14 Nisan 1837 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Nisan 1837 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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S pre o-ly........... 4o,3o-t I is day, none .bta , ..... .7 ,.S. 1d. -Pth i Loem hint ay " | h.eehLLf nah. n .erotm.en ole..nr O -746 or Wed.er to The Council assembled h ltion 1P.re aid l'J reordir. " ., l. . I ee, ltdkWemll t . s i gt i James II. a idwull. 0.., . ex, anad Speti tW r. lt, nn . Pereolw Ed wardg nt "+ _. . n . h te ~ h . O. Shainitnt and )emO. u Smtarot o Recorder Ip- tit pe1a4ed . L tt er d Cldwrll, n ot Aea uitrlt homte ntivs eaurnsom and qu.als whbo...r P1i fewat obees arneas, Mr. w N eaka t t e('the toetnmittteo, made the t .¶ auderuat 4pjafteitt 0 cofint tee to exi astý i_.tedto $1 y _, ilstitsci gs ndhrhes "thu a.,tdermn for tone Counci oF o. tnil amber two, beg leave to report, e Sdul nex inm d inti thIe asgl jlel - Aold dwell, Speonor <loyd x, tPt, ftomn-the brat-ward-; 8.J. theP d c t ond .wa.d h tsa J. a nd 4S.noel Sttvarnc i. it " I --." tdyqgqifeea'lei3E t.ttt''1 bal NI tl re and apprdtug d The at the fuoluticgy; Strning Comm Tbrt i a r Il M J. Peters, Robert U. I r'lair f and .S it E PtarEt 1 w iamrsirfs. othdiell. . Clalsl.oe :alppaonltdh, T. lOMdrt and Sann'i. tewart. Firidi Wdrked S·, a ltowart Bind J. P: ?Pt aekett, a. .4. tnN.eir and Spencer a. Tii , O~t et du Sant'l. Stewnrt, and nJ. F. A- demmsiratioe.krom tetoertnptroller wi re- r how' ,1b5laneko mani u tee. e tatrineat of the .Treosurer was ..gtthe receipt of tle pathe pt re to ud en$tog10,646-8 , tire qupenditure. 1 IN anad tte- Iatance ontt handb to.tb ho ~1tpeineaf of the 'ire deegq,und tie . n haesitoi.r-tylt wrasrefetred to the toittee. A ea: from thew-Rurpyorar wso - t fe 'mittee ontreate aond Landings A Mhe. H. Chase, Esq. was reedrred Sýn ats and Landings. N peij ?b . se, war referred tto the Ii Dane tt e, Oft. to the Committee otn Streets and o Thomas Barrett was laid on the ''i Mr. P-tern, the Council.proceeded at"an l'nftwoCoumtniofeeners of tie Gene al sink phd. Th-' corder appointed Mckars. Gloyd and Y .ein upon counting' the votes, it iap - b Zo ter" he.ad lpereind 9 voitefs, Mr. q ). Yorke 4, Mrli. AlfoNir 1, ier. Pet I Bred dlul elected, and wsither of "tin Iatlmen having o ftrity, and Mrr. i.eae ..lth declinet4 serving` a tecotd ballot ,wrP ,.trt nelaih resulted in Mr. orke retorivng - "*eae ta hlJank, andMr. Yorke weas declared dui esteted-Mesrs. Freet and Mneux hatirt be gpinted tellers. • T"ter. introduced the follloophg- reelu-tion, ,w- -the rules being dispenacd with, wan taken ai note ofthis Municipality, p { l4t of October next, for tiae.s I ,t'b odfteca Presaidtn t and of the Union tinkof Louisiana; said n:twbe ibged by the Treasurer, and coun ti ged ry the Comptolleri-and the pr-oseedr to S p.ed to-the curtant disburaemente of the Med n oftied the following, which, the gaitdispens.l with, was takeb up Raitla.9oS, That 1the Mayer be respectfully re n the Council of tle 21 Munici a oammittee on public healthl ha dby the Medical Society of New a s conmpliance with the terlos of itd un of Mr. Feret, a conmmittee to ronfer aig4st Bankinig Cnompipty was tp ei e Retlrder named of said c.nomui U.ee4N$`nattt, Peters, and S$haul-bhurplt. thereptn made a report n-kanalub. .t .omsltr- o inalaap wsue l 'lthidrown " r." etotredoed rise three follow rent d4dtip , lthi the ruleis eir dispen of wti were ededrblf tkubn up iriado loth tsolvee ' t djtiidiration made to Thao. 1lpfribvll ftur ith e'eihr aned Sutarent sontre be, ead .b.esaoe ia leny declared nofLlnd void, in -bapttboqbsr ofce lisMtnooicpahlia with thle on-l thoidone of eaid ad sajioidtiop. -e4z lred, That the ploehin f curb and guner MbPesseeihthe lnhere Jet paving, be awarded tto wti ut ofstids, withte satisfactory security flier tlo daysI notice, given by-the l (. ptroller.-The r lu-to be aeiled, and -to be olened by the lei Com.mitteae .Re"sd.e ddhat the sum of $500 be, and the atment delry Qprtprw ted tot oo Charity , S*eolred, That the Myor be, nold bie is hereby. .'tb.rikced to issue his warrant in -navor of I. a'pregard, city Marsnhall,for $29 50. being the opant of coats donue in suit ofl' WV. Bniley or. S ifility No. 2, in conformity with the order etide'iy Court. S-the same -gentlenman aolsoitroduced the f"l lti.g, which,. the rules ag.in being dipensued ." t . i war ta ean boe and adopted. ' ,OWt, atl-orist.ial l the itla- n uor t. c $; okir ld' broted by Cenel, Megnrine, Cooltiton, aed tdhetlitoaftbsierretet, and that slon ppoitlt lltjeComrtissione-r to superinttld said srle, Ie sa -- , that the woredsl"eCircuit C.ourt of the - alefr tistdistrier,") be oin very itttrtattr ittttefor the worda "United States Dintrict tgjgeefor the Enutees Dislrict of Louioiann," ontt -lat attoruaY of ttIl 1liniciptlity is Itrtchy nOt tethiotise t applyto said Circuit Court ftr n ortt r of sale of said sqttorc, itt cohnfrtnity -withe reso. lutineesof this Contneil. watUegined resolutin, introduced by M.r el enlre d, oald upon mottion, Itodh. tlhe tr d day or she aat mtteetip;. Resolved, rhat in tile opittion of this Ceounil, $c4e eauedient tinat the pasiig Ordinnrtce of Pelt eemltaul527, hre o ar tlnt ttdec, tlthat all tite oexpettn - gPai; aT well as of mtitking Ithe cide wtlkr, it puilbyl the prtpsietoes in front of w-lose lots th jsse~P semI ids wcillt mny he ntnde; and the Fi itW1~qe Cotnemttite isi jntotu ted to rejriet an ord assace that effect. - t .O n motion, thb Council ladje5orpl hi Tursdn) Jpa tN - tI&ISNb8 , Seererney. Editor olih True Aneriarn $fr-Wavi been indispourd, I only send for your of Ldhis even" at hnlf past 6 o'clock I at apgooot frannesrs ontlaieud io r''rystttrr woulld have been iu ad 1·`'" ntel d to ranuil iniblo city butt I do nod intend to remain nR they tbime uch kind of rgrrnouoi alter rmr fianu t see no adrsallnge .*.,Ieetihatrola od geatearover ~htunveIoto.pern oll wi T 0. e e be doped. more likely no, prove l * li than that proposed l1r you this ¢, Wsý Aptliasr., hlory Orolnst t0 lo ir Pt i the hands of hiis 0or f ie Orleaons the 03u11 of artogniumosla similar oro dejoitct4 by * dbn , n o helhro n.A o to bu nrsh~od will .lloq i'Rclusv4u wqd, by edL ro» t. o Lmiolnsu11dTlkortbevroo oparoý l depnnskd ei AnI ionin t~ -Iod of thn i~mn.rrltt a the' asairtanco of hgi yoLi L, u wilt 000331e I was deprived of iuo I0$ .rroe I ol.o p mucoth-imdl-pioed 4sath0 ldulgOestci of }Wur0Uddeo1 irri~ beppeeoeG;t"fi 'llri , r yitJwl. Oo0No. IICairn cret.. * lh tlo~w iorhIf post-p ? 'clcrC. It krru aillH saiae a j kso & rmhrll ', & Co. byj ISAACI YItttfIA tI10 o. I tI4 nlaonrile vtrstl. TiG & fiiBRb6AN-at-xCciid pe0r 0ti o G r e rte'ad Whip eNiloo. .4 Y r 01ll I1 iI0 T'I ISAAC kIlOt &iu. I o l1ort : 3 r,.i msiltarral n 'a sons so di .reade, caaaru m V 13 anF D Y SOUN 63330k., 1 FAITIIFUL AND BOLD. - . .vi'I USe - tan Mornin . ehrald and, te Tesnnd arn dote' u'e on file fer-*tohe bah te flaous anb-cres.,rra. The bii'g'tathvee tom Ve Crus l5th Mervib, i arrived 1y j ft ~nt, itsrp Itelligoehv that the is eapeditriotposnebt a'tFa is abnontned. T ihe i general oa 9'i,'lTlrtf Mtaiobwinll never attentpt dt tI recontue Aiegli C. . - nilh Acnn is daily III growing ifftal rr wid<hathe- lowes cliatses of.the, ai Is a, .$d)rb 6t doubt that he willyet dr , ilt the ir, ealpcboi.f rti, iuey is scarce, 11 I and the gpcttrn ( ent'nIatbot procure tuirdsfto e at f#hnt few sdldicrs hove been left. * ,Tihe brig lpdepehtbg dtsti aed' lir the Metx - cateavy,1t ....been -_d ° o l* aliofrl'e Maue - t fogBaalttinora via this Oast r lShegv.l.t I'S'e Sone s I time ane ari.!f"y , Wsh, aodhivring b..tagat;fiy, no her arrival at Vera Cruz yeas anSilnhtl bya si A4scrieant lhouse. Frci.ah Irigute lied arrived. e Ptrrrothers' were''expected frot, MeMtinique. 