy ioludiliollS ti.lrtmelrt, j lvnile ic rrelglarities. in general terms, it it reromn omende in al those diseases wijeh arisefromn impluriiies of the blood, or ilitititte of the Idmors, of wliatever oomo or kiil. Some of lthe ahove eotploiiits maoy repire some tri fliig aistaoot appqlictitn clicli-tcircon " i cmsanes of lhe case will dictate; but for a reneral ileloiy or Pl1ificuatnr St removeatieiasee, the INlIAN'S- IANACEA will geneailly be founld sulicient. TO TlHE PUBLIC. low trule'it is; that modern Phylsicilans, in their am. bition Io excel -. their prlfession expllore the vast fticls of science by the aid ofeheolistry, and seek out new re medial agents;i inshort, to, arrive at perfection in the p rttito by means of art alote,-ontirely- overlook andl lglbcet, as bieith thellcirotite, thit rich aidl bionteouo stores ofmeeicie, which the Allniglitly has caused to sprinug out of the earth in every clime! pd how much more true isit that while the American Phlysician looks to foreign countrieslor mani of hli molt onmmon iand necessary articles, pecliaetoally ehallgilng as they are at the dictates off'asthio orfolly, i e is stirouoded In is own coontsy withan eouless profusion of inledcal pllts, auflleisnt to artswer any idicition in disease or to .cure any cumrble disorder;and yet he is ighelrant ofthetl vir tues, anlo they artsutFerel to 'wastethelr healing ltt the desert air.' The effoots of vegetable medicines upon the system are temliary--thole of niinelsla lsting. The ;former ex ert their effiets m passl off-the latter, mercery in pnr tieular, sot chemically upon the solidls, ldecoalmplong tile honies and unlderminig the conlstution by a slow ao salre destruaction. 1Tlw coageniallity, efficiency and SAFE'TY ofvegeta Sble remedies over niineral, may be caliitatedlby conitrst Singthe ancietnt pltctice witl tle modlerni or, ti bcing it more icmmediately uncler oui own observation, the Ildi. no praetice with thilt of the whites. Who, in Ametica, hasn otknownorheasd of reented instneces wherein some decrepid, unpretending fremalei Llian, by means of liar simple remedies alone, has affeetild tie nost rapid oid istollishitg oetel's, after the .1ateill Metlica of the common practice, directedl in the most skilfiul nlsliter, has foiled? And who hIlas ot been surprised at the com p8lrativec eaRdullhecilitywithwhichthe ildialn reershilm self fio lany disette, and at the almost total abstinence orfehronie disease among themo? Who has ever heall of an Indian with a eollstituotion brekln andl ruinei by illtreatment? And can a doubtexist that this lhpplllvx emlption of the savngeretom. most oftthe ills whilch the flesh oflnma is heirtom, is .ehietfly .lnl to more genia nid safe retmedies wlticll he ellloy? ''lis-astoinish ing difference il success, is a fair eueoplification of the infinite suoperiority of the sitmple adt safe nieans of cure which odil has created for the benefit of lis children, over thlose which thellteide and die art of nmao have in vcdtgd; From n long residence among a portion of the athorigin al iaolbitantsof thiscolttry, aldain litimate loqumin tance with the methods of cure of some of their alost sueessflI piractitiolners, the ploprietor ol 'Tlie lstlian' Panaeen,'acquired a knowlrdge of some of thie mest powei'ulland favoriteremedies.. From these heselected stch Ias were most efleaoious aid approprlatells, and Il(after various experiments to test their principles and strength, lie has combined them in the form here presented, as the most ierlf et and beunefcial for the purpose for whiol it is recommended. The proprietor