6 Eylül 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

6 Eylül 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Tus-. ar, 411 rop , I,.., The Counnel met pursmmt to adlinlrmoent: pro 5.ta hom. Joshua Baldwi, 'eordelr; Aldermcen twell, loyd, Lockettt,Mli, Nixon, 'ceters and owell. 'heaJournal of the prncednin, meeting having han road and apprnr,,d The weekly statement o l'he trenasrer was sub teitted, showing the rnmnit ren-i.jndn anenlst rt port to have heen $5,858 48; ij-na of the Muniei. pal notes 1.875; b alnce $ 11.,220 31; ha lanee 28th , 17.09: baponniture meo t 18,6fi61 US: " h eaplm iatien from Collector Wheaton. in ShS o! to the unit ofJ. Golhuon ega.iat the Mlu. 1' W Id Ot8jettrered to'Finance Cuomin itteg. Al rtb.l.e. J.J.fit Ion, inh lalte of tile St. Pa trie Orphan As laun, upon which, on rlation of Mr. Pet[.s it was ' a aotl. That the su.m iof Oneo thoaonnd dollars Ueprie be and is hoershy lpropllriated, for the ' M mtethe St. Patrick's Female Orphan A.ny. Itt; mad ato to be paid in qua:terly instalnmnot, t the O i.ctors of said Ihnttiterinun, or to their u.an t ed aget, on the warrant of the Mayor. A eooamunioation from Jthon Grant, in relation ~#Wa f No. 1, was retoered tot eprcial colnmit. t pfrited of Meser. Casdwctll, Lockett, and A a etmoanofatlon from the Ptrveyor, transmit. 41rog ptan of the new Vegetable market, was road mi 'pe motion of MW., Poteno, it was t lRmeIod, That the (tomnuil approve otithe plan lk.t new vegetable o.at m e, eaubuittood by theosur Sweyr, aed the Recorder sign Ite sate. .petOition from the oadtrin itraturs ot the Charity rpital. In tMlt on to thIu etate el Common street, wnemfred to the oosmmittree on arkets and tarnt. rpetitionh to pave Jackson city with hce gon..l ellt of wood;, and a petition against the colrtin. smeof found etone po paementt, atoe boti referred tolm commoittee on etreets atd landings. A petition from Win. Deatot, jry & J. R. But. tMasdego the exeluaivo privtlege tlr live yearo of stetolhing floating bttals in fiont of this ounici pelity, was referred to .t, eoallurttno on health. A petition of athe Lovnurniaa Rifloan, praying thels. of the anti room tt tlt Council chamber,, and thei oan of tie IlUysk.n, wan rotbrrod to the Police committee. A petiton of certain residentso agaionat Prietly illery, was reftrred to the stano carllaittoe. Proporals of Owen Cm.(lo to pave with sqonaro grenito blcks, at $5, .ec. aed with round stout tA$, Wa w roltrrad to taeo lotmiaatte o statreats aral limdain. Ot'etto Miller topave With hexIagonal iait-at of wood fir S3,75, was ratcrred to the staam. cn:l. mitese. Mr. Peter, as ohairmtn of hte Finance eom msittee, introduerd the iollowirg orliituaenr, titlelh wU read by its title, ordered to be Iaritedl, and made the order of the day for the next tmo.tt,,ig. An Ordinaneenoncorniog tlhe Poydrtiss t toeta:ct, and providing for farntatg thle revenuo teor.of. T Chonnuc of Municipality No. Two ordain at fellowe: Art. I. On the first of December, in cnlt y.a.r. thoeomptroller shall aIdjudicate or cause to be ad. jadioated, at hi, office, toe eollcction of thIe rtvc. non of the Poydras street matnrkto, for tom vtear. He shall give ten d:ays notice it the r.lic,;al gla. Sette of the municipality ofthol day anld Ioureat which said adjudicatiorn hall take Ilnca. Art 2. The contract to he entered into with tihe eomoptroller, by the farmer or lesseon for -the col letien of the revenue of sanid mrket, shalttl hia fr ean year, from the first of Jatltnry o caela year and at the end of esaid your, said contract sltatl b It reewed in the mannetr lproacrited inr thae iarneadilg Art 3 The farmer or lessee shall within hivt day after said edljuditatiota, firrtrisala .ta pro niataoy notes, eidorsed to the satislaetiont of the cr ntt:il, ayable from the first day otlJttuary at 1,2, 3 4,, ,6,7, 0i, 9, 10,11 and 12 Inttlhs. Siould to ra. fuse or noegleet to furnish ltis nutts as lafornaaaid, the comptroller is utlrisrtetl to cause a netw a I. judiontionto ho made, for tie euua.t attl ria!tt ol said frtner or lessee. Art 4 For the ioraim n e s.nacrity for tilhe ipay. ment of the notes larinhedl liter aid l:aso, the Ion. ator or lessee shall sleiet atd nonrtgag, in ft iv( r of this municipality, all tile rightt tt utteieh thto oollection of soaid rovunuo is hereby tantntd, aou that in dnlitult otf p.tyutatot a1l) ol the ala'orutoi not ,a or their becoming duo, Elit .ta nlc pelity otaa)' hoave the power o Zziar, g lr-ovieoaaatiy tLtot.taur,. t said rights o allhcetd and mtrtgaged as t pledgc; which it shall be the dtty of the" to du;, wit:. in three deys ofter the prorote of ary of thle lfre. said bills or protirisary Iotes. a Art 5 The tatrtror o lesou of nsaid rn:ennano t:il! h not he entitled to collect etlher duties thaon thuc to heroinaftlcr mentioned, to wit: tt For every he,,d of l:rgeo hortned cattti, ei4lhty I aoven and a half Rents, or .vawon bits. For every head ofretal, tratton, pork or VnOisonrnl twenty five coents or two bits. (I Ibeitllr weal Ur-en deretod that when the ibrl.quarter of a veal shall weilh more than otbrty poundsa the former or la- "' me of the revenue may levy !for lthe osale of saidl vea, P eighty even and a lall' eattta, or snvcn tite, il,- ti eteid of twenty live emltts or two h.ti ) For each stall and two half tbleas ao :lao riglhat and left of said stall. itacluding the trameos wtith "" hooks on which to haerg the iatet, twueatyli ive celtir p or two bits per day. do For orery bheo Ibfr the sale of fidb, twelve and e half cents, or a bit per d.y. All butchers and rstalnero of fishb hall bo no. swereb a for tt o lifram with hooks, so rented tU them by said farmer, Art6 All kinds of moat, fowls, game, fieh, vc. getablos and all other articlne destined for the daily supply of the city may e bougoht and sold at said nmaorket, with the exception of dead poultry, wlich shall not be sold withi n acid market uilder a ie, Ialty'of $10 for each otflnno. Art 7 'Ike surveyor is required to 000. chla!lls to he placed at thIe ends oi'tle two astreeoots running parallel with said mro.l.t, in order to prevent the pasing of carriages duois, market hours. Art'e Said r trket sirl ipon ot the o lawn ofe " day, and shall cloe ot tieevlo y eclock ltootsEly from the first 1e April to the firslt f Nuvoulbr,aied at mto o'clock ill the alielloon doring the rouain. der oftho year: and the Ire, io f tli'e markt h elall be aonouceod by ila e o arc hell, whiho it shal; be the duty of the eitallssary to ring or cOuin to he rung. Art 9 The two sin!(e uif Ihe miiddlo A'ioy ofs.id market roml (lereun street i tihe endl near le. runne street wllh eroeptiUc of the tur fi.et ls. eagoes and the spaes occupied by llhileppa street, to be er butnlcrs-i a d tr exase ali oIe tables of so;id Alley are inot :ken tep by thle buroltcher, thIe wlt. arn extremity of the sal.,u to ibe llt to rotloi:es of salt matte: irovedud aiwayb Lthit wiltcl;er any or tall ofd tlae tlies are IaI demli d or Illutchers, or roequired or the leet; t lu said veotlll u or veltdorn ofualt moot gesi pIlae to til lue our or laeUucsrs apncling for the arnme. The Booth Alloy to be divilded irle ix portionse, frotl the eatrance oat Creaus Istret to that near I.:. roasiustret. The first lportione sltateld at tllo.. erm extremity of said Alley to be for Frsh. 'Tce I osea r itIosati stoat. 