'Their eta't was to demand a restorationn 'oftki fore-e b loananade on the French citizens. flir hle.xEi' ;le is in a sad wy. IPtrltiara difhtiors distract her government,-while AmRleni ea and fnce 'threatitn vengeance if protmpt re- I .stitutisn is rolt tmadl for impsitione uapol ttir Ctiti- i zehs. What will she do? Pat Santa Anna.t tlre hoad of rffire -tie ialthaonly man calealnned re haigdovern histlazaroali countrymen. Ile wil.4atisfy d "'fr dnrr44nt ,pfX[ ct and` he Unitrd Satres, in -a way that will savo tre tehonor otf 1Initorrt Ohtbrinkiligs bhtihtntte dtiroughout ehe.whaole counrrty, in consequence of the,orter deRreeaing the valf e.of' oif P e eer'iotn. TIhe United States. g slbop of war Natclcz, had sailed front Vdert CruI i ,r Toampico and olhtrUlexieann ports, to sao the United States Flag respicted; anit Idi tevent any daliedatrions front being committed on our.vessels. i -On the lesasyte.pteoms of a Inttic in -the corn Smercial -world, the raoure pf mnonied i'sttitu. rious should be to relieve those who are perfectly r solvent...li.t, it too often lanppeps that they tae Scodtich thl infection and by drawing in upol tihe -usuali cielitiet natfrded by'themrniring down. ruin E- not oday uln-Athe heods of thoie whimo ar. sus)cct ed, but of those ti'ho are fully able to meet every Sdetlanroa.lgainst tlint. Conttt .aitd tohetono h. as, fallen so low as to leave-a dcficit 4nsthe sxneettd et aeetrof this .dmnuitnotti mor t than.rifeth millionss o'.f dollar. Iow :s! tis d.ifoiency:to iV' ,,made t,,? to By the botnks eurtailing their'discouaat~d No. Ii becoming paniecstruek themselvesi ns t relusineg o- to grant thole facliliies, which, by their.chnretrsi Sthey neassuredly- have the power tq extettnT Cor d minly neot. TTl.ey Hst ado.t a relief systen.- i-. I'hiere ought lo he a general relict systemi. They ought unanimously to extend to the publinqhe .a Ipowerfulr credit tha twas given them-y the Legi. he Inture. The legislature .fromn whom they deriev Stheit.eredit,-the great tagis of their ir.otetiont- ed will respondIa to lier philaiotitropy, if they will now n" at the tryinge hour, perform a duty, which that hbe nd dy wa6ull fell bound to dn, were it in session. Let ap- thema with one aoeordaISteount fromI fire to cighf r,. milUlintbfdollars upon the realsecuritic, thatu tlv oi cemrCttly 'can erlninlly offer, and all will lbe dr. sale-four tltesolvent. But if the portiyilse of hen. lot dredsof individ'uals firughlt, with securittea upon ng .the saland industry of this people are to be rejects red d dauseless, nlhat in the enieIC of lIa'veI cian the conltrn dlry erxpect Sbut a general bankruptcy-l on, P'oduee at hl it s tr inlrintic value is daily soeuLd. r ten want of that very relief whiclh the .l.bhe cat'n f ity, ford, which it is their dulty to aslFrd, anid which for they m.,nt gire and shortly to,i-or public and pri nd vate credit will.be destrodyed and the Stat thittwn uid back for twentty yearn. Relief elotulti be the i to atclhiwutrd. Securities re abunlldant. Let lthemt the bareerived, and New -Orleans will rise without the tnointnltion to her destined greatness. If these Iu hint be neglebtted, nwe to isr, nid to these who ought to have protected us, but would not! re-. Ve are.no inoalciers. We profess to know no tlhing of the ererls of modern coitmerc e. BUt this we kno,-we kpow that the bhunbugging career of General Jnckson has produced the present awful crisis. People man; talk as they please about merchants overtroding, about Innd aseoculatiosa, about cotton monopolies-these evils were superinduced tby the colarse of the govern ment on the currency, and toewards the United States Ba.nk. The administrationebegan with thit intent to beggar Htie eountry, in order to carry intoeffect their vile schemes against the constitution. These schrmes shall be Itid beftre tbleAtli . n febw' days. Now is the {ile to cxtliilt theni to tile gaze of tihe peotle. They ore accempRnited by their attendant evils% and the chdracter .of our dento rralic governors will be properly npprw~iated. - lu. what. is to bte the issue of this revolution? A revolution once begun, must worki'ts own rtim oidy. Tliu country must feel the lull force ofri a itenttt confligts, before all ntmnds will be. convinced eof the necessity of a clhange. This is htl course of political as well as commercial revolutions, .rery tterchant, cvs.y phaltler, verry ftrmter, crery mncehanic, crery citizen in ,any tay. con-tee:e, ttith tte schemes of the mnnopolists and speulattursd .iLL SToaP PrAY eNT. 'Do we want proof of this position? Lookl at tIle dily failures in :his city. .tlad they cwill etlotince till ati a rtestige of tseaysle.t be left. These are bCnoptablrecq-o clusinsn; Ibut they are sanclusions that fljw itnevitably from eauses beyond the control of any one maet, set of mln, or even tile gtsortltlnent. At one time we were of opinionl that the retnlf of' the specie circular would effect notnle god, but alte the. re sutlt would be to destroy the Deposite tanks. A liferal discount tn the part of the Banks, 'e still I tinkcwould ires:'sr tIe reegolatbor bsitoeshousec,. but it is exceedini ly priolem'atClel," as fro the course of thinge since othe 4th of Mlarchl, sw are convinllvcl Ilhat _o mtney' has s be-a, throwt antler had in many if nit atill of ou: institutions. The stomi we conceive to be just a t its pitch. '"The people, who hId long been peasive under the fluctuations of "'he curteltey are blecioming unenay, and upon the first expl;tsion of n govern .ttent deposite bank, will demand irhe re'establish mentaof national bttnk." So algues MIr. lultler thejid--uc .Ichates of Mr. Van Buren. To be sure, they havoe borne lore than aniy other people lees free woiuld have sufel'red,-they have bhnit chested, deceivedl, anitd hamitbozh d by the goiverti menttsince tile electionl of Jackton, to a dt gree that passes bclief. ilMost si.e attorney-general, andyou think really, that these good Ieolh' , tIhe obljet of your imlpositioins for years aStr, will rise anid demand the roestoration of the currency thite you so nobly assieted in destrno)iig? You are really of thalt opinionit We conlgratulate y)u upon your returning good sense. You adtlmit tilt n that i national bank would restore ath cu:revey? S'This precious cenfcssion either proves thit you,- iour part1y,-lave been sctitig knavishly or igno. rantly. Your fame an tha:t of the strtenutan to whom a grateful peopie have for yitrus c.ifided the care of this'l'lrion, will go idown to posterity l tthe worst possible ilght. Y ll anlldl your coad . Jigrsrtil i Jacksnm at youtr head, wi;l o0Icupy a bghkpuie iin the hItitory of our tbeloved c .oun.try .y-¥ f'und tiho Union pIrterorous and thrivitig, fd int tIe short sp.cea of two ie psidietti,: lue. trants your inesuirt broke upI tle Iountailns of credit and ltought distress in its most apitatdlinig forl io the very door of every citizen throughliea toe equntry. T'ie destroyers of tha t ir 3e t itn.gB' well kswL te result if all thieir. nsai ,'l gy wer. capble of tracing ,caemlslet . as writ as other :en. 'rThy hard .m.eience".T tsm.I them. And ycr tlthey persistedL le owts wen4te dommerci l tlmon phlctre i i c -ler red il itl t11e ds®lsLt plgotudl, thecse tmen dare to Ilk to i aboult " cprdence and prconuvticn'. skoevihd ai • elmand or Ia ntinal bak! l We are tIol. toi l!