offersthis preparltion to the public, with the consciousness lthit he ispioling withinllheir sll, I a remedy calpble ofrelievilng many of Ilts .nliecttd fel low brilgs, who are suottrillg unlder tie riullls chronic and oblstitne oomplaints to which It is applical e. To such it will prove of inlcalebloe valve, as tie imeals, and in manlly case, the only means ofallt ig hlleiro su ferings and restoring thlle once more to Illlttl anm hapi d piness. T'llhis not olilere as enclllioll remelidy, lth b may per ehhncebe re ually good with many others now i oin use, but as onte whtlt is caltlble of s.i eng life in matny extrelme ease which all thle unusualllllremlntedictil. This it btas done repeatedly; nod this is the reputaltio it Itlaob tiinedtl whereter it has been introdlied. It is otnly boll threie vitrnshsiceth Ilp illrllationl wals r o Iriesented in the pblic; butin thil short spnee of time, Homelllr u 0"soIfh plerslonsmight be lfoun, who wouldl s olemniiily decltae tIhat they bclieved Ihat tIhehr lihes weTe s:lvedl by it, Wdl inll Mns m seSt ltie t they Ihad eI r oinys :otd plihips all athe cioneoilrenitlies it, chin. Wher ever it is kowitiobo t isiridlt comii into ie , "nd this aotbrlls the itmot ubslltallnliiullud Cioucio proof of its alaeriat. TI hee value rf the [liilce i most colnspicuousis those : Inll siht ldingI si y iiliteiie and i serle(i s tiiettiol s whihll Iti tldelled all llher remedieh, oaiI psIinltd.rly in thoise est.s who . nlrlel- hIas been eo Jillistel used , as to en:lse distreshing pa:ins ill thie bolnes, nodes, ilnc'lrll Sril lutl, erls, delngemenll of the digestlie ofgi:li, Cde. lt Thest it complletly remoteis, d in alll eases it entie ly lI eoditeates the dlissetl ill clldets of imertlll, reeno a ,toiesthe constillltim.i, sai l iilea.tile :ltileii soullnid anll well. In rhinllmaitim aill in lltite aled sore throlt, its h l ily l lifcise not iot s leappareIit, giving almost iullme "t T'aker inl propl, dores, tilelodin's Panlc.o erates as an h litoriathe nd dhtc rgiec taidii.l dihortlic, ilti, SanoId t::utiives, an antli-spas:lldic amndl inody tie; nlld in itprolper c lses, auslltolnomehilc iand itlnloelinioggle. g(ent. il-ly expresltsedl, it incre:ses nI'l the ser"etatillonS and ex cretiiol, gie's tonie no lti. stomacll, ilnd excilies llncill in the glatiids in a P1lticullr .iniiiler. liom tihese princi Ides itsopert tiols any be* iu ersto iad. h inamligiiiols discIses iot leel, seciftid, aln it bas Ielt l Sused with wonderfil ucce.ss as a l loing and ull ll P ritler, by thlose i h ie asuooet to conlllli lt of the chest, itl "-nlll, , oisihhilhleri i reqnlliie tow viglo. Sch: lier ss111 will do wll Ito i is"t, or IIhire Iiotlcis in olld alt ht `!-. 'ill'hrnlli T li tu i, tlki is considered oes!s11ltyr Sthic llne,iltaken ill a smatl dose; will nIswer all its Iplst's ill IIIIo m less tioe at less exlpeise, andl its a l-I' illlre l.r.ebhleli n thuie llan thie comnlai diet rihlk. li 'TLe tillwitg certrliiThtes, clt of Ill linre.s sililtni" icih aight ii be procred, are gitei ulitioe, tIecttet of tilu: tillrl; 's e Jill:wetll 1 iiic ieto-co %l' LS llllllil .lta tII il "lit L hiell ".l.oa lla idstt cxhlht It i tht"ti liio t sc I ..loll ory' S CASES OF RlECUII- flEU g.. . UCllnttTeroo, Nov. 15, 1832. DY ring tle last winter oid spriin, i wias nitfieted will a iely seveelreaaotdu iiegeh1 rnif ooeictuaetcensioued by Sxl nstr"e ill hirl w-tollhrc. 