'iou thirnd Ieir II tru irend gaome, The fourth and iifh lor groircren., -,id t di slxth situated at the stero cxr unne ity il ,aid h. hy tobe for fliuit. The cross pase,.r anld tLe space ocoupimd by Phili ,pa stree t dao exsepted. The North Alley in trt whole rhi l ot sunr t :ircus truet to the oud nsear Ilrolnuo otreet, it le the x. coption of all crosaings, to hb tLr riveatle,. Art 10 When the varioun plaf e it.lein said market ara taken up, or occupiol, lilo tlrillr to be, and he is hereby authorizedu to Iht the corres. pending slaces on thne Ieontway t.ltielUtt tLe ma:rhit ranging themu iilnd diately along the l Outer oio ot thie coUlllnso s ind n such way ,is in III ca, to oh. ptruot the croa panget frou s.idtes of thlle w rliut or the entratces at either etrColleiLy or siid a and praefrencue must llways be o lv1e l t, rseetlehre oel such tices are as d or t.hbu or titcr oe the inside of the market agreeably to Art. 9 of tenis Ordinance. Art 11 When the stalls or talule in siel marlet t appropriated the rofor, shalll int be OLeupii d by ciil. m at ofresh meat, the farmer or leo.e may eil tohre i to retailers of salt meoat. In ceosos welro all theio tables and stalls shall be occupied by sellers oi fresh meat tho venders of salt moot shall .u placed outsido of said mairle, aOd iulu Iltheir sale one bhonches or tabloe furnished at their cost, aird I r whioi they shalll pay to the Ienmer ur e eer , twelve and halt a celte, or a bit Ii r doy. Art 12 During the hallf hour iimeel eitly f dlw.h ing tih closing of said minsrkut, the but hers ai d other persona hiringtr oir ucli'lng staflll Ich be bound to serape, wails and cleai.el tlhr repeolive, C stallsI arid tables s toas to keep t!lh n ie, Il the high. sat state of cloeanlinsna, and every p,,r.uell oiegl,e.. tri to comply ituoetoally witlh tnu dispousiti.il ot time ipreentt articlo, or wieo lhall eat Ieut the. asilde mnarkct at theltuura epocified in artoloe uenielt ,I.the Iprecsent ordinance, oiall pay a ti~o oltli.o deilore for each offonce. I Art I1 It shall he the duel of tile flrmer, or si other poerson authloriaed by this ilaeelcpaehty to li collect the heine e.e,.b l.teed oiteos, o he kp ate cnuet rogesrelr of the persons to , e hellje lte l' io o stalls, stands, tables an.d fimtoa wlleih hooks, at y market hours, amd deliver cartliooats tleroot: Apy t person occupying anry table, et:lred ,,rtull witllout s the conoeat of this atid farmrr or coliactor sad YI who shall refuoe to deliver up tile ame on the lirst b rsquaetl which shall be Do laI thalle by tae camo. if miscary at theI n srkot tail pe, a fiue of teo i.tti dollars for each offorco, and shall be comwhapld to ".,. cos"ifr to ,te lp...siVon. of ,s.a fi,.n ... onst. Art 14 No person shall plice witlhln tIbe market °lC house, on tihe fieotway lherrti,; rnor ete tat i pec s:.p tusatd brtwron the Ia e i-iel, s of said enalct et sy olther sthlle or then rthi, llO.e- fx ti , therc byi , ealhurity urthi.i lotileel ,,der ii cttei.eyl Iel,; " .ohiees for rues i ,e ,v, n- 1 u,., , ,,, ,,i, ,. ,r .. for aale within the market aforesaid, any blown, stale, Ismperfeot or unwholesonmo provisions, or meat al 50y anihal that died lat dsaense, such provions or - meat shall be solz d by thi commireary and be Sthrown into tlhe river, aedl the 'oilmndr asall be ola. oed ten dollars for the tirst offonoe, nd ftbr the so. cond he shaol be deprived ol the right of vending Sin said market or of hiring any staoll iithin ite hI. tital. It shaIll bh te dunty of the commissar l . the ma:trket, alone, or with two asIst.Illts ap))l "t. ed ly tihe l.Rectorder and eorn l ot;orto h:ue. da.ly c to make o striet issp.etioi l of the butht,ers' mrit th and tof other provlsotian exp.)et for s.no at thti 8: said market and to enforeo to strict oblservance el tills ret u atit., S Art II; Butchore, or other retailers of bIutoher' . nloatt hall noltl erxpore thlrut for sale eleowheuro than at the nlarkota orettabhisjlo by law under a poealty . of 25 dollars tor each ofifelce. They salltdL bo cf compelled to saw the bones of thie mueat; and they shall not, ulnder any prtext bronk thcent ldowI wati .r hatehet, tr cleaver, uidor a penalty of'five dullars he for eon., otleiee. , Art 17 It stall Ieo obligatory on tlhe conmmissary oi, f the miarket always to ihaRe in the said miarket Sscles and sweights, to bu used at the request of any person, wil, at the tilme of purchase, may tidesire n to prove the ritht weight of anly meat or other it. prvisione, and no scal s and weightls shall b. Id uned in said market, unloss tllhey are proved and stamped according to law, tlnorrl hall steelyards be p. Osrd wihtlit said market ntt dar any etcolltiotaacos Id whatever. Atly violation of the propltionle t thin seclon, or selling by falseo weighlts, shall subject ian So offoador to a fite of 10l tbr each and every r-oftoc,,. Art 18 Any person who shall forestall or cause to Sbe forestalled any provisions at the market bforr ten 'clock ill tie morliang, alshall pay a flue of a- twOety dollars for haelt offlnc. Art 19 It is oepressly forbidden, under a penalty .I of fifty dllars lbr eachl ofonce, to rell or cause to be sold, withitl tile said mnarket or on the fotwatys id ohlch surror ndh i, any spiritoeus or odont l ,quore. Art 20 It slr:ll be tto duty of every hutelelr or . other person selling butcher's or otlher moet at thes I said mnarket to he cleanly dressed, and maorneor to wear in soiling the same, a large white linen apron, whichl bsll consrtantly bt kept in tlo greatest state g f eleenrlinees, nd it .llall hit be lawful fut anJ ier on vending in aid marketr to smoke whilea e i ermployed vithin said arelt undrr a irnalty of flie ioallor lor teach'olyfasu it' the oilndor is a teo Spereont, ad tol lherst r if clares. Art 21 It in forbiddoen to all haker and pedlare to siell any aert Of gaood or ttCerlhaoie in thl said ti t eltrt, or on the fonftw'yo snrrounding the snsil; Salder a peonally oten doar llfors fr ocl o:ltd, if the oflttndlar bo a oreo ptr*on, anid ten. iaset iu a olave, nmlo e the al.elrs preolr to Pay baid filo. Art o: Ts rie rvoyer shall caushe to be oin tedl alrd whitelwaslh er, tce eory yarthe lr pilla.l dd ealinteg esa nd nli' n o mtt t Art 23 Allh iog:tr ta t c melon, to"'ltrre, oiotsi, I i rh- Jiro.U oh crtm , r........ hh, tslle..... d - ........ dea tiet I or te dainly sut Iy o of thi 'aiin. ll , hlity ulill lie tou hit to tlu riarbel m:rtaltohahetl bl w lee the sale lmiruol, awto cd I, traons euIO ig ItR te salo oany of said article it tlhe tror, or in aeor Oiler pert thou at said Illarkhtl dturietg titt bloerI. r crihbtd b tlv tas oelittlaneo sall i'tiur a ftoi of riesto l, ic e to .luleet d o ll atr o Ib r y r oll t'rn c,. Art It Catie tr ag ls lto ti. o 0 e c of etit esuevor lu sid iitlcarkthltllbo placeid utider the · i. urtitnti ofi e ebotuut ar ol sat d rt 5 All petrsCons rret 'eriddhn to staoldcnit or oir o th I ol ot sid Itall Ot, uettdsr a ptentlty of ttol dollar if thu oltfnder o free, and t0 .lh Iali tf a olave, Art oj te ftritt staoll frurnitel, at liar orn et. peatio, alla thtgoecesanry fr sw't'vltoit .d elann . itl ra ithmi, thie ftLttr othye therlee eicluled. hIe aarepit:g ao:d oleivntimg of astlt, rolauttsll ll he ionle hy th tlo icfre:n )loileegig to tte g, age ,tntdltr tile tuplrintd...e of of overlly e orc of'aid o' rorara nttd of tilta eolutisieary. Art >7 IIt aboall hle tIe duty elt the tottleisnrv o" eaid mtarliet to eue that the oldimnatts rerarebut ti.. rot, are ftlly retfbemed, ottd that no oliucAee ii toetltetrattd gaitilst tihe fare rt oftlduotieia o!re,:ti arl;ltike; tet ttcy oreler ittll, tlltlurket, to atvecr. :°.tlnil ,',,;os wo istutrb tlte publicel e m te itt omidet:t tlthenl lieoroi'thre lvora Ialot loordiir, tir any Other ticigtrtreg, to bj pitt .hoia nl a dirlg tC. 1 w. 'll'he.id L·(-lli6*tt ryhiall amwtays bnt Ipre,'nt i id tit.dirillt n i llltla eilr, iti cei;t iectIttte Co of aio,;nm ; at:.r I to etlt e:lto lie alittl I It ttelriC ti the itetr, wt hto thll place tiottltitr t'l io tie oil·eel;, ai)l, .tl.er, he shalt l Irt li.y..dl to be re i)e.d ..t,,, itit, or, IrtealtotII t e withi 'l't e vr- ),iiti e .',a'bl lie riti Itae to. tie pto e a, ti t i ii d Itvulttitlrl tttIlilttd~l 'lLt to ally intrl ulll/,;..t:: ati ou lroln theO (.t:LU ItIIII! Id~ !+t ip rdeh tta t o , rl eei , lit y I iit , of v.i ch plitueot atl~itlt11.ee ftitratt lnrlllt lietl 'taalt~lfyc.;:ro tiesrl To ~ .l.,i ( ~trSyt hk' . lc ) !t t vitt.Y co9 tt- itte,l r y iadtviut t ; hl'r r Itetre't walievlll n llu rlr"L s to pvosvclat f Lh. -idi 'tii,:Cl.li tr ntldiv.dnlal.-; as t;lu ease "iitY b'·l tr, hdvlll []L;ICII puintt od with y lh fil.eee Ittr otlhr I'emlttius dely ture Art. .99 "l'hcr f-.rmr shall n,,)t unlder any pretext whnto-r~e.