17 Temmuz 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

17 Temmuz 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Coseil approuvo lea mo pa'l-onesd de.Ia Iere - 6.Imnun ·~apar:l e~i jbti $, a r, EItihtlten ndopt* la6 e f bill 15(1 moise der ,rp tt~%Banque do Carrolton °" n=erfl) oatoiirage, soft Bu d cicon li proces pen, ?mentcjtre Ice proprietaires dc~iitg i~tterrain , o centrede. o)t et asetaanque.de Carrolton. OSH A 4IWIN, Tlcorider uq eTi dtier phyera'uuNFoI&. tijtze ~ air C·i<e; .Adde g,.lI stoicame do atb hir ea~dudit comp~ ette som a 1 nt sprxacne'eliertleorpenae l tforrmenti a resolution, A l; Conseil iu 117 evril den er', pour apjprpiaisiiio et 4i~nvtiin de voleurs. Sign46 - JOSHUA ALDV IN, Recorder. thu. ti-qe }a soirnqe de~$SO soil avgiTý ai pot' 1~cohatnuotiton dui muarch6 IN Recorder S snit et 4o igpr lesaqite I rocevra "la ai~ 4ueol tell~ ouoc a, +OSU '. .D'WIN, Recorder. 1wý'dlJ ýCbtiI satioJtly....... to h Id lulnvilJuly......... 11 S.ouio, July ......,6 S I ~LvpoolJuune ...... . 3 i) un .y Nai a.... 33 .t '7 t udn. JubOe...... 3 ill Jly s I Havre- Nay...... ... 33 f OWE$8h10 Mput un.Pa rip nutpelfpr. ..nnngo: 335 I; *.ulluuoo. ST JoSEWIIS 4'r oubn Cbn.O roWI buttor. lend, dour, -,-. n ugon. uolnnne., lhuggg, bue rope, 40.W0g, ulder, eldkey. nal% li.. n 4e. tV 1NA4'; rugbl180Caurkonn-lt 3re 10 bbl. flour, 129 SP aor-Wntor Wbobh..ugo: 800 bIl. P., ' ltbJ nry Clny..nunoo: 05 pbgn, 5 Y.bnlols nd 0 amdua 1044 bag. orn. 669 kegnland. P-.· n:00knDaspecio,.nMl 15 bWll Ionon597 on fld~lour, 4 hale con, 555555kegs lard MEW ISHIK..PoO blg Frncis Ashley. -carg: 164 bules olmlu, 129 hod. ltobtuo,. 1010 pjg. lnod, " 3' packs-deer ,nd I de bonnr snkun.30 lbhl ralaisw, 10bads rum hg.Pa br Omor..-89 beo cotton, 300 20 P.300 bidn, 77 bo bun loun. 125 pig- lund. WZRP.'O t.bnL to..uton lugnoud. "AVEBTO~~~f.l gehr 11 1... . krs h nned,21dbl nugun, 5Od do ib, 6, uh noin. s keg pep 0en0 duo uil.l box nllnlo, l donolvsdo cn ^nonibono - 3 dugonks .. 1olglansmen. * Pr ln.t .hl hp Coluqibin..unrgo: 14 buoon lnulnn, 20 oneul bacon, handwnun, anodlos, ".- iu.inebrandy, nhioy.uiln. puaimu, &c. Par unh EmPly..uorno: 39 blll., 0 boxe. 3 o13hipo , MY, 70 Foxea s furcU el;o 1b buug Ip ~poboC~llly.1Lr'ooof~~lunul IS bbld.es * lbuur, Oeakukn' llubu. 34 unmspapur, 4 c.akn M' kbIQS1I.2 Pn n Sntnuy..en'o: 133 bbb1 ri3u, 05 do vivo. :.1in, do on .mod. 3110 deuujoluo5 5mlu vicn, 50 bnan ctuula. 30 baulot. oil, 101,111. 'olisbby, 1lb d molun.o,, ljuun uineB., 1 1,1, sugar, 5 u tems paper. 15 csun verouionllu, 10 . "oga ;Goenn. I'POR'30. (, L 1'O4 o~br lupp0~ownnu.nI..c.rvreooutd .1dse0t100 I'o9 Thof p W 38riel m J P IJuol.iv;1 . -nillfny; 8 4- J P Whitnoeyo;y; Ino-n 6. Mu,.. lologg; 3 Thaynr & 0co; Yngg & Blauk; P Job0.. n" u y nBro JCooktnne; '"Frost; F SAl. Ji6 rAdam- HA Hrtuwell E $pungu*noG Gr in· ~Pi H Corti He len ' a S 4H4'9toFsr; us.Carir o fts 0. 0W.11 nnI H ole.~ 4 Wuealuoun 0no, r A ublu Dlnunin 0t co; Frost, CulldInll 6 Funafnt; lk03; k ATerrell, Srube k co;J Duncun ,cm.JhoooJA nnnlh C Eyrn4 J W lillnunll; * W Slocils ; Quoulli cc; R lG llbu A runt:. U2ECF8PT4S,,RODiJCE. E~n lkat. .. pLur ndl . . 400; ; b 9hd, c bln whisy J Vnlnju ho'.. I 0Ptd6OIg 4i;hroln; 312 bblW lour. At Mller; 37 obnd.2s · bkef. Ml Hesnul; 54 1BrbT · PShe Sit; bdn tobaco. do ulnoou and } II 6 b lA o runo;295 h1dn lobnon A Prio.n 3osdo 11klsos, ;0.ox"doTan 4' Hopkluo; 2 boxut Yr .3lo.,. J,,bn 11111, li l·,.onroo; bumlIu fo. .Lid6 aks h .hunbol.l00bl3 oblbhit. uu 4hos totocto 14· Ik bllb flour Mooretk Clnrke;03do GDuorseyl Y0ulhitu .'u suamnr Tuulu..torgo 3I Mlln oulCoo to 0A rinlq& k ou O0do J SPlouon col Sdo toorder; 31 } do uno Igbuof hidlnn:F alnlo. Ilullooy & Ilogulos. S Tibndbn'ugln..Pnob unti;er un84;..oung; Il9 blods nl 3 Pidroknud OIi'bulsn 0001801J Mlhol ouand 35 do Peyrouu, N4y0040 4OOe. le l untiillu..enuoo: 15 hlno soot. SO, L2Tin, o3o1; 25b111.drdindfruit1 Huaddu Holeb:1 Oolonn. oto-unhor on bound; 9 kbd. uugur C,;in.', 1 Pdtf. Ut1uu l'niuhln. cogo, 4bbdu tbacon t C ; d ondlibhbl' or oil lk.00lt &8.ontboon, 456 pw4a ewd ap 9 bae cog cok. J Met) k u;336, sy d I.6 c.JI 0 duAr Mio &con 908 dnW6i W r:,rrie P Eý walF;ldo 100ni8 dnfnwno 13 on W u tubo onn, Hrwdll; 3n Sllllbrlwo W Aelloin .. sbs3 bdstola,'o.AUWllace 4" ca; 35 bbb orr Foliate, 11 .1 co; 26 bbld nlooonk 4 Sun; 30 llldeiu r onilJ S;u u I0 l tolW W Lunillnbuouvru 11ululno sou 11ijoot 'PontunmneTuquip . 4bh4.drbun, 5.1,040' mpv..i0 vulntepl0oa -w0 W 1oa; 309 ou bham Ogden 0" 48s H 9d I . ' n gbuuouJ Loudb deo; 56 bbl ;. oonu; 5911 bnhls door H MlybuM; 40 logs butter 1109 bouentolW H Buruou#0c; 31 B)bd. 4oo su 6b i pOnhad rdau A IUGorei 165 advce o oder n45.l'o Hr noner Ajax.. A bles contoln to JnJ ..bPu souaer Ajnu .1hdg Sulle I nunaily, C1l91nn and 3childrdn, Lns~lrth, Dauo e" 2Dicker, Tnon.1, F Gruc, Cbuoux, hull i.llrgw, vs, J leg lhcri I W Daalos. MEM3ORAiNDA. SInk oIry-Ara brig Aluundnn. Snin.O, fmrm N nnwSq u13,ge. l1muo Allkapou, Lu; nob, Wuldoburu, nlyCid. bllrg Humen, Nobb, ou NO. :L;IOUISI~ANA S4TUZU"WAURU 0033, No. 63, u10envillln "ltnl. 4.,ClN rnj(frsorly of' £1he frnied l~ ipl 1dm w acoil ,dpnur bh '"Yn Wlsu3 nh hudrlnn uf] beun~ unld #1o3010 1nllI3ng bui13o.I 4 o4 yt1 an Boua assrent., Fr ouch a og';y4lm aft s, lunolad nn. 4 gleer Cob, of4 al de dd 1tus, na & 'novice ulnuob. ni ote ,, wah eont 01 ,g'.o.n u$9 kdtog oe ', olbn~rnlu8usb 6koI y' od = 1300 nll uuuuoo;;db'. ljioulnont. si > Y ,a: .3. S. t({,tý·tJ1ymý1 H 1s dor iflaY, ?-~ ýýs u(rrr M Y; rO I MVI IYI 1J bA 1m oob-l4, 1 1i >t' sad y 4""." 44 New I~~i~ ii~hblo,. rr' il a MOM at tiIJ6 E leading; fUlitl. AMne.RwhV "i{" L h' F.IYUL And h ne e i . te :er one to sea s eIt ' d ''W OR Le A Nist see .TUES . JULY1,7.; 38 te o irint. Re3.nrowts*.'nAl tbe posrihse b 'a'ot hearrd' :m l fro m ecopt Otachits and Catahoula,which are not nas The remtit o fahr is that Roman has obtaindd hot 3firg.nity.ihoa the Sttae. Governor While's mae sure jlrit,(a·e! pcfress ove Slidell is 866. Chinetol' over wh Snwsoo6 ; o ..lad d rioelectedl without opposition:. fl threi., t whisa. del Thle I aitre stands thus in Senate 9 whigs, Gr O otranrao toeutrual and one to e heardafrothlapd for even two of the eit are in favonr of 'Nataipntal the BatikL. h the Hose tihere are 31 whied g14 locos, w aen 4 nbstrl anits djone to be, heard from. wit , e.soa ,nasn the whole returns are received we he sbve' aponrtel.duar acount. tha e'a yo e piethnphlet has been sent to us, hit trartogh t, he post oice, purportig to be the pro. ca Ia teherf he Physeon Medical Society of New fel a tietion to the expulsion of Dr. C.l , o Lts'ir eo'The.r society hy itaprevinius condset Sire to this matter, hadndrawnupon itself, di d lonto of he sembears, particularly, in` t, Sdiidally, the inodignaion of the publiqwho saw to he whole iffair a barefaced and shameful at. tept to a ember of their, profession, they re cod not compete with in talent and suargical skill I oe first attempt filled the public withl raindighation, this second, which is a tissue of non Le sense and iighit down lies, has filled them with - contempt. , We . hovesl nei her time nor inclination not, to ii wade hlinoughi this specimen of tliadacity, envy oand inalignity, but o ive a couple of etircsts ont the subject from thie Lafayetse Gizette ofSaturday TltPnustCo McncmL SOCISTY AND DR. LUENBotiRG ~ There is ro iodividhal in the community, who 'i tender of hisown reputation, thatr