1 ow tkciicgreat ieasoore ill sltilhg, that six bo)ttles oll the hldhllll s I anclntC ri.estoed le e t" lpiret Iheite , lih l I eotlldelll- rtculllleao d it 1o oIll'simlthily ncflicttd L . JOrlX FERIGUSON, Kingl t. Cu'IILaoiTOrn, \aluct ,.7, 1832. UOAnIL.55T05, 1.Umo 5 , f5r. I was sr.'ed about three t ears aince, with aldislressing tesotlnlaisl, oaoused by tlkgllna seere cold' , vtile under the influence of mercuryt ,.and which has dlsasldol me tiron busiuessa.lealy ever stl4le. Iols0g this period L have hetu n aotiont is ti. Marlise fosptal, ill thlis oily, tsuswal s of foaur months, anll nlearly tlhe snm lengthl of time itllhe.allatimorediospital;and triead almost every remedv, with little be s eft. Oi the t16th of l"bruary Inst, at tht ti msot c.saely lWe to move abtut uponl crutch es, 1 eoommeneted tl e s of ltldilm's P'sataoe. ]it olr month h, found myselft'etil' li fred t'roul pmta, atl ams now Ihappy to state thall eonsler'mysi s ltperfectly well. WVM. TUCK 'fI, 13 Market st. CAFES OF SCI(OIUIO)US ULCEtRS Nsw YoanK, Sept. 10, 1830. This sta.eernifyit at i t fall of L5, 1 was soeize with a swellinginl my neck and time, which alierwards ulcerated and beeame large ghlstly ulcers in my neck. Aftelr tiynds sveinlt ithysicihms to nsi allsantogc, 1 wemt to Pllilodelpluai, andthillctd n)soelf itlito tile care of f)rs. 'Pht sic aleatonel.atn hets, nl'ter ripeated salivsal0 i to to e , fed, I was plotioualed utterly inenalshle: After waiIrds ltook twen lntlfesofSwfinm'sPseao aatsd eightl bottles of PottRat srtlioliote, switl no materisl teenefit Dsltahingi of lila, seliet liad -Inow breehe s lol':lIen to mea, l eturllod to nly prents'n ilNt Nw Yojk, in'I.tit), sad gave myselfm p to f itn lgbgering death. ireaoiw oh th great success oaf'lhe ]oiaini'su Panacea, io'eaar il ases similar to my onsi, I aas Ipersuatled itiia3 it, is ltstre. oil't. 'ITo ly *rtsi sul'piise, as welo a satilinltios, I soonstimu Il ystslflpidlly recovering, no liton tlaking sever Iottles, tte tilcshelled until su Il:ata e lcrfctly well in the course ofitwo montfis, and have oemanined so ever siliee. I make this statcdtlieun d washis puliLshel ir rlia bliloffltrottoas wita te sult:ir.tb uolog tr sini atr sclrfillns i . svll'tiltie ati&ctiuns, Itat whey man kirmw altat Ii:i clit one ie llas sasfl.red cc arv thing biut teaith, nal hob conusisaut Isis life saiai Itby Ilie abov sy rup. WM. IIINIIAN. CIattL.:roe.rs July 12, 1t31. I was alllictud, fory )earos with ans i lcen tle leg, o.e nasioartll'occtnnpnieil titll er,'sitmfatons i.flinmation anld eceso're mtain ill the leg Ind aiele joiht. Sevenrd eminent phwIysicis exerted theirskiltl upl it, but with out poellUaelcnt beneiit. In this case a ise bottles of tile ]llllilllot l'alnactta utnmle s-perfect co111re. " " n AtI(;iAtl ' A. NES.T', 1.1 ttooket st. IFolt s by LIINfItY BONNAWSL il dulggist, agent fur tei proi picntors, '"eotulpitouhnsstreetC. j 16 SrttAN i tiA4t St'J'Ei&irc. &c. PAIN RIEVISI TEIFi, &c, by the aullber of 'Ayear J iu Spin,' in vols.. 'rants /'tIJld.tn charsrter, as goeranlln'-sppnlittb to the Aboriginiea of Norlth Ame'ica, Iy i T'ureoar Esq, ''he Poliical Grammar, of tihe United States, oe at .onlplete view of tle theoery mad lructicn of the gaerant atd otate governlnuts, with the reattisao betweern them --dcdietediad undad.ied to d e.l ) oUllg Unlea of thin Utlsed States, by t 1) Mansnlield, Esq,. Aimirol'a lountindr T'ou's.iaerspersed with character stic anecdotlr, sayIugo anll doings of spoli tin len, i-. ollifing noticns of tihe rlinilul reaek rcelrs o"rengland, with anasytieal contents, and general illdex of namnes, volu'IIes. Co.mrenarires on qsttly .Jrisprudenre, so atlthni 1stored in KnglSud and Amsori. , hs Jantph Story, 3. I. ) I)aue,prfalessor of lis