~,r..t: or receive tols crluny w'sli·ll hm .o . ill all)' Uther1 pllees thtml tirooo cl·r'{nlrndt+ Ily I. o Iprer.tn ordti, ntoe under a pcnllo, of Iti~city doll.,.r f.lnetrea otie.ef. uoi.l. .i,,r e.c .. ol i:co. and Art 30 All AirUta flood ho Ilia odintoanti slln [)a rooro.raboi bclbro any court of'copnoinlotl juriosic. on. lion for tho bnllriitl o this ailliiipnitty Itu Art 31 It shat I he the duty of tit iommtiary of te I:aket to ca:so to be pnUibapa ui, t al! tinim inj at atent F ix Il.oro ill raid oiliet, Litiis ordiinance, in lily ife -Fro111iC alih Ilng 1f ]l latlnt:l, -a, ll. a i o io i t t . il. u .. gant .raan, the rules bo. flit in~ disl)p,+nsCd with, it was e- Resolved, 'i t theaintorest o tie lunds to be i issuad to John llinturn, in *itttlenu-ii t oif to: o vrng cnlranet, b aiiide paylbe ait the Unioi bank, in I!n city of' Niw York, iasta ol tit , TreacurrS' the of. uc in this imuniei)plity. IIr. Caldw,.l1, as chairmn n oIa f thl cmmittel on ol truuto anid lr-td o0, rO tortoll ti U flll'niitg Into. Slultnd , ono whih thuruh. heing ili.itz.itp d iotly "ere. ti. REP'ORT oil Of the Ciliittae on Streetos nd L.id:iaof tll IRo-ilved, 'lThat Win. Luoau be roietnd iroll the oo olitoa ol'r colh:etor and 'hofitonger of tim ba!tu fur foo btaokino up fiat boalts,as also fromn tile itly of cid thoiio:Lry iof the bhattura for t ile i - warnt. Bu. IRolvld, Th'at the surveyor ibe and lI, is hero by s. directed to relaty i .an' q'tts in fr(ont of lithe ru r toy oa D niol ini& oy, at ati eornotr of Cnaul .n. rdenarts t groon ja i a thie liipir : of t laying out a..ia btruut, at LIthe expuoe af this 1u.ai. eIN hllIlt aIltsulvetd, o,ati tn Treanurer Ia nuthorild to tcl ttitilro lt . Itit ard, t ::qi ftt i urieior of this t ostl llilm l to y tho ItIIIOUl. a' C,:at attU,:lat u o)n JMIlEd II CALDWELL, AM'L J. I unEzsL SI radr. aas P a oe te t'ha I:j not )lln c.I llllid toeth. or 0" t'loanid reper , r ad h t 50o blad niot beenllc c l. t ' s ultud upotl toe uj int of it. Th itt'.n1trerttuei edd n that tit- ..tr t . id bn tes,. dt n . . we.l t.. Itt us pealed 'iron liot de.t io l l'thi ch it.r, d Cail.d Iht u s" t!to ye:ns nmliod l·,y . (lU1£11. uo)t , Liuck n, .l',ux, sl Peters. notd S'enit i, voltd iIo ustailn tl, IaO ridur, ti ill and losinrs. (hIatllt I1and Nixon io gaint i". ai t O n ith min ion to i to with l t,, ru 'es to takeI tho Pat 1 ll cooia i1 1 -ll t l -,n, t;,l ye,.n an J t s d am rop, toiitodnlnnio, lanl r II I t, , t't: an-ti., m, thn luid; :, ClI, i t wf r eil uoved to r 0j at. : caad . f ar t iu y a n, tI nll iai'-,t-O , it fll't: n - o n tin l t iio nda_ Ii S mirmalOe, ad , nrI." locil tn to Ix liot r., a ynd wnaer r,.hlno ated o, t tlhi n awsait TIh Co()olt t, and Lrndinres having, e, attin. ri y e. ani.:ed tiea b Il t .....c-, .. .a. " tmh f r ,o.,n " t oI t sin l th it£ u or!al of u uldr v ,(t in si;i haigenlandnt z + i d un t h r a th t w l pa ont jor i t t h e l or b moo abj to ft a in v f routl- for a cltn n= o f opiiai o on til part . b' t iao e i. le t the (' nu . a I ond i-o at;a thin iat o tent t rlter , t r"i o - ui:t ofyard "ls La . i J al . 2t , \ .'ds y c,ui. l tie Cuumd e n, w 'i t th-ny I..l r'llidlt lhns t ir a iy . r ex mlnti o ll, o l , i w' i cm , y nlont 'it h t, I a at dIt.tion { ,f a lt ' p:l,,N C. 0 i hrdi:y t'irt it tor It 4trn d ,h d ar l a tt, i! ,gent m,thin r 'ltumO t.r o brot, Sao iuiaj.,ty t Or itn w tom e os ala ii' r o, t ,Illft ull seal,, '.in prs iiiid r ti e Idi i on o ii to. a!iedLt cil tr.lo- ar fir SJtlhiy to l.. n ti ltl t:,; ifrlvnt5.q o it'ii -.,lti , the conim I '.s a iis ' t i t a 'ui i:Xlitio l ll at t'olh :a o lod :: i rli ' t am.no ienk i ..vst-ont at ,G;1 5' l1na r s aOd ti q- I S .:v C t a aii, , ai t i t : . , t a l i d . i i : , t !ni wi , ri , , ;it l l i s s iS i- iai i n. I .tin p . iai5 i se Jl, toa t . 11i ,ta t ( t+,t , Itt-l.. :..ntO tl, ,) +, ito ta n advantages of the round stone pavement in the city of New Orleans, may be thus stated. I/ It is a pavement that can be procured as foat ns lit may be required to meet the wrshes of the citi 0 ze s, so that in two or throe years every street and cross street within tfo taxa.lo limits of the munici. Sality, inloudrng Apollo street in the rear of the t third ward, mayn b p.srd. It is thie Ihrest, costing only $3 50 per square yard and about one per cont per annum to keeop it in ropelr; thee [ircsnt contract f,r kbeping the y paved strorLts wtltit ti kin ornicipelity in good r. tpar ir ]rre thal 1 per cent onn the total cost of a .e p ving rretiitring it to have cot $5300,000. S 'ITe cost of o. airing will be lss itn proportion, a the streets arc ;aved sub-squent to the laying ' v n thie gas and wn:, r pipes. The round stone pavement p oporly made and kept clean and in good condition, abihough no as du"a' lo s the - qar" block, certainly is a durable pavoer.nt. A portion of Gravier street was paved by the late Brejanmin Morgan, in 1818, and was tile first averent nolade in New Or ona s; it re quireod no repairs for 18 years, and then only in y csclnsqunce of the arch havirng bean broken by tile gas and water companios. Illrnid stone tp ivrmoln ale in existence in some of the northoern i ties that hanve not been relaid fto more than halfa century, and in ore instance, ill Salemn, Massacohuretts, there is a r :und stone pate. I meot in ecn Ient cond-tion that was laid int 1740. Such i.ermannecy call not be expected here; in an smur lI as our soil does not preloi,t as firm a founda tio.i as that of many of our northern cities; but this o bj'jction applies al kIre to round and oquare stone, Snexopt that a r u;nd stone pavement settling un. eq raily io p r ope more raoily repaired than the s qrro Ilock pavement. 'The advantl cs of the stone block pavement are, Os it a, stated; creator durability, (and this tire coinmit eo is by no means disoased to deny) 2dly, it is ani cvcen anrd -agaablo pavement, causing less snoise, I -Rs wear and taro to carrsages, horse shoes, d&c., and althoughr costing more in a he first place, requires less annual ex: naditure to keep itin repair. If of too nti oLi a surface however, it is condemn. ed by oxpoerineed road makers in England as bemg enrincntly injurious to horses, and greatly d miisrh. ing their traction power. The c st of keeoping roads in repair mad.! of sqluae block, will dlubtlees be lass than the round stonen require. But it would be unraaa -nable to OOsuppose that on such a soi as ours, no expense would be anecs acy--half'of one per coot pcr an tum is probably a fair estimate. lHaving thius fairly stated the advantages of , ach k hind of pav ntent as r dapied to this city, you'r committco will proceed to prove by such facti as are within their reach, the co rectncss of Iheir opinions. Wi h:n i wo years 113,000 yards of rolnd stone p vrmret:s lave been laid within tlhe ifuuicpality. 'l:o b mcticiil effects of illis unexampled ucntrprizo I in to i:,,provnorent of olr city is llt arid appoe. ( ,:a d by all tl:e citizens. It is not sayi, g too Imuch to ,sscrt, iehat the virlue of property during 1 thl:!t period has been fully sustaines in tlls mun.. reipliy Iy by [ie rap d piug;ess of the pavement, It , o:writht d ni, :lit dopressinig influenoo ufgera I Spleounutry irn arrassrnrlts. Abeo t teo same th t irr l Minturn commenced ni thatl onracnt, tire chaiitn of the c n}mittee on t ar.'e s a d ltani.ls was author eed to order from acot, n;lid 350i0 yards of the squa:re bhile stones i ted:,l' to patve Camp street from Po, dras to G;,rod .treottt: up to tis lrieod about 1100 yards I have beon re..ired; 036 yards of which were laid It d iw.n in St Chlartis sare t near ' Prydrao , about four n mroont is ogor.