hould regard v a sle rconspircy to take away the repulation of1 ia hi a in' letuior,,a.o tInatter ofi.ediffarence. A mant t ognitat whtom the rsh.ts i'f alumny heae been i- I recttred, hsindeed a right to expect that publie aepinion and the phublic press will blie ever reaody to esose h. t cOt se ane id defeat and expose the man r 'elinnaions olr is columniators Nor is he often llysppintlod in his expectations. Hia is esa cotmumoi cEause withi every in teuwho has a gini nrame to I loser When the incendiary is prewlifg in tihe de h ino .ne knows who is firt on the list of tiote la who are to be consumed. Nor does the uestroyer &o cars.. . TerTe reflections forcibhly impress themselves on our mind in critetmtplting the late cotspiricy sueist ."Dr. Chte ties L rlrnelrg hy the P byeicu. r. Medical Society. itn a epeal manner do they Impress theomelves un 8s on peruising a pamphtlet -pulion of Chlarles A. LusenbrSg." In fortner numbers of our paper we hnbye ex. e. pressed our viewos of this singular colnspiracy. n to In recurring to the suhject, we are fully aware e2 that we have no prtuicolar interest of our own ti .. 3 serve upntt from alth testimony of a good ct.. s31 science." We' know Dr. Luzenherg only by S3 character, and are quite without personal miotitve tone as hichampion. Still less personal inter. est have we to trend on the corns oefa body mt whona experience has shown to be capabIle of go. ing tosach extraordinary lenollte t i atin thellir Dour ends. We are conseious o( 1o atilher iiotliv' in al rope, luding to the subject titan the fote, fiti ' i t-19A Sracy has been entered into, as we veredy believe,. i to crush a formidable rival by :e basest re.. - ois b thery and caltoine. Thlis is not only our beliet but the almost unatmousopiaii on of this e.tinntiI ke 5 sity, with whomnl Dr. Luznberg stiands atcui ted of all the high sounding tranetreeeston which syit have been associoted with his namue by lthe ca spirantors. pirctors. the pamphlet bheftre us differs but little in tinr terand tilne from the slang which Ie.n rng "cloyed theGaIette." The whole production is nlw, pur rile, and spitefdl; and particularly remark. ole for its wanderingsand irrelevncey. .s biotgraphical episodes may prote interestqlng to the coInmmunity, especially when cnmina froi so imnpartial a source; but it can du bu. I ltle in ext ica'nlin the s,>iety rom tihe quan rv iti tvthclI it hit .allent. Thei asciley may .r.vel explatiaei on ir z. h ilrry's c:l parity, iampeln i er,. ciuI ,Ii i,. I, with all tht r knotnt ltsint rrei.lt.d a n.i lin-i partiality; they may relate a huindred pleit storienelut his ihootung dcad cauiiaut's, anld Iravt ielling under false papers, all without diet l ngat lillt themselves tront their owni net. Nothing cara more strongly exemplify the reek. Iceeness oif Iep eiriety, thanI tIhe ineains resorted to to prove that D)r. Luzehiberg lhad an agecy in the pubhleairin of lhe squaaw csae illthe T''r Amner. Cteai (ltlr ( tut iits not pertrltiing uis to exterianl. this artilie, we shellt deler further remarks on this head till aur ltaxt, In which we shall given al ans lytical review of the logic of this pamphlet, an exempihfied in discussing Ihe Itllowingqueitions. eisti. Is the report of the case puolished inl til True America;n lalte?" t"d. Di)d Dr. C A. Luzenberg directly orindi rectly tuthoriee or instigate thait reporti " 3d. Is lie (Dr. L.) guiliy of unprofessional con duct itn failing to contradict that report in a Irlnial ilan lt.r ?i It we selll nil l o amuse our readehb in the dii elesiln (if Ihu.se qaiestions it wilt not be lor want of maartenas. Frnom the short-hand notea of Flt.nrAvE STUMPr nIAKER, Surgeon. At a secret meneting ofa certain society in New Orleans, tlle oltaoing resolutiotas were adopted ily a considrable of a majolrity., Wllerons, a vulger prejudice has gone abrontad that, "iwhat is sauce for the goose is ouece for the gnder," therefore, Ist. Rensoled, That titheafresaid superstition be aird tihl same is, hereby abolihared. Id. Renolced, That hencelorth thle publienlion ot all operatlonsifor cataract, in ithe pRhle joianals shall bhe deemed ungentemianly, immloral, and empirical.it 3d: Resolved, That noihing contnined in the second resolultioni, be so e nsetrud as to render it either "ualngentlernanlyhliintorale or etmpirical" for members of this einiety to publish all operations for icrtoal hypertroldhy and oath like operations, and toini ti e tiehlu community it conie anld mier. vel greatly at tlie lumor, and at Iht surgeon; it beini perft.tly erongelint withl the usnages o trite illustriouls nciuty. A member here stated, that in conversation wirh an apothecarv's boy, as well as sundry nurses, he had cllected a ieser' valuable mnss of recondite truths elueidaslry of the. Lusenberg case which was ordeild it be read, and, on motion, it was 4th. Resolved, That said documents be ri tde the basis oi a pamiphlet against the said Lnzen nerg, setting forth the enormity of his cffsiace, nlid the many good and coigentreasons whic . I,.iti themselves on us for abhollisllln Ihe vulgar preju. aice adverted to in tile preamble inu these reaolu tirns. 5th. Resolved, That the newspapers of New Or. leans have been guilty of the greatest injustice ill their frequent praises of i)r. Luaenbrrg; and, fur thermore, that they h-ve praised us tio little, whlether justly or unjustly, bur innate imodesty prevents us fus rom saying. 6th. Resoleed. That the eonstant and positive denial of an assertion by one ot the most respecta bleapothecaries in New Orleans, shall be consid ned as his admission of said assertion within the lasit forty-jght hours and so reported. The mleeting then adjourned. Translated from. the Bee. IHOlpatll Munaltg.-We have again" to give an seoun o uaone of those murders, lhe idea of w i:ieli eqipoeseonu blood to ehudier, ltapincrrI that live Iriýthdnl. n Friday lai, about II ', g :ockL t :i: oren.on, entered the house cm a :,er.'s I ;,i.: in Sthe arish of St. Bernard, Hanvig e::re.:d (i, itwelitcgif thue unforturatean anwhoim the mur. derede:they asked foi btelkfast, which was served them; having finished, one of them left his seat sand wnt uop ioihe taverinkeeper. .ffer an in. ,terchange ol a few words, the report of a fire sar iwsJhearr, and the unfoirtunate tnvern keeper frll bathid in blood, struol by a ball insate breast. IHeiring his erisi'a wmante who happened to be in 'thp~ltihs rea in; salrrely as she perceived by the ae$drains when in arher ball strek hoier and kiber heekak'bon. An unforrunate child gent 4.Opi.,l did nmu mov, thie wretches to pity;. thtbbw tthianaelves upon it.igd broke ite limbs Peii the butt and of their )l£6u or Keith clubs in sa~or the unfortunate talui keepit who ptilj i;uacltd his .aoend, was. k i by blowe with a :dilk, end his billy cat o.pes. To avoid the con sequences of thiecimaset had committed, they psac took a horse and rods to the city, with such speed that one of the horses fell dead upon erriv g.Tlh. ltgeenor of the three man soon excited the .Y . been tasde~ s ol nt eu poled m ihkad died their ceulidi ~ "' macc P. In addi rfto the prirteol ound is ills It is Bee we give oree at we gathere ye wr touday Fdureof lteerftaes-have been'takesn-, but> theireamoare ,Thom al WoIbb.- eiieC leggeumse tonia wlo recmanlv pt thy tolthontnee il the Ceanl shell, 'dci read: '.