~p our speeie i thits side the water f r fettr tof ailing ble Btrtmi-t tatits ii theirsatt:gile wilh the pr it pt Ve arte told that the ,nmt ion is whthult t oi t hunas ,r lthe r,'itij, banks shall first l,io tt 'uo. are c hn to n oglto ggusat tie w -th ithe a tn i, i f .t, in Itlcr, ut di..4garding tire int e~as of ttheir e-.onstitu.i. rYe, Mr. Bluer; tigpeoplr wit thiljder ijhi tars ilf thleir servants to nicu thlln a ntIonIaf batnk. O thlis question flm Buren nmusos'tandr or fall. You cannot impose upqn the American people any longer. Specie Circular, are exceedingly planusible. Mfe unita. tlre criaµceralion tof ie qulertion witl the re- e. rbliltmea.nt of a Nationnal ank; aepecuiaiilr.i in lands, emancipation of Ireland, and-other such I hIlti.ugging bytr popular topics. Why is .his? IAt is par prl ad prrtion of the system, to be adopled by tlita dytai y-rto throwv dust in the eyes of the dl.acrtacy, and they will be safe. Let.us d Ireast thin qiatridtiof lis tawdry ornalelater. MIr. Butler says that theareiP ol r"f tlis order will breaek ff the deposite banks,-that .all the specie now lyingg in their vauits will'be drawn our, sent to New York, and thence to England, to payher the forty or filty tnfHilon at, o helier. lThiese admittssiuos are worth a.dzan t vultnea of lean up-onp the eubject. Tiat ithilro;lt.il he the c.hret of its repeal nolae is evi lde.nt to every'man neglidifebl P ltndrstaritding the tli tptrinciplebh'f eominerce. Bult had tfie repeal ota eh place when thetvngrens orderdi it, to each consr que ncep. would-itie fltoedt nsrd.rhinehncpt of credits would have taken place, no general tbreaking up could han e'occurred in the comamer tjal world. Its passage .nid its 'epistreno up to Ftbruary 28th; ieusetd ait unnaturalheaping dti of specie in the depoplttl blatks ead thr0$y tthk ,pecua latiots ili ands apd'athe produce of- tahe.country. into tihe bntds e f thie toeygtown mo.ntnit btlb. IBad as trwa the effect consequent- upon the destruliona of ltho.Unii(i Stuteis lUna by tihe ·ounting Jack son ,and his herd of eourtirr, it Was nothinlg tif copro r th wit t hpt whiCh rose freon the pue.-sg of Ithe treasry order. -roai'on July 1830 up tiiiihettit day of larch 1837,',the ofldttrctti of coalmnertala desttruction wer'lin activercomtnotion. Tit votl cano elxibiitd crury, day d.rigs ttat time, the twell known signs oa an approacklng erption, and yet rite govgrnileont tnadea not tlle -lightesl attlmpt to rcqunteraet so grat tan evil.. It knenv fromn the first nirhart.aa to be t result, and uietly awanited the issue. On.thel 4th day of March the convut. alo. beganirand hlasbeen shlaklng-he Unioe to its very centre front that dainj to this. The goverin tient now-comesfoorward, aed in tbe midst of thie iltvastatinr and rein caused by its own nats, bold ly avows its inablr ity to cieck the stiorml, traces the ceiuses of its inability, and triells truths tlitit nust have been cogilaunt ofl' Ifore he passage of i its drsnctalive order. Now what are we to think of n governntent tlaii can tanl'per thus with tihe best s iotcrests of the publlicl 'T'he people s ill are long Srise in the:ir migliatnd hurtl it front por-er. It will be remembered by every one that can aead, Icat Air. Dutler confreses that a repeal of tliis olllnoxious ,order will destroy the deposite blinks, and banish ithe epecie fromn tie country. WVhy did tire go vernment crer pass.au order, the repent of which Sowas to have such a diasltrous effect! Let it on swear to an insulled and ablusead people. Not a bale ol cotton..--nut a hogshead of To Sbacco rtso eltylip y'.sterday froim this po0t! V eo Dr. Willioanis propoanl. Our NeTw Oileans Oculists now have a rare opportunity of dislin -g ituishirg tlhemselvre. s Vt Ilenavo somnctlhilg to say to-morrow on Ihe Ie beautiful D)ramla of Lafittr , from tile pen of Mliss i. ir.tk. 'The public expectation runs high, and n if we prolphecy aright it will not be disappointed, ft ior lhose engngedit Ithe piece are enpable of mnak. i it te .Reitort peuaka highly of the new stce.ns, r thi dressera te decoratlians, and the talent em ir ii),y d. 'if 'Io-iglit, .outico anld Juliet, for the lsst tilme. eh Evtry boud will go to iear the last note of tihe ri- nclk-bird. Puatanelli is a Iost of herself. T i then N.utna on Sunday night-Normn , divint ie Normai! 'Tis the soul of Belliani transmitted init i tile noble pricstens of the Druids. All other workli or hide their ealids when this is to be said, sung at,. se played. MONEY M1 . 431' AN.D CITY INThLLIGENCE. Thursday, 11 P. M. The rilteres ctilleeutiues. Oh Wediecdry the Iargeet-cot. t oue i the lu uthe rn country weut by thle oard fur lita.e S etllionb ordllar. Ikt vaidlthesy slow assets f6r sixteeland ehalf iilllhas. l'le other houses that Itve s apeeld are teieirti d at about twelvre illions. Amerln them are ten,of our first eommeri hl tajelibhl. eents h h opainion atno trhe kuowing olles is that every bbi aest yield tothp'unparalh Iled prc ture and deranugement. We tould ain lhope for i Ilotte issue, I rt enodtitutle d a our trade ai behCi, udt rcon lucted with the eeeecy that hel hitherto nlakedt it, there is Po telling how- tle revolutiou will eveuntmtv.. i'fth public, Who are intereted ntit delig in the iseue, ane let in the dark. lI other countries, the p es iw the orgs n to lriend they took for information respo ting the tett oh conitereo. Uilorteu Ienely in New Orleone the journeal bave hitheret done little more than reflect very imperfectly the lpricen of he rti trrt ticie tof produce. onL te lac in our possession tW ac byn no mThee prepared t..sptak ehcouragingly. The trthm -.ill Lete ir .ey, aod twyet other tehe of blue .y thtl'now and thee it brk upou us ae ehe sifns of inireaehi.g violece. re othing woerthyf oeticte in the market. The hole of yeterday the r. in poursed fTrot the heretnae; two or three heavy thunder clouds ptaned over us, acompea iroed with te tnlem vivid libthtnieg, The day was dark and glioome, te much moll to require lighted candles to do buei ncss by. " . POLICE: RcnnDER'aS eouer- SiecoND MUUatICrlity.tt. The ecurt wat unueually crowded, lur the rigi. a itnt police ad captulreld everal gentlelen klock d It.e, pick-pocketsa aeel ehupiciMo clharacters, and te hie fridndf had eteemed ti nscertain their fate. ' 'he firsbt thi underwent his examiuntion, twre a sligbhtywtngomtn, with o down look, but riather p genteel, accsell of inveigling intto rotet, noltlis +llin h grntleatnan front Mlisisaippi, under pre Stence of frnislting hime a bed. The Mltssii lii n lheviet wecrahipped reathPr freeolynt Ih .itrit e f iS latelhur, was strn aier ihe laid downp in the nrte .(f Moerplteer; when hie hoepitable friend, Edward Anledrase, alias Devis, tlie-lHoxhursteetias Iloole, relieved hinm of hin pocket book ntntd not wishing to disturb Iris oitTlbere, left hiu without I idding n i farew ell. Iecomtmitteid for further ex'ulilea )T lioRn. The second caet wath lite of IMr. A- L- a Frencltuatti, with eo little gallantry ast t brutal i ly beat Is, haLurd-wtrkiietg, industrioue, ife, for - which a'.is fIoeor hound him to keep the peace, ill A $1oo0. 1 'Threte worthiesf fcr nd prowling abouet he' streets --nre releseedr the other two hound.to give seeit Ie -Cliharle Wilset, 5 feet 7 inrree higik , rather rei teat [etale dark cotmtilexioln, e-feW Oc Ilit uplier i leii etiteteitd qrrt'sled with a bittthl of phltsleho Iut, fortutd oite, etrnnfly sutpecettd If no g.od it. ilc ret tt. dltl elia tef tculitvi, entl to El Cldtaeoosa ftL 30 da)ts, as Cvpgytbel and r Iatliiotuar per er '1. G. Sthli pale, th it, ell dretsCed oung te tmnr, iwilth rlltll p erary " ; rtl-,.x..neid. Ihound itt keep' the peace, ilt $.I0u--Wm. iaelty' anid P. Ih lertyi, security. intl CtOle', i small, light clapn, well klnowi to ter tie . ,,lce, as a het fellow, idle, diesolute, uled e thivi.e Ih-hl id to-ker p e I peIlce in Al00.-e-\V. e tO .cl , e securiet. J. C: ltyteRe yeounig tran, bullineg charac r Irr lieteht eltllp imn , [till-e-reloeuerd utp,t eut di c-limll tritt itt I tight ngait lte should get i double S Alex. Piper, tlneckl g; &c.-Re-cettittaed for further ttieintiliin. - e ' TlItltasSill le+ tf kiKetuciekt, a ~prorting - i ar aster, leretted in a thiusatl doleets lt-, felr the t , tee--ElijelIlL. lloffltmt, oef Kenttcky, sctu rity. O NOTICIt.--Tlte ehip FRANi{' I NI.i, \Wtool, Smatter, is disetbargiltg etrgt Otllposite tie 'egetalll.r ItMarket. COllaigntlea will plertte ltke rut their Iercetits ntril etirit do tile rce ipt lllof teir goods. e li '. Neither ttlehCptain tior eeensienetofrtlb Blritilt te, hlie 31 ,iW.tARE'I' will lee restestiblo far the debtstoli to it crew. all II. C.CAMIMAC K& Cii. T1. I.l e holl at the Exlchieigeo, corer of Chartresr ly atd St, Louei.eeteeetetet Seeturdtlty, Cilt ieId, it el noon, thi e Ilegr bo ee OliiO N.lhlrmt '.: yept ret i m ld an e: live well lee.kilne it.erol,aetl i oldl witlh it fell getrerAl le agailnst the vices aml utludieo piresecri ' y law. Ty T-r1eetcash. __ aid4 leiSlouiW--Supeposed to lave been- enit tdloel S . ail- ta.ke fitom ellEI) Iletry, Irnte UBIoese, eto-te s(,f lIrrercltsit.eesotietrlee.tldl; o'. Seivee, tearkcll ttmle.e. OfFi Fld &Maltrkt, St; It,ti eCare ofJ. lltilevy, Ntw )r e Iratls. Airy ipe on having thetp i 'ia he nsscaehln, will crolt.:r t Favolr by $vi·g itieilouttittl Ofen same e tl Nu, ti 5 i Grtier ttreet. 