--- kl: u 150 feet of street pavement a and costig $85 07 po' soquare yard. lThe utter ,i impractionbil ty of golltug any large quantity brolught from Europi (rf.r r es.of s wi 1 only brirni n trim as b rlast, or at a rate o. ilcigit thrat would o ri-lleno tio cos pierlha.s double) 'rduced tihe Coun- it eLl to eo deny ur to procure imilarl ston s from the I nirth, bIin.e .!ways desirous of lmtkirg a lair trial i ofthis Sipeieos oftpalvunt. A contract nom Ilade n ,,wit .'ix monllth ago wi I tihr iropri'of"r of a ql arr., in rMaine to laurnihl 1000 square yards of w ,qluate .anito blocks not as dcp as the St '4cli stocne a' 83 60 per yard: h:bout (00) yrade ha; i'e horn recoivner, the remainder will probably not in arrive f.r soICme wCek, as tlhy can only bh brought i out b a'ssels 'nstinedl for this place direct, and Ibeo fi ftrog', to us ballast. The stones receiver cost tle ct cohtlractor (as he says he will satisfactorily provo to tirh Council) 8-1 416 per equare yard, and he ao is thalnt he will not contract to doliver any ser a vi( lir lins than p.4 0) per sgqanro yard; the cost of op hrlin i mt:d paiing is abiot $1 per square yard, so in I~r ht II,^ mierln a (tst of the square block pavCltml'nt m: iv 7 5'1 or two dttlitnrs Ie r yard mn ore than lile i e t sI '.t-a. While we PoSSess preisn daan 'l,'in t arhc t of this species of tpavement. W t!, ivir n't positivr infii'riatioin to chew iln wlhat timt g:: a nti'- q a ctii t tc mael; this is enti:ity lcLt t' cnrjectur' it would not ioe fair to st Ihan ihc to h Ilay i. gritintr otts fn ,ri Snrlard, nrftl - drich 1o vtte rr low e o rienc n ,!! in te ttint 10a} v r'.. orm olnine, far ger ioti i t 1 rt i e hci n hie: t rt ran arrive' Ft flhe st)hrin ,,f thisn q'h.:ti~ne. i'" i| :lrs o ld ire h an ~' ail. d 3 1 ve r It. i rati" rg on a questi'n of tsuh 'nprter Vou lt. l:U nitlln haot, fiat l Peoi re ardle .S of t+' r Iresns tintht ihv the , xperi ce of other citie ' the itni. n, :ceping always in view our pectia t po' i tir .on wr s to s'oil, maltorial and 'a rs. plany of the objections nmdo here to the rion Sstoone pavrellnt are inuId o ew!.hllere, aol] cnstall rmxnoriments have tnen msde for many vyears witl other naterialt. Yet the riunltd snn pilvetlot i is still maintained anrl l eontiuatd in all the prinrci. sal citres Of the North Many of those citlies have in their imtnmediate vicinities granite quarries, where Ilia bloc stote could htl procured at a much cheap. er rate than it can bc had here: yet theysro not used fir paving their strcels. The people of PDos. ton are believed to understand prettv well their interests, anld thir city is justly reno\twned foir tie igreat economy that characterizos it municipal gov. ornmont, yet with a granite quarry at their doors they prefer the round stone for their pavements :fter havine trield and abandoned the MeAdnm ized roaid. We are however toldto lool to the cities of England for informatien on this point, and your cnmmlmitc have in vain sought to find a simi ilar ity in our Iposition. The nature of the e oil, the proximity of the materials, the low price of labor there somei to hb ornerlooked by those who would I direct o0, attention to that country; but there is yet aotther reatrn why no comparison can justly Io tiodt;the scarcity of capital inthis country added to the ulexampled enterprize of the American peo. io causeo the rate of interest on money here to be more than doubleo the ordinary rate in England, -'To this all powerful cause, we must ascribe the Lrrenter Idurability and permanency of psbhlic works in the lattr country. They make their railroads of solid iron it great weight supported on granite and costing from 4 to 8 times as mnuch as our roads which sre geonrall' mado of bar iron and laid on wood. The supelrficial observer would blame us for what he would consider ill-ronceived economy; but invesltiglinS mind when informed, that if we wore to aodIt the English plan, we dould not procure onur:ey enouglhto smake the road at sall: or if we ct,Iot procurm tie means, the road when made, ,ouil,l nIot g;o its its titC interest as wa would h:ue to pay for tie capitah that we find it cheap. er to Ily our railroads every ten or fifteen years ith chrco, a toe(,ridls tio growth" of otr country 'i always tti"tind in atundaneo on tle spot, than to pat 8 to 10 per cent on the increased cost of a rottl 1/tt Itould tlst iJ'iy years, tto wouln ascrito to soga-:its thait lwhilt the other thought the result to ignoranice. Were it practicabl to obtain square stones enough to pave the municipality in two or threc years at an increased cost of sixty per cent, lor the sae m ;,ood roason that our railroads are so sti,": Lly consttructed, it would he highly inexpe. dIcnt to adopt such all expensive miode of ave. The comtnitte:e ubmittit a calculation showing tihc ct n.parative tdvantego of a round stone pave. i: lit at the end of ten years on the square stone. A statenment chtwing the cost of 100,000 square ': I~ of roundl slt ptatveenot at t$350 tier square yar, ::t the cld of toe yeart; intertnt cotmpound. ed at 7 per cent per annuru and Iiho coot at the nc of tiho snamd period of 100,000 sqnaro yards of q'tlro stuon Lluck pavIoemnttt at 85 50 per square 100l,00 tqur.re yards round ttone 3 pav,'iwulnt .353,00! Ill Yar., intcrc.t at 7 ip, t. cnipounded 3,30,750 10 lpr cnct rlair in teno years, ;35.U000 $715,750 I'!t,11 q. yds. iqualre stone paveltall tt it ,i 5:1d 550 ,001 !,icyears interest at 7 p. c. compounded 519,750 5 p.r cent ri paliw iu ten years, 27,5001 t1,097,2 ,i0 ;:1:' r, n . iot C ever ,of the rollund ;stone pavI.llllmn tin it ea:r. g3ll l being an lllount ntuarly sufol. : .I to p y hir t'o cost of the lot,/a ,l yar n uh n ! G-,r p tlte'io;nt and tho cxpelle of keepiag S l pr- to ha instad of co;itinu n, tit . s,;,ttt c/lt a r. -.,l tturn, Ihe Coun :il :n n ali i "e!tllvl .- lr p o.i .sls it or .cr to ascerta.tin whe. . er liir:. advnititgeous contract tllight not be ,,'.. 'T'he prie: now at li ed 31r .tli,,turn was g t -, r, 1 n in 1o3, by tih C,'u,..ed of the :, a,,l that alter having In.di te hna y t ildie s thu!pl,. to procure thei warp at a cheaper rate: P nce t h.c.t ti l",ri ,ulcl pulat. has proposd oil 'I. i,:.i one :ca iiot for contracts fir eoitlinu. c Sthe pving, and yet has inot sutctedid: tihe i lit tones t 'runt tue niorth ia muchi culhalncd it c 1>15, and thIr i, good reas to beli to elio that aynllg nlllot be nloe ah laper than thit pIrice ,opo .ed by Mr Minturn; inde td t c onmmiltte to o, vnc:; .d that he wil sustain a consid arab!o loss a, the ,tI:o1 yard square ston pavlnllcut. Shlould u Spro:II Ud ct ,tract with Mr .linturn not be ta d ti: e. r,:sp rilv tof Im Municipality is exposed ial "r: ' ie a I " 'eck r om I which i' wil requtie much tr , . , tl i;t : blll.r , , ne;r .. tt th I o·rr rn-o- ~-T the the people here will have to content themselves with costly experiments, which although they may t s impoverish ur treasury and impair our credit, Eiti- Wi 1 perhaps furnish abundant consolation to some, and by the fact that a portion of our streets will re. iei. soemble those f Loundon or Liverpool. the It has been asserted in reference to this question that the Committee of streets and landings had re' tare ported an ordinance accepting tile proposition of~ cop AIr. Mintuirn, more favorable to Mr. Mmiton than the his own olTer. re- Thte assertion is not only without any foundation b of but the very reveree is the fact; the Committen ro. quired other stipulations highly advantageous to on, the Municipality, while the minorily (the Chair. ing men) proposed a clause eminently advantageous to the Contractor, which was promptly rejected by and the Committes. as The Committee insist in the ordinance reported, bl. that the Contractor shall be bound to extend the red round stone pavement frm 20,000 yards, (the Squanltity ito proposed) to 50,000 yards, if the Coeu, re. il should so determine hereafter; also, that I.e Y in should he bound o receive his pay in six per cent by hb dt paytolte in 25 years at $90 for $100, instead of cash, if the Council shoud require it, ine As to the square stone pavement, the Committee lot reported in favor of his proposition without anyc al. Sil teration whatever: reserving to the Council the t- privilege of increasing the quantity from 5000 40. yards to 25,000, in case the price seas satisfactory. Sar The minority insisted, that the Contractor should rd- make .he 20,000 yards square block pavement, this shether the price was salisfactory to the Council no, or net, and that he should receive the extra com. an. peneasion on the whole 25,000 yards,whilst he only the proposed himself to receive it on the additional 20,000, to which aextraordinary proposition the are, Contractor most readily ass nts. tie It is therefore clear that, the Committee have ly, euryfully cobnsulted tile public interest on this oces. less sion, and have only departed from the letter of Mr. oes, Minturn, for the benefit of he Municipality. co, It is worthy of consideration that the most value. air. loe streets are aloody paved with round stone; tn. the property on those streets that follow in order is tng of small comparatiive value; there would seem an ics- ineonsistoncy to make aavementa costing $5 50 per yard- in front of property worth only $100 per of runring foot, while in streets where the property ind is worth from 8600 to -$800 per running foot the to paving lhas cost only $3 50. nre if on the other hand the round stone pavement 0n- be taken up in the mlost valuable streets, and re. placed by square block stones, the whole expense ica will fail on the Treasurer, as the property holders our have already paid thleir proportion for thie actual cu pavement, and with otioi thoey ore perfectly nwell ler satisfied. Youreommitteo do not hesilate to say that were such a measure adopted, it would put in irm. moe teinont danger the credit of the Municipal. S- ty, would greatly increase the taxes, and would izo leave our successors to labor under the burthen re- of an enormous debt; while by pu.suing our I 00 present course, our sinking fund will not only ng be fully adequate to pay all. the obligations of the n.