` Tobn, NOeNo aliaos McWilhnieatd . cnhi MeTyll. Theift.ei hSi etlilga lorge'IThree of the had .hot.. swere hiired ye' Dob stbe hl Si t.Chsrlr Ant stree, twon at I:Beastwieks'n oGirod atreet, one of whi r which is ded; two of the others are scarcely like the I t live. ",Mr Barba is the name of the man mur- so t dared, a+il kept ct savern close by thed attle of aGround; A young Spaniaht boy about the premises chi firiunately esciaped and raisedtthe lihue and cry ent that caused their fhlimaoe arrest. When the horse, fro with a wagon behind him gave out, the ruffians litt Istopped a haek driver and by menceis, and hold fri ing a pistol close to him, compelled.himn to convey thi them wherever they desired. These horses were ya hired on pretene of going tos funeral. The s.- pr caped ruffian was a large, and villainouslooking ve fellow, whose horse, a sorrel belonging to Dubois, i t nearly gave out too, theugh his slow pace prevent- in et ed his detection along with his fellows. Immne th If, diately after his return of the jhnrse, the story of' ki n the murder was heard. fo The Louisiana Advertiser of yesterday, in some ey remarks on paving, has committed everal errors, t lie speaks of the longitudinal granite block pave Smient in font of Washington (Lafayette) Square, ii nt in St. Charles street. That portion of the pnve th ment he alludes to is not of granite blhcks, hut refuse curbstone, which although liable ocasion" is t ally totip up at the corners, is much more ease ra for horses, carriages or carts than the round alone, b and costs infinitely less for repairs. If the editor lay of the Louisiana will exoamine that part of the ii pavement, on tile same street1 beginning at o Poydras, he will readily discover, the granite Ito block pavement, which he will find as firm as rd when first laid, and which will remain so for a of lifetime. Longitudinal granite blocks are to bha i- I id on St Charles street, between Girod and Julis, lie and will, toiether with the square block just ,t mentioned, continue to he samples of a system of ten pavement which most necessarily supercede all i others, not oily in this city, but in every comrnmei te cial city in the Union. I'. It will lie remembered that this is the first ex .yer periment made in the United States, and in the on report of its success, other cities will follow the "cY example. AN ALDERMAN. toy LAST DAY OF CONGRESS. nti. Washington, 9th Jly.-- n the Senate no public :ie business was transacted, and an adjournment took place until December next. ex. In the Honlseof Represennttive, Mr. Wise's re soIlution relating to aebsent members was rescinded. n to Mr. Adam'e resolution that the House had no right con-. to enforce the attendance if members after It rby tlve o'cliock on Saturday night was lost by00 to47. iter. Mr. Cushing moved sundry extra compensations o. to lchaplains, messengers, librarian, re., which their were agree d to by 97 to 32. Five thousand dollars al- were appropriated for printing the Madison Paper. lee, TIhe fines on nea: nt mi whersntaknn in Euswndy o11 tt- Sunday morning ,we:r Ienmtý:d. 'h.he usual com mile ibeing i:firu.;, nci .",.g .i the Pirosdcnt i.td that he had n (Ulir.' I. .:U .aions for i them. rhielt the House adjt'uri·rd in I11ew, er p exr . cull The arlicle in lust isih, CIouiler heanded '.l. ctle i.ns''lucks bon ..one ,es. tia to mn ake i. it very fair article;--truth. As it stands it is a tie. ens of fIbrications with but one vernaiole phrnse, and that is the lihat,-"-thr whiis have carried the elections" For the rest. it it would reverse the names of parties, i would b" toIlerbly norrect. Its abuse oelhe whipls frir manufacturing votes is laughble Whl o 'h Immincid the practice, Mr. Conner?. 'The stl' loe ,cs er ' xtremely r.te ih. canse ths wohips hav use'd one of hrfir own l' ni'oir rous to help to whlip them with, for the muou'nctle ,o vile s coeval with, and conre quent on the origin ofJaiks ,nisot. lHad they not so frequently detelted the whips by this nefarious means, the true American eit zens tihad never thioubht of such a thinm; and now to hear these loco acga's rail ai as for it, aefer the exposure of such nets of this kind as their party perpetrated in the lati New York eleclion, where the lealders took up to the pills large gangs of a hundred alient, and loade ieven them vote in two distinct wards, is truly laughable! Did the Courier never hear the story of the confessor and the hostler pen itent who after avowing to a hundred rogueries was asked,-"did you never cut a hole in the manger and sell the oats you thus stole from the horses? no, indeed, father! are you sure? Yes, truly! Then I forgive you. When nex, the hostler Osught tis confessional out came an ack. nowledgement oft holes in the manger, selling of oats, &e. &. Al! ha l said the confessor, I thought you must have forgotten that last week! No, in. deed, father, I did not, nor should I have thought of the trick, had not your reverence taught me how to dolit.'r Can you make the applie.,." Mr. Courirl? BHATHING. The tmnn who wishes well to his follow citizens cannot too earnestly or too frequently urge the necessity of regular and repeated bathing. In the East bathing has assumed the form and impor tance of a relioious ceremony, and it is certainly not less eseential in the South. Dr Combe's work on the priservation of heaihh, proves that if the saline atnd animanl mater left on the body by per spiration be not thoroughly removed by constant bathing, or waahintLr, they will evidently obstruct the poles and irrnoa the skin. May we not then ttl'ihute to a ineglect of the bath that troublesome 'rruptin, th e prickly heatn To preserve health,a hanh sioulrd hIe o trq tlent and reguetnr Ius chanue of linen, iteing quite as essential to comfort and cleanliness, and though it is certain that many many men are healthy without their use, it is equally sure that thousands would be preserved from siskness, or death, by their regular and fre quent enjoyment. It is certinely a most desirable tlhilg to have a spacious range of baths on runnittng wtenr, cheap and easy of access, where the toiling mechanie, the overheated out door matt, or the emonaned clerk may promptly and easily refresh his exhausted syst.:li, and strengthen hir weaken. ed muscles. For thise who can afford monre expensive indulgence, our Second Municipality is now abundantly supplied with haths that cannot ht s.r assoe ' in any city, t.r extert io accomn .trn, tand convenience of nrrangnemeint. Pi era ,, o n iti+J ~e d i-muir .1t:-" , 401h it, 1 hi C-dl. ew.I: '. s; lea','di i t .bh i. t'inetll. ': Callp st., whiere every luxuryha 'Lt it, tri, cold, or shower bathis affori can be procue.:d at any hour. There is anlso t nutbler of iiliy dhhtful baths in the Exchtange fluteal.d at itlit erand .h, whlre also the most tempting ceaanliness, quis ude, and com. forl, add to an enjoyment at once so delghtful and so eflicacious. The unaspring tee of the flesh brush or rough towel is almost os usetul as the bath itself. Nothing tends to give the race horse his extraordinary power and ttp;ulenes, oft joint and limb, as the long and regotar rubuing haskin is subjected to in th hands of his erainer. ilan need not blush at a leIsoltl n o healtl e:venll tiogllO derived fromi the usones oe inferior unillalr, A somewhat singular eflet sIll ateiid the prose cution f the plan latd out and acted upon, for the finishing of the war in Florid:. The object of the generals engaged