inll valrlt Untiversity, viai lt. Vol. 3sd, C't/y's G .tioteJr'a Pnrlire. Vil. 13tS/, I3 el/tJ's Reports.. The Sentiment.s ul'/ooerro, wits 12 coloured platso, Londion clisionsl. Anso-A few more Colties if (tCtti)Brts Phrenology," "Rienzri." Lolran olltervtIo's t 'fnolsisesr ofslperior qllal. ity, will rlhnint, lilliidt salls tl.4 -I rstil 1-2 inelho, (:illotit's i iersvedsaouatni Peotns,anaed inpapers, oweigllts &c. & c. &e. Just receivedc, sad for soalt by msi1 BENJ. I.EVY. r.lahinglegens nol'-aSiti/ , by thle tiuthor of ther hlSetsh BIto. kH0I'CI'.itSS & Co, n3ill bChalsres st; ..... JOHN 1d16i , snadle, oltrooss ansd os'rausk nttnufarh'.er, ow/fiur. nidser of Mtilitayi Eqsinpmeett afaerery drescriptiua. No 189 Ir HoUPIT0oUAS 0 TiI:5r. H IAVJNU in employ several Mlititaro WVootlcal, _ he is readl to execule work ia tilo aLnie lltne at tile sliortest noti'ce, tland a the mlsst I'els.rable terltln . ltrehannts' and l'rtlars' t'ahking 'Irunl.s af voarv do t'ristitn, srnoatln'ilv olltlltllll. iBL.OCK TIN. INC, C&e.--; tas Ilock 'it; (li b twn l P Lt l Zi'l 5 aons L.e o! ['ils; Jtone ah tl Iruan; and I .ik-, \c (iun'bt Plikar. inI ..... and fur into by of LA1'l "',\ ,l CO. '3 Lrv'trat. THE FLORIA FW 'I1F CA A S'V.A1 MBOAT LINj1 TOtnUIti iN 'FIE AtN A )f1 DAYS, From Mobile (AtiOamna i)to Augtas T L EAlVES Ml eeve y other dlhnmeo , tit-1 steamboat 1siatLatn, to Blakeely, inhesb to P steamboats (pet Peenscola Bany, St ttossoultdoI W thlachlie li ier and Boy) to CoedOr Bluff, eMobal - yin Masitnattto, , Chottabo o (Formeili-May Vh non,) Baiobrsltge, Pindertoni awkhos,4fe ad vile, to Anugto . A lsssengeertakingls ie t. bile is in ono anger'f leing thrown ot or m. lttolrence by other coIfittting interest, ai the IM LINE is but one concern, and under one thlrughout, mid may rely WIt netr ,lsrri hrrival t Auguast In lime specified, thlosh ad.p er sltd at nyv seation, onless some most nduuf,aeen tlopije shlildl occur. T-hr. Grest fle (obais. afford the traveler speed, certainty, comfort, sold il ing variety; Ioniteted as it were with llte il Rs Charleston, S. C. asli the 5ste0m packets to INe l travelero s canl ret a New York ritrom NOew od LESS TietA 11 iAnn'tWlKitipns ciyoin Iy. Line visin Quicy aod Tallahassee, to St Masn, 4i ipost coaeOice, also two IBrnches from Hawkinll r one to Milctlgeville, ans one to Maons, lihit -woh., conalccs STOCaTOS trrrO l AcvsnerA, 20th Inn. 1855. ) Offreeat Mansion House, Mobile, 5l)istunet, New Oietits to Mobile, ISO awe Mobile to Augusta, 140 ni Augusta to Csharleslon, iS4 , ' Clstsleton to New York, 95Oj10. Time, New Orlenis to Mobloile, 2 hss Mobile to Augosta, 1,39 i Aoglata to Clarleston, 19 e/ Charleston to New York, a,- gl Making 108 miles per day. or 7 milel'per hour, ioly. sine of sil Is ltpages. nrh'In n 01 S ft. I eg leave to inform the ilts ti brtidbs onirr the Cluilnhteaheswasl sad ieadiji rekorgi hve just benre omplest I, ti. e gMener.s S.v-. strt,' (the nnly obstacles opersliig gsilst thids safeM ipeesly route) tic thus bop iily removdi= aosIh v ibstu Istriott ofleatnieg from trsneltet'otlioi she csihesfh. t s, driveIs stl tosts sic ot tie first stles' and als slie wterrloutte trom P'ensoclol to Cedanr 1lafl; it Is admit. tol by sill wh hlte psiscel ltititgli it to be iss csed its isnosties bteauty stit safety. Wise brideis l eqs's1 G otyis in ltrve sls henreipsired. J M U BIAKEIC AS always on land enstantly I ree n ig in H Dyes, Chloemicals,astd Pain, among lthem atr olluwnigg .. w thUGa. DYES Anoimny, crude, Argols, red, gto i''guluts, Ansatto, Spanish, AIrsnic, esude, Alum, do