- Municipality now in existence, but all that it may lit, o necessary to issue to pave al the streets new ro laid out and lighted withlin its limits. 'Fhe Cotnnittee respectfully submit the follow. ed ing nResolution. on SAM. . PETER,. Comitteeof Sreete to EDW. W. SEWELL, and Londingst e lesoloedC, 'alot cite Memorial of C, V. Cam. to mact, F. Jordy, A. Al. Santes, G.W. Ilarby, lI. al English, Wer. BCloonfieldp, and others, in relation lid to paving with square stoese, and opposing a or net Contract with John Mliutro for pacing it with round and square slones, be itlcfinitely .r la.id on tihe table. c py Mr. Caldwell offered a counter reptrt an i mt moved its adoption, and called far the yeas an Id nays, nMessrs. Caldwoll, GItyd andi Nixon votingp . in tio affirmative, and Mossrs. Lockett, Steux, Po. o Iter t and Sewoli in th negativec; so it was rejected. at 1Ir. Caldwtll nrked to have it in':eribcd otn the io minutes, refused.I. rIM. Nvixon. eh oirrn c of othe Potlice coamittee, of smade the flolving reliurt, \ it.eil was adipt, Ie. S 'ile report of tieo l'olic clonrlitnte, to twloton re errceferred thle etition rfJcals Priesty, Iray- o c cg to be p ermitted to etitonu ris di tlrtyt o .ar it loer and Louisoe street,, ald tieo vouarnr potilionlr mf rot-uotdry in tabitanits i that vicirity, against t!ir o eouatotltioln of tile eallle, o Resreclfully e heett :- T ithat thil, aid distillery Lhat e,n ae etalnhei t iolation of It ordcilnanetl , tad its cnttinuanmcent is i opposeed iby c irj.peetalh ptorction ofth d ihlt'toitantyr, ain its vc:inty; tic, t hien I -xt cution r !'i l o,lla : tnade fcor t.cnra r s ur lt t t .. p n tiLd in laver of an.iicul n yea r t:u. o n , S ct!tl prtctr of eto ftr: pitoni:r ut nt t ho I l't d ,ice icc r filter.mn ; o om e lwin c itic. n . it-c. 0 .t t , d r e llitltoat t e tcp elli rt' . ci,tl ty t c tun t acll li. itclli d ier h tit e.- tc or? p mIt. i S ollne c rtin , e ltct i. o l ,I. ' ,: r vic, i c!. la e lollll .a l to le i, i il t,,,' o ',t r ttia r r' tie uI tlnod : tdo I i t Jo ' iteolv .t tilat e tle r v'tvtl-ioll llp .l . l th I.-, Aubtnst, iat,.iiei t'e cMa r to ra is w.trt.c . ait. ina f . Ierof ll . -ornt .. , ...li, ce til in d to I t e the iarioi h Grc ty vreoealed, . l.'ttolvod, Thtal I), ift. Teogrti le ro uirnedi toI ro.lMchvercn to hthe gyor the wtCrlant obtainetd n Irte tle actorevaid r-slutcion oft .n t5rlo Aug. al 'Ilo ifu lce icc ortlonatoo beion gi- x: in oredr , c I waq then taken u Th Te ano rdk i t otire by h1r. Caldwoel atio as the ositit:g, it boeino geer di.nso iono, Ait. lvecrs- oct rct to rejcot tt. Mr. Cold. 00 well moved to odjoer ut, and called for ayes and fh1 noes. Mlessrs. held wol, nod Nixon tor, nd Ales sre. Gloyd. lteehc-tt, lotx, l'cttre, ana Sowll ctei no. "1r. Petero reneee hicos hilln to rec-jocr te the aenedooent, nn: ecaled fu- thi yeas and! cnys. M e..... (aldtwell nrd t(;lent, voted in tille negative, ntlld Mensra Luclc't, Meux, P'trer, IOt act.i S.ocIll in tile tirlle.atice, so tlt atoec.ndroen t l1t was rejected,. le. iPeters mioved to rijit thie ordinance, sq which motiton, being loast, the ordiinctaoe was ndor- I fere tilc as fallow-: f ire Isoolvned that thel Mayer he, noud ie ts herehy f autihorised to contract with Jno. Mintllurn on ho- th iaif of tihis municipalicy for continoing paving sun rf cte streots on tile bllatow in ctnditions. A Said Mlinturn to agree to lava with round stones oflihe most approved hindloth pavmcent tlecn olado. hoc with to bie fully equalo t cio best paveolent cnn do biec of similar motito citis withio tiis mnicipality, and cien to the eatisfaction oftthe Survoyor,-feom 20,000 t to r0,000 square oords as the council from timeo to t20 time determine; o cetnmmence with Magazino st., 20,0 at ithe point whtere tihe avetnoent now termoinates, PaY and to continue said street to thte lcper line of tie cart municipalityt-and then to pave such street or streets as thi e council may deignaccte. -t Said eorl to progress withont deaoy and as fast p1!vo as ithe nateriaos call O0 irocured. | . ''oe econlopntsatiott to said Jotto Minltretr for od t icl Itavseant to be three odollars and fifty cents per equare yard aond to be paid in caalo on,thce certificate I r. of the survcoyr thor 00000 toot tes chart tchooa. to and dollars, or ito Itondo of tito tounieipality pays. |tr blo in twenty firo yrrs beaornei six oper cont. per tctie sonuat Lintresrt at tinety dollars for otto houndred ot the optiso of the Coenttll sat Said 3lintlnr fuirticer to agree, to loae "5,000 5 n55 quqare yards in tohcr streets s toie ccovoil cayc| letigrnto t'tih sqalcaran ttoite bloteb,, of thte hiroc o lit ha uoed in pivtnig rnrticr atreet, froat Tcihctpilto. it Ice to Mta'aczinn tcreet, fur thoe rice of $4,50 ic.r oqcooro yard, tayalole in cslo or Bonds as afbrrosid. tact Said Minturo to iac c tolca rivilteg of disconeiou. Nc- I tog trie square block ot alloi lay ing 5000 sh It sq tart rda in c:so h. caneoot nrthko it at tle tice heel agrreed tn, bIetto alay thle reatainieg 2.0,000 octuaro Jolts yard., icrcvidd cite council will agree Io allowtihce , Iro cxota ortcnlonationt as tile cst of tCie otlaterials ot1ct 0'ork Inty retoltr or·e-"-onry. ti Io On t trttiio rCe Couiiactil rrrn,,toaTuey ,ii, neat, tlh tloh Sep1t,, at 5 o'clvck, P. N,. JOIIN GIBSON, Scerotary. e . Secretary. T''he 'residentll ttnd a a ryI fill the l' IIu eI( prov re Id mee, at thle i mt ltinr of Tu J t ia v n .r Iug l , till i recotrd niv el jel ionl to e ei i pre iaso y l''reip i I, lat u ;,u ho ri- ! rc cirt Olfl: n'lil. J. P"e ters l: ,I., ln ,t h lf of le nlta l ity of the C;nw ]alin][ o t rs O I n(T I . : ll lan o! wthll ltic| [ ,al:. e' r::i niJ T e' l. c rdl'er, and C'u tl loun t l . jeclle t i my ctointr r Iteport. lit pr test b i I; I,, Scrib.ed on tlhl einue.. I t hereifre take this on ly mians of itckitlg the public cequaitnid with any ljecu ollus I tile reltlll t te secret lf h t j r. ;eating o t isheClorin ttltl ian Street iod LInlin s. ;dJ. 11. C'ALDIWEIL. IROTIETST CF JAMES II CALIIWELL. As chairmaln ot'f the curoiittee on streets and landings I l'ltRTESl'''' aOgai.t the report of aIil illllltt(rl r I l rluldere ,d tlo te coull ILc il l ll U i uioottcipality at their mteeting this Tuced ty tie 4tl 'rounds. Altlhtough! chairmani of the Streets 'aid Landings eoolhitte I wis nonerquainoed witl lie lultcting, and noI t in l itietdanti e w ien this ru port tree yroed tupon. Allhtou.h it hlas always b.l utoitulltary ril tLi ota tmitter to aet ider the call of its eherman onlyt, I wates kel. tirely igho_ uett , sI' this retles,, ,td w. s. thug on delc 1t comt telaofgh oable to ,rtve ivtry arguheit in it ftllo nuuiojeto atut or the iusity tio I us erotss, and itlyh 1 hid tretry out oitton lot l ctherst inductf t titittU itte to tliettalo tIe nttintitt o0'its dthuiirman at adoin i tt hiii oi uri etittt iit , t ti t la il re ti t, tucot mtade by Inte llot aligeitce f the ego. Thus tohati by rnurtrise witht o ta nusually long report, although able to ptroue soery arguainit