has bh-i- t,, draw iI cordos iot troops atirely sacross site Peninsular, and by prrs sing on. in a southerly direotiun, to drive the Indisns dpwn into the everglades and towards the p~aibdthywoiidhbeSO dutlath Ut 14 irst purpose of the Ptlan at succeeded, rut inther dEas a decided failure. j It is trea at th' tadtane were driven down to wornds CCae Florid, tahe Awomp) and everglades, agi b tithe santle measi|eltwllih effected this served .m supply them with :abundani e of provisions,:ir. wo deed .lmor, muah mbre...a sane of the intelligre.n I, elhef, now gdane Wet aolured us, than they-everi tl had before, when they ranged the whole freely, fgI And thus it was. The same large body of troops iti f who compelled the Seminoles to retreat before en a them also drove down all the game jn the country, i-so thatdeer, wild turkeys, birds, and every speciesta e of oame were in such abuedane that many of the I s chiefs could sit quietly on the lgs,. at the ,ery 1 entrance of their remp, and sioale out a fine buck t from a herd. Fish were in such profusion in the s little lakes and inlets nas to be utterly disregarded ( from their profusion; wild turkeys were shot by j y the beys as easily as would a gobbler in a poultry re yard ; birds of the best anti choicest kinds were in C a. profusion all around them, and Ne.o-see.uhult, a 6 iq very intelligent chiel, avers that there is now in e, that section of Florida food lor a million. The t- indomitable Mtenoukies are now in possession of e* these everglades, and livi,tg on the supplies thus h if( kindly driven into their very Ihnds by their white foes, and thus while tile generals were calculating ne that the savages were sustailing a wretched exis rt lence on meagre toots, or starving in the swamps, re, the wily Indians were leaostng, on the very fat of re, the land. e- Accident.-We are truly concerned to find that ,0 .he chapter of accidents to Mr. Whitman's boata n' is trot yet finished. The "Mazeppa" In comutno at roan Dauonpht Island h the, .rrtht of Sunda Oet broke her shall, arntd hl to marth the hest of hei tor way to the city with one nwheel. She arrived at IhR trhe railread however by one o'clock. rite There will be no mail today from the North owing to the accident on heard the Mazeppa, the ra contractor having so rmany of his boats damaged he had none to send to Pascagoula yesterday. This is another of the consequences of obrhgiging the rat mail to start at such an hoar as to keep the boats Sof outside the Island in the dead of the night. il -A new theatre is buildrng in Louisville which t ,ill te opened under the inooagement of Mr I'tsotns. ex- Ir. Cl,:trotnt rid la; , came down irom th the clouds In it itii July annrt 35 milers from Cin the cinnati. Whether they descended to earth in tihe . way of Maruts and Venus., or Apollo and Diana we are not informed: few couples however ever in. dulge in such lhigh flightsi while keeping coam-. hlic patty tojgether. (to!- The fine steamer "Prairie" arrived on Sun day in five days trim St. Louis. She departs s re. again on Sunday morning next, and offers thus an ded. excellent opportunity to our travelling citizens ight gains west. U7 Adams and Vail's Circus, at the corner of St Charles and.Poydres is doing a flourishing o business, and every night a merry crowd is It rendered still more merry hv a series of amuse- - ments no ngrel'e'.l and well exe. uted a- ev r took pluer under a tent. The Circus is deliuht fully cool, an,s the srisls employed In the various sports of the ring, nee ehihli talentel. To nighl Mro. r.e Bn'-as' .he - .'.tel a dar; , f". , *qtsatrrtnts, 'vle' _ the lhores, and .er ele,:t : w!' + 't . fit he, to e mIan.n d th,, _ .'. ,l' Ine. -takes i r en Bi, f ,n, ,., n" ,i r sttracltive enierttnlllm tls 4.0 5;5" ! f..,dd . Ite willt insure act rowJ ts ,l t. . ', :, i , , i of i land as : I .:, tht , ft :, : :, l . I n"J tlunl'.1Ln ,ul i ,i:L;tli; allme n :'n l + :i: is osl a1t au times. l'When paralysis ul the astloah tatkes place frosm drinking ice water, a tta spoottn full f CI yrune in a 't ..tF t 'Ot e It. lep tt'd wevOey0 .I 30 minares, will subdue the chills tntd resat're perspir .tiot 4 uil nl:clhotl enrei'ully. The wh'., .,' ad r.' e.r t., in l.rsl. ld and New York tvtw r 1, ,t. * lilner Some Moce marec.-T-he U. S. Vincennes, Li ttI. Wilkes and Peacock, Lieuts. aludson, dmrolped down to the naval anchornae on the 6th fromt NorltlH r It is conjectured that the extlt,ri-'g expedition: will sail boult the middle of August. S.4 entail mistlake -. l .to*f ct :, iin sh 'lnie ,tonven , ot I I , ' . . .. - n t . s -1 1ed am lr , ;t'., ,.', 1 , ý h . pi1 f.h r 1 e.I t moving the picture of Jseaksn which twot wars r aeo stood over the epeakler's chair; it was, erid 'the impassionrd orator, one of the infamous results e in Maine! It was most treasonable too.-Nere, the e furious orator, was informed by the editor of the e Portland Argus that the picture hod only bhcn , placed there on spetulation by the 1pinesr, and e taken aw:, by hil hee'ts, Ihe' forl:er t'io then leglaseure would not buy teem. Mr. Peyton Gay, U. S. consul at Martinjque has lest the island without formal notice, and the au. thorities there refuse to acknowledge the person to whom he had delegated his power. Mr. Gav is t rNew York. Jtt. ra ,,ots. '5 .tp.,..., .t,,n , i t . lise Arttlhs 130, tn alt ttat r5 3570. I h additionlll numiber t olicers is 146, besides l20 lieutenants transferred from tite artilletry to tb e ordantce. The pay of thle privates anid non cotm e missioned officers tu the infantry and artillery is increased to eight dollars. An additional ration S(o20 cents) is allowedlto each olficer tor every five k y,.rs service. The ,engittaelrs and ottdnallet hlst sadvanced to cavalry rutes. b It ts said that a swimming school for ladies has t been establshed itn Boston, but we suppose it is n only a fllating rumour. S 7t(.nur inleilgelnce Irts Ntew Yolk is one day a l is it \ ,, t'g to thse ntt sit'l'otl ui tie rair,,ad :rt, .e w II the Pi"I.l , ph h . " . , a n.o Papineau and his fasmily are in New York. is A number of Canadlan ve.gabonds held ,'esl , invin Detroit and appointed a select pa ,., - ell 1 mun Iti attack tie U. S. Arsenail. t )uedtbnl ve ville. Anl envoy fronm the gang was captured bLy Lieut. Gardner one of the officers its commann d, who very politely allowed hlima oil over the place, g ,l.oted out the sl ser o e.llllnon loaded l.eavily te with grape, tle muskets all ready charged, and then smlnissed hitl tlacH to hse compaotllta won., S a p. lite Ill+v liotin to calle lnd try lihe w^rll re t, th i. opt. tisetd tfor t .., l.he hint s.a, a p.,ste s't41 talti l c ss4II th , Ct, ,l't' ttc 'itt I Wu,tttt t, tI ettsIOsIt le, I's. C fl' 5'. S The liis steaileor DnlSa. C t,.. C'rter, (-d -:i.u 1 I!' Ill a '17:al) lief o Itt11 IIa t K". I , 5' Deoltl, a li lIa tt ve tPr vines e ie i l Id ite - oIa ll ,I , ,tt .. re st'tng ... . t it , W li. u Lt; vhu.'n:n: c Y+'r . e ý,aa. .1 :.: i I11 jll i . I+ ",,..".. I $d0,000, hntJ f,' . u) 1atK; $ ri.ll h. Tl'ihe L le l toGa ,n ,ll i, ' . ;,, , .,r ell g I. J,^ , I il3(jl$ 1.?.7; . sn 1837 $34,192; st 18338 $76,9it . l The folks In itotltrtal, L. C. .ae tllin++ .it s tresh Ilbetera bruugh tflr,'st New York . o CAsAN.