iowderlied, fraeillette wood, Balsam cupaviat Coeltiasl, LBoe.x, cruatle, C soppera, Ameriues, dto -oefised, Citspbear, Brimstone, crude, Fultid, Tampisa, do roll, dlo Cub, do flot er, .lo Maine, Blirltuth, French Lerries, Castoroil, Indigo, Benlgl, Cream tarlis, do lanillal, Castharides, do Carracess, Gum aioe,; do Ga tasmla, do Atatlie, Logwood, Ceaeshy, do asstsetitda, St Domingo, dol anioiac, do Jamaiea, do lhitotin, Cotmwood, doit coital, srough, Mlalder, omble, do so eratiedl, Nicauragua, BeDoire, Io do s AstEisisn, do Coos, Ido cnttlihott crdle, do e .loeaniho do do refilned do Hashe. to geinecum, CH.EMICAA I. do kino, Acid, nitrous, do snantic, do muriatis, tio- opium, s do sulpltrie, do thelhi, lte vitriol, i." senegal, Calomel, p do sandahc. Corrosive sublimatia dotin itau nth, Chloride of lime, C.Gamboge, Etpsim salts, Juniper ltrries, Almriean,Lastar eaustie, do tin loreigni, tinlt precipilate, Itiagiesln, E.tglish, Itwblclle tal, ido Almricai Red tehromat potanls Mlinta fnske, Sup carp Soda, le sortls, Soils pouLsb, Liqirolice ball, Sigttr lead, Oil cloves, Solp zinc, do cassin, Snip ipoinine. do iergitiot, Tartar emetic, o lemnion, PAN'lTS-Blla. d oieppermint, Blue, Ital gentitn, Chrbomicyellowdry, do ipceae, do do in ol to jlapo, do Ireen, dry, do liq eorice, do do in oil, do rhubarb, E I, lan iiblaek, English, sdo setIten, do Germanton4 tin sti..ts .t" Litlrgo, Eisih, ut silp llgilrins, lo Americao h do. Tanpiio, Paris vwhite Elnglish 1m 1lssi, do Anmerics, ldo oarnit, ned lead, Peter, itdo erdanonmin, do Glassinakers, ldo cori:iie, SIpan brou n, dry, E.lgliS i dto Jbiie tcolel , do do Ametiua do tlillagetk, do grounl in Sposins, oell tse, iiYel. red English dry, ii, flue, ;keItit, io Allleric.,: , Sitiltt, .Spnislh, do grlnd il loii Nine, iutde, Vermillion, Chinese, iio do refinled, Verdigris, dry, Seuina iruaes, A lx, do ground pirt, do ldo ilndil, i'o do retlueell, So.p, W\'indllsor, English, 1 blite endl, dry Americas, do do Amierican, do Engtlis. do ('stlile, io groundi i oil, Qi.tksihtl, Atll warlsntetl pure. , 120---i6 1 1102--fim -\'1'ATL Meoaicine, at6U'l'chboupitoulass J --A. L. l'LOUG(;, Dentist, respeetfully in titons the tiblic that he libas epared, and will Imts constiutlyv or sale, the tillntwing various Dental Media cinecs, flr the diseases and afclicntnons of the wth asd Vegetable ntd anti-aearbutic tooth powders, -opht astringent lntions, guan, paste and washtes, dssl b clixer, gargles for anre mouth and throat, auttl-asu.al tinctures, saliitunos water' fIL gangrenous uleers as* tie tinctures fol tcnder teeth, and gumna ea. , . ly inteanded lorthe use of Infants when teethiig. } Ftch of thle above medicin es ae used for the dillu maladies of the teeth and gumCs, and with partle.tr rectiuns how they are to be used. - Also many other articles fbr the toilet a1 t*' mouth. met IANOi FORTES--The subsEcriber has jnout a n splendid assortment of Englth, Gmerm I American Piano Fortes, viz. rose wosd, pieloa, , cabinet, .!icoluo,and grand action sqae.len .o rnon tlt nrnmut & Collard, (late Clemeti co,) . - don, mahogany: and zehra wood squaeR pitao falit from A teines, Vienna; do from the celebrated et rine of J Chi eoring & en, Boston; Duboae & Bass...e Yirk; W Swift, Philadelphia. Also--.Flute, of every descriptina; violin, v"alqre lot, gtitars, aotrionels, flngeolett, bassenas, horn, th ' pets, bugle, druams, n ln , stritgs, reeds, and every ar5a el l' i ieal nmereltandize, wholesnale and retail, . reasonable teems. B CASEY, nov 24 19 Camp strm e I, G(iOCERS! 1'O GORUCERr !!