111111 JOSEPH COCK.hY '°. rl I f Ml*F.eltujerira hour titlittleljut[e rle d = Imo tnamgnt wltmats' white tt(el irth holette ntce lu li usoi e rtd. e r zulihjeatnnt hdkif'5,-l reihrick it i ,a wnrilgy eo other goetr, wllelt they w illhsll Let, f1ii-y'- oe for par, at horll data. @t! u • lCAM MACK& BCo. 65 Cr..v;er at, rita el italleel, frrre' low for ctsrl or S/ appfroved l irer terms, ppl toe e" i- H.4 A*AIIA(K& 'Ct. " a I(t ( * A It WI K L-itu hoee Ctrol Searsl Wal bbl Nea2 ttd lI do N.t 3 :elel,ckcI, am'P j ltit from brig Geoee , rtsleby,. "irhtltet rig a1 r Ki &eR J P ertIITtIPMTi8 CIotIrti it. tee, '1:1) ell tell r youngl mn itelt tkethe Ihn r, 1, *, ti 11, l,,+.. oil e,'<, .St tCherie. 'I't at-', a 'lI ll'. F NF v UltAuF. iNLV .' COKAKKI YESTEattAY.-1 A. 5 O N eo. iPhih es, New York, G Bedford- tevgdP Ci 1 ett do porko, a d hoe, hhd ndt hum, i b ihbed d tri St llrry Campean:v, A Lewis--.baaont. " tJrdii christ, Isteo, G Id idl d- -cargo d 171 seoks -ern, . bhbls our. i20l tltves. 3cbr Zephyr, Ca, Is,Bostuo, Bailey . Abbott--cargo lt9 bbls aork, 0JU kegs lard. Iehr SuSan Ludwig, tnow, Tanepa Bty, muster--cargo 287 tf e , l lp th 1ý a. bundles keyy hr ter91te SýA1WnS.t rtittene Coeget-& go--aqnLaJd hbb poi fu, nor -gos suitg , lt bag ouRee. 'lhoeeýlieY Shetio tloCPs~oeh. I Sylwat bei, Rbesin, from th 8 G V I as, towed to sea Hon-ton, nud.Jaliua Caser;. b.ialit ,up ship oubt ?l'Hrris, aruMaryue mhr bis C t a e,,lLe t..h ItypeLoto. Left oat the bar oe ship comingll 0f t oe l ah i t'te river and several small .esel, bond 4p; all bdtwrdoud vesseshad ngone to sea. I Ts boat ludson, le"wrot ,from the Paseo , towod to sea 'hips OrleanS. Rioetzi, aod batqoe Jouie brought up ship Eqgeatr ald Fratote Ani. - Leto-tho I.al, on thie Itth at h8 M. reports oua ship ine the oliai supposed to be the Ann MaI ry Aun; i. the ritor ship New Fglaltld, boutd u p. Ship Frt-cc Ann, tuule, Liverpool, vit Waterford, tMach 3d, to Batley & Ahbltt--eargo It3toketuaelt, toorder. Ship Eqattor Btisenle, Ilavre e ith Fob, to ster--in balloast. Shp obert torris, tletuillen, 17 ds lie Philadotphia, to S T'herttouu& e-.cargo, assorted mdzoe to J S t1au; P Set Maer; N A J Dick , co; W Masses; Kirltmnl, ttOsser 4 co; taekuer, Stauton & c; J C Wuaeer it 11 Me.Glli Wileoe. Andereoen " o; A Thomepson; A Girant; Brander, McKenua tt Wright; J Nettles;'T C Cash, Stocomb, Richardt & co; lieo kitus Wilcox;T P'r iner; ' Lieorick,\V II ttenae ; ;Price, Jontetn & co; S L tlo.s; J.Vairt; L.tigh, Maddulx 4 co; Khabesoe, Wood coe; Mtrti, 'lutesuts ' cit; J Y tuylest ; A I WVnUaei e & co; Yeaeat.g& eo; EL Tracytd Di ck; R Lay ton;G Mlortick; l tV Wl'tlieanoyE Lafoutt; nod order.- l'ts seugetr, Altt Olharplec antd daughte, Air Tiodet. IBarqUoe elotageett; edeýt "Styh fn Liverpeool, to C Coam maek.o cE--catgt 00 to;; iton, il30 ton sl:;, to ei C Catttoee .cttOrder. UtrtgCcaeoere, m-eey; l days fo'vctoGrub', to maeter-e-tr go Wi7 specie,to Lianrdi & co; F 'Cougol; Kohn, Daron & .eo.F Frey "e o; C Kecnedy;.3 pls. to J W trodtllte; Pa-. lCngeo, Itet lVaedron; U Sh-.vy, J Lheuoedy and tlitili;'J ldCDaoiel,.CField, Arguorillt, D3H Esotcedo, L De.ohthp; 3 idddolr, C Ittllhett U stderage: oiohr 1ypertoh, ~nahtte, 5 dsyclm-elteue , to R.G(roeiueg .o-carob W1bag. coffees, '2 boxee sugar, esOare tad fruit to R ;olng " CeO; G Josro; ,KRamco e ttd&etalr, Ptuoengers, Con Ped o.aaga.tJMl GrCtoeu, K ueeo, A Schemtato, A eomo,J Mcllito, N thortoz, K Ciron.ing. Shrt Joaues, Bor,, froet Mobile, to BeCtoon & "hetfeld.- eotne 30 etdrds ooC6d, to erdt,; 6Pb ls Ih n ioreo Gore Id fere. - - Sehr Talm, Merihow, froel Berataria,o Jrteoor. Ste'tomboatWahiegton, Ntreick, froot Lafouurclto, to mast,, r -elaor Ci hhda sugar, Herraoo.,iKcllog , co. dt i\\ e Bu dat; net7 bales couou, Laotb.tltl itte. t 7mps ; 50 do J IC Pluucohe co; "do tleuri 4-GCittret.; e ales ntlost,, 83 bblh om0alOes, Fioldteit4 sluge tmtill, Stewait. l'teetouger :.A tRttbittco, l ,eI; t.tla ohr etbberd,Vngo, Dfe, Ccoroe, C Gree,, BlSjee ed Dubier, oLte Ltre to Hawley aeid'cld.y .ittey, Ir Sharnp, Oliver, Ptepperd, H Boudeau, Gaudoet, A B Toompkint.eiiekolon, J P Kntttlock, UtBtepoa, A Peorlee, J M Cruubacker, C Ladrey, \V Keen. J tt Laud ey,Tulauo, Jourdau, S Dozier, C &olt, Capt WVinles, l C Poetet, S Worts. Steoamboat Black Ihiawk, Gordo. from Olelousas. to asteer -cargo btl. d cotton, C oledaeeo; 117 do A MAuori; 54 do Lastrapese & Demaro . Passetgets G Slmith, Gertecra, J B aockers, L Urttaey, EJacobl, F Daher, ," A Kigebur'gi, t Henior, Witnde md lady, yelilho eod lady, J Sttth, Dr Di al.e . ' eo;mthoat Bayou Daro, Liurolt; Bayou arat, toJ (i Bell cargo 4 bhglees colta, A Lodoux;3T WV Flower; :d J BPtlueet t cut; it. ee - Jtlrdy; - Lambetht & Jtthumpson; 14 1. Le. c;trpeatior; and sundries too doe. Passenogers, tees'sr.P Lon MtT ATllhi, Attbre, ltonau, Wood, Edtoltdstot, BIaldill, Iuhotety, Grhae, Cook, Laceaentr, tto;dy, toeo, Btetlr,e lc i8ltorte,, Gidyan tad son, ttrrowe, Davist Gillot, Eleos MIor gaot Lewis, Atory, adtte Dellhootudr. and dauglhter, Etudlt nsd daoghtcer,T'repaioer, Ftxon, It lunt. ' teaolboatt ellt Colttbiea, Pteas, fromt Vicksburg, to msot.e .-.argo 53t bal6e cottoet, turkc, Watt . eo;t -l2 do It.cytdoe, Byre e " co; 130 ldoJ A;mor; 58 do Loigh, Maddtx a co; i5 do luchanan 4- Ilagto; ido l:ullitt, tllitp a co; 4 do bluek toer, Stanton co; ''6 blgo Ctolin seeol, Kelly, Mtaso & co; •hoxes 5 hbalet ndz, A P'hillips. Pae.eongoi , A M-oler.itt. 1 IC Thayer, C Lewi.J Celhddtl , WC Blaoks; .tBlhobeuo, D It olte, ll Carstont J SoriC, Canmtpllt ti 'Lvieaetot J El Kuob bsoL, J L Dato, n-Jlo, kde, liV A Michttx. Steamboat Monarebh Flt ertoeu, ftast Louisvillo, oto tttlor--. cargo, anerted ptoduoe. Ott. lot toat, l'ualey. fronet Sunmer'oounty-l, Tcn.-carge 0 hbde tobacco, to Price, Jolnusn t - co, 3MEMORANDA. Brig Cosecove rc orto S Eltitp Ntchez to Ibato sailetl .lte day tor 'O'atpio;-lld a lcrente slipt of t ar errted at Ver reuz, Itd 4 tltert expected from ltartltiluo. Frances AeAtt aeeh IC9, lIat i; "2, tu, 71i,.Illotolto lship Co lumbhi, oef-Alcxaudria, fit Hetoe for Clhaorlmtot, S C.l dn;t' out. TRiUE AMERICA' N OWkItCE. .I3 t&:3 JD A ,S %3Týýý.WMs'.11.S,.ý. van In conneccion with tnis Ollice is ASPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSD.TMENT OF TYPE, N FOR TIHE PIRINrING OF ea.] Paa.phlets, Blank Checks,. I Catalogues; Bills of Lading, ,-c Labels, Dray Receipts, No. Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, I Show Bills, Steam Boat Bills, Circularss, I IBOO Circulars, And every dcrriplion of .ob Wolrk hltnt anvy be reqni.d. - tl"l'ho pro rietor reslspectfllyl calls thle attnntion of 14 the public to tieo ubove Card, otti alosres otl th Iat tll il;1 work intrusted to his care shall l,e done at the ltorn st ttl ., notice, in a stylo unsurpassed in this city and at the olwest rates, . " ___ --. TLUEA'cRE--T'. CKARI .---S. - ( OPERA NI IIT. THIS EVENING, IRO11EO AND JUIE'T. TH•e D rnECTon Ilt the hotnr ofooo uIoCiog to the public tlhat Ilellinito getnd oltta of loottechi uutl C.- [ pulettiwill be presented Tills EVENING, April Jlhi, 1837, for the last time this season c ositively. .ifnorn . e' 'anttoeclli and Papnti " till oaplper. Sigr uilbj t ill silg the celoebroted air of Anoor di P'trlt. Jj[ 1MIONTJECHI E CAPCLIE'TTT. Gailetta,Sigu.rt.lPapntti ; allome, Illntnnelll ; Ca t llo C ndi 'Tchldht Ctrsiuti: I.oreoutt, Badili • C orus, Guards, &c. &c TO.210lIWO W, 1 A1' Ir 'I" E., | PT/te Il'ralc of the (idlf[. Ir From,, the ptt of lliot Churlotte larnes. OElONI)SALEL'oFLo.OTS AT P:SoAoC'(lt.t10 ril :; econil soneflute i the noew lity tf Pits trC.