--Sir J-.hl C.llshornr 't to resigeeli, .tIa ,I Capt. Sanlonl, i. N. co,'rlnands on the lakes. Ts.r Pit- un e.'' S lud.. .. l'II ~ two ri" ". S it tates thlt rt Niw so's , . irieV thltlr keep.r ' Cltssl.nonatti a hard u.l' . .''o't 0-tae O r Ise wanted th: rui -. v * larnd rub" Iu dirty) lsu , O u Itt at' .t ,r i. nI..... I . t 'lie e little Pic also, ' .. n s i :a l so ' ,s t., Ig the, a Rossi has no, ..t is iii .ur st ncte sh ' raols aosy I &c.,rtesanin sone ' .r O ntt o a .i ,ai. No.- we s can sotus outr trig :r I:' '- . r cantrolt'ie wts h oe e abo u t a Us ht. . i,, i I V ; e.llhi t i a t. tendande, as usual. I nae s'it sees a fact because t linttle Pic did n it I'ckit up. +iR' heiidg -emon loat evaniois·Rour fheryfti ott ' tignoel Le Coelt, in which he ils.tnauieeowedly glu inipostei t.nd " ain satesathat I wineriltPdrole.. To nl Pi iti n jite evident ;ha, whoen d man thlakii. itpl lf t injured;, it hevnomes him to seek redreostiad bypthe aM vcrious dOmm.iiniatuioa I .have no iced in theCourier, nE it is trio qute evideo.t that air. Le Coethinkt hIimself ha ggrieSed byhie. In which n.oe Mr, Le Coi hash d Io oqlortuhtity ttgh asinbewe arrived, to try my corat.u W[ il'f such be hid deirve and to do so without shuffling to would'be more to his honor tha to raise a neWspaper E warflrr; a thing that an 'old dailor in very adverse ltoi, If, howevr, the gentlemn is till under the impresohmo tlmt I at n coward, he ant easily test the fact I live ol No. 91, Old Levee sttreet where he orhis friedsimaY ied me.: With regard to the paroles. most again sau it inCe tirel. FALtE. It is well known, thatvaoror it in.my nrvy would think himsilf above puttingi;hte de captain ofr luerehaniman under parole. jyi7 1JO1N'CMCARKE. e A L'EDiTEUR.-Monieour, J'ai v dane le Cou S rier d'vhinr on article sigod Lecoet duns leqoel Si me traitsee l.l e e iemposcere." I met emble que ry 'orqu'un entil-homne on eomit e.BIkib ii dolt tehr char e fare rid m r son dune oanltr hon0rable, la non pun voror des injures duns leo journau: vielin Ihe marl je . qui mnuvais berivain. II eat lvidunt quo id Mr. Lecotue sent olse e nt en cc oa, s'il vent faire esii de moo courage, ians dnor ni itergiver'atioln, by jenit t son tervice. Je dements rue de intlever, No. 91. Je le rhnote soltamellemnt, qu'il eat fu.n de ry dire que j'itaio lib par auceype ronmese via-n-vio do n Cnitatne du brick Franua!Li. Le, commandant d'ui Ubattient de-guorre n'exige .jamuis des promtenes d'un tIejoipage marchand: ye sersit an dessous do u an Jig niitc: ee net pIoint Wd'a.e . ' 17juillet JOItN CLARKE. of A pint of rin .at, clruidg, cui,niu nnd niiht, hos has en tolnd vn rfftc-ive cure for hydrophobia. ug POR{'T OIF NR9V (ORLEANS. is CLEARANCES. ps Ship toaitpelier, Tyson, Cowet and ,market, l. H Gale Brig Catharine, Mlerill. Havon, J W Znelharie & co ut crig Pinaves Ashby, Auhb,. New York, J Alshbridge Bri Ouar, Reed. Philadelphia. J II Ashbridge Schr Henry Clay, Pattertno, Havana, D Matrstou dchr Water Witch, Dupeyre, Hlavana, Copdeville "v en hut Shr Belle. hooper, Galveston, J iiH Ashbividge vehr Alexander, Siddle, Pnsaeola, Master ,ats .uh Emiy,Adu.. ., iGaloston acd ioutoi., Hiniter Schr Bettny,Areoux, atobile, tinnier io ! cihr l.vdii. Houimae. iverpool. iL & J Corrvll i Schr Chuase, Bnerry, St Josephs, tiensitiw & Rogero Sehr Despticio. Fount, Iltavana, J.Y .uborde he: steam packet Columbia. Moere. Galveston, J Reed & co ARItIVALS. d Towboat l dllnson, Lu nll, fromi tihe Puses, blrought lip ship Litiore; left the IBur on Sundaoy s1t i; one ehr ill Sight utihing nnw is the river. rth Towboat Grampus, Auntdev from tiheSW Pass; towed to sea ships Providene. Gralde Turk, and |loltry, alnd brig ihe Sutqvehan iih; broughlt up sce Sarah Ann; left tie iPass on thie 15th at 1OA M; reports Iithing olf. ged Twoboat Tiger, BeehO, from the Isnsn, towed to sea ship Bengor, Equator, and MicUlt Merlahi left tho Bar on tie Itlit his at 12 M; broughlt ip stlp itRowena, and brie RaenOr. SShip Rowenvt Reo,, 34 days front Bosn, tono aster. the ahi .iifora, Orient, frio SaOnrificio, with return earge, hav Las ing been ordered off. Strig Ratger Donaldsoin, 28 days frEom Bermuda, in ballast, to A e J Addlison. oehr Sarah Ann, Bottempn, from Co o , in bal last to the master. ic steamer Ajax, Rutier,, from Stlar Mr iteme Jv lt Mills, Jocrdon, from Mays Stniamor Will Glasgow, Iittletn, from rinat Stnemer lIuntsville. Jo dtan from Bayou tara. .teamor'Tcclho. "4torm: mm,, fr,,m Ntuthitoches t h,. Stealner Siam. Eflnrt, from T"rhmdesuxville. Steamer Prairie, F e lcb ', tom St Louis and "' SteamterTrarquin, Adtana, from Cincinnati. ANTE To HIRE-A rnn man who a Vs peaks Enolish and knows the city; who is ofe sober habits a d can tome well recommemdL (none other need apply,) for to attend a Iairy Vdo. en I Cows. Apply at 449 Tnoulpitetloa street. ALSO-Wautel d 3 or 4 Working lands by 10eday as well as two Negro Boys would be IhiredBs the month. jylb3t PATRICK MORRISON having besn absent four years frrnt this city, on his return cannot find his sister MARY ANNE MORRISON, whoat he left at that period a child, about 7 years of age, in he care uof person by the name ot Lafontaine, who kept a smallgrocery, near Hospital street, on the Bayou RIoad. Should any person seeing tris advertisement, know where the widow olaLfontaine lives, or shoald Mrs. L. r mty sister see thin, apply on board the George Collier stelmeboat, where l am now engaged os Barkeeper. jylT7-till Soturday. ONE DO)LIAR REWARD. 4 SANAWAY on th 21st int,an idented apprenticee Ib tthe carpeter's trade, named Fratrk anret or Banker, aged 17 years, speaks Dutch or Englisn; had ol when he left, a black bat, silk or fur, whie shirt and roendlabot; whitle nr blue spantaloons. The alve reward will be paidl tI ay one delivnrig hliln tu the subscriber. Allpersona ace canUiuta dilgaist employ. ing or iMrbOeYig iton at their risk. J 01'T. Je",-7t G FN 1~0-t"-i'fvill-6i) tubs s asuerior (iosuelN e. butter put ur expressly fier fiaily use, flr sale low, to close a PcriousiglmeilE, itr LAWRIENVE & LEGENDRE, jy17 28 nlil 9 New lri.evve. ACON-5 liads ids, 3 hhds shoulders, Cin rTi. citn bacon. in primi order, in stors , for sale iy LA EL T & AMELIJNG, Jyjl7 . 17 ,7liiuinere streit I t?4-.3-7'tlId e. 23 tieires. and '5 bills cns-ao tad S haolTs, isn tinh x otht 61) M iar, 1. a Whe doI, put Itil lier fail usena litterl r amrticle, in store, for sale by " .r L.Y'T& AII LU.\G, j r17 17 Cohmmerce street. f litas sntealsoat T'aLrqiin, for stle by rLAT.Ilt o thaI' t,, jylr 7 40 Poydlrus clent. 1 ItEitN HtAVANA C "I:EE--150 bars, ill wlot., " and for saile by SLA'ER & TI'llll;l, jil,7 40 Potydras sr etl. F'I6, k'- LNT-O Unr suitse Dwelliti Hoase, aitot:,tr ul l St. J:seplh etreert, ietweon Sa. Charrlos aid Carusdelet, sutalile for a s Utnll family, possession given or thte est Auusat. Apply to J 01TT. t-XAS MON EY-m One Ti..ousand I)ollu b, flor sa.e I at3 Bienville ,treet. VW I0 CA INNbr. jye7 .it L. LANK lO tiOKS- usont rTeeivad y recent arriveeal I a froAm New Yolk, n addlitinal supply of Blank d Bookn,ofevery varilv sof Rulitg and Binding, thase. i aunt of Blankl I ooks and Paper, are reques4ted to it call and examine our extensive stock, wholesale or retail by DAVID FELT & CO. New York riStatioer's Hall, i5 jyl7 . _ 4 Chartres street. n FLOUI-lTl Irbis, landing frhn suteamboat John d Mill, for sale by G DORSV, ' jyl7 44 New sLevee. 0)Ul --2IlU bbln, rime P i soti prilie & shouldere, .C fornle by G DOriSEY, Sjyl'7 44 New LoRvse a. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, t HAT, wLhereas, ay brother, Doctor James Grant, late of Cohahuila and Texas, died in the army is ofTesas, in the mot tli of March, 1836. Whereas, un der date , f Augant 21, of the aame yearu l aniel I Tler sddresed a letter to me from Nuciogdoches, in Texas. acqoAeiting me witl his having received tw y said Brother's Will, dated at Basar, l)c. 30, 1855, setting iforth that hlie; Mr. Toter and iyuelf awes named exeli tors. And, wlereas, thie said'l'oler mntiols in the titter abov' alluded to, that lie had the Will duly regia red; ilotsilhtatdiug, whlicllh I have strllg iproof that ite never had it pro .ated; ld further, have lsaunl tiy most anxious enquirie s ad xoletion., lor the last two iyears, ittlfticienit to ohtain a clpy. Nosv, tlheefore, be it hereby formally known that the Ssaid'l'uler th is io alllmority tlol make any dispositi(i of, re ogive ittle Io, an land or other piroertty belolngin to te estate of my leeaseled ,rotle or n art itn any thllig , rapi'etlening to the saute: but that I ant intitutin-g" steps towards the resovery ofsuiai will, and shall at sotci troreed to eash iteasirens as in y character oal eC tor, are iow called for. o HUGHI GRANT. NNoTE.--The editors of Texas nawpapeorsn ad New York Albion are restelctfully requested to copy this ulvcrtisesuent three times and elnd their aeclunts to the office of the True American, or to me at the St.r Y rey oi's O ffice, d Mlunieipality, of New Orleans. i'Of7-hi - INE FlUNI) ll ;' DiiOl.LARS REWVARD %\'il lie givEu tfr the ulaueliasion offlie Boy E.I)UARD,belntigilgt oMr. Aiche Laihrenchle. Seid tIy auhouided frlol the Steal,oat Columbia, on her last trip froul Te'xas, and has ieen seen ln-king olout the mnrkets. Edouard is a GUrifs uloat 24 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inclhes high, rinld loee, tihiic hair, mloutl rather slihri. Fifty y dollars will hlie paid iftiiken in the state, er lue hundreed ifoa' of tile lstate. Cspt tins of nessalt or stealmbots are cautioneJ not to harbo;r said boy. Attpply to oe' F J FOIiSTALL & ItROTHtER, l jy6-tw 3 Front Levee stree:. o'I'ICE-The subscriber hvil. purchased lthe Stock oef Messrs. Irwin, Hall"& Walton, will eoaltinoe to transact a s Wholesale Grocery and Com i'- lisi.m Business. Ite has on hand a general aosort iltent of STEAM (OAT SToREoswhilit lIe ofPlrs for salo on moderatse tarlls, and solicits the patroiage of t1ie frieds of tlh formner concern, and the public in g'n al.jy14-7t JOHN CIIRISTIE, A Oad. SOlIN CHRISTIE has reamoved from No. 15 New .J evee toi 27 Comlmon street. Jy147t Ni.W`` I' .fEANN & :NASHV'ILLE RAI. ROAD i C)'lP ,: ,i--.A :.,.eher of gentlemen having' silaiiie their, deiire 1o go al a Fshing Panit ts Bath, (ii Suad.",, a ,rail .if aet wil start flra thl e iot1, at il' toot .f;ti:;i street, 'n Siunday, at hallt. . at 1l o,':lik, A i:t. JA3lE: i C.SLDhOWI'LL, , jyl4-It Pesidett. iS Il I'i.:;Tii'r i: ita retlved t, iOuortlu'i, onlith. ly I.·, vee, eorner of St Joseph street lin'd the levee. SIb (i' ICAIIf' .CItN:W"'R RII;ANs.> '"1111 .E price of fresh flour ti-day in $i6 S2 par Lhl: so 1 o rding to tile tiriN, til bakers shaill give dariug the eIsaing week, (from Monday,l 16thll Jly,) 41 olunert ol'bread for alhit. Broad of tile seeoid qllulitv is re itt qiired to weigh 25 piuar out. more, via: 511 itcan. C. GENOIS, Mayor. July 14. 18l8. NOTICE. eIVEW O)RIEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD l CgM1PANY-A train of ears will leave tho foot or nf Canal slre.t. evtrv dlay far Bath and the Prairie, at 8 o'clock A M,12 \I1 tin 4 P M1; returning at 10 A A, 2 P I1, and 6f P t, exaept Sundays, wheon Ihs will Il-ane t 8 A M,, anld -I P M and return at 12 illd n 6 P 1. JAMES Ii CALDWEILL, n jyll-,bt President. ' FIMI E--l'ti cssls of ''lamostan linll for sale by 14 Chl.oSE & I)IXIY, ly 14 6i Clstomnlhou. street. i. ;p t.t ):,K Ti TN ' LA ' :1.& Zi'aC-30pige bloc!: h tilt, 1011 hoces ti plate, and i5 casks zinc, iii iostore, f.r sale by S LOCKE & Cs, I jyll '2 Old Levee.) '.: . 'iiA:OEl01 OUl$I.ANA.-Ftsst Jodhlial· iotrte *" Co'rt-I hereoby certify, dlat (in the 2.tbh tiy of tas, l 1818,.,.dgnreltt twas entered in this-co t, i n suit ofW Jiltver ev Lueilla , C'r, his wife, jileWnt onrtl ired fiuierti ftlleorittnt, tor wir--No. 121901t niotion if A McCarty, esq; tfteotl.rel fitr the picitti nd on shoving to tthe coert. lint mre tian ten daysr head elopertd siece sti.' teittite of tile lne Ihereln tenlktt en the 13it itrt Iby Ilumntifron detantd cit, ar l't no an .er hsr been filetr ithe sameni, nd eto firthetr slehwing to the cneourt, that ai-rlre thlil two yealrs .nad elaert per since the retdition of judtlmett from hed antd bonel retweeethe rertieR,land toreeoneilirtitn Irritl tltketll Inae, betiteen the lartien since the rendition ofr said fndgnent. It it nrdered, artjtdriged aid decreedr that j Jiigament of divorce he ertered bIetween tihe plaintiff WVJ Boyce aud LucRille R Cur. his Lfe, tcettditi to tlie 4tlisectitt f tin act of Ihe Itlilt lareh, I 127. JUdetien't relnered l29th .1 tlre, 16.3. ' igned, 111lth July 1838. t (Signted) A iM Bnchiteena, Judge. (Countcreigned,) G IV lewis, l)op Clerk. In estonrtyuwhettrtof, I have hlrentto set retiv hind Ye and affixed the ealt of tinh sid corrt,at tihe city oi New Orleans, oil this 1th dir y ofJaily, it the year of our n Lord one thlitsnd etight hudrled nrid thirty-eight, and int tie sixty second year of.r the Inderpendenge of the p United ijtates. jy12 P LE TBANC, Ol.:k. PrAiE 0F li:0ISlANA-i'ht ;crt le the i. Parish and City' of New Orl.e..--.tPr eit the honorable Charles eaueinil, lJudge.-Ne. 11 04li, U' lMiss vs his credritorsTbar cession of property nedei hby the inrolvent in e t ne eue, in accepted by the eourt d' efor the benefit.pf hisi crteditor.. It is ordered by the tenurt thate aid rreditors do Iteet ot the t ffice of 1n I-avis, Eseq, nntry public, on Tlesdrrav the 31st day of Jlttin ist..thter errrh tie to tuke into constideratirn the P nffrirnf tlffie said i igelvett ei miat i it e ente il proceedittg against tis perton crrl property are stayed. Bv torder ftihe court thistl lnt dr of Jutly, 13t. jyl-2.t A iU\Oli Clerk. ETAr D Lt irOliSNE-ttr tde Paroiesse pour ain It roisse et ville It In NorvellC Onlins. Prisent: 'Heon Charltes ellurien, Jgre. II BLItSS treee Res etonciers-No 11,1143.-1,n ceasiiro deg prrpribths feite par l'intrlvnable, dens eette effaire, eyntt t16 arceptihe par In cour, pour te P bi hn.ie tie se crancit;rers ii ent erdonethe par la eour qto le iedite cranctiers s'asstnblertnnt et I'itule d'Ho ratio Davis, nomrnire public, iulardi it 31 de jeilletecu rant, petr prendre en ccnsidbrution es effairn. de 'in Ssolvnable, et erl ntteldant, toutee poorsuttes ectltrr an Spersonne et see Irprirete srent at demenre serpendaet . Pr ordre de tu Coet. r Bneera dui Greliter, Nouvelle Orlhetnn,lOjuillett 1138 ie jr--t A. PITOT, Grelthr. 11 IA'F OF Lt.)1.iSLIANA-Firaet Iudiciel Distriet L'eourt--J.tes Iltvlleh! en his creditree--Tre session othle pletitiner'seproperty ilaving betenu ecept rd i rtrt a e.urt lir the Ienfit of his credlitors; it is orderted tihat t tneertine .l his .aid creditors do itmiee P lace st tie olffice of Win Y L.ewis, Esq, not. public, oc T'crsdnir) the 1thi Augost next, rat 1iit'rclol, a i, firr til e I ttetoRse or deliberatira oue tr laffairs of tite ,aid Spetititter; anld in thle ttLerU timrei all jtdliriei proceedlings u agosnilnis peersn atndt lproertya. eo tithe credlitors uleatinltntd in thile schlleoret atrt'rtld. rp By order of the court, this 7th ilay oft July 1833. tt Jy1 -2 PL t.LXNC, I)ep Clerk. ETA, D.r.