a it falla eious I urn radtitd to t ltho necestity of tlhus proest iIc an aittot its hl,itiott. l',ly, 1J oc,.. e dt ucct of lie tea tUilntbhrs of I S Secondly. ausethe clhairman of the commit y tee ofetreets,3m landiapt wae totally unaequaint t, ed with theim time, or place of meeting, at whiah th , reportwanmade. ' Thirdly. Beause the petition of variouso itizen prcoontod this evening (Tuesday,) and referred I 1 the committee of streets and landmngs, has ocen a Sticrn answered, and dioposedl of, without duo coar Ssideration, or without the slightest consultatio n with tile chairman ofsaid committee. Thile dispa , sal of this petition front Messrs, Scates, Baggtit and others, being alike unusual, and unjust. Un . ustal, bocause the practice has always boon to dul Sweigh all petitions, so referred, at the next meet r. Ing of the Committee, and reporton tile same to th 0 follotwing council. And unjust, bcoause, with y out due oondera tion, the petition alorcsaid at once appended to the RIleport inquesation; ant i, by the anle parties, moved to be indefinitely lhi upon the table. JAMES H.CALDWELL, r Chairmanofthe Committeeoo on etreets and landiai o IIr)ITED I1w JOnaH a.mn w. e FAITRFUL AND BOLD. IE ,Wt OR LF, EAs:, ST14URS DAY.....SEPTEMBER 6,' I83: 1I PAVING. The friends of the round stone pavement, gaine a viecory in the Council of the Second Munici a polity on Tuesday evening, which will cost thei a constituent dear. Thle wood end cubic srone bloc have fought the battle bravely, but lthey wer overpowered by numabers and mnlmevering. I our opinion muchl of tile proecediege of theCoune - of Tucsday was irregular and contrary to rule. Firsta petition waspresented from a large num bher of property holders remonstrating against ah r praposed new contract for round stone paving wit h Mr. Minturn, and praying the Council to ndes tie Ilexagonal wood block, and lse cubic squaro t stone paving in preference. This petition was re Sferred to the coimmitteo on streets and Indiugs a Swhich Mr Caldwell is chairman. After lthe read ing of petitions, the rule is, to receive there port of lthe different'standing cornmitteesi nl their orJer Mr Caldwell chairman of tile commitee on street and landings haviing made his report, Mr 'Petere a inelllber ct the same comnitltee in behalfo himself and lMrSewcll the nimajojrity ol the coin mitrer, offered the elaburete rellrti, which will in foul in the procetdiogs of thle conncil in thil days ppere. and whichI evidently nant have inken iuch tile and labour to prelpare and hrile out, upn Ilie petition that had been presented, real and refer:cd to .be etcomlitte but tell or lilfelr mlinutes previnusly. Against such a proeellinu, lr Balldwin the hatirman, protested ; and in onul ,ptinion witlh grnt reaslnl; but the Recorder, oct ing as Preidelt of tile Council, ruled, that two lembers of a conmaitteo had thile right, privately in tile C 100eil roomI, to agree to a reoJt, p1re. villlluly inlale, oil a peitition thus sulllsrqutntly IrOscnted t without clonslliting tlI chairlman of the commritle, whoi was in tile Couencil roulll anti within the cel ol toe other members ,f the ei, 0 miittee. Comll. lnt ont sa il a procee!injll iC altlr llther IInce1 sealty. tillhe otllll lll"n co ies dut ro in IP lletr [It he CoI tcil Ito alloth,,ll was viola ted; tie rlfhtol petiliall was hy the oat vilit,,lly i tra ed: ft r t he ro spcIt ul ,etit ion of a IiritI lto ¢ r en ldlf ,roIelt y a oldt rs was indefilitlv laid tl thiltl·e h 11u!e enh,.t blsinllg l bee ln II ini l.n ihhnrnliHi. hy) tiret',(llllelilloe tO o'[l1llll it II:11 I brt, :,rt'11- 1, i.i 1II'IIjll_l/i,[ l IICIIIr ·l~lt l si ,l I [,, 11' [,¢,; ·/I,,,=,,,% /I,.rI ·, II,' Ih..,, i. 110 r,.,I,,,.,., IIIII ,,\Plil 1..'.. , ., , ... . ....i. .1.I.I.I i . 1·1.... , ~ . ·..... ].,l.;t][ ,.' I~llr'l l le . "l ',l l i'. II lltq .,t 11111 ,. o . l '))'lL l 1 : 1111111 1.1.31' ii" ltorc i l I',ll ! ( . ,:l .i/ xv,, CII:. I ccl ,, edicii t ,i 'Iiu 'r'il ta.ble iv, ltrik lhe r, clt:n: llhave n t d o, lrity to Ihi tis't.e of it rI ge muass of [ile peopil, who prefer ny. pavtulent Id. to the misrahle lound alone laid bv IMr. Minturn. d 'The Council has Ilso, lnder the icmpresuios, no s tdaub', tllht Mr. Slinturn ei'ld do the work bie et ler nil, soonehr ti an nll other ellonracI tor, ]oitc t sight of the principle of justice and iconotmv Ib nlwhich they have most generally been guided. nt They have allowed MIr. Minlls ur lifty cetuIs thl square yard more fnor the pavement, Ihan others of. fered to d,+ it for, and 'hose ieproposals were be f re the council. In the contraet for 50,000 yards, this will be a loss to the people of $u5,000,o entall g sum these hard times. A part of the contract with MIr. AlMnturn is, that he shill pave 5000 square yards eubie stame in bldck,at $4 50 and if he shall not find it sufli ciently profitable he has the privilege to stop at 0 that, but the council may comrnpel hiim to do 20,000 yards miore, provided they will agreee in , Ia)' hiln the price he will ask for it, so tiItI in e facti their is no contract with iMr. Aliuttrn for r mere than 5000 square yards if cubic sto e block So Illnch of our columns to-day is taken up witlh lhel prceedings of the council which relate a principl lyI to lls subject, that we have ino spaceu to continue our remarks. , e hope, however, - ur citizens will not despair, blit strive by all Sfair iteans to have their streets paved wilh moothll surfacd substance, lenss iepsnsivec, alu ) in)ing anld dlsngelrous th:lt tlhe rellud stone. tiThe pl.ekt shipGeorg." OhVahi.,r'i'n ,ll.hlcidre, hI 's arive,', lr; inging datest tto tli. The ('oal. tun mnark++t opened heavily un the 24th of July. No flurlther l.ines of any implrlinnce. Prince Long. shuank nl t s Smebody irreverently denorminates John V' n it Illren. , is rtll in inr hi rounl of lashi ci, fi,,li, s in tt don, and is li eg larly chro i ed lh, Couret I uit"e, as vnisiting the Queen's 11,11,, nd rier Turkis'l Ainbassudor's duiner, &'. (r ',. t P si ver I.revnils in thli French port s to fit lo a n ' l f , tr t ppo,ed to be destinetd for Mexisco. \ 11r . n lShtl:espere, claiming dtear'ctnl from the l ,!t, n' 1n~d, hos br,,uiht It a drama cnlled "The Q ' ' t'un- nnd."' His genealogy itnd skill are both u ,1 d n biv the [,l.nd,,n r'ties, I'Par'sda+. t are h Sinhlt.s. It wau rop cedani hr tv,:,.l t l'irs t-cit I hita Ltptltl, tias io Iynn, ''" . Iibtil ' i ti t 221 lor h i tlruseli, d a b en pre it ., , the etssin . ' f I nnctcl. - r,, ., 0,!tn,,' , li, - I. njtsiv. however, ,,s • i ,,tiv 1, '11. ! , t a~ lqrl it, ' e ,v I () I(, 'oK t , ...... t, n.... 'r .. ..... c, , .... ,, d le,,,,,.,e ;n 'a d i I d I' '+ t I , t t, n l lt t intn' tein the l h ,, , eil ia.ud ilie, and precuni.ry interet ul I .A I'cir I .): it R iti, iwmlilltetc. tnhat liarshall uIiot, i. or the h. it of ia ili tItelite st, d Fro, '.,,airn , is+ l, iti ,, which is prep r +it , ", - n l ,,,, :,,:- ,l!. r 11 l ' tcaptwr *I ,land ,eirl 1G ""-, tut . . ti l .arl ....ll o lt -u l "o ' , r t : t., trio, rt h:n;"i 1of,. , , - l r, " , r . .x , ; .'., a !' I - !~ trtiit ,v rtt.rl o it ita : L n .. , i ' rth se ds : .11 1 i,, t, ,' , t,: ,a n t! ll variaa (+;:L','ec lltuenls. , ', I r eJv,. ,e mentioned a in rn i c i n '"At l U,;.,,ne N\:vie.- lo,.', l bein.t particularitl thn "ntitl, d ,Ir inh, i nd as th ey erain: is v ft, , nr. I ii t i. itll tI e tliv is all idena r f rt v'til e ,i I it l ir ort,"lrltl Il.l n:ln 1P. 'l "Ihe rtei r in tl i, n vnib , litho I. lat,]s tontqlltntiLesnf the l.tCn; inlrnlte ti cl of , iea l in Atlantis naVi'sati,,n, has c apeed i nhect wa ith an lllilty ild in t' o.if rers tesi t ' '"";eh e·rllrire hiso <p;ullns to t +!,roe'lhtr e)lllsi~ler. oo 't et. W ith tci piirt tIgtilies, s r,,ah, nl f t i ] e Inn rtider, of becnmint :i llailned wilt h the details of ie r ib, bi jrt,, he g v ,a uli'i .e lust .) Uf the corn Britain and the United Stairs, and shews in , it- atslnetary manner how they will protbably be et- al'oted by the result of the orent aexleri ent which his thas beena sao seeessllly test d. In stnaking of Il trade IelWaell tle two c.llnot, Nthe twrliter o,, lnlaes on Ihe atellllritv of tle manalllllli renirng from Ito 1805 to 1835,--exiep.ingg oely li.et, ot 1812 and by 1813, whicw h ild betln elslrot ed at ihi iurlniinel of ,- the Ludon Clatr. ilh ukle -toa i IUa a 1:.l Am mICa ,n nIml lellrl d ,tioret then tr nal ' t tnd a l] illl iiins a a t o1 s- a ,nteal of feltrry evene mlllioi:re, anli 11t ti nerl tt, twelve nnd a ,nall rlbo, s ot,, ,, I' -,.