- I la otllMonday tihe first ay of MIy llnet, t ,O r tlht st direction of W II Cli so, Actitng T'rasteoe lo the otensa eolaCity Company, l.te Latd Coompttoy. . The coaldition witol hre as staled ill tie advertisements' I for the sale of Jllanary lnst, iz:-- c 1.5 cous; otr endorsed papers at Gntontths, titltotl 1-5 in one year, S1-5 it two ytear," 1-5 in thre years, . without interest. 1-.5 hi our o ear, r Fall titles will Ite gilen tlo purchasers;br t thie nottes willtear mortgage uotil laitl. ThIe last ptaymdnt will be roeitt, d oil oash lotts lhall be improvled witlhn oe year frot lrte day ortfale, bt n- sltltltltioal hoose, not lces thon-i5 feet front, by 20 feet in dtpt oand, of two storie high.v Frtole a Iparticulars will h mtadeo known on the dtay of sale,and distribution made of explanatory maps antl coutolo esr. c WI. T.CIIASE, ) " Al. IMOUINSON, Trustees. CIIAS. AUG. DAVIS; ) Pensaccla, Feb. 14, 1837. f Note.--Maps oftll ity of Pensacola. and thl haetrl of Pensacola, are exhibited at the Arcade Echlange, Magazine.strret. 13 Itit DOLL.,ARS RIE'VAII), ILL be paidifor the lpprehensionland delivery of gthe Negro B IDoy N CLAIBtORN E. - who abscondod from ily plantatitf;, Mlillkin's Bend; Iottisiaua, in October li.t. Ile is oalut 5 trot I1 or 12 iinchesl Iighl.l has a .tllowish atppeorae, rather slim and a very. i titll'oont conlltentttnce. Whoever will tlolgeaid boy it jailso thati heen t ftMAd, shall .be1 at l titled to the bovt e art, o altlitotion too Burk, Watt &1Co. tllehs been seer n ttl'r t tilte Railroad. s o12 1t • 1'i .l'l' MAIHEI. " 1(R--.\citlrr Ca ,taiu azr cthelCncci t0tL iN utitislt-rlilp lotrcalT , willLe relp.nsilbc fr ti dr Hlto rtcrotetold biy th cretw. r 1:1 - II C COEAMMIACRI & ,a. IPOilKI--Ul hils clearlco, uteo pltitlo , & c. for a!oe.rI . alt IAY ET & AMETllEI.UNGi,17 ( N tlerae rt. a AIi( & l ACON, tr aole at 4t Newtt Ievee, ty • aleG I)aM!SREY. ').t'tAGtlAC IIEltlliNGSt-t:ttI ls plil.l , tit ver; S rctllhee prices, to e loae sales bty 3 ad ot 3 i JOHNSON, 92 Cotnot Stt.t P. ACO N.--0 casksn orist..g oi" .lti aid e, i·n, shololders, Ciacinttati rnooked, for odle in qutnti 10 tio to rFUit purchtsers, Ihv td a10 Itt)(ll'1' & I AWTIIORN, 63 Gratr st. l+ 1.O1 ' R.-_--.il;Cincitnntilokcrscbrttd,tiattore c. -nt O ItO(1;RR'!' A HAWrlfiN,83 (&r Wrr'I Ft.l l te i ef bv the nuh'rsig. ed, 355 hh s ,'lorn pork; 18o ...1 : -'O rtK. rK & BR nOT I IER S, 55 C Inmp st. I ARI).--370 lrlime No, 1 leflard,t i, store and for r t sale byrrtlr ale13 rIG mERT & II. lTHORN, ;3 Granvier st. I IAN l) T-3 pines 1 l,, ON-a.ax |harir', Sigrnetle & SI)ularoy. b: L a ts of lile latvltr, f tor soleab a13 Bii)('Il &IA\\ 'TI'IORN, i9 (IIravIF rRt. i Witl e, in tore rt( Coel r sle tby * I PI O-]-4 n lhi4llcl miCe e spri.il lpa rn ilf ALt str sore nndflr c s ltv o 'es alen by f IoETRr l IIU WTHVARIN, t t13 bill irayi,.r .. It, L pats. Ilandin rltnt', folr wslte a L rv "l " a.13 I AttEIT'1' I 111\ ' I,))llN, f3-,ravorotet. t a IN.IINNATl I ll '()N--Ic.y supll rior, ssuot itcll 1store antd fir sale bIV I a1: .1I.AYET & HArEl~, G, 17 Colnoittre t. 1- O I N-7Tth srks, olytdioeL frrtiltl setllter llllt itl for )r for rle bIly I, ]AYT & AMEINv 13 " 17 Cmtlnerce st. Stlta tlblt tt K oltllll'loa n tlloll F, 'lr Ite al43 J III'S VA'hlRIN2t I'oylirno st. ont I- !I1 -1-on :ls loading f,Hott stetltoowt tolott l atld for sale by ,lULIUS VAIIIIN, Sa13 ti Poytloras t C .,1( NN) 0 vr'."---1 l1011t) n., ,, pn. -.d Ck , ata. landing fromt fltt lat tttltl for title ho a13. t1,(), ) & YIlN, 157 'ITchottlitottlrt ot. I tII4I..Ni tN) St I. I ',--37 hblso middlings, 11l 150 salks shorts, rin-s-',eoievtd oh tb ale Itr 1 l .41o1) h & PlYIN h :I 'Al lolnpittotlol st. I, . -I - ,11.1i , ,t-,'o T t -t toar ttliite tlttctloditg-frttn, Sa Itr lEmilt y luaht, t, raile lIv tt13 ,b I .I lWIITNFI', 8 Ctotttt. a it.\N I 1Jt '--( bhlea lauding fronotlo e itsho or lorv, I or saht at 131 t0aIIn .f. Ito I I 0 I RIDGE & t.t I' .l it ehll,' se t suet, , thle pocket book V of a subseri ascut ig .his pocket, it cotained- . followi. decrieS .lies--wJich the sc Iuoblie rc r uotioned ginst recolig I1 N . It i ll .i ,a, o t t ,0"e v4tr , O 7 It. . Nichols, do . d n."teadorsed y y31. Blcklev, 2"40 00i o J. It. l ' tllam , do do. -t ( h 0. at Joln l)wyer, two do cdorted bi .) C. i Sw:in & Co 37j 00 O Ii D. C. Swan & Co, two do edoursed byv Jno. Dwyer,. 3 7tiH a1 Newton Rilchard, at three' fbare, endoredd by D H Twagood, -0830 S. Audler, at eaetanoutlie, emlorsed by 31 Bar nett, Sta'r, • 1,000 00 lIahaic, .15 00 I SIfhe thief will tdturn the notes to the sutbscriber, ttrotl the pnOt ofice, will enclose -to any address he nay designate, through the same chamel, Otne Ilun dred Dollars, no questiona ahked I Gius'rAvus J B3URROU . i, New Oleons, April 1Oth, 1137. 3t 500 DOLLARS IIEWANSB F'IVE hundred dollars reward will ie given by tihe 4 S. subscribers, to any peroenwht-will give stelf in formation us mnv led ton the deteet:mOt and eonriettirt of t the incendiary or incendiaries; who attempted to set-lira to our pIaeisee on Satordey nightt Inst. " t In ndditiolinne wtuld beg leave to call it tention to n the CrewIrd of " ui000 DOLLARg, " offered liv the sevrPtl Insurance Comtpuaies ofour ciyv, fof the tittectiol ofineendliiriea-wnhicvh sum will also a be told to whoever will itform and convict the villaina ervillains, wiho were oacerrned in Ite above flagrant ttemnpt to destrov ior l'xp1ertv. - eln0 t dE)YI.E l MA.V, No 3 Curoetdelet at. 1tOIDULLAS ltEWAti). A RftEVADlofee thousand will be paid to ancy 7 d persont givlug sutcltriddrnstion as will lead to the coneerlitontof tnv eirson sittig lre tb atn house in the. It S'eotid tllnteiptillt,. JO.IOHUA'BAIIDWIN, :ni0 Recoraler' 2nd Municipality. A REW RD, of one tliousnod dollars will be paid to any prlsro1 on givng"a Ctll-iltftttrstion that n ill ied utothaltP reheosiolatud€c'arutte :t el o nf a e preoit enganed it. tLe told and rcckcpas attnmpt to set lifire to tlie paint cblp tf llenr'.o nyle mnd Iay, "No 3 C.lotl delet street, on Saturday sight lastb , by JOLIIUA B3A.lDWIN ,,t - retmtiler 2ndl :itiuleify. ") TOWN OF-COLUl IJtSi--'I'lX4S . . T HIE"tIwn of Columbuhs is beautifilly anid twivnn I tageonly it natd ond t branch or atln of. MltI cordt Bay,erUnad Freopanlaoit, alout I . tmiles from Pase Cahbetlo, (tile maine pasn) .whertvessels drawing I1 feet wttter,eahenter'ant dileharge on tile hbeak of the bay in perfect safety. T'h very ltberl terms of settleoent offerit .by the prapr'etor, is ao iendaeetmcat to teehaaio antiothers to intlerest tltmselves in. thin place as -oon as possible. orrect mops of the town mty Ie seent antdterme known, by callinag o Mrl. Evaiot, at the The Aqnerican Office, or on Mr. llilla, corner of Main street an Old Levee, who are regularly at' 1ittated ogents. - . .. A YUNGi[.ADY, recentlylitrived front Londot,in nwhichl cit she ihas pasnd several veaors edtuctjg tile daughtters of grtlemen in tihe first rttk ill society would be.~ltipfy to et.nee herself as goveress in a fam;ly, or to atttidl ,pds at their homes as a general instructrets n .l th usuoi branches of female education, or to givels Ione ifnaty of.tlho follotwing aeeomp.iih mnts. liano - Folrte, Singing I)Drawien in various sttles, and Flower mtodoling in nax. References can he gives t tthe highesit'fahilies in titls city, and tile rmtt .tatiefitctery testimonials firon Englantd can be offered. Atd, is A . Postil. _ ,nl-_ .MAYOIALTV OF NE OVI( tI.EANS. Tlhe price offresh flour to day, bcing $7 25 cents per1 tarrel, ouoPdiiug to thbe triHll,tha bak'uc s ha give 3 rctuler of lbrel.d a it, dulrig aext weeok, fron Mll- on av the l'lh inast. Ired of Ithe saccuuold quality, or of in1 thri-e la !ves for a.lbit, is requre ed t) ,i lt 47 1 auu April 8thi 1837. di 3XCOiNARED,L PI,vr, POiRK,& W\H18s Y. 75 hhds Cincinntir bUcon; ryi 100l0 kegs LeI. ' Lrdl, -d 3I) barrels first rile Flour, 500 dei CletCl, MiStos atl Prime pork, S51t) t MolMngloaniihtlawhiskey, 73 Ioxes clear rsdes, pet ul resl r ry fllor thlle lI- ai vanet maiket, firsale at G r (mti l'r st. bli al0 1O(IRT & IAWTHORN. I edL XT AILi, WiNl' , &0.' -&lo-fite irlo'iteri have Ilr'atoc ott 11 linding float sohi)s I~i., o it nod lltnry Cilav; tIi casks Ihiston h'on: Cu s aiif=;als e iw :+ ines, 0 I pipes, N, Il half tip t, 8ilt atter cakst, 1351 cifres Hi-hlam'sr Sicilv hlcdeiri I1line, entitled todf debenture; i ciases sweet Stplli l th c kolatln t; 2010 bares Jllles (Gould's ,. No. I soalp, ior sale at 134 alglazilhln stlie "' tll I'RO'T'ICTI(L1 110e1):: COMPANY. 