- LA LOl-1iSIANE-iI'r-mica- District . Judiciaire. TAMES MAYF'IELI) contl'e ret erianciers.-La S, cession tler ncs irrrr ttiin l rrriet rire rcant Irk uecep the6 parla et uu i tt1 rit k lesicrt ieer'ncirs; ii ett ordon ne rt'une nettu'u bltie doe te crbantcicrs cit lieu en i'r trUde tie Wet Y Lewis, notaire public, Jeudi le 9 d'Aout 510 hores du mentin, reie, du dlihirire rr leeir eafai es duldit IIrtionneire; ct cn tentr trnrlrs tertes rourruites centre se Ipersonae et sgas i)Troltites sent eree.tiete. Par ortde do le Corr re 7 jrilct i38ll. 12juillert P LE ii.LAAC, DCp. (refrir. PATiE OFLr)UISIANA-Firt Jridiciet District S1. Court-Cresar Deatiaeursec'e vs his crenditrs.t h 'le ereditors of tihe petirioner, Cra..er Ieolhousseaye, Io are Ieriby notified to appear retiree the counrt fltesaid, te on Monday tie 3Oth itbt, at ii) o'clock, rt to rshow ctause, if any tiey lvewciwhy said petiitrorr shohit l nrot lntan tie ierefit of tile laws made fir tire relie of in tsolvelt diebtors ill Uctnal eustoyle. t By order of the court, this 7th July, 1838. t jv12 1i LEBIANC, D'y Clerk. ~ ETA'DE LA Lt.UIIAN Cene'io Diiirtrt, Pree ntr mitr District Judicinae. led i BAR DELAHOUSSAYE centre es erhnneir. left /tLeer.aieh rs du pitiittonn ire, Ceser Drlahoue are nve, sent ipar leas prrsetes notifihs d'avoir h coaetper a niiret desnt la ditree tor, lundi tli 30,r 1O heurea do lei rd. tin, pour d1uiire rlea rninrs, si its en ort, itur lesquel low Its ledit ptitlonnaire n'obtinderait 1pas le inhfic a dte In L. oi pour venir au secnurs des Jhtiteurs iseclrahles, lier dhterels. Par ordre dc ina coure c 7 dejui!let 1838. _l2juillet I' I.El BLANC, Dblt. Grefier. Office of the Firemen's Insurance Company, i New Orleans. SIIlE Stockholders of this Cotmtany arte hreby noti. filted, that tleo Thirtd Iasalmeat on their stotk will be due and payable on the 111th of August next. at the office of the Companty, No. 24 Masson's Vuildings, Catatl treet. jyC t E 'It AGYY, Secretary. Bureau d'Assurances des Pompiers ItI la nouvello (Orli·ans. r ES Actiooaires de cet colmpaguie sont notlii6 que L troisJa me pailllllt poar t enis actions sernut payables i Ilotout prochail aa burete illl laCompa igoa, No 24, Maisons I1usst't,, at nc eanal. 2 lmillet '1. lI IIAO , Seerlmtirt. r1 11 subs1riti r"o u,. hia ,I oa ino,,d thelm-| S solves i n . 's ,totldr :ogi, . tt to, f Inttl y i A Robertson, and atlt n i ti u1 of tf i. tronatt vleri luce,1 l hy It , 0!.h t't'il 1 loi bl~1io 2 e.s illtliS Is llltnU ,lu, Ils (Glo!ncinl t[ 1 -g t an Collnlfisso) u ROtc t.'lBERT M HANNAY, j. _1 . IL toit::' A l0ktlHERtt'tOt , Noltice to the Public. I ,I'TY 1DOl.Alt. s IIEW\ARI) for ite conviction S Io'laf or 'Tliaever.-O ( Saturday night tie 7th inatant, my hron Chest wais torcihli btroken oltec by snete villai.s nod robbed of toe'. tollowing: About IwLety dollars ill specie A aomUll till box having lily lale lon, lnld colltalining, John H G(Jt lum's note at d mont is, floUt 01h Jaenuula. I :17, fitr 14 1011 75 C Castlagl.l' otI at 4 monthsll, flotl 1th Janutary, 1117 tbr 609 70 C Cauetsgut'a tnote a1 4 t, onthts, front 1lth Jattorut, 18t7, fur 1001 I.) Mart, and'Plht'ro.a's (ih liquhittim) nolte at iil days, fhunt U lt 1lat', 1t37, tfin 41)0 0 Julin's Vairitd' rate at ii) date, lrom July th, 1137, fin 1150 00 Feltuo atd lluld r' nota at 60 days, friom Feb. 1st, 1838, fur 1?09 5 Felton and IIolder' o a at 4 tmoths, frous, Febraaury I t. 1838, ti,r 1 0 00 'eltln and Ilulder's note at 6 months. fraom Februuray tt, 14833, ftr t 1l0 Fergu oa, Parker & Ct'snutte at l) days,franot d .lauuary, 18:18 for 72T 97 Serat ,i, Coucilla, due bill, dated, 25Sth May, 1 ,8'. piaiable on demand, 682 71 .' id snlllldly) Otlee docunlente uld )Upers uot rcollected. The Western Marineo ad Fire Insurance Coa,Ipany's Policy fur fire, risk or goods. D)itto, eertilieats of shares of stock. Mllerchants' insurance Company'a shares of stock. Ccmatora l Bouk's certificsto fatr sares ot stock. ('anal and Banking Camnluuy's certificate for fares of stock. The public are hereby cautiooed against trading or negotiating lor iany of tile above notes or documlents, as ipayment tf tltlht are hereby stopped; tier bavint g been stolen frotm toe by iome thirt or thlithves tuknown. J G II.ANCI1ARD, jyl2 33 Gravier street A C AD. I'iE undersigned hate opened a house in this city, . oar til Ia rpose oft ttrauatting a GENERAL CO\IlISSION I;USINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GAlbviEit S'ritottr, UP STAIRS. H P LEVY. The housse at Grand Gulfi, Mis will be continued ill the above unale. IRefrences. dtfy, ti &rs Sttlla ll I Se-, Orleana. La. H 11 Hill & Co, Loui.aviie, Ky. John tt Gihniore, Vicksburg, llias. Harper, Carpenter & Co. Gllsd Gulf, Misas. tui, iloor & t'o, a Silts Lillard, Natchez, l iss. New Orleans, Jtle 1l, 1881. jyl2 L IJNl) ot tile evening aof the 4th itost, at the Fire,, earter o[ lt Louis and levee strecet, a Silver iVatrh, which tie owuoer as 11n have Ity applying at No. 10 (Gravier street, tud p)lyiug for thlis advertisoeutt. 1t P LEVY, jy1t per M II NATIAN. IIEAt LAitlh-1000 kegs il tore, forsalo by L, IIRt liOiSEY, jvl2 41 New Levee. jj EN'TUCKY 1ib01lINGi-Ii0 1Iatfr snAle by 43 inches wide, fur sLoe 1,y SIIOLMEIS 2 & MILLS, jyl2 ltbnk Alley, NTEG( CIil' , LINSEh'S & MlLRSY1S J The subscribers offer for sale, ltttdiog front ship Cuoeord, 2 bIles plait mixtta d negro chloths; 1 bale twilled miaxe negro lotlh; 12 bales linoatyo, assetoed colors; 1 bale white swvan skins; I ctaoe printed kerseys; 2 bales heavv nlixed Cordova aerseys; 1 bale untinishled ISAAC BRIDfGE & aot y 1234 l____a__ ..ainu street. EE1XCIHANG E tN NE\V N'Oill br ulaty l I,ARWhENCE & I.LIE ENI)IE, jy 213 & 29 New Levee. to LAS, NU7't'MES, &ca-250 sixOnod thirteen L poud cddies of guatpowdr and iinperiol teaa, "5 cases of cttoister itmpertlal and guntpow.er, 20 ball' clheslt of paueullon tea; one task ." frssh loutlllegs Sand a general asortant a t of er0o erta s, for Rule low by LAWI\V ,NCE it LPEGENDREE, jyl9 21 & 29 New eves AILS- -75 kegs assorted 1'hi:ade' llia Ntil, iti store and lor salo It' YOtaKE & BtlOTHERS, jyl2 ti5 Cutup street. COT'ON ,BAUGIN--hin sta'. 'tuamd fr sale by YOUIKIE R. BRO'IHIIEtS, jyl2 1.i Calm street. NO'l'ICE. EW ORLEANS I NAeIIVILE iRAIL. ROAD t COMPANY.--Scaled piol)Osalts ill uo received at the oilice until 10tI July, for laying olupe.retracture Soa, khe sait roadl. o The iate'rils ftor thte Rt i will Io hild along iode ofthe track, and slht aote.s wi:l sa tooi It by The eon tractor will state how Imuth pI rt ile he w'ill ouildt tIe suparst utaret fotr ptoonlt't I be mtt de a ths work pr ogreases, dedulctilOg Ih per .att ut e eh payoment until the :oulrttat in compfeted, to tie totlis itation of fthe CGhiaf EnIit.car. o. j-t Chief Enginetr &, G(ln, Sterittolenoto , ) SSEOND MINI'IWAuLIT. ' AS brnoa ht to the Police Prison of the Second SA unieipalihty, the fllowing named Blave, viz: D)AVID, sya lie belong to Dr. Rogers, aged about he owner of sail slorve is ragqelr d to prove pro perty. pay cliarges, and take him nw Rv. jyl7 TtHOS. HARPJrR. oL ab 6th anen Ala prison dt it Seconde Muni. ipa* litb. leaclve horln6 DAVID, t seo dit app.rtenir. t Dr Rogers, nab d'environ :14 n vr. Leptroprintaire ret rquio'tie prorvetl soproprihtb, payer Ias frias tor le rtirer. 