+Thre ,mi ;n- Itons wtrth oa irtitilh enxportation. ,.or this it y ,n"tld aiem that in 1835 the pri nlr in ol Ihe at totiiti'al,-laitalralOuf ,eltn 11i,.ltdnb m rc tie was ti2 1-3 pier el;, and it, 18 6, S 1-4. per colt. h- It is asi astated ihat in 1791 itshe whte export i-f is co:tn iom a this coulry wano 200,000 aoands, and ad that 1787 was rlte tir t year in, whica any of this aid production was exo orled. Subahoequenly a few bags of Alnerinen t otton were seized at Liverpool, because It twan aot believed that cotton coulnd be raised ill this counlr,, whilst for the last ten, of the fif'ty years titI hone succeeded, Ihe exportatiin hasa been on an avrage aunnually two ihundred and twenty-tive tnilliorts of poundst, lIII ill 1830 the amnount weas above tRo hbandrendnt erighty-nine millions of pounds, prtbably producing at the then existing prices more then £t10,000,0lt sterling. In 1iJ36, tlie atount of Brjisieh shipping that entered tilhe ports of tie United otates was 547,606 tons, beaorng the proportion of 432 3 per cent. to the American tonnoage, at tie enurt irne that ll othir Sloreign tonnage amountoted only to 132,607 tine. S Such being the state o lthiigs in 1830, when the Ian ercourse weas conhned to sail vessels exelu, ed slvely, what limits can be aifixeo to the increnee i- lthat will be produced by the use of steam ships ? One of the nimost prn-riteut effects of the late cir discovery will be to equalize eonmnerce se far as SU'r diHereat tea aorts are concerned, and to cea trade, a litch has heretofore been in a great men ste contetinad to New York, as the great point tof In luport and exuor,, to be distribated to all the oil cie In proportion to thu extenout oauniry de iesddet on tinaen for supplis. Up to the present tiiiie5 sUCh has been tier supnrior Inaility of access t, in N.ew Yorkh, riont fine eat of tie t.a. ittilirns wor li of mercuhaendise whicht cate froul Greet llritetan, were enter l at that port. Toi effect if ti illehos bteb to aVn a c. the inarliet naeicdrnlhllas othlers were pralanunly tlrtwll into hr boek groula S-Itere-lter na oa displaity wmil exist, et Den clacare or the Cheapearke mat hi over'on s e- nearly an ullle ein ae a the bay oa New York. Aenother cC the IoItautin consequenes of tret o xperrateat will be to i,ultiply the nortnber of id- lasinrtgere between tIe two lrcnillteres Enx rpeltneeC has shown that the con eslence of rel It srantiti hat tai veiad wiln herai a qu y m u new heng a trmilla ai beeen its i adrepe. tire n nuuober of raes twnti wa etis 'JI, 'harule ioule lusat Operate, it io ea Ital ithy ruetuer xatteat, ill the usa ol ea els vesala, nn ,it aeeo i tyt neoll atre aUldtl tee ir ltenpo r lon o in the trtpeltrti ptwelr. A irngle tea n vessel tloinelt luched in Great lrh..ia is to i e itted op Ia aiacltalaodlar fivhe h aundred pass ers. Let us It- nsollue thtitl l s en ret, mnllr Iene i riti tii)t fura isd t lil she l wd g CUIy IoI eaii Vtne tlr uen 1 n the ano tar lorted, ady tei linlred an l linfry and id dred and Fity neePlu w ruld e t Irir ill e t.d lby Inn iu the curti n igtw alve it enn unri. \ .'l .ua, o at gasll,in A,,,c ica us b3 , Its i t weI a t o h l lrt ld b u tl. i cf IIIL I I Ill +bit, eV t IIII' Ils It. N,+I l ,,',l t'ill it be h u tlrhtr alge Ir'r a rturIno e ru hr ier vi- iried our eJuiitzy, or fur t~eofi Iu tie Ise~ ha€J,nlle ro l'" :ulr , e," illlld ll1:I+8 U who hlv bt.LtI ll J.+l IsI t'tlCh "'lier ++ ll a~olnlr b lrollulht Isle ,I rnnlllllllion Ilf I't, llo." et (olers and1 (lelle s In ta nlllat ir p rO i] m ll ei. ldn catirh.Int lin at na rarinteten SIitvlnl~ly II)e I,) su lllu {I, Jllihl+,ln,, CI)UiIT)r --r ist lin more itrtet aahn. 3 Itit.r n It : tri i .Iirl {' I e in t a tirh r g i itt eati ,i t lra): 1 i t '+vh. r + ln a-il l ,,t, TIaIIr l ' l lllL tl' i rltilllllr lo +vJ. onr''lrlrlrt Sda\ ev,'lH:-i [4.1·. /: t,.lr e..l'. ,;'I .1' Ys ca ,t*+r et{ I *he III\, at, ta(.11 , I,+ )1 it J+.ll S t++1 X+{llt i, Jll o,. II I l'H s . 1 ill8 , tlhAIt { I, )* Of h a~i'e h ir-, iiiii .1 1' I F I JJ'l;h+ ( li 'l ( i ¢. €1(' 11( :11.{,I 11 s i - ,:.,. hr, h ·,, l :Im vr v r , .,, , .! , i , i m , AH Lie 'rIl itin ]''l :Lrg nl it ile itt iii alt bt ' -i' ,ty l e- t rt, ant11 { u :r , , i ti t 'I c i ,, , ', t I , I I t In , ,i + h lH I . {H {'+ , t t,.s" ,. ! , , - I, { ; i, , , r .. .. i . . I -lI, 1,n Ii:i- . li 1h 3' . JJ '1 3 I, JOll N M 1 I , , . 1..... 1 ' . 3. , l ,, I - : ·, ` . l. . 1,1 . . . ....... . . . 3 1 r I ,ý , " . . . . . . . . . . . I ..-...- r, . t e lh S 1 1111:'i l, J 1,i . 1 1n 111 11. ,I), 1 , v :,11, (I o i~i3s t' l S 1113 1 fI 1I ;t"I l ili ," ; i.i1 1 I o1, ,1:I1 .. .. , , I4n1, l llll., ll I. t-,1 Irr brr1 g l n.1ar Fr1o1 klin, mrll nli 111- -l 3ll 1 if 3113331. . h. ", Frei r \ tw nll furanda hil . 131J Ti' 'l.-'I'lh Iirwi ell1 3 11 S ul 1 day, lh 3 u3.111 W il' l S-3 1 . 91 l-day 5,0 o 331 I 113 w 11111, i ll 1d lheq1 ae , at r ll r fi r nr pice nund e a r1 . ili P11e 33111311' N1'd 1 1 11111111111o13 '31 1 3ihte 11. a11 1 were: 111 11 110 IPer3l3 3 1 3-ll 1 3 abIou; 4l0 11 liia3,I Ii ll8 l-4; Il110 E ilgyl i4311 I-On IlldI 1 13 11-3 o- 311 -dd a 1 8d. In oT'33O .--lln ll'lr ,i lll1 IIIaIf klllgel yI30 1ey ,5)ll Barry11to th1 en11 o11A111 s . he I KI'I r r N , h21stt ;7 Fi3e1 per c1'el10 . 111I14l,113o a 11 11 3k10 503. 1 o) 1' we.i l 510) bicak s. y 5,3 bgsdre l dV 3r 33 is, closed with ivtOr' ate. lEy M1ppeLrilu nilo The prticu3 S I3111 1. ;1, 03e3 g rcllrtian 1 .' I ni 13t1 -a1012 itr k 14 ; 2200, a lonjuct h ell 5 -a' Joit All d tl lilrgii, G1 3,, 6i3erpool, LIy 2O3 Oi'rCeanor.- l olh Cotton M ay retl yosteldayu r ,r00 I lVbi l O K3...... . ..lOl, I333l Noe , York, 33 y 1...... io Slonj A roie Fuil, 'P 0 hllis' ) 3i1f lIoii hdelrplki, ioJ adi e n a o , a. s o . frl Owlajirt O Filit r i Sk rvLlE- , Bi Irlll CKArle in 3 3 3lll utou3 ,b, R31 13l e r A IA erl il3rk Iaioullur.Il i ,Ir J11 Al, l,0d1 - Lu :ipSlelilr , tirbsoll, fincrph ol , Llt I.lo Sll Sll e r hllhcr ril. l i lllrt nldr 31 dal . r , iInIIl L rt l J A Itin .- Cnrgu, . . ar t11 " Ill Wl ll 1 '1, ip K.',rlalllnur ll~e, Co i,, mSle' w Y rk, 33 J... .. " o thelo , . ll1' - l r A lh r t', h li(l ll,to0 , 3, o 33 lil dlp h , to j In l3le.re- Cargo, Esqurl. o 1ual , 3 3 kn 11 1rr1 l i i' 12, Sp inllg Ie from i W'rol 2l hAIil i ol i u l. VII 1 1nglni11Il1.Eo.llcon 13 Sien, luwOfl ll L ocrio,, arlin f. 0 13341 0 3110 rlli to. . I s eu nhls Carolllne aJd Augutu, hark Roberl (A sr ndl l ri. 3 l3t3 , r 3 ,1lulii Ciriol, feu, 3St 41,ui d S i.ia I.- lieiil Nolour. IO lil t lM t loue.liii ~I 0IIE o'cllmlknil t~lll311, I'x ch" n e llir,,l ll, Iriill ' 1 r N. L'neutiF, ,oat Ii,1i303lIlli 1io1 3ke1 11101biiC dialler I',oil iiis arrival io 4 N 11w O P31a10s k Vi 1 f 10 3 IIAe R E11 S lucknr. t re 1 Oi h)11 iilil .I . 1 liedfIjI --1 lfI ' nt 10 u'clul. t',uIt II% Exchag l lil, Clil erl. 3331111013 'U ii (,F1 ICE. '(1 M11icipaliyf 1113 0 31 'l'l0'I ', i. hlereby give a lls 1 l',t I '' al will lie reeiv.elll ait n h ohllice. lp o Ililll-v nelx lh !4 fih instslnlt, fur I rec:ina iVecghihle irkst0 [1 l cil osti ir311 111111l a11t junlcli u ' t l t lll l '"1C11 Ul. lll11 1 'S1111 Ao I I ooe~at' l Isu'eel s " ,ell r i I OIe. d st rlelIt, agr bly to IFor lilrlhler llII.1ti' Ilhls allll3 y tllfs Olif e. JO)SEPII PILIE, Sl'vevor. 