7a11:E lhove ompniy is nlow i nlltt ole, hi , tion; lnd 1 T in s cae nli of l fire, the meu i -l mbers wi ill attend ,C ( t. thle lE gine House, N) 5 t almt .. tre1e., c it tilR S.1I.E--1 bist r. . cookwasher, and irour; I will bie sould lh ifil nncdile llnplh'atiti b Io nde lt til ' ''cllllpiloults sitelt, to . Ill'. F I, TRC\(Y. 0LR. -- 1 -60 a tekls corn l tiatdit i ii t'eiiuer Me S10latticil, , ld flr sale tit 1l3 T h'ei o l. ! )\b a10 10G1IT & HAWTII(IIN. R (t iOFF Il F--l0Ibnisp imie Ri cofiel, and Iill'nbus ]Invnn do. inl store td lio r sale in Ise tot suit pur clrla'ic, iat 6o 'ilenvl'itl• e atre , ivk II I nlO 1t i.\lt'& . i"i'II tiN. LOU 01ot-'.20 thlli Ohio .'lotr, Ulaker'.-- broad. for i cu lt le tit i 3 Griavier St. tl WTIi i!p10 B. _ , i181' & ilAW'l'lOlt , Y1AAT·OR 011.-5il lbls No. 1, Carthr oil, irsaln e at ei a40 r Biti(IUR T & ,IIAWVTIIORN. H- I'iNt I & -ASlA l- aim kt ul'llchaii ; ,ill do of Ll -Croi'; 30 do of I.af vttlle, anld 14i0 lo other choice Irai do, ill stor a cnd for allle cit ) ( tllla(llo s. by a) ll fl'IN'&. CI .,_. IIIASINS.&9 190(91(YfNG --)I'I'FIt--u assxrt i lent of Br1azin- and roof copper, io stoe llad for .uie a1l0 Com nolln RI street, Ib C . uil0 " - " Il.IN & COIIIEN. )(7i'ltitt . 11.cli:-c20f icaskis cof prter ntd ii, li_ lie n l'hilrlcllthicN y tli uperiorl Ir, illng, jlust ire. ceived uuLr'for ctatoiti Iut c'alllnlin ct liv Silorlnr o nt ofSeirr .ill six to tiofv fahilo, aIlls Squantit of CIt nets, for saletlll) ()ait lie o t. ly aV12 o" LATON1 &; Co. Aj N"/P -T'.-eT d .ss. nollt drib more Ihan e ight feet when hi to proe e proceed to Attmka llg, and loud tiutlerfor a Northern port. A liberl freighl will be given if ilnldiate a!lllitction be made atl D Conmonstret, to O . CORN-90 seaete corn, ill store and br sale at 12 1/1 I'oNdrri strle; by aoydrs stret, by GRVOT & PIGE. RECTINIED WHISKEY-175 hible landlng f'lmt steamer Clumblluits. for sale iFyviv If l1 -" i I)ORStY, t1 New I.evhe. F -OU R--0_hlcall handihg from Flut 1no;ut nurd fir ssal. at `'6 Podlras st .hb -_ _ _.[ VAIRIN. ITSl .' EY'-100 -I lls ric eltild lal i ,g id ticr e ' by all ( li)iRSEY,4 Net le .ee. 1I.OUR -500 bllat.li ll ,',o steameF r I·ouisville fir sflctat 3iN.w lceve,, by al2 G DORSEY. RAlI, lRAD I IrON-n stair, a esnnll lot of Rfil SRoul !ron, liar isale nt 53 Old Ievee st. hv all inmo IAYTfON 3 Co. 3 A Rt'1'c, tOx 1 urt Whls, i le ye, N'hcrl, EarFh, ) lul n \Vood Ilerr s.--1. Sollh'y j'lft 1'el'eivre t roI PhHiltulel dia, of \ nel\'i lld) i noun iihtl ure, ill :loi'e +Ind S for , le t oi Cituip trieet, brl till" 'I' iTlY &I li 110rA1111". Codlil) i' E l- ) liic i lhaldiig rol a ilat l out, tld lon saie at 116 Tehou ilonlas st. by tl KI L TItl \a Y. O T IC E . -- O w n er ..icf r y s N o s ., 5, @ 0 fi, 7 ,". - tc lici. hallel(d I%,' thenl, t ih oli f ir nt dip ,hlult Bnll; g or 1(bI ,u will Ie proseccuhid nlrcurllling ti law. nill III:IN & (1CO1EN, tO Conunonlllt xV tIll . ,vl[Nil I oydrns st.I l (IIO-.l IiINO, R0(IiO.tNS, &e.-Ilreceived per sil ) l.i erpll tul and ]]inely { "!+iv, ,0 cases hr i'tls } hr boa t;t ,Uil shioc; 1t( cases Sitemuiiil,i tlooi~i, ftr sle by SnIfl . 1I llIDGl &. Co. S4 AL--0tIsocl' iverplol .tislt. Incltng fle, t hip SWVmandl John,for sale at 8 Co(n'ist. i eO' M&Jl 1WIIIT'NEY. Nl COF -1l ing pri1m eent ItN i ll pua Cyle, landing ald flii) tiI 71t ( )llll.)ll t. hy all 1" IO It '( l.iN.i ( 1L.Otl It.-- t0t)i blis hlouir, Iu,,hug Iro ,n I.hltlia: t I4and fur aloby G'R IV\ tT & PA INI ; , U 4 a+1 Pilraes sticet. A lINING.--5 bles lot ,ins Dlck, suiule Ibr o ,o - S i . * ll0 l T'llolup lltou is streel. iH RRING,. S 1,o0 io ed i 91 t-hlif hbll.1 Ni. 1 1 East port lIreeiio ii r ill iitr e oltler ci .lr st tlt Ity ... . .. ... 11B i(int1' & IIAN_.iAVTIIIN, O M 11( --NIU" iesk6 n utl-iir-prli.le, Ciiil n )j22 44 New 1. ve. a l-- TdK.--lesr iid i me, . finr sale by " I at I) ()RM 1, 41 Now I.er.,. - llan t-ill ibt ir. Is iti li s .tiein r V utii lii, iaoas sreets, l iy all iw l -as Kr~ t . t Ill J tilN iia tr by s. 100 bfrs Fleur itJ l dl g fot steamer Melitol l B received _ u__,___ sle OIlIN FTlth R1i11 IihI fiR)'.(AI .or n iBlllTiiS t ill Co I)(fR '"".,1 lJ''" . " n7 1e nemIr ! ohmmne ' lugzine sts.lmr E 1 iF---O bmris Lean:s, ifstore, just received,l re aied fir tale itclyohl T. IR II1YDJi & 1rO'TIIIER , t n7 corner i tonmon and Mugazine sis. I(II hok-- l,0 I ie l'r.ilmeco, allthi ilr r e " l lexiolnn nlarkel, Ifr silta by n tt 't W 11. BUyA N,:ili ,+h I.sver. I IfEY, on. LOr aleYl-I INfor l.se i; 1V a3 U. DO1LSEY,41N-w Iev .; ('AttiI~lUI:'t.N ihO T".-L. ,. TillU' s 1Il nsttliselt iit Wsin estol of re2di twkiless ltbr tlhesonslm ation sI such o thimilis I 11)llM1a n1:1?y be dis mm'd~l to ross 111 UflJIT• l(:ltmi? 50050oM'or.rllttti. Tlhe littitel Its t-og.ss+-lv lIst.o isesly I'luigtieh~, eos-,,eviay Ihe it halierts svhii.h-lttt strge attd tst"y+;.the oslth01ilt vl'rsteselhsss tmtst ctb, me tstsd l wsl visit it. 'T'hltre is tlltlched to tlhe lo'l, mc olthie smol extensive anid slplelidil arlen.s in Ihis section lftlle toniln. The tables ue, ))e i tsuli in lilt iloist lihetral ltul'r wtill the be-t of thl Ntwv (Ci sitsiI htlakot. As tlhe ,-ll)elilit.ell h tvnl I t rcctvl only nt linll ed l tll -rof uilit ces, it lllat e ti , lt that apl)liC tlill should Ilts siado a citt ve its itssiitllbi. _ I pII) s;t i iR . \ IdI +.! lM ,i, th e E n g li . O c tu l st, efh f in s th e Iil pubi!i tlllt le i-i arrived ilt MeI. 'Wte Stlhl- r' "i vute boertiilng hluse, No 15, I'nalst lee r where he Ilav I ecoulteld Irim 1l I) e II'clioCk, y ite ledies nil enttlc en afflicted in their eyes aud eCrs; tInd will nlso gladly Iattenl It the enses of the Ior, geaelis, every dy atd'o'clock till- to i it-i'chc, lie 1 i illso consett so visit any aged or inhiru tiertons who reside withis the linit ofl tile city, oi rcivilog oie li v's Iclie iby Isht irteontniinetg aldhhess, ani t live dollar hill, is hen he will itttend Ont il ileii' tlle hillelovin.g , hetween 4 nld lio'clhvk, ndtl give hiisi candlid opioion i Ihe case. lnhtralce ,v thle private door of NI,. I I, aet lclbore the D~rtggL't's eshe . It to hit it1ttltitl t'leave tlis city on ithe I -t of Miv for Natclhez, wihence hle itill go i th Il1hh o;" Viehlsbulr, thtliee sutin tlr lMemphis on the L5th, thentc l sor i.ulsill u oln th ilth lo June, and thtcI C foe (itslna <ttets the 17th N. It.--A sc(et .!M,.':,..rf'ih- Willibtms' "Tw.ari.+. on sth EYE aull d EAll, ediicacd to thei •teljestics thl, ittns otsrte F-tcnh, sit the lelgiitte, ('fti pilges is 9iis.) se h+t lustnd cl the Attihor, tNt erleans. 'Pric, i. alltn * t-" ti'S 'S t, it'I~ t'lE Tiltitl.+. CINt'IN?; t.+.II NEv ArrIorlll.lli uI. rB~Tl~t """Jns'e aad wel~l lllowvll eshlallillulcnt NTihII c-ttiio c wit se-cl lIen L (corr of Pearl taut \ahiuiit stteIeti) htaIittglheei loosed l) tite vsletrihaer, ie tleics tlnae irT ee 11A)l ehOt t n the ot bs itihaiint t thtsite st l r wlllhi ttlre ti.uias., ee refisltled 111t i nrirleeld--itht iOiutltel t heIVI fulrni'.had, pauinted uhd clcansedl--ilnl thait it is Il,Jw i'u CUy rlee. ide Ier the i. ret tite ktt flolllc is. T'he obttlicriltc bchleg Itulfv awavitre irf sIh . rtt yet-irt oltrithe itie ths t ho ice t loes tuae I ntlsTA' It'E lliCtl'KI. ini Itom et- tli.h s ,l thus ulr, ti e es.