17jail H L HAPEIR, Capitaine du Watch. W1ER brought to the i'olie Priso i of the Seonod V Mniripality, tlhe followintg naoned slavels,vi ALEXIS, says he belongs to Mir Saouve, aged 45 GyerORGE, says he belongs to Mr C Johnson, aged it about 25 years. b The ownersofthe said sll ves are requested to prove i proporty, pay charges, and takue them away jylS Captain of the Vatch. 1L a 6th ntnene a ha prisoo de la Seco.de Slrtitt S oillit1 rue Barronne entro Hevia et Girod, le H Escldve entrants: to ALEXIS, so diannt appoartonir i Mr Souv6, Age rrt d'environ 45 anes. e GEO.GE, a disnant appartenir A Mr C Johnson, Sg6 d'enviro 5 ans. of Les prliritis dee rdi l.esctavs voudrent bien he prouner leura propribtAs, paytr lea fruit rt lee retirer. I 1t SHARPER, id. jeil14 Capitain do Watch. 3 AS brought to the Pound of the Second Munici V pality, situated in Baronute street, between SHevria ienid GIrod street, thefollowing enirtals, vi: S Oe Blrown Iltorae and Bay Colt. One large Bay More tni Dolt,; La One Whitle Spotted Cow. t The owners of sald animals are requersted to prove Voprpert, pay clmrgeo, and take them away, on or Iref d ore alurday, Julv the 1lt, wchen they will be sold o- at nAeiion, by P Ao uillotto , nactiouleet. l IS HARPER, i jet Capttin of tite t Wlch. i t a ct ilf l rrlte llt uttptlt de' ia woovovdeblunncllaltht, e. rue Barronne entrie Hevio o Girud leo anrmaux suivants: l Un chleval bran r etin Pollor hale. Une grandoeJtlntnt bnie ct Iolluhi. eUne Vachle hlieaos t.tvrtoie . he Los propoihtares des dilts aoilnnot soent pi6e de prrau ocr Ioirs tpropri6t6s, rtyvr Its frias etles retirer d'iei it Sorramedi 21 Juillrt, 188o8, o , vterout vendtu le dit jour oe Por I. A. Guillotte, enalvtctr. o ii HARPER, for 14 joil Cnpitan lie Watch. OP EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, IIANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFIII OP THE True SJlnrica, ST. CHARILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. mr23 GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIlE CITY OF _" .1Iew Orleans and Lafayette WTAS published on Motday,2lst Mlay and V for sale at the counting room of tlhepublihe Exchange Hotel, St Charles otreet,-and at the Book Store ofMessrs. E. Jolhns & Co.corncr St Charles and Common streets. m23 LINSEED OIL--500 gallons best engliei linseed J oil,now landing front brig William, Irom Boston. 1200 gallons foreign and northern manltfactured linseed oil, in casks and barrels, in store, and for sale low by JARVIS & ANI)REWI, Wholrsale Druggisto, I y7 cur Common & Tlcouptoulas streets. JUST received nt the Louisilana Furniture Ware Roonos, 53 Bienville street,i00 Maplle arit Cherry rBedsteads a firstr rate article. Also, a good assert. meant of Mlple, Wahlmt, and Painted Chairs, which will be sold for the lowest cash pr ceo. w. It CAIrNEs, k 1 v7 53 Bianville street. is EUALLTS, ATSAN I) CALtOMl: S150 ounensFrench Quinile, 10 bbls Epsom Saltsr 3 casks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Calomel, lpece.. Jalo', RhIubarb, Ai . &E.. landing fromll brig William, from Boston, and for sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, 1Wholesale I)rot'girts, jyv7 cor Comml n .l l''hlltu ltoulas street. S OAP-3501 boxes No I salp, brand lf.lamoea Gould landing from brig Williamn, fir sole by ISAAC BRlIDGE & Co, jy7 1314 Mugnzie streert. ALE OPlE--15I clllil h1ale rope, of supeorior" Iua lityl for s 0l t t entuck bo eugging 9 cil roe. e,i store, am fur stle brAl ' t c a ay A Tn, jr 7 17 lla ImII:rG e street., jA.ytf le-1I o heas Ted x i7 i h dI-sl ulI ers, in etore, , flr sale by I.AYEIt & At EL.iiNG, 00 j7 -lirdellelllerC e streoe, 17 ( O.IISEN 11IIrT' li-- ' 26 I k aa suleriolr article, r.l- landing from ll tealllr Allan,libr sale Ibv STETSsO\ & AVEKY, g7 jy7 8o Gravier street:. 75 L:VtORLEAN- & NASIIIVtI l.RAIL ROAD, L COlMPANY.--l ral s ore New lOrk, at 61) days 70 sight, fLr saleat tile Eofi, carual fcaseal t. RBarotne streets. JAMESc Ii CALDWVII.I., IS jy6_ President.. ON .... 'qluiel e. Celtell is fully atholrisedtv a tillll tltl a of y businett ssll during my aIothenc5e froan tlia is ,a rn11 as to diclllrge ally duties that,. 00 luy devlre ol ate as 'l'exitoll e lnlul. jy6 NATH'L TOWNSEND.. TWEN'T'Y.HIVE CARPIENTI'let.S \ANTED. 0 0r5l work at thie I.ake end o; the Iesra Canal, apply T1 the Harabor lMaster, at tiea New Basin. 00 jy6l-w under tlhe firm oe I, P. & J. L. LEVY, at l'atd Gull, Miss.; lied H. P. LEVa & CO., New Orleans, 71 is this lay diseolvell by malual conselnt. H. I'.levy td. is llone authorised to settle ths arfhairs of both houses; the iatt.l oftle ent aill be used only in liquidation. 10 H P LEVY, jy6 J L LEVY, The Grand Gulf Advertiser will usert the above until further not:cs f O r IUE-The undereigred having ilurhaer d oout the interest oef J. L. LEVY will continut the buhsnes aot Grand Gulf ,lbiss. ani ,w Orleans, on hie rown account, artd solicit a share of patronage. fSiee, as No. 10 ravier street. ven y6 II P LEVY. Tle Grand Gulf Advertiser will insert the above 0util further notice. NE .E HI-UI-ITNDRED DIOLLARS tREWARD-Steno, fromll a privllte house in Implrt strret, a Ptair of tn Nver maounted Belt PISTOLS,and la Rle Barrel, do. A rewerd ol oe Ilhundred dollars will be paid on rcut victio0 of tlhe thief Apply to this office. jv6-1t " LOURi-140 bb e loutr, lendiadedlir rsale by ed jy6 74 Poydran treet. CIANVASSED HAIiS-2eecasks Cincinnatipachked Scanvassed llama, for sale by J TIIAYER & C3, jy6 74 tlo)dras street. e COl BUSHELS ltItnRE CORN-for sale by 5000 J TIIAYER & CO, jy6 74 Poydrae street. ACO1.O-,R-IO0 b1., lhiding fiom steamer Buckeye, and for smle by G I)ORSEY, S j6 44 New Levee. irL, r EAF L.iRD--1lU kegs, landing Iom steramer rr Buckeye, ld for sIle by G I)ORSEY, C. j __ ___6 4 w Levee. t ALT-l3 cases (E6 brxes each) tthlesalt for alea 7 by READ & BARSTOwk, Jy01 77 Bank Place. R rMAIN CEbENT--for sale by aREAD & BARSTOW, jyS -7 Balak Plase. B -GG -500 ps Kentelucky bIagti, for sale by y. jyS6 7 Bunk Place. ing llIAI) & BASTOW lhavet emoved to No.7 Bank Place. jy6 1 NA'1'H'L TOWNSEND, S- jy6 xchange Hotel, Gravier street. aip AUL)DITarl'I DlIAF'I'e-el ehe'l'rtaury of Texas aled purchased by NATH'L TOWNSEND, jy6ti Exchange Hlotel, Gravier street ted Ii ACON-or 32 tasyks, laidieg li"e teaemer Empresas, D 1 for sole by G DORSEY, jeS16 41 New Levee. p-r. I4AMILY HA tS-74 hbl Coanvased amily Hname o sauperior quality, laeding frolm etatoatboit Monarch, tor sale by LAVE'r & AIGELUN0, en jo26 17 Commeroace sret. ere jACON--'3 hhda Sides, and 35 lhls h uloudler, la r sale ty LAYE'|' & AMELUNG, ali jeo6 17 Comme ' Ii\LUtbK--iW ls rleash Flour in etore, for sale byy LASE' ' & AIIIELUNG, tOe j 17 Coomerce street NUW IP'UBLICATI ONS. ANE LOSIAX o a MOT1HER'S CRIME--y ithe autlhor of"Braletye Nouse;" RoubenApeley, ,sot &c., in 2 vols. Gleanaags in Europe, olry-By an American, is " vols. , 7 h Life and Adventureo of JNicrholas icklebtrr sat.Edited h)r "Hot," with Lllustratios Iy .' I'bis'" Iu be continued nmonthly, and completed in 20 numlners. Jurst recerived, and for rosale ly WP. M'KEAN, AD j oVrtner oci Ca'op & Cotrmmon street,. ileeslo alb G DORIS laves. 10 froea shlip Coilcord, arid fer sale by e. 111r ;otle by J lIlA) ElR & Co, jy ._ _ ' 74 Poydras street Iti h1 Iry r .ITHAYEIha&Cc, bit 71l'teydram altree

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