31 - 1 N ,1' (rlt'uin.,Se3l( I;, IM1: al , "' ,'.UIIAI:Vti O ( '(J tO FI Ir--2'M: thlu nn c tll ci. . I l 'l ' l ( ' l : i .i h e rei l n i v e n t haond l hi n l l . (ioul l ly l l o i i t Ilalitv itInti'nr l at their siiltingf of h 1 71 1 Ju y litA 1 Iwill, a1 1,ul OII Sll aturday th! ,e 1 1 nh a,. f I lll)ebcr lorgrcea Il tf1fI"ll 1el0li on1 3 f1 IOt llolirii t ln i 1 ill , c ..n- 3 I el, ri'trd ll %hi' `.?d lialy or" At tlll ,l I:;3j,; (Ei.. ell I l illlhl.l l-l nod ilrFrt nod i ll, ur i r t.ll - I%,lli t sI )"ciliCulhm In,. exlhllitedLl at t!iisuveyT' r'.. olirlu. | 'hou ussauli) ito rIhe ati. tio u of' thi of ll C C ncil ll 2'1d ,S3l uuniIi',tlit, . .OSE1- 1 II 1! ., Iellr. Ne 1w '11 lt, S p ,t ,i l I, , X I. "i i g.l I(I; ilipI".",,,e wav from Clnti stlrer. It nuv r, at, ýJ htrlli, l gdl|l Ito I, ,t.I \ '1'l:1.1 ,'/I, A ... I II 1,- :'1 N -, i",1 (','"i.::.H 1, h ; , : |vih , ST. CHARLES THEATRE. Hr T E Ladies and Gentlemen engaged in the . above establishment are requested toassemblo in the Green Room on Friday Ithe 28Uth inst. pro v oras to the opening of thie Tihetre, which will take place on Monday Itr Ortob rr oxt. Ily ordor of the Prnrrrietrr. I GttlG II()HOLLAND, Treasurer. N Orleans, 4th Sept. 1838. f(-'iThe Cincinnati Whit, Lonieville Journal, Virkshurtr Sentinel and Natchez Free Trader will c.le insert the above three times. I OAP-125 boxes Baston No I Soap, Ge Jnekseon SBroad, now landing liroll sth Conoordin, from (UBston, tIrd lao sale by JiJSEl'lI COCKAYNE, sept p6 25 Common street B AGGING AND ROPE--I(H0i colla Kentucky A sRope, 800h pieees Kentucky Ilagging, in store and for sale by LAVIRENCE & LEGENDRE, f ept 6 28 and 29 New Levee C TEEI. PfNS--Just received from New York per tI ship Vicksburg, 10 groce Gillott's Eagle Pens; 10 Sdo Perrey's double patent pens; 10 do India rubber r pens; 5 ro National pens; for sale by the groce or sin gle FELT & Co, N Y Stationers Illl,, sept6 21 Chartresstreet S -EW MUSIC-Lay of the Troubadour; I rise from Sr dreamn of Thee; How sweet the Chimes; Lucy Dear! Lucy Deaor! John Nlt why not; My enildhood hours lihrewell, Iliaett; Yes! think me happy, Sprolee In tlis Cottage he lived, Cooke; Warriers Ilomee Let are rest ia the land of my Birth; Thy lova end Miner; Land of Love; Song of tle Boell; ialetoria tio, tpeerlern Rose of Englnn.;dUUp to tioe Frreot; Happy Faes,, Bright, nright Wine; My lMontain Pine; On the Brave who have fallen no tear we bestow, Russell; The peoce ofthe Valley, Balfe Oar way across the Mountain hlo Minstrer l of the 'I4rol; Rnggle d'Amwre; Al Campo della Gloria, Donizetti; La L.oa'rTadolinit So river non poss'io, Marliani; Kentlrekv grand marcht Anniversary Quick Step; Carnival Waltz; Une Perlo Waltz, tularnrn Carnival Waltzes, Stlrnss; Vietoro Waltz; L trlies altzes &c. hby Strauae: L.es Fleure a' Italic, 1 2 3 4: Remembranrec Rondo; I)eliees de I'Ope ra Italien; Spanish Song,iust r'ceived by eept 6 B CASEY, 19 Camp street. ATTENTION! ORLEANS RANGERS! TTEND a meeting o be. held at the Exchonge A hlotea, St Clarles street, THIS EVENING, t 7 o'clock, as businesa of imprtanceo will be trancacted. Prnctual attendano is reqrested. Applicants for membership will leave their naeos with the secretary at the Caonel Ennk By order of the Clhirman. C W CAMMAACK, Sept 6 Seery. J3 LOUIT.-lIl 0trils baestiqel. y, made af new wheatr just landed from steamer Czar, and for sale by ci DORSEY, sept ( 44 Noe Levee. r'oll NEW YORK. lPacket of Monday, the 10th inst., r ine iTv ldip bT.MAIIY, R W Foster, aurster, will sail panctually as odvertised; for reride of aieight or for passage, appty to olrpt, Foster, rrrposite Ursuline street, or to PETER IAII)LAW. elp4 ?6 Bank Place. r ~-hr·iA.va rIr',The srmrrnei lilght draorght steam LJrl .- - - boat IDENIMARK, lRobert A Moore, , wr., e master. will ie at tle wharf thits ray, rc,:ry tL, reluive fright. For which or rssage5 Snrodluias, n tpl II; I rd, or to nglNO.I GAAM. 'TO LET. er A Tl'o torry ItrivIte dwrellingl rouser, ilen l t llsiy situated o TaTrit t'et' sret ear 'riali S.L..tirele. It IIr eneryo Convenience tc make it a dlrable residence. A¶Ply to anglg4 J OTT. M-A1'OKALT.'I Y OF'V t EW ORLM,EANa. rl t1E price of Irtn tIIur rto-day is $7 75 per bl. no.. . urrdillg torinr tirilitr thebe krs sihll give durirg 111rr casei,, (f rrrrrray, 3r Sept) :17 tuea oflbroarllioo.rittitt. IBrun f in necd qr"talityi is re qnirn:d to we.igh L5 per cenllt. mlarer vlz: 4(i6 ounces. l .C. GENUIS,Mayor. SlE:A I l't)tIK-G0 I arrels lee pr lrk in store and pI.AY1' I 111AELItIN(, '1' 17 ('rnlllllerce s. e l. .'{ . .; 1 ill I.tc l ILTard in wIee, lbr .ph, I, I I. IYET &i Alt I..UNFr, t' 1ii7 I _nir f _ r lllri ern e streero C.t ,,JUst rerut. IIAAl;I I., A .\ Icl'I.,',,' h . liid nI. urnc o"f ,,rs 'up la uud i - . 1 o,.; ! ".. ' ., i tin.ure,c eiv,.d by It OilNAlIEL. :,,' .lN' tl.lI.l .IAL IN.TI. IT ll. i. ', . lr:. l b th : ', ý~ ,r,' I sr .. 1 , ' .eI .It1 r l a n 1 r ld r eat lr , subI b. II itirlirr iii lii,' rrsjrio 'I w I,. I i . e I.r. n i ,. I , -" I :l ,[ (, I~ ~- " rl:l .. + , ', II 1,: ..." hl, , u {nSle o ' ,, 'l t , l I ro l.. nIh'+' , L ,,: i, . I h .I h, Ih It 'lercty ", ::, h t ,, I,,t,. .. l ,l . I : n. - ,1l ,+,: , ý ,, ill ho ul ae l int i. . i,,i, it , .oi trt,: ,, tr ot , . p l ; I, ii rtr ir Oto ri , i111 Ini , of t" . W. Lth,"I· nel' Ill ,'- 11:1 1 'oafs, th.L I ' II 'tu 1~ vo, e "Ih III II (I ii. ulI I, I~I I I'ow III. u :+I 'l + A . nl ., 5I rie tek i' .. ,," 11.1'I t. " I . JJ,,l l . ug - 11 rra I tli tl r': l ,. s It I, .;:lt I Ir I 1' , , I ritir - h -- l~h , Ir ' " ,111 it I t' n - TO LENT. ... to oll t euI . A p t it d l ;r tr " t rn i liti AnoftY <, n Oe-F ,r i t, hit 3 it, I. itl u irk tu 11111-1h. il UI A titltiat t,1 It it ' onblo t Itt . i ," w Ili{ I-Iose and kithehn,.-- td the r, r lot adjohzt i e,- .aet rs. The whto le will l e lt oa rie:,e0 ooablu tbro "1 tolhge ,d tllm . . rptIII yIle ill tOYLE & MAY, SD:O. WIKIS TMANN o 1P. J a2I It, Ilotel, :it . CI rit ed rt.t. . tk t 'I WO Story frami e dwellinig Ilodus and kiitchens, u 'r., stilualtel in n 'ln as streetr , bIltwe i t . ha rles and tiear lle bikt. A ony to illlowla and SouLtry Em IonsidNrblo xlerYlco i his Iprfes~iou, sad by pro, .ltcsi nod li rlit, in the ex clltiu of bus ilcss ell'us pee to tlit e C oleae to Ir mltlle ,tl Ieceive ia sha' of publie plt roa llnt · I'ewil[ si" lln u nllr e sad c clatllnttu tle Lt lltellt (t f walls and excavalns. O.l u No %8 (Chartres street, ecooa d story it I giure aurticle, fw sale, n wh hle ant dretail,by JARVIS &. ANDNIew .ý, ltin ediciet) e, Paints &tOil I)ealere, j,]8 Corner of COlmon & T'I'rhopitottl ssts. }lT(-\\ l'lT t;) I S--uIIIIU yards 4-I1 lrown SShAetings, ladilng fi'm ship Ctlleronkee, puitable Jlr the Mexican larket or ('ily trade, for sale by I ske CA eDtLES, OiL, &c. tt00 BOXES New Beilford Sp, .. Cand.ler 313 casks New Bedlbrd VWinter Oil; 15 casks .~tufiLTe ZiaE; 6 boxes hrowon Ilnvauo Suga,; 10U coil Ilitltle tope t 311 pice s llafggit,"; (i c)asks Illal I.eead C urcobl. b; nj },:asks Palter it t , Ne lns; 511 biaket t ('haoitbnen Witte. Ft role by JOISE'IIC (KCRAYNE Je8 35 Gravier street. ESTERN BUTTER--13J kets, ece ived ier Ssteamer V tdalil, fi-oU Spr gfield, Illinois, a s ruperior article, for sale, by SSI.ATEI( 'RTIER, . j!11 . .4 o r , ltreet. .It-itfUrtl ltint trrttn eond i Ut fld sine by 1je ( ID)IS.,EY, 44 New losvee. SPEiRM Oil, CAN LES, &c.--3 cask, New lleu L ford \inter Oil; 21)0 boxes do do s per m Candles 2il casliks rtuUfil Z 1t1l boxes Boiton Blould Catdl e 30 sheittes Braziers' Copiper. l store, for sale b JOSEPIl COUCAYNfg, ant,0 th. l (iruvier streluet, I.1 (; I)'II(SEF 41 ".w 4 evN e -. AtiioteAitA1, I'uu lltld iSto manui ' t rareNýu. 2'.17, Gin,. cat'oet, New-Orleans, islles ti iiiurll Ils I Are rrs alld ire public in general, that lie i tow tprepred .ou ftel'aist tly thin, ie the aboe bsilct a ., ll h c ullshltl ) for ale th ioklowln g SNUFFS. ttimt, (oetnren RLt.1pee, . lbtUyei u;he lishrtii r, :el iegnt, Ainerier.; Rsplpree Notel toq+:I.s, ledtt.i, Ainetiiait gentlemant , l 4 ,gamtt )onke m t irall|ee, tIinl Blaekguard, St. ()lOml (i;tlNYtOi, Paris I' 'rWsE:i.h, half eo.IEsN Ra Iptee, SccchI, slil e tllhille tooth l powder. Fine cutt chewin' swcet scented of plain. Fine cut sloikioug, of vrIiUoUs unalies. Rih-fuot Vit-, . a, Sa:nish, ee. T1'hct:Ibovea iituls are:ulwall:Utedl. dLKE laote Ierhwe to an vthlng OI' the kind importtal cud will le frms),,. tolrie.zon Ilt.( l,}nS lihdn l termls, may 4 1 \ t t ' ' _" .r - 1 v, t E ,-lUu boxes I1 ' c.v. . y lh,,!fbrd .'p .... mlCandles, landing from tLAWRLENCG k I.E(:ESDI(IF, .t . 2U & '29 New Levee -- w'iglling tell puldrs :'r'ch,,i.l stas'e nd for soaleby ,SAMIUEI LO8'KE Co. ju~cL1

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