-,'ill h+i, sleith g apl.. menr t kep t n...eIf ri ab<nt them-n g prety ofid s•errv ets will it all ice it i-. iy iliititt lo Lit e l eit.LIp tstelt1iot. to th ie w tittll o it hisi cI IitOIIICI is, 11- is i rti-, uulshrsit well prvilled c ti r the i ,omnelllIn tiolofh ulli it sl , slt Ilout eci tr1i-ti lr t isi Ite of" Parlours ith bed reulns ait-tulched: Ilie will havecarringcs' nuil hOst aat ull llmei in rea. dinc oesssI to lV is t I lllUl e rs ortustl-lllrlSpn t ir ulr rivtll ll Ih ttrlueT,fs ee of C.elpnse, to stud lllll St'illl I1111 .,lllllllltlllta, lte hlses tIhat lTrilt lelers lsid ltherlee will civtchim a ttll, entd judge -l his nst!,itulmtmttlintistt or tihemIIel esi, aethlis lils ellt only iethed by wchli h ne its ol hi t.stttblihIhmtnt +t K n h -rt -S v l.l ER Cin1cinnati, April Int, U 37- 411:a AlHE Io lancI o llo ft ocl of lkt ald .'oi*, al tile - 111sclrier,w/ill be ldis. es.Jl of at latual (ostt in N Y New York. There are rculaiiug, a f"w ipice ofi rich fIgn'r d l: a is; Iliaiu andligllord Iel.. roilk:, a sup 'rior o1 i Iual ; o rs Icltelhck tnl[ ctlola*u'*;jn I a od billk gile k g o o- de*lwi* on and Italian silks; also, a ve-ry ftw lr'nech hidl Irih ab !'apdion. Those desirous of I) uramosin*g, w\ill lind it advautnto . dli ous to cnll at 76 Canal sntlre n'ur Hooval, qu - i-lSPRING toGi. .fis. T -.. way, tIr nt Noew Yiork, coriti. g it I ort of a ilet lll0 ot In7ich French rinea d .jackoirne , tphi anld stli I '.oed, new plho*r*'lio Irio h l**o*wlo- ,ilto-lri*r-.. dro itilp,-,- 1iu slid a tiol e o lg oht colore E:d l oi* o0li c1oio . Illo u ligalll'r* * to'rell, t C * l 0ll - I -- .silk 0o*,t'0t1l th * ] ill'o o I }).n + :.is,- 11 y, I)la1l. ribbedc , olerolo * k*llo nooo lih*oI 05-'* J ; hltoI r l lbroichk nd i nwlln h,li'ks , ploilun ht'-u li u , i* bo der- o ed llld olllb 'd ituery silk hhdkfoi , sioo r ls o .td x"l) 7, l t itN all bracl silk do. *Also l t ))hile illh' hhk', Ill .ll ' tar so uill * i* sill il'h' llrol*l*', tolt rl ro 0ilo ;" i< I ' o) - dllo Irish linem I.. The Ioe w1,, ith II an Iolthor r gloo., , have o IIlllo n 0 hret-r 1I ed 'xre ssl l for ther ilv rrud,'le, nd:,0 ' hieibrl on1 r a- _ s MIi l term1 i I ; Craill 5 iill , i ao r illliol, bo ' l* 1 0 i! 1 M: (I Itoo, to s No. 0.llll ll---, duhlin llll ou IIli l l'as shelr, . Iher ill-hInl. 'II `'l'.4'l' i0 IOIF I4 1 l 1,1 \.\-lP'rish (.mnt Ibt tfu fil Il 'l IPai'sh and (ill of \."~ )ileniu..--1I twr,,by IrI I, v, Ihat all .hInnuay ) , 1;17, Ulll, 1 : g millll n \\t tit'1"t l ,d in ' tN is ('1ill t i lohe s it oo s 1|itile .o11 5 5 ) 11 m l l ,isl' I bl', Tlnd, is the wordsa liulr lllt: ~ ii, , t_,o- it I: It: 1101155) o * 1 i ,. t-51 o:: t ) * * lives i, ultp ns co . hiota ,:u t a .l uwi ll , .I t,., u..l. thou Ii . , rwol abo, I t I o5l*'*il*, a t-l er l nd t5 tool<at l* janl e- It, ul5l of 111-1.') hr en.5o1 ill lItsoz of "ih' pIl hes 1,111 11: I' lhe llud.: of ..) hithlllX hhherho oyi.llnu lh't h t She pnltis+, plaihtllh lud dd'+ilendant, he is-alt ed uud sluitl- 1 led, and tht i l eli d'lo0lc tl a y i*t00. a t February I:' t 11171 .11. 11 1 8 31 HI .11$," Io', Ioor I 0 I0 ' alo'I f, I rl' e hol0n*t I the ntv of New (Orlhnusi tl hi 1 0ltlh d o)' o " h," : lh,'lIt Il f ol ur Lorl l ll i ,tad one ta I I1$,cibe imil ," I d 1 th I-t ' tn tl ll t bix. -lih cl uofh del u ett of tike lnllitrd kt ih,.% ý • it4n IIf. 1. I lll. 0I l0. I .* I* - fi : H-'Al lll.'Madamr I:]-5I,;5 u157..he7 ,', . 55 \.5ill$5, ' 4 deI. i Nol + l le- )th I" ; . ---J. Js , r , " , 1 ," , , 3 Ir *nOit r 17.i,7, olio , ll n 5, 55$" t I ll i0 e0 5Iir0 a la dr - n5,5)lill* Ie d ' ll tti ll ,lllt l 5 nllI\ , eriiiivht' 1 rc 11.+Ji I lls·l t ·ll I il ote I lli tire r 111 o p i .lhl .ir de; ant l (l rn'-.** I <. r otmlt 0 s lil d51')) *I:* I i0 iage alke t*d0~o. I flntle it ai ) I h:nol n la diu:idl c• ' i l einl j.-,t vi'a it nl I hIlvorco si*alt 0r.gi^:s tl I,0I l" di C hlmnat di o ) , ,Illu, et'r l e Ir.- j00tis ti lls n ildre-: )et tl'ti lln ir-tolo i dli--,tlI ))t u Ilill' -L l e ,' d l , 'iliu t i) 1 I;i(.6 , Si(ii CHll Altl.l+: 1Ar'11.\ R \N, 4 1' 'vrier, 111 :17, . gI e. i'. pnlel, 1415. I:i$ 1515 d. lld' 'lll l )+++. I p$;i tI 1 ; 1 ix du I'lllSlr i- csIdLtiii in i lh . L ihle :b ll.5 ile- )l1llllllelh i 11.s i jIlur d51 llu's, 1837), to I Iilr dul l 'i l;Cde1 clud see lT Se tut0s-oU1iis. n , t'* ..1. *d I,'* oL, I)ol. ('tller,. *ir.i w edIll o ot to t'td r olr takeo lli s1 Ilig et of th e Ollhllo lt g o tl rI l ll(lo lill IIo y n bol s , I0 * *: ' l('1il5)5O iro no ll~a ltii l'l I l"lhielllf, Ihe i .sm55 'I o Iho ltll Si' o .llrll hre iiit h lldi t irli-h'. t-*(I 05 o ihlo - t iIo aid ou -Ihiid el , d l t'0 ll e 911 day o ll I April. IUlllI ipay blet in the I.oiuiainu Blik art No, 5)rlJ ;l: k llisi't o." H said ota es l e' ming (ll Illon the !)lh dav of April, 1537: thie second the 9t1 dnay of A prile 1811: andl fhl third ihe0'th day of ,April, 1:39 told Si)r payvblh to Pltl. t Lad* 'lint, ,gIt of l* tnielo Willin ( x), To r to Daniel \Villihl ('oxe, lnot recolecthdl; wiich said nil otes are signedli "\Villim It. For't," "Jl s L I1. li.rl Igh ;" fhe lalter is merely the curet) of' ate fl'u 'e, allth0 nh the 1 cotes alr joint anai ever. s'll notie-. ar* p iraphed "No \'lntn," mnul the con-idi. rosion thereof has ti+ilhd, ald they will inot Le paid o nless Ithe *uder sineo is *ofl hnl ofo*the• ll* h Ih .*o oo bliunt, t hh'.* ' ,*- to c' l uint 100 * arprn-, I a l to p. i:st 0o tihe 0 rserin ltonk of the Otachlitt river, ne.o, lise . oi diagram i, thIe dleedl I 0 of sale; l tld tl ere is l ii hetl r o 111 1 i .ellns, -or does the le *d of *lad p.hint on the o ( t' hh lit at l. -I. 1o. IO T.o1o. Wf T . ,r liFra Cisville, April I I I :1:1, :s RIl'11l1ai TIt.1\V'1(LIU TRlI' K'.,l .ý.'--Th - did f 1 1 'riller i5 |ow i Oe'ivii is i "pr h;"!, 1I'n-l u 'll , Isfo N slov ooro *k, a*,ilt itl' o *0f*0)5li )5 0I0 0ll-ll llise n T rlnik from theo me a I nt't tool d onuf otlo l o o 't llimt s, ton I* u: has hern awarldI thot Iip. la',;,t the ihirs of 0 h81 An e oiotn* * I nhills I, )h'" lst i tc :.u''es it' ca rs, laol thoe beet " 'tt 1"'Jliag TI guink. l 'rs os e irolil ll I ll ii*l In i I 'l t ll illrtl ,I 1111o h i l 'fulr o teliav millnd d 'rablilit\, las , 1"11 1;v , o alea lill. 0I r e, i I ll to call and ex.i ' at li o:fIitl el*ft,* 1i*ar R viIy . I* I'ILIA :i'. 1, Io. S. Tilhere I r, ot o k * s pa t ,rll, sio e aldl S 00li 's, anlld t* * in- l in ev.ery 1 rtit lr, oas tthe t o',hi, s c bt'ined the * Ia r .,i at the. Fair, in ctober Ito, mid whoih wo s oldh by t. * undo r.ri_ td a "tow -T *1*0 *y O ' ' Et1, .y I (-*io*I *0* 0*0*0 I .l I * ItonN*, no c. 11O 1'.oa , I I ,I . Jil'ltl:t U al. 1Ti:l: nlU itu al. l.1 \, - "I.-Lt,< prr wni'iet t, T , 1I l p our mis +lltlalili es rlh's dlin lt t liip' nhl r,"5t inirnil n d[ ront pap' ) | iil oliat pt l re-leto llnti n -de let r . .ompe't t o. anoA* t So t*ies of l1gued Satin t'ura-ool-of *r o a* o, N. l Ir.' f 1:6 3 f tW ' *7i o 's *cih, l 76 o o t - :cal lt lho al,b 5 ,.' .---- I,' . ". I *0- 1 *til"o 5 Itoo oo o ot r l*0, hon I 15- o * si 1 ft lit.' I Wes1 ill '*tJ i*l, f oor 0 a0 l* O e v1 , 5 o11 0. , ll, ay oo r i ge0 ntl ul t0k* Ih m I ..*; w o *I. *0 , is- ;i at p hiic i ontT.u, u5 1Ih "t+',_ in-t. Ii I' +\(nillutte, it' i * JO N *oit.;o , (' 04:i,'i \ st Ward, i nl 7sn1 1 h'I iality. sl' . .1hi 1i1h J I1 IC . StOFOt .8 is writh, will be o rived until lse boo*0*lt tlt iI to, of lIrilooo oootl I * i l I* * pis * * I. ', grnve y anrd. , Prciv , 1 oh I 'ft. 31 \Villaurs' office, 11her r illl I l q r 1 bt .r loii ps iL,- of i t',v low t.r s ft ' _ " flashf, h lowln;+ .ned, recn1l1% received it IItal3h d (Jhl. wlirrlii el l ii'i; lll I'-. , u p al e and o * \1,rtown 'ier;l 71,1r t . o. o, e u. ol d Ia. n'*', 1 ()r a' t l ; 1').* .$0:i i ; :*1 m O lso of1 ( ' ItF g l l f i i or~ l ' I ra n s I h a l f p i ts ( -rll l g n e lo, h0'd1*c *of ce0'tol ono" :30,0', I ' *l * toot-t of 000s * W A tot'tS b glht t t Irli :po Icritou orl t icipl~ ilv, an Ith tit lusto it ,grs w' .ur ed I111 i, i'tit 40 years of age, san alllm to CI. , , t o i stl . Ilie townor it requesttod coiullly with Ile a take it tftinay. I S HAR llpElid ::- o-1 t'- C.ptan of the Vaet ®.P Jiatlly l, el e lll ile l lr ltos t ti Otila oloe l'o W t) 50t- I CA t11ta ru t, o thJtr1 :1 yctiud ul'agc, tiys she botoiMl, Ito .Chli lll )iOi+7ta or aio a. 19 c n will mllr p roptrty, niv ihtrtolt d r c hr eaty. w IIt. S. ItARpE0 tll Captain of theI Ji~LTAS' l ronght to'thje lolice PHeOofti ltefM Slodity, all the 5th oittnit, it tiegrn boy Im Il, iaoi t i1i years of . age, says be ithenga Oee Con rlllllv. h'l owner will prove prlOlreory It' goe, tul" fakeo hhimn awLy. F I IAl~/pt nCt otCaptlin of the j!