-The aubserd l eIra.nwould itforn the Grocers of New Orleans th they keep constantly en hand, a large supply oftt he ds actnghtob'd Iitters, manurfactured by themselves,whicht "ill be sold at New York prices. KETCItUM & LUBBOCK, Droegimt, , nov 37 Camp 2. 1ijO0R~lGL ARt ItOMES I'C HARDWARE. I Aa.ex':xoan Kbunan &. Co. No. 11, Magaseh st., hiporters and wholesale dealers in Foreign aad )Domesotic tlfardware, are rreeiving from Livrrpool ae l the Atlantic cities, direct from the manufaetures.a_ extensive nssortmtentoffene and heavy HARDWARtE, cottprising every anrteile in ihe line. All of whihe they ofler low and on nacommlodting terms, Country let clthatts and others are invited to call and examinemthi;. stark; ronsisting in part of Anvtils, vces, screw plates, sledge, nail and had'e hantim htnd and sntth bellows, trace, oa, log, sad a hie t ehaine, grtbbing; weeding, and hiling hoes, bs vels a d 'ipaes, horse shoe, clat, wrought end eq naill, cheppingt bench, Ihand and broad axes, ahigltll I hatchets and tonmahawks , ivory, buak, eltflip nd as handle knives and flrkh, in emnpltte setajSl ald Sa pieces, dicining anid desert knives ama forlks, ivny, L-k, selftip .nd bone "cirving knives and forke, pen, sell b and dirk knives, ecissdr itetid .heasr, iron and brass lit knob locks, Flrenel, stockl, closet, dead, pad, eupbeat. chest, till, anid desk locks, ireti asnbt bra hell, stta i! singes, wood-and bed screws, itngle and doubnle hbt flint teat lcrpetoie ltont gtn, smooth and cat btssi' ,i lies, ftll and half stocked, pntent, belt, IholIter sa pocet istools, wggon hoses, Anmerican sad Eagl. listieredsteel, ceast, ateer, asid Crawley ateels, a.ugets bright ani black, jack saeews, English and Amnen a casltings, core mills, eotton and wool eards, aste blah ing, iron and brassn wire seives, gridirons, seath!4 ( tid cow bells, ero.s-eut, pit and till tews, aband,3Wq and waed saws, tinwore, iron and brssteeststl otat sb.ovels, brass andirons, Britannia d Japa wn.e,, tea kettloes, oatc. ad .tew pans, f.rydi ) ruan.es of all kind,, planes, carpenter's tsll" P nlances oand.steelynrde, stationery,ems geGermta COMil AN) FANC-Y ST'ORE 18 AM , FjHE subscribers in addition to their uaul.t - ltlett have teceived a groutvurietyoffancyo sin' rj tuittlhl for New ]Year and Chrisiomp Gil s, to 111 . eentletcten and ehiltthet. The Ibltowing isadeet .tl , I aitrs mIn sitcl'worklmxesr if various pttersastltpta ls ing the .oit tlalsionble ,tire; Ildjeo pplin work bhs I t a large vartety; Lties 'Tortoise Shell, prle ad ' $ are it, n t.ele eucevs htndottely i fernishi; Ivor lrtly * , .'oricrel slicl souvenirs, set with iuiatires sni ad paintingt ; Tlorttise lhell, ptmer ntl wood trmfcer ba*i etc ber centre tiltesn Slilcut lid fancy baskets, ricbly; r alretnted with chretlle; thin is an entirely ntew 5 t1t"l It gret coriety of artifical ,Iitonro for head dre*. "d htowets, llic.i F tns,, hbrolidred ttoney pturease '+ ftlned cushions, in elegant toilet-eartice. A vnrety v itiectcd pIuzzles, for the ieustahction and amueaei-c ffil'lidren. Ilax and Kid lglli tlcensedandundt. _1. i teilisormenct o gilt, ipearl, and jet wtaist b.ekles. lit ciii enlttilcntn writiig dcks ntd dressigb cc5 • elent variety ofthie lhney tttiles.. d 7 ItEEI & D'LANGf, N EW WORK--Mar.nret R.or.an.e.t, e r 4 J rI.ove, by Jctnes Ailltstut St. Joltn, autlsn lftule of the Rtnhmdtit,' &c. &ce. i" "LI'len utitto volt siped Of me that lored not wiselyhi ut too -ell." "W her, is my e, nihl l"---n E nho tsers . . i- 4 Jost roeeivud onL.fr sole - . I:,, f14o l'tltlKt & (e,'?4l (:nals'e .#, Ser rale i'y W't ?I'KFAN C(llCi e- Ct'ap and CoaPL