/'- lA Iroutglit t'v tlhe police pirlaoo oft h:ai , itoilYtty on tile d nnettet, a btegro lan, nl lilei, ihtilout . vyears of togL, L0ny lhe elhln o Ahyto oraiorcelle e owlor will prove Ieroni lM c t!'gcd tid takl bohiaowy. S tlwuv. oe.tl l i . Calitain of tthe ast L u hrnillt to the- tite prison of tlaftl iV o y, en ii !8tl Maorei, a Ilgo tenl tetttlV1 oreeltttoe, oty Its' 1 4ItR r11 r a 2", Lewioi ns, ea ys i elo inlheg toill a l t ee . ih owner will proveIrpnry, t l t gee, and take hin awy. IIARP ilni tCaptinlil of stle W e SS iougt toiti police pritosoofo tiilt Voilt lilv, otn he 2lt mll irc, o nsero man Il Mitot, atillot ll yt eooar opr e, s lie belonbgy ttied hotoiliutts. TI e townerwill prove Ppralprty, tsy cbh gets, Uad luaik hmn away. l S IiItPERI l "_ Coptanei ont I V r t eac a- AS I troulitt to iO-it- e poli prisonf te 1 ripail?-, oti tile 51h ilnstant, it nihlalto wo tsouetd elitl, tIed allotut 2, yelatr, ot f a to belong Mr. Chtlrboll. Thll owl r witlllp to e o l ranltrt e tharoct, told take ther aitWo.i. , u CetiCti otith Walo. l oloill t on tilt 15111 Marclo, Ilotegroton i onad Jol lll ilu et, ilgo.d otlollt 70 ytil-tr, 00)0 Iee beototga o Mr. illcrstt l. rto imt owner t wll lro1ve ptiere pa ,chttrpo- oatd tokh toitwtll ey. II ai; Capt_ n of otts WaseI . AS to l r gIo I t h tt II th l hinst. tt (ttfrill' lttnl, wboetollr it slf (ilt'olct Levit, ayityo bilt i t tot i oog Mr \VtIolois f niew, loe i. -lltl i )ryros old 5 feetl iinee ialhlig. t 'i'II ut It r will conllly twlth Itht law and t e bis aWaIy. S. HIARPR, IIo, o (llpti. orf tloe al h" - AS taken Ull bly theight w.,.<inch ols 2 Nd ay II oil the ld ainst., u s111a nll buly ilnlaldl Ief ~i Ithel ot ro tti'qolllOitttd to ilrotpope l airO y i fhOa, s Sllltd ITke tlheitll wuy oil or tlfor o ti i tli Mth 0 Aprino to iO+i thtt'v will be sold at Ilublic tuuctioo by P Ail loit,', til,ottotctr. JO11N I'lICE,Cttoaaotss too7 lt r \Vardl, inl t1dnttiiolita, Aot bl'toott ito too le olnlo priionofstoe+(f11, uc to·ilpli\ y til Iln! iltttt itol.. it iltgro mitnl l rctll. hutloelsl PII)tiNI),onad says ie helougo to Mad tiill Shanll) I I te is about t38 yittn of tog, 5 too 10i.h.. TIe otnrile will colptly witli tihe law antl lake wtO_. .11 S IIARLPER . V .l r. horse u.d small cell, vith a while s! on Ilh I'rh,'n 1. 1U\I4 ea y poaey wilh lhe n" mahild a Il.llll I e t ,el k, tokenll a by tile iglbt wtlhh ('...Oiltti t ,"iie. Also el ou rkpa y t e, ttokn np i i Pl. :lido t Mr. I 1 o '..,ers of tl ge obo h, allillu s er1 t lUe..d to ielo I prove o elIte p propcty, rly c diarl nod tmkt ith al l on or before the L)sIl "fll A i. i Ilihterwi Iht'.V will it soldl at p blie a ctiouno by tI G.fill t A. iti.tionuoeri. " JOIN PRIICI, C'oittotaarvo 1plO0 alt Ward, 2nd . iunicipllity. A. - hiOtn i oi thte IloitO :rieini of tle ld MWIoi S liith, orl th Sti t of Mlun, n Negro nr mo ,,lI I.C+;Wl,", abott 21 vtlIr otf age,i w s aysI he . ln:- t t td' thlwell. TIlh o owter will eOautI WilkY lht tAIo UnI thke liol nwny.v if. S. IIAIuioER, 'i I Cnl.tCito of Watch. ' . trTitol.h to tie Ipomlcu nliaoo ufth do Mum. `®rl i:tllc \ IIon, h A9th intolot, a cbliack gl bn y te; i tl l. , .I , ao 1 illt 1 e n. ofo«geoit .ys le berg5 to IMr. :e , t nt . l -" I r ,~ . i. r tt, ill prove pr.Ip.rtl pry cl.orges and tt a I yIt! lH ARPER, 1I chal.tahitt ot Wtceh , L. .S' R 11.--'I'k u i p o ne Ly W Stalliod poney,- M ln I ti ce, I to t l, a )oi h ind I obte o 'hee iow eriqs I uthart thim t toi ee it ,ill" h le ol d a t pu blic ouclinon h i'. A. (;ililliotllu. A .tlilliPoeer. Ct. MtIcDONALD, t3.| ("umnini-ary 2Id Ward. 2d M uoicipalt S bilttif I, [ine o(l tlhe igltt nld ooe in IlhlIc9 thl , nlihl .ne . lw t. ma" rk in lthe Iutck. 'The o r 'nerh s Slo'lhd tI llnl[.l.lretlward, io rove piroperty, piy charll 1u11I take t'. nntiH or,. l Il away , bt'flo. the I.-th 1IImlant, I ti iltit l il t ltS i it will bIt sIld at lpulliP A. ctiou,l i'. it. tinll i.tt,. A Utiltlitte oneer. Wil. MoiJONA.LI, Cototillotrv 2d Wand, The wT tetl i. rl quested to come lorwatl rd, prove pI Itty, im rg, and ltake said animl away, obeie the 1. 1 htlt I f left etit itl tat wlitl l itrtill iecl gu li.' utellt I': Att tinoti rllt , oti luio neer, i . M<CtDONAI.), CoutiisOnry d Word ' _:_ '2d luneit !alie o. in - la'r1C 1 .-- 'i k e.t r ui tly thle n iltg wIhti rIto tll li, tlS 10t iitl brand oa i ro I el hip. 'Inoas1 i- n gn".t It to ou1t forward, iprove prlt ,pettyy a, di. I I t Cli'.P I . i. lit I l , A tII't (t illtlt'. 1.'. iioDON ,A.ll Iut (:l o isuIy-r 2i l Wad t, 2Vrd ' tnieipeliiy with it stir in hisa h t ile d, the rightdlo.r a SItre oi athe two hind Iberft. Th ower es roquielst .ide a UTi tRl twiy bifitio ltc 15th it'lof t. hIdIfl I. Ithrl tith e it i L ie S old i l t t pu ,lic a ltion by P (oiliitt.tlutti ,r• V• M ONtAfD, . " titmi tarye d Wi \ardo, 2d Municipality. tli11 ti,[ l itt w.ile <to I l.r the aIstcek, 'isrlowqtanil r I i:t es ' t ol e o iiur'ard, pi ro-e r1oveir , a pay i tcl . | d eike d iahl a.io ml u -rl v e .fIr, e o hi 15t h ind s 11i lli tlll" thtll t i tilm 01 il be oh l tia t pub li uctio I'. A. (iuilliutte, Aucoln.eer. \V. MecDONAI.D i 3 Cumbtiis trv 2d Word, 2tl MuA.ieipllitr, to tilt, tto.-tT , ittoy,-troadoel e StI'.st teiit 00 totlk w itoba Iho p r, id it it i white, d rlt shod. ' hi e 'ttt owner is e qt ese.e -' to iii iti ells , prol prove pr.ert y o l pat satrgeI hsndt ,old otti l It a!w v ientit ottitte I tyi i .tant. Ifleftl ;;. lhe 0t t o, i~0i i l s i t public auctlion b P.,l if oilliot , .\ tti llitteer , W. MAtiooe ADr. S1 t ICON, C Co ttnrd W0ard. d Muei Wl.lt 11 S'i 'I' I'.--;Pken p~-iLDule bay pioley, hrald hO lti oihttiii e i Shll dlcrc tadoo ite right hlp, prse ii IIt I t hid t.ot wIlehile. The oIII er is rtqtsll t ed aoto to ttird, em e propertye, pay rhurger, and toay1ed l ililwti w beftre the tt ill!.lto. I f left l.er i atti; it will bt tIo lid at lulli u iitcei , by P. A. C uillhal. W. Mcl)ONALD,(n Cnmtissnry 2d Wlant S 13 C d ' l unicillily' I ay c ku:,tsl I' nl take si d aoimal awt y beitll ll k IIn t. Iftti t ftet aterti tit til'itt will t sold a1 lc c auction, I, I'. A. Gi ilL tioitte, Auctioneer.l D W:]-.M(.I) ONAtiD, Commn islsary ld Ward ti . _ .llt. __iio t i ' 2-d tiiIpe et hrlllen;llt 1" S'l'It.e .-'-fakr, i 1r the k is g t watch, as ,/ blin d ll , '5 1 0 h, ds hh, , and rou, ll T1'h( Ii tlr i+ retuetie t tho ,omeot blword, pit oe wii 1 ""y charge,, untIt ke said all real aw at~he 1ilh in ..... L . I tl..ft that, r m it wil t 10t37 t ipublic bi tio it I'.; . P A lliott, ott , Aoctioor. Wit .. MeI rto LI, Colan.u sryy dWad 1 I wh ,i stripe dhown to his .ost'i/ . The ow l r 1+ l ,:l dl l to on ,l0forw 11 0 +rd ro e ll ro rl y pay t Sl', t n r l io i t wilt 00 sold is ub vl" 1n. P. :. ;uilh·t" tline " :rt . W. M1e )ONALD, ",, C o 14,,08i.... . \ , tO l._ otie. i r wI; .'i'i'A Y.--'l'akeiplll, elrl he graly Horse. In _ r rlo'st, d to i'ne fotw'd, pror ltt t 15th -a1t if le't ufthcr ihfl limes it will b¢.i \ " 1" .H t:I )N A I, ), C o m m i ssary 2d R ad ; tuf 20 51 j l, pod of t mf U,'rgarid ous, 31 Wd, . i t t t , fitrtics.--T'" were of si itl i o i.o. ' o r i ti etome fin i rd, pros ve i rtprot- , Pp1 - , oI I al thenti , i to t or hlo . Stt' 0- ns. )1 which day Ih, will be sold at 12 o'elý F rEE SCHOOL iTTEff , ' IIOI .D by A ct of th L ,;i slatSO rd CLASS No. 12, FOR 1537. 1 of 1,000 is 1 of 3,000 1s h 10 of" ],000 is 14 10 of 600 is u 10 of 500 , is • , t 1,5 of- 300 15 4., 126G of " 20 is _91¢ tlr :or 'lTickeis ugllylll nt ihe )ton al° d

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